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Vol. XXXU [i.e. Vol. 34] 

August 30, 1999 


May 5, 2000 


The Harbinger 

Votuin* XXXH • 

1. AMft 3 0, It— 

Freshmen discover college life at Experience 

Incoming students shown what Harper, future has 

to offer at fair 

Kavin 0. 

I hen- IS muih ti> fxpt-ri 
>• when );<*i"K *'" ''^ '"''' 
U'gtv Y»«i. th»Tv Jtv f>lfnl\ ' •! 
partws. Ijl«- nights, iuv\ m-c 
doms. tiirn* vvjsfiTN .mil 
alwav>, it mj\ ««vm. -rtimr- 
thinn K*<tiT til Jo than ■■tudy. 
Howevfi, th«»n' is jm-ths-r 
sidi' to nvlli'ne that .ill stu 
dents must r> ,ili/«' \tt.T .in 
CTihn" st-mi'si. n^ 

thf frt'shm.r , im- 

held i>n Sund.iv, August Is in 
the Student Atfivities Cenl«T, 
nave students jn iip}x>rtunit\ 
to find out eXiMtlv what lh<il 
other side Ls and what it takes 
to be suicesstui .it H.irp*T 
and en|ov doin^ it 

l.'pon arrival, students 
iM-n- taken to the latetena to 
listen to dvn.miK sp«'aker 
Trai-v kruitl.) sin provided a 
vanetv ol avtivities that wiTe 
simple vet insinhttu! Tr.ux 
ht'lp«ii lh«' new KtuilfTit^ ti' 

11. ill/.- IJH .l...iim- ..n.l iliu the\ will 
emnunter in thi'ir io!U>;i- 

Ih< ui.liiri. f watihtst .is 
KiU'll.i li.i.l i>i>e sliideni 
roini've his shirt and attempt 
til put it no haikwarvls in an 
ertort to repn"<«'nl the leelinn 
of awkwarvlm-ss that ail pts>- 
ple Iwl wtu-n emharkm^ on 
that new .idventuri' \m- .all 

Mill t*st» ar* part of 
th* Fr**hfnan Cxparianca 



-.ii;i H\ 

lime Ntvm- I. ' '■'• i I'll |ii. 1 
mW, howeviT i> k.ii<ill.i uA,\ 
the sli»rv. the ..tudi-nts K>;an 
to teaJi/e what it was Ihi-v 
were starting and that the 
sti>r\ li'M tht'm ex.hlh 
thev Ti 

to work as th»- ■ 
on. Student Itn: 
future puis t. 
Lni\ersit\ ' I'lir 
I hampai^r 
onh sIriMiv ■ ■ 
I \j-i-f irn. 1 '.' 
here Ifnni!< - '■ vi ■' 

H.irfHT - It 

' I 111- -.I'.i.l- -.1- .,'vnii-i! 

.t\ ttu hi-lrlu-it ^\ !H P. fill A flf --t 

I'-riM-il K ' - 

. i„l ..I ih. 

Spaakar Tracy Nnof la 
raad* to a rapt audianca 

■ ninn to ilosmn 
ill Knotia and a 

Horn Student 

I . ..If .lin.ilor 

■ ,,-, , ,,. :■ ., .; ,,,--,.,.1- i.. tin- 
^tiuii lit iKiinRe. where thev 
li.ul thi- ii('[sirtiinit\ to get 
iiUiMin.ilu'n .m .i \ .irietv ot 
ups and organi- 

■ llarpi-r has to 

Breuder shares views on new school year 

Alaa E. HMaarik 


rh»- start .11 ii. 
with it manv Ihn 

.irn to na\ i);ati' itu- i.inij'u- 

,1 students tst.itilish the dv n 
new clas.s. and evervone has ti^,i.',i- 
their time li»r th«' new workKsiil tlw 

reavK es lor lli. .ti.ill- 
Roals ot the new vear 

I eadin^ them all is f lar^H-r pK-sideiil 
I >r RolxTt Hreiider, who mvs manv 
opportunitH-. t.T ihi- n-n 

"|This| isoneot IhoM- iinujue p»■rn^K 
,1 .„,r lii.i.irv/ Breuder p.irnt., ..ut 

mi., ii.i i.. ., .entury. but into.. , 

lenimini none of us vv ill m-r Mt thi- 
happen j^jin 

In prep. 11. limn lor -luti .i biv; \< 
levl hi- pr»s.idenl on .i two in.i 
a-halt dav retn-al. at w huh tKi»-i r.- .-v .il 
uated ami reattirmt\i the tort- v.iku-. 
thev telt appl«\l to ttH'ms»'lv»'s an.) i.- 
Ihi- collejse as a wh«>le. as w.-ll k e-l.tb 
li-hmi; ,1 s»^ of bt>lh short an.l loii^ 



VSilh so man 

IIh- alt«> i- - .-^.-...v ■•- 

f^arivi s .t.lniiiusir.ition is v\ 
hanler to pr»'s«-ni th« s<hisl 
perhaps e\ i-Ti preferabU- - > : 

their approaih to thi- ' 
rtv'vve hired anew \ 
1.1 Markiimj;, thi-n* l-K-eii exlensm 
improvements and n-novalion* to the 
sihools phvskal striu:t\ii. 
(urking lots and remoslel. . 
to name )u-l a tew and then' have K^-n 
r.idio spots on lixjl stations .Khertising 
H.irjvr s merits 

There .il-.- i-Iii's •. i .u.-m-.i 

ikin>; i-n ,i 
. ,! .1 pertorinuv ■ - 

iH> lop of all th' 
' ' 're the board ol tiu-.. . - .. . ,..,.. 
>>t hiring ouNiile«on-ull,int- to -ur 
.A the communitv 

I %H' area," Brvuder -.i • -• 

..•iiimunitv to Hive us ttn-ir jH-ri option 
I'l .Hir phvsual lappeararwej ■ when- 
ihi V si<e tfk- strengths and weaki 

Ihe nfxiv.itions .ir«. »leartv ■' 
torv ot th- ''i-t p.irt ol il i\..ukl 

•- I! u- 

Ml- I l.irp. 

:.,::,..:, ,,..,.,.,1.. 

1 11111-.) Itvil thfli'sults 

ilt.inis will help 

shuulit .illi-nipl 

'1 liT.-iiiliirii thi-- 

.ir!\ r resj-sHise 

'itime. th«'s<:ho>'l v. i-nl 

h. 1,-ii ilu- lii n.-l-- I ifsl 1 - ■ t -I.lli- 

pri.i;! ■•s|,ihlish«i) 11- ti--"' 

> fund Minu' ot the pro|eits 

'tier last sprma s faiUs.! ref- 

,ii t-i ihi- si. Ill- then vse wouldri I havt- to 

.;,> I'll. I. thi t.i\iM\fr .ind enlist their 

I his .ulnunistratitm siv a<. 

,.^.. ll.irii. f s iTn(-ir.n t'llii-nt 

But ultimatelv I 

ilin\ n to the w ill .-. .... I i.-f - 

I think in the rvtenivdum I ii-^-ii the<- t re.iled In the lommunitv. tor 
the ..ornmunilv Ih.its e\.iillv what 
Harji<r is all about We re onlv as gooil 
!s our ability to n\is-l tin- net>tls of the 


NmMiWbIcIi — Pag* S 
C>i— Htiry — Pmf 4 

CI— tfi»<«.i I y«i» • 


HorptT K'gin^ nivv 

animation arts 


Health WatciR 
Health Services 
offer therapeutic 
chair massage. 


Fall thiMtiT 
pR'niRTi's vv 1th An 
Itahiin Sfnj.r Hat. 


•••Pag* 2 



MaaltliWatcli — Paga t 

••• Paga • 


Harper, | 
enter new 

era of 

Harper College and 
iNorthern Illinois L'nivcn.ity 
have signed a dual adnwi- 
skm agnvment. 

Lnder the agnn-mcnt, 
students are aieepti-d to both 
educahonal msliliitions at 
jthe time ol appliiation to 
JMarpiT students must 
m.iinl.iin continued enroll 
ill. Ill it Harper, remain in 
.giKiii academic standing, 
[and uptin I'aming an 
JAssiKiate m Arts (AA) 
ji1egr«v or an AsMX'iate in 
Silence (.AS) degriv, are 
lutomaticallv admitted to 
Northern Illinois University. 
I We an- pleasixl to offer 
this opportunitv to Harper 
jstudetits so thev can contin- 
iije their education close to 
itnime ansl earn a Kicealaun?- 
jale degive from an institu 
liMii With an outstanding 
in lor higher educa 
.sill Bruce Brother, 
IDirector ■-' \iliiiissi,.i-is at 

rr.sulent |)r 
Ui.c-i i 1 Uieutler and 

Northern rri»sidenl l)r )ohn 
lafourette participated in 
llie signing ceremonv Also 

ittiTuling from Harper weiv 
Hruie Biihrer, Dirivtor of 

\i)niissi,.ns and Steve 
C .itlin Vice 

I'll si.ii-ni lit I nrollment 
Si'iv II es 


Student sh.iuii McGhee 
steps Harper 



14: Uncle Bill gives advice 
'o overworked freshmen 

ThoM* pesky J(eeiie aw hack. 


Hawks football 
comes to a start. 


•parta Paga7-I 

Page 2 

Freshmen: New 
students get a 
feel for Harper 


Stud«nl9i viattaNJ the .)i(tir lU Ki.ih.* 
and f\'enhidnv vottil en whun >«m' thi»\ 
t«>unJ to bt the btr^ dtvfirated rht- > JarjH-r 
ColU^t- Inlerv ^rsilv C hi-i«fijn hfllnwAip 
btHHh vvtm Ihr i-onU>si How«-m'T, Ihttv 
w«v plenl\ o» W(Trth\ nmU-iidkTN. »uch a» 
the rrojcram Bkunl •• bi»>«h. »h»fc ){i/mai 
jtul K-u^lfts aboundnl (or iludcnis to lakr 
with thtMH 

Besiiics sowing ftaih> Ji^pLiv*. •■tudiTit> 
Jul draw sufiu- rval mtonn.jlKm trinn thf 
itil. N«w studvnt Beth Kinstcr ha* «»pi- 
.it>of» ai becmmnn a fvrtinTiwr and look 
-.fvcidl interest in the Drama Club and 
•^peevh T>Mm.»kT >JV> ^*^- "' ■"- '»> 
lran>tiT (.• .« KhoiJ sotiH-wl .^ 

Vi>rk. whetx- ■^' will piip-iir I .1 v.ik-ii in 
the performinj; art^ 

Starting earlv is rvexiT a idea, and 
new student kellv Maver lan .»tte>t to thai 
Mayer is alreadv an aitne m« mK-r in ihi- 
Harper I'om S«.)uad and is .-ilannin); to 
ma|ur in advertising 

Students weren't thi' onlv .th"- ofti 
mistR- aK>ut the event I aiutly nru-mNfrs 
there matthed their i-nthusia»m "The 
»Tow d seemed to be ver\ interested m what 
|Harp«'rl has to otter." said J»pe«.h Team 
co.K-h lett l'r\/Klo He cxptvmed hop. 
that some ot the aspirinu htshmen mi^lii 


I"he Harbinger 
August 30, 1999 




help push the a I read \ 
team into th%' lop tive 

All in all, the new student 
positive expeniTKe "Studi'i 
enjov it. because they jjel to 
one atHithtT, vivs Activihes 
kris Cimrov .^nd there was a bustling 
turnout, tixi Conrity report-, that there 
uere appro\imat«»lv 17(' studmts and ''211 
parents m altnidarue 

^vervthinn students saw at the 

I r<«.hman Ixpenence was then- with lli. 

intent v>t makini; th«.ir experierKe at I larp i 

i]| the iH'tli'T In the w<>rd> ot l)r S'li^ 

>our m»>untjin is waiting;, so ^et on \oi.i 

Campus News __ 

Animation Art Program introduced this semester 

111.' liberal Arts l> ' ■' -ill 

1,1.1 a new pnijjran n 

.Art. to CimtmuinK Kin. .11... 1. u>t 
the tin>l time this tall 

This professional rum-iretlii 
ccmtinuinftfducalKinproftram will 
tmus on traditkmal art, cirnipuler 
skills, texture mapping, imagi- 
manipulation, thn-e dirm-nsu^nal 
drawinfi^ mtidelinn and animation 

Art animators ' modelers 

imp^ animation and ^D mudel- 
«>H tor a varH-t\ of applHalKins 

Thtn work in multmuxlia, ttim 
I\ intem«'l ui^. arut \ Kico icame 

Mam .lis., ari' fiTiploMs.) in thr 

nW'dual, lomi--u inJustnal .ind 
t\iu(~ation In-lds 

(HImts work as ttvhnKal dim 
tors and . harailer animators v\ ith 
in lb«-s.' 1 iirrespondinn areas 

rnTisiuisili-s (or this pn>);ram 
include iomplehoo of basis draw 
ing courses and portfolio resww 
b\ thi- Harper l . 
I omnutlti' 

The Anmuition \rt I'l.'^iani i~ 
inlendrtl for hi(;h s» htsil graduates 
eUvtinj; a direvt career path 
instead ol a traditional bachelor s 
program, canvr chanj-e individu- 
als. colleKe Sf.i*l">'*«"^ stvking tti 
tnhann- their [■ and indi- 

\iduaU ii'v'I'.i,! in lorporatf 

Thrvs ...;.;.-.... -;v available, 
the cofv AnimatKin Certificate con- 
sisting of 20 clas<i«.s with an esti- 
mated completion tinu" of two 
vears and SS 2 continuing t>Juca- 
tion units, the Fechnical Animator 

rtificate whK"h consists of the 
I.- pn»gram plus six additional 

Ihe pronram ri'quirvs exu-nsuo 
preparation ouLsidc ..t the i lass- 

f-or mori' information on thie 
new ,\rt Animation rni^ram and 
registrath.n ^all M" 'O'' (.100 




with Metre's $5 
weekend pass 

turn a fun weekend 
into fireat savings! 

For scdokilc MormMtan m 

B36-7000. City or Sotaft. 


Metra's $5 Pass 


all weekend lonil 

Metn's VUeehend Pass can save you 

$10 on tfie purchase of an irKanI 

membership, ctwcfc out 


or cal M7.673-S703 lOr tom. 

Harper adds Distinguished 
Scholars to student body 

Risky business. 

Wiv not nn Igra CMV ffifft « wt liMV' 

-.l.m.tini; ,.ui imoni; the 1"~»^ hi>;h >ihi«.| 
■r.idual<~. who will enter llar|vr this tall are 
s students who have Kh n designated 
I hstin>;uished Siholar \wartl rtvipienfs 
These students ()ualitits.l tor the ren»'wable 
full-tuition and Itvs scholarship projjram bv 
graduating in the t<>p ten p<.n«.nt ol their 

Harjx'r is pleasevl t> '.h t.'li.m 

mg l'**' high schcHil ^-.i iN Jislin 

>;uisht^i Scholar .Award ! 

Bradley Bemau. lonalh m l\.>nianow 
Jessica Simonte, Vlaruis/ Skonui/n\ uul 
Ihane Snyder from Conant High Sch.H.l 
Hradalme CiKomise, Madhci Kansauara 
l.aura Korona and Diana Rui/ nvm fc'lk t .rov e 
High School. Stephanie I'ennock and Briana 
lurc/a frvMii Fn-md High SchiH'l: (..arv 
Chumbimune and Kellv Maver from 
Hi'ttman Fstales High Sch<n>l, Kllick Clian, 
M' . :n l^incher l>lesia CHeinik Daniel l>c>hus. 
.r Spencer and Margaret L Inch trom 
lalatine High Schixil. lX*bie Schreiner from 
Trosptvl High Sh<x>l. Joseph Clark from 

Kollinu M .1.' tr.-i!i ^t \mI..i 

High SiIm.«.i 1111 kuKiini Khan. 

linds«-y t angel. IX> M.»lr/f|ewski. and 
Rohan Thambralialli irum Nhaimihurf; High 
Schixil, Vuliya Rt+>itsk,ua Irom Wh«-eling 
High SihiHil 

The Distinguishtsl 'xholar Ward 
tuiMon and t«~. lor up to «' s*-mcs.ter hours ot 
study (two acadt.mic years) Ktxipi«.>nt must 
attend Harper lull time during Ihe n'gular 
a* ademic v ear and maintain a 1 d grade point 
average Ihe scholarship .iN.. provides 
l>i^linguishi\l Scholars with an ongoing 
enrichment program ol lultoral s,Hial le.ui 
ership and «^^ucatlonal i-I.innm,- .kIhiIus 
Tormer I>istinguish»d ~» t i^otie on 

to complete undergradij..u .ulvanced 

.lesrcv protjrams at a niimKr .>t pr«'slij;ious 
institutions throuRhoul the I nited Mat>~. 

lor further intormalion on Ihe 
Distinguislu^l Scholar Award or oth«-r schol- 
arship op(xvrtunilH~. at HarpiT. amlact the 
i>fice ot Student 1 inancial A.«.si]itance at vl 

The Hjrbin^iT 
AuguM M, 1444 

Pag* 3 

Harper professor named 
outstanding faculty member 

Shanin Alter. I'ix>ft" .ii 
History /Political ScM-nte. 
ha* Kfn sfleiied to rw.MVf 
the t/*^ t'HitMandinR 
Faculty Membtr Award K 
the Illinois (\>mmunit\ 
ColWjje Tnistiv \^siKiJti<>ti 

MUr ^^ I- .hi>^*»n trom a 
tulvi .' ■■ nomirut's from 
communit\ *oll»-){t-> acros*> 
the state for this horKW 

"ProfesM'r Alter is .111 
rducaK>r vsho has Kiii ■•ik 
crsshil in e\pt>sins her stu- 
dents tt> the evcitenn-nt ot 
partH'ipalorv learning," said 
Harper president Robert 
Breuder We are \er\«sl th.1l -hi- has Uiii 
t.hi»N»'n li' :<■. t ] \ ? •'. I 
well-deservt\i tu'iiiu 

Alter has been a memK-r 
of the Harper faculty since 
\^<y'^ She encourage* her 
studiTits til );jm infomViition 
abttut how our [^oliliul s\n 
tern works firsthand b\ 
urging them to j-urtuipale in 
polihcal campaigns and 

She fus cmenxl elections 
!> cable ti'l.'V ivum donr 

I lix tion^ in nn-tni and subur- 
ban papers and has orga- 
nized public forums on the 
t onslitution. tfw Bill ol 

Kight- l\..m...i^ ll,.f,.rv 

..ndl I 


"We are very 
pknuwd that she has 

been chitsen to 
receive such a well- 
deserved honor." 
Harper President 
Dr. Robert Breuder 

Out of the classroom. sh«' 
has s»-r\ed as program chair 
• 1 'Aomen's Histor\ Mixith 

.11 J pn-senled a senes of^ "n Women's 
Hlstor\ .iriii I, iiltiire lo! 
Seoul I .iiidf- .ind 1 e ulers m 

Mil- ha> .iIm' x[i. d I'M a 
minitxT ol College lonimil- 
tis-s and task forces ami is a 
tinilils r i>f tfu- Illinois 
.'t I li>;l>ii (ducatiiM- : 
.^rtuulation ImIi.iIivc 

Hivtiirv \1jior f'.intl 

the Student >.n.iU- ^ini i- 1*^2 
and was selected fiir Who's 
Who Among America's 
Teachers Tlu" B»'sl Teacher-, 
in America S-Uvlts.! b\ the 
B»-sl Students \o^i I'****, 

•Mter was vli>i 
fHs-rs a- the l^'JS 11 ' .[ !■ iii > : 
the I )!s|irH',iii'-b. d I.Kiiltv 
Member .luard en en i^K h 
\ 111 J Mviiltx menib.-r 
wfvii contribulid til till 
educational i vpirun^*' ol 
Ifie students. U. the >;rii» tb 
and dexelopment ot the 
( .illege .md tii sir\ ne m pro 
li'-sumal and u .i|:inuinil\ 

rri.tis^.'i \\U r - ^.>lul 
ijualif nations aiul >oinn>it 
ment to students distm 
guished hiT trorn the lietd ol 
applii.mts l<ir lb" ■' " * 
-aid loni I rit;lan 

.It KHhI.lli ' i":H 

t ollege ml'' > ban 

,.t the I' 
C omniitlei' 
■••rtunate >.■ !■ 1' ' 
r 111 her lalils-J 
the lllin.i 
( oll.i;eS\-l 

Do you uirite? Draw? Take pictures? IHake good cofTee? 

Then you can uiork for us. Join The Harbinger. 

Ule're looking for people for the fall semester. 

Pick up an application in room n367. 

Invest Your Credits 

Ijjjou have colUff irrdit - use it. 

TroHsftr your rollege muntwork and 
cemplttf an acrtUrattd 

Bacheu>k degree' 

Bmckflof of Bm simMM 

Admimtttraliom ttrgrr*. 

with a <(mi-fnrruiit'n 11 

\l W \<.l Ml \ I 

III \l nil \kt \| \N M. 

mKK M'l I I VI lsl 

wtth it cnncrnrrurmn tn 

|)t Mi.\ 


iiotc«iii«Hiii«.M«rw.iu«. itto»' • itm\im*-9ns 


401 S Suhr Sow 

OiKafu- II «*»'^ 

(•Ml X2S-IS3a 



43 MUuMi S«|u>iR 

OtaMjPark. IL «>•*>: 

(•Ml H»-n79 


Harper Spotlight: w-,*^ 
Shaun McGhee 

Carta LMaiM 


We pass b\ handlul-ot (hm- 
pie Ihroughoul our da\s at 
I l.irper and otue in awhile we 
slop and bump into Mtmeone 
and strike up conversation 

111 .1 ,^ .shal I did >in mv 
'1.K1I I met Sfwun 

'.:. w i s*iphomiire at 

Harper wfwi was e«p«Tiem-ing 
the n-alitv ol llw c-nd ol sum- 
!iu r and the beginning of 
iinnthei tall semester 

tie hj^ relumed In HafjM-r 
vMlh the >;imI-- III sUninj; >n 
traik, earning .1 (.I'-\ii! 4 .iml 
« iinlinum^ t«' fa.i\ e no 
I xfiiii-ni t-- .It Harp-r 

I .i~t -^•ml--U■r Shaun tnund 
1 tun Nit ihallen^ingclasscon- 
elui Itxi b\ I n);lish instructor 
IKHtiir Irigilio Shaun luund 
iimhden.e. understanding and 
an interesting teaiher thai 
made . lass tun I ntortunaleh 
>l\aiin ti'und thai this mstrui 
ti'i v\oiiiJ nil Kinder K- uith 
\ l.irjii'i 

'■ MUg Shaun s i^unimer, K- 

• ol the most pnufuctive 

H rt\ itit"- .1 t*iHi-ge student can 

dn x\iirk He spent much ot 

li.-rtime earning 

.arombie << Fikb 

• 'ui.i enK'v b|s iiptire 


He shopped and ran his 
credit caril bill up to a large 
-um. but he colU-cted CDs, 
> lollies and aiiesMinrs for ll>e 
bratut new car he bought this 
past summer 


Stiaun did spt-nd his mone>- 
wisely on a iTamenco black 
I'J^ V'olkswagon jetta While 
Sh.»un did spend his money 
and help the ivonomv, he had 
fun wi«rking with his friends 
and coworkers at Wmidfield 

Nciw that the sthiuil year 
has crept up on him, fie f»as the 
ihallenge ot balancing work 
and st-ho>»l smi'esafulh 

Bcvausi- he is so ambititnis 
III get high grades and earn a 
large sum of mofK-v. In- has to 
wiirk extra hard 

"I Itmk forward to the chal- 
lenge. Stwun says calmly of 
hi-, lutun- and long-term plans 
lo atti-nd 1 ovola. go to medical 

^ 1>. I- -t tt-iA It-.. ..rtT,. t ^iifi'isif> 


• Health Services and I'rrMinal Counseling Merge 
Health ServKOs and Personal Cimiiseling merged into 
Health and Psvihologiial Service's Uvated in the Student 
and Administration Center, A3ti2, the Health and 
Ps\ch« S'rvices team is committed lo pnimoting the 
student's total hc-alth and well-being the staff assists stu- 
dents hav ing personal, physical. MKial or emotional ccmcem* 
that may eflect their success m colU-ge Wellrn-ss programs 
mr <irhrduled every -(etnester Registered nurses and physi- 
cian/nurM' practitkmeni ate available for fnv and confiden- 
tial medical wrvice*, minor illness atul physical exams. A 
p*vch«»kigi»t afKl per«>t>al counselors assist sttidents with 
briet therapy, evaluation and referrals Psyi+K»logical ser- 
ilte* are ttw of charge to slutfifits enniUed in six or more 
civdit hcntrs 

• Dale Kape Prevention lor Men and Wcnnen 

lt\e l>at>' K.ipe Preyention ><-minjr will tv field in the 
Mjident and .-Xdmmistration I eniix A.^15, cm TiH-sday, Sept. 
14 tiom Il!-1 pm The semifVJr will provide infc>nTiatk>n 
.ibi 'ui w lut d.»t«* rape is and hinv lo reduie the chaiwe* that 
It will otiur ■. ill K shown with an open disoMsion 

to follow 

•BlcN>d Dnve 

I .ivt rur I.UT Ol i in 

•v-ol 1" m lb. ''(■.id.n! 

ftniate blcxid on V\ 

t . nti-i I iiiini;e. Stui: 

^. ■.,.»-.. .- »... I (^ lioiesterol l.ducdlion Month In 

hmi.T of the event Health Vn ices are offering choJesten)! 

~i reening arul iT>form.ilion for students and staff. If you don't 

know what vour cholestenM is ctr you aiv trying to Unver it, 

.1 Uus low tust service S-reenings are 

, iHimtmenl To make your apf-Himtment, call 

• I herapvutic Chair Mauag* 

Starting Sept l»i Har(>er College will be offering chau 
sages on selected Wednesdays and Thursdays You can grt 
: either a tO minute massage ti>r $10 or a 15 minute masMgr 
i far$l5 To schedule an appointnu-nt. stop in Health Serviof*, 
i Mtil. Student and AdminutralHin Center or call xt t>268. 

0«r Vtow 

Harper's Face Lift 

In tlu' p.>^t -.. hiH>l \i-.n ll.irpiT 
studi-nts .ind Ji-tn>t tr^iaont". 
h.uo hi'arJ .ihout ll..' mtamous 
tnou t.uU'a. i.-t.r. f.Uin. 
timoN than .uu- i.m o'uiu ?h'' 
reU-rendum pn>mi>..a t> n.-\ .1 
tions. niw buildings ,iiui idiu.i 
ti0n.1l upt^rados .11V. on,- u >'uUt 
luut' hf.'ii h.ippx 1^' ->■'• '"f •' 
school in our comnun ii\ 

Howt-ver. the up>;r.i.l.- "id 
renovation* wt-rt- not worth the 
^2h ^2 fl to the n'sidi-nts who 
x>.u-.i ,i-.iinNl It "-.■ ^N'- -iv^ •!"■ 
beautitul Harper imp.o. cnuMl- 
dis.ippt-ar without -o nun h ,i> 1 

^oodb\ f 

ThenoxiT tho -iimiiui H.uptt - 
face began to .h.inv;t It turned 
into a »rf!.her. brighter ' ■ 
Harper The chan>;es reallN 
nue \\1>" ,iie we to .irgue with a 
new, viean -p.llN balhroom ru',ht 
down the hall trotn 
has soothini; blue ami ^'-'^ '"' 
,,nd n.essod traik liKhtin>; to 
, look our be>t wen when 
i.ui u.iiiiull studiesha\e Us down 
Harper s nit. '^ 

theonlv recipient 01 f esiisi ,i,,ii..n 
The exterior otour fine t:i>llene bas 
•ue lift «1^ well 


rhe Harbinger 
August V), l'»W 

Vi«w from the Editors' desk 

"Dr. Breuder, say it ain't so 
Editors respond to tlie news 

For the community; Bye community 

Alan E. HHnarik 


1 1 

, lb 

1 ^lli'ss W.' sh.'iil.l 

unrWed I'lit so i%.M 
latiT. It would ha' 
vMvks b»-hind the 1,1 

Wht-n I c.inM- mt< 
m.'iv a ImII !'■ 
»; issip tituls to d' ' 
I iii\|nis t. ould he IH 
V 1, tt n»vt n.ivk " "I ri-' 
V «• alrfad> kno« jKhh 

Word h.wi It. our pr> 
I nng U'.n in« tor amifhei !•* h. ■« i 

Ami no* tust an;, oth«T s<h.H' 
I .nda VVh»> tould blame him 

TtH- presKlenl's ottue w.ts qiiH k 
niqu.- » inl out whidl jUa\ i-d ai>i 
,.,., ,1, ,t 1 ). Itrevider is Ih.-i.'ucht'^ 
^er n-adirii 

,,,,,., , ,, ,».H hi' did t 

\ihI ih'vn I h.-.ii i. 
xvn a l^oard iTi«vlm^ > alleit .: 
10 disiuss tmr leadership ' 

\l 1! ■ • ink timi- laii leSI 

, i\.- ii'iild run IMltl ft"^ 
l.n mominR, n 


it.l in i^.ts 

, los^ Ihf 


■•\\ IS moiiths w.i 

\ M-h.H>l in relaxin>; ^iinin 

; to th»' s»tv«il 

!rl it m.W ' ■ 

a m ias< 

iiiui \i>ii thai llnie > 
l.v>. JiiVs c (>uld it K- 

1 read about it in the Herald 

ttmm Hays 

aihtxi b> iiilU-ses st-anlims t." 
.k III While i am tlattert>d to K- sev i . .. 
viable candidate 1 remain commlttl^i lo 
Harper I oll.->;e, om- .•• ..ur nation s pr.-mi.-r 

. ommunitv ci'lU^s*"^ 

In th.' past lour and a halt \ ears wi- h.n . 
s rked li>Kether, students, laculty and 
inistralion to unite Harper and make it .1 
•,r learning; inslilutum Harjvr is an 
.Mraordinarv sibix.l and would N- harxl t.. 
lijM. rVas«- disn-K.ard iIh- rumor ot nu 
uilervK'vvmt; with another .olU-Re Its ,ust 
pari ol the ternton,, m b.;in>; such a known 
and loved student 

In loda> 's si-aMvni\l marki-t il is eass i.> -< 
«in colleges all over the u.untr\ minhl K 
,.it,resto.t in a Umg-time |unior college stu -u.h as mvsi-ll While I havelwn con- 
la. ted b\ a number ot ciAkfr^ I remain com- 
mitt.xl to Harfx-r t oUeRe I am a part ol Ihi- 
l,-,.m and plan to continue to cntriKile U. 
,.iir .'Mittny? lutun- 


r I * 

1 w ,1 v 

1 Ki I j ' V 

tern has been r. ' »i'^' 

,1 smoother, nu-u . .w ineiidU 
,'M\e rbe b.itbrooio .lowiistaits 

i . r s n V' \\ * 1 '. . ' 
lU.Uhls Hie o- 

nated buiidinK - nuiKe nun, 
impossible to miss But 
,,iit (lu .-.iiKatu'nal upgrades'" 
^^ ^^,^, ,,, ,,. , .,,,r ... .-r. rowded 

biologv Jass i »li''< 

,-n class will take .1 tMtak .\n^ 
11 can run to the Student and 
1tninistr,iti..n Center itornierU 
known and tondU r.memb.i . .1 .1- 
Building A) and tak. a 
\nd while vou're at it .oom. ■ 
Without the referendum hou .lut 
Harper attord all tins' 

..t. ,.(.l ^.i*.: ' ■• ■■"■■ '■'■ ' 

CdttoHal Board 

- • - )f s m Chef -.Samm nays. Aian £, M» «i .- 
Ac^lng News Editor ^.WanLMinaf* 

AA£ tcfllOf '"*" ' ■"«' ^«^ 

Acting Sports Editor Ry» ^ f*^ 

Ask Uncle Bill 

Got . a«.*ti«B? A.k I .cir Bill. He m.7 »ot b« right, but if. rtill 
«a4 Ufiec. Drop off »our iHirr. to the fhrbinger m .43t7 

DEAR ( RL ^< ••• D- 

DEAR I NHf Bill 


^ ■'.inv; tiT . 


I (,ii\. ml' I. 'I. "^1' ' '■' ' ' 

1 ,1... 'Ian yt'""' 

ila\ the m>;lit tvlor.' make time 

tor th»- Ihing!. you ntn-d and the 

V,„M ,„.„ .olle«e stu.len.s things v.H. want in.l stu k ).■ 

■ , ., icVN 1SSU.-S ad|ustin)i but it vour schedule 

„ds like vou an. having sen- H vou h->ve a Same plan when 

,., ,n... the vou wake up. Ihiw will pnib.iblv 

.,■ (ar less mistakes 
^^ Iventrv picking (Hit \>-u ov.l 

, I K'lore vou go to l>ed As fur a 
' w „,.mt,..r thit v.. a, vviu... ^hvx>l ac-twilv trv checking init 

dan Wlin n V s ^^^ ^^^ ^ ^^ ^.^^ ,, „ 

'^,J;^n.,„.,. ,.ns«Htmg up a tew minutes [ov. ^^^^^ 

, , , carK 

. I Yi rhe s.iiiie li>k "'" 

P*"*^'"'^' rhmk ditching your kW- 

Staf f Writaf* ami Aaaiatants 

(toet Ba®), Carta Latano. Kevin Poduska 

Oaaaral Pollclaa 

OccwfDi Womw 


r>» Martsnge 

. .; s«»vicCT «»v- 

Business Manacer 
Faculty Advisor — 

—Dam are 

- tw tmv Co*i»t» «»'*i" 

.• to M stimms. nKuMf and «*i»ni»tt»iio«v 
f»««» tl» Mrpu eatavurtity »«» OTtofmwto" 

. n. our Bji'u'i.iis L#ne»s 
-■i,»snio Sigr«ll.»rKS*«tl« 

r •• not riKtrst^ .»» ef«o'i«a by 


TtKj Harbinger 

WMiiai'i Ratney Harper CoMe^ 

1200 West AlgwwtmRoad 

Palar.'*' il fino67 7098 

Rxxie I*jmbers: 

•ice 847.925.6460 
-.47 925.6000 i(t2461 
tax 847.925.6033 

i<-Hu««r» »nQU«J» tofiaru. 

copyrigm 1999. ^"« HarOinger. 




•Books del.vfrfd m no more th<in Ihrer huvne*- days or >our sh.fpins is retuiulfd Somr rrsitKiums .ppi> b^^ >>*-w _todtt»ils_ 

Page 6 

Arts & entertainment 

AuRuM 30, 1<»99 

French Farce to be 
Performed at Harper 

Lost? Have a minute? 

• TNtotSMl 


ShiHJ has brftun- 
wilh It. the Harper (. ollfHf 
Thedtrr "ufastm Tht- first 
pmluctKtn planiMtl i- thv 
FreiKh fart-i- An lulun ^/rir 

The play, Jirixlovl b\ 
Man |o Wiilis and written 
by tunCTW lahtche. tjkes 
place in l'*24 Pan- It tilK 
the '4t('r\ ■>( .1 wvjlthv 
Parisian ndmed h.ulinjnl 
whii. (>n the miimmi; i»» hi% 
wrddin^, races a«»unil 
town trying It) replace a ran- 
Italian straw hat that hi^ 
honr has eaten 

The sfi»rv Rets inlefvstin»; 
wht-n the i>wner ot the hat 
and her paranwur r»-fu>e In 
leave fadiajrds htHj'se until 
a replacement i^ IkuiiJ 
Meanwhile. I 

bruK- Iwf 

i.ither. and the 

1- ■ ilding RuesLs 

I'e their nup- 

Ih.Ti- «Mli I ■ ■' 

which Harper mih iinv and 
sJaH can auditK>n .AuditHwi'. 
will be held on VVedne>«.la\ 
and Thursday. S-pteniN'r ^ 
and ", with lallhaiWs t>n 
fndav. S-}>tembtr ll' All 
auditions will ht'Hin .it 
y m in the Drama I ab 
1 liw The show v»penN 
\i>i ember 11 and copies ot 
the ■» ript are a\ ailabte at th«- 
librarv for turth»T mtorma 
turn Cimtact Mar\ In VVillis 
at (i47 «»2S «>44H 

The Harper tollegi- 
rhj-alre seastwi cjwitmues ui 
March with Shakespeare s 
ciaiUiK A MiJ-iimmcr Niy'if - 
Dnhm. ItcmxIudesin.'Vpril 

ih Sam shepard •• plav 


Welcome to Harper, how may I assist you? 

ITiis IS the intormatuHi desk, ri>;hl' 

Mm,hnii what can I do for you? 

1 rr. I am Iviv inn s««th- Imuble w ith tin sihi-dule and ItKatinp som.- ot mv classrinims 

Which cUiB are you having trouble finding? 

,M1 o» them 

Oh, well let's just Uke them one at a time. 

W, li I i» IS irv in>; I.' tiiul mv mu>K class and mv schedule said building P s.) when I Rot to 

> .ituyu- I li»'k.Hl .ill over lor a buildinR P and hail a hard finw findmR a sign that even had the 

Utur r m ll .■ vs h.n 1 sa\ the Music Instruction Center I liH>k a stab al it V\hfn I Rol to the 

buildm>;th.d,H.t s,ik1IiN--' ^"- ' ' so | hRun- 1 must hax e Rotten turned around s,)me- 

w here 

Well that's easy enough ^<iu musi iij»t- been on the west side of the building; thoM doors 
are actually tor the Liberal Arts Center. 

But the diHirs 1 was al ar»- under the Music liistruilion t enter sign 
Don't pay any attention to that, junt go around to the north side of that building. 
Isn I thai the same biiiUin^' 

Well yes. but different sides of a building can be for different departments. Take the 
Business and Social Science Center and the bngineering and Applied Technology Center 
they comprise what used lu be buildings C.H.I and |. 
Hub" V\h.i! .iN'iil the librarv ' What sign should 1 lis-k lor'' 

It used to be building f, and Ihenp was this big letter F on it. Everyone knew where it was 
then, but never mind. If you're on the south side of the building the door says Academic 
Resource Center, same as the 18" illuminated sign II you are downstairs on the north side, 
bv the Head, Ih* doors say I earning Resource t enter. But if you are coming fnom Ihe from 
the top of Ihe stairs in the quad outside the doors say I iberal Arts Center and to 
the lelt there is a library' sign Igo figure! painted on the window ne«l to the 
doors. Bui be larctui if y«iu pav altention to Ihe blue and gray signs, the one for 
Ihe librarv says Academic Resoune Center, like the illuminated signs I men- 
lioned earlier Oh, and one last thing about Ihe library. If you're downstairs al 
the first Hoot entrance, ignore the dtmrs to Ihe right and the left of the main 
dcrnis They sav To Third flooi MIS I SI ITP and (.1 D Ihev have nolhinR to 
do with Ihe library 

: An Mian Sraw Hat 


IMiedttfbf MwiJoVrUte 


..Md when it was there, that's where your drawing 

Audition s 

I. Tpm 

rrtttav, U t M iik n 10 IcallkMfe). 7 m 
Ukmt Aftt Cwitor, OrMna Uk UtOtl 

PnMlitetion Date 

Wmiwlir U, It, 19, 14, It, i«, SO. aii« 11 

Uktttt Art* Cmm . Oranw Ub tl10«| 

«IMV> )«M«r HiqMr CM^t 


I hats because Ihe signs pieltv much only lace the eylermr perimeter ol ih.- 
-i hool Vou can't really see Ihem when vou are in Ihe quad. 

I hats a good question and »<s llus an- So whal else are you having IroubK- 

I ,in> .1 hit!, .onluscsl at -- .■"' vni help m.- ,.iil' 

I hji d.-o.iuls what clas- • moiled in? 

r.iv\in^ I ,ind di-slgn I 
; U.isi <Ja^>is ail in differfnl buildings. 
\1v schedule s.ns nr, »!• - is in building I 

Tbrr,-" -„l..,.l.l.".. . 


1 hill ict'il 1(1 l^i* J iiuiiiiiiiK < 

I lass Mould have been. 

the bii 'dl there Ihe name has changed, lusl like all Ihe buildings. 

Thev all used to have letters. II has been changed to make il easier for Ihe stu- 
dents l» get around campus To simplify, so nobody would be confused 

■iiTs ol tlic alphaNl istrc ijusing lontusum' 
1 ,1 me tell you how to gel lo those art classes. The drawing clam i» on the sec- 
ond fl««»r, il should actually be right down the hall from your raumic class. 
\V: .'r,v.-. ]'k: ■ i.iss is in the musii, building' 
\ hf N.ew SUidcnr Sprvices and Art Center. 

I hey are conrtected. 

I ^n\ carlirr' 
So hsUn i.iiflullv ll is ujlty quite simple. The 1 ib.-ral \rts diMirs urn saw are 
... ,1,,. ^....itt w,.j. Ih. \ti^ ( ,-nlt-F IS on the north 

Mst >;,.nn,i ■ 

\,.i !(M. much .-rror vou be .arrtul lo get lo class on time. Nobody like a johnnv 

I omc I ■ '' 

I „, Init I lliink 1 h.i 

I he IhcaU-i IS in the Husiiuss and So. lal Siuiuc I enter. 

Ill, Ih, !i. t is ,n tb. busMu^s ,,nd s,M.i! s, ' M..w d,s-s that make 

s, lis, 

Ihe tire science classes are in that building loo C an t figure out why. That 
was Ihe good thing about Ihe letlers. il wasn't so easy lo see that how strange 
Ihe campus is set up Hmm. Bui if vou don't have any other questions, I do 
liave a very long tine lo tend lo. 

Mnini wi I ni sur.- I II be b,Kk but lhanl,s lor .ill vour help 

Tht Harbin>;i'r 
August W. 1944 

Hawk Sports 


Rommel: Female athlete of 
the year shows more is better 

comnjM from pafe 8 

^ being an active cud<:h at a high 
school m Ihi' thrv<f »f>ort» she has 
competed in. 

As far as Iht- award gm-s, Rummfl 
feeK honored to retoivc «iu h m 

"Its lu*.! .in hiTitir tcr rrnv 
Rununel >aid 

"It's unexplainable kind «t 
because I've never had a chame ,il 

But now I I i>mr here anil it s hike 
everything i> going tor mc 
It's a world i»f opportunit\ 

The first ciuch she plaved tcr 
when she came to Harper was. head 
vollevball coach Shanifi StaudiT and 
in Stauder's mimi Romim-I Mas a 
very self motivated athlete 

"She's a very self motix alivl pld\ 
tT." said coach Stauder 

"She's a grt-al plav»T in .1 m-hm' 
tfiat sh«' always wanted to cmiiur.iy;i- 
tfie irther girls " 

She is a team leader, .Kiordin^ to 
Stauder. and al» ays g.i\ »■ Iht insight 
during the games 

"She would jlwdvs brin. 
tive attitude to practiK 

And that is jlwavs .1 plus 

Stauder thinks that Komnul 
i>mpetiti\f pl.ner .iml alw.u-. tt,. ^i 
to improve htrscll .iKmii; with tfn' 

"I think \liN~ • .iihlt>le 

Mid .1 grejt student. s.iiu st.mdet 
She always has a pusitivc atlitude 
.ind will definitely do well in tfn- 
future in »<\.er her |t>unH'y takt-s 
her to do 

Not iHiK Jul st.iiKicr s»s' Konimel 
as a stnmg po>ili\e .iihlete but her 
head basketball usuh Kit |idd did Js 

Uhcii -he w.i- .It Motlman she 
really didn t g«'l nun h yl an opportii 
nily to sfum w -h.- Limld do." s,ii.l 
. ojch U'dd 

"And tfiat vv JS the- c«Mct«rs di\ . 
Mon obvK»u.sly to plav otfwr p«\>pl.- 
But wfn-n she was given an opportu- 
nity ti> sIkiw what she ctnild do heiv 
at Harper she didn't bl.ns lh»' oppi-i 

She went out nighl alter night and 
pla\i\l really gtKid basketball under 
try ing circumstances which was rial- 
Iv giKid since sf>e rve\er had opportu- 
nity in high sthiHil to sh>n\ ^h. 
>ould do 

As tfie point guaal ol the 1 ,i.K 
Hawks, according to >ii,uh leJil -\u 
was the brains on 1! 
played on an e\ en le\ el 

"She is the type ot plaser whi' 
isn't going to get too happy" s.itd 
lisjd " you don't want a 
point guard like that 

You want a point guard whx v, ill 
go out and pljv e\enly with her 
teammates ' 

In vi>.uh lixld s mind, Koniniel 1^ .1 
very upbeat type ol player who has 
the will to succeed and give her all in 
tfie game as well as bemi; 1 .(iMtk 
learner t4> the system 

SirK,' she had gone to lane 
Addams junior high and plaved 
under coaih Kaplan, and when sh«- 
wi-nt to Hoffman sfie playeil under 
him for her first two years as well, 
stu' learned th»" sy-tem very i|iiuklv " 
said letld 

"Since Kaplan and mv~eli ii-e 
some ot Ihe same things. sh«- lu-t tell 
back to what sh«' kni-w " 

Kommel wa- named All Kegioii 
s«vi»nd team in wonn-n s baski-tball 
\i>t only did coach |edd think that 
sh«- was one his ti»p players, but ht-r 
sister C'hrisfa, wh«i is h*'r a.ssistant 
> i<ai h m basketball as well as solttMll. 
has lht>ughtful t-motiims about her 
younger sibling 

I thought that she hustled a lo» 
and had a gioxl attitude as well as 
fx'ing a U'ader." said Rommel's sister. 

who also plj\ed t\)..kellMll l..r 

H.irjvr in \^<^i 

"-•he i\.i~ .1 role niisiel tor the girl- 
on tfw team and (or ttu' olfuT girls 
I'oming into Harper tiH> " 

W.immel always winild get ttn- |ob 
in practice, accordmg to her si-.- 
ler itut would always take a p»>sitive 
apprvuih on gi-tfing it done 

As her ■ tmmel's sister 

enioys au. m all a»pe«ts 

she enjiiys ualihuig hei : 
from high stf».\>l into 11^1 
playing thnv sj-nirts 

Sh«' thinks that RomnM'l 1- 
ing her lime well 

In Softball, Rommel^ -ister think-. 
that she is an all-annind team plaver 

arul Is ■ietinili-K I l.<.ini l.-.>.l..r i. 


Konimels sister 

Mr (Jim) Ryan ha- positiont-^i her 

. r the field 
i rom »enter field to s«M>nil l>,i-4' 
pitiher to tirst base, she- .111 .ill 
ariHiinJ athk-tic person on the field 

l">n the other hand, head sottball 
I >Mch jini Rv an als«i sees fH"r as otH* of 
his lop athletes arvd a plaver to build 
a team anmnd 

"Mellss,! IS blue -.iiJ K\ in 
".•\nil vou love thos«' kind ol kid- 
to ileath 

■slu- makes i-vitv thing ea-ier .ind 
I- Itie lyjv ot plaver vou ijn t iMn 
without she uork- h.ud .ill the 

iiiniel pl.iv- h.ird iver\ d.n 
.mi'idmg to Ryan and -he j^s'rtorin- 
almost flawlessly at her defensive 
pcisitions in the field 

■Rommel just lonie- to pl.u 
evi-ryday and she en|oys doing 11 
s.ud Ryan 

'Sfie s otH- of those players you 
want to build your team around ' 

Sherman: Excellence 
comes naturally for male 
athlete of the year 

contiruM trom paf* 8 
finish, not at all 

I .oint; 1.. the National 
lournamnet in \ew Virk, was a lot 
fun and I sure this v\ ill set a lone for 
Harper K]skt>lball m the future ' said 

His sviphmon- year he was stvimd 
on the team m storing averging IHh 
.ind led his in assists and steals as 
«ell jan-d dished out h2 assists a 
»;ame and 2^ steals a game .1- well 

He also recordi-vl ,1 triple-double 
.ind set the all-time Harp-r a—ist 
riiord in one season with 220. 

Sherman also recoided 13 assists in 

on«- game that's simply ama/ing 

C")h. I almost forgot he was also 

Sherman was team V1\ I' and tn- 
was on the All-Toumami-nt .1- well 
and eamern-d MVP 

He was Ri^gHtn W MVP and hrst 
Team AIK ontemtvi' and All-Region 
as well 

linaliv. he was all-tomament team 
player in the Natiimal ToumamiH-t 
held in New 'Vi>rk 

I gue— - whv they call him 

Enough with the instant replays! 

Wv /tiirhini^cr is looking for some fresh 

blood for its sports department. 

Writers anti editors vveleome. 

Stop by the office, A.^^", for an application. 

Crossword 101 

" No Big Deal 



Slddhsrtfis MjlKir 

W poorVtaiWii- 


le Uvar HcrsHon 

l»LI« ol 



24 0angar 
MMaatfyind logo 



S3 Oiplgx t OicMnon 



37 l>a«ii enad iMOfd 




41 klutar ol indta 

43 Bkuic. tar on* 

St O wtewoH ii 
Ultw woman 




U girWiia 


.. Come join The Harbinger. 

^ Because we haven't asked in at 
least two pages. 
Stop in for an application. 


Plgtt » willlamJMMi^Hi^ 

Freshmen athletes: How do you measure up? 
Revisiting the 1998-99 Athletes of the Year 




rht-y ir>ill him Ihi- 1 

Ill- o'lHiuered 
For thf pa>t Ivm' n«.'| 
shtmvan ha^ »imp!v rul«\1 it 

iVkms him fh. ii,,!.. ,, 
hni.lin>; .i wr.ikn.— 
the hard pari 

Fnim watihin>; hmi (''■'' ■"" f ■■-• 
two years anit hum galherinn ciuirte- 
ln>m liMmmati»> atwt ciMcht"- h.- ■•im 
ply iiiM-.n't h.>vf a weak >ip»'< 

"He wurks his ass nil -aul 
Siphmor\- power toward t. arlo 
Mo He s a kit o» tun to play 
nut tun tfin to watih on the bas-^alliourl He works r»jUvhai' 
praitke anJ i-spualH in th • >;ar 
He s h.>s a uri-al attiluiUv thai •• iu« 
number 1 pru>ritv He -imrt' r.-Uixs 
to los«- and I wish hn- 'J^^- 

,> iK,- I |i 

■ "I" 

...t 1 -' ,. 

Ill' ^ lii'l .1 silTI--h j'l.Ui I - ■■ * 

S.phmon- Dan Surges He : 
th. h.ill th.' well Healwa\ s kn 
-Ah.r,' sou an- at an\ psen lini. 

thai h«- helps ine s«.ore .is «. n ^ 
.•r\ miellsenle on and .'tl tti.- i 
,,.iiit Ml the best iWensr 
I X,' .A.-r seen Kvuas.- he 
nnht in M ur la.' j 

Sherm.n ivi ^ ,.n Ih.' 

fa<iketball .ourt In- also excels ii 
< U>sn»>m t ft I iirri-nth .an 

V2 liPA 

"Whetl I " as ,1 I resliinaii I « 
little immaturi- ■ s.iid law-d sh, rman 
■■.MIer a whili' I I"-' i' ■•"■■1 '" 
Kioliua leani pl.n. 
(ust tell into pla. 
In his Iri'slv 

' .1 dismal vear in. ■- m-i-ii. i 
'.".I r\anv Wev pia\. r-^ 
Vlter all w.i- 
ihr.v plavers u 
sh.rmin \v;m>IIo aiul ^ui. 
I he ll.iuk-. only Iviil !' 
n .tes. hut that didn t mat' 
He k^as a .alalvst in ■ 
we did, sdid head nu. h Mi^> 
Hirsi-h •■>«*• s.. U.u^h an,) h,- lov,'- 
ilu- i;amt s4' nil. 


b*W«i SPORTS eW I' "^ 

M,.»l .'irk , ,.n.. '. I I !;r>l < "Hep- 

■li.'tr .lU in 

,. .1, ih, 
!H'I!! in. . i.i^-.n'.-iM 

pl.uini; tii'kl 

■ . ■ »'^' llarbini;. I i. " • 

I n.'! .'nU caw h.-r all iii th. 
1 .i.|.,,n>.'in hut -he naM' h.-i all "n 111.' 
1 j'l'"in»; li.'i'' ''"■••*' •'• ''■'•■""' '" '" 

Ir.'shm.n .>ii 

ii!li.ll. I -l.l!' ' ■ 

i.nlK ,i\.i.!. 
• lull limi student, eMellekl not miH >■>" 
' ;h, ..iII.UmH .iHirt. but the basket- 
.,..iit ,in.l 111.' -.'IlKill h.'l.t .1- 

a .. 

I ,l..n. >..1 1- 




Jarad Snarman had tWR Mf tiM 
court in this fm* mtmtn»t 

Standing; at f t.H'l tall, 
diiln t look to dominate Ihe sport Inii 
be did anvway 

\sa fr»-*hman he starl.-d in .-% . i ■. 
c,.im.' tor the Havsks ,in.i l.-^l hi-- !, iiv 

I t, .'I :■, ' 

,1, . ompiishrneni -H'I "'" 
lint *. -olades and a..niplist 
th.v |usl happ' 

I he I lawk- 

trip to the N.iU.iii.ii l,.uinam.'iit m 
N.'vv ^. rk 

(V.ti, ■ ■ ...k .1 Ihri,! 


Rommal axcala in vollayball. Just 
ena of throa sports aha playad 
I f*r Haipar 

i I U'f n.m!.' IS Meliss.1 Koniniel 

It - n.'l iniKh .lilter.-nl .is il « as 
I m liii^h ~. h.H'l said Kommel ol the 
....,, ,,,. n,.t., hii;h svhiHiI tocollese 
ihiiij; in .i>lle);e is thai I 


I ai-^ 
,in\ .1 


K.uiinul thinks that she proxetl 
h.isell as a plavt-r and could pla\ at a 
...n>|X'titne lesel in lolleue 

I kni'VN 1 c.nild pla\ lompelilive 
K v\hen I was in hifih s»hix>l. but 
« h.n I . ame to college I had to sort ol 
r. establish mys*-ll .is a pbver and as 
.1 piTSon betauM' I had rui one els*' knew what I plaved or how I 

It was (ust me an.l I w.nt .uil md 
.lid It tor myst-lf " 

Bringing a p<isiti\.- attitude to th. 

iiie. in Rommel's mind, has made 

! ,>iie.'l il n.t the team le.uli'r in all 

!HT -p.Tts 

I stv msselt as a te.ini leader 
beiause 1 know il were down in a 
pirtKular );ame or something, I've 
j;.it to ke»-p a pivsitive attitude and I 
.ant get all upset, s.iid Rommel 
t \e just ROl to torget abiHit il " 

When she was in high school 
Kommel ..<mp.etiHl in the thriv sports 
she iomp^'li-s m curr.nllv hut did n. 
start al i-^erv level 

i onl\ siarti-d m \olleyball and m 
.. .tfiv.M s.)id Rommel 

uirdl\ pla\ed when I ^^ .is 
,i,...i,ed withb.tsketball 

The transition fmm high school t. 
.'liege, .iccordmg to Rommel, h.i- 
.i-n a srmHrth ride, but most impoi 
1 uith she is happ\ sht" got a chanie 

I bustixi m\ butt so much in high 
...hiHil.' said Rommel 

"(V-caus*- I netsled to prove to m\ 
.oaches that I was gmxl, but th«'\ 
never gave me an opportunity. 

l»me I came h»Te, I got my chatKe 
to prove to ev erv .>ne that I could pUv 
and I did " 

Rommel thinks that cr.i.l.s ,ir. th. 
„„,.| mip.'il.inl Ihin^; h'r li.'r right 

,..,,.iM.- ItOIll 

im* in high 
II. -h start at 

\tter ...liege, she will pursue a 
.areer that involves children as well 

OaK** ^ 

Hawks football prepare for another record-setting year 

._ I .,!,.„.. .. .ih H...1.I t oath lohn l;liasik 

Alan E. HNMrik 


The iww schiKil vi'ai has ..n ''h 

It that most K'lov.-d ot all tail activities college 
l.^.tball Hut wetf not Hiking abinit sitting in th.- 
liv ing riHim watching Notre Dame or Mi. ' 
..n I"V' "uindav atterrwKm We re talking a n 
w ith a proven travk record a team that II make .ou 
sit up and take mvtKe It s timt- tor illn-tn 
tnii se.ison Irom the Harjx-r Hawks 

In a stale whos*' pnytessKHVil teams leav e a 1. i : 
h.' desired, and wht«e (our-vear ciJWge teams 
havt-n t made a name for th»-nvs4-lv es In years thi- 
Hawks shone like a beafon Ust sea.iot« In t«»%, 

II ,..,,, . t, ,;i 1, ,M, , in. i.-,.'d victorv.<us in their 

.,,i,,',,, ,,. , ,, .^iMr, :;, ! ■■ -. iculing to thfit decla- 

ration Ihat thi- WIS til, 

llwv pl.Kis.1 .Mghth in in. ".« '■■ :■••>'-■>. '■'■■ ■■ 

record ol ^-2 whi.h is the s,-., -ml highest ivati..nal 
standing the iUw ks hav . .v . r a. huv ..I 

\tter a vear hMtiii.-.l su. h .l.t.n-iv.' hig! 
r, and a sihi».l 
■ >■ many oMmsive 
,u, h high scoring, the 
, I the Hawks can own 

\ll \ii\.-ii. an .|uaiterh.i.k KvU' 
Hughes no longer k'<Kiing the team .«i the held. Ihe 
Hawks chances might se«m> a little dire But this 
Um, quickly turned annind K> an asset, as Hughes 
has now joined the l**^ sfa« a* an a»! . .sich 
Hughes, and his tellow assistant i' 

,in iH' working with Head toach |ohn lliasik. 

. luming tor his twenty ninth vear helming the 

I law k>. I liasik made iiuile a reputation tor himself 

.. .1., \ itional lunior C ollege Athletic AsMViation 

w ,is their tofi aitive coach, linishing last 

, , , , nd m ..V erall standings; he is able to Ixvast 

., n of l'*.VIl)2-'» And It last vear is any indi- 
. iii.n this year will only impn>ve those stahstics, 
Ru Hawks now have the chance to show that 
last year wa»n t a fluke as they head to f-orest City, 
Iowa this Saturday, Sept 4. to face off against 
Ualdort t ollege This wiP be the fourth time m the 
last three years these two teams have iTM't; tht-y've 
previously t.iced i>lt m such vc-nues as the 1<»8 
Hawks home opener and the IW IVpsiCoU Bowl. 

e Harbin 

Winiam KalMy Hmip»t C*H«<« . P*l«ti*«, 

r 1 


Enrollment climbing as classes drop 

NEWS EDI -ton 

Harper v.vrtdtnlv ha* tHiiipi. ' ' 
^hip tommunitv collej;*' 
Chicagoidnd arrii. Thfp»<pul.inti .'itln 
•cteooi i* nrrm-ing and has . ju^it ,i 
■urge in enrollrru'nt Mtmt 
MU i iiA to have Iwim a t.if»!'' 
' ' ' : vvafe. 

.ijtging atti I 'firing 

the 1*«!4-I*W vh>x>l war, btwrnm ha* 
been KMmmj! ^i far thi> veai. A.* of 
Monday. Au}i;u»l 'V). fnri)llm«ni w ; 
onr pfrcenl over U%l \>'.ir» tii ii- 
1 I ! 111(5 to A-iSkistanl rr«-^iil«'nt ot 
• Mi.^tit M ■n.»i»i>ftH-nt S»eM I >!ii'> 

i .how<. thai ■ 

iv*','^--''- .r which If, 

firs! tw ind th«' -.1. 

Mon, V n.n iFfUlt ••JudenN aii.i . «< ■ 
continuing; «lutation studi-nl-. rt>lli-d 
through HarjHT at one pi>int or another. 

Hardiv an\i<[H' tvoulJ diatbt thr stsi- 

M* EWWLUMCNT. pi«» e 


I — , 

1 — I 

1 — 1 



















Empty soutk 
lots provMo 
more parking 

KmIh p. PoAialia 


Parking at Harper ha» 
long MTicr t>een a pniblttn 
.lunng the peak, hour*, 
■\ hich t\ picallv last from 
■' iHi .1 m. until 12.W p m. and 
.n;.)in inm\ mKI p m to *» 30 
i m VVhilo tht-n- may seem 
!.• U- unK'jrjble drov«"«. of 
,ir>.. then- an' .utii.ilK p.irk- 
•■'K '«pot» avail.ihU- 

Beton' '^W p m . Monday 
throiif-h t-nday there are 
r.'W? s(udent> that come and 
►;<) during; that time p»Tiod, 
accordmv; li' A'.'.i>lant 
President >'! 1 Tiri>llmenl, 
St«\ e Catim 

I >«lm .iImi ii-piirt> thai 
■ I 111 (■ 111 Mondav 


Artlmt Msry DrltBehmVs new exhibit Word Patterns speaks volummm 

vrt I hi- ni>.!\ h.intfdr rippini: thriiin;h 

When Marv I)ritM.h»'l irealp* her 
,irt 1 fhi"i-..ind v>ordj> are worth t>f>e 


1 n'uk around h«-r ixhibit 
Tattems. currentK on d^pLiN 

: to vjliti II" 
xhihil nHni. 
I 'attema, a wnrs of 20 different j 
vh, Imtng the iMst wall t-ach p.n 
I onM^>t^ of iwe jn»f a h.ilt mv h Jn-H- 
maker pin* arrangi-vt to torrn tin' U-t 
lew of 20 dtfferrnt won.fs Ihi-M' 
wtMds. form wha' DrilMhel i ali- ;"" 
turns" Ejch word -inh .i~ up 
"cu.*fvn)n." form* j ..ommon phi..-. 
wf>en plaied after thi' word pin 

\to\ m^ from Ihi- displ.u iliKk 
iMse .iroiiiid Ihf riKim .ittenlion i'> 
nf«> itr.ivMi I.' 111. Ph->e HomDnvm.* 

■ nn(nv\ii.ili'l\ op-n.. up 

ork I think ttw 

■us It > at^nit 

\ nliovs 1T1>; ihi- 

••x,.implf ol thi' iitl. ttif mi'aniri; 

t*H>, transljirs tv\i' Jiitt-o'iit \\.i\^ 

(t looUi litht-r W ri'.id pn>-vhiM<i . i 

1.... :.(. vv ii)^ hcvt-r w.u \v»u i\ jnl to 

'hihits .irou" ' ■'■■ 
I- l.-ss to :■ 

fl .- .'\\:' ;nu = r['ri-tjtlOfl> '-Dsj.rlHl 

fV-liel t.jlurin>; .i niiHlil.ition NH>k 
bound and uspindt^i) in .in old 


W»t«f Water Cvaryi 

sewing maihine box, Painted 
I jdit.v w hich intermingles cosmetic 
.'lot n.imo and lines i>f te«t on ail- 
ored painl >ticks and Art Indices It 
(Cokir & I ight), with its different 
colored flashlights and ..ubtlv etctH»d 
See EXHIBIT, page 7 

Harper's new improvement not improved for all 

Carta Lozaa* 

Harpi'r i- an institution 

'\ idev man 

s forth*. it 

'hat » isit the- t.uikiin^ 
h.iN nventK undiT 
gOTH' exlennive reno^ ations in 
improM' ,ind miKierni/c the 
fuiKlions ,.t the washroi'ms 
The rt'sult ot the reniiH-lelmi; 
Is nottim.; ' ■ bv disappointiJ 

HMttKWataft — F«tf» a 

NMra P««M »-S 

C»— alanf — ^aC* 4 


.llHHit but 

that th.n .ai 
.Jii, IV.' to th. 

!'i more con- 
.nnre rim mu- 


autoinaiti llu'lv- .iiuJ faucets 
j> vcell a> a cUMnlin»'.ss tfial 
imh br.init new can gi\e A 
>ample ot w fiat tf»r new bath- 
rooms do rv»t otter an h n\-~ 
tct la. Lets .m.i !■.! ■- i 

iiealth Services 
offer therapeutic 
chatr massage. 

Student Senate 
prepares to he voice 
of students. 


Pankanin ,i 

\ Administrator. 
,1 je\ lews loni 
!iiei>l> and concerns trom the 
itiduidu.ils that visit the 
I'Uilding "shi- t.>und the 
Tiidiontv ol iIh ...nimenls 
■ovv.irvis tti.' ru AN i\ f.'iu'V .it.-vl 
iMthrooiiis .\.'M .virenieU 
■ u i r :i [. ' result 


Blair W'itdi Project 
director Myrick to 
\ iMt Harper. 
••• Pmf t 

■ tti.' pio|i'>t I >n the other 
iiand. then- wen- s«.veral con- 
cerns about the new bafh- 
riKims. which were ntxxfs 
such a> a mirnir to reflisrt any 
incoming visitors to the 
washnxim as a safety precau- 
tion, a widening of tfw walk- 
wax tor handicap accessibili- 
t\ and a lack of space at tfie 
sink Pankanm. being a 

SM RESmoOMS Pit* 3 

Former Tliarper 
quarterback returns 
as assistant coach. 
•m Pa(a • 

NMMMVataft PaC* a N««a 

...raCa a 

-'•i** a»Mta. 


O a m pMsfiiititaiw 

Tht MarbingtT 

Parking Solution: Try tile empty iots 

contniw •n>m page : 

thfDUgh Thursilav thfrc .in- H iW" ^tii 
dental that cimuf and j;i> dunng that 
hme period is Wfll The amount i>l 
-'11 li-nts that will come and >;ii 
i^hout the day «'xnvd- tht- 
Amount of (tarking spot*, him ever 
thrrr ate never that many driv mn -Ui 
d«tits on campus at one time 

The Harper PolRre have )u->i 
icctntty iiUrted iwoB i lort n g tnAk at 
tiw Al^anquin Road tnlrance in an 
effort to minimise accidents when the 
entrances becotne geverely congested 

While this does help to relu-ve 
confuiuan at the »top signii, one <>l tht- 
two entrance* are bkic)u!d oft m ihi- 
lots in front of the liberal Arts 
Building and The Welbu-w Ci-nh-r 

Parking «(«im to be virtually noiv 
exLstent during tome peruid» ol iK> 

day, tmwfver that rn.n " ■' ■ ' mI1\ N- 
thecase The last vci \pril 

I***!, "iht'ws the .inu'uiii .t j.itkin^; 
spots th«it Harper has had up until 
this past summer wtu'n thrv v^^•n■ 
n-paxi-d tnii restriped in null -tvli' 

"Then* wert' about 4 s(Kl pjrkin>; 
spois arimnvl v-inipvis in l**^*i^ -^^inv 
Suprrws >r 111 riibli, MliU KtHiii 

lilt rrstnpin^; a<l>lis1 apprnxi- 
niatfh (»• m-» ^pol- V\ilh an 

appriiximatr total .•! ^vMK' ^lujfnl 
-.put- llnTf i» i'niiiii;h parking lo 

a. lommiKl.iIf ttv am n ■•' -in.t. nf- 

that u ill 's- 1*11 . .in\y 

Ih»Tf .in- li'l.ii 1 i . . . , ■ ,. ,; 
Harp»-r with thru nl th. ni Uti \irlii 
alK unloKhevI 

lots thnf, tour and fiM-, on the 


• OMMimti Month 
September is Natiitnal (. hulestetoi 
Educatitm Month. In honor of the 
r. i^t Health and P»ycftological 
'\ ices is offering cholesterol 
sdvcning and mfurmauon for ttu- 
denti and rtafl. If vnu don't know 


(AvaiUbie the whole 
all X62(i8 for an appnint- 
• $1100 

'!>/ ;4aHmini Editc»tkm 
V, Thursday. S eptan b er 23. II 
1 pm, BtmHie*s and Social 
■nee LaU>y Dle%Hk Teilwician 
>Uid«nl» and W toU nea a and Human 
Performance staff will prmride cho- 
iealerol literature. tc>w-fat snacks 
and diet rtvomraendatiocts 
•TNie S4mutgrmenl for $tu ^ ' 
Come lo "Managing Vu 
Hmr* swninar .m i.... 

SepltTnh«-r 2«, IllVMfi pm In 
\^^^ StuJent atwl Admini«tratoan 
Center tc learn how to fiiaipeti 
stxidy skills, organize assignments' 
and plan you time wisiU 
Mralegies on reductt^ lesi 
will als>i l<e imluded 
*rhrnipeHtir Clmir Matssuv. 
Starting sieptember l^. , 

College Hill h«- oltenng vfvaii mair- 
sagf— iHi *'le«.U'd Wetirw-sdavs and . 
lliurKUys You can get either a 10 
ininule mtwige f<,>r $10 or a 15 
minutp inMM((e for tl5. 
To schedule an apoointnuiit stop in 
Health and Vw . «, 

\M>2. Studt^t 'i.Ti 

Center w ;all W 
•Nafprr Welliut.^ k_. .,.-. 
If you'ir interested in hfalth and 
wellness or want i i <■ 

working m the field u; 

a Harper WBHtu-ss A,ni. 
monr Monnatii-in. call Hi 

m>rth I'fii* "• •'■ ' r lull i-yt-n dunng 
th*' ^HM^ , irt^ ^^in^ 

kinn priip. ••^•11 a fH>sMhlf M>lutlon 
111 th«' niassiM- parkins pn>blem that 
vsiHild spread i»ul ih*' iiiass<"s of cars 
Wf encourage studnUs to start using 
thi- s^iiilh lots 

It ^ not the must altracliM' place 
li- park bul th«>\ an' available. 
lih-s.- --piit^ miuht nut K" the closi-st 

to the buildings, but tlnv s.ivf ihf 
time ol M'archlng lor a spot elsi 

Although crowdt'd King s<iys that 
HarpiT has sutticient parking tor fac- 
ulty and students However, student- 
must K" pn-pared to us«- the other lot-- 
and take an extra minute to get to 
class The lots will be recounted 
jgam latiT this month 

Your Nike Basketball 
T»aiii Sales Headquarters 

For More Informotion Contact 

HofiiMin c^oIm 

i^t GolfM 
ib4.1884 U3iS 



Aftk your w«llii»sft advisor 

U'.lv >.uhmfl . 

rtlatts.1 lopii .. i 
the Healll 
.\nswers will 

■Ml tiiii'-sii. >n s \ 

nurki'd b 

UT in 

apj^ar in 

the Harbinger 

- 1 an.i ri-^pi>n^ 

• Wb 


est treatment lor a bee -lint;' 

pti- -ting^ ini ; 
' reifne-.-. 
hng ol til. 
the IxhJv 
,N allowing 
may als«> occur 
iiig Indiy idti.i' 
stings sh»niU1 . 
then ' 

lot al reactions lol 
1 I'ull or stTapi- 
er \ 

I lie 


tiitliiulu brtathing 

•!,], tion >M,i ^ll.K k 

them bv 

111 ^S'k II 

■ « tht 

'ilf ..In 

itli Miap and water 

.:..►> ,. , ..4c ol n>.' 'I •• " '• ' 
\pplv cold comp 
! ike J non-prvs»ripiioii y.< 
! .ike a ntw-pa-sc ription ^nv 


■■■ • ind apply t •' > 

.'i> minute'- 

1 e I\ Iftioi 
! e Bt-nadrvl to 

uiU-... \ ..u b,i\ f nicili' .il 

The UPS 



Class Schedule. 


students Can Earn Up To 
S23.000 in Education Assistance! 

C »i rH| « to** WBt (Me fHy of rtKunef iMMMlUyt. llw< i tOf Vm. tiil 14,1 1.J ■f.w ry H*re't «n oppcrT 

'M l nil ttk* rmarvlat iwolilwn How w«uW y»u Mi* IB rtomat up la tLOOO Mch ^mt (tu.ui' 
I MfleAO in •duuban wtoianai (o imM lOMcd «i4lnt. unt««tvty. xxmiotul. trade or tKhn.. • 
OmlHyfer |;,IIO0 MCh yM> in MuawM Emi»* W»>m if iw leM you »M owtr 4 yMrt yotj cauKt Ixviow up 
V> MIW .tnd «*>«upi n«v«r haw to pay tn<t amount l>«k>' 

Haoc wt got yau atuntion' ttt ui IntrcKtute ounrlvvt to you Wt rt UK-ttw vnortdt largm p a ik aat 
rt lHim i y <!Mnp*ny AiW w* pf idc ourw'vt't m annims itudcnu with thcw h.g«t«f oducatien goili. Jun D|r 
anwlktnf part I'm for uv you un powotiatty fK*nrt up to tJS.OOO m «>u'<tion Mxnanc* aprw IHi . tnt 
I 4Mit <Wt*t alMMt tf.r gtwl pay otd aUwr Iwnrfi^t yoii'M Mm on the ;ol>. tool 

tttm UH uapjf VtMir trimdi Witt oMMidir Mtw< you 901 <N (tvM citt* ipendinf cailt tar yowwlt' 

lAnry n«il t loiMMtO IhMdl) 

t^ixitn luburtM • I S» « I nai 

M hourt • doy 7 a*y> * am*: 

i4a*aurt-«M *un Omv IMC 


iicrrr.,; t Willow ItoKtel 

iiMy. f'. *t a«f.4aa4ri4 

C<<l tmocvn Mm »ita Ipm. 
Mnvfri jl a»«M.n» 


iHiOt a llanil iMili) 

■ *' t>*t\w nn bnsCpn.. 

M^r>r«i <t tr-rw — » 


A. .«u Coo* IMH 


To Hodgkiro i*.» ont ol Dw loHownngp 

•M* nf < MM tWT aw M» 

To Mitwn from Aurora takt »ia HM 

fo NoRli^MOOk «*• ha «1 M 
to Mam* A«mCI(ia lak* Oia ItU 


The Hdrbingcr 



Restrooms: Renovations may be new, not improved 

contmao from p«|* 1 

immediately tuok conctrn and lictuin 

ktT improvements 

Therefore, she spiike with B«ib 
Getz, the Director of Physicil PUrt 
He took concern as well and teamed 
up with Pascuala Herri-ra. thi' 
tVO L DS (Kuidanteor>;ani/atit<n tor 
leamingnli'>at>ted Nludent^l adviM>r 
To({ethtT they the i%>.ue of the 
narrow washriK>mN and found that it 
was difficult for wheekh.iir maneu 
vers Henx-ra stated, I am >;lad this 

happened becau!*- I am mor«' aware 
for evervtirw* ne»>ds " 

The n.irTow walkway in the bath- 
riHims was alwi a ciwuem to C ann 
U'vmKton and Mary Pnlnias/ik of 
tin- Health Services tVpartmenI Ihr 
two women made use nl the narrow 
sp.Ke and u>nducti\i an fxpinmitit 
lo m.»ni'U\rr rolntas/ct • '^ m 

ri>v\('il v\h«flv tfiri-i,. 
v\a\ ill IIh' wushriHtnis iiu\ !>mmu1 
mo\ in)5 throui^h tfn- entr\w.n ditti 
cult and at the same tinu-, discourag- 

ing lor .in indiv idual 

(.el/ vl.ititl thai the new wash- 
rismi^ .Iff .It ADA (.American 
Ihvahlfil \.n and do mivl 
i.-f' I'li^ h,- .idmitted |ii>t 
i . balhriK>m ■< miM^iin- 

I ■> .1 >-tandards, tfu-v do iii't 

m\ 1-ss.ifiK nuti the needs of all indi- 
V idiiaK In ^ui h a hmiteif -.p ■ 
, .in iiiiK .i.i.iinim<Kla!>' niosi 
sl.ited i.fl/ wi- ni.utt- »'U( im --i 
eHorts Inn. ol toursi'. Jul not v\.int 
this uncomtortable lor am one 

Pankanin staled •■rKouragingl), "He 
IS now doing what ht> always does: 
works with tf»e community " He is 
presently working with architects to 
mm e the partitions in the washrooms 
SIX to nine inches mward to alleviate 
the tight walkwa\. As for future ren- 
ovations, C"iet7 has already planned to 
us«' a mori" diverse team of consul- 
Miit- Wf do n«>t know if tfiat will 
rcMiKo this issue fullv, but as Jeanne 
I'.inkanin stated. Bob s heart is m the 
right place ' 

Harper Spotlight: Lucy Bliss 


Akhuu^ DWHiy of the stu- 
dctili in Harper's halls aw 
ficfh out of high !Krh(x>i. some 
coote in from the rattier haid- 
er school of life I ucy Biias b 
oneof tfiese 

Bbis, 32. ha» come back lo 
school lo achieve the chvams 
that bef^an when she was a 

When Lucy wat young, 
she was fascmated by ttie 
beauty thai fine art tliattJl 

Howev et her paicnii dis- 
couraged her tieiause of what 
sane consuier tfie lack of real- 
istic jobs and the money that 
fpies with them. 

When she graduated high 
srfiool she said she was hcs- 
<Mt and at a losa for aetf-ron- 
itdence. In addMioiv she did- 
n't have the money to go lo 

In 19<M Lucy went Ki. 

schiKil, begmnittg at 
Rooaevelt Collegr and then 
transfening to Harper 

TYtis is where she decided 
to follow her dreams in tht- art 

Lucy say*. "U I never try 
for II. I'll never know, so 
what's the liakr 

Currently. Lucy is working 
as an auditor* a s aistan t. 

Recently divorced, she 
also raises her daughter 
NalaSc. who is 6 yeiars old 

I ucy is taking ceramics 

tio at night, but says her 

real passion is for painting. 
She describea her own art as 
abstract, stirrealistk aivi folk 

Lucy's favorite artists 
include OorgU O'Keefe, 
Salvador Dali and Claude 

After Lucy gets her 
Aaaociales in Arts she will be 
letuming to Rooseveil for a 
degree in I iberal Arts. 

Eventually Lucy wants to 
be abke to travel to see art and 
other various cultural icons 
from around the world. 

Overall, Lucy &aid she has 
had a gotxj experience at 
Harper with both the daMe.r 
she has taken and the teadv- 

She says that she has 
en|oyed learning irom the 
teachers, rK>t only tfw subject 
on hand, but fnwn their opin- 
ions and We expenencvs m 

Invest Your Credits 

If you have roHefsr credit - use it. 

Transfer your coUtfui coursework and 
complete an aaeletated 



Bttckektr of Businns 

AdmimistrtUttui De g ree, 

wtlh II cunieniriiiii'n in 

iih ti I itnt fnfrafu>n in 

(iK \PHU 1)1 sli.N 

TraKn/rr S4ikt>Jarnitfit tup A> t4.JUK>,> AuMia^U/or Qmo/i/m^ XmJmlt 

ixru C«Mf> PkMM. Napcrvillr. U. UOitti • (■••) TWUfTSS 


401 S Slate Stnvt 

Clucagu. IL MIA05 

(iM) 22S-ISM 




Ortand f>sfk. IL e0461 

<»») M B t J73 

FMMdM /•/ J 

Student Senate aims to 
strengthen involvement 


V\ilh a new st.itl .ind a 
ruv\ student NkIn lo n-pre- 
s.>nl. the Student Senate has 
gatfu'n-d to plan out an 
appmaih thai will take us 
intit the n«'v\ niillcnnmni 

C^tT the i.iurs,- i>i the 
suninirr thr "si^natt- irnl 
lhr»s- to lour limes a month 
Ik I,i\ out the foundations 
lor a number of ideas for the 
upcoming sch«H>l year 

.According to Senate Irea 
surer Susan Ka/mieic/ak. 
this ve.irs gnnip is pit to .> 
iiT\ pnsliu li\.- si.irt 

Ka/uiieTi/ak s^tui -\nd \^e 
work realU vmII js .j team 
All <»l us wo jusl get along 
i^>alK realK will 

This \ s Senate has a 
wide varut\ ot objtvli^es 
and go.ils 

Vlost imfn'rlanll'. ''■•■ 
St n.i!.' IS inten'sted i 
ting lh>- views of th<- ^r.i 
dents fiere at I lar|HT 

A.ii'fding to ka/mier- 
c/ak the S-nate (lofx-s to 
get students involvt>d To 
gel more diversity Fv)ual 
reprfMnlation ol all stu- 

ilenls at Harper College ' 

rfn- Harper Senate, a self 
describeil student's voice 
on the campus,' meet bi- 
weekly and consists of a 
president, vice president, 
tn-asiirer, trustees and vari- 
ous student representatives 

Ka/mierc/ak says the 
s»-nate plans to assist stu- 
dents this November in vot- 
ing in fhi' primaries for the 
next president i>f the United 

Then- is als*) The Ctuts 
tor Kids pnigram m wluch 
Ihixi-s are placed around the 
lampus lor students to 
donate coats tor chanties 

last year we had 30 
loats donated,' said 
ka/mierc/ak, ' This year we 
w ould like li> make it K) " 

ITie Harper tollege 
Senate is IcKated in offtce 
\y^2 in tfie Student and 
Administratiim Center 

lor students wishing to 
' in . onlail with the 
-'inale they can call 
^^7»*2^^244 or send an e- 
mail lo Harper_hass©h<it- 
mail com 

rfie S«»nale will b«' happy 
lo answer all question and 



slop now. 

«M AnsoiK otgwe s a mp <« 

flr^* H 

■ut M^v snp sine' Al SIM nao vMn «« 

«* O B) 

na^i a« C0 nan a aatfiaar-k m^m 


torn DeiAy <X» njOent hae an oui- 



tjjv y^'^^i^fp^^v 

gadumn. >Vv) ta> gaatiMKin 

r* "i * i ^C * 

';\ Ou ctem «r nn* Ow UO are 

gf>\|k * * ^^^ 

^J lodURi i«ah ciiLOWX. Ard otw praits- 

IxA ^ ^ ky^^ 

1 >.ji hjK craoKj tatanat tmawii a. 

\ \\rT¥*l^^ 

/ Arv] wm ou y<w 'mm idwMK. 

\ ^VT^V'^/' 

f ymlnt^ycuanffXf^noarK 

H \.y jt 

1 Ctwcue turn Baroor 1 degiees n 

1 Bmi^^I 

1 auvasAtTvananaaDmCaniMB 


1 iikvnvituri ^tten. Asanrift fcuvwys 




' wm a BacnMy's Oignt swn 

0*^l•> owl br no novpng )iau 


fa a rtfwjtt <* vaoL Ut 


OA«]^ OcagD emu a PTI VtaOD V 


or moDn onpu a lumkaDBl 



^ A higlttr 4i0tm ifmtetmif 


Page 4 


Uie Harbinger 
Sep««nib«r 13, 1«9 

Our vl«w 


lU-mi; ,1 inu -.p.ipfr 
belifvcs ilNvlf to have journaiifttu 
integrity, we do our best to cre.ite 
jn accurate and unbi.ix >! r, | .tt 
ing. The Harbinger i^ nvi ,i ^r.> 
>.ery store checkout laiu- lahloui 
All we ask is that when we need 
information, our sources help us 
obtain It 

The most \itai part of creating 
a non-biased reporting of current 
events rei|uires access to inform.! 
tion regarding the people or 
tuganizations in the public 
domain The free flow of infor 
mation is what helps the readers 
.ind, in turn, helps the organiza- 
tions and e\en the publications 
themselves to keep i;i>in^ 

If the right to iniormation in 
the public domain is so highly 
\ alued in this countrv that it has 
become a law then wh\ has H 
been so hard tor u^ al llu- 
Harbinger to get it? We would 
think that if there were a partuii 
lar aspect about Harper b«'ing 
published in a newspaper the 
people we need to talk t(v vmhiIJ 
be willing to help provide infor- 
mation that would accurately 
piirlra\ iheir sidf ot an issiif 

I't course there were a tew 
Lcntacts that provided llu- inlv<r 
mation we needed willingl- 
ama/mgh quicklv Totho- 
thank \ (>u ondlessU 

Howivir there v^ ere some that 
u ere Us^ than uillipj; OiU' 
u riter attempted to contact the 
Academic Affairs office, but 
tound that till' faiilitv v\as Uss 
than enlhusiastiL about providing 
information in a timelv fashion. 

The more accurate information 
that we receive in a timelv man- 
ner llu- niorr i>ur ri\uli-rs ',\il| 
know, and that in turn helps the 
individuals and organizations 
presented in our paper In the 
words of Rill IVR..|IK VVe 

Who Turned Off Thetights? 


What could tv wi>r- 

■' .1 park 

ing lot lit night'' VV.iIki! 

■ ini; !.>• 



■1 Jisi.tnt s( 


I'arkin^ luts 


(■luite lm.tgine (ji-ttin^ h 

Jll w 

n 1 

in)i ttvvs.- Iinhls turn uti 

1 . ■! 

'. n.i 

llu-ri' IS (1,. Ii^hi ,inil n.' 

\oll dlA 

It lias h.\: 


It iin;ht .1- 111. s,,,;: ,.iu 

I: Ji 

^ - 1 i In* S'l'il-VIS't". 


Ap-' " 

§5Ay IT Aihl'r 


m. B(i£UO£R '.' J 



^ y^ -s? 


y yjoo^nooa 



s. jri>i.( luit ot nn- as itio parking let li>;hts all turned J 
oft.HithtHit warning, loavm); me in total darkness l| 
didn t know it 1 %houk1 try to gel to mv car, or go back I 
t>< thi- building I Juln't know if tfte lights wen- timed I 
u 1 go lift or if It w as an aicident 1 didn't know vvfio, if | 
in\(ifH-. was anmnd I did know I was scared. 

Har|-ST turns off it's lights at midnight Now Ij 
know I \% i>h I had then. 1 would ha\ e askisf sumeorvf | 
1(1 walk nn' out 

I i^ui-stiKii th( -a\v<.\ .'I tuniini; .ill the parking lot j 
klunng the night l.ranted. mifct stuJi-nts are 
,-,.nn'. ili-vs thi- cra/y newspaper kids), b\ tfien, 
tnil v\hat at>»ut the n-sl of the p«s>plf left on campus 
Iht- tampus still public salety, and cleaning I 
staff here Ihnuighout tfie night. In addition 
till' Jark lots could serve as a brettlmg 
>;riuinLi tor outsiders kM>kmg lor tniubli- 

VVi'll. how can anyone stay safe? It is 
not as impossible as one might think. 
I'ublk Sifi-ty IS mon- tfian willing to escort I 
students to tfietr cars att»T fyours AImi. 
some of the tights can t>e turned on by I 
I'ubtk Satetv, lust nsjuires a pfuMW call. 
I'ublic Safrty is on duty all night keepint; I 
the campus sate arKi pnrtected 

While I wouldn t throw caution to the I 

w iiiit w hen aloiv n'mt-mK-r itn-n- is sume- ' 

■ic tt. tu'lp !■■ ' ' •■ii.;hl 


Ask Uncle Bill 

Col ■ qvMtioB? A»k lioele Bill. He at* oot be riftit, but it'i rtill 
|oo4 adTire. Drop off vour Irttrre to the Htrbiager ia AM7. 

1 twve a ^vrsiHi in one ol my 
clauses wfui really seems to 
appreciate my feet, N<it ir .i 
gixxl "Hey. that s cute nail j^'l 
»h." Mirl at way SUin- on a 
"Hev, if you're not .iivi 
thing later, can i suck 
whjcli is reallv >- .i-^. 

He has rl•^•■ 
touch my l«s't it. i..ii..«-. im 
around the class room and even 
worse around campus fhi* per- 
son IS really fn-akv ami 1 liave 
t.i'kfii thf pntpiT I I.', By 

that I mean I tuld him t.' 
alone, told mv tracfier anJ piitiju 
satetv After all this he still wont 
leave me alone He corcstantly 
.stares at me and my feet! Wfut 
should i d, • 

Dear Loves to Mear Sandals, 

.;in siiunds like tie might 

" -'Hh fries short ot a 

He might be dan- 

KlU'lis, .,im iH- i.iuld alsii \fr% 
well be harml.--- 

Thf t ' ' itiai vou can i 

take thi 't he is fvarm- 

ifss I ; mx-it li> tfll m>u the 

■ ■-i^ 111 undert».timating crazy 

f-oi ui^w 1 uiHild sdv avoid 
him al all costs and. w'ittu>ut 
t>etng rude (and thereby risking 
getting him angry), be blunt 
at>out your desire to have noth- 
ing to do with him It tfu- pmb- 
lem ci>ntinues re-notify Public 

Wfyen talking to Public Safety 
tell tfyem. in detail, atH>ut this 
person's actions and make sure 
they know you ai* seriously 

Uncit Bu L 

Editorial Boar# 

I he llarhiriirer 

Co-Editon in Diier-Samm Hays. Aian E. Mnanh 

Neiws Editor.. 

A4E Ed.! 


..Kevin Ptxluska 

..Jotm Tiilotson 

...Carta uo^ano 

Kismess Maryager..... Amanda Offsnoacher 

Faiajlty Aavisor_ Oarm Gi(« 

Staff Writers and Assistants 

Noel Bago. Micnaei Goth 

Jose Lacdan, crtnstma Sanders 

Herb White 

Oanaral Pollclas 

rne Hmitrft»ri» in* attOant puOication lor trie Harper coii«g« crnput carnmnty. 
l»jUiiMa l>.iM«<i« tnnK#icwt tna tenaoi «**r mcqit ayrmg rnifMys aro fnai 
anams. riw papar it aatrnukmalim ta at ttuMntt. facuRy ana aatwsstration. 

r>w Hatemttr'a now gwpiwa tt to tmvtm Ow Harp^csmnwvty wtti xnormation 
■mrtannf to «s* camoin ana ft> funoKUng soramunty. 

LMttn Pokcy 

r-w narwijarwwcoowt wters to tf» aartof ana <«s>twt to our oatonait. cattare 

T^^taKfnaaanavKiutiaattanaruiiewtoyanfvtuniMWiv SicnattMm mil '«• 
■wcvwouinniWMaM M lattart aw contant aw tutiact to aoiting. 

Pigguctt and samea* aoNKt-MA n 'maMa>lwifvrani not nacestaniv andorsea By 
ir« «<wo« or tfll* patKir. rxw oy tn* coNaa* aomnttiwion of BoafO of l>i»ctor» 

•^xk<><^M anouM M tooMnMd dntK^iy to t)ia aowrtttar. oru ail pur^iMM an at 
•'« atcmtar ot tn« ca'vaur'wtr 


The Hart)inger 

Wiiham Ramey Harper College 

1300 West Algonquin Road 

Palattrye.lL 60067 7098 

Phone Numtiefft. 

txjsiness office; 847 925 6460 

news office: 847.9256000 xt2461 

fat 847.925.6033 

copyngm 1999, Ttte H»rt)ing»r. 
M ngnts rvMrvad. 

'■^: ■fvr^f^^tm-'^-^i^^^-^ 

rhe Harbinger 
Septrmbcr 13, 1W9 



Titanic Steerage Band to kick 
off Concert In the Quad Series 

J*ta Tlll*t»*a 


Harper tolU*Ki' will h.n > 

•mpu*. atui m>, it - n. it Iht 
i;.»lliin vinXvt Unk ll■K^^ in 
Iht' lluk 

(.j.-lii st,.rn< tin -l.irj^;!- di-i I 
'<rt.iirn\) thf third 

., uil! kl, k ,■'! i 

HarpiT s I .■n. I'lt in '■ 

with J \TW sh. 'W 'll '^. ^ 

Ww bdnvi V. hKh pUivs -.nih ItiNh 
folk Ming> ■.luh ,1- l.'lihm iiinu 
Up." "MilN ot (.1.11 
Rjx-ky Riwd t.. I > 
their audient.f~ 

a««ilc ttonn will briac It* Irlth 
felh umisIc to Nafp«>. 


nvi i-A^' 

Londsdcik- tM'. 
lupan. diu) ^(' : 
bodhran and \ ix jl> 

amJ daniiMl i. 

Will IH" m4>M-vt ti! ' 

Blair Witch Director to 
Speak, Entertain Harper 

J«lNI THtotSMl .iivl hi^hH mm tilni 

I hf film I riMttvl mon- bu/j- b\ its 
iii.iv jliM' mtemi't markftinj; whuli 
•I KiUM-d MMTK- to thmt thf lilm actual- 
ly K hapfHTwM 

I lie ^ttidrnl tiimnuikiTs t-vtiitu- 

,!h 1.!^- Ihiir v\.H in Ihi- wtH)d>. and 

1 h tniiit .In ucII .1- >li>v% \\ tffior .niTv\ hi-lm- them aftpr 

•r.n. it^. l.-nfli-. . '? !T..liri,- t, 'r«-t>-. kI Ills' PriltlltlV (• slgiv* 


till horror 
ti iiiili/e spe- 

\|-, .,, . • l.i..M<i;(HTS, TTiC 

M I lond<l ' ■ us<-- mure nUs- 

i'l iitjit-n. ■ 
• !i>l "Nin. hf ■ I 

■! lilm, till- iMtihb) a>;ilJtin>;.iitor-- ll>Mth<r 
.irsls IXmahiif, |o»h l.tiinard, and Mikt- 

•'XI uith iTvptic notos, eeru> 
ii! noiM-. latr ni>;hl w.ikf up tails, and 
i.Hi! i.uirni'iiit j'ti— iiiii,(i'i\ ii'-..iM' I ri'jtin>; m' tfiwmn K'tVMvn thi' 
IThMHv .uliir^ 

Ik'th tilnuiiakiTs mu\ .ir. \h ruk s Harpt'r appfararkv, iMU- 

iii h.n, utitu-n init diriiti . i onh six m thf cntm- countr>-, will 

ihli' mm I' , nli'i .iivund K'hiiid Iht' s,fncsdlS- 

. .int.. ,-.i (..>!. .11 .it ttn- tiltn 

I ir»oe for 

.ii..... ill... ..-■li.f, li... .KniniiM iiuiiiU.- ... ..-h mM~ition» 

ImmaktTs whu pursui- about the homir movie. 

til. ! .;i ; I .1 l.sil iMt.h l>K.)t^^^ in fit ktis aiv SI'S With diistinjnts for 

th. lil ii k ilill- '"i M.HAlaiut -it^ -lu.l.-ntsand can bt-pickod upat the 

5 ■■ ; Mit'm- l».i\ IHticf in the 

J nh lal Vit-ncv Center. 

ll !~,i tilni'iitiJti. .■!! I'. mm nr ^ali si " mJ-, ,,|iiti 


^ Guaranteed Credit Cards with Credit Limits 
CJC^"^' Up To $10,000 Within Days! 

^ No Ckidh , No Job, No Pari-n i SkinivK, No Si-curi iy Di-posn ! 


no credit • bad credit • no income? 


If ViM Think Ybu 
Cant Get A Credit 
Card, Think Again. 

Want VISA & MasterCard Credit Cards? 

i YES! 



I want Credit Cards immediately 

GAG, P.O. Box 220740, Hollywood, Fl 33022 

I Name 


Si, lit- 



Tired of Being 1\irned Down? 

Guaranteed MO.OOO In Credit 




The Harbinger 
September n, 19<»9 

Aft«r all your hard work, yoa ran afford to b« cImmm^. 

ThinK rarffulh dhmit « ' Aherc suu want lo be. 

Then you'll know !' 

i • ■ 'lariicr Cu, ■ 'o 

ritNiM'WMi I'M'n \i' ir Am; wiin good reason mir i>iiai AdnuiKion 

AlpWMiit t'ntitit's you '■■ f':'' •••^f ..f e^.v.-..!* c .,..i,i, .-, ., ,,^ .,t,,) 

awtivitifs and (irovsilt'.s ,1 

Ct'i -I' a<MiIii)n;il befiftil.s 


f thp art srii'nrp lahs 


RoosK'Vpit offers mrw dassw in nmri- niajurs iW' fU-tfrt«t» program'- in 
libtral .1' 

-•I'* -\lllllls>l>ih I'l'H 

li' Aur <,+ ..iriJ.r 


Moiida}. Svptmibrr 13 Tih-mU). S<>pi«-mb«r 28 

KJOaa- Il:30ttai 5:00 pm 7:0U pn 




yiinim.ioomi tt u 

The HdrbingiT 

Enrollment, Where did all the classes go? 


ContmuM fiont 0«t* I 
tistJc at first glance The lmt> .tt rf);istniii.>n 
seemed to never end and lh«- clj>ses that p«H» 
pie wanted were filling up faM 

KegiNtratitm ti>r the tall «t IXW started late 
that spring and cimtmued Ihnmghuut the 
summer, while the final pentxl w,»> held i«n 
August 2^ through 2^ 

Multiple opp<>rtunitie» to wgjatn ha\f nul 
phased ittudenls' summer euphoria 
Ahhough students fia\e dmded to come tor- 
ward later than usual this tall, the tvimttul was 
still impressive "Students have been slow to 
register this semester," explains t. atlin I h.r.' 
has been a big surge tn the first weeks 

The tiital head count as of Mondav. .August 
W wa> 17,7H7 This total is expected to 
change in anticipation of the late start classes 
and again by ttn- iiid ot tfu- folKw m*; lermv 
"We don't stop i.ountin>; until th.- end oi th.- 
summer term. Cat lin sj\ s 

With enrollment dlre.Hl\ -urp.isvinj; 
year s totals and with more students expected 
to *rnv e m the later months, whs aiv xi man\ 
T ciHirsc- set twins b«'ing withdrawn' 
I. nee ot the m.iss withdrawals can l>' 
seen all oser campus \ »^uKk walk thnnigh 
the K.ngineering and Applii\l Ifchnoli>gv 
Building will reveal withdraw .il slips with 
amounts m upwanis of twn>K m . >ri.- li.ilK> iv 

After spt-nding I los,' i,i m 
tratjon line, s^-veral students havu >,-■*■■ ■ 
dass only to hnd thai the courses they sixnt'vl 
up for hdd been cancelled I'.riHTi sijjns oui 
side tfu'ir respective lixatuwis n. ■!. >. I.iss,-s that 
are withdrawn 

In M)me cas*". the i l.iss«-s K'lni; i ii( in- p.irt 
lit associate or .-riinis m.iru stu 

dents are eni K.r i\.iiti('Ic ii> 

receive an AsuA.ule» l>fgr«-e in (ounwilLstn 

• j.lcnts must takf the class Feature VVnIii.. 
v\ hich has InxTi w ittujrawn this semester 

Nmie of the hardest hit pnigrams stn-m to 
have bct-n thf .lasses ,.(tered in tfve 
tngineerinK anJ Vpplicvj Viemes liuiUiins 
The Fiiv S'leive pr»>gram has h.Kl vimc ot 
cLuMTs withdrawn this semester 

txrtutive IX'an of Instruction I.>m (. hoi.t 
n-ports that manv ot the class»-s .in- . .mnlUJ 
due to lack of student turnout, wliuh cientu 
alh leads to the Lxk ot tundiny; to support ,i 
particular cours«' Then' .ire situations when- 
theT are |ust tew Uhi students i,. m.ikc it iilii- 
calHmallv or linaiviallv sound to otter the 

in i>rJiT lor .1 i l.iss t,, s|j\ on th« rust, r 
there must be at least UH*> stuJints .nrolliil 
in that spix'ifK cours«- N>nn i.njrsjs si.n ,.,1 
the s^holule with less ih.m in stiidints it ihi\ 
.iri rii|uired tor gr.idu.ilion 

However some murst-s ,ir> pulUil end 

up -Teing n-inslated during the luvt semi-sler 

It the couPH" IS r«\|uir<\l tor a sj-i ,<t students 

in a caiwr pri^r jni x'i t ni.ix 'ii .1 . l.iss ,;,. iMlh 

ei);ht to ten student- e 

t hoice repo'i. ,. < , ,ii, . 

von munilv col 

class dn>p ral>' >i> , .m..,'iis i^ nn . , i 
lea>;uc»s at oth«'r sv h> 'ols h.i> 
our numK-rs an 
muilltv itllleKe^ 

Problems eM~i i 
dt.iwals. acconling to t hoK 
(XHi'- planning or to p«K>r 
ratfier a system of trial arul < 
past trends, to find the K-st 
stucenis to chcKiM' fnHn 
cn"dit and in>n-crt"dil sections runninj; 
tall. I think we do a pretty gixxj job ' 

>m mull riH' 

.tt .-'th»T ..(Mil 


ufse w ith- 
•, ire not Jue to 
enrollment, but 

rror h.isiH) i>!l 01 




A3^ in ITte Mudetit and Administration Center for more information 

She's finally coining over, huh? 



No biggie, bank online. 

Mm fc H ii ml fci wfc l wg «Mt ti l i a iOnaiii • ftm «ccw M avw IM KIMt mum niii^i 
7 rtn li^g a m m m ■ • F«w MM(/MM MM • Tnmlv DMi ffm i ia»m» ■■toif 

The next tim« you t>«v« »om« banliinc to do tMt more pressing encagsments 
ans«. you'H b« g)ad you n$hf» a LaSalN> chacWni aaoount with (r«e IntemM tiankit^. 
It s like navirm a bank ri|^t where you liv*. Op«n your LaSalle H^RMH 
account at «w».lMattotaMlw.MM or can IM P ■lO-OltO. ^HSlajl^H 

Exbiblt: new Word Pattoms art 
show confirms a tbonsaad 
words aro worth ono pictar* 

t;cy^r:nueo rrw^ page 1 

word "light. ■ all e\eni|'lil\ strji^hltorward plavs on words. 

"I play with words," l>it?H-hel savs of ht-r art 1 have I 
>»u«"is yiHi'd call it a sense ot humor w ith my work " 

KiR l-iiH"s follows Dntschel's word play mohf, but with a 
slionger sense of hnality to it Fhe piece is compristvl of a 
baker's do/en of tix- tags dan^linn (mm a string, each with a 
diffenrnt term for death 

lust as death and life ro hand m hand, so, too, is 

Piil-ihiPs commentary on the ctkI of life is followed by a 

senhng the start of lite The ntlling hills and val- 

1' liesis are compnsed of wi>rds and phras«-s trom the 

tirst t.Hir chapters o( the Bible's Kxik of tk-nesLS 

The piivi- tn demand immediate attention is Water 
W.iler i \em\hen- In aihieve the efttvt of flowing water. 
1 >ritv.hel double- lavered a piive of window screen, then sten- 
V ik'd out ot one la%er diflerenl languages' wtmis for "water." 
rhus a»;jin do wurd and image meld info a wtvrking whole. 
All nn things do w ilh language." Dritsihel points out, "and 
most ol It Is .ippropnali'd I don't pn-tend to be a poet " 

At she appnipriated tn>m the K«st, though Her 
>\ orks reierena- the m\ thol»>gy of Sisyphus and Trov, Pamted 
1 .i.lies uses .1 monologue tn>m lames lovce's L l\sses. and 
Is n-lu-s on. well. Ck-nesis 
• ■ exhibit runs trom Si'pt n te 
tion tor the .irtist will K' hei.l on 

\.i.hti<>njllv. a revep- 




Hentage Tennis Ctub is 

looking for responsible 

desk staff to work 10 12 

hours per week weekday 

evenings and weeketxls. 

Applicants need positive 

attitudes and supenor 

cominunication skills. 

Tennis memtjership bene 

fits included. Contact 

Betsy at 847.398 7780 

Wanted Part-tme Secunty 

Responsible and conscien- 

scious persons sought 

Weekerids and holidays a 

; must. $765 to start with 

•regular increases to follow 

' Initial unitonn investment 

'«quired Contact Lt 

Johnson at Put>lic Safety 


An Opportunity Vou Can 

Collect On» 

Now IS the time to go 

wtwtB the money is! 

' Collector earning potential 

IS unlimited. Collection 
agencies are now regarded 
: as one of the few mdus- 
i tnes wfiene growth is only 
I the beginning. Let our pio- 
I fessional staff invite you 
' to a world where saianes 
are competitive, berwfits 
outweigh trK>se m larger 
companies and incentives 

K'--.)A 'lo ;r!-nits. Interested 

candidates contact 

630.574 3113x1. 241 or 

fax your resume to 

630.574.0110 to Mr 

Starve, Those who wait. 

will wait forever Ask about 

our $1000 SIGN ON 



Book eany. save! $pnng- 

break. Cancun. Jamaica, 

Florida. South Padre, etc. 

Best hotels, pnces. parties. 

Need Campus Reps, 

Escorts. Grtxjps to earn 

money, free tnps. Browse for 

reps'app. ICP 


Spring Break '00 

Cancun, Mazatian or 

Jamaica from $399. Reps 

wanted! Sen 15 and travel 

free! Lowest Pnces 

Guaranteed!! info; Call 

1800.446.8355 www.Sun- 



See tfe Boss m concert! 

Tickets available for 9/27 

and 9 '30 Boice 

Springsteen concerts. 

Interested parties call 


847.237 6341 and leave a 

voice message. 

To place a classified, call 847 925 6460 

Good Weekly Income 

Processing maiJ for national company! Free 

supplies, postage: No selling! Bonuses! 

Start immediately! Genuine opportunity! 

PtaM rwh LMg Scir Addrtscd SUmped Eavdopc to: 
GMCO, P.O. Bm 22^40, HoUywood, floridi 33W2 

HawK Sports 

Pmg* • . Wllll»m Raliwy Haip*r Coitog* • S«ptMnb*r 13. 1999 

Hughes is new assistant coacli 

will hjvt u 1,1.. i.n," i>n »h»- 
stdriinn thi» trjMVi But it 
will he d ven tdmili.u t.Kr 
hv thomr v»h*> wtTV lin rlvtxt 
wilh HarpCT* tuotball t«-am 
list Uil Form«?r sUrvdKut 
Harper v)U3rtt'rb.)( k K>U- 
H<n:h»~» mil hf .i»-ii->tm« 

ul> anil 

Hugtwii was very dvfur.iti 
and nude fmv misUkrs 1 1- 
was tmty pKlu^l utt A tmi. vi>ar 

.>(>kin^ at • 
.wiuler* v\hv In .- ...-; , .... 
n^ ftKHKtll sunwvk her*' tttr .i 
universitv Ht- tiim.-it Jtmn .itttrs (f.itn 
We^UMTi lllitHiis .irui I .rii' : 

Th.' ..(fi-r% I r. 
ci>miM>; nut t>( 
wefvn't n?jllv vkh.»t I fn^vvi 
ed cr suitable to I ».»» 
InoKiriK tor i;oin>; into .moth 
«7 colU>{i- to pUn tis'ih.ill .iml 
H«f« m\ iilucatiun tlu^hn 
sakl 'Si> I Martfd plavmu 
some M-mi-piti hall vs ith thf 
Kane C"oun(\ K.ik;l»*s tor .1 

lOUc!. .! •> , , k . : >^ :~n | 

);r(ttng mtKh d« ne it t 

in the tn<>ttMll 4«p«vf S»:> I 
tUx'iiled 1(1 call nxith ( liasik 
arul XIV il he lOL kl use s«>ine 
help oviK'hm^ '•■ 





l (>nri-fffu I' . n.inipi 

and .1 Mcti>r> tn the 

: Ihv 




Myto llMglM*. ••■totciH N«wkt C*mIi 


. the system lAe bii-f 
t It aiKi I lan h«'lp mi! 

s hat I m iloiii 

ilopt-lulU th< 
Hu|{he* to llu- > . . 
mil be 4 K'^^1 »'ne I ' 
may m>» get the «jmi- "■ 
mve pnxluctMm as thes did 
las! vear but the kraiwtetlge 
ot the game that I luj;he% will 
p.i«., 1 .,iK,.f plaver- 
■hoiil ' K-netKul 

home ,ill thn 

It ~ .1 .;.. ,n :,-,-|Hii4 

llipjlh.^ h.i.. ,ilso t.iki-n 
M^ »U'}'«s to impn>\e br^ 
.o.i.hini; ability >uih i^ 
^liKlvinv; films He hii 
tlv- i.,ir s Hawks will b« 
■v tnwn hts cxy^ 
'iTTm-r plncr 


backs. Hu^lte^ saiit Heii>>; 1 
OP I studied a lot ot tiim ! 
at it takes (o be in 
'■ set the (lib dime .11 
Plus I taced the 
it we'it' going to 
l\ave a k^t iif expert 
■ n'lningmfhal Icanp 1 
Hid a k>t ot kniiwk'.' 
.it^oiii mi\-hanKs to get • 
pl.iv If ^ rea.h tor the gam. 

Making thi' -wilih trom 

being a plaser to a coach 1^ 

not always easy Smu- have 

Nsti siiicesstul and others 

tid It til be a loiii:li 

' It's quite dilleri'i.t 

the tK'ld versus oil 

.: hes found coaching 

•rt ditticult than 

: put his line ot t<v>i pushiii him to tin 

^" ' '>• .ilvi has h.iil 

•' use the old 

;i !i,t. t ,11 IM ;t: .1 I, \\ vlflUs 


Lady Hawks volleyball 
In need of new players 


Like many sports 

teams at Harper, th*- 

■ .n^. Volleyball 

IS lacking plavir«. 

How ever it isn I l.i. kin^ 

in skill 

'nl\ six players 
registereil on the 
roster as ol SeptemK>r " 
but head ci>a«.h Sharon 
Stauder is confident m 
her sijuad's ch.inces 
Each ot the I ad\ Haw i. 
are volley '.all veter.i' 
and an- excited to eslab 
lish th*'nist-Kt*s in the 
Region l\' CVilv tu 
players return trom l.i 
season's team thai tin 
ished »>-20. in middle 
blocker Missy Rommel 
arnl outside hitter set- 
ter Jackie Kramer 

"BasKatty we ha\i 
brand new Ic.iiii 
Stauder said \\i- m 
got a lot ot talented 
freshmen. Most ot the 
nrw girts played club 

jn^i t.i^h s^hiHil yolley- 
ball V\e haye realiv 
pt>werful hitlirrs and 
our serve rej'eive is 
looking really slronc 
I anssj Tonne (V 
11^ i IS really 1. 

m»Hl IIkI sh«' s .1 iu'p- 

till tot us in the tutiirv 

ll.irptt s |k|.\ |,».s. s 
tnmi l.isi s<Ms,.n in. 
seller Krook.- 1 'I'-.iri > 
and lodi K.'s-.. 
Kommel will lake leai 
1 aptam roles as the mo- ■ 
■ ncei) veteran o i 
■n Buttalol.rov^' 
llij;!' S.hool priHliKls 
■ (. hill uii .111.1 
I i;r.i. 

r /..lln.-r .lis , 
|om the team 

rhi:' ladv H.iwks 
have the skill and expt 
nerue but m order li> Iv 
^ful they PH-ed 1 1 
' accustomed ti 
..un other and stavini; 
injury-fri-e is critical 
Stauder believes the ki-y 
to season lies in the 
players desire lo win 

I think thev have a 
really gixxi chance ot 
linishing abovi' S(Mi " 
Stauder said 

.T. we get II). 

n we'll lio ui'li 
»'■ n- liHikiiif; l.Tw.ird 
II- hav ing a ^otxl. stnm); 
s«.ison We le k«>kin>; 
m»)d we |usf ru'x-vl to 
w ork on team unity .snd 
)^vl fxpirun. I- 

I His s, .is.>n H.irprr 
'Hvte m a vastK 
il cimteretuf 
Iiil.-n t ommunils 

College .mil llli-ioi- 
\ alley n'ventlv .tr. ■; 
.ml Ir.iv ini; the K. 
I\ v\ ith onlv tour tcjiiv> 
lln' I jiK M.iwks .ilsii 
wi'lmni. ...i^ 

t.ilil -~ . 


Ihe l.idv H 
were siheduled to tr.n 
el to C ollegi- of IXiPage 
lor a *:» am contesi and 
will travel to Rock 
Valley lomornm Th«' 
tirst serve will be hrinl 
at fe p m 

Come write sports tor 

Tfie Harbinger. 
We could use the " 
\'isit our oftici' 

Beginning in (anuary. the 
Intramural Departiru>nt yvill 
introduce a nrwly expanded 
activity program Thee^ipan- 

" will doubli 

\\ made av.i m 

Is for their activities, 
.1 nday and Wednesday 
ey enmgs will be added lo the 
Tuesday and Thursday line- 
up tor IM activities in the 
Harp«f Gym in buikltng M. 
Ihe program will run for 
three hours each of tliev 
evenings started at 7 p.m. 

Mr Jim Ryan, Director ol 

Intramural, will be sieeking 

~! iili-nt input tnhi tlye plan- 

.ind scheduling of these 

ilies by contacting repre- 

!.itives of Harper clubs 
and members of the Student 
Senati- Students wishing to 
become involv«xl in attend- 
ing planning sessions should 
contact Mr at his office, 
r.H>m M2tl2a or call xt 6%3 

•Saturday .Morning Touch 
Football League 

The IM Department is 
kKiKing for six tn eight teams 
for a touch football le^^ 
this fall Plans for a rcnind- 
rubin scheduk? and playoff 
format is planned. Gaines 
would begin at 'i am on 
^turdays with a three game 
schedule concluding at ntxm. 
Students inten»ted in form- 
ing teams should contact Jim 
Ryan at xt. 6%3. 

Hawks win first game 

H«(» WHIt* 

• s. lis llvkcts I'Ut 

(l*-tfjis(= Wills t h.inipionshtps Ihe 
Hawks ...ntinut to pl.u soiullv .m 
Ihi- J.tinsiM side i>t (he ball as they 

lild '.is! '.,.11 wh.-n thlA VV1M1 Ihe KC 

I't ( M.irper shutout 

\\., ,-ii I ., ,.,„ii,.- I'-i. 

S tot ol v>ut 
deirMs<' p|.n r II .1.) , I'.i, li 

i.'hp I ii.tsik s . ;. tense is ,in 

► lii'wn .|uanlit\ I Mepler had 
ikI >;jme He s j steadying inllu- 
ciKe on defens*' along with the 
returning defensive plavers tmm last 
vear ' 

The Harfvr s oltens«' w ill ntx-d some- 
oiu' to step up and perform if Ihi-y 
plan to go far this season The 
kwt thrif tumbles and threw one 

interception in the s,,isimi openi i 
TIley lost a few key players last year 
that were a big part of that champi- 
onship si'as<in, namely. all-ct>nfervnie 
w ide receiver David Searcv 
Quarterback Kyle Huglws. and run 
ning backs (^iruy M<-< ov and Fn-d 

I i,.^,,,),. ,1^ losses, llar^Ki s otleiiM 

^hme against Waldorf as 

.111 u)' more than MH) yards of total 

■lense Rtxeiver Kevin C.leeson 
.irked the offense with 10 catchtN 
r over UX) yards and 1 touchdown 

I fu- ottens«- had a gtxxf first game,' 
I liasik said "We had over MK) yards 
of offense, which is n>spectable The 
lontinual development of the quar- 
terback position is our biggest ,on- 
cem " 

The Hawks were scheduled to host 
Triton Community College on 
September ''th and will trav.l to 
College of IXiPage on Saturday 

William RaliMy Harpar Collaf • . Palatiaa, HUm^ 

Myrick resolves the mystery what are footbaths? 

4P^^^V%^^^^H^^vV riBaj * 

I Tlllotsan 


in rv «;,. 

fhnv film I- 

two LniviTsitv 
fliTid* him -^ 

riiii San> I ■ 
Vl\ ru k -. 

tht'ir vlfiMni-- rh. 

mjkf mm u-v lot .1 ; 
i\nt' uf tht>M> ' 

■ in*-! ci^ ns;ht intt . , 


h mnnr\ tt' 


'.)fMhlK' ltH>kN,liriitK inl.' ~-'i'l '''• ^.ira^.^t. t>..r!l in! 
■ ■ . .imer.i .mil iii.i!!-. N!' r . k \\i '•,;•< ;ii, ■ ,■ 11 

ru-iK t 



i-.wH-r .it Ihi- 

Mvntk UU 
he invt>lvt^1 prKi 

1' y«»u thn-i 
mr whv vi 

MX WVMO un tMHe 

Exchange program brings 
French students to Harper 



i fdc utt\ 
lIKl Jt> an. : 

gi\i' th«-, . . i>. ■rf',ipi!\ !.. 

visit i\m«TK.l 

iv.ih ''i-'li'i ' iti. - I .'ir-iii'^-mn. h<>pe> '• 

' .cm .1 simiUc I'v.! . Mill 1! 

'■irfnT "I KHifVi' 1 ■:: '!>. 

. n' I.H.. 
K.-MMr. h 

••• Narpar flrd hand. 

ul^ ^l.iil- ■ 
-ui« t > brii' 


with I 
ilair-" ntfki- 

• Ih'sc m h>N>ls from 

I ~ 111 thf stuiJente 

line .It .mv i>t the 

hixiK hjd i\ tr IN >-n hf.ird i>f such 
.1 lliinv; In l.u t I h.ui tn fxpljin it to 
mimon response 


nuf.1, ,in.i 
w.t> I h.iw iHMT hi-ard r>l such 
Ihinj; Well, hen- at H.irj^-t wi' .ire 
imthin^; if tv>l piiwieerv 

i'out the !>ep,irJli>>n ut 

f ^tdte' This ifui-stum 

•:fnu-K otttTi. ,ind Is nut 

.>ne tuanswer In t.ilK- 

tM stuitents mdnv the 

'li- .IS Harper s way of sup- 

[Hiriinc the Muslim ).iith txith spin 

!M,.ii\ .in.l !m.ip,. i.iiiv students 

•r thi- linMt^ 

It It IS m" I.. I ilii~ «r«iup ut 
'iidtTit to hdve sptvidl tacihties tor 
!.■ enablement ol their religious 
r.ulues lhe\ should t.ik.i- time 
■ Iv .11 home, wherx- thev would he 
i'le to wjsh .ind gne thiTtis^-lM-s 
tlie prn.KV thi'\ deserv . '<« pt.u 
mn." sjid Kari-n 

I de<ided to take M>me ot the 

n->liiins to Bob CeU, th«' head of 

il plant He n-«ptwided by 

that Ih' had heard some ptM- 

>■ talk jNhiI tlw issue <it the f»H>l- 

iths being in supfH»rt ot a n-ligion, 

.1 said he realty hop»-> that is not 

■w piMple S.H. the lootbaths 

lordmg to (.>et/. the footbaths 

- en- installed with th«' intent to pn>- 

V ide a safer enyironment for the 

Muslim sfudi-nts. who were already 

v\ ashing and praying on campus 

I ■'•U e»plaiiwvi the fHitential danger 

t trying to bal.ince on one wW tiy>t 

■iir u hill' lr\ing to wash 

V\ !nit asked jtHiut the cost ol the 

...tbiths md who paid tor them 

thev wcTe paid tor bv 

10 more th.w .1 loiirt 

1- mam tUnir - 
■ident and .-Xdn 

1;. Thvy WCT* installed with the 

novatkurs *. a te<»l t«» see how th«-\ 

■ irk out for th*- Muslim students 

i s.iid the lurniit plan is to gi\e 

. Iix>tbaths a st-mester. t«i s»v how 

■ ■ '■.'re lOnsiderinK .idding 


MKitncr student, Mandv 

VVithem. questioned the priorities ot 

Nawa Paga 2 Nawai 

raataras.J>agaa 8. • F«?nch shidents 
CaoMMatary ^''"''* Harper 





Co w aia w taiy; 

snmkin^ stinks 
Saa paga 7 

Blair Witcl 
Myrick conu s n' 



Schedules and 


Sea Paga 12 

••7 AM. 

-Cag* • S|Mrta_Pagaa U-U 


Campus^ News 

The Harbinger 
September 27, 1999 

Exchange: Visiting students get a feel for life on other side of Atlantic 

':>ntinjaia trom pdg» I 

'v Univemty f»w l.niln m.i 
pni<fc"s!>ii»naN tn Ihr an .1 

Thr (-rench aiilhcnii,-^ 
whi-i h.irK<-piiKii.t Ihf ■.tudrnts 
en rh«' trip, p.iid ti>r ,ill 
rxptOM". Whili' thi-ir \ ,■ 
Amerii.1 crrtarnK w.i-. 
onr th<>\ vmII ( 
p.lp' thl-vls wh«-ci !hc\ : 
to Anm>ult'fm' 

Thf -linlcnl- .irruiii 

■>■(•!, r, • 
Ihtcvi ir. i 

r.niiiilinf; .in-.iv Ihc) \ i~ ■ 
Ihr Must'um irf Scifncr ■ 
'iis|r\, tKf Uniini i 

.1 Ai|u.iniinn 

i hirinn thru m^ii 

vli-nt^ -,ii in iin Ihf .I.i-m ,'| 
iii« in-ltiKliir I'.iul l,n-m,in 



0\ Wedntrsdav, Ortt*er 6, 2-1 pm Caryn Uvinnt..r 
Campus^st will pn-jiCTit the pn> ' Bt-ahn^ 
Iht-BliK".' I! 'tmtAi.iminUtrjtuin Building. ThK 

seminar wii. ^„,.-. ,,,u in understanding dt^n-ssum, ht-lp 
delennint whether you or Mnnnnw you Iut«>w might K- 
depressed and describe tieatiiM'nt i>pfH»ns 
Natkvuil IX-prvsMon !vreenin|j; site* will .ils.' 

("la* M)iTif 


I 111! [H'opit- in AitHTua an- m<iiv 
tii.ilh ..cH-n-mindt-d,' vaid physical 
r ii)iuatii>n siiiili nl I mpjif 

1 VMth Hi-rtr.uu) a |iiurn.ili-..n 

■in irSi-rn Ic! I'.iri'. nfwsp.ipiT 

. t»miTtt'nt*Hl itn 

in XniiTh M\ 


i Ih'\ wr^ppoil up Ihiir 
\ iMl w ith a lour ol Mtm>> mIi-s 
in Riillmg Mi-adou's inLJudin^; 
.1 \ isit In thf CiHirt I louw anJ 
.1 mifting with the ot\ ^ 
maviM- Saturday lh«- students 
wiTi- left til a. tiviiii-- uilh 
ttHip htwi (.imili 

lh.\ .il) a>;r. . ,- 

thi pl.Ke to K- Wht-n askett th«\ planned tnr their 
last days tu-rv, the answer y\ .1^ 
iin.iiiiin.Hi> "Shoiipin^ Ami 

:rl,; I,, 

•National \dult lmmuni/ati«n Xwarenrw Wrek 
Shots arvrit just Inr kt.t 
in adults, tot) I 

•■n ill 

ni^atuMis, 1 

st.ip i>\ tt>. 


■■(>-tt^^T M n 

p m in the - 

(, tntt-r AIm 

Health .111, 

AMtl. M 

•>-,.„;!. V\, 

•r ,1 III mi' 

1,1 l> H.KU 

•MoiT Health S. 

Health and Psy^h.-.^,. 

1 urse praclitiiiiHT 1- j \ 

muttiH- health cuncen- 

''Kis .IIKI (U» .1 

acne, minor iniunes .1 

•s a^ well as pi' 

exams and patient edu 

.ir . •!! 

1 heM* >iT\ It 1 > .iif i Kl I 

For more information, v 

all K.r 


,!:..n pi,-,.,,. . 

Ask your wellness advisor ''I 


N .111,1 Ih, \IIm 
llL-.lilh ,liul IV% 

In pl.Kinj; 

■ I- IV ill appear in 

•111! ind r»'sp<ins«-s 

it both 

ids If I 
Used yoVi i^n Kvom*' int«led with Hl\ 
, proximately thnt- wtvks to hi-al Ihidy pier. 
iiH wlK-ar friHH six t<i eight ivivks tohiM- 
' il Certain si/fs of jewelry and iMily cei 
iittinfi. huming or puncturing tlu> skin then 
,lv artists should K'long to ITh- ,AssiK-iation ol , 
■I ri,.(i>>ion,il lallmi Artists (or further intorma- 1 
..,•,. ,1 s..,, I.,.. %1,,-' ,.. .p,., J .,., .,.,.,,. I 

If Completing 
^ your Bachelors 
Degree is your Goal, 
Achieve It! 

^ Etk Grove 

or s Degree 
nun ftow 

•ktmmt 11 I cc<- 

■ClatMt mMl on* wrMf * « 

•Crt*l to< pnor «ariwiq 

instant recall. 


1 • «'«• T«.j. <ir«(i 

l«vis«( aM 
(nformjHait Oiaw 
(Ik Oaw v>iu«( 

Caf 'ftfiiit liiiNiM 
>i 'II IM «ir 

Cw<> M IW MklHt r 
• • 1 »p«,« ir. t ;** 1 

The HarhinniT 
September 27, 1W» 



You've learned a lot. At Elmhurst, you'll 



I'lannmp to cam a toiir-vcar diurn. : C otivuitr llmhurM C^ollegc. 
In ■'AtiuTK.a'v IVvt ( ollci;ts." the annual survcv tn / 
& World Rrfx'rt. uc lank in ific inp ikt nt thi MidwtMs lilH-ral aris 
call«»cs. Wc also arc the hot mliti^c biiv in llinmis. 

\\t L-arii mkIi iii\tini.tuins, \car atti dttcniit; superior 

teat hnig on a petMinal st.ik. More th.i , v vent of Our 

faculty hold the highest degrees in iheir tield\ These lalmied vholars 
Jrc at Elmhurst because thev lose to leavh in Mnall Jasves 
where th^^ l.inn'. iluir vtudent^ av mdi\, i ^ur lLi^v 
Has 19 s;,,>;w., - v ,.,vuk\ nkiniKi. not a leaihini; assiMant, iea>.hes 
every class. 

FInilmisi IN Miiall 'n deMgn. rii.h in rcsouri e- ai;d iii>ptirtunities 
(miliiding so undergraduate niajorsi On > JasM.>, 
m a charming vulnirh. uc (uepare stuiients ot main .igev and baek- 
gruinuis tor ut servue, t>pporiunii\, and aehievement. 
FrieiuiU, ehallenging. comprehensive, and innovative— Kimhurst 
Is what lollegc ought to be. 

•^•s^ Elmhurst is coming to Harper. 

lo meet an Flmhurst .idmisMon sounselor. eotnc to Building J on 
Mondav, Duober 11, trom 10:00 -1:00 p.m. Flmhurst is 
unusualK ' iranster tiiendiv " About one in three ot our students is 
a transter student. Vou owe it to vourselt to learn niorc about us. 

^ Elmhurst College 

What college ought to be. 

190 Pruapw Avmuc 
Elmhum. lUinoa :ioiit-)>yi 

adna^dmhiam «A> 

Page 4 


i Ml' it.irninger 

lum three busmnt day* or your thippini a refundtd. Somt re«tricttoii» appty Stt www.v»reityboota.coin forj«t«U»_ 

The Harbinger 
September 27, 1994 



Here's to your health and wellness 



Ihtf Health StTvkf I\'p.trtni**jU «-> .t ^tnki' under>>Und-> » thiTf ar>' .illiTi imj-ikii- in 
iiur lives that pri>mi>ti' tbf ^tii"<-> jml unhf.iltlu 
instances, whuh n«\l .itiftitiDn ti> rtk;aiii .1 rUn)--! 
being. Thf >«t\ih' hf\y- with tho thin>;- m- 
are con>>tantl\ i-niourj^x^l jnJ nrniiiiltil to lakr 
care of through tht- m«\tia .irid i>ur oilui.ition tnit 
sotnt'lirrn-" our mind am) KkIv Ji>t-> Tint .ilwavs 
dffiw aKml th«' well K'in>; fur u^ A hnct .imount 
of those things thai »•■ arc rfminilttJ ul an- issut". 
such as strfis, dill anil vvt-ightlivsH AIIIS 
Awareness, birth uMitrul or prc^;nan. \ and 
depression It has K'»n ~tatrd that Health 
Service is i.i>mmitti\) to VM-linis> and pro\uU>> 
medical services for thi- mainti'naiHf ot phvsual 
and mental health for the communit\ An invli 
vidual must reali/e when lh«'V n«■^^i lifalth assis 

tarcf and attention to take cari- and rt~«<lv i> his or 
tu'r tssiH* as s4H>n as p^^-^ihU* llu- .imiimmitv is 
inv itiil l.> \ 1-1! Health s, • , , \% (uti lil 

miuriHl in.i .1 . 11 1.,: .,.,. .ins, hnv, I .' 

It 1-- Ul. 1 ■.jf.jv.Mu i. F M! .1 tint ttu- V f\ Kt's .tn- 
in onlidi'tu , ,ind available Irii- .ir .it a minimal 
ih, r^e Ihionlv coiuern to i isit the df[MrtnH'nt 
with iv the .Mie an individual initiallv walks m 
wiih A brief list of the , on. ems that th<'s,- whuh 
have vi..itiHt health services have matters 
suihas treatments lor minor illnesM> lie A .old 
Min- thr0.1l naiis»M) som<>one to talk to desire to 
vvrhvlravv from schoi>l lor medual 'i asons 
thi ii);hts oi a vxuallv transimtted iliseaM' pri>f> 
U'lus with disjibilitv [>rej;\ ismu's 
and assistann' with i hanj;in^ ot lileslvie heh.r. 
lor- [he st.ill I onsists ot registervd v. 
health .are i-diicator, a phvskian .wid nur-, , : 


Ih. si. Ill dis.ems the tavt that an individual mav 

1 vMlh a sa.tii.-nin^ health issue that is at 

... . ,j,,. (hat thev would have to be 

• r health care tactlitv Ihou^h 

iiii u IS 1101 III ahundant amount of spaw in the 

Health Vrvue facility, there is plenty of nK>m for 

student development and sup[><irl Karen 

Ievin>;ton satd •iKnuraginglv, "Will we ne%er 

!■ 'n«' stuck up a crtvk with out a pad- 

: .11 other wiHids the- department will 

always otter assistaiHe 

In addithm to the minor treatments that ffealth 
Srv ices prov i.les then' are mi-ntal health thera- 
pies I he therapies inclutle live differenl aspects 
suih as briet psychotherapy, crisis therapy, pre- 
sentations .onsolation and divisional The brief 

svihother.ipv grasps .oncems prev entitiv t-s and 
■ransitions The crisis therapy involves ru'ar 
MM tCALTH SCRVICtS on paf^ 8 

Footbaths Mapapa acrobats visit Harper 

CoMnad from Hate 1 
cems about th«- la.k ot temimne hygiene 
product dispensers in the new [".ifhriHims 
"This is a concern 01 the entire leniali' stu 
denibody that has been overlo.'ki\l and tor 
gotten." said Withem 

The next lo^cal opinion M-emed to tx' 
that i>f the Mushm communiiv I .onMiti-vl 
Charles Bnmn, the advistn inr the Muslim 
Students .Association (MSAi V\hile talking 
to Brown I leanH\l that the ItHitbaths wen- 
not asked tor but ottenx) to the MSAK Bob 

"I think Ihi" original inti-nl ol the r»:nov .1 
tions was not mi much to .uiomrnodite .1 
!• ';.;•.; <roup but todi-al with the pr< ' 

I. li iiess m the I'athrtH'ms and 
pnKess tfM- Muslim stu.ients were ac.iini- 
modaled I think that s a good thint even 
though I think there will K' .nli 
usual." sLittxl Bniwn 



I must admit ,it ;: M.iis 
.>ld I vvas not tniti.inv impress^'d 
with thi- Mapapa A, rohats who 
prelormevi at Har|H'r in the stu 
dent center, on 
s.epteml>er 1^ 

Ihe .how he>;an with an \U 
doing magic Iruks tor thechil.iren 
in th«- .udl«11i>' ot vshiih there 
were m. nv \othing l.s> ^rarui I 
thought as I sat in the Ironl rov\ 
w atchin,; a man dn-ssed in an 
■ laK>ral..' lostume do ring 
.1 pn-rte ballcHNis with a 1.: 
■ 'ille ^ute fill . iiii,:'. n I 
hinv, bui 

'''"-«■'' -i r ■ 

'. -low with Ihe sule and 

nnsterv ol kenva. the (x-rlormers 





CMMtmi at Itofpar lev* Magic 

I inallv around httivn minutes 
into the half-hour sh.>vv the m.i>;i 
wrapped up his .ict an ' 
> intntdiKing Mapap.i I w 

then nu \itei Ihe sho.. I louiul 
out hall ot them are While talk- 
ing to tiregorv Akwera 
I tounil out th«' tnsip is 
.omprisi'il ot si\ voung 
nu-n AkvAera himself 
onlv :i Har.ika \g.ila 
:i Ml. Iv., i K .'.!... M 
Mike ' .1 Nnvail is the oldest mem- 
ber at 27 Kama (.^andhi is the 
voungt-st at only lf> 

I he show started simple, with 
cartwhivls and back flips, it kept 
me wanting and wondering if 
'"on- would come ITien came the 

'N> Big deal, 1 tht>ught 1 won 
1 liinbi> contest at Alumni Club 
onte What could thi-y do with 
this^ A lew of the si\ members 
tisik turns going lower and lower 
.mil lower Well, Id be damned 
K-t.ire I <ould get under a limb«> 
ill sIvkhI onlv aK>ut eight 
Tom the ground I Vie ol 
Mapapa did Rama (.andhi slow- 
K but surely made his way under 
a limbo bar lower than .inv 1 ha.i 
ev er sivn 

I hail to atlmit. it was getting 
better Then the Mapapa did 
some imprissive |ump ropmg. 
hvo men would |ump at the same 
iiiiu one standing on his hands 
Ihev sari wluvled thmugh Ihe 
see IMMM on pace r 

Ian Student Association 
"Diversity is our middle name" 
lis new club is open to all Harper 
students. Meet new people, learn^a 
variety of Asian lifestyles, cultu 
ideas and much more... 

Our next meeting is 

October 5, 1999 



Vong Ratt 

Corrections and Clarifications 

In th. Sept 13 iiMte o( Thf I '. 

-«■« (Ymi'iv Out)" nm 

lary l>rilschel .s 

' V ««ifemf.f rewndi 4wy ««gaPMar pBabten* th>» nuv htiv^ 



More Fun Than 
Studying And Better 
Paying, To©. 

CLUKS • <«tth B9hl K •iptritn« 

Ml MiM Ma ncnm « tmr 

•-vma mUfimim wmum tt i mattm aMi 

Parffact for students 

wr n m nt m m »>»■. W ill 
cv tat fCMj iii Mi ii n . cr MHr tf 

• V.ifioui vhiltv to citoow (mm ' 

• Cmp vatu«t>t« ccperfencc \ 

• Earn excellent pay 

PH: 847-277 6661 
FAX: 847-277-4897 

B m ■g|pka*«4 tM • ar f 9>M (X»«1vw\ Env«VW 


Taking a step outside 
of the classroom 

The biKK^'^* misn.iutptmn 
most proplf seem to hold ahoul 
Harper isn't that its classes arc ti>i> 
difficult, that finding Ihf right 
building has hecome impossibU' or 
that the food in the . jfeteria is 
slowly killing us all VI, >r.- th.m 
anything else, students ^i . M.up.f 
as a mere wav station 

Enrollment at this school 
increased markedly this semester 
yet participation in 
activities seems as dormant as ever. 
Students come to school, go to class 
and leave, and never gm> iini.lw- 
ment a second thought 

Harper otters an abundant f oi 
outside clubs and .activities \fl nn 
one seems to he .iw.ire ot their e\is 

It probabh isn t m.irlMlin>; 
Student .Activities puts forth .i ^nn 
certed effort to get the word oul 
From the Freshmen Fxperieiui- to 
the Activities Fair, Harper s -.tu 
dents certainly h.ul the cippurluiiiU 
to see all there is to otter It stands 
to reason that people would be lin- 
ing up to get invoKid But ihev 

Harper radio WHCMs station 
manager Karen Moran has 
expressed a need to increase the 
station's prominence Desmond 
lane feels the s.inu- is ,u .ih 
Student Sfn.ii,. ..i >, h,, i, i, 

Project's Dan VUruk s appcujiu 
didn't bring the crowds - an esli 
mated 400 seats went unfilled - 
with ,ill the hvpe it had behind it 
do other programs a chan.. 

Things like WHC \l s r, , s lu s[i,,w 
at the South Barringi^m WK >ii .in- 
a good start. Word lo he gotlm 
out so that pen;-' ,,rlh 

getting invulv • 

Wc at Iht' Hatt'iKjicr hope that 
our readers find an organization 
that excites them and sign up. It 11 
make the school vear pass easier, 
and mavbe yi'u'll find something 
\0u ne\er knew vou ..ired about 


The Harbinger 
September 27, 1499 

Editorial Board 

The Harbinwr 

How to not eat at Harper and still get fed 

Harper students face ol^l 
the most daunting tasks of li . 
inK reasonable hn\i Such fiKxi is 
determined b\ thnv iTiterions 
• It must mil n-quirc .i nuirl«.i>;i- 
or periodic refinam in>; 
" It must not requin- the i.Tisumii 
to carry more than .ine |i(,r ot 
.11 tacid 

' It must nut {ii ,> ,,.,)l,r 
K'l^ .Tioii^h I.. ,v,iK,- ,inj 
dt mand voting rights 
t'>n campus ffn" onlv IikkI s»uirn' 
to mt-et all .<t tfu-se ri-quirements 
fias a beak, teathers ,ind prol«- 
hen under lival law It vmhiIJ 
also n\|um' j lar^^i- murmv.u,' 
.inJ ,1 > .ir w illi ,1 hiM\ V ,iiit\ 

So. thvTv I- ti,> ,h.ii. .■ ImiI Ut v.-n 
tu.i- ottcjmpus III s,-,iril\ ,i| 
something worth c.ilink; The 
seanh must stick (o pl.ui-s iMthin 
J mile r.idiiis 

cHfAi' Mrs 

•McDonald's 77'; F Algimquin 
Rd . Sih.iumbur); (Oh milesi 

MilHin.ikls .1 l.m.riti- 
Jrn^>n^ H.irpr ^tiiLicnts It hrmgs 

pn\lK(ahle tisid choaes and rc-.i- 
sonable prices B<x'juse there 
I .in\ place settings or wail- 
• iniertere with writing, il 
iM.ik.s ,1 K-tter than average place 
to studv It IS not tlowever, j place 
til t.iki- somtsme on whom vou 
wish ti. n\.ike .1 tl.ishv impn-ssion 

•>lt\lK I \Kl llllM^l 

Algonquin Kd Vhaumburg ((ti^ 

■siK.T I .iKf .-nlails liinrt<-i) 
s<Mting^fmenls, but ..ttits 
lake-out and has deliverv -•■r 
vices 1 1.. r I. inch specials run 
abou- 1)0 and consist ol 

the u^,. M , ,,, ,.| egg rolls, (ried 
n.f and mwstlf dishes Silver 
I aki- also oitiTs dirmer spivials 
that usualK run around W.Ol) 

\ I nri I KicfR 

•Alumni Club '<"] I Algonquin 
Rd. Svtiaumburg (i'« mil. -si 

The Alumm C lub is a Imer dm- 
ing experience To get in yim'll 
n>s>d reservations, and you'd bet- 
ter itress nivi- I specially when 
the nightclub is open The 

.•Mumni t lub has .ill sorts ol 

wivklv promotions, rangmg tn)m 
barstiml t>l\mpics to tfie wild 
and cra/y bac+ielorette parties on 
Saturday night Th«- Alumni club 
IS outfitted with ail the arru>nities 
\ou would exptvt in an upstand- 
ing nightclub, including pool 
labk-s and a well-slivked bar 

rhe prices aren't tix> bad it v ou 
Ko at the right times ()n Tuesday, 
there are SI 5<> drinks IXi yoii 
want to drink a SI 50 drink» 
Maybe yes. mayK' no All in all. 
the price isn t Uhi bad lor what 
vi«u get 

unriR CRUST 

•Harry G's Crab House - 801 E. 

.Algonquin Rd , Vhaumbui); (0.6 

Harry tVs Crab House as the 
name mav state, is a seafiKid 
n-staurant Harry G's i-fwracter- 
i/es the sort of place tfut vou 
wnuld take someone thai vou 
wanted li> impress, a casual din 
ing experience If your brinnn; .i 
large party or going on the witk 
end, reservations would be in 
line Although tl>e average dinner 
IS a Heimlich-inducing SiS.lK), 
Harrv (is in a fine ris.laurant with 
an excellent atmosphen- 

Ask Uncle Bill 

Cot t queiUoB* AU Uncle Bill. He m«y not be right, but it'i itill 

good tdvice. Drop off your letter* to the Htrbiager in AJ67. 
Dm* FiAMCOOi/T. 

Dear Uncle Bill, 

Like most blue-blooded 
Anunrnarvs. I am dealing with a 
lack of female action at Harper I 
try to hvxik up with a LuK >n A | 
ftrd out she ls taken 

It is straiigc, but -i;, ., I 

am being penuaded to beliine 
that every nice young woman at 
liirper is taken I kmiw tfii* can't 
p«ss«ibly be true, but this really is 
be'oming a crism to my soul 

Mv first reaction to vour prob- 
lem IS that vinir blood is the 
wrong txilor' 

All kiddmg a-.ide. may tv v ou 
are just looking in the wnmg 
places to meet women If you are 
only lcK>king in vour class rooms. 
i>pen your eyes to tt>e halls and 
the quad Perlups trv |«^ining a 
club or organi/.ition hen' on cam 

Have you considered tfie 
possibility that your approach 
might be off 1 hav e heard, in my 
many years, ot women lying 
about their availabilitv if they 
don't like a man s hrst mipies- 

sion. If you think you might be 
coming i>n too strong, attempt to 
tone it down a little. And if tiie 
opposite is true, try to be a lad 
more out going 

You want the woman to like 
you for who yixi are. so try and 
be sincere. Wometi are snuirter 
than some men give them credit 
for being Chances an?, if you are 
at Harper she's not gonna buy 
into you're being a heart sm 
Then- are more than i 
peopW on campus this semestei 
a giHid chunk of ifiem are the 
fairer sex. and I assure you they 
are all m>t taken 

Staff Writers and Assistants 

CaEditors m Chtef„Samm Hays. Alan t Mmarik 

Noel Bago. Porter NoWe. Herb White 

Neii« Editor 

A4E Eflitof 

Features Editor.. 

-Kevin Poduska 

khn Tiiiotson 


Acting Sports Editor ., 
Btismess Mana^__ 
Fataity Advisor 

Kev« Poduska 


General Policies 

7»w Mi(»»igBr » the stuOM pi*tic«tw to »» Nnw Colli»«» c»np,» corim> 

tMSwn 77» Hatmger t sow purmw is to pxinle llw Harper comnxiWv mnf 
»iwmi««ion (mtamirf to tii* ejmvM ana its ftMfajrtar^ corraixmty 

letlw* must be iqjneo ana ritiuile mffnrm ntrtm to venf* autturahn 

PrvOjcti and Mwvcw a(l»wri,j« r, r»» NBi«i,,w aw not nefe»wi.. 
»«ors«J fiv tne Mlitws ot ihis paper, no, (,, u» colH<|» admnslration or 
Boai«ofOWKiors irxMrnw awjiB t» tenwrd*! direct^ to t!» M^ 


The ftarbmger 

Witham Ramey Harper CoBege 

1200 West Algonquin Road 

Palatine, II 60067 7098 

Phone Numbers: 

tJusiness office: (8471925-6460 

news office: (847)925 6000x2461 

fan: 18471925-6033 

COpyflM 1999, The HartJinger. 
M rt^s reMTved. 

The HarbingOT 
September 27, 1999 



Smoking still stinks A breath of fresh air 

■un i Willi til-' 1 .iiiifui^ ••n 

coionon ttCHKf 

Harper can bt- i>nf <>r the voUl.-^i pin-- i 
open land Jnd Wmf. Mn>^- the -tnvt In-rn 
dram plan- com.' the winter months I am alwav~ ama/.-vt bv »un\ mam 
-«fminBl> inU'lligiiit. at least s,-mi-ii»llegi- tiliKati-d pei«plf an; nmstjnti 
standing outside »n sub-zeni li>mf-vratvin-> \u>{ tn sniok.- 

There seems to be an ever-iru r«-asin>5 niimK-r iH smok. t ny^-< 

1 dont Ret It The imw w.- krew aSml the danftet» at <iumitlim>; ttn- mon- 
we do It' I di>n t neces>aril\ can- it -mitkir- (««< the nei«d ti' slimlv kill 
them.selve!i, either by smutinp or hvpothermia. but I do i.irf it ttv-ir smok- 
ini; becomes a dwlrachon on lampus 

1 can t remember the UM t>m»- I i-nten'd a building without the sIrusgK' 
of having to push mv wav throuj^h the >mok.r» and th»-ir aca'mpanvmg 
atnof, If I don't leave mv huiust- -mfllin^; lik«- ^m.'^., I shouldn i l.-.u.- 
tchtwl :«meiling like Mnuke 

And they Me BWd^. Near pist atwul every exit nor d.H.r ilute is a larg. 
ash trav tor ctfjaietfe btiMs, howe\CT then? always -^vin-s to Iv mon- on th.- 
gmund, in the bushes and me-tMnR up the landsKipe m general th.'n th.rc 
are in the ash travs It \ou lan find vour mmith with ,i > i>;,»rflti- yini van 
fiiHl the ashtray li»' 

Mavhe th«' aaswer is a -.moke house, thi-v hjM oiu- al Alexun Bnithers 
hospital A smoke tent is a little lent like stru. tur ■ outside desityiaU-d for 
smoking I wimld imagine that thi- svstem do«-i a gixid k* not onlv in shel- 
lenng non-smiikers inwn the smoke and mess, but sheltering; smokers troni 
Mother Nature as well Maybe the answer is a*- resptwisibje >ini'kin>; 
communifv. who n-spvvts ram-smokers and is a br more consiiou^ ot their 
dean up I wont pretend that tht'ti- is an easy wa> to accoinmixlate i\ erv 
one, however I believe th«- bunien should be on the smokers 

Fact IS. if vtni are a smoker, it is vour bad habit r>t>t mine, and Idoi 
Iv vs ant to deal with it So if vou need to smoke on campus pleas. 
.1 iniiul vour -niokc 

•s..metim<-s I ihink I should |iisl t.iki- up smoking; 

I rni-an lis'k ,il th.- NtkIiI-- 

i ir-l oti \.'ii re »;,im.s-.l .1 -s >;roiip l.>^; oul with I ve-w-en it 
i.iin times tu n -tr.iriKers in my class w ill start chatting lightly. 
. . .1 >nu'kin); hri-.ik togeth«T. and by time they come back they i.> I't Itie nio-,1 intimate tnends imaginable It s amazing I have 
ptsiple I . onsider s,iul mates who don t confide in mi- as much as these peo- 
ple .to .liter sh.inng a drag or two 

Ihen Hiere s th." readily available prop I talk with mv hands some- 
times It s |usi >onH'fhing I do Must W the C /ech in me And, sur*-, I can 
>»>metinies do a giHsf iTiough n* ot using mv hands to get an idea acn»i», 
Init ii I have Mnnrthing lik.- j (sen or pencil m my hands ■ whoa, boy' I'm 
p,.inlin^ that thing hi-n- then- and mervwhere m tx-twtvn It s flailing 
around like .1 Jrunken sword master s >al:HT S> it 1 had a cigari-tte - or. bet- 
ter vi-t a hiv; ol sli>gie in m\ hand iTU Nid\ language wiHild immediafe- 
K take leaps and N.unds in what Im trvmg U> convey 

Ihird Ihrts words lUmd James Bond " I mean, look at this (?uy. 
He s a man s man II there s anyone vou should try to be like to really be 
c.sii It s him And tnmi the hrst time we see him in !> No, th«> one thing 
that h. alwavs has on haml that s an inseparable part of him, is his case <)* 
high >^|ualitv ham! rolU^^ cigan-tti-s It B»>nd can attrad women left and 
right with a clrnid of smoke around him, its gotta wi>rk wotviers lor rt». 

s ,>ka\ mavb.' there are some health reaMWis why maybe I shouldn't 
take ihis position le.ih so I might gel lung cancer, my breath will always 
smell and nu tivth might Ixvir a constant sUin So 1 might get abusive, 
den-gatorv .omments from (-HMple who disdain smoking and think it's 
iheir lot in lite to sit the evil ones straight .Vnd ot course III be lucked 
iwa\ into little, un.*tnisive corrn-rs in every public buildmg m this coun- 
■t% It I ivaiil to ha\e a smoke 

Hut at least 111 l.H'k ...".'I doing it 

Mapapa show their moves 

ContmuoO hue. iuge 

Thev cart wheel<\l Ihrouj^h ih. iii.>mm>; n-; 
and .!>.! -.veral creative maneuvers .Xlter ihi- 
th, ,, . ii.s set up two small hoops and did all 
md rolling one •: ' ''*■ 

. hiH'ps *i»ll| IIV, tit 

the sh..« v%oiiid be . 'r.d I ivaiUeU 


Ihi- >iv voung iTK-n prvneil llH'ir strength 
and atnlitv wln-n thev started . limbmc im ime 
another Thev it > in the 

air w 1 Ih thei r bi •• 1 '" each 

other using t'verv leg inn -houlder knts- or 
head available Ihe atnvlMts p»-rf ormaiH e 
also iniiuded human pvramuls and. during 
one stunt, five ott*^- - '■■f'"^- I'.l.n. .-d .ii,.,ind 
the body of Akii > r 

_-t'.\ '*-■ i:,1|frKV !>' s,T 

1 !;ng tl> Mike ' ■ ".■ •'■'- 

Wvn together for fue \. • -^ 1 _ -n. 

ot the intrii ate and d.irn;' • ■ . ■ 

was i|Uite sur}->ris.-d to learn 

pr V 1. . .ls>(il an hour a ^t.i\ 

: Mime of the tnnip 
l.ilani" told me that 

ail tfw members h.ive n>nipleted an ediuati.n 

except for Kama who is still working at it 

)!u !i s.p hails form M<>f'a.a Kenva but i 

■r; k 


(i.l I 


acrobat* allow Molr atiiff 

fdinburgh ^.otland I • --vhere 

tfK'v were named l*<-' 

.1 performs ai ii-sinais around the 
\ iHi missed them this time. I would 

ivioiiiiiu :id making time for the next 

ggf^e "S/' M»Ji,r 

CA*4Put. ton ^ 
tut W«Mc ML m^ 

HAfKNO ^MUttlit THCa 
JOtiftMEY AM«Up» T«( 
C»mP\n tMMlCM MO St«UT 
•iM htftLIC SIMtY 9*»M.U 
««e«t.t> TALK AfteUT 



I he Harbinger 
September 27, 1999 

Health services: concerns helped 

contmuK) (torn pag> i 
extrmw cases irf tnHihIo .ind 
ilepiwiion such as horH-lt^s 
ness, k>neliness (ir anxiilifs 
The prc'M'ntatii>n thtr-ips 
inMte* cummunitv' nn'ttiK-rs 
lo resolve ar>d understand 
matters through a seminar 
series. whK'h outieach«"s on a 
pivvt-nt-itiM' level A popular 
seminar svru's ts Atress 
Busters thjl trouhli'shiHils 
anxiet\ tharp I'.iJiiv.ini 
iiH>rJinates the prest-ntatums 
thn>ughout the year at Harper 
and encourages (»-edbJck 
from those individuals (hat 
attend the semirurs shf 
receives input such a> r.itint; 
the content of the senun.u 
ratmg the speaker. hi>v\ tnne- 
hcial the iasi>;hts and uieas 
were, what was the K-st and 
worst ot the program or an\ 
other suggesfiims that wtniUi 
improse future'. 
What the prt-sentations N.ils 
down lo ts the improvrment 
for all pjTsons atlemlin>; and 
coociTniii ti<r wcllm's^ I he 
const ' t 
that f. 

restilving cotuems ot the mdi- 
\ niii.ii 1 .is( .>t till rht'rapies 

IS the divisional therapy 
which consists ot tommiltts's 
thai otter jituities and pro 
>;rams tor students arui ath- 
lilis Alsi' holisti ptvvfnta 
tne programming and «^^u■ 
eating tfu- communits about 
sexual assault and date rape 
issuer Most often tfu-se divi- 
sii>nal pn)grams a-e i>tter»'il m 
vlassr<>om settin^is or semi- 
nars Ihi-s«' s»T\ucs don not 
prestnK' an\ s»'rt of medu iitt* 
hut the mmc'r h«M,)ache or ill- 
nesses and the v>orni~- and 
developing i--t»i's , an and 
will K- helpiit and rcMilved 
hv thi- W.llness and ftealttl 

Bv being a bus» individual 
involved at wurk s.htHi| and 
play. It mav often lake a toll 
on our hj-allh bin lorltirutelv 
wt hi\r the Health and 

The shortest distance 
between you and the 
nation's hottest 



•l U f M iw Srieare md Triec »wiii«l<rtiiiii fi nyii miH 

'<- f»lilt^g*-fl iri t'* thr }^vtrmtw 4l|r|tJtl r^ai m.%rtcrlpt.srr 
• II uf wIlH-ll 

'! Ki Mliiair N. 



cesstul mil 
Health m\,\ V 
slates that 

les to assist us 

1. hi althv. sue- 


. rvices 

\r evervdav 


« lirrr 

.hoiii that .M, h person must 
'< rstanding that 

.1. >l-.."l l-s.) 

and be' 





*e.i^ Guaranteed Credit Cards wilii Credit Limits 
tifV^^ Up To $10,000 Within Days! 

No Cki;di I. No Jon, No Paki;nt .Signi-r, No Sichkii v Deposit! 

no credit • bad credit • no income? 



If Vbu Think Ybu 
ant Get A Credit 
Cant Think Again. 


Want VISA & MasterCard Credit Cards? 


\l ; 



I want Credit Cards immediately 

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Tired of Being 1\irned Down? 

Guaranteed MO.OOO In Credit! 

' Hdruin^PT 
pptember 27, 1999 



Page 9 


I Wanted Part time Security 

I Responsible and conscien^ 

scKXJS persons sought, 

Weetends and holidays a 

must. $7.65 to start \*rtth 

Iregular increases to follow 

Initial uniform investment 

required. Contact Lt. 

;onnson at Put)lic Safety. 


Perfect Opportunity for 

outgoing individual to 

1 mate great money. Sates 

through persuasive demorv 

I stration for bath and body 


Contact Irina at 


j Hoffman Estates law fimi 
|seeking FT/PT legal secre 
tary or assistant /parate- 
|g9l for general practice of 
|law. Salary commensurate 
»/experierx;e. Fax resume 
\xo: 847.843.9191 or tele- 
phone 847 843.9090. 

! Foods Market. 1331 

Rand Road m Palatine is 

now hiring! PT /FT Entry 

level positions are avail- 

labte. Join an exciting com- 

Ipany in a fun working envi- 

■ roewent! 847 776.8080. 

Health Work) is seeking 
nteers with specialized 
I interests m the following 

irsing Assistants. Dental 

Office. Nlut fit lorv 

Pharmacology. Plants. 

Insects. Ecology. Animals. 

etc.. Individuals interested 

in votunteertng can contact 

Bonnie Rend. Director of 

Volunteers at 
847.842.9100 «t 229 


Booh eiJfly. save! Spring 

break. Carxjua Jamaica 

Florida South Padre, etc 

Best hotels, prices, par 

ties. Need Campus Reps. 

Escorts. Groups to earn 

money, free trips. Browse for 

reps/app. ICP 


Spting Break 00 


Jamaica from $399. Reps 

wanted! Sell 15 and travel 

free! Lowest Prices 

Guaranteed!! Info; Call 



Jackson Guitar amp 


200 watt 4x12 guitar 

cabinet. Built in the late 

801s. Is prepped for stero 

output. \n very good condi 

tioa 847.398.6248 or 


Audiovox PrimeCo Phone 
Audiovox PnmeCo digital 

phone. Has gokJ case with i 
woodstyle frame around 
the screea Desk charger. 

c<w charger and black case 
$70. 847.398.6248 or ) 
847.338.4712. ] 

Peavey Musician Guitar 
Amp Head Nonti*e. built 

in Phaser and distortion 
w /foot switch. Inputs for 

6 guitars and 2 parallel 

inputs. Moderately good 

condition 847.398.6?4h 

or 847.338.471.' 


Congratulations Susan 

Kazmierczak on your ne^ 

position as Student 


The Hakbinccr 
is accepting 




IN A367. 





To place a classified, call 847 925 6460 

She's finally coming over, huh? 



No biggie, bank online. 

Mm UtiuM >wlili^ «Mk ljilrt»Oiili«i • Hm mtmm t» tm }M> WMi i 
m mm mt ••Mot* • fnm ttm/iau MM • Tn 

The next tint* you MM •om* twr^kinf to do but more pre«sint •ng^t/tmrnnt^ 
ariM, you'lt M glad you hw* • LcSMt* chaclunt acGourtt with ft w low nt b»nM%. 
ttk Ah* lt«vif«( • bank ngm wrtare you liv«. Op«n your LaSalla 
account at www.l a a aHa b an ka.tawi or call t-MO-MA-OlM. 

Myrick: The Big 
Winner at Sundance 

III- null". Ironi thf two ^)im ■ 
tnr- lining tlnrli > h,ii,i. I.r 
Itrt'^ tH»n 

llH- .li- tn .ll-.- 

.iN.iil '■- 1 th.- 

' ltH\ nii>;iil h.ur 
■t the will Iv i-xpl.iin- 

.iir,-i tiT 

iS lu !i i~l.>vl .ihiiul (* In 
: !.,. ^Ivx'l It in tlif 

'hii,i' JiKurm'iit.irii-~ lhf\ 
u .111 hill .»> kuK .iiiil tluiunlil 
It Kouki W i.<>i>l U' •K't lhi>. 
^Iiir\ up in llul h II 

AnnthiT W.1-. Ihr rrn-anirif; 
of tlu' mnv rctxigiuzable stick 

I hen- s no rm-dninR," ••tat- 
.>J \l\ruk II lUst IcHikisi 
, rn'pv I oriKinalK wanted it 
til K- hi>;>;ir, with huj;f bun- 
dli-.. ol siKlks, but Iho art 
dinvlor i.imo to ith- .ind said, 
Ihii IU-.I i-n t );oins to work 
N,i hf I .imi- up with this stuk 
liijurf jrui I tlimk this .mi- ^ 
f\ fii tH'ttir 

\ii.'thiT nnstcrv ol tin- 

IllOV H- W..»> tin , Opitlll'- 111 thi' 

ihirt whuh I l.-.ilh.r .ind 
Michad fiixl 

ii s |u>t iivth. (.■vplaiiu'd 
NUruk, ttHth and a little 
h.ui but IM' hoard e\vr\- 
Ihiii^; troin to'th to ton>;ui' to 

llu' monuni ol Iruth lor 
thi' two biviiimn tilm makers 
. .uni' .11 thi- SundatKi- I ilm 

I n ,1 1 in t ok>rad( i 


IV Hon It plavod thife, stated 
\Krnk, but we j-ot );iHid 
show •slots, and people nvilly 
likod It I >i>.tnbutor!. were 
.oinin^ up I" us v\antinp ti» 
mil" • t. <' It rt ,1s s<i surre- 

i I.. I. I tluii^ v^as.' he 

itmiu-s. Is that 1 couldn't 
I III mv nximmate to tell him wi- sold the movie 
K^.lus^■ our phone was shut 

l>n the idea ot Miguel or 
prequel, Mvnck and Sanchez 
are looking info doinj; a spin- 
off using ofK' ot the tovsns- 
peoples stories as a plot, 
including showing the ori- 
gins ol the witch. 

With earnings ot about 
$14(1 million. Thf Hlair Witch 
Pwteil IS slated fv>r an l"Ktober 
22 video and DVI ' r.'lo.isc 
with extra tiH>tage in.luitiiin 
.illomate endings 

As tor the future ol Mv ruk 
•ind Sanchez, the iu»w kids on 
the bloik are hard at work cm 
iheir next mov le that w ill he a 

Good Weekly Income 

Processing mail for national company! Free 

supplies, postage! No selling! Bonuses! 

Start immediately! Genuine opportunity! 

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GMCX). P.O. Bos 2^0740, Hollywood, Florida 33022 

You're haU^ 
way were. 

MM n ara D ir«i iMtia ycuvt aai. 
•1 ««> a aamot dagar lam O^Ay 

Ou audmn riMf an aumnaig 
wccsid or <fTi0kyncm aAer (ftOuMom 
And tor goat ^ann 

Our oaanaw anal Owuaa* 
oaOM man a9«aiwi .Amaurfnakt- 

And aMin oli t/em Kirtl scrnMufe 

/oul ri*r your Oe^ik n no gn* 

OooK aoin ■K^iabr't i lnyia i n 

• I «« OfWT uwama 

Myiayanam or ^aKwranuncjioni 
laivf a liacncvor } duyvc •an* 

Orvty jnu gMt mo nvrr oe naren% 
tar i rtfiB aifiet or ajocoL co 

Only ^ Oago <an«u jt (773 WNOO o 




rhe Harbinger 
September 27, IWt 



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numn Bom Apprawa Hw ■•a BKk SKaMn unm 

Call 1-888-4UPS-J0B 

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EOuM OiaaiWMy Emntoyar 

It-.- M -- I ,■, ■ 

Page 11 

Looking for a gaiflVf Find it lieifF^ 



















EKsvvorth. lA 



Grand Rapids 








:00 p.m. 
:00 p.m. 
:00 p m 
.00 p.m. 
:00 p.m. 
:00 p-m. I 


(Mf W JMK iWMvm HW ftWMil WVW CMM. MV MBMff w RMV HvMr pMN 

MMCIARS it (Baakms) 







S^>L 28 


South SutXiftian 


4:00 p.m. 





4:00 p.m 

Oct 9 


Lincoln CoAege 


2:00 p.m 

i '^ 




3:30 p.m. 

r 14 


Pra»ne State 


3:30 p.m. 





3:30 p.m. 



Oatdon ^^H| 

i, OMPIames 

3:00 p.m 

pHlMtal MMlMaMWMIafHMai. AMBM Mr 


'"'^tj j 

liM0Mf«i:(««7)JI»4tM »««( a ^ MM wumtf » Hap i ii woyww wt w i 


Invest Your Credits 

If you Move colkff credit • use tt. 

Transfer your i allege rourstwork and 
complete an accelerated 


Barhrlor of Butimttt 

Administration D» gr» » , 

with II . t'fit rnirntti'n in 

M \N \(.l Ml N I 

VKI M W \<.l \ll N I 

( OMI'I II K Nl 

Baekflor ttf Applied Scieitef t>mgr*m. 

»i;/i n cnncrntralion in 


i4f/« tmp tti - 

NAreHVIlXH ^Mrl > 
IBM Cttmt Vmm. N^wmH*. H MMA) • F 

1)1 sH.V 

itlabif for QitaJifitsi Sttutfnts 

BANKS one 

(IM) I2S-ISJ» 



4 M Viand .Square 

(Mand Parti. II. «0462 



Hawk Spoits 

Pmgmii « WWi—iKaliif ! !•■»•> *•*!•<• » t^ 


N4C Football statistics are in Sports at a glance 

■•via P«4mlui aMi NMk WMt* 

Results inr M N4C Uan>>. vjni. imlutimg Ihr Mvond wivk 
HarpiT lairtil well in <ndi\ k1u.iI m-hmv; U-, ukmit ^nurth s4-\fnM 
Hawks sUimlmi;- , Iff si'ttiiu 

'.ill sC.lsiMl 





Total Avcrajti,' 



RANK Umnv 

Abdii" ' 

Man<im, Hub6a 
Banks. Tcrrani'* 

Rush lifiH-l 

HiT" \ 

t ■! 

lii,. ~ ttwjse 

WilM>n. Heath 




luUtM-s Yards 

27 176 

Ht 172 

^^ 146 

\-- lU 
:: It? 















R«r Yjods Avemftr 



Willi'.. )u»tin 

ri(ti> I.. 

Smith, S. 
'^ .m. Matt 


Rncii. VaOcy 

I 'Ml .l>,l 

Rtxk V.illw 










11 11 



1 M'-. 

RANK Nairn- 

- Brad 


iit Avetagr 

Isl T<12 

In 21) 



1 Mart«w,BuM>d 

2 Mapwn, Joseph 
2 Hofpiufi, 

:; Banks, T«iT<nLe 

i McMilbalahn 

6 Alien, Ryan 


Grand Rapids 






K.\NK \.mi. 

! K.-h. ;-. 'II \sh.',i 




Vv Harper 

vanzandt. Jason JoNet 





Ist „ '^ .Mm j,,^ i 

ar hi riff 

iJ WI— llalwy Hafpf Coitog* « »«Gtl— . Hi 

Bathroom renovations still not done 


Repairs in the .ip.a 
Admini-lratinn buililinn b.ith 
riKtms, utikh ,ir. I.~.~ rh.«i thnv 
montKs ' 
Harfvr I 

The n-pjirs Kiii^ ilum- jri' 
Jit the exjwtiM- (it thi' nm- 
structian company con- 
trJKTted t>y the collej?*' to 
rrmtxiel the nretroonu.. 

BobC«^/'T ' '- ■' 

PUnt, vr 
repjirv , 
tht' Tri - 

d ..II ., 
■iih >>titliri 

to K- Li-r 

At a r. 
the college approve 
remodeling pn'HM 
rooms m the .Klnmu-trjtk>n Iniild 
vnf,. CH ti\r bid-. >ut>muti'vi tc Ihi 
board the .•ru- b\ th. In st,,ii 

v\fri- .intht 

1, .-.mI,! t'. 

ivid new dinu-. I! 

.itiii r>f\\ .Iff M^iii 


Ih iild 


flu* pr»*- 

WortMfs r*pl«c« 4e«r« on tit* 
A kMlMlMg katkroam*. 

ind partiiilH tep4int«>d All thn 
.■I the tH'w men's rooms are .1 
mull ■ .iirs All SIX rvwh, 

ri'ir- irooms have (ust iiivs il.K»rs to rcpLiCf the 


nut (rturncii t-\ Jcadliiu.'. 



H PWHCM, AMC 30 reunite for 
* a night of music, dancing 

tfc* ParatogaL 




»<iTr ft-. *HNt I 

Faculty advcsi > i>dv* Dtaigar vMaatapaa ttia avaaiag aa ata M a« 
mmkmft Karaa Moram an4 Dia Mlfca Soraa ati4 Stavia Wlbta 
«an«a to tha nMiaic at WHCIira raawta braatfcaat. 
Alan I. NH«ar<h I luW ,,n.i 1)1 losii I i-.Kh vvrkci the 

COfD'" • Mn;nasv.!,.Tr. 

VltinejtiH'rs rtb>i -im. 



k* football 
t— Mi— — ilif— tod. 
•00 Mi* 3U 

,111111 lunn' thfir 

■ ' ; 11. ^ i ■• '■ .--i 
;.i lor i(- s,-, 
liu I I nin>; ofvni'd uith y 
lar hits like Maiiibn »'^ b\ 
Begd and that perennial ^ lassii 
McLean's "Ameruan Pie 
Programming Maiuger Colle«'n 

iiivl inv tU\l If''' 



,■11 iIk Uhani .ilbui: 

won lontfstanls , 

posters baseball caps and other 


Student Development 
departments merge to 
bring more diverse services 

Kavta PoAialui 


MultKultural Xttairs and the Academic 
— ing and LounselmtJ tenter com- 

! t<T, e- ilv- ■-eriii-^ter to bnng stu- 

•'H two depart- 

, ., J , .».. , ;.,^ vouiv«elc»rs 

. ultiiral affairs personnel avail- 
■ ;;h mm«>nt>' student*. 

omnverKed at the »tart oi 

.1 will continue 

'student Dnyff- 

ne Student and 


Ine new depaitnieot was otficially 

namevl the t fnter for Mulhcultural Affairs 

■ mi. \,K ivini; and Counst'lmg when 
\ II: .'I si;,,i,ti! I \'\ olopment. Chris 

i,i.-nl of Student 
lid Director ot Atlair- t rank Solano decid- 
,■,1 r,- nw> . iiH\aid mth the protect. 

1, .siidinator ol Academic 

,1 .i^^.-ii,i.. I ii\,-l I rH^ul- 


am ottices will Iv Unati\i in the 
\. 111. niK Ndvismg and 

,.• . !,i-i; l , nti r :'■ t.Him 1117 o< the 
business and Svial S.ience Center 

I mplovii-s currentlv working lor the 

■ tepartment consist ot the same coun- 
is and adviMirs from Multicultural 

Atlairs and the \iadi-mic Advising and 
Counseling I enter 

ViCiirdinn to Iriend Westney, aside 

si-littmi; J sectiiin of the Academic 

ounselin^ tWice into two 

,^. .. nmisiate the MultiiTiltural 

Affairs p. . osts were 

• ot ail bai kurounds, will serve as a 

' .: to nuvt and scviali/e in a 

; . 'till); 

^vilano sa\ s the new department aim>. 

to brinK Harjvt awarerH»»s aKiut various 

ethnic gmups inside and outside Harper. 

'We have combiru-d ttn- departments to 

■ •\[-si-«' the cultural diversity of the school 

rill also the communitv.' reports S>lano. 

\ lolortiil niiv ol . ounsi'lors pnAcs to 

■(■one-.l f.h. 1 i.' tbe departnu-nt's 

ew offices come 

... N>;rounds includ- 

\frican-American, to 

•id t aucasian 

led with people wh<> 

' ,1, 1 I ii\ w ho chi>se to wurk in 

r and vvho are committed to cn?- 

jtin>; ,iiu1 atmosphere at Harper College 

that embraii-s sensitiv itv to each otfier and 

Ins Of bet lulturi', ' Friend -Westney says. 

I b<- offices w ill be open H am to 8 p.m., 
\1ondav thmugh Wednesday and 8 am. to 
4 3(1 pm, Thursday through Friday. 
Students can abo call the offices at 
»47 025.6522. 

Page 2 


The Harbinger 
October U, 1999 


•Akotiol AwaiciMM tWick 

17-39 i* NatioMi 
Aieahai Aw m w wm Wwk 
The foiowim mnrntt wiH 
tafc« place on aofm Ms 

•AlcoKot Am uumm mtd 
Education TaUe. Monday, 
O rt e t tr1«.Uam- 
1 Student Center 

and pkk 
and give- 

•In Our Own MbedK 
llauMMy fenMii Akolial and 

Ortakef », 12:15-145 pm 
A2<a>. Hhw llir pccaonal 
Morita ol le cBv etin g alcohol 
and drug Abuser* 

All programs will be 
held in the Student «nd 
Administiation Center Call 
HeaMt and PsydtoioKkal 
Scevke* at M7 929.6000 \t. 
6268 ior morv inKvmation. 

• Flu Vjiiuiv 

sick dfts \v: 



Tuesday, October 19, 
*M a.Bn. -1:30 p m., A241a 

Wrdnesdiy, October 21^ 
1 JO fJiL -tM pjM, A24ta 
11>c coat of the vaccine is $5. 
To (chedule an appointment 
caU Health Service* at 
M7 92S.(i00 xt o2M. 
A flu iltot is not guacanlBad 
to protect you from all 
strains of fhi, but il wiH 
dccr^ae your risk of 
extmded ittnna. 

The peoiective dicct 
beglM a lew weeks afier 
geMi« the shot and lasts for 
tev«f«l moitlha U you ai« 
aBHgk to eggs have had 
G«illain-BafT syndnxne, aw 
peegnant or have special 
cencsfns, oansuM your doc^ 
tor fifst bafoM gMtag a flu 

• Harper Wellneaa 


If yuu are interested in 

health and wellness or want 

experience workirtg in the 

flflll ..invi.l..- h..inj- .1 


instant rvcall. 


\ii\ is<ir% (. lub A-ill meet i>i' 



OH voo« enoNf now and just 7it n a ust who was on tmi lini' »»« 


*iS« .t 4«4t4«M«' "> "T^C-tl ♦••V*'* aev^ 



}S^ Guaranteed Credit Cards with Credit Limits 

^t:^*^" Up To $10,000 Within Days! 

^ No Credi r, Nu Job, No Parbnt Signer, No SiicuRU y Dhposit! 

no credit • bad credit • no income? 


If You Think You 
Cant Get A Credit 
Card, TIM Again. 


Want VISA & MasterCard Credit Cards? 






I want Credit Cards immediately. 

GAG, P.O. Box 220740, Hollywood, R 33022 



Tired of Being I\irned Down? 

Guaranteed MO.OOO In Credit' 

October II, 1W9 

Harper News 

Performing Arts Center to break ground this spring Earth Quak 

K*«lM PoAmIm and ffft Nebi* 

A -lO.dOO M)!, 
C«Ti«er, inttrntkii i>. .Mv.i..i...,i.,„ ,,.. 
ami eheaitr dq.v>rtnu>nK will N-sir. 
^tructK1n this spnriR umicT Burnid^;.' anj 
Caastrll Architeil*. 

Cunvntlv, tht- Ihvatw in the Buiim'vs 
and S«vijl Stienn- building, j|««) N*-n inj; .is j 
Uvtuiv h.ill, IS bt'in^ u*»il tur pl.n » .kmhtIv 
.ind i>fhfr pn«diK hiTi'- 

The rh«Mt>T i ! ,)Im> puN im 

pioductnifv. in til, ,h m ihe LibiTdl 

•\rt!i jml Vifnu^s. CmtCT L'ntil ru>w, th*^ 
.ind Musii I )i-p,irtmenl hj\ e m»t had d tmter 
ii> call there own 

Bn:3u<.e the theater in the Business and 
SiK-ijI Science buildmi; had onKuulty been 
intended for tectum, acuustit: ability is ctwn- 
promised and turn earned sevml depart- 
ments to push for a new (aci!it> 

In addition to the Pertorming Art-, t .nt, i 
a Conlerefwe Center hj» bet-n slatt-d tor 
dev-elopinent durtitK the same pmod nans 
for the new buildin|ip have been a main pn- 

ulmmwtratiiin I 
('.■■.\.v.i M.irfH'r rri--i 

Kriu-dc! >av^ (iin.k (i ,.* , 

■ to<>tafe r> . 
r>H»«k' pruK>i~ ■ M.iti.ti.M 1,11 

vtar^ aj;o and the n-. tu.ilh .i\ .u^ 

jblf li> us four. ti>f MMi~ 
KHt-n to us. Ml to -.peak I 

Aiior Img to i> Bnu-dcr. tlu^olln;, ,uh 
miltevi application!, for thr»-»» othiT pn^H-^K 
including the rrOiivatu" 'pplji-.l 

Techntilogv and hngmciT ,.. w,.|| 

as fte deseloprru'nl i,| .1 11, ,iiti> -^ n ;. , .m.l 
Science Centers 

The combirutHin of a faiUil n-ten-rHlum 
4i>d a hi^'i price tag proves ^jminij .mfss to 
hind> w jll be diffit ull 

Thtwt three prv>)i\t> would total aUnit 
V* million If we couJd get any of it hindevt 
k'V the state, that winild Uke tfw pn-*sun' off 
the lefere^vdum request. ' Brueder savs 

These- arKl other prinecfs are still on the 
iolle)?e s .!^t■nda and the pursuit for funding 
will continue as plaas for a second push tor 
a referendum are in tf»e works 

Page 3 

ky NmI tatfo 


VISIT DATE SchaiimbuK) ThnrsrUy O'^tobpr 28. 8 30 a m IJ 30 a ni 

Earn your degree 
in 1/3 less time. 

ir WHiir 24 iH oWer. ymt can cvmpletr >wur undcfRradtute degree in up lo 
.twHhird Irm lime ,Juii. ^ irwllUiHiid hochetor't proynun R.w»r*rll I imcrNO", 
«tekraie.l •wM-.r „f < .,.„„^ SMto >n«l B«l>elor of PrafeMioiul .S«u«n 
pcogr»m ciubk v..u i., . h«uie {i€tm mure ihan 20 acadeniK ma«un. imhxltnR 

f II iiiixc inliif iiij 

I>»ff C> iWNa « T>»c>».r»>» Psydwt^ 


'^**"' *"» t > ■ Wmiiii— «l 

Ic an appoinuneit:. oU one of out 

nzMtnis MTitiMM TUMinn 


Ik- ''.yyu. . 

(MtM *<• Ouaift. »«n*]l) Ml 311 '( 


m m a I'liw unH iiifc. 

Uki-LlKlCr Me . Ye." 






I^^^^S^R ^ES^l^^^^h' mi 


Come join the paper, 

there aren't really any 

perks, but what the heck! 

We are a fun group of wierdos! 
visit A367 or call 925-6460 

1%^ Ask your wellness advisor «/« 

students tan .inon\ 
mously submit questions on 
wellnevs related topics b> 
piacuiK them m the marked 
bon outside the Health 
Serv ice» Office in A'W 

Answers will appear m 
future issues of The 

All questions will be 
thoeoughly researched and 
responses will be pmvided 
by hi'.ilth . If professiionals 
and . Idted to Tlir 


Q. How do I stop fntm 
losing my voice in the 

A. Hoar>enes», which is an 
inflammation of tfie voial 
crds IS called laryngitis 

S,me c,>mmon causes of 
laryngitis include overusing; 
the voice, cold temperature, 
excessive aki>hol use, smok- 
mg, infection, allergies and 

The condition usually 
lasts a week or less 
L.aryngitis lastmg longer 
than two weeks could be 
mdicahve of a more serums 
problem and the individual 
shiiuld see a physioan. 

Mild to moderate hoarse- 
ncs» does not require imme- 
diate medial care 

To help alleviate symp- 
toms, rest yc>ur voice by not 
talking or whispenng, since 
this will furtfier stram the 
vocal cords 

Also, using a room 
humidifier may help the 

Northern HNnoit Univtrstty 

Bachelor of Science 

in Business Administration 


Offared at Sch*umburg HoaTHtiM 

B«ginnin9 Eadi FM f or Adutt La«m«(«* iiiihoii 

t»eompl«Ma<lagrMlnBusinM« itwiviniTT 
t Juniwr/SMlor towal oounM ootyl 

• Ca m >— fane Pwt-tima. tyi^mtt. Schaumburg Locattea 

• AffontoMa 

• Mtgft QvaNlv. Tauflht ky Rawilar mj Facultv Mmnbaf* 

• hdiyAMMdIlad 

For ntera bifomwrtion caN tlw MU Co«a«« o( »iMinM* 
(•IS) 7S1-I1M or E mail at BSBA^nteadu 

VitM o<K w«b«ft« at www cotJMu.adu/ocbtba 

•6. yaart a«*r htfh Ktioot ar QtD a>nH)»Mlofl and «0 lemaiwr 
«>«(M nowt aamad 


Page 4 

Harper News 

Tht' Harbinger 
October 11, l^W 

Career comer: growing paralegal field 



C'jroT Pri>>;r.nii'. ,trr !ji- 
Uwvd till -"tiKlcnt- v\hii want 
to a«.hif\f J partiiuiar oarttT 
gKiil, >ui.h .)- .1 p.irilii;.!! 
TKis >>uiif^ 

with gUKi< 

jnd preparation- Ih. 

Hi Kith lis. 

patu>n> tti vht^»-^i' rronv siu h 
as hunvui sen-Kes. buMrwv». 
ht'dlth c«i<r and tet Knologv 

Lhris Kran/, unr nt th»? 
iiKwdirutivre f<>i 
Ci-nter. prinidtni 
tiir diMMim mjkini; lii-.i 
m'W-knuw U\l>;t' Svi>nJ th«- 
knowledge i>f the wuriil ol 
w«rk. ■ This IS then IoUowinI 
bv the anticipated realitv 
ih«vk, I hat WiHild be to m-I 
gtuU, such as a ^ari-er Iikii- 
taking actum through eduia 
tion and training; tr\ing the 
work and building a network 
of people 

Th« paraWgal !>tudi««> is a 
two- war ptoi^ain that pr\-- 
pares an indnuiual '. 
»Titr\le\el posituMi 
prnalf nr ^iTpiitalf l.i" tuni 
\ -Midenl that ha- a 
•iroll in the -luitv 

ha- It' laki- tli«-. 

into von-iiliraliiM 

dent pi— **—<•- an \n^, .^i.i-.x 

iir a till hell T - l)e;4ri'<' and 

JtMde- to pursue a can 

the paralegal held tht 

>1 hef 

.|uinng II 

Ihc re«-|i.iiriTi>^ 

[ lurvi- 

i- j; ^ 

Thnv i» ■ 
:—'— ">m for i — < luiK.i.n 
hat are . urrenlH 
^'} 1 ''.ed in the legal field or 
ha\i' recently be^un th^ 
-tuit\ What a jttudtTil learns 
from these cta»»es directly 
jpplie- to his or her working 


I ol»><'rvcd t>ne ot the mn- 
era! re>.]uin(*d paralegal cour*- 
e», a contract class ci>nducted 
by Paul t iuy mon. the ccKwrfi- 
rtator ot the paralegal pro- 
gram, and learned that the 
dlMUsNUm con.ststeil ot 
itte Mluationi and inTurioj. 

It vI.mIi ulth the litigaticNi 
. ! Ihi i.iw and lonfli.tN of lite 

lor fiainpl.- *.iumon 
-hared one ot hi- ta\ orite sce- 

1 — I agr*'i'uu-nt o( 

he cvoslaii i(' 

1... 1 ■,■!• ! ..^ ,.t lontratt- -\ 

hoii-«' liltini; Kisim->>. misun- 

-landing their .Iirnt- 

lre».- tor another addri-.- 

m the lU'ighKirhiHHl Ihe 

people that In id al Ihi- 

.utdrc— were on vaialion 

Not kmnv it>>; thi! ttii'ir hiMi-,,- 

liti lallv nun 

livation thev ' 

not liable ti>r (tie tvoiis«- liiiint; 
bu'viness* mistake and itiis 


Ih.' . !,!-> ■ ,nd 

.inaK /til Ifle -len.H u> rv .i-k- 
ing aN'iit real lite 
-itualion- that would alter 
ttii- path- in the -tor\ Ihi 
-tudt'nt- win' lomlortablc in 



^r\Jl di-' 
• ot the 

uli'nt- lOiiKI adapt 

iild h,ipp.'n in the 

rial VMirld to Ibi' le\tK>ok 

and handouts it\ Ironl of 

Ihein i.mnion continm'd to 
plug in i)ui-tion-, dati"- and 
practical -ilu.ition- that chal- 
lenged thi"-«' molnated indi- 
\ idual- 

(..uvmon .i-k- hi- -ludent- 
Ironi the -tart of the courM- 
>shal the\ v\.int out of this 
pri>gram and course The 
ma|orilv ot the response- 
n't1ivtt>d the sub|tvt matti 
-uch a- understanding th' 
law. contracts and i>ther crit»' 
see nWULEGAL on pat* 5 

efra's $5 Pass 


all weekend long! 

\ Metra's U/eeterx) Pass can sav« you 

$10 on the purchase of an IN<ard 

membership, check out 

or call 847-673-3703 for details. 

The HarbinniT 
October II, 19W 


Pag* 5 

l^gd JQa StfltiOn Career comer, statistics reveal opportunity 

plays to crowd 

turned tron pale 1 ti> th. -..mi; I 

rewards from the minu> ( lUcn r.ionlict 
HtTwfinger and frt:-,- \h } ,.rri^ 


umlrueo frorr pa0e 4 

n4 h«4«nil it Thi'Mudfn! wh 

th« f^nnt ot th«' mtrv lcv,i lor l.irt tirni- Jtid 

(.rar«. lon.i" 
In atliti' 

\l mviUil listt-mTs ti' 

■>-.hi(i VMth \Mi -jv 
Muran .intl that tn.iKo-- 

for pn/i's B.11U-V thln);^ Iiki. ihi* men- fun 
\lurphey, a high sth.«.l.r 1 1| |>.,„ Madi^jan iH■^l 

L'Ut K>r a nighl dl the mov ifs .,,,,,.>.( ,, .h. .i.i.n, 
blew away Ihf ciwnpetiti.'i' 

K\ doing some Irish dam ink; ,,..>» i.i .u.i . ..{..,, v,,. 


th. ;..-: 

i>n rthii >>>niii 

:nnn-nt- i;r 

,!t ,1 ,1.l:!\ h. 


• \ ital ri'vtfKtKMi ("O 

.^ ;» tl,..\ fiv.i^f 

: .ifmaml (■ 
» .111 iijim and bt'tlt r c; 

\ hi- h.ivc eam«l tin- ; 

ill", iif KiU r 


IVj^riv Shi' p|jn> li> uvc hfr tfrtiticali- 
Uiwanl-. managetnenl in fnti-rtainrntTil i>t 
•"fKHi* and find-- plcnlv ol uppiirtunitv in 
this ago dd\rrtivnu'nts Brown admitU-d. 

<|-.-. l.ili.Tis I't the program haxi- Kvn 
!..) thi pri>t<-^M>r\ cTHouragi' tb<.nr >hj- 
lirn!^ .Mth iiilormalinn i«i [ob iipportunitii- 
111, i i.K 111, <-nn-nt 

lilt .>t thf growth of inlmRit in Ihi- 
, ... .... ^,. I > .mt-r, tht-rt- art' stTniivir* providinn 

irU4>nna(ion n>y(arding paraloKal stud»e> and 
taming ,i i frtifuatf .m (VIcNt 1" and 
iV-vt-niK-r " sn i > I"^ p ni 

I hi >fpti'mbiT 1"^' (. arcer 

1 yp. vrlnnilK's \ew>" riAiaU that only 22".. ot 

>isti-na- Ivlwtvn IMW-JtlU) will 

uhflors IX-gnv i-xcitin(;lv discov- 

• p, .i iroin the vfar> 1'*%-21X>0 the growth 

i.'f 1 carpuT !■* mcwasing t«> 76,0(K) 

II \-.siiv lati"- \pplied Science 

. jf 1.. a ►;i>al canvr txing a parale- 

v;.il u ith miith ("pportunitx and succvss 


your Bachelors 

Degree i? your Goal, 

Achieve It! 

GOAL. North Park s 
Adult Bachelor's Degree 
Completion Program now 
M Elk Grove VtiUge 

Ok«K5 Ofti" jjniii'i iOOB 



.: . ^f'^ me«l one g wwi wg i mtm* 

>$aluftlBV Nov 6 drt lOiffl 

ftewrrvctMn Learning and 
wnanranon t^nw 

Education Has 

Its Rewards. 

fTnrAing your d^ite'' Naikwal-liwii I'niveBfly 
r has t*o schol«^ip prugnim waning f« yiw.* 

• Tranter Htco^ititm kmmt 

Atflomabc scholmhi{K of S60D-SI.800 at awitded 
10 stuiknu wbo have a Bummum of SO taBrfcnMe 
vetne^tf iMirs or 75 qaaner houn and 1 gnde 
poiM aven^ uf VO tv hetler. and ait traKfemog 
ink) i N^HRui-lxiutN Urovissit) on-campiK. 
undoipJuaie degree pnfnm. 

• Ike Bfntfailoi's SchoMiip 

Roipietus of ite corapcdovc $I.V)O-S5.O0O 
Ndiolarsl^) must haw a nunintum grade poini 
ivet^ ol 3J5. tiaihtcraNc Ncmcslcr houiN of 
60 or 90 qoaitff hom and have compictod federal 
and siaie fuondai aid proadmcs. 

' RotrKtKwsa^,iro«diii«toaf«h(itaniliipi mMk. 


For mart infomutikm call 



'^ National-Louis University 

^^ ttowrtww Oweogo tvontJon WlieoJofl WWIing Elgin 

* l ^ mltK m »«m i0i»t> mt)*im iii ,immlt t l tit**>mt»t( Mm ti mm li u 4CalitKmimuit 


Page 6 

Welcome to 
Harper High 

The HarbingPT 
October 11, 1999 

fiJui.atu)!i.i ! ■ - 
as .1 l.nd b.u f 

And It-!. uruiiT>.t.Hi J.if' 
•ill, we drive hi-rf \\ <. 

■Iropped unknowm^U ,..,,. ...i- 
niddle of somt" strant;o i>imrus 
in bufu with .1 re 
cra/y glue jn^l » 

VVe \ f ^ol ' . . , . 

\\v don I h ii'i\ 

trifnd>.. VVe artn t iinw,...! tc \ob 
hiinttng on i",impii~ \\f iKti t 

^ • ' r I- ruu ti>i i tii 111 rr Kitl' ti> 

our ^thool in ihe -.inu' u,i\ nut 
triends jvv,i\ from honu' >l>> 

And thi> l^ tine: it's ,i loninni 
nitv iolK'i;<' - tlu- piiip.. 
tor some »>t us V\i- ri luii to i;i t 
a high qu.ilit\ edui.iih'P, .it .in 
affordable prue so \\c v.m p.n 
off tuition .uiii I'..,.r,i . h, M i\ , 
trjnstiT (Ml! 

commuter rusf, i n v \nt 

all ot us have the nu* >ur 

to six years of htj-h p- 
versitv tuition Or th 
tor m.Hl. 

But we at i : ,• ■■ n.n e .i 

problem with stiu k i.i 

'^le bottom ot the desks m luir 
-lasses, and to the .i.w/i.,^ .,i .1,.. 
water tuunljins 

lem with the big pudJIe ^i ^yA 
on the hall floor We ha\f .i 
problem with the numerous brn 
ken mur!>- ••" - i^' ■ ' ■!< 

We h.M . ^ the 

sLreaming mob ot su. t- 

side our classri>oms 
have a problem w ith tlie di~re 
Spectful people talking Junn^ 
our lecture ciassts tor the \er\ 
simple reason vv e re wo lon>;er in 
hieh school We didn t pa\ to ^o 



!• I ,!i|.>r. 


S-M ■.<! ■ 

r ■tiifi- 

t 'l^ IS-. >[>ii- .uul t . 

I lUariK .it!< I 



.mj .Kiminis- 

Hi ^> j c.^iJ. ■ ! I ii-smond Ian.- His .ibx-ntivism 
cmimkI important items that wimid pnrttxt students 
rifchts to t'e killed due to lack of ijuorum This sum- 
mer I h«M\ iK recniilfd fi>f the st-nale. spent many 
hiiurs ot mv time writmg brochun-s and pamphlets 
r the sc.|\alr. even alK-nded on behalf of the s»'nate 
' shman orientati<m I was still renMed despite of 
'tort I f>ee\ that students should hav e th«' nght to 
itiocjw wfK> should represent them, that it shouldn't 
f>e clouted bv Itw ta<;ull\ and administratitm influ- 
■\i.v This Is th«' time of change to see that such 
r. ifKs and levels ot unfairness are TH^er n-ported. 


.■ill-Ill fights. 

lames I) ^kv les 

Cot « ^UMtimT Atk Uncle Bill. He mtf not be right, but it*»( 
|oo4 «dTioe. Drop off ^ur lattcft to the BMthiagv ia AM?' 

D««r OiKwuagad, 


OcM UmI* till. 

Why «« {woplr M> in«n? It 
thM rvwywrftete I look 
i» frowning and doing 
pc wIW i to mnaUl ha.v- 
or mn make eyv con- 

Not all people anr imttn, and 

of thtwp who air *m* are actuaO)' 


■ 'I, and 

n.ii -. , i ;^, ,>t the people you 

«.^v .ir> jiisi n.ivmg a bad day. 

It M unfortunate Out you have 

had Mich expenence» to make 

you feel that all people you 

encounter are mean. Graitted. 

many people aeon cold or tncon- 

•iderate, but it could pist be a 

caae of running late, or having a 

bad day. 

I know for sure iliat not all peo- 
ple are mean bcoMae I aw people 
around Harper doing nic* iMn^ 

all the ttmr 
holding dev. 
where d» morak- . 
Uke in ttte parking kH. peuple can 
be real buggers in Ihe parking k*. 
but that i» iust one of thoae tlmai 
when Oarwin'i survival 
comes mto play. 
My best advise is tu make 
that you air doing your beat to be 
a good person, anid 1 bet it will 
rub off on D«ose around you. As 
k)ng as you aie happy andj 
that you are being kind to < 
you ahould i«»t caqr. 

ke JI0 

*t happy ***^JlAm 
eing kind to o^^^l 

»«^- dH 

Singadl ^H 
Uncle MB WM 

■ditorial Board 

The Harbinger 

staff Writars and Aaslstanta 


Ryan Freuna James Johnsoa Porter r«>bie 

IHerb White, Jr. 

Qanaral Pellclas 

Co-Editor in Chief.. 

News Editor. _. 

A4E Editor 

Features Editof- 



-Kevin Podusha 


Business Ad ManagBf Mandy Offetacher 

Faculty Advtsor Darr Gire 

nw Hsrcw^for IS it« ituOent iau«lic«ian tor tne Harpir CoHsgc cwnpus coTv 
'luvty. puHisnM oi-a>e«% tnrojgtiout t>« scfKx>( year eitcaill durwig t»M^ 
snd final namt. T(« paper n dtoWlMlad Itee to a« MtiMntt. taoMy and 

ai>nnstr«tiaa Tin nnt im t e r * mm pmpem « to pnmde fim mim< earnm 
ii(> wm mtomtauon partaimig to tne campus andits si«nxindin|t cornnwu. 


rne ) ^> D ^^p^l'llll^ KOn»H tte>»totti»ed«erandn»eNe«tooMrei»Hona»s. 

.•tters nust ee sivrwo ml inciuite a ghona nwnbr «ar vertAcMiori 
Sifnaluras wM Ml «Mtnhs« won fiKiueM. M lelten ma oonteM are tuliaet 

^Miducts ant servce* aduerttsaa in r^ieMrtavararenolendareaatiyllw 
•tttors o( tm paper, nor by trw coDeca aonmstratton w IhMnI of Ovectort. 
mquncs itnuld lie ftmnanMd daactty to the aOrwtisar, «« « gurctaaas am 
ac nw dwcielian o« ua conaunar. 


The Hartxnger William Raney flarper College 

1 200 West Algonquin Road 

Palatine.H. 60067 7098 

Phone Numl)erK 

business office: 847 925.6460 

news office; .847 9256000 ii2461 

fax: 847925.6033 

copyri^ 1994 The HwDtnger. 
Ail nghts rsMrvwl 


The Harbinger 
October 11, WW 

piMrmi f fttfY*'^*'*'"* 

„•» «t»T IS*..— «-—-•»«»»« -—^ '*»-' ,_ 

» *. «1tT HM«i* »r*W« *•*»• < 



The Harbin>;iT 
Oclob«r 11, 1999 



Wanted Pant II ■>'-..■ .nty 
Responsitite ana conscien- 
sckxis persons sought. 
\MMtends and holidays a 
must. $7.65 to st^t with 
regular increases to follow. 
Initial uniform investment 

required. Contact Lt. 

Jotmson at Pubftc Safety 


Whole Foods Martet. 1331 
Rand Road in Palatirw is 
nowNrtng! PT /FT Entry 
level positions are avail 
abte. Join an exciting can 
pany in a fun working envi 
ronment' 847.776.8080. 


Chitdcare & Learning 

Center in Morthbrook 

Teachers tor infants, tod 

<«ers and preschool. PT 

7«0- 10:30 or 2:30 6 MF 

Rate per ED/EXPER. Call 


Teacher seeks pupil. Must 

have an earnest desire to 

save the world. Apply in 

person. Wed. evenings 



Book early, save! Spring 
break. Cancun. Jamaica 
Florida, South Padre, etc. 

Best ilOtt'lb. vXi^tb. i>c*( liti.j 

Need Campus Reps. | 

Escorts. Groups to earn 

money, free trios Browse for 

reps/app. ICP 


Spring ^ak -00 

Cancun, Mvatlan or 

Jam»ca from S399 Re{» 

wanted' Sell 15 and travel 

free' Lowest Prices 

Guaranteed!' Info: Call I 

1800 4468355 wwwsixvi 


Jackson Guitar amp 


200 watt 4 X 12 guitar 

cabinet, ^iit m the late 

80V Is preppf<l for stero 

output. In very good condi 

tion 847.398.6248 or 


Peavey Musician Guitar 
Amp Head- Noo-tube, built 

in Phaser and distortion 

w/foot switcfx Inputs for 6 

guitars and 2 parallel 

inputs. Moderately good 

condition. 847.398.6248 

or 847.338.4712 
Roselle apart nrient sub- 
lease. $780 2 bed 2 bath. 

She's finally coming over, huh? 



No biggie, bank online. 

MM kMMK( «Wi iM l t atO mm n • Pnm mmm to ww 380 MM* araund CMcia> 

To i tUiiilied call 847 925 6460 

Tlw (Ntxt time you hav« »om« banKin( to do t>ot more pressing engagements 
■rtM, you'll be glad you have a LaSalie checkup account «»lth free internet banking. 
It's tike Having a bank right where you live. Open your LsSalle 
account at www.laaailekaMlia.eem or call 1400-S40-01M. 

Before You Transfer, 
Take A Trip Downtown 



I Students in Illinois arc fortunate to havr «> many coUews and 
univcrMtici (roni wiiich to choose. EJcfbre you rransfei. consiiKr 
this. IVPaul University has one ol" the fmcNt jLjdcmit 
1 rcputJtions in the country. And when yiju gu to interMcw 
I for J job, you will realize just haw important ihat is 

DePaul offers an oteasive number c> undergraduate degree programs, a 
low student to faculrv' ratio, size cl.isies tlcxiSie nhcdulo and 
rinan».ul aid and scholarship opp.>rtuniik< Ail this is )ust .» 
quick train ride or shun commute away. To learn more 
about DcPaul, )tiin i,i> .u u-, onm house. 

; Open House Schedule 

Suntiav (\inKrf l"" 1000 . I '.ftfl pv« in«|^«,-^r,,,_ fv»j«. ,. irv()f) j^,i 

U>» .»* 1 llwTJl \rr< \ .-li.Mllli 


Til Kl>U<\ b 1 . ,-. . ; HiH sf h\ 1-M. (. Al I 


October 11, 1<»<» 

Arts ft intertainment 

Page 9 

WDEN7 Senate Bulletin 

R«»««M*Utiv0 Mati iviilabit In tht following tcMitmic dtvtttont: 

Tht Siwdtflf Smttt 1$ tookiag for moti' 
vtMd 'odtrMinis lattmfd in ptrtki- 
P0tia§ In ttudmtt yovwiwiMtt. 
PtrtlcptUon htclu4H tfMopwt wM 
tuoatM ilvision hu4». (MftMy mHh 
' *riwit etmput club$ tnd wg»mt»- 
tiem, campv$ §^inf9tr»tors. studtnt 
botf Bt I§rg9, and uorliing $$ t tttm 
pUftf »<Ni tkt Sfutftfff Stn$l9 body on 
tpociil pnioet*. 

In(*rt««td Studtnt* ptaaw com* t« appty at Hit Stud«M Swatt OWc* A332. { blank 
appicatlont on door } ciU w at (47.925 6244, or M»ii ut at Harper 
EiigiMMty rtatrletlam Nietode (but not rattrtetad to): muat b« a Harpar itudent wKli a 
OH «f It or b«Mar. *<ipl> caBt iii a du« by October 28 at 2 p m 

t (aoo-v0Mf aiaMbar) 
' fcaiaau antf Social ScMwm 
« ca <aai<c Utietmrnt mtd Unyvaya itudtn 
Ttctmoko§f. HMMWIfes aiitf myakaf 

ConfMn/ng Eductthi* 
CoBttr for Sftftfefffi ir^tA OttMOimu 

Uk Sdoncot *nd Mimm* SarWcaa 
NWtoan and /tonun ^rt o m m K O 

Psychology Club Mr.ETiNC 

October 14, I2:IS 


Anita Crawley will be talking on 

"Careers in Psychoiogy." 

For ruRTHRR info cau. Elaynf. Thompson at 



For over flOvcan. T1.\A CHHI" lu. 
he*n ike IrM^ing retimneni cacn|nay 
on AmerK-a '• caimpumt%. Hul rxpvrwfK-ir m 
iml one rnuton w^y mi many smart 
•mrciNnni trot ua with tkrir tinancul 
future. Hurt af« a Srw i on ; 

Superior strength 

Willi cnnrr SVX) Mt io n in ■■■» umW nwui- 
•I. riAA-CRKK is Om waMm Ui^hi 
ofyMtaaliati - anA mnong itw 
It's afw of tlie r»awniii why 
MoraitifMar hq*. TlAA-CRKt^- mO ih. 
M i im Im i I in ih* linancial aervicn intiiwiry.'' 

Solid, loag-tcrm 

Wc aceh out loiig-tenn u|j(Mrtunirias flaat 
odwr co wi pn a it i . in punnitl nf <|uit.-li faana, 
nften rraaa. Ttmugh (nhH prrformanc* om'i 
gmiranice future multx, ik» (aaticnl philue- 
opky Kaa pmwn cslrmacly n u r m t li n g 

Surprisingly low expenses 

> 'ftjf c L)xt& are A<n(>n|^ , 
. ncr aiwl mutuiil 

TI \ \ <'HI l--. 


fun<l muuMric* • ."hi nrarr of your nKmcy [ 

goea where it tkoM - toward emunng 


Easy divcrsificadon 

W« offitr a witit variety ot cxpenly 
ww i f il ii«v«Min«itt afi«ioiM te help fauik) 
jxNir aaaeta. Wc make i« Miitpic. Mao^ wi«k 
Muck. boitJ. monty iMirket. rtal catal*. 
and guannlMd o^tiotM. 

Unrivaled service 

We Iwiieve thai our «rr\-ice Jiatm^uiklie* 
HS (ram evciy other rvtirrincni ^<Hi>puiiiv 
In the i nn a t rwMml Dalbar tu ' 
TIAA-CRKF raaiia it>|M M {Mruiipaiiuii 
•Btiilartion ' 

Call luilay to find uul how Tt AA- 
Ckl'll'tdri help vuu liuiU llw hitaiKiai 
future vtw wani and deMtcvc. 

to tmd ottt n«arc $r*t it» 
4 Gill or vKit oia wchtitc 



1 800 842-2776 

Program Board Behind 
the Fun at Harper 


hunv; ovit M Ihi' 
imJ «,ili hill 


iintmitv as 

i !. ■!.;! .!;t. ho.lEt.J - 

l>i»>; Bi>jrd is .in iir>;.v 
ni/atiim on campus vs hi .s,> 
MJle purpixw' L> to piiHiilr 
culturdi, Mvijl, and nthi-r ii>- priv>; (or 
Harpt-r l ollfgi rh<-n' .in- Id 
sepjrato (•tfi. .rs ,.ii ('ri.»; 
Bturd, hfjJiil b\ rri>^iittTit 
IMxtrah .\bK»tl ^h^•\ r.inKf 
trom ChairptTSiiii .i 
CoiKCTt!. and l,«vtu 

( h. 

..1 \. .(..., . 

ti'im%i In non■l'!tl^^'r^. ..ilUtt 

■I^.. Ilu'v .ti- 

\fntv .1^ vs.'lt .ts 

kx>li til Ihf . imnf; 

1>if\ havi- l'tuij>;hl Mdrp«T 
•-ui h f\ i-nts is the Slerici con- 
cort as well as .ill of the 
\idp«)s shown in the student 
liiunfii- Lp<.oming events 
itiiluile the tamilv fun of 
■'iM Rudolphs Spooktacu- 

II .1^ v\ell Js folk riK-k artist 

>natha BriHike 

SimpU put I'rograin 

Board V itdsMon. ai.Kvrding to 

vhK.d .. (,, proMde a 

- Ill pn>nrams to 

iiviiiM> I hi- includes 

lervfhmg (ri>m (..aelic 
■>ti>rm, .in Irish folk band to 
th«' M.ip.ip.i Atriian ac-robal 

ITie i'\ I'nt- that Ifn" pe«>ple 
at Program Bturd put togeth- 
er are open to the enhre stu- 
dent Kidy, and mi>st of the 
hme, the public as well. This 
gives » ffteat alternative for 
the borrd ciilKxe student. 

S> the next tinv vou enjoy 
-> muMe in tlie Student aivl 
\Jminisfration Center, or 
^ .Itch the lateftt Concert in Ihe 
(^ad. take the time to thiitk 
•iKiut the people who 
bri'uv;ht it ti> vou 

I' Bivird. that's 

Invest Your Credits 

If \oii k/TS f inll^f fTfdit - BSe u. 

!:.:•■ :,: ..! iotlfgtntrsivoHtaml 
"\ fomfiktf an afffkmm/ 

Bachelor DEGREE' 

B atk ry r of jtariaeu 

tnik . ' raarmwaitian tm: 


M-iM a ctmcrmratitm m: 



ni. s 
«■ « viit iih-n 

Cke^Mi. ■.«»■» 







A representative wii tie on carr^HiS October 19 

Page 10 


Ihf Harhinm-r 
October 11, 19<»<» 


tMwMUMfpi trntMrntm ■trw ww Oft iwu Saan 

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Chum CnwiaiMt' (««•(« 

X^S tar- 4 i.aar' » 

••<iir*>niiMaiMM«ii*f taiitat<>n«iM>iMiK»»!«»w«>«<«BU<^eyM 'i iiaia » i » iiKi»Bi» waa»w>.«a^ 


The Harbinf;or 
October 11, 19W 


Hazbiinger is 

looking for 

sports writers 



Join todayt 


Page 11 

Hawks: defense sets tone for victory 

camnjnl fram page 12 

eluded a Raider m»h and tound «iei\ t-r 

Cilessun fur a \^ yard touchdown pass, 

for the Hawks ftrul sc<we of the garm- 

Wh«^ tht- whistle MHinded the Hawks 

came away with their biRgesI win of the 


(uixens hmshed th • J.n »Mlh 2»>1 

v.ird> passing anJ Inur tiuKbdi<»n 
passes, while laban tvans led Ihc 
Mawks rushing attack with 87 yards 

Whili' (.lin-stin and Scarbn>u(jh each 
puktil up lil»> rweiving yards and 2 
tt»uthdc>w-ns Ilv? Hawks otfense rallied 
hn 40h yards and 20 HrsI downs 

The Hawk'« defense allowed only 

ZV vards and an impressive H first 
di'wns While forcing the Raider's to 
turnover tlK' ball six times 

Tfu- news only gets b»>tter for the 
Hawks Thev are currently ranked Sth 
in the nation in tfie latest NJCAA ftx»f- 
ball poll. Harper s highest ranking since 

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Hawks succesful with new team 

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Prvffunrv Ccnirr 



(■..,!. l.'.,^,,) 


MM S. .\\Khn:,in 


The Hawks football team has 
been successful this year, j-specialK 
the offense Which may come as a 
surpris«' to the skepticis who didn't 
beliexe last vears champs weiv capa- 
Me of defending their title. 

Eiipecially when you keep in 
\ mmd tfiat this is a young team with a 
:lt*t of trvshmen starters, and onlv a 
few stvond returning; pl.iv>Ts 

The I'ltens,' bivn explosive 
,ind di'spih' Ihi' incxfKTu'nit' ol thr 
ipiayers the le.ini still manages ti> 
'average !V! points (>«t H.iriie 

" ^LirpnMHi. s.iid Head 

h.isik I think the ke\ 

■ing in was that we had .i 

n ijii.irtefback who had not 

plaM-d at this level. Even though he 
was a V ery gixid high sichool quarter- 
back, I tlHiught we would probably 
struggle offensively early because we 
were reiving i>n a freshman He 
made his mistakes early but not 
enough to cost us any garner. Now 
he's getting mon' and more consis- 
tent and he's comfortable with our 
offens*' .)t this level of play, " contin- 
ued Eliasik 

Another contributor on offense 
has been Bubba Mariani He has ran 
tor well over 500 yards and scored 13 

"Bubba M.iruni pri>bably 
K-en the biggest (actor with his 
maturilv and consisfervy. He 
brought a lot to our oftense in the 
N*gmning ot the vear, " s-iul I liasik 

t>t. \l 1 li 

learn more. 

In "AnKTuVt Bc« f'olfcfr*." rtic mnwl 

& WMi AjPMM. vn* *anll m tibr tt>p t»rf t^ iht- .St Jwtru « i.t>ef«i on* 

oifcgnt Wt jhs aw dw Im t ufcfi hm" la Itwsai. 

Or ««ra wth fcumrimit. wat aim ]mt. by afcnagMyCTaw 
mwlniH on » fttnmA icah. Man dun fi pctMM ef eM 
fatthir hi*l iW l'ii|>mr Aywi '» Am MA. X\kk tthmtr* yhnhn 
at u HmlMm |t««i«r fkty hm m iradlt. m toMll cliu» 
wtiM* ilio baaw Aau imfcuii m iadrnAufa. Uut noript cUh 
ku If mntcmi A fimlnr t mm im . mm t fnrdwif t mm nt. NadM« 

iindtwfall to ttmktiftumi mmmi On * (Imwc cmapu. 
ni « duiKMOl <ui*itK •> pKiMT imalniH tt num ifr> uni Kikk 

* ' ■■ ;t»e»rtl tfrwvc, ap^«cir'uiwn. jiiwl adhwvttMcni 

' »itcnpnft. i:ufVfiffdw«M»vc, aad ammmmt-- ^olMnt 

n '■fcai mtt^ »n i| | fc i hi h 

^^^ ., , 

•—,•-*• rliiUuirNi i\ Kimiiii; i«>|uT 

I lainrnMi KbaitMcii •ilmi>H<Mic<ninw<ni.uMMM>BiNMiiig|aii 

MBiiiMf,Kya)lbm a.fnm toao i.m. r:<W||iiin. BmlMni u 
ii—wwIK' "miiiifci tamitif.' Atwu um mtixvrafoijf Mwlraitn 
1 i m ii lt i M MJ i i . Ym WW it w i i mtf ■» lmii» n ii i i » tkam m. 


•The Lady Hawks Vollleyball team racenlty played 
confererK» rival Illinois Valley and were defeated 
in five sets The Lady Hawks lost the first set 15-6, 
but won the next two sets 16-14 arvl 15-3, but 
couldn't ciose the door as ttie Apaches won the 
nexthiyo 15-6 and 15-13. 
•We woukj like to say thanks to ttw Artist formeily 
krK>wn as Noel Bago. During the Hawks football 
game Bago was sinrtply taking pictures for the 
BInger, when he got too ctose for comfort. Bago 
«M» 12 toet from the action when tai back Tabar 
Evara ran over the 105 lb. Bago, who got nght 
back up, ready to take more photos. 

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www.workforstudents.coni / IL 

^ Elmhurst O J lege 

Wlkaa c»&ft •■fAt » ir 

Set yotar ^^oaM^ High. 

We'll Help get you there 

Sornmmas ••atfwa v<x# goitt i — mt Iti* an impoxOa Umm. 
ir> t*» Ar Forot vouH gat tha taoa vou ttaad HI iMtfi any •■! 

V«X1 net WfcTI hotp (^ voj ttw« tv 

'«W(9tn«aersu|)lo$9,O00snMnwnitiaixa <tvouquM^ So. 
ityouraeetMWMnVwagmof ir-?7 -call'MaO-48-UtAr 
AMMQN ia> an nionTiMnn padoM. or vM 

tna Aif BMHB 41 iMwiMMvforaa.oofn 

awks Sports 


Coltoo .6»u*f il.i»*« 

Hawks renew rivalry with COD return 


(. (>|) h.ii! I'm- tnorr ilnvf Inil .>n 
tb«' tcHirth d(>v\n with Ihttn- \.itJ'. !.■ 

jj^i ,,n th. .i\ \.u\i hni- KtJintt"'" 

when 1 iiw batker Chuck Knill intiT- 
icpleJ J pas> and ran !'> varcl> fi>r tht- 
l.i-t loiK-Muwn of th«' KJtne, lii Rivf 
thi- Hdwk> a 'iiil-r \ iilory- mer tl^D 

lh«' Hawks amassed M^'^ vani* ot 

ti'Ul ortenM', 2<i2 yards ru*hin(? and 

1 Ot \ ards passing, while dff«iM> ihiI > 

M.iwed a total nt 26!' yards .in, 

..ivered thret' tumbles and thr. . 

. ■MOTO at «*oa war 

1lM Nawlis c«l«brat« a tottcMown In th* win •«••"•< Or*nd ll«»Mls- 
TlM Uumkt !!•»• ^••••toii of f lr«t plac* »« th* N4C Coaf aranea. 

- iivjj. Ui-tCTwivr tfu) Ka\ (ddii 

It tlX'k I 

the wait 

The Harj^f t "li'v:. 
hnallv faced I'fl ,'<i vimu' 
UuPage In 1^" 1 1 >l> dropped t 
ball and Harper almiwt folU'wevl 

The Hawks persuaded thfir li'.id 
erehjcuntinuetht'^port bn- 
could not be said aKml <■ 
f^ram until S.iturdjs 

The Hawk attack w.)> .it tnll u<uv 
and all the Chaparrals hh: 
look for ci)\ cr ThcH-nvli. 
tor W p»>i> ' 
S4"<>re iml\ 

trom th«' tir%t plav troni scnm- 
maji-e, sophi'more tail Ku k Biit'b.i 
Manani ran iint.'iKhid ir.- 
jiwv ti> K''* '"■■ ''■■'■- 
lead with • 

one and it ."M.-i • ■ 
goal bv Kv.m Vlli-n ! 
Hawks a cemn' 

..ivkfd CDLX ijuarterbaik tor 
' loss and (orcmn them to punt 
I he sack proved to be a bl^ pi.n 
use the Hawks next pt>ss»"--.i,.r 
it«-d in a touchdown 
! fw Haw ks did miist ot their 

ate on this dnv — " ■•"•■■' ^'"^ 

Manani and • 

tllirt eac'i piiM- K -n '■-- - - 

the Hawk-- 

The dnve nultil 

h.ick Critf |ur>;iiv 

•IS Beiird for a thn^- wk.: 
^ n pass to mve tfie Ha« K> 

Alter allow iivj; .i lirst d. 

!.ii!b,iik 'i.irmi't Kii-h tsini: 

dovv n 

Hjvvks made k;.ssi on !i 

.. ^ivi iiie Hawk-sa ^1- 
nrmin-s left in the third 


' liov t 


i l.ind'lt anJ 

'Ufiii tlu' eiid 

'r \.ird 


tvuiKed on 

nvi~ tmu' It 

•d the 

I yard Iuh7 

',. ,rl.rll.i. k 


Kyta M«*»on look* oa a* tti* 
Hawha tfafanaa only allowail 7 
IMtota to Orand RapMla. 

Manani rusfied tor IM yards on 2l> 
.. jrnos and Kevin (.leeMin had oiw 
i.atch lor ^ yards, Beard had 4 catch- 
es for a total ot '^'^ \ ards. and jurRen* 
was " for !<* fMssmg lor 10s vards 
With the » in over COD the Haw i- - 
1 1)1 an- curti-ntH ranketl Mh in the 
.i„.r. ill the lalcsl MC,\.\ hmtball 

,,,. ,iu.As next t;.inie will be 
against Grand Rapids at hom. l>'th 
teams are currenth iindeteaud 

Hawks atop the N4C conference, remain undefeated 



•Vin t li'-- -■' "1.1 
lu^t .1 • 

h |v>hii I ; 

, 'le i law fc^ 1 '-VI .11 
ited Crand Rapids tV7 
their first k>s« ' '" 
undefeati-d .m 
lis'tball poll ^' 

ki.k ott on t!' 
Raiders loni ' 
Darns tones ti-nini; imii t,- '- ■ 
While frtim the H.iwks re>ini i 
the Hawks ureal Held p«isil!onmn 

C»n third down and tour vards to no. the Hawks 
quartettuck Cnff lurgen* handed off lo tailback 
Bubba Manani and he ran I** yard* for the touch- 
«lown to give the Hawtui an early 7-0 lead. 

to hand the Raiders 

*u ... ....,^ wi-re 

: letuni nun • 
lev eW bv I ' 

IH.. K.i' ' 

.'.am put the hall into the>l- mi 
t. Apli>Hiv I' .-!ten-e 

lers' first h. 
iU^^ k- hit tailback Miki 1 K't-inn^; tw i. . tsiiino me 
line of scnmmage and defeivsive lineman Anderson 
tXirtilus sacked the quarterback lor a huge loss, 
fiwcmg the Raiders to punt 

On the Hawks next dnve jurgens connerted 

w.ih i,lee-...n tor .1 ^ I'd Completion, 

I. -Mowed bv a twelve ^.lui »;...ii by tailback Tabari 

I V .in-» lurgitte then lound fullback Aaron Ceivtille 

l.r J pick up of I" yards The next play lo receiver 

! i.irv I S arbrouish in the eivd /one lor a thirty -In e 

..mplel.-d the Hawks M(( yard 

I xlendinft Harju-rs lead 21-<) 

ihdl s the wav it stayed until ibt- fourth 

v\hi-n Raiders receiver Mike kraii man- 

vl his wav lo the orw vard Urn- allow inn t^iilback 

-pine t.i lump into the pile tor the Raiders onlv 

; - ! 22 st-vOIKJ ■ ^' - 

oked up with rx-ceiver S.-arbnvunh this 

.i»> vards and the touchdown l.iv inR the 

1 commanding 2H-7 lead 

i.'ii ihe Raiders next posse^lion the Hjwks 

forced yet an«>ther fumble, Uvar Stepter stnpped 

the ball lose and Kopp recovered it. 

C>n the thinJ down play, quarterback jurgens 


I h f- V C i I r f f 

•» r f o ! 


Volume XXXII . 

r 8 • OctelMr tl 



C «r»*r Cof w r !■■— j 

Physicist unravels mysteries of the Student Senate 
universe with new "string" theory f.lM!I*^ ^®*'* 



Mf \sn tl 

, llVSK'l<>t.| 
In .uUitiim U> 

-ulLint on th.- NBC 








How.ird riH't l.!^( 
th.- MudiT' 

1 ft'\\.iriJ and si't .\v 

■\Urvt until thf • ' 

'"— t.-r Thiv \ 

. month • 


-piak.r Kill 

^^v,■l in AM4 ot 


1 j' M>lu 

thf lollem' 

n iirked with 

.,■..,,,1 ■ lh,.v will 
■ I'tiiiv; 




Bi ^^J 

i; Ih.' 


Or. Irian OrMM of Cllwitla 
' IMvaraity pr«M«rt*d ■ HMr 
iht' OMory to a vtoitkig iMtiM*. d.trd 


A A I MUtot . 
TlHot«Mi ra»l — 
WMtfstock M CO 

••• pmf 9 

tn thi- 

. h t.ill,Ht 

,inil II . 
Ih.- ^j>,-.\i ot li 

i hcij -I.Ht 

l.iit S-n.Uf I ,ku!t\ AiK ivtr 

iron AlltT points out m addition 

• h.i\ ins an i-arh nnftinj;, mi)*! ol 

itu s, x,Miv ,iri' filliH.1 Sfw 

■■« 11,11, .tN 1%, r.-.ilM> intriKliut\l at tbf 

'fm- Mvartv v»aM-UH-t 

Mr thf I ilH'ral Art'. 

t iiilfi .Mut ki'Mii I orntv for 

1 .)ntlnllill^ I dilution 

MemlHTs M't lour majiir Koals to 
idn-vs this v.'.ir ^tudtTit IDv 
^ otcr rviiiNlr.ition supporl. mon 
iKuu'nt N 11. Ill- nii'.'lim'v in. I liri".' 

iH-rort- irw iihow t>e);«n, 
auclirfKe mnnbrTs 

cn>wd«il into Iht- lover 
Ht>|H>tul hlUlTs s»i up 
tigil* WAiling \(t\i tVMi 
tkfcrts" asi fHiipk- rang 
ini; f'onv thi-ir (ttii- to 

>;uv bpfof 

aKuit It J voupit v^ ■ 
.IV.". s.iid HuKalo l.i 
Hinh vhiH>l phvM.'. 
tiMihcr Saul I'lopKv 

but il hi (uit« on ,1 i;o.>il 

It 1 


>n l-»ia> 

•n > Ihfor^ 

■. - I'thHt^ 



wse GREENt on pa^ i 

Geese population decreases due to 
humane practice: boarder 

mI> Is a push tor ^Ir.itrr mvolvi'- 
■•■• it Htudfnt> and ijiult\ mi-m- 
ommunitx mts kc 

; i inl commil- 
' goaJN and 
ni.ifc. ,1 mission ^tjti-mrnt during 
the n.vt mivtm); 

I n-hmi-n make up most ol this 
M-ar >.p.iii»l This mivting work<>d 

see SENATE on ^agt 2 

Who's Who? 

Meet Louise Perry 

Carta L«sa 


fS'pul il'ini ! !', 
pin>;s .,u -' 

tiiirii Mk^ii : .,, ni\l 

with surptiM ' ii.iu^f 

Harpt-r has no . . \ .md 

fttort to pr»nfnt irn- ptsis tron- 
hara».sin|>; and intc^tin^ our commi, 
nily Harfvr has hirtvl animal train- 
er. Bob Knin. I'i Ki»>\ and Dog 
Ci»mpan\ to ht-lp ri»mlx»' tht- is>u«^ 
the ptosis have caused knon iit«. 
commands which he calls to his 
boardft colli*-* that siaiv the p^-se 
away to an atvaButt is less populal 
cd by humans The cuUh~> do not 
hann ihm. but rather mt » wotf- 


■ rwMilt of llM m* of fcewaar 
oolHoo and crow rttaa ■». 
like ga/e that trighteru the geeM-. 
thuj> making i-iarper a k-vi welcom- 
ing habilal for thtni 

lUi liko -vniptonis 

'-ICM- iMlH-- 

l.Kl with or inu, niii>; 1(1. ,!r.( pi.M^s 
I his would In' most lik,U to iniur 
durinj; outd>Hir .Kti\iti>-s .md whin 
hands touching the mouth m.n 
tranMTnl harmful germs 

bi addition to the kst ol ls«ue^ the 


Staff writer 
Joanna Klatka 
speecli instruc- 
tor and ieams 
of lier many 
talents and 

The Harbinger 
October 25, 1999 

P.ge2 Harper News _____ 

Nobel Laureate, activist Wole Soyinka Studeilt Senate: 

to give presentation on human rights ..•"-;-* ;«-cHoo.^^^^^^^^^^ 

Nobel Pri/e-winnin>; 

writer and human nnhts 
activist Wole Snyinka will 
>ipeaii iwi "Human Ri);hts in 
Africa and t.lohally," at 
Harper on Krida> tXti*er 2«, 
10:30 am, in th«- I'heatTi- of 
the Bu!nne»> and S.>cial 
Scienc-e Center \\i\. 121)11 W 
Algtwiquin Rtvad m I'llxin. 
Ticket* .irr sj l,.r . 

(. urrentK Ihi U...-,!tiitl 
i'rolesMM i>t the Art- .il 
lltmi>i>' Uruversitv, SiyinKa n 
lite course has. bnmshl him 
frvtm death* diH>r as a pi>)ili 
cal prisoner in hi* i\.iti\.' 
NiKeria to leaching in (lit- 
halls of Harvard ViU- 
Cornell, Cambridm' .ind 

A poet, pla\»ri>;ht and 
novelist, Sovinka won Ihi' 
Nobel Pn/e tor literature in 
ISHd and is the first African lo 
win the award CortsideaM 
to tv anwwin Africa's fine<>l 
writers, StiymKa published 
his first mnel, fhe 
Interpreters, in l*"^ iii- 
written five poett\ 
ttons, 2t> plays and nunu i..u- 
ruiveb and essay colfcvtions 
His tiHi*! recent biK>ks. The 
Opvn S«>re of a (. ootuH-nt A \.irr.|ii\f •>! Ihr 
NiKiTi.m I ti-i- ,iiid 1 he 
Burden ot Menio'v, Ihe Muse 
i>i lornivenesus. examine ii>n- 
lemporarv events in Africa 

Dunn^ NigiT as civil war 
m the late l%iVs, Sninka 
wnite The Man Died Tnson 
Nol«"., a Jury -if Nivinka 
?T-m<>nth ex|;ierufice in soli 
• iry conlirM-men* tor writing 
,in arlicle ur>;mn a ceas«-tin' 
I lu'\ >\as surreptitiously 
wrillen on discarded ci^a- 
atte pjckaRes, toik't paper 
and between trw line* ot 
txiok-s he stvretly managed to 
.1. i|uif< V Vie HHimalist called 
tlic tns>t ."the authors 
attempt to siirvi' .■ .i- i, 
.i> a mind 

For manv years. Sovinka 
Mintinuallv endured perM>nal 
il.mijir lo -peak, out d);.iinsl 
Nigeria ^ militarv dictalois 
In I***!, his criticism of the 
latet#neral Sam .\bac+u ulti- 
mately causeil S yinka lv> lli-e 
his homeland .ind live m 
exiU' when be was wamisl 
ihii .-. iv.rnnwnt troops weri' 
!o am-st him 
,.,i internationally 

acilaimed writer believ> 
tlwt he w ould K- either dea.,. 
or in prrs<m hail he n-maineil 

m Si^en.i %■■ i|ii>sluin .it 
all in nn mind he s,i\s hi 
\'^**S the\ 
Hovernmenl under i. 
Abacha evixuted dissident 
writer Ken SanvWiwa alon^ 
\\ ith et>;hl other M tiv ists 
K.'V.irLlr. I ,.!- .•!»• .'! llie 
Hi impoiljiil 

desiriti, ird 

Profes-i '• - 

Ir ,1^ .1 nl.l^U r .>' 
.irt-- i I' ''• .!r^ ,1 !' 

th.,, .. 
U' I n^, 


appear J 

al William K i 
International I evtun' mth's 
an" W or gerwral jilmission 
and $2 for Harp-r studi<nts 
( lass*'* » ill also receiM i dis- 
count prive t .ill 
H47''2'i610t» tor tickets .ind 
intormation Sninka »m1I 
also sij-n KKiks at 10;lK) am 
K'tore his lecture and btx>k.s 
vmII K- axailable for pur- 
. has.- 

lor mon- inlonn.itioiv lall 
\1iiih.i >imonM-n 


tlir»'e (••Id Thev cotwlucted 
Ihi I'usines* ot the Senate, 
.M.ik. I iMth Bill Howard 
! , to build 
'111- new senati»rs, 

Ii^>,"!> .|....iiUed memlvrs 
trom manv ditfea-nt back 
iful~ ni.irl thi^ years 



his optimism alx>ut the diver- 
sity ot thi' proup this year, 
This IS a non-traditional 
S-nate that will pro\e suc- 

tXle l>> : ■• '.n. I the 

Senate will be attending, the 
iVtober 22 meeting was cart- 
celled The next meeting will 
be held on I riday, ( Vtober 2^ 
in All 4 of the Student aivJ 
■Xdmirustration Center 

1 ,-\trica akin It 

-Ft iL.--.i-s*.ire hi>ri 

Ihe ,innii 
.Hiu'\ H.irpei 

Northern Illinois University 

Bachelor of Science 

in Business Administration 

Ofl*r«d at Schmimburg «»ii 

iMbtniNfl Each Faa for Adult LMm«n* tutmoit 
townwilf degree mSutlMM ^<'<*>»>Tr 

(Junior/Senior level ooursef enly) 

• Convenient, Pert-Umc. tvenbig*. Sche«mMMir« Locetlon 

• Affordable 

• High Oualttv. Tmi«M kv Reaoler IWU Fecutty Mwnber* 

• f uHv AecredMad 

For more MofToetkon ceN the NRJ College o( BtwInMe 
(•151 753-11M or E-mell et USA«nl«,edu 
VmH e«r webeile M www oob.iiiu.eikt/eebebe 

•V. ym% mhmi l^lflh uheol o« GtO cc m elwioti and iO uiratMr 

«i«dil t<o«rft Mrnvd 

wii^ewwD*— ■»«»•»*■« nwimii^iieiMW "■"""*"«■' "o"" 

GED courses offered 

Harp*"r offi*rs v.eiie!.i! i ducation 
Development H'.IDi preparation 
classes at its m.iin campus in 
rilaline, the H ' ^Mece 

..•rtheasi Center in ■■ i>;his 

.ind the Polue \. ii;nn.irhiHKl 
Resinirce Center in Rolling 
Meadows C lassi-s .ire offen-d tree or 
at a low Ci>st in the mi>rniii>> 
e\ eiiip»;s .md on the « is-kiivls 

''luvleiits g.iin in ileplh Vniiwl 
edge and skills prep.ire tfnein ti>r 

e.vh of the live l. ID t.-stv uritiny- 

skills MKial studies, s> ■ 

ture arvd tile arts aivl ii 

Preparation is alsti ottered tor tt- 

L s lllitvnojs Constitution Test Tl>. 

ruM . 1 •-- .< ssions begui ••n IK 
IS uith -tudent ,»ss«"ssnurit .ui. 
IstratiiWl timtltKiini; in 
nii-nt basis 

Addi'ionalh ll • 

I ducational ' ' 

IVp.irtirent i>ffer- 

t :■ : • . • ■■! ' 


.iwiiUt'le t.'r trv.'s,- wn.i vM-n ■ 

p.ireforthel S t iti/enship Iv 

Ihosi- whii wish to ennill 
<<f tfH"-,' il,»ss.>s may lall Ih. 

I r. c 

Advanced Personnel 
Course Description 

Taught bv : Fortune 500/1000 Companies 
Homework : None 
Exams : None 

Rewards : Invaluable work experience 
and holiday cash 

J $50 Sign-on Bonus !h 
$200 Completion Bonus | 
$250 Total Bonus* ! 


• Money Manegemenl for Students 

Today* ootafe iludents need k> 
MMM^r Ihrir HMwey mm caieiidlv 
lliMieverbefoK WMiloilkinctwb, 
filing icnlal fws tnd car iimirance. 
Hwl ciedll carJ o«er may seem «txi 
pjod to leKise Htmever, before 
you sign anything, come to the 
"Wise Mcxvpy Matugemenf semi 
nar <">n November 4, IIOO am to 
i: ixi p m \2M of the Sludent and 
A^nurostratian Cenlcr. Talk with 
StHdrnt Loan Oiiciir end money 
mamgement enfMfl Kathleen 
Rfltoon fram Come Bank and team 

the 1ms c> ."( budgeting and how I" 
a%oid the hnancial pitfaU& ut had : 

• Ma n a g e 

Need a break horn siudvmg' A 
chance to letax or soothe tired mu*- 
cle<>' 0«t a mutagrt Therapeutic 
chair massage is offetwl t*»-ice a 
month on canypus. The fee is $10 for 
a UVmtnule maaaa^r. or $15 for IS 
minute maasage. CaH Health and 
P»ych(>iogical Service* at x. 63H to 
sclwdulr an appointment 

So, what class are you going to sign up for? 

Call now at (847) 995 - 91 1 1 and ask about 
our temporary, temporary to hire and direct 
hire positions! 

Love What You Do. 

*Ask lis bow to qualify! 

(.ct Wluil \(\{i NNant. 



October '=■ f*** 

Harper News p«ge3 

Greene: physicist's string theory Education Foundation 
ties everything together 

'-mtnjad from pagB 1 
! insttfin who M>lvv«i this inie 
'N hen he exp^imirU on his 
rf«ieafch to mtniduce his the- 

iry on gtYit-rdl relati\ it\ 

The third contlut, which 
lamt- about when scientisl- 
rt-alized that general reUli\ i 
t\, which explain^ tht- lutun- 

't i)b)FCN on a larjjtT-thjn- 
miCTOscopK scale, disiignt-. 
Aith quantum tht>(>n. which 
|.'n)\ide> an exptanatum ot 

>bjects on .1 microscopic 
•^ik Thi> dilemma plagued 
f^yskisls for over half a cen- 
tury until n-searrh stumbled 
upon a new appn>ach. super- 
string theory. 

Greene used a ciwnbina- 
tion of huiTu>r. visual displav s 
and everv'dav language to 
bring across the complex 
ideas behind superstnng the- 
>>ry. He explained that th» 

th»H>r\ throws nut the lon 
ventional notion that the 
ha»K: subatomK: partkles - 
eleitrorvs, quarks and so iwi 
— exist as "point particles", 
meaning that lhe\ an thi- 
smallest possible pieic ol 
m.illt r 

iRstcad, -ufHTstrmg thtsv- 
r\ posits that the»«' partu Us 
.ire actually made ot a s'ti.iII 
<T material whKh. 'Iackin>; j 
more creative name." 
s,i\s vveri- called stnngs 
Ihes*' strings ^rv capable ot 
vibrating at dltteri-nt lr»- 
qu«TirM?s to create diftt-rent 
particles, much iis a violins 
stnngs lesofute ditfen.-ntly to 
fiwm unic|ue notes 

l.rceiH" explained that 
once the point particle 
stoppcvJ K'lng an issue th«- 
dlHerences in thi' pi-niivt-i) 

tahiK lit the unui'ivc 
bt>tw ven quantum theory and 
general relativitv ceas«> to 


V\h<-ii \i>u 1 h.inw;f trnm .1 
point partuii' In ,> -trrm;, 
l.reene ^t\ s vmi r>' in ttt. . 1 
liiluting the ptnni partkl. 
ind therefore k-sm-ning llu.. 
I li.iohc effect on tfie universe 

I .rivne do*-- ' ■ ■• his 
show with .1 I'. II 

nicnt .1 segment in'in the 
sf.lf /r,-; fV fiirxl Ca-n,r^ln>)l 
epiMxle "The \lh Di-gns 
which di-pKifvl a star }r,i 
character divussing this the- 
ory with a holographic riirv- 
ation i»f AlK-rt I insiein 

.According t<i Miuient 
Activities I Korvlinjlof 

Michael Ne|man ibi- show 
was a big succevs whuh stUI 
iHil davs in .Hlvan>e 


Forwrtr«0>«ani,TIA\ I Nl t h, 
fawn tlw Wxiif^ rvtirrmcni 
on AmerHd's campiHmk. But rx|>< 
yMSt onr rroann wKy so many smjirt 
i wv g iilti f* Iruail u* wi(K ihetr liruticial 
Ittturr. H«T* ac» « finw mmn: 

Superior strength 

With iivrr $3iiO hittion in .lssc-is umler 
;afrRu>m. TIA.A CKKK ■• ilir wurU'ii Unggini 
rvtirvfTwm or^uumMton - and amcM^ iJm 
■KMK •oIkJ. It ft ime vS tKr rriucMM wKy 
MominipMar say*. 'TlAA-CKt'J'' wts llw 
(taniWd in ikr linancial wrvM.cs iiHluMrv ' 

Solid, long-term 

Wr ac«k mM long lerm iip|Hir1uiiifiK--t xVtaH 
acKer cumpanir«. m |Mirsuii i>l t|uuU ^^111*. 
fWtm mta*. TImmj^K ||— I pcrftM-inMu r voill 
guarantee future nesults, llu> paticnl |>hitiii» 
nfikv Kaa |MX>vell exiivmcly rvwaftlu^. 

Surprisingly tow expenses 

TI.A.-V.CMI*'!*"* «>prr.-it»nj^ ^o%t% .iic umoi',.- 

the l<tlArsl irv the if\ r .iH.i itiiitii.ii 

li.i (owarti riittiiril^ 

Vm»r I 

Easy diversification 

WV otYier a wkiv variety ofexfK i-iK 
nuuMfmt iiivmlmenl op<io<u to heip butU 
yvmt aMclt. Wc make it umple, no. with 
Mock. twnJ. money market rr,il rotate, 
and guar«nlerd opcm«» 

Unrivaled service 

WV Ixeliesr thai uur Mtrvke diMinguwiM* 
iM Imn r\rr\ olkcr rvtiretnent c«iai|i«nv. 
In ike oKiftl recent l>albar uirvey. 
TIAA CRKK ranks l«i|» in pariHi(MtMHi 
latiafac-tiiMi ' 

Call IimIvi^ ui Und iHit huw Tr\A* 
CKKl' can Kelp vtMj IjwUl llt> 
futunr \rm wacil aiHJ <ir«crvr 

lb tind out cmirc |C>v< u< 
1 cjll or vjMt our wrhsiti- 

1 800 842-2776 

»M Mfc -M MM to taftr «« TVM IW tamii 

sponsors Harvest Ball 

1 'l.ins .IK \K .11 under way for tf»' IMW Harper Hanest Ball 
s^^>nson-d bv the- tducatiorval FourKiatiim ot William R.iinev 
Harper College The Rail will K- held at 7 p m on I ndav, 
iXtoK-r 2", in the mam baIlrot>m o( the Hilton Arimgttvi Park 
,it VUKl W huclid Avj-nue, .Arlington Heights 

IVotcwIs fnmi the event will go toward funding scholar- 

-hii-~ for participants in the Women s rn>gram The program 

■^ single }>arents displact^ homemakers, those stvkmg 

'radihorul careers tlH" i-conomicallv dlsadvantag(^l and 

Ihii^f with ilisat<iliti(s ,>r olhir h.irriers in I'llui .ilional 

.!« hu-vcmenl 

VVe ate all excited that the Iducalional foundation has 
ih.>s<-n the Women s Program to be IfH- benefinarx of this 
••vent " said Kathy f-ianahan. curn-nl pn>gram ciH»rdinator 
■Thi»se of us who are fien- now and ha\e worked hen- in the 
(>.in| kiiiHv tfie diffen-nce this will make in wnmens lives," 

Ih«- Ball will feature a numKn of grand pn/es They 
iru liide .1 romantic dinner for two in Pans, a weekend theattT 
trip to I ondon. a San Irancisco fKiliday for ftnir, a winter 
\ acation tor four Naples, Florida, a CoUwado ski vacation for 
tour a CTiicago Blackhawks skvbox and a cash pri/e of $S(X10 
,\ccomm*Hlatioiis an> included and all air travel is being pnv 
X iili'd b\ AmerKan Airlines Thos*- who purvhas*- raffle tick- 
. K tor tfK-se grand prizes will automatically bi- irnluded in an 
additHinal pn/e drawing of ov»"r ZS items Raffle hckets, 
w hich w ere includt-d in the invitations for the ball, can al.«io be 
purchased on campus, or by calling the number listed 

TTu- HarpiT Harvi-sl Ball will honor Kns Howard. Harper 
Truslet- aryd longhme Women's Pnigram supporter, who was 
instrumental in starting what is now Worru-n's History Month 
on campus Speakers have iiHluded influi*nhal women from 
all walks iif life including I niti-d Press Pulit/«r Pn/e winner 
iiwi-ndolvn Bnx>ks 

Cixhairs tor the event .ire Mike and C ari>l Minirman and 
Vachel and Shirley Pennefvaker of Ramngton "We are going 
to prov ide a great party, great food arul a great band in a wim- 
dcrtul env ironment, all tor the promotion of the Womi-n's 
Crogtani." saul Pennebaker lor resir\ .itions call 
»47'»25 1*1(1 

Hdve we convincea you to |oi" "le sian 
of the award-winning newspaper 

The Harbinger^ 

We have'' Goodi 

Now come by A367 and ptcK up an application 

Because everyone loves a winner 

fj* Ask your wellness advisor r.^ 
1^ ,,«J 

StUlll^l^ ».in .inoin 
moush submit questions on 
wellness related topics by 
placing them in the market! 
box outside the Health 
St\ I. .^ t.>llice in .A.Vi2 
Answers Mill .ippear in 
future issues i>l /'ic 
H:irh:ut;ir .\\\ questions will 
K' thoroughlv researched 
and respiivses will he pro- 
vided b\ health can- profes- 
siiwals and .in n.'l r. l.iled to 
Th- lliirhin;. ■ 

Q. Clin sfri ss rills,' hlootl 
; sugar in somcoiu- ir/io is 
i diabetic? 

\ V's, It can In r»'s|:>ons«' to 

stress, the KhIv makes str«-ss 

hornu>nes such as cortisone, 

■ epinephnne. etc The pnv 

I duction of tfiese hormoiu-s 

I causes the liver to pniduce 

more gluciwe, which then 

raises bIcKid glucose or 

blood sugar levek. The fol- 

low mg stivsst>» could cause 
an increase in bUxxl sugar 
illru-ss, infection, emotional 
upst't, anger, tear and anxi- 

Stress affivts th*- body in 
many ways Reseaah has 
sh»>wn that not only affects 
bl<H>d sugar levels, but it can 
also increase heart rale, 
breathing, bliHKl pressure, 
stomach acid secretion, 
muscle tension as well as 
suppress the immune sys- 
tem, slow digestion and 
impaired memory These 
.ind other bodily reactions to 
stress may n-sult in medical 
problems in susceptible 
individuals and 'or if tfyey 
bt-come chninic Common 
examples include heart dis- 
eaM- ar>d tension h(*adaches. 
To get information on how 
to deal with stress call or 
stop by Health ' and 
Psychological Services in 

Page 4 

Harper News 

October 25, IW9 

$23,000 FOR COLLEGE? 





The UPS 




At UPS, you'll find that our benefits package provides 

students with the opportunity to receive 

up to $23,000* toward college education assistance. 

As a part-time Package Handler, you could take 

advantage of our new UPS Earn & Learn Program. 

Tuition. Books. Software. Approved Fees. Paid Back Student Loans. 

Call 1-888-4UPS-J0B 

Access Code: 4672 

to inquire about employment opportunities today. 


Equal Opportunity Employw 

'UPS Earn Sk Learn Program guidelines apply. College education asatstance 

»«a)lj^>te at the following UPS Chicagoland facilities: Hodgkins, Addraon. Palatme 

and downtown Chicago Ueftofson Street). 

rhe Harbinger 
October 25, 1999 

larper Features 


CAREER CORNER: fire science foreseen in future 


Sti>f>, dn»f> and roll for ll.irp- 
vcXTdtioiul ortvr program thjl 
pares studonb- tor the rit-M ol i ,,, 
ScJCTice TechiH'k>j?v Thl^ pri>); in 
tor indivtduaU who want to >|H'cial- 
ize in other the public iw the pnvdte 
branch of this career field 

The private branch deal-. « ilh th> 
in>uranc<' mdiistrv , ,vnit i. i.t- 

(HM off tiM MlUCatlMMll 

d«vic«s in FIS for class 

MkIui'I I ,u ^man. CiMrdin.ili.r ,■• 
thf I ire SuiKi' Technoltis^ rro»;rjn 
11^1 K>;.in teaching al Harptr 1^ 
' •- dRo He IS tfie Assi>tant l hut .>t 
'"> f Ik. C.ioM- Vill.i>;i- \ iTf 
IXpartm.nt Hi- has Mtn >'nrollm«nt 
ol thf pri< at its peak o( TH' stu 
dt-nlN in lilt S>5 flnvttni'i .is thi' 
\orthHi-.t ctimmunilR-s have >;ro»n, 
the towns have established and 
statttif their firehousi-s to .i ni.ixi 
mum B«vause tif this, enrollmt-nt m 
the firi- Sm-nci- lichnoloKV Program 
has dropptnl siri, ,■ th« nK ainl con 
tinite-s lo in tfu- cirli. ^>s Khjum- 
th«Te has not btvii a,! .i i .i-i 
hin' for IhoM- w search ot 
nol.n;v caroT I nlike m.i. , .,,.,».. 
.i-l up tn »ii till' lin-ti);ht- 

■■■ •'' ^ ' ■ ' 'Mr-- \(>w 

III- l>«xin- 

iiiM^ u- iniMK .If 'ui r,-!!rin^; i .u knian 

anticipates enrollrmnt iiv ri'.isin>; in 

looKi'tt Ji 
lentabfe- i 

, I 'V.I.II11-. .il H.irpir ,iri' 
; lor mdnkluaU !(> K- lir>.| 
M ■. 1 I -iipiTA iNor* b\ studxinp Nnik 
.in>i thtor\ hut «tun the -tudonts 
Kr.iJu.lto tr4.n1^>r tin \' 
with the knowjcdm- ,.f .1 tr.iii>id ofli 
,ir Ihf pro»;r.ini .ilU.vs-. an mdiMd to g.iin ni.iior kn.n\lcdKo about 
the siU'nn- .'( tire lh> (ire .ikIcs tli, 
t^-gulatuHis and Itu sattU i>i\.-vs.irv 
to be MKcnisful in this pn-itessi.m 

Besides the k.mnvl»>d(;e to K.un lor 
thiN i.invr P.t.r suttiT .1 tm'li>;hler 

.ind studflll ol llu' I iri S, i.-n, ,• 

i'ro^r.mi i-vpl.uns Ihci. 1! 

IS an in depth prxi);ram and it vou 
don t know much about hre, it's a 
^reat start and you S'' bonus points 
from some tire de{\irtmfnls 

Kalhenne Stashak, ot the Ues 
I'l.iiin- t in- IX'parfment She is aLs»i a 
I iri' Sunn' Tivhnologv instructor 
I hi- malenal she iliscusses in the claw. 
> onsi-.tN of i>rigin, tactics, strategy and 
llifor\ ol fin' topics With her back 
ground v\ orking hands-on at the I >. 
riames I X-partment. earning an 11 ! 
bachelor's degree; a master's degree 
in business and attending a general 
tr.iininv; pro>;ram tor Combine.l 

designing I 

for fm' priAi iiiioii aiKl iiu.-iiv;.iiu.|i 
\ student in this lartvr would j;,iin 
the knowledge lo seek a certilicalu'n 
-vithin the National Institute ci 
H-ering Irthnologns tor 

■natu SpruikKr lavoul , „ ^ .. 

Ihe public hrarvh speciali/.-s in vale, an individual has ,1 b. ■ 

Communit\ -t i , kc I'or tin- i-ni!,, ri..r. !,,!,, I, .,1 ii.rtl. ..,,„.. ,,, 
ind suppr- 

-liui.-nl- loi .ii: 
Mc in'.-'ni- '!- 
^\ hil 
this . , 

Iherc Is alsj .i 1 ^tiour lertitkatc 
program tor tbosf ^xnple uho in- 
presentiv employed m the (ire s^ 1, .,, , 
pn>fessi< n Bv earning tt^.^ 

TM« s^rinklar •ystaai mMhaniMR Is tt*«4 tor 
Mm fir* sclMic* pregrafii. 


tjsi trai k j 

■ .-tit 


rof ,1 

thought there would 
he in.>rei|u.ilitu.ilions 

-ind h.lluls , >'i tf i,n 

iiii; lull it . 

ON tmmnrimttm 

>mmunit\ I niergen. \ 

-he gi\fs detailed 

tent, histor\ and 

'(■ Is working with 

eive ts.lucatii»nal 

Kes lor her 

the nev. 
i'i|iiipnieiil .1- 
i lasM"s 

Brian Render, another student ol 
the I IS pntgram stattvl, "She's a gixxl 
instructor that likes what she's doing 
ind niake^ class tun Its not ttni seri- 
ous, but M-rious enough to learn the 
iniormation th >' ■- ■•.•ti,,-,^ act\»ss." 

Vlike M\. . -lied, 'i like 

i.,ii tiretighteis ,,ui . n>;in»vrs teach 
the I lasses ' 

sm FlRESCIE(iC{on|MW»9 

getting doser. 

'Vi AiKXMF atgm • a race oart 

par )ou neM 10 90 Utter And » 
aknrars ot^teion oeviy on taw 

Our soiopv rij>« an omsumvig 
tamt cf u n pty iw iK ^m gradbimn 
Ard fcr good xaton 

Ou Oiaetarr vrm Ou au «e 
toMEd w«n By^nm ^rcoj CKtn- 
ion hai« practical businni otxicncr 

'VuvMnotf )«ar ound xneoat 
^1 1 naie yoir aefw rno omr 

Cnooae *3m BKntkrt ocgRrt n 
aanea/aii'MMui aeaona Ctwtxum 

«*Jn«l«m«rt or »«coi»v%natiorB 
Orvty HvnpiyriKanDtoiQi.; t 
^ "■"T^ <»3r<x at sucaea. ut 
»■, . ., -rr..-.«P7«W«»a 

ciMt,. .IT.- ffco^o-anj 



C ftW >V*"| lyTUvtVirir 

4 higher dtffpw q^i rw* 

Pag* 6 

Commantarv Comlc» 

Ortobrr 25, IfS^J 

Talkin' bout my 

It > ottin h.uil iTH>iik;h lo p,\\ 
dllfntion in clas* whi-n the toJur 
i> lecturing; over Muir hi.i.l uul 
>piMkmt; in .1 iiu'inil. 
quu kh lullin>; \ <■'• ' 
Thrmv phunc ru- 

pack iit the piT-i'M ri, . 1 I,' \ ,Mi 'Hill 
thf mix. and ttii- ri>ii!t i> .ilnii'^t 
tirt.iinh disaster 

\s littti- .»> ten \iMrs ,ii;ii the 
nution i>t J phim.' rin^mc ni a -lu 
dent's baj; wmild hi it in'l 
unthinkable ttun jt ie.i>.l hi>;hh 
unlikely But thai .i^ thi- ■; 
goes, was then And this i-< now 

You can h.udiv walk across this 
campus an\m><re ivithmit bumpiP); 
into peiiple ti>(i > : in their 

priv .i!e cell phtm. > i.m > > i --.iliiMi In 
notu (■ other pei>plr tr\ mj; li' lu v ii 
p\ the same spaie thi \ r>' in 

Of course, it's v.iss iiuiiii;h lo 
forgive when it's some sort ot an 
emer^encv "VVhat^ C.randma s m 
the hospital hw ijuintuplc hvp.i--- 
surm'rv at;ain' sexiusatiU- 
the\ re di-.lrai ted. tht \ re lUis 
lered, they've );ot mure impiirlant 
things on their mind 

But when sou hear si>!iiui'ni -a\ 
in>; "Well v;i'e I luiinu V\ uto 
\..u w.inl ii' .'• ahi'iit the vhmlav'-' 
ol I'l inv;U ■• ' il i;it- ,i hllli' ni-ull 

I ' ■■ r i'\ en been peopli' on 

thi- inpu^ uho uhile 

-tanvlmi; iii.'lil next to uiii- ol the 
coll V ' n I. T>i !\ 1,1, It.-. i li.oiM- phmif. 


Harpii - ml;; ~i ! .1! •.';; .>,• i u r 

(.■r.inUii 111 .in .ii;f ol .idvjiuin 
technolo);v. the abilitv to be 
instantly reachable i-. a temptint; 
one indeed It is aUo something; 
which has maiu '.•< >- t- 'I usi-s 
Hut conu- on P' ■■ i"" cr 

our sell-inij'ot tan. . .■r-..ii,',h u< 
think that iii.ube the umid .•, 
by without beinn able li> .ont.ut u~ 
tor J little bit 

And fhev s,i\ our v;eni r.ition 
doesn't knon hou to , oitinmnu at. 

Earth Quack 

by Noel Bag)n\ 

Earth Quack 

by Ntiel B;^> 

Earth Quack 

by Noel Bago 

vVt «U UhttTa 

TkLK Mhwr TMUW i 

I am A 

woman ,it H.i: 

' 1 dm sti ■. 
!! ike a tool ot 

How can I kKxen up 

s Aiat you mfier ' 


' 1 ' rrj 

s, >rii,-onf 

\ t >ii 



ou Ihulk. ' ss » 


Editorial Board 

The Harbinger 

staff Writars and Assistants 

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..J^evm PodusKa 

Business Ad Manager~_JAanly Offenbacher 
Faculty Advisor tern Gtre 

r»w *teti<rv#r <s riw stutant luHiattiaiv for tlw HMper CoNegt COTWS conv 
mmtty. putiii«i«d bi weekly tnroqpvM the K«»oi ynar eacapt (iunn(tioliaayk 
and nnai enams. The paper is distntuteo f>«e to alt stuOsreSk tact<ty and 
aannistrMian The HtttNrvtr'sHile purpose is to iniMdettvHwpercanin^ 

nit V Mitn >^o«mMMn part amng to tne campus aM Its (HnwjnOnc conmin 

r^ Nartvvtf aieicoRies tetters to Itw adKor and wplies to our attlonats. 
Lenars nmist be stgneo and ncluiie a pnone runber tor nenficatton, 
Si|nati#ts aw t» witrMtd t«or. request M letters and conlanl are sut|scl 


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an tna dtacnHon of tlia connanar. 

Mailing Addms: 

The Hartjmgei William Rainey Harper College | 

1200 West Algonquin Road 

Palatme. IL 60067 7098 

Pttone NtfhtwTK 

business office: 847.925.6460 

news office: .847 925.6000 )(246l 

fax: 847.925.6033 

copyright 1999. The Ha>1)tnger. 

' Harbin>;er 
vtobrr 25. 1999 

larner i:am| m< 

Pag. 7 

Photo Opinion Poll: Are the Harper Geese' an issue? 

"They were worst last year...lhis 
year i haven't noticed how 
bad...they were like insects." 
Sarah Police 

"The gee>i.' were messy...!! the 
school did anything, they did a 
good job." 
|im Weston 

"I think that it's wonderful that 
Harper is taking the time to 
humanely dissuade the geese from 
our campus." Mrs. Angela BarreH 

Set yotar gosrfs high. 

We'll help get yow there. 

•HNMMniliM wHh tuMmt Mw«ane> 
tor apfowUnc Mara 


HIGH *u> »-' w ta m w wnpBowt ot vn» 

««* Ar Ama « MMMuMMweom 

The Harbinger 
is accepting applications 


IN A367. 


Join Today! 

Clean campus, less geese 



you were back 
in kindergarten. 

M* ind coofoej. A (r« pKfe,, bcw*. DoMnI * soiwJ y«it' 
wfs a tot more to landerprlw lh*» nip trr» VVIeV» iweh«^ tfw t)«J 

<i ibe bnghtest EarV Qrfdhootf educiion - n^ h« at Kendii Cc*ge. 

KefxW Colege (^fe^ «$ jtudmti i HWTn and nurtumj «n*TOr*n«« y^^ 

stulenb « acii«ly juppofted and «ncoi«(ed to suoaed 

Qw iow are imil 1** i rtudiem-teicher nffio </tetvtD-ore 

S(halrtf>pa and ^wicial aid: we AMbtile. 

Of co(«e ftwny of your pnwoiBcolaie cTBdte wi be icc«?>t«3 

Vi%« to taam to be a Ab act? Ol our Admrwom Office it 847.«6&^ i <ivi 



www.kendall edu 

.!. • Ml.. 

flt'^i' had 

tht- ilroppmijis. the 

th.T ~li,.l,. -. ,.,■■ ",. , ,|,.. 

ILirp-i h.,., , ,v (urthcr 

^ ''•■■■' 'i>-ilili ■pnim-ntjl 

.!f\i-l«pini; bv hiring thi- 

lllf mnip.itu .IV I,,. If ,v 

i-nvplin,..( thi' 
.inJ r>>.iiis .r... 

l^ lik.. ,. , ; H.... 



ntliK V\ilh th.. hire 

■ : . . ' ...tvi. I . nlht' mT\ I. , ^ 

H.irp,.r •>\^yt^< nninthl\ m ' 
V Uf is n,i>l iH.fJ.\) ,)|| \,.,ir n.ui.J I he 
KidrdiT ii>lti.- s,.r\ ui- IS much h«-dlth- 
iit .im) o^l ftti-ilui. 

k.u liimtr (.rounds ,>nd Rt.jvls 
Nupt-rMMir, sjid th.1t the r.imilii.i 
tJiHis ol -.prjsing thi- turt have to ht- 

.inJ H,iri 

.»s niu>l. ^,„ ,,,,, .,, „„. ,,s 
«i th.' hinn>; ol th,- Kurdcr 

111 J> till); d 

. .m (ni- up 


ks m, lam- 

! liu- vv.ilk> only 

> !.' .1 muih>{- 

:,-i .ind 
■ sens It Is n>.ir<. tin itmg to 
■ uniu Itjrper h.i- .1 i<..n..r 
il\ turt and di>plds t 

, 111^ .Hid h.»s optTit^l th. , i f .-Mu 
nit\ lor HarfHT to host th. list,- of 
i' ''•"■•■ H,\aus,. ol thf sij, ,,-v ihf 
!v ri'turnini; 
I .fiiiiijtih lh«. ahundanif of 
mis,, has not r<-turn.\i (Hvausi- ICnox 
•iiul his collii-s \ isit the I ampus thn* 
Itmi-. a d.i\ I If \ .irii-s his siht-dule »o 
kcvy lh< m^i'M. unknmvn about ht> 
.irrnal When he visits, thi- >;.i->i' 
to sons, th, dan>;i>r thf collier 
I hiIIkI hort.'vor th. do^> nfver 
lurni .1 ]i;tH>s». rh. K«ard<T colln-s 
tuuc m-t bf\-i\ traim-d to physuallv 
iniurf th.. ^.VM-, but stare at the pi>sl > 
iN ith ,1 still siame that thaMtens 

1 ind.i kolbus/. th.. dire.loT ol 
trustivs state.) It s almost ., win, 
«in situali.'n 

rhe ^ees,. are not harnu>vl and nei- 
ther Jirv we 


Harper Campus 

The Harbinger 
October 25, 1999 

one ever talks about is how lazy 
the now college age generation is* , 

Well how would you like to ha^ 

something to do that is so time 

consuming no one in their right 

mind could ever call you a slacker 

again? In fact, if you were doing 

this, and w Meo nc called you a 

; aladier you could look them right 

in the eye and can them a slacker 

iust for taking the time to talk to 

you! ,.| 

lliat's right there is somewhere 

right here on campus that will 

undoubtedly consume more time 

than you knew you had. 

That somewhere is The Harbinger . 

The Harbinger office offers all the 

coMforts of home, right dowm to 

our fttH aelf«erve kitchenette. 

Don't believe it? 

Come on by and see for yourself^ 

A367 in the Student and 

Administration Building 


InvestYour Credits 





(im k\t'. i'klilc i>um\ 

mELP aanted 

wranted Part time Security 
ResponsiWe and conscien- 
tious persons sought. 
Weekends and holidays a 
must $7.65 to start wtth 
regular increases to follow. 
Irstial uniform trrvestment 

required. Contact Lt. 

Johnson at Public Safety. 


Whole Foods Market. 1331 

Rand Road m Palatine is 

nowl^nng! PT /FT Entry 

level positions are avail 

ie, Jom an exciting com- 

i my in a fun working envi 
ronment! 847.776.8080 


Ctvldcare & Leanung 

Center m Northbrook 

tdchers for infants, tod 

dters and pre sctxjol. P/T 

7flaiO:30 or 2:30-6 M F 

Rate per ED 'EXPER. Call 


TEACHER seeks pupil. 

Must tw^K an eiSDest 

desire to save the world. 

Apply m person, Wed. 

evenif^s A367. 


Students earn $375 575 

jweekly processing /assem- 

blir^g medical l.D. cards 


"from your home. 

Experience unnecessary- 

we train you! CaiiMediCard 

1.541.386.5290 xt.300 

Jarosch B^<ery in Elk Grove 

Village (15 mm from 

Harper). Flexible sctiedul- 

tng; work before, between 

or after classes. Extra 

hours during holiday txeak. 

Call Cathy or Ester: 

847.437.1234. Mon Sat 

6a.m. 6pjn; closed 


Accountmg Assistam 

Seeking a self starter to 

fiandle accowiting duties 

relating to A/R. billing. C/R. 

A/PP'R. analysis, etc. 
work closely with company 
contioller on special pro- 
jects. Conveniently locat 
ed near OHire Airport. 
Send Fax resume to 
Dciystai Interplex \NC. 
11535 Frankltn Ave, 
Frar*llnPark R. 60131. Fax 


■y. save' $pring 

tjreaK Cancun. Janaica. 

Florida Sooth Padre, etc 

Best txjteis. prices, parties. 

Need Campus Reps, 

Escorts, Groups to earn 

money, fre et rtps. Bro wse 

""■"TiHiHifir for 

reps/app. ICP 


Spring Break '00 

Cancua Mazatlan or 

Jamaica from $399 Reps 

wanted! Sell 15 and travel 

free! Lowest Prices 

Guaranteed!! Info: Call 

1.800.446.8355 www.sun 


Jackson Guitar amp 

CAB 4x12. 

200 watt 4 X 12 guitar 

cabinet. Built in the late 

BO'S. Is prepped for stereo 

output. In very good condi 

tioa 847.398.6248 or 


Peavey Musician Guitar 

Amp Head, hton tube, built 

in Phaser and distortion 

w/foot switcfx Inputs for 6 

guitars artd 2 parallel 

inputs Moderately good 

condition. 847.398.6248 

or 847.338.4712. 


21 Kristin Place Sublease 

2 bed 2 bath, new carpet. 

kitcfien, appliances. $960. j 

Price negotiable. Please j 

call for appoint nrtent. 


call 847 925 6460 

We still have not received your 
application, did you forget ? 

She's finally coming over, huh? 



No biggie, bank online. 

■ ' ' • • ■ ~ ' ■ ~e tMnktrtg to do Uut more pressing erijagements 

d&aiie LtitckmK account with frs* Irttsr net banking. 

. -I ; i - ■t;''! »nrfe yew hve. Open you' LaSalle 

<,<irw.lnaU*tanfc«.eoia or cull l-mo-S40-01M. 

1 he H.irbinser 
October 25, l«m 

Arts & Entertainment 

Page 9 

Fire Science: Who's who at Harper? 



contifxjed from pdfe 5 

Brian Render, anivlher studi-n« i>l (ht- tb -Ut- 
1, "She'-- J u^xkI instructor whu liWes whjt vhe * d«Mn»; 
■id makes class tun. It's nut lixi serums, but mi 
. iiouRh to learn the inli-"- "• 'i >'' " '- ••■ii."- >. r.- 
Mike Myers cmnmi' 
ngineers teach the cla'^ 
.•\n indi\ idual'^ -uc' ■ 
dent wants to dn in th«- pii<>; i .u niium .hki M.iMi.if 
eiwourase thetr students to go furlh«-r and earn . 
Bachelor s IX^iv Thev al>o rivommend Imkiny; up vsitl 
the Lniversitv i^ Smthern lllimx- i-\ten-.i»)n> lor tire s.i 

:ice ltvhnoli>i;\ Ihi-ti' .in- .il-..> .■>! 
! rriton I oll.-iv iiiJ I. ..!!...•,. 'Ml 

la-on IHi^in-ki mu ■ 
J Ihecoursi' tv is' nu.!. 
irn his as-uKiate-- .li^ri-e and w.ii 
1 pdrami\lk or an in-vp«s tor t-f -at> ' 
in lactones and war«'hfi 

The FIS pnif;rani ha- ' 
Iters people interv-stivl in -< 
iiri"d tlassrooiTi istm ,»'>"' 
heir framing; if i Mrc -. 


I,, h.v 

on to l>. 

• SiiiTKe a slnu 

liirtvrimnd to 

When we can't fit soii^ffifrig 
in one place we jump it like 


ihani-f '.V incti I 
IV-rrv \oti shouUI 

l'iTr\ 1- vi-r\ trieiKt 
.iiid .111 inliri'slinj; jm-i 
.«<n She has Kvn ti'.u h 

where sli 


-.« I. ;,. -' v.•.^ k.iAIKA 

Lowts* Ptry •It* at li«r d«»fc ill 
Hm Mi*> rt i 4«fMrtiHMit «t Harpw. 

high svhooN ,iv well a-. I 

iii\s ll, .Hid 

I great ptea- 
.■d whv "-he 
.h«' said "I 
v ot mv stu 
ik lhe\ teeii 

. ,1S VNcll I 
'111 llu'lll .!•- 

Ill- (hi- I- a 
.lllit I line 

. n|o\s 

Hid that IS whv, on ftip 
ol all h«-r other jobs. sKe 
w oris at the photo cen- 
ter at Walmart Her 
lavonte pictures ar* 
ilm-«' ot nature, but she 
,iImi lovi-s ilos4--ups i»t 
[Hiiple, i>CHMallv can- 
did -.htJts I ler goal is to 
get a I'ulit/er I'n/e tor 
hi-r photos 

Terry also ha-- a lust 
tor travel. Shes been to 
I urojv. went hiking in 
I, and en)«>ys camp- 
ing, and other outdix>r achvi- 
tiis. In l'*S(i -he hikrtl the 
Appalachian It ul md is 
prtiud to sa\ slic « as thi- tirst 
woman to gt"t there that sea- 
Min She took a leave of 
.it^-i'iivf iii-l -o she could 
walk the 2, UK) niil<- track. 

Perry lH'lie\i*s in happi- 
ness, taking and understand- 
ing the importance of the 
moment, bivaus*- lite is short. 
Mie also s«iid, "live the lite to 
it s ttillest. enpiy (HMple for 
what tlu-\ an-, and what they 
li.n r Ic -li.iri- 

You've learned a lot. Ai Elmhurst. you'll 



I ■> r«a < i»u-y«K 4(pcc' ComirfH EMwra Calhf» 
lB*Awfkai Bnu CjiMqfa,' ittemmidtmorr^ US Mm 
&WhUlkfun. wt rmk in itw Mp iwt oCttK M>i1wim'i libcrjil wn 
LtMVDi Wt As m fttr 'Vk cnlltfr Imit' m IMiihiu 

Wt€tmwmkiliu»mou.r'ai >Mm%mftTmx 
(■■rllii^iMi I friwiMl irrfr Hfm'-T- t- pmcrwafwa 
fanl^ hM ih< hi|^ ikt>K> >• thw icUt. TkoK akMni KholMi 
m mBatmmbtamtt^ ion tamck.mmuM damn. 
<Am dMr loMMr ihdr in4rfin It n^it'UHb. Om aMop dot 
hM 19 MdcMi. A tKuhy menbcK MC a McMai latew. HHkM 

Eknhum i. inui bjr dMl(H. i«k m «o««la ma •»«»W«»S» 
li«li>*iH jomkip mtmm t n»tien|. On » chMc a»fm. 
iii»dlMui« iiihtAwiwepwc mMfaMicfauar «■■«»> fc>^- 
Ifwadi (w iva of ttnict. affMBMiqi Md achir««Km 
MaiSr' lliiiiiinll. cmHt»i*«Mw«. utd mmmmnt-tiimi»un 
it «iH> (oStfc on^ » bt. 

-^•r-» Elmhurst is coming cc Harper. 

Ml Twateji CkwbM »t. fmm mhio t.a.-lioo ^■l■ Eiratwm ii 

iWiJl •iniirfrrfrirlTr' " ■*■ ^~-—i ^— i» 

I i m i f r -T ' -- "- - J ' •* —' ""^ "'"-" " 

^ Elmhurst College 

this. Come !o bur offi<^#tein\ 

other neat newspaper tricks. 

We are in A367 or at 925.6460 


is back in a whole 
new way- on CD 

as the blue disc, showcased 
W<xxlst<K-ks lighter side 
The energy shil |umps out 
with the hard efforts ot th< 
l>ave Mathews Band, Sheryl 
Crow, Fverlast, and 

Everclear It also showcased 
some alternative rockers such 
as Our Lady Vvaie and 
t.uster It also showcased 
KiB acts such as jamiroquai 
and tfw Rixrts. 

The CD also shows the 
wide variety of music that 
transcended on tfw festival 
There an- tracks from every- 
one frxtm Bush to Metallica to 
the Bnan Setzer Orchestra 
and th«> Chemical Brotfiers It 
showcases everyi>ne from 
Megadeth to Alanis 
Morissrtte to jewel This pot- 
pourri of music would let 
anyone appreciate thi- festi- 
val aivl Its artvsis 

When WixxistiKk '*^ wt-nt 
up in flames, many thought 
Ifie spint of the ongiruil testi- 
\al was Uisl, but they were 
mistaken I"he '6^ festival's 
spirit was alive in the eriergy 
the cmwd had, and it was 
ama/ingly stiowcased m this 
piive of music history. 



VVoodstixk ** will mostly 
fx' remenilx-riii lor the iTk-r- 
g\ that It pai ked. n-presi-nted 
bv the mlamous tires which 
nurnsf Ifie closing of the iv>- 
tnal What th«' organi/ers 
w ere .ible to do, howe\ er w as«-ss tfiat erHTgy and put 
It all on one vif tfH- Ix-st lue 
albums of the year 

The 2-disc set features a 
red disc that includes such 
hard rcKkers as Kom, lamp 
Bi/kit. and the Offspnng It 
also irnluded up-and-iomers 
Buckcherry and Lit One of 
tfie highli|i(hts of tf»e disc is 
Kid Rixrk doing his hit 
"Bawitdaba The energy of 
the song screams through the 
spi«akers arnf makes even tfie 
most divile p«'rson want to 
get up and |ump around 

Anoth«T highlight ot the 
red disc Is when *. rtsii 
bttnighl nut I Kmrs ^uit.insl 
Robbv kri'-ger to ).im out on 
tfie DiKirs ciassu Koadhoust- 
Blues " It was a gn-at show 
case ot two generations of 
WixxlstiKk music loming 
tofjether as one 

The second disc, known 

Page 10 


OvtobcrlS. IW» 

After •« y««r tort WW*, y«i M« •ir«rt to b* choww 

villi In full DM' III KiRiM'^t'l! fii llillt'^. MTMH - 



Ul.- t;ni-.-.ri! irini-'-n 

\1atl tteu-: 

Tkan^). Ortobrr 2i( 




SOMUMKMfi CAMPUS - 1400 NORTH «005£VllT ftWO , SCMAUMiUIKi. tUINOR 60173 (M7) 61M600 

•MNwrooMvatt wki 

Thi' Harbinger 
October 25, 199» 




Cheerleaders and poms practice their moves 

I Hay* 


Typically wht-n one thinks vi 
spiMls ftK>lball, basWethall, mvht .ind 
baM-ball all ti>rm' If mind Whivl 
about chevrleadmK' ll ^ nut lu^i lor 
(prb anytnon- 

The Harjxr vti«r m|ii.kI h.i- 
wcimen .md thnv nion while tru- 
[■H>m- h.uf 11 lem.ile meniN'r-. 
It s kind nt «.niall tor football sea- 
son " villi Oanettc t"oUln^, the trams 
ere u.i- ,1 snull turnout, 

'he Nijujd t> new this ve,tr 
i '. : . - .ind tbt- iheerle.jders }w\ r 
sn iHi\ meiiil i; new 

tacj-s on .1 sqii.i,. v nlike the 

sports nwnlHvied abowdneCTlcaiiinji; 
and fKTins di>nt have scimoiw. That is 
they don't work exclusueK thnm^li 
.wv sport seasun, thty chetr >eaf 

through K>ih lix>iKill and hjski-tball 
waMMVi The iiquad performs at all 
homo football aivi ba»k<rtball gatru-s 
and alM> travels with teams on oica- 

sion to riHil on the hawks when the\ 
an' on rual lerfitorv 

Uie [H>ms ihe niort' danie oneni 
111 h.ill Hi Ihe teini art- enfhusi.i.,ii, 
■•"^■'iit .in ufxiinimi; trip to lov\a 

rje pr.KtKini; lor the p<-rli>rni.inie 
iiH- >;ir!s j;,'t ijiiiti' .1 wivrk out I or all 
tt»- nirls In miiv e in unison takes j lot 

ot tiini- and 

j'r.KtKi- bill the 

ll - ,. hl.isi 
said (s'lTi ''.irah 

I o I I 1 n s 
niers (,. Ihr 

s..|ll,ld .Is h. 

kkls ,n\,i\ trt ;. 
home I he lonj; 
tune loaeh 


While n> isidered a student aetivi- 
ti the sijuae works usl as hard as the 
i;ins on the lield who plav sports. 

1 ols ot ,HMple run to the bath- 
room at ha f hriH-, instead wh\ not 
stick around for what might be the 
bf«l part of the game 

I Ik vhcff 


««->i'.>e> sAMMSMNTmHAts ■■■■" ""'""tl» 

(riflM) aatf laughed and s,iid, 

'■ It keep* me 


fNractIc* tiMir mov** for «i 
tf<p t* ttmm, wttf tlMjr pimm am 

hk>ola IUk a perfect <L 
IIM! only pRHNOn It. Kt t p. 

It s djrtlcxn. A muling dinahility whrrc 
•emc kkb confute theu (fi with theu p t. b* 
and <\%. But. twiih thr r^t hrip. moH ni ihrtf 
kidt cMi fo on to do wcH in kImoI. CaII 
I-SM-CRS-MIND or visit www.l< 



•ThtLady Hmria VoHeybaU taMi pwtidpMKi in College 
of DuPagrCon{c»noetouinai»aiilaitw«ek-«nd But they 
dktn'l place in the multt^eam tountMncnt r 

•in recent pUy the Lady Hawk* defHied Moraine ViHeyl^ 
home on Oct t«. Thank* to Mi'hm RoimimI for keepii^ ut 

•The Lady Hawrks end their 1999 negutor «M»n at home. 
They wiB play hoci to ^4onon CoUei^e on Oct 26. Ilwant 
«erve win be fiivd at 6 p.m. 

•The Lady Hawks nuiy not have the firepower that they 
havehadinyeaispaft. ButthicnnderMandaMebeoauaelhe 
Lady Hawks only have *lx aMetea. Which meant every 
player imatatay on then 'imtes Even though 4wy 

ace ihort on athletes the. .^ how to win. fuat aik 

Moraine Valley 

•The Lad\ Haw-k srocer team ha« fatten on itoaie hard tkum 
ihm Mis . nt play the Lady Hawks dropped 3-0 tO° 

Moraim- nome 

•Two dayv later the Lady Hawkv wene defeated by | 
0>Hegr (hO. taivitin roll.-^^r i;, « nationaMy 
Ppiwn'a MMXcr pr this is (ust one of ^ i 

miiued ♦p^-"" '*>" I .... . . ._ ., >^ face dus year 

•Iht La >iave also been plagued with injuriea ant 

llKkafpi«r<^ts„.„y«ar. Itiiahurls the Lady Hawks year in 


•The Lady Hawks are now taaUng Ibrwad for poat MMon 

dctkm TheRegk]nalplay-o0iwillalaitOct.22andendane 

day brtnr. Locatian to be arammcid. Good luck Lady 


•The DMn'a •ootXT team haa had a tub-par seeton so far this 

••wKin They weved<rfeBtod by Lincoln College 5 1 but five 

• y MdeeoMd thcmarivtM by def aal in g powcrhouae 

'tale at home 
•Ttw Harper ' im aie now forwaid for Ifae 

poat-seaaon. , begin the Regiandl play-afli 

next week l.ocation to be announced. Good luck Hawkt, 
g^oior it ail. 

•The Lddy Hawka ba aka t iall team aiv ready for action. 
Thew 19<»-nn !i.-a*an •• leat tlian one morMh away and thi» 
year the. i mote aUddea. Laat yew they only had 

tixathk: , they have over 12. 

•The Lady Hawka have five letuming alMetet: Miaty 
RoBimet, Maunen Maatalatz, Ovia Stieirfie, Suze Wagner 
and Hotty Hofipe. 

•T^i^ " H' many new iacei far ihe Lady Hawk* at «vcU: 

Bts ' lie JcMus, Julie Audino, Anne HanaeaMatita 

Evamk, JIM lortney, Nikki De Berry and Diana Ruis. 
•Maatalarz and Rommel nvnvnominaledtotheRiflaBfV 
Stoond team and Maaldafz waa aito nominatod to N4C AB- 
Confeaence Second team aa watt. Thingi are knking food 
for «ie Lady Ha%rts. 

•HerMnj^ Male Athfete of ««e week Taibnck B«M>a 

•Manani lei « achooi vecoKl for ai ptirpoae yanlt in a tin- 
gle gante with M4. He ran for 183 yanls md caqghl aix 
p aw n for 161 yard*. He alto hat IJOO. att-papoa^j 
ihit aeaaon to fir (772 iwMng, 283 paat icceiving). 


Hawks Sports 

|t«a»ii » 

Haliwy Ihwpf eoH«<» . ftcto bf M. !*§• 

Hawks get past pesky Wolves, remain undefeated 

Ryan FrmiiMl 

thf pRiv\ 1 lu-l ast hf.ul 

The Hdwl-s (tvOl privjiktl 
J7-24 to reTn.)in undfteaki) 
Hid impmvwl in the *tand- 
r\gs ,»N wi-lt Ihe Hawks .lu- 

hdveati bill f nrsi 

place in ihi- \ i( 

The VVdKfs 
hrst point-. i»t tbr >;.im. .n .1 
Iiml>>.N'U vaai ti.l.l v,.',il t,. 
mvi' thr \\.>Im~ 

)iiliet irKri'.i'^tJ tht-ir UmJ 
when i|udrUTbjck U*r\l 

(..(nlner tuund nveivcr H»>t^ 
MiMillian *or d Wt touch^ 
di'wn. With 10 minutes left m 
thf 2nil ijiKirtir 

lV>»n b\ I" ynnt- ttn- 
H<iwks were lixikinn lor jn 
-uwwer anJ the\ f«>und i>n«v 

H<lwk<> qiutterhjik CinM 
luruens huoki-d •■;' " ''' 
Bubhj Mjruim tvi 


Kith r Vi u 1 

mh onii ijvi.if' 
liiij;"'"- 'i'^' !i 
n.n li> lolut ■. 1 
but unlortunjti'K 
out ill time 

The \Vi>Ki- isoiilil 

.\ .n I lirtf numitfv 
,nt«' til. third quartir tail 
iMik I .irr\ NindiT- ran iZ 

lard-- t.T ,: i.'lifl (i'iKhiKn\n 
i hi H.nvK- Wirt' ilown 

hut nut .'lit, |ust ask |i<het 
IXnvii i\ !■■' I'l'inS th. 


v\ ,ll, ,1, . _ 


W»lv«« pl«y«r« go 
^••••••iaii nwt 


jMt otUi*— In ■ 

jurgens tn j;m' the Haivk 

: 1 " i.'aa 

Ihf Hawk ,.>ri- 

I'lu- mun- liiiu !ii put tin- 
i;am.' •nil nl ria. h \1ariani 
third i,.iklHl.'\Mi I't thi' ^aiMi- 
tta- hi-. ! i.-..-.-i !ii- ~. cn-.l 
tn»m eiv 
the Hav. r- 
left in the i.iurth .jiiartcr 

I.. I... I _. , ,i...l . .1. II,. II n. >t 

■ Ha\Nk- 
jTi'v aiii-u . 

It wjs th. 1 ir.l 

r.>und thf '.\ ..I i I 

Kfv(.r.i^ .ir-. !r, ti' K- 
brvken. |ust a»k Hubba 
Mariatii He -ct a sihixil 
recorii for .il) jHir[M>%c \ard" 


Playars from th* Wolv*« wid th« lUwhs vi* for 
l»os»«»»ion of an arrant ImII In HariMr'a aacond to 
laat hom* gaina of th* aa — o w . 

in a Nin>;li- );aiTie w ith ^44 
He ran 'U tlme^ tor I SI \arih 
aiiti taught M< pass«-^ lor ]t>] 
vard-- ll< iiK.i ha- a team- 
=■ ' tinj; total ot l^ toinh 
11-, a total .'I '^^ points 

m -IS ^.lllle- 

Ouarli-rba.k liir^ins 

ini-thi lir-l llarpr OBlo 
.1 h.iil ^anu i.\ilh "11 1- 
[■lii- \ar.1-. pas-ini; 1 If loni 
pU'ttsi i " -" |\i-.-<- atiainst 
loliii t.T tin \arJs and tv\o 
louvhdowns passeft 

This jImi wds the lourlh 
time in M.h»x>l htslorv that a 

Djr\l Varbi.Mii;!. .a.h had 
tour latthi^ tor the Hawks, 
l.leeson had .1 total oi 67 
vards receiving and 

Sarbrou>;h chipped in with 
^^ receiv mj; \ ards as well. 

Harper amassed a total 
^X) \arcls and a total of 1" 
lir^l downs Hawks had a 
total ot I^) vards rushing; and 
a total of 31(1 passing yards 

ITie Hawks ded-nsc aftain 
was strong Thev i>nl> 
allowed a total of ** first 
downs and only ga^e up a 
total of ■»lh \ards |oliet had a 

I larpiT quarterback threw for total o( 22s vards rushing and 
TlK) or mon- vards m a game defense only gave up a total 

Ktvcixtr - (,l>-tsim and ol ''I passing \ards 

Panthers shock Hawks, dream season comes to end 



MasimCitv. Iowa 

I K» yi»u kiu»w \\ht*n' it i-"* 

Harper College tiK'tball 

din's Thi" Hawks ! 

their se\enth \» 

Pantherv Ir.nii I 

the Hawks still . 
N4t conlerem. 
reciwd of (^Oi >' 
to sh.i'-^- 

tirsi uiiLii !...•' 
but Hllsworth . : 
hv defeating Harj. 1 

Five s«\i>nvl> int.' ' i.iar- 

ter. Fllsworth nmnin^ I'l. i- Marlon 
C"«i\mi>n ran 12 \anls tor thf i.-iuh 
down to give iJu' Tami 
With the Hawksdri\i: 
ferritorv Hawks i|uarterb«nk (..ritt 
Jurgens pass was inlervepted by 
Shawn Uuman a safety f«ir F-Usworth, 
giving tfie Pantliers excellent held 

Ellsworth quar1«nback Ryan Bum 
fcHind receiver Andre Banks for a 18 
y»rd comp ■" '"d he found him 

again thnv plays latfr i.'i i" 


O1 the next pUn from -^rimin.i., 

Im. k t.avmor found thi- niil 

again from two varih 

fanthiT- a I Vtl le.ul 



I ..I\ lIU'Ii .' ■'!'-■.) Hit : ■. . < I ' ' ■' I 

scninmaj;f tot hi- third t"iu!'.l .vv n •'! 
thf.: ■' -.orfit all .>! hi- louvh 

il.'v .. oiui ijviartf! 

t»u//er •viHinded to i-nJ th. 
! lawks were dim p I'' o iiid 
looking tor answers 
Both teams were held scowtess in thi- 
third quarter Fhe Hawks defenM- 
was »tn>ng in the secimd halt, k\l by 
the dcfensiv« line and the defensive 

Ltotebackers Orlando Williams and 
|oe i .U'issrHT eai h recorded a -.a. k 

l.'hiu 1.1"..- .Hill ...ii-Ti.ti i-avh 
iiitf r. i-ptisi .1- pa— a- well 

', ml" thf fourth the Hawks tinally 

in ilif Morfboard lurgens found 

irbrough for a 14- yard com- 

11,1 twiiplavs later hf himked 

:ii live vaid- 

- th»-ir lone 

i tiif .illerrnHMi. Th. 

fed thi' tv^'0 pt>mt am 

W h.'ii 

M i|uaitfr 
v^ ,0. .,,1 1. .1 thf .'li ..:. 
ki: ■ !ui li.irri- 

|,„„- ,,,,,.,, ball t..t th.- 

Hawks Bill trippfd b\ 

s.iiid.-rM>n from 1 ti-u.Ttli ,ind h.- ran 
the Kill 41 vards lor I llsworth - final 

\s th.' hu//er siiundfd th.- Ilai\ks 
were defeated lor the fir-t tinu thi- 
M-asim ar>d it was a sfniik to all 
lut^ns fintslted the day with 225 
vatxts passing He was 2^-48 but 
threw 5 mfeneplion- 
l.leeson hnished the day with 12 

PMOr.-i BV N0C1 B*GO 

Football ands with a handalMlia 
a* tlia Hawka' winning atf*ak 
comaa to an and. 

I' h.-- lor a total Hs yards recen ing 
Hn-dd l■hlpp^^i in with 13 catches tor a 
total V vards 

Ihf t lawks if»-l| and (5-i)) in ccinfer- 
fii.i- pla\ have three conference 
>;,imi- Ifti aivd tftev are all on the 

It wilt be a tough challenge to hatulle 
but it anyone is up for it's the Hawks 
I he Haw ks next game will bi' on Oct 
XHh at Ci>llege of IhjI'age Came 
hme is set for 1 p.m 

^fm t 

1 111* 

WIWiii Walwy Hmip*t Coltog* T y»ut>w, IHIwoii" 




•lege ^^ 

VolMW • XXXH » Nwrnbar 6 . Wov—nbf 1, tW 

Spook-tacular a haunting success Building L 
'^ does not rest 


On OcioK'i 2" ho^kij 
■silly M>nt;->--' iii>. K•.l.^^. 

'imoii- H.. 
n thi' HuM'r 

I enU'r ]\\t ■ 

JionRS such OS I .tmstbu-tif- 
Perrv Ihi? Pftritit\l I'lr-ili- .uhI 
Aunt Sall\ - H>«>>;trs ill ^-•rt 


IXinngoii, ... .... -•..^- ....... .^ 

walked arv>uml the Jisli-s spraying 
people with a "magic sprav ' This 
secret formula had at least one 
effect, although harilU .i magical 

AudiMIC* W W H f IMV* ■ iMWttllC I 

H«llow*4M S|Mok-lacttl«r. 

oi»> ii rilt\t up the ihiliimi ! 
.uidu-vKc IV'ton- Um^ thes 

I tlMM St Oava Rudolf's 



•ther Ming, abi'ul ^. .uv 
.liens, hmught men' tun 
ll>«' kids, btvausf thev gi>i !>■ " 
heach balls all i«er the iIumi. 
was h.idl to flit lhl^ .Htixili 
bis..iusetlw Wills wivulil not gm u| 
the halls. 


...h M.irk M.< .will- 
Mv Miiu..e .>nii>ng uther 

A[,\v outfit-. IvMMOstUllU 

. '-nv.-iPinLOZANO 

Crowds of paopla eontntmt^ im t 
tutuatnt avary day to laaaan Um wait 
batwaaa claasaa. 

Carta LotaiM 

tlH- I iK-ral Art- 

....1 .1,.^ , I,. I ..I 

■^lu.h!U- t.-^l ttieie ^> itii iomi^;t 

1 1 "11. m.-s. 




Nobel laureate Wole Soyinka 
addresses human rights 


DMrtal NygiMM vtotts 

Mm Car*«r CAmw 

to»m\ wiMa ye«'v« got 
••• Mi* * 

Art* * EntvrtaimiMnt: 
-llaHM Straw N«t' 
CMHlng to Harp«r 


Itowks e«acli •••• hto 




Hiittorv abounds with ev.imi 
ot one group i'i |Xt>pl«> denying thi- 
human richts ot other-. VVhv is this 

,HUl Wh\ ,I.K s !l (ill .H . lit I .1 Ii 

?.,!>■, f hest. i|uestliKl-^ ■■•■'■ ''■ 

human rights i' 
■ If .itldressetl bv N'igen.iM v, mu . 
,1 \iibel taure.ite AoleSninka .'ii 
iTklav IVtotvr 2^ m tin- '' 
the Business .mJ So> i 
I. enter 

'..... !ii. • the 

aiiMU.ll lnliiii.ition« I l.t\tuu mth's 

Ihf thi'MH- ot Sovmka s k^tiiif 

IhMii.Hi ku;lils and the I, I. urns ol 

K.l.iinin ' human rights 

.■re t.Hi otlen eliminated under the 

i..nte\t .it iultural purification 

I'lmplf who Jo not cimtarm to 

lullural tr.ljlll."'- "■ "■■• ..ns.,l.■ri^l 
OUtsKil-rs wit 

)'v Ireatevl .i> .... i.,,i.,i,. ~ .... 

iintjins lh.ll thi^*' people tr.l.ll 
ii.'nalK Kloiig to ,i -ub. '• 
artists Of " rittrs or ,tri 
» itche*. 

sx'Vink.i ^.u\ .1 nf w - t'ro^r.ini 
v\ !■ i .ibu-.<'s In .1 [■!.! 

t .1. , ■ ifst lls»-il his lui!.: 

U <i,inli.i powers to e nsl.o i 
w.imiT. ni.ikiiig Ihi'm his str%.ints 
l.r sf\ -iiul domestu use 
Kf interpreting thi rules 
IriTil tln-se women ot this tradition 
il enslavement. Human rights 
iisurfacevi rKrt by cTangmg the ail- 
lural CtmtCHt hut Iw ri...v.iniininw. 

( 111!-' 11.1111 t.i. . 

i if pn.% tiled f >- 
alalorships s|n[ 1 
awa\ ptH'ple s human rights under 
the i;uis. oi , iiltural purifuation 

111 .uiws.ited deniixrjiv .is .1 
. .. t. '.. ■ ■*. . t.lti.r.ti infff t^n 1.; 

tlv.>ti hum.iiis thenisiKes tu- s.ii.1 
.jUfstions .ititT " 
. fvpifsM'd h.ip. 
(!h ■ nerrinu-nl undei iru 

m-i i.ition of President 

i.>li; anio Ini! more 

.,,•1 his I'nthiisi.isin 

:mi-ir.ili.>n has Kfii 
■..spinv; i'lir litiuers 
, io-s.a1 ne s.ii.i 

U.'lf Snink.l n". nor • 
I'ri/e lor hterature in l>'s^ I U 
attendrti uimersit\ in lon.l'i' . n.i 
his fiatne \igfria lie ! 

l.iru H'f 

months N ■ 
ir!i, if P-. .-. Ii'lf .idi •■ ' ■ ■"■ 

tin- m Ilif til's hi : thf 

.■, tor hi- hi. 

lUrrenlK the 
'v\,..Kl,':iti>r ot ihf \rt- .it 
I iiion Iniversitv 111 l.»sir);i.i \- .1 
poi't pl.uw right and rio\flist he 
priHluievi a l.irge ts.dv ot n'tk 
most mitably Pn XUn 1 ' 
\f(.-.. ami more nventU 
NTf .if .1 and Ike Bunien 

,>i Mini," . if fonpwnoB. 

tele\ ision s,kI.i and snack machines, a small 
the biHisstfire, the librarv and 
1 prominent smiikmg seition 

:ii".fer 3 partiruLif cmw .t 
he lounge area, and as ,. 
result, disrupted the clavsriitwns 

The disturbance agitateil students and 

tiers in the classrmims and brought com- 

its to the Tnglish I Vpartmmls attenhon 

r^l irtommeiuled to ..<nt.i.l 

s,.iiiMt\ walked tliroiigh the lounge area 
to nijki thfiii-.. i.. - ii'o.irent to the blatant 
indiMdii.ils ,1! t the authority's 

• - -fine i|Uiflf.^ • . . ...i I he silence onl\ 

. d tor a mavimaiii ot ^tt minutes and the 
u.i,f le\el began all over again 

I n^jlish Instruitor. .-Xngela li.tirfti has 
i:id ac-ted on the disruptive behav lor 
. classriHMTi she teaches in She stat- 
ed, I Impressed m\ concern about the noiM' 
problem emaciating from the hrst f1o«>r " 

she .ilvi inentionc-d that it is an old prob- 
Um the I K-partment has addressed in 
\ .inous waxs however nothing has nvluced 
the noise troni Klow 

r.iul a studmt of Barretts 1 nglish 
ill.'' .111-, -Mtis I think its obnoxious and 
ru.; f til interrupt .lass when stu- 

'■ . ...g to learn ' 

111 llarlev Chapman. W-.^r ot the 
I'.-, i. \rls I iepartnu'iil met with the 
MiidfUl I 111' t oinruttcv hut i.iMif to mi re-.o- 
iiitions atioiil thi iinllitl in Huilding I 

t soieral meetings that 
atlfiiiplfd to n".oh e the lOntlict of the MKial 
iiois.. inlertering with the classnH>ms. He 
then reijufsti'd an engineering report, which 
would glass oft Ifie open area where twist' 
f.isiU . arric"s to the classr\ioms 

c onsts^uentlv, the glass would obstruct 
anv lurther interventions fn>m dovvn below 
There ma\ b«' tacti rs that halt this resolution 
sill h as thi- 1 list or an architectural challenge 

I he report lor the pro(ec-t is pcYtding 
rhe attempts for resiilulion are still in ques- 
tion and the twine level continues to escalate 
and disturb the purpose of ieam. 

Pag* 2 


The Harbinger 
November 8, WW 

Harper Music Academy raises 
scholarship money with their 
annual Performathon 

A very special free musK 

evttit will i4i\c V imct-rlRinTN 
.m I'pportimiK Ik ht-jr U«' 
•.tudfiit^ or ttw Harper Mu>k 
Aijdi-mv, ranging in Jg«- 
tnwn -.u to 18, a* •*!«?> hold 
their hrsi Pertormalhim on 
SaturJay, Nm ember 2t' it»ni 
f am to 5 p m m the 1 iHiriv;< 
of the Student .iiui 
Adminisitration C i-nler V .a. h 
pertomvance will bs-gin on 
the htHir anil last .ippmvi 
matety 45-50 minuti-- 

The eight-hour stiul.-nl 
marathon comfrt i> .i 
hindraising event whuh v*i" 
raiM- iromey <>>r the Mu-^ 
Academy Sch<»larship Fuiui 
The liarp*-r Mumi Aculerrn 
supports ofvn access to arts 
education by providing 
need-baRed scholarships to 
sludenli of ail age» and abili 

fun for kids 

tu-. Ihr I'lrorm.ithi'n 

«lii.h •■'■ ■•'- • tunJr.ii ■■ 
»,llkathol\- or nnuion-., 
i'ni.i»ur,iy;i*^ -^tuvlftiN to M>bcit 
^pon-or^ lor th -ir pi-rlor 

III ulJition to sponstwing 
J (HTioimi r. the pubhc nia\ 
ntntnbute to the scholarship 
tund bv buying an ad in the 
pn.grdin Kx'k or being a 

patron Ih- 
and .vp«-n 
Attendee it- 

lion .It 


..ncert is fnr 
itvtr! it the\ 
1 . ontnlnition 
tuii-i In 
.,.,.,,,,„;,... -.ilh the 

nijrjthon vomeit, students 
vmII be holding i b.ike sale 
and "ill N> si' Harper 
C. ollege U¥i Musk Academy 

Isn't it 
nice to 

uitien you 


nothing to 

do and 

just sit 

back and 

read your 


to now? 

Soon »ou» tMT^ ym* fieoat 
i»9W •n«n«i«»<lo>pi.90'»»>Oir 
road aaa to «joa» Ox t uaanivM 

in oiai J1UH9 Mcofl or (wiayiwf 
Mv OaAiKSA Ana •> toM XMA 

OvdHMUKsna ouimm 
OMM a>«i (ocirant And eu paAv 
an 'wt craoKji biaraa a^aauBt 

And vMn a/ yw HM« aHM* 
ya/l •<•• yiu diTit « no BW 

omir ln*i liKlicnri at^m n 


Onvt OOOB onpia at Ca V*MB 



• i«waw>(i 

W40T0 BY XW#i» "l «TH* 

continued t'Om M(e 1 

choices dominated the 
m ening, though Among 
^lr|s (he pri-ttrnd choice 
was a pnncess, while manv 
boy» came dreswed as 

All the kids who came 
received free treat bag* and a 
raffle couptm .At the ernl ot 
the show the luckv winin-rs 
got drawings produced dur- 
ing the !<how by an artist in 

The Halloween Sptnik- 
tacular turned out to be .1 fun 
e>'CTling for both kid- ind 
their parents 

^ Ulhat do ^ 
you mean you 
haue nothiny 

to do? 

Come uirite 

for us! 

R 367 

It mill Take 

all the time 

you haue. 

Get First Choice - Regbter Eariy! 

AnfMHHielnt Spctno «»• E«rty Refliatimtlcfl For CoMcge CwdH 

3ttid« KCTW » pilortty i<*iim«wi 1» wrtTPlW *wwlltiy ^ 

.,J» P.i»Uy.aui<Ui«ihMtaiolM«loMudairia«*OMU|(aaaiJHB|iUI 

I IIM I H tlH W, way wg l w ar ai iy — w •■i« * ii i ••!«•«« ragtrtnaioBi 
yrfof to Hw Malpnad ima eiMMt M (MOMimMaA 

PluM i«rar 10 Iha MltMkia Maw f ar ipi(a« taiM nolsiration cycta- 

aavMieirwiUUH KMBTMA'tX 
•ml AAninMnMm C«iMr (MCt-i^k. 
%• ftmilf ii^aii» daw ■« 



mmm mmtmation tamuAT 


l ii m ^ »_niMM»y ^ laM 
tiM 7iM PM 



•«M )• yw <v Haw ■o^iMV « |M iny M 
Iw MM. MMia« •• 1^ MkM MKW* <t 


a» ■» fci C wwt 

•ae Ml MM riHiv. •:•• AM iMt «:«• m mmm Mi>«« a* 
«i inamiiiwut — I ~ 

Mat MKaMM MT^Mr >^ ■* »■ • 


"Por the best variety of music in | 
the Northwest Suburbs, look noi 
i further than the Student and 
I Administrative Center. 

Listen to WUCJ^A 
Palatine's # 1 hit music station. 

November S, Is 

Harper News 



J, Ml >> 'lit 

1 I lust v> inn 111); 

instwit racail. 

.■XJin . , V ir, li^.. I.L>...I 
M.HHl .., i ,^. 

l>ri\c on VV(e(lnt.>sday, Ntnembff 

i~ 'Jam to 1 p m , Studtnt ami 
Xitminislr.itmn I enti-r, A242. 

Sukkfc Seminar 

Haw thoughts lit suicide t'ver 
rrtwiinl yiHir mind' Inlc-nsr pain, 
ion«)iiw>> and othir dimt-nsions of 
wxguish and loss caust- many mdi- 
viduati to contpmplilv or actually 
make the decision to end their 
live»^ l^am rmirt- about suicidal 
ttiottghts and acts and how one can 

!•■ . I V, 1 1,. IN ^uu uH', -',)nii\ 
J Mental llinrss', VV«-dnesday, - 
■siivcmhir I~,2-.^ pm..' 

Student Ailniinisiralion Center, 

Great Ameri<ran Smokeout 
Thursday, November Ih i> thf 
Gn-at American Smokecnit Stop 
by the Stnofcrout Table in the lobby 
area of Business/Social ScieiKe 
Carter, 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. and pick 
up tree t|uit kits, pamphlets and 
trther goodie-i. The first 15 'quit- 
ters" to turn in cigarettes will get • 
free luiKh or movie pas*! 

ff A V T B D 


wmtnaa, ran iiuiu ■ mrnumm. 

Page 4 


Ihf H.irbinm'r 
Novembers, l'»w 

Our graduates agree. 

•Ml really worked fur me. I 

wasfirsi intniduced to the field 

of public adminiMralioii hv the 

faculty at Sorthern. Their 
guidaitce wax instrumental in 

my earninfi both my bachelor 's 

and master \ degrees." 

NIU Works! 

Find your career direction 
at Nortiiern. 

Visit NiU's open house: 

Thiirsda\. N(>\ ember 1 1 (\eierans Da\ 
'» am. li' 2 p. in. 

Take a campus lour. 

\W\l a residence hall. 

and find out about admissions 

and tinancial aid. 







Career Comen dental 
more than a mouthful 



Set yoMT qo alg High. 

We'll help g«*t you there. 

- tne Ar Foce i^H 9K «l« UOll yau need to KM* anv iisMi 

/3u «« V*- 1 "H(( 9M you iham bv 

[ Ktttr- ,in 

t,,ii I.,.,. ! I,,. ,. unlike ottut 

ns lh.Tt Ukj- 

' ''''•' •■-nailum 

'' [•!■' ~u, 11 1- I, In rni^lri>j;\ 

thjii a ( iin)(Vf.iluiti .ind mun- 

iM^a- ..( the .i.Htll 

A >ou'r» iMMMMn *<• tgtt, of 17-7/ - CM M00-4a -mAF 
AM HUH ^ •T' mtomMMm p«Mil oi va« 

»• Air BtMacwwiwirfciM. WWII 

pk-ling til til- itii- 


in Ihe pTji 

jml an A'-mh ijti-s ii\ \p(ilh\l 

To re*.h Ihi- riH>t Hi ' 
pfajtr^un. th<r>- i^ in mi. i 



.1 leis exptTi'^n <■ rmiu'n 
lurrent vanablf i>'-i i>i 

>**' It" the pn>grani !>um<> up \o 

jKal li., 1. .,,,-- .11, ti.M.unh .ippnuimjti'U "."JOcl lhi« 
fhv summiTs .inil . ill into thi imlud.-. Ijl' l.i-^ li\l-. uni 

ti>rm>. instrunu-nl-, ht'Jith 

II nxjuiri'im-nlN atid pn>l'i".>ii<in- 

I di a<ti\ itiON 

\ •■ ..plu- 

lo tht (,.i,i...>. ,-. ,11 > ff.itfO 
prowptiv Thfff are 34-W 
|-H»if <iii> jv jibMf in th«- priv 
^ hill K'ljusc ot the 
ilenund. then- is ofU-n j wjil- 
in^- lisl lur lh«- pnigrjm The 
m.i|(>ril\ ot thf stiidiTits a>;r\v 
v\ ilh ■•nthusujsm that thi- di'n 
I h\^K'nJs( pro)'ram is 
t«n.«' and well worth the 

H< kj kr»"a>;fi. w ho iv oiil ot 
: and Iheivfure, waited 
- to f;et in the program, 
^ommenti-d. "It's a ier\ kihh] 
paigtam that i> time ciHisuin- 
111)5 and is haitler to get in 
tiom lut II* district " 

Monica Kinsley com- 
riieiilixl, "It's an evellent pro 
Uram but needs to be 
I'nlar^ed because .12 spots are 
not eni>U);h " 

Ai i-ne Nox ack. an achate 
ot th«' dental hvgiene pm- 

Sm DENTAL tfrOENE on |M«e 6 

- I 


FviT iw-rr W) vrar« : 
h«»n \hr Ic.nling n 

invrwon IruM u- 
tulurr H«rv at^ -i 


Superior strength 

' ..Wr 

i la Uf^gm 
:rur*<neni >n|f^i»<^»»i uimI janang lJ>r 

-nnut K>li<l llvi.'vr.ll ill. i.-asiw-l >»Kv 


xlancLir(l lit .i.^ ....... .k.^, ^...^,-. ....iviTiiv 

Solid, long-term 

Wc «e«l( out lon^ Irrm o|>|NartUfYtli«!i iKal 
other tAifTi|hMwr». in purvuil o/tfuiik ^au 
often mi»-» 'Ikuu^^h pmt |H-rlomuiH r , jin i 
giuiranur iulurr nrsullv llii% |utiri<i |>lnU»- 
ophv !i >■ .-«irrmrlv rvwanJu^ 

Surprisingly low expenses 

^ ^ i'MFF* opcr;ii>i»f . •.iii^- 

thr iiwursr.. lujl 

;,, _ ' SL-, »,,».. 

Easy diversification 

W.oJfci ' 

■- 1 UKtki 11 ■ 

..luncy mark. 
iuid guiir<intr<r(J 0|jri4M>* 

Unrivaled service 

««;;■, Ijv (ARiaiOZANO 

Marl* VsaqMi axylMaa liar MtiMfS (taaria. 

Fix Ni>ri> II6| 

. Slll^ 

i North CentralCollege 

S . F 1 » , „ ! ( I ! L I % <i I t 

Open House 

Saturday, November 20, 1999 
from 9:30 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. 

in iMr f nnT fi:<.ctil l>aibai 

■r : V V < HI ! u,,j» ... . . 

I. .Ill III. i.r, t*? tm<i out '■ 
VRl I .111 lirlir yuu liuit. 
iutuir Mtu wani «n«J ilriHi'i M 


EoMuing ttic futtm 
for tlNae wliu afaape ItJ* 

-1 ■ <mr wiebmit 

1 800 842-2776 

-. .W*. ,. Jtr k.-. 


mr invflira 


cwifMu to km aMR about: 

. Liur^Ml \l^' 

.1 ,.. , ^ K..;,.,),^ 

^' i.ll,fr.<iiknMli S|HJ»I* 

' .1. trnrfcmmw 

w. MiHdItifm 

.. 4 .Vti^iuj \ ftr* < filkfc*,' 


inUi ts'siae 





Tht- Harbinger 
Novrmber 8, 1<»99 


To hell and back: urban sprawl consumes suburbs 

lilr Nit , I. It!, • 



' U n -MM * t V\ M (It ' Mil" 

it \\h\ K ,\ ti t w I' h 11 1 1 . 1 

Wo jll kn 

before Wf t'l ■ '1 I M n I ikhjmi >i>uii}'U> 

hurcjsed popul.itinn tiiupk'd with 
luor dfV elopment in thf suburbs, 
m.ikfs fur a i isi nt urban spr.iwl 

and tin- Chi : hoids to lur- 


.uid lot of lanit 

up? Wf can. it vvf .ir«- willin>; 

fict' Kur |jwn« and b^rbi-qui'-- 

Accjifding In thf Assucidled i'res*. 
trom l^ro 1(1 \^>*0. mure than I** millici 
ri-s oi l.ind m ttu- L'nited StAtfit has 
. umi- urb.ini/fd On top of that 
rn IMhH ti> fJfiV thv population ot the 
I S. has increased bv 22 percent 

lixamples of urban sprawl are all 
tiround the campu*> Take a drive dow n 
I uclid Avenue and \<ui v\ ill sih' that 
the I'luni C.rmc '^l>upp in; I cntiM sur 
rounds a small >.'nieliM\ \ halt miU- 

l.« 1»MIS HW*tMH 

WlMt tfe yoM wa«t on ywv tMHkstoaat 

Mfklng lot aMfTOMite a MMali CMiMt«ry iMit 
to ^apa $nkm% o« Um conMr of fUmt frovo 
Roart a«« EmcIM Avomo. 

aua\ .1 inu siihd n isiiiii, Wivlcird is 
heini; built 

The new de-.elopment will contain 
11(1 new hornet, each capable of hold- 
inj; S people a piece said Kimball 
Homes On average each household 
lontains tv^l' drivers each with their 
own lar^ l< .i\ n^ us with a grand total 
<>l 2;ii niort- M-hicles that will be added 
to the slow rivers of glass and sleel 
that flow through the streets 

When the ra\s hit vuu and the sun 
melts your eyes into the back of your 
-kull as you drift ever sii slowly down 
Koiite '^■* renieniber one thing urban 
spra»\ i 

lo the owners of the IMuni t.rove 
shopping Center no one blames them 
ti>r the location of their establishment 
1 he\ need to nuke a li\ ing too. Mavhi- 
the\ can bnt;hteti up the place and 
in\i's( in some colorful flower arrange 
nuni>- tor the dead folks in their park- 
ing; lot I'm sure the\ d enjiiv it 

The Co-EdHors Of »ia HwMiBir. 

Sammantha H«ys and Alan Mnwfk 

tNQuld like to thank our edRofial stall for 

alt their twd word and dedication 
Your laM nighit artd earty mominga. lor 
that maMar, have not gone urwioltead or 

unappradalad. We thank Kai4n 
Poduaka, Caila Lo»no. John TMolaon 
and vKiuW like to say goodbye and 
I to Amanda Oflenbacher 

Dental hygiene: 

a high quality program 

conlnuM IHWi pat» & 

gram, ciwnnwniml 'it sa i^-k. r ... .i.i> ■ 
gram and the stiiJtnis .ii 
■ '-ve teanwrs 
ihe progra! 
tiKit a litudent can oim na\. 'i;. i ' t:.:..ii,;:i 
out the entiretv of the pnvi;r.mi It tin- ^tu 
dmi earns morv than nne ( t the student has 
fallen tn-liiw ff»e minimum compe*e»K-4 stan- 
dard.s The ii»-ntal f»rvi>;T.i! 
tatioas thai rei)uin- ttv-ir M 
beyund an average Icm-I 

|<>hn fiipaitofSHiltMi- ! he piv>- 

grat- ty hit, 

a gr. , -xsl." 

Editorial Board 

The Harbinger 

Co-Editof in Chief 
Co-Editor in Chte' 
Ne*=- ■ ■ 

Featu'estui'.ji . 


„Atan E. MfnarA 

-John T*ot son 
Carta Loraix) 

Sports Editor Ryan Frwitf 

Business /Ad Manafir___Mandy Offenbacher 

Assistant Ad M ana g w Rich DasiMCk 

Faculty Advisor Dann Gire 


Ask your wellness advisor 

".students can anor 
u •linnw rrtsted lopiv - 
tH« outside lh< 
•student /Admmt.strati 
jp(T«Mr in hituri- issui-s oH 
.,.,.,. i^cll he tlwroutrhi' 

\ id»\t bv h. 
ii»-i i.raUU to Thi- " • 
Q: Whit IS th.- 1 

ibmit qu«>slians cm 

'hirii m lh«- marked 

o.;er All que«- 
- and are 


(uit -.mokirij;' 

A. TtwPeanMnai- luit smoking; "smu iHsv- 

'.^lechciCMClOftO \.>lit tiirM-v while ottKTs cut dimn 
<n smakinR gradu.)lly Additicmatly some pmpte uti- 
i/e a cUift or *uppiirl group to ataittt titrm m th«' ijuil- 
nni; pn>i«««s wfH^-a* iHlief^ p w fe r to go It alone 

h rmtlHxi, and tfH- 
the mdnidual In 
. Ihesi* mi'' 
>■ nt-placenii^ 

i;s and wIthd^di^ .•- 

. . niciHim- fran-»i. , , r.n 

!inhal<>r or gum The patch and gum are a\ ailable in er 
ihf . i»iinttT withiiiit .1 iirfs. nniioii white the na^'l 

i> fnimatH- 1 

, • .if^>lacCTT>""*' 

iTMiking ni (hi .; »..u lan grt throi.i;!. t:i, 

first K) da\ fiat it gets easier ii3\ i- a 

plan in h. ' ' . 


a support system in place. Your ftealth center can 
fielp ytni formulate a plan and assMt with support. 
KememN-r ftui ThurMlay, N»»v«nbc-r IH i* tfie Gnoi 
Ameman Smokeout. If you are thinking of quitting, 
this IS great day to do it. Stop by the Smokeout Tabk 
tn Business and SocTal Science Center. 1 1 am- 1 pm, or 
call tiealth and I'sycfiological Servians at xfi2b8 

Q. !>> I leally need lo get a tlu st>ot ' VVill getting one 
make me sick^ 

.\ Intluen/a (flu) ^ .i commim upper respiratory 
infection caused l»y a virus It can he spread by direcl 
or tndinvt contact and can lead to complications such 
as bnmchitis or pi^etiirumia The flu slnit is n'cotn- 
mendwl tiw individuals who: an- 65 or older, have 
ihrxinic medical conditions (heart disease. 
.mcmia, etc ), tiave lt>wered immunity from 
^luh aN Mils, an retviving Kteroid therapy, 
. h«-nHi|luTap\ (>r radiation. rt».idents of kwjg term 
. an- lacihties artd thow who work with sick individ- 
uals and /or have a great deal of public contact 
letting the flu *h<it DOES NOT cause you to get the 
ill . f towev er. Mwne people do experierore lude effects, 
iimon Mde eftni of the fTu sh«it is Mtrenew of Ihf 
....I liw up to twn davs Infrequently a few peoph 
will also develop fever, fatigue, and muM^e aclie» fcM 
I -2 da\ s t>n rar.^. cvcasitwts an mdix idual will evperi- 
<-ni I- an immediate allergic rf>artion to tf>e sfv»t 

Staff Writars and Aaslstaats 

Noel Baga James Johrtson. Joanna Klatka Erie Scnafer 


•anaral Pollclaa 

T>» MwMii^ i» Ow >lu]«M «ue«c«H>n for trw HoriMf Cotli^tt can«ut nim- 
ntrrt'. :».f»:sn.-;! ti. •ww>t.i. !;vn..i^wut tneiicna0|«ar«is<«NtiunngnaMtav» 
m>B- -'iturailfrae to afi students. fiKultvdnil 

«*■ -iWiMWBlirittopRJwaetfteHarpef connmi- 

■iv-:n,.j--f, ii>iiwc'iim(iu»<inilit«tum3unangcammuiv. 


rne H mtm g m MMcomn lertars lomntOUoi andiapiwt tixM lidiUinaH. 

le(i«r» muiti Iw «gnM and iidude a uMiw ra«nMr lOrMriiiciaKin. 
S#iM IMS. wN tw wtttwu ueon nqwM. M let tart iM caM«nt art' HJtiaci 

ftoduct* and tanncm ■tw n iiaB n nia 
eoAor* of eni4 oapsc. nor by tlw coMa 
Inqulna* tMMd ba toriMfdM amctty'to tt« 

M tfw Ascfction of ttia consunw 

ration w Boanf of Oiractof s. 
aMianitar. and M puchani ara 

MaMr^ AddretK 

TlwHartxn^r William RameytiarperCoDess 

1200 West Algonquin Road 

Palatme. a. 60067 7098 

Rtona Nunrtwrs: 

business office: 847.925.6460 

news office: .847 925.6000 )i2461 

fax: 847.925.6033 

CQpyrtfit 19881 The Harbinger. 

*• « 

Th* Harbingfr 
November 8, 1999 




By Noel Bi^ 

Carta's Webbed 

By Noel Bago & Carta Lozano 

Dec. 13 


Dm. 15 

Dec 16 


102 classes 

All Accounting 

All MTH080. 































Frtday December 17 & Saturday December 18 

Specially Arranged Exams 

Classes beginning at 4:45(xni or later 
will use regularly scheduled class tin>e 


Calling all Students! 

Make sure to remember that ... 

is the last day to drop your 

classes! Watch your G.P.A. and 

drop today! 


here is a major road improvement project for 
the intersection of Algonquin and Roselle 
Roads (It has already started if you haven t 
noticed), and is schedualed to be finished on 
October 31 . 2000 Please t»e aware that traffic 
will continue to suck until the project is complet- 
ed, especially during rush hours. In addition. 
Public Safety cannot control the traffic light at 
the exit to Algonquin Road duhng the road 
work, so expect even worse delays. To prevent 
Inconvenience and delay it is suggested that 
you use the Euclid Road exit to leave campus 
and avoid the Algonquin Road exit The Illinois 
Department of Transportation is in charge of 

cooridinating the project 

Daily Herald 

* Paid 

Fall, Spring and Summer 

Openings now in our 

Advertising Dept. 

Contact Scott (847) 427-4392 

Equal Opportunity Employer 



The HarbinRer 
November 8, 1999 



\WafrtedP»t time 
Secunty Responsible 
and conscientious 
persons sought. 
VMeetends and holt 
<t8ys a must. $7.65 to 
start with regul» 
increases to follow. 
Wtial uniform invest- 
ment required. 
Contact Lt. Johnson 
at PuWic Safety 

Whole Foods Market. 

I 1331 Rand Road ir\ 

'Palatine IS now hiring! 

PT/FT Entry level 

positions are avail 

aWe. Join an exciting 

company in a fim 
working environment! 


' Company Seeks 
Administrative Inside 
sales assistant and 
I purchasing flexible 
hours data entry and 
filing Etc. contact Ray 
i for inside sales 
' 847.290 9800 con 
1 tact Aruna for pu 
I chasing 


1 Students eawn $375- 
\ 575 weekly process- 
i mg/assemWing med 
I ical I.D. cards from 
! youf home. 

I Experience unneces 
1 sary... we tram you' 
j Call MediCard 



CLERK at Jarosch 
Bakery in Elk Grove 
Village (15 mm from 

Harper). FlexiOie 
schedulir>g; work 

before, tiet ween or 
after classes. Extra 
hours during holiday 
break. Call Cathy or 
Ester. 847 437.1234, 
Mon-Sat 6ajTi.-6p.m: 
closed Sundays. 

TEACHER seeks pupil. 
Must have an earnest 

desire to save the 

world. Apply m person 

Wednesday evemngs. 


"Guararteed!' Info Call! 
1.800.446.8355 ' 



Book early, save! 

Spnngbreak, Cancua 

Jamaica, Florida. 

South Padre, etc. 

Best hotels, prices. 

parties. Need 

CafT^Jus Reps, 

Escorts, Groups to 

earn money, free trips. 

Browse www.icpt.coni 

forreps/aW> ICP 

1800 327.6013 

Sprmg Break '00 

Cancim. Majratlan or 

Jamaica from $399. 

Reps wanted! Sell 15 

and travel free! 


jackscm Guitar amp 

200 watt 4 X 12 gui- 
tar cabinet Built in 
the late 80% Is 
piepped for stereo 
output. Inveryg-xxl 
847.398.6248 or 

Peavey Musician 

Guitar Amp Head. 

Non-tube, built m 
Phaser and distortion, 
w /foot switch. Input Si 
for 6 guitars and 2 | 
parallel inputs 
Moderately good con- 
dition. 847.398.6248 

or 847.33a4712. 

87 Lincoln mark VII 
Second owner Florida 
Car very little rust 
Excellent condition 
3500 Or best offer 

To place 

a classified 

call The 


So you ww« to be . tW? fc prt»»«l Be 1r»«l i«m fr«« the best 

.or,,«henp«. d«wM«d P«W*" fo' ** '«^ "*^ "^ ***^ 
ntfK Midwest 

CH or A*«i«w 0«a « W7-a66-tKH- 

AMoeaies and B»tfwlon Of«e r» C«*wv Arts 

»>d *i HottJ & Rest**** Mar«rn«* 
SifiohnhpuwJ frwKiat aid ire »««*te 




wwu'kcmi'" "H" 

•♦«<♦ xe »«».•»< >^mitf»n. ire • kir-a- 


Yniir name here! If you were writing \ 
for the Harbinger you might already 
have (I <tnrt on a decent resume 


A Repreicnuthe will Ix on your campus 

Tuesday. November 9 for the 

She's finally coming over, huh? 



No biggie, bank online. 

[ wait Lj»«ll«> • fn» toi—m 

M mm J«0 ««•• w— < CKlM«» 

7 rt»«*. «•— 1— •»«•**"'*"••**• ^•~*' *^ ""^ ^ ^^ 

tne next t.nv. you t>ave wm* to do tuX more pressing engagefnents 
.^^^imi V... n^ . Lassie checH,.* account *«h .re . internet t,«tKK>g. 

f hi where you live Op«n your LaSalle 

actount M ww.i-«i»«»«*»-«»«» O' -^a" »-«>0-840-0lt0. WjHlMH 

Noveral>er 8. 19W 


Page 9 

Page 10 

Arts & Entertainment 

Harper Theater to 
Perform French Farce 

Novembers, I9<W 

■y JohH TiitotM* 


Weddinjts are motuulou-K pUnntil 
I nfartundU'K lht\ .inii t em-cuted to p»>rt»fc- 
'I. 'ii 

rhcst- mLshjp> make for ^rvat cinrntiv 
1 sp«viallv in (he car*- of Harpers latest pnv 
JuctKm, .4m Italian Strait H^it 

The Fivrvfh fane. dire>.t»\l b\ Mar\ U' 
Willis and v\ ritten b\ 1- uKene t jbiihe lakes 
place in fans 

It tells the storv ot a wealfhv I'ansian 
named Fadinard whti. on the morning ot his 
wedding races around tiiwn trvin^ to replace 
a rare Italian straw hat that hu> horse ha» 

The story jjets inlerestin); when the owner 
of the hat aiwl her paramour to leave 
Fadinard's house until a replacfment i-. 

Meanwhile, Fadinard's bride, fwr Ijther 
aiHl the rest of the wedding guests mnn- lo 
•lebrate their nuptials 

It was first perfomuxl m lh«' 1 rciuh ttw 
aler. Theatre du I'alais Ri>val. in IK.^I 

It IS a timeless piece whah has had a lonj; 
run irf success and has d.i//lisl 

Interviews For 


G«ff The Fmcts.,. 

Marv lo Willis uln< l,i-t direiti-ii lh>- 
Harrier pnxJuction lliinn. hjs been dinilini; 
.11 HarpiT lor oier 20 vears 

!"he IS cunvntlv tfie Dirtvtor ot Iht' Harper 
Theater IX'partrm-nt 

The cast includes |oel H>ni;-il,r .i^ 
I'adinard I u Waldron as Virgime, Kmail 
VVaJi-eii js 1 mile and lli-nu t\>kos as I. 

Ih.' sel was (.It-i^mJ b\ \tiiha«l Hnmn 
and I'aul IXimbnmski 

The Stage Manager is \1i. tvui Mild 

The pldv Kill ha\e a two vmhW run 

Ifw first week will !>■ NovcmlHT 11 12, 1 V 
and 14 

The "tecond wtvk w ill >.or»Hit of Nwember 
18. 1", 2(1, and;i 

Both weeks will be performed in the 
l>rama Ub, I iberal Arts t enter I UN 

The perforTTumt's will tx-){in at H p m on 
all days except the 14 and 21 wtw-n it » ill start 
at 2 p m 

Tickets ar»' $W for Harper students and 
staff. 9> for ottu-r studt"nts, and $10 for gener- 
.il admission 

1 11 kefs ^jn lie purchased bv «il«>pping at 
thet-K.x otfuiv |14\ orb\ > ailing M~ ^2=' 6 llXI 

Com¥Join the Harbinger. 
Interview interesting peo- 
ple. Write great stories. 
Hang out with others. We 
are currently accepting 
applications in A367. 





Northern Illinois University 

Bachelor of Science 

in Business Administration 

Olf«r«d at Schaumburg 
■■ghtnliig Eactt fi» for Adult -— wc«* 
to eamptat* • dtgn* in BusiiMM 
UunianfSMior I«mI courtM only) 

• ConwmImN. Nrt-llNM. CvMing*. Sehwimbwg Location 

• Aflofo#ole 

• HtBh (^aNty. TwifM bv Itoflitlar NIU f Kukv MMnbrn 

• FuayAatMdted 

For mora inlonnalion Mi tiM NIU CoHav* of Bu»iMM 

(«1SI 1SI-13M or E-mail at BSaAHniu.adu 

Viiit ow wMbsKo at wwwcob.nki odu/ocbaba 

•t. vwni aMar hifli Ktwol o< GCO oonpiMian WMt M (eoMMr 

atlami iiai iwnai mutaiai 

1 ir ilMii »t« 111 < » « I men rme Ca w iPi V 

Ml IMi* jMr^U Iwn-Un. s«4W1UMHb M 

«0 ^9* 


You\x learned a lot. Ai ElmhinM. voti'll 


«>u't am mr m n»m a tmmmmtamm ^iMai 

» nl wu wa ii r twsityi ID •>• pMX tmr *» plioiw M* 

f^r*M faeUi ^bn a i il tl i n liii«»a« a («aH«r "T 

hn i i Mt mt hpi wm UKtiit m I m i m f i j pal — »» 

* wvntmitm ^m'aw m . Crwt Mvwr ((I'M 

w fc ii w M M s or im in arll Mi Wr Ib ihHmh «ill»« 


rn more. 

' .«(h«n>* llw aanwl •unay bf US. Mm 

IsaL-^ls ^Le A^i Ui liu' "Wl* 4«41tfTC BUV* 4n I 

••M>n> I 


wajxt^ Sf» J f sfpt n ti H-tk. .V^ur tLia yx pcaEOT af «u> 

liciihy>i>Mda l> i ^w *||iw»iniWfcM» 1 km abmej idiaiin 



1999-20O0 scHOOt. VEAH Any Harper stu 


pobtjcation. au. submissions must be 

accompanied by a creattve materials 

Release form availabli: at the Student 

ACTIVITIES Office, the Liberal Arts 

Office, the arts Office P206 and The 

Point of wew Office L324. 


tfwHV daft 

IllbkwM » »1>.J! Ir-f A-vi >. n, 'i i. M «et«l*« Ird 


Fii».f-> .ltdlbn|M§.< 
^^*C^ riiniuirst r 

«IMI«M^ ^nfeilRM* 



1999 SUBMfT TO P206 OB l324 

■^ 1 linliinNlCdlege 



embers, IW) 

Hawks Sports 

Page 11 

By NoeiBago Eliasik second coach ever to win 200 games 

Invest Your Cnedits 

Tnmfarytmr (dkge (Mnttwt iml 
mmpftH fin accdm^ 

>v^ Bachelor degkee! 

** <^.:>^ 

A4mUli.HrtH»m OtfTf*, 
•t/iih /I ctMCtnttnjHoti m 

h\>> -.kiTf jnd mm- \v,ir~ ji;i< J 
na^u^.l K>hn I liasik. ti«)k over the Harpt-r 
ti>llif;«' (iHifball prii);ram 

TwtTitN nint' M'.ir>. later Hliasik remain-- .1 
mainstav i>ii thi HarfH-r •.idcimf^ >iMr in 
vear oul I li.i'-ik bniii;- thi' N->t ■"■'< "t f.uh 
anvl i'\ iT\ athloli- 

Mia>iW liiundtT .'t ttu- ll.irf-ir >;ruiiri>n 
priipram 1- the .>nl\ h>-.ul n'.uh llv mIiihiI 
ha- lA ft h.ut 

I lia-ik - tir-l ("nT li.inir \\ J- Jg.iinvl i<>n 
t.Tt-n,.' ri\,il (.oik'i;.' .'t IKil'.i^;.' thf H.iuks 
i.iNi ii.inii- but mort- imputt.inlK a li->;' 
rti.i v\.K ii'.ulo hi- name 1- | ihn I lia-ik 

Har[XT tini-h<si thi'ir maumiral -iM-.<n at 
.Vt hut tim-lx'v.i 1 'O thf tollnwinv; In 
1«74 (li.i-ik tini-h<'^l vvith hi- tir-t winning 
stM-on Jl ^-4 

Two lati'f ttu' Hawk- tini-hi-d 7 2 
In I'^TH thfV -ittfiuifd thtir tir-t Unvl »;anu- 

Thf Hawk- tar«\i K-ttor in tti. 
compiling t-ight winning -oa-on- m; 

whiJe also atteiding a bowl f^tmi- In l'»87 
the Hawk.- on|< yed their Hrst ever-undefeat- 
ed regular season, and werv ranked as high 
a- third, but they unfortunately were not m 
the RX ti>la Bowl that year, but still man- 
aged to linish ( 1 1 - 1 ) on the season 

I hi- Hauk- also won nirw straight N4C' 
iToiMi- trom l^'H4-l*<2 In the Ws the 
Hawks havt' 1 >i K had one U>sing season, and 
have atfi-ndiH.) a howl game oNerv vear, 
i-»^.-pt lor the l'*'4 -eavm 

Hi- Hawk earns have won thtiN4t II 
liim-- ind m the last l^ years have appeared 
in 14 po-t-eason bivwl games. 

Hi- ha- prixiuced 42 football All- 
■Vmeriian- . H academic All-Americans, and 
li-n ot hi- athletes have goru- on to play pro 

l>niXt ;"' bfw I iia-ik oami-d hi- KXHh 
victory Boconung onl\ the second coach in 
N'1C.-\A histor,- to accomplish that historic 
feat His overall nvord now stands at 200 
w in- 10!^ k>sses and 3 ties. 

Herix-. are remembered legends never 
ilii- John I lia-ik 1- a legend 

.\< L'Oi Ml\i. 


Hi^ACiH'^;!- M\\\i.»iMi:\i 


I'kiM Media ^M (.-vfriK ni.sii;N 

tfOi aMR Pmm. Ki^eraSe. II. CM) • <M W47J9 


A Different kind 
OF Honors Program 

(jar a difjerent kind of student) 

UVir Uuikuig flit yiiung men and women to joa am 
r \i lUng imnon |Hogram. 

Rnowvtiit Schotan «rin benefit from » college experience 
unhke «ny ocket. In addition to tn enhanced •cademic 
eX|ieri«KT «kJ gmeroiu ineril *dtoUnlii|M, th«» SchoUn 
will rofoy: 

•tiut mtatartnf ttUltonthipi a-itk Uading fnfti$itm»k 
fitm mn tuMandit p^ •flnttMi, otMmni and t^imt 

'^taat imutfoki^ and nttarci tpportatutta at w«rld claa 
t^lmrat, mrfnalt and political lattitnlitns 

'tkt hta tfwatn (Magt: callvrt. tammmtity urtta, 

mt^SLMfiaa MMB 



The program i( open to ftetlimen and Iransfen of ail 
m^n, but favon students wita strung lendrrship and 
commumty icrvtee iiKcrcslt Scholar»hip» range from 
SH.tXX) to $48,000 over four y«u», a» wrM ai need-bated 
fbiancia] aid. 

fat drtadt on (hit unique honon program, call Dr. Sam 
Rosenberg. Director. 312 341 J697. or Kaifcerine i>itr. 
^12 'Ki\ J515 al RoKiaevek Univer«ty today. 


rV 4(JS«w» IHMW afciria* •»«■*<•*" T" "«••• ' 









latmenmomtaaanm CMCMaiLMtt i)» 
Ma«MMaiMaeMMMkiA MWMMaatMn {io)!' 



Mt»t Coll«^ 


Hawks get back on the winning track 

II . 


ili(ii> >.|i.>|>pti| Ihi- t«ii|d«'n Jjj;lv"> 'Jiorl 


nih H 


lh«' Ha 



fir>t bin pljv »>i 

Ihf K'»n"' 

< Ir 

. , th 

rl ^itudhon fh 

Hjwk^ .K 1 


■n F^Kk-^ -ilnirt 

1 in«'h.i. kit 


.. ,. 

n Hit 

rti U*U>di.k Bridf 

Ihv.l.A ,i> 

tiw bxUwld 



the lii>liJ«>n Fjf^te^ 

t»' punt 

Mdwk^i ditensi- vi,.,ki i.m | irwbjckt'rs |i>. 
(.ildssner and BdUiwin vuktM ftn.- CmiIiIc^ ForIc 
quartfrbdtk hn a ma)(>r li«s>.. rmving thi' f .i*;!*". ti' 
punt Ke\ in ( ^IveMm w.»ihn« m thr wmK- n'turm-vi 
the ball all th.- «.i\ i. ■ i f,n;U- p, i.inl 


' x'xt play fr(»m sirimnia^i' ^^u.irtt 

< iin if. n^ tounil CliVMHi rnr .1 24varil I. 
Jiinn p.iss rht- kick tailixl hut thf Hawks had an 
i-arlv »v<) lead with h mmuU-s U-tl m iln- firNt 

Kl^k\■^lll•^ vxas laiivi '.mUi .iiui..^ . :.....^ 

and tht' K<jtvk.s ik-ffnw «lvipi<d up I im'Ku kiT 
iVlandt) Williams biit/«d the (.rfildt-n tagit- quar 
tfrhack and that livrttd th<.tn In puni aRain 

Harper's next drive didn't take long at all Ihe 
first play frnm tcnmmaRe » a*, a )>mxi iwie luriten^ 
>h»x->k cH the defenders and tcmnd rtveh er (. ilet-siin 
for an HVyard foiiihdow n strike Iho Hawks ekvf- 

Havin Gle«»on r«c«iv*s iioM w r Reck 
Valley Punt. 

(>. 111.- H.iul. 

-■..sMt.n lailbai,k Bubl>a 
• tacklers and ran W1 
the Hawk.s decided 
onv iTsu'ii and wen- mjc - 

li> >;i' lor the twi>-(>iMn1 
•■^>tiil iiirni-n- ' 'ii- ■< Ill -i -•' 

1 ,,» Mawk> h.i '■ •■! i\ lili n.r 

m seciwid qu.1!' 

IVi the I'toUltn I j);ies ™-\i drive Rixk V.iiiox ■ 
i|uarterbavk Rny S.itkuuster threw a pas* tntpdtHi 
blei-meraue and Ijva/SfepttTliKik full ,u!. 
Stepter inten.ept«'d th*- pas* and ran 'M' \.n 
li>Uvhdt>wn The Hawk^ ni>w t ,,^ 

26-0 lead 

.•ti-nse ns . 

lii -Viitlumv iuKh 
u< punt. 
• i-- htn)k op will 
1 -fv vard Inuih 
inl and th. 

.Mill ..ll!x 4. 

■i«c«»nil!» let! to plav ir> the t 

llw Hawks weren't di>i.i ..:.... 
Diwk-v fumbled the bail lUid it »j» r. 
Cirlando VVili. •?•<- 1 >■■ •<.. t-i ..■- '*•■• 1 ., 

ran 2** van* ■• ,jt 

V^** ■ .iiiiuni !>• . -HI uif hrM! 

Rock - iif. at a 4lUt tMicit wilti on, 

half I'l pi.iv ts'uiiKi tii-.'m. 

\«> team would cross the v;i>.il !ini' in the third 
IVfensive lineman XnderMin lX>rtjlu^ 
1 himble and the defensi- reinrded twn 
s»h.k» ji v\ell. 

Rtn-k Vallev's :. ■ T,.uitli 

! ' 'tiT. when tailbavk Unelev ran 12 \ard!> foi 
l< . ► Valley 's only loiichdi>wn o( Ihe atterrnKin 

I hi: Hawks tinal vnre of the name came wfien 
Rvan Allen kicked a 42- yani field );oal Wh«>n the 
Hawks left Rcx-k \'dlU-\ IfieN caitu- away with jt 43- 
f> \ ictory ovi-r confer»-iKe rival Roik Valley 

Mariani finistHsi tin- day with H^ yards nishin>; 
nn 1^ larnes. Ciiry Si -ns chipped in with fi'* yards 
rushinn on ll mrries |ur^-ns completixl s of 7 
parses for a total of INI \ .ird-- ami throvx thns- 

I .Irt-Mm caught two jxisses tor a total ot KC 
. .irds recti\ ing. ScarbrouRh caught one for 2r 

■ H.iuk .itl.kk v^,iv ,11 lull I- .Ml s.iturdav 
,iMimi«>n Ihe Hawk offense amasst\l a total ol 
^52 yards they had a total i>t N2 rushing and INI 
i ards passing 

The Hawks d,.t, list- onK jllouij 1"! \,,i.l,,ii 
total iilli'iiM' iiki .>nK ,illiHM-d a ol nine first 

Hawks win a wild one against College of DuPage 

Itymm Frvynd 

\i-s the Ha«k , r.ill .ind 

~-0t in the \-tt contemve pl.n 1 .in 
Mn the clivse games as «,1| H\, 
Hawks hung on for a 2'^22 v u ior\ 
o\er C(X), to remain unKMhri m the 
N-K. conference 

Harper College tiK«tball tcain trav- 
eled to a familiar place on Sifurday 
lust ask head coach lohn lltasik Ihe 
Hawks travek-d tol.lenn Fltyr tor the 
lirsi time m three years and this riv ai- 
ry )ust kivps on getting; Kltcr .ind 

rhe Hawks defense once again 
ime up with th«' first big play of the 
4.ime Farly in the sivond quarter, 
c quarterback threw his pass 
into thick coverage and s>>phonior»- 
Mfety lavar st,-pt, 1 Us.k lull .kIv-im 

Slepter inteaeptcsJ the pass and 
ran 40 yards for Harper s first touch- 
down of the aftemiKTn. TJw kick 
faiWd but the Haw ks shll led 6-0 w ilh 
14.46 left m the >iecond quarter 

Uiih iimi' running ilown in the lir-! 

hall sophomore tailback Bubba 

Vlanani leaped into the end /orve 

Irom one yard out to extend Harper s 

lead 12-0 with 1^''< left m the s,.t,wid 


H^n tli»seil th« . . 'vilfi-ni. 

when Chaparral quariirlM 

wide nieivcr Matt lA.rin.ii 

yard touchdown . omn^tion Ih,- 

I haparral's addi J tlir I'M .in,i 

closed the g.ip 12 7 

When the bu/jer sivunded to ciul tt..> 

first half the Hawks had a shm 

lead arul this wa.s a shix-k to ■" 

ITie Hawks hr*t posse*si 
stvond halt an unsucii-^~nii on. 
and the Hav. ks m-rt- lomsj to punt 
the ball aw ay and, « ut> 
IJorman was patiently w 
return th»' ball (or the C h.»pari als 

Dave l.randt punti'd the ball aw av 
and IX>rman dropped the ball and it 
rolUnl into the i-nvl /oru- rh«'n- was ,1 
big pile up and lint-backer I'irlanit.. 
Williams was at the- bottom ol the pile 
to give the HawLs amither touch- 
down With 12:ir left in the ihmi 

qu.ir1t-i ihi- H,nvk^ IimlI u .k Is.;" 
Ihe Hawkv patented their le.Hl when tailback Darns lones ran W 
varvls tor Harper s imal ston- ol the 
game Ry an Mien added tfu- PAT and 
tin- H.uvk^ hjj d tommandmK .'"s T 

Ihe H.! point lead 

n li.inil Mfs right'' 

Wioiig. lh< I hapari.i! s u.-ren t .lorn- 
In .iin mean.- \.irnu-l Ku-h 

r... Ill > ,rjs lor the Uuichdown to 

ip -s- 1=, H ith S minutes left 

" ■ I. ."Ih .|u.irler 

lli>- Chaparrals nevt pi>sM-ssion 

vv .Is .1 gooil one c haparral 

qu,irtert\uk toiiiul « ule rtveiver K 

■ f.i litui. hdi>wn 

'hr extra j"HMnl 

.iiul 111. Il.uvk^ ii'.Kl vv.l.- . ut tuo 

thrtx- points 

But tlMl IS as I losi. as H >1 ) w ouUi get 
I here was still drama in the air, just 
i^k the M.iip.r lollege fiMtfiall team 

With Is stYonds left in the fourth 
quarter. Ihe Hawk.s were faced with a 
fourth tlown fhev etecf<»d to punt 

tliib.ill .m,i\ t..tcM) But vimething 
terrible h-ipfx-nc-d. 
Harper s srwpper snapped the ball 
i>\er C.randt's head and the 
Chaparrals recovered the ball COD 
had cine more lilc lell hiii il short 

C CH> kicker Adam Faton attempted 
to do Ihe impvissible, he could possi- 
bly s,-nt this game into o\ crhme But 
fn-shman Joe While vame up w ith tfK- 
biggc-st play of the gam«v White 
bkxked the field gcal. and the Haivks 
escaped with a 2.'>-22 \ ictory. 

With the victory over COD the 
Hawks are currently ranked 11th 
place in the laU-st NJCAA tixitball 

With one game remaining in the 
ri-gular seascm, lh«' Hawks have all 
bur wrapped up another \4( ntnter- 
ence title. 

But more importantly Ihe Hawks 
will l>x)k til remain undefeated in the 
N4C' conference something they 
haven't done sir>ce l'*8K The Hawks 
can accomplish this historic feat with 
a vK-torv overC.rand Rapids 

^ % 

Trie Harbinger 

WWI— llaiwy H«r»«f Coti«<« . Palatlns. 

Volom* XXXRT 

1« .NovMiii>«ri2.iM* 

Speech team takes first place at Kishwaukee 


Harper ^ ., . , ■" T' 

Whi Pi cmuil I 
•'■- • hHik tr 
mbfr U ,1 

Ftw tht- tir-.t lim«' 111 I I.Ki 

If (lllff ,li 

sli.iun K( 

r mvcnbar >«nnlf ar Otbom 

Ihl' ttMn> , ' rf Mi ■t\ !iii ^t'li. 


'■.t>i'rn .111.1 ii'i: 

PalaMM f W t I 
fof Mtos NHnoto 

Performance of Italian 
Straw Hat a success 



Arts ft JMfHflHWti 

I CMIM* to 

•••patf* • 

Cala BowL 

C«*t w iwfcar* of Italtan Straw Hat ralie^ 
brtiig a (tallar MrfemwRca. 

Caria Loiano 

l\ r.t Iht- 

^•ntly to 



In. I.- . tiiii'iJ th«- .iiujR'n^f s 

i>M'«. with J hnu' >;r«\'n ^l^>[u i\jll. lai\);i'r. 
I blm-ft'fvo rhi' livfl\ ailor*- »verv .if^'lii 
ri' .;s, Ihi- stript-d tliHirs IT th.^ti A tvnt pink vutxul 

pi'« K i.uni>sih 

CHhet iuriouN tTurk.s on the *ei weiv Uw ruunbcn 8 and \2 jKivi- tht- 

11,! .^!lli i..iirtti pljvi' b\ \U-lcilh, 
'hnM>n. sivth bv 

• :fi hv l^ngf 

ki ilh \.k1.iI riisi' up .ini-t l"..k.- 
III.' (111. i' • ■ ' ■ -'h plai.1' m I )l 
I KlHirn ^HJ Ull ami 

: -iM'nii p: 
M>n tiniijii 

'111 loi Harptr iii 
I ..irru-* alMi hK>k 

' irlh in 

ukI liHik M\ - 

h )«■« It/v I 

'h 111.. h..>l ,..v. . . ;... 
.Hxl tialani' 

. .11... - v\ iMn^ i..uii.,i 

•it'l «. lUitiiJiTit With the 
t .iihI plan U> jjn <ar "We 
n.iirtullv -.iipptirtive team 

M* SPEECH on o^tt 

Repairs on pipelines to 
j be finished by winter 

I Klatto 

sun Afiim 

pijHiir.i's !- ..In. lull J !i. l-r lin- 
.Mm«- vsmtii 
Attt>r tr\'ing lo timl i>ul wtwt i-. hap- 
peniri);. Mr Ik* CrtH/. Dirtitor ot the 
il riant, ^aii) that thf>f two build 
iTi- I'vpiTU'nimn a heatinK pn>b 

■t thi- .x 

.ii.iiKi thi' board ot 
und. ^n<i liv 

111. binn^ .1 

■ 111 i\ a^ icat*.- 
.1' 111 n-pla<."e 

iiiul tlul thi, >t>.ai!i line w.i- 

f .'t repair Mr. Ciet/ mm 

i(^". havf KiTi in thr 

I vtai~ and it is soixl 

1. !lVt lilt' pi<>(i|i III Ill'M 
■ ,..UI out M'l 

II this probUm was 
mill the pmttvt would 

. h nil 111 ditlKult to atxximplish, 
.isMN in thoM" huildmgv uoiiM 
■han likeK ni>l meet. 

'■d that there is no danm i lor 

f>eciallv ctmsidermf; thi- tact 

...It n-.i iu.iisil«>sed He IS expet'ting tht' 

work. Ill fnd b\ Ihl- middle of DeiemK-r 

1 111' w inter is (list around the comer, mi 

lets hofx' that the heating system is fixed 

as s»Kin as possible, so that students and 

teachers m ho have clas!<es in buildings D 

and H will rH>t freeze when the winter 


Page 2 

Harper News 

The HartiingiT 
November, 22. 1999 

CAREER CORNER: Refrigeration 
and air conditioning not a breeze 

Carta IMM 


ipplLiiiii-. iri' iH't ri'tiTTfit to 
.uiiittur pri'tf^ 
The RefriRer.iiuMi iulI \ir t. omiitmmni; A>r pirtum 

(KACi Tethnel. i't\>>;r,ini r . pl.iMn^; liu-toiiur ihJ ^, > n > 1 li. 

tjinlv ni)« a br. . iw.^v.'.m . pl.ivm>; ti-.uhi's v|ii,),.nt- r. --pi-, t 

Uram that k'dd> U> cirliliij' i .m !>.mm,.rk .irul Ihi« lo i-st.ibli^l> 

dssiKijU- m applkii mtiT' ' *rif ut.iti,>r> .nitl hfPtili- 

certificili" l-tfl■r^^! ihr IHun. tirr>'iil >.» 

cation IS ih. I I the K V ' !ti%t U I'ti'tixiioi' 

liTHW lfil>;i- lht-\ t' n Ih.' 

pniftram lo imili. ilu u 

diready t-Ntabi. 

twn and air ^o,,,i,i. . . 

inn Har}H'r> progr " -till uork 

hill-timi' Jiul ri.iin ni.M, »n.-.i kxiAi- 

Thf K Ai. pri>>;\ i- i\«li t-^.tablishi-d 
but Jivordin); lo Si'll Iht-n- is rin>m lor 
improM-ment Ihr tornu-r loorilin.ilor 
John Shola, su-j^fx-d dimn tor pri'ti's^ 
nMs<>ns >ufh a<» liMmin)? about what tho 
proi;ram should and vould be doing bt-ttor 
U>f;rthiT, thov ^in- traveling lo Pima, An/ to 
brttff understand and discover an op«-n- 
t'ntrs program What is undersiiKKi so tar 
is that Ihi' .ipen enlrv program would 
i-nable a sdideni lo pcrtorm at his or her 
I "Vv M pjk e 

\n KM student is KimKirdiHl with 22 

V Lisst-s ,)\ e! a st-t pTuKi ot lime v\ heriMs m 

li,. . 11. n entrv prv>gram. whiih s«ll and 

>• n'\ leu ing .i student would per- 

Do yoa want lo f>o to the hot deserts of Inm 
view the .Sheik for a liol liioo. ju-«i like Al Padno? 

ir you do. go talk to CBS. Hwwrwr, you can write for the 
ever fun and rvriting HaHrimger. 

Come h) the nfllce to (III out an application or caH 




«»kMM «V«4«IMtJeklM«(MMIklR|i«a«Xf MWlMI'OMWnll 


RAC atadwit. Daa t aiMp, wMlM •■ a 
tralaar aeai^Maaar. 

Vhe pn> consists of some lecture m 
the lab that di>»uss,-s tonv«>rsHin», but the 
maiohty is hands-on experience's The 
har>d*-<in eUborales on th«- s,t-c ice orient 
ed career by taWing real lite mtvuc wilU m 
the bb A student is pre^-nted with thi 
pniblem. searchi-s tor cnissible soluti<>ns 
tinds the core ot the problem an. I s.ihes it 

The students job is to work with 

Af CatuaiMjdetf Service CarporUiotK 
MW-M got mAM you n«e^' 

iMkiiiit**"*' < «M ItinMMtoiMilmrcmwanpaaaiImn iKi.4MntfV' 
iri wM nn iiir au nMVMn MS SMMrrii M nyM BKui OR n«r po 

IttStI «4Mc* MM cMknuWUU* J*« t/pt *>H > IMK. CinUIMt HTNCt 
MdtliHK* > (lA M Ml VM 

to jMtiM • Mhir*<ML «l« «M vKMtMtiaMqt Ml «• •<»•'■" «w ri 

«(«IM f«M» CMl ar MIX )IWt WMW M 

Fax: (847) 368-2S7S 


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November 2Z 19W 

Harper News 


Speech: Harper takes championship p|ay: Italian StraW Hat 

'.Khi-. Ihis N^iki I VNtii 

with ru) si^riN lit sliHMn^; 

VVhrn .iskfii pl.K, .1, ,< .mt% hi', h'am In t.ikf when thev go to tt 
•llesf ..I I .il,.- 1 -untN ,.n 1 V.rrnh,.r 4 Pr/vbyU. h.uf .-niv ,.n.. ihin^ t,. s.,- 

I ir-f p\Mc I il.m t ^.t- ,in\ n-avm « h\ vm- , .in I ,it ■ 

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II acctn t9 iiitortty ngwratton l« corarolM Koan«tty to M 

Pfinity imyifAititmui « (jamiii |i, kliuiunhk wtM «re ttMTMtfl»< 

MHanMr CailMM. it^^M^m 

[■MfBHUBBBB* ' Tf ' " """" 

iMiindfM. KudrnttMithaMtiwr 

pNW to Hw anignid tiirw caiMWl b* KComnvyMMf 
P)MM Mfw to ttw MiMduhl Mom for tprtoQ tefin registration cydt. 

tM*M Md MnMMrMM C«Mir ff AC| -i m 

Registration is 

during these 



. ****'**<*"■' *i'W'tiwtiwm<3iMmfltA<Tl 

iPpeMnHni<w| iftt 

MMiMMwM-auMlwW, MM 

f)M hmnt 




"H fm iiit i .«»■■»». Wy tin; U-'-Mh-o/fi 

't( !• IM C«»« CwM WMMt ■•IH ti ;« V tCHtt anlab Kf <• ^ ^ly KOH »< 

Wtp:/r<w>'i».narpc-r.c{,li w 

;o*^^nu«^ T^W^: i>;»fif : 

tinltu kv 

i In liH'l 
iv f hi>. ih.if 
rhiN v% .Is (A t- 

' iTc ; li.irni 
iitTiv in .1 N, crw v\ [ii ■ 
v^i.ulJ Ih- l.itlhtu 
\i 'Hflhvli>ss, oils frimi jKhc Jiiubl- 
I'd sMhtni-nt with a hibriims, 
\.i Kithi' llt'iigstler<. fnthuM.ism 
vs. IS Min bv tin- jsiilt-. lo thi- Jiidi- 

I hf .uulkru. I, ,Mth 

l.ui^;htiT .md morf <Tithi:si.isn, whin 

'h, 'J... ,!>:, h,:r,K..-, \./,m't. 

Ihi-.lttv i; • 
VMlh .1 Sp.lH!-!' 

mu«.i, ,il t.iU'iil 

I ti'thi-ai. 

cuesi fhi'drjmji 

(.,,,..1 .,..1, ...., 

Stress Ri-licI 

Ihfuu iij; (uiKiics .ind Ihrnwing pil- 
lows, bunii d Hfll iv»itMrsi%J jot 
I'illims wh«Ti- n(>t tlie onlv thint;v 
iii; thnmn, though, fhi- Btirniifss 
fiivfcl K Tinj f'r/vh>lo, thri-w her- 
■H'll .11 Fadinard Shf ki-pi this .Ktuin 
p.isMDnjte H ilh a seduitix e vincv and 
In vvispin>; hiT i-laborjti- aistumf 
lh»' wardniK- i>l tht- idst was tai- 
. d li>r ev tT\ tndi\idiij| Fadinard 
liad a Inmmeil and pn-sM-d suit, the 
Barom-ss had stunning slvU- thai 
stmKl out like royalty and Hflent-, Ihe 
hfidf ot tiu' fvenin);. won- a civain 
now 11 ot simphalv and rihKnis 

Hit nhKins wen- in a huivile. 
thi'ugh, Kijusi- ot ihf >ill\ conflicts 
that trfaltil u-ars and li>ud whinin); 
fmin this bride, plaved by Kristtna 
■^ ritflla Her facial expressions 
' imrediWe with ovvrwhelming 
i-.ul» .ind mes Serritella gaye her .1 iiite energy w tth disci- 
plined e\.i>;geralions 

rheaitorv porlraxed til. 
flirtatious comedy with perttvtly 
controlleii rno\ement and exaggera- 
tion Mary |o Willis, the director of 
ni>' ''itr.iw Hal staled. Farces 
It rtsjuires a Irt erf 
; L ; .i ^uick paiH' 
\illis dm-cted this fan. I. w -K 
.1 llawless set, a wonderlul last 
1 sold out comedv with outra- 
- humor 
IV lienii. 
i).\ui(H-rthuis, >;.ut. J nt'll-main^ 
tainrti hot-tempered husband with 
inger iwi his face I- 
We had Harrumph' 


'' -;.»,, management lech- 

; nitjues and leUxalion skills to deal 

" '*'' ■'■ ■ stresses of college lite 


•seiiim.ri ,.n luesvl.H, \i>M,'mlxT "Ml, 
lil"* 1 Ml p 111 Husnn-.s ,11-nl Nm^iI 

Stres.s Free /one 

■1 finals week 
I ress Frvv /. nu' 

Factory Positions 

2n4j itnU 3rdl Shift 

Pay from S8.60/hr 

Please apply in person: 

l''ellowes iVlanufaoturing 

1789 ^aorwood TV venue. Itasca 

For directions: 

C630) 893-14SOO X6802 

on luesslay, \o\eniber kt, II 15 
am-l:I5 p.m., Bu.siness and Social' 
Scit^we Center Lobby. To your I 
stress there will be tnv mini-masi-i 
romatherapv samples, 
.i\ tips, strexs pamphk-ts; 
.tr\i iiiitfi- ! 


rherapt'utic chair massages are 

available on Tui'sil.iv \,u.>mKr lii 

1 1 am .■< p 

The m assat;^ ;....;,., ,,-imiiuU-s 

or $1S tiw 15 minutes. Give 
your>elf or a friend a 
study /stress break before 

finals and the hectic holidays! 
Call Flealth and (Vychological 
Services. xt.62t>H tor an 

Worid AIDS Day 

Wednesday, December 1 is 
World AIDS Day Slop by the 
Prevention and Education 
Table in the Student and 
Admmistratian Center from 11 
am- I pm to pick up preven- 
hon materials, pamphlets and 
more Sponsored by the Stop 
AIDS Harper Oub and Health 
and PsychologKai Services. 


[75 A»k your w«lln«*s advisor j51 

i^kl, \mir Hrllno-. VllvUlOf 

stiuli'lll \.,irnH' 

AVi2 AnMA«T* I- 
rkifw will K»' th. 

rrl.iliil u 

K .lirt-it I'f 


•• »r 


Novrmber 22. 199^ 

ey make you Wi 
you were back 
in kindergarten. 

f -' 

Q: What i" the b<r»t »J» •" q"K 

\ Ihvr. 

each mclh.-ii .: 

Rum I hi 

t.K- ,.^.1 ti 

vjiiunrii; Hill' ■*.iiv. ' 
I thin); \ini t'v.-r v!i. Ii 

Ihnxiph tht' tir«.t « 
i find thjt il m't- iM- 

; iHTi !-■■ ■■ 

Will ^etling iim tnjke mr •«ii • 

A Intlu. 

.1 . uruiiiin- 

t \ 
I HJKl't> v.tNllAi V\ \K|N 
-MIKKHIA. HirXTIll- 1! VM' 

uird gTiSt; 

grw here it KencM Coa«(5e 

flyglpn't A-r .Ki?.'rly !,.iix.-ii^pd Tr4 (Tcojrapad to succeed. 

nolir^"i©s anc ttisToa.' *(o *n ••Mite 

-w c' v«,r pr*>t<*A ce»e§t eredfct wiS be accapted 

: our Adrrwaom Ofe» a 847-866-* 3iM 



w%vw.kendal] edu 


=mTem PKk»9» HMMto mX>P5vMi Tuirmt Saxlwt 

l-Righl nou, I m (eaiiy Iccused on getting threugh school. 
UPS is helpina me gel tti.T)ugh it." T;#» ^tf#^ 

Hey! Business and Journalism Majors. 

Have you ever wondered what it would be 

like to work tor a real newspaper'? Well 

have I got the answer for you Come loin 

the Harbinger. Harper college's source 

for news. Come to A367 for more informa 



Si MW* anamad tini to •>«»»» "i ^ M"'! " «*»■ 

EHto^ PMM nd MhFW 9iX»«a39 «aM >«<«• 

tfet awi tnMI W (t •m^t.y! Mr )>»A iM oak 

Slac. i»piiHiwillWc«ii»oiiwi» 

Il {22010' m uiifl 

- }nmmt 

■Id MM WWT A MWnt VM imT aak « i 
MCMta I* ri* "Vra • > voi* i*k tacwM i n» Me R 
Kln*»h. I •«• -•* wteturti txna •■>• »ti^ ol IK 

^•^ r« •■1 *»» Mw*rt «< •!«*««. w» *«*««« • 

Oi ki4v v<t M M (noyMteM Me) 


wtomtlMI f-*> lam •! 


The Harbinger 
November 22, 1999 



RAC: realistic hands-on experience 

contifxied from pofa 2 ni-xt kn fl. or imprin »■ heforv jdl\ arhing 

form the requirements and earn a grade H< s,.|i ,nii sh.)la v program wnuU push thi- 

or she would then i-ither pass and go ti< th«- student- In ivii-l in iht-*- levels. t^auM- th.r. 

IS a high denutui (or the RetrisiT.itinn jiul 

Air' -.,.-1... ... 

rt-. to 1 : 

fai I 
^t.ited, Ijvh 
,!,. with thf 

Palatine resident 
competes for IMiss 
Illinois Title 

MiN> I il\, Kiiii I''. d.iu>;litir ot Mr .uul \1r^ Kak Hon Kim 
i>t I'.il.imu h.iN Kvn -K'Uilixl .1^ J 'x-nii I in.ili-t in th<' ?iH»i 

rrote^Mon. .»" ' ""v "" 
■ II roundfi' 

■•- in rrfri^ifralion arui .lit Mi^^. Illinois ra>;i-jnt, whkh jmII lake pKi.r ui llu < 
iiallriH>m ol th<- IKalt Ri'>;nK\ Holtl in "xliaimihiirt; tlu- 

., tut ol Ihf K \( i' VM-ck«-nd <■! \i-i.tiiilx-i -f> tn 2>^ (MiJi" niHT vmII ri-pr»-si-nt lllinoi-. in thr 2t)llli Miss LS\ 

^."l |ii>, .iliiih will Ih- tt'li'ViM'd lnf en thf (. BS televisioi 

,,j, ,xilhth. \liss lllinoK I s.\ uill wm J 

il. Harpi-r ' ,-. l.-t.ilini; .ippn-Mmati'tv VillOllil while 

. ultv that Wi>rk~ in It) 

th thi i'r.>i;\ v,i.„ , . 

.. \l (-,., p.- 

Iw RAC ■tudmits < 

iaslnMtor Tai 

:.). tniiiul.- K-iHi; ,1 |)| anJ \iw > rcKi. r Inr 1 
.. \l l:.,;, . .t !h, N.i.m '..fiui.-nl \.-.-.viii. 



ftaa U f m4 an afrnfmrntJ' 

WO Vieri Al^MifBJa tnkd 

firUm^m Het^it, Wlimw 60005 

fVMwe: (547) 195-7360 fax: (547) 5id-5S77 


I iK ' 
lUr ,i 

')■' '•■"•>. I 

\\ n hair and daik bri>wn i'vi~. 
Ill" hit iari>r lo i.omnuinna 
-ih h J-. iHAv~ anihor \1 1\ A I or ailing; 
.i!>i a lan-iT in psvi.hoU>)4\ 
NpoOMHs I»>t lh«' Illinois Pagi-anI are Acme 1 ntertainnieni, 
Aby«s Films, C hili s Restaurant in Rolling Meadows and her 
lamiK anil tfiends 

Ilif pubiii 1^ :jn ili-.l !>■ atlt-nd the prelimiii! , • ^ 

iHins ^rKlav. \ uul s.iturila\ Nvvcmht-r 27^>egln- 

nln,■ ai s rt! i. ;;- ,.iis,,nj 1, \..>,Miber;S at 2:011 

p 11 '■ lan K' pur- 

.h.j... ., ...... 


No better 


No easier 



Page 6 

Camlcs & Editorials 

Itw HarbingtT 
November 22, 1999 

Current restrictions on 
email use in LRC too harsh 

Ihf rfifnt rf><tru (urn-, ut ilu' 
LRC to -top email in \he lihr,ir\ 
IS a wa^te of timo tor stuilfnt-. 
torcJn^ them to w.ilk .uro-s 
pus to thr ii-mpiiti'i lab- in luJcr 
to >fiui fiiuiil nll■s>..)^^•> Ihis 
new policy i<in ovt-n bv d.ini;t'r 
ous to those students wtio must 
w.ilk across cimpus l.ite iit nij^ht 
to i. In-i k their enuiil 

l>\er the the I ''' liecideil to restriil in 
^ranis trom ihi'\ iiKludMi); !>ii, mm: stu- 
dents to u .ilk .iv I- i>s ',• 
send or check then iin -s.i^rs 

Harper students whi> use an 
email service pro% ider suih ,is 
Hotmail have prob.ibh been 
;sked b\ a to v;i< In 
buildings I ,ir I aiul .. t<i\ 1 1 n i;i- 
from theri 

I he i-rnail ri-st in't .i 

step ■" <>'■ > •■'■■• ■■• '''I' 


turn sh.'-.iM ,'■.! i icil 

when tht hbr.irx '■■i! 




'Iv till- 111' 

tile lib 

c.i n 1 ( . 
selves l.iti 
their rm.i ;' 

Id, ■-,■•■ 


By Noel Bago 

1 HiU\ji wny ov>R « 

eH£»m SMEllS.*'.'. 


►fOUk. »AO0Tt«5. J. 

.GrH IT. fiKM. rtO01« 


By Noel Bago 

W'.: LET'S wnt? 
ibA cwttti our oveK' 


By Noel Bago and Caria Lozano 

[i^jY.CAmAi; WttWi u 

fl M SKK AN» 
>Ti»t» af V90I 




.U _ k»l...i... 

pifvl l'\ 

class n-. 


t Uvieiit 

l^.l.t VV i 

ers ,ire . 

nij^ht. will 111 

1 Kr ' M ' ^ 1 ■' ' 

tie easier to . 

i , ep! not ' 

tion s.itii (ur 

li- .iH 

iltorial Boai^Miii 

The Harbinger 

CoEaitor tn Chtef . . 

. Sammanttva Hays 

Co-Enitof m Chit'- 


News Editor 


A&E Ediioi 

!,.M ' '■■■■'- ■■■ 

Features Eon or 

,1" ,1 LU/dllO 

Sports Editor 


Copy Editor 

, , irnnes Johnson 

Business /W Manager- 

-Rich DasKwck 

Faculty AcNisor 



striti ■ 



illv fnaWtfTn j,^ 

' jt lion li 
yiMU house and stay to artnind 7 and ' 

wMfatRit dnwinK ^, 

a -ur 

Staff Writers and Assistanti 

Noe) Bago. Joanna KiatKa 

oat M|>y ol llM MartMngw 


Pip MarteV' «"••* S****^ I***** *^ '******''" '^***''' ''*^' 
rnun(J-».(iMlili»*<llii-M«*lt twompwol !»»si*io<J4y»ar«KB(*aunn« - 
aw fvwi esant. ThB papar ts i*slnl)ui«d fnw <t> a« Uudants. faculty diu 
ajmnsiratjon fhe Hartmitm'* »(• purimw i» So anmie ttte Mwiw comm.- 
-•- * ' „.,,.,.,.,..... -wwigtoihe ciinie««*™'"s<i""'™«*ntc"»»''««- 

Left«» Policy 

L PI !« » imisl l» »eita SiinKyi» w« w vitnheM t«on mquMrt. M iette(i> 
imd £ant«nl «• »Jt$»ct (o •cHing. 

k t)it!in tu aiiei 

'U are not (uat 

PnxkiClt ms Mnncm advOTliMn) m ITm Ha^trnggt »m ret mce itai*) 
nntonaa by t»« odrtors of »il» paper, nor t!v 0» coll»ti •aJwuMMIien or 
Board «>f Oraaort. inquinM urnuH oe fOrwonMd dKCCtly to tta aduwrwcr. 
«« « purcMMM an at tnt <MciiMian o« tlw consfTwr 


•le HartNTigef William Rainey tiarper Cottege 

1200 West Altpjnqum Road 

Palatme.lL 60067 7098 

Phone Numbefs: 

txjsmess office: (847)925-6460 

news office: (847)925-6000x2461 

fax: 1847)925*033 

copyngm 1999, The Hmtlntpr. 
AN rights reserved. 

The HarbingtT 
November 22, 1W» 

Harper AAE 


Erato's Vision a fresh approach 


»\ nlif lluili> f..!.!..- u-Jav ^ 

\ thing to nukt- it hiR ijwi. 
. xi to kjww IhtTP dw thi-x 
1 linn h> make it on Iht-ir ow i > 
kf Uval band Erato Jt " ' 
.1 rt>l««Hr. S«^■on^^ \: 

•/ ami mi; < 

.11 .1, 

ttw biind tak<- 

i»s I'vpTornii: » 

out M>th 
.1. h >on>; to lh«- lim 




> k ! 

Would you like a job that can 

? Part time phone interviewers 

needed to fill market research focus groups for 

Fortune 500 companies. Great experience 

for business, marketing and advertising majors. 

Fast paced and great location. 

$7.50 per hr. to start. For more information 

contact Lora at 847.413.9040. 

iVtiil,- \a.imy;.'l>n 

hiH I'viiftionjl l\ra> diid 

I'v llic trill- masii ot the 

uikI in Ihi- liTntit 

\kk I, .iilKTri-/ the 

. thm .'t I t-nundo Fli»res, 

. •.. uY-i.-ii li .irsininiHli: of 

nu<«x has 
,,,, i I ' . ■' Ki'<orv<>i as 

.M-li .i>t I 

,1 ■ :^i.iii IS ,1 lri~.h 
lusu u>iiii'-lr\ stutk 
!».>ok>. -iinpl.- nu-lmlu"., 
,', a-jH-tituin 

Hey You! What 
are you doing 
reading the 
Fiarbinger when 
you could be 
writing for it. We 
are currently 
applications for 
next semester in 
A367. Stop by, 
don't be shy!! 





UP TO ^25,000 

The UW 




tW Hi Hi* li It ««i" <**»» P" ■"*""•*• '*•** 

1-888-4U PS-JOB 

Access Code: 4656 

www VP»70»» COM/(MCAG« 

UWHl* t i M i Wi i>i np> i M " mW»C il n i itiiill ' i r iiiiniitO* 

iji I iinii nua I ■'■" — 



The Harbinger 
November 22, 1999 

Ethos Percussion Group entertains adults, educates children 
in Business and Social Science Center Building theater 

The Fthix I'lTi C<n>up. v. huh pcrti>rm> »'v»t\ thing lorm trjJitii< l'.itinkin, Michat»l Kupert, Bemadoftt- IVtcrs, Manng Shtirt, jnd others 

South liiiiian and African music to ci<nt»'mpi>rar\ ponussmn (.'.ramlcv, who was awarded the Lniversity of Michigan's highest honor, 

wcwks, appeared m concert at Harper College on Suml.n \<n ember 21 , in the the Albert A Stanle\' medal, receu ed his Master;s Degree fn»m the lulliard 

Theatre of the Business and Sxial Science t enlt-r Schtwl, where he was a student of C*>rdon Ciotlied Named as a Presidi-ntial 

The pt\>gram mclud^-d "Double Musu," a l*Jl composition by he late )ohn Scholar in the Arts. Gramlev received the Presidential Mrtiallion and has per- 

Cage and l.ou Harrison, "Marimba Spiritual. " a 
I'tW wt»rk bv Minoru .Miki, "Sil Tunnels," a 
19W piece bv C.len V'ele/, and "Fchir>dna s .Arf." 
a work bv the late Frank Zappa m l'*74 

Comprised o» \i.. h>-l Sgouros. U>seph 
I .ramlc^ Fnc Ch ' Yoasif ShiT.^u, li 

the Ethos P iiuf IS based in \ev> 

York Citv. ■ -tensivelv m the L'nited 

Stales Thf ^ .;[ M,i\ o its international debut at 
I imdcn s Ui,;n!.ire Halt m Tebrvurv !>»»( and 
has p. ' ^ Alice TulK 

Hall, t lh«' ( .iithnc 

Theater in \' ' 


Sgounis. »h»> timiidevl tiw nump in I'**! 
aftfr graduating from thi- lulliard School of 
Music, has pcTtormed mth the .\meriian 
>\ mphonv. Kingimg Brirthers, and Bamum and 
Bailev Circus, and the Bmidwav (>n>ductions ot 
"The CrtXidbye Girl," "Sunset 
"Miss Saigivi," atvd "The Phantom 
Opera " Sgourous has ats«> worked » tht ji ..ii. 
mer/ percussionist with Fartha Kitt. Mand\ 

formt-d as a soloist and chamber musician 
ihrouglioul the L nit»-d States. C anada and Europe 
including three summers w ith the Sp<ileto Festi\ al 
m C"harleston. SC . and Spoleto. Hah 

PhmiH-v. who holds both Bachelor - and 
Master's degrees from Manhattan schjxil of Music, 
has studieii the N'.irlh Indian labia with master- 
Tandit Sharda Sahai of Benares, and Pandit Smair 
ChaltirHf o( Clacutta He has rj-civded with the 
Manh.itlan I hamK'r of Chxrhestra on thi 
1 ■ , 1 . ; M 1 and New port Cla-ssics labels. 

!ick is an eight-vear veteran of master 
ilrumnici tJen Veli/'s group Handarwe An artist 
in residence at New Norks C athedral St |t>hn the 
l)iM!U'. Shenmick is al>H> a member ot the New 
■Vork Fnsemble fi>r farlv Music An enthusiast ot 
folk music from amund the globe Shen>nick aKii 
performs Middle Fastem music with Alhjmbra. 

Th»- gniup will also pertorm a special free 
interactive coiwert for schcxM childn-n called Bmg' 
Bang' Boom' today in the TlH»ater of the Business 
' lURTtSv Of Bxnn AnnsTS M*N*Garw ,,nd Svia! Science ("••nler m hiiildmg I Come and 

TiM ltti*« Pf CM il— Smmp M t t on wd ••v«ral , , , ,^ ,)^,. ,^,^ 

ttm* MNMMto Ml t iw<«y ami Montey ia bMtMtag J 

You've karncd a lot. At Elmhurst, you'll 

learn more. 

In 'AiMttcxt Bm Catbfn,* dw tmmd wr^ > 
^WUiHlifmt,wi mAimfhltaf tm at At >iM-»(*\- rnvmnii* 

tdfc|i>«. lhAi>i«dw''tMKqihyt>My'i»llpm 

Wrctni Hich iitrinaant. fmi dm nu, bv dbmg iiifrr>.->i 
naehinf OK i pttMitai • 

iigniif htiA ^ m^Mti ih^KO •I iMv r>:icv i ixx »> TR<t K'koixr' 
jre s ItelinM kacMii* ihcjr km m umk. m uaM daw:*. 
vhm tkty kiMw ttwi) mt^ton M iadMnkilt. Oar wtoft «>»• 
hai t9 mkiiati. A imAf mmtxt. mi a t€adm% mmum, mAm 

(im&dieg \o uttdoffaium* na^). Ob a duwt amfm. 

pBWKli tat Ihw alMnrntt nyyimiMiiy. mi tM rtm n n . 
ftwdfy, Mtmii^^ yw i B|> i ihi. i ui i n . mi iwwuwivr— f Is Aimw 
ii aAoi caiBcgt «i|)H lo be. 

•-:Tc^ Eimhurst is '-■^'^•■'■^'^ to Harper, 

(u mm M Uinii c4!uiimIc«, CMM •• Ratiihi^ J 

on llMUKiqr. Otamktt t. fmmKi*io* fM. Bakmt » 
«iMnn% 'tiWH'ft - ' ■,)<iMi««rMdMt«afiMrsi«J««t3i* 

Set yvMir gcMils high. 

We'll help get you there. 

i:.-o-e-i'o5-^ -«a.rinq vy.r yz^ati iee-^-iS *he an rrpos*tte task 
T I ■• A.. I i:i; If V.I J I ij»-i '.t,^ iji-its yt ■ iiefiO la rMch any goal 
,<-<j s«« Wel twlp oat you iheo Or 

> imwUInt atfueatioii «(iportMnMa« wMi laMon aMtfttanoa 
• MtabtaMnf laidaithip lUto for • praiiti«ng f uiun; 
» prepattng you tef a e a i a i r la IW» 

"•■ - : .ii..,(,i. (.AQOOonhaKincnl txynuB. •* viuiiiiNiMv So. 
'.V* of 17-37 -<M 1-800 423 -USAF 
AIM HIGH 'W •" t^OnnttiOiy potJUH. a vmk 

t>a Ail Btsa R ««wmrairfora»aoNi 



Worlds! - 

At MorMi Cmnttwt Co H i iwm w ot*»t 

i k, ; ^1) 4 k,W,mKi «n-.H 

! K J,'(^ ^' ' . ' '■ vht|ti ' l( 

- f iim PiMUittf 


VoUKPin il«l 

North CenttiuCollege 

A.KU «(»Mft.V.>k«m)* DhuiiatM Ties 

November 22, 19<»<< 

Page 9 


MOS MvtlwdAut 




t*>4 sn«>rfs«iim»»| 

Mil W C4f&»i]Ra 

Gtntva dB^ 

Hl|lllllR() Pill 



-• H.: 

I tmSjfS 

Oak Park 

•■, " \ ■ ^v 

F J ■ ■ 


(£W ofef* «M/f« or 
M18 N Skoht ffiwl 

?41 H«« UM Sq 

MHMMW t)i «fit tlwn pMWWlllMI wMHMtrM ««iitft, hM tMM tai«w ■«« MtMi MMO iMloMHts. 

Mo»« Hows iimHoaiBens tS 


Cage 10 





Wanted part time employ- 
•0S medical distribution 
center flexible start time 
Mondayl .2-cl. S8.00/hr 
Please apply at Universal 
Footcare Products 300 
Wainnght Dr Northbrook. 
Ill 60062 564 1000 

PT sales clerk Jarosch 
Bakery in Elk Grove flexi- 
ble scheduling, work 
before, after or between 
classes, extra fiours over 
the fxjiidays. call Catffy 
orEstfier847 437 1234 
Mon-Sat 6am-6pm 


Immediate openings stu- 
dents can earn S375- 
S575 weekly, processing 
arvj assembling medical 
ID cards from honr>e No 
experience necessary we 
tram you call Medicard 
541 386 5290x1 300 


1 bedroom in excfiange 
for some lite driving, 
nruist fiave drivers license 
and personal transporta- 
can 776 0288 

Interviews For 


<vet File Fa€:ts,,, 

« HMWrr Men. VXk v» « tofmri 


'^touH WW ]««# «w<*llam ttammamtmm* lto#l 

I itMt* » n >w u i»hr rw i* i mmf i[ ^ iii» mmi i laiiRn ijii ■ < i H ii | 

ft ■ « p t u t mrnu. Cmc Manif (VM ' tt.%Mir w itan) %r man ] 

r (B »!»> <i li m M vtMx, pitm tal ik« inGHron fimmn ya^ 

•Artanvton H«4fhts 


OF Honors Proc;ram 

'ittjit invn Mtd wowx ti «o jroin our 

' hi<ttjp» tttitmrr. fommun 


ncu f AM 

visn oAit 

9 WNHwieftsdiy. Rmwwmmv ■ ' 

%m IMpm 





Invest Your Credits 

;» tifcrltrii:, 

Bachi loK Di:(,Ri:i:' 

Bachetor uj Huuntu 

\ '■ untstmii'lt ItitgTtt. 


She's finally coming over, huh? 



No biggie, bank online. 

MM mfiml tanUrw wttH lalaMaOnltM • Fr*« accoM t» •>» }S0 ATM* UMM CM«a«s 
7 m— l*H icilit ••»««• • nw «*WV*f M CW4 • Tnm«M taMM MCWMA USM* >« » « — M 

The n*i1 tlm« you hav« •om« banhinf to <Jo but more pressing er»g«getn«nt» 
MM. you'll be £IM yoj tmf • LbS«U» chechine acooum with it* * tntemot bafOilog. 
lO UK* hsvinc « b«nh liiCM wMr* you Nv* Op«n your LaSatie 
account at wwwJaMHabanhs.eont or colt 1-KM)-S40-C190 

Uf.\l,iM( \KV ,M ^^^' I \! 


H'tfA <i lonrr/UntfHM m. 

Pkim .V1m)i\ ^H (;raI'IIU Di.i^ua 




IMHt- W ^jai 





4! Oilaarf Umk 



The lUrbtn^i'T 
November 22, 1999 

J i B»^BiB t JKii3B13wii g i3 ^ w* -^^yftsSiS Ee- 


Basketball: Hawks take third place at Morton Tournament FoOtbdII" 

contmed from pMi 12 

com nxied from ( 

KisHk .lukee CoOege. Ki^vv.dikn- ■ 

mil, h tor the Hjwii". Ill hdmlli' 

\t ihv end of the hrvi hjit thr t t.iw k^ 


f>Mt>ro B> «>«» rmvuo 

And «KtTi thcbi 


ing Jt a ^ Vi MI in- 
to end tlv 
Hawks u. 
the >«-aM<n 

ScjphiiniiTi' Milw- Wt-tttT Wd all *tor«*r* vulh I'' 
points, .ind >:r.ihKt1 ■» ri'i>>tiniN I r<-hmjn Bi>(-' 
Anderson ^un-vi 12 (xunts and Urcw Marii^kt- 

»^,'irj 11 ;M>ir.l~ liittin^; tVM' thrts- f>>inl<r» 

lsi«i>: HiiUow.iv s«.i>rcd 10 points tiH.mii\t 
stmk, and gr.ihbiii 4 rrKninJ- 

Kevin K 
leilcd i-iv;' 
IlunktulK k>ss 

Ihf H.nvk- 
varMi) team m :':.. 
CiUne away with a % - 

Gtvinj; the Haw k 
Mmtiin Cullegf Itmn 

A third ; ' 
in thi«. Ii>u 



v\ huh w li 
Ih. II 

tor ~( 

lh>- I ,hU Hawk- will -ilsti pl.n >i(i \«>v 
y III ajjjinst l).ikt»n Ci>mn<uj>itv C nlWge. 


$100.00 «0.00 





Most of our people AVERAGE- 
from $5p to $100 pernight 

• TroinJilD ctvoilQbte 

Flexible hours to work oround your schedule 
WMkFy oayouf 
Stuclefits^etl rees welcome to apply 



.Randy («47) «74413 

Frorn 12 Noon to 4 pm 


Hawks head 
to Pepsi- 
Cola Bowl 

■ nvonled a s.>ik. 

ihi' l>u//er <M.Hjnded ti» end the game, the 
Iked away with a 14-10 hanl fi'iinht 
r C>raiid Rapids 

I the day with a total i>t 74 rush- 
- ^.tmes. and lurgens pitchtsi in 
M :tli i ' i.iril- rushing 

|iiiv;fiis was als«> etIntiM' thrcuigh tin an, 
. !(»■ H for a total ol 242 % arils, and throwing 
■lie touchdown He i>nl\ had thnv iniom- 
pletwms the » hole da\ 

lUivstin led the reiening attack lor the 
ll.iwks with si\ catches, for a total 11'' yards. 
Slalt Siarbrough also had six catches totaling ** 
i.ards. ami Marani chipped in with 2 latclvs for 
a total of 22 yards 

The Hawk offense amasiied a total of \t3 
yards With a tally of 265 yard* 
pa»sirfg and 91 yards rushing. 

The domiiuting Hawk 
defense only allowed a total of 
211'' yards of total offen!>e. and 
the Raiders had only 147 yards 
rushing with r>2 \.ird- m pass- 

Hubba Mariani became 
the ninth ball earner in Harper 
hutory to rush for l,tXX) yards in 
a season wh«-n he ran 40 time* 
tor I :~ \ .lids agaiasf Cl>U 

He now has a total I.IUI 
rushing yards through ten 
games this seaMtn. which is 
i^.-..,! iiiough for hth all-time. 
■iiu! .>i\K trails James Haywood 
b\ 4^ v.irds tor "ilh all-time 

Marian! als<i has racked 
up a total of f touchdowas for 
a total of 114 points Which is 
giKMi enough l»>r a third place tte 
all-time in leading scoret>-single 
season He is tied with Kd 
Fairchild for third all-fime, who 
als«i played for the Hawks in the 
1^2 s.'ason 

linff lurgens set a single- 
season passing a-cord this sea- 
M\n for the Hawks His 1,877 
yards broke the old single-sea- 
M>n freshman mark of 1,816 
\,ird- s,i in HN^ by Steve 

Ki's m'i'-on iH^amc 
the first Hawk this tall to catch 
Vl passes in a single season, for 
an impressive 814 yards. 

Se\ente«'n Hawk athletes 
made the \4C all-conference 
tiNim this fall They include Pat 
Tomasik, Antoine Murphy, 
lason [.ashley, Gleeson. lurgens. 
ail were selected to offetvsive 
first team Tommy Smith and 
l>aryl Scarbrough were selected 
to second offensive team. 

C)n the defense side of the 
ball |oe Baldwin, Anderson 
IXirtilus, Gleisaier, Stepler, John 
Cnwes were all elected to first 
team defense. Rav Eddington, 
llrlando Williams, punter Dave 
Grandl, and kicker Ryan Allen 
were all selected second team 


"^Harper Sports 

Hawks one win away from second straight Triple 
Crown as they head to Pepsi-Cola Bowl 

m tr.ini Ui-^h 


[W-\ dui ■! I.I-' 
t..r ,r 

champttms Dt thi " 

rhi* Hjwk- .^1 

another hislnric tvM .v^ wi'ii 
^imtmcl iilraiKhl mm^mv tht- H.: • 

IlH'Mi-ttM^ uvift.rjiul I" :- * ■' ' 
th*- deal tor thi? tisMk- 

But mt>a- im|X>rt.iniu i. 
will travel to d tiimituir . 

LM 1' 

This ^. m< will h 
Harper t oIU-ki- di li 

i! I.i-^t vcjr m !hv 

iTlli-I to ^I,li' .1 III k. i !.■ !iu 

the huniT 
Kapidt 14- 



will b. 

^^^^^^B^B^^^^^K ^^^^^T^^^l 

PepM • 

be Itnv :. 

who hnisheil th. 

^^^^^^^^^^nOIO B'l fi'oJifffijS 

1>. lowd tentr. 

NMMt cMdi IoIm tUmtk tmp»» to accoMpUali wtn imm*M SM 

ranked IHth in th.- I.iU-i \!i 

tull H> 

The H.nvk- 

. flA 1 Ilf," 

eam anmher trip lo t. fdar f alls. low .\ 

in theajtiiii .■■ ".. ■>■ -. ., 

■ ■ 11 ."■• • « ' 'Xi- liwlball team 

The Hawk detenst' w hkh has Niii 

ball pt>ll and m.n Kn.k lil 

■*«son at 1" Ii 

s.<lid .Is .1 .ill Msu It-n^;. a^ait\ Mrt 

favorite^ in thi~ l^.ul >;,.in!. lui 

null If^f . »r» »>.. .*.^. ^ ■. 

•'< - ■• 1." ,,...•'.. . H ,i» ks' Mctorv. 

Hdrp«-r h.wii 1»\l im;!! in b\'\\\ 

Itv- \^7 



thi' rc^iiL^r m-.woii ,m m 

play. Kit s.. 

Thi- vmO tn- t('.« II '■■i.- IMh p>-.t 

Hut iixiri- tmp»>rl.intl\ 

1 i»ksd«*tei' 

<#a'«»>n Km 1 udmf, thi 

undi'iejtt'd in th»- NK ,..,u,t, u, 

-r.i ;iiu -.-UKliiir.^ , . 'P.t.iined b\ thi 

pr»»\«iu>. g,tm«»s ^'ht^\ 

with a m.:rk nl (*>i'i Ihi^ l^ thi' lir>t 

K.iuliTs .>ltiiisni: liiif resulting in 



1 \ Ihc 


has 1 


la>l vtMt 

\:. il 

t,d !n 

Th,- H.iuk-. 

ll.o.k- ■ 

best siM'^t'n in M \f 


1 ,itU III !■ .juarter tht- 

fnuih .inlivip.iti'it Kn- 

Hawks 11. 

' wks Mt-n- !i III 1(1 timl thi 

(iiii /oiw. |usi ..sK i,.iaiid Kaf>ids 
Oiiarterback C'.ntt lurgens wh»i hand 
ed the Kill oM U< tailback Bubh.. 
Mahani whi> then ran 15 vards tor thi 
iiivks tirst l.viivhili'wn ni th. • 

. >;.inu' 

R\an Allen addi'd the PAT .: 
Hawk- h.wl ,i 74) lead m tht - 
qu '■ he Raider* i^uKkK 

n'lN \ ilh J xnrmn drive i>t 

their invn I he Hawk detenst- nhnh 
n as liominanl in the tirM quarti-r, lei 
the Raiders gain some vards mi theni 

(..rand Rapids fn-ld rimI kicki i 
IV>b Ijsher. nailed a 4Vvard tielo 
rt.ul, to cut th.- H... I. i....i -.1,., .1,, 
stvimd ijuarti 

Bui the Rdiiui- >%.nii i lii'ii. J. I 
Ihe kaider> i>tteivse dnne the Kill all 
the v\as lo Ihi- Hawks one-yard line 
and the Raiders tinik lull ad\ antag. 
Tailback lason Mt< arthy U-aped intc 
llu- end /i>ne to give the Raiders a 10 
7 advantage in the semnd quarter 

But the Hawk.s were quick to 
answer, lurgens hiK>ked-up with 
wide receiver Kevin i;ieeM»n, for a '<'' 
iard touchdown conrnvtion, A'Iim.. 
r\T ga\e the Hawks a 14-10 l.'.ui l.ii< 
in the hrst lull 

/\nd tlvtl IS the was the first hall 
landed, thi- Haw ks had a 14-10 lead 11 

I'l.. .i,.t.-r.-..s then vou woiil-l 

. .ond halt ol thi- 

.; lull 

lloih !. im- w.Ti- htld H'jHieleift in 
ttie s»\onit halt thanks ti> the Rreat 
pUv ot both defenses. The Hawk 
defense smgle-handedlv d.--' 
the Raiders offense .ind thi- di 
liiw put a lot of pressure on the 
terback and the Haw ks defi-nsiv e se^ 
UK FOOTBALL on page 1 1 

Hawks have tough act to follow in '99-'00 season 

Ryan ftmmmt 



ne ^ear tor 

schiiol n 

1? j;a»»H.-s in a i*>w .li ^'-* -- ^'' 

ninth place in fhi 


But m. 
ev«"r trip ti' th. \,il;.'ii.i: LmrrMnunt in N. i> 
Vin-k, hru>hing third pla,.- merall m that tour 


The Hawks v»..n the lirsi j;.mu b\ two pinrits 
(wer MontgotTM-rv Colkrge ot RiKkville. Marvlard 
Next up for the Hawk» wj» VVmulion luntur 
Coilegr The Inmirwin de(e«lrd the Hdwks by ifie 
pomi and crmiwd thr Hawks fini pbcv finiah. t, 

i he Hawks have lost jari. : 
Livkal. L htis lohnsivn, IXii- 

. ;!.> \i.k Hush .ind \t.irk 

in KMtma le«k« for an •»•« taammat* dunng 
Hawk* llt-73 !••• !• Klatiwauha* CollaC*. 

' mks had to settle tor the ihird piao 
^ t Sullivan Commuruty College, and 

llv llav^ks liU'w 'i l>\ defeating Sulliv an 

bv 2** poittts. .V- •"H' point loss lo tht 

Vermilion The M. i;i 

But that Wis II . , ,. ,. ni>w The 

^M Ihe Hawks mav ha\e a lot i>f linst>s but th.-s 
■^" ■vv three ot last years athletes returning, Mik. 
.-tter, Kici L'seni, Nsac Hollow .i\ HoUowav i- 
.> .1 preseason 
Ihi- I jjwks also ha\c 
k,,ilma. Brxan .-Xureiio i>iiv tx-.iui<.ii 
■ .in>n l*.Hild. lohn Sihrav, Rvan Indovina 
Uick\ Maroske and Bob \n.terson rounds .-iil the 

Ihe Hawks opened up the l^»MV-00 season 
• Ou- Morion College Men's Basketball 
.;i\ mg Tourrunu-nt and the Hawk-s wen- 
crab a third place hnish 
This IS the first time m ' 
th.ll H.irix-r C ol'i-m- has ever i 

'.:.< 1 1.;.. t,^ lirst I 
luriument was af;ainst 

pf^mi-nl in Ihe Morton 
see BASKCTBAU on pafe 11 


c. I ha r |» e r < V-^ 

WHM— I lf«— y N«tpgrc!>!!*fe-l-^g^!^!^g^ 

WHCM Radio works out the kinks 


pn>nram dm-ctiws will pkl up t' 


i[>pr»>v .il 

Program Board takes 
four awards at 
Springfield conference 

Kavin Poduska 

.J w 

the 1 '! - 

"hat th. ^ j,^ p, ,u, „ front of WHCM*. Il-w 

Mwndbvartl and DJ statlMi. 

-Ink p.irttinu- I'l "^m \Ki«-l ' .... 

1..U, h.. n..x. ,j:::r:;::;":T.':;n::^--'t l^h.. .,. ^ -« 

Nation,u;<-i--A..llK' I ili.'>! -!■" I'" ,„ ,., 


IPrograni Board hosts 
tree trimming party 



gBliig. kilt stayinf 

••• paga • 

Arta ft aitart al iiwa a ti 

A laah at i»«k •» «*•• 

aaa |M«« 10 


Hawks losa 


i,,!j.i^ m tl.iip.i - 


|,n.. t.Hxk Ih.' Iir^t pl.uc mark 
th. H.Mrl • '■■' -t,-sn;n Uk-V s,Yond 
,,l,„t'uli> .l,.rp..sU-rt.H.k 

lvint;in«-vliK.)tiimjl M'niir '"'- 


\ ,1,1V .i> ti!>- ''"< ■•' ' ' '■■ 

,,,,,,,K ,.| .• -.-mmars in the 
,.,. ., ,„n^ shou.a-A- m th.- aftennxw and 
,„.,rk.t pla.t> rifiht atler to ni\f llu' P»-r- 
hanc«' til niin>;lf with the stu- 

' Tm-nilx-rs wont -.trict- 

ri.' Hoani had a 

V hon> 


• K>'t 'hi-ii 

nil ivnx- 
! i trnuTS and 
,111 i^iarJ mt-in 

IhviTsity in Rmups -I'XkI i 
,K..„„. during tht- conh-a-ni > 

\,li\ il.-C (Hirdinator Muha. 
r. -rntatuinsimdivi'! 

-11 ^.MT lh<- 

•,, nu.i aiul 

CMtsf l«aigs St ths •*'^* "j.^STiisfaMy *• eovsrwl with 
MM sad sf ♦*ri*'rTi^^?iJr-«» sttrsctlv. t«s. 
HgMs, siasaisa t s aad Carlaaa, etaaiiaa - 

I'T.'i;' ":■ I', ■ 

\lutwi--t also h.i 
diMU-- ia.h otii' 
siatiii in atti-nd ! 

Iful Ml^M'UI) 

.,,w u- a .JiaiHi- lo br.:iHh oul and 
t.nd ..ut alH.iit .'th.r fir.-up-., >aid 
PrtiKram Board m.niNr Vott Fn-dn>. 

lor intormation on I'rogram Board 
.utn itK> -r "n (oming th.- I'ri.>;ram IkMfd 
o.iMavi UHx'rah AhK<tt. Pr».Kram B.vard 
IV.Mdont or Mit.hell fMrada, Spwul 
I wMNi iH.rdinatorat'J:=;ti2"-* 


Harper News 

The Harbinger 
December 6, 1999 

WHOM: harpers radio station cleans up its act 

shii»v I he top Ml UyrmM will jl-ai .illim th.- 1 >• ^ t,. 
get J N-tfer idej i>t it wiH be like h> work xr .1 
real FM •it.ituHi. and will hiij^-tullv help us retene 
our FC C. Iicefwe lUlts t>fc-iK/uli 

Unforturuiti!^ H» tenrutted shuwm «v ofton- 
time* infiinststent Ktauw the statKwi mjiy ■ ■ 
receive a desiriil ixl until attor the hillhoird il . 
have been nli-.i-H-d H.hmmi Uc ,it Ihf si.tlinn 
have tHt*n \t*r\ tiTUm.iti* ti* ha\»' .1 ^(►•hI n'n'u'T- 
lion vMth th rivord laK-K. (he\ senvi 11- »hjt vm- 
need, jnd the re^t sm- bm with i»iir rm»di*T.itrU 
fliHid Mifed id IhuI»;>i 

The station h.i, ,1-,. n^i ill .i . luw ^lunJ t\ ... . 
H) repUce thi ' Kxu 1 !.■ 

■■>penerK-e li>, ;, md n'r\ 

ompjtlble VMtl> t tquif'tiiint N irit; 

iix'd TheolJl'iii . i .mvl -tarlin^ to n - 

down IKui ['kii;.! h k1 I'l-. n kH<km^ tor a b> 
tor year>. lhdnktull\ wtu'n one had beiotne av 
able al a n.-j<ionable pnte. there w ax enimgh tni • 
^ued up to buv It ■ Flirk. 

The new smirtd b«,ird and a new l)| -taiion ha^ 

cixen th«' «tatu>n a new, nuire prolesMonal limk 

Hie equipnu-nt i> a htxk i>t a lot better, it s %ldrttng 

to look like a real station "Si^ The l)( statum takes 

up more space in the studio hiiwew-r teatiires 

-.Uih a-, a id stand to -.heKt- tin lo^^ M' t d -. ha-.c 
made the tormalled shows muih more tompafible 
w ith the studHi's set uf Ihi- re i-.on tor ibis u ,js to 
Improve themerall mialit\ aiKl apjH aran. i- ot itn- 
-tation riuk 

1 \i-n >Mth a -tudio taw litt their >•• ^lill a lot ot 

• Ihai iiui^t tf dt>ne tx-tore the station will 

, i! - |i ( II. .nv However V\IIC \l i- head 

I d 111 Ihe ri>;ht 1 ippUing lor an educa- 

tnma! Iv fiiM- 111. - a lietter charue of suc- 

Sruislei ha^ -miusi hi*, halt of the a^ris- 

1 1~ jMss,ii It on to the fCC . now it -. iiist 


;'mit!\ .!i'-uu>!u>i: aU,i nuutn^ 

lo« aril^ ~»ripli,' ,;i\f u- 

inor*' I oiitro! .«\ t : ui ifie 

,iir Hop<-tu!K that vn ill help i 

h. , .!,. I i,. i 

tiT I nli>r!uiiat.-U it ina\ K' tisi little tis> late 
ir,. nllc \I siatt will (u-l haw to ho(v thai the 
K I will ^i\v tluni then' luense kvithotii the ii-« ot 
Mripltsf shows 

I he radio sl.iti ■' tightin^; lor its 

licen-st- sime the rn.epn.ui nt the statK»n 17 years 
ago We are i onli.l.-nt thai the licens*' will eventu- 

alU Iv k;uen to us We )ust ha\e to be patient and 
lontinue to make our station the iH-st it can be." 


Ihe station has tn-giin In make a nio\rn\ent in 
the ri»;hl dirtvtion A rK-w statioii manager will 
take o\ er the duties irf the station in the rn'ar future 
And the new sound Kurd and D( stahon give 
UHCM a look ot professionalism that it has been 
lacking tor \ears 

Hopefulh Ihe n-strinturing of tfw station will 
allow the 1)( s who work hard evervdav to finallv 
broadcast m er the same F"M airwave> as the ina|or 
plavefs m Ihe 
induslr\ I "i ' —'SJI Il Hga i g 

Ihe V\IK\I 

sl.ltl IS 

mikjhl Is- 
what the 
nis-ds til 
its (M 


BREAK %^^ 

after a x erv long, 
and frustrating 



B«tt PricM ♦ Bttt Parties 
B«tt AiHiim-SafiirJty Fli^li 


he Spring semester of the new millenniiMF '*""*"^*^|^JJ 
the Harbigner ana its remaining staff are look- '■^^""^'aeo 

ing for smiley ana talentea eaitors ana staff pay us a visit at A367, 


SAVE 5$ Ask about,, 
our internet special! 


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rh«- H.ubuii;i r 
Decemhrr 6, l****** 

You'ra invitMl to Harpers Fitte«nth Annual Holklay Trae Trimming 
Party Featuring the Jazz sounds of 
a arvd 
Thi* Wednesday at noon Presented By Program Board 

We've Got It! 

The Haltost New Styles 
by the B est Bra ndst 

Harper News ^^^ ^ 

Ask your wellness advisor 








^ I 



I O I 




Hoffman Estates 

.^^■_ ,^m.m ■■ j> t. (>oii Kooo* »a«-i«jo 

iitnd n-KptwiM^ will t> 
' health i -irr i^rt'It --M. ■!!. 

iQ-. What i* the l>*»t iva* Ui i)uit 
: omoking? 

A 1 hiri .ir»' in.iiu w .n ^ It* quit 

•.mukmn Smii )Mi'[1«' . t\m'M to >;>> 

n»ld turkt»\ whilt' .•lhir> iiil .(own 

on ".mokm^ ^rjdiuilK \Jditnin,ill\ 

I M>mt' fvopU* uliii/<< J il.iv- or sup 

I fH>rt tnnip to aaMM Ihtrm in tt»' quit 

ling pnm>%. whaKM other* pn*(»T 

lo go It jUmtv ThtTi- an- prt>s and 

cotw with eaih mrthod. and tht' suv 

it^N i)< I'ach i>m' \ aru-> w ith th»' mdi 

vKiual In addition to these methixis. 

many pt-opli- ihinyse to use nicotine 

rcfrfacenu-nt to help them deal with 

nicotin«' I. ravings and withdrawal 

symptoms I xampU's inrkide th»' 

nicotine transdermal patch nasal 

sprav, inhaler or gum The patch and 

mini are a\ailable over the counter 

without a preMTiptii>n. while the 

rwiial lipray and inhaler requirv a 

■ption from a health pn>»es- 

tjuitting smoking ma\ N- 

1 ttie hardest thing vou e\ er do II \ ou 

I can get through th«- tirsi di days vou 

' mil find that it gets eatier. Have a 

j plan on how ycm iv going to ((uit and 

lav lo do it 

■ut Table in 

1 >iKial ixierk'e C enter, 

in, .It will Health and 

^t v'>:h8. 

Q: What percentage ol condomiv are 

sate li» pr*,v»»i»i ** I O*.^ 

\ I Mi.w.i.s ...i>> i.Mig t>een used to 
"t pregtvancy They are also 
VI rv i-ftective in preventing the 
spread o{ imtst Si-xually Transmitted 
I >iseasi's (ST IJs) Although no con- 
dom guarantee llX) % effcttive- 
nt-ss. it th»'v are used cortectly Ihev 
h»-lp reduce ttu- transmission of STDs 
includmg: HIV, CHLAMYDIA, 
B AM) SYITIILIS During mhmate 
contact, ledums and various body 
fluids can STDs Therefore 
a new condom should be applied 
each time during intimate contact. To 
be eftechve, a condom must be latex, 
be put on correctly, stay in play dur- 
ing intercourse, not break dunng 
use, and be removed correctly. 
Before using a OHidom, read the 
manufacturers directu>ns. Health 
Service, Student and Adrruni&trabon 
Center, \Mt2 has a variety of 
brvxhures available on Condoms, 
Sexuallv Transmitted DiM-ases, Birth 
Control MethcMis and other related 


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Starting wage of $18 per hour 

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Aldi Foods, a pioneering leader in the food store industry, is looking to hire "LEADERS" to join our management 
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others, loves a fast paced job^ has a hands on management style, and has a bummg desire to be the best. We have a 
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lUa^fif- Creep majer itJical pbm 

life Insurance 
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Three tick days per year 
401 K (optional) 

PauJonPUm: 5 % of gross wages up to $1 .000 annuaUy: 
(vesliof set forth in the plan) 

Vactttum: Ooc week vacation after six months 

Ooc week vacation for ooc year of service 
tvio weeks vacation after vko years of servioe 
Thrae weeks vacation aAer six yean of servioe 

Six National holidays 
One Personal day 
One Birthday 
One vacHiion kidc-ofl* day 

nmatii 5 day, 40 hotir avcntfc workweek 

AvaihMc to work between 5 a.m and 10 ptn 
At kait 18 )«an old with a Wgh sdiool 
diploau or its cqaivalcot 

For iouBediate cooskteration send your resume to: 
Aldi Foods 

Attn: Operations Director. KAK 
1200 North Kirk Road 
Bitavia, IL 60510 

will be accepted through December 31, 1999 

tiiiiiltir-ii ■a.a-aifrts 

Page 4 

Harper News 

The Harbinger 1 
December «b 1999 1 




SHOES inHotlknan 

Estates IS looking for 

Manacament Tsam 



Specialists and 
Cashiers Full part 
time days and meek- 
ends. Flex, sctiedule. 
efit packa^!' For 
more details CALL 
TONY at 847 884 


Book early, save! 
Sspring break. C«a«V 

Tlw HuiWlKftf 


Jamaica, f lofOA 

South Padre, etc. 

Best hotels, prices 

parties Need 

Campus Reps. 

Escorts. Groups to 

earn money, free trips. 


for reps /app ICP 

1800 327 6013 


Peavey Musician 

Guitar Amp Head. 

Norvtude. buitt m 
Phaser and distortion 
w/foot switch. Inputs 

for 6 guitars and 2 

parallel inputs 

Moderately good con 

ditioa 847.398.6248 




Happy seven montns 
to my favorite fire 

filter' Peter Sutter 
December fifth 

1 (owe you puppy tons. 
Love Sammantha 

Happy sixteen nKXrth; 

to my sweetypie. Li7 

Love you bunches. 

Love James 

> . 

TEACHER seeks pupi' 

Must have an earns! 

desire to save the 

world Apply in per 

son. A367. 





7M E. Mild MS. <>iHi« A MMtM> 

(847) M2-7000 

R€AL ' 

II '4M 

• VKA«UC> Ckt w/LO. 





..;^. ENDS ON 
ONE . li^aiTIONAL 


x> you vwOTt to be » Ovf. 8c prcaarcd Be trained leam «nom t^e best 

The School of Cdifwy Ms « KerxJaB Cb»8ee ofcrs the rrwst ngora* 

co rt y r i * » tia » < e .dMicriH»wdproffamfor»eMnouso*r«ry»tittjdtrr 


Crf or Admissors Oir«ce a 847-866-t 301 

Aoocatn and Bxtwkn Dcfreei n Culrwy Am 
«xJ h Hotel & t*essijr»r*. MmaienncnL 

Sdiolirsh^ and frano* aid are aaihWe 




Hwif. « >wi #«wn B^ taioai a C^m, A<» «« T>» towoi of t*«B j** "S " frS'.'n!!^' 

IUrt»»Jll»llM«lMi<i^»»iir«.lii«HJiw«Ww«fcCUn»»«««1*aat»»<' '■'^ 

The UPS 

Earn & 


Up to $23,000* 

l«U«v»«*«.S«Ww«rB *l»rwe<Fw« Pri«l««ek 


Accvu Code: 4656 

10 inquire abOMi em^^mertt opportunity today. 



Thf Harbinger 
Drrembrr 6, 19<» 



IDS journalism students of Honors society publish The Challenger 

Carta Lot. 

■ind mjKa/r 
The (indep«*rn.l«-tii -luilii d«Mwies t ••inn i. ,h tu - \hii 
IDS J***! honor* murst- is > th*" •w-mr-'i-r t-,'.- in i, ,i|iit. 
• iiirn.ili-in ;-.-i; thai ~ ii.l -hi, »m r't into iiniharUil 

ilfw •»lfttfl 

ThepublK.i' i-ii 

' ' ifship nc- ,1'iiTii:: i; 'ni \ n lai tonK .in.l lll>n^hl|: 
ironi th. ~lj!t •■ • '■ ■ 

iitor '• •■! 

• iiht'n- ttn- in«.lru<."U>i 
arM- -.t.ili-il "Tht- pr 

■iflps thf ■ ill- |ir»t 1- 

,1 11)'-. mmi-nUt-l il 

Interviews For 


«ing r»*.illv Icamtil ti^ i!i|i<\ vmk icmuii to unc h-ninj; niv -ur\ey on the back ol ihi- 

tion mg .ind the m^ .mil .'uts ,.| v\orli ttlittil is>uo 

t.-~ii;n un t,>u.irk fh** womi'n work li>Kfthfr The womt-n have distox 

.vith ..ooptr,ilion pjticna" on-d their vvnhng capabilitu's 

Get The Fmcfs. 

at HIMWCT f ACm^ VW> ma *»(>niri 

am •»> »li<te |MI-C<r« infill 1 1 Hill •» 
~ O W« M H il M iil i to ^P 



KM «»n aHM* M > l l« » ai ^ (•»•«* sT 

>»n —« i«U4»i»»iMi > ltf ai i«iii n >1i n i n l w«r »w 

t iiM i i *» tt m tt»i i mm. GtiW H»r«> (t>M ■ M!Mrwi«r<> 

•ArHngian H««g*tu 



TIM first IsaM of fan ItM Thm CtoltoMtfar aiqMaliM what hoaora I* at Naf^ar, 
wa l caaiaa tha raatfar aiirf ■a c aw r a g aafaa^bach f iwa faaia ra . 

FfJturitl in thf lir»l isMK- am! dett'rmm.ition to umi- jnd K.irn kr.imct st'niontii- 
ol fhf ChalU-nmr the plete the well-pnMil piiblica- tor ot the l(>urth i^sm- t.ill. 
women htishlishi on Iheir tion In th«' hrst i>sue ol The stated that hiT f\perii-rHe* in 
live-, and m>.ils at Harper ' the writer wel the vour-^- ga\e her vonti- 

lariRe HolhnKer seninr editor ^ leader to the I'.sue dence and ,i opp«>rtiinit\ lo 

ot this tall- third is>ue, i>. aiKJ nd\ e an explanation that work with another >;reat 
wrilinn tor ' '' , i.r'.'.'ivvr the i-ditonal fiKU>e> on the inNtruitor ' 
K-cause -h« iiid Honorv program. The\ vmI 

ui\ilv her tain ,;"als lomeo iit-dback and even 

Hollin^er stated. "I have encouraged It bv printing a 


No better 


No easier 


M Ih\)ii1i' .1 • iinpii. 1 I'.it lU 1.1 rr.|m'^! 
uKirv mil •r.ii.iticn. ».ill il2-i62-hl22. 

vv w vv,de pa u I -ea u 

Pag. 6 


TTh- Harbinger J 
December i, 1999 j 

AT&T National PrePaid Wireless. 
The only strings attached are the 

ones around the box 




No rf«po-. 
No long dtiunce charges 

No roaming ft < 



ATftT Nadonri PraPaM Wiraini it Ifie Mrit i * vray Co ■««• Mreton lM« 

fOrxad mdud*^ a dficai PrcPaid phone, a npid danpr and up to W nwiMas erf domnac 
wmol comnct, running a crtdk d^ack. or chooiinf a ram phn. JuK bu)r Itie mmum you 
comRMtnwnL M lomaont you know wants winttu tt>» hoMqr if they're |um 
at ATAT Kom and lelKtwt rci»lcn ATftT National PraPM VViraiin.Whwi you want 

GA bOK mckxles everyrimi needed to fK 

anane' No more having to worry MxMX tienin( an 

uic the mmutes you need, and there's no momMy 

« them ATAT Nation^ PrePaidWirden 

— youfotwirelest. XDO' Wirdeu Servkei 


www.att cofn/¥*ireleis/pr«p»id 

YoM teufte lif all MlT lervitt* 


23S«VMoatae St 
iHTn S«dg(»ck Si 

9HU S I 


1749 S RamMIM 

S011W c> SiaRn 


4":' te-i''.vfV "■■■ 


fatraes i^e^ fio^F ilMr> 



47SN HaHemAM 

Ptrti Pointt PUa 
14928 S U Qringc Ra 

lore blocli south a 
Old On-farai 
9418 N SliOltieSM 

High Coml Ccmr 

S« £ Rous**** 

facnw$ frOffl Nrttni- 
41S5 «l H»rt«m 


241 Ret lake Sq 
Rcc Ukt Squar* 

1 888 383-4PCS 


8<qi Ml I 


The Harbinger 
December h, 199f 


Page 7 

G,\aying home for Winter Break; 


Happy Holidays 

From The 

Harper College Bookstore 

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^ Build Resume 

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^ Fortune 1000 Companies 

^ No Fee Involved 

^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ 

Advanced Personnel, Im. 
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Nihaumhuru. IL Mli'} 
l'h:84"'-W5-'»lll V»\: S4- '">5 'MI2 

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North Chnth^l Con HGt 

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December 9 


Nine A.M. to One P.M. 

In the 

Business and Social Science Center 

^1 a>.x^jim^> 

. ( HiJl ilil .Ul 


1. 4<r>Hi|n 

lr»u«f. ■■ 

— »■- 

Kiimmm iSA<w. 

• .f ItlKKClttctUiC Vwb 

1 . i.^- 

ki . 

■ -ij Hifi-'l 



■ n <t Um-tlt-l»l 


- ni<)J«kr-«fl» 


\.i«(K ( 4-aiiil (jillciEr 




The Haibinger 
December 6, 1999 

Coffee Anyone? 

priilit iirK.MU/ 
m.iki- ' 

prut' l.i>i> w.uiKl M • 
7-11 clerk ii-jloii^ 

I'verv morning on m\ u iv i.- 
-.ih,>iil i n*! J milf jnd jboul \v mm 
utcs out lit my »av to ) J.IVpptT-. tor 
coKee Why IVppt-rs* Well 1 know 
that Harpt-r M-ll-i loHet-, but wouM 
Vim h»>lievo Peppfr> m-IK il cheapt-r' 
20 o/ mdihini- t.ippui»:ino ^%'U> 
.,;; ;1.20dt I'rprir- uhilf .< ^^ >>/ 
cap at HarptM t.' 

Peppi>r« betau,. . ' 

citn> lor reasonabh 

t.cor^e Sipp I'l I""-: |> ■ 

thi; cost mas bv sn dift to 

tho posNibility ol diftt-n nt (Minil- 
Hovvfvi-r, I jiiinplv s«u It I't-ppt-rs 
tounil a brand that >.ivf. S.^^ pir 
cup Harper should br <.marl i'nou>;h 
to tind that braiid .>•- vmW AII»t all 
it i> not a> It rcpptt- i> not makinj; a 
protit, -.11 thf qui'-tmn i-< w tu Jm- 
*t "-(>i'r iii'fvl li> m.ik.- -•• ;'!-. Ii in,';., 

, pp i-vpl.inif.i 
\ u I- ba^•• » a>;L' i~ 
than that .>t ,i v op 

!d>.k ot ovvrhfjd cvpcii-i- ucuUI 
more than cover the w ai;v up^it 
According; to Sipp, it is true that the 
-i.h<>ol pjv* the tood ■.ervice utility 
- but, he said that they do have 
.innual tee to Harper But he 
.utrnit^ It is Munit'icanllv lowir than 

« thf UtilltV t-'lIU M.Ullit iiT..>nnt 

•^ipp add-- that thev aUv i ..>. in. 

• of haulin>; food service product^ 
to the ialellile center-* in the other 
buildings He admits that some of 
the items at the satellite locations J,- 
cost more than thev would in tb" 
cafeteria, but he t 
and explains the :■ 
the service to the people rather than 
b.iving them have tn truck across 

npus to the cafeteria 

While expt ''■■■ ■< •■'■.'. • - 

•sipp savs foi 

must compaii- jfr^' - r,' .:,yii-^ 

So long, but not Goodbye 

. ' ir come* akiog h' 

i;real responsibtlitv li' in -^ .m..- ........ .: , 

lor me tcv N' henv tor ltv<- (■HH>}-'le whi> def>t i 

me and leamt"d lr\>m me arui most of all U> im> s, .i 

Th«' fiartnmser save- me a votcif and a path to nn 
tuture and i 
with it, a , 
would fv^iv e > lauiud ! 4 

To that c^nd manv t . ink. I iv.ini 

to thank leaniH- Pankanin, wilhi-ul who s supj>»'i' 
would ii.'l N' hiri ! f.^ thank kevin Potfusf 
witb ■ mostiv his var, I 

vi.,i,|.; : 't mv nurbtes He 

■txome son'. i ^ood Irniul 

J iri,, „is,,, ',. ,(..,.. 1„- \\h,U 


UtVufl to tin's, ... \ ..u i\ ri.' ^ '.'■.. i . .. ....■-.,. 

W-eii a V irlue I.<hn !illnl»»>n. who s i.kc alv, 
asmile helpeii me to ^ ' '* 

as thev scvm. s*>meti: 
Mill work . 

lanii- ■""' 'I'^c 

his II. L,.,>tmv 

mimf ott ttu- l>i»; s-uit K\. I in Hi 

s^Hirts nv.Khine 

Hul m\ Ih.mks i;o nun h tarther than the paper 
stjtt, mv insane Liinilv away tfx>m htmie 

Mv lamilv. mv mtmimy. who let me rant about 
lot sUvpins. and mv K»y friend I'eter, espcsjialh 
l.-ser\ e sorru- thanks I'eter. who read the paper, an. i 
' 11.. what he thou);ht, even if it im-art him risk 
. . rsonal irtjurv, whi> always v isiti-d .ind made 
the late nights a little easu-r I Iom' mhi i.t \.Hir 
p.yti.'H, .imonj; other thinj;s 

II t lornet ..Man, don t think I tornot vou. ^ou 
rrustratevf me beviwid wi<rds. and I am well 
.iware 1 h«ive probably done the sanve tor yim. we 
h .V .. .ilways Kvn dear triends and 1 think vou w ill 
.Iter Iriend after You will always be, w ithout 
I u...ti't, mv complete opposite There has been little 
t!\at wf h.ive auri-ed upon but nothing v»e haven I 

gotten «V(T, I thank vou tor ti\u hi-' '■ •'^ to not 

mix InisitH-ss and pleasuu 

I.-I)r Brinider vnIio .l^^ .u s civ ■ n-. -.■..„ ihrnc 
III. afxtul 

d to Dann. I fvave |ust one si-ntence tor you 

list trv and tiivd a passive verb You hav.- 

I,, mv mentor and somet«>e 1 a-spect a threat 

,md vou knc>vv mv r»-sp<"ct doesn't come cheap) 

and I will alwavs l-H- Ifianktul to vou tor teaching me 

no matter how great s«>methint; mis:ht K- it ran be 

K'llii Ok.iv. tw'osentenies 

Ih.lTll \oll to I'VlTV.'IH- IlU'llI' '■,'.•-..■ 

Holiday Horoscopes: a special gift for the holidays 


ot 1 VvemK'r 
M-April 1«»t 

want but bevv.iR' . 

will disiover i<l it 
Tauru<> (Apiil 20-Mav 2i\ 

This month voui stroii).; luart 
Mill ovoriume .in on t;oitij; 
struggle Watvh out lor v.nii 
h».,irt, MWieont- iii.u < ,il. h it 
( .(-mini (May 21-lune ?ti 

itus month \oii wili il.-.o-ti 
.mother sell no oiio w ill 
.t vou but dc>n I Iv' dis 
A. have tun with << 
Cancer (June 2:-|uly 11' 

Ilijs month vou riui 

HI so.lfts .till! 

mu lonlide 111 >o,i .. .. . . I ... 

the best messii^' .>t a litilirm- 

I eo Uuly 2V Aug. 221 

This month vou will );lou 
hapcinoss Share vour toy with 
,,lli. I . u IV ill make someone 

\ .^^.. . v.-i, "- '-■!<i ?:m 

ills nioi.' ,rit los.ti 

uill h.ivr I. ". . ..' short litis 
IV intoi I 'on t uorrv toii>;h 
times will pass 
I ibra (S«frt.. 2.VOcl. 231: 
This month vou will find your 
Kil,in> e to K- a bit out ol whack 
lust ,i-.k l.iiiiiU ,iiid Inends to 

ln'lp out VMtll Will lOlttluts 

Scorpio (Od. 24-Nov. 211: 

ITus month bom;; outgoing w ill 
onlv get vou stressed out 

'.iiiimer down and l.ik.' s, .nn- 
I line tor vours^'lt 
Sagittarius (Nov :M ).. lit: 

ihis month K> oi'. i- .mU. v.nir 

' ' 're tliem with oth- 

. itivitv will make 

I'tiKIs slllllc 

Capricorn (Uei. 22-|an. \m: 

l!>is month dim I sell yoursc'li 
'.or! IV'lieve in what you an 
,l.> nc iiid stand behind yom 
sill Nou will find you aii 
stronger than you think 
Aquariuti (]an. 20-Feb. 18): 
TTiis month take some time to 
have fun Take a w wkend to let 
Ux»«v l>rag your trimds and 
lamilv with you; it will be a 
great bonding expierience 
Pisce* (Feb. 19-M*rch 20): 
This month you must not slack 
off liither gel it together oi 
tind stvme motivatii»n. Try .i 
massage, shopping or go tor a 

I Board 


af f Writers 


Tlie Harbinger 

Co-Editor in Chief 
Co-Editor m Chief 
News Editor 
A&E Editor 
Features Editor 
Sports Editor 
Copy Editor 

8usiness/Ad Manager- 
Faculty Advisor 

Sarmiafvtha Hays 

Alan Mtnarik 

Kevin Pockafca 

John Tillotson 

Carta Lozano 


James Johnson 

._™...._ J^ich Daswic»( 

0am Gto 

On» copy c* H>» W rt ii m f 

Noel Bago 
!• Ira* to anyoM m ItM Harpw Con«munlty-EKti additional copy la tJS 

Qwiaral liitufffWUun 

me Haro»w '* "» Wu<»it «iuti*cation for tne Hanw CoiKge campoi conv 
morw* pi*(i*«l !»-•*«*» tl*i»#iiM »» sctKWl »«» eiowa Oun^ 
am rm« wiam. t»it papw >■ (MtnDuiMl Ira* to all •tudanls. taomy and 
artnwiistratian. I»» Hmtimee' '» to* PunxMe i» to prowJe tne Harpet coirmu 
i»i» wm mfcjmiation penamii* to tne caoipiii and it» tunoatl*<t coniTXjni 

Laltart Foley 

fhe Hmm^K wMxmes lattars to tn* etSlw and 'vpben to our edrtonais. 
l.etl«ts muat be Wfnatt Snjnaluws «li t» »itr»»W upon lague*!. Ml lettars 
and content an autnaci toadtlmt 


Product* and iervice* ail«*tiaad m r«» H*«irKer aw not nec«»anly 
amorsod tiy ine «wor» ol tn* papee. nor by 11* coHeee admm«tr«ion Of 
Sowd of Direciors. Imumao «iouia t» tonnaroad Orectly to the ad»ert«ar, 

ato an pivtMMa art at itta dtaoation ot tna conaunw . 

Mailing Address: 

Tne Maromget Williant Rainey Harper Gotten 

1200 West Algonquin Road 

Palatine. IL 60067 7098 

Phone Mi«nbers: 

business office: (847) 925^460 

news offce: (847) 925 6000 x2461 

fax: (847) 925-6033 

copynght 1999. TTte ftortHnger. 
All hghts reserved. 

The Harbinger 
Decemb«f 6, 1999 

Earth Quak 


Page 9 

By Noel Bago 

(c aoi.YoUj 



^WH8 Co YpU GUI'S TUnJK iroo 
,M£ TAKiik) PiCrUKES OF Mt 

Line ■ 

Shop's World 

[^-rk* l . Mt TO -^oim lt» £K 

By Noal Bago 

Carla's Habbad 

By Noel Bago & Carla Lozano 

>fM»\ DMM. XmM. IS UO 
rJ*>^ TeuLlN'VA.TOinV 

CM.V 1*1 AflMY.tO!! 

Ask Uncle Bill 

Cm • ^SMtiMf Aak Uwife BiO. He Mf m( W rifht, bat it't ttiB «o«4 adriM. Dnp •« 7««r letton to *• 

HmUi^w is A567. 

Dear Uncle Bill, 

I am lired of mv cuunstrlor |paM>inn mr m the 

■"" "'" itOl h«!f buWIHMH. 

iitd to ny ooun- 

'iugsi-U m> ex boyMcnd In llw 

n thimght thdt we wine making 

I* «tUy Mnor I did not have 

vveic doino wa» Uioinft and 

ne saw me, my cammHet skipped me 
:v< talk to her about mjr triaUemhip. 
:-. I >tnp mv mniniebr fnan KtaM>inK 
'>ut my penniasktn'' How 
V keep out of mv hu^m.-N^'' 

They make me leei uncomloitat>U 

Dear Uacomfortabic, 

Fint off, what I hope you undentand u. no 
iMttn how unromfottaU* her actiona, your 
oounoclar icaUy doea have your batf inlciwts al 

That being sanl. iht)Uf;h. it -.ounda as tf dw 
might be ovemcpping h« bound*. Canfronlin|; 
you in the hsB about Momitian ncwi««d Med 



|unH>r II; 

tend to iumetHneB, 

- J ^HjMiiMr approach tor |pet- 
'lunds more fitting tor the 
<ilb than toi a tnrined proies- 

"inimeni u 

r. 1 leoommtaMl yuu to 
1 1 and go to fte aouice of 

iirse t4 actKm fails, a» il will 
yoM couU aaaiiy act mow 
diaciwt topfwentanymoeciMcrvcnlianbyyotv 
ovar-aealoiM counackir. Cranlud, this w a bit o( a 
cowardly thing to do. but it does avoid a cnn- 
fioittation. it all nraliy depends im what vtnir 
ci^irfiHtable with Viiu can deal with the pnWem 
heaii cm or prevent it from e\vr happerting a^ain 
by nut letting tite utuation etcalata to a certain 


Uacle Bill 

Dear Uncle Bill, 

My cx-giriftiand hatpa catling me and lellii^ 
me how gnat her new bnyfriertd is- The problem 
ia that I oiriy bfoke np with her a month ago and 
it hurt* to hrar about her new guy. 

I've dnady tried eKplaininK to her that it ^Ul 

hutta to hear abinj ' .md lolls 

ma that I'm not K aj bt- ijig 

immanire. t can't stop taliung to htr becauae I 
piT.mi>t>.i thiit we'd iHM he gnat frieitda even 
thtiug!' >n«l^ ended. 




Dear Diat-aught, 

MaiMaining a frienctship with an ex is oiw of 
the haideal thmga a peiaan can do. .t-K ^Mng frieitds sometimes involve* 
a ike, 

-.,i.,,.u(i.. W..I shouldn't stop letting her know 
how you ieel about what <)he's telling you, you 
can't expect her to stop filling you in on what'a 
imporUnt in her life and still be your friend. 

My advice ia to bite the bullet and try to listen 
for aa long as you can, but warn her that you 
might need to change the topic for a wfaiie if 
things get too uncomfortable. 

WMh time, you will kam to handle her new 
lalatianahip brtta; and she wiU come to better 
know what you can handle hearing. 

U»cl« BUI 

Page 10 

Arts tt^^Entertalnment 

The Harbinger 
December 6, 1999 

Rock of Ages: A Look at 
Rock in the Past Century 

Fall Semester Finals 

I TlliOtMH 


With tht- millennium t.i>l 
appniaching, n»"w is a ptTtivl 
timt- to take .1 limk Kuk at lh«' 
musu' which -.hapisl thf Mnimi 
ot tixlay dnd will W tht 
sounds of lomornnv 

Sn 1ft s tak»- a liHik at a tfw 
ot the best nnrk albums ol the 
past CCTiturv, kn<iwin>; hiiwm- 
er, that nxk truly didn t lome 
into its own until the last halt ot 

led Zeppelin II ( i-./ /(I'jv/m 
This IS the essential rock album 
Rock music changetl toreMT 
atti-r this was rrleased m INti^ 

I he album showi-d th<- 
many dynamics ot risk truni 
si>lt acoustic ballads such ,is 
Ramble On to thi- explosive 
Mobv IJick and the dri\ in>; 
ritt of iVhole I otta t iv% e 

rhis album bridKCvi the j;ap 
betwwn the late "tH HKk of 
Cream to the hirth of h«"avv 
metal m thi' ''lis .mvl siK 

Nevermind ' • I his 

album dill -< ! inne 

eHplvusion ol tin- cam -<iit<, but 

there was mme to it than that 
Kurt ( oh.iiTi -p. k< ti>t .1 v;ener 

Mis Ivrics had coniwctians 
whiih rtere not bemg made 
Smells 1 ike leen ''fi: ' 
Kvame an anthem nol onK U'f 
its driving t-uitar ,ind its 
siralcbv mhjIs hut .ilsii the 
kids listened to the iv.'rds and 
sensed that Kurl uiulerstood 
how the\ telt 

That ~ w hat makes this 
album M> ureal the loivnivtion 
N-tween the listener and the 

Sgl. Pepper's tonely Hearts 
Club Band Pi,' fi,-.i.'/,s Whc-iv 
do I be^in' 

This IS the K-st lomplete 
album ever 

rani MiC artiies labored 
over this album ^\.\\ and lu^ht 
makink; it |usi ri^hl 

He createvl a true ci.>ncept 
album where ,iil .'t the s<m>;s 
are related and Ibe onK wax to 
listi'M lo It IS straight through 
irorn iHummng to end 

It als»> was the lirst risk 

see Rock on page 12 

Dec. 13 

Dec 14 


Doc 16 


All EN6101. 
102 classes 

Ail Accounting 

All MTH080. 

086, 087, 103 
















1.40 255 













Friday December 17 & Saturday December 18 

Specially Arranged Exams 

Classes beginriing at 4:45pjn. or later - 
will use regularly scheduled class time 

Ben Datv^'iler hoped to make the world a better place. 
That hope died v/hen he v^-as killed by a drunk driver. 

VA^i^t ::hau!d you do 10 fi\<ip a friend from driving drunk^ 

Wiiaiever you have to. 
Friend!^ don't let frieniJ» drivt^ drunk. 




rhe HarbinKiT 
December t>, 1W9 


Page 11 


\H« r ill ><iar harrt »<irk. ><>ii ran alTonl i'> !><• rhoi^N 

Dual AdniKM'di \i;rt rin.iil 

^ ■■ •■•■■<iMlii' 

•;n.'mci;i! ;i: 


Sthaunifmi . 

rias!«rs Fk*{(in 
Januao IH. 2000 





CHtCA&o aamn - -nc sou'" •.♦>'-'' 

NOi^ W>M^(.IV! *4t »>l'> 


Page 12 

Arts 9t Entertainment 

Tht- HjrbmgtT 
Decf mb«r 6, 1999 

Rock: A look back Thanks for all of the 
at the last century memories, Harper 

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the si>n^» It ji>t> tuntnl >it 

the stiKlio |i;mius of the KinJ 

which MiniUi K' i'vi«lenf IjIit 

on Huch .»lbum> a* th«- mla- 

mous l\';(fi 


Hi(ihH<y To Hell AC i' . 
This album is nxk n n-ll .il n 
punst II has latiln phr.i-., 
with ritl^ 

Tht I- .js^ \, ■ 

Thi uulii' Iriik... 

)usl hvc >;u\> 
thcv lik*' to do- t .. 

And It ■> h«'.n ai tli.m ^^ 

Dark Side of the Moon 
I'mk Fh'uJ It then- is a Sc( 
Pfpfvr ■• lit Ihi- "i'n this 
album IS It 

The Mmf; intertw ine better 
thdi) any needle or thrt-ad 

David Gilmour faki". hi- 
exploration of sound to iuv\ 

Ro){er VVati'rs \oui' is .is 
eene as e\er on this on.- 

While man\ 
there .ire Ktti 
other albums this album is 
their K-si . .>llf. live work 

tit Ih. 


Van Halen IVo, Ihlni 
I hank i.>Hl tor Iddif \.m 

IK- -.)\. ! fh( \..or!i! tr«'n' 

glimpsK- into what tlw 

h,,r., ,. ,„,l.( ....„^ 1 ... ,,.,,. 

.1 I lit-,|si|i mi; siu ^ . >i 

ailarist s worth 
' ' t also intriHlui«-il 
catest trontmeii 
ill nvk. the ever-s«-f> 
David l«"eKoth 

Rage Agai ■ 
M.Khine K.i^-i- 

MM (Mollwris.1 
now popular rap 
metal ol Korn ind limp 
Bi/kit. thev al-io wfr»- tlw first 
ti' put ni-».vine5 in 
their musii i>n top of all 
llidt, then.- IS the tu w terntorv 
being explored by ^(uitar vir- 
tuoso Tom Morello /ach de 
U Rocha sink's of political 
miustice with a passion 
unmatclwd in music todav 
Ihen-arvmanv mor»'that 
'uld and shvHild h<- uldcd to 

1^ list 

However, this is ) one 

p»"n-epti<-<n ot tbi- p.i-t t t-ntir 

Invest Your Cifdits 

Tme^j m akf mmat&t me 
Bachelok Dk,kee 

I uQpnv. 

\i IIH MIV, 

\KI NhvM.iMf^i 

N*Pf!l\Uii CAMUS 

IM> CiMF rou. Niftnile. I.«H • fMI MMfX 







< to Kritt"i>i-M.v 
^ niW 


I ^rt'U t-H^ih .Is 

I iiifilfil \i»i. 

rtiiiii tM 

Rvai- ih.- 

vMi-k'' ^^ u ,iri r!u- ui<riim.i>ti'r. it vou lan t 
uriti' it nobiKh ijn Kii-p pumhing out 
those thou!i<tnd wtird stones 

Samm and .\lan, mhi two are .i i;r«Ml team 
>i'U i;ins rfjllv tcx>k control of this sinking; 
ship .ind put It on the right course And best 
ol .'.Il MHi were a io\ to work with We truU 
learned .i tot trom caih other 

Burner, xou nrv .i character ritfht out ol 
Oil.- .<t \our i.Miu. - ni,ink> for all the good 

times and Ivtlei .iitisms 

To the teachers in the journalism 
IX'partment more specifically Beckv Benton 
and I. ail (-i^fwn, thank vou. Beckv. vou 
t.mi;ht me the manv rules of ffie loumalism 
■1. and helped me f,TtnK as a |oumalisi 
,.i 1^ ,.ii. K tor showing me how- to break 
Um let my creahve side leak 
.nic ijit siructuted obtcchvitv of Kiumal- 
.^ riting 
I )ann t.ifv. vou were mv in«-nti>r >oii 
showi>d me f-Miw i-rful w ritins w ith a purposi 
an arc if \ou will ^ou sh»>u... I 'iic n' sn-. 
with flavor 

kevin and t'arla tin- m-w kids, I turn h ■ 
(Mfvr over to you >;uvs N>hi );uvs weiveagci 
and determined Vou put in j^reat effort and 
Jes,-n e to be commended lor tlut 

all tl-it- musos i\huh drove me lo gri-.r 
tivitv. I thank vi>u spevial th<inks t. 
Viork, Simon. Miss llphelia, tfie maj^nificenl 
Kim, \'irKe, and, of course, Bot>b\ Hill You 
^uv s gave tne the drive to keep doing what I 
v\ as doing You made my life at Harper fun 
lo Michael \eiman and the rest of 
Pnigram (kurd. a very big tfiank vou. You 
people nude my (ob heiv sti easv. I cannot 
thank vou eruiugh lor all the help. 

So ev t-n tfuiugh rivers mav separate us, I 
will ru-ver lorgel what this >;rt',it institution 
has giv en me 

$$$ CASH $$$ 




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December d, !<»« 


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Pagr 14 

Hawk Sports 


Lady Hawks look to devour the competition 

Ryan Fraimd 

thf I .idv Hawks h 
ol >t»phomi>rfs and .11' .iii.u !■! -:: 

I ir^t .>tt Ih.' I .kI\ H' 
\li-li>'-.i Ki'mnicl ri-turniriK . 
etechsi J-- Harbingi-r hcmak- AlliWu- 
i>fthf\tMr Seci.ndlv tfH'N havothrtv- 
pviint sipecialist Maunvn 
rvtuming a< wi'll 

(. hris Miinki- ^u/u VV.i^ii.i .ind 
Holl\ Htippi' .iri .ill rctiirivm); back 
ior another m-.u ot f-Ku 

Nikki IV Htrrv i- j ir.inNtiT tn-m 
\>>rthiTn lllmnis I nivcr-itv .in.i -.mII 
bwi'niv fli(;ibU' to pl.n tur ihi I .ul\ 
Hawks nt'xt :«'miMcr '«hi- 1^ .i •^'pho 
mort' as well 

The Ijdv Hawks alsii h.ive a lot erf 
younn laleni ,i- wt-ll Amimg them 
include Betkv lord. >ho attended 
Heney «nd wa!» an all-area guard «» 

AnothtT hot pri>sfxvt ti-r the 1 .uU 
Hawks Ls lulie Audim> She hold-. Ih«- 
Prospect record for Vpmnl shin»ting 
as well I ulie lestus IS J ^ t»i>t-<i guard 
from HituklfN (•« Denver Colorado 

The ljd> Hawks have two ath- 
lete* frcMK Hoffman EMates as well 
Arme Harisen and Mar»« Fv«n.«i both 
li'.t at "i K«'t^ Ihana Km/ ti'iind^ 
out the li>t l.'f lh»' I ad\ Haw k^ ^lii/ 
ii 's-lin>t 7 >;uard (rum ( IK i .rmi' 

The\ Hawks, who lini'.hiii 
last si">n at -H**. wanltsJ u< gft I'tl 
on the rijiht t(n»t this ywr ansl did, 
liixt ask Olive Harvey. 

The lady Hawks opened up their 
'*t-M seawn at home against lUive 
Harvey and the Lady Hawks m-re to 
much for the l.ady F'anthers to han- 

The Lady Hawlu caine away witfi 
a tfihUmg 80-70 vktory over Aw visit- 
ing Lady Pantften 

After nine mmutes ol plav th.- 
Lady Hawts had a commanding; 21 '' 
lead and with two minutes left to play 
in the first half the l^idy Pantf^^rs cut 
the l^y Hawks lead to 3l>20. 

\s the buzzer sounded to end the 
first half, the l^y Hawks lead was 
cut to cigM pouOa 35-27. 

Six miniile* into the accond half 

'uti-s ii-tt in thi- I'.iskfti'al 

itid i>-.lii-. lunij 

• \<-d the deal tot 

k~ \stlu' ! avlv Il.iukslfit 

;,, ;. .. ( ii..-^ . inn'.iv\.iv with 

an H(l-7( ^ii thr I ad\ 

Panther- Ii.'im « ..,, .i,>' 

Audiro Ifd the I ad\ H 
«ith IN coint-. and made iiv ■ ..hi-..t 
utne tlirvf pointers as well jestu- 
siored 11 points, dished oti Ion- 
a-.sisis aid had three steals l^.in 
s>i>red n points as well and llans»i 
,11 id Wajjner eavh scored seven pt>int 
tor the 1 jd> Hawks Two days Utei 
the 1 ad\ Hawks traveled to EvamtCM. 
to take >»n Northwestern basketball 
Jub rw I ad\ Hawk-s hung touph 
but . aled b\ the Lady 

Wild.. li Ihe lady Hawks 

were oniv down bv two points at the 
end of the tirsi half but the Lady 
Hawks werent .ible te come home 
with Iht MCtorv 

Audiiw. once agam led the l-ady 
Hawk ..flack, she scon-d It p»»ints 
and ma.le two thriv-pointers as well 
|ei>tus chipped in with nine [Hunts 
and Maslalar/ had seven pointji as 
well for the lad\ Hawks Tough 
opponents an- alw.ns ,i ^issi way to 
show h )w your te.mi will pt-rform 
tinder pn-ssure Ihe I adv Hawks 
I an show that thev can perform 
under pressure |ust ask the Lady 
Cavalie s Irom Kankakee 

k,ank..k.f t'ommunity College 
who ari currenth ranked Hth in th< 
nation in tfu- latest \K A. A basketball 
poll amongst Jiv isu>n II but all that 
didn't natter to the\ Hawks 

■^es the I adv Cawiliers M-M 
defeated the l-ady Hawks but thev 
didn't go dtwvn without a fight 

Ten minutes into Ifie fwM half ol 
pl.n the 1 adv C av alier lead was only 
I»»-11 but Uie lady Cavaliers built a 
43-21 kad Ute in the first half and the 
l^y Hawks were able to recover 
from tfvat 

KaiUukH' guard Cretcfum Circle 
hit twc tree tfmiws with 12 nunule* 
left in the second half, to pve the 

•oplieiner* ItoUssa R 
Lady Hawks 

l^y Cavaliers tJieir largest lead of 
the game The Ijdy Hawks were 
down 60- .'M, but never count out the 
Ladv Hawks The lady Hawks 
oulscoivd Kankakee »-24 the fmal 12 
minutes of the game, but it was to lit- 
lk> to late for the l,adv Hawks 

Freshman Audino scored 11 points 
and hit thrve-thns (oimiis tor the 

Lady Hawks 

Ma.stalar/ scored 11 points for the 
and stiphomore Hoppe chipped in 
with ten points and grabbed 8 

Kommel scored eight points and 
Wagner chipped in with seven pointe 
and grabbed five rebounds for the 
l,ad\ llavcks as well 

Diana Italx taha* a Mat af tar grabMag a rabowKl 
Mm Latfy Hawk* M-TO victery evar Olvia Harvay 

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Looking for a chance to 

vvrite about all the sports going 

on at Harper? 

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be a spo'ts writer, yo. 

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wise known as Building A). 
So come and join us. 

Dccrmber 6, 1W9 


Page 15 

Football: Hawks lose a heartbreaker 

Conttnued from page 16 

JuTRnw ptas was intn<c«pteiJ bv comerback DnniYi-ll fk>\ir >;nin>; Imsi 
CentTjI fitflU-nt held puMtion 

Four pl.1% s IjtiT the TnliMi> werv tan-il v\ itli tourth low n .ind four i, ,ird- t. ■ 
go, i>n the Hawks 26 yard-lim- with only 12 stvonds niruiininf; in the gamf 

Iowa Central elected li> >"i> tor the 4.Vv jn.i (ield Rinl and all t-ve- were .>n 
kkkrr )aM>n Sehmtdt. many fnx^-'le were IvifinK that he would mis>. am) ~<' • 
would force overtime but .mi. rfun.itt»ly didn t happen 
Schmidt 4J-yard tieUI -iraighl thrvw the uprights ami Sihmidl s tield 

goal >;a\e the TritiMi^ . , .-. .tad with only six sivt'r-'- '•••• "• '''• ' ■n-U 

With i»nl\ MX -.-Mmils left m t' *he H.u\ k^ u . u i.'.'mhi, rii ,i inn 

acW hnish 

Iowa C entral Wickeii the Kill (>lt .iiiii i nns Heard r«vei\ed the kuk-xitt and 
rrturru-d the ball li> the Ihirtv yard-hiw but time expinxl during his r«?tum 

The Hawks ottense racki-d up a total ot 1 1 Irrsi ,1, u r>s S^ v irds rushin>; 
and had a total o( 1% passing as well 

The Hawks defease only allowed a total ol ten tirsi dov^ns and unK 
alio «1 a total i>< lb7 ru.shing and (m\\ nine yards passing as well 

WkM|Ml^ f<wrMii\ 
Gmit M mr >/ 

nfffumtumH H9«4- 

iMIMWltA writM 
amA*t twain j>iiah>-.v 



It was Mm kick iMard roiMd tlM world. 

Jason tdMRidt's 43-yard f iold goal was tho dociding factor 

In Iowa Coatral victory 

Mariani had I" i.irrus ti.r a total i.| mi \jrds and I \.ins >.hippetl in with 34 
s .ird» rushing on a total ot ei^hl carries 

I ,l.'. -^111 thriv cali'he> lor .1 nl "14 \ards and 
I in with tiuu . .lUhi's li.i ,1 .'t ^4 I ird^ 

M.injni *..ui^hl ftuir jMsst'v tor .1 ti»t,t 
Xiiiitri^ I .niy;hl tv\<> p.i'-s,-., tiT .1 liMal ot 2" \,mm- .....-( k.....^ 
i Heard roiinils out the list with two calihes lor a total of 3'* 

'I !'ih i.H.l- .Hid threw 


tHTftft Sdvatt SdMlacdyfi (Ntuwiri Itadtsli 

Apf:!> tww for uxnoc Khobnliipi langHif <r>^ii MO. 

AffSaamm <ii!i£iM is f^brtut)- 1. itUO. 
TrwHifer sMkNU «-Kh an dictcm in ibc phyikd, Mtwni. or 
csnpiMtr <ixiNX» arc imiwrf Iff afipt^- (or a l>e«rpidi Sckiicc 
!>dwlsnlii]i. !i4edcni:i vim 3|q3%- for these iwartb wM cwmr 10 
cini|paB«i l-cfarui't > .'1 • • >. lor 1 M.-lKiJiniM|>c«ii|i«tilitM. 
Dani^tiK wirq»rl»lioii)<iwJc?>ts"i'l 

• (urticiiMtK m bborMur)' cxpt-nrneat 

• inMrakw <ndi * fimillr fMtnk** 
Sc4tai*r>)npwmncni«i'll- ' ■' '■■ J ^--VhrchlW, KWO. 

A(! I.V<.-r|M(h Sc(xiladnpi ire naiMk tar aefann-cincM m 
■ ' r.'. -.;.l|. iir .. : -Ixjuie, ij»td»r.i"iif, H-ii'lhta 
Kij>|>a HrKil:iiAl!'|i» »rt Jmi uttertvl. 

A|j|ilicJtHmt ior t>Rr|mtt jnJ wlicr MrWirshtiM nii jvi- liiitt 
iiuM Knt!HiM%rrf,c«MiiliHa«P(of "-'-'-f- ' •-••nv^tui-. 
t«.7l<-tl!.y. >••-«»* bMMiSlffM: 

Tbe Only HatioBil Liberal-iit CsUege Near Cliicafg 

M1v- lolKlUloi\' 

If to .1 ^our I'lid at thf I'l'psi- 
.is still a riMird-briMkirii; ^i-ison 

The Hawkv 

.^ t but tht'. siM^ 


\fn' ihanipions ot the N4t conlerence aes- 
s,i on l\ champs js well for the Mvond straight Ihe Hawks tinishtxl the n..isoii ,ii i'' 2i and ri iiiained 
u!ixli-t.Mii-d in the \4t at (H^I 1 

I .rit! |uri;ens hi'i .ime the all-time leading p.i^MT in 
11.1'! - hi.i or-. Ihi- se.ison lurgens fhw-w for 2,072 vards, 
Sit iie old mark in I'W? when he passed lor 

2,11" ^> .-.'11 .ilsii broke the Harper single-season 

receix inc \ .ird.ii;i mark w itli >i'^>. Mark 1 legler had 827 yards 
in WS=^ 

I he Hav\ks have oulsiond Ihi-ir oppoiunis ;^I9 to 160 
and hax e only allowed a total ol 2.S piunts m the first and third 
quarter combined Thev have a total of 141 first downs, they 
haye also racked up a total of I .tiMt) rushing and a total of 2,(172 
vards passing as well The Hawks has only allowixi a 
total ol 1S2 hrst downs.have only allow<?d a total ol 1,455 
yards rushing and 1.160 i>f total yards passing by Hawk oppo- 






< to now? 

r loon >eu'l «i(n jnw Mwa— 


orgi«r u*«>««|p«you9»>«M^O>« 


io«3 M«B SO mjcDOi. Ok audmiiw 

an ouuijfMMnQ itos/i of ff>VK|^vnc 


»m QUdtfBW AM te» gium ■■m, 

Okv cXMs w (not Ow IMI w 


OHM <ii«i «>«■««. Aid Of |ibM» 


KK hac pMOKji tuants evokmr 


And v<«i ou >«« -mrd MMU>. 


youi n»ic your dtgpK n no tmc 

OooH Mm aMMkrt flgyas « 




MblwUWl ^IBB^'4 ABJUV^ ■nVCtf 



Manoircn or Wramnwicaaoni 

OcMy ri ?<( vMy n 901 (or now.. 




^ 4 ngncr detnt or ueew. CM 

(Mny^ OUT) cunu a ITTS OMW 


« or MUnn carpiA jr ma 4SN00a 


— i^rWKdu 


1^" "-"■■ ir^'K . 

awks Sports 

Wag,*f» WtlllaHi Rata^r HwiMr Coll«t* • 0*e«mb«rf,U|| 

Hawks fate ends on a last second 
field goal at the Pepsi-Cola Bowl 

Rywi Fhnmmb 

I h. I : 

th.>t was to Khw 
In Urns from li' 
vtFhilt' had •! ti'i 

Afll Iwt' ■' *' 

V.rth n<- 

(Vil.ii l.ilU I, 

Ld'st vfjr in tH. 
and vvtTv 

tcMMS Hlw tM» WW cenMion for Mm Hawk dafaiiM. As 
fiv* Nawli dafMitfars sack ttia Iowa Cantral quartarback 

iiill aJvjuUti.' liw IritvHi- 
.iK.K k would tirialtv • 



.iini tht 
:!t th.- Kill 


b.i, i ■ 


ITlJ tl 

t>> niv«- th»" Inli'u-. ,in i-.irK 

Vhtnutl mi»-^-il Ihf I'M 

inluriN (i.kI .1 K-i) li'.Ki VMth 


hit !■ , , 

bli-d tht- ball .md th»' Irn. 

i'ut lh«'\ vv. 


t>jll .Is VV. 


h>r r. 

Hau ' 

iM tht- first quo I 

* ks WlTl' 

tiictM v\ith .) 4ll' 

■■ 1! \.ird- 

to Ki 1 

Tht Hawk-, ('uiitri i>.iw 1 

oft a gixxl punl .md it f 

rntints il' '^ ■ • • '*' 

\ jr^i itn* 

Ih. ! ■ 


i^-pUy an 


Ux-v t.H 

,ind viv • . ■ 

1 the punt 

;i-,i ■ l\ lur ll. 

Milsi' Sp.»i-u«-ll» and JiH- Bbdmn 
wtlv ^\'<titini' 11! ih*- wink!^ ..ind tht*v 
nutlt- a i:,' iufv'r- 

tani pl.i\ 

Hut niTj- impiJrtantly ll gavi- lh«- 
H.iwk- j;rt'at lieM p««ttuin and thf 
I Ijw k iitti-ns* wiHild tak*' full advan- 
ta^f iif the sifujtiiin 

CUx-MWi Hilt tfv 
whtn Hi- , .iii^hl a U sarj pa-.^ tri'ni 
lurvtiK'. ind thi-n tail back. Fvans ran 

■ ■ H MX k tll-l 

Ik 11 piai- iati-f I iaiis ran right up 
til.- iiikklU- tor J IK varU touchdown, 
t>> t;i-. r ihi Hawks a U-ft Ifad with 
r.J'l minulis li-ft in thf fourth i| 

Ilii Iritmis wiTf limkinj; t''i ■' • 
I'ut disaster struck for Iowa 
Iriton tjuartcrback losh 
vidttl a pass rush by thi- 
1 1 ..% K' di-ft-nw which causjxl him U' 
tlitow an errant pj>«* jivJ defi-nsiNc 
I I'.K k M\nnv CroM-s tiHik full .\i? ■ 
l.iv;c b\ inftTii-pliii); the pass 
M Hawks ol tense unfortu' 
int lak* advantJKi" rhe I 

■H tin- IiiloM >S vaid liiH' ,nwi the\ 
vvcn-t.iifd Kifb ■•> 4th down and niiit 
\..u',- V 'irst down. 

I n< I Ifd to punt th> 

Ml and (he <: ktued Tli. 

snap was hij.:! , ner t.raruh 

,1 Utile time to punt the ball and 
■ ' '-' • th,- 

Tailback Tabri Evans Is cengratulatad by Ms taaiwnatas 
aftsr scoring tlia (o-ahsaii touchdown for (bo Hawks 

n li'W.l ^ 
punt a>;am but Junii); the puiii .in 
i»f t)H' Haw ks ran into the kii kei in>l 
th«' Hav\ks vsere nil. 
the kk kiT 

The Tritons had tifw lite l>ul it didn I 
matter, tfie Hawks defense forced 
anotfu-r Triton punt 
The Hawks last poMies&iun wasn t a 

I tu r i.u\ k^ u I, rr i. .- 
at Ihl- end ot tlie I. 
» ks look hi-. 
tvond ha I' 
Hawk ,1.-. 
: th<- Iritoi 
Ih.. ImM .md KUc v.!n~.iii u<-k u.m 
.ut\.iplu;<- liiton punter ( 
-iinleil the ball to (..Uvsoii 
.turned the ball all thi- wj\ 
to the Har(vr ~>1 \ards line 
The Hawks tinalh h.ui i;ihk1 tulit 

the lia--- 


p\>sjtion and were li>okiii^; ti' take the lur>;iMK loiiiKi tii;ht L•l^<^ t'M a 17 

laim to m end and the H.iuk^ ivere 
read-. tiT th«' lourtli 
lail batk Taban (\.< tini.-s 

ti.r ten v.ird^ settinn up the Hawks 
tir-t soire .ind then quarterbaik 


Mit ,1 


returned tlu- ball all the way to th. 

- ' ' ■. Two plays Liter fail 

-con\l from one-vard 

1 i\ 1 C.-ntral eltvtei) to f,o 

,.■['.. ml ..inversion 

k>w a C i-ntral ^ .)iiarterbav k Price 

rolliii out ol the [H>iket atui found a 

ide-op»>n reiener in Matt Tenu", to 

th»- siorv a 14-14 with 2 12 left m 

the fourth i)uarter 

rh.' Hawk oftenst- were driMnn 
into Triton territory whei-i ili-.i-t.-r 
struck the Hawks (Ju^r'eilM.k 
lurpens was under pivssuif and it 
caustsj him thnm an errant pass 
siH- TiHitball piage 15 

student Senate president living in fast Lane 

Getting involved, making a difference more than Just slogans for 
Senate President Desmond Lane as he approaches second half of term 



Political leaderi are crfteti tHiiple 
^)t \ision, and the m\ 

Harpw's Stucl»'nt SenaU-, Ix -.- 

I^ane, i» no «'xcef»tn-m. 

When l^ne came In Harper, hf ♦<*'• 
there was somrthing nusAtng h. 
jnd w dtvidtii he needed fi' 
invotvi"d Hf hr-t stifpcd rn as ,1 

^orutor. but stMtn ti>und him^ ii 
.■<i«ng Ihroufth the ranks until 
.» !»*«« hr was eJcitMl 
t M»id«^t "sen-it*" 
l\f ..; ' in 

fxilitKs I . « n I 

lame ht-rr I v\ anted ti> ht-ip ihe 
>ch*X'l Th« bt-st »a> I saw lid., thit 
wa» lhn>unT Stiidcnl Senate 

Lanes politKal aspiratu'i 
bvgm with his admisMim t(> Harper. 
thou);h. He always timnd il intert>t 
ints t«i Veep up with pt>liti<.s, .md hi> 

■ notht. M-t .111 I'xampU- ti>r him b\ 
''C hi I ilrunv in C riminal lustut- 
■ rri'-l,ivs Ui M'r\r on piiblu ^t-r 
inJ mmmunity nwnmittts 
I hi^ hii;h sih<x»l, he «*t\. 

il fi>r twi) and .1 h.ill 
ntiJ hi- v.ij'hi'mon- 


TM* ymt* ttMtfMrt SmmM* 
Pw M wt , Dti w ii * Law. L«M 
to iM^fiil akoMt kto cImrc* to 
I « «ff •!•««• Atrlng Ms 

hi- lUi-ni ■ 


rhangi"s vshiiii !k ..m i~i.iiiii i.- >Mtli 


-tabhshnunl nt ihi dri>(i-in 
1 thf student 

i>ry;ani/.ifii>ns in .\ huildin);, RImi'v; 

mcniK-rs ,.t sihIi i;n>ii|'s as Ijbrats 

I nitus a place ti» tnii-t mitside irf the 

ottiiial ottiies m 1 building, is a par- 

uiarK ,1. niniplishnienl 

i .viw s i)piniiin 

C>ne currently »>n-nt>ing pn>iect ot 
iKiiitiiame to I Jne is tram ing stu- 
nt s«'iviti>rs to serve as Miter s rt'i: 
ir.irs iin catnpus tor the upcomin.; 
I 'n-sidential eUvtum 

IVspite all th«' n-sponsibililu-s he 

i- as pn>sident. attending cUas» 

,:iii working a part-time k*, Lane 

>till tries to til in a perstwul life. "I tr\ 

lead a balanceil litt' h«' explains 

would pnibablv i'\pii>de it I didn I 

•ind tn-e time ■ 

Uine couldn I see himself ivtum- 
mj; next s«-mi'ster. either as otfioer or 
senator 'By thi- end ot the semester, 
he S.1VS, "I Itvl I'll have done all I tan 
do at Harper Us better to n-ach a 
(vjk ai ' 'sitively " 

Recycling program 
not to be discarded 




StWf WWtBt 

Authorities at Harper are concerned that iN- rtwding 
program is lix> expensive 

Even thtHigh the state ol Illinois mandates Harper to 
rec>'cle only -k) percent o« ll^ matenaLs, HarpiT recycles 71) 
pen-ent the recycling program's labor and supervisum 
.xfH-nditures add up to $140,000 each year A study by 
Patrick Engineering (ound that Harper laved 1>"^122 bv 
avoidmg disposal costs and material rebate*. 

Robert t>t/. r>ireitor o< Physical Plant, savs tb.>t M.iri>.r 
lollows lh<- same recycling laws as thecommunit 
scape waste liitlerie* or m»>tor oil i -• ■ ' 
thi* IS against the law and h.irnilu 
Thervfore, rewcling these- irulenals is in.i: . n .>- 

necmtarv However paper i» rnrt nequirtsi i-d 

Though appnned bv the board and tikxl " itn me stale. 
this year s r«wi hni; plan lontinues to be U«>ked into In 
.i.lvlili.'H h.'.u : vet lodev-l.i. >r not 

rrvluKti..n> ,.l "V nece«.s,r '.k«- 

Chairman Uvn •shun- r.\.Mim«'nJs that tiai(«.r i..|i.ns .1 
mor»' Jffjnil.- r,^ w :.n / pi. in n ;!->•■ •u'-;r, 

Program Board treats 
campus to warm return 
with Millennium 
Celebration and more 




Hmks bMlwttaM. 

.,ni Ki--lvi'. .■ 
malmiiii i' 



ernied oHicuib. 


You might have thought millennium celebrations were 
over with the pa<s<ttng of the new year, but I'nigram Board has 
got «ine mote coming vsMir way in their acttv itic-s planned fot 
ithe spring semester 

rn>gram B»»ard - VWkomi Ha.k to Harper and the 
iMillennium Celebration will be held this Thursday, lanuary 
!27 at fhHin in the Student and Administration Center's 
jStudenl CenK-r Lounge This show will be celebrated with 
tr,s t.Hsl .Irinks, CDs and movie ptwtets available to early 
<■ ceiebrahon features th«' band Keith Fric and 
, iinu- UP thi- w inter months with their di«tinc- 

tr ■ 

Ii..- .- ,«-. .- -ii ".-wnls Program Board has 

larranged in Ibi- u)somm>; months Nmu' other teatures 

• |)t MuKul lnf;r.un .i|'; • hruary 2 fttMn 

noi'ii 1 pm in ttw Business jmi ^si.u ^min. Center rcxwni 

|U' !»r Ingram s performances have been described as 

.■ .rful and mohyational ' His mission is toj 

h .1 mess.i«e about emfHiwerment and] 

.IS .in African- Amencanj 

m my I lie through poel-j 

iH itK .iiordinator ot tlie Community 

'.im .ind ,1 iouns»'ling professor an 

1 writer and performance! 

i.ition tor pnniding edu-^ 

iiplitting presentations n-garding the p.u.r ,.t 

^i.Tiiii. .111. 1- m .ill isiHHTts ot dally life 

. . luse Senes begins f-riday, 

.... rnmtm Cjround Showcase. 

t>setjuent pertormance* Friday, 

t.HHi \iiiil4,alsoat7:.'Klp.m 

ivommon t.round Wmwcas*- will feature 

.ii..n>; with sfxtial guest Kepano Cireen. Vetbow 

to Marp«T to proiiHite their latest release. Wfcifr Out. 


Page 2 

I'hf Hdrbinger 
lanuary 24, 2000 

Harper News 

Home schooling gets technology Does your club^ 
breakthrough with telecourses ^ H^xrpsf organizeitlon 

Jamilf T Mo— 

itMHirMs iTe btiifming 

.iikI nion- ptipuLu thf# 

vl.ivs rhf prv>>;rjni !■- a 

bn-dth ot fre>h Jir h>i thi»<- in 

not'd ot jlterrutivf-. tf 

iir who livf tar .nvav The 
-.tutifnt vvi'uld UMLilK .iltond 
a reljtnt'lv ^h.irt ,.ri,-nt.itu.ii 
Mlovvitl b\ .1 li'iK ~. MH-.tir 
of bt'in^; I'll hi> h.T ^hmi in 
read, pnorUi/i- ^tii.)\ ti>r 
qui//i"> thi i ivliM-- 
and do .irn I'lhff ■ oiirsv 

Ti-ltvi'ursi- Jass4-. nijuiri' 
no' but ratbt-r a 
ti'vtbiK>k, usualK .1 studs 
v;uide of *i)mt' Ni>rt. a small 
library of vidtnUapi's and 
short visits to thi' It-stinf, .t-n 
tor in buildiny; \ IIh- tf\l 
KKiks and studs ^nidi's, .iri- 
purihasod in lh>' H-irpiT 
B<«>k.sti>ri- and tlw \ idi-otapis 
an- iMsiK Ju>ki-it out lron> 
tbf HarjXT lihrar\ 

lhci|iii//i's .ttid li'sts l> 
deadlmf^ bul lh< iisimv; 
ti'f Is almitst atuavs li 
AtliT showing \oui pkluT. 
ID and si^nin^ in, son lak< 
your tiM or qui/- ttun viail a 

f, . > .;!.uit 


tol«i>ursi-s arf ablf to takr 
lourst-s thai ma\ havi' olhtr 
w ist' Kvn in sihixluhn>; i on 
tlkt vMlh their other ■ 
Ihis n\.i\ s,i\f !hi' - 
v\boU' s»-ri ■ aitiii?; 

ror iiTtain . neltill 

or iiiion\ ttiit'ntb tinitx! 

Taula Konev is a llarjxr 
sliidi'iit "ho vsould dis.igrei' 
with the proi;rarns advan 
tav',i's ^h* !s Ikiiown to fio a 

sludent lor ■• • ' ' - sake 

and Ill-Is il atiTial 

IS lindl'ri'\('"si-.i ^^r!h thf 

Liik ol J kvtun- and tiailio; 
adding ixpi'nontial know I- 

shi^ spoiks ol her ti'lc- 
^•Hirs.' I vp. tutv 1- se\ eral 
vears ago I tell somewhat 
shghtevl In nu leleiourse 
eX(HTienie due to the tail 
that I missed the levture 
■it ot the lourse I telt I 
lil \ e gained nioii' trom 
i..|ov;\ 111! had 1 taken a 


Id the 

.,,.,.- . - ., , ,-{ ,. MTt to 

aihie\e a tiiller loursi load 
without realizing thai the 

lime oulskle ol the i lassriHim 
still has le Ih sfH'nt on the 
suh|e<1 ^' '^ "'■' '■" "'■ '" 'o 
get a g 

pass thi i !.i-- ^i "'^ f i' 'f !' 
dri>p the I lass v\ hen thev 
ili/e how K-hind the\ le 
■ then<s4'Kis get m lieu ot 
their other strmturtil vlasses 
(and more trixjuenlK Mewed 
material) loUowing 
studs guides more 1 1 
vsould detiniteK help in thai 
area Marking ti"-t and ijiii/ 
deadlines m a planner iliki 
the I lar(vr one that is all o\ ei 
campus and tnx' ol ehargi'i 
would help redu. I the panii 
states whieh A^- not pr.n uie 
lor a healUn i. aiiung eiu i 

Mark Wi'Ms vsho leaihi- 
a leleiourse on geographv 
explained that there are two 
things students need to ion- 
sider belore registering tor 
Ihi' leieiourse classes 
leletiuirse or distance i-du 
latioii lourses aren't tor 
eier\K>iK students h/ 
in- \erx moluated to 
plete the work on their own. 
I leal\ warns I he s,\ond 

thing students should be 

see TU ECQUHSe on page 4 

HavB An 


BVBTil Ihcxi You. 
Would \Um to £idV9ftt3€i 
if Q/ ^^^ Goritsiai 

The Harbinger 



'di 925.6460 

m ntDp J/J 


last, inarlv 2i'i>tt '.uiJcals transfcrrtd from 
a>mimini!\ cullcjics to IVI'aiii • mwiMiv fhtv luimd 
l>cl'..iil a frKinlU. iinitiiij; imi\cf>u> that ottii 
cl;»N> Ckirrkulum in i»\i.r 100 progiaitis ol sIikU Ucl'dul 
wtkumis voii to ilo iln- ^Jtiic (.omc visu our ihn.tmic 
LiiKoln I'jrk and loop v.imjMiso ami experience all tlui 
UcPaul has to oiler 


To ?.ilii-diile a l,^^np^l^ Visit Of 
111 re-i|iie>t iiiorc inf«niUtKiTI, 



fht Ha rbin);fr 
January 24, 2000 

Harper tiews 


Ask your wellness advisor 

-'tuJi'iiN van .inoinniousU --ubnut k|ui-<lniii-. on wi-Hiion rrl-iii-.l '.'pt. - in i 
in the marked bun oufciidt- thf Hcdith Sfnice* Office in AV.' 
\nsw»?r!> will appear m future issues ot The Harbmjfur All qutXions u ,11 b. 
rt-n-archt-d and nspotwes will be pnnided bv health car*' prot.-vsumjl- 
related lo The Haririn^ir 


■ i: tlii'ru 

Q-. I have recently be»n dia^noMrd with 
a»thma and given an Albuterol inhaler Can 
vou tell me more about asthma? 

\ \ -■■ ' I- .1 ihroni. 
ii. ^^ ot briM) 
thiUri-n ' •• 'I 



1 prr\fiil.n 
-arf~ scnw ihililnri will iHit>;rov» .i-inn 
Attacks can be t.itjl il -^-mti' and tn .itnunt 

'ii^t - .mil i1ittMiit\ i 
SimccauM- it 

.(intact with sut»uru< 
. ->ii,.n, dust, animal d 
lung infcctkwi^ 

IS snuike or chemical t 
To prevent j>t! 

iIUtrk til 

iitnent xmi 
^ ts an omt"' 
H«-alth .Hu: 

I •Blood Drive 

.•V+, A- and B» aren't [ust 

' winning e%am gndeik They 

^Tf also bkx>d types. Be a 

winner - donate bkxid. 

V, ..• bl<Hv1 at Ihc BliHid 

PiiN. . .'ti I >■(' : '' .1 rn -I 

AriM i Ki I ri-lr«-snn»-i-.l>. 
will bc' prmided tur dll 

•Culd and Flu Awatene«» 

and EducatitHi Table 

' 've a cold aiuj feed a 

i' Do v<Hi know what to 

ii.> It M'U i.ilih a cxild iir get 

Ibf flu^ (, ome fiml tml al the 

1,1 Flu Education 

Feb 2. U ami 

'he Bu«nne>.-- and 

Melcome Oocli to Hsrper 
Il ie llleiiym Deletifiio 

s^fBB P):^ 

While Supplies Last 

Free Pepsi 

while siipfilies lest 


While Supplies Le«|»; 

Wits the sounds of Jamaica 

Thursday. January 27 


Student Center Lounge 

Student and Administration Center 

linayoeco1~ t^-i'- : it ifl bmfiot. hcl hoi ii '■ 
oowe-hc.',"' .-?t,M tti^ : ,.!iK.iii siy<»so(Nvaht»' 

Center «*«n Keith trie arid ■ is -i-aij-Ki 
,:i¥P*o. '^«99i'« SK« End Sot i :i > Dc 

"e StucJ«rt Activities : 

fVI William Raintiv Harper College 

_ • • , "^ 

• High Anxicly 

How dtie* anxiety differ 
from "nomwr expenences 
of stjewi? Learn atxHit atwi- 
ety and the many ways it can 
impact your lifit at tfw "High 
\n\ietv" program on Feb. *», 
:;- ■< p m. in nxim A243. This 
-i-minar will teach you some { 
basic skills lo help you 
understand and work 
through anxiety 

• American Heart Month 

I -fbruarv t> American Heart 
Mi<ntb learn how to keep 
vour heart healthy at the 
American Heart Month 
Education Table ivi February 
10, II am-1 pm. Business 
and SkmI Science Center 
Dietic TeihriKian student!> 
and Wellnesci. and HuDtan 
Performance staff will be on 
\\xniL to answer questicm*. 

WHCM is 

For news- 
end DJs 
For l^he 
S^op in l^o 
picic up an 






I"hf Hdrbin^;fr 
January 24, 2000 

Who's who at Harp^ffKchard Espino 


At 12:10 ajn. on March 10, ISfl, 
Mmewd Htrmilia E9i|>iiiOgavcbii1li to 
thar oidMl MR, wd oimnt Hafpv alu- 
d«tniiHHlEipiK>. BamatChicacar* 
Vkkt Mamoftal HcMpttal Ma buataaa 
M^ aKrqra tud lofty dicMM. 'I 
aKra^ wMitad to b« a profaaaiaiwl 
wiwiiOT,' die youns <Mn ounfa wai t . 
Wlvn Iw'f not aiMiMns ol pUt driven. 

bCNtjf ilMMft MlB RMlCflW 4||||jllinB SBM 

CeU sieve AoMki, hr «**• ^boHl fln- 

Mm. "ShewaapiettyfuntoliMMilKim.' 
he said vvMi a Mniie He ako enjoys the 
wa) danfg are act up mthe KhooL in 
thai he am g(< dama at juat about any 

a busy one. Ms i 

atcB El Rodeo. » \ 

Stream wood. Despite the lime he 

spends working thew, he currently 

After aMmdinii a public ekflBCniafy 
sdKwi Ufkto sptfrt Ms Msh adwai 
yMis at St Gcegcwy's in ancasn, wtwfe 
)w ick Mi^ w«fe a fitlle dUhmit cipe- 
lUtf lita amkit hmn. In puMc 
•dHMk you know a fcw peopk, but in 
fwivale adtoob. you know a buncK' he 

As far as Harper daascs gm. he 
cnioycd his Introductian to CoH^MHeis 
m^ by Teny Feike. Her 
alyte OMde lMng» easier (or 

Away hwn coBege, Rirhanl kcwps 
dw sn^ on his (ace. The older of two 
bmtlwn, he keeps a gimrt relationship 
with his yountpw brodiei. (onathan 
-He's my best Wend," Espino !-jy» He 
((iris his fwnily is a normal one but abo 

As far as Ridtsid himself goes, he 
keeps his dreams kjfty. He woukl like lo 
UaiMfar to Roaaevdt or Loyola when he 
finiahaa Ms two years at Harper, and 
holds onto his cMkttwod dnam of 
beaming a piuiuatonal wfeadcK He 
spends mud> of Ma time dfcaming of 
(Hile drivers, body slams and elbow 
drops though, as he admit*, he has not 
givvn mudi thought to tlw future. 

Despite an unknown path ahead of 
him, Richard has determination in Mm. 
When adoed about the best piece of 
advice ever given to Kim, he menlionB 
this: 'My modwr ahvays sakj to mr to 
work hanl.' As he continues to do so 
here at Harper, he gives this advice to 
new ar>d old students alike: "Nevpr "■■ ■• 
up Always follow your dr. 
Richard not only gives that advur .w. 
also lives it every day 

Letter from the Student Trustee: Welcome 
back to a new semester 

TPUSTU <lua>A^ 

WtlKlY il1TU> 




auiJ^ili^ .jn,i u -..! r,;; ' 

. rM>t K' .ill thii.- - I" 

diijtiWvvr Iht- nt-nt two » 

.'11^ ■.-, ,ii 

i>H«T pU'iitv i>t i.fnittc* tor i{.\- 

>,, v\m M 

stUtil'Tlt^ t^ 

It Jll Iv . 

2^ i\ rth .1 tfif mm ii- prt- 

l;.„-, .-.r. r„.,i,l ]}h I'"' 


A tjnuHi'' m.'tiv jlu*n*»i .•pt'ak.-r 

,U- --. in^t 

I'.ilruk tiiml-», will tit' sfH'jkinj.; i! 

WWtif^it.n ir> fht> lounm' .iroi i>l 

H.irjHT on FrJddi.. I.inii.irx > Ilii^ 

th<" "^tuilitil in.) A.tministc.iti.'M 

IS sfHHlM'rCll b\ it" fXnl 

l i-nt.r 

1 c.uliT-.hip rr.>>;r.ini <. ..IU»;oh 

Also, on fu«"*»t.u |\ ;" Ihi- 

tri>ni .lil I'v.T lihri.'!^ ivill N- .ittcnvf 

ViVekomie BjvW !.. ll.irp.r 

m>; 1.. N*.,' I. i-mh- pri-vnl hi> ^[x>\ h 

Milltnnium P.utv vMth In ilir-wn 

i'ti M.!). .rm>; ui ^i.Kii'^^ 

in Ih.' stiiiK'fil t t-ntiT .11 n •. 'ii 

l.inu.irv IS HI.), k. Histi.n 

'i K- !i\t' niusK tmn tht- 

M.Mith M< .>n librujr\ \ rroK'r.ini 

hand kiith 1 ru jnd 

Ikkird "ill N- pri-M'ntin>; iIh ni..\H- 

Telecourse: Harper accomodates 
students with distance education 

sdfith an '^JK 
Industry Leader../ 



Vfc <»>'■»'■ » ■ " 'I'—''* 
V l« an ■■••« Ih ilpMnv m4 **i| 

nite «• ffc SMI <r i«i> oMMOT «Mr 

mv nn s it a wl «« ■■■ « >i»i«« > »» 


^' ... ... ii... .„ ti\ ii\ . i-ntiT, «. huh IS 

• ■ ,ill H.irpi-i siuJciits 
ix' sIvTwn I'll 
l.'tt.irni.uKi "" Mii:h.H'l 

Intirjm will prt-s. •mvv on 

tnmi iiv>'- 
iint- .i.u II' 
Hivl '^ 'xK-mi- t mtct U 
1 Til t.. 1 p m tlK'iv vsill hf J Ciikl!. 
iiul I lu \w .111 nt -^s t liiiiafiiin Ijhio, 
.il.inj; .Mill .1 hl.«Kl dnvi- taking 
pl.Ki- m Ihi- studcn! m.l 
\Jministi.ilii>nt .utor Hilp.-i n-is 
!>\ .l.mitinK HihkI .hi./ m't tnv 

I hopt' that all HarptT studi-nts 
,iiui t,KUlt\ will take advantafif nl 
ill 111 the trtH- .kIimIu.s that art- 
..fli-nit iHi this lanipu^ Most i>( all, tun this M'mestiT' 




IV^IMk * fWStiMM 



M «ak • MSnm t Nft-TUM 


•iMnw«ffMivl»4«<- '•s*tn 


i Iv «tor«a> V iiB> ■ ^«l Mi^ M^O- 
I e WW «. m M i n i l iiM t»w » «i« n 


I aw . w i>i«md^i i|i I 



Prof ••••r MMk NMriy toadw* 

«ff Mrwit Matanco otfucatlMi courMa 

IMTO at Narpar. 

coniifiuea trom pag«. . 

awaiv i>f IS that |ust K. .ms,- tli,.\ h, i.ikim; 
distance education lOurM-s d.vsn I lh-\ 
can't contact tht- instriKturs an.) ^rt ass;s 
taiuf I think . Icnis li>r>;ii that 

Th»'V arc taking; .irM.-*. and then- civ 

instru.t.irs in Ji.ifKf >'l ih.,-- uhn 

would Ix- willin>; l.> hrip thin 

Ihcrc arc m.un tc.iihi-r- ...i.... iclc- 

...ursi's m .1 \ .iru-tv <it suhl*^ (s suih .is busi- 

' Ji^ hisli.rv. phili's). 

v;v, politKal siifon" 

aiiJ hialth, as di>iriK-d in the (tarjvr .ata 

U>g TK-st- ci'urs«~. an^ UNUallv translcrahlc 
ind aiv shtmn i>\t'r n-xular irlfvisum on 

I hannol 2t' and . t . .ihlc it th«> \ id«Kis .tn- not 
In k. 1 .lilt or rrnliAl ti<r Mcwinj; (. hi-, k 
M.iip.i s ...ursi' ..Iti-'in;:^ t.vr .iin listin);s ,ii 
, Hirst- pn>n,t.)uisit, ill h.ivf gt?fHTal 

. i.iss«.s !.< I.ik. ,.!■ ' ■ H'll the stn».s ot 

it,i\,-)|, ' .Hid silting in a classriHun 

i.ithiT :'.. .unh.inu lii^l rrni.-mK'r r.i;iil.irK . hi-, k^ nt-s 

ixjt.hiiig th<- V idf<'s ,ii:,. t,, . , — ■■■luh 
ivith vour t.aih.T^ will hnn^ mhi -ii...s.. 
.in.! .1 !■: ' ■ 1'' ' - -lorr intorm.itii.n ..i .1 
hriKiu, ■-'• 


•Ku H » x a raeytrsamp<» 
Su<«ry nap iTw*' Ai euinaa moM «« 
i«% piy dr vwti « bOMnr-i «gnr 
•em Oivty Ou nudra t)»c «i out- 
Ranang aaoM of cnvtcymtni jtar 
grsduMorv Aid tar gM« MMWi 

(XrdaKi«evn« Owinae 
kM«d wwi cqutinex ;«nd<vpraftt- 
xn twe |v«Bc« ksnru e«i«aKi 

^id wfn ou yejr louvl idadtiK. 
you I ruk* you dcgnK n no vnc 

Onosr Sew taMor't dagnet n 

irriarrTMlBn V*"* ^dn'*« MOVKjl 
Msrugemcni or UeconinwiEMart 

wen < taMtar't <»qrtt torn 
OVty tfwvt be n aoiiing you 

For J n^w dBgHcc' sflDoa gH 
CxwyT Oogo cwus « Pnnw«aBO or 



a i*« Ofviy ..nwnik 


rhc Harbinmr 
January 24, 2000 



After all ynar hard work, yon ran ofTord to br 

1*11, il \(lriii-.^iiin \)(ririni'iii 

'iffrw riroffran; 

(S47) «1»««M 


MoMla). FHmnry U 

S:30 «.■. - 1 1 :M a.B. aad 
S p-ai. ■ T p.n 




www roowvvtt Mtu 

Page 6 


fanuary 24, 2000 


Diving in 

riKTf are some n? iis studi-nl- 
whi) wt>uki lovi' ti> >vvim in the 
Harper poiil L nt»>rtun>iiflv the 
•>wim hours are very litnited. 
You on >wim from notin I p m 
MonJiU thri' 

p.m on I uf»ii,i \ - .ii'u 1 ri. i -lin •» 
and Saturdays 10 .i ni 4 p ni 

The othor t\me> art- rented by 
outside or^ant/dtiiins like the 
Park Distrut lor thni>;- -u.h .i~ 
swim lessons, as well a> 
Harper's own children-. I i-.irn to 
Swim program 

Any;frcd hv tht- as .iil.ilMlits a 
tfu Harfii ~ludi'iits aski'il a litt 
guard about the reasons tor this, 
since full-time students are pay- 
ing activities tee>- aii<1 would like 
ti> use the facilitu-s 

One lifeguard at the piml sa\-. 
'There are man> things going on 
at the pool these days. There are 
times, though that the lights are 
off and the pool i-> ilosed From 
2:30-4 p.m. there areii t am lite 
guards. It also may not be lo-.! 
effective to be i>pen " 

"It would be nice to svn im 
when we don't ha\e classes 
says Harper student Xiiki 
Gwiirdak "It just seems unfair 
to not be able to sw im when we 
pay so much to :. ool 

here. It wuuldn i !>• .i- nad it the 
reasons weren '. that oiitsuie 
itie.. -o nuK ■ 

paeK ti) me i.i)mnuinii\ iia\ ing 
more free swim hours would 
benefit many students hert 

\4avb'* f.ii^inv' pri, ( ' •. t.' .. v\ ill] 

tive. It onl\ ^vv-ts 'r 
semester s pa--- ■>' 
talked to w.nil,* 
swim all -emesi, 

It \ ou would liki' : 
guard, there are spots open. 
To be considered, call qZ^.hOtH) 
and ask toi Kon lireenhurg 

Letters to the Editor 

D « rit,' 
^ ■ 

ihr 1". \- V .»IJ hav i- ,1. » 
. .)i> .! ttir kunvnt ri'slr 
i-iHk; (-mail in thi- lih' 

ll.'i .ss.irv ITKlVl" li' 'H !• 

. imipuliTs avail.i' '^i 

litirjrv resi-aah • ''iH 

atu-ss Ui e-maii in tin 
.lll.mi-v! S*H>n, hoVM'> ■ 
librarians lnund thai stiiikiits 
'Hi\lin>; to iiM' Ihr v umpulf- hi-n 
or lit^r.irA re-<.u\li im fe unahit 
11 do s»i, U\JUM' - ■' ■" ■ ■' the 
omputiTs wen- 
.>atn>n> chtvkin^; ot -.i i 
mail Applying u-stni ! 
^>m»- timo and not otlur^ .^ r,..; 
J workable dilution Ih-wUim- it 
in\anahly n-sult-- n 

arul conflict Th. 'ii s<i 

lar IS tor librarian> t." direii stu- 
dents wanting to do personal e- 
mail to the CyK-r Cate i>n thi- st-v- 
ond floiir ot the Student 
.•\dmimstration t entiT. The mm 
puters in the C ytxT Cate wi-n- s.t 
up thi-n- particularly ti> an-wer 
tfiat need The giHxt news i- that 
students need ni>t walk outsidi 
when going trom tfH- librarv i>\er 
to the Cyl>er Cafe but can walk 
ttithiiibiiil'f , '■ ' ■• need- 

ing !«■ u~ 

menis .r 


i i!"ir.H \ ! '*■; 

DMr Unckr Bill 

Now that t! 

liM begun. It 1>J~ ' ,. a W of 

dwnges (or me. I Iwvc stay«d 

frA««*«' .«n,-t mv Knv-trwHVl h.AH trans- 

<mlv a ptione call away, it is a 
iwchoiir 1' " ' ' TI UMd 
to heinv; .■ : ay and 

i have grov\n lonely aiKt upief 
witfHHit him t stiU keep hope 
that this distant reiaik>iMhip will 
mMk. Hm anlmnm^Mmy 

iM-ii as to the van- 
i,U»s across vampus 

in^ nt V n.iir 


Mf t itlt.T 

I am \\ ritin>; in regards to the 
artule AVtK M radio works out 
th«- kinks" b\ copy tsiilor lames 
lohnvin which ran in your l)t\ f 
is-ue I wa~ ver\ disappi'inled in 
llie i|ualit\ ot writins in theartt- 
I k-, a- u fll as the way it misrep- 
resi-nleit s»'Mral tavts .ihoiit 
nnst'll jnd the -lation 

1 understand that mistakes 
happen, and am w ntmg this let- 
ter in order to clanty a lew 
points, and to stop any damage 
that mi)?ht ha\e t>tvn done to thf 
>lation s n.-putatii>n through thi- 

( irsi ot ,ill, I tivl ttiat an article 
\v ntti'ii In ih»- copy editor should 
tunc iHvn edited lor simple writ- 
mg mistakes Alsti, it M-emed like 
Ihv artKie kept repeating itMiU, 

w ithoul evploring new ground 

The lack ot thorough represen 
talion irf tlu- WHt VI management 
v\eakens the article 1 tivl this 
gap led to mi- being misquoted. 
The story quotes me a' so\ ing 
that l)r Breuder has j 
sigrHsl his halt i>t the - 
PCC agret-ment; although that 
could bi- true, 1 know 1 wouldn't 
have s.iid that, since 1 don't know 
one way or the other 

Alst>, Mr. lohnstm claims m 
his article that the implementa- 
tion of striplt-d shtiw s was in 
order to help get an K'C 
Scripted shows are tving brought 
in this semtsiter to keep greater 
control ot the station and know 
what's going on the air We do 
ni>l, as Mr (ohnson writes, "have 
to tK>pe that the K C will give 
thi'm there [sic| licens*- without 
tlH- use of scripted shows," since 
the two are in no way related. 

I appr»viate yinir time in hear 
ing and printing my points, and 
hope to maintain the stmng rela- 
tuinship that WIICM and Tht 
Harhiit'iCT have s«' long enjoyed 



t ollivn Klick 

Station Manger, V\ He M 

Got ■ qnwtioiiT Aik Unde Bill- He aa; not be riffat, bnt it'i itiU 
|ood ativice. Drop off jfour letter* to Tie HMrbiagtr io A367. 

boyfriend and I apart like this 
will work for the future of our 


. 'v wittifiupe 

Uear Ixmdy witt» h 

Uk* the s >«. 


to swalknv. The change and dis- 
tance will be a te«t on how 
mature your iilalkinriiip »■ THe 
kev to any retaCunsMp kt oom- 

munication. That ls wlut you 
need to focus on; do not think 
about the diatance between you 
two. but rather wfien you are 
going to talk to artd nee hint 
Remember that it » going to take 
both of you to make this work, so 
CptnmuTUcate tfm to your 
boWiiend. Continue to than tfH- 




Editorial Board 

The Harbinger 

Editor in Quef- 
Ne*s Eijttof 


Business Manager- 
Factity Advisor — 


_LifTdsey Frenc*- 


_>ennre- ^'Oies 

_____Rich Daswick 

Staff Writors and Assistants 

fitoel Bago. Arshia Habeetx Jonathan Mdi^ahon 
Amanda Offent>acher. Kristina Watkins 

Oonoral Pollclos 

On* Mpy ot «w NHMnaar !• ttw to anyone HI tM I 

Mvi to the Marpw Co«»8» camow carwnjn t y 

'.» SipiBtwei*'- ■•r 


ProoucuarMMCvicwadMinitadin nie MlrtH«*ra» not oaoaMat^ emorsad by 
ir» •*tof » of this paper, nor ti» the ca(le|e aominiitration or Board of Director*, 
mguiriet mMia De lorwardMl directly to tne advert war. and a* iwcniaM an at 
the dtscretmn o« tne conaunw. 

Mailing Address: 
Ttw Ha»t)inge' a . h- RaineyHarpe' 

1200 West Atgonouin Road 
Palatine. IL 60067 7098 

Pfnne Numiiers: 

txisiness oftice. 1847)925-6460 

news oftice: (847) 925-6000 ii2461 

fax: (8471 925-6033 

copyrt0tt 200a The ftart*tgar. 

The Hartnnffit 
I January 24, 

. .J »ti V * 



So You h.ivff some fn 

Keeping information access as free as speech 


«ork in .1\ I 


For 1/25' 1/26 is 

merican Pie 


For 2/1-2/2 is 


As always, this movie is broi 
you by ■'■ Program Boa 



with hi- I. ;i.^ 

( .on- .>n tl ■ unl 

iiixi th»- inlniiti tnish 'Ihi- 
\oumTi h.u mn u- riMii hi^ 
lip- as tho\ -.,1% n.'l I'liK nn 
ni'w ta\t>N but i ul t.ivrs .is 
VM-ll I'hcM' .irv .ill wi'll .iiul 

mHKl. but I'Hf Issur r.lls*\i 

b\ Ki-('uhh. .111 h..p>-tul N-ii 
Mil am riMlK thrin\ riH' lor 
.1 liH>p 

Ml*. .1111 11! .1 *.or prini.i 
tv Ji-b>iti- ri-M'ntl\ 

annuuiin'ii that oiu- pro 
gram ht* uould iristitvitr is 
thf rn.irutatorv tiltenng v)l 
hbrarv inli-rnfl-atH'ssibU* 

I adniil i 111 huiM-il I 

Issue most hbt.iri.iiis i\ ,11 
( iltvnn^ Ihr int.T 
- «a\ .ihriilm's thi' 
j . - to inhirmj 


"1.,^ .1 r,.an>n,il i' 
fthu a) t>oha\ lor 
th, I hi, ap' hbratA sv-i 
oiu- ot the nation s worst ' 
protiitmn >hiliiri-ii from liw 
hii;, bati world \iu) ms-, 1 
will aitinit il is a ri'l.iluoK 
,..i^( 1 ,-k 1,. tuut ijui'siion 
at';. il on \\nv 

«h. in. : .1 i. lookini; tor it 
or not 

Hut n-nsorship i^ n-iisoi- 
ship It a libiar\ louM i;uar 
anliv ih.^' ri,i 

>»px shop 'II' 

that nii»;hl ix .mu iniiu; but 
no tilti-r IS toolpro'l and thv 

omission ot OIU' important 
.uk( -lualitv site throu);h a 
tiltt'r \ .Wi iv vM>rst' than the 
ihan. I' that somfonc mi)^i 
.Uvidi-ntalK \\.invl<'r m to a 
p»irn sill' and not ii^urv out 
thai Ihi' B.ii I. button will 
takf tboiti out ol it 

I ibrarians should be 
obli>;ati-d to wdtih. though, 
iiul witih soniooni' who 
todH and Of deliber- 
^fks out such matenal 
ami piilitfK but strutU 
ri'miiid thf [HTson that they 
ari- in a publii institution I 
uould I'xpttt nothing less. 

Asking a gos frnment 
institution to plav watchdoj? 
Kui pre cnipt svirniHme's 
a.ns^ lo iiilormation 
lh><u>;h, that r.flks ol Big 

an W m.ido to 
o. .)ji,„» ,tim 

The Classics 

^^ S!NCE 1876 ' y 

G.H.BASS 6f Co! 

Hoffinan Estates 

35 East Gdf Rood 

Crystal Lake Lake Zurich 

S360 NonlKMii yaog* iquora 

Hioy. 444^177 



H«iy in kr bari afaitai. Ikwrnkm/tmamf^'n 



ArtsA Entertainment 


•Vfcit urn jourfim iny i mrifm efthrpm eOtg^ 

I ho H.irbinnor 
January 24, 2000 

it's big. 
Debbi Glassman- 

"High school, Just 
bigger and more 

-Montenez Johns- 

•*» is the best 
alternative for 
people who can't 
get into a four 
year university 
and who can't 
afford them." 

"There's a lot of cute girls, 

and the books cost more 

than my car." 

•Patricic Montgomery- 


College is great 

because of all 

activities and 

diveristy on 




Evenls: Program 
the stops for spri 

ammfi 'mm ttafe I 

WhiU- ihil l> tht>ir loll.nv up 

totttt' •.IKif-stuI l*'" nvord 

irn; I 'i '.'I !..'■- ViTbi'w ffJ- 

tun~ i.H.,ili-i l.i-.>n Nar>Jiif> 

,in i;uit '■ ■ ' ^' "'" ' >"-^l''^ 

on ..I'M' 

^tj»;c» .-■ '11- I ■ 

.iiul M.'rphim 

will K- thfir prcmuTi- y<i . r 

m.iiKi- Jt Harper 

Mjrih I' bnn«-. 1 I'lmii 
anaW.nnr Kr.s'k- !.• H.irp. > 
altmn vvilh \vr\ -fxvul ftut-^l 
Pi-ttT MuK i'\ 1 i>nn«' Bnnik^N 
1- .1 (. htijuci h)'! 
v\h«> 1-- tf.imtn>; u, 
on V\.urn tiT 1 r.iii- r.illMi 
-i-n ji iMi-iK iiihiiti l>> ihf 
bhics Bn«>V.^ h.i* Inin i.illi-i) 
'oiif ot Ih.' );i'iirv s tiiTi.,-.l 
guiUnst- IVli'r MiiK.'. 
■Mftiv .1U~ ,iu.iu-nn's w ilti h\~ 
k'lljr i;iiil,!i pLnHic. iiitrlli 
gi-nt Kri.^ .Hul pl.ntiil r,ip 
[-H>rl ]:'iH- "ill ^1-1' 'hr 
ll.irjxi;.- .'11 Marih 24 
1, ..npjllu-.l bv ■-piil.ll 
i:.,. -I 1 \1 'Miiith l<>m"- i» .1 

Board pulls out 
ng semester 

I ilith I ur vt-trran wh 

nui»K 1- .im-ic. I !'N -•-' 

siH.iU .iml rav- 

iii^t ,,ilo rt- 

niiM- thf h.lttT 
K, ...nir Kait and 

\pnl U 

fftiitn^ t.-! an. 1 ...M 

»,jr N -.'kt .-.!> p. it..iiii.uu«' 

TotU'r N ttur.t 
first siixc th. 

'■.-jm, nhith lu-lpt-vJ 
aid hnir- ..p.!M!i,; l.>r 
Ih.- I. raiiN'n ^■n.''' 

amIK.A,. I.. 


Ill, ., 

\w.irii i'n-Nuli-nl 
!>,■ - ■■- 

wav- ■'! i I'liiuiini, pin Hi.. 
t IK ..| Ihf arli-ls t.'r 
I,. Ii~r.n ti> anU pri-\ u-v» in th>- 
\s .lit l>e»w«>pn vUssi-. 

P^FIrst American Bank 

A fgflrfrr /n fftf* hanking Industry 

With twenty-eight iQcatipn? 

will have a 


FROM 10:00 A.M. -2:00 P.M. 

they will be looking for the following: 

PC Tech/Customer Service Representatives 

Accounts Payable Clerks; Full and Part 

time tellers 

H9pt To See YOM Thgr gi j ^ 


« V .3 ,- . ^ 

January 24, 2000 


Page 9 

We^ci a textbook 

mple of 
why the Internet 
is so handy. 

Lsfs just soy that at 

We realize we don't have to was^BtUifne explaining we've mode the most of it. Not only^WiNttu save up to 4C 
olso receive them in just one to three business days. All on a Web site 
What more do you need to know? 

ta«tbooks, but you'll 

etely reliable and secure. 


Page 10 


rho Harbinger 
lanuarv 24, 2000 

There are 
so many 
things to 

do on 
why are 
you just 



tantly, get 




What else 
Is there to 

do on 



Student Delivery person 
'!>ust be reliatte and avail 
<)b(e from 7am till late 
''■wrmng Monday tvu Friday 
Also looking for staff after 
lOon /evening shift 1:30 
8 30 D Building Cashter for 
snack Oat area Mc-nday 
Iftfu Thursday Fridays and 
weekends off. Also if you 
are free between 1 1 ihelp 
fieeded cafeteria :ashiers 
■nd line servers aD04y for 
iN positions in Cafeteria 
ffice in the Main Cafeteria 

Help wantec at J»oscn 
Bakery in Elk Grove part 
• ine flexibtc schediiir^ 
*orK before. bet>we«i Of 
.ifter cl<Kses. Extra hours 
ifu-tngholtday break. Call 
Kathyor Esther 

8471437.1234 Von. thru 
Sat 6ah>-6om; closed 

.Vhote Foods Market, ijji 
Rand Road m P^atine is 
rKJw hiring! Entry level posi- 
tions are available. Jornan 
exciting company tn a fun 
working environment. 




ground is more appro 
priate than an enter 
tainment backgrouto, 
please sen© a letter of 
interest w. ^contact 
information to. agent 
inquirv. pobox 8381. 

60008 USA 


GO ORECTl We re trie 
Ama/oacom of spring 
break #1 Internet tjased 
company offering WHOLE- 
SALE pricing by eliminating 
the middlemen! we have 
otf»f coo^janies begging 
for mercy AUL destinations 
Guaranteed Lowest Prices! 

spring Break vo 
Cancun. Ma.;atlan or 
Jamaica From 399 Reps 
wanted! Sell 15 and travel 
free! Lowest Pricas 
GuaranteadR Info: Call 
1.800.446.8355 www.sun 

Does your club or activity 
have an upcoming event 
that you would like to pubii 
cize please contact the 
Harbinger advertising 
office at I847J..925.6460 


Nice 2 bedroom, 1 oath. 
w/fireplace m Palatine 
avatabte immedaitly $550 
ne^tiable. female pref to 
share w/same 

Studio apartment in 
Hoffman Estates to sublet. 
Rent is $619/month, lease . 
renewable June 1. Available | 
Feb come check it out 
call Stacey*- 847.640.5016 

To pUce a classified, call 847.925.6460 

Have a Heart 



a BOOKS wia be donated to the 



FEBRUARY 14th 2000-MARCH 1st 2000 


THE A6€ HANGE of the CHILDftEN ARE 0-18 





OR 847-956-0546 



I Tht- Harbinger 
[Unuary 24, 2000 

Arts& Entertainment 

Farewell to Schulz as Peanuts retires 



i'ntur\ kuN .iiui 
^ri'n up vMtli 

Kivr hjit J 
■ utiilts aliki- 

i.irlit- Brown .inJ thr n~.| i<t 
I thf culurlul /Viiiiii/~ nan>; But 
las he appnuchni hi- ^ ith v lar 
lot wnhns arui •.trawin>5 thr 
Ifitnp, Charlie Bniwns creator 
|OurU--> Sfhul/ rctu. '. 

It wiil bt- hanj t 
Itumini; the comii strip pam- 
|oJ a rtewspapt'r with nn 
ICharlie Brc'wn and th*' r»>st <■( 
Itht' ncun-ti Liangs phil»M>ph' 
. filial with the 
'>;ui'> to j;fl u-. 
.>ur everyday Iim-s 
Knew where to lind 
arlie Br«>wn in the comk 
ip pant's, ainl it wav som«'- 
i\H we iTOuld ouint ,.n 
•ml/ made it p»>^>.iWf with 
rv lir»e, word aru.1 putim- 
I came from him H- 
n a part ol every one - 

iH ftn- hftv year*, and mi has 

IKirlie Hrxnvn. the kid we all 

'!»• time or a™>ther 

'^'- lanuarv' 3 gucid- 

'■"■ "/* has been in 

rcr,.,, , , ,., J.iiH p.iKi-k, with 

iiiw SunJ.u -tiipN i.Mitinuing 

until ld^\ P \tter that. 

t hafhi- Brow ti I inuN. I ucv 

.iiui tht i;jn^ ui!! i'\i>.( onlv in 

print , ulli-i tii>ii- (.1 |M^! vtnp^ 

II harlie Brown 

kii k the tiHitKill tnim 

I ui V Jin) hi- iie\ er-endinj; 

iru-h on the red hairetl girl 

I hen* will be no more new 

tli(;hls with Snoop> the VV.irU) 

War I Aying .ve a". h«' Ian-- > >lt 

.liMin-f the Re.i tVui.n i, v>, li 


addltnm U' >nir . liiniri- in* 

world will Mvm emptH-r v\ ht-n 

the l.i-l I'. 1^ print 

^"1" : J 

ink you tor "i' 

.~ and wisdtini 

MIMW— I ^ 

Page 11 


• onu iM iMi«, 


Local band Downtime has 
heads banging at area shows 

COf> EDirils 

l>,,»pl"". . ' 
.>\d l'.il.e 

t.o\er h.iiui IN u^..l^■' 
Kmt; lit I'ar- 

■.I \t 

Vi; nr.ui- 
IhrxH' ot 


Students - Faculty - Staff 

and Harper Community 

lowing Services af 

imination ana TMth cleaning 

ation and treaiipeffripr Gum Disease 
Oral Hygh 



(X4l9y«^nd7^ffrla can b e — c ; t to paitants private 



-^Hlke-^VIs.>i> :iil 

and lui- i.|uili t 


I 'iHMitinie hui 
ln>n> the K-i;innin>; ti^ (s-r 
loriii -ini i!\ hard m* k i .u 
er~ iiJerepiiKt 


I "-i-^i : .I'll! ^.1 . 


attraet the loiUMiii n-,, ■ 

M»methini; irim.K ' 

band .i-nlinu. 

thirtv ,inJ 1. 

.iiKhi'n* i*- w It! 

.il hke luJi- 

Idol 1 

K.imone-. // lop I he,ip 
Irak .md l.i-t t>ul not le.i-l 

drimi- lelt I iu^\ llu>;>; 
i- ..ii miliar left ■I)" 
l.itot'-oii 1- tile lead sinp'r 
and Kiik Ueenu- \lbir>;ht 
1- on ba». (he tiand origi 
nMv\i at an annual |am h-s- 
-lon p,irt\ l..r rmisuians 
•nK ..ill.,! i he (.uitar 
' 'tx tuld everx 
• k! I liJ.iv 
I.Hoi-'Min wnil t>» the 
p.irtv iMfti Mt'ii^ht l»\auM' 
itten.i lie 
A he w .1 . th. 
ni.iin w>. .ili-l iini 
■I .hlvd a niiv. tophoi 1. ..,.>. 
.1 Ix'lting t*ell-memo- 
. i.aI llea-tK- Bin- tuiH's 
|atot->s<>n^ perforiruinee 
>.l! that the 
j.ini ti>>;i'th 
l.n to priH. It 
.!in^ !ht- tiin»' the guv- 
;!i hk'tvMt'n |»ib*». or |ust 
H iT ■filing their own 
, mie- the wei-k after 
'luir tir-l |.im Ki.ob-iin .ind 

h.ind l.i! 

1 >i.u lll.c 

>.!it t.' -ee (he 
.ind their -\>n^ 

Located in 

nee students under the 
hygienists and dentists 
for infc call (847)925-6534 

the IV.l-tu- Ik" 


f he -11. 

Vhill .- 

■ jrint; Oh'U 

Ui ' 

\ n linuv lh)A 

-.i u 

m.\kv thrr 



Mib-iv^iaiilU. tliev have all 
found employment - e\-en 
K»>ming fnjMiU' 

Tliev really want lo con- 
tinue to be c«»n?iiNtenfly 
b<K>ked and followed for at 
least .1 tull couple of yearii 
K-fori- trvin^; any ongiitaLs. 
the kev. according lo 
MbriRht, IS lo ha\e a combi- 
nation of followers showing 
up and the abilitv to draw 
new audienie- through 
i.K .TtiNin,' 1.1. 1 wiird of 

i'.. ..I. ...i-iLiilv ntt-m- 
K-r- ol a reallv tun hard rock 
l>and, ■ Albnght -ays, "We 
like lo pla\ off i»f the crow A 
VVV' -omi'tirtH-- veer from Oh> 
plavlist to make everytme 
happv When the crowd gets 
into It we eel into it Thai's 
when ' I,- -i.irl 


Downtime recently 

played at I'etuiy Road, Dirty 

Nellie's and the Slice of 

( hica>;o Tliev arevacatiim- 

111)4 tor the month of 

'••bruarv lor a baiiil mem- 

1 s wt-dding Their nevt 

■ ..nfirmed concert is at the 

"-lice of Chicago from 10 

' ■- am im March 25. 

•itfTtmnrr also fea- 

tur.--. the band 

Basketball: Hawks ready 
as season finishes 

Meet Nicole^Eozano. 

Pari'Tir« '■actag* HmlM « i#8 «>« P»t Trx 'Aittm 

m a »pttl$riii6Ki ki itiinHt ktHtef Iq fi lilt mul Ml tfiml4km tmk. Ct t iM M tt tth m wntAiKf 






c :vd«n1s «*e woMi paiMfeaa al Ika UP$ 
3.'i.e. nc. AM.ion. ModtHaaaMtfCMuae- 

l^^'c'sonSi fMiiiHM on racalM u9 to 
$23,000' .n college •Question 

Aittitrw UPS E*rTt A LMm prafrim! 

■1- -' ■■■ •■■■■ 1 . ■ -yavmrn. 

Nt^-j •-■-■-■ ■ !. ->v.j 1'.,. ,n— , li =j'.., L^find B Wi* 
pm sMt ik>*Mi tctmLU^ 'U^ tmn (nal tKKmtii 
> ta l i ii rt WMii wlbft »• iM^Mt tr4 9»iiQ ■» 
caHW U i fc lln n lM nl IkMt wMI I •*« alw> I tmm* 
«nVw«— fcl«»M m i thffimimk»%$t M *iim' 

UfS i'Wi MMk mt— mm fit't mt—t *•■■ « 
vm m u ilk. Ite amtf muun pa/ « aa4»4aLlO tm 

'-"^m («• narmtam II T» b>w*i» r" 
-'■^ «^fttewliftbal4M*«rf^«Mfy wifl» 


Can •■• >*«Mi> I 




^*^^*' ^^^^^ 

Mwpar HHriMa a eroaa-CMirt Maa to fcaap tli* ball 
from NIahwaukoa. 

. .1. I...IVJ s«.as«>n on a high note The 
'* to improve their overall rwurd 

t*» 1 4 fi'i 

Sophomore- Uetler and Hollnwav each -uTed 2J ptiint- 
for ifu- Hawk- ,ind I re-hman Trviv Beard -c.ireil II points 

I Xirit^g tfu' w inter break Itiere was a little shake up on the 
Hawks Sidelines Head Coach Mike Hirsch resigrwd and for- 
mer Hawk Head Civach K.ent Payne w ill now lead the Hawks 
into thr new Millennium 

^Hawk Sports 

pmmu . WMM— Hat— y n mtp n c^tog* • i«MMnr »4> a«o« 

' niw ' y. 

Hawks keep action going at Pepsi-Cola Bowl 

Changeover in coaching during winter break can't keep a good team down 


The Hjw li-- h.iv (• Uvn nn j iiown 
»de as iM ljt»- bul thjl is fin«- b\ t U'.ul 
Coarh Mik4> HifMh 

Hirsch know". Irom tir>t hand 
expt-rn-nct- that playinK the biy; 
«chix>b tn>m highi-r >:(mler«H:»"v cm 
imlv make yimr team K-ttor 

\rt«T a 25»-pt>int witcrv nvit 


cled to t Vala. Florida to partKH' i 
tht Pi-pM-C'old IiiiirnamtTit 

This marktil thi ll.u\k- 
v.-ir attenduig thi- tiHiriuiiuiu pi; 
•h. thml tnp to I lonj.i « .1^ n..l tlu 
■i.irm TV- Hawks wer«- untv>rtu- 
>jitl\ dft%<at«i in all thrw games but 
ttit'v wi-re viT> tompctitnf in t-avh 
Atter losing thrtx- straight Kdmt-< 
Hawks Iravfk-d back hiimt- and 
.■»I-(>H aKairtsI ano»h«T ttvuRh ofpo- 
■K Thi- lou^h i>pptin«.'nt was CMnov 
ntral t iwrimunitv Colk'ge 
(Mncv canw into this K>l! >;.imi' 
undffiratwl at (7-0l and th»- !l.iv\W- 
overall record was at iZ-^i Thf 
Hawks |ump»?d out to an ■ "'> ' • '" 
bad but that was short 1 1. 
<si>phtimon- Rob Walls s ihut | ••mit • 
gave lh«' Scarlet Knights the U*ad aiul 
Ihev ne\«rr kxiki-d i 

Isaac Hollo»a\ throws 

vMth si-vfti minutes U-tt in th<- lirst 
lialt w .IS as t loM' as ttu- Hawks vsould 
^ci The -icrtn- atter his ivs.. tnt- 
thrown wen' mdile was 2''07 hut tin- 
Sarlfl KnighN wi>nl on a \x-i run tot 
thi' last st-M-n minult-s ot Ihf (irst hall 
t(> laki- a 47 13 If ad at hall-tim«- 

Nawk* »i«y • cIom Kmm 
■gainst KtakwMth**. 

l"t|n»-v went on anothiT run rifiht 
as the seiiirvd halt startis.1 ' >Iim's 
went 11-1 and it only ti»>k th. 
minute and 24 *»«conds fi> an ■- 
this ti-at iMneV s Wad v\as al J* 
n.imK hilt the Hawk» wcren t di-ad 

. , „ ........ ri'lentlew dv»»-"'-'' ■ iiisisi 

manv tumi>viTN and thi 

full adxanlagc Oak II. i»-- .... ., 

with ten minutes lett m the gairw cut 

tht- Sarlel Knights k'.id to su j-Kunts 
I hen \tike Wetter s thri-e pointir 
vMth el^hl ininiit«~. let! the s*vi>rwl 
halliul then '■•■ '■'■ "<< f^- 

But that . ■ thi Hawks 

would k;el 10 II.. ,.,.-.,J h.ill Olne\ 
~..>ied ten un,in-w ereii poirits and 
the II... ■ ■• ni . ■■>! 

'lie >;an\e. the lljwk^ VMte ^lele,lt^^i 

~-^H. bul didn I quit tnim start to fin- 

Holl.iwj\ led all Morers \< ith 1 
total ot 24 ) ..nd U.'tlef .i 
points .mil ..'i-r..!. .' i-n thn . 
poinlir^ .1- eshman Hob 

.\ii,t.r..,i; , , M With nine 

,iit;ht Irom the ttKilball 

!,,,,; ' ■ hirdwiKHt I .irl..- 

I'l'tlit. I tn wil' 

['..lilt- 1- .Ml. 

\tter .1 l'^ point los- . ■■ 

( ommunitv Colk->!e thi ti.iw '■■- "eiit 
back home kx'king tor a little comtorl 
bill (onitort 1- not exaitK what tin \ 


l>i, H.iwk- were liHiking to bn'ak 
, l.nir >;jme losm>; streak, but the 
Hawks Irom Makom X t ommunitv 
(. ii|le>;e had olh«r ideas The Hawks 
rrom Marj-H-f did have a M-ven-poinl 
k-ad It halt tun, in, I the Hawks from 
Makom X Harper l**-!.! 

^■xen minuti '-'• stvond haU 

,ind Makom \ never liMikevI baek 

>ou could call It the case of the | 
i. urtis Blair Pniject," because his 14- 
li»it lumper gave Makom X their first 
lead of the game ITvt » as the knix-k- 
oul blow lor the Hawks fnim Harper I 
t oUege Mak:i>m X went on to defeat 
the Hawks tW-7H handing the Hawks 
their sivth straight loss 

I he Haw ks had a total of iiv* ath- 
letes ^coring m double figures 
Freshman |ohn Schray led the Havv k 
charge scoring with 17 points and 
dished off four assists as well Wi-tter 
-.nrvd 1^ points and made gixxl on 
thnv three-pointers Newcomer Dale 
Hicks (who plavt-d for the Hawks' 
tiH.tbal! team) chipped in with 14 
points ami Hollow .u .ilso scored ten 



Itafpar playw* aat i* a atot tar 
a awc h . aaadad two polata. 

Lady Hawks set records, get revenge 


Revenge is s<i sweet |usf ask Head Coach ]vfi 

tight months ago the lady Kaiders from 
Oaklon Communilv College knocked the lady 
Hawks out of the play-«W hunt S> the l^v 
Hawks were sec-kmg s<ime rrvenge and sweet 
reM-nv-.i i- • « 1. tl\ what thev reveivitl on 

\.'Vell.l'tI .. 

The\ Hawks eupknifd l.r .1 total of »* 

points, whik- the I adv Hawk deli'iiM onK allowed 

11 points to the I jdv Raid«'rs, avenniiK J 12 p«Mnt 

plavH>tf loss toC>akton eight nH>nths .i>;o 

.After 10 minutes of play, the I adv Hawks only 

had a slim iwoptHnt lead over the l.adv Raiders. 

bul then disastrr struck Oakton With thfw min- 
iti-s remaining in tht- first halt, tfie ladv Hawks 
. eled oil four straight field goals in the tinal thnx' 
ninutes to entetui their lead to 12 p...."- 
The Lady Hawks had a heaitt 

end the ftrst hall, but wasn t g>»s. . 

I-ady Hawk stand.iriK N'v 111 minuti-s u • 

ond half the ' * ' ' 

then lulie '• 

uti-s JO plac 

TwOslr.1 .11. ted 

the Ljdv II ' " '■ 

plav in the . 
two points 1 I 
awav with a c*>- ^" 
The Lash ^U^^ > 

Q-\) ovCTall. 

Ffi-shman sensation Audino led all scotvrs with 
20 points, connecting «i three three-pomters as 
well Sophomore Mauiven Mastalar/ chipped in 
with 14 points ai\d |«-sfus contrihut»>d with eight 
points arid also grabK'cl -i^ reU.uiuK tor the 1 adv 

a |>tvetal 

•le lead agji 

.r i»akton 
mi the I -adv 


32-14 in thestvond hall and sior*^ u-n unanswer, ,1 
points the final Ihrv.- .".m.iev .,1 ih. ,^ame Uith 
thi» win the Ijdv I la\« r.\ord to 

I Mm iatfy Nawka aMka 

■. I.kK Hju . 
.oints Wl ■ 

;'..|f\t- an. J 
ilv mustered 

iv Hawks . '■'•''■■ ■'■'"'■ !'-•" •^■'~ 

■ ill the wai 

Ilw I adv Hawks had a voiiimanding i- 
time lead but that didn't stop th«-m Imm w 1 
do bi-st and that t» to pb) non stop lor 4*1 minul«> 


i hi 

1 1»\ 

w n 



of play 

Five athletes from the Lady Hawks sci»red in 
double-hgures Leading the way was MasUlarz 
who •M.orwl 21 points and had three steals as well. 
Audino chipped in with 13 points and freshman 
guanJ Beckv Ford scored 12 points for the Lady 
Haw ks Rounding out the list is lestus and Chris 
Stemke who eaih .^on-d 111 points for the l^y 

Cin lanuarv 7. 20lX) ttie Lidv Hawks wanted to I 
start the new Xhllennium with a wm, and lo do I 
that the\ a 1 'ukl h.u e to beat conference rival Rock | 

Ihe I .hU M.iwk- tirst lonleren.e game ol ihel 
vear would he a giM>d one Ilw Udy Hawks hung I 
,.n to defeat Kivk Valk-v HO-77, improving their I 
.icerall livi>rd to (h-'Ji and a pertect (l-0> in confer- 
.lue plav as well 

Th»' Ijdv Hawks nevcT traik-d in this game hut I 
• was \er\ exciting. The Uidy Haw ks had a 

t half'lime but the C^ilden I agles Irom KiKk 
^ lUt the le-id to two points with only one 
minute remaining The\ Hawks responded I 
when lord hit two big tiw-throws with only 14 S 
s«x-onds remaining, giving the l.adv Hawks their 
>. .^.>n high third straight victory 

. -hman sensation .Audino led all si-orers with I 
. ^ [...mts and Fn-shman Ford scon-d 17 points and 
connected on three three- pointers as well I 
S»ph.Mnore \ikki Ue Bi>rr> playing her first year! 
vame up big tor the Lady Hawks [>• Berry scored 
1 s points and also grabbed eight rebounds ] 

The Udy Hawks next home game will be 00 j 
i i'*»ruarv s. against th«' College of DuPage. Gamej 
time wiU be at 5 p m 


t h <■ ».. icr If h%rj. »r college %, V W^j^f 

tUtdmmsikmipttMf » »>trtt— , H«ii»t> 




School, community remember accident victims 

Harper provides tribute to throe students amidst outpour; rv: nf love from family and friends 

Nich Oaawtek ami 
Alan C NHiMrth 

John Hampton. Sun( Jim Kwon and Willi 

iilhiiii '.■ii. 

N«-on, 20, ^'1 Ntt >'■■ 

,..( IV, II, ,M, M. ; ,iuill-:!. 

nts, M tiT-.\ 
i.ii ~iiiv.<.i.- . . rtvin^ thi 
xjW anU tl.ig- it 'U 

lilf-stoif for th«' w rt'k fdlU'u '•■•' ^ 


'i-r tbt' ll.iK- !■ 

,MSltH>n ,)<• , 

:la^ fHiU.-, the thrtv vouiii; 

•Titm 1 <amili«~> .inti trum)- 

'lii them m their rmm- 

nd m thotr hc.irt*. 


iml his 

<,l Ml ..I 

111^ Jiiii unNfiri-n \'<u"v: n 
n ith J an-at M-nM' I't himii'i 


If. if nil 
!i>r tvrm- 

iihn I- 

Me aiso 

.1,.M.-S H: 

■~ii'm Hi 


■ - umhI to quote mov le 

iii.H M each other, sometirm-- 

n appropriate place* 4inci 

.metimes not," risjils 

nn >• lather 

Sun){ lun kvMWi had been 
•lends with Hampton tor 
.'.irs Thev wen? bi»th mem- 
irs ot Her«i4'v's vnlleyball 
. im His tneruls rememK'r 
urn as a man ol ^txxl humor, 
invl as si)mi'i>ne v\hi' .ihs.ns 
help»ii out. 

Kwon studied engineer- 
ing jl the LniverMtv of 

TnMt«« KaaRl*r«iak 
IbvMm stMMrts t* 


•Coavaraatlea* wttk 
•rttot Id Kowalczyli 


:»l AN E MIN»B« 

Harpar Praaldani Robart Braudar eidarwl 
tha flag* flown at half-staff In 
romambranca of Uia thraa stMt*«t*. 

> hK.ii;o K'tcirf hi' n-tiir . 
' lar^vr with the fHissibilin ci 
ici .Hin t'ursuins teathinfi 

Harper college olfuials 
ind tacult\ -"^ ••••■ >" 'h.' feei- 
ng of loss 111.1 no! 
i-nough mm u- experi- 
!ife." said I> Car\'n 
I .Kington of Health and 

tr- ,e..- MEMORIAL or oage 4 

Economics professor Dennis Brennen paid respects 
by faculty and friends 

L««ad oMa toft fletrara at Um aacMairt attow 

Htm vtmm tm* mmd 
#>a<iy t» — i 

1 aay 
• •M 


W^tartww wi 


HafihTf frvfii *» II iifciil 



Rleli Daawick 

IXi not go genll\ into that 

good night 
Old age shtmid bum and 

rave at close ot the das 
Rage, rage against the d\ ing 

ot the light ' 
•Dvlan Thomas- 

In a fKitel room |usf dow n 
ttte street from his old Kxik.- 
thjre ptvple from all walks 
«rf life gatheivd to reminisce 
And regale about the man 
the\ all new at>d loved. 

Dennis Brennen's glow of 
brilliance w as eminent in life 

and in'- ' ■ ■■-■ •■ ■ ■■ ■ 
HK-k .'I .iH ■ 

teach. ■ i.i. >^.'i 

jnd I' tl»« HarjxT 

( ..|li'>;t' I .u iiltv sit-nate 

Mthough h*- was nian\ 
things til man> piniple here 
at Harper, most nt all to 
thost- v\ ho knew him iw was 
a ttiind \Vall\ IXnis was 
one ot those who was tortu- 
nate enough to ha\e knov\n 
him (Vie ot th»' things that 
I remembiT mi>si about 
him," Davis s.iul \vas he 
cared more about who vou 
were and not what vou 
liHiked like ■ Roger Ibert 

,,>.aK,.r imTui and neighbi»r 

I hen? was n. 
;ii ,1.. , , in his K>*ii 
miss hini 

Brvnmn Untd Icathing 
his students, s« muih m< 
that even though he was 
reportediv diagni>seil v\ ilh 
C anuT as long as thnv years 
ago he lontinueil to teaih 
until th»' eful i>t last s.-mi-s- 
ter Brennen was .lUvavs 
aivessibif In anv student or 
staff w hen thev needed him 

He always listened 
whether f»e disagreed with 
vou or not. never complain- 
ing but always ready t»i offer 

his thoughts i>n tfH- topu It 
ihis mver complammg 

; .11 the i-nd turned out to 

be iiiif .it his strongest 
(■Hunts, Although he had ,i 
painful disease he n. ^ . i 
iumplaimxl "The wav we 
lace our death is an indica- 
tion of i>ur charai-ter, and h* 
laced his with great 
courage," said Harper 
College Faculty Senate 
President Julie Fleentw. 

Brenru'n lived in his own 
world, a world i>t politics 
and ecoruTmics ' 1 remem- 
bw once mv w ile and 1 liK>k 


Page 2 


Du' Harbin>;iT 
Frbniarv 7, 2000 

Srnul RMfNMisibilHy Wteck 
Cemm lo Harper 
February 14in ni>t imly 
VaknHnr's Day; it » also the 
beginnwg ol Sexual 
Respon«lnlit> Week at 
Haqper Cotiege. Listed 
bctoiv aic Mme ollhe evHila 
planned to keep you heaWhy, 
improve your reUtiorahip* 
Mid aiMSt you in makiftg 
dadaian about sex. 

•Seinai Rcapomibility 

Monday, February 14. U 
p.m.-l p.m.. BiM^wu and 
Social Science Center. Pk* 
up infoimatian on bir* con- 
trol, sexually transmjH*"!.! 
diacnc. mlatiaiwhqM and 
■MM. Fne cu nd a oi a and 

•Sexually Tlran«Rllted 

Tuesday. Ftbruary 15, IISO- 
1:30 pm.. Student and 
Admiiuktration Center. 
A243. HPV, HBV. GC - 
What* » with all the initials 
and what doe* it have to do 
witfi me' I'd nevtt be wi* 


anyone wrhci had a DISEASE' 
Learn more about how STD» 
can impact you and how to 
piewtt tncin. 

• Birth Control and 
Emetymcy Contraception 
WMnesday, Fctmiary 16. U 
ain.-12 p.m., Student and 
AdministrMion Center, 
A243. Laam moie about the 
tafwt and mot* eftective 
ateHiods ol bMi control 
avaiUMetiwiay infonnation 
wUI abo be provided about 
emeigBKy cwttnceptkm 

•Vowr Cay Neishbon: 
Perwnal Sloriea of Gay, 
Lnbian, Siaexual. 

Transftendertd People and 
Their Friend* 

Wednesday, Feb*uar>- 16, 12- 
1:30 p.m., Student and 
Admuuslration Center, 
A2A^ This presentation will 
give the audience the oppoi^ 
(unity to hear a panel ol 
muriri tell their person^ 
stories. Time will be aikJltcd 
for queaUnna and anawcf*. 
Open to people of aH aexital 
Mtenlationa and idmliltei. 

Ask your w«ilnoss advisor 


•How Could It Be Rape? 
We Were Both Drunk! 
Thursday '-^'"■'" i " II 
a m 12 } 

Adfnini!»tratn'ii *_«.iiUi, 

A242 how does the use of 
akotwi iclate to sexual i«ia- 
ttondtips and 9m pos^le 
occurrence of rape? A dwrt 
video will be riwwn with 
time for an open tBac tawiwi 
on thte ctiticai issue. 

•Talk is Cheap, Birt j 

Friday, Februar)' 18, 1-2 pjit^ 
Student and AdminiMistton 
Center. A242 Cood comani- 
nicalion is e»»ential to a 
healthy retationahip find 
out Ik>w you can enhance 
your communicMan skilk 
with partner*, lovtn and 

All (rf the praf^um ai* 
spomorcd by Health and 
Psychologkal SotvIom and 
Student OnvlopiMnt. For 
more mfonnation. call •' 
6260 on campus. 

'>!iuli[it> I. Ill ,iniiinniim>l\ submit questions on wellneas 
ri'lati-d topiCN bv placing tht-m in ttw mark«?d box outsidf 
thf Hf atlh Sfnici-. Oftui" in A.V'J 

XiisviiTs w ill .ipptMr in future is.sUfM>l T7ii- /(urhiivvr All 
v]ui->lK)n-. «ill K- thorinighlv ivst'duhrd .ind ri-sfXJnaiCv 
will U- pru\ kI.J b\ hf.ilth i.m- pmtt-ssuin.ils ,uh1 jro not 
rd.Ufti 111 r'li H-rl'myi-r 

Q. Is AIDS curM>la? Hot* 
do I know H I have AIDS 

A AIDS is a secondary 
immunodeficiency syndrome 
ttvit results from HIV infec- 
tion HIV « ■ vims ffiat 
de«roys ceOs of the immune 
system The immune sys- 
tem « responsible tor fight- 
ing off infections and sup- 
pressHig the multiplication ol 
abnormal oels such as m 
caricer The only way to 
know i» you Nwe HIV/AIDS 
IS to have special Mood tests 
and the HIV antibocty test 
The HIV ant*>ody test 
though can take anywtiete 

from six weeks to six months 
alter contact to stiow a posi- 
tive result At the present 
lime tt>ere are no drugs to 
cure HIV/AIDS However, 
ttiere are many r>ew anti- 
viral drugs tfiat can markedly 
stow trie progression of ttie 
disease. Therefore. A you 
suspect ttiat you may have 
contacted HIV/AIDS, get 
te^ed promptly so that you 
can begm treatment and 
incraMW your Meapan 
Anonymous testing is avail- 
abla at the Cook County 
Department of Public Health 
m Roiiing Meadows. 
847 8182860 

Last vcar. nearly 2.000 siu<lenis transferred from 
community- colleges to DcPaul I mvcrsiry, Tliey found 
DcPaul a friendly, inviting university that offers a wortd- 
dass curriculum in over 100 programs of study. DcPaul 
welcomes you to do ihe same Come visit our dynamic 
Lincoln Park and l.oop campuses and experience all that 
DcPaul has to offer 

W DePaul 

To schetfcilc a cjtmpus visit or 
to request iiu>rc ituonnation, 



The Hdrbin>;iT 
Frbniary 7, 2000 



The Verdict is in 

According to U.S. News & World Report, 
the BEST prices on textbool^s are 
at the campus bool<store! 


campus stortsstti-^^m 


You can trust one of the nation's foremost national put)lications when 
it says the campus Ixwkstore has the l>est prices on texttxwks. 
As your campus t)ooicstore, our aim is to provide the t)est prices and 
the best inventory on new and used texttwoks. And you don't have to 
wait for shipping! 

Call the 



Page 4 

Memorial: loss 
mourned in wake 
of accident 

artmaC 'rom Baft I 
P»ychok>)?K-al Serv ii«". 

In atklitum M lovsiTing tfu- 
(lags, the M:hiK»l "sTit fkiwtT> u> 
the vKtims' familK"* and alr<«' 
oWered a metnoruil <«T\ice to 
any student* or Jaculrv wh»> 
wanted a chance to remembcf 
their friends The colhT^o alst> 
contacted the familio- to 
acknowledge and share 
resptvts lor the student- wht> 
had pjssev.1 

The thni- Ju.l .1- 1 n-siilt .>t 
a car accident whuh happeiHil 
jusl outside ot mmpus on 
Euclid Avenue Viclenjhan 
had heen travelinR easttxmnd 
on Euclid when he app.iren(l\ 
ItKt control of ht> \\m\ Ranker, 
crossing oier thy mtiinn .md 
colliding with a lrt^• Irai kir 
driven by Kwon. with 
H.itTirt'-n rulini: .is .1 p,i--,i'n,-..i 

Mechcjl l i-nttT -mil ILiir; 

sumi!"''" ' ' ■ "'- ..>-"".- 


t ommut'i 


Luther J n 

wheri* bf 

Harper News 
Seasons hold sway on health 


S»>me people like winter, 
some like sumtiHT. and soiw 
lik«> th»' milder st'ascms, fall 
and spring People dislike 
seasiWYs tor manv difter«"nl 
fvaMms Some don t Ilk*' it 
too hot. tiH< humid, ttxi 
wirtdy. too rainy, ttK> dry. Iix' 
cold, lixi slushy, etc The 
sh«>rter days of winter i.m 
actually cause a depn-ssion 
in periple called SAD, 
which stands for St-asonal 
Afttvtive DistMtier There is 
no clinically proven data 
about this discwder. as there 
IS much mon- resi-arch to be 
done on its diagnosis and 
treatment This athvts .1! 
least '^s-4ii million pc-ople ii-. 
the I nit.xl si.iti-s Althi>ugh 
It IS (1...!. I i.'minenl in the 
ni.rti , ..s experien 

ir-.,- .ds of wtnti 

,1 still makes its 

,. 1 t.< out hlMlltltllt 

.'t Illinois 

.\ ho sultir 
iplam dK'i; 

littv (-H 

ve\ dK'ut ' 
winter >.i 

and K'haiior ttjii i- ' '<^ n 
An area n-siauran( and halt 
are Harper students i Hit ol 
the hfty peuple surveved. 12 
fHt>ple answennl that the\ 
crave junk t>xKls work i-ul 
less and sUvp mori' during 
the winter IVe-ides thes.- 
ohxiousK undesir.ible ph\s 
ical effists ,>iit ot the tiltv 
siir\.\.d >^ people 

,,n • ■■ * ' thi\ .ire 
b. iK-nt.iliM- less 

happv .Mi>i iiiiinlen'slis.1 in 
go,iis and proieils .hiring 
winter numltis Mso 4.s 
resfHindents «.:iuh more 
tei.-\ isHMi .ind m.n u-s > 

It s vl'ill ''Ul 1 <(s-iis, 

lor 2H ot the '*) sur\i\id 
KvjUM' Ihev spt-nd m.-n .'n 
' cntert.unii 
•:.,-i.r\ fh,!' 

I ha\ »■ .»\ ailablt- to 
I Miiiog in troni ot the 
ITu're IS a piwMbility . 
■ .uiing during this linu 
sime e\p<»sun' should last 
from fifteen minutes up to 
M-veral h«iurs per da\ 
t ollege students wh«> cannot 
attord such an investment of 
hnie or monev can still 
increas.- their chances of 
K-aling the blues Changing 
your rx-gular bullis to otH-s 
with higher watts can make 
vour home brighter and you 
I an iisj- lolor-vorrected 
bulbs to increase IIh' quality 
of light Fluorescent lightinK 
IS the mi«.t effective If 
uiather permits, taking long 
'ks in the fn-sh air during 
, ight hours wil! alleviate 
.,.ine ot the symptoms 
I >(>ening Itie shades at hon>< 
at work will bright.- 
ir surn>undings Takiih', 
It vatatnm to a warm 
!V. place in (be middle ot 
rnefimes |ust 
ltd to refn-sh 
Ki andbiKlv Even il 
Hill ,1 dj\'s Worth 

to se«*k rt»' pnii 

The Harbinger 
February 7. 2000 

Nav« we 

««k«d you 

often onough 

to come 


The Hmrblnger 


Just wait, 
we will. 

Stop by 

A367 for 

an application 



(xt. 6460 If 

you're on 


and waMI 

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The U.S. Bureau of the 

Census is hiring enumerators 
to work part-time in their neigh- 
borhoods during March, April, 
May, and June, the twenty to 
thirty hour a week job pays 

Fifteen Dollars an hour 

Census Recruiters will be in 

J building Mon.-Thurs. 

Feb 14-17 8am-1pm 


The Hitrhinger 
Febnijrv 7, 2H 

Harper Features 

Pag* 5 

Brennen: Harper teacher showed strength in life and death 

Cflntmueo trocn [Mgr 1 

Omni* tamping Ihit- i\,nin|>; >iinn K th.- (in- ami f think it v^j- thi- lirsl (inu- tv r.Mh/.il ther.' m.T.' th.m xiu' t\(x- ot bird (i'I^'hI I'-nis 

Brmncn. v* hn mjrruil Uh- in litt , ..n,-.fH.iKU>d with hi> Itn-n (laiKi-.- usm^; th. I Mm l.iii^vi.i»;. wim h thiv buth •.hjri-d a jidvMcm tor I lis biotli.r I'.t, r llr.imi'n 
§did It best whfti h.' said ' ih<> mon- 1 Ihmk aKnit it, if IXtim- had not bti-n m\ broJhtr hi- would ha\i bti-n nu bi-t trM-nd ' 

At his funeral ht- was r»'mi'mKT»>i.1 by many and fxMhumt^ prest-nleil with his r.-tm'n»nt plaijuf Unnis Krnin.n was hiKhK r.-Kjrdfd and deeply 
mpccted bv all irf the taiulty and *tud<mH bi> vrHounlrrvd f)avi<i wild, "With ill oi us «h.i ki>.-» him h,- »^ ill m-vi-r Iv none 

Student creates outstanding 
piece of art and deep meaning 

can be understood from pievvs ot art at Haqwr 
any persptHtu e or what lor 11 vearx Hi.s choice 
ot art IS sculpture 
Niaus*' his optiorvs are 
o)T«n to us«- .inv matiTi- 
jI but in particular, 


A rt-sull ot an assign- 
nvent of the sculpture 
class was KowaUvyk'k 
"CDnversdtion" piece 
Pu- assignment given 
bv Barbara tvK)per.»r of 

kowalc/vks cLa!><t. 
w as of something dvs- 
functioruil in a h<»me 
To complete tfu- task. 
KowaUvvk created 
thi Klia of wtHtden 
I hairs and a table 
from the lit-lings of 
PMoro B» c AHI, » 1 o?»»«i bi-mK big and small. 

Invest Your Credits 


Traw^jotr colltp amntmtri ami 

Bachelor degree! 


Wirt a ctmttntralum «i. 

Kowak/vk called, "a 
concept iit thinking (»f 
une s own situation ot 
another or vourselt 

Bttlttlar tfAffUti Satmct Dtp**. 
Wirt a amctntnuion m 

Tm^ St itkn k ifj ri^ » HtM>/ AtmUUtftr Omdj/U Smyrna 


IIM Cowe IHiM. N^cmlli. 0. MM) • (M 104ns 

Carta Locaiw 

A* the aiti«t 
otnerwd the stam and 
studMM t^ his H-ouden 
s«tilphir«» he overheaid 

J littl." b.n and his competing 

lather lommt'ntmg 

an the ptete i>f art 

The sculpture is of a 

large chair vwring 

down til .1 smaller 

^hair .iiui pl.m'd 

K'twrt-n ttu- tvv : s, ,i|n 

is a locig table J,\ Im 

in. .r asked 

hi "11 he 

thougiu '■ ■ 

Si uiptl;'. ■ ■ n 

■.-I It 

.■ : ■ ..I talk- 
ing to voii .It th.- din- 
rn'r table 

I his remark 

whKh Id K.-w.,U/vk "Coa¥a»»atkMi" 

the iTtatiir oi this 

,,„.,,, .... 

Kawaleiyk% •calptiirw. 

401 S. Sue Sucet 





I n< I i. ,( ii.inied 
1 oruers.ition 

stir ' ' . F resj'onM' 

ot ,r ( )n.- 

man sb..jred with 
K.ov%w.iU/vk that th«' 
di-t.m.c and tlip sides 
ot V4i(u ersations repn^ 
««TI| ,1 union .ind the 
empl.ners I he \ari 
.in* 1 in . oiu trs.iii,«ns 

though the .irtist did 
lornjH-te .i>;,iinst 
niiiisi-ll or .in\ cthrr 
I. ons «'isatii>n .i;.ilh 
I'li'd niiu h ot .1 resptmse 
sn tlu' s,-rin>; of <W. It 
dill ijuile will that It 
lird lor lirsi pl.ue in the 
art sho\i with a wall 

The art is not tin- 
(»nlv thing !i.mj.;s 
.1 round 

Kowali /vk hi 
working ort many 

Ihi- outcome of 
Ki'v\aU/vk's assign- 
ment has Kvn dis- 
plavisi in s»-ltvted halls 
ot HarjTer in addition to 
oihiT unit|Ui (-ifn's ,i| 
Ins art Ihe 

■(. onv ersatii 'n piece 
lingers on the upper 
level of the Student 
Administration Center, 
.ind while Kowalc/yk is 
in the mode of s<-ulpt- 
ing, hi* IS hvused on his 
.issignments with the 

Sioughis ot eniovment 

■n his mind 

Come Join Harper college's hippest 


WHCM Harper College Radio is looking for 


For more info call xt. 6488 

(that's 925-6488 off campus) 

Or stop by A339 



Page 6 

That's entertainment: 
the physical taboo we 
are not to talk about 

Hired a l^rt 
.Mill witty 11M■^ .. L,.-' ., ■ 
Thf film displ.UN tin- truti 
m.isturbatu>n v iri;inilv jtu 
growing-iip hut thv htvirt ■.'■ 
the mo\u' m.ikc> rt'i>plf l.iin;ii 
bi'i.iu^o !>' !•' bliintnt".> ot n,\ 

It M'tTIT. t.i bv -•■' -- I"' 

h.)-i^ tor ,ili ot wh 
intertdinvd with \hv iiuisk 

jflJu-trv i* fnll iif " ti'i*n\ -b.>p 

t b 

I n t - h f • 
111 lnT bri-.)s!-- 

iiu! t'hriNlni,: 


rho Hjrbin>;er 
Februjrv 7, 2000 

Looking back on what has gone 
before, and bracing for the future 

Al«n E. NHHarifc 

ii< taU' this opfH»rtunitv hetv to than^ 
■ .? rtn' over ■' 

11 •irwxitinn); K»hn for alv\ 
^imtHhtng whtTi we ntvdevi 
riK mi- that the word "yo" can i 
't i>f speech it wants to i\ 
in^ ttu'rt' with an opinion, a 
iri' tlu! thmg> liidn't get l(xi stuck in a 
' .irl.i for vour unpar.ilU'led mthusiasm 
!Kc to stv vou grow as a uritf r. You 
- uimi n-nwinber. if vou re punj; to 
-Intake, mako it big!) 

i!l tK.i%.> . ivin.'.-s I ii-l' I' vMiuld tX .: 1 

im that ci>. 

•Miu .iiiiuuigh tht'WaW si 

kinks, wen' wi'll on imr w. v 

\nd |a> 
That vmi 
ttH" wtwi. I Rivf v»»u. do It well, and "-till 

1^ ot'v U'U> !:;. 
nuuli! - ,',!•■ II. 

'^ ivMfiit m litf .\ ui- 

ti>r tt- 





I h. 
I he 

" B.l-'U HiHiini. t iiui 
Thi»m.i> Crown Att.iii 
mov ii'N .in- inf rui^;in>; with thi- 
plot, but thi' cjucHtioii is, .in- 
thfv more i'nlort.\inin>; with 
the ^i\ 

0\ loursf th«-v .iff bi'i.uix 

MX si'll-, >i'\ Is Ti.\\\ .inil |UHt 

like "Amcruan I'u' pokfJ 
tnti). it is dlwavs talkid .ibi>ut 
Mnrt- mil vies will be produci-il 

u u a-. -.hov\ V 

be shown .it thf bo\ iittu 
w ill it contini. 
.It Harper^ 

MtoHal Boatri * 

The Harbinger 





Features Editor. 


Acting S()orts Editor. 


Jemfer Moses 

Busvwss Maragpr_ 

Faculty Advisor 

jRicti DaswKk 


cr- l10«.tM K 

U»- >UTa.Ui•l^ 

■a« NomMc. wMnA* 1 1 


WITH A vioco. Wi've TWfO 
woMONC rr oirt. I Tirv to co 

mvu STAir» AT MOMI WItu M> 

■ nif ot our ad man, 

vMik 4= .1 iurniiJ.iMi' (twrnali'.t in his 
t* !'m U«>kin>; ti-rwrtrd t<> Ihi- KMne the 

Ask Uncle Bill 

&M a qvettion^ Aak Lnde Bill. He m*; not be ngni. nut it 
goo4 advice. Drop off jxtm Irtttn to thr ntrbinfrr in A367. 


liFrsmt ran AMnoo>, Krr 


KATnn saifnM on Hta rArr, 

.. r ,.' -"f -''O MA» THAT I 
< IT 0« M 


AND SHI n not, TtaS MAVM 

Youoanvr nrm. 


HBa ocMANM o« Losmc nn. 

rumft.1' rtnAi OO i DO? 

oav "■■'■' .-•-''< 












1 1 


^ SMB 



as TOW 

SoiiNt» t iKi Toua cut ts 


wmc scLFOH. Its cjif at that 


- ,r.-I5p 

Staff Writers 

Noel Baga Jonathar) McMahoa Ren iviathan 

7»w Nvi»«ar k IM MudMt auBleaMn tor «• Havar Coaiit* <»npu* "i''*'*^* y 

puMntiaa tK-MWay l*iraM#«Ml IM icMei yaar aMWl dwint *<a)i<)«r* n) f MM 
•am* T»» p*»f It awneMWUfW to «» ttudB*!. (»*» ind ••™ni»tr»ti<« 

TI» M«t»Wir-» »ol» |»*poi» » to piwndi thi Mifow cat»i»«t » iiiittlv «i«omw wn 
B finni m to If* carwut am) it* nmoinant community 


nw liai'Bii'M M — I c o mw Mtar* to tl» t*ux ant laelws to our aiMonak. Laltar* 
nvtt M vanaa ana (CMIa a ahow runbw to Mrify aittannp. Signawat «M ba 
(MtiMU upon i««iMt AM Mttn an) coniani ara iublMl to a*tm(. 

■aMftaaa ft n* N»e«ti*r an not namasantir ondorMd ey 
nor b* ow colleta aianraatratior or aoart of 0MK10I& 
drvcti) to ow advartioa'. and al pwcMaaa ira « 

Pioductf «ia Mryioaa 
tt« aartort of tim papar. 

thv (SBQation of ttw 

The It a rbwgBf - WiUiam Raaiey Harper 


1200 West Algonquin Road 

l>alataie.L 60067 7098 

Phone NtaubSfK 

busaiess office: (847) 925 6460 

news office: (847)925-6000 n2461 

fax; (847) 925-6033 

copyrti^ 2000, The Haitingar. 
M ri^ito reaervad. 


The Hdrbinf?w 
Febnurv 7, 2000 

Comics & Editorials 

Page 7 - 

Photo Opinion Poll 

What are the best things to do on campus? 

" rhe Intervarsity 
Christian thing." 

—Katie Crabtree 

"Band, I guess. But 

you don't have to 

put the 'I guess.'" 

-Phil Payne 

^1 r^/ 

"Ping Pong 

"The pool hall.' 

"The radio station 

-Andy Faasen 


"The video games.' 

— Darry Lande 

-Mike Bauer 

— Stevie Bilbro 

» Pa§>t 


The Hdrbtnger 
Febnufy 7, 2000 




We Went Looking for a 

DiFreRENT Kind of 




K^thlrm Kuw Wilin 


TrUtm CaStfi 

t'ff >>:' 



\l,.i,„ . ■).,> 


VrthiH U'\ 

If //,-. .. i ..,.„ I ;_, 



Joanna hiekak 

('.vmptttei S*irnt{ 
/A.,."-r,„n I ■..:,. IIS 



Htiiiu- ti; I. IS f '■..'■. 

Keltv (inaid 
Thtaui ( Mutual I 

San K irfy nbcrg 


/ - 

/',. : 

li>n|rai>iliJinm ti^ ih, 

ihr hf'.l ,r mrfr, Clti.-.j^y ;T,.fer,-, ,«?}•>,!,. 

I uil SunJhi,:^ ll\ 

Mjlifi.%. Shcdik 





Ihrpn CiMtgt 

\l.trl< lit Sjvjtum 

i ., ■ ' ' 

< im^uti' ,\ jmif 


KnruJt A/iii L'«<^ 

' '.i fii/i 

\i 1.- Wrhrmaim 

l\' ! ^ .\«'V*UII1 

A«r/, (JMAW£dW«(K><i 

EUmealan tdmalton 

Rti^d CoOifit 

HtmntU t'miet\tli 

Laura UwkK 

t ' '■ f"ioH 

TTkraliT i\h\t.ul' 


\,>rtl, ' 

faklmr US 

I).h«iah IVkup 
' mnlen Etkiealm 

l\'7u\r:fll I ''i;.f Mi/k 

:■ ,'tHi CJUit 

Scluumburg Campus 



Ilarpfi iulkgi 

■ , . ti4 

i ttti.iiu( .'■.....■ ...I.' 

Alt IhsUry 

/■. : ■ ' IIS 

l>..rl,-,l, Sl.iui 
/i/ifjui ,l)/i 

lr.-ti It AnuidiiM 

//.;fpf» < Migr 

\lMIU- S1..11. k 

S.,i li././i", 

]■ -Ml 

' .'U.7.iTJi'<i;'(; ( f 

// ' 

' .'>'■■■.•„ .Mmki 

-ihiHiil f-jlutalltin 


■;/. .isrpiftitu ana poitttittl tmututumi 



S p.m. • 7 ML 

M«H Collect Fm 
tatiqi MniMy ZZ 

Tramfer Fair 
WMMSday, Febniaiy 23 
10 «JR. - 2 ML 

,< tiiil to hi 




Ihf H.irbingfr 
February 7. 2000 

Harper Features 

Page 9 

Harper gets electronic with e- 
mail accounts for students 

You Are Here not all there 


Now all Harper students have the 
jbilit>' to receive and lend e-mail free 
at charge. 

Hafper now hw> a web bwwd »• 
mail servKe ktr faculJy and ttudents. 
Mudentii L an tee any bro«»«er, such as 
Netscape or lntertN>t ExpK>rpr. ti> 
accvM Harper's httme page at Once on the 
main page. MitrunR twi i* easy. There 
1* a link calkd "Harper Students, 
Niow You've Ck»t Mail " 

Students register bv enteriny; up ti> 
Hmr lettiTt of fhrir first n.imi-s up tci 
tiHir letti-rs ot thi-ir List rjitu-n then 
the l<i.<<t tivur digits i>l their mvuI ^tvu- 
rity numbers. After the number'. ,ir»> 
t-nteicd for *eir log-m ID thew pjm- 
woni* oonHnt of all nine niMiitiei* of 
- ' ^turit* niimtvrs 

the ".tudi-nts will h.iM' Jnfs> Id 
thl* '•cn.Kf whiT>'\ir tlii\ .in .truf 
tfie M'r\ II i- v\ ill ii>nlinuf t.'i 
the>' dr>- ^lu^^^■nt^. full- '-r i 

Da«iiJ McShane .i . 

Information Ttvhn. i iri 

ment, <.tated that ail .unHint- 
remain iK-tive Hilt iil.i\ mt.ut Vhcrv 
are still neuoti.ilinn^ ht-in^ mjdr 

«A£ ttXTOO 

fvjTv ni>k\ jmi tl 

■••■«• i>ut llllix) Wiltl 
)!M'%;t;il h riis that -j- 

< I) 


abi>ul summer anii 

VVi' M..inl I 
v\h«'n't>\ ttii- -I 
i.Kf iMth 111. 11 

Stikl.-' •■ ' Ml. 

\1, Si 


liLltii ir>. 

I ir tillitw 
■1 .■!.;.• !ts,Mf ' 

I hi- s<T\ III' |H'> 

thi-ni ii> till- i.illegi" jrvtl nM>>;ni/t-s 
them .1- iiHIegi' •.tuili-nl-. uMiit' the 
H.irp.T ii|:>per domain 
ti'w xtuiifn^ aiv afae.i 

The proj;r,»m t ,hi 

February 1 

■. bv Carv IVrce is not 

iTU lit tln~i- tnit rt MMi >!■ liK'kiiiK tor 
» >nu' Jivenl turn-, tlul mui t.m vli> 

-«'"■"■ homework Id, then Ji>h out th«' 

' '•■ •<;••.—«... . .n.. ,„J j^. 

1 i-i ^ 1,1. . .T 1 in t iri 1 .'. .m't K' 
Ki'in^ t.i Itk ( .r.imnu ~ .mstiinc mkmi 
hut » ith •..•n>;s w ritti-n « ith Urtal laik 
.'I in.itur ins|iir.itn>n mhj lan t help 
tni! smili .hhI i!i|<n it Vlui h likt- 
lA r*«.tlini: 

li.n I- Ihi- 

is pamtullv UvkinK in most of the 
ottiers ■ Hoim-" features Lisa Ixiebon 
backing vocals, and is a simple yet 

mnivablr>; (She-.! (>\or Mo," 
ttx- hnal tr.i.k >;niv .i M-nsf nl do 
■uie to thf w h.iK' pl.i\ -list .ind sfv>ws 
Pierce's i ,is .i sucn-sstul 

iSt-ral! !,,. ..,...„ ti.isii) ihjt .'Ware 
Kiiords put out isn t r<',illv wi>rth tfie 
nuterial it wav cut on It s sad, but a 
kit of people worked hard to net Herr 
pnKluitsJ and all tht-v have to shov\ 
tor i( IS an album that will e\entuallv 
Ix- l.isl in thi' V rai ks ot a resale ston- 

Thi- iHilv thin); interesting is tfie 
album lovi-r fhink Rukv Martin 
niists llarrv ( Onnnk |r and overlaid 

But lh«- main qui-sti>>n is K it n-al- 
Iv v^orth listening to wlvn th«-re are 
^o man\ more pristuitur lhin>;s to 

iiki- u.ii. hiri); .1 lava l.inip 

Have a Heart 





FEBRUARY 14th 2000-MARCH 1st 2000 







Oft 847-956-0546 



Pag* 10 

Harper ^Features 

The Harbinger 
February 7, 2000 

Who's Who: Collin Souter 


It serms as if rva^gm); m.n 
havtf nvire upside than wr 
knt-vs .itniul 

Collin Si>utfr, afQF 27, cwd- 
ils "a support group consist- 
ing of pvopir who nag" m tfie 
driving forcv towards rcvdu- 

"Basically," he ^jui 
"without J jjroup ol frurivis 
and lomilv to kuc mo the 
push I needed, I wouldn't be 

Souter |»iined Harper's 
rank* in the Idll ot I'M* after 
seven years ol expenmenta- 
tion left him with mori' ques 
tion than he had when he 
entered collej^e the hrst time 

In IWl.he went t,.-«h.H.I 
at Columbia t olU'Hf in 
Chica){o in ordiT to explore 
he love affair with the silver 
screen But. as t«»fn ivmrs 
things change. 

During irus hme vpmt m 
Colombui. Souter met a 
cnnvd of people that he had- 
n't reallv known before 

"It's the same old stor\ 
I mi't s«>me peopU* 
into thin>^s that I 
h.uiii ! tallv explored tvtoif 
ani! liciirvd that that was a* 
good a time as anv l>> -tart 
Ami a-^ H.ippii'- h* t!s- 

tinu' when- tinnu-w.Mk 
shiuild haM- hii-n Ihn- ftuTi 

\ttendin>; . las^-s on and 
ntil l''^4 N>iit.r finillv 

tt'ri'iu Li I -oi'i ti\ f tiijCr u-'. n 

h«' left It 

'When vou wnte a si rem 
plav or a scnpl lor anvth»n>;. 

and viHi ff.ui ii It - iiki- 
VVhtSl' rill-. I- .lli rti;tll' Hut 
when vnu l.s>K .it ii ,i Irrili 

while latti wHi see how 
delusional vou were " 

During a nwd trip out to 
Texas, Sniter realized no 
matter what happens, it 
would have been fixilish tor 
him tt> have thought that hhj 
can |ust drop >>ul ol i.olle>;e 
and be a scnsmw nter 

He realized that the ptn» 
pie he astiociated v> iih w hilc 
not to blame for his situation 
did not hi'lp him move lor 
ward m any way. 

least III have a bavkup 

Ri>;ht mns. h«' has a lull 
load on his hands 

Hesidi's attending; classes 
at Harper part-time t ollin 
works two jobs, one at an 
e\ewear store ami the other 
at a vidw ston- w hile vonlin- 
ui^uslv vv ritini; scripts 1 >ne 
ol his most rix.tnl scripts, ten 
latively entitled Mary 
StasUn*-, receivinl honorable 
mention in a lontest that nt.iv 
lead him to some upfvr e, h, 
Ion contacls Meals«> mi. ■ t 
to atteral a class at "nxonil 
(. it\ lomedv club where he 
ho^H-s to add lomedv to his 

■ . thiiiK I d tell 

re in ,1 situation 

is IS listen to the fHs>- 

nmd vou that vou 

know will he then- no matter 

what path vou ihixisie," 

ncno av ncH NAtHM 

'When all you do is get 

storted and watch ino%'ie)> all 

dav. it's knKi of difficult to 

move on." 

After a reevaluation ol 
prionlu-s and Inendships, he 
iii ot L 2, Souter 

|i'iii>',! tl.t ir !.i!>, , lut- ,ii> • 
■•',■! !■■■- . lilt. Ill Hir 
in lu V TVkii 
II his drive 

-sv in 1"^. hi- r.. 
muchool. thistir r 

and rii'W n,s 1 > 

h- itir- 

I m I «.i. tU 

where I w.tni to rF.uisfer to 
but I d<> lii\«>v\ that I m siriv 
in>; tor a liai helor s I>egnv s»> 
that il the MreenwritinR 
thiiv.' .1o,-sti t work out .it 

Th0 Harbinger. 

We are currently looking for 
News Editor, 
Features Editor, 
and Sports Editor, 
as well as writers In all areai 

Qlve it a chance; 

you might actually 

like it. 

Stop by A367 

or call 

You'll be glad you did. 

YiHiVc learned a lot .Ai Flmhurst» you'll 

learn more. 

''loiiMtMi ui ' J ' ' '-ff; \ «>tfvsMicff Kknnimi CowepE. 

h .^kyt," iIk i n —ri la nwy by US. fikm 

<MfMW Ayv'i. <w «nk ia 4w MP tier af A* JMwcat I ibcnl am 
caflcsn. 'Mr A« Mt dw Imm a)l(|r Inqr* ia Ktnaas. 

Wp flH.« sndi diniiKiiam, ytat afccr yvu. b^ oCmnf Mprnw 
■rat hio^ tvi a tx-rtaoal teak. Mon (kan 91 pcrvcn* v>r i;»r 
fi. ii!ry hold ilw <v%liar tUfjua 'm Am Mh. Ihat ukmci KtMian 
mf M HwAvKu bc,-auH iImv Iowc n>«eaj«. m mmM dbuMi, 

few 19 KwiaMi. A fevwhir nwni(n. «»« • Kwkia^aiiiiitaw. 


ttMlwnl ■ wmI If d«i|^ rkii in Mnann and < 
UiKlnkiif so Mdc<|piMiMiiie miijani). Oa 1 c^unccniMii. 
in a dtanwai wfco*. «« jwp*" «««•««» of mamr «|ga ml haeli- 

I .ti/ngiii(^ imngnhnmnt, and iaiMxaiiii Omkuif 

<vw)ui aMeff w nti t w be 

^'^ ,. 1 k H 

•-,».r~ Eiinhursc 1$ coining to r1.irpcr. 

^1^ Tn WW «n mmtam 1 l a i i inn Mu atcti i . ««>w»c to ilvt Tewwfaf 

C^nwan MiMii!^ fe(>nivy 14. Irm mm» a.m.->»K> 
Ornkm^UmmmaMf'tmukifiicmMf.' MtomoatimAMiai 
M* Midma B a aaufcr MKkM. Vm ow ir I* poMMtf n tara 

not* ibow lit. 

^ Elmhurst CoUege 

w^nurr ttHSftf MMRT at ae. . 

lihiiiOlllitiiiiiii ■III 

Thf Harbinger 
February 7, 



Associate and Bachelor Degree 
^Programs Include: ^ 

Visual Communications 

• Graphic Design ; , ' * 

• Interior Desian (FID^R accfefHt^d) r 
Multimedia ancl Web Design / 
Media Arts a^dtAriimatid'n ' ' 
Multimedia Production " 



1000 N''.>laza^^i^^ - 
ScJ^auQ^bui^.lL 6017? 



Visit our w«b%il« 41 hrtp: wMrMrtiu 411 *4u 

The right place, the right time. 

Do93 your club or hmrpBr 

orgsinizEiiion Heve An 

Upoornifig everiithat You 

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TlGCV Oontaat 

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and ask for Rich or John 

Giving animals a happy home: 
Strays Halfway House serves the 
need of the area's fogotten neighbors 


Mr.n- ll.illvv.u Hkuw is a nol-for-prnfit jll voluntfer iir|i;ani7ation dedi- 
lUd to ii-M.iiin>; -trjv jnd abandoned aniniaK in the villagfs of Si-haumburR. 
I (I'ttman ('states l'.il.ititu' and Bamngton HilU 

I ho organi/ation um~. .i (i>ster homepmjfram tiu.ire tor div^s in J until 
th«\ .irv rejdv to Iv <Kiopt(\t Instead ot mvniii^ do/i-ns of ammaLs at une 
timi' to-ter i are pjn-nt> lan gt't to knoi\ and tan- lor animals one at a time. 
Mrai^ pa\s all m<\)Kal hill»., Ki\es guidann' lor adoptions, sends ptttential 
aiioptu e lamilii". ti> loster homes proi uies isjuipnient, tool and othiT neces- 
sities iivludin^ needei) ad\ tn' 

Animal Contml offuers m eai h o| the tour v illages hnnR found arumab to 
a Kurdin^; kennel IXinn^; the s<-\en davs the animals are allowed to stay 
there stra\s works m »on|unction with th.- police in an attempt to rvunite lost 
oinpanion animals with their owners \t the i-nd ol the sesen days, if Stravs 
did not Iransjiort the animals to either a toster home or pin ate boarding ken- 
nel (at thiiost ot stra\si th<'\ uould tn-i-uthani/i'd Stravs laiL-s the difficult 
dtxision as to whiih animals the\ .an save Ibe\ nttii to be adoptable. and 
unfortunateK not all lan W saied t>iKe placi-d in a foster care home or 
Kvirdt\) bs Strax s. the animals .ni- sate fn>m unnatural death. Strays fuseven 
paid lor \ "t bills treatnu-nts ol invsibite and broken bones, as well as other ail- 
ments ass<xiale<.1 with animal abuse 

siraxs Hallwa\ Hous«' K-gan in I4SI, and Ursula Bolm f%as been with 
Mravs lor U \ears she is the foster I lome t iH>rdinator and makes an effort 
'o matih i.nh loster home with a loster animal tor succtsss, carefully consid- 
ering the time commitnu'nts and wurk schedules ol the foster pan-nts There 
also max alreailx be animals in the home to tv considered The whole idea 
Khmd Using loster homes is to kivp th«- animals out ot cagi-s 

fVskx Daswiik. a Hotlman I States resident, adoptt\f a dog fnim Strays 
iIhiuI eight xears jg^^t she was named .\niH.' unhl it was e\idenl she was 
atrakl to go outside at w hk h time her name w as changtxf to Shv Anne. She's 
a bUuk lab and lollie mu and was tound beaten She had Ix-en starved lor 
weeks and ■■■■-- '■■ ' - i-ral surgeries tor brok.Ti bones Hie Dasw icks neigh- 
b.>r happcr --travs iost,r parent and at imlx thn-e xears old Shv 

\nne (ouiul , i'. ivnii'.n new t 

\t 111;- iini. SN b..|in 1- I'v kittens Right now Ihen' .n - 

it^volui-ln ■ -tei 1 .in Iv.ii'u- r.i i.ijs str.n ^ i^ ,ti|| ,n neisl i loiter 

honu"s Uh -.i iive m the Northwfst Suburbs ol Chicago anO >xould 

lonsider tvmg a foster pantit, please com > i 
L rsula Bolm at H47 N8S.1592 or e-mad Str.c 
V la their xM+>site at stravslih iirg If vou want 
li> volunteer in a different capacttv, there are 
main ditten-nl phone fiositions available, as 
v^ell as p»'ru>di< shows and special evmls to 

lu'lp XX itfl 

Ms holin n-memK rs .1 loiipli ol dogs 
later nametl Komeo and luliel that xx. -re older 
'•'I >ImI delinili'lx loxed each (■th. r "We 
'.'ing .iiid prax ing thexiov:- xvould 
iK ui.'i'leit togi'thx'r I sii.illx pei pi.' ixniy 
want 'ne .log Ms tiolin rememb. ; - "We 
. :'■ ' ' ' I ;i' older coupli' adopf- 

. w the dogs live in 
li.irnngton in a huge house with a pHxl Ihey 
loxe tti swim in Thev dogs went from strays 
111 kings 

it , liaxe mil. Ii tun. : spend 

'lunftvruig, xou lan still help stravs bx 
.tilling them the Homer Homeless and 
M ■< sxmKils or L IV svmKils from 

.. ■• ul .at foiKl packages Slra\s 

nseues tash each symbol off prixJucts 
siH h ,is X .ainesburgers, Kibbles ' n Bits, Gravy 
Iram ken I Ration, Special Cuts, Moist 'n 
b<six Canine t arr\'-Oufs, Tender Chops, 
riip(Hn>ni snausages, the Cycle Han, V4eaty 
bon.'. I'.iunce lerkv Treats, flot l>))y?ies, 
lerkx Shv and " I ixes Plus Please send them 
to siraxs Halfway House, PO Btix 688U, 
Sih.iumburg, IL M)16M)K1I Adoptions are 
not tree but tav-dx-ductible in varying 
amounts Strax s xxas ivamed Schaumburg s 
Viilunh,t'r i Vgani/ation ol the ^ear in 1»W6. 

Be sure to check out the Strays 
fialfway House wt+i page, wwwstarvshh.i)i|5 
There an- lots of graphics ainl K<auhful pic- 
tures of animals that max ni' to be .ulopled 


Pag* 12 . Wlllimn ttrnkfy Hmrpt ColUtf* > fmktvmry 7. 20O0 

Waterhouse performs at back to school bash 

V\h>-ii '.%,.'. 

• ■!i t bnni; .1 i 

\ It hv 


■ii.Mi iii-ii'i 

1 V-t'. 

VVaterhousf vn 

thjt cjm«' .liist ...; :... 

( rii ttnirulfd th»' band in 1*^H4 u 
>tuvivini; .it the ( oo-itn ,il. r^ .>t 
Musk in C huj>;o 1 li' .unl th.- tiHinJin>; mt-in- 
bers fonnitl the group 1 U» pUy thf 

stvles of music Fnc n ■ \i trom his 

homefi>wn »jf WaU»rhi>use. IdiruiK'a iaixei 


K«itli Irtc timf aari ce-vee«H*t MallsiM OtfhMii rtaac** to 

'■ uW to rti>Mt>% ■oiwit of i > w li i t 

-lr<r>j;lfu-ni'vl h\ thf trivpi//.J, IVpsi pruviiuN, inj; their \i>iii'- '^tii C.rtvnspan .ind Abdul 
pi>-.t<r- wi-Mtii- iiiit i>th»r mtrih.tndis*' van- M.ikirn on guitar, Anthony Myers on U-v- 
iHi- (>ri;,nii/,iiiiinN i>n ijnipus ufrt- giving Kurds Paul Cotton on drums, Mendi-ll 

awdv loearK nxner-. 
Thf sh«>w st.irt.'.i • 
vivals. but N-tt'i 

■th I II, t.ikini; thi- It-ad 
.• --irigini; 

1 .iriit Xrilish.i iXiluni 

(kiktord on bass and t litton Kobinvm on pre- 

Mth.Hiuh si.iiu' lit tt;i hawn't bet-n 

■' t - iiiiiii ■ .Mid a half year 

;iil original members. .\nd 
iindtr^ ol thf gixiup who weren't fv- 
it tht- «^bi>w. .inv of them might vet 1 

... ;. .. tunuiver, 1 ry, 
• -. p«»ple fiave a chan 
:ii;- nil! It thev' re ariHind when 
v\ II thcv I lime Kick to plav with 

Naltk tHc stNgs •• Ma hmtd. Wat«rhoM»«. iMrforms at Marpar a 
racant W»lc*«M Bach t« tclmol and MlllaNNiMN ftmttrmtHm. 

Malish.i (\1lum .iN 

■rk. hut 

,,,...... al tti. 

■ tormanci.'s »ti- 

■'l.HCs will 


- prettv 

iH'i the wav tin 


t.ihe t>lencvuk 

.l.nii 1' .It the shi*\N 

• .-. M, ll 

leturning t»> Harper to 

i.ivte .ind 

louih tif Palatini- 

Run, don't walk, to see Run Lola Run in 
the Cultural Arts Film Series 


Mi£ foil.* 

VVati h thl^ rrKft'M 

i cannot strvM iWs enouf^h. With 
all the worthles.s hlms tfut have vome 
out in the past several rromths. I near- 
ly broke down and ttunked .1 k;ixl 
Run U4a Run is a givat film w huh i-. 
s«>m«>thmg I can t re.illv sjv aKnif 
anvthing else I ve !*en 

The mm-ie slAfts out mth 1 ol.i 
(I T,mka Potent*) grttv- < ph...- .n 
Irom her boytrn 

Bfcibtreu) I.0I.1 *-■ - 

to get 100,0011 II .111 iiirreii 

cy) or else her rsnrrund will die 
Sounding giNxl yet? 

I can't really cntique ttK- dialogue, 
considehng it w» in Cemun. but the 

{lerlornuiru i-s hlkIi ii hittir ih.m 
average I lip m\ ti. I'oUntr tur 
h«T acting and all the running stw had 
to do lor the film .Anvone vsh»i could 
d(> all that physKal activity and -till 
rememtvr hi» or her lir«~> destrvi-s 
applauM' Im m'l one to watiti ii'r 
eign films, let .iU'ih . i 
f nglish, but It 
brain .ells u- i- 
wi-ll worth It 

..L... ,,s bavk t 

ing . 

.ri. , 1 i:-^ . . .,i ^- Of \ our 111. ■.-.,.,,. 
one ris^' n fn^ni sonii-thiiiv; -i"^ simple 
js .Kcidentalh bumping into s<ime- 
orM' to pulling a gun on sour fattier 

Ilie mm le taki-s tfw \ lewer tfircuj^fi 
llui-e dilfweni scenaru* on how Lola 

that isn t m 
ni\ last few 
h titles was 


lould ha\i- lunJIi'd tfii- -ituaticm 

It s .1 b<Mutitiil film without being 
ocerK melodramatic or lotalK 
de\oid ot em«>tion It gets m>u thmk- 
trif. .ilNHit vour life ,ind the divisions 
\ou ihoiisi- c.jn dn\ otfier film n'allv 
tnusi of sui-h an accomplishment' 
Sure l>i<gma was funn> and Tov 
Stor\ J IS .Js cute but mv fnetuls and 
I Keren t talking atniut those movies 
|s minutes afterwards wfu-n we wire 
.ir.nL.n.. . ,ii.v at the Uh.iI ltH>l' 

nem.iti>grjph\ w.i.-.ihil 
......lii ,.,,-,. it s»ime fHunts, aiui I ».!■- 

anrk'Mxt with the animahon sienes 

that weren t tx'ttftmt; the st.ri. 

ol It .ill The musii .ils.i n. 
twilih I hough appropriate usnno 
can get repetitive at times. 

Ri-gardless. tfu' important thing is 
that the mox le is well done at»d at ttie 
end of It I was left thinking. 

Run Lola Run will be show ln^ at 
7 !H1 p m. in jl4? on Tuesday, 
Fetiruarv S as part of ffie Cultural .\rts 
Film '^ ' h will also featuri- 

,\iM ,\. , 'il Dtm'n Ctrl on 

Wednesday, lebruary 16 and King of 
Alasts on Thursday, February 24, also 
in 1 1 4") They're free ao ycni can't beat 

Bring a frtend because you'll want 
to fjik to someone about it after- 
wards Inist me vou wiwi'l bedisap 


. t . <i I li ,1 I ii (• r f o I I <• >f « 

fcal-yHwMt *•*•<• « HIrti—, Mil—to 

HkiM . M—fcf ti . fdbnmy H, HM 

Professor leads trip to South Pole Cellular phone 

Paul Sipi«ra leaves Harper to get a closer look at Mars 

Rich NaMiM 

VVhiU' -onu' y 
th»-% a>nif Ironi M..i 
bnnn Stirs h> f arth 

mrt to . 

Safety cM«f 
toMqr tfoMlky* t* 




A team wni>i> Mtri«v«s ■ wmaM 
m«t«or«t« ffWH Antarctic !««. 

m.tnnot ^('.nf m\ ..: 
i ht If. 1111 knew what Oi» ', 

Kilt vthv ' ■ . .. 

-tii 111 thi 
■hI .'lit tber>- 

iti^ uiti> K(t»rt' ■' 

lu-iw 1- !■ 1 111- li-n'; 

t'."^ aet .!•* p!i\e^ 1*1 pl.m- 
. . Sipk-i.i .iiiil the 

nlitk lommiinitN 

iiiiMl rur, 

■. i-^ei:i!*it 

t>f Mar* ' 


■ ■■ -'•■■■■ 

"With til.' VI iiui . Iiili il h,i.iTn. 

-, I.T.Il^t- C 

piflfN I I'M iHit there Inil when 1 

u.i-. in the tiiUl th»- void Jijn 1 

niu«.h I Ih- lurJe>t 

hereti-li'f. iir. .- >'t 

inti'rnijtuin rey;^ ■ «eU'N- 

ind tnt !!!. r 111, 

vvjihn); li» )i;t' mit 
lh«»' <iKt '>i(>i. r,i 

^i, unvK'r >*t the 

Harper college appoints new 
Institutional Advancement VP 

mcliD** trick 


1 I )ir-t Ni;-»n hi- 

l>ireiti'f of Aijdeniii 

.It Hi'llevue Lnmnnmil\ 

!!i K4 ill . ,,. \\.l^llMl>;tlln. he 

ild tak<^ 

When he stjrt.-.! here it H.irjHi 
:iist H«'\ IT \e.irv .i^;,' he K-^'ke.i ti'i 
,v .H.l I.' the tr.,in'. . h.i!lenk;e- Km! ru 
\ouii1 t.ur iHil lu- oietk.inie tli. 
h.illeii>;e^ .in.1 heljHil Kuule H.irj 
to the n.iti.' re. .'t;r>ilK>n that it 
«*n(ovs t.Kt.u 

. w thi' I jrif r that has spjrwuxl 

1.1 .ulfo .^fHl two states is tjkinv, 

\tl«T twentv ve.irs 

lemtc iHtuer in tuo 

tuniti I oileKt"- I)r fJ IXiI.hi 

»% the \iie rresiijei\l ol 

in^ NiKjiuetm-nt- 

Ihi-ri' will K- iii.inv chdlli-nj;t"< to 
ihi'> new ptisition .mil l>r II0I.J11 
v^ekort»t~ th«-»«' « ith v; .intivip.i 
tuip In hi^ iii*\v p*»Mtion ht- util 
re(Hirt din\tK to vollei;e I'r.-ideiU 
1 >r KoKrt I Hreuder 

I ni looking forward li> vsi>rkinR 
more > l<>-.eK « ilh rri-Hiditit Brxjtiter 
!.■ ,iddre-v mNtilutionjI wide lolU'Re 
priorities -aid IXilan 

Bui II i> not withoul rr)>rfl that 
l)T lX>lan l«-avf>> his lonTH-r p« 
He nil's hi^ manx ,n hi.-\ enieiit^ .i- 

'usage the new 
talk of Harper 

Stndani Dorothy Cow n i H lwa tah*« mi 
hnportant call In tlM W ar p ar aafatMto. 

Ihi- things he is mi*»t prinid ot, from 
mslitutionah/in(; l^fJimin); 

t ornmunilies and initiating a vear- 
lon^j ii'urM- tor new taeultv to a 

. oiiimitimnt to .id\ .in* iin; the dner 
sit\ ai^envi.i 

However he w ill ' '■■' 

s,n he loiild iiv't h 'iv 

...t tliese wilhoul the i.K>(Hr.ition ot 
Id, t .. I'tii .1. "• in. I . •! , t .idinin- 

.~l: 11. 

' '- (ii.i.iii^ iM,iMv , : . n \ en><*nts 
l-o in. Iiivlevi ieiot;nitioii troni 
iiie v\ashington Male Assotialioti ol 
College Administrators il'^ll lb«' 
NMltk- E'dslside Human VrMies 
t oiituil (f**^), Antioih I niversitv 
il'J**'^) and most reientiv the 
V\.. 1.1. ...•!, Ill ( eiit>r loi the 
I 1 Hluate 


1 or the next sn iranUhs h»- will 
us.' Ihose leadership skills lor whuh 
he IS Ml wi'll known to assist his >uv- 
i esM.r w hoever persjm mav Iv 

lir IK'Un has toiuhed manv stu- 
dents o. r.,..r.nk ir..i or, •! , [lll.i K 


rome II i" i ,..,,■, 1 - , .....( ..- 

\ttei s,.me twent\ \ears as a 
C hiet X.aviemii I HtkiT in a lommu 
nit\ lollff-e Im enthusiastu at-HHit 
mv rvew r^'spofvsibilitu's and the 
vhall»»nj5«"> thjt go with nu ni'W 
posiiutn s^iivi I H»lan 

;■:,■!, ii'>'. 7 1 ii.i. k lieirv s tak*' on 

SchvHil Days ' King, King givs the bell " 

WeW il he were writing the song tixiay. il 

prohabU wiiuMn't be the bell that i* ring 

rin^m);, it wnuld be cell phtMHs. 

I theater il is no kniger uncomrroin to 

■ .1 phtnw nnging during an emotional 
'elimav ol a ftlm. and ai«e shouldn't br mr- 
\ pnsed when cntermg their favorite watau - 
rant to hear the ftrfknving qun&m, "Will 
that be nt>n-«in(ikii^ otflukr, non-Hncilitotg, 
mm cetlutar; iHwddng, orihilar, or amokmt;, 
non-ceU?" Ever here at Harper, students are 
asked to turn off cell phones in the library, 
slop the beeping m the clas!>rcutn or if it ts. 
aRCtMTgmc). |usl plain exit the room. 

When cell ptumes are heard in a leanung 
environment, they're thrvatenmg peace, 
(^liet and other»' peace of mind. It ts not just 
cfaHMMlH that aiv irritated, it is faculty as 
well According to Jeff Pr/ybylo of the 
ttpevch and theater department, 'If your cell 
phone rii^ dunng my class time, I'm mark- 
ing you absent, no questions asked." 

Laura Puiio, also of the «peech and the- 
ater department, says, "If moieane't cell 
phone rings dunng clans, I answer it and 
explain to the girlfriend, boyfriend or parent 
that ti\e imlividual is busy learning in daw 
at the m«>ment aiKl this is not an appropriate 
tune to tek-phoru- theni." It seems that cell 
phtmes have become as indispensable as 
food or ck>thing. Who goes to work hungry, 
naked, or out of touch? 

The estinuled number ot cell phones 
subscribei^ has nsen to a strUcing 270 mil- 
lion m two years. In 19%, fowcaslen UMd 
to speak of the prolihfration of cell phones: 
"Bigger than fax machines." "Likely to pass 
by the peraonal computer." news magazines 
across the country read 

Uttle did we know that cellular tele- 
phones wcnikl become rnofv than just a lech- 
m^iktgy boost; cell phones have become a 
lifestyle statement, not far removed from 
wrialwatchcs or automobilcB. Call it like it 
is, ceO (rfunes .-:n> btizzing. vibrating and 
ringing their way into our lives like ne\'eT 
before Twenty-five percent of all car acci- 
dents are now related to cell phones. As a 
matter of a fact, using a cell phone while dri- 
ving is ilkegal in H different ccnintries, 
includii>g japan and Taiwan where the cell 
phones are actually manufactured. 

Page 2 

Harper" News 

Frbniary 21, 2000 

Safety chief Kevin King leaves 
Harper after 22 years of service 


At Ih4- onj i.l \l.n k. \ m Kiii>; lb.- h. ,iJ ,.| 
public <iM\ hiTf jt H.irp.r ( .illigi- u ill 
rrtijv dttiT 22 s.Mf. ,1,1 ih.- |,.b I r,v.-iirK >,it 
down with C hut kmi; t,. t.ilk I., him .iK.ut hi- 
pUn- tor thi- lutuM- .irnt hiN thought- on 

king -tjrii-d his l.irt i-nl>.r , r in 

\'^t*l with iht' M.i\«iH»t poii. 1 ,1. 1 r lor 
thcisf who don t knou. tti.- I. it. ,i\ti,-. >v,i- 
quite a tim.- ti. K- a pilur otfu.r Ih.n- iv.r.' 
J li>t ot diNturbann-s on the '.tiot, a- kim; 
puts It I ,ut m\ t.vth in that atm.».ph. r. 
kin>; lami- to Har(vr in |uly of 1>»7H 
t>riginalK h«- was ,>nlv plannin. 
ins tor a It-w vi'ar- hi'ton- moMi.i 
muniLipdl pi>lii;«' chief |nb. hut that «asn t to 
be " Ho wa^ the tinatist tor \ariou-. position- 
turning downsonv that v%.ri- iiukid 
mH p»> at .ith.'t . otin-.., | J,., |,|,.j ,,, 
sta\ here m\ who!. i | m not -o>rv 

I did 

Kings in\oKen\i>ni u ith ll\f s,h.s.| ha- 
ru>l K-en limited to puhlii saliU I xe laui;lit 
some cnminal lustue . lass,- here h. -aid 
He ga\ e up teaching bivause ol the deniand- 
it made on his si:hedule. but he evpre»ed an 
interest in occasionally tearhii^ « claa» att>r 
his retirenu'nt 

Most students spem) little time i«i lampu- 
•avi d'* such are unaware ot ttu' public 

i*sues on lampu 
c«?m I- ih. It ..! !■ 

ri'0( ,. ,,,.,, ;,:,:, ,.,.,,►, out 

plam sight in their <.tr and 

In hi- time here kinc 
boxes put up in the \ 
students to will tor 
helptui lommuni. atioii iv.i>l 

Ihe most pri'i alnit lon- 

... .1 pn>pert% Most of 

-ne-- -,ikl king 


the lall 

.■.liu hallow 

It - realK a 

Ik' ha- mavie 

'.juipment iip,-,r.idmt; 


radio- and \ , • 

iv)liippi\t to re-, 

lor Ihe tutuie King w ouKj like to s,v more 

oltuers hired We n- of^rating with a mini 

mal statt to get the ,o!- J,.ne he -aid ITw 
vampus vitet\ ,ii i! . ^ . • i, - li,.,,.,. , i .. 

Vistia\sa seal 

so i\ •■ . ir, FA. . ,n ... iMv oi\ evi m , rini(- 


k.i.i, ;^ M iiriiie. ,j( Ihe age ot ss ' I ha\en t 
made anv tirm de. he -aid with 
regard- to his post retirement plant- I le isn't 
gi'ing to Ih' mcohed in law entonement or 
an\ superus,.! po-ition He want- to do 
-.'methmg that allow- him to work at hi- own 
pa>e and giws him the -ummer- .ft I .tm 
.on-idering g.-ing to work drn ing a mIkkiI 
bus king said Hi- wite i- a teavhe' and this 
would allow their m hiH.(ule- to matih 

I m going to take a lot ot tond memoric-s 
ol the lolU-ge with itu- - ii.l king 

[|1S PltASED TO 




Wr WF ijcHng mio ek of cbuws ^^^t 

hM Iwm r<trciTu-ly bu-\ fu re on cimpu;. I wish all 
of you gmxJ luck dun^^f^ the r,-si ..t the semester 

Rec-mtiv v» hiU- ulking with » jrunis stiidmt!t. I was 
• .Id that n-rmning th.- building U-tttTs wai. still an 
Lv-ue te rrurik ot Hiem I hiok -ome tune to find intor 
■Mlion about »-hv thi- w a- Jo^. With Ihe help iit 
C«nl Holteauv. Vh Ri^h rt Breuder - .i.tmimstrative j 
a»M«lant, we wrre able to answei i.,,iiu ol ilir -tu- 
clenis i>ng,.irii; .jii,.sii,,rw ' 

^>w '" : at this was 

doiv«., hi» 

1^ .iluiiiiiuie,.! ,ind rlie large, sharp letters 
■ghh MsibU Ironi ttie (H-nmrter toad and 
ttM- parking 1,H> so siudc-nt- ii. ull\ ami i isiton, »rr 
abk to »«• tli«- huildinjcs 

WJien the buildings wen- atphaf>.ti/ed. the> did 
not des,nb<- the elates that wt-rc- hemg heki or IN' 
utfKes luund iiv that building lor example, how 
would Nou know that \ btiiMmg Vija when- the fk>- 
1 ral shiiji was or that B building h.niM-d the Public 
■ u I ...1,-1 ot ttui the l> building ^^a» ttir MusKal 
In-lru.tion 1 enter' \i 
I iliMemiliatc ttn' buildii 
I Naming ttH' buiMmg 

I of doir^ thing' 
building- 1- nu'i- 

•w \.>ii are al»le le accurately 

I so Oil to name 

' 1 r itmo-ptien' It 

::nijMet ,.! |H-.i|li uitlllli H 

nil.-. .11 llle huilding- 

ine [x.»>pl.- whi. ha\e on vampu.- lor yeaii 
might l«-t the new signage is contusing N\au9ie Ihe 
letteiN hav e N\.>me familiar to tfntn It s Mimettme« 
liard t.. ,1, opt change HowexiT newcomers to 
Harper hJ^, i,,uiid Ihe -ignagr vrn helptui in find- 
ing itieii dj-s,-. VNe hd\e rvteiM-d manv compli- 
nu-nt- irom -uid.-iii. lamlty statt and community 
memK'rs,' stiid Can»l Blotteaux, 

I tv>f\- th,it th.- intormation that I ha\e shanxl with 
you all I- lielplul m an-icermg those imanowemj li i.Hi have am additional qurstmni. I can 
be red. hed in th.. student SmateiiffKe al >*2S A244 (jrt. 
«>244 on , aiiipus) .., at ska/mienihotmati urni 




■1 • ..n 






'\pfi\ lixfjv 


111 w iK\liilf .1 laniciix visit iir t.i re-i'ie-i 
nHi«- inli«riii,itiiiii. v.ill 3I2-i62-KI22. 


rhe Harbinner 
I Febnufy 21, 2000 

Harper News 

Page 3 


This trip it not 


Antarctica: Professor takes expe- 
dition to coldest part of Earth 

Harper Collag* 

j-'*'4" »jK-rv 

„,.,.,„. I., (h<< 

111 in 

Slplara coortfuatM with Ma t«aM in tk« iMart 



-ontmuM from o*g» 1 

Miidifs Foundation 

ihf I'vpi-ititimi. I»vl> that 

lutKJ not onlv tvprtxtit"" an 

;. li stuitv ot thf ilimale o» Marv. hut 

anit n\i'ri' importantK mav 

i'r,>\. th.ii liti lan in tail rvi-l at -uth 


::\\ thm^ aK)ut tht' mi-.Miin 

that di-appointed Sipii-ra sli>;htlv 
was thv la< i ot a ^tiidi-nt r»-pr.M-tita 
tiM- Ironi Har(HT II m>-I- an aM-ra^if 

.,) !h. 


iiTa ^.iid. I'l. 
lilional *•' 
,.nnt"J » '\i! ■' 
.. h 

Having \i"it 

:\ l.uir ,.tht-t iXva 

I that Ihi- 

Ihi \\,u th« -ca-.'n-. -.v.irk in 
Antautiia n h«Ti- mmith" ^n h\ with 
vontmual .tarkrn-^'. i\o hofn- to >;i> 
baik. in two \. t.xuN that 

tinif ma\ N- i val dir»>t 

mi; our altmlion 1. i!u iilf that wan 
Mirv iM' ih. ri- tiihff Ihan lo..uMn>; 
more on ■ ti**." 


•Oiaabilily Seminar 

G«t a hn>t-hdnd Itxik at tht- political, sodai 
and economic obstacles millions of 
Americans with disabilities face every day 
i as a result of their physical diffenfnce*. 
t oHH" to thi' Perispectiv es no IXsability scm- 
iruir on Wednesday. Mareh 1, l-2:.Vt p.m., 
•"luiiinl and Admini>tration CVnt«-r AZiX 

• Stress Butien 

I .am mtensno stress managemenl tech- 
r>iquf< to minimi/e vour stressors and max- 
imi/t- vour copmg skills at the Stress 
HustiT-. pn>);ram on Thursday, March 9, 
Ms-l.^it pm, m the Student and 
v.tminislration Center, \2i^ I'lnd out hoH' 
lo imorptirale assertiv eness training lime 
management and relavafion techniques 
stK-h as progressixe relaxation and folded 

j imanerv into \ our daiK life 


I •Maiaag* 

I Take a break from studyinn? Gt>t a massafte! 
Theraf-ieutic chair massage is offeivd on 
lampu" Wrvfnesda>s and Thursdays for $1 
(XT niinute Call Health and Psychtilogical 
Ser\ice> at nt. ti2*>f< lo •~i heiluU- one and/or 
for more information 


Al RuKxJictinc Uiiivcrtily. we bclksv in 
p\-n'.(; crcclii » Ik re crcJic is due. So \<m 
«XKt't Umc liasiltaiticd irtJi: iioiir* vclicil 
you imnilcr iViMii another nUtiluiKMi And 
you'^B keep y«xir cdut:alkMal p>^ oii 

\Ui.U I . , , ■ i» . 

**lranslcr-tTiciiUl) pn>i;iii:ii a-vati-siuv at 
Bcni-dn-tiin:, iiickiJin); pa;t»>ct»li4*s ^''ilh *l^* 
^onitiKiiutX' coUc{io III mai'.v lic.ds ol 

sT'mK' ^^ v,i II Li I. !■.» XV Kit 11 .' -.M sv ^ '■ > 

Ask your wellness advisor 

StiuliTits i.m anoinnunislv submit inifstioii>- on 
vvi-ilni'ss rvlatoii tnpu-. b\ pl.King them m the 
m.irktii Ki\ outsidf tho Health Ser\'ic«-* Office in 
: Ansv\*rs will appi'.ir in future issues of The 
//uH'iiJxir All .|uestii>ns will be thoroughly 
I ri'^Mfched aiid resfKinse> will be provided by health 
c.ire pnMessionals not affiliated to The Harbins^cr. 
Q. I've heard a lot transfusions, blood con- 

about hepatitis - tact, dirty needles and 

should I worry alXHit from mother to fetus. 

catching it? Or>e of my Type C is transmitted 

percent oJouf ii 

ot'iiiuiv.' aid, :u->i> .o^,., -v .*. ..i, ■■ 

and Mudcat nork to Umm jiwI iKcd-biiiM 
awards And Through II get the 

lUpport ottiiciidly»tJ . jidvi!ioi^ 

and tlexitslc *ci\kes 

With 39 undcfii^radiute ma)ori i 
pcMonaliied approach, »< mdcc tranOernnf 
easy Whether ytxi arc s-omliinmf cflUefc 
»Tth vvmii or are stihlying ftill tune, \xni «ill 
liiKl sxwivenieni boon for cta«(« ami 
»er»icr». Ifthat aonnd* IiIk' time well *pv m 
cat I U.S today 

For more 


call us at 

C630) 829-6300. 

e-mail us at 


or visit us at 

,JL^ Benedictine 
IT University 

»AIDC«i(ac Dad. 

friends has it and is 
very sick. 

A Hepatitis is a vtrus 
that causes inflamma- 
tion of the liver It is 
, categorized tnto two 
i mam types, A and B 
Other types are hepati- 
tis C. D. and E 
Individuals who get 
hepatitis may initially 
tjecome jaundiced (yel- 
lowing ol ttie skin and 
eyes) due to a buildup 
of bile in the blood 
Urine may t)ecome 
darker than usual and 
stools may t)ecome 
clay-colored or whitish. 
Types A and E are con- 
tracted through contam- 
inated food or water 
(contamination by feces 
being ingested) Type 
B hepatitis is transmit- 
ted through sexual 
encounters, blood 

usually through IV drug 
use or exposure to con- 
taminated blood prod- 
ucts. Recovery from 
hepatitis may take up to 
four months A small 
percentage of people 
do end up with chronic 
Complications of 
hepatitis are liver fail- 
ure. cirrtK)sis of the 
liver, liver cancer ar>d 
possibly death There 
are vaccinations for the 
prevention of Hepatitis 
A and Hepatitis B The 
Hepatitis A vaccine is 
recommended tor any- 
body traveling outside 
the U S with the excep- 
tion of Westem 
Europe. The Hepatitis B 
vaccine is recommend- 
ed for school-age chil- 
dren, healthcare work- 
ers and sexually active 

Pag* 4 

Harper Features 

Photo Opinion Po 

How welt has Harper celebrated Black History Month? 

Thf Harbinger 
February 21, 2000 

I hawn't notic«d 
Lwry iadtton. It, 
Psychology maior 

"Looking around Harpor, I 

woutdnl ba aMa to tatL" 

OoNaan Windorff, IS. 

Nursing mafor 

1 havant aaan Black History 


aa wall as it should bt" 

Ed (kanala. Paychology m^or 

"t havon't saan It 

prowiolaU at aN, iNit I 

haar H has baan in 

oHIarant locatlona 

around tha can>- 

1 havant 


of anything" 
John Brady. 23. 
History msior 


BOOK Dn^ve 

Drop off sH€$: 

StkdetU I Admf9iififaiiOH (Uidif. 

Bt^MSS I Sociai SehMe C$M§i, 

%po$*tt>nd 6y tAg Harpn 

Coii$^ StudtMt JfkgtM and 

HMim JiUmanUy CAtistiem 


1o 6$H$fH iAe midfeM's Horn 
Mid Aid Soei^y of JUihois 
[4« CAoftfifcd foii MJatiOH 



74« a^ Hm^ 0( tto$t 

f§aiviM0 tAtsg 6oo(it it imftuU 

to n. Ait types of 6oo(is an 

The Harbinger 
February 21, 2000 

Harper Features 


Spoken verso makes Phones: Harper students go cellular as mobile 

lon^ story short worth- communications come to campus 

while listening 

SICfitotf AfewM 


Poetrv Album 1 know - it 
sounds wfird Vki>'! 

Sundiata's /iw>; >lory »/i<ir( i> 
pn>bjbly the strangest CD a 
srudent in suburbia mi^ht 
run across 

From thf tirsi isord to thi- 
tinal, youll ftfl like v<iu a' 
attending an underground 
ptietrv reading t(Mi cool for 
\ou to fully understand But 
perhaps a limited ci>mpre- 
hension Ls for the best, go 
into It deep and it might 
delude a yuppie into think- 
ing he's TS Ulii'l dres.setJ as 
John Collrane 

The album s tull of mt-s- 
sages, so much so that it s 
rather intimidating to ihi- 
mmmon \oungstiT Ot 
x.our**!' ^ ■■ -'iHuil 
mi-ssagi- on 

Amencans in our s«vtt-t\ i- 
the main lutl powers 
this CD, but the -Iv I.' and thr 
rhvlhm imreasfs its 
bevond thi' target audiemi' 

This album isn t tor ev fr\ 
orH- \ou II i-ither K' mesmer 
i/iil b\ the hrst stan/a ot 
piitK truth, or be turm\l oil 
b\ thr str.u tntm the m.iin 
-.Irtam I nK-ss von ri' a fHnl, 
a beatnik, j mil mcniK r, or 
am>th>-r i.iri.ilion ol .in artist, 
loni" •.ftirv I-. to tv taken with a 
^rain ot -alt to liilH enjoy 

rhi- album can be fourvl 
floating; on Ani DiFranco's 
label. Righteous Babe 
Rtiords If you desperateh 
need a ihangf and haie thf 
trtv time to listm to ama/in^ 
r.imblings, ihrn part with 
<,\n'*i .ind hr thv (irst kid on 
the hlovk to tv bent pivti 
iall\ sfvaking 

continued Trom page I 

Cell phones an- even 
shnnkinv; in -i/iv making 
thfm iMMi'i to larn Ih<- Lit- 
i-t mmli'l'- trom Motorola 
uhkh lontrol- a third ol th«' 
nil phiim- market ■ and S>n\ 
an- nil larger than a dt\k »t 
lards and wfi>;h |ust o\er 
threi' ounces, 

Ihese new its hnok>>;Kal 
.itKancements clc.irU an- |usf 
makin>; it oasur lor students 
to tote their h.indv ' - ': 
gadgets e\ <T\ w hiT>- ! 

It IS ob\ lous that i lin< 
shouki K' drav\ n some\\ hctf 
but when-' 

Harper student IXwothy 
C onsfntini> pnoriti/«"s iist" of 
her cell phone Having a 
n'll phono Is .1 \\,i\ to ri'.Kh 
nv when 1 tan I be found, 
she savs hut I detinitilv 
turn It oil m the v lassns.m 

Aniirding to student 
Shaun Keating. 1 ust niy veil 

phone to stav in touvh with 
mv lamiK and to inform 
them of where 1 am and 
where I in ^oing 

ll s .lis,, not uivommon to i H.irper stuvlent 
1 ailing home li' find out 
What s tor dinner^ or vail- 
ing to get assistant-e with car 
trouble m the Harper parking 

PM010B> l!!Bf ■* 

TIM LMC MStrtcts e«ll 

Some students ha\ e issues 
with veil phones, wherever 
llie\ might be Dan Madigan. 





The powerful, arty pop sounds of 



; h JAM$ 

Verbow performs music from their latest release, "White Out.' 
With a special Appearance by Kepano Green 

Jl\' nnortlxHkn i-xunn" ■ <i i.isi >ri Xdniucy'i gutlar aiui i <m.uI.\ it ill> .V/^n,>( Cl^-Jn-' > ^nrn:" t^rnmpfeft one rock 
critic to Hi laM PhotHa" ufberi descrihi>ii> ;/sf w( t - 

Friday, March 3 

7:30 pm 

Student Center Lounge 

Student and Administration Center 


S" - lljipcr Minitiui iiii aiH"an«) 

S 10 - Krnerai adatestoii, all tickets dsv of siwm 

Utt IK trts iml ir^ntmMKm, a* St" ^i'lMW 
tu viMi our wrhMie at www harper <xA ut 

Other !*hr 

,>f Scries are: 

Chkagp Blues Legend Lonnk Brooks «ith 
son Wayn« and spccul gue« Pet«T MuIvt> 
fniiy, .Utich I' 

Liitth Fair veteran and LA folk rocker 

loan Jones 

\^'Mh Npcciai guest FM. Smith 

UiUv l\>ncr 

with special guesi Kraig Ktrnnint; 

FcMfay. April ii 

a student and employee of 
Harper s Uxxl services, says, 
1 think It IS inappntpriate to 
ha\ e them on dunng class or 
in schix>l. Walking down 
hallways with a cell in haiKl 
or m line at the cafeteria is 
downright disruptive " 

DorothN Consentino also 
mentions that is difficult to 
use but not abuse She 
desiribed her cell phone as 
an "electronic" and a 
way for pe«>ple to get in touch 
with her even when she 
v\ ould ratfier not be reached. 

With signs posted in the 
librars and individual rules 
i>t faculty, it soems that 
Harper is encouraging an 
end to the tell phone rage. 

Unfortunately, cell phones 
.ippear to have become the 
saddle in our society, howev- 
i-r we all don't nwd to tag 
.ilong, loi the ride. 


Harbinger is 
looking for 

writers, pho- 

and a sports 


If you have 

an interest in 

joining this 

paper, stop 

by The 


office, A367, 

or call 


(xt. 6460 on 

m: to apply. 



I'hf Harbinger 
February 21. 2000 

Cultural blind spot? 

Hcv kids, montli is it' 

\o. not Fi'\ 

It IS Bl,u k His|,.r\ \1onlh hut 
svhotould possibK kn('\\' 
Lerlciinlv ni>t .invi>ni' v\ li<> Jutii t 
dlre.uly know 

That's rij;ht, H.irprr t. i>llri;t' viiuu' nothing nuKh llui- 
to n'lfbr.itf Hist..r\ 

Sure the Folk> at l'ro>;rani 
Board h.i\f provided simiu ri\. I 
inj; nio\ if> sui h i- • 
\tm and m.>st ri'ientl\ i\,"-c,(i'i'.<, 
md o< course theie u.ts a presen- 
tatu>n troni Hi Mi.h.i.t \ntho?i\ 

r.ut to tell the truth hou 
would anvone on this campus 
know that Harper \\ as letehrat- 
in>; this It th. 'f gft press 

reli'ase^ on i ;. ., . hasis (like 

\v e 1.1 o ' 

VVc only v\dnt to know how 
anyone can justifv hopscotchin>; 
o\er a s,>rncthin); that lelehrates 
thf ruh history ot a whole se»; 
ment ot the world. 

We would like to hearken hai k 
to the days when vou could i;o to 
the cafeteria or tile stuJint 
Lounge and hear gospel ihoirs 
raise your spirits and soul to the 
sky. ni> matter what r.i> . ..i 
nationality you were 

Though let us iu<t Inrt^L I the 

showcase of Atrican American 
History, which provided alt those 
who went w ith not only enter- 
tainment but also knt>wledge that 
\\ e ill net'di'd to kiuuv 

Heck. It would even he nice to 
see a picture ot the Reverend 
Doctor Martin I uther Kini;. or 
Med>;ar Evers. just lor good mea- 

What we are saving is how can 
we learn to appreciate other cul- 
tures it the school that \s e gf to 
is not willing to show its .ippre- 
ciation for other tultun's' 

The journey's all right, but the 
destination needs some work 

Sigfitotf MMMl 

t i>lli-i;>' ' lo '"«■ the v\orv1 
was nu»re ot an annistn-.:, 
i hoice. rather than the m \i 
logical step alter high M.hiH>l 
MiH h to the disn> i\ •-» n'^ 
tneiids .Mid t.inir 
.ipplied to a four \iai si.iuh>I 

The days I should h.n e 
spt>nt applying wen- s\s ,il 
lovvt-d up bv girlh lends p.ii 
ties and bars. \1\ .hil>tho>Kl 
dreams Ih'M swa\ over tin 
better tacuttu-s and the need 
t(> be pr.igni.itK 

1 was going lo iiiiiki- i! 
M>mehi>w without further 
education 1 was going to 
'm.jAc ;/ bv lolUnv ine iiiv 
desires I v\ 

without atleiKiing v.<iki;e i>' 
prov e ev erv bovlv w rong and 
show tluit mv character 
would take me t.irttier tli.iii 
any pit\e ot p.if' 'ild 

Nearly two sen- .niri i 
\owi\l to never to lontorm I 
tind nivsell writing ti>r a lol 
lege newspapiT and speiulmg 
some tree lime liHiking over 

Lniversitv catal.'gnes I low s 
that for iri»ny ' 

Did I givi' up on mv 
Jre.mis I'!. I -.11 ..Ml (.. s,Ki- 
rlv ' \l,is 

I was idealistii to a taull, 
but alter K-ing forced to wi>rk 
loe.iin inv vlailv bread, hav- 
ing to worrv .ibout rent and 
bills \\ hill ti V ing lo |uggle 
tvv o jobs .ind .1 taint ecfio ot a 
siK lal lite ! ' ' ome to terms 
\Mth mv ii.'iMKe 

I'viTV siiii,n .luiiionlv ligiire 
that still held bn'ath 

Ml I ever wanted was to 
have tun But time and cir 
ciimstance put a prue •>n mv 
wish I I. in no longer verballv .1 svsii'in. preaihing stK iet\ Is all vvnmg, 
while being distt.Kli'd bv the 
V lies and pleasures if pro- 
din, es I have 111) ilesire tii Iv a 

I look aioiind and mv m\ 
old peers hallv\.n done with 
s, hvNil w lu'ti I hav I iiisi 
lound file courage to begin, 
^et mv Lite start hasn't bro- 
ken mv will Of ionfid(MKe 

\lv resi>lve to tultill m\ hofx-s 
■ind ncvds has onl\ strength- 
ened And it just M) happ«'iis 
that college is the quickest 
moans to get w hetv I want to 


I i.irrv vMlh me regri'ts 
ericompasstng K>th mv stvcial 
and academic life, but all i>t 
us carry such burdens, and I 
atuse to let past failures and 
delusions prevent me from 
changing my path. 

S«> what am I trying to s.iv ^ 
Frankly, I'm n<»t too sure \ 
lot of us here at Harper hav e 
similar storit-s. if not parallel 
plot lines 

V\e go through these times 
unsure and a little scared of 
the results ot the divisions we 
make tcKlay. Aa* we doing the 
smart thing^" Aiv we doing 
the K^t we can' .Arv we mak- 
ing the right choice' We can 
never know all the answers, 
but unless we get up and do 
MimW/i/rij;. then we wiwi't 
have anv answers at all 

Deah Uncle Biu.. 

TMAt I ■ ' "•'"^•' " * M^VBAC«UtH 

Ask Uncle Bill 

question.' k»k Inelr Bill. He may not be right, but it's still good 
tiwux. Di«p off Toar kttert to tke HMiiimger ia A367. 


.'. ":m • TUtf 


Deak Hopelcsb, 

Sit down whh vol'k r«iEND 


ou/v I iKf- Til IFAI) H( MAV BE 


Uncle Bill 

:''j#^-:..;':;'ltfltorlal Board 

The Harbinger 

Editor mOvef- 

Actmg t^ews Editor- 
A&E Editor 

Acting Sports Editor., 
Copy Editor 

Business Manager 
Faculty Advisor 


-.Rich DaswicK 

-Sigf ried Abuei 


Jenmfef Moses 

Dam are 

Staff Writars and Assistanta 

Noei Bago. Bradley Handwerher. Jonathan McMatvxi 

Rictiard Nathan. Porter Notite. Jennifer Ostxjrn. Eric Schafer 

SPECIAL TO THE HARBINGER. Shawn Slenczka. Kevin ShephB 

Qanaral Pollclaa 

Cm copy ot »> llBrtl B fr H »w to wiyotw to th» Htpor Coi mmrtH f i BB* l 


Qaarri MonnMlan 

The Hartiing0r ti ine «iuOwn puMicalion toe tfm Hmvm Co ti g i c»i»TPl» cofnnwwy. 
puHtiMad b> «M«Wy tlrouftwut Kw sctiooi yMr tiieaol durm hokdsys an) fnal 
a>«m Tl« paper ts dntntuted ti«e to all fctudants, taojlty an) a«nmtraiion 
T»i» HmtiiW*''* »o* t»'P<»»» '• to Pn*"* t" Hirpar community wtn •itormation 
partamv to ifia campus and its a u rroiyidim camruraty 

n» HmtM^er •wtcome* l»«»r» to tt» aditor and raplw* to of adrtoriat*. Lettar* 
mi«t l» »«in«l and inc»ic»t a plwia nui«a» to »efrty iuinor*<p. Signetui** «i« !» 
MitMlil upon raquast All Mitiars and canlant arawPiact toMkting. 


Product »a«)ian«iee»a*<afti«adin Ttm Hiomtet are not nece»sanly endofiad by 
t>w adilort of nw papar, nor Oy tha coDaa* admmttlratKin or Board of tkraclors. 
Mqumas Wiould Pa «or«aRlad dmctiy to tt« adwrtitw. and an purcnaan am at 
ttia dnottnn 0* ma caraunar 


Tfie Hartxnger William Rainey Harper 


1200 West Algonquin Road 

Palatme.lL 60067-7098 

Phone Nuntwrs: 

business office: (8471 925^460 

news office; (847) 925-6000 X2461 

fax: (8471 925-6033 

copyri^ 2000. The HarMtear. 

1 'v. M >rbinger 
'l,> 21, 2000 

ArtsA Entertainment 


Attention all Cardiac Care 

Patients The Alexian 

Brother Medical Center will 

be on Campus February 22 

2000 to perform Cardiac 

Risk Assessment test's 

The Assessment includes; 

A complete Cholesterol 

Screening 4 

Blood Glucose Analysis 
Blood Pressure Screening 

Body Fat Analysis 
Risk Profile and a follow 

up consultation. 
For More Information or 
register please call Toll 
Free 888-394-9400 


W J 

Jones, Judd star in laclcius- 
ter Program Board feature 
movie Double Jeopardy 

IP9ft<Sf NoMs 

ft,*t*ifrc c 

You are in the 

Student and 


Center, so why 

not listen to 

Harper's most 

popular radio 



All Harper 

All the time I lip-. iii»m 

KtinK and 

''l>\ ludd) i~ IrjmiMJ 

•Ti, h i.Hi .in^t kMrn- Imm priMin that 

, otu cnnTith ni»l dead l>n«- irt fwr 

kljtih. a UuMTium nnirdi-nraim di- 

mU Kf tflU tuf thol under iIh- duubU 

m niurdir hii undciid hutiiund, becdUM? ^Jw 

■1! il!', ! ■A.I'- . \m\ itltvi 

(urulf, sIh- is M-nt to .1 halfwd\ houie 
1! .>! .1 icnitf p.Uiilf »!fu.T plaved bv fhi> 

t\(>tv,i-.t li'mnn I .i l.'iif^ \\t\o \ Imtk.- like he 

(U>t w.tndiii d .n<r trom thr -t't lit , ,., tii !m:V what all 

th«- mils.' u.i^ \>iili\ iinnHi.)ijti4v breaks pdn)l«> to \ivi her 
^.,..\!.ir, I. i .1,. .' I <'■"-• K- Kilt <iii Motent tfvifi^i'?), 

.\ li'iiinw chdsm^ .Ashley 

lit; im, .uiu- lit .luljHiHitJvc iii.K>s and 

•<n>f MiTifs I V ontuallv, Ti>nitn\ ival- 

■ ind hflp-. hci 111 .1 tinalf that is n'mi- 

■;-..'d \\.it>-n;,iu- 

Mil ;■..-; j-i i^ii.inl iimnii-nl u.i- nul llv ri'unmn sii-ne 

piLilrvi fr.ini ' 'r'r / /,'if Ki'.\' 1 llirv tt'ivl nif \ou wvTv di*acl. 

Munum I but « .1^ .1 N^rni- whi-if .1 >;rjv Fon.1 (.ialanie 

iiuiulu's ,>lt thf dfik lit thi; KivnwTton to SeattW lerrv after 

biiMipmi; .1 Ijle modW Cum Metn' into thf dnnk Jont-s. |udd 

.iiiil tht I sail mtimi-ntdrilx thmugh th»" air, and lartd 

softly in the u.itcr I bit nu lip .it that point, although it wa» 

iml\ ht\.iiis, I r.ittur lik<\l the I ..ilaMc 

lh< 111 vt -hut shi.u- tlu' r(K>t ot the wir .is it passi»s 
iiiKJi r«,itir \»ith loninn I ■•»• do)y»edlv bubbling 
air iHit his ii.isi' U hi'tht'i .11 not Ihi' s* cni' inti-ntled to parody 
rsf.iui, with Ihf sinking; 111 .i i;rav I'^tilts land yacht. I somehow 
e\}>s tiHi ludd to tfll jom-s ill noMT tor^et vou" after she 
ck>ckeii him on thf hi-ad w ith hi-r stolon 'W caliber handgun. 
T1h> othif probU'iii with l\'iil'lt /iM/wrJi/ is that the 
ptenuse hvhmd thi' plot is basuallv incorrect Most pa>s»v"u- 
ton wtHikl t.iki' Issue with thf tart that kniting somemve in 
l**t and shtmting st)me«inc in l**** ls the saitie crime even it 
the V iitim Is allegedly the same She als»i assaults se\eral law 
enfonement ofticers, totals soirn- lars and |umps pan>le. 
which means she's headed bai k to lail anv wa\ I (juess that's 
what shf ^fts tor lakin>; lf>;.il advice from somis'iif making* 
vat ot prison tapioca 

All in all (XiiiWi- li;>fwJv is really only worth seejnj> if 
you ha\f a date and vou want their undivided attention 
(don't let them ^et anv ideas trom the movie), or it you have 
a HihkI group of triends to rib its silly contrivances ala Myilery 
.Sc/.)i.i f'lnidr ^tmi In either case, vou probably won't have 
to wiMTy about a large crowd ot people in thi- theater. 

DoMr IcxnvrJv will be Program Board's featured movie 
Tuesday, Fi-bniarv 22 at 12 1*1 p m and Wednesday, February 
2.T .It I p m both shovvings are on the third floor of the 
Student .ind Administration Center in tlw big screen TV 
lounge area 


ArtsA Entertainment 

rhe Harbinger 
February 21, 2000 

What do you do for fun? HEY!!!! 

The Harbinger takes a look at the best and the rest of the burbs 


U'% Friday night, homo- 
work is < Survdav task, arul 
Saturday eNiokfd tor re\i'\ 
ery hitw You h.u c s»'nu' i .i^h 
to bum. J coupU' (•( triiTuI-. in 
a car. and it s "p ni A v|uf- 
lion burns in vour minj 
What the Vi i ar»- »o gomn ti- 

Let ■< faiv It. »<■ di'P I 
exactly attend a party sih,i.>l 
So what arr you going to Ji>' 
Thi' nightlife ot tht- northw (••.( 
suburbs i.s shall we s,u 
a little sivirt ot piirRalurv \ 
li>i 111 UN iiNt' luii unw \\ ,.iitin>; 
,1 dirii 

;„.,, , , ., -,^ It'N 

to rvl.iv and fn|o\ 

111 .111 iili'.il world IvTi- 
dom Hould !>• tt>>- luxur\ ol 
thi- i>ld .ind not the lot ot sub- 
urban vouth To K- tjir MHne 
aro qiiitf I ontont with Ihi- 
limited . hoi. t- ot .111.11.1111 
nu'nt It- !. tu 

.ilU ,T,. -.old 


I Hi .1 n-<.i'nt poll hi-n .iir 
the top tnf 1 hom«. ol vihat 
Harpt'r Ntu.tnits d.. 

• "Hang out with m> 
tru-nds ' 

• "Hang uul at a Iriends 

• "Hang out at the malt." 

• 'Watch television." 

• "Watch a movie." 

Cin WM. I. -.I iK.. . n»ativit%' 
iH>/inK tri ^'1 iJri 

.md th. ... >. •• it m.ik.fs 
, I'w tipping l.Hik. fun and 

It s <'.i»\ to ^.1 trjpp<Hl 
into J routim- anil tind voiir 
M-ll doing thf sami- thin^ 
over and over again, but it 
« ould seem that aliTK»st all ol 
iiN .ir»' in the same Ixxjt. 

II appears hopeless .it 
timt-. rhf area 
H,ir(Hr .omes acrtis- 
li-ss. hut search ar»d thou sh.ill 

Ih.Tc .irr ,1 h-w N'.v, on~ .il 
hop.- that lUuminO' '* ■ 
nighi \tter fCMne r. 
rangint; town (*nem.iN i. ) ., i 
er m.jihv Wf stunihlod upon 
MMne viable altern.iln i-s 

• GameWorks 

s« h.iunitnirn i~ .i KtiMl p; 
to .hi\k out, jiist be ready tu 
sptinl .1 little 

• Penny Road Dirtv 
Nellies PapS mil 
Lamplighters in i:i'o.t 
I'l.i,.. I.: );i-l li.juon.l up 

', niit>; to s.iiiir 

• Scuba le»itons v.m m-i viu. 
b«n:k approximatelv W^ll dol- 
lars, but with .net UK*' ship 
wrecks to explore m I .iW 
Michigan .tlone, you can t gi. 

• Indoor climbing pool 
darts martial arts karaoke 
,ind dancing .ir.' .ill n.idiu 
.ujiLiblr in do/.'tiN ot pl.K.-.. 
in thf suburbs 

• \ou i.m I'Sfii go t.i Prur% 
Lane for a pUiN w. ..m .ill .lo 
this to siari our p.innls. 
.V hkh aliw adds to the enate- 


TlH*se ar.' )ust Mmn* ot thf\ options sou ih.s"«' 
to numb v.Hir w ith .iml 

are just .i ^loof ^ throw 


lo! .1 i;.»si Iw.ii 1-. ,1 iiulh -IS 

i» Ih.' id.'.i suburt'! 
• MiT monis 

1 1>. r. .itr Itin pl.K.'s t.» K- 
•ind inl.T.-stin^ -iv;ht'« to siv 
wi' |usl n.i'd lo make ttn' 
,..,,.,, ,,, |,„,i 

Now that I have your 

attention, here's the 

deal. Those folks at 

Program Board who 

brought us Dazy Head 

Mazy and offer us 

great movies every 

week want you. 

Available positions are 

Public Relations Chair 

and Special Events 

fnyone including cur- 
rent Board members 
are welcome to apply 
in A331. 


Tuesdays @ 


Wednesdays @ \:DD 

Tlie Illinois Institute of Art 

>/ EJ 

ir adi 



The Feature 

Double Jeopardy 



South Park 

As always, this movie is brought to 
you by the folks at Program Board 

jssions office 

ite and Bachelor Degree 
Programs Include: ^ 

• Visual Communications * 

• Grapt^ic Design ' ^ ^ 
Interior Design (FIDER aecfedired) 

^» Multimedia and VVeb design 
Media Arts a^d>Anim|itidinr * 

• Multimedia Production 

1000 N.>laza^ci)'ive *> * » 
Schaurhiburg^lt 60173 

1.847.6t9.3450s ' 


Vin;i our web\il« ai hup *w»»» ilu an «-du 

The right place, the right time. 

Thf HarbingiT 
February 21, 2000 


Page 9 




We Went Looking for a 

Different Kind of 


We found the next 



Agon Boku 



(iiiu (riuiio 



Mary CirmmAi 



Monica DavM 
Bmmurf FJaMtm 

MaObew DiPtaqualr 




I (Mutrtitf 

KcOv Grrard 
n-tn (MuuaJ) 

San Gtwiibcfg 
nnut (.HututlJ 
Nicolr Hudgn 

Kalhten Kane-WUhi 


Uanmtn Bill US 
Aftiuii l^y 

ikHemr, Ctmly aa^ 
Vu Ijiu 





Amanda MarchcKi 

TItttUr (Mkaal) 




Ltrbn HS 

Bndgn Murpky 

Ktuntb i'liamitf 

Uttf/KH Ranp 

Locu Rjtn 



MaifM Ripl i^ia i 



Lrah Sauvai^r 

Matdiew Sfaefcrilt 


Marimr SpanoM 
Cm^trr inner | 


laitra Woody 



Ctmfum Sance 

Wmdy Maicr 



Cafolyn Murnt 


Tiffanir Amnanw 
Harper (AtUf 

Traar Amuaale 



Oona Hnaaoda 


E k m mtr f Edtatmt 
Ki — ub Ihaamilf 

ChriKopher I Vtr ii u B 



Defaonh Pidatp 

OmnUay Eitiutm» 

S hw iKMi Plaif 


Darlmi Main 

Httftr IMg, 


CMhctae Sioda 

Ct^yikiiMona io 4r nn ib)«rv«k Stfcoln - yiwg nwn and »oam «rin »fl bentft 
■■r <*(> h addkm to an mndtid icadmK nqpmRKc ani geomn OKf* KiniH^^ 

TV Boomefc SdwJan fti^ii. a qi« I, Im*b» ..d »,„,((,, of a« mapn, hrt hv^ 
»'*¥i>i*"mmmitfmtyKtmlmm.rmtmMt6itmk<m*mmmipthaninpii,p»m.tMlh Sam RtMrnbrrg. 
Dwctor. 312 341 3697. Kadiennr IV>. 3U Wl 3515. or Liia tntmut. •47«I<MMXM u R«Mrv<h Umvmiiy today 




Tht i^^mitr httwtm when ytm m* mtd when jvu want to be. 


-KWIIomxilOOSfVflTllW SCMMMMV ttUIIOiS AOirj i«4ri (Slt-Hae 
«nm rooievaR adv 

ArtsA Entertainment 

Page 10 

The HarhingfT 
FebtuJiy 21, 2000 

Bigger, Longer and Uncut doesn't 
necessarily make South Park better 

^'4?(V>^Mr*'P»'ii^^ *Ti>)Ttuy)A' 


I want U< o\pUin <i»irjwthing ri);ht new I 
n-dllv ili>n I care t(W South Park 
I Jt)n'» watch It on a wRular baMs Aw U> 
Kua^e that 1 diiot <:i>n- tr '••■- ■• 'H •''■• ' 
tound mvM'll ^juitf in»«-n'-i 

Cirki-rand Matt Moru'. in-.n i m. m. ..... 

m,it«-d series, woukl l<v the lirn- i>n the muv !>• 
Si>uth l\irlk Bi)y?er, 1 onRer and tiHui 
The m>n le turrn-d out li» be a d«xfnl hit jI itn- 
bK\ offke. and otters up humor w,hiIvI 
make f\i-n the n(»n-.Hi] Suiih I'.uk 
■A.itiher ihucV.1. 
'iit-rentul jw.ii 

V Kennv K\ii 
" < U»n>!-av\.iilii.l bii; 
t.iMiritf C ,u i 
TfrrCTKe and l*hillip 

When the TemtHe and ("hillip moMf turns 
■ It to he offenMve to parents who Itar it 
A .irp* the children > fragile little minds ihi 
jdults take .Ktion Atter i:enMirin>; exi-rv 
thing under the >iin tliev reali/e that the niot 
of the problem is not the irther factors sur 
nmndmfi the kids but rather Terren>t .inJ 
riiillip thems»l\es 

With a war KMwetn the L ^ .md i .!i>.i.!.i 
bn-wing o\er thi' iinn le it tx->i'nus |I« i.iit 
btns alonn with fhi-tr'r c he! ns^-on 
sibilitN to pre\enl K>tb » ir irid th. ivecution 
(it the I. .utors 

\ le sMrls v\ itll sill 

t' tour m.iin . 

and i .irlni.m .itleiul 

I re 11 (iet-iil .'I thiir 

Is th« . .' 

'stone and I'tiV 
o^H^lv inl 

lonlr ' * '■< 


numtvts .1 -.1111 

not watch the sh. 

liust stars >;alon' tm im- mn 

reprises his role troni .in e.i 

the p.uixlu's ol . . 

I (.'Brill. 

Win.m.i K\der .ii> ,ii-! i !• 


It \ivu love the l\ 

tainK kne the dim 

,1 lot i>t ihi.iighl and 
int.luding ihtng* so 

i .-. .ki. H,.«.irJ stern 

.. .jiute . mills:. .j; 

11 brothels .ind 

\ !h<\ t.ike slii'ts 

— *&;. 

■hovi, voii u ill m.isl (.ei- 
It \oii n- like nil' hom'\ 
er M>u m,n |ust hnd it .imusin); toi ,i wivk 
end i;etlo>;ether iMth tnends Alter .ill one 
» .m v>nU st.ind s,« much ot the tirst Mini; in tlu' 
tirm. sun>; b\ lern'iive and lliillip 
1 think It |usl m.u h.ue|>i%l nu tra(;ile lit- 
tle mind 

Ihis Mi,.\M IS th>' rro>;r.ini I^Mid te.iturevi 
iiio^ie lebru.iiN >'.ind \ h 1 

Hey look at this open ad 
space. It is pretty cheap, so 

give us a call at 925.6460 
and talk to anyone who will 


We'd Wie 19 aM y«u U dw dyiuiMe tMial 
of pr«fcul«nab wk* coMrHMM dtlhf Mj 
Aiiwrllceh't npvuttan far cxeeltiMC. A* ■ 
\tattr In ttmnmokMant. wtX encrgMM 
to pfovldc iniMvatlv* totuttant for om<* 
eviiOKMri (xp*n4l«K communleatlana 
nttdi W«'r« prtp»r*6 to miteh yaiM" 
coiiiniitni«nt wrth tr«lniac M$ t*H MM 
opportunities far pr.feMtlMMlirM'llk 

Telephone Account Manager 

• Intiy level taks 

• [>ccUcnl c*n*t aiiwanccfncnl (or dirtct 
wind* ulat 

Med wMi our representalhws 
on campus March 14th 

v« offer an exeticni centficmjtion (Mffwrn, 
<MtiianiS<i« iienetit and an cn»iranmtM 
condMci** 10 pcfMiul and profctslonal 
p»t«i H yeu art uMbk to meet wMh us in 
pcfhon. plaae wtlflttji tmt youe ttntnt to 
tITA/ISS S. IlMCUtivt Ofitt. Suita MB. 
Braokficld. Wl S300S tu: 262 S:r39S9 
Email: jabsenainc.tani JOB COOti 
An<«i««ckAAM. I 


In a world of technologj; 
people make Ihc difference." 

An c<|M>l 0(V0rtMM)r ««(*>y«r 



An opportunity for a self starter. Ytxj 
mist be motivated to work in the 
entertainment industry as an agent A 
ground door opportunity for someone 
yntx) really wants to learns to learn ttie 
business at all levels. WE work witb 
kical entertamer s as well as ma|or 
headline talent m ail fields of enter 
tatnment. Our txjyers include to corpo 
rate and private clubs throughout the 
IMdtvest. Our office is located m tfie 
l>4ofth¥»est sutxjrbs. We are not looking 
for burnt out entertainers or 
wantabes. In fact, a business or sates 
background is more appropriate than 
an entertainment backgrourxl- Please 
tax or email a letter w resume to: 
847-490 3182 or 
stepoientert ains n Fox Valley net 

Fu« Service BanKers Full and Part Time 
First Midwest currently has several 
excellent opportunities available in it's 
Elk Grove Village Super marker Banking 
location. Responsibilities include mar- 
keting financial opportunities, opening 
new accounts, teller and balancing 
functions and assisting customers 
with inquiries. These dynamic po8itioe» 
require sales orientated indivHjuals 
with excellent customer service skills 
*id previous cash tiandling exiserience 
Must be able to work flexitsfe riours 
including weekends. We offer a com 
petitive salary and quarterly incentives 
and a full benefits packaces for full or 
part time employees. Pleases 
send .'tax resume to. FIrtt MkhnMt 
Bark attnCorporate Recruiter 300 
Park Bivd Suite 400 Itasca ii 60143 
Fax i630> 875 7399 

To place a classified, call 

Hel-j) Wanted. Part time teacfier want 
ed to lead cooking instruction/birth 
day parties for chiklren six to twelve. 
Excellent pay. limited hours, fun envi 
ronment. must be available weekends, 
and must en|cy working with ctiikjren. 
847-776 8080 ask for Kristia Thank 
you Jim Miller Store Team Leader 
Whole Food Markets 1331 Rand Road 
Palatine. 1 60067 847, 776-8080 

My business is growing too fast. IF 
you have 6 to 10 hours a week and a 
desire to earn some extra cash, please 
call847 221 2413 


Go direct' »1 Internet based company 
offering WHOLESALE Spring &eak 
pack^es by eliminating middlemen! 
ALL Destinations! Guaranteed Lowest 
PRices! 1-800-367 1252 www.spr(ng 

#1 Spring Break Vacations! Cancua 
Jwnaica BahamasA Ftorida' Best 
Prices & Parties Guaranteed* Space is 
Iffwted! Book ly! All credit cards 
accepted! 1 800 234 7007 

«1 Spring Break Vacations! Cancun. 
iamaica Bahamas & Florida Best 
prices guaranteed! Free parties & 
Cover char»esi 1 800 234-7007 

www endlesssummert ours com 

To piic* a cinMHied piease"! 
Icall the advertising office and 
'ask for Rich or Br adtay. 

Invest Your Credtti 

If you have co/Ugt cndit - use U. 

Transfer your coUtp coursework and 
compktt an accekra^ 


Bachrlor of Busmen 

Administratum Dtgr**, 

with a conceniratitM inr\ 

Baeluhtr of Applied Scimce Dtgrtt. 

wtih a cimrrniratiim in: 

401 S SuKSucn 


(•Ml 225-I5M 

Intmff StkiiUiiktlu imp to S4.SiVJ AiMlahtefor Qmalifittl Smdne 

IMM CtMt PWKt NJiKTville ILt(H«3 • (•••) Ttt-TM 




OriiMiPvt. 0.60462 

(UN) H»-W73 


rht' Harbinger 
Febniarv 21. 2000 


Page 11 

<l «? 


E^ Donors Needed 

♦Grt* the gift of Uf« i« no infertile conpl*- 
♦Our pfo^xiii ir. completely snommnuK 

ai Jiouf/7 dAV support 
♦AppoiouncnK .ivniLibIc for otbiush 

jiad wcckicods 

$5,00 Compensa tion 

iZan Naoo IJIock 

Pdgcr: IM7-VI7-'I7S» 

The Center fox Kf7?r Opiions Illinois, IHC. 

s^porcs; clBpamrienr 

Is looldng for :;csiff 

CO fjfjver svencs:. 

cirjcl edit. 

bcill, track and field 
^or any och^r s;pri/)g 
^port/why {\oX vvflce 
cibou t it? 

$oBefOH4 the Border 

Km W uimW f0 /rom mm aisu t l/W- l/ifhitwfUtr 
ifktft w< imU IfMkM i CrfM lake, IL 

Sunday, February 20 
Reception 2-4 pm 

Clod Tower Iim Cnwd Ballroom 

Tuesday, March 7 
Reception 7-9 pm 

Cry<Ul bke Holiday Iffii 

Gain mort m/onwatjofl tfbout l/W-iVJiiUwters p/i^rns 
artd cmpui i'tft fmiti CknakrJQck Mikr, co%f(if flfis. 
AhimDi ptnoM^, cAumi and camni siudMi/ 







one week prior to event 
by phone (262)472-1440 
or cmaii at uwwadnitSinttiT 

PJ AB67 
br cin cippliociUon. 

As editor In cWef 
of this paper, I 
would like to 
take advantage 
of this otherwise 
utterly useless 
space to extend 
a warm and 
heart-felt thank 
you to Kevin 
Shepke and 
Shawn Slenczka, 
both of whom 
contributed of 
their own time 
and effort to 
make sure The| 
Harbinger had ai 
sports section 
this issue (albeit 
a somewhat 
piddling and 
pictureless one). 

And, hey, I got to 
fill this empty 
column, too, so 
(everything really 
is okay In the 


WllllMi RalMy NanMr C « W— 

Men's and women's basket- ^hat it take* to make a 

ball hold their own on court winning wrestling team 


tain a ' 

!tn- H.ivvk 
man. 22 .ly 
urtwin l«»tl»-Rt' in >>' 

! tu- 


In A 

.1- Itic lUrpr 
,,,, . .,M l(>l>i-t Sll-«'l 

saturit.iv. l>'bru.ii 

.t-5 •.h«H>tin|t h\ 
it\({ slam itiirk^ 
throw lin«- 

KfMn Kulma ifi"- i . 
Iiihn S hrav Cil. Bob ArulerM>n (fc> and Kki 
1 >., '!>Mli .ill -iiiHril li>r the H.iwl 

i r-> 1 

Bt>hmd two Hunk basl,«ts fmui 
HoUowav and a pair nf VVittor (r«f thn<» >. 
the Hawk-s, now w iiiiutn ..i thnn- i>ut o» its 
last fiiur games, vnri' able t.i >;r.ib .» "" kad 
in the first 2;44 oi thv tontt-*.! 

But a Harper turrnmr at th*- l" ^1 mark. 
sparWid iht Woht^ i»n a ^1 run > 
mg in Mark.u» For J s (H p«.in(>l Ki-k. t 

Harper wMoble tii tnm the li'iut If.ul Ih 
o«f»*ven timn in th«' halt but . .mid iwver 
(iwmwne the lead loliel Uil :4 VI after 
J«C*i Carries (10 fHnnt!.! sink a Iriinltrul .>t 
a one and cne hw ihnm 

Harpt-r hiived 1** turmiver> and held the 
V\lblv«^ to 17 point* in the setund h,ilt 
DuMin Smith lad the Mtolvcs th.»r);e with IH 
point» while Courtney Wilham* hid It) 
Jaaon SUndefawl (^^. JeUni Ciirk (7) and 
(Uanr SecTP4M(2) all»l lor U.liet 

Harper c«W»rtetl ^^ . ■( it> 22 tree lhr..*v ^ 
while th»' Wohr» sank 20 .>t its tnv thnms 
The Hawks netted H three pointers to 

Th»> Hawks aU. taied .i>;.iinst Itu 
Collej;e ol Lake t ountv i»n Uus.i.>v 
Februar\ 1 ^. when> ihev again i-nverged vm. 

Iht-it lountirpjrts the I 
.• |usl a> giHKl .1 tii'n 
h.ivent lantl a» well .i. 
iM'povtiu«i 111 the nmrt 

I n-shnian lulu- It ^lu- 'i- .'' 

It wasn t eriough to liil ' 
v\om»ni s ba>ketKil' ' i. ■. . 

had n ot her 1" ii ' '^ «h' 

lad> Hawks dn>pp.^i 
the lad\ V\i>l\es 

Harper stored 17 p«>ints tn tU sv^.oiid 
halt, m«»st o( whuh ..ime from the thn-«- 
uav storing; " • -t'.!' Hi>tA l>'i.' 

and Nikki IX U ■ ■ . 

IVBerrv lini»ht\l with ! i' 

loril lallieil SIX Meliss.i Koiimi, , i ,;iii^ 
sti-inko il! \laur«vn Maslalar/ (-Ji. Attiu- 
Hansen 14) and |ulie .\udiiio i«» all scored 
for Harper (7-16) 

The Ud\ Hawks converted tour oi its 
light fr»v throw* while lolii't sjnk 1" ot its 
V'i Harper had 24 total ti.-ld ^oaU tour ol 
which were three-pointers 

lohet hvHiked 2.^ field >;o.i!s but did not 
store any three-pointers 

IKirper avengt-d a M^ 1" h.iltiinu 
and were only outseored b\ the ladv 
V\olves bv >e\en p«'inls {44-^7) 

the I^idv Hawks ne»t s;.ime will K- in 
the Kev;ional TiHimam.nt »\huh is s,t to 
i.,k, ( !,». >t the I ollemot IHil'.i>;e inl.len 
lllvii liie >;ame tinu- liis not set Kvn 
.li'tiTniined makes the Harper College urestlmi; 
tarn good? 

,v.,fi vv.. bnni; this question to mind 
1^ [.. ■.!> when the post-StM 

. . .i >allin , the Hawks are always 
th. r, u lib the hot ot the best. 
\ • > . plaied fifth in the 

the\ won the national HM\ ^1 V ^ . . . ~ . 


\ s next tor the Hawks' 
■:. . luiting .ind wiird of mouth said 
uh |)aii I oprieno, who graduated 
M, n. 1 IK I. rove High School as well as 
I niversitv ot VViMonsin Osh-Kosh, and is ,i 
former Harper wrestler 

\nd j;etting them to the next level that's 
, I Hunk ue \e been so siu>esstul ovc^r 
the years ■ 

Indeed, the Hawks h.ue plenty ot evain 
pies to back up their continued success 
Harper has graduated six wrestlers to the 
\l \ \ l)i\ ision 1 A le\ el 

When the younger kids see where we > 
k;raduated some of the top Ruys, Ihey liWe 
it, said I oprieno, who assisted the Hawks 
under the legendary Norm I oyelace 

Harp. IS men'!, basketball team has done 
It ome in W48-'*'* when they placed 3rd in 
the nation, and the 1 ady Hawks of the hoop 
court also did it in lW7-«)8 when Ihey placed 
4th, but it lust seems that the Hawk 
w restlers do it e\ er\ \ > ' 

•'Kecruifing and retention, said Loprieno, 
who won the Region IV Coach of the Year 
Award in his tirst year as the Hawks' coach 

It vou .an ai.omplish those two things, 
then vou re more than likeK t.. continue siu 

Hawks wrestling well-prepared for trials 
in the remainder of the season 

■j^i'M If; 'tt 

Il has been MX years »iniv the Harper w r»~.tlm^ 
team U>t brought fuime » r».»» .hampionship 
As far M HeiKl CcMc'h IXin I ..fn.-n.' ' ...-n.^l 

that n six years t«i»> many 

It's Kvn a tough nsid so Mr but I Ir.iK N'li.n.' 

this » a rutional champumshir •> '■ r"'"'' 


"Toujth' ts pmhably an umJii~i.>t<ni. m Itv.: 
fu, the Haw k» haye had trouble keeping their te.i 
intact All-Awefkan Victor luanv is iu*t retumini; 
from a shoiridtr iniury. and ItiVpounder I O i rati 
B battling a nagging ftiot mturv .\Lm>, 174-pounder 
Aaron C.ihen, bmther of tw.vtim*- HarjH-r All 
Amencan R I toh.-n, is making his Umg awaileit 
letum after bs-inv; .n. .n m Boshwi l.»r a month 

rhes.- IV (H '"^ **w ••*^ 

Hawks batk thi- .. .' Il.■.v.^.< •>' l.T"''"*' 
slates, Intunes aivt K'^.^.-. .in ('.irt ,■( .iin sj^.rt " 

I am r*'all> pr.Hid .>t iht ...u nu kul- hav.- 
.ieallwiththi-situalioii I )an reiiLirked Manx >t 
then, h.ue lo till in i>f even bump up weight 
.lasses lo .Kcommtxfate Ifn- Uam f»e coinluded 

line ol Ao»e pirwpk' is r«lurnin« s4.phomcire 

lohn R««»H Row made the |ump tn>m the 1 11 lb 

lo U** lb weight class a couple of times this -^-asiwi 

IK.i^ I I,. I ..» .t.-iehl to give up," I «ipneno 

..iragr m doing it 

(i.,»,x., il.. il . .r ir..m givinK up ..n 

thisseanm -Xs assist.n n s(,,iiuh si..t.-.i 

We still have a I..I kI ^s.i. iiii.n 

I'lrtj-ntul" as in newctimer |oe lohnson He has 
h.>d a huge impact at 1 1'» lbs "He has placed m the 
lop Ihn* in nearly every U»umamenl he has been 
in M..riKh s.i,d "He jttrt doem't know how tu 


Perhaps th. most .xciting moment for the 
Hawk> lame .m the weekend of lanuarv 2«* The 
H.iwks hosted and w<wi tfw-ir own Harper duals, 
defeating Mh-ranked Muskmvgon 22- Ih A pin bv 
FrK Frwav at 1»4 lbs sparki-d the Hawks em.. 
tional comeb.Hk, and a «-1 viclorv b\ "-ha.Mi 
Slenc/ka at 141 lbs scaled the wm 

The Hawks are lixxking forward to ihi- rest of 
their seas<m Th«-y headed cnit lo Eau Claire, 
VVisionsin on February 5 for a tournament, came 
b.Kk home cm the February 11 few riT^ionals. and 
n.'w It s olf to Roclwster, Minne«>ta for Hw nation- 
al touniameni 

"All the pieces for a national cfiampK>nship 
team arv lb.-n- said Uiprieno All we have to do 
1^ put them lovjether 

The jffarbingfer 

Wrtili— Hat— y Itofiw C«lteg« » »«Mfa», HI— to 


12 . Mfcii t, 1000 

WHCM DJ brings mix and liumor and 
controversy to daytime broadcast 

Alan t. Minartk 

'^Ku iTjII him all »>rl> 
M ruimf^ withnut l.i/inK hmi. 
hut whjtfwr vim ilo, tJi>n t 
^jII VVH(."M pi Stik. 
Casaccio "Vlancmx |r 

"1 (itm't rojilv UmiV. : 

that thr K'-t iv.u I.' u. , 
f\e up m thi- iiiiTiuni; i^ t. ■ 
• ,.ll ,t.....i 1^ ..-. . .., 

-.hiKk n>ck Manvow Miillir 

"Plu,*." ht- adds with hi- 
typicdl v»rv grin "th»- miv i- 
an a*sh»>lo ' 

Casatck hi'siv ll.irpii 
radio'* mtirning pn>i;ram- 
min)5 trom 7-V am cvi-rv 
rue>ddy and Thursdav ,i 
p»iitu»n which suits him tiru' 
i bv thie on-air nam*' . 
■i.irvil Ran>{iT. hf s li>.>k 
in»; to bri-ak into tht- world nl 


Harper President named in 
Faculty Senate grievance 

Rich NatHM 



what \(>u ili-n t ^^ 
shinv li> turn inli> 
pri>bli-ms .il! IcJ ti- 

Ca»accie Migag** l« a paaatonata raat 
Taaa^ay MMmtag broadcast. 

the morning stunk iisk^ i , . a .w . 

and hi- i-arlv WHCM ■vhnu 
'SlrKtliiv on WIK M i- .in 
im("i<<rl.inl >li'p)'m^ -torir on 
t!i,it ro.ij 


ni' I-- Its' . . ;. , . 

.\Imi.'s| ,iti)ii I n.ippcn 
t i"- 1, 1 1,' tif-t .Hltinpli-vl this 
sh..n in th.' tail i)f 1«»»H, t>ut 
somi' iH«-rtlu'-t<'p prank- 
and di.iid)(mmH*nts w ith the 
r4rm>nl led ti^ hi- 
hanm\) trvim thi' -U- 

*l«^i. MINAfm 

v\ .mt 

rh.' .iir 



(.(I kid 

l.lik iti! 
t Ih.X 



l>Hij Kioll slaiuni ni.iM 
I VVMt Ni at th,it limf, 
nl-vrs It as a trvinf- 
!imr WwTv iviTe vom- 
I'l.uiit- trnrn liMerwrs aK»ul 
inm.i.iv;f .irui in.ippri^pnatt' 
:ii.itiri,il .1- sM'll as prank- 
md hiunor could hdM' 
iiu'anl troubU' tor thf sta- 
tion His sho>v kroll 


.Ui\ !si-, ;-, ... I t 

I )lu^tT .ind I. .is,u 
lhin>;s , 

thf shon ['.A, ► i I 

l>!u>;t'r <.'n\m> 
I. ; It. \.. J.. moN 
nuTi- tks iiM-ii .tnij ! 
ous aK>ul making; hi- >l 
work with \MR\1 

( asai 
hini 1 1, u- 
ditlcii'nt pl.i 
\ tnit 

- tormcr 

ihjt s p.isl 

hi' w,i>- at a 

n his ;il,-i Ijsl 


....i i ,lt 

svhisil .irut K'ing "m\«iUi*il 
see CASM:CiO on fOft i 

->■!!. i!.' '!'.U ,1111,.! 

issues s|,iu.s th.ii 
liisiril .ik^ii-i'^ lo m.iki .u.iil 
.ihio .ill it\onios no« soi .isuU- 
n thi' tuluri' sft asulc in 
. mploMv insiir- 
.iiKi- tund ,ind all mli n-sl 
lliiTctroni. plus all n< ( n \ 
rniu-s (It .in\ 1 .Ki riling; lri>m 
ihi' .ippik.ihlo pro\isu*n to 
tin- , .'mmlttt^■ Am. ordin^ 

lolhf Kl. ','ll> -s. n ,t. Ill il h.i^ 

not otiuii' 

'■■' ' ■■If" 
t ignotvd II 

iTit ni thf s,i\ riiv'.s lo 

thi' lUurd from Itu- iiihunt insurantf pn-rni 
ums uill l»i- placed in a 
rislri. list tund to bf us«HJ lo 
oitsft ih.ini:ts in thi- mfdical 
msur.itui' plan N-ni-lit lev - 

fhi- lombinatiim ut thoso 
bri.K Ill's in i ontrail amounts 
lo thf S'n.itf di-manvlin^ 
rfsiitution in the minimum 

Whilf thf amount . ; 

'■ itir ■' 

iius tl>f dfbatf, thf 

u>n asks whiTf .ill 

\ uont 

. ordin>; (c 

'il»\l bv tlv -x-natf. l>r 

■ I'ri-iidfr. I'n-sidfnl ol 

■l\c^t; taikil to tul 

,.iils ot th. 

Vlfmorandum ol 

I ndf rsiandinf!" to tlu- l'*^^ 

i*w Xjjiwnifnl 

' 'i.- urifvancf alley's 

r.uder maiiuratflv cal- 
ui.itfd tht' amount ol thf 
sa\ in>;s prfscribcd b\ thf 
Mfmorandum ol 

Lnderstanding , did not 
placf the insurancf sd\ m^;- 
lor two years ol n-bates in a 
ri-strictt-d account, maccu- 
ralflv calculated the selt- 
msuri-d health plan "run 
out" tund balance, (a fund 
separate from the "savings 
lund), failed to provide the 
Insurance Committee with 
in aicounting of this "run 
•ut" lutkl in a timely maiun i 
.ind to calculate the intensi 
accrued on the accinint, intf i 
teretl with the financial 
responsibilitv of thi' 

Insurance Committee b\ 
retusing to provide a regular 
accounting of all employtv 
insurance funds, attempted 
to loerce the Insurance 
(. ommittee into alliKating to 
the emplo\ ees less than 10l)".i 
of the monev m tt>f 'run-out' 

in.i .ilt.'mptfil to intff- 
srr .jKi£VAm:e CXi page 2 


Classrooms get modular to accommodate increase in room 



gnf rtali—mti 


: 15PY ttXTOR 

(.)n the east side of the V' 
jnd .Applied Tivhnologv (. > 
an- st\fral nuHiular classrooms Main 
students irt- trvmg to guess what ttie\ 
w ill K 

l>i" s.iid that mavbe the\ 

vxere to >»et architecture students used 
to workin>; in them Anothfr said that 
mavbf ihf\ vm-m built t. ■ hou>f con- 
struction SM.rkfrs Ol guf them sKwIter 
.nul planning while reimxieling Harper 

They are, m fact, cUisanHitniii 

They are trailers, better called "mml 
uUr cUssnxnns," and their construction 
is ideally the solution to the prohie m .•! 
sfMoal limitations 

The natioiul average prinu' time uti- 
U/aiMn of cla.ssiwms is tiO"o. acrciwding 
to statistics from the Anwrican 
^ •> lation of Community Colleges 

•i V I f-larper's overall average uti- 
I thi' lirsi ddy of cU»M-s tall 

A caaatnictloii worliar pyt* Mm 
flalaMag towclia* on Um i 


■ .^.Is'J'i',. 

\i . thf 

tall avmeslcT all aecbart 

tor t^ unique course* wen' hlled This 
turtvs awa\ manv students who timl 
they cannot cisiK rf>;istfr t..r .lasses 
Ihev niisl t.> vonliiui.' thfir isjuiations 
or graduali 

In 2.^ sections, the ii>structors 
allowed extra students lo |inn tfu-ir cU»s 
ranks to help accitmnuKldte the student 
body growth The annual headcouni 
wmnviry neported ttie tall fnn>llment to 

includf fi?*,+Oh full- or part-time stu- 
derits This is an all-time high 

To prevent thi- catastrophe of class«>s 
with no classriKims, the Board ol 
Trustees held a meeting on |anuarv S to 
discuss the overpopulation issues at 
Harper and voted later to purchase 
modular classnK)m-s to continue serving 
the community the best way possible 

Without the vntes necessary to 
receive the extra funds needed to 
expand the scfuiol. this is a s«>lution that 
just may work Hopefullv the students 
.an be comfortable in the new mixlular 
classrooms and still receive a qualitv 

The clas!>rDom!> will be used pnmar- 
ily for general credit clas.s«s for lectures, 
not those irwluding requii^ements for 
specialized equipment or dedicated 

The modular classrixims are still 
under construction and should be ready 
by the second eighl w ivks ot this < 

Page 2 

Harper News 

The Harbinger 
March 6, 2000 

Physical Plant gets new assistant 


Out With the old, m 
w ith th<" rifw Nil 
senior ntuens aren I 
being ousted trom 
Harper's rank», but 
Harper'* campus is 
another L<»uf. 

"Harper need* to 
move into the future, 
btith intemalh and 
exterrul, " said fk* 
Getz, Direclctr of 
Phv-ical Plant and 
Auxiliary SerMces at 

As of earlv 

Novemt>er ot l****" 
Harper will be underRiv 
mg a ma|i>r t.ui--litt 
along with some lip\>- 
»uction The ultimate 
goal is to brmg the cam- 
pus as a whole up to 
lum-nt standards aes- 
theticallv and techiKv 
logkallv That mean^t a 
serious gultmg, reshap- 
ing, and rebuilding 
procesN must U- insti- 

We ri:' looking at 
ftnaluing a plan tor ri-n 
ovation sometimi- m 
summer or (all but 
we're in the beginning 
ol tfk- pron-ss ni<\\ 

The prvK>>ss w ill N' j 
labt^noii-- I'HK u ith 
shitliPi; p»-rsp,\ i(^ fN 

and goals In ..... 

this to run sniimlhK 
much attention must be 
paid to detail i < Hiking 
into the future itseli 
carmot overtake the pre- 
sent. For that ivason, 
Getz now has help 

Fred Skorude has 
betome the .Assistant 
I>i rector of Physical 
Plant artd Auxiliary 
^lervices Where Cete 
contn^lled maintenance 
and utilities. Skorude s 
position not onl\ 
includes those 
bilities, he also main- 
tains thi' >»rounds, sale- 
tv and|odial duties 
HasualK said 

t.K't/ I vmII W' looking 
llll>' Ihi luliin- '.V hlle 
I '■ t •>' • .<Mins (tk pns. 

V I'i.iiu^ from a 
bealthiarc hdikgroun^i 
Skitrude seems like the 
perfect choae as an 
ofi h«>strator of ivmTV-a- 
lion 'Phvsicians »tr 
vof\ similar to tacultv 
fhosv things that I 
impUnnnted tor 

healthvar*' lan \vr\ eas- 
il\ I'o transpost'J to 
rtlui ition hi' s,iiJ 

first >ome the m 
V .itioris Xhv mniMft : 
in>; MMi .ippiioil li>h- 
nolog\ n-ntiT buildings 

>s ill Iv thf tjrst to go 
under the knife 
ft er> thing involving 
(omputers and >;iMH'ral 
tiihnologual intorma- 
tmn will bv updatti.1 to 
be compatible with 
today's needs. 

Two new buildings 
w ill be built a si ifiHi' 
centt-r and .i health 
car»-«"r wnter tii pnnide 
new. impro\od iijuip 
mcnt for suih lields as 
dentistr\ and nursing 

Du' next step will K' 
to strip building D, the 
suorue, math, and 
health careers center, 
and move salvagabte 
equipment into the new 
health center 

The mam change' m 
perspeitiw will come 
from skorude 

I s^-ntialK he 

-.iki v\c will W treat 
ing Harper as a busi 
ness " This wav. the 
school can In- l<s<k>i.) ,tt 
*• more of a profit mak 
mg corporatu>n rattier 
than an educational 
lacililv This new view- 
point will ensun- that 
Harper maintains a 
llu'h U\ li ,.| .■liii, iti.m 

sttivlents and ti-.u fu'ts 


Tuesdays @ 



This weeks Feature 
Presentations are 


How to make an 
american quilt 




Grievance: faculty senate asks 
President for missing money 

cominuM from |»a» 1 

fere with the contractual n-sponsibili- 
ties of the Insurance C ommittei- bv 
telling; ifs niembcTs that the next ciw- 
Iraitual negotiations would be difh- 
cult it the committee did not make tf»e 
tusJuctions in health bi-netits he had 
reciunmended to tfie Board 

The informal gru'vance pnKess 
b»*gan on \o\ emb«>r 22. I'*'*'' IXinng 
this pn<ess. no aycnvinent could be 
rea^hiM e\en thtni^h a.iordin^ to 
tfie facult\. the Sii.itr intired mli< 
Ihr discussions in icivd lailh and 
found suicessi\i' I. Iters trom the 
College rresidinl increasingK iinac- 
cvptable Htsaus,' ot that develop- 
ment (he Senate made demands, 
most mvtabh in the form of an audit 
I>ie issue with the auditor bivomes 
who hires hmi or her An auditor 
hired bv an independent agencx' only 
fus to look at what the employer 
wants hi be looked at Jn this case, 
Ihe S-nate wants to hire their own 
auditor so tfut thev can dictate how 
the audit goes The S»-nate's audit 
will (Juanfit\ th<' fund balance 
remaining after the run-out ol tfu- 
sell-insured fii-alth plan. specit\ the 
tund balance in tfw employee health 

insurance "sa\ ings" lestncted fund, 
and c)uantif\ the fund balance for 
each account of the employee health 
iivsurarKe fund 

The Senate also demands that the 
Board establish an employee insur- 
ance fund account in a finarwial insti- 
tution s«»parate from the College, 
transfers into this separate account 
the amount i>f money i-qual to the 
sum of the audit's determinations of 
the blanclies of tfK- "run-out" from 
ttie self-insured health fund and the 
emplov ee insurance "savings* 
restricted fund, and that both the 
"run-out' balance and employee 
fiealth insurance "savmgs" be made 
available to the Insurance Committee 
for alliK-ation to coUef(e employees 
with coercion. 

In essence, tfie Senate wants tfietr 
money and what tfiey feel belongs to 
tfiem as memKTs of tlie Faculty at 
Harper College They went on to 
state that, in tfie past, tfie Board luis 
always intended to give tfw Faculty 
gixxl medical insurarKe, but it simply 
appears that that no longer lemains 
the caM' 

UMamf n^M^f ty Riic* OMakt 


km • w.m.m 


The Illinois Institute of Art 


ir adrftssions office - 

Assooate and Bachelor Degree 
Programs Include: ^ 

• Visual Communications , 

• Graphic Design ] , ' 

• Interior Design (FIDER aecf&fiitfid > 
)• MuKimedia and Web't>esign 

• Media Arts a/lti>Aninfiation 

• Multimedia Production 


1000 N:>laz^[^iye 
Sct|auiT\bur9^1L 6017? * | 

1.847.6,t9:3450^ * * 


ViMi our ^rbsiit M hlip: Mww.ilia.aii.edii 

f i 

I ' 

The right place, the right time. 

The Harbinger 
Match 6^2000 


Page 3 

" ^Hiyjp; 

VDir all \«ur hard work, vm ru aflbrd to be rkomft. 

fhial AdmisNion ;Vi;rreiiient 


• I leme labs 

• >,. ,„ ,..„ . ..,,„. ^.il un«l scholarships 

• Child care al Ihe Schauitiburg Campus 

R..ns»>v.!t ..(Ters more classes in timn' maK)rs (96 rifcrw pmcram'i in liberal 

■ Tnmii< urLs, »"<lu<,:ation and t , ' ient 

times tliaii any kUut 'inivi-rsiH ir\ thi' i'hica|0« 


■ii\iTMi\ Admission <>'i;i 

''!« I, call our Srhaimilmri 

kiluo SrwiUMH - CUogB I 

Itadwr) ( rrtmratkM/THMn 
ItMMkf , Murk 9 
• fM. ■ 7 p.a. 

:iiore mformarion about our 
t* and to It." 

'■" ' '-illf^ . . 

CoOfgt or Art* and S<ieacm 

I and (VHnpuu-r Scimcr 

y, Man* 20 




mwnii roownaM MtM 



The Harbinger 
March 6. 2000 

^J Ask your wellness advisor ^:^ 

Students can ammymouslv submit questions on wollness 
relati-d topics by placing them in th<- m.irki'L) K<\ outside 
the Health Ser\'ices CWice in \^t^: 

Answers will appear m fulurt'ivsu. - .■; . ,. il,trhiit);t-r. All 
i]ut-stiiMiN will be thoroughly res«-arched and n-sponses 
w ill he pro\ ided by health protfssu>n.ils .inJ .iri' rH>f 
atfilialed with T')«* Hiirhi/i\*tT 

Q. I racantly saw my doctor tor a sport* physical and h« 
told m« that my blood prvsaur* ts too hlgti Now I tiave to 
go tMck regularly to have it chaclied. Why ts this so 
Important ar>d what is notmal blood prassura? 

A High bUrnd preiMuie iMiaiis &ui pmeturr tr»>m llv bkxKl 
I inruljting thn>u){h the Jrtene> in your iHidv is imivasod ti> .in 
unhealthy level Hinh bUnxl pressure has t>een dubbed the 
"silent killer" because usually the perstm does n«»t have anv 
'vmploms until it is toti late A person can have a stroke, hivirt 
.ittatk. congestive heart tailure and pulmonary edema or kid 
ney failure fn>m high bkx>d pressure that RiH-s untn-jted Ihe 
reason for hiRh blixxi pres*ur»' is usually unknown, but ma\ 
be a result of chnmn kidney diseaiie, severe namiw ing ot the 
aorta (a ma|or heart vessel), disorder of the rndtK nne glands 
or narrowing/ hanlening ot tfie arteries. Some things that may 
put a perstHi at greater nsk for gethng high bliKxl pressure are 
obesitv, smoking, stress, alcoholism, hi>;h salt or high fat diet, 
sedentary lifi>st\le, genetic factors (soithswh' in your family 
fias/had it), family history irf stroke or fieart attack, using con- 
traceptive pills, steroids and soitHr ap>petite suppres»iants or 
decongestants It high blixid pressure is detected earlv often 
complications can be prevented. Some ways to manage high 
bbwid pressun^ are to ad|ust diet (low salt, low in saturated 
fats), stop smoking, reduce alcohol intake, stress management, 
exercise and medicahon Thete is no ow bkiod pressure n-ad- 
ing that IS cf>nsidefed normal, but more of a range \urses in 
Health and FNychological Serv ices can also adv lm- vou it your 
blood pressure is tixi high. Tbere is a great deal of information 
wntten on high blood pressure • please stop by Health and 
Psychological Sierv icf". in AV>2 to obtain morr inform.ition 



Mk'd Mm M a« yMi IS Hm %wH Mm 
of pf^ilisilsnili wrffeo coakttMte ' 

to ^avt^* MiaevttW* leluti**! for Mr 
ciittom«ri° txf»t\4\nt conmunkatlsat 
Ma*. Wt'rt prtptni t* «•«* ysw 

ofpafMlHu tsr prsfaulMul irtwtk. 

Telephone Account Manager 

• tntry l«v(l tjict 

• CuMlbnl ed-cci j<t«*K«inc<il lor d»nt 

Msct M* «ur repres«nlitfvcs 
m campus March 14tl« 

M Qfhr an cacdcnt compiMslaii (x^pMH. 
(WHUMlMf txntfilt and an *n*lra>MMM 
tenhcttt to pttMnai snd pratetiiond 
gotlti. If you arc uniUt to aietl *Ml u n 
psrson, ptoHK ma4^«/(t-ini( your ««in«it 10^ 
VU/tSS S f«ccu(>v( Ort«*. Soil* IM. 
BruAftdll. Wl SJOOS f»i: 262 (^ 7 395) 
Email; j«blArt«-inc cam |08 COOl 


In a world of tcdmoloft;^ 

[xrciplc make I he diffcrcncc ' 

M sqiMl Opponunly e«i(toy«r 
connMed lo t dMiw aort loxoc. 


I ••veasl Self-EMHi/TMliailaf Self-Exam 
Uttcation Tabic 

Pick up pamphlets and get your quosHons 
answered about breast self-exam and testic- 
ular seif-exam at this informative table on 
Monday. March l.\ 11 am -1 p m., Buainew 

I and Svial Science lobby. 

•Osteopomsis Bone Density Screenii^ 

Get a quick sii-minute bone Man to deti ; 
mine if you have osteviponwis. The screen- 
ing will be held on March U and 15 from S 
am. to 4 p m A24U, Student 
Administration Ci-nicr Phe service is being 
provided b\ th.- C>stev>potosis Evaluation 
Program and the cost is $2'> Call Health 
and Psychological Strekes ,it vt h2ft8 for an 

•Mammography !>cteening 
Mammography screening will K- availabk- 
on March 14 and l.S at the Student and 
Administration Center, Main tntraiKe. The 
scriening is being pnn ided by Provena/St 

loseph Mobile Diagnostic Services and the 
cost is $65. Call Health and Psychological 
Services at xt. 6268 for an appointment. 

•Great American PigOut 
Thursday, .Maa-h 16 is the American Cancer 
ScKiety Gn;at American PigOut Stop by the 
Fdticahon Table in the Business and Svxial 
<■ Center lobby from 11 a.m.-l p.m 
, ii k up information on how to "pigout" 
on cancer fighhng fruits arKl \ egetables Try 
some snacks and get nutrition advice from 
Dietetic Technician Pn>gram students. 

•Vegetarian Seminar 

Learn how to prepare meatle» dishes that 
ate quick and convenient in the "Mesdeas 
Meals in Minutes" program on Tuesday, 
March 21, 12-1 p.m.. Student Administration 
Center, Cafeteria Bay, A137c During cook- 
ing demonstration and lecture you will also 
learn the benefits of incorporating vegetari- 
an eating into your lifestyle. 


Imx> iiur <(tKteiHi> like tl 

and icciMol Muorni* |«itr>w a 

psfiitwar osiHic m ittMly 

rUKMiilly ind cvpcdKMlv 
b»att<c (lw> »c hiM} aiiulli 
wilfe »$tmim mi mt line k> 
•ade. Careers depend un ii 
Siitkin I evpcci lo catch 
Ml .uiikni. |««vmr liaphone 
NMtk Vkr4 ant wncfciag Ki fain 
vaMMr Hfe and employinrni 
ctptticflci- Ai M I ■ the> fet 
c-rwtil for ikai And NLl' 
vludirnl« vhan Iftcii rvjl-»orkJ cvfcnciKC wih 
CdtMMs m iay: evnnfqt. ur wcekesd clauc*. 

It Aad Ikal'v exactly 

^ I r*ii»i ^ ' i i L. i* t 

irtk<»li.jl\ llH-v 


1^ National-Louis 

College ftu Grownups 

The mrtwRpr 
March 6, 2000 



Harper makes preparations to bring 
Women in History IMontli to sciiool 

M«n h is Wtwnen's Hi*lii»>- 
month Harper i* cpl«+»rj»in(i; 
with thf pri)grd(n lalW 
"Women M*k«' Ht!.l»>r\ m »hr 
Creative Arts." to iiuludr 
nuny everits between Vbnh 
10 and 23 

The PnMTiier Openinn Dav 
OWbratiim on tridav. Manrh 
10 will tvature SfiL' "lork Tmm 
best-iwIttnK author Anne 
Lamolt. The exaltatums con- 
tinur on Monitay, Marvh H 
with two free »eininar<.. 
"Word Rainbows" by pul>- 
lished juihor Ruth 
CouriHiver. anj LX) Banana* 
Reallv C h»-v\" by |amu- 
Gilsun. an award-winninn 
author ot c hildn-n » bt»ik.s 

l>n Thur^il.iv M.irih 1^ 
think •^prinji whili .nuiuluik; 
twii tnv gard»-nin(; sfmiiuii^ 
om- b\ Mayo LndcrwiH'vi 
and Maren CSlac, and th«' 
other by Kav Turner 

C>n Sumiav. Marih 
along with a tea part\, eni« 
free >* t>v Lon Rocklm 
sinniT ami lianter ard .i tm 

;-, f ; -,.irWl' Hv ">! 

10- to 14-year-old^, sure to 
entertain all ages 

TueMlay. Marvh 21 vou 
can MH' women impacting 
conwdv with i"" •"■<■ ^'nii 
nar«< In tvsf .lint-mit SmmiJ 
I, itv i: lourinR 
Comcanv \.Ui.iii--, |t»vce 
Sliian and l.imi Sagher 

Thursdav, March 23 i> the 
big hnale ttvu-tmi? on women 
in musk ar«d art Then- will 
be a penruisionist pertor 
martce by l>eW»i«' Knowles 
free of charge ami a tree per- 
torm.ince by Xhv MelodeCTs 
C horu-s There w ill als«> be a 
free artwts reception with 
lWH«rah \aniiv the proi 
dent »t the t hi>.i>;n Vrtivts 
C i«alitiim 

Iln' pi>>nram ■■ iiH>rdina 
li'f M.inlMi I'l-rn h.i- •.tm 

1\..|1H'I1 s Ill^t.'H Mi'Mlh lll'^ 

ta- tor Ihc l.<-t ti'iii viMt- 
V\e ha\e an cxulmi; [Tk 
uram planni\l lhi'> m.u l.'f- 
A come t. 

.(.Itul CM'Ilt- 

I .i>l l».l^ ih. JOtll 

, ef»ar\ ot VVoniaii ■> 

rv Month, ' she -av* 

with prulf Ihi- vear we 
have g.jrdfniii>; ■^■min.ii'-- 
authtw app«'ar,m. i-^ s,Mmd 
City. art. musK i Mr% i.i-- 
.mating lini 

^ttme i'ver\ ^ -. ) 

The more petiple the better, 
Harp*^ student* as. well a% 
tommunitv memN-r-. 

Ri-sfr\ ations and pa> 
meni ».>r The Premier 
Opening Dav ( i-lrbratn-n 
must K' niadf h\ 1 ndav 
March X by i ailing the box 
0«tc«, MTiJISMOK lor a 
program brochure, call 
H47 «:=;«««> and a»k for the 
V\onien •• rn>gram ottue 

\in\ .in annual tradition 
t(u .>! the brochure 
rvplam^ UtMlirn ^ Hlslorv 
Month .illo"-. the n.ilion tn 
.yplort- Ji knou Kclgc and 
the ani>mplish 
..null thriHighttut 
ilicr ti»tcr 

Casaccio: WHCM's DJ looking to 
entertain and and shock campus 


menis ..i 

hlslO! , 

i.;irl~ ,r 

> t.Hl.n 

■t the 

contnitd from paat 1 
m life a Uit moiv" as the force 
behind his gn>wth 
Ml-, show h.i.' 
lU-d b.uW trim' 
DIuger says "We set up 
paramet«Ts. and thev were 
agreed upon b\ hini and (the 
management) Nniong 

these parametiTs c asaicio 
agrm-d ti> arv smh rts4Uire- 
mcnts as keeping his mu.sK* 
mainlv to the station s new 
pnmariK lop -li' formal and a 
Kin on .im on air pranks 

AdvliiionalU hi- -how - 
stript needs lo be pre- 
.ipproved In this wa\ 

though his shov\ IS no dittet 
enl than the other sp,xialt\ 
-hows \MKM broadcasts, 
Dhiger sa\s 

In thi tew months simi- 
(, asaoio ri'turned ti' the an 
not only has the show not 
nxeiv ihI any complaints, but .ufii.illi sl.irti-d to gam 
listeiu-r- Ihere .ir< ,1. tualK 
more pev-ple in .ind .imuml 
the old.! T, :}'.< 'r.-iiiuu' 
nov\, V 

s.O s 

gtxxl show," rf»e adds, "he 
talks about a lot of RiH<d 
issues ' 

t urrent Station Manager 
(. v>lleen I tick appreciates the 
stronger relationship 

Casaccio ha§ with this man- 
agement than the pn-v lous 
He always works with 
Mandy and myself," she 
says He eyen goes as far as 
haying management 

inv.tUisI m his sht>w " 

how has gniwn," 
V ,,-..v. ,. says. I tee! it's 
nu.ri' ol a team atmosphere, 
rather than an indi\ idual 
atmosphere like it was last 

Whether or ni>t (. asaccio s 
shov\ stands -trong still 
nmains to K' s«hii, no one is 
Mire exactly what to expect 
1 tnisl Da\ e (DIuger) s judg- 
ment (ornier maruger Kmll 
sa\s but 1 m |ust afraid 
-omothint; bad could occur," 
1 >luger on the other hand 
stnuigls suppi>rts i 
!t - ♦iinn\ " he sa\ - 

pie should listen lo 
11 hi- .1 li.t ot 

M, r •■■e to 

l,'.l,irr1is-i' 'D 

1 - , . le 


.inirns \isit UT M n*.],K'si 

Kiiniul'iHi H-ra 

w \\ ',\ ,di.;\iii!.i"'.ui 


Page 6 


i he HdrbinRer 
Manrh 6, 2000 

The vanishing art of 
voting in an election 

I i( ~ -^i-i' u ho shouKI I V t'U- 
tor h>r I'ri'siiifiH ' 

This should be ,1 ^.'mnll»ll vji-i 
tion amon^; the ll.upii -stiuliiit 
hodv But alas, many ol the >tu- 
dents hfn- tcel that then- i- no 
one worthy, or that Ih 
wouldn't count anvvv.i 

Hill BradU'v. l.t-or^;. i 

Ciorf and |ohn McC am .\m lu'i ihr 
onlv uandid.iti'-. on the ballot W, 
art- torfunalo onousti '«' 1'^*' '" •' 
i:ountr\ u tiirc .inv v.ihoo tlikc 
Ko-~ in 

/.■;, ! i.M ic.i^,, ■ U'fU that •siiui' 
thiTi- an- thirty-sex en landulaU- 
V Diif W(>uld suffh tiiui .1 
itf worth votinj^ (or Mo--i oi 
the candidate- v\ i- v f hi.uj hardU 
H-v thinn about 

'>r instance the Kitnnn I'.iiin 
i> ^--reparing to >er\e up con->iT\ .i 
tive commentator I'at Buchanan 
Buchanan shook up t! 
tions in ■'»2 and '^t, a- 
Republican candul.iti' II. -t.iiui- 
for hiRh morals in our m'vein 
ment. Buchanan is pro-lite aiul 
pledges to reform the tav code 
Green Party candidate Kalph 
Nader is most popular ti'r his con- 
sumer activism Nader ha- taken 
the unique position <>t raising vol- 
unteer hours instead ot money 

Add to these candidates trom 
the Natural Law, Socialist 
Libertarian and Con-titution 
ties, among others ,inil wn ri 
faced with quite a selection 

Even with all these candidates, 
some ot us still do not vole If 
you feel your vote di>esn't ciiunt. 
ask yourself this hnw imu h more 
will it count it you don t even 
vote in the elections' 

The simple answer is it wont 
There are manv times elections 
have i.inif ,,)in\n to lour oi tur 

Si> look at e\ff\ I ,in»l I J.itf and 
examine the choices before vou 
decide on vour vote Hut no mat- 
ter how vou ihiiiisf tin- important 
Ihinji; is to , Jh','-. 

ijgSea Idltorial Board 

Tlie Harbinger 

D I ditor 

l"« imi siuilents. feature 

Editor in Chief- 

Acting News Editcx.. 
A4E Editor 

Acting Sports Editor- 
Copy Editor 




r. sfHmd ti> th. 

^ iM-a>;f on '^ 
. : lUackliisl. 
Hutnoraliv e .k i . % 
(Cultural blinii ■-( 

I t.lkr issiii' \iilh tile 
I isual .init i>iti 

-(Mnlu.iliU I 
iiKiiKi in. IV I .' 
.ilt»-ivl.mvi- I 

ll'.lls .uul ^ 

linns Dimm 
ivny.h t "t thi- .... , . 
, .irtisi u.iN virv !"■ 
sp>nsil ' 

:' ..juestun! 


.11 111 m.ik-i. 






il 1 .llt.T 

Is i: 

■ hi^U.iv ' \(i II ~ 
ni-r MrKan 
Month 2IHIII' Hasthf \ii\.riians celebrali- 

stuili-nl publicalloii iMlh ,w i\ J.iv nl ti.e 
.1 . ir. ul.iiinii .'I I'viT b- ini>m 

pltshed MMiiui. Il We 
rk'ver limit iMirs«>lvfs' 
V\i- re all adults .mvI "t 
' hail BMMiluriM, 
.life siKvl ,trv1 (i 

IK- u u. 

s> IkhiI and 
i-uls 111 learn 
.iKmt lll.uW llisl..r\ 
\l...^tb i, to provKli- 
■inu-i^t this 
,,.„.>t d.ii' •■>■ 
^mng, st<-| ■, 
iir.imatK pvx-ti > I. ........ 

But this was (ust to >;il 
t>eople s altn-ntion' 
Well this IS Harp. I 

. ir' ;u>i) V 

i tK- malur, 
\iliiiiiustr.Hors, si 
I.Kultv nu'inlvrs ,. 
sUidrtils ot Harpi'r IX.1 
\( >1 hjnr to pull vou bv 
vour .irnis. carrv i>r leavf 

vou out ol . I.lss il|»( to 

s..( .11 ' 


aiui ^"< ^1. itii' ^ ...-ovii 
BUM. Ro take a tH?ld trip 
or a (ournev to the 
libr.irv or n>in BSl i >r 
(■. ■ hv doesn I 

■ promote 
BUM ii\~u;,ul olxmi 

plaining agaircst 
llarpi-r's administrators, 
si.iit laiultv membi'rs 
u1 studmls 
Ki-mi-mfHT m tfie 
.irti. le V ou didn't name 
nanii-s vou )ust said 
Harjvr fu> done noth- 
ing mviih toieli+rate 
'lOL IX)M ' Well, as 
tar as BSt i» iimcerned 
we had some work with 
in the orRani/ation to do 
so then- were no perfor- 
mames tor tfH' schtx)!. 
I )(twe\ IT, dunn); the 
month ot f-ebruarv. the 
. st ot the semester and 
invuRh ttH' whole vear, 
.' tontinual v i-duvatt* 
iirsi-lvi-s and otfurs 
about Black History and 
Black student issues 

liSl IS op«Ti to anv 
student w tiling to learn 
at>oul Oliver cultun*s 
■\lso BSL willbeper- 
lorminn m the C ulture 

^hiKk:"»"< '-■'ki 

Sitven i 


.iiiujiir s.mith, 

I'resident. BLuk 
Student L nuvn 

Ik Uncle 

DtA» Uncu Bilu 

lOM TO AIK Hn. Hf'S Nm vuv 
ANt> Hlir MB* AU>NC. THB IKA- 

mtCTioN. Meanwhile she » 





CO OUT. Be suppomvi or this 


rr's COURSE. U they are meant 


tUmajmmk* f^t, b«i it'i •«ill 
to &t l^ikimfr ia AM7. 


don't pursue thb matter. 
Not everyone yol' uke will 
rb8pond, so don't get ois- 
couragbd by this particular 
situation. i bslibvb thow is 
one person for evervone out 


Staff Writars 


Hoe\ Bago. Bill Crittenden, Sabaah jai#iar 
Rich Nathan, Porter ftotte 

..Rich Oaswick 

_Sigfned Abud 

rnr >«rt>««*' IS iiw MuttM (uUKMran far ttw Hvpw Coaiai c*«V» c<><<'<w^ty. 
piMstnd t» aMMy tlvouiluul tM Kltoai imr niccpt Afinc tioliaaift and flivl 
autm. Ttw p«Mr « dWtr«ut«t fim to ■• ttkiMnls. taculty and attrmitrMKin 
n» HmfW"'* *<*» PtfpoM • lopioiMs lt« Hvpar oonvnunty antti (AumMion 

tammw^ to tt« c«npus ant n* wmunisnc commuitty. 

Jennifer Moses 

f^tMMr MHconiM iMtart to n« •cMO' m <«(«m to Otf wMonMi. LMt«r» 
t M s^wl wd mcluiM • |i*w» fWftMrio vanMuWonMp. S«(n«m* •« l» 

Facufty Advisor- 

-Rich Das wick 

<><«MMupanmque*t M »tt«r» «nd eomwn «» «*|«cl to •*tin» 

Products a^MrvtcmMiMniMdin m* iMrt)««>r aw not nMMsaniy •ndorsM by 
D« •dnora o« tiM papw, nor by ma co«t«l aOMMMfaMin or BoMd ol Olractsn 
MMrws MMiai b* knwitfad dnctiy to aw atfwrtnar. and a* pwchMM ■• M 
It* dMctaCion of IM coraunw. 

MbMtv AddreaK 

TbeHartM^er WtlUam Ramey Harper 


1200 West Al^nqum Road 

Palatine. L 60067 7098 

txismess office; (847)925-6460 

news office. (847) 925-6000 x2461 

fax: (847) 925-6033 

copyrWit 200a Tha HartHngar. 

Thv Hijrhinm'r 
March 6, 2000 

Art8& Entertainment 


■>'TLJ -^- ' ■ 

t V ■ - ~ - 1 . 




K'ii\ >;.,■. '1 







iTUOeW B00» 

wvnt oil 

\vt\ jno' 

VVf .in- jlitwiisl dont- with lhi% s»'HH-.t<T Wv art-1 
Roins mill thf ft){h» w«vk and tlvn lonw thi- »«^h. ' 
we dll I. ill mn1tiTn)> 1 \m>* fv«Tvi>nc i;<«<il liuk 
j with llvn' 

'>*' nine nn rn.»!n UM 

; hi- j^tjy Ifl hi> |" 

• tf IWO milllltl"- lllr 

1- jI-hi ihX (>n V> 

I I. 


nn Rii>l>'); 

tt«> nther SUV s cell pli 
did ru>t "siv arn lhmi> 

I vstutid llkt' tu ^n !. 
dtfih. who d>v n.i' r. 
I'M ttuir cdl ph 
mhi class Win 
tKe?i«' deiHV- »•': 
chit k alttf lh«'> 
h-sMif. would < 
■•♦uih-riS hi tun 

. .iniplfti'Unni-ntr.iiiiM. 
.>ktxl til Ihc j>fiKhir v^ f>»' 
,( -1,.. 1... " .. -.ivordo 
^illifif; in { 

lit, uhK h pt\»plt' 
1^- 1 w ish iIh- pi\>- 
\ liabui- <tskin)( i 
r pagers, iw at 

fcMst ■»!> smnethmg at the begmniriK ol lh«' veat 

! kmw thai I am rmi the imlv peixw who hvis 
this way I ha\e talked ti> ulher students whu net 
(U»» as a)g(ravalni «hen the sound iit nngio); ; 
mlWTupl> tlH'if lomentration S) much can hi- \ 
avnufard and I am asking lot all studenN to please I 
h» cnniudcrale and turn ynur dr\H.-es to vibrate >«> 
it does not distract thosr whm arr studyinj; or Uk- i 
ingaim. j 

t« lilt A ^l^ 




« W KQM . 

Harper College s 
#1 radio station 

American Beauty no beast of a movie 

Portar NoW* 

iilv IS. in mv iipinion, the best 
n - well acted, well thouRht out and 

Uf il |»^e-enU^i 

I ntoflun.iIeK tln-sc- q.i.ilitit-. pLiic it outside iit 
nn ii..riTial mode ot res levc writing which would be 
I Nting disonsinution ol weak plots and con- 
trived acting I pr.tir i,. smasli tin- ill-conceived 
dn-ams oi ,.in. ,!i,.d diri-ctors. as it is lar easier to 
"'"'■ >' Jisiike than what I truly erqoy. 

fly IS ttu- story ot Tester (Kevin 
">r<»* ev ' lit m.m cowiii by his hvp«."rattiv e, 

ambitious I,.,. I,., v. itc tarolvn (Annette Benning) 
and his -ulleii disinterested daughter lane (Thora 
Bin hi 

1 ester hask.ilh is .i deavl v\ jlking until he 

gi-ts his w akeup call during a haUtime show at a high 

sihiHil basketball game tXil there i>n the floor is 

. K~-l triervd Angela, a teenage temptress 

Ang.-la immediately taps into the libidinous t-oi* of 

U"ster » paralysis Her ripe, youthful promise evokes viiuoas 

<rf n»se petals - as s»>ft and tender and fresh as Jht firm young 

Kidy iW course, tfial s not exactly how Angela sees herself 

Smugly satisfied w ith hi-r newfour»d power as a nympfwt, she 

takes a more prosaic view, telling jane that if people who 

don t even know her want lo sUvp v. ■th ivr ■• r.v..i- I n-al- 

ly fiave a shot al being a model 

What happens to these chaiuii.-i-. i- s..iiumi.»s startling 
and unavoidable espi<cially for Lester, wfui leaves his boring 
|ob, starts smoking (hH with the kid ru-vl door (Wes Bentley), 
buvs the muscle car he always wanted and happily sigrts up 
lo flip hamburgers al a ta&t-f<xid place A no(-kx>-distan( sec- 
ond on the startle meter is Carolyn who. disturKni al her sud- 
den loss ol kontrol over her m.ite has an aftair with a greasy 
fellow realtoi .inJ i ru-s ,i lot 

Usrier's insights into his Kiring life range lnim the 
caustic ("Se* fhe way tanJyns pruning sfn-ars match her gar- 
dening clogs' That's not accidetital ) lo somewhat fatalistic 
( Tve lost something I'm not sun- what it is. but I don't Ihmk 
Ive always (ell this si-daled") 

The loni; shot ol this movie is that it is basically a tale 
ol .1 hulk ot .1 man who tric-s to regain some s«mbUnc« of 
control and sell-esteem in his )oyU*ss life by smoking reefer 
arwl trying to recapture the v igor and vim of his youth. Of 
course, as this movie is a wittv, sardonic dark comedy, we 
know thai .is v\ell as things seem to be gcHng in his midlife 
anrection, things will collapse around lister whether he likes 
it ornol. 

Amr-rtcan Bftuty is essentially an insightful portrait of 
suburban America in all its chaotK modem dysfimction. 
From minute one, American fWufy is delightfully worth see- 
ing in a year ol otherwise drab mtnies 

i^jLga i 

Watch for 

d«biilir>9 March 20 

only in 

The Harbinger. 



Thr Harbinger 
March 6, 2000 

Program Board brings Java Jams back for four weeks of festivities 


*4E cDiTiW 

and Muddy VVjU'r> 111 iiur humWf >ollc>;.' U, v, 

hit everyime i>n Jhmr way up," sjvs IMxirah 

W.-ll kids It s that special time of year again Abbott, President irf Pnigram Bodrd The 

Ctrl Scout aH>kit-i jre m Neav.n. -prinK I.xwninn <»rn.ini/.iti..n has an iiniann\ knaik ,.t bringing in 

over the horuon and Harper s lava |ams is bark (or p,-, .pic ii,si N-tori> th.-v make th.- bi^; time 

another year of musical entertainment \..rK.» and K.pan.. ( .n^ii p.t fh,' ball nillin^ 

What's Java |am.s you ask' It |u*t so happens to last t nd.u !( v.m u.n thtn- ,nv \..u just 

be the cornerstone o« Pniftram RwrdsvearK lalen s.ivv the inM bi>; thin^; \i.rbi<»v pairs man. 

dar This dward-wtnning event is made up ot tour 
separate sho\^s. with each one Haunting two a»ts 
Bv tradition loftee will K- made available to the 
audience, hence the name lav a l.mis What mon' do 
viHi need' Live bands, cortee jn-ople, and I larper s 
tongue in cheek ambieiKe 

The whole shebang started three vears ago 
under the moniker Co<ii><ri1pusie Series the lava 
and the lanis were all there so m a momeiil o( inspi- 
ration, the tolks m iharge sinipK K'>;.in promoting 
It as lava Jam.s Starbucks fves the uittee plaie) had 
its own showcase erf musual talent and comciden- 
tallv vvanttH) to use lav a lams as (heir titli; But as 
tate w ouki h.u I it I larper managisj to beat tht-m to 
the puncb and lame out on top 

Now don t go disnussing this event as aruHher 
worthless excursion This is bnnight to vou b\ th»- 
vjuirkv people at I'mgrani Bi>ard The s,ime organi- 
zation that s responsible tor bringing in past acts 
such as rsvchedelu lurs. I .in 
Bk>ssoms Toad the Wet 
Sprovkel, \iolent lemmes 

lason \ardiuv s giiitai and vtsaK with Alison 
I helM-v s 1,-11,, \ str,mi;e . ombin.ition that |ust so 
hapfH-ns to work \ertH,w wime to Harp«T to pnv 
mote their latest release V\/n,', i >ii/ which pro 
duci\i bv Brad Wood d i/ I'hait and Smashing 

The next show will teatun' Chicago blues leg 
end, l«innie Bns>ks as he teams up with his son 
Wavne to pav homage !o (he blues Milwaukw's 
Peter Mulvev tags along tor the nd<- .ind is consid- 
ered as a mix ot Prime Muhael Stipe and I isi 
kottke Cet the hckets to this show ahead i<i time as 
advance sales tor this one are running stn^ng 

Folkming up at the end ol March will l>e IM 
Smith and loan |ones a I ilifh lair regular who 
apfH'ars on the 1,-thilu W album 
Willy Porter comi-s m April to promote his i.iu-s! 
album, faUmji Fonraut Porter s resume unhides 
pertormances vsilh The C ranK-rries and Ton Amos 

\ sIkIc i.uitar Champ. Kraig kenning will 
make an apjH'arance to work the cnivvd 

I MS' lav .1 lams as an opportunitv for the aver- 
age Harper slyclenl to come onto campus on a 
fridav night, have a cup ot cotiis- to warm the body 
and to listen to some l.intastic music to warm their 
souls ■ said Abbott 

The series will hi- running as follows March ■* 
will featur«'\'erK<w and Kep.'.no ( ,nvn .is the open- 
ing ai I Man h IT w ill headline I onnie and Wavne 
Bnsiks .md their sjusial gm-st Peter Mulvey loan 
lones and I M Smilh will take the reins on March 
J4 lo end things on a high note (no pun intended) 
Willv Porter and Kraig Kenning will fill the halls 
w ith their tnvn brand of miisu on thi' 14 of April 

ITi*' shows begin at 7 M> pm in the Student 
Administration C enter (A building) tickets are 
available at the Box Ottu.' in the Business and 
S<H Vience (. .'nter || building) and .>rv going for 
S" lot students .md Sin general admission All tick- 
ets will set voubaik SI Hon the dav of the shows so 
buv in advanc- lor turthrr information call 
H47 42SMim. 

Who knows j.n.i l.mis sounils appealing 
enough I ma\ sacntiu' .i I ridav night or two 
or thns' or even tour I .a<- musit ' \ecd caffeine' 
lliri- s vour .inswer 







wi, rl 



ti>rs ,1 

! 1 . 

1 \«.'-if- 

c r s , > I 

' 'U 



', rr\- 

to c' 1 1 

i I 1 :.\ 

you, r 



c -nie 

and work tor 
'our a ward -win 

nin'_' I'liMiiM 


Si^ If \>.ti hke 

to urirc; vir 

edit i rht-r 

people's wvirk, 

why nut stop 

l>y . V 1 1 r , V f f i . , 

»* V - 1 ■ ^ ( ., I ( V 1 

pick up an 
Or \..i| (.-an 


V^ <.' C ,1 i f I w .1 1 I 

fo sec \ ■.'[]' 

The Harbinger 
March 6, 2000 

Artsft Entertainment 


Shakespeare classic Midsummer 
Night's Dream awakens at Harper 
in March 


NMi C»<ll— ■■ aatf itmUt Itoval p wwM tt a ■»■■■ 
b«tw««ii MMlr dwraetcr* Lyi—iir mi NMMla ki 
Ma*p«r^ proiiietkMi «f 4 MWmwiif Mlgftt^ OrMMB. 

One of Stiakespeare'» mast often preniuccd and well kn til 

plavs, A Mitbummer SigM'f Drram, will t* prrfomicd im VUn h 

- 19, 24, 25 and 26 m the Theatre i»» the Bimuww an,) s.>. 

e Center, 1143 

Twenty-«e\'en stadtiMs and communitv tnembrrs. includii^ 

I 4r« nf KVvr^r-old IwilMand a amunimitv iminivr who »•»« ,i 

%»fp,pit\ rolr»in the >;uimHl\ iiHludinK 

», a» Obenm, Tina IV/vh\ lo, H«>ftman 

1 state*, as. UUnia. I B BosnNlii ['.lUtirw- .c IIh-m-u- t alhUvn 

Hermon Chicago, js Hippolvta U-niti-r KuK'l Arlir>KU>n 

' Merrnu Sean U Brien. l.len ( ll\ii .»» IVrTH'triu^ 

(lu-^- \lt I'nwpeit .IS I v>aniler. I ini.l>a\ C.raikli. 

A(lin)(i>in I li.'i>;ht», a.^ Hek-na. Kandy Wfeimtein, Slutkir. as Puck 

Jnd Tim fhilbm I'alahne. .i> B<Ht<iffl 

t)ther supptTrtmu n>li~ -A t>\ Frii BennKef. 

schaumburK, J-> fKeu> Anu. l'n>*f<t\t Height'', a* 

rVatMiiiliiiilTi. Mkhael lames lau^li. I'aUline. as Flute I i/ I'lvyi. 
Birfhio Grove, as CUbweb. I«hn Kelin. Arlin)^or\ Itei^ts, as 
Sni^^' }on CarptiKer Hortnun I si.iti», js Stn>ul led Ratfertv, 
Hoffman Fstates, asj^iiue FaiMi Hettlinger. BU«>mingd,ilt», a* 
Vlustardsii'd. Lara t.rauer "xhaumburn, as Mtith. Shawn 
Hechtct ArlinRtiMT Hei^hf^ .»s I'hilmtr.itc, Andrew VVils«w, Cark, 
>;, Emma I ithsl ralahne .is the 

boy and l^^ .1 Maiken/ie Clifhml 

ne, a* Fairte* Michael Held Vhaumburi;. .iivl Pr 
> [)e«. nain«^. make up the enseml'te 
Ihe direvlor. t .nir.i I'ulio cf Chu.i>;ii is .m instriiiti>r oi 
^(••f<'i.h and l)Tiim.> fh*- set Jc^i^f is b\ r.uti I >. 'r'^' 'U ski ol 
•>e The a«stiime .mil chureiigraph) il 
i.ll Chicagt" li>5ht,n^ .'i -i.;n is b\ M.t, 
. T Ke>in C- 
1 b\ 'iteM- i 

You've ieartied a lot. Ac F.lmKiina, ytMi'll 

learn more. 

nvMUHf w CMK • (am-fim dcfm-f C» iii l> i SMmmm <'^kpr. 
!a "AnvWMftc HmI C aWii y i,* cttemnnai uiivci- tw /•' ^ Vn... 

I «4k|p' "^^ >tx> »<* ^K ~k»l calk;p' bujr' in Ukoon. 

Wt Mm aMh dtHMWiiMM. few atW )<a<, b|r aSiM( wptfMc 
i«kImi>| m> • p««iM M i Mile. Mow liun 91 |v«c«w of aw 
fa c A y I w M ilw lifjiii t ili y i II «i» ritwr fcfch. Thaw i tlwiiJ «cfa«<«Bi 
hucnar fhty low •■ tudi. ia MMfl duMit. 
r 4Mrir mdiMn M iikbvidiub. Oat wmptdan 
L A Ciadtr mnidhn. 1 

FJmlmw '» ymS if it ipi. tidi in mmmn mti » n ii m i i iiMi 
(HKl«4i«( lO wAriftiJ— r iNnjam). Oa ■ cUmk cwnput. 

M 4 CMMiainf iwiun. *^|MC|9aM MaatiMt 4f iwiay flfcv Nas mgr^ 
l^ ii w di fer Immatterntt. (if(Mm«<M)r, aarf »r l ii»i i « w a « . 
Bri«a^<tilfc»<|>f. t u if nl iiiKtiw. aad Maoxutmr— MmtHaM 

M wad 0Mms^ m^bh Itt aft 

•~,»,^* Umhurit 1^ corning ro Harper. 

t lb aisn an ttw fc unt niwiiiwa atmmmlm, ana* la iIh Toarfir 

Ccnan on Wiihi«n<i)H, Maxk n. Caaa IWDO a-m-i-oo pija. 
BwlwOTi M aausiuUir 'ifUHtn firiasKil^' Abaoi aa< ia riMii* af 
aur muitm a t ttxattt mttim Vau oaw a to yoanatfao lam 

^ ElmhurstCcdk^ 

tlD'^^M J^U^H^ J^^^J^ 1^ ^u 

^vi^VV fll^pnR^ ^^WBFW WP ^^' ' 





U'$ sAKt .' > :^*1 > J"» ♦■"VO'T*** 

.•taihitd I tx-v als«> meet up w illh 
led hv N'lik Ht'tfiMm. who are i\>u. 
mm lit the iipn>mm>; wedtii' 
led "shaki-sfH-are ti> rue ' 1 .u 

Fndav .md Sifuril.i beft,m al . , 

siiwi with dis<."i»unl* K>r students r.itri'ns are . 
^Mrking lots '^ and tO h>r .Uvvss tt> the K'x cni. 
Call S47>*2-s^^l^t tor n-,, kets .ind mt\"rm.>tinii 


EARN& ,.^ 


Pro9r«in { "^ 

to $23,000* 

Mntn Um 

VPS Earn A L««ni 


IJrtl** In.*** •*«|p»ar'. < 


^ Page 10 


rhi' H.irbinf;iT 
March 6, 2000 


Steady, Part-Time Jobs 
$8.50 - $9.50/Hour 
Weekends & Holidays Off 
AND Great Benefits! 

Up to $23,000* 

in College Education Assis 
with the UPS Earn & Learn 

The UPS 




2100 N. Hicks Rd. • Hicks & Rand Roods 

Sunrise Shift * 3om-8om 

Twilight Shift • Spm-lOpm 

$500 Bonus at this location! 

Coll our Pobtine focility direct ot: 


Or, caB our 24-hour job line to inquire about opportunities 
at our Hodgkins, Addison and Northbrook facilities: 

1 -888-4UPS-JOB 

Access Code: 4429 


16 Pobtine from Elgin lake bus «556 


Equal Opporlunily Empioywr 

'Program guidelines apply. CoHeg* edutolioo otMstonc* t$ ovoiloWe of 
Hodgkins, Addison, Poiolin* and Chicago (Jofforson Si.) fociiiliak. 

The Marbin^er 
Match 6, 2000 


Page 11 , 



ooking for individuals that 
would like to help with 
iVariety Show. Show is or 
IMafch 25th. Need stage 
Ibuilders, security (Ixxjnc- 
ers), creative minds. For 
information strict line (847) 
225-1445 and enter #248. 

General Office Clerk to 
assist production dept 
Iw/clerlcal duties. 

Typing/data entry exp. nee- 
•ssary. FT/PT hrs, mtn of 
20hrs/wk. Hrs 8-6pn\ M-F. 
Pay is $9-10/hr. Call (847) 
640 8820 Of e-mail tcso- 

Part-time Teacher wanted 
to lead cooking instruc- 
tion/birthday parties for 
children 6-12. Excellent 
jpay. limited hours, fun envi 
ironment, must be available 
weekends, and nxist enjoy 
working with chtklrea (847) 
776-8080 ask for Kristin. 

WmSTAsst needed w/1 yr 
wk exp in MS Word & Excel. 
Growth opportunity & job 
variety Company paid 
health tienefits. Fax 
ressume to (847) 640-8830 
or e mall tcsokaapra- 

The Harper Men's Tennis 
Team is looking for addi- 
tional players. Must be full 
time students (12 hours 
minimum). See Coach King 
in the field house Mon.. 
Tues, or Thursday between 
1:30 to 3:30. Be part of a 
winning program 

I am looking for someone 
who is familiar with HTML. 
to build a web page I wouU 
kke to have on the net. 
Fees are negotiabte. and all 
incjuiries will be answered 
promptly. Must also know 
how to put in sourxJ arxJ ptc 
tures on the page. If inter 
ested or have any ques- 
tions regarding this, please 

contact me at your earliest 
convenience. Questions 
will be answered promptly, 
Victor Diaz (847) 705- 

Full and Part-Time 
First Midwest currently has 
several excellent opportur>i- 
ties available in its Elk 
Grove Village Super market 
Banking locatioa Respon- 
sibilities include marketing 
finafKial opportunities, 
opening new accounts, 
teller and balancing func- 
tions and assisting cus 
tomers with inquiries. 
These dynamic positions 
require sales oriented indi 
vtduals with excellent cus 
tomer service skills and 
previous cash handling 
experience. Must be able to 
work flexible hours includ- 
ing weekends. We offer a 
competitive salary with 
quarterly incentives and a 
full benefits for full and part 

time employees 
sefKl./fax your resume to 
Attn: Corporate Recruiter 
300 Park Blvd. 

Suite 400 

Itasca. K. 60143 

Fax; (630) 875-7399 


Deferring taxes with 
TIAA-CREF can be so 
rewarding, you'll wonder 
why you didn't do it sooner. 


847 4903182 OR stepo 


GO DIRECT! #1 Internet 

Wease ""Based company offering 
WHOLESALE Spring Break 

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w WW. end less summer - 


CM 92S.S460 and Mrtt 
for the Adv«rti«ina 

lh» rates are $8.00 
lor the first twenty 
words and SI .00 for 
each additional fiva 


Or» ^ *c IMM wqn M buiM • iMifwinii fWM en > 

W W >»n* MM i tM l> Jwlmfcd (wm)oi»pa»cltrct. 

im CM OMilir build incanw M uJKilwnmt >ow pemion 

And yoiN csnnbutoM w SMsyow u<iK«mniih(d by 
Mn ««« yoa ««Mhm rtw hmh,' iWM ID M<M TUVA- 
Om MtdaWMMiwl ftrioimtnim, boiWMd by ow 

commlwrNnt 10 l««pln| «eM« tOM •« you hM <nM 
mono ««w)u«9 tor joft 

So «i»r wMf Let M hv|> )<M buW • comlpftaMr wttc- 
<n«ir mitf mm imtMnMtf 
SMl INt Mik you «« Awt It 


Invest Your Credits 

Ifjoa idtr co&gr cndil ut it. 

Transftr jobt tMiff amnnnrk aai 
ampkk n tKttltntai 

Baciiewr Degree' 

UTO Insuring the future 1 800 842-2776 

^^^y for those who shape ii. 

^^" WWW. tiaa tref org 


MMn Irata «taM kMn vni**M*i MM 

■ m ii»M»iii«mH» m i, 







Piigaia • 

Sporting facilities not just 
students put Wellness and 

for organized athletics as 
Sports Center to use 

■III CrittMMtoa 
■M S«ka«li iMiiisr 

SWF Wf ■■■■ 

w lit rjjil in a U»ng Itnio 
inH .ib»iil thf >»dr -nMf 
back, or J n<»-hirtft 

It's dK>ut vi>u. the J> i;t.inf 
'>luiic'nt Miuil t»t u". 
btvn dreaminy; i»t st-ttHig m 
•>hapif, but u^uitllv wf di>n t 
lolknv thriHiKh 

Maybf souvf '• 
putting tiH gmng to ■ 
btvjust* of tht' iiist lit iinrn 
brr^ihtp A k>l oi U& can't linJ 
lime m our Kusv s«.lwduk~ 
Viany ot vini may fw»l W 
aw aw ot Ihi*. t<tit we hjv «■ tht- 
M>lution to vour problfm- 
righl htT«- .it Hjrper C olhi'Ki 


Two •tii4«Hts mmkm wm» 
of Mm b««k«tk«H eotirt*. 

The lljrptT Wellnw. jnd 
I itiifv* C iTitff offrrs conve- 
nu-ncp to NtudtTils Jt j lm\ 
cost, with a wide r-mm- ot 
dctiviti€-i at aiUbli' 
The membfrvhip |u-t ^^.ts 
$55 per si»mt~.t>T tor th<- i.ill 

.n to si/ir> 

innp the <-iimm' 
II. tJn- ftv I- 
th.:in Itv h 

1* ii-iulK .itx'iit >^i 
onth rh»- BjII\ » nH-m- 
ivr>hip pnci' shown ht-n; »«« 
ttif nviiniJLn piugr-itn. whit h 
» tu»l weight iLiinirif; ar>^: 
i»thw senivi-^ ciKt I'xtT.i Th. 
^VR-\a>»«>.SI.Wh. (.'1' ! 
S"S<I each m. '^ • 'mm- ,in 
jtttii* mt'n ■ ' 'H 1 .in 

iImi use H. !'(■.• - i.Hilitn- 
vithoul h.i\ in^ .1 tiill mi-ni 
K r-hip An ll)i,i 

V.HI p.lV ptt US*' 

mi'mtHT.hip, a\\ \ou d 
lio i> till out "Hinif torn' 
pdV the ttv rhi!» imTiiltr 
-.hip wilt itHlutlf th«- ('hoti> 


\t Ihf ILirpir l.olU>;>- 
VVelliwss and fitHfs-. l-fntt-r 
a memhership includes ,i 
phtifo 11), .Hiess to thr pool 
the weight rixim. an indis>r 
track which surrounds Ki- 
l^elhall courts, which vi'u . an 
list* us*v fhe use i>t a r.). 
■'.lit court IS just -^^ 
•ITS. as opposfi! 

'■-r ni>n-niembei ^ 
mature ot vour 
nwnitHTslup IS that there are 
teachers a\ ailahle to help v ou 
and answer ^ut-^tt.'ns \,.ti 
might h.ivi- 

Instead ol lfa\el 
Hallv s or the \\\i. \ 
VVellru'Hs and f-itrn-ss C inter 
IS locjleil right here on 
Harper's (.ampus 
viHi Will not have ti> travel 


Soma of tit* walfht 
trsinmg siiuipmaiit that 
c«Hk« f« 

. r,>u.K 
.1- IN. -11 
ti.iiU - 


i\)iiipn>i'Ht and Oi' 
a» Itw t i-nter is n,.| 
kiii«v\ n 

I., li 




i^i llii I itiHss I cniei itHv 
t.iins Inw-unpiit .md hi>;h 
irnpJlt ii)lr. 

tionar\ t>u > Uir 

vlirntvrs Tli>r» are also tele- 
\t*.iitn> to ujlvh while \ou 
I hi- i- in nnim M 
Ki'oin \| \f<y IS the 
lAinnasiurn v. hkh houses 
the haskelKill loiirt- ,ind thi- 
indcH>r travk I luTe .in- -ia t'r- 
.il racqiittball . ourts which 

11 Ihi-' halKv.u .i-. ilu 

'I sun Vou can alM> 

Ki|vifft>all courts to 

it and there is a 

lle\Kill court 

' the 1 •\ mn.i-iuni 

; ! iu- rlii [liK 1 -hii ' 

. It IS inexp«>nsivi> jiniJ 
oiiiiN i|ualit> t.nilii- ' 
to I lasses 

Hour- ot oper.iliKii .lie 
Mond.n through Thursday, 
li' am to K p.m. The\ are 
of>en on Kndav. 10 am to *» 
p m .ind on Saturdas, 10 am 
to 1pm rhe\ an- closed iwi 
- >i,),n 

Utr more intoriiuitu>n ViUi 
can visit the Harper College 
VVellnes- and I itnt-ss t c-nler, 
or \ou ..ill .all Athletic 

\ '■' <■■•"< ' ...1"-. i ttice 

_ ■ i~ti.<. .i ..-.I .\ant 

re mtormatioti about the 
1'. right r\M»m, you can call |im 
K\ an at .MT u^S h'Jt.1 or visit 

Hawks' spring sports offer variety 

S' \. u «ant to support \our t.r .'iiti 
spring H.irper sport but vou .ion t 
kiuiw v\ ho v\ h, 11 .)r w h. n- lli.-\ re pl.o 

Uell l.s.k Mo turthc-r than this 
nftererne ot upc timing events. 

Men's tennis has 16 matches sth«"d- 
uled. starting with their first match at 
Elgin on March 20, fiillownl bx a fuime 
match against Sauk V'allev on March 2'*, 
and then back on the road again until 
the Harpei Invite Apr 7 and 8 This is 
follow evi by a series ot horni' matcfies on 
.^pr 11-1,^ against IX>minuan 
Universitv. ludson College and the 
College oi fXiPage Th«' Hawks tennis 
then tra\els to \aper\ ille and kankakee 
befoiv a-tuming home to host )oliet, 
Wuctimin Whitewater and Oikton on 
April 20, 24 and 26 After that it's o« to 
RocKird tor Kegiotuls cm Apnl 2»-2^, 
and then to NaliotuLs m Tyler. Texas 
May I4-21) 

Hawks sotthali ku k- oti thi ii se.ison 
v\ ith a loui .l.o ,m.i\ trip to si 1 ...n, 
March 2V26 Ih.n itltr .i bru i st..p 
• ner tor a game .igainst t>akton I 
in IVs llaines on Manh y* it - I 
the home field as thev host Morii .n \f nl 
1 Ihev tfH'n head out to lolul . n \pril 
4 betim* coming Kuk tor two ioommi 
tive home games against Prairie' 
and College of IXiPage \prii ^ and K 
F-our risid trips take them to 'sugar 
l.nwe on .April 10. McHenry on .April 
14 RtKkford on Apnl I? aiid Ri\er 
I Irov e on April 1 !« before h<>siing a s«ti.'s 
of home games vt.niin.' iLMuist 
VVaubonsee on April .n 

.\pnl 25 and Kishwauk.. ... ., iil 2r> 

broken only by a visit to Cicem on -April 
22 Then it's off to Chicago Heights 
Apnl 27, and a return (or the last regular 
game ot th<- xijr against McHenry on 
April :.H 

Hawk* biU«ball starts it« sCAKsn 
March 17 against Waubonsev in Sugar 

( .roM' then ;■ 1 i, I > M.Uih 

Is I arl "s-inupuri; Manh \^ and 
Morame Valley Maah 21 b«'hire hc-ading 
Honda lor a -.rifs ot ganu-s Manh 
<o April I -ei- them m River C.rox e 
..>;.iinst Irilon utio then follows them 
Im. k to HarjH-r tor a remati h on the 
Hawks home court Apnl 2 The Hawks 
host more home games .Apnl 4-fi. y, 11, 
14, 1-S, interrupted by only two away 
games oni> in C.len r.llyn on April H, the 
other in IX-s Plames on April P Fhe 
Hav\ ks kifp It up f>>r th«- n'st of .April, 
with c.inu'-. nearly every day ot the 
month Ihis earnest tfie team through 
to Regumals, which will K' held May 2 
and 4-7 at a icKation to be determined. 
After that, it s on >o the NJCAA District 
games cm May 1 .'*-14, and then on to the 
\1CAA World Series May H-26 in 
lialac la, New York 

With all fh»-se events commg up and 
more, ninv is a great time to be a fan o( 
I law ks sports. 

Nine of the H' 
Iwrestlers Marpi r 
sent to the Midwest 
Kegional champi- 
ionships on Feb 1 1 
(qualified for the 
national N|CAA 
louriumonf in 

Harper won tmir 
inJiv idudi titles, 
{took three seconds, 
and won three third 
places as they fin- 
lished second to 
'regional ch.imp 
;Lincoln College m 
the region meet at 
Harper The Hawks 
missed >;t'itin>; .i lOlh 
{wrestler on to 
Inationals when 141- 
pounder Shawn 
Slenc/ka suffered a 
dislocated elbow in 
his semifinal bout 
land was forced to 

I "Lincoln was 
[tough this year and 
took a few too many- 
first places," said 
Hawk coach Dan 
I oprieno But we 
li.ivi ,1 strong group 
going to Rochester, 
so we had a good 
shot .it doing v\ ell 

i Winning regional 
ichampionships and 
advancing for the 
Hawks were Aaron 
Cohen at 174 
pounds, Eric Frway 
at 1H4, All-American 
Joe Cileissner at 197, 
iand joe Johnson at 
!l3.'^. Victor Juarez at 
123, Ben Mena at 
heavyweight, and 
,Matt Irvin at 144 
jwere runner-ups, and 
■Anthony Santos at 
!lS7 and Mike Miller 
jat IhS finished in 
ithird place. 
i Qualification for 
national participa- 
tion requires a first, 
second or third place 
finish in preliminary 

Harper won the 
regional last year 
.and sent its entire 
team to Rochester, 
where they finished 
fifth nationally. 

I Trie H arb inge r 

^almmy Mwyr C«M«g« » ^alatlw, llWwolt 

VoiMM XXXir 

IJt .ibrch 1» , id66 

Harper addresses sexual harassment>nu*nt i^ \vf 
and intiT»fl\\ h>r thi>M' i\h<' 
nave gom" ihriHJgh il It - hjn! li' 
fvlieNf that it can happt-n am 
.s infi here at Harp'r t olli-j^i- I 
1. 1 that must clt>n t kimw .it>nul m 
ti<His»" ti> i>»nor»" KvauM' it i^ -uih a 
Jt'liiatf tt>pii til Jis, u» 

St'xual Hara>Nm»nt is illf^al II t- 
K'tirml as being wxual ili><rimiii 
tn>n b\ fh«- i.'iirl ^\-ti-iiis Tl- 
incliKli"- ur! 

il fhi- .il«' iniiiKlr* <fi'.>tin>; .1 ht'-tik- or 
i'titimut.)(in>; t-ru triwinirnt tor ihv,i-M\t 

It .1 -luiierit IS M-*iullv h 
'ii'v -shi'uUin t Wamt" tht-m 
bt'lifM- that thf\ i'n».nura>;» vt Mu 
harasMT to i-xhibit this unu.mti-.! 
K'h.i\n>r IWn lhi>U);h th»- situ.i' 
rn.)\ ^t'l-m arnt tivl (■xtn-miK > 
' mil, '• '> '"'; 
h»- i>. Ntti, 

■ tuiU-nt sl- 

Miivi lit K'tl.l\ l.-l ,;•■,,• .IF 

in thi lAt'nt thtit tht* ici^ulrnr ;.;tH"s 

uiir*'i's'r1fti thr Ii.uass4'r will m»ts| 

this ,)s a Inrni kI wmsi'IiI 

V k tiiii lo I ontiniu- tht- 

U!u-. aiiUJ hrh.u h'l I \ »'n if tht- 

*,)ss.r vtiH-s ni'l .iMitiniif .Mlh >h<' 

• ' u tmi It - hkrlv thai t-. 

•,.;i;;, ^ni )-■ 

uni a>;ai!isl lh»' 

\i'w Kill ma\ mmder whort' a 
% K tim wnuk) gii til tile charges. The 
iiiitst ot^s lous answfr nHWt of us come 
u[' with IS to call Public SafH\' That's 
ji lu.illv inc»>ruvt Students should 
till a ci>mpljinl ivith the \'ice- 
rrf-idtiit ol Human Ri-stmrces 

'Nhfn tiilJ about thi' inursi- ot 

■11^ OIK should taki' Susan 

K.a/mierc/ak Stud»-nt Trustee lor the 

Student Senati', nt>li<'.l ! was not 

aware that charges ■ iiUil 

Pr«Sld«llt Responds to Qriovanco Fiarper production a Dretwi come true 

KMi Dmwtch 

; ,^c ,-, .. .,, 

The l;rl^■^ 


•ff to 


1 irafion loW T(»i' Hiitl 

, <ll.*ll.-.t hv tK.- St. 11.' H 

A troup* of fairiet perform an entrancing (onf in an 1 
momant of Shakatpaara • classic 4 Midtummmr Night'* OraaMk 

Itoalth WmMu 
klch* off In MrtL 
— prntB 4 

mck NatiMM 

A toaek of Mamoy 
ami a vfsit kaoli to L 



A elooor took at 
^foo MTMo 

is an int. 
• ■ partH— »' 
• ■si>|ylKwl . 
The Pr, 

nnding hearing to N 
, sident Ihe ^acult\ ~ 
tue to the tact that thi 
.ldbepr\-Mdingo\er tht . 
1 -d the tmw that the PrtMdtr 
i.i. ii.»ve ti< preptire t»>r •''■■ •'■ ■' 
There 1* a gteater 

• iisi. 


Hmwk* Mftooil goto 

f*a4y for aaow 


ine the I'rt-sident s on 
iieni T>ii>i gnev jrur 
!h the JVi-sident and lii. 
rkinir, hanT to reM'lve 1 


ithm the stem- 
■ (.ostumes and 

lane IJi-B»>ndl lan in- 

crevliti'd with K'th ot those creative 

honors The costunH-s tor the "mw- 

rs weiv average while tho^e 

ines were ver\^ givid, utiliz- 

;nvn atwl leatv images in order to 

11- the idea ot nature The chore- 

.phv was an unexfHvted surprise. 

-. 1 rral stings were performed dunng 

the prmluctK'n with taines dancing 

■ r\ ga\ manner 

.iltimalelv made thi» 

pla\ gi>i>d w as lis I ast Since thi.s pla\ 

contaiiwvT no delinitue mam charac- 

s,>voral n^les were called up«in to 

port the stor\ l( ri-xolves arourkl 

' » haracters. TTie 

.■ \ ovmc io\rrs a 

. 'I I hi-seus c«>nsists 

. I us (IB Bogulski)and 

i-vtmlhed, Hipp«->lvta (Cathleen 

i«in) A* th«' play opens, Theseus 

betrothed Hermia (Jennifer 

.1), to IJemetnus (Sean O'Brient 

. n sht- tTulv loves t.vsander iNick 

list twist comes 

' find out that 

I .randt) loves 

IK.' magK 

n (T(Hid laclwunl. King of 
ttH- f-airies and Titania (Tina 
IV/vbvIo) engage in an argument that 




Harper News 

The Harbinger 
Maich 17, 2000 

Harassment: Coll«0 offers victims support in Healtli and Psycliological sorvicos 

coninuM from paf I 

with Hunwi RestHirct* and nul v* ith 

PuWic Safet> ' 

WTiiTT .1 student whii tommitUi) 
tht- il harasament is Knind 

guii;. ' <>llc«i> will takv disii-\ .ution i hi nu'st I'xtrfnu- 
irtiiin win iriihulf InMiiii Kiikcil .'tl 

nvpUN iir K'nig n-^trulti1 rrcm itr 
t.iin .iri-.i- I'll fimjHis llu- diM.ipli 
n.irv Ktion t.iWi-n vvill di'p-nJ on thi' . irium^t.>ni.f v't th< 


It - jIm< imfHirtanI thi- \ iitu 
»ieek» a»unM.'lin)? ThiTf i-. no nnht or 
wnmR in how th^ siud<r\i vv ^11 n \. i 
And tht'n- - no one t\(-. pri>h!i'm- •'"• 
i-\pvn»-iKr ^onu- 

.1 V I'f % Jlt!u ult tun*- 111 vJt-uiiiii, *> Jin il 

inj --omf m.u |UNt txtome di-- 

It I- v<'t\ lo ri-<p<\l tin- 
tim .ind r<-.pi'it how thr \Ktiiii i- 


^ to Ihi- most likely a vir\ tir 

,1 ■>! in tvpiTU'nit' tor thi in 

Ulniu. • hjrj^Ntnfnt 

. , ur- hi,n ■ • .intpii^ Ihi- 

■unM-lir'c "■ .It H.irpiT 

^n.-^-. -^t ' r!u\l v\ hrn it 

,1 how thi- stiulonl 

Ihi\ .TI--0 ■^iv tho most important 
ihin>; I- to jttn ' . '"• 

1-: 'It 

lhi\ pro\ ido here Jl Hjrper. 

It sou ^n- wondering when- ti' 
tind the policy, it w ill mrt be found on 
the Harper home page Thi-a- are 
hrivhurvs on the stvi>nd t1tx>r of A 
Building i.>n >exual harassment if you lo know more There is also a 
, o(n of the poIiv\ in the student 
I . en out each 
..■..,>-ui ;. i l!n u. .in\ student. U 
vou have an\ ^uestuwi*, pleast- call 
the Health and Psx fhological S«M-iic«s 
.11 ixl t^^C"^ V'u can also contact the 
Uomen s IVigram at exi. tiStO. 

• Safe Spring Brrak 

■jnng Br»-ak w | anmnd the iirtmi -Vix- 
lu readv to relax, party, travel or Cfvnd 
imw with fneod»? WTule the goal ot Spring 
BnMk i* to havv a gtiod time, you don't want 
il nriiwd with an miury or trigedy. The 
Harper WrUnew Advisors Club m »pon»of- 
ii^ • Safe Spring Brrak table on March 21-23 
Id Iwlp you have safe ■■un, safe lex and %ate 
pa rt ying Slof> by the table located outsuie of 
A37* (nwir Financial Aid Oftice, 
Student /Administration Center) to pick up 
maferials and giveaways Want to wm a 
$2500 scholarship' Complete the Safe 
Spring Break pledge at the table and you will 

•WcilncM Week 

April U-1.1 marks Harper CoilrRe's annual 
W fcMnM B Week This year there Mill be over 
30 hHtth and wettness seminar* eiKompa**- 
^ all dlMM nion* of weUness-inteUectual, 
pliyikaL amolionaL nocial. and spiritual, 
kidudp "Smart Ijcmf. Making Any 

Relationship V\or^ 
Busting", 'laser I 

"C'.irdto k 

• Ur^laiuJmg AtleiiiuHi 
' the Ufespan". "t« it 

Hepahtis' . 
Benefits ol 
Deficit Dim 
Safe lo Be Lwiy m tlw Suburbs' 
Sex and the Media" and moix- A 
ed m the week is the annual Health Kair on j 
April 12 whew 60 exJubitors will orimdej 
ii\fonnation, screening and sen i 

array of health topic* and i*>ue> ».. (-.>•- ; 
grams with the exceptKm ot a blood chem- 
istry screetung are FRF.E of chaise For more 
information call Health and Psychological 

Yep even in this space we could fit an 
ad so go ahead and give us a call and 

by it. It is really 
Inexpensive. So call us at 925-6460 

Nursing Students 

Thorek Hospital & Medkal ceout 

Tlwrapeutic chair imnsaf^ services will be 
oflcied on campus, April 6. April 26 and 
May 11. The cost is $1 per minute Tosched- 
uW a maMagr, call Health ind P»ychc4cqpcal 
Services at ext. 6268. 


<* HtneatrgradvvanlaiMWao* 
<" MMa*aamina<aaMI»t)ina»rM>«iMW| 




Before You Transfer, 
Take A Trip Downtown. 


I StiK-i'iits in !llinoi» air I'ortuuJte to itaw so mmy college* and univcrsitic-. 
llrom which to ciwosc. Before vmi traiTvlcr, coiisidcr this. 
Univer<tirv has one of the fincii ac.alciiiK r.■(^lll itioiis in the 
Icountr)'. And wlicii vou go H' iiiie'MtA'i lui a will ,^^ 

1 rcjlizc just how iiujxjrt.ifii ih.ii i- 

IVPaul olVer-. jii extensive nuniivr uf iindcrgiaduaic dn^rtr ("• ■ 
lovk Mudcni to laciilty ratio, ^null ^m- .l.tsso. rtexiblc hJu\! 
financial .lid and Miholarvhip opjHinunitiev. All ihn i-- iu<.t a ijuKk 
train ride m \i»i>ri commute away. To learn iiixrc alxnit 
DePaui. join .l^ .It .<n open house. 

Open House Schedule 

SMwdav tVhrxian l<». 2(100 - %00 aa < 


. i4 InlMmation !>»■ 

StimLiv. (tluiur. 2() .'iMiii 1 : iM) pni iWupwwiiMi bcym « HiOO tmi 

, iK.'^i X' ■ I Mtipm 


PR^-KH.I^IK■\IU•^ IN KFQl IRllK l*ll.\M i. Ml 


1 H.irbmj^iT 
March 17. 2000 

Harper Features 

Page 3 


Do not forget that the last day 

to drop your classes is April 15. 

kind of fitting that it should fail 

on tax day isn't it? 

burst Your C red] Is 

HMinUtR Dn.Hht' 
H m rkri ur t^f Hit\tH» •• 

Harper Speech breaks school records on road 
to National competition in Portland, Oregon 


V\ h<i km-w tfuTi' i> .1 r<M>nl-ftwkinn. nut ti 

(• -' 



r "" '■■■ 

thi-m ^[i 
il- 1,11 1 

hti» ho lifK .ibout thf 
ini w innmg lh«- -.Mlf i h.iii) 

!,■-, 1>V i.. ill,' liMIli - .lir.'x I.'! 

; \l iwoKk St'K 

Bmtheh^ *4 \ppHHt St%*tu:e /Vjr^rr; 

(.IvVl'IIU l)KM(.\ 


I honipii'ii--' 
Mi-.ti>t\ In • 
»'A i-nt- intt" fir. 

1 iciv .in- 
H.)rjvr Sji,-, 

ni.iki-. :li.ii . 

uul iUnt iiitcrprcl.ith'Ti 

Xiii'^iu- (hf !J tr.tiii titfnj\'t}f*M ^ ;iu 
■^hi'lomi (_.iimi"i ,111 
f,. ■,.... .1 AW \\ ith .idmir.ilinn .iiu! , . .. 
thi'ii till.nv ii.irn mrmKf- I .I'rnrs. 

pl.ui ki 


J ti>i 


rsua^iv I 


f*r Mm cMH*ra at Mm Stat* iBwpttltlaw. 

(LmvvrMtN Divimimi), sjys that. "This year 
H.irp«'r hji a •.tnmt; team, not iwily on o>iti- 
im>tlit\, but jlsij im tram >pinl " 
.il In .idjitum ti> her many accomplishments, 

t .i>mo> was M-k-cted as une nf two students in 
ttu- \shi>U' slate to repn-sent Illinois at th»' 
Interstate I Vatorv Cdnl»^t m Fk>nda. which is 
iHH' ■!( tlx' oldest and most pnxligious con 
i<,-Ni' in inn-n-K'- "she views this as "a rikkI 

.k.u ^' '.-, i>.Mii,f^tiT .in.i th*' *HXHS, h 

> ;;. .^v <.. - ..: .1 i;,K»».i linu-, .i-, 

.ill !•>.■ lonijvtmi; in the Renumal 
M iiM .until ml Match 17 IH and then goon 
1.1 \,iti,>n.ils m Portland Orx' .^piil V7 C o- 
; • ill! Kialini; uho placed lourlh 
Mi-it\ |)iMsioni liT duet aitin^ alon^ 
i* ilh teammate lenniler l)sbom, slate-, his 
ivcilenunt aKiut ({'""P •" Reglonals and 
~ ' MiiK b\ Himplv vavinj;, Im totalK 

< \eii lhou^h \w IS m(Klest, he is y 
,iiid ivtr\ indu idual on the teji 
I't/vb^liv who iommentet.1 that these .m 
.Hil-t.)ndin>; sludenl-. who word extremeU 
hard I l.iqi,! > tiiU"-!'' 

\ou IS the time to wish "Harper s finest" 

i!! shi I-c-nI al Ke^ionalsand Natumals. and to 

Ire.i-Lire eaih moment of, as Pr/vbvlo piiN il 

i>ne ot the bi^xest things that's happeiud \f 

the Harp-r Sp<ivh Team in \ears " 




Sa.50 - $9.Se/MMir 

)-l/a to 5 Hour I 
M«<tb« at htoa* 17 y ar n 
lift up M TO lb*. 

MCI Bu* I w i f i 

^ Ask your wellness advisor ^ 

"students van anonvmtmsK submit questums on wellness 
nlateii topivs b\ placing them in the marked box uutside 
the Health S*r\ ices tXfice in A362. 
Answers w ill appear in tuture issues of The Harbinger. All 
questions will be thoroughly researched and responses 
w ill tie pro\ ided by healtti care pnrfessionals and are not 
.ittilialed with The Harbinger. 
Q. I have had two tinus 


IHwt» t, hon) W. I 

Ph: 847-705-6025 

OCT TO urs sr mcii 

V) Mho* fr<>~ Sgw loW U>t aSM 

4rt Vivilnni9 ©I •**• f^Mtpwu, 

col ev ?4 tnv |oWn« a) 


Am»m Ca4*: 3M* 


infections this past year. My 
doctor put me on medication 
both times. What exactly is 
a sinus infection and why 
do I keep getting them? 

A Sinusitis, also known as a 
viniis inlistion is an intlam- 
inatuin of the sinuses The 
sinust". are air tilled cavities 
kxated adtact-nt to the nose. 
The most commi>nlv affected 
sinusi". are located between 
the eves and m the cheek- 

Some signs and symp- 
toms ot a sinus infection are: 
nasal congestion, green/vel- 
low or bli>od tinged dis- 
charge, pressure mside the 
head pressure or pain 
Ix-hind or around the i-ves. 
heavia. he w hu h is vvors^. in 
the morning or when bend- 

ing forward, cheek pain or 
tootfiacfte, postnasal drip, 
cough or fever. 

Otten a sinus infection 
starts with a cold or other 
upper respiratory infection, 
but then bacteria gets into the 
sinuses which causes the 
infection or inflammation. 
Sinus mfecticms are usually 
treated with an anhbiotic and 
a decongestant. 

Applying moist heal to 
the nose/sinus area will prcv 
mote drainage and drinking 
lots of fluids will help to thin 
the secretions Some mdivid- 
uals are more prone to sinusi- 
tis and may expcTieiKe tfiem 
recurrently Sometimes this 
predisposition is due to aller- 
gies, smoking or structural 
anomalies ot the sinuses 
Talk with your doctor if you 
ar»' con»-err«'d 

Page 4 



The Harbiny'er 
MaKh 17, 2000 

Your 10 Point PUn for Prr>anal 

lAlrmhw Simgltv M! H A 


omaMMi Foot ProblciiM 
\l.j-i*.ii>f lirani OPM A24< 

jlt W« Tranc*? t'sinR S«lf-H»pno»iv 
Healing and W«IIB«in|i 
u/< A24: 

Pmrr;i>tinj|ii>n Bosling , 

. 8.;/ H A A24-1 1 

Ihv llumju Energy Field: 21»ii 


ay only! 

|Sa(ci Um of Medii Jtii'ns 

, Is! jII WeTran 
Jiu FaciliUte H 




M Ahh frHt R N M S 
[Flamenco Dance FundamenlaU 

ifiii Marm lWJi- 

aaer Eye Surgery 

■/i"'" • . \fr A243 

lAut ><v AwafcncH 

Pu,,-, ,:■-■■■ v,.in A242 

What Vour Doctor May Not Have Told 

You ^'- "MS ft McnopauM 

,Mj mo /£> MI'HMU 

Flow \>rt i<> '•(letch Yourself Too Thin 
{[.ivtynlufhSkftK A2M 

t-t!-^-' -r - I Way to Pray 

w'r- A2«! 

.SiiKit iiitr ) lfe<tivr iMlinique^ for 
JMaking Any Relationship Work 

MiihricWrt»Kr4All>fc. MNrt |14^ 

Hr Pa»l Mecit ttie Pirsent 
«4» *.ai. X' mackwtll. PS^ C\M A243 

1 1 jndling Ragp: Yours and Othen 


!i ij t L- < 1) m the Sul»uib»? 
<*j -fudofl nrevfaifiwm Gaji/irshaii/Ilwrrua/ 
\.ii«KWY r«am A243 

Putting Menopause in Penpertive 
Viiki Wytr f'hO A242 

atdie Kick Boning 12« P«. »» 

2:20 p. 



Painful Periods - Why Me? 

\ i,if Ram). A1 n \l /'M 


llteABC'iot ilrpatitis 

.,;. 1 ~.,.^,t, \! V. 


■1 iV 


Mil-.!. \f-"» "fnf 

fli/; ;«/ 


The Wi.Mic^ tiulh About 



Mkhoil Crrenhers;, .VI ( ' 


Tlt« Award-v^inning Java Jams 
Coffeehouse Series for 2000 

. f RE8MT9 

Understanding Attention 
Disorder Over the I ifespan 

harliHtf IJuMrJ-^ I'-vH A243 

Live Your Dreams at Work and Home 
'^,>>m \UJJ<'ii Ph n A242 

good Turn Deserves Another, 
lines* Beitefils of Pets 

1. hn, Kurum n I'.M A24J 

fc Use of Herbal Therapies 
ICtrtrf PKuk R I'll AZU 

>-i. ( \. nihic Challenge 

vr,.4Cf; M249 

Being Male May be Hazardous to Your 
Health i i.vry. Orti->izo M U A2« 

Low Down on Rub-Downs 
KUttlv'i Ki<-' f* ^ SCI MB A243 

The Basic> of Weight Training for 

iLaura bihullz MA M144 

[Women, Se» and thr Media 
IStuJ.'itf f ViV). 1 ual Aisault 

Pmvnium Jcani A243 

ISoy is Superhero luJv S /imimc/ A242 
{Effects of Addictions and Substance 
Abuse on Families 
fltrhira Ijiukiia^ C4/X" and Dentx Way. 

APC Mv A242 

ir Answers to Pain and Suffering: 

Differing Philosophical/Keligious 

[I'cnpcctives Ki-uhtn Arulanandam A2M 


i^ (^>- 

Joan Jones 

>X'iih Mpccial quests 

F. M. Smith 

l-)':f .tortoi 

Friday, March 24 7:30 |>in 

Sttadent Clcntcr Ixtun^c 

Student an't A<lii>inis< ion ( (.nter 

A vct<rrjn ol l.iliih I ait ami i \ Sun <>0 
sin^r J«»ar» Jon*"! vyjll perforn* »unc» firom 

Siarlitc Criminal." mixiii); tlic Wetter parts 
u( Bonnie Raitt and Shcryl Crow. Jones »< 
also featured «>n tliv "l-oltcit>'" TV sho%\ 

» )[>, iiu 1. s laleiMctJ l~ yx-ar-«»ld 

»iiig]er/»ong\»TitcT F. M. Sntirli. 

Tictcefs: $7. Harper 4lucjef>ts, staH 
$!0, general acimissioii 
S'O, all Hckefi ckiy o^ s'^ow 

Call OS at 847 925 61 OO tor tickot-i and information. 

William Rainey Harper College 


The HarbingtT 
March 17, 2000 




College Students 

Easy $$$ i^ 

Full & Part Time Work Available this 

Summer for any Good Worker 
Noexp. Nee. We Provide Full Training. 

Scholarship Program is Top $$$. 
Daily Wkly, & Monthly Prizes Awarded 

for Top Performers 

Our Name and Comp. Training provide 

Excellent Resume Experience. 

Have Fun & Earn a Ton. 
Call now, Start Immediately. 


All Calls Considered E.O.E. 

□ □□□□□ 


Page 6 


The Harbinger 
March 17, 2000 

Bringin' you the 
luck o' the Irish 

Top i>» tho morniiij; lo \ .i ! 
Erin f,o br,ii;h' 

\\h\ .im 1 t.ilkin>; -^> tiiiiTU ' 
\,. It - not iH'i.uisi- I h.ul too 
mvKh to drink l.i'-t night, but 
that might bi' thi' ..ise tonight 
because it's St I\(tru k s I ).u ' 
You mav not i\on know tho 
ri'.il truth bi-hinvl this dav. 
Ik'liovf It or not tiHl,i\ h.i> .i 
religious, < b.ukgrouiul 
to it 

Gooil oKI ^t Patru k. .t^ ihv 
story goe>. aiounii ton thou- 
sand years ago, ihasi-d out 
-snaki-s that were invading 
IrolanJ, and >ince thon is 
known ,1^ the Irish iiu tholo^ii .il 
horo I hat in turn is the reason 
why we wear green today, and 
why we drink grct n bei-r 
And , it you '. not Into 
drinking, which this holiday i- 
knowingly celebrated tor, vou 
could alwa\» make or have 
vour mom nuki'- siimc d> iuiou- 
corned beet and labba^c .in 
Irish specialtv 

I'm goini; t" celebrate :l like I 
o\ . t \ \ e.u - ha\e a tup ot 
■,\c\ s with my jolly Irish 
.mdni,i iliMi- w itli feasting 
I. II lier hoiiu'nij>ie Irish Soda 
Bread and simu- Irish spinial- 

Alter that I w ill be headint; 
home to ii'lehrate with in\ non 
Irish trtends. For instance, one 
ot mv friends is celebrating the 
holiday tust bt'cause his name ;- 
in the title it th.i! isn I a lam. 
excusi- to drink I don • know 
what is 

•so w h :1 I r\ I t i\ .V \ .111 .tfi 1 .li- 
to Cfii'i"' .1'' : .' -' 
>i' sate, and ha\e a UAy\^\ >i 
.itrick's n.i\ 

,lr to .1 ^n.imr o, k 

■ditorlal Board :|iilMi 

The Harbinger 

New survey on lounge 
it all just a big waste o 

area asks question: Is 
f time and space? 

SakMk Z. JaMMr 


Inii I re.»ll 

C urrfPtK. thiTi- i- 
MifvfS in I BuiUtii 
.iN'ul Itif usi> .il I' 
loun>;«" -Jrej In ttii' i^>>. • 
stoa- lh.ll was J<>n> 
Ihi- Stuitenl Sen.ili- ; 

!tl. ShKllTlt I 111 

1, ..iiinutttv \hf surs.'V 
iini\ li.i^ tiNO i)uestK»ns 
,iru1 ni.imK .isks stuJonls 
whs thc\ usi- lliiN p.irtK 
ular iirr.i .i- .■pc.>-.%i li' 

Thv H'asvMi <<<• 
Srudt-nt S«>natf 
Student 1 iff I. i<mniiU. ■ 
.jmr up vvitfi thiis siirM'N 
IS duf ti> oinci-m-. iaim 
tl>e noiM' level ami tfii- 
etttvl It lAiT nv.\Tb\ 
cbsst-s and als»i Ihv.iu-.>' 
of tH>v\ n>n);i'sti\1 It Is ,it 
ciTtain times ot thv .i,n 
Mhe\ alsii w .in' 
tKias friim stiKl. . 
usf it on how mi^tii 
problems likf llif noiM- 
Imel and ttie ion>»i'stK>n 
pnitMom mi|^t be tixed. 

, .irt-.i !-• u-i'd !n 
.juiU- .1 l"l "I pi-"P''- 
S'lm- nuvt th.'it trki.a- 
tfu-rx- Ix'toff aasM-s xt.irt 
l>thfrs like to sit ttur.' 
.ukI ivI.w .is ll>i"\ watch 
piH>pli' v^.ilk through that 

,)rr,< ll> iKtUlTM thlMl 

: is„-> It this Kningi- 

~ t.iki'ii .iw.iv most 

1^ «,i thii lhi'\ II 



students .h..." 

mij;hl K-iomc lusl .is 

iiinsv .iiui con);cslixt ,is 

this .Mil' IS 

'I'.ilK simple I'xpld- 
1 .is to why this 
lounge afva is ust-d .i lot 
IS KvauM- o( it s neniT.ii 
location and hew easy it 
is to tind It Si also in the 

I six) tiuildiii>; 

I here s (he 
:...:... ^. Center the 
lutorin*; t entiT the 
I\ .ind the 

Bookstore liK.iled [ii;ht 
by this are.i Tlus, lluTes 
the Cafe ri^ht around the 
, inner lor those who eat 
thi'ir lire.ikt.isl iir lunch m 
the loiini;>' 

Ihere- .ilso st.urs to 
go to the third IliKir and 
stairs leading outside 
Sending machines are 
right outside the 1 ibrary 
and a pav phone is ,lls^^ 
kxati-d there 

Sime studeiils don't 
re.ilK v.ire .ihoiit the 
noiM- le\el .nut most |ust 
navigate their v\.i\ 
thnnigh tli. . r.n\. J '^o 
when It gels noisv or 
crtiwded, most just walk 
right on through It divs- 
nt stvm to Kither them 
that much 

1 he noise never 
b(>theri-d me, but some- 
times its a little crowd- 

.1 said one tirst vejr 
student Another said 
the problem is "Not that 
tiig ot a deal ' iVie stu- 
dent fniintiit out to me 
that any hallwa\ can get 
crowded and noisy, espe- 
cially during passing 

So It seems that the 
general attitude mi>st stu- 
dents have about the 
problem is not even car 
ing atxnit it Many start 
nu-mbers here tielieve it 
IS a problem that needs to 
be taken care ol So dues 
the faculty Also, the 
Bookstore has bwn try- 
ing to get the noise level 
and congestion problem 
m the lounge area under 
, ontml for awhile now. 

I he next time you 
pass through that urea. 
see if you can tell why 
this survey is imptirtant 
to all who are involved in 

Isk Uncle Bill 

Cot « ^wtion* Aik Uncle BUI. He ni«y not be right, but iti ttill 
goo4 «l»i<ie. Drop off jow letteri to the HMrbingtr in AJ«7. 


l;f rK UtscLf Bill. 

KH li Ut THAT I 

*!, f AND W-COME 


My test miiNr* You sii. 

rill 1'l.tssl Ki Wl UAVI l.OIltS 
l^KOM OUS Hilfc.Mls AM" IVtN 
nun FAMILItS How DO I Tltl 
HIM, OVt r«l£>*t» AND OUl 


■^OS TO BNl 
^,. ,,.. ji ME I f^"^ 

YC>1 -----, ,nL ,, ,^. io 


At ' ' 

Ti: ' f^f 


Till rouii 

LT THAT IF THl. .-s . .^ --. -~ 


tx 1 <n 

, WlilWW^WW* ,^_wHg^i^y*^ 'ffir "^^ ' 



Aaaia t au l i 

■■■:.:^„- : -]7«-'^™'^r^='SK:TP*3tfe«f*'*": 

f<*oei Bago. Btii Cnttenoen, Tracey Fuller 
Satjaah 2 Jauhar . Rich Nathan Porter rtoOte 

••naral PollckM 

Editor in Owe; 

News Edito. 


Acting Sports Editor-. 

Copy Editor 

BusKKSs ManagBf— 
Faculty Advisor 



Jetmifet Moses 
__J?ich Daswttk 

Ono cow "» «• '•wWnflw to !»•• 10 ■nyono tn tl»« H»i«» 

Tn,Hmwnge>,^ ■■■..- , ■^.■- .,^....,-.-jntwtt»t«|)wColl«tecam|Mawnrar.ty, 
(iuMi#M i» •«*i» tiwMgrwiH tne icnooi »»«f fw«« *»*« wXKlirtanfl »««i 
mans n» paiw ■» fJi*tt4iu«e<J Tee lo * Wua««*. tecufiy mi utmntomitm. 

omtrnm^ to nw cm^vut iwo w »ijm»f«*ng, cmt' • 


rh» Mwl>«M» wefCJ^nee iietier* to tne e*tof »« «eBi«» to w «*ion*». LWe»» 

mtnmUiiconmunt Ai i«lwr»»ni!l<Mir<««rt •»««)«;« to etSt** 

Product* «aM»vic«w«lveft.»«li'' m» MUrti«»w »» not necessaniy eiwxtea o» 
l» edwors o< tm owe', nw o» the a>ltet» «»™ni»(r«»n w Boara^Owwv 
»i«ii»i»» tnouW be forwemea deettiy to t>» oiMwlieee, •« *i l»d»ee« •• «» 
tn* Movtion ot tne eofiMfner 

MBMr« Address: 

The Hwbtnger William Rainey Harper 


1200 West Algonqum Road 

Palatme. H. 60067-7098 


business office 1847)925-6460 

news office: (847) 925-6000 x2461 

fax; (847) 925-6033 

copyrl^ 2000. Ttw Hart)in(er. 

The HjrbingiT 







tki.iiri It I* tinn ■ 


Ihift vvat 

turTUIUl Wi'VtUl *> t 1 : 

tk»n l;n(*»rtii(%iti'U 
ONU li«i .i.kI.1 
Lnbrlirv Jhh' \'. ' 
nunv "»hitk^>t~ 
un c4inf>u> 'tiJ ...... 

BtupfwranK Whrn-. 

■ i Htinlt^f* tsMir fvtr* in 

Ibsl ; 

> an- the i>or> »h«i k«vp 
--II I'l %!■.-,», ih.-i>oc» I 

wtH> will r*-^"*^*! \mj jnj mii%l niiikr *un* th*t 
thr* an- thr peoph' y««u wini t -> (p !►»• linJiJjtr » 
fiif um T«kr .< mmalte In mnM r^Kii vandliUtr ^ irui 
out whit r«-h pfTwm i* thoul and wlwi (w m -(h- 
■tanib inr Dwn nukr «n wdwMnl cIkiki- 

CHi Apnl 11 .iml \2 i4«-tK»n !««<»h* wH *-• i- ■•■ -l 
il ttH> inr«>rmjth>fi >li-k in the -•• 

i LiKtjI V 


h' - n " 



■ f 'sil in tlH' hrH'k. : 

.'U twni i» HHir .Ktnitv 

nti/t hdVi- iTOt*. (u>t -*•?• Ihf 

!HM»rhs will hr t^H-n (nwn « .i m 

• ;.1<-lll 

ill! llMi 

jason I Vsliln 

ri'ii tniicr.-i 


pi. . 

Mi- *.. 

my !«>(< 


liHli- Kn- 

Ihiit hU' It 

BfcaiiwTjTH d cool 
KU« I Mil) ifot mvniKin rumes 
ITii* I* ■ vixii' mJio ^iJlion ami 
in>ttdd Kt cjliinit uptiUirs i-vtry 
uve mmutcii lo biJch. whv don"l 
^(Hi call up<4jit> to ri-qut".l 
Nomt-thinit \t>u would like l< 
hear' I ikt- Krjnk *^iulrj m 
K«Tinv t.. or sttmv othit *i.-n-« 
Kill likr that Ihev rdv il i» hw 
louJ VVi-n I .<dv lhtr\' dir tod 
kiM-d up in tht'ii Ktd Ws ikwk 
^nMrnmi; In ftrt out. hut art 
• .mish thiir iituftr il 
\nd otH- other note 
V\c K I >uid liki' lo \wu thr sMtior 
m thr caMnid It i» lUce In 
thm> u < WHier audience 
ling to yJHi. No don'l 
vour Kinh hnnviv- in imM 
lo ham«lt^r dancr on the 

i bclknt' thjl the radui sta 
tion lan di> .i lot tor p«'ople al 
llarptr Howei'er, I will get U 

\\\ . 

that MWm- other tm"'' 
m«it> can be - 
Si until thi-n 

111 hi) s*|..inirttili-r ,iii. 



ensus 2000!! 

How important is the 

Census? you ask. Without it 
our community could lose 

Important funds for Emergency 

Services and Roads. 

How much time does it 

talce? Well that's simple It only takes 
a few minutes every ten years so make 
sure you fill out and send in the form 
before you forget. What are you 

waiting for? Do it NOW!!! 


Arts& Entertainment 

The Harbinger 
Much 17, 2000 

Eyes Wide Shut an eye-opening experience to the mediocrity of Kubrick's last movie 

SUntey Kkuhriik 

acclaimt^ Uirettur nl (iill 
Mrtal Idckel, ts bat W ji Ihr >il- 
ver *awCTi with his Ijtesf prf- 
wnutiim. Fm's VVkIi- Shut 
Rdlhor unlortun.itilv i vi* 
Widf Shut IS -.implv no! a* 
well IhiHitfi! iit ,.r inliTvst- 

m^as full ' 
h N-. vf, • 

.(biHit in tin- innt< 

It s tK't \l. I'lc 

Kidman •. liirni i^ rirti. nl.iiK 
unpU'jsdnt III ^ 
rtnl in t iiti hii' 

• ■ •■ lit' dCV shiiwu 

rh* s«on t 

Kidman jnd Crii 

i>jrt\ I't a>ln.iii\ 
..i.uthv mjn Uh- wt-ilthv 
m<in riH|UfMs 1. iiii-^« 

h.m.ti. ■• ■<••"-* " 


jnd ««'iyuti~N withi'iil thi- .ii«J 

€>♦ an\ mlrjN ernm* tluul »f 
jKintulira- »h«it> Jhrinijih »h»- 
bre*»tb»ww, al.> I'ulp Futn'n, 
which i> idlhtT inipl.iu-it'li- 

I jtrr. Kwlmjn and C ruiM' 
gpt sliifH-d Kk k. .It thfir .ip-irt 

mtm. jMti' ''Lit.!!) 

weiMtv viii , '- d>> 

and •>lart lalKmK jK>uI ihf 
(fMr>t*f fH'inN «'l human ■■« < 
ii.ihlv (. nii^' [-Hvw* til. 
• 1 »•',!' .ill iiH'ti think .;: - 

■ 11 lhi'\ talk ti! wiinwn. 
tiiiu «>'nu-n think dittcfvnlK 
than m«ii Kidnnn tnlinht 

,W ( - ' ■ -"■•■• '-■■•! 

Ih.i! - 

;ii.l !uiv t tT'.^kfli 
Mltill h<T t.intj'.v 

Kii-.-ijn ntOIV imntT' 

I 'ruids 

Ot . ■ -1 

t raise anTW~i p.ut. ti> Miinun 
wlwi. for tfw Last line m the 

mi". • ■• iV. -•.'.•'■'■ 

t — i- intfiidfd !i> 
lami'us last liiie, like II. 
liH'kin^ at \>>u kid '■' 
( iv.ibl.ini'.i .-!• ! !l Iv b.:. • 
ln..U*ai.i it 
I !. i'i\ \shat 

the nwi\ u 1^ aK'iil >\hi>. 

bad Mh.t v^h, , IS ,ir,t 

Kidlv t. 

.jnd K\- 
Ml .. 

.1 r.lttlrt .•I-.: 

fii.'v w that ; 

miuh jImsi! !ti> V 

mviiKivi .<r jK>ul hun. 

'. hat It did ri\ia 
. ^ Kutin. k I- a 

huixaii aini lapahi 

in>; .1 diid tniif ■ 

T: •■ 


Russell's Sparrow files 


iM. EDIH.« 

Even wh4'n J oinisif m\ii 
row t.i 

(bfn» rt.'!s ; 

i... !...'< ' \ in>; rat -till •■ 

W ' ' ■• ■ ' 

111 i\ . 

tif infeilevtuai 
laith to culturt 
hill. . : ii^j' I-. 

then, Mn.!; "ithlHlt 

bein^ l>»*tiii>; i..hjitf a teat 

Th»- Ht»>r\ a'% i>lve« anmnil 
one tivan s ex|?»'nence nt lTa\ 
ellinK to another planet jihI 
cixntng !• '"ne\ h«- 

thiHifsht V -uTm his 

taith m c.od but tnitteitd r'*^''.^ 
ile»tro\«ii It 

r.i of ira) 
/, Ihr hni- ii 




ali€m» and lulufi-lK !i->hnul 

n.' >ilK 

>«i ti iKivel 
niruilels lh» 
"-p.irriiw IS an ctn-ption anvi 
nut the ni>rm 

The casual nadiT mi({ht 

IS., tiin-i^-l .tl It. oil th. hi .1\ V 

„ltT''!Hl.'n -.[',11'. 

Dream: Play wakes at Harper 

nam »har.: 

,,. .1 .(hit: • 

t • .■\ r\ h- 
•H'thiclivf 1, 
kontaineU ma-n ^onu 
r»>fnind urn? of the st\ I 

(Ml! v. tti,' uh- 

A iwyal pMclaMMttofi I* f*Ml •• »*rt of 

, , n.M., ..,,d 

i'hilbtn s IVtMom 

I \('ri-^-;.'ns 

rinol N' lett 

Mthi'ut the 

'- that 

' l.irj-ST 

Nothing makes 

studying easier 

than listening to 

some good music, 


So why not head 

^ over to the 

Student and 


Center and listen 


vant I'ui k iK. 

t'l.iu.'f ■- 

iih tiM .1 


#1 radio station 

while you work. 

1" !>■'' 

\uk a 

Thv Harbinm-r 
March 1', 2000 


Page 10 


I he M Jrtiin>;tr I 
Mairh 17, 20001 

Are You Ready? 

Alright here is the deal you 

know those productions that we 

all enjoy? Well they all come 

from this group called 

Program Board 

They need some people for the 

Fall 2000 


Spring 2001 

so if you like good music an 

If you like to work behind the 


Not to mention having something 

this cool on your resume 

go to A336 in the 

Student and Administration 


at 3:30 any Tuesday and sit in 

the meeting. NOW!!! i 


The Illinois Institute of Art 

lur admissions office today! 

Associate and Bachelor Degree 
Programs Include: 

• Visual Communications 

• Graphic Design 

• Interior Design (FIDER accredited) 
^* Multimedia and Web Design 

Media Arts and> Animation. 
Multimedia Production ' ^ 



1000 N. Plaza Drive * 
Sd^aun^burQ, 1L 60173 



V»ii sMr webtiK at blip «««ni».iliuii.H«i 


The right place, the right time. 



My business is growing too 
test H you hav* 6 to 10 houn 
a «M«k and a daMra to aam 
acme extra cash, piaaaa cafl 
847 2212413 

Looking tor mdividiMla ttiat 
weuM Ika to halp w»i \Awwiy 
Show Show w on Mwcti 2Slh 
Naad stage buMdara, securtty 
(bouncers). craaUve minds 
For mformation call StrtdUne 
B47 225 1445 and aniar #248 

The Harper Men's Tennis 
Team w tootung tor aomonai 
piayaft. Must be M ame ah>- 
dants (12 hours mmimum) 
Sea C^oach Kmg m the field 
house mon.. Tues . or 
Thursday between 1 30 to 
3:30. Be a part of a wmrwig 



j(50 DIRECT' »\ Internet- 
jbased con^any offenng 
jWHOLESALE Spnng Breaii 
Ipackages* Guaranteed 

Lowest Price' 1800 367 1252 
www.apnngbreahdiract com 


BREAK' Last mmule specials 
to South Padre, Ftonda, 
CarKun. Jamaca & Bahamas 


CAR FOR SALE 91 Olds, 
Cutlass with under 60.000 
milea. A««FM radto. CaiMar 
phone, Oignal dnhboard 
Power Steenng Automatic. 
Can 847-B34-8014 

MOVING SALE Vanous itoma 
for sale Microwave, bean- 
bagchair, furniture, lamps, 
anything I cant put m a auH- 
CaH 847-834-8014 


The stall and editonai board o« 
77w Herbvipar wiah AAE editor 
Siglned Abual Iha baal o( luck 
H he heails o« to Na new Ma 
in Arizona. 

TEACHER seaka pupil 
have eameat deaira to 
world Apply in person, 
Wednesdays. A367 

See this empty classifiad 
space'' Advertise in Tht 
Harbinger, and reach thou- 
sands of college students ai 
raaaonaMa rataa. Not only do 
we take advertwementt for 
Help Wanted and Servicea 
OHered but you otfi also seM 
your car or sand a message 
through us Ca« 92S6460 

Stay close, 
go far. 

Your Mn d« f y.« dttale or fgraiktmf depr^ tt rig^t 
armmd the «:un««T m ibr Kounrvrfc Unn'miiy 
AttMtt A. Rubui Campw m SdiaumfaiMg. 

• Tile Northwral niburba' only Ml-aarvice univmltjr 

• Compkn dayitRw dqpm | 
■Mhtaas AdminaaralioR, Hi w mitory I 
IViiiiical ScicfKc and {Vydiolagjr 

• Kvfiui^ and weekend degree | 

• CieftMOMi S na w c i a l aid aad i 

SUip by or cafi (MT} 6HMIMX) lo find oM how RocMt«dh 
UniveraMy m SdkHunburg can help ytm go te -r1^ in y«Mir 

^ffn iki'igrMMhoovL 

rht> HjrbmmT 
March 17, 2000 


Page 11 

Tbizr^'§ nothinj4 more rizward- 
in^ than writing Jor a nizw^^pa- 

^o vvhg not eorn^ find out for 
goursv:lJ. t^pply to ThfZ — 
flQrhmgcrh^ *f1o67 or esTl 


Deferring taxes with 
TIAA-CREF can be so 
rewarding, you'll wonder 
why you didn't do it sooner. 

One o( Wt <MaiM «*yi W buW * otMMM MM dW *> 

tfiffftfj^ Kw-drtiHwwl *ii(ppilfiiiwtp WItllfBWilt MfiulUK^ 


IW tWMi If Btt WBMl 

I M SMt yaw MdmMtad bf 
out) un« tow wiMww M todl.< AM » AM IMA- 

caiMni»MM IP kccp^ nvtrnt* kw (Rtf !(aii hwr mw 

INMSTASUnUAS mnK nKUy ««* U«<)«4«««4 


«M Wr thnk you iM* Ind 4 

■mm4m% in <W' yw fi to tomr. 





>mi»-iifci I uiiiiiimiiw iiiMMWifiwf* 

At »K* 

I the Lnt-a *»<l Um4tc»ft 
Trirf:**** C3»«i»l — lu» oppMtuwtia 

. v.rikm bcacfttt. oat?t*ndiat 
.•I d^aiKMnent Mud *« ik alwtyi 


' 'le« RetMrotcttCAti 
■^ rficS yn Technicians 

^^'^ t^^u? •)>* a »i ^ mt o n. Mid an |Mid wr Hi 



uRrtir* l^ija'jHIc trt «*## 




t it« W t l « 

U!^ Ensunng the Mure 1 800 84ZZ776 

for those who shape it. ~" ~ ~ 

Imi «i«MtM («'«-••- 

, r«»«r»»jfj»»»r' 

^ TtmOliEN ChemLowii' 

I So you have 
an upcoming 

event and you 
would like to 
let people in 
on the news? 

Well, any 
Harper Club 

' Organization 

can place 
for free. Just 
call xt.. 6460 
and ask for^ 
Rich or Bill 


• ■l«N/r<l>«iMM»*air<x^'.~< «^<' 



Xa • WllliaM Rainay Narpm' Colktg* • , 20O0 

Lady Hawks sof tball gearing up for new year 

Incoming freshmen give new liope for a trip to postseason 

■HI Critt 

SIAff .VCiTfP 

This tin n,-,l ,-l u^ t.iki ..It niu hi\n \ 

winter tiijls jiwl vlu-vt »>rt luir ^port-s tH^uipn'vtTit tt»r 
the vumitHT munths .ih< ,ul \ljnv iit us will stvk. 
iHit the baM-ball iliami>ni)s tc wjtch tht- •Buys of 
'summer" pljv Amt-riia s p,isstim«', bjsfbdll 

' ■ If |m> K\ jn and 12 of H.irp«T s femjlt- athU'te*, 
nnv to bt'gin prj'parmi; fur .i s»-js».n of Ki?#- 
Kill ^ 1 . iistn, sottKill 

SittlMll stMStWI tor thl\ H.n. k- i> i.i-t 

jixHind the tonHT It K-j^ins m iMv \1 
until (h.- i-nd of April '"■< " -'li li'- ^ 
n the stMs*'! 

. ...j> tp St. loili 

A»ng jio, the te ■ 
sui it .IS liikeUml .irit! 
is, mtcintrdst. j l>n i 

Lady N«wks Mf tkeM 

Kv^in I III ii 

dkmK with thf ■ 
H,u\ k* wert' I ' 

.jm IS III verv i.ipdMi- han,)- 
! 'US vejr's tf.jni will K- l.-.i !• 
Edward .ind lenniler t J>py< 
shortstop this \t\» but i*.i~ , 
first liMm (.atilvr CappelUlti 
\iMr •■ i-i- t^i"-".- It- .-. i 
cenlt-i Mil, 

Two m. t ,.yt I,. I 

pitihers \' i 

Chen i)i-l|ii,,,!k, .iiiJ Chu-iiii.) 

Ori.' ..t ttv 

■ fl«i CWrtFNDEN 
I itjmn IB raaay to tac* anoTtMr saason again»t fiarea 

■ - Ironi Huttjlo l.rove. the ip 

: Kate V1assi-\ is the first 1 .1 

111 Si Viator Even with these s*lv" 

'I'scntiil tor the first timo n.^ pl.ncr fi. 


Is J lot i>t talent on this team, a gnn 
1 Km team in Harf>er historv. bar non. 
Kv an Tin- |»tential tor growth is atn.i 

'. r.iu- liiiiv nian\"''M iil .it"'- *K ■ 

>s lan put ti,. , .m- i..^i!ln-( 

• potiTttidl this team lould go 

Ml, ill. regular seawm games at the 

, ril This vear could be history in the mak.- 

.1 w lu wiwif w ant to mis» out <wi anv i>f the 


I ^a^\k^ mils 


Harper Hawks sporting events a worthwhile way to spend a night 

Mm C. HHiMrtli 

d banner 

lak. inr (Mil l» llir haHeamr. 
f akf mr *hH 1*1 til* vrnwiJ... 

'vliK (tons 



lime );ame Sunday, April ; 

,....1^1 I ntiMi college. If you can t 

lit that long, Ihi'ir *ieasun kicks oil 

day. Marvh 17, agaiast VVautx>ns< 1 

Sugar l.rove. 111. 

Iraik and field alM) start their 

mtvts s«H>n, attending the VVheatim 

Invitational at \orth Central 

i ullei:!' in \,ipfr\ ille on S.iturda\ 


sp»>rl!' . 

this v.. I! 


frre Utr ,iii\ ruirper sni^if 

Publicity IS certainlv 
here Ml tuer lanipiLs, tin 

.■n ttti' -■ ■ 
sammv v 

iiK are a U>l 
.\ att h th*-s«> v'-i 

i-nnis is against Sauk Valli 

, , ,.,. ,: 

1 nursilay, .March i'* 

ulvi It bet. 

And. of course, ais mentioned 

me flawks softball kicks off its. 

ison March 22, and bring the 

:i<me starting Saturday, April 

i isf Morton College. 

Now that 


Free admisAiun to live perfor- 

uariliiii: ,1 

iMlI ' ;::. 

iiance*, and a chance to support 

ing to net 

ur school to btxit. What's not to 

i**^\ »\ i'\ •\ 

1. ^ >ihiTi fhe\ ar»' 

. , ' 


Well, tlawks bawtall hosts it- 

The Harbinger 

#» « ^atoti— . iiHiwi« 


14 «iM»rtl 

Journalist Lowell Bergman speaks to Harper 

Producer played by Al Pacino in The Intider talks about the future of news 

-rifT ^Birtr.. 

With J 



Writing J 

i"<»iU1 •iwav h«f to .ini>th«T 

-llTN .It'lHlt he. 

as\ .inswer Hiil, if n>u 
. mMf flw thmj>..iiii' i 
)iHtmahst<( and nf^ 
the country tixlay. thi , : ,. - 
''easy answer" miKht noi 

"h is li''> ■>'tiri 
that corptir.iti' p.uMi- m. 
overiourndlistii v.ilui". sjid 
i ■•.> 1 i' Hfrjjmjn. i 
rulent jnd 

■ iMaMlqr 

Lowsll ■•rtman talked aiiout hla •ipwrtanca* ami 
tlia future of Journalism dunni; hi* oresantation on 


t.. »;r. 

.1 that ti<l> 

' Hi^in .tlKJ 1K>V> iU 


><i iKurrulism will sur 

.1 torni- 

iM m tb«' 2lsf a-nturs 

', ■ 

Ith- tutuR' 111 )oimwliMii 

s bii!teil on vounK i 

Ml Uui ai! 


rt'\fJi !!U' >^ ii-nlilJ 

ntenng th«> fu'ld, }• 

J in !hf ■. 

1 thf 

%e« BE^KiMAN DTt pa^ 

Lonnie Brooks and sons perform 
blues show as part of Java Jams 

Guitarist IVter Mul\ ev opens tor classic Chicago blues trio 


W'hat do Uf>-and'<'aminK songster Petvr 
Mulwv and Chifasn blut"* lc|i;i'rHi- i iiiinu' 
and Wayne Bnx)k> in lomnuMi' Ilu v 
biith put im nxkin>; jh rtorni.iiut- ,it H.irpi r 
ColtfRC on Friil.i\, M.irih l~ 

ITif -.hiiu ^l.irted jt aKuit ~ '« p rii uiih 
the eleitritNin^ pertormancr i>( IVtt'r Mulvfv 
VUil\f\ h.i'- >«imehow mananiii to insent hi-- 
own type ot mujiic, whiih he will he the first 
to say is "sort ot impnn acoustic tv«:kward 
sideways stuif." 

His music cc«ne> tn>m hi- h«Mrt and rt-allv 
detaiU what he leel> Although he i> an up- 
and-cjwnmg artist, this w as n*>f one o» his first 
performances, but one i-t omt Isi'i fvrlor- 
mances he plays while t>fi tour eaih \kMr 

Mulve>' has played in many difti-nrvl 
placers, from Whelms in Oublin (where he 
(Wiginallv started 12 sear- a>;ii| to his tavontf 
song rtiom, a little cate in Fort Atkiason. Wis 
namied Cal* Carp 

This was Mulveys first performann- at 
Harfiers |ava lams Coffehouse Series but 
ipvrn his reaction to it. it might rK>t tv his last 
"Th» IS an exceptional music senes, ' Mulv ey 
said, "it IS so rare that all of this comes togeth- 

\ttiT an energetK performance by 
\tuKt\ the audience was toaed to wait 
while headliner Lonnie Bnx>ks staved stuck 
in traffic Howe\ er. when BriKiks and his tour 
bus pulled up It came with a big surpnse - for 
tlie first time siiKe New Year s Eve 1*W 
Lonnie Brooks and his sons Wayne anil 
Konnie all convetf^ on one stage 

In an amazing performance thai bnnighl 

cfitvrs tn-im all sections oi thi' s.|udnit and 
.Administration tenter I onnie used some- 
thing that was (o him a tn-w tool the acoustic 
k'uitar He has ptTlormed in front ot iro«ds 
m I urope and on the teleMsion show itn 
't!,i..- but in all that time he had not used an 
.Koustii ji;uitar '^impK -"."■■ '^^ hadneyer 
had thi- gut- to -'vt eitrii to 

aiouslK HriHik-s used oniv .hhIm. ioro\er4t) 

1 orinie started his ..anvr in I^^s- and 
» h«Ti his n\i>al funttlv Kj.^< i .line out a- a hit 
he could m>t K-lieve it \tv tirst rtxiird was 
J hit. and then 1 had a v» hole bunch of rec<>rds did vsell lor me. -aid Bnx>ks 

WavrH- Brooks, w hti has been plav ing w ith 
the band since 1»*^). says his dad got htm into 
musu btvause he was K'rn into it to the point 
that, he ust-vi to put headphones on mt>m s 
stomach w ith K>th me and mv bmtfwr ' 

Hi- dad - iommitment to hi- wi>rk uould 
ama/e e\en the nu'-l s^nxy t>l muMCiarts 
We would wake ti> i;o to schcmt and dad 
would be writing or plaMn^; -timething, and 
wed come home and he would -till be writ- 
ing We v\ ould even go to sleep, Wayne says 
with a -mile, "and he would still be writing 
and pljving ■ 

I imnie also included ba Kins in the devel- 
opment process They would s<imetimes help 
him write the lyrics or develop the beat. 

So Prter MuKev and l,onnie Bnxiks have 
at least two things in common they txrth put 
on great shows and thev Kith write awes<Nne 

Harper and 
Barat enact 

l'.i-;-cr College and 
! ( Ollege recenlK 
neo a dual-admission 
.rermcnl that allows 
Harper students who winh 
to complete baccalaureate 
- .11 Barat to enroll 
^ ,111-ously at both 
-thiH»is. The agreement 
was signed at Harper by 
Harper President Dr. 
Ki>bert I Brvnider and 
Barat Pri-sidenl Dr Lucy 
Momw The agreement is 
■ !iH-live immediately. 
L'nder the agreement. 
Harper students must meet 
live admission require- 
ments of birth lastitutions 
for ciincurrent admission to 
both Harper and Baral. 
Students must also satisfy 
the admissions require- 
ments of the Barat ptognai 
m \^ hjch tfH'v plan to auqar 
I Oice admitted to 
>;ram. students will 
complete their freshman 
. and sophomore years at 
Harper College taking a 
: prescribed program of 
study for th^ major and 
j then advance directly to 
Barat College to complete 
dwir junior and senior 
j Dr, MomcM remarked, 
: "We are quite pleased to 
; enter into this dual-admis- 
; sion agreement with 
Harper College, Our pri- 
mary goal at Barat College 
is to serve the student. The 
dual-admission a gr eeme n t 
witfi Harper f aciUtalea iMs 
service by enabling stif- 
dents who desire a four- 
year degree to complete 
their education with the 
finest offerings of both 
institutions This allows 
both Harper and Barat to 
provide the very best for 
our students." 

Dr. Breuder furtftcr 
itolad, "We ate pleased to 
offer &n» opportunity to 
Harper students so that 
they can continue their 
education close to home 
and earn a baccalauicate 
degree from an institutian 
witti an outstanding repu- 
tation for higher educa- 
tion, " 

For more infonnatian. 
contact the admissions 
a<hce at Harper, 9K,«206, 
or Barat, 295.4260. 



Harper Hews 

The HarbingiT 
April?, 2000 

Spring brings construction off Relationship expert Michele Weiner- 
new Performing Arts Contor j^^yjs jq speak during Wellness Week 


In cas«" viHi haven't alrpady 
rH»hied. wintor is over jnd 
construction has already 
begun on Harper s campus 

in the Ubent Arts Center, the 
gym in the Wellness and 
Sports Center, as well as to 
c(a»M-» and otlkom in all three 


Plus, there are s«wne side- 

Appnnal for constructKW wallc-s in this anra which an- n.i 
oJ the new Performing Art* Uinger available t»i um- ^> 

Center was ^iven im Fi+im tv 
2<*, 21X10 with an evpti !■ 
pletion date set ior Febf u..i > ^ 

The construrtum site is 
located between the Ceramw^ 
studio in the Liberal Arts 
L enter and the nrck- parking 
k>t m front o( the Student and 
Admin«stratu>n Center This 
area has alivady been enclosed 
with a chain link ferKr 
was put up on March ? 

The new buildin>; 
C.D.B Project and Ih." lllireMs 

■tudents, facult> and stait w ill 
ive to walk anxind this area 
,n order to j^ef to th«r deshna 

Ihe new Pefftwming Arts 
C enter will Iv attacl«\l lo tbi 
(. <Tami>^ siiutio jnd Mu->n. 
Instrui-ti.'n 1. iiiliT. otherwise 
known as I Buildin); .iiid P 
DuiidinK This ne» buii^lmn 
will ivfter mon- facilities to stu 
dents int*Tested m tfu- arts 

rhene taciUfies include .i 
nil theatre with 4^11 seats 
rhis will allow all musK and 

State Lejtislative funds and drama pertormanci-s that are 

Harper College funds pnnKl 
ed money for this pni)ect 
Harper has umsI ih.' Illinois 
State legislative lunds beti>n» 
for other protects on campus 

Students and members c>t 
faculty and staff mi|;ht be 
■lightty inctmvgwwnced by th<- 
ienced-m awa becauw tnanv 
of them cut across that area to 
get to the cafeteria in the 
Student and Administration 
Center, the l*rarv or bookstiw 

usualK in |U' which i- I'ur 
current theater to he per- 
lormed m a larger c eiiue thus 
allowing more students to 
jftend pertormaiKes that fend 
to sell (nil at tfu- current Iihj 


St) evni though the n'lv 
slruitioo hen- al|XT iiii>;ht 
inomvenience some and might 
seem irtfU-vant to others, it is 
constdfns.1 a tremendous deal 
ior those inv olv ed 

11 X • ■ ' ■■--* -'• 


again. -lav- i-n.m 
Buster" and best selling 
autfuir and }>sv, hi "therapist 
MicfH-le Weiner I'.iM-. who 
IS iMH- i>l the -(HMlki fs lor 
Harper t ollege - l^lh 
^llnual VVellne>- VNeek 
Tuesdav -Vpnl 11 through 
Ihur->itav April H 

Kn<'«n tor her short 
term therajMutiv apprvtjch 
to maintainii', fs.ihhv i-ela 
tian!Jup«,V^ ~ vmII 

vpi'-l •^■••..■. ,, , ; i ine 

I ;, , hliUJUCs t.'! 

M.ifiiii- MU Kel.iti.'nshij 
Wort It ~ pm 1ueM.l.n 
\pril II in ttu> Iheatre ot 
the Busine*s and StK-ial 
Science Center 114'' 

According to \Seinif 
l\!vi> Viho runs her .'vvn 
I enter m Woixisti*. k 
nrararch shows that (here i«- 
a definite formula lor mak 
ing relationship- uorl 
Weiner Uavis wh, 

ap(x'.ired in a orwhour sp«>- 
cial m December on W'TTW 

Channel II ^alUsl ^.v/in.v; 
L<«» Afriv will lowr -.uch 
topics as relationship goal 
setting, conflict resolution 
and relationship sleuthing 
to identitv relation-hip 
strengths and break had 
n>lationship habits In thi- 
Wellnesv Wi-ek M-minar, 
VViiiur DaM- will demon 
strate how these tcs:hniqui-s 
can be quickly applied to all 
n*lalionshif>s in vi>ur lite 

A leatured expert iin tele- 
\ isiiin nIiiivn s such as {.yprah, 
4!' Hi'u'v C /!^ Tins .Vturmiiv 
.ind Ml. r.UiiK s/;,.^ VVeiner- 
1 I. ,. ., the ju\i^''< .'» 

A. . ,-ii<ii,iililri/ ,ItlU i^u, ..; 
I'rti^ram fi-<t s(,jviii< Tiijfrthi^. 
I onxidered b\ s<ime cntic-s 
as a ground breaking' 
K«>k vcith ad\ ice aKnit bow 
vouples I an come together 
instead ot getting a divorce, 
!>.'••.■', iUi-liifi was senal- 
MiCfl//s and Sew 
maga/ine Rather 
than psvchoanaly/ing vch\ 
people behave the way thev 

do, VVeiiH-r-Uavis directs the 
reader to examme luiccess 
from earlier m the relation- 
ship and tells the reader to 
scvk positive outcomes via 
short-tirm simple goals 
based on Ihiise things that 
worked in the past At her 
Harper program, Weiner- 
Davis will explain h>w to 
take these down-to-earth 
practical steps to impnne 
relatiorvships al home ai 
work and at play 

With Wciner-Davis a- 
one highlight of the 
Wellness Week event!., many 
other topics, such as 
( landling Rage: Yours and 
(,>tticT. " "Is it Safe to be t;av 
in the Subuitis?," "Cardio 
Kick Boxing," 'Wellness 
Benefits of Pets" and "Soy as 
Superf>ero," round out the 
three-day event, which is 
free and open to the public 
For moiv information, call 
the Health and 

I'sv.holc'gical Services 


Join the lugsling Club* 

ncctiiigs held every Wcdnesd.iy niaht. 

Student .^nd Adntinistt-n tion Center Lounge. 

Before You Transfer, 
Take A Trip Downtown. 



I Students in lIliiHiis aa- Kirtuiuu- !» h.ive w many colleges and universities 
from which lo choose Bctorc m>u xunsHth consider this. I1ci*.tiil 
University has one of the fine!.! academic reputations tn the 
country. .\nd when vou p> i<' niitrvKw ior a ph. you will 
1 rcali/e just how im|H>rt.tni thji 
DcPilul offers .in cMcnsivi f;uniki ot iindcrorjiluatc degree programs, a 
low student to faculrv ratio, small m/c elasso. ikxibl.; sshcdules and 
financial aid and s.holar>hip ap|M>rtunitieA. All this is |ust a quick 
{rain ride i sommuic luiv To k-.trn mure .ibont 

l>i r\iiil, join us at an oj>cn house. 

Open House Schedule J- 

S.iliir>i,o icl)iiur\ 

SitncLiv. Irbnui. 

I. 2000 - 9:00 am iReps«x«io« hrpm at 9M am) 

I...,, t r.|M. 

i<> Al 1 1 00 asnl 




Request intiirtiutHin via c iiiail at; ,«.lmirdr4i«*t | 

iw vmit us at iin>-w.(iepa"l-c«fe 

Harper News 

Page 3 


take up space. 

I It also encourages 

you to work for 

The Harbinger. 

Right? Right. 

Now apply at 


^ Fisher 





• Envirothon 2000 In br held on Harper 

Cntlegr iimptj 

'>i. \nii) ii-i% s<il .ind 

Mil hi.M 
_ _.__, _. . 'A,;; ,.n 
L. .: :^ \pril II 

~ in 

ii" -ir- ,ind 

>* '■ <-n\ m-n 

ntmai is»u«- is Jiso iikiuiHM in thf urn) 
b e tttt c n . That vcor't iiMje will bv wt-r 

land* mimi^P'r' ' " ^.rcv 

U ttudanttiti' ■,-^> 

MUtirom whrr' 

thf lumprtltion. 

r>k> trinntnd usun rn<m mirtheddem 
j{teioiiwiM(»a«{>wte<mM«y<«and lUin 

'M(W(ici>lk> »t tfw niimtH fnvtrothon 

'. inh>rm.itK<n pl< .1- 

-inker. •»«>Hi»~l -r <.. . ; 

I D.i.j )>.inker#i].uvi 

• tUtpn Cotlefie 23rd Annual 
National Art exhibition, 'Small Work* 
31)00. " «< heduled for April 

iM<f<;cj K«-lli-r HjffHT Lollt^' 
curabw. anncnini t"> th.ii thr IVd Anr.> 

lit WiWil.!. 

J>i m the 
>n the MiHHC and Art 

I a 

pN'tDgraph} ;v,, t 1 leramic and (iK-r 
•urulpture, prints and drawing and 
mined mt>di.i ThtT»- .ir.' mon- ml 
.irt)-f tritm .ill im-r tl . 

I oil, 

in thr ga>k*f> <>n SJt>nil4v 

pm lif^ H^heiiuttait^ K 

• Harper profe«!^or and Antarctic 
f.»plorrr Paul Sipiera presents The 
Antarctic t«peri«-nic' 
Har^vr pri<!« 

prrvctidTij; a i 

c>n Ihurvlov. April I' at 
n thf Tho.iln >■( tin- Fiw.i;i.-ss 
and btKul Scienee Ci- 

Stpirra nrcentiv Um 

she South PtoJe !•. .xllf. t 
meleoiite* in terratn i- - ' 
earthly pawiMe ii> ih. 
the planet Man. Hi» team i- 
noted rrwti^MRy m mUgmuiii t 
afW Owen <.".drrii>t 

The talk on April 1 1 » hi. h i>. .iIm> thj* 

m t^ 68 hefc^v 
matum th , 

ufxlitMndhag oi -r, this planet 

md extra-ftptra^tr 

■\,.lmission to this pr»*M'iU.%tit"m is frrcl 

I. '.iJ.'t'N 

* lliree Harper teachers awarded Best 


iiiti u-.uiini; r.HUin' jean- 

.^t.iixin .ind Chri*ttne 

'/ifmski ■■ ' Collej^i- were 

.varded H. it the Illinois 

1 itHtn tot ln>ututiondl Rt-soarihi 

<niv Their paper, "Mc>ti\ation.ili 

.\>pfit.s ot Reading and it«i 

MtMsurrmetvf ,u the C ommunityj 

I tho n-sult i>t three years of 

'• rt-ading V. latsnmm*. The 

search indicates stf^iticant gams in 

Indent motivation, as well as a step in 

the devetopmenl of a motivaticn instni- 

m«^nt U\r ils.> if thf . .in^tmmtti '"oIImw 

• ■I [ .ij-»i ,-,,(* .11^*. a*\^mifd the 
\,iti» Ciiunol for ReM,'aah and 
I'l.inning BeM Paper Award for !<*<« 
i rane, C>U!>t9ifsun and IWiem<ikj will 
I their paper at th. 
■ me f<jr tfie Akmk : 
In-tilutional RescMch in Ma\ ODtX). i 
li-ari-l oiii-se GiHlafaon and Chrttitim>| 
I vpt-rtise has al!ii«i K^en rec-j 
'he Illinois CommunitVi 
U I HS through thfir 
' iii-nt to !bi K CI' 
'mmittee ftv th. 
i dt'\ i-iopm**ni.*l 


>(|iiXft Coff€€HOUS€ SeRIES 

Pl^€S€^as 1 

Willie Porter 

Friday, April 14 
7:30 pm 

Student Center Lounge 

SUMtent and Administration Center 

«k>v saved Ikr bcH 'ill laai. tanrr doca i 
ia a nui of hMOMa camtatean to I 
tatter iHIl Heat Ike a«AcMc to I 


With special guest 


Kraig Kenning 

la a iacal inartte. 

110. al iiaMts dar of alwn 

CaO oa al 847.925 6100 



Bergman: Journalist 
and former 60 
Minutes producer 
talks to Harper 



i husin*^sni.r 


>ti' s«'nt ti> fHX*- 

iuvv loumalists 

Is of C BS, 

i -1 llfWS- 

- . i ,.^ inorv 

' A rilf .1 --trTV 

tfun .1 i 
.iK'u! 'will 

•it point K-ing. that monm ullimateK 
tontrols thi' uorld 

An ix.impU' h»' >;.im- in\oh<\l 'in \ll 
bidding wars that g») on b«-t\\»vn tht- 
■•s tor coverage of pn>bablv th<' most 
[.Hipular pnifes<iiiinal sptwt m the countr\ He 
citwJ tfu- issues invoicing the San Franctsco 
4»A^rs jnd its supposed conrwctions with the 
ni.tti.i It J network had bcvn lohbvmg the 
M I ti> broadci^t ganu-s and a lourrultst 
ill id»>d to wnte a storv about the maha con- 
net tK>n». the owners of the 4Wers nvn mt% 
well play spcnler because of had prc-ss Si. 
the question thai begs answering malerul- 
izes What comes first. rH-w* or monev' 

^^^ course Ihi' aivswcr to that ijucstion 
reoMins But, j a>l!cvtion ot indi- 
Wtduala CW1 in taci impact the wav things 

If enough people get together and 
demand sorrtethmg, heads of coqwraliona 
will listen, " Bergman said. 
So, where do we sign up? 

Pag* 4 

Harper Features 

rhf HarbiiigiT I 
April 7, 2000 



April 11-13 nurks Harper College's annual VWellneM Mteek. 
This year there will be over 35 health and wellnei* teadnm 
VHOOipaMing all dillMmioro of wellness. Ask your profin- 
■or If you can get tMn cnidit for attending any of lhe« 
nt£E pragnms. Seminars include "Smart Love: Making 
Any Reiationahip Work," "F'nxrastination BuMing,' 'leaser 
Eye Surgery,' 'Sctf-Hypnosi*,' "Acupuncture,* Xardto 
Kick BoKing,' "WettncM Benefltai of Pets,' 'Under«tandn« 
Attention Deficit Disorder Over the Lifespan,* "k it Safe to 
be Gay in the Suburbs?" 'Wooien, Sex and the Medu" and 
many more. Also included in the we«>k is the annual Health 
Fair on April 12. For a btodiure call or stop by Health and 
ftychotogkal Servkes, A362 or call xt. 6268. 

•Wood Drive Comes lo Harper 

Give the gift of blood. Yciur donation could >.ave man\ lives. 
Partiapate in the Blood Drive on Wednesday, April 19, 9 
Ajn.4 p.m, Student C utent and Admmistratioii 

Center. Tn-at* and sruv ■ vl to all donors. For mow 

iniormation call Health and r^ychok^pcal Services at lA. 

•Chair Maaaape 

Muscles sore? Back hurt^ Head a<;hing from too much 
studying? Take a ma>isage break! Therapeutic chair mas- 
sage wrtll be ofteretl on Wedne^ay. April 26, 12-5 p.m. Cost 
is 51 per minute. Call Health and INycht.»logi. 'i >..i".i,o* sf 
xL 6268 to schedule an appointment. 

•Kelaxation Seminar 

Want to feel refreshed and relaxed ' eunie ti) the Pribram, 
*DD You Need lo Relax' on V^dneaday, Apnl 26, 2-3 p.m., { 
A243, Student and Admintstratian Center md l«am various 
relaxation technique*. 

Harpist Gwyneth Wentink 
plays classics at Harper concert 

She tame out .it i-\,hiK 
12:15 Alimn, m.iri«>n viKfl 
dress cv>vere\l hor siender 
form She fold us, in a Dutch 
accent, that tht-n- would be a 
change in lurmat laure 
would be first She sal diiwn 
on a wooden chair and cra- 
dled the harp on her nght 
shoulder. Her e>'«s closed 
and her head lilted down 
slightly for 20 seconds. Then 
she played. 

On March 16 17 year old 
l.wyneth Wentmk visited 
Harper and gave a spellbir>d- 
mg pertormarue (m the CeltK 
harp Playii^ the music of 
such renowned composers as 
Bach. Debussv ai 
Wentink. showoii 
has takt>n lirsl pri/«' tour 
times in mafor musHdi corn- 
petitkwvs. and why she wan 
the firsi harpist to place in the 
i'»*j ^oung loruert Artists 
liitenutiunal Audiluin.s She 
has also been awarded the 
Beracasa Fourtdatii-r "-■ ■ 
the M.>ntp«'lli.T R.v 


When the music started, 
her fingers became a mes- 
miTi/irig, mining ,»dheMve 
connetting the harp with her 
K«Jv and f<>rmmg an almost 
seamless union t>etween 
woman and H>ng Uxiking al 
her face and seeing its 
smm^th veneer, it seemed 
hani to imagine such power- 
ful mtivements erupting fnwn 
such lranc)uilily But the 
amount of discipline that she 
must have undergone to 
reach such prohciency at an 
early age ccHikin't help but 
produce a powerful, yet con- 
trolled, form of art 

Wentink began playing 
the harp at the age of five 
while living in L'trecht in the 
Netherlands B\ eight, she 
was alreadv playing Mo/art 
with the Neth<-rldnds 
National You^ Orchestra m 
Rotterdam At Im shr f>»'r 
torm.-.( I'l 'r..n| ul ^>uftn 

S. .• ..: ihe age at l~ 
Wentink proi)ucc*s -..nmii^ 
-tvmingl\ v^ut i»t h*'r tini;*'i ■ 
tip- wiikl ...■niiiuf 
rrm-t }•' . 
-till h.i- 

aiHi in. 
best cor 

mm A367 "^ 925-6460 

tJ* Ask your w«IIimss advisor ffl 

Students can an<>nvniou-.|y submit tjuesticms on wellness related topics by 
placing them in the marked box outside Ihe Health Service's Office m A362. 
.Answ ITS will jpptvir in future issues of T'hr Hiirhmf>fT All questions will be thoroughly 
researched jnd rvsponst-s will K' pniv ided h\ health care professionals not affiliated 
with Vif llarhmy;ir 

is on txrlh control pills or if other medical 
conditions exist that the practitioner wants 
to monitor. If a patient is sexually active, 
ttie physician may test her tor sexually 
transmitted diseases (STDs) such as 
cfilamydia. herpes, genital warts, gonorrtiea 
or syphilis Wtien the doctor is done obtain- 
ing lab samples tor ttie Pap and STD test- 
ing, he/ she will ttien examine your uterus, 
taHopian tubes and ovanes as well as each 
breast tor lumps or ottier abrrarmalities A 
gynecological exam usually wiH cause little 
or no d scomlort When ttie entire exam 
has been completed ttie practitioner will taN( 
with you aboul ttie results and answer your 
questioos or concerns (birth control meth- 
ods, inrsguiar penods. etc.) Harper has just 
opened a Women's Clinic that provides 
ttiese services for students Call 925 6268 
lor more information 

I O: I'm 19 ym* oM and I luiven'l aevn a 
gynecologiat yet At wImM age should I 
: ••• one? 

I A: Usustty around Itie ^)e of 18 a girl 
{ stKHjkf t>egin to tiave regular gynecological 
check-ups. or earlier if she is sexually 
active Stie can do this through her 
mtemtst. family practitioner or pediatrician 
Many women ctKXJse a gynecologist, a doc- 
tor wrtx) specializes in ttie health of female 
reproductive organs Ttiere are a number o( 
components that are part of tfie gynecologi- 
cal cf)eck-<jp. One is the Pap test This 
tost is done to detect precancerous and 
csnosrous cwidibons of the cervix as well 
8> some types of mfectKms. It is recom- 
mandsd that a woman have a Pap test at 
least once a year Sometimes a doctor will 
recommend them more often if the woman 

Deferring taxes with 
TIAA-CREF can be so 
rewarding, gou'll wonder 
why you didn't do it sooner. 

•i SM • ^—mSmmmimm^mmntmm»^» 

(n'juring ihe fjturr 
fot those who shdpe It 

1 800 842 2776 

www fiflatref org 

nve Harbinger 




about transferring to 
a 4-year college? 

We'll show you how 
the route from Harper to Barat College can be! 

Need direction! 

A Barat College Admissions Representative will be at 
Harper College from I O a.m. to noon and again fronn 
S p.m. to 7 p.m. on Wednesday, April 1 9, 2000 

to get you started on the nnost direct path to your future. 

Want to visit our campus! 

We have Adult and Transfer Student Open Houses sched- 
uled on the following dates: 

May 16, 2000 — 5:30 to 6:30 p.m. 
June 5, 2000 — 5:30 to 6:30 p.m. 


WWW. ba rat .ed u 

Barat <$) College 

700 E. Westleigh Road 
Lake Forest, IL 60045 





April 7. 2000 

The Harbinger 
evaluates your Student 
Senate candidates 

Wfll, lis that tim<f ol year again 
wh«rn Student Activities puts out th.- 
ballot boxes and ■''- 

run for Studi-nt - 
I his vear Th,- H., 
t ike a *tand on I. 

rh«"«>e po»ition"i an 
-tudent Senate r'r.>i " 

j»tee There .1 ''■ 

lach po-vition 

For President thi- 
■ ' l.ngitler and \.< 
'ier hi» served 
I- Student Svnatr 1 ^ 
, i>t vear, and as Him 
I. las- l.ilts Committ. 'iy> 

lk-nK-.tler h.*- .i. Hun posi- 

,.n», he hi "i iriabiht> 

. handle I. vemplified 

PV his lack 01 .iltrndaiKo ,it th.- Cl.i-~ 
i,if( Committ.'i- meflm)!;- 

' th.T.-l 
,.,.... .- -^ torn>. 

st-nate Senator, lames Skyle* ran last 
\e3r to no avail and has decided to 
run oiuo J^ain this vear His qualiti 

cations include Nu •. ' i'"^' 

battalion leader i <. 

the Arrow member, arm w muui.' 

the Students Rights Coalition in tt 

\orthwest Suburbs SkvUs stjnii> >. 

more students ri«hls .ind -hariHl »;>i , 





Lorences cfualiti 

he has spent the la- 

ber o( the Student '- 
Like her opp""' 

al»o been a vn< 

Senate for thi- , .. ■• 

unlike her opponent she h.iv .il-,> 

worked closely with tht- 

Administration and it is thi- 

ence that we feel make- hi-r .1 > m 

above the rest 

After much caretul consideration 
Tfic Harbinf;t-r ha* chosen as it* candi 
date for the 2i' h>...l v.-ir 

Student Trust. • .~ti'' 

The elections tin- vch .ir> ^^'icd 
uled for April III: H.UInt- vmII tu' 
taken at thi- Campu- lnti>rmalion 
Center in the Student .ind 
Administration I cntir and at the 
Bookstcri' in the 1 ibiTj! Am- C enter 

editorial Board 

The Harbirifrer 

Student Senate elections - 
why bother? this is why. 


had ttH-m I 
I «jn n.Tn. 
s4>rTk*w. f^-ri- .tf>' 
ofv- tomi or w 

And t.' 
N"en stud' 
vn-n- alw 1 
Ilk".! imp. 

.A rair 

.H'l'.iri-i't' ■ 

in th»' end 
. p tfw* vhool 
tiig we can 
'. !• shfnild ' 

ixl y 
recent -i 
turnout 1 

\.. H ir.H' ^ ii.«' 
it !>•. - .,■ ir It - tiiTK 

T, jdef, an mmntr to ««** 
^.. ,. ..-jmm|i5m«iti«». 

The rm>st important reastvn > 
fVmofr»cv fK'Sin plavin(t'' 
Hxmii ol the Reput4ic' here! 
(orel.ith.*!- tiniijhl and died, s«' ' 
.M- III.' fHi'i'U .i.uia.t!...— ••'■r.Hir 

txHijih! tht 

In c.>iin 

sir.ippiit •*• 

dl\!-M»n 1 

1^ lu ■ 

• iitH l)lear\ - 

thf\ I thi- .idll* 

thm>;s and will llieii In extension, 
i-ive tmwn' Uvwav 

It s mit |us| aSnit vans, though 
tm« m Itu- Student Senate ek-c- 
iWes thi- pivwer out of tf* 
nation's fiands - for, if we 
1 ! \ oti- thev have tlw pnvilejse of 
, (Hunting si-nators ot ttieir choice 
I think It IS verv imp.»rtant that 
ivii-nts vote in this election, says 
.iirrent Student Trustee Susan 
ls.»/mierc/ak "Facultv and slatt 
don t make the difference in tiv • 
di-nt Nxlv, It s tiw students." 

l>rH- of the candidates to rcplaie 

,1/mienvak. Tracv Fisher, agrees 

It students want thmgs. tf>e> need 

to take control of ttie situation " Ttie 

•■(•st way to do that, sJv- -.n- 1- t.^ 

,;tt out then- and vote ' 

It all this isn't ifMid- eni'ugh ti> get 

,iu le the Ixxrths. consider the 

words ol student Nioife While "It 

\ou pa* tuitKin, why not make your 

Av-n Chinees'" \ou xe >;.« to .idmit. 

lie has a pimii 

Vi now tfiat we know the v ;■ 
ot Student Senate elections li; 
tH> nM*«>n to wait I II see viMi at the 


tt.itioni ri 

sk Uncle TOfti 

Cot < qurninn' H.i L'nclc BUI. He may not M n^m, mr. 




.IMi Mt fUBT 

In Di«i Stiafi^ 


f IV, TMl K» 

. » B> WflL. I've 


CUlik^ > 

Mm wmMM. I' 


low--'-* '-•"•»— 

jkJIC MN IS «»!• 

WWf v>i.< ■*' ^AVtNQI W Mil :-- 



114 It Nfvra Num 10 

f ■ ) A UTTVI HStrotc 

... t UMtt caamtaatt 
^i^)« srt OP to H%ir the miw 





OH AT HAHrti'S OWN Stvd«nt 

FiNANCiM Aid offKat. 

It Yoti don't ran. comK)*!- 


SCCOND. rAHT-T«« io« 

Soianias thc loss in social 

Un AND St«» IS »«•• TNAN 



Staff XVritors 


^^oe^ Bago. Sabaah Z. iaJnai 
Jose Lacdaa Rich Nathaa Porter ^toble 

Oonoral Pollcioa 

Editor m Chief. 







tet«ig Sports Edilor.- 
Copy Editor 


Jennifer Moses 

Business Manager- 

FactJlty Wvtsof- 

__Rich Daswick 

pi«*«wd B^iiwNT t»iiw#»ut the K*<»i ywirWiW^^ 

Tfit »*tl»«W'» «0* Pl«»t» '» to erwri* Bit Mirpw coi™nu»t» «th Wonrwtlon 

p«rtan»» to tt» c«i»u» and Its lumMidini commnty 

"CfSSS --wmM Wtw. to tt» •« or and fwHw to cw «*tor«» Utl^ 
«.tl«»W u5w"«»»*t All l«l«» WW <»«•«•»• "^H^' «> •*«"« 

S«S,„« o. th« PW-. nor B, tm ''«»'t^*s:^!:^'«:?',^^;;^^^^'2 

»—.-««* B. In«««l» dMCIl» to t«» •ilKWtaw. ■« in wrciWM* •• « 

tJ» (ttottion o» Bit eonMWW 


The ftotoH^er Wiiiiam Ramey Harper 


1200 West Algonquin Road 

Palatne. «. 60067-7098 


business office. (847)925-6460 

news office: (847) 925-6000 »2461 

fax: (847) 925-6033 

oopyri^ 200a Tlw HartAiCtr. 

I The HarbinKiT 
April 7, 2000 



||lS PV£*S£D " 



■ VWIco'*^" *i^'^ to ll.,irf»»*i' 



I..1-. t» ttv« I'. 

:. till I 1.11 i 

I drill - lli>ri 

n«k. ■» 


from frbr«*r> I* »o March 2 

' much awi- 

\*HiiKT whv 

•ui in build- 

1 in;; 1 Artsi Ihi-n in tht 

.i SAC \i,»\-t«c bitaust' ttu-rt- IS J 

. '.'H- there. 

V ou ««T wonder >» 1" th> 
.«iKst»>rr .' i\ !<'•' 

•^.•^ H.irj'.i l!i.~i <u- •Mtnt 

• v'N •' •'■ ■' 'iind thi>fine 

• ■s lite tan be 

,j, ..... ...^ ..^,.: ..i.v >> If V<X1 

drvam up S4»*naru»' Itki' ttu-M- 

iSS-. ,1 ht. . «n he mt«v intn\">>tm); Xnv 

It', vini have vou lan 

n .■ nn- at stncllinewhiil 

.,,,. .i I Mill chivrtullv 

Sometimes the difference between just 

^M^/tfLf and truly //r/% is listening to 

the right radio station. 

Don't believe it? Check out 

Harper CoTleac 
«1 radio station 

You just xnightbe^urpris^ 



The Haibinger 
April 7, 2000 

Pases ^ ^ r":i^ 

Joan Jones brings her talents, charm to Java Jams 


ST*ff «*»!TER 

InddN Vljnh 24 WM a tHTific 
Java Jams anvrt-rt m rtw Spring 2000 
series. The ctmii-rt mntjiiwd thre* 
artists wh») sKjrpcl thmr Ulent with 
tho«e who atteiKM 

ll Ix^an with 17-yMff-oid saigrr 
IHsten Thi> nirl w» amazing. No« 
i>nlv IS shf uU-nleil. •ihr wa» abt> very 
sweet and Wind All sht> had on stage 
w ith her was t>nt badkup smjui-r whu 
playt^l a guitar This backup singer 
p»t happ«*nol h"> K' h4'r fjthor « h.< is 
v*'rv' »,il«fi»e»i himst'lt 

iri-uv i!r. ady hastioealbumout 
Htr s«\inwt 1^ ■ ■■•^•"? '"It ionirp tinw 
this Vt.n I- ''lA ^;ltt.^l 

stRger and s,.i.>;>n i ,u-i -Itf his vi-rv 
down to s'jrth V . -i .lis that rt-mind v ihi 
.1 little ot k'wil .irni a lot bke the la«e 
i Histy Si>nnghi'ld 

Tristen started writing her own 
sof^ and singing when she *vas 15 
Hit vvKals harmtmi/e tH-.iutifull\ 
'.Mth th«- |{ rM»tt~. jnd rtnthms 
^hf statrtl that tht- loniert area 
IS a \erv beautiful n»>m, and ••ht- 
bked pert<inning hen- J lot Iristi i 
abo stated that thed li>ve tn ct>ni' 
baik Jiid (srliirni h«Ti' .i);ain Sii 

Christina Aguilera. caus, Irisi.iVs 
star has pist begun to nw 

The sectwid performer w.i- j mjn 
K- the name ot FM "MTiith Hi' surl 
tfd. hi* s«'t oiil Willi ,1 tiw H'^'''^ -'"d 
(hen A totalis dvvi-si>nn s..m; that had 
ni> Ivriis The M>und ot it was very 
ipintual arul had eclM«-s «t Asian and 
(Native Ameriian musH" and rh\-1hm* 
m It 

Along with I M ■smith whoplavs 
guitar, there was R><b H ■ n 

guitar and baikup vh.: !< 

di-Cares im Cungi' ilrums !>, iU 
» himes and a ramslK V v «n. ralK, it s 
| \ M Smith fHTtormmg jlooe mi 
siagi' s.> the audiencf that night 
sh.Hikl W>red ttvat twn suth Ul- 
inili-d nuisKians .ltl<>mpann^^ him 

FM Smith thnv alhunis imt 
Hj.s third album is .utualK H- <•■-< 
(Kilo album and it is lallisj K... 

When .isktsl if hi- d lik>- i m. 

back and p<-rl.>im lu-rt- .it Har(H-r 
again. Smith said. 'Mi>st d etinit<-ly ' 

loan lones gavt- 

the third and linal 

p-rti-rm.irui- jivan 

a 1 ililh hair 

md has Kn-n 

a -wmg K-atured on tht- show Popular 
She has toured with S«-al. Fastball. 
/igg\ \1arU-v. Super Drag - a band in 
KnuwilU and Shawn Smith, who 

All sijfs 
.ompjri- loan |one* 
-iiuih mim- tjlenl- 

wrote till- siin>; 

It w- ..-■'. ' 
t(> am . 
tt) Sh. 
Sus,m K.i/niir-^ 
who tum«-d 2\ 

i('('V birthd.u U' 
> s(iii),.nl Iriisi.f 
Mt-r mi>s| ns lilt 
album IS Slarlisfht i>imi<ij/ I his is 
also ht-r tir%l solo afcum s),, has 
ani'ttu-i sulo album that sl-unild be 
n lt-as*->l si.mi- Imu- this tall 

|iv»n li'iH-s J silks snuH'th and 
blues* \ out liki- 1 ads I )J\ lom-s is a 
v«-r\ multi tjU-ntfd pi-rtumu-r sh*- ~ i! 1-1, mo and tnimCH-t In 
I , \i .1 song that sh«- 

. V mtvrs wroti' in th>- 

i; r««im' 
I i, 1 hand mt-mbers are drummer 
Mu h.u-l I iii'ss u hi' h.j^ ,in .ilbiini nut 
in thtw months and guitarist Muhaol 

Fordays. who also has an album out 
in SIX weeks 

loan Jones said that she'd like to 
conw back to Harper to perform and 
sei- thi- i.inijnis dunng the day. Her 
influenii-s were classic bands like 
Rolling Stones, Ricky lee (ones. Miles 
IXiMs, rhe Clash and early U2 loan 
sa\s sh«- s a sucker for melodv 

sh<- 'L.-i- that the |a\a lams 
s,ru- .ind thinks it's neat 

that shi , li. t.iM- part in siimething 

loan i-n|.>vt-d performing and 
aKvj\s liKes h< perform out in the 
Midw i-st an-a It's her favorite part of 
the countrv 

And whon askt-d what would be 
fw-r dn>am lim- up. she n-spondecl by 
savinn it would uuludi- Stevie 
Wondt-r \.in M.itrison and the 
Mother ot Si.ul ti. ■ -. < Mi- Arflha 

mo\c- incr Britney spt-ars and s^mndtr 


0f ^nrptr C9i\Q^9 

^Bvitt 90U to vote lit 

the ^fu40iit ^sitAte 

£Urtiofift on 


^pril 12 
At th« 


the bookstore 


Higher Degrees. 

Wh<»n the i.-mperaturp tiaes, why not set your sights 
h(|0ier, too'.' RcKM»evelt puts * whole new spin on summer 
U-amlng. With our 9 different schedules — like our special 
onew<>«i( Intensive course* — you can enroll in credit- 
warning courses at RooMWelt and sUll have room in your 
sununnr for a job, a vacation, or Just hangirjl out. Whether 
you want to get a Jump on college credits or enhance 
y«.ur professional sitills, make it a Rooaevelt Summer 

Roosevelt Summer 2( )()0 


yatw scliaihile 

0«H MllC^Wt* 

IMS tHMnmet 

K««ltler m»m 

SlI WMit ' 


On* tW*«li Ia1*nsl*es 


fni« ^lii<d«(t 


Ml, ?2 lul, 

July i Auqu>i ' 

i.n* 6 iuir 

laar t& 

Jiin* 76 





450 S«iilli iaHlii(*ii A*« 

512 $41 5515 


I ^ 

1400 M l»os*»*lt BCid 


April 7, 2000 



Broderick, Witherspoon star in 
school campaign comedy Election 


Mjitthew Bnxfefkk has »ldm<d in a r.i>>h of Mmwwhat 
lUMrty ftlms Ulely. rdnKing frum fnaimlor Cidd{|!r( to Gnrfalto. 
EfariwR, fortunairlv » bv Mr mow iMiMiin|| tfun thow fitaw, 
w M seems to traiwcmd tht- ptHt\ humor erf ttir kwmer and tiw 
wanton destnactHvi oi the Mvxmd 

In Etfetnvi, BnxWnck pUys Jim McAllisltT 4 teadwv M a 
muU-town hi)(h MThtHM whu i^ tht' lidi>i>n in chargf of the 
Student Council Pre»id«i The kif^Hdl chwce fur 

winneT in this eltTtwin i~ i « 1 Reese Wilher»pt«i«(. *< 

she IS runnm^ um>f|T»>*iil tor tht- ottuf Ir.uv giie^ unup 
)>>».•.( m link h... ..,». is ,) biting iiinc.ilurv i»t HilLiri, 
1 U-tt Iv d>"-in>\- htT iipfHwwnt 

imHivjtixl "^l 

tH<ni»t Sh.-.ri 

ii»fni«<jl .in<! t 


McAUislt-r tnt~. to subvi-rl Iht nirv>ruiliiin t 
the high Mh.~ 
ther»', tht- sti.t 

T1x> nw»t vjlkLuin^; pjxt t<i 
cemed was lewng Tracy 'nm^r ui 

she ha*n't vMm the citx*tti>n I" 1 t nurui 

having ^vn im stwie of tht- [n ■ ^ fi.Hil 

The ont"s v\ ho n«."kCT tAiktl j l«>t .>r«l tiwtiy* tn ir 

homework .ind >an) prrsfnt h Hon attenrdanci li 

Reese WithernjuKin ^ i;ojl " '^ •" '"» "' '^'«■ " ' '•*' "' 'h"' •"'>'' 
.•nr«v she ptavfd the roll- nud^tictTitlv 

in any case, ilntum ik tworth scvit^. It wait ai timi~- ri-.,)t»' 
,u.-.i tor the fnirpwe ot pe»tcrin|; the ct^nwrs h-,:' •'< •• ■!! ii 
was pretty mxxi 

£/ftfiivi will hr play inR Tu<svtav ^p^l II it \2 i->pm and 
a^m on Wvdrtesdjy, April I.' at 1 p nv m xh,- I V toungt 
on the third fkwr ai the Student and Admuu»tratian Center. 

April 15 

is tax day. 

It is also the 

last day to 

drop your 


So remember - 

ttax day is 

drop dayjd 

Antarctic Explorer 

Dr. Paji 

at 7:30 p. 



Nonli Parti UnhKcmiy- cottMMOMly 
ranltrd in ikc wp rcsHMurt libet*! an* 
ci>llr|ir* i« ilic yudfeu ky U $. .Vrw* 

%^ iMn'%1 wnwf 



i^tfmrvwimily to c jwed on the 
Mtirtit Mtlr at CJMca|^ 

M«fv ilMn40 
Minor*, and 

SrnMMcr» IsrgM* in Jamtary 

I Transfer Information Scsitions 

|ji^%t»ill b* hold on March 23 and April 20. 
Call lor more information. 

NORTH Park ::: 


learn more about 
pro|;rams or to 
);ct an ^ppllcialion, 
<Ml (773) i-t-t-SJOJ. 

3779 «r««t r»»*— Av*<MM • CHica 



April 7, 2000 



Do Work That Matters 

Join AT&T Broadband as a •^e'-AO" 

of technology, , 1 g'eat ■. eat oopc 

Cable Installers 

Perform new connec 

, c mm^ir 

Customer Service 


tn a promot and Dro^sS'Craf planner 

se- v^vc 3 

Direct Sales 

OooKo-Door Sales Reps neeaea tor Nortnvwest 
SuDuros. Earn $40K to S60K. Must Oe willing to worn 
evenings ana weettends. Valid driver s !-cense and 
insurance required. 

:a- A netwurn wai wm MCiD Share equally tne power 
owing oDportur^it'es now exist for- 

Telephony Support 
Specialist (TSS) 

ncude Quaiity assurance momtonng 
Customer ofders, managing and completing ail 

:er«; G* '3'6e- process rg, o'e- "staf & '.veicon^e 

Test Activation Center 

p- ■■■'■■■ larKet tor new mstalt/ 

eieoncny and Internet 
Se'.xes. Hesoives any ' or technical problems 
through superior troubleshooting skills. Two years 
computer experience, including fluency m Microsoft 
Word. Excel. Access and data entry, is necessary. 

£-\cy one of the finest e'nployf- - ' - '-'S m the iOduSfy nc:uding an eitcelient career path! 

,"'f'estea candidates <,ro^'a '-•-,: person: AT4T Broadband, 1500 McConnor Parkway, 

Suite 200. Schaumburg. IL 60173. Fax: 847 240-2626. EOE M F D V 




The Harbin^ 

April 7, an 

Hawk Sports 

Page 11 

Track and field jumper Foster 
realizes potential in sprints 


l>oes Your 
Harper Ciuf? 


have an 

ev/ent? v/eU 

whv not 



Thfz: flarbingi^r 

Jus^ caU 
or sfot> tv 
A567 2 

Harper freshmjn |.imw 
Foster rwvcr spnntwi j sinKlf 
race until midwjv thnmnh 
hi-- si"nu>r .it VV.irnn 
Mn;b "xhiMil Hiiwi-\fr this 
-priiii;, nun h >'i thi- Harji-r 

o^.-fl.- Ir-i, t tfjm *- --IJtlOss 

1 ; . • :. hl'^^ well (i>slor 

III ij'.ti' in sprinting; 

: '. i-nts 

histi-r ^ i..»,Hh>"- .11 V\.irri-n 
t.-viiti-ii midn.n lhr<Hi^;h 
i .<vti'r -. tmal st-jMHi with the 
t<lui- lV'vil> to u«' him for 
sprint- .itttT h«' hjii prt'\ i- 
Hish Jiim- i>nl\ lumps Iht- 
W iri-n ciMihfs s.nv s"''i' 
,M .(I ntu! m I'ustff tor sprints 
Init fosli-r vNould ru'\fr tulK 
i:.t thi- khjrui- til rr.ili/c 

t.'t in.itii- It ill the tin-ils 

is spnn^, but 

'■';fti' m thf ton- 

iir,t\ mi'fts 

tu'v.iiis. i-i ,1 pulk'il ham- 

strini; I his mmsup HjrptT 

ciwch Rentf /ellner pnnid- 

fj Foster with 4 dwnce at 


I ntuld s,-c from his 

traininj; and running that he 
was a giHxl sprinter - a good 
quarter miler, " /fllner says 

lostiT now sprints and 
lumps ivir thi- H.iwks. coni- 
(vting m the -JXlttO meters, 
the 2W meters thf 4X-M>tt. the 
long lump, .ind thi- triple 

I ostt-r n-ali/fs the opp«ir- 
tiinit\ he this spring arul 
has set his goals hi)^. 

■ Ki-all\ ■ Koster savs 
Mv m>al IS to tv .) n.itioinai 

Foster tiKik one l>old step 
towards thai goal on April 
Isl v\ hen hi- <.|ualitied tor 
nationals in the 4Ml)0 and 
■4\4(Kt ri-lavs at VVheaton 

Fi»ster's work ethic in 
practice made a great impres- 
sion on /ellner Foster said 
the disappomtments he cupe- 
nenctsJ last year at Warren 
pro\ idi\i another iiuentnc 
to sumi-d at the \|t AA 
Division 111 U-M I 

I last MMsonl just made 
me more hungr\ to do bet- 
ter, " Foster says 

[ey You! 

Yeah You! 

Who else do you 

think rm talking 



The Hdrhingcr. 

Are you still there? 

Get up and move!! 

Go To A367 or 




Hawk Sports 

?^-".';'' --.; .iM 

ita • 

cou««« • A9HI : 

Talented freshmen boost Track team 


team NK AA W>i, 
Central < 

■( «M 

our hesi tiiru-*. thrv 

tb.- r.~l ■! 'he «eaM>n. 

I iin hT 

And I wtnild sd\ 


that thi- Ujm far suqM^iMed mi .•» 
tKit» h>r the hr<.t meet. 

"Wc onlv have J tew p«€ipk- ,..^i.;ii.ii 
sprintpr Ijmwi FiwhT laaidt. "hut the liMli- 
bit we do havif ts rcallv goncl We dun 1 
have quantity, but wi- havt- a tot ot quali- 

On the wiMiu-ns Miie (uiif K-stu>, a 
track rooluf whu Nvisi» »'\n>pfK>ndl athk-t- 
ic tatenl. m.n K- HarptTs top temale ath 
lote. Aljio a k»admf? scont tor Harpt-rs 
basketball team. Zelliurr said that lestm shows a 
natural abilitv and lnstln^.t^ fi>r the sport, despite 
m-x'er rvinnmg track in highMhiHil U-stus. a native 
o* Colorado, sh«>wed her ability b\ hlovMHi; .i«.)v 
her competihon at Wheaton 

Jestus breezevi In .1 first tini>h m the M) meters. 
ckKking a personalht-st anJ national qualiKing 
time of 2S 5 Thi- lri-.hnian .)l>o lumpj-d ^-feet to 
quaUf>' for nationals in the high |ump as well 
Zeliner ongmalK niruited It-stvis tor |umps but 
soon realized that the trvshman lould do tar more 

"She's a r>ew track athlete ' AMIru-r sjvs ol 
(estus 'She's nex er done track at all I recruited 
her to ir\ high |ump. and I hjid nti idea she would 
be as natural as an athlete as she is 

'She's got a lot of spe«\l and shr s ^ot .1 lot ot 

^i athkfte: 

took* ML 

rxplcMuven«i8, wMdi i» essential in sprints and 
jump«. I couW lee her bwng a multi-sptirt athlete- 
a heptathlete " 

Tracv ThtX'le. the onK returning M'phomoff 
Ironi lasi spring again qualitied tor Nationals at 
Wheaton in the f«)0 meters, i|.H:king 2 ■*' 4 Ih>»'le 
lompeled all the wav thn-ugh to the tmals m ^* 
and htip»-. to place higher this vear Sue VSagner 
(Chicago Sttinmei/) also a hrst sear track athlete 
will tbmw the shot-put and discus I rvshman ( iina 
Mullo/7i (Schaumburg HS) set a I'K ot M Ih m the 
200 meter dash, and also set anoth«>r PR in the *»< 
meters with a time ot tiM 17 

' She s doing v»r\ well /ellner said ot 
Mulo//i she s ttaimtt \ er\ hard sh,- ran a o'' 1 
and I think lor her tirsl tune in ionic>etition (hats 

We have a kit ol 

■■ul they're sup- 

K our r^v* will 

1 couidn t ask tor a better women's 

am, ■ Zi'llrHT said 'The\' an- rr.iMi 

iivung and trainmg hard." 

For the men. sophomores L>a\e 

shafrinn (Sprints, relaysi, .Andy Kamel. 

ind Sihaumburi; grad Ke\in llkason 

etum trom a team that tiKik first in the 

Kegicm I\' last spring and 7th at iiation- 

als C.leason. who also plaved for 

Harp«'r s tiH^lhall team in the tall, cap- 

tun-d .All-.-Vmerican honors in the 100 

meters last vear 

Bill Wolfe, a decathlete , 

two years ago. figures t > be orK' of 
Harper's top athk'tes 

Corvjnt grad Tim Vaughn, another 
promising treshman qualifvied for 
nations in the 400 rru'ter relay alof\g 
with Foster. Greg Baluk. and Dave 
Shafrom with a time i^ \.M> and also in 
the 4X1 UO meter relay with Foster at 

'1 think he's got a great ami>unt of potential, " 
ZellruT said of Vaughn. 

Rounding out the nwter for the men will be 
Aanm Ginhlle (Morton), who will throw the shot, 
discus and lavelin. Sophomore lohn Rossi will run 
distances and also set a PR m the MO meters. 

rhe Hawks were scheduled to travel to \orth 
t entral otKe again to compete at the Chicagoland 
Championships last Thursday and Satuniay. The 
Hawks next travel to either the Warhawk in\ita- 
tional at Whitewater Wisconsin, OR the Lee 
i .ilhoun Memorial at Western Illinois L'niversitv 
Both mtvts w i-r»- s^hedulixl to start at 9 am 

Harper tennis team sKows great improvement after last 
year's record-setting campaign 


FUrper's mens Imus team lost 
four o< Its top players to graduahon 
last spring and had no incoming 
heshmen out for the team However, 
FUwks coach Roger King believes 
that this year's squad is just as gixxl- 
if ni>f better 

Perhaps the reason for that it the 
significant imprcwement the return- 
ing players hay e made since last s»m- 

"We feel real good aKiut our sea- 
son, " King said. "We lost four letter- 
men that transferred to four-year 
schools, and we had no freshmen 

ci>me in But I thmK uc re as strong 
■IS we were last year 

Nester Nayak, a transfer from 
India leads four individuals who 
qualified for nationals last spring 
Nayak returns at \o singles. 

"We expect Nester to do very 
well. ' Kmg said "and will be one of 
the ti>p players in the region " 

Sophomore Andv Hoffman, whj> 
competed at no ft smgles last s»'ason 
has been the biggest surprise so tar 
Hoffman improved so much that 
King moy ed him up to no.3 singles 

Hoffman hasn't missed a heat 
di-spife playing tougher mmpetilion 
and has lost only tvie match in his 

tirsi Ine outings this spnng, 

I think Andv Floftman has been a 
real goixi surprLse," Kmg said of the 
Palahne High Schc¥>l grad. 'He's hit- 
hng the ball harder and moving a lot 
better and has fust in^roved a lot 
overall " 

Fremd High Schcxil products Matt 
Lea\ It and Ttxld Petersen also return 
tmm last year's team, that had one ot 
the most successful campaigns in 
sthiHil history The Hawks cruised to 
a 11-2 retord in dual meets and 
placed 4lh in the natiorul tourna- 
ment I ea\ If mo\ es up from no 4 sin- 
gk-s last \ear to no 2 uhilc I'ctiTM'n 
lemains at no.S. 

"Both Matt and Andy have 
improved so much they're taking 
over the spots we lost (from last 
year)," Kmg said. 

The Hawks continue their success 
from last sea.son, as they have won 
four of their first five matches. On 
March 31 the Hawks traveled to 
Springfield and edged Illinois Valley 
4-3 and routed McMurray College 6- 

The Hawks have a busy week 
ahead, as they next host Dominican 
Umversity Tuesday, then welcome 
ludson college on Wednesday, and 
conference nval College of DuPage 
pays a visit on Thursday 


the »«irp ftf liarper college V«*^ ^ 

IHiiii i iiil 


First Latino Senator from Illinois speaks at LUSO conference 

Mck Oaswlch 

kni'wn (h 
hxvn thi 

I .itmns L . .. 


►tfd tur sr." 


Fratih lol w »o. lMn«r*M« OiMraro. 
and Vincent* Q m t tn tm 
worked with JnaiNta ■•••l*r<N«l 
pictHrcd) l« ceordinat* tcaater 
MigiMl Dal Valic's «i«it. 

Speech team returns from Oregon competition Skyles, Fisher 
Harper C«ts 5th in r«cord y«ar at Nationals conf aranca ^^ a»_i<A 

JwMif cr !••••• 

Nut ^'ni■^ Jlvl 

Ihe team •««•» .1 n.w 



AflMOCWI rddMty 

TkMrt«r pel 





im»t t«l w» t» lt: 

Mrt Java . 


■Hl»y« urn* af Its 

M«ffi,»n ( inclHT C««mt-- is a 
ir vrtvr<in jihI aLsu 
- co-<:a{>tim Hw 
il was tMmed in tfw 

rv. trtJnfw* al«> earned tw.>< * >r.iuT\ 

t ..tniHiiiiiit rhen* an" iwilv 
i\\.' -tiulrnis ih<»en Irum 
f.ii 11 -Lilr .iru! usu^llv Ihf\ 

,ir.- trv>m uni\ - ' '<'! 

r \ I \ sv hiK'i 

rmlMVl tiT ht r .ibilihi-v 111 
Tfi*'-*- Inti-rpri'tatu'ti 

Iht te,»n> .Uv)uii<%l !i\< ~il 
ver medaU Ivm> >i»t<> 
alrrady mtTitn>rn-vi as 
Com«s'it acliievements m 
Pr>»st> Interpretation .ind 
; . .1 h 111 F.ntertain It-nnitcr 
<.MHirn and ci>-vaplain ^haun 

C«»nw* to«ik 
this lime 

another mixijl 
I bron/. 

■-kylw' trii. 
'k-nRsUer (it 
; (he Studftit 

' rUelMrtkwv. 
: o( wtiai 

race, Skylct' 
, .'iiin^i wxtiwr w«t thiiuKht 
u> Ivive ended with ht!i 
iri"'i'if"''nnnt as wivilor on 
t:v M.;:'<i Cx^Ucier Student 
•^ i..i!. ihi» wat not f 
-, , j^ --» I li-4 raboundri 
: :n .. -I hli 

>.^i).><'> . uident 

tSefiaie Tfea*uf<rr fori 

I suppiTli'il thi 

His nWNSJj;. 

leive ihe u 

mati' ){i>als MiU it!i il^-- 

(irsi-vear meniKT . ■m, nr-. 


M.l.ith » 
.ig.iin n.i-\! 
r»%rlM\1 I 
a.s a ' 

Umail r\"i.ills, 
Mi'ing Ihf > it\ I't 1 
was \er\ Ih.ih' 

M* SoMcn on p«f( 4 

V- Uu- Il ,lfVi 


, .lilts 

.i-Lin.i h 

'Attn not winning UM 

vem I CMne Id teem that the 

most inyortml tMng i* to 

Kiti»v-- ^•i'-i^ " "r ov t ie and 

ne\<er loee 

.■s ThiHif^ 

• '«• appnfhen- 

-ivf .It tirsi, dttit much prod- 

duijt hy his fnends he even- 

ludlK filed for deelion. 

"sksles ran a campaign 
IV huh included several Mopi 
in daMmoRW, a ipeacii at 
the Latinaa UnidoK iMMlinf 
the wcond and iaal day of 
the election and wiiminK the 
endorsement o( The 
fi i HW Uprr betoe-piifling out 

' I would lett M Kunkt 
tor a 00011 companDismB-.- 
Ihb only halpa to prove ttwl 
he caies ber>""> ^ wcwid 
not haw n. d not 

Inity carpal -' " 


►i with hjik tme <>< educa- 

" '"n in the Senate The 

■ cht at KtHMevelt 

It ntanv 
■ ui 

t>i bt-v 1 

\ Fwhc* 
~tar dw had a 
rhdt misM 

>m.' the >i 

even lhoii|i) 
iihe was a member of the 
Student Senate she rww sh.- 
could dii nwire. Sc' ■ 

ler than to take thi- ^. ■ 

TtuiMc qwl on the Board of 
TVusteea? Tim ponlian is 
the shtdenis' voice im the 
" inl 

l^isher a looUi^ lonwaid 
to taking on the rraponcMli- 
ties of this posilian "I am 
ginng to get as much feed- 
hack from the students as I 
can and take Ihia position 
very wriou&ly.* 

Current Student IhMlH 
Susan ICazmiefczak is very 
excited for Fiiiher. "Tracy 
de«erves to wia "s^"' "■ • 
totally qualified u. 
and a g<¥Kl pencin. 
I think !ihe will do a 
JM» year." 

Harper College PmWIcnt 
Dr. Rohert L. Bieuder if abo 
confident of Fisher. 'I Mnk 
dw » going to make a gnat 
■ucceasor to Susan and lam 
kioking forward to woriiing 
with her." 

However he abo ata U d 
that the low veMc turnout 
leflecta student apatfiy. Iht 
fad «Kal we did not gH the 
turiKNit does not mean vsr 
did not get the two beat peo- 
ple for the iob ' said Dr. 

Special Eaith Day edition! 
Reduce, reuse, recycle - share your copy with a fiSend! 

Page 2 

Ihf Harbinger 
April 24, 2000 

Harper News 
Small Works Art Show displays talent old and new 



SirKi" \pril ^> H.irpiT 
bet-n hiixt ti. th. N.Ui.m-ijI 

Sm.ill Work-, ^* i-;,-.l 

art i-vhibil «h. ,1,1 .. 

Iheir '.Ml. .J in tht- 

' ''t'ln^ psv kt'vl up [""^ 

I' binor^ 

it.- « vhibit rti>rk~ oil thi- 
Kisix a inrnr w >.'ni'ti a 
^uanhtv iii (Mintin*;-. M^vilp 
tiiri-s. rtchin){>, print'. ^n<i 
ntht-r work., nl art that In- r.r 
shf |Uvf)?i-> t>nvi' J I 111, HI, 
M-l un.litiTmirk'vl, .ii 
\\ . ■, i. ^ ^,.tv f Nhti * (i. ' i . :. .. . 


youns arti^tN in rxpUiiv exhi- 

bitu>nisfn m a wav thai sedts 

all .n-il ..r 

intv, .mimi»n 

'jiJ lutvua KftU'r 

uratoT Jt Harpff 

H.. way, nam«' ri\ . >>;nitK"in 

!!i. ins U"sN anJ allows ttuMte 

with. nit J nami- to ..tart 


Man\ ol tht' artists on ,tis 
pla\ .ittm.1 H.irfHT aiKt llw-n- 
lorr ,11.' iM ,! cn-M posiimn l>< 
S' -.■l'. 1'., ,..,h;S.> h,.^.,.- 

•oft SlMll«4 N«sl 

1 Ills spt't 

■r'juiri'.i ,il! \', '. 


irt to K 


,11 rrpii'...'nl 
iirlMii iniPj; not ,>iii\ in tht' 
final appi'arami ol Itw uork 

but I-', 

vshi. ! 


•sh.'lUli \l'Sl il ,Ol;: 

.'iastK tubmi.; , pp. 
:!il a loiii' sh.; 

Mttf'l uilt , n- ,1- 

the hasi' wove thi' ' 

inf. ' I , , m' tM.1 I. .-s t l(v. ■ 

.iin; ol iiatun- atiil «ork n-M-mbli-d Iho inslru- 
iii'thir unujuf .is(>.. i nuTit ol its tume, it alv> nf>- 
ri-sffiti-vJ thi- jitivl ol lime iin 
man madi' lU-ms usmR ru^lv 

mjin ol tht**' 

iv » .rki'ii v\ itli . 

.irtiNls wh.. 

mall.T Items 



al !'i 


It man 
-. th.' 

IS mai her works s«vm It 
turn out in odvi si/t\l moa 

I ll-<'l Ih.ll iKiA .;, 

it .H^id SI/I.S m naliiri 
> .ithiT aitisi that si . 
work«il m a similar stvU-. uli- 
li.'mt t.mix) olinils, but with 
ill mt'jnin^; in mind 
' ' show tlu' altl^t that 
n.itiiri' an. I tiinr \h>\ t on niat- 
'. 1 s.ii.l 1.., M. Ilaiu m 

> s .rilitUO hu; 

soni (h»- naiiu' s di iiiniu'i' .m 
insirunu-nl tor nuMsvinnj; 

an. ' ' 


$15 an Hour 

ta CMifm 

taH-lMM aflM ' 


ol liirri. M. il I, nampai^n 
L rban.i and altaint-d hoi 
\iastfrs IXxrif from th.' \rt 
ln..tlluU m I'Wf, Ha\ ini; 
woriuxl with 2-Oobn\ts su. h 
a» fl^H»r^ and li-xtilfs 
IVtfrson in cntuaiK mm »'d 1. ■ 
' 1) asst-mhlagi- whuh sh.' 
. h...M- I., submit till this I'xhi 

I tr\ to prf^st'iit man ni.idt' 

..l.i.', Is iri a form that d«'mon 

'• - iiiban h\ in>; said 

your 0c»als htalt. 

We'll Help get yow there. 

tm^^m WW »3«*i w»mji Stof » ■■■(..- SI ,..- • , ■ 
» p »ii M h H liii m i Mi ■ | »t HM ii M i n »<Mi m iii»ii ■w, mm„ 

Hi few A OMMHiliMI IklftMM 


JS'VOnnvt-'*. •:.>-,.. ',.,,ij,„n', 5,.;, 

^«r>intanntMn(siKMK a f** 



Affly On Iim: 

fru timf on your hands 

eonc join 
Ifcrpg** toward WiMlnfl 

Usr vcar. luarlv 2 0(M) sUidciUs transferred from 
Comniuiiii) cullcgcs to iHPaiil rmvcrsitv IIk) lound 
[)cHaul a fncmlly, imnmg unjscr.%it> that offers a wnrid- 
dM$ curriculum in owr 100 programs ol study DcPaul 
wckomts vuMi crj do Jhe same (omt vLsit our dynamic 
Lincoln Park and loop iimpu^r v mj experience all that 
DcFaul has to offer. 


To s*;hi\kilc a c.impiis viat or 
lo rei(u«^ imwc infctrrruitKin, 

chII 3 12-362-8122. 


April 24, 2000 

Harper Features 

Page 3 


Student or Grad 
* * * * 












CALL FOR INFO 847/259-4493 













AT 847.2594493 


*8 Escoft ZK2 Silvef. 5 speed. 2 

nor. High miles txil riris great! 

: 8.500 or best Offer. 


Are you a small txjsiness owner 
looking for extra help? Are you 
looking to sell a car? Do you need 
an extra roommate? Do you want 
to find that special someone? 
If you answered YES to any of 
these questions The Harbinger 
classifieds are for you. With Help 
Wanted. For Sale ads. Services 
Offered and Personal ads available, 
you can easily reach the Harper 
College campus and beyond. Call 
847.925.6460 for further info. 

10 place a classified, call 847.925.6460 



•thj.t M 

■ ' • ' N.lniini^lr.iliim t i-ntiT. 


- irK'lutic in|ur\ pn-ven- ' 
11 -ir.n>;th trainm((. tonin>; .ind 

• Klood (>r«««ur» Awireneiis 

( .i\. li, 

il HiKh UI.Hxl 

. .-- ,lt VI ' 

1 Miinth Do vou 
kiutu It viHir bkrnd pr««»>urv is tmii 
hiKh' Stop bv thi- BUhxI Prf*suiv 


nd FJucdtion t.iliU' en 
M.n 4, 11 1 p m in 
mini's- .inJ SiKial Scifnce' 

II.MiH .ii.i l'vvcholi>);ital 


1.. w„ 

SiTVUfv niii H' 

1... hni. , ,n .-...i ; K' 4\ jiUbU.' : 

I'UxxJ prvw-ure .ifhl pn>- 
■ .1.1 . I. .> lih infoTTn-ition on l>lot)d 

•Sumntit I iln. 
1 , 


pri-SMin- I-, >mI! in dut .tnd litt-styli" 
' '■ luMrt healthv Vou 
IT blood prt-«un' 
...1 in Hidlih 


■!o»{ S«>r\iiiN 

Ask your wellness advisor 





souncbreak " 

t'lH 'tO'iK; 

11'- I .S'C erp^nence 

Q: I'vt btrn hririn); more and more about Kerbal reme- 
dit»s .inii iri>.iiint'nK ( .in vmi (.'tl me if they are safe? 

^ ivinii!!.; 11 ■ iii-rKil rimttiu's t<i 

I to an illno-.^ or tondition 

: !hi \ alu.ulv Ihm >ou should bf jwon- 

>)iii t-- .irv ncvt Ii-.tit1 .1- i.irt'tiill\ b\ M:ifnfist!< js am 

' li I r> iiuvlifs do nut mvd 

, , Ihi- I. s I .1, ..i !i:,i ! iriu' 

-ti.ition il I > \. h\o ditti-n-nl b- 

• .IsfK dlltlTi-nt .unoiiin- . I uu .1, lnf 

ill\ onl\ oiii p.irt ol the pLint i> um.'- \ 
iin J'.lrl ol thv plant ,.in •nd up in thf bottk'. ! 
.would lilu- to bf hf.ilid Ihi- v\.n ' But j 
■*' "natural produtts i>r luTb> have sidi' i-ttivts 
lid not N- usi'd b\ ,ill indn iduals Thi.s i> not to ' 
N.H IhtImI iik.h. nil- ,in .i,in>;iroii- t.i \our health. ' 
!Mit m . .It. IIP . !i, uiii I. Ill, , - ih.-v . .in K' ,iihI (U'-t K'i.uim' \ 

I I- the Ih'-I (hii.ipv Noiir ; 
11 1 rii.iini.uivl -.h.iiilil .ilu.ivs K- ; 
Mini; ,in hiriMl into v.uir mrii'iit drun I 
..J V I , nun ! inti-nut ad\fr>fl\ with med- 
lions V..U ni.u .ilaady bf taking or can K'lontraindi- 
ilh chronic health condituMi.. (i.e. hi^h 
I le,ilth and Ps\cholo);iiMl St>r\ices, 
- .1 lot ot iniorm.ition on heib.i "stop 

■ Ik to .1 h.Mlth. .iri pi.'t.-ssuinal 

Page 4 

American Family Theatar'a musical varsion of 
^oliodrs Plnoeehlo takes to the stage at Harper 

b.ill, striibf li^ht". i.oliirts.1 
iiShls. min inK patU-rns 
uisir^ a cokm mtkIUtI and 

Harper features 

Speech: learn returns triumphant 

The HarbingiT 
April 24, 2000 

si*f» vmnn 

SaturJ.u Xprii I' ,ii .' 
p.m., tht /Vnwrujn I.iriitli 
n*i«w piesentnl a 

vfr^i<»p >♦ f •-!,. t ..llixii s 
ila^^h in thf 

■>'■ II .nti-r, lU^ 

I hi- shoii .it ■,>ru- hiHir tittiHi' 
minuU-% ran lu-i !..r. 
enough that it h«i • 

.»kfv ,iihJ I ^ ,- tViMi 

Mttrv'latiij th. ^ound dinvtor 
Thf \rrnritjn (jniiU 
fh.-.r.f I, J I'hilavl.-lphi.i 
i iMxl n>mpan\ hut all ih.- 
aittirv from thi> >;niup an- 
MlhCT tmin Si-w >iirk or 1 ,>% 

This KHHip has alr.Mvl\ 
tra\i-l.-vl :i<m ftuk-s 

1... ~"-. ii«. I ..K . . ... 



!h1 ~..'i-ne 

continued fram page 1 
v^a^ Rri-al mivtin^; people 
trom all >HtT thf lountrv 
liunati IS extihxi tn ht> im the 
team afc;ain ni'Xt vt-ar 

\» a >;n<up iht- liani par- 
Ikipal.ii in Kfddor > ThiMtcr 
and wa> imlv a (ow pi.mis 
fn>m making the s«Tni-linal!>. 

Mso to K- mentioned for 
their hard work aiv th. 
., inches lett Prvzbvio and 
Maru.i I itrenia Tht' assis- 
tant iiiaclH-s alsci ht-lpt-d the 
team and an- I mda l^ng 
Tina rrv/b\lo and Kati, 
\ I ton 


I hi 

peitormanu i\ 

■ the Man 

i Dharni- 


fM* tfM «MI 



>ast ionsisi»sl ,.t tour 

1 id Ihrw female ai tors 

" '■ plaveil 

it-rts 1^1 

:..nvik, Ddrrtii 

pla>t'd FinnK'k> 

t ox, Mdry-laith Givens. (22) 

(>Uyed both Guru the C.\ps\ 

and the Coachman Am\ 

S*rah Hallttran []H) pla\ed 

>he Blue Fait^-. Carwlvn Sniilie 

(23) played Carmella < at and 

Rhett A. Kdlmdn (;:i siarnxi 

*» Rrnvchio Als<i tra^ellmn 

with the seven actors are 

Charlton Barton, the tour 

RMtiaKer and -Karon 



1 i;-;'! .•ciiy^r.'.ki.i- (. "iJiTri/a 

and Hfhin /fiW. to nmne « 


The show opfTHxl in the 
Milage square si-ttms, ''•'^^ 
all the actors except K.ilman 
in the scene It pn>^re>seil on 
to s«>ttings as \aned as cami- 
\ al and wixxis to C'andyland 
and the Mlv of a whale 

Fffective liKhting and 
s<uind eftis ts si|, f> >- . t..,, ,. 

Deferring taxes with 
TIAA-CREF can be so 
rewarding, you'll wonder 
why you didn't do it sooner. 

TlM«a«t ■•ri 

P»T f »nilM H ». 

. -,.- -T [ iff) 


Stop now. 

^^"^■OGWF aiptc • * NIP up 

*am Otvif Ow nudra r«»« «< ou 
nandng necttd or cfniM^nKnt aftir 
gfmmar^ "Mia turn mman 

<Xm Oman m m» Outmtm 

'Vid M«n aw ,Mr -nn« KTMur. 
yn . I !>•« jow anjiK n no ane 

Wth a lbctw<o>> dcgiw Imn 
Cwv»yi awTtwaocfrngiai 

4 »iO» rf <n ri M < f a n t n i r f 

H;^T:> Ensuring the future 
•■'•'-- lot those who ihape it 

1 800 842-2775 

www \\ S ii trpf oig 

•«»«•«.*.■ 1 

«ptim^.'»lw»^.. m .» «M -^.. vAAMtar •!:..,«. .a'om 

The Hiirbin(?eT 
April 24, 2000 




about transferring to 
a 4-year college? 

We'll show you how 
the route from Harper to Barat College can be! 

Need directionl 

A Barat College Admissions Representative will be happy 
to answer any questions you nnay have. Let us help you 
get started on the nnost direct path to your future. 

Want to visit our campus! 

We have Adult and Transfer Student Open Houses 
scheduled on the following dates: 

May 16, 2000 — 5:30 to 6:30 p.m. 
June 5, 2000 — 5:30 to 6:30 p.m. 


Barat cS) College 

700 E. Westleigh Road 
Lake Forest. IL 60045 

*• l' 



liu' Hari-'injjiT 
April 24, 2000 

Harper, what a wondrous 
voting record we have! 

.Y notf to th<»nk aii ot ihf vS3 %tu 
JenK who voh'vt in Ihf Harrfr 

atu>ii i\ (• (Ji'inifd ni>! 
tiU I til 1' iinl\ S^ <.tiKi 
bi' p. i;'- 

folk> who ran rtMl!> Jo i.ut 
abmit tho school, and <,onu- c 

Ihen-i ,r, ,,iir ol«Ttt'd 
Thi-\ 111 ii> in .in\ Ihiiis; 

the\ tlo 

Lest w that t>ur v ampu- 

ls jii>t a niKroio-m ol thf ttai 
probK'm v\huii '- li' '' ■ ■'Ur ip.i 
thy turrt'ntl\ h.i- .minti . 

by the throat 

Harper i-. n<> >' f or Hn' 

last tew 

24,00(1 h..- ,1 .. ..^ 
mere lOupK- o; luiti..i i<-.! > .'ti ' 

\r>\\\. he\ t'l;--.:- .••- :-..•■■ • 
niu^i Pi >;ii 

manv ot tlu- --i u-.i i. - > . > . ■ < 
sending the me^-sane ti> the 
Administration " 
ch.iniiv FithiT • 

and urganu'atii't 
given moro roi<" 

everyhviUi t-> 
rent conditions in tl> 
some vlubs h.u e heei. ii'iviti u 
prdk-tici- ou! in th. hi"- i'l- ■',■■• 
tht'v \\ . 
usual sp.u •• 
The Harl 
make a n<.vu 
lovx .ir\i- til 

let u- iioi 'i'!,i;i- ■ 
povvt'v in numbi 

letting involved from 

a non-traditional view 

I iiMn(»f. 



I JUSl B*i H MV 


fi WH>f WHBlii I ! 
THr M IX>l>b.%'( 

-Ff^ ' MIM. 

r,-m.,rKltND TO LEAYI Mi 
AND M\ FRlf Mf>S ALONiB 90 Hf 

■v\o itmhi'T 

, k-up when 

. iru- and ti'r Itw 

iruHiu*- ti^sut* or 

hjvi' i.iken i»iiv 
, rMty llti 

•n .1 '^unJ.iv 

v.tiMtie- llut prinidf- 
■iicfrts and U-ctuivs <•! 
. .tmpus. stressinu th> 
diversitv- eA this lantasli 
i.ampus of students 
smte April I'm, 1 
• i with a phr 
•up ot St I, 
ijii^;inR tr»>ni r 
id to mid-2tis W 
\\a\v grown in our abilii 
til uiidorstand entertaii 
■!rnl jnd the arruiunl ■ 
■-.f-Hinsibilit> to take I" 
- well as >\i>rkin>; vnii 
• ruTs ..t ,iitti'ri*ilt \ u-v. 

Mnt i<i tin nil- 
Harfvr has Ijive. 

l\ liii.Ud thf 

\hctviel Nttman, I lvi\ 
taken Prosram Btwt 
into the ne>*' year wit 
, ,s tools, such .1 
■ d j>;endas anit ■ 
.ui to lominunicate 1 m 
•nmd that we have coa- 
' to work with e.i 
;.' prtxttitv M' m." 


i\ hilf vou are at Harper, 
.ni.i\ v\ hat It has to olfer. 




V\ 'MB- 

!,■ 'JSS. 

In thb case or your 



Exctjst r 

ON' Ml- 

I'! mar oot be n^i.... - 
"X* to the Htrbiafier 

■niX YCH ^ - 

Hf AI>PR' 


euf^i • 11 r A li c Ttli^Ll l.'R WITH 


AlbO, VOL MLST Bf rnt- 
TAI • * 

IF Hi, .-- ^- - '^f 


Editorial Board 

The Harl)iiiger 

staff ¥Vritars and Aaaiatants 

tQi\0' I'l;- 

*Ctif\g A L 
Acting Sck 
CoDv E 1""' 
Busincbs Matuge; - 
Faculty A»rtSOf — 

ii^c y.r,-,,, 

ii»nnifw Moses 
_i<icn DasA 

..Dam G 

Jose L sedan 

Ami DOW of lh# J^wW''^*' 

Qanarai Policies 

)• Dm to MqroM in Km Haipar I 

*t,i vw. vii^rf. !,*?,» <;*x^#r 

rwtwvtv #• not fwc#MW«|f •naor>MKt t^ 
«i»T(«»»t!a!mr. or BaaRt ot O'ecrt!'* 
aiJ«cri«M>. and M nuriTiiiim arr d' 

The Martxnger ■ V^ Harper 


1200 West Algonquin Road 

PaiaiwIL 600677096 

Phone Numbers: 
busuTess office: !847) 926-6460 
news off ice 1847)925 6000 »2461 
■-•.■925 6033 

oopfT^* 2000. TYwHartilnger. 
AH rigms raMTvad. 

The H-irbirij^er 
April 24, aM» 






lUtk ,1 

ih.w ,» 





HtlV( ^' 

' ■•■-■^ 



*»■ "■ 





|h«i ^ 







Harper College's 
#1 radio station 


p»*» fMo H«*i*ks hjivi- hw-n ven bu*\ on 

' x I v«i ftincr th« slitdrnt* rrtumetl 

rc4k tlvrr^ ami ponlrn hjvr bem 

. jmpus, promoiing tlw upcominis 

'!»* Soh^rr i-kim ode to llMMur **ho 

\U I \II(>\K lK\i> ItsMIK" Irjtv 

if» Studrnt iruwti^r lor lh<* ;0(»(V20(>1 

* jr Tr#t% i«« v«T\ drditJited Hnmjfi who 

.»...» Mil! make a JtHfrt-nte hrrr at Harp«t 

<M<rk(i- I hjvr Minkcd with her in lh<p Slwlcfll 

>>f' «rr ihi^ pAhi vrnvr«let and have h<>rn gracvd 

t-t'tn|i hrr leadership skilU tir*.t hand. 

\\M. :. i.ut Haipei t ultegr becautue lrac\ Ki»her ts 

out 1(1 makr j Jiilerence- 

i onier4tu[jtct>n-> to |ame« Skvle^, the new 
H4r|H>t I iiUf^t- Student Senate PrrHidiml. |ani«« 
vkill he goin^ inttt ht^ third \eat al Harper and he 
knt*w% the tns and out<k ot thU vihiicit |anvK ii> 
itmnp; to make a tantaMu I'reftidetit and he will 
make a ditferente with hi*» politkal leadership. I 
Httuld aUo like to menlion that I 'bmeralda 
t.urnrra !•• the new Vice Pre<»ident tor the Senate 
She t-' a \er\ dedttatrd woman, fof the pa%l vear 
^he ha% demoted much of her time as a Senator on 
the student Senate and a^ President ot tatinu» 
I nidtvs I ha%e %tfrn {%meralda work and wt«en 
vhf i;eto going she does not slop* Farha 
Anneesuddin wa% elected a«> the new Treasurer (or 
the Senate I have worked HJlh Farha tnr the pa«t 
\'Ai itn ihe Student Senate and %he i« a vvry tal- 
t(it< J Moman and a ven hard worker When 
f ^rt^j nnrds to ftet something dune, if gets done. I 
think that 7rac\. lames f smrratda. anJ larha are 
going to make a great team netl veaf. -Vll ol them 
are great leaders and %-er\ dedicated people. 
i^atvh out Harpei CotU^ge t^f^ausf the five are 
icimin' to make an impjt.t' 

\ol oni% were there student Senate and Student 
lru<»tee t lections, hut latinos Lnidoik Student 
Otgant/ation al%o had their own elections. The 
new otticers tor the 2000-2001 tchool vrar are 
rr.*s(deni Bohhv Mancilla. Vice President 
\U'( .. f des CraUego%, Sei retar\ Selene Serraiw, and 
Is. .j'^.m-r Invf tuts Macias. \<k ( CSO i» Ihe 
' ^ ' ' tive club on campuv th«» four 

tft rt**^ at HarT»r" College. 

Kimfml:*ef Juagement Pj\ Ihi' iJjv when all 

Harjnrt Students were lo come out *ntJi vote (or the 

\rrit 11 »n6 \2^ HelK onh a m««*l> 

led'* I am Ml appalled b\ thii> low. 
i<<i> ''OTi-T [urn nut* 1 know that all ot the candi- 
dates iampaigned %er% hard and almost all ot Ihe 
studenN sjiid that the% would vole I>id they? , 
\n" IhiH, I* ver* *ad biHause i( i* Ihv «tudenl» j 
thjt make the ditierence here and this wa» Ihe ' 
time lo make vour decision What I am up*et 
about IS the tact that while I was helping Tracy 
I ishiT . dmpaign, I liMened to man% students com- 
pUin abimt what wat» wrong with Harper C ollege. 
I told thoM* that this wa^ the time that thev could 
makr lho%e changes L ntortunatelv. those who 
complained ^irr nu»«t liketv not the ones who 
voted It IS a shame that not more students want 
lo help iiui Harper College lortunateh, lho»e 
whv dn Jrdtcate hour> lo diltereni club« and 

make up lor thoso who don't. 

tH£M cAM£ a 

To 5lU0f|«1| Cti 

ir h TiLArFtc jkf 



Harper Features 

Tht' Harbinsor 
April 24, 2000 

Harper student receives award 

Pi>rter \i>btf o« Barrmgtoo HiU> 
wras awjnifvi j Cimnre^sni«wil SiKrr 
MccUt by Speaker i>t the Lnitrd 
States tkru^- o* Ropn-KTrtafn.-^ 1 
Dcnnts- HdNUTt. in VV,i»hini;ti>ii ! > i 

the i>p«TJtii>n and n p.ur i>l -mail 

-Mr. i ' 
adviMir .1: 
. \ i-n iraifKil wilh m«- .it "-utnrmi 

Nc)i>U>, a >luiJvnl ii It irpi r 

V. imp jixl tht-n sK.irn tht- iiiili »> il'> 

Collef^r, ivivivifd th«- Jv\arii in p.irt 

for mof*ehan 2lX>himrv ,.» 

nu* Mr Smith vspikt-*.! nijnv 

ty wn-K-e h> the l.illi. t it\ 
Tnwp m P.iljtim \' " ■ 
membt-r 'i !lu' If t. > 

\ 1. .,,... 

a I, -lU-l !.-T 

\ licit' 

tUrh -<-til.ili>i 1,. Ilie 

Mane I 1 >itil. \ d s.h.iuii'; 

stiidiTvt >tnjt«:. 

Ihf Cim)j{WWiiitiv>l \n vr.l t i'. 
■»t"ntl^i on .1 n>>ii 

ual b.iM» ii- 1 

Lntt^^^ j^r<. U ii> 
award rv "^m/p< iruiK t^ 

*»t iHif ^1)1*1^ 

; urban Cimrwil 

achK'M-nu nlar\ puWx. ■-.t 

t>TH-«>s he ha* h.ui \i 

VKe, }H'r--i pnit-nt rh\ 
WhlW Morkinn ti> <...:.. 

in .ill hi- riuli'.n .1- • 

I'alalint' Ih-tn-t 

ycHint: fH'i'plf reconm/t It 
tWand valiH- « ■•''•" -- • 
■The best y- 

<k;ralutate r 

valuable '•kilU thjt 1 It'.irntil jiul 

hiiii ,1- ,1 Mnin^; '-. 

honed I m>t in ■ 
thftnjuh niN '' 

CWim. W.irnfv! tu ,'- :,■ Uy i:juil\ 
cnftineH. htlffd .i V^,\ -> I'ut Ir.-.!!' .>t 
dgwIcymfnt.ilH <h4ttenii^ mdivid 
nab and l<"(' uhitewater raffmi; 

Scout eamm>; th« '• 
lai^ with nu- M. 
pli- fill ^ 

\lt r t i'mmitU'% 

l h 1 :; Ni.rai-... 

\.-i nil- m ih.- 

ii 111 Ibiie him II 

V. Hj>UTt 111 

•iniit-r -..outs tp- 

nu (amilv and nu- If VVaahln|;lan. 

1)1" tiv riM-i\«- th.m " ! ! »a;s r»Ml 

1\ f 

him V\ ' 

actually wurkii 

the pnn«:t'. w J-. ,i ;~ .m i. 

got •itarlett un thi- wht'n I ft'jU 

it on ■■ . ■ M/i- III' 

to -, iitnement 

sferiini !:kl .1 till -■■II o! jhH u ! !b it \ '. ■ 

I 1.1 .1 lot tri>ni tloini; \iKJ il n'.il It' 

l\ v\ .1^ -an i-!ti 

\>.t>^ -••it lor over 'Av>. I nitl-rl ■ 

.1- (Ml! ■ ' ■• 

rn>nrani. i- .in I 
A»»i*tani s. ■•d' 

Ml Pr^..; 

.iml W.r 

I '•■• 'ti\ Ut.„. .^. ■ , 

■ut tor »hi. h 
fiim in the \iirth««--t Sul-iiirl'.ir • •. i ■ 
iivil MT\fvl .1-\ uhi-oi 


law t 

Wii>S tek; 

!- .1 prn.ili' 

;■ ,,.,,. ,.,!■,,, 



Current Positions 

Available For Harper 

Students Or Grads 

•insurance billing specialist 
-Front desk assistant 

Excellent career 
opportunities in our busy 


Looking for quality people 

who want to work in a 

friendly, professional 


Call for info. 847/259-4493 

Karen or Trina Ext. 10 

Need Keal World 
Work Experience? 

ta*cf ~ 

nmtmf CtMtAOmtmm 




imediate Opportunities 

for Qualified StudentS 

(OffkeTearr OHers Rewardirvg Opf>otunetiM 
dod Benefits for Ou«l fi€d Sttiaenu) 


RcnmbJiM Twi m/rr ir tot nim m 


TOM c/iH nbVEmjc irrn yj ron the low 


50 Qivc yj fl oiLi roR noRC mra; 


"f i»«>yiw»f » . Hwik f»» «*• 

MKf jMl (A* ISpMMrttf 

)«M«iik«MM iffi w ii »y tw |i>n»i>-< Ajxi .km. 1ft«4 f>iwrp-- 
iIw^mA^^ A i m i « i>.»«4«»>y« WW« mffn mm ii M 


Thf H.irbin>;tr 
April 24, 2000 

Harper Features p.«.« 

Porter and Kenning bring originality to Java Jams 

Trac«y fHitor 


What', bfttcr than j nnf 
hjrbeiuf on .i warm .mil 
hreo/v Spnng night' VNell. it 
\i>u attended thf |jm> 
■A-iMon on Pruiav \pril 14, 
which li'.Uiir»i.t th.- ivhiLiral- 
ing siiund^ ol national -.lidc 
);uitar ihampion Kraig 
kenning, along with the Mk 

M.>ni4^ ot mii^kian V\il!\ 
Porter, you tiHind one lhin>; 

Sprini;ini; .>tt thf ni>;ht 
vva-. ^ufst kraij; konnmi; 
v\hi>-.i- -timulalinn pfrt-^r 
mancf immfdiatflv roiwcvi 
and a-.loundfd tho audu-n^i' 
Hi'- (.(uiik and ^lunnini; 
iiio\fs on his vluii v,iiilar. 

.n>; with his animatfd 
laiial fxprfssions d.i//lfd 
and stirrfvl thf almosphftf 
kfOnini; s songs »mt> 
I,,,,,.,.' ,„ „„„„..,,., ,,, i,t.' 


tloin I, 'I . m'lii .. .■•■'.. ■' ■ 

\\atifiini; a sunriM* Iht- 
songs hf sanv " *r,.ni 

his tv\o I- I >■ --'V 


ivilh mi 

\our 1 

along thf v\as v\hiih v%as 
ahoul a bad |ob, birlhdav 
lakf siibuas Wilier Idon't 
ask I It was aiti>>;fthfr Ink- 
ling and sidfsplilting 

When askfd what mes- 
sagi" hi wants his musK to 
.onvf\ Tortfr saivl that hf 
basil jllv Hants his aiidiencf 
to gft truth Inini his songs 
Hf dfsi ribfd his niusR- as 
(ving original and tiirthor 
said thai It s giHKi to bf 
original tbfsi' da\ s K\ auM' a 
lot o! Ilii- groups ihal oiuv 
iMTf lo-l Ihi- originalils thf\ 
:s,-i) to have 

VViK r.Htoi IS .In origi 
!.il .is hf s going '■ i;il and, 
,1-. 1, .iong i\ ith kr.iit kitining 

,ui,l!<ti«i' m in.ikmg .i pul on .in ast,in|s|;iiig shou 
liuv sh.'iilfv) idfas to him whu li l< tt th*- atidi.iui- mon' 
whilf h. impnn isi'd Ihf song original in thfir ov\ n way 


musHian WilK 

onlirufd Ihf nighl 

isi. dravMivg i>n talfs 

liildhiHKl and old 

■•• riivthm to his 

tlh tapping 

ii !,• iioilf thf words 

thf aiidiinif lisiomil to put a 

smilf oil rsorvoni- s 1.1, c- 

l>nf s, .ng m p.irlKiilar 

Skid Maik, whkh rfnii- 

nis. ,-d ihoiit i'oitfr s aa\- ot 

his ihiTr\ rfv) 

\> l.-lothf fist.-.- 



Higher Degrees. 


Job & Internship 

Can 1 800 531 2542 

to schedule an interview 

Roosevelt Summer 2()00 

I 'art liiiu 




I.VK\ si,m v.siK. .-,■ I'jrtlimt' 
SlWMt. Ki \\,tU lull linn' 


> I .'■<«> S:.\MII IV r \<„k » till I line' 

International Profit AssociatM 
1275 Barclay BhA). 
Buffalo Grotfe, 160089 



I N I \ I II S I T V 







Paxe 10 

Author Lan Samantha-Chang 
performs reading at Harper 

Harper Features 

April ;■», :i)lH) 

mdi Nathan 

umtvi'iU vtiitHmi 
vtHir lile ^ill L)!! 

^vllcl^ ilic umbi. 
.1 prc<«nl tnMn hi 

-Iixxl and vi:if»*»'-.i 
illj lllljU'il ' 


V\hith r^^gs IfH* qui***!! 

■u nuiv h .'f h< 1 lift' r< . 

For more information 
call 847.925.6242 

iM-:;v . Wfll il.'U 1 ,11! ( 

Sim i''!h.i (. hdn^ ha- .ilrt-jdv ''■ 

!•- !hi- I'-.ji' 

luf-ilj\ \pn! i '^ t 
hrr biMik tiki 

rt'.Kl. -rv »-jiti 
copii'd picturo 

>n th. 

'hi iommuni--l 

' iite 


■Kool Prizes! 

^ Free!!! 



& Pizza Free!! 

pl Program Board 

i's.-.-.ssi Cal Hollow 

f)irjjct from §Gn fransisco 

'ulJ ri'l.iti- l< 



slop now. 


8U «^ KSp 9W«7 ^ VMI fMM Mn *<• 

nunong "KonJ <* enpoymtnt •»* 
\\ Ou oaan «r mil Ow mwj* 

i^w IftliJhJ "Wirt CW^W^ ^'^ 01' fliWS- 

J tonhmt tuaxaoutnmmvtmra 

1 Oi«str agm tiircttr i ae^f^n n 

J mtammin %iavf% ^ssuwi} %Brmtji 

7 wet 4 teMtu'i mfm •a<n 
Omv^ swwtbr no acting )cw 

OtSny s OV^jD '3PIXt a 77) V*4n9 or 




In the Quad or 
The Student and Administration Center 

April 26 



10.m3pm Millionaire?? 

May 10 


Who Wants to 

be a 

Earn Up to 


in College Education 

r Tic ^* r > ' 


LIFT you 


Stcody, Port-TinM ioki 

S8.50 $».SO/H«ur 

Weekend! « HetMays Off 

Avwtetn* BaiMfit* 

3-1/2 to S Hour Shifn 

Muit be at i««il 1 7 years old 

AM* to lift up to 70 Ibt. 

Bonui ol select fa<iliti«< 


Ph: 847-705-6025 
G«l to UPS by PACEI 

Te relatM* iwn ft*m laV* U.i «SM 






UPS was nomed 

"Company of the Yeor" 

by forb«s Mogozine 

■»np«- (mMmi i«f^ ■• an Un 4 law* 

I ey t n nn i ere < 

•n^ NoamtaooK <«<iiM*<. 

Mmm* (ad ew 24'hewr ieWU* at; 
A««H C*4»: **i9 

OaDhMXtftowi iU 


The Harbinger 
April 24, 2000 

Hawk Sports 

P*g* n 

Wolfe hopes to be National Champion 


After rmchmg » low p. ■-• 
in hi» Me two wars : 
Harper decjthlflf Bill \\i>in 
Aitn> tor Itk- sWv thi> sprm^ 

"Mv m«l I- to win n.iii 
*U and bf numK-r c; 

Wolfe MVS. 

Smce compli-tmg j i 
year d^rw ami gr<idu.itii))i 
from HarptT in l*«7, Wolfe 
had hoped to tran>fer t.> 
Northern lllmoKt UmverMtx 
"The tundmn (or thai Jidn t 
)(0 thn>u>;h and I kind of fell 
by tfie wa\side. " Wolfe wys." 
Then m fV+ruarv <»f I'"*'* 
Wolfe decidfd Ri-t hl^ hto 
back l4>gethfr jni* '■•■ ■ ■" 
training (or this sy 
effjwt* fiave paid mt i;ri'.ir!\ 
an Wolfe recently wiwi Ihi 
DecathKvn the ChicaK^Mand 
Champkin'i.hips at \oTth 
Central t olleyje and quality - 
«ng for rutionals in the yuAe 
vault, (he Umt, |ump, the high 
jump, the ijvelin and the dis- 
cus. He look M-yenfh in hur- 
dles merall iloiking .1 time ol 
16.17 The Hampshire High 
•xfuvi) ijrad also planil ItHti 

• A.irHawk lnMt,itii>rul 
.il Uli.U'water Wisiiiiisin 

Sirne placing Mh in the 
iliv.ithl.'n It mitumals ihns' 
\ .K',1 V\.>ltt* shows e\en 
' il this spring 
iig. ' Zellrver 
sd)s ot Unites performance 
this <tpnng. 'becau>e wfiat 

he did this ve.ii 

i;>mIs jiiJ h.i^ 
^Jin'usK til re.Hh 
■ K"''^ He fus put 
N .mil lu'urs of pra> ii 
and as a result it s sh<>v\ m^; 

It hern 



1 J\^ .iri.t-\ li 


1 III 



-,n -- 


Mil tw«lf • iKaclicM 
ttMowIng tti« JavcllN. 

How much h.c- '.\.,:i, 
improved? Wolte I 
(ered his discus lhii'.-> ii 
aKiul 2(t-tei^ this spring and 

hiN i.uelin h.i- extend his 
IJM'liii Ihmw In .ihoiit M^ 


"He s iniu h ni' -r- 

m.ifijre.' /ellner s.i\w He ^ 
iiuiih more n-s|xinsihli> His 
e\p«'rience in n'liii^'litmn is 
reailv slum ing 

Wolte firullv has s«'t a pt t 
sonal k;.Mt tor himselt Ihi! 
li.lJ iriej .Hit ..I 

reaih ,. i.. ,• it.. . 

schtml so.i, J, 

I- .■• 

pl.Uf 4lh .111..! the 

pKue.t -'•■ .• •' - ' ; „..,,. 

riHs-l - .11 IIk' 

men ^ tc.ini ^. ; j-i l^ K"St^ 

and qualilitsi '^ iiiiln klu,ils 
(or n.i(u<nals mcti ' 
Cantille who thn 
mer M}t>B meters in pLm 
tourth and John lasinski who 
placpil third in the triple 
lump Th«' wonu-n qualihisl 
thnv indi\ (duals tor nation 
als, includmi; ,1 tirst I'l.i, i- iin- 
ish tor Iniu :. high 

lump ^. , IraiN 

IhiH-li again qualified lor 
T> .■...I, .u tinishinn K ilh a 
1 114 m the 1^X1 

Come Join the 

Ju|yjjii\^^ Club 

they meet in the 

Student Center 

every Wednesday 

night at 7:00 pm 

for more info 

call 925-6242 

Take classes from 
8:30 to noon. Learn 
about the world 

ifVWtlUCKnQ AcNMMD'iMl/t 

of 9 to 5. 

Uniiitrutji't StuOMT (0 £ji*cuftv« P>09iwn 
«3r uAdirgMdkMHt e MMW tor ffwr <r« 


Til. J ^(.^. m'N licsjcittd gfimf tt etm&ti it ■•tn A" 
» MJm. iDnooiL Vi" 
•\ m MaM^gMMmL 

' itmpmlKtmm 

A »»,)«>,' 

• Anrnd »rv ■ n.miv<n {t«ni < tuiriv ul «>«* HKtttHiKrtv. amt ffa 
an firld iiif- xi-.i — i»'Mk)iMnterv 

• Gain valuaUr (nick mp-tr-Tf r x^tt riidnjr t-niefc! t}irr»!|[h mn'm il ma M 

PMnfMnilil llkr 1 'nllri! ' 

Nri i*hr' imivmil'V 111 llv ( liu ^0 m SuiMliitit ■•«•■• i<ui itui. 

t to CMCflttW ^roorsn. CaH u-kltvl^s fur mtmr mktitiijit, .^ .HfpOfl 

nr 4#r>< ' 


m laonacinMainauaua. a n w j fcmwmw 

Success: B.G. grads con- 
tinue winning at Harper 

V\ h.- 

■ 'i ■ -T . ■ .ft It re.illv nialiers i\lu-ii \i»u re 

pin 11 immati>» (or a long time," kuebler says. 

'•■ illv learn e.Hh oth«-r s playing style, and 

i hig thing The tact that we caught onto thai-caught 

'.. h other's pla\ inn siv le. is I think what's making us a 

i;«Hsl this \tMr 

\\, kn,-i\ »\ li.ii we all are capable oi .ind «•■ h.iu i.uth in 
:iier in making crucial plays 
■' I —how mon> support K>r teammates than most 
<■ ilK supporting teammates wh»i step up to 

111. j! It. ,11 mu' pitch i«i the mound lis a common sight in 
the I laqHf dunoul w hen the entirx- team will congratulate a 
plavei nbf made a samlue and teammates vmII i;i\e each 
other ad 4 He 

Ui listen to each .ilher kuel'lef sa\s We ilutt lor each 
other w htm we get Jo'i\ n 
l\e krM'w what we all are capable o(. ' Catalano s.ivs "and 
v\e have tailh in each c»ther on cruiial plavs I mean tfiere's 
not one person i>n our l>-am that I would dtnibl wouldn't 
make a crucial plav in the lim«" tfval it's net-ded. " 
rin I l.iu k- h.n i- alsti set (heir givils high this si-astin, hoping 
to pl.Hi- ,11 the national toumami-nl If tf»ev continue to use 
tlH' tormula lor succcvs thai Catalano and Kuebler have 
brought thex should meet their givll.s 

Softball: Lady Hawks 
establish team unity 

untmiM from pace 13 

I. .itil.iii. . ,ir.>p(T<\l Ills! Ii,-r thiril i;aiiu' ot the MMson, strikil^ 
'lit 2 hatters jitjl walking ^ Wiskowski. I dwards t afielletti. 
irid l")elguidKe e.uh tallied runs for the lady Hawks Three 
. 1 1 ( M> s runs wen- unearTH"d 

1 very orv'dut their part "Catalano s.!\ ^ I ..ixonelru-d 
tliiir hardi-st but it was |us| a matter where thi hriaks came 
lor each team and crucial plays Their team executed more, so 
It iiist . .line divwn to that But we all plaved to our pcitential 
and »\e sjijl k^now we lan do better than that and we should 
h.Hi' Katen them " 

Har^siT ..ompleteU out .1 g.i~ 111 the seiond game and 
tell \2 I' >till (lie Hawks krmw that they can comfx-te with 
iKr K,^! v^l>..nth..v .l..i> I fii .L.. .r,,.,. ,•>.) pLn to their abih- 
i ' 

Ml. li. 11. ., iiMi. i>.,iii -KK-. Ck< i< |usi asgood 
lit tlieie were t«x> itwiny unearned runs" 


PraMwMM AiMM M«n*«n my thm kaN tfartag Mm Latfy 
Nawka' C-i lo«* to Coltoga •t DH^ag*. TIm Latfy 
Nawha won 12 atraiglit gaoM* antf mn on p«e« to 
••t Mm ccfcool r*c«fri for awct wins In aehool 
htotory- Hm Nawh* «•■! boat Oahtaii taia i raw at 
1 KMiwaMlMa •■ WaAMatfay. 

Hawk Sports 

Pag«U • WllllaM llalaay 

ColtoC* .A»fN 24,1000 

'Best team in school history' sets sights on nationals 

Team etfort and talented freshman class keys softball team's success 

~l iunun 
-t*,li' tor .; 

thrfi I 

furJ and diJn ! 
Uke* M*A At- 
other - !■ 
which 1.- .. . .^ 
the «aiiM- ttMdi 

r-- •— 

Harp«T : 

crui>t^1 '. 

drill f 

•'I kr.. 


Michall* Calalano flr«« ■ pitch tfuriitg Iha 
Hawk* 6-5 lo*s to OuTaga on April 1*. 

ro dttrnvl H.irjHT «tHTi ti ; 

• tti, jnd V1i"li>sj Kumm. 

• IvJti lh»' team Kdwjtvl.»h> 
rl". jl LikluT, aiid Capt'llettl act .' 

Ml , .ipi.iiTT, i\\.in has talli 
. r.niTs m tt- 
.1 1> .,v, »;., i ■' ...;.iii; the team 
tun); !d>l sfring, Opj->eiietti h. 
' .1 .11 the pUite. but hd* prtniii 
■ with her leadership and 

'V. K\an -.u^ I? (.- .it^pi-Uitti t^ui 
.• hjsn'l U-t It d«-ter her She s doini: 
- ,i leader cm the held ' 
inia rutive Chri-tir, 
~M ha» made her preseri. ■ 
le iiutheld and at the plate 
>iu- s ({i-it a lilt Hi f>i>wer at 
-lie * Ljuick a* the « md.' Rvan 

Rounding nut the ni>ter lor lh<- 

:ni ir. inrnuT Fremd ^tandl)ul 

.iidice Anrwr Hansi-n 

• .1..^ IKi i,^,i n..n>.'!!. 

>ie ^ame to a halt im April 
■. .! ■.; rtalumAl chati 
> paid a vi»it. I ' 

Buffalo Grove graduates bring formula for success to Harper 


BuffalK t.nne II 
Scho«">l ^raduate> MkIu 
CataUtM) and trinn Kuebler 
knew what it tioik to win 
long Ktore thev |i'inei.l 
Harper ^ sithbatl team thiv 
spruiK « hat it titik ti> win 

Ihev hrtnight that kikn\ 1 
edffi' to Harper aiul ■<»in th«' 
team a^nii-pl >pread tn Ihi- 
rest >'t the team and h*i> 
translatttl into suivt^s Titv 
Hawk-, wim U ot their hrsl 
15 cnnti".t-. and irv im pd».e tii 
set th»' M hvKil nii-rd fur v. itv. 

At Biiflali' (,i. 
worked alonn^idf thi . 
DiviMon I pitiher kim 
CuipU. and Ulinois-bimnd 
land!ie> Hamma But th«\ 
knew that talent-ak>r»e d»«- 
n t i;et the |tit> done 

VV.' w.Ti. 4II playing !.• 
tht ivel ther. 

CdtdU...' >...- UoneperM'i. 
was doing really well, it 
j«enied that we would ati 
play up to that level." 

"It wd» a little different 
Ihpre. the wav that we all 
different tfung^ Ifut we had 
to execute So it one person 

1 hev knew that -.uiiii^K in 
Mitthall meant ^.u-ritKink; 
i-ver* thing ti>r tl>. 

Ertan KiMM«f ha* ptaya^ 
a h*y rala in tha outflald. 

risking Nidilv irMur% to make 
ih.- x.i\ini' ijlih or making 
. ;>'f thf vTiiiial 
. ui. > u^.. player on the tean' 
had to play a n>le, and ea> 1 
plaver on Harper's rcurtCT thi« 
»prinK each ntake» crucial 
conlrtbulioret to tfwr teamS 

R>'an knew he had sotne- 
ihing !>pccial wKm he •tcout- 

IHI tin- lUi'UIHl 


id mon' piUiit^ 
\itii .1 

: .ll! .]l ttu 
tia» eslah- 
liUhJ lurNtlt a^ tlw top pitch- 
er m the confeivrhe aru) ha> 

■ • ■ ■ iV,l\ to .1 111-'. 

.\ in>; It-.^ Ih.iii .; 
runs per ninli-sl attit .111 '<- 1 
H(> fRA lampaigri .1! Bl. 
C atdl.ino sl.irted at tirst has.. 
t..r ih.. Ri....ti .iii.i ■.^ hav»' 
■ .in\ 

• ■i,„ : -.,...... . ha- 

conifirtevl in MimiiuT leagues 
and works diligently in prav 
tice to improve her platenieiil 
in pitching 
"I've always briieved that a 

••H-s mit have an 
iiatant'savs "I 
nd practicing Its 
IV ami 1 en|oy it " 
li. llano has charactens- 
1 . ommon in (uninr col- 
she often dims 

MHctialla Catalaito's 
pttching plays a big rote. 

tor ttu- highest standard, 
w hich has helped her to «rv - shutouts this season 
including back to hack ''-0 
\ K tones against Triton, and 
allowed |Ust 3 hits 

■■| trv and limit the hit- 
ters," CatalaiKi says "I trv 
.ind limit the run.s I tr\ and 
limit the peopU' on has*' Asa 
pitcher I set my goals way 

above what 1 might .ictually 
meet. s>< that I meet a high 
standard " 

kuebler ha* anchored the 
Hawks deti-nse in left field. 
The freshman, wfui hat 
plavfd m the outfield sine* 
her siiphomore vear at BG, 
w ill otten make the big catch 
at crucial times ot the game 
'She's verv good defensut 
Iv." Rvan savs of Kucblir 
'She gets a good |ump on Ifu' 
ball She |usl gix"* all out. 
Kt^-percent. She's willing to 
give up tier body to make the 
catch sfu- runs tfie bates 
aggressivelv Sh<- can neallv 
pnivide a spark 

Whili' nK>st lunior college 
teams struggle with team 
cfiemistry, tfu- Hawk-s f«ve 
alreadv Milved that problem. 
Catalano said that because 
most of the players on 
Harp*-r's rosier eilfier playeil 
on the same team or compet- 
ed against each other it 
allowed tfiem to easily 
become accustiMned to each 
other's playing skills, which 
can be cntK-al to a team's suc- 


TR'e Harbiliffbr 

■•i— y Mwpf C»ll»i> . Patmtkm, 

Culture Shock 2000 showcases diversity in 
clubs and organizations on Harper campus 


l\i Apt. 

I iiltnif Sh,„ I, ~ ^< 

-ii.'^» was suppiwitHi ti> ^ 
It stnerv, but fur n-j^i-n^ 

Representative Wojcik pre- 
sents State funding to Harper 

lh«- -lui.v ,(->cu >1 

^hf Kmit full \!.v ■, 

1 ht'V » arnuil up Ih. 
I'tKf with tht'H loiuini 
cntTgy Th*' gnnip ii'ii 
tour pt-opW: Brat) I>i t 
Imms. Daniel V unni' 

iaeirity rirli^. 

•••yaC* 4 

A f«w wofM off 
••• pag* • 



•f Csl 


•f Mm ymm. 

!.>i;i!ti.r hn -n month-, bill UnlK n 

i'l '»' ■ ■■■I 1 unnmshjm ^lii>« I 

v; ti>nrth«T riHitint'- 

nnin>;hjm *' ■ ■' ■ 
1 ir in*.pir.i 

f i;:i \tiM>n I tirt 
\miTiidn S»isn 

V hii^lm,. 
I hi. I- 

- h«i « a» jintwing th«nr part 

fh.. , i I ..r. , Mill-.., 

h\ dtMli»r*> I-. Ih.i 
"bn>Kcn" .thvI thi". 

.,11 .mJ mtfrpn>t«-. : 
l-j>i;li}.h lot thn!«c of u- 
an iMw-sign sptfdkini;. 

Af'r' fK- ""-I I--'- 

Coll«c« rr**MMrt Dr. araudMilaft), and Board 
Chaifiaan Rictiard Kolza(ri(ht) accapt a chacfc for U. 
MHIloa Dollar* rroai Stat* Rap. Kay «Vo|cMi 

Rich Daswich |tvt> 

^totiti I jm plia'<*>ii ti) !■. 
till' to ili'li\ ft state nxiurti 
' • ' thf ciimmunitio htx i\i b\ 
I l.irptf If It w .isn t for m«'ni 
-I VVht'ii lln U-r mitialtvt' dollars. I Mould 
'Mil -.Ivt- 1 n- not h,ne tHi-»> able to do this 
Harper Collfst- has bofii 
• itnrioiislv o< frKx»kfd (.>i 
nany Vfars wlwn it comes (.■ 
"^lalr fumis arvtf ih.r..i,ir.- I 
im happ\ to tin.ii 
" lomplish this 

Kcpn-sfntativi' Wojcik is 

.liso an Alumnus of HarptT 

'I and was so exiitt-d sbj' » as 

Miuh shaking alti-rwards. Tm 

iHT'hip shaking; How do yiMJ stivp a 

itor Irom shaking'" 

!' tvstatk V\o|tik 

Tuition increase raises cost of education 

Newly added technology, renovation foes hit students in pocketbooks 

Rich Nathan 

III. ot imprinvnitnit ^;. . 
||\ .I'lTH' with jiost VVt«rtf«T w>n> 
out tanattiatly to gi-t m shapiv or si 
inj{ hard to grt s«»>il uradfs [xr- 
ancf tan grt you what \ou want Uui 
V. fM«fi Hif paMvIt comt>s from tfw pain ol 

Adllt'tS .1 

1- suttifil'i 

•nil itvf final roi 
starting just m I i ■ 
iiu-vtt'r of 3Xm Harpi-r will 
1' 'ith«."duk' to io\«'r va^lou^ 
-I vut*. m addition to thow ^ ■ 
'!'<■ ■•-.TuUir tuitKm ral*' Bti.i 
.-.r cU.«s, tw change^ 
. ■nsumablfs and iKkk-d i."i>»ts t. r 
' I , . and mali'n<il!k. 
I hf in»-ivA«> m tuitKm." sav* Tr,i. v 

I ishCT th«- irKimiinK "studpnt Trusttt- .1; 

II .... 1^ mvcssarv l«i kirtT^ ^iirpiT 
■ . .. !i iimj; at the top Itnef." 

Ih«- physical plant tops !h«' list ot 
nwrds on campus. Partly btvause tht 

.It th«' n~ 

to 11 1;,, 

hvt t 

was bi'iii(4 ihaim-vl v~- i>M .1 «-< iiiu.i>'^\ 
tve and $21 ZS tor a n-no\atiun ivt;" 
Rannek said m a letter to Thf f farfiinyv 
i wtHjld like to know where my money 

I hf ansnt-r i,> that lui iTutmn w ill tx- 

coing towards stiKing the iwvii for 

■•>■< iimK and renovating outdated tacil- 

I he Bnard of Trustees appnived at 

.- it-tiruary meetin);, altmi; with other 

hv changes an addition to all courses ot 

.1 i>vhm>lo)5\ t»v of S4 per cr«>dit hour 

an»l a renovation infrastructun' fiv ot 

si 25 per credit hour 

But. with many nntipl.iml.- tioiii 
•.»lh faculty and students, about 
ll,>qHT» curnTit state, these irHTeas.-. 
- ir\ 

i; li. N; paving lo us»' 
•ifse tomputer*. it would b«» nice if I 
.'uld actually work on them when I 
u-eded to." said R(i/vnek, "I cannot 
. Ken count tfu- number of times I have (41 vcait outside a lab bevause all ot 
f h. . ..nputers were being used." 

vnek IS not alone in her feeling!., 
iiu- fact that man\ of ttie laN>rdto- 
ries, cUssnHims, Icvture halls, discussion 
nxims. and natural areas have serxed 
Harper smcn- the early l'»70s sfniws ttiat 



The Harbinger I 

Harper teacher center ef ccntroversy over complaint 



So euctiy how (k)«» an electronics 
iMcher from fbrper becutne the cnv 
Wt al » swirling controveriv'* The 
ccntroveny stems tnmi acttotei tdken 
lo dtsnuas Sala FjIou|i which ■•> 
reportedly based on 3 ctHnplaint Kled 
by a student 

The rraMifi ti>r the ci>ntTiivcr%v t» 
that Fakm|i i> a tt-nured teat htT and i« 
therp<t»re protected under the tenun- 
laws These an- laws de<iif(ned to pnv 
tect teachers fn«m imtatr labiw prac- 
tices that can be taken against teach- 

F^oyfi started at Harper CaUeiee 
inAi^Surtaf IW) At the tmu- he hiKl 
been leaching for abuul ti\e veitn 
Faloup originatly began his te.i< hin>; 
career at IV Tith in Fvjn^Mlif 

He says he decided to go into 
tMchifig because " I like to ht-lp ptt>- 
pte and I took a lim- tri>m m\ nii>th«T. 
who wa>i a teacht-r s.iv>> laUmgi 
laUnili say* he dtVhled to ci»mi' to 
HaqxT because It was a big niimt- It 
was krwwn as the Harvard ot 
Cciminunitv Collegi'S, " savs Falou)i 

Falou|i tells us that he incrvased 
tf»e Fnrollmfnl ot th«' fk'ctnioic<i priv 
gram in the time that ht> wan th*>re b> 
alnuMl 100 pervenl l*rofesiior Rjch 
Bemstien was on the screening com- 
"^iHee aiwl has remaint^ m complete 
inmunicalion with l.ilouii tU- 
-~iys, "He (Said FjlouiU imn-ased lh«' 

«>nnillment a trrm«ndou.s amount 
when he was ,1 rooniinator." m the 
Divmon of 1<H hnoii "^x MathemaiK- 
layi Physical S lencfN 

Faiouii says that he i> l<Hikmg tor- 
ward to coming hack to Harper 
Ci»llege and he thanks all the stu- 
dents and staff members who have 
ctwne iMjt m support i>t him and his 
case and belwved in him T>m' rase 
agairxsl Falougi as prf\ iou->lv >tati\l 
reportediv stt-ms from a (.omplaint 
tiled against him bv a student Hir- 
Harbmger was un<^>le to get a copy ot 
the complaint 

FjIouii stated that his program 
was awarded tor the curriculum 
However, he abo staled that m-ithti 
he nor any other »laff or famltv in th.- 
l«>olog\ M.ilhi-ni.ith -. .ind 
l'h\-.k,il S*uTiii"v I Vpjrtmint has 
r\>T Msn thf .iMjni whuh is inord- 
111^ ti' tiini no» sitting in the 
l'r>-sid<nt s I Htn' 

I In • than meets the eve 

in lhi~ >>rding to a source 

■»peaking >»n nHidition ot jni>nvmit\, 
th«'tv IS a ci-rtam privedurt" that .1 stu- 
di-nt mast go lhn>u>;h w hen tiling a 
«i>mplamt That pnxislur." states that 
wfien a cimiplainl is tiUnJ, th.' student 
IS then rpfemxi to the >iHirdiiutoi ot 

the illV IsHHl 

However, appatvntlv in this case 
the coo^ilainl went straight to the 
(Van of TMPS. Pat Trainer This was 
what Mwne corHuderrd a breach ot 

When askol about Ihe cue, Vke 
Pr*^ident of I lunian n-sources Btmnie 
HiTirs said H«saus«- there IS a pend- 
ing dismissal pnveeding against Mr 
lalou|i It would be inappmpnate lor 
me to comment at this tinw " 

Henrv was quH'k to p«jinl out that 
for any other queslMNVt we would 
have to speak lo the IJean of the 
Division of T«-hn.>logv .Mathematics 
and Physical, Pal TrairK-r 

Upcm being contacted bv 7';. 
Harhntifr. IX-an Trauver stated slu- telt 
that If vNould tv in ttn- best inti-rests of 
all involved, to n-member that there 
ai¥ any number o( complamN hk-d 
f(»r many different reasons "TfHTi' ar>' 
diftt-n'nf tvpes o( complaints that are 
bn-ughf intti th«' IX-ans olfue Smie 
are strmus s<inu- have v er\ liltle 
merit, said IVan Irainer Ihi'v im 
be aimplaints abiiut a bad >; 
IviM. th<-v are treated in class, how 
tliiA an treated bv others in class 
Ih<i»«' are lust j lev% evamples 

Trairu-r furttier sial«-d that sfv- t.s-ls 
that It IS h»»r |ob to investigate the 
complaints and listen to the first, s«v- 
ond antl in some cases, third p«rtiei 


V«methinj{ like this do«"s not hap- 
pen atttr (U-sl one citmplaint. or at 
least iHit suppoaedly. An anonymous 
student said the incident in question 
was " l>k»wn tHJt of pn)portion 

Some h.i ■ . lar as to ask 

whether ot ■ irj-s-r Colk^e 

Reierenduinnasii'i;i. intoplav in the 

complaint against Falouji. Now fori 
those who do not remember, the I 
Refererulum was offeivd last Spring, I 
and the staff and faculty were asked 
to support it. Some ctiose rnit lo and I 
tfiey wen- n-portedlv pnessured into I 
supporting It However, Fal»u|i did 
support the Refenmdum. so it is | 
unlikely that his position on it affect- 
ed the complaint. 

Many legal issues and some ques- 
ii. 'liable activities have caused a swirl I 
ot controversy, which is sure to be 
continued diroughimt the summer as 
there are several meetmgs and legal 
pnKi«edmgs scheduled to take place. 


All Prospective 
Reporters and 

Are you in search of a 

great portrolis 


Last year, nearly 2.000 siudcnis transferred from 
community cullcgcs to Dct^iil I'mvcrsity. Tliey found 
DcPaui a friendly, inviting university that offers a world- 
dass curriculum in over 100 program.s of suidy DePaul 
welcomes >tMJ to do the same (.t>me visic our dynamic 
Lincoln Park and loop campuses and experience all that 
DcPaul has to offer. 


To icheviiilc d c-ampus visit or 
to rcijuest iiuK-r information, 

chII 312-362-8122. 


I The H.irbinger 
May S. 2000 

Harper News 

Public Safety pickets April Board of Trustees meeting for new contract 

. **•"* '" hi^ •-h(<rt I'll- ,l.iv~ i^t v^,v^ r..utit!v th. i. 

m ainu-i «nm ,p«Hh Ru h sh,.«.-.) h. , , ,. „., , ,,. ,1^., ,h.. ,,,„,,„, ,. ,„,| 

\merK-....h..ui..,,K,„L,u .,nj or.t.T ,,n>l t,.r (h. J,.,M„„„.nt - ..,rk m pn.v uim,: i ..troll.,) ,u..ntv-f,.ur hourv ., d.n s,-, on 

ilu- prl•M■r^atln^ ,.i .,M,ii , r,!. . ,,, ., ni. .isutv ,.| ,w- i ■■ ..... 

imfH>rUnt n.w.m)- He .iIm- , ,.nt. mpLil.d t( ■ 

[ cmmtiunitii-s .mJ .■.tatos h.; -• •' ■• ■■ ...mni; i r; 

MT\e Ihf p«Mpli- ami uphi<1il , vmrn- • -n. -, ,v, 

VV'\ H.irpir i. |,,r thi> p.i^i vt 

■'.;lit J.u- .1 (vo k 

I his s\x(,.m u.i., sUrtiil tw.'lv 

rutMH 7MH*t\ rru'ir vJ!;t\ ih (.. uiSu-lJ St.. 

1 law and pnHtvt th.- -.(iKlmt- ..( HjtjH t 

tti April 2T at the H.«rc.r <. titfegF 

^V«nd ot Tmsigvh nwrtrnft^ rt-pn-icnta- 

vn (rf Pubik Sifet\ and lh« llUnmi 

.'unal o» PiitKe and ShenH» (Kt>PS) 

Aiff pmeni lt> viHce ttvftf ctmcmm hi 

I Ow Btvird and Ihf fniWic in attoidann- 

Speaking i>n kvhal* jrf ihr dtpartment 

was foiu^h l.><n>5me>vr, an R'( '^^i re|m>- 

M!Tifaitivr. Dr. |uIm- FUvmw abi> tpoke on 

hehaU of tiir Faculty Simate K> show 

rig in *»ipfoH 

UUhIi-III. Ti I'ut.i,, S.,|,-|s .„„! 

CollcKi' ari' still stt .ifsirt i>ii s. 

Ckw ot «» irnrnt. » Mlary. PuMic 
S^rty » asking for a 1<» pi.>n.-ifni p.n 
innva<w i>ver ttw n«r« thiw 


ArtKihiT issuf hd» hmn ihe empi4>v 

(V* h<>ur>. in ihf sutt"^ ' - !hi 
I ndfr th«- vurrrnt s\si. |,j 

Sifi'U i-mpioy««- will work in . wr . 
nunuli-s per day chinn^ thi' tall "u 

i.iM- K-i-ii ■ 
PUMic Ntlety h.«s Ns 
p»»* v*ar miK....i . . 
th*' MhtHi! ' 

It th.- 

.• .ifiJ 
. iii-ii, -.itiu -If noi rfa..n an ,i)|;rvrmml 
V. ithm th. ita\t i.HipIr of wcvk*. (hr o(fi- 

>.>TH i> ■ ■ ■■ It Ihlv h.i;, ■• »Mth.>ut i: 

rtl'UI p.jln- 

•^^*"CQ«y you're gonna be a great newscaster, copywriter, 

reporter, online editor, or advertising or public relations exec 
i Start with Harper's Jouniaiism Program's Summer (kumcK 

I JNM 130 Fundamental of Journaiism ScrMW 6:30-9.10 rm. 
JNM 137 Media Writing scr tvl 6:3o-9:io p.m. 

I JNM 284 Mass Communications sct mw6:9o.9:1opm 

tcr more wtamnioa. aJ the Jounwlim Coarfiniiar m SSMSeS or e<Mi butt J uti ani B^x ..Iti* 

Page 3 

Tuition: $5.25 
increase liits 
with summer 

.^ ■ -v.^o troTipagft 1 
l^lull thuig>< ar»' di'iu- right. 

•hiA l.i^l 

\in> ttvHirth tlv ili-p.irt- 

mi-nt l.i.i-s the .halliii. 

. fl:r ,• ll.mji;^ up Ivil !Ju 

:. lui mi in- addi- 
I'liwi.i l.ibs availablf 

>" .i.i.iili.mal sludt-nls 

I i\tur» li.i!!-. .If,, lull and the 
'«' tull Ihis spnnit 
.1 si\tiiin o( students 
in till' physHilMKy Ub evcr\ 
da\ erf the week, nutmini;^. 
a(iiTn.Hm», evcntnfi» and 

Thew IS limiird nviin tor 
■■tud«>nts to Hiirk in the iab». 
-tud«>nts newi to sitoie per- 
•lul lH*U>n({tnKs im or near 
.ilrt-ad\ inmiiisi lab bi-mh- 
> ■■ \ surt.i, <• .ir. .1 i.| .iKuil 

<'■■■■ '• V li;'.-. l,.,-! IS ;|s,.J (,, 

:■ ii.r .(un 
. Iv iimitnt 

$15 an Hour 


hl*fiM lAv IfiiMliii 

$«Mm S/*fUtl 

11 111>- 
. nth pub- 
U Ht-ratd 
.:h Nn,s.| 

Ills hv :■ - 
, . ." b-^i I. ,...-„ ..: 

1**^ th, liu.l.v^y 

Ik.,,,,.,,.. ,,. i,,,^( ., UMVper'. 

r> tinduplKdled 

..i, II, n,.ivK(<unt 



« ONUNi. IC> I in Al Kl^ 

w y /r ti p 


Pag* 4 


The HarbingtT 
May 5^2000 

Shepard play seduces audience at Harper 


For H«irv Haikmurt', fain»' rKh»~. 
ctoul and tho like muldn t huv him 
back his sanihi I'laved by Fred 
Calyean, |r, Hjckmor*- n»i*mbk"* a 
lltivvard Muf;ht>s-like fijtiire 

Hackm<>re'> mind has mpped i>viT the 
lines o( sanitv, as the audieiKe wil- 
iwned m the opfiunis stviw nf Hjrp«<r 
Ctrftagf'sprodii.tii.n i.i "^an! "^hi-fMi.) s 

C*s»>»8«J bv a palm plant sitting on 
the perimeter i»t a darktin-v) nearly 
hare room, Hackamorv h^vkl>n^ tor hit 
servant, Raul, pla>»s1 b\ Tim riT>;uM)n 
Boltin(( into the suite wearing a 
Hawaiian »hirt and vvhitf lri>uwrs 
with suspend«r», Raul attempts lu 
pacify Hackamopp by FidftetinK with 
the plant unhl its position looks per 
tect, or precisely lu Hackamorv s taKte 
All the while, Hackamore bark-s out his 
laual commands and insults. All too 
•coMtomed to Hackamorv's behavior, 
Raul simply goes about hjs business 

"The worst is the invisibk'. ' says 

Hackamorv, relemng tn >;erms lh«' 
"foreign invader' m the air 
CiMtipulsion dnves llj^kainon' lim^ 
into the n'mainins iljss ot his evis 
lerKe "No sun, that s ihe law the 
absolute law. llaik.imnre 

This understatement inuKin t 
descnK' any better the multiple Ki:i> 
s*-ncra»ies that demnni/e Haikamnn' 
As he n"sts upon a hljtk svs i\ el rts lin 
er, clad in ,i iif;ht hlue patama short s»'t 
he sh.ikex in^onM^l.iblv Me tisMv 
riMvhes tof s»tni(,' tissut-s .inj<»n<-t hot 
ties ot rubbin); akohiil and disint- 
lani» let on a cart beside him to 
aipiinsf his hniis<s! ■'•"■ "■ ■. 
graved hair, s^ra^;. 
body nuke him iis'>i n^e iiu- > .nm 
Reaper himsell Suddenly, Hackamore 
Huestii>ns Raul aNnit the sirts 

Kaul explains that thev will soon be 
amvin>; Haikamore appi-ars cucited 
as he av\,iit-. their arrival In saunters 
luna, plaved b\ juana WiKtldndge 
U»king as tedurtive as ever in her 
*ull-len);tb purple s.itin gown with 
mink stole sfu- playfully teases jmd 
anniMn Hackamore cunous if he 

remembers tier tnwn |s years earlier 

following tfn'ir exchange Miami 
played b\ (i-ssica Manning, shows up 
Hn-ssed in a nsi dn-ss and itHwing 
sum she mimics a typical sirivtwalk 
er Impatient and unenthused he k.inu're ^ rctiovvne^i reput.ltion. 
she >\ ,inls to >;et the show ori tln' nud 
I>n>u>;h Hackamorv hasn t Kvn on 
the outside tor ages, he has com inc»-d 
hinis«lt that he wants to tK to Ve^as 
tor it- the hoh f^nmn.l tie hf\- 
^our,ii;fon-< ei'oii^^h to ti\ in .,l.t\ 

ofH'ns in a craative, but 
.^i.iu, ijpri>.uh Dn-ssed m blaik 
;n>;ene tishnet »t«n Kings and spiki-d 
heels th. e tanlah/ing 

Hackarnor. mce with their 

high-backed > fi.iirs Not with tht* pn>- 
gram enough tii even he slightly titil- 
lated, Hackamorv merely wants them 
t«) tell him "what lite is like, wfvat it 
tastes lik«' what it sounds like " 

Before an V one can proceed. 
Hackamon' annouiKes that a contract 
be drawn up so that 'everyone is m 
agnmnent." The consentmg pottiet 

draft tfie agreement in the air, per 
Hackamore's demand Luna robs 
Miami of her rendition, since 
Hackamorv pivlers Luna's storytelling 
as It IS moTv alive and dramatic 

Steadily declining and prvcK^i 
pied, Hackamore envisions himself 
flying over Nevada from his black 
nxliner In walks Raul. "It all stc>ps 
«ith me " he says "Nobody takes you 
at cour won; He fortes Hackamorv 
to sipi ott on a mil leaving everything 
to Kaul and it must be sigTK-d m 
1 lackamori' s own plasma, v la tfie very 
1 V s tfial sustain him 

Luna, Miami and a dcKtor called in 
by Raul to witness, watch as Raul aims 
his gun at Hackamore. He fires 
Hackamore remains standing as he 
iru-essantly ivpeaN, "I'm dead to the 
world, but I've never been bom." 

ScdiiffJ. directed by Todd 
Ballantyne, showcased on April 2ft-29 
at 8 p m and April TO at 2 p.m. at the 
Black Hoi Theatre, Liberal Arts Cenln, 
LIIN I riiiav s performance left no 
open scats 

CS2K: Performances show all that 
Harper College has to offer 

conlniM from pag* 1 

aiKl sfarpping Thev even came out auto the audteitce and 
interacted with tht>m a little It was k»ud, fun and di-fimteU 
enioyed by alt The nurmbers at the BSL ar«- Pamela Sims 
Shakala Bush, VWIody M Hummer, Arctina Smith, lanisha 
Brewer, Shannon Porter, M«inique Smith. Mary t^Hiattmne 
Joijnne Willis and VVykia Wilkinsm 

l..ast but not least, thv Harfser Dance tompanv anoth. t ,ill 
girl group bnnight the evening to a clost" pi-rlonriTn,' .ir>e 
number that was both elegant and graceful The danier- .tn- 
Vicki Summers. Ruin l.-iilkn \f>ole llongiorn.' Vluhi'lle 
Archer. Sam C.allito Sirah lolhi kcm Made Mlison Harju. 
Karen Biarwho Mandv \m,.|.! \Jrieiuk' C.oltH^k Mary 
QuattTone. Sara shaw. iU-ath^'T Stashura, .\ruu Stachura and 
I .ma Venticirujiie 

Nick Hull and Ahw Soto from the ProRram Board and 
Mike Caaaccio fn>m Harper s WHCM helped to emtoe CS2K, 
and the Pnif^am Board pnewnled it. Michael Netman, the 
Student Activities C oordinMor, Mud he hopes to have a CS2K 
event nrxt yvar. Oiai|Mr Ihe foul weather, the show was a 

William Rainc)' Harper G>11^ Department of Music 


9tj Randaff Tfiompson 

and Works 9y 
Faurc, Haijdn, 
Hoqan and Pinkdam 


Concert Choir 
A Festivaf of Madrigafs 

Camerata Singers 

Tfwmas ]. Stauch, Director 

Friday, May 12, 2000, 7:30 p.m. 

ForKkMcalf«tHirp«Ccii0»BoROlMal(»47)a2$4lOO m,,,.—^, 

The Harbinger 



Don't just transier - transform! 




Chicago's Jesuit University 

• Rankcil .imong the top national uni\crsitics by i ..S \i7;.i 
C H'l) ltd Report 

•97% (if taculty hold the highest acadcinic liegree m their fields 

• ""^ ut students receue Lovoja scholarships or financial aid 

Summer sessions start May 22. 
Fall classes be^gin August 28. 






I m Socmjuiigi 
rSanst IBS a&/MS| 

mot (BS. Baitsj 

BOTMtary (BStt) 

SKonlarv CaMokip 


FraMi (B*. 


mmMini Skmin i8Aj 
Mm (BA) 
(BS) Uta (BA) 







aMk(MeM) (AA) 
HMiry (BA) 





MwillllHUB I 


m/na (BS) 
l'Hl«B rt' ll>— iig Dirt Dtgrw 

SouHMM (BS) 



» (BSj 




Pit- wmiM i n 

Ann ml Aaai Anwcjn SUlK 


^MMIB« g) CMM aw JMM 

l«Ml(MaM)p Ohuti a w a^iil ilpMiat, (iacat* M < 

Uimi HnwwM Pta^ 



The Harbinger 
Mays, 2000 

Up 10 $23,000* in Coltft UuCMioii AsfMMW? 


^__ «O0f*^ /-Alfl frc-i lOkMn ^rn ^ 




tlM^ P<«t n<n» MM • t* >»t« IfrllMr 


ftiidtt *^-- -- ^ tM^ *- — "- -- 

fiK^'irv r* '.fw j»*r 

r tjmMir so 


I Mi I 



urn m>*> uH» W »>«»M»« 


student or Grad 
* * * * 




CALL FOR INFO 847/259-4493 


Travel Agent/Reservationist 

Certificate Program 

fm OrientaUon Snsion 

Northeast Center 

1375 S. Wolf Road 

Prospect Heiglits. ILI 

To make a reservation, call 

Collette McOonougti, C J.C. 



rhe Harinnger 
May 5, 2000 


Page 7 




about transferring to 
a 4-year college? 

We'll show you how 
the route from Harper to Barat College can be! 

Need directiont 

A Barat College Admissions Representative will be happy 
to answer any questions you may have. Let us help you 
get started on the most direct path to your future. 

Want to visit our campus! 

We have Adult and Transfer Student Open Houses 
scheduled on the following dates: 

May 16, 2000 — 5:30 to 6:30 p.m. 
June 5, 2000 — 5:30 to 6:30 p.m. 



Barat <$) College 

700 E. Westleigh Road 
Lake Forest, IL 60045 



Thf I l.>rt'>tnniT 
May 5, 2000 

A little recognition 
goes a long way 

Taking thv opportunity ol this 
space to pal (lur^ehf*. on the tol 
lectuf back here 

makf rrn'ntiun ot .^ 

rt'cont perfv^rmance at fhf lllmoi- 
Community C oIlvRe (ouinalism 
Association <!C C |A) competition 

ThiN v\ .is ,1 i;i>inl \f,ir lor the 
newspaptr, with ihiti' nrst pl.ui-. 
one second anJ three thirJ pl.uc 
.UN ,irds 

\o»'l Bd>;o. showing \w~ K^ese 
ill the\ ri- vlUuU keJ up to 
Oe u'kav, sorrv, bad pun>. took 
first place tor his Earth Quak 
comic from the Sept 27 issue, 
"The Blair (ieese Project " He 
.ilso put his vviirds vshcrc bi> .i 1 1 
IS, taking third in tealures stoin^ 
with his tribute to Charles 
s hut/s retirement 

1 ormer sports editor ke^ in 
Shepke took si-cond in sports 
news for a stor\ which cm m the 
April 12 issue of last vear 
Softball looks to improve 
1 ast year's photographer itor 
.ill ot tl\e miniitesi |,is,.n lie.i\ei 
has to have set .i record tor 
Hiirhi>i)ier employees whi> didn i 
last more than i>ne issue bv tak 
iiii; third place for his photi> 

,Md >'t ! '"''' - l.iv .1 l.i!' 
L iKiimmon c. round slu»v»vj^e 
I ditor in chief ,\lan E Minarik 
k first place in features sto 
, wiih his storv on the art 

! Patterns, uhuh r.iii 
in the >epf I 3 issue 

The ICC) A also av\.H t 

pi.ue in news stories (o Minarik 
Anv\ news t'ditor Rich |)asw ick 
tor thi'ir menuuMJ to .uiident 
victims )ohn Hampton, Sung )un 
kwon and William Mel enahan 

•Ml this, a-~ vsell a- a third merit .iv\.iid tor the p.ipet 
,i~ .1 w li,'!. Ii.i- ni.ide toi one 
\er\ proud i/.if/'oiycr statt. VVe 
thank vou .ill for vour supp»»rt. 

Itfltorial Board 

1 i\v I larbini:' r 

Thoughts and Ideas on the way out the door 


I'n'«t> nuKh tTf 

Editor in Onef .. 

News Edit Of 

A&E EOito' 

.J^lan E. Minank 
._Rich Daswick 

Sports Editor.- 
Copy Editor 

Business Managiet. 

tiliir, IS mining 
..i~ I nnvrwt^ 


■ !.■ 

::i-.i.h lliil ; 

Biittx-re .11 1 1.1'. 
lie nion* than ttiai 

^'nt- );eli« I.lIK i.i 
th.m ei>i ■" 'W.I HMr% 
tion \'< 
tinu' w- 

lliWld to IH'Wfl, (ill 

nu>n- than in S' 
(. Iut>- intt cryvii' 


tf»ini the vhjnjtitijs ei 
.•ittwf Witti the prill 

Ot .iiir -t.iH 

VVnter Kith \ 
Kit to pursue i lai. • 

„>leathef MuKifota 
™_,_Jose LacOan 

t. ■ i 'r.t[. >i lU 

to sivk ntvenCT 

x ith 

Mill til .itlH'r 

•linn iJrtooninR 

•,, N.«l IMj;.! riff with <>pen- 

> to Ijce thr new sihiwl year I m 

ihjt this papiT 

■ iJiTi! Acli* itn- 

■. thjt tlii.-sp.ue won t 
ileJ with last issue 
liki- to tAk<: J U«'k jt 
it » hrtppenins ri);ht 

I inn Rd ~ 

.■r(> <i|ltsl(J4> 

Itic studml .ind \ilmini~ii.iti. 
t t-ntcr It s one ot tbitsi' thini;' -'i. -t 
plxyU- dlWi t i;u .111.111111.11 (t- ..i!il 

it'v all to ■■ 
plif*-, n);ti' 

VNi'll Ivlter i> j state ol miii. 
.ind there !■- .1 priiv to be p.ii 
Oiini tiws 

In .1 risent nitvting, iht^ stait 

Lull made it ttwit jnib 
.. :. ^..t mon- Invs im campus 
This is all well and fiood. and sutvl\ 
vou wimder what ttw h.irni muld 
piKiMblv be in that. 

I ii.' h.irni comes w hen vou 
. I instruction workers, in 
ii.. ,, . .^ vellow Caterpillar earth 
movers and bull do/ers, rip down 
trees that have txxti prowing here 
lor veare, while the school makes 
plans to go out and puahase tresh 
rH'W toliagc - at n«i small cost to the 
^h.Hii, I imagine. 

Itiil tixis. are trees, nght? Well, 
litfwrjilv sp»>alang, imported, 
.;rown trees, which don t show 
tne vanetv ot their naturally- found 
btethivn. don't grow as well and 
don t contribute to tJw strength ot 
thi- ivi»svstem into which ttiev are 

And whs IS It that this ^it. .Line 

All in the name t<f prof^rew. 

>ar At^rfMA 

Jilt. iMiw««ri «•* I » ^ , 


TMIMK -Mt) f H (HMl 

vtS T«it %ttttmt tor 


'it4 cttmm M erti5BSr~r 

«» ««M ••« Utf fit* 

Mftn . 


staff WIfltws 

Noel Bago, But CnttetWen. Andy Fadben 
Dawn Marcus, Rich Nathaa Porter Noble 

On* copy o( lh« HaiWngar 

Oanaral Pollclas 

I* fTM 10 anyoiM In »!• ttarpar ComnHMiHy-Eadi 

•ddMemrt eoM l« $Ji 

Faculty Advisor,- 

.Jenntfer Moses 

Ricti Oaswick 



*>w>Mi«it»'^^.s"«- •.•,>!«-'ii ,.,c.'. ..• .'.Ml ■'.-H,4'i»'i t .-.i»-i!ec.«'iiusii«T»iii^.,t» 
niBiistiedliiwiwn, ■•, ,• -iH , 1-,. ,i--i' .•..vWJ..r--.gri<,i.nys an,} til,* 
enatn. TtMiMpm la **!«tiirie>J n«* !u «< aujeutk tacuity ana aammitiaiiO". 
m» Mwt»^»'» M* |ii*pc»e » to p™"wa» 0» Hwpw conit«inrt» iiinn mtormWKw 

mrtwiV to the camuu* mi a» «uiTOun*ii» camnti. 

LcttSfiiftnM , ., 

rn« MarfivMr ««teon*§ l«tt«r» to H» ednof and i»(«Me« to our e<Mor«i». Leifn 
rrml t»e siffiw «1 ine*«lt » pt«)tw nsriijw to iwrify autiw*l|). SitraKwes wilt b»«iMl uoon nK|ue»i . M Mian and cantcnt are sUqcct to •dttme. 

ftoaucts and s«nite«« aatwlltso in Tfte H»rt>iniw »« not n«»«Mnly aniteMd l» 
the aoitof » of l»«» Mpar. nor b» a» co»B(t adminffltfalion m Board o* Owictofs 

lix»*>»t «»u« t» to«w»d«l <*™ctl» to tt» aiJ^rliswr. ana a» piKftaaw ai» at 

iiw dnciation ol tt» corwinar. 

Matting MdresK 

Ttie HartHnger 

William Rainey Harper College 

1200 West Algonquin Road 

Palatine.! 600677098 

Phone NurrteTK 

business otfice. 847.925.6460 

news office: 847.925.6000 xt. 2461 

fax: 847.925.6033 

copyright 2000. The Harbinger. 
All ri^s rmarvad 

The fUrbtngjtpr 


Page 9 

Kl Al (inwr KMiMun^nii crap) m this *iiHii>| M> 

',irpfi'»* 1N\ - Jri ftx'l imp*irtanf* t- ' ^*wt' villi 



mam St/-- ■ 

IfTftHSTO ■ 


me *rvl 

• rh. 

'lit-, ttuit Vi»u 
.■ftr mom ,1^ 

! \ tiont thf ^At tn f<»r « 

ilip lip* tm tww to b p f um r 

rn Clurlraihwi 


n Wfdlltl ih«- 

V • ■ H.I IcNMlY 

^ sUnvK 

i -1^ Hum And 

!»n«r« win »•('•>' I enlrf t» 

.>ith » "C-Mtrn I Harper mutil 

f ('••rporati' imA>;< N-tv th*t i* 

k a>untn S> .im w .u i. . nuki- 


uitm ntuil lh»"i 

• VNdl 

■ ^"ntHW, 

IvU Tli.tnlcV. 


n<>! ..( h.i 
if ^immii-j 

'M r>k V\>,1 I. 

The Hotblm^ee \t 
AOiM oee*pliA9 
opplicolion/ f«f 

the tall 9000 

/•me/ler e^iler in 

ekief. iii<er#/t*4 

poftie/ eoAloel 

Do«A Oir« ol 

Ask Uncle Bill 

C«t ■ ^mMsmF Aak Uaeic Bill. He mut) Mt be ri^t, bat tt'i Mill goa4 •Met. 

Dear t'nclr Bill, 

l» il trur tk«i you will not he 
returning to Tkt Harbtngrr nett 
»«m<slcr7 Ple<»e say il cin't to! 1 
dont Iqiow kow I («n go on with- 
out your »<gc advice. 


Lo»t without you 

Dear Lo«t, 

Ye* il ii true. Due to lack of 
reader re»pon«c, Unrle Bill will 
cca«* to etiKi m anv further i*»ite* 
of Thr HarbiHgrr. 

However, if you really feel lost 
without me, I «ugge<il you try talk- 
ing with lomeone in the counsel- 
ing center, a trusted teacher, 
health and psychological services 
or eveM • alnaKcr with a 

pletely unbiased opinion in the 
matter can 'Vometin1e^ do the trick. 
But thank* for \ ern. II 

has been great wo th Ihe 

Harbinger staff and 1 will miss 
them all. 

Uncle Bill 

. „% ' 

Page 10 

ArtsAf Entertainment 

The Harbinger 
May 5, 2000 

Program Board presents American Beauty 



AmtTKgH Bnntv lit Ihr vt<<rv o- 1 i-^IM 
(Kmtn Sf>*.w), ii hufin-d nut m.m ■»> > '• 
by h» hypiratti^*-, dmbithutH n'j»u*r vv f.- 
CaiBtyB (Anncttr Bmningl jnJ hi> --u"' 
d urit it nTO t t 'd dMi«^)>-' Urue t T>w«r« Hir. 

l«"il«Tba-i' ■ IK 

until h«'({rt«; lil 

limr '«h<i» .<! .1 f . i»i,.rh.ill 

ftanu- v>ui thtTvi" i;n..|i«-^t 

Anfcb ImncduMir tqw into tht- 
libkltn(-<it« -^ •-' ' e^iw'i pinii^niiis H. - 
npe, V' H!* rvolu!* visiun" 

row pi'!' ' I '•••xlrr Jiod tr»~! 

herfim 'urw ihjt - 

r\4(tl> >>' . rv-i! --ii,:,, 

MiMird with hri ; ' 
nvraphrttf . '>lir (■ikt'- 
K \ 'yew. Mling Une th^it il (^t^^-W 
who dtm't F^tt* kntiH h«^ w .int tf» 
fhcp with hCT, "il nHMD'- 
luvr « «hnt >it hnn^i 4 miKli 

Wlut h<if«pnv> Ii. itwse tiuidi. 
I»r» a w.)mfhii» 'Urlling «i^ 
. ilh tot Um»it. 
inf( tab. Martk 
!iaiu«uii|^ P't M itii ttw kuj iw%t dkikir 
(Ww Bo^vy). bm» thf mu.<Kh- 1 jr 
ht ahway* w«ntni «nd tMppiiv 
«ipw Hf Id l%> hMHbwpm at < 
JAi^-tiiKLl pLi4.r A iii4'tfvk-4kiianl 

> '■ . . i h»»»uit- 

<hn iia» ot cimiiol av« tirr nMl«>, 
ha Ml alfalr wMt * |;n«»v hrlkm 
imlhw Mid crin a kit. 

l««lrr > uwaglMa inlpMa banm( 
lite fanii^ trnm thr cawttK {"Sm ftm 
way Canityn \ pnjotng 
match hCT gaw tBUB g cky? Ttul'* 
not accidaiMn to Mntrwhal totai- 
■IK ("fvir hat HmtdMnf. i'mm* 
Muv what It a, but I don't MlMk 

ihe kir»({ ».mM <»f tni^ mtivir » that it lit 
Iwaoaity a taW ») a «ad huMt of a man wlio 
liiia to Knain ■x-rrw MtnWance ol awrtmt 
.tnd mM-cMrmp 111 hi> ink^iiiti'bv »m.>k 

kn«>w that .1 

ti^lUp'W -iriHlIKl 1 1 

if m>t 

■iir »hr#<nhvMw>il 


Current Positions 
VAiLABLE For Harper 
Students Or Grads 

.tfiH MdV H' M 






••wov.Hni«<iiH> <M I 


-insurance billing specialist 
-Front desk assistant 

Excellent career 
pportunities in our busy 


Looking for quality people 

who want to work in a 

friendly, professional 


Call for info. 847/259-4493 

Karen or Trina Ext. 10 

Metra's $5 Pass 

all weekend lona! 

lot im-o at Mat Top 
two to Blue Mao 

« : jiivat pii/o; lo takc advantage of 

m^mbrnhtp. und a *cl( a<idretied, 

• The used Mftra >X'eek«nd Pai« 

: 11 , Cil^mxv. 11 6CC22 or call 

Mt the weh site at INcardxom. For 

II stA.T^X <itv or 

S£8ir £,^!yiliifi}C»||1 


rht' flarbinger 
May S, 2000 


Movie Rules of Engagement keeps you engaged 



Kiili-- ,'t I ngagemml was a 

mxKi nun 11' thai bnxichrd 

headit-r topus thjn t\ 

.Ktion films, hlvf pri'- 

■<ely conshtuU-. i .mluin 

A hen Ui it okj\ tv -" 

and h«>w to hamli 

the anned civilun- vnu -n. t 

turn up unarmt-d 

n»e sliiry is ix.n n 
compk'x th,in It IV iIh 
»tor\ ol I t.| IiTrv I, liiUivrs. 
(Samik-I |.Kk,s, .(II ,) M-icran i>t 
\ iftn.iin I elMiion, and the 
f'orsian ( .uli wli,. i, ^rit tc 
>fmin til rrlrii-vc thi- AniKissadur frcm 
thi iTiiKiss\ Jiif to vmlcTil 

VNh.Ti t hrlil.-r- mt-- Idf 

.ripwd it IS iTiiifv than Arabs 
sinnin^; fulk s<tnj;s and [■nmi .• 
lulK prulfsliiig Mulotov 
iinklail" smash a^ain-t thi' 
fHiha^sv hi- men arr >;fttinK 
-tmii ' ■' : 


.ill ani;l.-- i >n, c 'hr.\ ..t In- 
incti have Nn'n killrii b\ th. 
arnifd an>;rv .nnwt I hiUi. 
I'rdiTs his im-ii to ii[H-n 1^ ■ 

\t Ih. 


ari- di-jil 

•niiiiand, Ni 
uMarilii-d il\Uian.s 

Ut av. 

immediate OpportunftieS 

for Qualified StudeiltS 

.id an mil r 

! isiN Ihi- \s \ 

• i'l Unuc I .rifiiw iHnl 

..I I.' ('ill.>r\ (. hiLt.-rs in 

.1 iiuKk trial C hildiTs imnii'- 

■ iiitrK >;iH-. to hi- old tru-nd 

Nam lurni'd lawMT 

iw> H.,h.t>;i-. plasrtt In 

loninn I iv Ikivs 

loT thi- rest ,.t thi -.h..v\ 
li'tH-s and lai k-nn lr\ ' 

killiiii; li„iii 
L ntivrtunatiK 

had -. 
- in It 


■\ cral 

l.T starliTs proiin^; that 
ihi' I rowd was arm»-d is easy 
All that would K- ntvcssary 
to proM- that they had 
iM'apons would K- to msfrt 
d<n\fl rods into the bullet 
boll's in the building 
LndiiubtedU with thf 
amount n( tire Kin>; spravi-d 
proMn>; hallistiis would K' a 
sinipli- ton-nsii task 

S\.iiularil\, thrin\n 

\!.i|oto\ iivkljils and stones 

lid In most reaM:mabie 
Hidards. Iv cijn.Mden?cl an 

.uilt Fven from that stand- 
I'.mt ( hildors was fustified 
bisaiiM' his men wen' at risk 
'"in the assault 

li;noring thi-se farts, Rutrs 
i^'fmi-nt was, well, 
li It kept me riveted. 


1^ ^w^rvw^ ^^WWiv 

In Vcraoa Hilh 

HIKiN<i Counselor J (3 or 5 days week} 

Pool SufT(WSI/LGli 

♦21 ytat (dd van dnvrm, and SfCciaUsii 

(Sporti. GOLF. Rinrvr,, PCTformmg Am, Fahuig. Boibivi) 

•*M«r CAM*. niOCKAM. CAUUir** 

CALL NOWl (S47) ftS4-f»f» 

Help Wanted C omputer Industry 

Sales Position and Summer Internships Available 

Sales-Entry Lcvd (Pennaeni 

SaleS-Initfms (Summer Onl> i 

AU Prodmct ami Sales Skiils Training is Provided 

TCE Company b ooe of North Anericas 100 largest compter cttnpanies specializing in tlw derign and sopport of the 
Conpnter-Telepbooy inf^tiietnre Mcd by Corporate AnMfka for e-lwsiness and B2B applicatioi» 

I >iir pmdlKtl ncn-ioM 


te ejoMttam ia imAKii aad 

■p to iNi incMint UtiiiHl AirliBai. Nmonia 




>Mr wm Mckiag detennincd wif 

Sttmg <o«iiM»ciit'<m (kills 

Amtymwoik wt* cuMoiocn in a pfotMHOMl onto 

WWi« ID lam Ike pnidiKi aMi liw 

Ml (he PNMkM wd !!ialct SkiHt niaiiw u ptwvided 

-Please call 847-78 l•2200l<^k i..r i j >itvw>t <n mIw mmutim to explore your opportunities 

K I < i> 

Mpaay. lac. 25M W. Hinciat R«Md HoftauMi fMmtn, IL MI9S M7 7KI 22M 


Page 12 


The Harbinger 
May 5, 2000 

Punk band Boris the 
Sprinkler rocks at show 
Ariington Heights 

Cal Hollow play for Harper 


TiM c«v«r to ■eri* Mm %pttiiMmt% 

mmgm ti> -unn\ ^kii-. Jnd 
ti.' r.iir\ on Vpt*! Tf- t al 
Hoilnw pidvixl in fh.- L)u.Ki M 

Ihf b.inJ I- IrjM- I > 

S«»th Bt-rnnKij; "'i' I'li h 
tflMt.<r -in.l \t.irk I iilv ' 


Cal Hollow porforms untfor Mm sklos at HarMr. 


.'I iv;iii ■ 

In tiu- rrn>;tjni ti.'jrj (.i- 
p.irl I't rh«'ir i.«ttii> hiui^i 

MlU. : .111.1 L 1"- 

Hi.- judiiTiK «.!•. ni.imU 
Harptr-.i>;i-vl l>i>t tinri- wen- 
J muplf i>t kiii» .inil Mitni- 

;.ill- .1- Wfll IhiTr 
v\<fi' ^iHnlu-^ tor I'voryont", 
im liiilins tnv pi/./j and d>. 
ti>r ill' S>mf •slarU-d a 
trundlv >;,jmf nl lus-iin); tht> 

rhf band seemw) liki- tun 
i;uv^ ivulfnt in Min^- with 
titU- Ilk.- I Don I Want In 
l,r>>« I p Vhi- Kn- havf 
Kvn plavm^ tni^i-thfr tor 
Ihrw' \ear>. and fhrv mrt' 
Mgm'd i>n with Sin* lor one ot 

those As of iww, the\ 
are unsinnixl '" ' - 

sjid. bfcai 

Mgned ts what il s all about." 
St>me i>f their Ming titks 
were "Chivalry's I5ead," "No 
MoTcv " (their hrst Mngle) and 

Vou can reach Cal Hollow 
at w WW or e- 
mail them at www.hollow- 
mail»Mol com 

*a#y rMWOM 


l>n Saturdav, .April ;" I h.Hl th€> privik-^e t.> >;o tn the 
KniRhts of Columbus m Xrlmnton Heinhts and see s<\en 
bands for fi\e dollars Ih, h.-.Kllinin); Kind was one ol mv 
perxnuil favorites direit Invni V\is<.insin IV ins the Sprinkler 
If y<nj asked, ■•\\'hi> is Boris the Sprinkle'" vou re not 
alorM?. These four chee*- heads are an umlernnnind mad- 
cap stupid punk rock band that r.»k.d s,.h.ird that ev »-n thi- 

utii-s with th.- >;old ' "••" •vlmni r, . okiP); Th.\ 

rivked so hard Ttpp. I'P "n th.- a.m.e Il.s<r shak 

ir\j5 her groove tushw 

The barKl features r.uil * 1 on KUitat, Kic n .>n Imss .uid Paul 
«2 on drums The lead is vmalist K.-k \i'rb who is a 
lormer reporter to the i-mI empire ot punk /mes Waximum 
RtKkSRiTil He desiTibes himseit .is .1 white heten*-, gi?ek 
am American male ' I was lucks enou^;!! to shan' ^erv fev\ 
words with hini while he was working al Ifw menhandis*- 
K»'th (thai IS right, hi- was in the bavk selling tfieir alhum.s 
and t-shirts himselll 

When asked tor a tjuote ftir The H.cfv.iy, ' h. ..iretullv 
deliberated to .ome up with th.- [vrtivl words .-Vfter .i long 
pau-se. he stated 1 am tfw itchiest man in nxk and mil. .invl 
our band shtniUl be treated a» »uch " 

The reason that b»- «■ »s .t, hv was that when fit- performs 
he wears superhero l night he was sp»w^ling .i l.n.-. 

underwear-ktiking '-- . . iman ciotiime H. loKI ..- i.- 

nofe the "absence ol nippU's v\ hu h h. . i msij, 

Thestvond lhe\ hil Ihest.n;. it w,is,.bM.nis i, ,,, ,,.-,. i 
the auilience tht- g.ssl K.-\ .rend torg.x to take his nUlrr 
He was btniming off the wills Itu- tinu \l .>ne pymt 
he ran annintl the audieive to the b.i.k ot th.- r,«.ni %v here he 
started St n-aming tXAV U U slamming .i t.ible 

This kmvl of K'haviot .» . 'e lor the kind ot 

.\ p-rform, suih as Shmiu i> l^-i a 
1,1 VVeinl l4»>km Wowum." 1 was j lit;!.- dis,ip 
p<iint(s1 they did n..t peitform mv taM'titi- -«-nt l.iil 
Umi'I (..> Where tfie I ^irgos les Vre I his is .i ,..nv; iN.ut .i 
v.vung man who has .i ljd\ tn.-nd m the s,-ai ot his 
and tells h.-r th.,t ;! ,1.1 I. !.. - th. targ.nles woul.l gel her 

Thev rn-^ 

m Itu lot lit the [<ts>pl.- lelt n.'t 

knowiOi; .-v.i. tlv 1.- tli ink except the\ ~ii'>- g>'l Ihtir Ine 
dollars w orth I w as .ils,. a \ ei-\ satisfitsi . iisl,.nii r .in.) upiM^i 
leaving st.ihii will, pride that Im int.- h<>ris tin- sprinkler 
and I throw like a tag. whnh is th.- sli.gin on tfn-ir t-sbirt 

ll v.'u jre interested! in findm|t Vlwrv inlormalion on Boris 
the Sprinkler pick up one of their CDs. su. h .is s.«,tr-r i,- 
Situm, or mv [vrsonal tavonle. Mtg» Atul 

*• * 

IV' Harbinger 
May i, 2000 


After aU yov hurd work, jfm cm •fferd tn br A w wy . 

T! . attout tiV' iiiw. and where you wuJt to bt< TlifTi 

you II Ki •• i»Koc)sevt ■ 

It's no MirpnM" inai man) ridrper rallcjii- M:i.].■|M^ if,iii.--!fr ' ffoo^n«lt 
pverv u'lr \m) with food mnofi Our Dual VdHiarioa A|(rFrmpDt ^! :i ;<•» 
yi.t, "isevelt fa<i,. mmiIcs* 

seamless traiiiMtiuii when you truKtf*" 

• : ' inqxiwa ~ Ctucajto and 5< haumburg 

• Thr \.irthwMtsi,' ■ rstty 

• ' Itfieetowluii.^ . 

• Mart- ajji line fliuvst'i li 

• Eveninjl ai(d »eek''rvl i : - 

• Sttntrnl to Kxci'';' ' !'r-.>;r.i: 

• Ili'lKTii'l-. i;iLi:H HI liU ,111'! V |iii:.,I>t!iii> 

• I'Siild I AT,- it t(i.. Si li,i;if'il>!iri' r'.i!n;iuS 

..,,,„..-,.. (Sv47 J 61!>-hfe«« 


U N I V E R S I T 

Page 13 

.Umi.' aut 

A Jul> ■ 



P«ge 14 

1999-2000 Athletes of the Year : the runners-up 

The Harbinger 
May S, 200O 

Icnuile Firel runner up: 
|«s!uca Edward M)Mittb.ill 

Harpers starting ..iithir 
is the ideal MiMb.ill pLi\ri 
The ProsfHtl >;rjdii.ili' nuiUl 
hit, catch and thnnv .iiivl 
rarvked among tht' tup pt.i\ 
iT-. in the confonTki- 

s|w loutd be lb<- K«.t ball 
player tii civmi' throunh 
Harpin m .i"hil<' -ottKill 
coach (im ^,\ui 

Second runner up: 

B,vl>.\ Ford fr bask.-th.ill 

Shf );radual»\1 tnwn vwe ol 
the area* best prograaw at 
ftuHalo i;r«v«' and de*ek>ped 

iiitii om' ot th f l>>p piti hirs ii< 
Itif mnttTrivj' 

Tb«- thin>; 1 live .ibuiil 
hiT IN h>T ^.imi' tan- 
•■Mittball inaih K\an sjv 
Sh*- n-ally buikle-. dow n and 
lixus*"* t<n the |t>b at hand 

( alalaro' has pitih«il her 
wav to a U < riii-rd 

Special Mention: 

Metou Rommel. <*! \o\U\ 

baM, baskitball, M»tthall 

White he was phyMcall\ 
undersized, the >-fiHil 11 
s«iph«>mi>r«' made lh«- most nt 
his abilitii-s. and i-Mfllfd in 
the tH'ld, nn the mat and m 
thf I lassnxvm 

Ho apprn.u hilt •■^p.Ttsi 
Ilk- . . ''aihi-vl fM t\ 

t! ^ ri-sllm*; i.'.uh 

!■ , : _ .-. . >,ikI Mi's ,1 

■ .' tuir. 

and Hampshm- xrad has K' 
lc'r«H< marks and times m 
almosi ail oM-nts 

Ho si-t \tT\ sptvltK 

pials. Irack coach Renee 
A-llnor said and has 

i\>>rkfd arduoush to n-ach 
those- glials ■ 

Third runner up; 

\1iko VVftlcr M' Kiskctball 

I. Olid baskt-tball playi-i- 
loiild play two or eyen thn. 

Mike Witter plaM-d all s 
Hf M-ry versatile 
liaski-tball coach Ki-nt I'ayn. 
said. "Commg into the s*-.: 
son he was able to pnnidi 
.;ixkI leadership in ditferent 
situations " 

The Hoffman Estates high 
sthix)l product averaged 17 
ptwnts a ^me and U-vi the 
Hawks m rebounding 

tmlsfvij w ll: 

-<hf mi);hi !h Iti. i. -^t [(„• ^,rs.«tile Miph 

, iisiye pla\>-i uom- h.ui i,,.,,,,,,,. .,r,i>ni; tbt- r.u. 
siiKt- I've been ' 
ball coach left I. 

|usl has J knack i>l kiu-rtm^, ||„. H." - i"i;ii 

\\ h.'i.' the halt is ^om>4 ' sthisil i;r.i ■ ' 


mIIiiii; Io l.i>.e i%li.iie 


■ stonilu-te.i.i „,,,. ,.p.,.„ ,,. iuT ..n.l aid Settmd runner up: 

and dish.>l ■• issists fvr , • t.s.k to help be. '''" \^"'''- ■"' 'f'"'' 

I liird Rur-<" ^-r^ 


h^o \e,irs .i^o VVolte's 
tr.i. k tuliire " iis in ^loul>t. 
I his -prill): ilie ;.i.ilhU-te 





J dOCJi- Higri i:..,i^ 
> great! jaKX) ,v 

. ,t offer. 847.608 8941 

>H for Noci 

You're half 
way there. 

«i w«< a IMr«w 1 4qMr Hem Oevty 
Ou auAns lAe an ouEKiriang 

nKOK) or mntei mm ttm gaduiosn 

Oii« MMcs a* vmai Ow wa jn- 
otOM ««h «•«»■»" *«J >»« '»"»^ 

/t«j I n*ip yew (■(j»w «■ "c- -r-< 

(ivme fern UetlU't Otsm; ■■ 
* .weu -M'f gsjEu .. DulMMt &r%tm- 



The Harbinger 
May 5, 2000 

HawK Sports 

Jestus: An athlete in every sense of the word 

continued from page 16 
lege game, with the bigger floor, the 
shot cliKk, thf gjme 
VV^hen you saw her out there, you *4W 
that she could run the Aoor. she itniid 
lump, you kiw, that atw was goii^ to 
excel in this type of game.' 
Jealiia averaged '».3 points per contest. 
but could easily have d\ eraged moiv 
but chose to look tor the pass rather 
than look tor the shot When she divs 
'iH>k for the shot-l(nA out 
She's lighting cjuick.' Jedd With 
her quickness, it y.iu conw out and 
charge her. or go out aiui play her on 
the perimeter, she's going to take vou 
l« the hole She's got all kinii» of 

mi'vi- > the baalut, or 

whtii ^ii. ^.(^ w.^r i.. the basket." 

If you give her a »iep ihe (ust 
blows nght bv you " Jestus became 
among the most feared offensive 
players in the conference because of 
her ability to dnvr to tfie hix)p earn- 
ing f-ir^t Team all-region and Seciwid 
Team .■MKimfererKv honors The S- 
tiH>t-7 ^uard al«*i could match up 
physically with anvone in tfw ctmfer- 
etwe atKJ could still make the sIkH if 
sJw's bumpt^J or fouled, a skill she 
wtwked on that summer hcturi' 
Dmeen cut her from IK. s varsity she 
also kept defenses m chtvk being able 
to hit from Ihe outside, a» »he drained 

41% c4 her atttnipN tr.mi ^ j»v>inl 
rof^ She continued to proM' her 
athtetk abilitv this spnng. running; 
track lor the first time Track coach 
Renee Zellner leali/ed lestus' poten- 
tial in her firrt rat* in the 200-meter 

she was Mt far ahead of the rest i»f 
tfie field that she tlu>ught she had 
made a mistake A^llm-r savs "She 
was tiial tar ahead so shv was look- 
ing bark." 

Je^us qtialitietl lor nationals in ttw 
3)11 meters and high |umps in her first 
mei>t jestu^ rivi-ntlv blew awav the 
n>mp.'titi>>n at the Region l\ mivl 
lakuig UrtA in the llX). 200, and hrsi in 

Page 15 

the lavelin thniu 

Only months ago her basketball 
future tell in dinibt. last n inter, hi-r 
baskettiall abilities have drawn the 
interest of Kendall College and other 
schiHils .After a varsity snub at 
Buffalo (.rove, Jestus establistied her- 
self as one of the lt>p athletes in the 

'1 wasn t really sure what (Harper's) 
program was all abi>ut ' [estus says 
"but It turned out to K> pn-ttv good 
for me " 

K-sfus turned out to b<- pri'tt\ >;nod for 
I larper 

acooimiaip . 

SftathuJ rmtmcml Stigmg- 


Mariani: Male athlete of the year 

continued from page 16 

and more than 20 touchdovs ns His performance last fall sur- 
prised him, but didn't surprise n>ach Kliasik 
"He s a fompi-titor." Miasik sa\s He tiH»k a lot ol pride in 
dvnn^ thin>;s ivill 

Mariani s pfrtormante i-amitl him a full ride to play ftxrt- 
ImII ,it S( Fraru IS College and he also hopes to walk on to the 
baseball team nevi spring as well While Manani excelled in 
Ihe playing field, his stmt at Harper also re-eru-rgized Manani 
in the classniom Manani now hopes to earn his degree at St 
I rancis and hi>(H's to one day be a special education teacher 
Mariani alwa\ s plaM-d the game of football lor the fun of it 
It tin>k him mi>r»' tfian two \ears, but r«)w has realized how to 
halaiU'e fun and work to excel 

"I'm always joking amund and stuff during practice," 
M.iri.ini s.ns And s a big thing to be able to |oke 
ariiunvl ('ut then know w hen to turn it on and be serious In 
high vhiml. It w as |ust )oking aniund all the tmu-, but I think 
I've m.itiinsl il H.irj>T .in.f .m.l.r^t m.l tlH-n-'s a time tor fh.if 
.Hul tht'f*" s .ils«* J tinu' tit Iv 


Get Paid What You Are Worfli! 

Starting wage of $ 1 8.50 per hour 

Earn up to $60,000 with your Ist promotion. 

Aldi Food*, a pmnccring leader in ihc food wore indttttry. it lookinK '«* **•'* "I FADFRV lo (oin oiit inaiia|$rnicnt team as AMitlani Siofc 
MaaafCfs. Ihii peiition require* a rcsponubic individual who h.v l>j.l f.i>riuii. . 1/ .U,,^^ ivthcis lovo a ra»i-|>a«.cd job. ha* a iund»-«n 

nunagcmcni style, and has t burning desire to he the hrsi Vv 

'■g p'i>gr.tiii iliat will nuke a (footf nMna{irr cvrn 

better. Ifyouarc tooluf>|;fbravctychallengii^)'et rewaidingupiiuiiiinity ami warn rogci paid wUi ai the sanK iimr, wr havr the ri^ti potilion 
fer you. 

fitM^fiti: C ; roup maior medical plan 

Ltk Insurance 
Disability tnsuraiioc 
Umtal imuraiKc 
Three »i«.h days per year 

5% gmm ws)^ up to SIOOO annually 
(vesting Kt locth in the plan) 

[MkIH*""'' One week vaauiof) after sn month* 

One «cck vKaiion aAer one y<ear of service 
TwB wedu vacation ahct rwo ycaus of service 
Tlirec week* afcer us ytan of aetvioe 

CUaimtfi ^'^ national holidays 

(>fK pcrxMul day 
Otk birthday 
()n« vacattoM kuk-oA day 

MtfHtaBttOUti ^ ^*y- ^ hour avrragc work week 

Available to w«tk berwccn *> a.m. and 10 p.m. 
Ax IcMt It ycart old with a iii|^ adMol 
dlplona or cqurvalcM 

ftw immediMc contKtcraiion »cnd your resume i«: 
Ann: KAKopcraiions 
1200 Nonh Kirk Road 
Baurrta. IL 60510 


Raumcs wiM be aacptcd dmwiyi Mi^ 26, 2000 

awk Sports 

liiBM* iC* Wmtam RaDMV M«t»«r Coll«c« • May &. 2000 

1999-2000 Athletes of the Year 

Jestus develops into offensive Mariani regains old form 

force after varsity snub 

Si'T?'^' '- i iMTi.iB 

les« Lactfan 

«tm ttu- i"^« iVp«-i«. >>lj Howl Ihi- 

tolUming <«uinmt>r. Mariani did 

•Ihing Ih' nt'M-r diwH- be<i>fv 

!. w<<rki\1 init and K-gjn lllluiji, 

•met iKan Uif 

le d(w'« rpalia:- 

H! IM- , - — 

:it_l\ M.irijnt 
U<l i>t sitting 

1 III r.rov.,- 

tine* b«inc cut from Buffalo 
Orovc's vanity 2 yaar* a(o. 
Ml* iaatHS davalopad into a 
<a a <ly off onaiva waapon. 

hii.h.. h,v 

,t II,, 

lc«tu> not »nh 
Hinkk-v to Hj.'j '. 

pl.jv varsitv b.i-ki ' 

At k-*»t mrt Jl liuiu... • « ....^i i i.. 

\>j: -It !■' 

Iini .111.1 .^^- 

o( 11* -x ■ 






kiml of hurt nu 

>.ippi>int»"iJ,"^ 1 jrMf^ 1 

ontldftKl- 1 



vn IT h<- 


m ami 






% ^ 





»« iT 

■ r i«BT[-.v 

r»f nAWf-^R j:h r ' ■ 

K.'v ki>-^ t.i MX <■ »» IT.'"' '■■ 
Hr.ithfr l,-.ti4N lu>'d m i 
until her si>phi>nu>n 
svhool, v^h^•n pjrent- 
lankv IfsHi- 
.ind mm iil ■ <.unuiHr i 
fd hersflf ti> b\\. 
baskt'lb.ill pLu.'! .inJ riiu'lkd i 
^unimtr U'a^ut' and dittiniii ..n"; 
Wht-n th<- ha^kitball M'.i*»in arm . 
Il■slu^ tound ht-rsj-lt i>n th*- ti>urt 
her old hi^h M.h«.x>l, Hmk.lf\, aixl 
.ui^ioiivU .intu ip.iii'il ih** St* aM>n. 

Julio iostua wewotf 
spoctator* with hor ability 
to driva to tha lioop and lilt 
from tha arc. 

Af tar piaytag daf aaaa ia '••, 
Bubba Mariani bacama tha 
Ragion'a top running bacli 

^.iiil thi'n 

Harpt-r >.i>,».h i<"ll t 
UK. And that was t^i- 
li> hor .idvanta^f plaMii^ m !lir 

see JESTUS on page 15 

ri hi> kniv still 

p..siii\ I I I'lilrihulion to the 

'.•n«#. as. the Hawlu. i-njoved 

I 111 ill thctr most suin-ssful tam- 

pji^n!. dft«wivfly, <ini>hinn ^-2 and 

■iibba Mariani braafca a 
taclila during tha Hawfca' 
loaa in tha Papal-Cola Bowl 

untti thfv !>• doni- with schi.x»(. 
\t.<riani *.iv> If you wwli out. il 
put llw fiiiM' in. you will be 1(10 
■>| '■■••• '- '" '••" m- iiiM iwi 

inc ll.'lll^ .'I ruMuiTi); .Hid llttin>; 

that summer put Mariani m tiw tH~>t 

I'lof hi>cartvr Manani relumtil 

1^ natural poMtion at running; 

ba.-k and quicklv made hi> preiencf 

felt oTK-e ay;.iin on tht- uridmm 

He »av vi-ry important," FIm-.iI 

^.n - ol Mariani "h€\au!*- h«- R.ix ■ u- 

movl steads otttTLMVf thnvil 1 li- 

itilit\ m.idi- him h.inl to dot. tid 

Wfll niough to bu-ak th«* ^ 
■rd lor total otfcnsf m a 
iif. an honor that t\pii:all\ g. 
t,...irtfrbac'L« a 27-24 triumph ... 
joliet. Martani pouiuli'd out 1 HT \ ard- 
. n t4 larrifs, and also sn.itihi-^' ■•> 
-Nt~. tor Ibl \ard- 
It lust t.ii' ■ latir.iii), 

M.iriani says 

Ihf Hawks lud .iiu'thiT mom<i 
r.iblf .ampai^n cruising to an H-t> 
•• . 'id in Ihi- S4(. tnit l«".l thr Pi-psi 
> ijH,ml 

I hi- tram wa.- unholiovabK 

. '.i»>- ' Mariani savs whuh was .■. 

..It thinn lM-rvbK>d\ was );(xxl 

M iMids. and I still talk to a lot ol ptH> 

pli' on lh< :. ini 

't>mi' \M m't ^.'in^ fviTythinj; 
iuvl Irll into place." turned into the Bubba oi 
.U! .iiul added something new. H< 
h.iii pri\ kiuslv onix plavt-d runninv; 
bjik bul developed into a cluttb 
revener In Manani joinetl the list oi 
(;rvat backs to ffracv Harper s tcHitbali 
field, rushing for over 1,01)0 v.ird-- 

see MARIANI on page 15