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The Weather 

Todavy—Fair. windy and 

with highest about 34 degrees. Wecdnes- 

day—Fair and quite col 
temperatures: High, 
low, 38 at 12:05 a. m 

63 at 3:50 p 
(Details on Page 

quite cold 

d. Monday's 

The W 


Times Herald 


ost FINAL 


79th Year — No. 57 

Phone RE. 


rrigeht. 19 
The washines on Post 




ARX di, 

WTOP Radio (1500) 

TV (Ch. 9) 


ee ee ee —_ 


Both Houses 
Get Bill 

For Transit 

Senate Committee 
Sets Hearing Today ; 
House Unit Seeks 
Views of Agencies 
Richard 1... Lyons 
Rial Reporter 

The District Commis- 
sioners’ bill to create a 
public transit authority was 
introduced in the House and 
Senate yesterday with as- 
suirances that it will be con- 
sidered as quickly as possible 

Senate District eo 
Chairman Matthew Neely 
(D-W. Va.) filed the an in the 
Senate and then called a meet 
ing of his Committee for 3:30 
Dp. m. today to decide when 
to hold hearings and whether 
it should be handled by the 
full Committee or a subcom- 

The Senate 
sent the bill 



to the District 

Baltimore Tied Up 
By Transit Strike 

Traffic clogged Baltimore 
gtreets vesterday when bus 
and trolley drivers and 
maintenance men went on 
strike. See Page 14. 


Committee despite the fact that 
his opposite number in the 
House had referred an identical 
bill to 

Neely introduced the bill as 
written to speed it on its way, 
but ‘announced he will seek 
amendments later to knock out 
an anti-strike clause and to 
write in collective bargaining 
provisions for employes of the 
transit au 

The no bill creating a. 

S. Hyde (R- Md.) whose}, 
suburban constituents ride’ 
Capital Transit buses, and by 
Rep. Oren Harris (D-Ark.), 
chairman of the Commefce sub- 
committee that will Handle it. 

Harris said 
Committee would “immediately 
aeek” views of Government 
agencies integested in the bill 
and would ago “expedite con- 
sideration of is pressing prob- 

Harris said he had formed 
no opinion on the bill which 
would empower a five-man Dis- 
trict authority to sell revenue 
bonds and borrow up to $20 
million from the Federal Gov- 
ernment to operate a_ transit 
system when Capital Transit’s 
right to operate runs out Aug. 

Harris’ was w@il back- 
grounded in the problem last 
summer when as a, District 
Committee member he helped 
write the bill canceling CTC’'s 
franchise as a means of ending 
the 52-day transit strike. Reps. 
Joseph P. O'Hara (R-Minn.) and 
John Bell Williams (D-Miss.) 
also serve on both the District 
Committee and Harris’ Com. 
merce subcommittee. 

Rep. J. Percy Priest (D-Tenn.), 
chairman of the full - House) 
Commerce Committee, said the) 
committee will act as speedily 
as it ean with a heavy work 
schedule. “We realize the need 
for expeditious action,” he 

Hyde said he still hoped .a 
private operator would come 
forward to take over the tran- 
sit system. He said he had in- 
troduced the Commissioners’ | 
bill because “if private capital 
does not come in... 4 public 
authority must be established.” 

Want Ad 
Rents Rooms 
Before Noon 

‘" vented both of my tooms 
hefore naon the first day, and 
had @nany, many calls after- 
ward,“ disclosed Florence L. 
Olive, 1123 Colonial Ave., Alex, 

Va, about the fesuifis of her 

want ad in The ee 
and Times Herald,” a 
nent -yudhiherieamiea lie 
faster through The Washington 
Post and Times Herald-—reach- 
ing 381,000 families daily, 
130,000 mpre than any other 
Paper in town. Simo! i} 

RE. 7-1284 

the Commerce Com.’ 

the Commerce | 

Mother Pries Child 


From Crocodile Jaws 

Africa, Jan. 30 —An Af 
rican woman fought a six- 

crocodile bare-handed 
rescue her 6-year-old 
daughter from the jaws of 
the big reptile, it was re- 
ported today. 

The child lost a leg, but 
doctors have hopes of sav- 
ing her life 

The crocodile snatched 
the child from the banks of 
the Umbuluzi River 
Swaziland. The mother 
waded the water. 
straddied the crocodile and 
waged a tug-of-war with it 
untH it gave up its prey 

The crocodile later 
shot by a European farmer. 





_——— a 

Caffey Denies 
Praising Bias 


In Racial Talk 

General's Remarks 

In Georgia Called 

By John G. Norris 
Bia Revorter 

Maj. Gen. Eugene M. Caffey. 

Judge Advocate General of the 
Army, stirred up a round of 
explanations yesterday after 
télling the Georgia Legislature 
that he liked a Southern Con- 
gressmans recent speech at- 
tacking the Supreme Court's 
school integration ruling 

News services reported that 
the Army's top legal officer tol 
the Georgia House that “if 
were going to make a4 speech, 
f would hope to make one like 

at.” The speech was made 
Jan. 24 by United States Rep 
John J. Flynt (D-Ga.). 

The United Press described 
Fiynt's address as “a bitter at- 
tack on the Federal Govern- 
‘ment and United States Su- 

— - 

Bill Perils Lelinesol 
’ School Board Election 

A bill introduced by Del. 
Moncure would end election 
ef Arlington School Board 
members and have them ap- 
| pointed, See Page 146. 

preme Court for recent racial 
integration orders.” 

The news service said the 
Georgia legislators “applauded 
with enthusiasm” after Caffey 
made his remarks. The Judge 
Advocate General then went 
over to the Georgia Senate. 
where he was further quoted 
as saying: “There was a lot of 
meat in that speech . . Il, for 
one, admit it 

Last night, 
a statement 

the Army issued 
saying that Ma). 
Gen. Guy S. Meloy, Army chief 
of public information, « had 
talked with Caffey by phone 
and that Caffey had said his 
remarks had been “misinter- 

“Congressman Flynt is a 
friend of mine, but nothing ! 
said was an indorsement of any- 
one or anything.” the Army 
quoted Caffey as saying. 
simply paid tribute to Jack 
Fiynt’s ability to make a 
| - The United Press said Caffey 
recounted that he had dinner 
in Washington recently with 
Flynt, who let him read a copy 
of the speech. The news service 

By Henrys Rohiand Staff Photographer 

_ Britisa Prime Minister Anthony Eden takes the epotlight as he meets the press on his arrival in Washington yesterday 


eee ee 

O'Mahoney Addresses Car Dealers 

Resort Agog 
Over Trial of Law Makin 

Police Chief 

Ry Aubrey Graves 

Stal Reporter 
VIRGINIA BEACH, Va., Jan ee apes 
—EX on 

et ths sear’ Sen. Joseph C. O'Mahoney 
city of 7500 today. as the trial (D-Wya) told more than 4300 
of Police Chief Reeves E. John- cheering, applauding automo 
son drew near. bile dealers yesterday that 

At 7:30 p. m. Tuesday in : 
Police Court here. Chief John, there ought ¢o be @ Federal law 
would prevent manufac- 

son will face charges of having that 
offered $500 to Silas Fletcher, turers from forcing too many 
an ex-Marine Corps. boxer, tO 447. on dealers. 
beat up J. Willcox Dunn. O’Mah hel oe Wee Bie 

Dunn is editor of a crusad. peaneety Spay S ume BY 
ing weekly newspaper, The mal opening session of the 39th 
Princess Anne Free Press, @ annual convention of the Na 
a tag on ie * re tional Automobile Dealers As 

achine tha as dominate We Db 
politics in this county for a accia' at the Sheraton-Park 
quarter century. tiotel. tle called for a sales 

Dunn has been outspokenly contract between dealers and 
critical in print about what he manufacturers that carried 
called illegal practices involv- |... icions of mutual responsi- 
ing gambling and liquor in the , “a ‘bl 
nightclubs at the beach and Dility and (was) enforceable in 

the courts 
The Senator was interrupted 

elsewhere in the county. 
On Dec. 5, 1955, Dunn wa 
slugged with a blackjack as ne by applause 39 times during his 
was unlocking his car on a hour-long speech. 
main street here He drew the loudest applause 
One month later a baseball and whistles and cheers when 
was thrown through a window he suggested that the dealer- 
of his residence. A few nights factory contract might include 
after that Navy Chief Jesse L..a provision that the factory 
Odey and Mrs. Peggy Quintana would bear “part of the loss re- 
See BEACH, Page 16, Col. 1 sulting from overproduction.” 
O'Mahoney suggested _ that 
the pattern of the contracts be 
'established by Federal law so 

La Prensa Set 
p they would “have a permanent 
l‘o Publish Again status, and not be subject to 

fluctuation with the changes of 

The senator heads the Judic 
iary Subcommittee on Antitrust! 

By Paul Sampson 


BUENOS AIRES, Argentina, 
Jan. 30 »—Dr. Alberto Gainza 
Paz said tonight his newspaper 
La Prensa will begin publish-'and Monupoly, which heard 
ing again Friday morning. This'auto dealers testify that fac 
will be five years and eight tories forced them to take ears 
days from the time the outspok- they could not sell at a profit 
en daily was silenced by the because of an oversupply. 
regime of juan D. Peron. The dealers jammed into the 

also said that when a reporter: 

asked Caffey in Atlanta if he 
“went along” with Flynt's at- 
tack on the Supreme Court,” 
the General replied: 

“Listen, I'm not in politics.” 

Caffey, 60, is a native of De- 
eatur, Ga., and a 1918 graduate 
of West Point. He became 
Judge Advocate General Feb. 

Off Matsu Group | 

TAIPEH Jam 70 (INS) 
i\Free China's Navy announced: 
‘tonight that three of its patrol- 
‘ling Warships waged a 10-min- 
‘ute battle late Sunday night 

“a aunt, of ‘Chinese 
‘west of 

age in the latest o 
series of such sea engage- 

_)ments, a Taipeh naval head-) 

quarters communique said. 
It added that the Red gun- 


a safely to 

Gunboats Fight | 

| Capt. 

2 mounting 

boats were the first to open fre | February to ask for disability, ae is top man, after Proctor, 
land that the Nationalist naval! 

Sanders Alse Seeks to Leave 

huge Sheraton Hall ballroom in 
anticipation of hearing O'Ma- 
honey attack the franchise set- 
up. Many were turned away 
Those who got in weren't dis- 

The senator the accom. 
paniment of applause) repeated- 
ly lashed out at the abuses he 
said had resulted from the pres. 
ent which he said 
made the dealer a “vassal” to 
the company. 

O'Mahoney charged that 
manufacturers had “contrived 
the common form of franchise 
to put themselves in an im. 
pregnable position, while the 
dealer is at their mercy.” 

“This not the American 
pattern .. .” O'Mahoney said 
“ht a pattern .. } 
which individuals find them. 
selves dealing with large co! 
porations by which they are as 
clearly outclassed as a feathe: 

weight would be in the same 
ring with Marciano.” 

O'Mahoney digressed for sev- 
eral minutes on the power of 
large rvorporations, frequently 
citing General Motors. He 
called GM a “private economic 
state” with gross revenues in 
1955 that were more than one- 
third of the total gross incqme 
of all farms and ranches in 

The Senator noted that ru- 
mors in recent days had it 
that automotive firms had “seen 
the handwriting on the wall” 
and were considering liberaliz- 
ing franchise provisions 

O'Mahoney warned the auto 

et eee ee 




is new 

Police Inspector Umbaugh to Retire; 

Captain Rasmusen Slated 

(Pictures on Page 30.) 

Ry Alfred E. Lewis 
Stat! Repertver 

Proctor, 50, of 1909 U place se., 
whose 22 years service has in. 
Metropolitan Police Insp. Ir- cluded traffic experience and 
vin Umbaugh, 57, will retire duty in six precincts. 
March 1, after 34 years’ service!} Additional promotions in- 
His position will be filled by} elude: Sgt. Norman L. Richard- 
Thomas Rasmusen, 49, son of the First Precinct, to 
head of the First Precinct. lieutenant; Cpl. Ralph L. 
At the same time, it was/ Steines, Second Precinct, to 
leartted re Capt. Otha R.\sergeant; Pvt. Willie W., Harp 
‘Sanders, 63, a veteran of 38 of the pistol range, to corporal.| 

years’ service, also will seek re-| 
a? ‘st. se, has been in charge of 

has been in'the Harbor Precinct. He has 

property and both age and length of service 

Hollin Hall.| required for normal retirement’ 

plans to spend his time! but has indicated he will seek) 
there and at another home he disability retirement. 

‘owns at South River, Md. Cur- Speculation about filling his) 

rently on sick leave, Umbaugh | vacancy centered around the 

will appear before the Police name of Lt. Karl MeCormick, 

Retirement Board early in, 50, of 2600 16th st., S. Arlington, 

retirement. Civil Service list. If 

25 years. Named to fill his posi- | McCormick will 
Fak as captain is Lt. Joseph L. 'Sanders* 

ee of 1274 Delafield Ch 

sen, follows, 
nce been a policeman his 

Robert V. Murrey 
radar it is believed fecti 

for. His Job 

move into 

The name ‘of Capt. 
Layton, 43,.head of the gam- 
bling “squad, and one of the 

highly tegarded men on = 

foree, also was heard. It is 
lieved Layton will be bade 
for a future inspector's peeiiion; 
by putting him in charge of 
First Precinct. 

Layton, who lives at 

E st, Takoma Park, i 

Sanders, who lives at 2958 M } served in plain clothes for 19 

of his rod years on the force. As’ 
/head of the First Precinct, he 

Stagione valuable uniform 
TY Layton’s ition on 

‘the gambling sq 

it is be- 
lieved acting Capt. Todd 
Thoman, 51, a central figure 
recent — bribery cases, will 



a Topic; 

Red China Hints 

Formosan War 

Nationalists Told 
U.S. Is Taking Them 
On Path Leading to 

‘Momentary Doom’ 

TOKYO, Jan. 3T (Tuesday) 
Red China’s Premie: 
Chou En-lai, only a few hours 
before the Eden-Eisenhower 
talks in Washington, spoke 
Monday of preparing for 
war if necessary’ to take 
United States-protected For- 

But he mentioned 
equal footing the duty 
ting the Nationalist 
“by peaceful means 

Chou's speech to Red China's 
Political Consultative Conte 
ence was broadcast over Peip 
ing radio and heard in Tokyo 
just as Prime Minister Sir An 
thony Eden reached the Unit 
ed States 

The speech apparently was 
timed with the opening of 
Washington meetings between 
President Fisenhower and 
Eden. who is expected to rec 
ommend concessions for Red 

on an 
if pos 


i China. 

2 Auto Sale Contracts 
Enforceable in Courts Is Urged 

dealers, however, that it would 
be a mistake to think that 
factory<iealer problems could 
be solved without “the sanction 
of law te preserve the economic 
freedom ‘of dealers from cen- 
tral, management.” 

Frank H. Yarnell, president 
of the NADA, who spoke at the 
opening session, also noted 
that indiéations were that im- 
proved contracts would “efist 
before too many montiis.” 

Yarnall cautioned, however 
that an improved contract 
would not be a cure-all for the 
ills of the industry. He said 
the greatest damage to the in- 
dustry had been done by “mis. 
leading, unethical, and in some 
cases, false advertising.’ 

Although this 
problem, Yarnal! 
lising media 
policing ads 

Yarnall also criticized dealers 
for “making a new 
out of a man who 
a4 used car buyer He ques 
tioned the policy of selling a 
man a new car at a very smal! 
profit, arranging long terms 
and taking the buyer out of 
the market for three years. 

The conyéntion, attended by 
10,000 auto dealers. continues 
through Wednesday. Speaker 
today include Sen. A. S. Mike 
Monroney (1D-Okla.) and Sec 
retary of Commerce Sinclair 

was a dealer 
said. adver 
shouid assist in 

Car buvel 

should be 

Palestine Peace 
Pledged to U.N, 


JERUSALEM, ar Sector 
(Tuesday), Jan. 31 #—United 
Nations Secretary General Dag 
Hammarskjold announced to- 
day the leaders of countries di- 

rectly concerned in the Pales 
Une problem have reaffirmed 

‘their determination to abstain 
from hostilities and setile al! 
conflicts by peaceful means. 

The countries directly con- 
eerned are Israel and the sur- 
rounding Arab nations, partici- 
p#fits in the Palestine war of 

—_— ——< — —— _ 

John. B. | 

‘by the people of their mother 

| By Chou's 

-- Ments 

iman receptie® on 

Chou said the Chinese Na 
tlonalists must choose between 
surrendering to Peiping with 
“an opportunity to be forgiven 

British Disturbed 

Red Onin emier*® 
En-lai's speec esterday 
affirming the intention te 
fight for Formasa, if neceie 
sary, caused concern in Brit- 
ish official quarters. Page 4. 

land” or cooperate with 
United States along a path 
leading to “momentary doom.” 
Chou's speech also , was 
timed with the latest peate of 
fensive from Moscow. Ne,in 
dorsed Soviet Premier “Bul 
ganin’s proposal for 
friendship pact with the Upited 
States President Eisenhower 
replied to the offer by saying 
a stroke of the pen cannot 
bring peace.” Chou said Bul 
ganin’s offer “cannot be pushed 
aside by an offhand rejection.” 
(The United said 
Communist Premier again pro 
posed that the United States 
join Red China in an Asia-wide 
pact of collective security” t« 
replace’ the antagonistic mili 
tary alliances.’ 
(Chou complained 
“prolonged dragging oui” 
the Red China-United States 
talks in Geneva “prevents. a 
solution to tension in the Tai 
wan-Formosa area At Geneva 
Red China demanding that 
United States Ambassador | 
Alexis Johnson discuss lifting 
the embargo on strategic ship 
The United States wants 
Red China to renounce use of 
force in the Formosa area and 
return the remaining affrested 
American civilians 
[The Premier also called fo: 
a reconvening of the Geneva 
conference on Indochina to “in 
sure’ that unification elettions 
be held there this year and pro 
posed a Far Eastern conference 
on the unifying of Korea, 

Bulganin Back, 
Office Reports 


MOSCOW, Jan 30—~Russian 
Premier Nikolai Bulganin was 

Pr ess 




back at work today after a four-' 


The Premier's last appearance 
in public was at an East Ger 
Jan. 3. 

absence from public 
a member of his office 

Gor crapetee Called inadequate 

" New 


the}British Minister 

a 20-year | 

the +} 

ee ee 

Prime Minister 
Praises Reply 
Of President to 

Bulganin Note 
Israel Rejects Offer 

British offer on Middle East 
mediation is unacceptable 
to Israel Page 3] 

The Meeting Here 



By Chalmers M 

Staff Repo 

President Eisenhower and 
British Prime Minister An- 
thony Eden yesterday agreed 
on the meaning of recent 
Russian policies and tactics 
and then plunged into the 
problem of what to do about 
mounting tensions in the 
Middle East 



or conclusions 
on the Middle 
talks will go on, 
newsmen were told by Amert- 
can and British spokesman at 
the end of yesterday's meetings. 
The FEisenhower-Eden discus- 
sions began at a White House 
luncheon less than two hours 
after the Prime Minister had 
flown aboard the President's 
plane to Washington from 
York, where he had ar- 
rived by ship. The talks will 
coptinue through Wednesday in 
oF of working out a commen 
Biigio-American policy on the 
ind le East, arid perhaps lesser 
mz: some differences in Views 
the Far East and other 
’ The 

Fast and the 

insisted last 
firm proposals 

that no 

thad been put forward by either 

But London reports said 
of State An- 
thony ‘Nutting had told the 
House of Commons yesterday 
that the idea of some new eco- 
nemic aid program for the Mid- 
dle East was “very present in 
the minds” of both Eden and 

eign Secretary Selwyn 
bya. who accompanied him te 

It was also reported here that 
Eden wants a _ reaffirmation 
of the 1950 \nglo¥rench- 
American declaration to pre 
vent. any change by force in 
1¢ Arab-Israel truce lines and 
a public statement of Angle 
Amegican willingness to use 
forces now in the area. includ. 
ing the American Sixth Fleet 
in the Mediterranean Sea, to 
back f up if necessary 

rhe American spokesman 
said divergences on the Middle 
East between Britain and the 
United ‘States were very mar 
row But he would not give 
a turther reply when asked if 
they had been narrowed by 
yesterday's talks : 

The luncheon of just ever 
one hour was attended only by 
the President, Eden, Lioyd and 
Secretary ef State John Foster 
Dulles It was described as 
an intimat® working lunch and 
a genera! discussion of Soviet 
policies atid tactics in recent 
months, that is, since Eden and 

See EDEN, Page 6, Col. 3 

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Gov. Williams Thrusts at Stevenson 
“ On ‘Moderation,’ Urges Bold Program — 

' By Robert C, Albright 
Staff Reporter 

| G.Mennen (Soapy) Williams, 
four-term Democratic Gover- 

‘nor of Michigan, yesterday 

ns will and again challenged Adlai EF. 

Service list be nine ee ae 

— te iat inte 

. —— 


Stevenson’ ’ stand on “modera- 

Gov. itiams told a Na- 

tional s Club 


‘audience he is fond of Steven. 
/son personally, and 
nag as a great American, but 
a program of moderation will: 
net do.” 
While denying he was “criti-. 

in called for a “bold, courageous” |eizing” Stevenson, Williams 
‘Democratic program in 1956, singled out a speech Plavensge 

made before the National Edu- 
cation Association last: July 

an example of what he meant 



t thinking in = large 


Williams said the S 
i speech contained 
cellent ideas” but, supp 
‘Federal program of | 
po a f 

Tleve this was * 
the job,” 


Tuesday, January 31, 1956 <Sphaga 


‘Muzzling’ of Cabinet 
Urged by Rep. Burdick 

+ > > eee . 
- aia 

ae . 
= aod we 7 
: ; wt A 4 
ba Cae 8 , 
“3 Lao dee 
Sagat . 


£6 REE Ree ~— O SS SS 
Associated Preas 

The Congressman Has the Floor 

Rep. T. James Tumulty (D-N. J.) does household chores with 
a smile for Mrs. Andrew Ford of Jersey City, whe “won” 
the Congreseman’s services at a recent drawing among 1000 
women. His labors were for charity, te give Mrs. Ford a 
chance te collect funds in Mothers’ March on Polio. 

British Sale of Copper 
To Reds Is U. S. Worry 

By Marguerite Higgins 
w. Y. Herald Tribune News Service 

Sharp increases in British)\allies said that businessmen in 

. te 
‘ . “ = Bad 
; +1 “% ? ra 1 ‘ . 
z . 

By Frank Eleazer 
United Press 

Rep. Usher L. Burdick, a 
member of the irrepressible 
wing of the Republican Party, 
‘said yesterday “the dread hoof 
‘and mouth disease” is spread- 
ing in President Eisenhower's 

Referring to furors over 

tements by Secretaries of 
Defense Charlies FE. Wilson; 
State, John Foster Dulles and 
Agriculture, Ezra T. Benson, 
he said “every time they open 
their mouths they get their foot 
im it.” 

“In this political fly-time the 
President should insist that the 
Secretaries wear muzzies,” he 
said, “and I doubt that muzzies 
would stop the appearance of 
letters in the magazines under 
the name of a Secretary who 
never saw or read or signed the 

Truman Cited 

BPR IR ge? 

Getting to Know ‘Sim plified?’ Keyboard 

La Vergne Bryk of 1436 Ogden st. nw., a 
State Department employe, was one of a 
group of Government typists which began 
tests on typewriters equipped with the new 
“simplified” keyboard at the General Serv- 
ices Administration Building, 18th and F 

| ° 
< . - Co a Pe nA . ie 
Ae ee . BR ee A Sa ‘ ; ; 
yy ae “ = Sta ie, <2 os 5 Ay 
ae > “% +a - Te BOO: Folin ae - ‘ 4 7 } R 
— as , . . ae 
. - % : ~ cS cee 
. ae R RS Bad he AO ~ ee 
‘ : ‘ $f ORGS ; Bes cs oe 
« . 2 < 
f - “ 2 oe Sage i 
s > ; , y a ‘_ ,. * 
x ; - ; ‘a ee a ri gaa es 
Fa : , ; omar oy oe t eo FB = J oe 
i ’ ys , AY 5 Y * .e on q 
N Pd 7 OM ww be r Y , ae pe a ~ 
» ] wt . a” 3 , oe NN " 
: % ; ; i ay j ne Soe 
e toe ; , ae Be, 
o*, : ye o> 
4 c 7 «tee “Bae 
od ate 

a y ‘ . 
; ee sry os . 
oe ee eR AP ee Baas 
| : oe 

% ‘ 

United Press . 

The White House yesterday|of hogs go to market at the 

rejected a plea by politically| bankrupt prices that were paid 

Soe ere e eee blish|/48t fall, there is no disinfect- 

an emergency price-s ant that they can concoct in 

program .to strengthen hog Washington that will wash the 


taste out of the farmers’ 

Presidential Assistant Sher-| mouths.” 
man Adams said no one has| Adams old Talle that record 
suggested “a practical means”! hog marketings in the past two 
for “supporting hog prices at\or three months caused the re- 
specific levels.” He added that'cent sharp decline in prices. He 
a hog-buying program wouldinoted that the Administration 
have to be accompaiied by has launched an $85-million 
tight production controls on'perk and .lard purchase pro- 
farmers. gram to help ease the situation. 

Adams sent his letter of re-- “We have been encouraged 
jection to Rep. Henry O. Talle| by the recent substantial im- 
(R-lowa), who led lowa’s all-'provement in hog prices. . 
Republican congressional dele-/There has been an advance in 
gation to the White House last hog prices of more than $2 per 
Monday to seek bolder Govern-|100 pounds in a week,” Adams 
ment action te prop hog and said. 
cattle prices. 

The delegation conferred at 
length with Adams and Under 
Secretary of Agriculture True CALGARY. Alta. Jan. 30 
B. Morse. Bears in the Calgary zoo don't 

Two members of the lowa hibemmate. They are moodily 
group—Reps. H. R. Gross and active while their cousins in the 
‘Karl M. LeCompte—said they woods snooze away the winter 
were “disappointed.” ‘months. Zookeeper Stewart 

Gross said he had warned Sluth said: “I wish they would 
‘the Administration three times go to sleep. They behave just 
“that if they let another crop like humans with a hangover.” 

By Harry Goodwin, Staff Photographer Insomnolent Bears 

sts. nw., yesterday. The group’s*proficiency 
will be checked tater with another group 
using standard keyboards. Watching the 
operation of the simplified keyboard are Ed- 
mund F. Mansure, GSA Administrater, and 
Mrs. Lorena H. Butterfield of Arlington. 

ee — - 

Burdick’s remarks were 
prompted by a letter that ap- 
pe in Harper’s magazine 
rec@fitly over Benson's name 
praising an anti-farmer article. 
The Agriculture Secretary ad- 
mitted he “pulled a boner” 
although he said an aide actu-| 
ally wrote the letter. Benson) 
emphasized he didn't agree 
with the article. 

Rep. George H. Christopher 
(D-Mo.), who represents for- 
mer President Truman’s home| 
district, drew considerable 
laughter In the Mouse when he 
said Mr. Truman never denied | 
writing some of his famous 
biting letters. 

Rep. Barratt O’Hara (D-IIL)' 
wanted to know why it was 
necessary for Benson to “pin| 
the blame on a poor little 
woman” in his department. | 

sales of copper wire to the So- 
viet bloc are among the factors 
influencing an Administration 
stand to resist further pressures 
from United States allies, in- 
eluding that of visiting British 
Prime Minister Sir Anthony 
Eden, to increase the list of 
products that may be shipped 
behind the Iron Curtain. 

Pressures, it was learned here 
yesterday, have increased con- 
siderably lately, and include re- 
quests from many European al- 
lies to take a substantial num- 
ber of goods, now banned for 
export to Red China, off the 
strategic list, making their ex- 
port behind the Asian Iron Cur- 
tain possible. 

“The copper sales incident,” 
as it is called around Wash- 
ington, is according to top level 
officials but one example 
the way in which the United 

their countries were chafing 

under the restrictions of the 
Red trade embargo, and asked 
for liberalization of the list. At 
the time, the American repre. 

sentative on the trade subcom- 

mittee agreed to reduce the 

embargoed list from 297 to 217 

items. A number of other items, 
the export of which was con- 

trolled in quantity only, were! 

taken off the list, meaning that 

the manufacturers could send 

abroad as many as they could 

The Americans were highly 
reluctant to take copper wire 
off the strategic list on grounds 
that it was vital to many de- 
fense industries and that fur- 
thermore the Russians were 
short of it. 

The British argued that, so 
far as defense was concerned, 
copper wire was only of “mar- 
ginal importance.” But the 

States has allowed itself to be number of e xport licenses 
talked into a “slight liberaliza- granted to British businessmen 
tion” of the list of goods banned | for export of copper wire to 
for export behind the Iron Cur-\Russia has increased steadily. 
tain, only to find that once By the first of this year it was 
“liberalization” was an accom- estimated that nearly 200 mil- 
plished fact such exports were lion pounds of the copper prod- 

far from slight. 

In the past months, ‘the 
amount of copper wire—impor- 
tant to defense industries—| 
reaching the Soviet Union has! 
caused top level concern in this) 
country. | 

The American side of the 
“sopper wire” story is _ this.| 
Back in the summer of 1954 a 
number of America’s European 

uct has found its way into the 
Soviet Union. Evidence has 
been found that some of it has 
been transshipped into Commu- 
nist China. 

These reports have reached 
such proportions that they will 

shortly be studied by the spe-| 

cial Senate Investigating Com- 
mittee headed by Sen. John L. 
McClellan (D-Ark.). 



Losing Favor, Cain Says 

Harry P. Cain said last night 
that loyalty-security boards 
are now looking far more 
critically at accusations from 
“anonymous informants.” 

The farmer Republican Sen- 
ator from the State of Wash- 
ington who is now a member 
of the Subversive Activities! 
Control Board, said in a speech 
in Chicago: 

“As Americans—let’s face the 
truth: If our Nation is deter- 
mined to permanentize the 
Spreading use of secret infor- 
gation and anonymous inform- 
ers against its citizens, then 
our Nation has forsaken the 
spirit of the American Revo- 
tution and holds in jeopardy 
‘the letter of the Federal Con- 
mtitution as amended.” 

Cain said that the use of 
anonymous accusers “makes 
‘meaningless and misleading the 

of the Attorney 
General” (Herbert Brownell) 
Jr.) that the “traditional con- 
<eptions of due process of law’ 
are used in the fight against 

“Let us advocate the employ- 
ment of expediency if we must,” 
Cain said caustically; “let us 
adopt the enemy's methods to| 
defend ourselves against him) 
if that is the only way; but, let 
‘us never pretend that we are 
walking in the courageous, 
time-tested, far-reaching foot- 
steps of our ancestors when we) 
deny to any citizen an oppor: 
tunity to confront and question 
the accuser who seeks to de-| 
‘stroy, defame and discredit 
shim.” | 

Cain's newest attack on prac-) 
tices of the loyalty-security| 
program was one of a series) 
which the Eisenhower ap 
‘frritation of many members of | 
the Administration. | 

Last night to compound that 
irritation, he spoke under un- 

t an “Inde- 

ers’ platform with him were 
Sen. Paul H. Douglas (D-II1L) 
and Democratic Gov. Orville 
Freeman of Minnesota. 

Cain was a spectator at the 
recent Veterans Administra- 
tion hearing where Socialist 
James Kutcher, a legless World 
War Il veteran, faced charges 
that he should be denied his 
pension because of disloyal acts 
The board ruled in Kutcher’'s 
favor. ; 

“I have never in my life,” 
said Cain “and hope never to 
be azain so distressed, angry 
and ashamed as | was during 
the two hours spent in‘ that 

“. . Those in attendarice,” 
he said, “were horrified to see 
how the process worked. They 
saw no accusing witnesses, they 
heard no cross-examination, and 
listened only to a statement of 
charges which were conspicu- 
ously lacking 
when, and where.” 

in who, what,! 

Rep. Clare E. Hoffman (-' 
Mich.) retorted that Benson is 
so busy answering Democratic | 
complaints he doesn’t have time 
to read his mail. | 

“Looking In Vain” 

Sen. Milton R. Young &- 
S. D.), who demanded y 
that Benson resign, said the 
farmers “have been looki in 
vain” for Benson to defend 
them against such attacks as' 
the Harper's article. | 

Burdick said Benson's ad- 
mission that he pulled a boner 
confirms his impression that 
the Agriculture Secretary “is 
@® very nice, honest man” but’ 
“his knowledge of what te do 
to straighten our agriculture is 
on a par with what I know! 
about the hereafter.” | 

House V otes Today 
On Farm Cas-Tax Bill 

The House, with Democrats 
and Republicans trying to grab 
credit, tentatively approved 
yesterday President Eisenhow- 
ers request to exempt gasoline 
used on farms from the 2 
cents a gallon Federal tax. | 

Approval came on a voice’ 
vote with only about one-fifth 
of the House members on hand. | 
The chamber then agreed to) 
hold up final passage for ‘a roll 
call vote today to permit all 
farm-state Congressmen to get | 
their votes on record. | 

The measure, one of the nine. 
points in Mr, Eisenhower's pro-| 
posed farm program, would) 
‘save farmers an estimated $60 
‘million a year. The tax exemp-| 
tion would not apply to gaso-| 
‘line used by farmers on the’ 
| highways. ! 
| Yesterday's brief debate pro- 
duced spirited partisan wran- 
gling over who should get cred- 
it for the move. House Demo- 
cratic Leader John W. McCor- 
mack (Mass.) put the question 
to Rep. Jere Cooper (D-Tenn.), 
floor manager for the measure. 

Cooper said similar bills 
were introduced last year but 
they were opposed by the Ad- 
ministration. “In other words,” 
commented McCormack, “it 
amounted to a conversion.” 
| House Republican Leader Jo- 
seph W. Martin Jr. (Mass.) re-' 
'torted that it was the Demo-. 
crats who have “had conver-| 
sion.” He said no effort was 
made to repeal the tax during 
20 years of Democratic rule. 

Washington, D &| 
qnagets 24. 1956, 
Fh the Stockpolders ot the American 
curl ust mpany: 
pursuant to call of its 
| clal. meeting kholders of 
| American Security and Trust Company 
/will be et its principal effice at’ 
| 15th Street and Pe lvania Avenue, 
iN ; Wagpingien. : . on Tu y.) 
Pebruary 21. 1956, at 12:00 o'clock noon, 
ifor the purpose of considerine and 

rectors. & spe- 

| voting upon a proposal involving, 
with matters incidental reto: 
e adoption of she 

Cain said, “We must admit’ 

that the use of secret informa- 
tion from anonymous inform- 
ants regarding whose reliability 
or competence many hearing 
officers have no «knowledge is 
an alien practice... 

“IT am against the practice 
because I think it needlessly 
harms not just the individual 
but because it unnecessarily 
weakens our national security.” 

“Several years ago,” he said, 
“the faceless informer and an- 
onymous accuser Was generally 
thought to be a reliable per- 
son. Many hearing boards were 
inclined tot accept as being true 
everything an anonymous 
source reported. In those days, 

intee has been making to the | the sworn statements of the ac- 

cused were often discounted. 
“But times change,” said 
mous sources and 

resolution and am 
ica incorporation are for 
of authorizing: 
)} An tmerease of the 
stock of the Company { 

{f the © 
mmon 5 

not in excess 
= 124,666 %5 

om t 

me hate of new soc 

ee 6 av held o 

oclock P. M. on FPebruary 

be open f 

P. M. on the day of the meeting. 
As the trans ee books of the 
will be ¢ ruary ii. 

to February 21. both 
clusive, preguholdes of record 
o aeee P. M. on 2+. 1 
be Eg te vote at 

o 8 a] 






polls will 00 
o'clock noom until at least 12: once 

W orld’s First and Only Turbo-Prop ( jet-prop) Airliner! 



8:30 am “The Diplomat” 
12:45 pm “The President” 
B:1S5 pm “The Independence” 
6:00 pm “The Constitution” 
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11:00 pm “Nighthawk” Aircoach 



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f ' 
- ‘ 4 



United Press 

Gertrude Silver (left) and Mr. and Mrs. Milton Schwartz 
are pictured yesterday in Philadelphia where they went on 
trial in the abortion death of Mrs. Silver's daughter. 

Three Plead 


In Ostreicher Death Trial 

(INS)—The sensational abor- 
tion death of a pretty Philadel. 
phia food-chain heiress last 
summer was climaxed today 
when all three defendants, in- 
cluding her mother, entered 

pleas of nono contendere, or no 

Thus the trial swung immedi- 
ately into action without a jury, 

before Judge Vincent A. Car- 
roll. who began taking testi- 
mony to determine what sen- 

fences should be imposed. He 
adjourned the court after a 2- 
hour session until 10 a. m., 

Mother Held Accessory 

The victim, 22-year-old Doris 

Jean Ostreicher, died in the 
North Philadelphia apartment 
of defendants Milton Schwartz, 
49. and his wife, Rosalie, 38, 
last Aug. 24, just two months 
after she had eloped with Ear! 
Ostreicher, a Miami Beach mo- 
torcycle. patrolman. 

The Schwartzes—a bartender 
and a beautician—were charged 

with performing the illegal op- 
eration. and the woman's 
mother. Gertrude Silver. 49. 

Was named as an accessory for 

taking her from her Melrose 
Park mansion to the Schwartz) 

Mrs. Silver faces a 3- to 5- 
year jail term, andthe 
Sehwarizes 5 to 10 years plus 
Pathologists Testify 

Highlight of the testimony 
was the admission by Mrs 
Schwartz that she introduced 

a powerful preparation into the 

womans body in the bath- 
room of her apartment. The 
young bride, who was six 
weeks pregnant, collapsed and 
died several minutes later. 

Mrs. Schwartz said she had 
heard of the preparation in 
“women's talk” while a hair- 

\ panel of pathologists pre- 
viously testified that the woman 


was asphyxiated when the 
powerful solution surged 
through her bloodstream and 
into her lungs. 

Mrs. Schwartz told of tele- 
phone arrangements leading 
to the operation, and said Mrs. 
Silver arrived at the apart- 
ment with her daughter, whom 
she introduced as “Sylvia.” 

Haltingly she told how she 
screamed for her husband, who 
was in the living room when 
the woman collapsed. She said 
Mrs. Silver telephoned her 
own husband and a police 
emergency squad. Meanwhile, 
Schwartz tried to revive the 
woman with cold compresses. 

Special Assistant District At 
torney Samuel Dash obtained 
an admission from the defend- 
ant that she received a “roll of 
money” from Mrs. Silver but 
never counted it 

“I felt sorry for Mrs 
and wanted to help her,” 
defendant said 

Mrs. Silver had been quoted 
earlier as saying she arranged 
for the abortion at the behest 
of her daughter, who had re- 
turned to the family house- 



hold claiming her husband had 

mistreated her. 

SchwartZ took the § stand 
Hriefly and said he hed nothing 
to add to his wife's testimony 
He explained 

“Il was present in the apart- 
ment, and I have been advised 
that this makes me guilty.” 

3 Houses Damaged 
By 2-Alarm Fire 

A two-alarm fire swept three 
frame houses in the 300 block 
of O st. sw. early yesterday. 

No injuries were reported 
but firemen said the homes at 
355, 357 and 359 O st. were 
damaged considerably. The fire 
is believed to have started when 
an oil burner exploded in the 
home of Lawrence Roy at 357 
() «at 







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iof 957 

By Irving Lee 
Staff Reporter 
BALTIMORE, Jan. 30 — Gas! 
escaping from a heater has 
been tentatively blamed for a 
fire that turned festive Arundel! 
Park Hall into a holocaust in 
which 10 women perished Sun- 
day afternoon. 
iterday, was based on reports 

In Baltimore Holocaust 

said fire officials yes-| 

by many of the more than 1000) 

isurvivors that they saw a “fan- 
like” flame and heard 
| “explosion” beCore the Quonset- 
type building b 
‘death on Baltim« 
‘outskirts. The heater was 
| located on the east side of 
‘the building near an attached 
i kitchen 

Flames fanned through a 
ventilating system between the 
curved roof and a false ceiling, 
touching off a stampede to 
‘escape by windows and doors 
iby the 1000 persons who had 


ame a flaming’ 
e's southern) 

‘gathered for an oyster roast,‘ 

| fire officials said. 
| Survivors, clawed 
pled in the rush, 

and tram- 
said they 

| were eating, drinking beer o1 




‘dancing to “Tea for Two” at 
| the affair &” gr by nearby 
St. Rose Lima Catholic 
\Church. Thon the fire erupted 

Survivors, too badly shocked 
to be questioned now, will 
have to be interviewed and the 
charred ruins painstakingly 
searched before a_ definite 
cause can be established, said 
Harry W. Klasmeier, Anne 
Arundel! County fire inspector. 

Klasmeier, who hag Bt sen 
himself as a “one-man depar 
ment,” said he had memeakad 
the building under the county's 
new fire code “within the last 

Klasmeier said, however, he 
would not want to give the re- 
sults of his inspection without 
first checking his records. Klas- 
meier also declined to comment 
on other pheses of his investi- 
gation—whether, for example, 
the crowd was within the size 
permitted in the hall. The 
county code, he said, generally 
permits one person per six 
square feet of floor space in a 
public place | 

The search for bodies was 
halted at noon, said Deputy 
Chief Frank Homberg of the 
Brooklyn Park Fire Depart- 
ment, because 10 persons were 
reported missing and an equal 
number of charred bodies were 
awaiting identification at the 
Baltimore City morgue. Reports 
of two additional deaths proved 
unfounded. Ttiree of the dead 
were originaly but erroneously 
believed children. 

Bodies were burned so badly 
that attendants refused to let 
relatives view them 

Descriptions Of scars and 
wearing apparel, Medica! Exam- 
iner. Russell S. Fisher said, re- 
sultéd in identification of five 
of the 10 who died by suffoca- 
These, he said, were: 

Mrs. Frances Cooke, 48, of 

Seward ave., Baltimore; 
Anna Brandt, 59, of 3216 Foster 
ave., Baltimore: Stella Koslow- 
ski, 45, of 5627 Sagra rd., Balti- 
more: Goldie Otto, 38. of 8114 
Liberty rd. Rockdale; Jose- 
phine Franczkowski (also 
known as Josephine Franklin), 
34, of 414 S. Washington Sst.., 

While five other dead re- 
mained unidentified, Anne 
Arundel police reported an 
equal number missing. They 
were listed as: 

Esther Dougherty, 55-65. of 
Severna Park: Gladys McKay. 
41, of 5627 Sagra rd., Frances 
Obzut, 81 or 82, of 19 Seward 
ave., Stella Cavanaugh, 43, of 
900 Pontiac ave. all of Balti- 
and Theresa Kelly, 28, 
Jack st., Brooklyn 
All 10 were found in corners 

‘of the gutted hal! 


Thirteen of 211 survivors 
treated remained in Baltimore 

‘hospitals. None was reported 
| critically hurt 
The Arunde! Park fire was 

| greatest 
| Baltimore area fire 


\recorded as having claimed the | 
toll of lives in a 
since a 
\theater on Front street burned 
down in 1895 with a loss of 23 
| persons. Eight Baltimore fire- 
men were killed in fires last 

biaude: (4 


uw six Of $100,000 

} possibly dead. 

Orgy Suspec t 
Forfeits Bail 

N Y. Datly News Service 
MINEOLA, N. Y., Jan. 30 
'Forfeiting his record $100,000! 
bail, Ivan Jerome, the 62-year- | 

WILMINGTON, N.C. old millionaire inventor in. 

volved in filmed sex orgies) 

with teen-age girls, today failed 

to appear in court, and tonight 
detectives were trying to deter-'! 
mine whether he had fled the’ 
court’s jurisdiction—or was! 

“He may be dead, for all 1} 
know,” his attorney, James D. 
C. Murray, told Judge Cyril! 
Brown when the White Russian | 
emigre failed to appear at 10 
a. m. to plead to 60 counts. 

Murray last saw Jerome at 

(3:15 p. m. Friday in-his law 

| offices. 

{in 1 

The inventor promised 
to be on hand in court. 
Detectives could find no a 
of the missing man at his home}. 
in. Massapequa, or his castle in 

Southampton. They planned to! ~ 

question the parents of all the 
20 girls ranging in age from 11) 
to 17 who were involved with) 
Jerome, on the chance that one 
had sought revenge on the in-| 
ventor. | 

The scandal was exposed last 
summer with the discovery of 

the movies after a $500,000 fire! 

in Jerome’s Farmers’ Market, 
Massapequa, os threats were 

made against him 
Also missing was Jerome's 
1950 black Cadallac convertible, 

New York-jicens« paltes, ND/ 
49-5 ga vee uthorities 

ites to neve for it. 


- % 






















«<- 4 FT. DOOR 

, eed 





Fr poors 



In this sketch of Arundel Park Hall, nine hodies were found at * 


ee. and one at * 


Alaska Plane Judd Lands in Paris, 
Wreck Found 9900 Miles From Cen! 

With 4 Alive 

NOME, Alaska, Jan. 30 
A wrecked National Guard 
plane was found on barren Se- 
ward Peninsula north of here 
today,.and all four men aboard 
were alive. 

One was frost-hitten badly 
and two others, including Brig 
Gen. John &. Noyes, were 
pinned in the wreckage. 

Alaska National Guard Head- 
quarters reported Maj. Robert 
Kolb, the Nome pilot, was 
pinned in the crashed plane 
with Gen. Noyes. 

Their condition was serious 

Sgt. Richard August of Nome, 
the mechanic on the flight, 
was brought here in a badly 
frozen condition 

The fourth man aboard, Maj 
Francis Siegwart, commander 
of the First Scout Battalion at 
Nome, was uninjured. 

The wrecked plane was found 
about 50 miles north of Nome. 

It had been missing since Fri- 

day. “Temperatures at night 
have dropped below zero. It was 
10 below last night. 

Paramedics of the 74th Res- 
cue Squadron flew to the area 
today after a search plane re- 
ported sighting the wrecked 

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Capt. William Judd’s solo at- He said he might have had 
tempt to. set enough fuel to reach Rome but 
a new, light- decided he was too tired 
plane, distance Judd bettered the time Char 
record from les A. Lindbergh set for the 
New York to 3600-mile trip 29 years ago by 
Cairo 9 hours, 14 minutes. 

Near exhaus- 
tion from con- 
ing the controls 


Jan. 30 —Ice, 
winds and overpowering fatigue 
today cut short by 2000 miles 


short in 

He fell more 
tance record set 
William P. Odom 

light plane d 



stop trip, he nearly folded up 
when he climbed out at Tous- 
sus-Le-Noble air field here 

to keep his flight from Honolulu to Teter 
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| Tuesday, January 31, 1956 

CHICAGO, Jan. 30 ®—Tokyo 
Roseg the honey-voiced Japa- 
nese radio broadcaster during 

World War I! who was released 

from prison 
Saturday, got 
the terms of’ 
her probation 
from the Gov- 
ernment today. 
Ben S. Meek- 
er, chief Fed- 
eral probation "= 
officer in Chi- 7& 
cago, told her: 4934 
She will have » 4 
to report to 
the probation 
department office at least once 
a month; she must not leave 
the Northern District of Illinois 
without permission: 
eschew narcotics and liquor. 


Tokyo Rose Given Terms 

To Rule Her Life Till 59 

She will not be a free woman 
until April 8, 1959, Meeker said, 

Iva Ikuko Toguri De’ Aquino, 
now 39, said: “I'm still im a 
daze.” Deportation papers have 
been served on her. 

Mrs. D’Aquino said her War- 
time broadcas s were made “un- 
der duress.” that she did not 
write the scripts and did not 
choose the records broadcast. 

She said that when she re- 
ceived word of the Japanese at- 
tack on Pearl Harbor, she went 
linto a state of shock for three 
She objected to making 
the broadcasts, she said, but had 
little choice in the matter 

She added that she has no 
plans for work and intended to 

she must live with her family here in 

Chicago for the time being. She 

and answer truthfully all ques- said she would like to stay in 
tions put to her by probation the United States and has no 


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ony ‘ 

Garase, 1419 Eve NW, 


4 Tuesday, January 31, 1956 

Around the World 


Communist China’s intention 

Li», mosa, if neces- 
| Saty, caused 

here tonight. 

Since the con- 
ference of Afri-| 
' can and Asian 
| nations in Ban- 
» dung last April, 
= Chou has not 

used the word 

“war” in state-| 
ments on the Formosa question, | 
as far as is known here. He} 
and his foreign minister have 
uséd phrases like “striving for’ 
the liberation of Formosa by 
peaceful means so far as it is 

Today's statement was there- 
fore seen as a deliberate de- 
parture from the policy of re-| 
straint in public.utterances. | 

The timing of Chou'’s speech’ 
was also held to be significant. 
First, it follows strong Chi- 
nese Communist criticisms of 

Big Tank Going Up 

TOKYO, Jan. 30—A spherical 
gas storage tank now being con- 
structed by the Tokyo Gas Co. 
is believed to be the largest in 
the world. It towers over & 
story buildings and has a diam- 
eter of 120 feet. It can store! 
enough gas to supply 33,000) 
households daily. 




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AIR | 

K St, N.W., Washinsten, D. 0. 
_ ST, 86767 or ST. 35-4111 


Communist Premier Chou En cans are stepping up military Anthony Eden. 
lai’s reaffirmation today of activity and tension in the For-| government, is fully aware of 
wom to fight for For hore believe the Geneva Am- 

of force. 

-hower and Prime Minister Sir) 
The Peiping 
Some diplomats the serious difference of view] fire agreements, 
between London and Washing- sources here said. 
ton over the Formosa Strait! 


conference on 

Second, it was probably de-'on the agenda. ‘diplomatic sources said 

Chou’s Talk. Disturbs London 

By Stanley Priddle pow United States’ attitude at signed to make an Impact on! But Britain’ will oppose 
| |Sino-American talks in Geneva the current Washington pect) Chou's suggestion of a new 
LONDON, Jan. 30—Chinese| and accusations that the Ameri- "85 between President sir, meeting of the Indochina ar-\j,mming plans, said Athens|ures is jamming, , an 
mistice powers to consider the|broadcasts beamed to Cyprus)“prenaratory steps” are being) 
implementation of the cease-\contain “incitements without taken’ But he added the hope 

diplomatic! precedent between allies.” 

[Britain to ‘Jam’ Greek Broadcasts to Cyprus 
LONDON, Jan. 30 —Thejhis government reserves the have killed 5 oe ge aescueron bm — that strikes po ey 

British government announced |right “to take any counter-|and seven Cypriot policemen the Colonial Secretary 

today it is taking steps to jam | measures a iduring a year-long campaign to! The British government, he 

| ; Mecessary and io British control of the east-\said, had made “continuous 
Greek broadcasts urging Cy-|justified to preserve Cypriot ern Mediterranean base. representations” to the Greek 

prus to rebel agaipst British and British lives from outrages; “.\ . In the eyes of most|government without success. 
rule. ‘directly provoked by these civilized people the voice that; Approximately 80 per cent of 
Colonial Secretary Alan Len- (Greek) broadcasts.” gives the broadcast is as aged population of Cyprus is of 

nox-Boyd, in announcing the| One of these counter-meas-\"" “°Cessory ® the murder as'Greek origi. 


he said d 

‘that negotiations on Cyprus 

The British jamming action “may lead to an end of these 

In view of the failure of the would be unprecedented. Brit-| broadcasts and consequently to 
‘j bassadors’ talks will shortly question and, presumably, as-| 1954 Korea,\ain never jammed Nazi propa-|the need to take such meas- Dr IRWIN GREGG of Denver Colo. 
% concern in of- collapse through a failure to sumes that Britain's objections) Britain will also oppose a new ganda broadcasts in World War | ures.” | ° 'd 
quarters agree to a mutual renunciation to the American guarantees to| conference about the contin- II and still gives clear channels 

the Chinese Nationalists are ued partition of that country,|tc Radio Moscow. ‘of Commons that terrorists, a)- 

Sunday, Feb. S—11 A.M. 


Lennox-Boyd told the House | 
The Colonial Secretary said legedly incited by Athens Radio, | 




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must be on guard constantly. That’s the reason for this 
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highways safely all the time, that’s the sjgn of a better 
future .’.. for you... for all of us. / 

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a » * ; , a 
x | ) 

Sees) Sw © 


Japan Assures ~ name 
| r & 

West of Amity, 

TOKYO, Jan. 30 (®—Japan's** * 
two top leaders today pledged sy 
cooperation with the United #2 
States and the anti-Communist 
world, a drive against Commu- 
nism at home and efforts to 
roll back some of the changes 
wrought by defeat and occupa- | 
tion. , 

In almost identical words in 


Where courtesy and cialis are traditional 

policy speeches to the Diet . 

(Parliament), Prime Minister ’ : 

Ichiro Hatoyama and Foreign wateyame peamessstmnsen e 
Minister Mamoru Shigemiisu 

said friendship with the United 
States would be a keynote of 
national policy as Japan gropes i” orld affairs 

 Hatoyama—without comment- 

ing on a new 

toward a more dominant role 



Radio Free Europe 
broadcasts have 
Puppet Reds running 
in circles 

Work practically stopped in a 
large Hungarian electrical plant 
after a Radio Free Europe truth 
broadcast exposed inefficiency | 
ie tien. Red b » ran drawal of American troops. 

wom SSP : 7 Shigemitsu, completely ignor- 
about accusing each other—t6 ing Russia's recent feeler to 
the workers’ amusement. re the technical state of war 

peace overture 
from Russia—deciared point+ 
ediy, “Striving for normaliza-| 
tion of relations with Comntu- 
nist states is one thing and 
coping with the propaganda of 
international communism is an- 

planned for the brid®s mother 

a dress that makes her the “second 


“\prettiest girl at the wedding,” 

other. The government is de- 
termined to. . take strict 
measures to defend freedom 

that heap compliments at her feet 

and democracy by preventing 
the infiltration of the ideology 
of communism among the peo- 
le.” 1 . 
Y Eolestaiieg said Japan “ob- V2 price sale 
viously cannot” recognize Red 
China as long as it also recog- 
nizes Nationalist China. But, 
he said, Japan will try to in- 
crease its trade with the Red 
mainland “within the bounds 
of our international commit- 

Both asked a continued build- 
up of Japan's growing military 
forces, keyed to eventual with- 

Balanced Beauty preparation 

to help firm sagging muscles 


Don't Stop Now the two countries have agreed by Kathleen Mary Quinlan 
a ; in London talks “on recogniz-| , 
Truthful Radio Free Europe ing mutually each other's in-| 
programs like this one hold ternational position as it is. On’ 
Communist Satellite leaders up this basis, negotiations are now Zz 50 
regularly 5.00 

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silk organza 

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to ridicule before their own proceeding smoothly concern- 

7 ing the... swbstance of the 
people. The truth proves Com- proposed peace treaty.” 
munism is not invincible... and Hatoyama called for over-' 
it keeps alive hope and contin- aul of Japan's occupation- 
ued resistance to Red oppression. sponsored constitution, govern- 
Only you can keep the Satellite ;,.., 

A lithe, young, long torso line, 
a volatile skirt and brief, cuffed 
Sleeves are climaxed by the 
lovely neckline. Its butterfly bows 

ment structure and school sys- 
“to attain real independ- 

sean 60 he Gm, See Fee lene, this formula specifically designed 
Truth Dollars today to— At home Hatoyama pledged. y 9 are caught by sparkling rhine 
“in time to come, a nationally for the problems of throat and neck. stone pins. Choose blue, rose, 
ae “eorka in "et the It helps firm, stimulate sagging gray or aqua. . . all planned to 
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starting with the building of ness. Apply nightly after cleansing. 49.95 
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projects to “absorb as many of 
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and “renovation of farming vil- 
lages and the promotion of me- 
® * dium and smal! industries.” 

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Mondays, Thursdays, Fridays, 9:30 to 9:30; other week doys, 9:30 to 6 

_ WASHINGTON: 10th, 11th, F ond G Sts. NW, District 7-577 

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ALEXANDRIA: 615 North Washington suet, King 8.1000 
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a SS eee 

a oe . ~ a, Same 

= i. : ee 

_— — 

p3 | cite Hate t. | 

Tuesday, January 31, 1956 ee 

3 > atl ES ene ee ne 



errs feeres ) ere rr 
OORT 8 ee erent eee ee rene 



Eastern Ave. 


Alabama Ave. 

Bhoppine Center 

Benning Rd. N.E. 

River Terrace 

feat Pieasant 

Sage effective Teday and Wednesdar. January 31 thre Febreary |}. 
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U. s. GRADE A doz. 

NEARBY ctn. 


| American 

Ike and 

EDEN—Frem Page I ° 

the President met last July 
at Geneva with Soviet Premier 
Nikolai Bulganin and former 
French Premier Edgar Faure. 

Eden Lauds Ike’s Reply | 

The President's negative. 
‘reply to Bulganin’s letter of 
last week, proposing a 20-year 
treaty of friendship, was dis- 
| cussed and Eden gave his 
| wholehearted approval as. he 
‘had earlier at a New ¥ork press | 
conference. There Eden termed | 
‘the Eisenhower answer “ad-'¢ 
imirable.” No further details of 
| the Eisenhower-Eden views on) 
Russian poves were made! 
| The British spokesman told | 
newsmen that the joint Anglio-| 
view on Soviet 
| policies was epitomized by the 
| President's reply to Bulganin, 
a letter which called for “deeds, 
not words” by Moscow on such 
problems as German reun- 
ification, disarmament and 
further East-West contacts 
The luncheon talk was said 
also to have covered an ex- 

President Eisenhower waves to onlookers as he escorts 

Eden Discuss Red Tactics 

week's talks and he repeated|American conference is due to destroyed by 

what he hdd said in New York 
—that nothing could make the 
British public happier than to 
know that the President's) 
health had improved so much | 
he could take part in such talks. 

“There is no man in our) 
country,” Eden added, “who is 
so widely loved from any for- 
eign land as your President.” 

loyd, making his first trip 
here as Foreign Secretary, said 
that if Britain and America 
stand together no task is im- 
possible, but if they “fall apart 
or are driven apart there is no. 
danger which may not befall 
the free world.” 

Visits White House 

in an American car flying both 
nations’ flags to Blair House 
where the Prime Minister will 
stay until Wednesday, when he 
will move 
bassy. Shortly after he arrived 
the noon air raid siren test 
roared out. Eden barely had 
time to 
House, official residence for 
the Nation’s guests, before he 

Internationa! News 

change of general views on the ~~ 
European situation, including 
the work of organizations in 
which both nations participate 
or have a close interest—the 
North Atlantic Treaty Organi- 
zation, the Organization for Eu- 
ropean Economic Cooperation 

recent developments.” 

and the Coal and Steel Commu-' steps. 

nity—and new trends toward in- proadiy. gave Eden a hearty 
creased European unity. There pendshake. The Prime Minis- 
was discusion under this last tor appeared somewhat tired, 
heading of the proposed six- but Mr. Eisenhower seemed in 
nation Euratom plan to pool top form. 

peaceful nuclear development, a When Eden saw 

proposal strongly backed by 

Washington but much less s0 jess in a brown worsted suit,| 
by London. Germany also was'the Prime Minister quickly 

discussed over lunch. 
Middle East Discussed 

After the luncheon, the Presi- 
dent retired for a rest. Eden, 
Dulles and Lloyd went to the 
Cabinet Room, where they met 
with assistants to discuss the 
Middle East exclusively from 
2:15 until about 4, when there 
was a 10-minute break. The 
President then joined the 
| group, Eden and Dulles brought 
him up-to-date on the discus- 
sions and the Middle Fast was 
further considered until the 
conference ended at 5:20 p. m.' formal statements for newsmen. 

The afternoon sessions, the The two men last met at the 
spokesmen said, covered the en- “Summit Conference.” 

peeled off his black overcoat 
with a velvet collar. He wore 
a double-breasted blue suit and 
a deep blue tie. 

Exchange Greetings 


thony?” said the 

“First rate, first rate,’ 
Eden as they 
steps. “And how are you?” in- 
quired Eden. The President 
whispered his answer through 
a cupped hand into Eden's ear 
and then chuckled. They posed 
for photographers, but made no 

tire Middle East, using that’ To ship reporters in New 
term to include all the Arab York. Eden said the Middle 
states and Israel and areas as 

we've come over here to talk 
about with our 

far east as Pakistan, éastern- 
most member of the Baghdad 
Pact. The American spokesman 
said there was no effort to reach 
conclusions Included in the 
|talks were both the IsraekArab details. 
conflict and British charges that 

some helpful contr ibutions.” 

On Israel's 

Saudi Arabia has been busy’ was a “matter for the United) Eden, 
causing trouble for the West in States.” 
other Arab lands The Prime Minister 

In the afternoon meeting, be- 
side the four leaders. were 
these Americans: Undersecre- 

mosa problem “hasn't changed.” 

r., Assistant Secretary for Eu- 
ropean Affairs Livingston Mer- trade bars on Red China, 
chant, Assistant Secretary for move opposed in Washington. 
the Middle East George Allen, 

Policy Planning Chief Robert Fly Here from N. ¥. 
Bowie and American Ambassa- 
dor to Britain Winthrop Al- 
drich. Other British partici- 
pants were Foreign Affairs Dep- 
uty Undersecretary Sir Harold 
Caccia, Sir Leslie Rowan of the 
Treasury, Foreign Affairs As 
sistant Undersecretary C. A. E. Columbine III for 
Shuckburgh and Ambassador hour-and-37-minute 
Sir Roger Makins. Also present Washington. 

were White House Press Secre-- Members of a Zionist youth 
tary James C. Hagerty, British organization known as Brit 
Information Counselor G. Trumpeldor paraded across the 
D’Archy Edmondston and sevy- street from the Hudson River 
eral others pier, where the liner docked, 
Talks Set for Today marching in the rain and carry- 

ing signs which read: 
' Eden, Lloyd and other British 
officials will meet at the State “London for 
Department with Dulles and his for Israel,” “No Munich for) 
assistants this morning before Washington,” “Appeasement | 
another White House luncheon leads to war” and “Sir Anthony, 
with the President. Last night go home.” The Negev reference 
Dulles was host at a 100-person was to Zionist fears that Britain 
formal dinner at the Pan Amer- seeks to have Israel give up the 
jican Union attended by all the — EE. PRS 

sons accompanying them 
reached New York yesterday 
morning aboard the Queen 
Elizabeth. After a shipboard 

‘top officials except Mr. Eisen- 
hower. The President is not 
‘taking part in any of the eve- 
ning dinners this week. HOME WN | 
| The Prime Minister, on his 0 ERS! 
arrival at the airport, declared Licr WITH US FoR 

the talks, though planned sev- 


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Prime Minister Eden into White House after greeting him. 

Ambassador Wilhem Munthe de 
| Morgenstierne, 
that the | “iplomatic corps. 

President was hatless and coat-| Eden Inspects Guard 

with a “welcome” and Eden re- 
plied “I'm very happy to see 
ihonor guard carrying the Brit- 
‘ish and American flags. There 
‘were no bands or guns, 
ever. It 
Eden had asked the same arri- 
d val arrangements as those for 
his predecessor, 
Churchill, on his last Washing- 
ton visit in 1954. 

“How have you been An- 

walked up the 

flecked with rain, joined Dulles 
and Lloyd inside the terminal, 
crophones and a circle of re- 
porters and cameramen. 

not forgotten Britain's heroic 
stand during World War II’ 
which made it 
East was “just one of the topics) j.jand to be “a 
the forces of despotism could 
American be rolled back.” 
friends. I believe we can make Britain and America have a 
common “background and tra- 
Eden would not be drawn intoidition of having worked to- 
request for gether for freedom and a just 
American arms, Eden said that! peace.” 

black homburg behind his back, 
said thanked Dulles, addressing him 
Britain's position on the For-|as 
Britain and America differ over commented that Eden had done 
tary of State Herbert Hoover the off-shore island issue. The'so many times before. 
British also want to loosen Pays Tribute to Ike 

jhe felt certain “we can make 
‘a serious and positive contribu- 

Eden, Lloyd and the 19 per- tion 

had to leave by car to drive 
across the street to the White 

eral months ago, could not have’ Negev area as part of a peace House. 
been “more timely, to judge by deal with Arab nations. 

| Today there will be morn- 
The Columbine III arrived ing and afternoon conferences 
15 a. m. at the MATS. termi- and another Presidential lunch- 


Mr. Eisenhower met Eden as'naj at National Airport, where eon. In the evening Dulles will 
he came up to the White House | Eden was met by Dulles, other|be host at a small stag dinner 
The President, grinning | State Department officials, Gen. |at his home. 

Maxwell D. Taylor, Army Chief 
of Staff, British Commonwealth 
Ambassadors and Norwegian’ 

Although the formal Anglo- 

Eden then dtove with Dulles 

to the British Em-, 

et settled at Blair 

_Stgoeern |. 

ao Shell 


nt warehouse 

cmt of this 

end Wednesday with a commu- 
nique, Eden will not leave up to $100,000 
Washington for Ottawa until 

Friday afternoon. Thursday he ° 
will visit and speak separately 
to the Senate and House and | 
deliver a natiénwide radio-TV | 
talk in the evening. Friday | 
‘morning he will hold a press| 
‘conference at the National | 
Press Club under the sanie 
rules governing those of the 

‘Dragnet’ Gets Britons 

LONDON, Jan. 30 # — The 
| American television program 
holds the record for 
viewers in Britain.. The Inde- 
pendent Television Authority 
says a record 1,459,000 persons 
watched a recent filmed show 
ing of the detective thriller. 




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1956. ) 
Agent or 

dean of the 

After Dulles greeted Eden 

Eden inspected an Army 

was explained that 


Eden, his face and coat 

they spoke before mi- 
Dulles said Americans have 
ssible for that 

ase from which 

He said that 

holding his 


“Foster—if I may call you 
Dulles laughed and 

The Prime Minister then said 



It’l] bring you your only chance this year to get 
LIFE regularly at a special moneysaving rate! 


to peace” during this 

news conference, they drove to) 
LaGuardia Field to board the’! 
the one-| 
flight to} 

“Ugly | 
head of Munich rising again,” | 
Britain— Negev | 


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€ uscaninay to DIVISION Or YATIONAL DISTILLERS me, CORP., baceo tes: KENTUCg 

Mollet to Seek 

Approval Today 

Nehru Drops 
States Plan 




z . 

Tuesday, Jenuary 31, 1956 


PARIS, Jan. 30 (‘#.—Premier-;European Socialist, take the Prices effective 
Designate Guy Mollet drafted Foreign Ministry, which Men. wy é 3 through Wed., 
today a platform designed to'des-France had coveted. The | alee EW DELHI, Jan. 30 wm) Feb. Is? 
put his Republican Front Cab-/MRP, which ‘blames Mendes-| ‘Prime Minister Jawaharlal 
inet into of. France for the collapse of the, Nehru admitted today he 
fice without uropean. Army. project in i. Ped rj 

saa il 1054, “had let Mollet know it Parraagtlngl 3c Anghes scaling 
votes could not support him if he put The re asm sha oo f 

Mollet, a So- Mendes-France in the job. ing as vnc oh | 
cialist, is fj in let City i) — 
clalisiy 4 Red Ships Seieed ae soe entndhcon Bo 
present his OSLO. Jan. 30 #®—The Nor- protest riots throughout India. | 
slate of 13 mtn. ss wegian navy swooped down on | The Prime Minister ap. 
isters and 22 ie a Russian fishing fleet in’ Nor- 'pealed to India’s millions not 
under secre- 4 ‘wegian waters today, captured ito let language differences dis- 
taries to the , 4 of the ships and sent more’ ~ |rupt the nation’s unity and 
National .A s Mollet than 70 others scurrying for progress. 
sembly Tues- the open sea. | Nehru addressed a. large 

day with an appeal for a vote 
of confidence which would for- 
mally invest him with political , 

The navy went into action 
after reports that the Russian 
fleet was “well within” Nor- 
ways 4-mile. limit. 

\crowd at a rally marking the 
eighth anniversary of the'* 
assassination of Mohandas K 


Sources close to Mollet said Swift armored boats dashed | He indicated. that future 
his platform will stress, among into the middle of the fleet. 35 O00 Mothers Mareh | State reorganizations would 
other points, reinforcement of catching it by surprise. Fisher- 9 depart from the previous lin- 
the North Atlantic Treaty Al- men hastily cut their herring- ‘guistic considerations a n d 
liance and a new drive for|flled nets and fled. but Nor- ° A ° /might follow the patfern set in 
Western European unification.| wegian forces boarded 4 mod For 0 10 i un oni | ithe recent merger of‘ Bihar and 
This meant, in. effect, that ern, 200-ton steel ships and : . Bengal states. In the latter . 
he was almost deliberately re-' placed their 40-man crews in case, the two states decided to 
nouncing Communist support custody. Between 7 and 8 o'clock to-'chairman of the District March| join into one unit despite 16 
in a play for votes from the night, 35,000 marching moth- of Dimes said funds are stil] different languages. 
Popular Republicans (MRP), a Cambodia Gets Arms ers will call on every home in|. .4.g on improving anti-polio Nehru said he was mistaken 

slightly left of center Catholic the Washington area where in accepting the language spo- 


group whieh is the French ' : porch light burns in their an- V@ccine. He pointed out it will| ken as a norm for fixing state | 
equivalent of a Christain Demo- 16-The United Siaan catlisors nual crusade for funds to fight be five years before there is boundaries. He sounded | 2¢t Your FREE Catalog and Saver Book at 
“oe toh i asm ae? also ge ry aid mission today handed over Polio enough vaccine for everyone. (strong warning that the pres-|all Md. & Va. Food Towns... You receive 
cient neutratiity {. eg ; ? ~<’ are . , wr , “met , F 
Scheer damien sain ca ba to Cambodia armored vehicles’) [he mothers gry a com mane urged area residents to ent “roe would break India|] King Korn Stamp for every 10¢ in Pur- 
“ . and jeeps worth $800,000 paign is headed by Robert M.turn on their porch lights to- 4par an erect wunscalable | 
with ss Foreign Minis T was the first direct de- Averill, whose wife spent eight night. Apaftment dwellers Walls between province and chases In no time at all you will have 
ter Ant . , > . ‘ 
ae venga des og, 3 so a livery of United States military —_- . ogg? and ewer —. vad . eg eee ge or province. enough for the Gifts of your choice—S TAR Ff 
let 8} iyment to Cambodia under 2UStice Eat arren, whose scarf to their door knobs, —s niuiiecens TODAY! 
afternoon in conference with gape tory gid emreement Goat. see, Gaon OR OPO a PE Se ee EP ieee eee ee ’ 
Pierre Mendes-France, his af ai teat , Fi Sarees aid tack of polio in 1950 Last year the Mothers’ March || Llterally Hundreds of Nationally Advertised Gifts 
partner in the Republican! 8"ee eo, Francis J. Kane, general collected $77,000. | - 
Front coalition. Mendes-France | “45 given through France, Food Town Bonus Stamps will still be used and 
is slated to enter the Cabinet The equipment delivered to- ‘Be Sie rr Shelving, Plywood; Everything given away in the’ Food Town Washington, D. C., 
age. .. day included jeeps, three-quar- : | Stores for valuable gifts. However Local Law requires 
as a minister without portfolio : , R ' | 
Mollet and Mendes - France ter-ton trucks. armored cars. Relief Funds Lag Cuese« bf ho UCKER LUMBER us to charge 25< pius required number of stamps. 
worked together on the draft halftracks and howitzer car- I, FU eA 
of the Cabinet policy state- «> DAMASCUS, Syria, Jan. 30 . yas ‘ | 1320 Wilson Bivd. JAckson 4-1234 , 
a Prenc ‘IENNA, Austria, Jan. 30 +—————— _-—----- 
ment ‘which is also expected| yc. Henry Labouisse, French di : . 3 On Food Town's Two Grade Beef 
to emphasize a solution to the Nasser Given Plane ‘rector general of the U. N. Re- Meteorological instruments of) - ____Advertiooment ave n o n “ e © 
Algerian problem, govern- Reuters ‘lief and Works Agency for Pal-| unknown origin have been ) - . 
mental reforms, economic’ CAIRO, Jan. 30~—Czech Min-\estine refugees, reports the|parachuted into the Austrian sUCcOS ty h i 
policy and, perhaps, a change ister to Egypt Arnost Kaprisek, |agency so far has received only | Tyrol with instruction in many > Lean Bone ess Economy USDA Cc oice 
in the electoral system today presented Egyptian Pre-'$3 million of $26 million sought | languages offering rewards for may be the couse wags Oe 
Mendes-France made an im- mier Gamel Abdel Nasser with |to carry of UNRWA work for their return, police reported esto a cot a, 
portant contribution for pos- a two-engine, S-seater plane, as 1955-56. He expects to tour! But the instructions did not . ne? wt Ib. 4% Ib. dh 
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Boneless Butts 

) NEW YORK, an. 

¥Y. Dally 
Soviet boycott of the United 
Nations General Assembly In- 
terim Committee went into its\* 
10th year today 4 
when Russia “hy £2 
and the satel- 
lite countries 
stayed away 
from a meet- 
of to elect 
ficeérs for 

rhe Commit- 
i|tee snet for 10 
‘minutes and 

Osear Thorsing Carias 

of Sweden and Dr. Tiburcio 
|\Carias of Honduras as chair- 
'man and vice chairman, but 
did it without the help of the 
nine-nation Soviet bloc and 32 
\other members of the 76-nation 
| Committee who failed to show 
| up. 


Reds Shun U.N. 
Unit 10th Year 

man foreign ‘ministry spokes-'saw Pact allies thought of a 

News Service 

Committee is of value, although 

it has seen little action since 

inception, a United States 
kesman said. 

The delegates who turned 
out apparently did mot share 
_Lodge’s views. Before the méet- 
ling they joked about the im- 
'portance of the Committee and 
ithe scanty attendance. 

Agency Revision Plans 
To Be Circulated in U.N. 

Jan. 30 #—The 

cided today to circulate to all 

U. N. members two plans for 
the composition of 

‘some of its principal subs 
lary organizations in view 


ithe membership increase to 76 


'Bulganin “eould ‘bring about a 

United Na- 
‘itieons Latin American bloc de- 


rts [ke 

Bonn Suppo 
In Rej jecting Red Pact} 


BONN, Jan. 30—A West Ger-|Soviet government and its War-' 

man said today the West Ger-| European ‘security system in-' 
man go.ernment “agrees Un-) paper | a reunited Germany, 
condit'‘onally” with President' he sai : 
Eistr.hower's call for deeds, not; In Paris, the conservative-in- 
worcs, in rejecting Russia's dependent newspaper, Le 
offer of a 20-year friendship’ Monde, commenting on Bulgan- 
treaty. \. jin’s offer, said “nobody could 
The West Germans said the | reasonably suppose Moscow ex- 
measures suggested by Presi- pected this proposal to be 
dent Eisenhower in his reply taken seriously.” 
to Russ arshal Nikolat | Le Monde added that Fisen- 
hower'’s rejection of the pro- 
bo» pact was ee. , 
It said the measures “were @ Bewepaper a: it -seeme 
also seen as thé, program for oat Bulganin “was trying to 

rgdical change in“political con- 
ditions in the world.” 


take’ up again the dialogue/it’ is a propaganda line which 
| with the West with a view to\one hopes would have little 
‘later talks, and to strike Asian|effect in the West, where peo- 
imaginations—‘we offered aiple know what was the weight 
‘friendship pact to the Ameri-|of the most solemn non-a ion 
cans and they would not have'sion facts from 1939 to 1 

entantemen: owe Ee ae ee aoe 


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Pm ; ye. <=; e); at : 

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cat food gives ma mg strong 

teeth and claws, a ine coat 
Lhe fer. 

\\t . 

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future negotiations” and added’ 
that their realization “would! 
guarantee lasting peace.” + 

Erich Ollenhauer, leader of| 

the Social Democratic Party, 
said the Eis@énhower - Bulganin 
exchanges offered Opportunity 
of re-opening international dis- 
cussions on reducing world ten 
sion and disarmament. 

The West German govern- 

The Bellows partners 

In a 2-hour caucus, the 20- 

| The Russians have boycotted) ment must establish how the 


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‘the Committee since it was 

jereated at the behest of the 

United States in 1947 to assist 
the Assembly between sessions 
‘on matters of international 
peace and security, They claim 
the Committee is illegal, un- 
constitutional and a means of 
bypassing the Security Council. 

United States Ambassador 
Henry Cabot Lodge Jdr., at- 
tended the meeting rather than 
delegate an alternate because 
wanted to show that the 
United States still believes the 




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nation group heard plans ad- 
vanced by Chile and Ecuador 
Neither plan was indorsed spe- 

The Chilean plan would di 
vide the Economic and Social 
Council into two bodies. The 
plan would in 
crease the size of both ECOSOC 
and the International Court of 
Justice in direct proportion to 
the increase in the U. N.’s total 

_ Drydock in Operation 
NAPLES, Italy, Jan. 30 F 
‘The huge $12.5 million Naples 
erhdnaan after 40 years of plan- 
ning and intermittent work. 

went into operation last week 

It is 350 yards long and 
‘capable of handling 80,000-to 


We haven't played 
cards for weeks. 
Let's have a game 

I'll celebrate with 
some new packs 

Pakistan Asks 
Talks With India 

On Kashmir Issue 

KARACHL, Jan. 30—A spokes 
man for Pakistan Premier Mo 
hamed Ali today called on 
India to support a renewed 
effort to settle the protracted 
dispute between India and Paki. 
stan over Kashmir 
Ali might meet Indian Prime 
Minister Jawaharlal Nehru if 
there was “substantial indica 
tion” on the part of India that 
she would be prepared to solve 
yn the Kashmir issue by direct 
negotiations, a Foreign Minis. 
spokesman said 
Hie was commenting on 
ported efforts being made by 
Ghazanfar Ali Khan. Pakistan’s 
High Commissioner in India, to 
mect Nehru and if possible ar 
range for a meeting between 
the two premiers. 


D. ¢ 

On 5-Month Voyage 

SINGAPORE, Jan. 30 W@ 
Jacob L. Crane, an American 
government economist turned 
adventurer, left yesterday with 
two French Companions aboard 
a 42foot sailing cutter for a 
five-month voyage to France. 

Crane, 34, formerly served 
with an economic mission from 
the U. §. International Coop- 
eration Administration (ICA) to 
Indochina A native of Lake 
Forest, Ill, his home fs in 
Washington, D. C, 

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“wyp . 

Tuesday, January 31, 1956 9 


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a. £2.60 22 fa. to 

THE WASHINGTON POST and TIMES HERALD | ) . ciation, said the evidence of the 
10 clog inches te ny wae ‘ Fluoride Dentifrice Effectiveness Doubted ot tan tenons ot nee 

_ CHICAGO, Jan. 30 (INS):fluoride dentrifice is effective | pastes is “quite limited” in con- 

The American Dental Associa-\in preventing tooth decay. trast to overwhelm 
tion reported today there is no Dr. Harold Hillenbrand of effectiveness of aotie 

Battery Men Win Shower P ay Co __—,,ee 
In Appeal to Supreme Court yl 

By mene a Moulton | It ruled that taking a shower! The Court also held that!plan for the Missouri Pacific . ; a * : 

nied Press and changing clothes jis part of packinghouse workers must be Railroad Co. oe. eg 4 
The Supreme Court wrote aithe day’s work for men em- paid for time they spend sharp- The U. S. Circuit Court in: ee ee ® WIDTHS AA to EEEEE 

legal footnote yesterday to the ployed around acid vats in a... hei Ps St. Louis upheld the reorgan-’ ae” oe , 

portal-to-portal pay controversy battery factory. Therefore, it ening t eir knives before the ization plan approved by the! Stites § se . s SIZES 5 to 15 
of 1947. said, they must be paid for it. |regular shift begins, Interstate Commerce Commis- Be Se | 
a —— —— wena «= In a third but unrelated labor sion in 1954. The plan gives’ 
: ——~—lease, the Court agreed to de-| recognition to the present com- 
cide whether & state may pass|™on stock, about half of which 

‘is owned by. Ro re! 
its own labor law to regulate a Alleghany hg te R Young's | Aesecteted Prete 

MAN OR WOMAN WANTED en ectivity ‘walcn’ See: w) . . ROK General Slain 
‘ regulated by the Federal Taft- Briefs Denied Texas. | 

TO TAKE OVER GREETING CARD DISTRIBUTORSHIP Hartley Law. Virginia in Work Case | OY See oan bavchtn at 
: The portal-to-portal pay con- International News Service , ~ ° . e epu e 
AND SERVICE STORES 18 SPARE TIME troversy stemmed from an) >, Gasceme Const veater Korea’s counter - intelligence 
earlier ruling by the Court that of . we ’ eorps, was assassinated as he =| 
We are looking for « reliable person in this area who is workers should be paid for all) °?y ssw ve general ode in his jeep in Seoul. Two || 
capable of handling our greeting card distributorship and ‘time spent from entering a % 4©*45 an ‘irginia the right 
ee ; ; <|to file briefs in the Nebraska’ ™€® in ROK army uniforms 
will give stores prompt service. We are a 25-year old factory until departing. This)... htt k” ’ , dcove am becbée the Generel |i 
Greeting Card Publisher with a tremendously successful included time spent in chang- “fabeneke averta mbes tete| and ay! ie Ghnce times. | 
: 5 e = 

line now being sold in thousands of retail stores around the ing work clothes. 
Unions promptly filed claims laws giving a worker the right The assailants escaped. 

country. The man or woman selected will find this a high! &. 

waar operation which can be handled in your aa for millions of dollars in back)‘. ee whether © jin a 

time. Larger territory is available for prosperous full-time pay on the basis of the ruling. pers his se has vert . . 

business. xperionct aot qecestery. This ie 2 seeady, poor But Congress intervened to @Ppea ed and t e Hizh Court it violates Interstate Commerce ise a 

‘round repeat business that is non-seasonal. If you are block the suits with a law stat-|0@s agreed to review it provisions. 2a 
\ing that an employe need not be The Tennessee law provides 

tallies ah cur brag wea dmegiing ays Tae sinad ties ‘paid for activities which are in- Review of Tennessee ‘ that milk products from out-of-! ? 

' eg . cidental to his main job. . : state may not be sold in Ten-| > 
Washington. D. Cc. | : meg : 
personal interview in Washington C., write fully about The Court’s opinions yester- Milk Law Rejected nessee at less than local pre-| = 

aeepe ~ yo Rag ee «ey ee wietae anne ~ day, written by Chief Justice The Supreme Court rejected) vailing prices. Wisconsin ar- 
‘ ISHERS, 39 Milwouk Earl Warren, held that, despite yesterday Wisconsin's plea that gued that this gives Tennessee 
venue, Chicago 22, the 1947 law, workers must be/it review a Tennessee milk-|dairymen a virtual monopoly, 
paid for duties performed be- marketing law on grounds that in their state. 
fore or after regular shifts— . | 
provided these chores are a 
necessary part of their regular 

bo Hosmer Sees Slide Peril 

—~— Objectors to Railroad 

wv iy |Peoresnisction Lowe | At Glen Canyon Project 



Th: Supreme Court vyester- 
= iday refused to grant a hearing 

Ne, i | io objectors to a reorganization By Nate Haseltine . ’ . 
Reach Evrope . : \. a : e pa. ¥ ee MB Staff Reporter eae 
* Fes a | A California Congressman Bae) , 
relaxed and refreshed . last night charged that future 
. 7 .\ FA MA © U Ss ‘mudslides and: crumbling river ®) @. 7 | | oe 
walls could turn the proposed © 7 A ie : 
by France-Afloat EORER SR Ea ay Sh Canyon Dam ate és multi- ae 3 : . FLORSHEIM’S PREMIUM HEATHER CALFSKIN with stitched 
‘million dollar mud-puddle. fee | _ oo ES EE iy tip becomes more famous month by month as the shoe every 

D . q fe Ze Y | Rep. Craig Hosmer (R-Calif.) me | . x : es man can wear' Made on an easy-fitting last, it comes in 

GMs on ‘said the reservoir site on the © BROWN or BLACK with heavy premium leather sole 


Colorado River is lined for 30 ks : 
‘miles with mudstone cliffs “so|> x soe 18°” 
soft that it swells to nearly |z eS: eros 

¢& WV | oe twice its size, and disintegrates ' oS a Other Florsheims 17.95 and higher 
te L | . 

when touched by water.” 
; | His grim picture, however, | ' " ; 
— | : was labeled “4 trementoun Headquarters in Washington for 
; oe . ‘ . | |amount | 

of exaggeration” by Men's & Women’s Florsheims 

4 | | > Pe 3 Acting Commissioner E. G. Niel-| 
SAILING SOON from New York fp piiae sees eee sen, of the Interior Depart- 
the 1 OS ‘ment’s Bureau of Reclamation. 

|Federal geologists, Nielsen said. 

j Bs : 3 ‘ Be 
} tB Ip MAR , Meio teal «=—=és| have studied the area well and | [= 
Lee ao ‘“iust don’t see any such! : | ae 
: 3 Ce —_ . : danger.” . ee | oie ee 7th & K 14th &2 G *3113 14th "4483 CONN. 
' 1 . At wey | The proposed 700-foot-high| E aS ee ee ‘SILVER SPRING, MD. *Open 9:30 to 9 daily 

LIBERTE dam would back up waters of “se See saieteiith tia ads eeet is 4 ce, Ok 

. Berd we f% z 
LIBERTE : ee Bee ithe Colorado River for nearly ee . ee 
| Beet: 200 miles and its tributary, the i fon. sent ae CLARENSE VA. Upon 9:50 ty 7 ety Shaws. Fee 
FEB. thre APRIL, 1956 Sailings from NEW YORK: Liberte, Feb. 16, Mer. 3, Mar. 21, Sein, |San Juan River, some 70 miles. (> elena te 
April 6, April 26. We de France, Mar. 16, Aprit 14. | " It is a key unit in the four-state nternational News 
| se ef lags od te becor Colorado power and rec- Rep. Craig Hosmer (R-Calif.) | 
Write Taylor & Siedd, Box 1132, amation project. demonstrates how the pro- | 
724 Fifteenth St., NW, W., Weshingtes, 0. C, Hosmer stirred samples : 
French dine EX ecutive 3-6265 poco» aay fer Hee 20 pege lame called Chinle ate in| posed Upper Colorado water | 
CONSULT YOUR AUTHORIZED FRENCH LINE TRAVEL AGENT ‘ashtrays with tap water to| storage project would become 

‘see Se SS eS SE SE SE eS eee ES eee eee oe AT YOUR GROCER’S demonstrate how the rock @ “billion-dollar mudhole.” 
iturns to flowing mud on con- | 

tact with water. Within five 
iminutes the samples gbecame 
gooey and could be stirred into 

mud with a pencil 
He said he obtained the sam- 7 

iples on a helicopter flight with 

itwo independent geologists to : 
the reservoir site, some 55 to 

70 miles upstream from the as CS 
dam site near the Utah-Arizona 

border. Financing of the whole 

$4-billion project would col- TO THE 
lapse if mudslides made the 

$421-million dam and reservoir 
unusable, Hosmer said. 

The Californian said _ that 
only geologists can compre- 
hend the landslides “of unbe-' 
‘llevable size” that might occur 
when the Chinle shale is 


An immediate rebuttal was ] 860 1 h 
entered by Rep. ‘Wiliam " Miles Shorter! 
Dawson, (R-Utah). author of one 7 ] es 

bill to set up the project. 
“Rep. Hosmer is attempting 
to make us believe,”. Dawson Shortcut to the Far East! Fly 

bd >» > - x 
National Distillers Prod j ; | tered, “that a few days 
. ae oducls Oy ~ ' CoSneer ee, ° ae Turbo-Consteliations on NWA's 
J} ral liom spent in the general area by Great Circle R shorted: feat. 

himself and others from South- 
ern California can destroy two es! from anywhere in the United 

1s pleased to announce fen 7 decades of careful work by Stotes! 
: | tgome of the Nation's greatest 

its appointment by : 7 | "Rielsen admitted that Chinle TOKYO... .........$586,00 
ea shale is soft and weak, but dis- TAIPEI............$648.00 

puted that it would behave as 

W . Hosmer claimed. The ~ forma- 

mm. Sanderson & Son, Ltd. tions, none closer than 40 miles HONG KONG......$648.00 
to the dam, have already been Thru plone service from Formose by ar- 
exposed to ground level water rongement with Hong Kong Airwoys 

| Cc} _ without disintegration, he said 
of “ith, Scotland : “Actually, Chinle shale re- MANILA..........$648.00 
sists water pretty well,” Niel- (AM teres teuriet, plus teal 
So sen said. “Currents may erode 
7 - . A 
as le Importers for the United States it, but little such action is ex- YOU'RE ABSPECIAL GUEST 
“ : | pected (in the reservoir form- anes Yeu Ht SSirw weer 
> ‘ . ing).” . 
of | ; | The Senate has already 
pasesd the authorization bill 
which is now awaiting final 
‘House action. Hosmer an-' 
‘mounced he has sent letters to 
‘President Eisenhower, Interior 

Secretary Douglas McKay, and , 
‘Chairman Clair Engle, (D- Wherever you're going, 

= ete . Calif.) asking that legislative phone Northwest! 

action be held off “pending a 

ee. | Lae full and complete geological! 
. survey and report of the site.”; ° 9000 

Jicket office: 1519 K. St. NW. 

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or your trove! ogent 

SAYS: lLeok at 
Your Car! You 
bumpers, WEAK. 

in collisions, 
ONLY ebout 
1% of the 

Be oo 
* es a se) 
emit © 1956 Aute Div. USMM, 
Don't be footed by big bumpers. 
it's wise to wait for 




. ‘Tuesday, January 31, 1956 di 



——— = . TT —- — ——- = - 
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_-—— —— - Eee teense — = LL _ 
* — - o TT : ‘ — an = — — . LL LC — - ——_$_$______—__ — 
~ - _ ——~——. ~ = Le Set-attssetenasentumeanemenmeoneen ne ~ - — - _ - - -- LL a = - - — _- ————- — 
_- — ~-— _ —_ ———_ —_ _—— ox - = = — =n —_—_——_—_— — rr eee — — — —— _~ 
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27 = a , : a 

- Po . “< 4 
Fo z : 
x? % eee? fon a . me ; ; yi ¢ : Pe : ; as , 
‘ : ef -* Po ee : iain 5 . he ce 
7 ge ie ~S " , J . a hf, 
4 we ae Zz : ne ie te : a i: ~ f ww ,. 
rT ie oak ui pin, SOM i ae 
2  - ny > bre } A 
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‘4d oe 

oka : 

it aWwa 


», . “Ve : 4 : \ ; Ss - 

12 Tuesday, January 31, 1956 _ eee 

\Ike Cuts Jobless 

Witness-List Wrangles Mark 

Hearing on Economic Report 

Associated Press 
The Senate-House Economic list. 

Committee wrangled heatedly 
the choice of Committee said in a statement 

yesterday over 
withess called for 
i on Presi- 

Eisenhow- © 
ers economic 

The closed- | 
d@or proceed- © 
ings were sup- 

* . 

sion were tak- 

en up with arguments over Re- Council of Economic Advisers. 

- a ee 

publican attacks on the witness, 

\Saturday that politicians 

* partisan basis” to the 

hower Administration had been ters not covered in it. 

lected to alternate with “Ad- 
inistration witnesses.” 
| One Democratic Committee session was 
imember said any 
change the list was deferred edited it. 
until the chairman, Sen. Paul 
H. Douglas (D-Ill), 

The Democratic Committee declining 

The procedure for handling ployment Security. 
returns | Burns’ testimony was agreed on 

Fund Due to Rise | 
In Employment 

Associated Press 
terday advised Congress to cut 

$30.5 million from one 
of his budget for the fiscal’ 

At the same time, the Presi- 
dent asked an inerease of $994,- 

being made for 

Eisenhower yes- Gen. 

said last night that two years 
item before Pearl H rbor he pre- dino, Ridgway wrote 
third of a series of articles for try, 
the Saturday Evening Post. The very handily.” 

Army learned the -weak spots| i aati nl 
and where to correct them. 
Then the former Army Chief 

year starting July 1 because of /Pared the plans for a training 
unemployment! maneuver based on assumption 
member, who declined use of among veterans and Govern- that the Pacific Fleet would be 
The six GOP members of the pis name. said Burns took the Ment workers. 
position that he could not an- 
to bé “opposed on a *wer questions critical of the 995 in the $15,214,104 he had not specify by what officials) of Staff commented: 
Eisen-| 1956 report or on economic mat- budgeted for expense of Unit- that this basic assumption was 

ed States participation in the |«pantastic.” | 
He said Bugns took this posi- United Nations for calendar 

seri 1956. . 
tion because a transcript of the The reduction of $30. mil- Rideway received the backing 

action to later release after Burns has lion is in funds for the Labor|of the War Department for 

knocked out at that naval base. 
He said he was told (he did 

However, the 

Ridgway Recalls Army Exercise in (39 
‘Based on Knockout Blow to U.S. Fleet 

Associated Press 
Matthew #8. Ridgway three big 

then Colonel 

Department's Bureau of Em-'conducting the logistics train- 

ing plan, which was to test the 
The Bureau now finds it will| Army’s ability to get troop and 

‘from Chicago. Douglas did not last year after he objected to need $27.5 million less than it|cargo trains across the conti- 

‘attend yesterday's session. 

| The only witness called yes- because of his confidential re-/compensation to veterans and cal . 
terday was Dr. Arthur F. Burns, lationship with the President.|$3 million less than it figured armies on the West Coast. | 

chairman of 
in public. 

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the President's Other witnesses will be heard for compensation to Govern- 

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testifying at a public hearing (anticipated for unemployment/|nent to cope with a theoreti- 
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three enemy 

Top railroad men left their) 
\desks to help operate the trans-| 

“Two years later, when the 


Crazy from Coughing? 

YY yy 

‘portation systems through the) Pacific fleet had been tempo- 2 
bottlenecks — Spo- rarily knocked out at Pearl Har- 
kane, Ogden and San Bernar-’ bor, 

and men and munitions 

in the were pouring across the coun- 

this knowledge came in| 


Dee te an errer an sdéverticoment 
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i = 

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Gov. Williams Advocates 
A Bold Party Program -* 

ship” of all the American peo- 
ple for a sound 

WILLIAMS—fFrom FP. I ability.” He said he was more income is down and 12% mil- 
iinterested “in programs than lion “family units” are living development of 
eral Government should put up| candidates.” ‘on subsistence wages. t 

all that money, but we must | 
talk in larger terms.” 
Stevenson, in his NEA speech, 

lion-a-year Democratic school 
eonstruction program still 
pending before Congress. Stev- 
enson in the same speech criti-| 
cized the Administration's orig- 
inal school program as “inade 
quate” and “deceptive.” 

Williams called the Adminis 
tration’s new proposal for a) 
program of $250 million a year 
for five years a drop in the! 
bucket for a generation that 
“needs Einsteins.” 

The Michigan governor de- 
clined to speculate on the 1956 
Democratic ticket, saying he 
was “more concerned with what 
the candidates were for, than 
who they would be.” 

In answer to questions, Wil- 
liams said he understood that 
Stevenson has said he is not 
for a moderation program and 
then added: “If he proves that, 
Tll be right behind him All 
I am saying is that Democrats 
have got to come out for a 
bold and courageous program.” 

Williams predicted he (Wil- 
liams) will again be the fa- 
vorite son choice of his Michi- 
gan delegation, but dodgéd 
questions on his own “avail- 

Senate to Vote 
Monday on 
Gas Measure 

By Herbert Foster 
United Press 

The Senate agreed unani- 
mously yesterday to limit de- 
bate and start voting next Mon- 
day on a controversial bill to 
exempt independent natural 
gas producers from direct Fed- 
eral control. 

The heated debate, which has 
eplit both parties, has been 
going on for two weeks. 

The split was emphasized 
yesterday when Senate Demo- 
cratic whip Earle C. Clements 
(Ky.) announced that he will 
vote against the bill, which has 
the support of party leader 
Lyndon B. Johnson (Tex.). 

Under the unanimous con- 
sent agreement, debate will be 
limited to one hour on each 
amendment or motion starting 
next Monday. Debate on final 
passage will be limited to three 

The Senate also agreed to 
meet at 10 a. m. Monday, two 
hours earlier than usual, in 
hopes of reaching a final vote 
the same day. Debate will be 
divided equally between sup- 
porters and opponents. 

Clements normally works 
hand-in-glove with Johnson. In 
announcing his oposition to the 
bill, he praised the “courtesy 
and consideration shown in the 
debate,” He said he is “pleased | 
that we can disagree one with 
the other without challenging 

The legislation, already 
passed by the House, would re- 
move producers of natural gas 
from direct regulation by the 
Federal Power Commission. 
Opponents say it would lead to 
increased consumer prices. 

Johnson, a leading supporter 
of the measure, said yesterday 
he was sure it would be ap- 

roved, but declined to specu- 
ate when the vote would come. 
The debate already has lasted 
two weeks. 

The Democratic leader gave 
the first indication of a speed- 

up by advancing today’s ses-|, 

sion from noon to ll a. m. He 
also urged Senators taking part 
in the debate to stick to the 

Clements said he is against 
the bill because “the very na- 
ture of the natural gas busi- 
ness makes it a public utility.” 
He said the price charged by 
as producers “rightfully be- 
ongs’ under Federal regula- 
tion because it becomes part 
of the price charged to the 

Sen. Wayne Morse (D-Ore.), 
who also spoke against the bill, 
said there is “no prospect” of 
a Presidential veto if the Sen- 
ate passes it. He said the leg- 
islation “is right in line with 
an anti-federalist attitude” of 
the Eisenhower Administration. 

“The Senate ts the last real 

hope for preventing a raid upon 
the consumers of America,” 
Morse said. 

2 Illegal Oysterers 
Draw Fines of $1112 

30 (Spl.) — Two Piney Point, 
Md., men today were given fines 
totaling $1112.50 after they 
were found guilty of illegal 
oystering by Trial Magistrate 
J. Walter Abell. 

Francis R. Goddard and 
David ©. McKenney were ar- 
rested Jan. 13 by Tidewater 
and Fisheries Inspector Harry 
T. Yeatman. He charged: them 
with having unculled oysters 
aboard Goddard's boat,.kaving 
no oystering license, having an 
unlawful dredge and having no 
name or license number aboard 
the vessel. McKenney said he 
would appeal the conviction to 
Cireuit Court. 

EAR Any Cough 

When a cough starts begin usin 
Creomulsion quick for Beers oc Be 4 
laxing, phiegm loosening help. You'll 
like its results better than other medi- 
cine or druggist refunds your money. 
No narcotics. Pleasant to take. 

crat tore 
slogan of 

oi ' ty,” asking: “What Peace? What'so far as consumers are con- 
was supportin e $400-mil-| ity?” , a 06 , 
as supp - Prosperity’ cerned, and said he is “working er, McKay said 

He said there are “just as|to defeat it.” 
many trouble spots in the| Asked about the roposed|easy to meet | 
world” as when Democrats left antisegregation amendment to|“glji of the tre- 2 
office and Republicans have|the school construction bill; mendous and 
come up with “no positive pro-|he said it wouldn’t be needed! accelerating 
grams to bring peace.” As for|ifythe Administration would |“levies” on natural resources. |Congress during its current’ ment 
| prosperity, he said profits of|stop allotting Federal funds to .vies” on natural resources. s€ssion. $239,500,000—more than triple 
little business are down, big segregated schools and hos-' “Our system of individual en- McKay also said foundations the $77,400,000 previous high 

| business profits are up, farm' pitals. terprise with the Government!were laid in 1955 for “one of of 1954. Most of this gain, Mc-| | eee, 

Interior Secretary Douglas 

the Michigan Demo-. Williams called the natural | 
into the Republican|gas bill, now pending before | 
“Peace and Prosperi- the Senate, a “gouge” measure | 

he Nation's 
‘natural re 

In his annual 
report to Presi- 
dent Eisenhow- 

‘it will not be 

Realism Urged in Resources Use 

United Press working constructively to aid/the most rewarding eras in the! jy 
and assist but not to dominate history of wildlife conservation| He said more Indians are me, 
said yesterday there one Bape ge said best meet the in this country. | receiving help in relocating 
must be a “realistic partner-/PTOP*’™, De saic. _ | As for U. §. territories, he|themselves and their families 
McKay said the Bureau of said Alaska made rapid gains|and in educating themselves 
Mines ‘outlined several poten-in economic development. He than ever before. 
tially ge bo deposits of fis said public improvements 1 1 cheers 1] 
sionable elements in 1955 in were made in Alaska, the Vir. 7s 
Idaho, Georgia, Montana, South gin Islands and Guam. McKay ‘Atte UN TANCY 
Carolina and Washington. reiterated that statehood for i 
He said the Bureau's four Hawaii is a “logical necessity.” 

helium plants shipped a record) The U. S. Geological Survey ‘ prepere , ™ 
222 million cubic feet in 1955— during the year received record’ fis poutinns’.ca proton 
25 per cent mote than in 1954./ royalties from mineral and pe-' besis for edvencement te 

He said a 10-year program(troleum leases on public lands,| executive pests... leeds te 8.¢.4, 
as launched to make National McKay said. Petroleum leases! degree. l-yeer gredvete course for 
Pak facilities available to 80 alone netted the Government) ™.5. degree. 
miljon visitors by 1966. The $39,222,638. | Ask for 49th Yeor Book 

program will be submitted to| The Bureau of Land Manage- ' BENJAMIN FRANKLIN UNIVERSITY 

had record earnings of} | 3196 youn $e... w 



Tuesday, January 31, 1956 13 

Kay said, was from first-year | 
royalties on oil and gas leases: 



Intensive 2-yeer dey or 
3-yeer evening program 




DELTA brings the 

warmth of Southern 

hospitality to 
SKICG. .: .. 

ae es 


4 Age tee Pere | * 

J oe angio , 
ca ats as ; ; “ os > ae 
‘Gein <iaie sil ne 

‘ c< 
——— oe 
g © 

es oT ae ie ae 
. oe & , re a” ae ee as bs 
i. Pa ie te ” 

4 ~ a4 

te ES 

sag 8 

The Golden Crown DC-7 route to Atlanta, New Orleans 
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TOMORROW MORNING, when Delta's first Golden Crown 
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There had to be a better word for this than “service.” 
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hospitality. On Delta, it’s from the heart, 

You first notice Delta's special kind of hospitality 
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10:25 am -Golden Crown DC-7 to Atlanta . 
and New Orleans 

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ve : ‘ 


or well, as you requested when you made your reservations. 

Delta’s been flying folks across the South for 25 years 
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more than TWO MILLION passengers chose Delta in 
1955 .. . as Delta flew over a BILLION passenger miles. 

All Delta flights to New York land at the new Newark 
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Only 20 minutes from_the West Side Air Terminal at 
42nd and 10th Avenue. 

Call early for seats. We are starting with just six 
flights a day—but April will see double this number 
available, for service both South and to New York. Gold- 
en Crown DC-7’s and DC-7 night coach services will be 
extended to Houston. 

Going South, you-all? Call Delta! 

Me en fee “et A a ee 

Connections to all Dixie oro 
° a A my 
-_——— New Direct Routings te New York a sey pee 
——— Other Delia Routes wareeg | \ eervesueen ——~ 
—-—— Thru-plane Interchange Services eee bfapincenne 
bias — eve Saitwore 
 4O~ Het or 
e er coun Cine aM 

SAneas Creve 

Call Your Travel Agent or Delta at District 7-9463 


1519 **K” St., N.W. (next to Statler) 

Tuesday, January 31, 1956 


of the World’s Leading 
Airlines have selected 


By Albon B. Hailey 

Staff Reporter vestigations. 

© | Hughes said he forged Carr's 
Pres: Maas, Ween oe en name to the “special authoriza- 

H. Hughes took the witness tion” letter at the instigation 
stand in his own defense today of  Fritchey. Hughes said 
during his Federal Court trial|Fritchey told him he needed 
on six counts of perjury and | the letter to give to another 
' ' “group” of persons. 

said he deliberately lied when) 

he represented himself as a 
McCarthy Committee investi- 

letter on McCarthy committee 

ator in 1953-54. stationery, which he “just 
~ Hughes conceded under| Walked in and took” from the 

crossexamination that he had| committee office. 


Hughes Admits ‘Deliberate’ Lies 

lcommittee on Permanent In-)9, when Hughes told him notes|down, but came back in with was being called before the 

he had gathered relative to\some notes on Feb. 83. He grand jury last spring 

‘Matusow were in the safe- 
‘keeping of a friend in Denver. 

Glass said Hughes told him 
he had kept notes “for his own 
/protection” when he realized 

‘that his work for Rauh had an. 
“Sievers” or Hughes’ “friend in’ Be 

“inflammatory” nature. Glass 

Hughes testified he wrote the|:ectiged Hughes tried to per- 

‘suade the FBI to advance him 

$100 as “half” of the fare for 

an airplane trip to Denver to 
iget his “notes.” 

they came in when Glass 

wanted to see it, Glass said. 
The FBI agent also said he 

was never able to check on) 

Assistant United States At-' 
torney Thomas A. Bolan testi-' 
fied Rauh’s testimony differed) 
slightly from a statement Rauh| 

nesses had been 

ee oe 


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told a “deliberate and down-| Hughes’ story of his role in| 
right” falsehood during a meet-|furnishing fraudulent informa-) _ 
‘ing in “early October or late/tion on the McCarthy commit-'f 
November” of 1953 with retired|tee-staff differed widely from) 
Brig. Gen. Cornelius J. Mara/that of Fritchey, Rauh and 11 q 
at Mara’s home in Alexandria,| other Government witnesses. (§ 
Va. Fritchey and Rauh testified|f 
| United States Attorney Paifl|they accepted Hughes’ role as a\f 
|W. Williams contends that it\disgruntled McCarthy investi-) 
was this meeting that set off a|gator in good faith. They also)} 
“fantastic scheme” by Hughes|said neither knew Hughes was|} 
to make money off persons he|dealing with both until after) > 
could interest in a mass of| Hughes’ story was checked and jj 
material that suggested “illegal| found false. 
acts” by the McCarthy staff. Hughes’ story was checked 
Under questioning by Wil-\out by The Washington Post 
liams, Hughes conceded his and Times Herald, found false 
story of having access to the|and turned down after Rauh 
McCarthy Committee files in-| turned over Hughes’ material to |} 
duced Clayton Fritchey to the newspaper first in June | ft 
“bite” and agree to help and then again in the fall of 
‘Hughes try to bring the al-/ 1954. 
leged misdeeds to light. | The Government contends 
| Hughes, 35-year-old Air Force that after Hughes’ sto was 
veteran from Alexandria, testi-|found to be a fraud and none 
fied that his pose as a McCarthy of his material was ever print- 
i limvestigator was a fraud and|ed, Hughes went to the FBI 
that every document he had|a@nd before a Federal Grand) 
‘offered to Fritchey suggesting|JUTY invesigating the turnabout | 
illegal activity by the McCarthy|0f former Communist Harvey’ 
staff was false and a “complete | Matusow. 
fabrication.” | The grand jury | 
Under questioning by De-|Hughes and charged he lied 

li ks. Ne 74 @ 7 
inks ‘New YorksWashington 
ee es a aa ts fense Attorney Martin Erd--When he suggested that Rauh 
gh aga ; ° mann, Hughes testified he was| 4nd several other persons knew 
an t wit ‘guided in gathering the fabri-|that Matusow was going to re- 
bz . | p ' . a ‘ . ‘ 

‘cated material derogatory to'cant his testimony as a Gov- 

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ask by name for new Magno - Nujol 

Glass said Hugh i , 
ghes was turned had given him when Hughes ington Post and Times Herald 


Oe —_ 
: ge ser _ 
—— sa ss = o = a. 2 

Announces the Spring Semester (Fifth Year) of the 


(open to all members of the Bar) 
February 6, 1956 to May 18, 1956 

2 Hours, Monday, 5°45 to 7:30 P.M 
Adjunct Professor Joba Eris Powell, B.S. LLB 
2 Hours, Monday, 5:45 to 7:30 P.M 
Dean Panl R. Dean, A.B. LL.B., LL.M. Dean. School of Law, Georgetou ”" Uo wstcers f* i ‘ 
2 Hours, Monday, 5:45 to 7:30 P.M 

Adjunct Professor Frank C. Nash, A.B., LL.B., J.D., LL.D, former Assistant Secretary of Defense in Charee of International 
Security, Nash, Abern & Abell, Washington, D. C. 

2 Hours, Tuesday, 5:45 to 7:30 P.M 

Adjunct Professor Cyrus S$. Ching, A.B., LL.B., former Director, Federal Mediation and Conciliation Service 
Adjunct Professor Walter A. Maggiolo, A.B., LL.B., former General Counsel and Assistant to the Di ector, Federal Media 
tion and Conciliation Service. 

2 Hours, Tuesday, 5:45 to 7:30 PM 
Professor Leonard J. Emmerglick, A.B., LL.B., Professor of Law, 
2 Hours, Tuesday, 5:45 to 7:30 P.M 
Adjunct Professor Adrian S. Fisher, A.B... LL.B.. Vice President and Counsel 
State Department; former General Counsel, Atomic Energy Commission 
Arbitration, The Hague. 

2 Hours, Wednesday, 5:45 to 7:30 P.M 
Adjunct Professor Albert E. 1B... LL.B. Parines 
2 Hours, Wednesday, 5:45 to 7:30 P.M 
Dean Frank J. Dugan, A.B., LL.B., LL.M., Dean, Graduate School of Law, Ger 
2 Hours, Thursday, 5:45 to 7:30 P.M 
Adiunct Protessor Gerritt W. Wesselink. A.B.. LIB... As 
Siates Air Forces: formerly member of Air Force Panel 
2 Hours, Thursday, 5:45 to 7:30 P.M 

Adjunct Professor Stanley D. Metzger, A.B. LLB Assistant Legal Aduiser tor Economic Affairs Department of State 

2 Hours, Thursday, 5:45 to 7:30 P.M 
Adjunct Professor Lowis A. Boxleitner, A.B.. 11_.B.. Siepioe & lobunson, Washington, D. C 


2 Hours, Thursday, 5:45 to 7:30 P.M 

Adjunct Professor Paul D. Canton A.B., B.S... ALD.. LL.B... Professor of Legal Medicine Georgetown Universuty School of 


Dean Francis M. Forster. B.S.. B.M.. M.D.. Dean of Georgetown University School of Medi 

Murray M. Robinson, A.B. M.D., Visitene Lecturer. 

Adjunct Professor William Cahill, BS., LL.B., Partner, Weinberg & Green, Baltimore, Md 

2 Hours, Friday, 5:45 to 7:30 P.M 

Adjunct Professor Bartholomew A. Diggins, B.S., LL.B., Pariner, Diggins & LeBlan 

2 Hours, Friday, 5:45 to 7:30 P.M 

Adjunct Professor Sidney B. Jacoby, LL.B., }.D 

2 Hours, Friday, 5:45 to 7:30-P.M 

Deen Paul R. Dean. A.B., LL.B... LL.M.. Dean. School of Lau Georgetown Universty Law Center 

Adjunct Profesior Edward J. Schmuck, LL.B., General Counsel, Acacia Mutual Lile insurance Co.. Washington. D. ¢ 
Adjunct Professor Joseph L. Whyte, BS., LL.B. Trust Officer, American Security & Trust Company, Washington, D. C. 


LL.M., Lie. Se. Pol 



en ae ee ee 


Georgetown University Law Center 
‘Sen. Joseph R. McCarthy (R-\|ernment witness in Communist 
Wis.) first by Fritchey, deputy trials here in 1952. 
ichairman of the Democratic| Hughes testified he had > 
National Committee, and later agreed to turn over to Fritchey 
by Joseph L. Rauh Jr., chair- all the Committee material de- 
i'man of Americans for Demo- rogatory to McCarthy he could. 
cratic Action. |'Hughes added that Fritchey 

Among the documentsisaid if it was impossible for 
Hughes admitted he forged was| Hughes to get “legitimate” 
a photostat of a letter of “spe-| material to bring in “fictitious” 
cial] authorization” purportedly; material that would be used 
signed by Francis P. Carr, chief\for “pressure purposes only.” 
linvestigator of the McCarthy’ Erdmann’s first defense wit 
Committee. The letter, dated ness today was an FBI agent. 
Dec. 1. 1953, purportedly iden-'C. Edwin Glass, who said he 
tified Hughes as a “top secret” received:a telegram from a 
investigator. Hughes claimed “Duke Sievers’ on Feb. 7, 1955, 
he carried it as a member of suggesting that he see Hughes 

_ | MeCarthy’s private payroll. “immediately for new details” 

Hughes readily admitted he about Matusow. 
had never been employed by Glass said he arranged a 

| MeCarthy or the Senate Sub- meeting with Hughes on Feb 

formes Legal Adviser. 
l, weted Siales Pane: 

The Wasi magton Post 

Member Permanent Court of 

frent, Berce, Fax & Arent. Washington. D. C 

mse _» 

Boerd or 

nciate ct mera. % 
Armed Services 

avrge of Procaremen 
Contract Appeai: 

- >| 
hc iol 

@ Traffic Clogs Baltimore 
As Strike Hits Transit | 

By Frank R. Kent Jr. 

Stafl Reporter 

BALTIMORE, Jan. 30—Balti-|without obtaining the consent 
‘'moreans awoke to a blue Mon- of those previously aboard, as 
day today with a transit strike,,is normally required.  Balti- 
similar to the walkout that more cabs operate on the ff 
isnaried Washington streets|)meter system, involving time'> 
‘last summer, compounding a rather than distance, and some | 
cheerless mid-winter drizzle. of the drivers were reaping a ff 

This city of nearly a million, harvest in the slow-moving 
was left without bus or trolley | traffic. d 
service at midnight Sunday' The transit union is asking ff 
i? hen approximately 2000'25 cents more an hour for its ' 

imé, V isstong Lecturer 

W ashin 

Atiorney, Department of lustie 

drivers and maintenance work- drivers and maintenance men, | 
‘ers struck. Policemen went on|Whose base pay was $1.90, un- f 
‘double shift today with their|der the contract that expired i 
‘fingers crossed that stoppage|Saturday. [t also asks that fu-| 
‘would not last as long as Wash-|ture contract disputes be stb- 
‘ington’s 52-day summer transit| mitted to arbitration, a reduc-'f 
| walkout. ‘tion in the work week from | 
| An estimated 23,000 more|42% hours to 40, guaranteed ff 
| passenger cars took to the monthly pensions of $75, eight ff 
‘streets as word of the strike|paid holidays and seven paid 
‘was broadcast. Traffic Direc-| sick leave days annually. 

tor Henry A. Barnes said ap-|._. a 

proximately 5600 additional 
parking spaces were provided 
‘through relaxation of regula- 
itions. The two-hour -parking 
‘limit was lifted, as were restric’ 
‘tions on many “no-parking” 

Barnes said parking meter 
regulation remained intact in. 
order to spur a turnover ip 
vehicles left gn the streets. 

Barnes said’ Monday's always 
‘heavy traffic was hampered by 
the additional automobiles 
brought downtown and by the 
rain. He pointed out that many 
of Baltimore's’ downtown 
streets are narrow by modern 
standards, particularly when 
compared with Washington's 
broad thoroughfares. 

The Public Service Commis- 
sion authorized a few subur- 
ban bus lines making limited 
runs into the city to pick up 
passengers along the way. Taxi 
drivers were permitted to take 
as many riders as possible 

All classes meet at 506 E Street, N.W. Classes meet from 5:45 to 7:30 P.M. 


These courses are available not only to graduate students but to members of anv Bar who are interested 
in continuing their legal education or who are working in a particular field For further rmation 
contact the Registrar, Georgetown University Law Center, 506 E Street, N.\W.—NAtional 8-7061. Reg- 
istration, |1 A.M. to | P.M. o¢ 2:30 P.M. te 5:30 P.M. on weekdays 


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the Caribbean. Beginning tomorrow, Delta will 
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tween those cities and Atlanta and New Orleans 

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Liquor Store, 

Gittleman’s market at 654 19th 
st. ne., and asked for two bottles | 
of beer. Gittleman, 65, who! 
lives over his store, walked into 
ithe cooler and was told to stay! 
| there. One of the men took $77 
from the cash register. 

A gunman entered the Crown 
liquor store at 1641 Connecti- 
cut ave. nw., ordered Rubin 

> Gertz, 42, of 1366 Tewkesbury 

ve st. nw., to turn over the money! 

and not miake a sound. He 
pointed a revolver at Gertz. 

“Take the money,” said Gertz, 

handing over $277, “but keep 

your finger off that trigger.” 

Te Man Gets Year | 

Worlds Snest S trerg/l Cngines Tn Station Theft 

YOUNG MEN! JOIN THE U.S. AIR FORCE | A SSyearcld Washington! 
man was sentenced yesterday | 
to 12 months in the Fairfax 
-|County jail for breaking into a 
service station and stealing! 



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The United States Senate this week j is winding up debate on the Harris-Fulbright Bill. If it passes, you and 

every other gas consumer will be forced to pay needlessly higher gas bills. 

Indications are that the handful of giant oil companies, which control the natural gas supply, immediately 
will boost prices 15c per thousand cubic feet. This will cost America’s gas users over $958,000,000 a year. 

That's almost a billion dollars stolen from the pockets of gas consumers and put into the tills of the 
fabulously rich oil interests. 

Last year, the oil and gas lobby bulldozed its bill through the U. S. House of Representatives by just six 
votes. This lobby—one of the richest and most skillful in history—is trying to do the same thing in the U. S. 

Senate right now. The vote will be very close, and it will cut across party lines. 

The best chance to block the gas bill—this big steal—is to let your Senators know that you are aware of 
what is going on. In this election year, gas consumers have a good chance to combat the oil and natural gas 

lobby, if they act right now. 
The showdown vote may come late this week or early next week so there’s no time to lose. 
The issue is clear: 

If the Senate turns down the natural gas bill, you will be protected. Natural gas prices will continue to 

be that the American consumer will be protected against unjustified price increases. 

If the bill passes, the big gas producers will charge the public all the traffic will bear. Since these producers 
also control the oil industry, fuel oil bills too are almost certain to go up immediately. 

Unless enough Senators can be persuaded to stand their ground now against the huge, 

rich oil lobby, American consumers are going to have to pay almost a billion dollars a year 

more for gas. 

The Natural Gas Bill 
NOW Before The Senate Takes 
950 A Year Out of Your Pocket—For Life! 


WHY SHOULD GAS BE EXEMPT? Government regulation . . . city, state or ‘ 
federal... protects you, the consumer, against excessive charges in all these other 
monopoly-type industries: Telephone, Telegraph, Water, Electric, Bus-Truch, 
Railroad and Airline. Why should the gas producers be allowed to charge anything 
they can get away with? 

Put it this way: If the natural gas bill passes, you are going to pay at least $50 more a year from now on, 

just to keep the home fires burning. 

And then the price gouging would really start. 

. . . 
Gas Consumers in This Area Alone 
Hho nant of gas goes up, it paves the way for higher charges for electricity, oil, coal and other Will Pay 9/,830,900 More 9 Year 

This opens the door to even higher gas prices in the future. 

A relative handful of big producers actually control the natural gas industry. They've built it into the sixth Money like that is the best reason in the world why gas users in this area—and every other— 
largest industry in the nation. should write or wire their Senators urging defeat of the natural gas bill. Testimony before the 

Once you sign up for their gas, you're a captive customer. You're hooked. It would cost you real money Federal Power Commission shows the above figure is the probable annual increase in the gas bill— 
to convert your furnace or replace your stove and refrigerator. just for the District of Columbia, Delaware and Maryland area. 

Your local gas distributing company can’t do much to help you. Most of them are opposed to this bill | 
too. They too don't want to be forced to pay higher rates for the gas they buy. That's why it is so very important that your Senators not only VOTE to defeat the gas bill, but 

It’s going to take a lot of quick determined action on the part of gas consumers to block the oil- that they work on other Senators to stand with them. 

gas lobby in its billion dollar steal. You've got to act fast to save the day . . . and your money. Urge your Senator to stop this raid on your pocketbook! You've got a lot to gain 
That means YOU, your neighbor, and consumer groups in your community. by letting him know where you stand. 

What YOU Can Do About It—If You ACT NOW 

Send your wires, postcards and letters to: 

You can help prevent the planned great gas robbery by wiring or writing today to the two United States 

Your State Senator Your State Senator 
Senators from your state. There is not a moment to lose. Urge them to protect your interests by working and Senate Office Building Senate Office Building 
Washington, D. C. Washington, D. C. 

voting against the natura! gas bill now before the Senate. 

This advertisement is published in the Public 
interest by the United Automobile, Aircraft, 
Agricultural Implement Workers of America. 

@ WALTER P. REUTHER, Presidene EMIL MAZEY, Sec-Treem 

a PATRICK GREATHOUSE, Vice Presidents 

16 Tuesday, January 31, 1956 cone 



BEACH—From Page I 

rial of Chief 

ba arrested for throwing, microphone was pushed 
against Dunn's house. through another hole in the 
Gonfronting the pair at head- wall and attached by Fletcher 
rs, Dunn “positively” in the adjoining cabin to the 
@entified Odey as the man springs of a bed. 
who had assaulted him. Fifty yards away, lying in a 


R swamp, was Dunn. He saw two! 
Tape nding involved men drive up in an unmarked| 

sAfter Odey was held for the sedan. A man identified as) 
1956 grand jury, James|Chief Johnson went inside one 

E Heath, Dunn's attorney went cabin. 

Wefore Justice E. V. Gresham) During the conversation be- 

and declared he had evidence tween Johnson and Fletcher in 


erty owners, 

Veto Sought | 

For Owners 
Of Property 

By Bill in 

By Rober 

RICHMOND, Va., Jan. 30—A 

RICHMOND, Va., Jan. 30—~A 

bill introduced in the State Sen-| 

ate today would let Arlington: 
County voters decide whether 

or not property owners should) 

have veto power in bond issue) 

. The bill was introduced by| Gay 
State Sen. Charles R. Fenwick @aa@ 
It calls for a| See 
referendum to be held in No @ 

of Arlington. 

vember, 1956, on the quéstion 
of bond issue veto power. 

If Arlington County voters 
approved veto power for prop- 
then voting on) 
bond issue questions would be} 

| Bill was introduced in the 
|House of Delegates today to 
|take away Arlington's elected 
| School Board. 

Members of Arlington's dele- 
gation to the General Assembly 
immediately announced they 
would fight the measure. Two 
of them questioned its legality. 

The bill was introduced by 
| Del. Frank Moncure of Stafford 
County, who said he had been 
swamped with requests from 
'Arlington residents pleading 
that the School Board be 
stopped from going ahead with 
DEL, FRANK MONCURE _s plans to integrate some schools 

Associated Press 

Board Hit 
Assembly — 

t E. Baker 


board, Arlington County has 
develuped an outstanding 
school system. r 

“Surely, in view of this ree- 
jord, the Virginia Legislature 
will not withdraw the right it 
gave to Virginia citizens in 
1947 to select school board 
members by the niost demod- 
cratic of all methods, election 
by the people. 

“Most Arlingtonians will also 
resent the efforts of a few Ar- 
lington citizens to obtain by 
state legislation that which 
they failed to.obtain in the 
election held on Nov. 8, 1955, 
when more than 20,000 citizens 
expressed their wishes at the 

... introduces bill | in September. 

Moncure, who once referred 
to Arlington as a county of 
“erackpots and pinkos,” said 
his bill was not “punitive” in 

vote by property owners and) 
he vote by non-property qwn-|-~ 

ers (primarily apartment dwell- 

tHat an officer of the Common- the cabin, Fletcher made men- 
= prior to this solicited tion of the $500 offer made him 
etcher to commit felonious earlier “for working the editor 
assault on Dunn over.” This tape recording, con- 
Heath said a tape recording tents of which Wahab has made 

Ror into two categories: The) 

State Sen. Charles R. Fen- 
ers). wick of Arlington said he was 
“distressed” the bill was intro- 

Under Fenwick's legislation, 

‘was made of a conversation be-| public, is expected to be intro- nature. It was signed by 36) duced, adding, “I will, of course, 
tween the officer and Fletcher. duced at the trial. ; Pay Be gerd tige egg og . other members of the 100-mem- Oppose this measure with the 
Commonwealth Attorney Fletcher Speaks to Dunn A ; Gus this ten bee feeme Integration | ber House. hope that on mature reflection, 

‘letcher Spe ti ‘ ss . | Moncure also said he thought the sponsors will not insist 

ithe “people who are complain- 

ling are in the minority but: 

‘there are thousands of native 
q| sons and daughters up there 
that got to be considered.” 

A reliable source said the 
League of Women Voters yes-|disfranchisement move would 
that much remains| implement the “intent of the 

ray Commission program.” 

This source, a co-patron of 
the bill, said the Gray program 
The “fact sheet”—which went would give local school boards | 
points out) broad powers in dealing with| 

the Arlington County Board)that of the 3047 Negroes enrol- the ae eee eek COUGHS DUE T0 COLDS 

recently. The Board voted three jedq in county schools. only 490 
to one to ask for legislation ot ; ewes 4 could control the degree of 
restricting bond issue votes to are eénrolle in integrate integration would be through 
schools—or 16.1 per cent of the the Circuit Court judges and 
You Get Prompt Relief With 
Father John's Medicine 

Robert S. Wahab said he had 
iverheard parts of the conver- The cabin meeting was ar-| 
gation and all of the tape re- ranged after Fletcher, reading 
m@ording. He said he could about the blackjacking of Dunn, | 
Sdentify the officer. Gresham informed the editor of the at-| 
subsequently issued a warrent« tempt to hire him to do the 

would be defeated regardless 
lof the vote of the non-prop- S N d 
erty owners. - tatus ote 

If the property owners ap-! 
proved the bond issue, however,’ A 17-page pamplet publishe 
then the total vote would be by the Montgomery Countty 
taken into consideration. Thus, 
it would be possible for prop- 
erty owners to vote for a bond terday says 
issue but be outweighed—and to be done before integration 
ithe bond issue defeated by the is completed in the county. 
apartment dwellers. 
| Fenwick’s bill is a com- 
promise of a request made by ©" sale yesterday— 

upon their bill,” 

The bill was referred to the 
House Privileges and Elections 
Committee, whose chairman, 
Delegate Roy B. Davis of Hali- 
fax County, said hearings would 
be held if the patrons request- 
ed. Moncure said he would ask 
for hearings if he found any 

By Jim McNamara. Staff Photographer 

‘Frozen’ Baby Gets Bottle 

A foundling boy whose body temperature was 73 when he 
was admitted to District General Hospital Sunday is given 
a drink of water by Dr. Bevely Fee, pediatric resident at 
the hospital, yesterday. The baby's temperature was above 
normal.yesterday but his condition still was listed as criti- 
cal. He was found on the steps of her home by Cathleen 
Weber, 5616 Eads st. ne. 

or the arrest of Chief Johnson. ne Pg gen b motel 
court and who recently was'| 
a leetes ioan? “viene elected Justice of the Peace, 
tense,” Chief Johnson declined | 5#/4 he declined the offer. 
ao make any statement before) Two days after the cabin 
the saw a lawyer. He asked for meeting two Princess Anne 
= two-week postponement,|County patrolmen picked 
gvhich was granted. Johnson Fletcher up at his home and 
@sked to be relieved of his du-\@ok him to Wahab’s office. 
dies pending the outcome of his After 12 hours there, Fletcher 
Sease. Later, Johnson issued this: Signed a statement saying that 
statement: “A bench warrant Johnson was not the man who 
ued this evening alleging "ad more him the offer. 
at I 20 ] ici te d one Silas. At this point, Johnson was re- 

Dealers Urged to Back 
Fincher tp commit on eset nied my ober Cet by DS@LLEL Roads Campaign 

@ deliberate frame.” About 40 hours later Fletcher, | 

property owners. In many 
sintee tn. Vinainle. cele eros: Negro school children in the the school boards themselves. 
erty owners are permitted to county. | ee en eee — 
vote on bond issues. | “There are still a coonsider-| Ardington in the same Viewinis 
“ . i 
Also yesterday Delegate!able number of Negro children counties—Circuit Court judges 

Don't let coughs 

from colds cause loss of normal 

William Randolph Hearst Jr; “Let me put it this way,” he 

= Evidence against Johnson in the presence of Wahab and) J James M. Thompson of Alexan-| jjy : 
Sonsisted of five witnesses who Several other witnesses, repudi-| yesterday urged car dealers and|S4id. “How many refrigerators|dria sponsored a bill which uving mm cowsesunty ergy tot muggy ao school hs oe slew. 
*Dverheard him talking to ated his gt statement €X-' representatives of the auto-| Would y nclaberbnd tn reir permit municipalities to aoe as ad haan pons Sd oem Tinie sc na Father John’s Medicine gives 
' iw oneratin ohnson. , , aes @ Te-\se iti ry Chase and Scotland, who | = s. ! f h hs 
letcher in a motel. They were ing motive industry to give active| frigerators were cmpledine sad t up parking authorities to evy e an source said, the Assembty| quick relief from such coug 

finance off-street parking lots are being transported as much 
by revenue bonds. 

. W. Oliver Jr. local dairy-- “Wahab,” he said, “betrayed 

(Flecther’s my confidence and deceived me would have more control over 

jas 12 files to Negro elemen-' Arlington’s integration policies 

by soothing the throat. 

support to the campaign for|killing and maiming every- 

John Miles better roads. body around the house? 


- -in- th: into giving him that statement. , : resoluti : 

a Mechel” Wiewiniom Diet He Selenite’ to be my friend. _ The editor-in-chief of Hearst; “How long would it take the Fenwick oo pen agra q | tary schools, the fact sheet says. | if ra elected board was 

Feborter, and Wahab. This case is far from closed.” |Newspapers and chairman of/Government to regulate the study by the Virginia Advisory; Detailing the program put in “SR * Dershel ss 
Wahab, who had the support Wahab categorically and in- the Advisory Council to the manufacture and sale of such|Lesislative Council on the pres-' effect in the fall of 1955, the « hh RB nd om, Arann 

of the Kellam machine in his dignantly denied that any President's Committee for Traf-| equipment? ‘ent methods of allocating high- " hile th school Board chairman, said 

race for Commonwealth's At- duress, promise of reward, fic Safety, spoke at a luncheon; Announcing plans for four way funds, the representation men nee UN Ve z ogee. on the Moncure 

meeting of the Inter-Industry 
Highway Safety Committee in 
the Sheraton-Park Hotel. A. 
Zandervee, Committee Chair- 
man and vice president of the 
Chrysler Corp., presided at the 

regional meetings this spring 
to enlist citizen support for 

on the state highway commis-|JUnior colleges are theoretical- 
sion and the organization of! ly desegregated, at the present. 

traffic safety, Hearst asked his/ yj; , ‘ 
' ghway construction districts. | ;; ' : 
auditors “to make yourselves) The ‘Cosneninaian would re- ime there ae Be wie OF) 

as large a part of the move-|nort to the Governor by Sep- dents attending Carver Junior | 
ment as time and energy will '/tember—raising the possibility) College. Nor are any Negro) 

torney, had been driven to a threats of force, or administra- 
darkened motel cabin without tion of drugs was used in ob- 
Bnowing the identity of the/taining Fletcher's statement. 
persons involved. He said, however, that since 
They arrived three the situations have become so 

“During the eight years it! 
has had an elective school! 

to find 

absolute minimum rather than to pass in 1955 to effective’ 

holes drilled in the wall which confused, there was nothing to : : Ss ” ‘ 
separated cabins 19 and 20. do,but have a full-scale trial of mere gg Rage Li aa ye M Noting the “limited point of special General Assembly students attending Montgomery YES, BUT | FLY LL = 
While the five men waited, a the charge against Johnson. | National Automobile Dealers view” of modern Mghway| tise Gene ere County Junior College, the| LUFTHANSA vs . ‘ 
en te ——____ | Association. Opponents, Hearst stated, “We!r.y will introduce an identical “Casue Says. although some} 
‘| Hearst warned that the cur-|can't look at this terrible and measure, which has the Gover-| 'estoes are expected to be ad- | = 
|rent traffic death toll couldidisgraceful problem from a nor’s approval in the House mitted to CPC and whites to TO EUROPE 
, # ‘result in a décision by many|limited point of view any ' ~~ | Carver next semester. | | ie , A 
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Italian Boot (or almost anywhere else on earth) since 1816! risk death or injury. | opposition. ) subyrban junior and senior) mor aw A ores r. 
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pamphlet says. 

The reassignment of children 
from four substandard Negro 
elementary schools to previous- 
ly all-white schools is described. 
At present, the League Says, 
330 Negro elementary school | 
children are attending inte-| 
grated schools. 

On the staff level, six Negro 
teachers, all in the elementary 
schools, were assigned to pre- 
viously white schools. Classes 
for the adult education pro- 
gram and for handicapped 
children have been desegre- 

The pamphiet 

Richard B. Rogers, 37, a truck 
driver, of 418 7th st. sw., was 
found dead on the charred 
/mattress of his bed yesterday. 
‘Coroner A. Magruder MacDon- 
'ald issued a certificate of death 
due to asphyxiation and car- 
bon monoxide poisoning. 
| Capt. Richard J. Felber of 

The Allied Civie Group, Inc.,|\the homicide squad said the 
of Silver Spring passed a resolu-| fire apparently was started by 
tion last night urging the Mont-'a cigarette. The mattress only 
gomery County Planning Com-|smouldered because of lack of 
mission to enact and put in ef-|oxygen in the room. There 
fect a permanent zoning ordi-| were only minor burns on Rog- 
nance and map for the Upper ers’ body, he said. 
Montgomery County Planning| Rogers’ death was discovered 

| | 
Pope’s Health Group Urges 

Is Good. Says Fomine tor 
Msgr. Sheehy s — 

Pope. Pius’ eyes—"“keen and Upper County 

kindly”"—are an indication of 
his present good health, the 
Right Rev. Mgsr. Maurice S. 
Sheehy believes. 

Mgsr. Sheehy—head of the 
Department of Religious Educa- 
tion and a rear admiral in the 



is available 

Chaplain's Corps of the Naval District. by his landlord, Vincent Beans, from the League, 937 Pershing 

Reserve—had an audience with; The resolution, which also|when he went to the room to'drive, Silver Spring, for 10 1511 K Street: N.\W.. Washington ®@ Phone District 7-5819 

the Holy Father Friday at the urged that the Planning Com-| awaken Rogers. icents. : ° 

Wotton mission base the ordinance and/| : ‘ 
map on the plan submitted by) Advertisement Advertisement — a 

The monsignor came away 
from the audience deeply im- 
pressed by the Pontiff's vigor 
and apparent recovery from. the 
serious illness he suffered some 
months ago. 

Msgr. Sheey has had four 
audiences with the Holy Fath“, 
and he seemed at the last one 
“just as alert as when I met him 

in 1951,” he said. 
Members of the 

‘ar Driver Die: 
household told Msgr. Sheehy Ca I river Dies 
they had despaired of the 

Pope’s life during his iiness, | OE Heart Attack 

and they attributed his recovery | 
to “the power of prayer and 
divine intervention.” 

Planning Consultant Irving C. 
Root, was passed by a 36-11 

The group, whose interests 
do not normally include rural 
Montgomery County, gave as a 
reason for the resolution the 
effects that would be felt in the! 
southern part of the county if 
the Planning Commission's 
plans were not effective. 

You read about it in leading magazines. .Now, at any Whelan store, and without prescription, you can get 
the modern medical discovery that frees women from emotional disturbances of pre-period tension, 

OI ope > ~~ OLA DO me _- 4 

t . 


Wesley Bradley, 59, of Alex- 
andria, died yesterday of a) 
jheart attack, shortly after his 
‘auto brushed the rear fender’ 
DAV Post Election ‘of a car drivn by Anna D./) 

|Varda at Wythe and N. St! 

Capitol Hill Chapter 16, Dis- Asaph sts, | | 
abled American Veterans, will, Bradley, who lived with his 
elect officers at its regular wife in a trailer camp at 1333) 
monthly meeting at 8 tonight) Powhatan st., had taken her to! 
at the Congressional Hotel. work and was on his way to a 
nearby grocery store when the 
\collision occurred. He got out’ 
of his car to inspect the dam- 
age, told Mrs. Varda: “I think) 
it'll cost about $5,” and col- 
lapsed, according to police. 

An Alexandria Rescue Squad 
ambulance took him to Alexan- 
dria Hospital, where he w 
dead on arrival. Coroner James 
Sims said his death was caused 
by coronary occlusion. 

D’Alesandro Out 
Of Senate Race 

BALTIMORE, Jan. 30 @®' 
Mayor Thomas D’Alesandro an- Doctors now estimate that, between 
nounced today he would not| early teens through change of life, 1 
be a candidate for the Demo+) oyt of every 2 women in the United 
cratic Party's nomination t0| States is the victim of pre-period ten- 
the United States Senate. (sion ... the most insidious ailment 

“I consider it to be my duty that affects womankind. 
as mayor to lead the effort” ; aS ew ae 
for completion of a program) Pre-period tension is insidious be- 
of civic improvements, he said. | cause all too few of its victims recog- 

D’Alesandro’s announcement ize it as the cause of the emotional 
left George G. Mahoney as the | flare-ups and moods of depression 
only major candidate in the that ruin romance, wreck marriage or 
race but increased speculation | career, alienating more friends than 
that former Judge William C./ 4! other personality problems and so- 

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te wee engage & oD grep pore NOTE TO PHYSICIANS Comma Tasttts sro of the same formula as those wed | 
ALLENTOWN | .w88S Cina Study of Penns Tena (Am. 1. Om 682 —109.195) | for precperiod serenity 

Restaurant Group 
Elects R. S. Keller 
Ho ag Ine., Redes Paton 
t of the 1100-member 

ation last night. i 

9 Lou 4 if D; ice Pharmacectieal 

CALL EX 3-7242 or your travel agent 




a es 

Mother, Baby injured As Fire. Sweeps Home | | di d 
ames. tine ume et om te Ma on icte 

mine-months-old son were hos-|monthsold daughter, Janet) 
pitalized with burns after fire| Louise, after Mrs. — was 

—————— “In Robberies 

FR E a A District grand jury yester-' 1700 block of Florida ave. nw. 

day indicted Charles Curtis Nov. 11. A second count of the 
Coleman, 28, of 1727 U st. nw. indictment charged him with 

Coleman, arrested Jan. 15,9. 
‘was accused of raping and) The grand jury ignored gam- 
| robbing a 45-year-old woman bling charges against Jerry Mc-| 

ment house Nov. 9. A second against William Eugene Moore 
‘indictment charged him with|Jr,, 18, of 1737 T st. nw. and 
robbing Eleanor A. Williams, charges of assault on a police- 

May 12 after she parked her of no fixed address. 

car in her apartment's base-| Others named in indictments 

ment garage. Police said Cole- yesterday included: 

man forced Mrs. Williams On| ayomes a Owens. 31. of 2630 1oth | 

. sey st. nw... charged with first degree mur 

an hour long drive before der ‘tn the shooting of his ectranecd| 

abondoning her car. wits. Agnes Owens gl. of Dec 21. 

: ’ ’ , _ y 4 

A third indictment charged Bias pear ise es with embezsting | ic 
’ in t 1 trom Ar Col 

‘Coleman with robbing Ann M. fm Pt Bath, 2900 Ruse? rae ale 

Jackson, 46. of 167 35th st. e.' andria 

after she parked her car in the | *me" "pdDR” $°"/..58. of 1g 9th) 

- —\ of 2634 Nichols ave. s¢.. Ricco Bennett 
46 of 926 © st. nw., and Oliver Littie, 


after she parked her car in the|Cutcheon, 28, of 1410 Trinidad 
basement garage of an apart-iave. ne.;: forgery charges 

56, of 1650 Harvard st. nw. man against Mary E. Rush, 41) 

Wed 50 Years 

The Rev. James P. Kerr, pas- 
| tor of Boyds Church, Boyds, | 

Md., and Mrs. Kerr marked | 
their 50th wedding anniver- | 
sary at a reception given by 
their son and daughter-in- 
law, Dr. and Mrs. James P. 
Kerr Jr. The couple was mar- 
ried in Baltimore but has 
lived in Montgomery County 
most of the time since. 

——— aiid iiitt 


55. of oe 10th ast. nw.. charged with 
camb an 
Jos 4 T. Suter. 44. of 155 V «st. nw 

|Cariton BE. Bryant, 19. of 17024. i0th) 
nw: Char bay Ww Porman. 32 of 417) 

fou - ne. Charlotte A. Baker? 59. 
ait nw.: Arthur =. Brown, 63 

tet 49 n wash st. ne. Jam WwW. Ja ty 

| 33. pe 4115 34 et. nw.: Milford Burkle 

37 1807 Sete ave. ne. and Ca 

erine R. Hocka 58. of 616 Morton 

st. nw. also eieeie with gamblin 


on charges of rape, robbery and ee ee to rob Ethel A. Star- 


Sen. Harry F. Byrd (D- ‘Va.),| 


to President Eisenhower's. 

‘school construction program) 
because he believed it would) 
bey to “eventual Federal con- 
trol of our schools.” 

Byrd, chairman of the Sen- 
ate Finance Committee, also 
said he regarded the proposed 
'$1% billion outlay for a five- 
\year program of Federal con- 
‘struction aid as too high 
| Byrd said in an interview he 
‘doubted the budget would be 
balanced in the fiscal year be- 
‘ginning next July 1 if school 
‘and other expenditures pro- 
posed by the Administration 
were voted by Congress. He 
said health. public works and’ 
school programs, plus added) 
foreign aid, accounted for | 
about $2,100,000,000 in proposed 
new outlays during the year 



® what makes some safes dangerous 

® how much protection to expect 
from a fireproof building 

what records should get priority 
in a small safe 

what’s needed to collect fully on 

fire insurance 

what special precautions to take 
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® what to look for in buying a new 

: ree ers (tO dozens of other vital have a see little justification _ 
, or : : your picture — Paage new programs,’ 
— taken in time to | But although he challenged 

give on Valentine's Day 

: : Doran Will Retire 
special this week From Coast Survey 
| 95 Capt. Philip C. Doran, 7809 
3 portraits 6: Chelton rd. ng will re- 
tire today from the Coast and 

regularly 15.00 Geodetic Survey, United States 
two §8x!l0’s plus one Department of Commerce, 

Dept. F-1, 320 Fifth Avenue, New York 1, WN. Y. 

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oe ee 

Major U. S. Manufacturer urgently needs qualified Mechanical, Aeronautical, 
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We are particularly interested in engineers with a sound mechanical or aerody- 
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this special unit will be making engineering history, pay s better than average and 
red tape at a minimum. You'll have enthusiastic co-workers and an excellent 
location in a major city. Company will assist in locating housing. 

As engineering consultant to this company, it is my job to find the right men, 
fast, who will be the nucleus of this new activity.-I will be interviewing applicants 
in Washington, D.C. this Friday and Saturday, February 3 and 4. All interviews 
strictly confidential. For private appointment during day or evening, call me at 
EXecutive 3-5034 after 10 A.M. Friday and Saturday. 

W. G. Seinsheimer and Associates 
15 E. 8th St., Cincinnati 2, Ohio 

“Byrd Sees School Plan | 
m Leading to U. 8S. Control 

Associated Press 
ithe school program's cost, 

disturbed by what he called 
threatened encroachment on 
state controls. 

“There isn't a single state 
‘which can't afford to take care 
of its schools,” he said. “Fed-'' 
eral grants to the states 
‘eventually mean Federal con- 

trol of education. 

“Once the Federal Govern- 
ment starts making contribu- 
tions to the states, it is soon 

going to tell the states how to trict Bar Association's Junior | é | 
spend the money that it makes Bar Section at 12:30 p. m. today @ 903 % ST. ni a. AD. 2. 9803 
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eee eS 

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or hang an article of clothing 
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Boggs Plans 

Drug Term 
A Bil for D.C. 

Rep. Hale Boggs (D-La.) said 
yesterday he would introduce a 
bill to prohibit indeterminate 
sentences for narcotics vidla- 

tors here. 

As chairman of a House Ways 
‘and Means Subcommittee, 
Boggs concluded hearings on 
the way local enforcement of- 
ficials deal with narcotics of- 

Chief witnesses were United 

‘States Attorney Leo A. —et| 

and Police Chief Robert 

Murray. Rover said it was pos-| 
sible for narcotics violators 

here to draw lighter terms un- 

‘der the indeterminate sentence | 
method than they would draw) 
in other Federal jurisdictions | 

‘under the National Boggs Act. 
However, Rover quoted fig- 
ures to show that, 

y:|judges here hand out stiffer. f 
\sentences than those given in'& 

other jurisdictions. 

| Instead of speaking for the § 
| Specific extension of the Boggs 
penalties to the District, both |; 
Hever and Murray urged enact- 
ment of last month’s recom-| 

mendations made by a Special 

Committee on Narcotics to the 
District Council of Law =n) 

These recommendations 

called for an overhaul of search |® 

and seizure procedures to make | 

said yesterday he was opposed| Byrd said he was even more it easier to get warrants for 
night raids and to permit police = 
to enter premises before sus- || 
pects had time to destroy nar- | 

cotics evidence. 
New legislation to curb the 
pe geen mag traffic, which Rover 

was increasing steadily, |: 

res was sought. 

Burton to Address Bar 

Supreme Court Justice Har- |} 
old H. Burton will speak at a : 

luncheon meeting of the Dis | 

“tonight—from 7:00 to 8:00 

35,000 mothers 
march on POLIO 


Tuesday. January 31, 1956 9 

Since 172].. 


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: “eas " 

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Published As A Public Service By 

£3 ital 



418 Tuesday, January 31, 1956 

~ Le Ye 

Badingiow s Clubs—Army and Navy 

-dian «fighters, and 

Some of the “Indian fighters” 

By Harry Goodwin. Staff Photographer 

of the Army and Navy Club read their 

newspapers in the main room of the club’s home. 

By Edward T. Folliard 
Staff Reporter 
iw THE Army and Navy Club, they 
have a delightful name for the older 
members. They call them “Indian 

The name, born of affection, once had 
a literal meaning. For about the first 40 
years of the club’s history, the grizzled 
veterans who sat in the lounge under the 
moose and the elk heads, reading or 
dozing, included a number of men who 
really had fought Indians in the Wes' 

One of the most beloved of them was 
Gen. Nelson A. Miles, who routed Sitting 
Bull and his Sioux, and who died here in 
1025 under dramatic circumstances at 
the age of 86, just after saluting the 
Fiag at the circus. 

Those who are called Indian fighters 
now, although advanced in age, came 
along after warfare on the plains had 
ended. They include not only retired 
Army officers, but also veterans of the 
Navy, Air Force, Marine Corps and 
Coast Guard. The name, however, 
geems as appropriate today as it ever 

The younger members of the Army 
and Navy Club get a belt out of the In- 
like to tell stories 
them—about their dislike of 
‘their contempt for “whipper- 
snappers” (officers who may be any- 
where from 25 to 65), and about their 
horror over the way the ladies have been 


moving in on their club. 

EAR Adm. William Brent Young, 

USN (ret.), treasurer of the club, is 
67, but he was addressed last summer by 
an Indian fighter as “young man.” 

It happened while something was tak- 
ing place at the Army and Navy Club 
that irritated some of the senior mem- 
bers. This was the filming of a movie, 
*The Court-Martial of Billy Mitchell.” 
A Hollywood troupe that included actor 
Gary Cooper got permission to film 
some scenes inside the club, but with the 
understanding that the shooting would 
take place only between the hours of 
midnight and 6 a. m. 

Some of the Indian fighters spoke out 
against the invasion, even though there 
was no sign of an actor or a cameraman 
during the hours when they themselves 
were holding forth in the lounge. They 
didn't even like it when the Hollywood 
company, having finished shooting in- 
side the club, began filming scenes in 
the streets just outside. 

One old-time member of the club told 
Adm. Young that it was a “desecration.” 
He confessedl that his ire had been com- 

pounded by the fact that his wife 
wanted to come downtown and see the 
Hollywood goings-on, 

“Why didn’t you bring her down to- 
day?” said Adm. Young in a pacifying 
voice, pointing to the scene before them 
out on the street. 

(THE STORY being filmed was set in 

the 1920s. Accordingly the director 
was using automobiles of that vintage, 
high-off-the-ground models with running 
hoards. The men actors who were play- 
ing the part of civilians wore high, 
starched Hoover collars. The girls had 
on cloche hats and the spectacularly 
short dresses that were in vogue at the 
time of the Charleston. 

“Young man,” the Indian fighter said 
to Adm. Young, “if I brought my wife 
down here, and she saw the girls wear- 
ing those styles of the 1920s, do you 
know what she would do? She would 
look at them and then turn to me and 
say: ‘I haven't had a new dress since.’” 

The Army and Navy Club, located at 
17th and I sts. nw., just across from Far- 
ragut Square, is Washington’s largest 
club drom the standpoint of member- 
ship. It has approximately 9000 mem- 
bers, most of them, of course, out of 
town. There is a ceiling on the number 
of resident members—1720—and right 
now there is a waiting list in this cate- 

The club started out in 1885 as the 
United Service Club. It had two rooms 
over Klotz’s restaurant and bar in the 
1700 block of G st. nw, a short distance 
from the present headquarters of the 
American Automobile Association. 

‘THE club was reificorporated in 1891 

s “The Army and Navy Club,” and 
not long thereafter it moved into its 
own club house, a red brick building 
across the street from where it is now 
located. The move into the club's pres- 
ent home, a seven-story building in the 
early Italian Renaissance style, came in 

The dean of the Army and Navy Club, 
and the only member who goes back to 
the days when it was over Klotz's, is 
Col. John P. Hains, USA (retired), of 
1302 18th st. nw. A jolly, dapper little 

man of 90, who can read a telephone 
book without glasses, Col. Hains was 
graduated from West Point in 1889 and 
joined the club the next year. His 
father, Maj. Gen. Peter C. Hains, was in 

Executive Chet Ettore Volta (right) and cook Gene Russo start preparation 

of one of the daily meals at the club. 



Tey ee of ‘Indian F ighters 

nN _ 
" 4 



CWA ay ) 

This seven-story, Italian Renaissance style building has been the home of the Army and Navy Club 
since 1912. The club’s beginning dates back to 1885, when it was known as the United Service Club. 

Beek ree 


PN OR ee Age 

It’s “Men Only” in most of the Army and Navy Club but women are permitted in the building and this lounge is provided for them. 

charge of the work of filling in the area 
of what is now West Potomac Park, and 
Hains Point was named for him. 

Col. Hains was born in Philadelphia 
on Aug. 23, 1865. He spent much of his 
boyhood here in Washington, and recalls 
the cobble rocks on Pennsylvania ave. 
and the bob-tailed horse car that plied 
Connecticut ave. to a point just south 
of Dupont Circle. He received part of 
his education here at Emerson Institute. 

“Jackie,” as friends call the nonogen- 
arian, was with his parents at Jefferson 
Barracks, Mo.. when President Ulysses 
S. Grant visited there. Grant and his 
father were good friends, having served 
in the Civil War together. 
the other day that it was Grant and 
Gen. William Techumseh Sherman who 
helped him get his appointment to the 
United States Military Academy in 1885. 

OR his services in the Spanish-Ameri- 
can War, Col. Hains was given the 
Purple Heart and the Silver Star for 
gallantry. In the fighting near Aibonito, 
Puerto Rico, on Aug. 12, 1898, a Spanish 
bullet went through his liver, diaphragm 
and right lung. The only permanent ef- 
fect it had on him, he says now, was this 
~—that he was never able to drink whisky 
again. He believes this was because of 
what the bullet did to his liver. 

The Army and Navy Club has meant 
much to Col. Hains, enriching his life in 
many ways. The same might be said of 
all of its members. 

The club is a rendezvous for men with 
pretty much the same background, or at 
least the same interests. Here they can 
enjoy a delightful camaraderie, a fine 
library, good meals and drinks at reason- 
able prices, card games, and the society 
of some of the best story-tellers in the 

Ofie of the most noted of’ the club's 
raconteurs, the old-timers say, was the 
late Adm, Hugh Rodman. A sailor who 

went back to the days of wooden ships 
and iron men, he had been everywhere. 
Some of his stories he put into “Yarns 
of a Kentucky Admiral,” a copy of which 
is now in the club library. 

DMIRAL Rodman had one story 

about a venerable tatoned aueen he 
met in the Marquesa Islands in the 
South Seas. : 

“She had been a cannibal in her 
younger days,” he recounted in his book, 
“but she must at least be considered 
solicitous and considerate, for when she 
was ready to m a second time, she 
thoughtfully kill her first husband 
and him served up as the de 

at her w breakfast.” 

The Army and Navy Club has a note- 
werey stability, a oie “A” tranquil 

He recalled- 

rhythm that goes on — after 

Gen. Charles L. Bolte, uss (ret.), 
a member of the board of directors, 
thinks that’ this is largely a reflec 
tion of the stability that one finds in 
the armed services themselves. The 
services are set up in such a way that 
they function smoothly in spite of 
changes at the White House, the Capitol 
and in the civilian leadership at the 
Pentagon. . 

RMY and Navy Club members are 
proud of the club’s.employes and of 
the long years of service that so many 
of them have putin. For example, Fred 
G. Meyer, the wine steward, retired on 
a pension in 1953 after 48 years of 
service. Daisy E. Marks was retired last 
year as chief telephone operator After 
34 years of service. There are 18 em- 
ployes — including Ettore Volta, the 
executive chef, and bartenders, bellmen, 
waiters and a silver cleaner—with 20 
years or more of service in the club. 

Homer Saunders, the head bellman, 
with 30 years of service, has a remark- 
able memory for the names and faces 
of club members. When Gen. Dwight 
D. Eisenhower, as President-elect, vis- 
ited the club on Nov. 21, 1952, to attend 
a reunion of his West Point class, the 
Secret Service had Saunders stand at 
the door to give an okay nod to each 
arriving classmate. 

President Eisenhower is, -of course, 
a member, having joined in 1942 when 
he was a not very well known major 
general and living at Fort Myer. 

One of the old-timers who lives at the 
Army and Navy Club, incidentally, is 
Maj. Gen. Joseph W. Beacham, USA 
(ret.), now 82. He wags the President's 
football coach at West Point 44 years 

HE CLUB is made up of those who 
won their commissions as “career” 
men in the armed services, and also of 
those who hold or have held commis- 
sions as reserves. In the later category 
is Charles A. L indbergh, who wrote part 
of his book, “The Spirit of St. Louis,” 
in the club. 

The United States is not a militaristic ” 

country, a fact easily demonstrated te 
review of our wars, which shows _ 
we have never been ready for any of 
them. In 1937, two years before Hi 
drew his sword, our Army (even with 
reserves) stood 18th among the armies 
of the world. Little Greeee had a larger 
one. So, too, did Argentina, 

Club wag founded and the other for its 
70th anniversary year: 

Marine Corps 
Air Force 
There is every reason to believe that 
the American people are in favor of 
strong armed forces for as long as they 
seem needed and at whatever the cost. 
Their growth, naturally, has had an ef- 
fect on the Army and Navy Club. The 
members now are very much aware of 
the fact that their clubhouse. con- 
structed in 1912, can hardly be ex- 
pected to meet the demands of today. 
Consequently, they are considering plans 
that call for an expenditure of from 
$350,000 to $700,000, and which might re- * 
sult in the construction of an additional 
or eighth story. 

(Next Monday: University Club) 



Col. John P. Hains is dean 
of the club’s members. 

itiier Wenahin, tank wees on «UE Meats ces can 
Rear¢idm. William B. Young, USNAret. 

zg ; 

_ 7 

This = (GW Too Good for VPI, 
- Morning...| —- - 
ie Shirley Povich Holup, Jolly The tn Ph vost Russians 

IT WAS EXCITING to note that Jimmy Demaret, a ‘ | . 2 
comparatively old gaffer of 43, had showed his heels to orm Fin e Continu e t 
Runaway in® 



the herd of young pros in the $15,000 Thunderbird Golf 

Tournament at Palm Springs last weekend. There must A ‘ | 
have been some delighted galleries at Palm Springs when Co b 
the indestructible Demaret threw four straight under-seventy mM ination 



y e { 

rounds at the field | —— TUESDAY, JANUARY 31, 1956 19 
In pro golf, Demaret . probably ; . aes mn -_ ya aieiniiaae , , an cement | ° ‘ 
comes closer to being the people's es Kor Colonials res ae — : yimpics ‘ 
choice than any other man in the pro- | | aes eg | | ” . 
the _ 


fession. A shining contrast to the 
grim-lipped robots of the Ben Hogan 
school, Demaret humanizes the game 
with his casual approach to the busi- 
ness and awareness that people pay 
to see them perform 

In his own manner, Demaret de- 
bunks the whole business of high-pres- 
sure golf by continuing to make a 

game of it. His weakness for fancy | : 
Reinhart's charges raced to a 

attire—the day he became the first 92-70 Southern Confere i 
three-time winner of the Masters he POVICH = gh ade aye ah 
tory over Virginia Tech and 

was decked out in pea-green slacks, lemon-green sweater, thereby gained a full measure 
agua-green suede shoes and a pale green chauffeur’s cap— of revenage for a 63-61 upset by | 
he has been able to match with some fancy strokes and fancy VPI three weeks ago. 

repartee with the gallery. With Joe Holup connecting 

aa frequently with his favorite 

Demaret never has gone in for the time-wasting rtonpraree soft fadeaway push shot and 
aries that have made watching some of the other pros @ Dit scoring 32 points before being 
of a bore. His ball, whether on the fairway or on the green, removed from the game with 
to Demaret was merely something to be struck with a mini- four minutes left, GW pounded 
mum of survey. “Some of these fellows,” hé liked to say, a a 51-34 gy advantage * 
“won't play an approach or hit a putt until they get a meteor- tea Kenyir to pour it On in 
ological report.” | | 
‘Jolly Rebounding Star 

IT WAS GOOD TO SEE Demaret win himself another big | John Jolly, a 6foot @ 
Ohe because he hadn’t been home in front in a major tourna- ‘ch sophomore from Rockport, 
bes , Ind., hauled down 17 rebounds. 

ment since 1953, when he won The Washington Post National Working as a team with Holup 
Celebrities at Columbia Country Club. That was  y», snared 14, Jolly helped 
hé came in among the late finishers and nipped Sammy Snead GW to dominate the back- 

and Byron Nelgon by a stroke to take first money. board action. 7 

The 283 totals of Snead and Nelson were already posted on The Colonials never trailed 
the big board at Columbia and Demaret was still out on the |2%4 with Jolly, Bill Telasky| 
h he heard H Ww . by 4 and Joe Petcavich doing the 

course when he hear arry ismer laring over the loud- scoring, quickly took control of 
speaker that “Snead and Nelson are now tied for the lead and ¢he game. It was victory No. 12 
we don't know where Demaret is or what is happening to for GW, which has lost four 
him.” VPI was losing its seventh game 

At that moment, Demaret was about to step up to a tough ee aa oF Dre cereale aad lacking of Germany; and No 

putton the 15th green and Wismer's voice shook him a bit. folly caused Reinhart’s face to + ia 3 way and Switzerland, two skb 

Shqwman Demaret stepped away from the ball, put his hands |pecome wreathed with a huge) “ “= ee, loving nations, crash through 
on is hips, addressed himself to the gallery and said, “I smile. Jolly has developed so - "a . to ee first gold — , 

kn&éw where Demaret is.- He’s here on the 15th green looking fast he has won a starting job| LITTLE SWISS MISS—Renne Colliard, 5-foot, 100-pound zo, Italy. The 22-year-old girl 2 ome og ig germ FP ok Sit "Stenes Sea 

j the twisting 500-yard course in total time o minute, d 

from Jay Manning. Swiss skier, zips across the finish line and wins the Winter of the twisting y den, sped through driving snow 


By Herman Blackman | - ' ak, . % f : : , ‘ors 7 ia . 2 . : | By Ted Smits 
Staff Reporter Esty: ” ee a ea a ¢ ga | CORTINA D°’AMP 
. Italy, Jan. 30 #—Russian light? 
ning struck twice again today 
and sent two young speed ska} 
ers to a phenomenal world 
record-shattering “dead heat’ 
for the 1500 meter champici 
ship which turned the Winté? 
Olympic Games into a Sovilt 
runaway - 

First Eugeniy Grishin, a 2 
year-old Moscow engraver, ang 
then Yury Mikhailov, a 25-yeam 
old engineering student, eaci 
racing against the clock, shot 
across the finish line of | 
mile-high Misumina track in 
minutes 8.6 seconds. World and 
Olympic marks crumbled. 

This double-barreled wind 
plus-a third placing in each 
the other two finals, boosted 
Russia’s team total to 85—mofre 
than double that of runner-up 
Austria, 36, and completely be 
yond the sight of Americas 
6%. Also it completely sub 
ordinated the day's other d& 

Miss Albright Does Well 

These saw the United State 
willowy world figure skating 
queen, Tenley Albright, take & 
substantia] lead in compulsory 
figures; the American hoc 
team open the Olympic tour 
ment proper with a 7-2 shéeb 


| George Washington's Colo-| 
nials, refreshed after a two- 
week layoff for examinations, 
passed another examination 
last might at Washington-Lee 
High's gymnasium 

Before 2000 fans, Coach Bill 

at a 10-foot putt and his hands are shaking so much he can't 

grip his club.” Whereupon he stepped back to the ball, rammed Petcavich Regains Form | QOlympics special slalom race yesterday at Cortina d’Ampes- 55.5 seconds. Associated Press ito victory in the 15-kilometer 
the putt in with no more ceremony and got the stroke lead Petcavich, a rangy well-con- | ! (9 way 560 a cross 
he kept to the finish. structed six-foot five-inch sen- H | = ele country Ski race. fis time was 
- * ) einsohn Leads Crusaders S| M ll ‘49 minutes and 39 seconds. Pe- 
lor from Carbondale, Pa. U. S, Defeats | od 4 I ion tite Renee Colliard of Switzer- 

JIMMY NEVER DID see much sense to all the time most of snapper ped, we = ‘ae . : and, who stands just 5 feet 
his colleagues put in on the practice tee, maintaining that WC" "@ Sac fallen ore the (; rep | to > D hb ] B d R : . d tall and weighs only 100 pounds, 
the place to learn to play golf is on the golf course. ge orca gon te Oper ermany in corge wn ru ec I ejyecte 'made two daring swoops down 

poms anc apparenuy 28s 'Cortina’s Canalone run to win 

“I learned that from an old pro in Texas where I used to : | 

caddy,” he related. “There was a practice tee alongside Num- Rc 2 SE caret oe ee vee Hockey 7a B Hol Cross 83-68 For Nashua tenths poser im fe the com- 

ber One and I was hitting some practice balls just before a VPI scored off a series of ? y y y) | 

caddy’s tournament. He told me I was wasting my time, and |sereens, generally, and were CORTINA D’AMPEZZO MIAMI. Fila. Jan. 30 w Mrs. Lawrence Falls 
WORCESTER, Mass., Jan. 30 ‘#—Tom Heinsohn dropped Leslie Combs II said today he America’s defending cham- 

I liked the way he told me. He said, ‘Sonny, if you didn’t |Umable to drive in for many ; 
2 . “ dbond shots as GW effectively clogged Italy, Jan. 30 #—The United), 54 ints including a school record of 18 free throws tonight and his partners have turned|Pion, Mrs. Andrea Mead Law- 

bring it with you, you won't find it here’.” ‘ | ' 

fees ' __ |up the middle. States hockey team ram UP 4 in jeading Holy Cross to its eighth straight basketball triumph rence of Parshall. Colo. con 
The only man besides Snead to win the Masters three times | Holup's 32 points were scored 7.9 jead today against Germany in an easy 88 to 68 verdict over Georgetown. down an offer of $1,500,000 for tinued to ski hand-in-hand with 
refers to Ben Hogan as the greatest golfer who ever lived. |on a variety of shots. Joe used in the opening game of the) Heinsohn not only bettered his 25 plus point scoring average Nashua, the world’s most valu- bad fortune. She struck a gate 
Demaret’s proud boast is that “I taught Ben his fade.” a one-handed push for his sets) ys Ol , hamni which rates him fifth nation-*~ | gible race horse. - on her first down, took a nasty 
) i ‘and when driving for the basket ater yar oS sia Fe Res | : oes : 
It was late in life, said Demaret, that Hogan learned to fade 494" g for hin veeed then eaten te ally among major college scor-\jts 14th victory in 16 starts|; Combs said ‘he was ap- tumble on her second and fin 

the ball to the green. “I was lucky to have a natural fade |Continually faked Bill Mathews) si)p ers, but cleared 17 rebounds this season. proached by an agent but did shed 28th in 2:25.8 

' It was a bad day all around 
for 8 fae Ha tee MH eared 3) pom,” /POL Rney, heen of the ror silo, avaritee | Sita 
By congecting on 16 0 ree, For Holy Cross, all the start- on Hislesh indicated it was .24's Madeleine Berthod, rated 
the world’s best, and Ger- 

: ; t of position for easy layup\conserve its strength for a 
and Ben wu to ask teach h | “ 
e sed to me to teac im my fade. Hogan was shots. “must” game with favored Can- 

Winning everything and I told him he was crazy to try any- ' ; 
| ry an} Holup's 32 points gave him a eda tomorrow. 
thing new, and that if I had all the good shots he had, I four-year total of 1968, 32 short| 

Georgetown center Joe Mis- 

‘throw attempts, Heinsohn ers were in double figures. Joe Starvos Niarchos, British steam 

wouldn't bother with a fade of the exciusive “2000 Club.” | Led dy William Cleary, | |  imany’s Ossi Reichert, w 
, snapped the previous Crusader! Hughes and Leo Liebler got 13 ‘ ho has been in- ys Os: ichert, winner 
“He wouldn't let me rest, though, so I put in a lot of hours | At. , PRAPGRIART tv B te) American intercollegiate aoe | game mark of 16 free throws by | apiece, Don Prohovich 12 and cate en teclaniy to racing stock. of the giant slalom, both were 
with him on the fade. Before the season is over, he's play- Kebs. ’ 4 , si ° ia ing champion from Cambridge, |». ssell Vorhees against CCNY George Waddleton 10 Niarchos recently paid $126,- disqualified for missing one or 
ing my fade better than I am.” \Bombam, f eet aee } Mass., the U. S. slammed -six |. Heinsohn hit his first eightiggng for Nashua's mother, ™OTe sates. 
Rullien, 8 $ 5 % 3 2 3 digoals into the net in the first)” reas. ‘free throws of the game to run|Segy)a _ The best United States show- 
; ; ; : s Vieent, « a oe oe or oe Holy Cross led all the wayi, consecutive streak to 23) Combs a Lexington, Ky.,|/™8 in the event was by Mrs. 
DEMARET WAS THE FIRST to sound the alarm over the en oe « Ree ue . : 2 ° 4 a period, added another in the though their margin was cut to|straight—bettering Bob Cousy’s preeder . headed a syndicate Dorothy Surgenor of Seattle, 
fate of the English pros in the Ryder Cup matches and to de- Hemmings 5 5 8 I i Se second, then eased off ak Ger- one point at 24 to 23 with § min-| previous high of 19 in the 1948 which purchased Nashua from @ /#st-minute substitute for the 
plore the consistent beatings the British were taking from | Totals 74 % Be % is 3% Fo) Many scored twice to make the tes left in the first half. From 9? #mpaign. the estate of the late William ‘™Jured Betsy Snite of Nor- 
the Amerifans. | ww FGAFG FTAFtT rr etre final result, 7-2. utes left i ; deiieaitions rG FTA FT PF TF| Woodward Jr. last Dec. 15 for Wich, Vt. Mrs. Surgenor’s total 
aillin th 4 , h in 1953. D t told Beton’ 6 6 68 8 «61 6 {8 Sharp passing and accurate _ oh aie 1 Holy S| Prekel ee ; 3 2 & $a world record price of $1,251,-‘4me was 2:17.3 for 21st place. 
r e American (triumpn in , emeaeret oO news (jelly, ff 13 10 8 8 4 27 22) shootin aid off for the Amer- |W! » ome forees anea ’ 3 . > a) ’ ; Taking a hint fr 
men, “If they didn't beat us this year, they never will because Manning : > i ¢ 8 i $ Slicans, ~~ have been favorites 39 to 29 at the half. ' Morchower : gy &o Ge i mg NOP the champion race performance ~ Uncle Ban's 
the team we sent over there was our worst in@listory. It isn't (Bole .* +75 "7 1) %) | *} "Zlof the crowds in all of their . yo phys vagal vont B oy Minsetti. « : ; = $ & Pihorse of 1955, now is training ™en figure skating stars yes- 
fair. Our best pros are playing England/s teaching pros. Bae, *, 3} °° $ 8 § 4 &\games. Cleary tallied two goals wane: | * 2 © fat Hialeah for the $100,000 ‘erday, Miss Albright, showing 
Until th yougs. 6. 76 8 8 i $iand passed perfectly to Gordon|the game before they swept the isis. « 0 ® ‘added Widener -. \no effects from her recent le 
. Sages their Kyder Cup team up jo all the players of |Gccitie. 6 Pee eh *| Christian of Warrod, Minn., for| bench in mercy. payee 8 28 18 ok ot Several other bids of more injury, and 16-year-old Caro 
the British Commonwealth, like Bobby Locke from South | qotsie 73 37 te is 16 3 8 two more. |. Georgetown tried a lopsided) Rely Cress "e *T* "* "F Thithan a million dollars were re-\Heiss of Ozone Park, N. Y., 
Africa and Peter Thomson and Norman Van Nider from Aus- Seowe of het: H-08, © W Russia's powerful team de-| 2-3 zone defense at the start Hughes, of se 2 23 8 portedly received when Nashua seized a sizeable lead ovér 
tralia and some of their good Canadians, they will never win ' feated Sweden, 4-1. The Swedes,/to hinder Heinsohn but Holy} tatz. ; , 2 8 & jZ\ was sold to Combs. three of the five compulsory 
another Ryder Cup.” 10 363 Watch operating without the services|Cross found little ‘ rouble Hein sohn. ‘te 5 2 18 3 2 The new offer caused specu- figures. 
Demaret was broadcasting the Tam O’Shanter tournament . of two key players, checked cracking it and moving on to site. . rs > 4 dilation at Hialeah as to what the ae eeants feaid skating is 
in Chicago that day in 1953 when I Worsham’'s f Cli ? Debut the Russians through most of) | Prabioies mo ; : ; i 13 big bay colt is really worth. scheduled tomorrow with World 
v ew Worsham's famous |{, ippers the game but could not launch spite [Ryan * # $ § "i\when he bought him, Combs Champion Hayes Alan Jenkins 
wedge shot from over 100 yards away plunked into the cup for a an effective scoring drive. The Poirier Beats \SGssner, ¢ © 2 2 © 32 said he figured he would be|of Colorado Springs, Colo., fa- 
a winning eagle two. The incredulous Demaret thereupon ut- In Charlotte ‘teams were deadlocked at 1-1 | janes pede kat ny ee worth $700,000 to $800,000 as vored over teammate Ronnie 
tered the first coast-to-coast, “Well I'll be ——- damned!” His after the first period. Carmine Fiore 6— Viele sosis FTA—Free “throws a stud horse and “if we're lucky,| Robertson of Long Beach, 
recove “ CHARLOTTE. N. C., Jan. 30. Favored Canada defeated |<\- | attempt FI —Free throws —Fer-'he should win the rest racing.” | Calif 
ry Was rapid, however, and he added, “I hope there »—Paced by Johnny Sherban’s Czechoslovakia, 6-3, in the final sonal fou otal points 
are golfers on the Federal Communications Commission who two goals, New Haven rolled to hockey contest, | NEW YORK, Jan. 30 
can understand why I just said what I did a 6 to 2 victory over Baltimore's | 'Gene Poirier, shifty Niagara 
¢——— - —--—_- Clippers in an Eastern League|"© Team Standings ‘Falls, N. Y., welterweight 
4 ‘hockey game here tonight be- . ng | Ri oe Y, ‘It’s even better than 
fore a_ standingroom only! Qf Winter Olympics opened a cut over Carmine ‘ ‘mash’ bourbon ”™ 
CSu f[s noon Creme ‘crowd of 10,363 in Charlotte's Scape orn aie Fiore’s right eye tonight and shes tnetpiaaconaes meee 46.6 
new coliseum (First places in parentheses) outboxed the favored veteran of as 
B lle ‘ Lo In the first professional 1, Russia (4) vie tad 85 73 fiehts to win a split decision Even smoother than 
si cottses BASKETBALL rac y Ses hockey game played here, the 2, Austria (1) .......... 36 in 10 rounds at St. Nicholas| sour-mash’ bourbon’’ 
Clemece. 6s "he Chtedel 9 ' Blades took an early lead and 3. Finland (1) ..... ae a ile 
Carclina M4 Appslachian 55 i, ; “lin. Arena. Fiore weighed 150%, 
Caroling Ms ncathRpinchian Bs V PI never were headed as the Clip- 4. Sweden oceans + a , 
mporls St. a? ‘a e Maryville 76 J ore Ml yers pers caught fire in the third! 5. Norway (1) .......... 19 Poirier 151 pounds. 
ervis metitute a Miehicon Cod. ~ period for their only scores. 6. Italy (1) ieos ae The crowd of about 1500, 
Gores oSere ie - mores | PEORIA, Ill, Jan. 30 #—The The Clippers, burned out of 7%. Switzerland (1) ...... 16‘ agreed with the votes for) 
ee »y Wieride i} Bradley basketball team was their Baltimore arena, played 8&8. Germany [ev viv abawe 10 Poirier by Referee Barney | 
oly Crone 88 Georgetown 68 deal d the first of five “home” games 9%. U.S.A. or om 6% Felix, 63-1, and by Judge Har- 
~ ~&~ anes eS ealt another severe jolt today i, the — 10,000-seat coliseum. 10. (Tie) France ..«» §& jold Barnes, 64. Judge Artie 
Remsen State 11 Okishoma 43 When the school announced More than 3000 fans were/10. (Tie) Netherlands .... 5 (Aidala scored it for Fiore 54-1. 
Rentuchy Wesleyan Aé Gcorsis ism a that Barney Cable, 67 sopho- turned away from the sold-out/12. Spain ............... 3 |The AP card was 63-1 for 
raoir Rhyne Reese ~ 3 more from Rocheste:, Pa., has arena. 13. Canada ssoseeess 2 |Poirier. 
abriand St. 71 N. Carelina Coll. 4 lost his scholastic eligibility. 
phils Bi 97 Arkansas si 67, Cable had a 16.5 average and 
. La. State 74 SE. Lovisians 57 Was ranked among the NCAA's Wh ft | | q Ab t ( if 
= y College of) Charleston a3 top rebounders with an aver- a ea re Ou Oil . oa | 
rande 117 West Virginia St. 86 age of 18 per game. | 
. Bonaventure. 16 en Seranton Bs in addition to Cable. seniors As Told to Maury Fitzgerald rh, 7 nf 
reig ; , 

Texas ¥en ne Vastra ge. 33 Dom Carothers of Moline, Ill, (gditor’s Note: One of a | win was the District Amateur. the right distance and gntting @ one and only E 
clade 96 St, Francis (Pa) 83 and George Macuga of Chicago series on “What I learned Basically | was a very erratic | results neve “és ” . 
per | 14 Luther 15 : o . 
i = mL. 68 also were declared scholasti- about golf,” by scratch play- | player. | possible for me. : ' mellow-mash bourbon... 3 
Younditcen 61 Lavete (Can) Of ' ers and duffers alike, to help On the advice of several | There is another piece o Bin - 

1 gpa ““ “cally ineligible. , advice I would like to leave : 
HIGH SCHOOL BASKETBALL tune up your game for the | local professionals | went out | 4d 3 
George Maven #8 Garfield 9, TWO weeks ago Bradley lost ceason just ahead.) | and bought myself a complete | with the reader. When you Mello e Oo Ww S t O re = 
Wash. Lee 72 Mi Vereen as (tS «top scorer, sophomore ahevnnntaahe | new set of matched clubs. A | get in — p= gyn 7 Ww = 
SERVICE BASKETBALL Shellie McMillon of Chicago By Ralph Bogart | set that was actually@iesigned | re po ity Get the bail a 
Bolling AFR #4 McGuire aFB 63 because of a torn cartilage. Marviand State Amateur Champion | for my height and weight. e .y donapee  % bs 
 Eaatte toe Andrews AFB 63 g in the fairway and go on from F 100 le h been £ 
ark MeNair &6 Arlineton Hall 44 : ae ym tes agen | Aas Ben Hogan had a secret sao roauita were eens gt | om over eon pu ave a" | 3 
ZASTERN HOCKEY LEAGUE efeate reshman basketba ing nd you can | hes — . iscoveri somethi “new"’ in o rm a 
New Haven 6 Baltimore = team, including all-stater Bob- and now Cary Middlecoff has | when I choose my clubs now, ) My biggest thrill in golf, I ) ng ing 
also were declared ineligible. Me, I got a secret, too, but In my first set I had a pet | WOR me my first Middle At- remarkably free of bite. , 

lantic championship. I was | 

Aeon van Bae <8 ef playing Jim Gardner, then a 

Bradley has a 106 record it isn't quite = 
. | never had a real matched set | Washintgon Golf and Country | 

Writers Honor this season. as ¢o ™m- It has the best features of sweet and 

‘ f licated as sour-mash bourbon. It’s a better 
. ogan's pro- | and when I finally got around Club member, in the final | : step 
Jim Piersall Landy Lowers Aussie | nation ond _ to getting one, I discovered oa Ba, Feng Reto eo oe | ~mellow-mash, the exclusive Yellow- 
PHILADELPHIA. Jan. 30 whatever it an easier way to good, con-— stone of achieving full-bourbon 
Philadelphia sportswriters to- Half-Mile Record is that Mid- sistent golf. ee ae ee ee | ma nk light body. 

The biggest improvement | cup for a birdie and a win. 

: h 
night named Jimmy Piersall,) wer BOURNE. Jan. 30 awe ie gag I found was with my woods. Another thrill I'll never for- 

their most scctupides athlete 20ul Landy, who only Saturday) All the ex- My new matched ones were set was winning the famed — Kentucky $ Bourbon 90 Proof 
award of 1955.” romped a mile in 3. minutes ercise or a vast improvement over the Anderson Memorial last sum- | Also A 100 Proof 

sportswriters, at their 58.6 seconds, today lowered the, parig 4 — _— =~ unmatched i 4 I rg Raw mand og second —— mee. 
524. ansiual dinner, honored) Australian record for the half-| (Ona, for Ratph Bogart | triGgEng with Ont eles my partner. I hope that Bob THE ORIGINAL “NO.BITE” BOURBON 

ls@ Robin Roberts, P l- j | 
phim Phillies ace righ mile to 1:50.4. He slashed off) better golf is the strength it | and less time in the ‘é 
her, as the year’s outstand- 8 of ‘a second. _ takes to open your own purse- My new*’clubs gave me 

) Distilled and bottled by Yellowstone, Inc., Louisville, Kentucky, Division of Glenmore Distilleries Company 
| — . 


ng athlete, and Bob Pelle- The world re for the dis-| strings. And my secret is for | added confidence. bj get : ze 
rini, Maryland's All-America,tance is 1:47.5, set by Lon Spur-, free. once used one clup for an 
foo l) star, as lineman of the'rier Mf the San Francisco A In late 30’s the only of shots, I was |: yy. | | i 
. letic ‘Club last March. I was able to using the right club for | : . 

mt | 
i i Sy RS IE 


Tuesday, January 31, 1956 

oo) e+e 

And Take It Easy 
Babe Home, 
Planning to 

TAMPA, .Fla.. Jan. 30 W 
Babe Zaharias observed today 
that if she .gains about 25 

pounds and gets in good shape 
she'll get back to playing golf 
The Babe was chipper, full cf 

Guips and smiles as she ‘re- 
turned this afternoon from 
Galveston, Texas, where she 

underwent treatment for a iez 
pain which followed her second 
operation for cancer. 

The woman top athiete of 
the half century appeared a 
. little on the weak side, but sad 
“I'm feeling pretty good.” 

The Babe flew back inc 
Tampa with her husband. 
George The famous golfer 

Bob Addie is on vaca- 
tion. His colunim will be re- 
sumed about Feb. 20. 

wore a gray suit, fur stole and 
low heel shoes 

Happiest of all to see the 
Babe back home was Beebe, 
the golfer’s black French poo- 
die, who was wagging her tail 

Although already talking 
about playing golf again some- 
day, Mrs. Zaharias made it 
plain she intends to take things 
easy for a long time. 

“I've still got the pain, but 
I realize I'll just have to learn 
to live with it” she said 

“IT haven't given up hope of 
playing golf again,” she con- 
tinued. “At present, I am plan-' 
ning to visit some of the tourna- 
ments in the state and watch 

the girls play. When I feel 
equal to it, I hope to play 

“Right now I am happy to be 
home feeling so much better 
than I did when I left. I'm just 
going to lie around and rest 
and enjoy my beautiful new 

Lew Hoad Wins 


30 W—Lewis Hoad. the big. 

blond strong man of Australia also are scheduled for tonight's 
tennis, won the singles cham-| show. 

his own country; Downes, 
for the first time today by/born Marine, will meet Manuel'ranked club, have won seven 
titlist Mays of Andrews AFB in a 147 

pionship of 

turning back two-time 


High Climbs 

Into Second 

By Jerry Davis 
Stat!’ Reporter 

Spingarn and Gonzaga, the 
areas only remaining unbeaten 
basketball teams, have moved 
into the first and second posi- 
tions in The Washington Post 
and Times 

schoolboy rankings. 

Spingarn, undefeated in nine 
games, wrested the No. 1 spot 
from St. John’s, which held it 
Johnnies were upset last Fri- 
day night, 57-52, by Gonzaga 
to third behind 

for the first two weeks. 

and slipped 
their conquerors. 
Spingarn was ranked second 

and Gonzaga sixth last week. 

Cardozo’s victory over Dun- 
bar advanced it from fifth to 
fourth place, while the loss 
dropped Dunbar to No. 7. 

The only team to disappear 
from the top 10 was North- 
western, which was upset by 
Bethesda-Chevy Chase. 
other Bi-County League Club, 
Bladensburg, supplanted North- 
western in the ninth spot. 
an upset 
victim last week at the hands 
of Wilson, slid from ninth to 

St. Albans, also 

At Capitol Arena 

Golden Gloves'tj, defeated 
FightsTonight Cima 


Two military division bouts 

the colorful 

Ken Rosewal!l. 6—4. 3—6. 6—4,' pound fight. 

7—5, in a bitterly contested) 

It was the first major na 
tional singles title for 21-year- 
old Hoad, who is regarded by' 
many ag the world’s No. 1 tennis 

126-Peund las 
player. And Lew virtually a tere rt alduin (Southeast House) vs 
clinched this world ranking ne x 4 Lai-Pound Clap ; 
. : ’ *Rrv ‘ . : 
with a power game that simply wig, (Olsmote Cleb); Geerse Grittith 
blasted Rosewall off the court. | (C¥O) ws. John Matthews (Southeast 
| Heuse) Charles reown (anattached 
ke Reser Reid (Ne. 13 Poelice Ciubd). 
160-Poeund Cla 
Syivester Galther (Northeast A. 

Lions Play 
7 Road Games 

The second-place Washing- 
ton Lions probably will con- 
tinue to play without the serv- 
ices of Fern LaPointe for two 
more weeks as they tackle an 
Eastern Hockey League sched- 
ule of seven road matches be- 
fore returning to Uline Arena 
Saturday, Feb. 18. 

The Ice Capades are at Uline 
from Feb. 2 through Feb. 15 

The Lions meet the challeng- 
ing third-place Comets in Clin- 
ton, N. Y., Thursday night; the 
Ramblers in Philadelphia, Fri- 


day night, and the Jets in 
Johnstown, Pa, Saturday 

pees ympic 

Calvin Weedlan 

| vs, William Branch (Northwest A 

i\Jebn Jenks 7s. Barten Widem 

| (13th Street YMCA) 


James Jehnsen (Nertheast A. 
vs. Rescee Gudseer 
iit te 



ris (Ne 14, Somse ted). 

- n ass 
Witliam rbeer (Nertheast A 


175-Poung Class 
Lecen (Merrick 
Hale (Veterans 


Georce ve 


1%-Peund Class 
Henter Raciand (Northwest A. 

135-Peund Class 
Albert Summers (Seutheast 
and Claes 
Dick Perry (CY¥O) 

Meade) ve 

Geeorse Davis 
Charlies Gates (pet ime (APG 

nd Clase 
Terry Dewnes (Quantico) 

Mavs (Andrews (A ). 

Porky Oliver Named Schedules Army 
Pro at Blue Hill 

Jan. 30 ®—Ed 
(Porky) Oliver, a veteran mem-|Pe4r 
ber of the PGA tour, today was 
named golf pro at the Blue Hill 
Country Club where the Na-| 
tional PGA championship will 


events today in the seventh Winter Olympic games, with the | 

be held July 20-24. ote | : “We'll use it i ts, wh 
, ’ Missing from next fall's sched-|plays too, like Graham does ei) use it in spots, wnen | G@ F P Rolling McGuire G F 
Schedule _ | ,,i.20, described his pact uie“are, North Carolina ‘Stats|when he sends Ed Modvelewskl |e, can't solve a detense, for/T } | Rezeas mecimant | § 3 
4 5, tari te hiss ¢,,,;and Duke. (up the middle. To keep them) stance. Wel try to open up _ — 
—_ tract” which will permit him to) The 1956 schedule: toned loose. we'll » Boon glen mrnad defense with a quick series 2 n 4 Matthews.t _branee ; i 
CORTINA D'AMPEZZO. |Terms, were not. announced jit attaret Matted, “ene | Passes to our balfhacks. | |04 Rave WeTT® Concentrate ‘on| § {2 Semeke’? omens | Oo 
. ; : Md... | “We've got good passers in ist. centrate yenshaw.e Stephane. ; 
pe ode! ae Ap we de Last year he was the 19th lead-| uamebure: is, Virginia ‘Tech’ at Blacks. cides , . getting four yards a play like) | | $ Waslelewshis Neale 6 @ 6 
scascuse ter se ing money winner among the | pure. Ne: goes Virginie et asl Oklahoma does. 2 6S Enels | 
Olympic games: at, touring pros with earnings of| Washington, D. C. night) | “That gives your offense con- = 3; 7; sacs = 
Nov. 3.-VMI ‘at a site yet to be de- ; . 513 63 
EASTERN STANDARD TIME $12,594. hi x i; J0—Army at West Point. WW], Defeats fidence it — 2 ha then, Halftime score—37-25, Bolling. 
ss. ompsisory figures, ladies | a fa’ | | i you can switc ck to your 
Secure skating. contineed (‘free skatine |N 22——Richmond at Richmond, Va 7 
finals ». (United States , —— ) basic offensive pattern. ' 
enirity, Tenier Aibtiént. ‘Renton Con Poor Grades Claim | ie A Mount Vernon Where will Mont get the Two College Stars 
N. Y.; Catherine Machado. Les Angeles) a " abama nnounces spee in the backfield to pul @: re . 
nis Himes niie, Seng, Another Indiana Star |) 2 Wasbington-Lee High gained over his ideas? Sign With Orioles 
(United States Entries: Lynn Levy. New Oy ootba chedule some ground on league-leading|) “From John MecVicker at ‘Coe ' , 
Orie ks ed reas Reese, BLOOMINGTON, Ind., Jan. ‘George Washington last night,|left halfback, if he ever finds B - gph hoger a a 
x Yi rvin Crawford, ver, Cole.) 30 U—Indiana University lost ! : Bony ’ ill Lajoie and Angelo- Dagres, 
a Se ae (United n y 10s TUSCALOSA, Al@., Jan. 30 defeating Mount Vernon, 72-49, himself. And mavbe from Ted two collegians signed last sea- 
Siates entries: Wallace Werner, Steam- its second basketball regular Alabama today announced a 10-\in a Northern Virginia Group Kershner breakaway star of = , 
heat Springs. Cole.; Ralph Miller. Han- h days when 6-foot-2 ’ : y son by the Baltimore Orioles, 
beat Rerings, Cote; Bein dermem.(in three y game football schedule, includ-|I game at W-L. our freshman team. He re-| will make their first serious ef- 
E. Mt Themes Corcoran, Westfield. Charley Brown was declared|ing nine of the foes that wal-| The victory gives the Gen-|minds me of Chet Hanulak,” fort to become maior league 
4:40 s. m.—10.000 meter (6 miles. 376 scholastically ineligible today.|loped the winless Tide last|erals a 6 league record, while| Mont says. loutfielders in 1956 ’ Tir gy te 
yards), sped seatine Pat McNamara. Both Brow and 6foot Pax-/year. 'GW is unbeaten in six league. At right halfback, Jack , 
lis) kin. declared inell-| The 1956 ) , me turned their contracts ay 
Minneapolis), . ncy—Ceechestovesis (07 Lumpkin, | program anounced contests. The loss was the|Healy, Howie Dare and fresh- b h 
- Sweden. ible § : opho-| by athletic director Hank Crisp sixth i | nent ne, the conteniag num 
vs. Sweden , gible Saturday, were sopho-|by athletic di r sp in seven league starts for|man power runner Don Sober- ber of Oriole pl 26 
mene ee Bocker—-Germany ¥* mores from Chicago's Dusable/has two possible breaks; Missis- last place Mount Vernon. ‘dash may produce. At fullback oe ee oe 
ence Roh BoteConeee *' High School. sippi Southern is substituted G F Fw-tss Mt. vernon G F F there will be 205-pound Tom 
: cata Heertaevioge’ | fat Baas, steel | f 4 Sele, whe mine at setaon 
nder- ran. "2 * 36 because of an injury, and vet-' t N 
; 2 4 De B. . o% ? 
: bilt game. if 3 Mee rietele @ © 6 erans Fred Hamilton and Phil) Vi GSTON S 
At Winter Games The schedule: Sept. 22-—Rice at) 4 werés.e §€Redway.e@ @ 6 
oustom ‘night). Oct. ¢—Vanderbilt at| ¢ § "5 Beets’ wontsonerns $$ '¢ | oh! 
8 ee | : ‘slew, OH yOFermeers atmnar| ¢ $°2 Holds f FoR ZO years 
HMUpuc unmmartes |galooss, Nov, j—Georgia at Birming- 25 39 33 Totals Bné - "ie ry ol 
Nov. 17—eorgia Tech at Atjante. Nov re eee Pee Ti | oa; 
| 24—Missias uthern at scaloosa ‘ 
CORTINA D’'AMPEZZO, Italy, Jan. 30 (*)—Summaries of Des. 1—Auburn at Birmingham. ie 

top 10 in each plus all American placings: 


. (Fie) Euseniy Grishin, Russia.) 
*(Tie) Yartry Mikhailov, Russia. 
*Toive & ° 

: nen. Fine : 3° <0. 
. arvinen., niand, 7;09.1. 
+ er Morewior. Russia 7:10.34 
y, Australia, 2:11.4. | 
thew. Rg 119 

“So FPPPPE SP PrSs® - 
ww ew 

*Betiers Grishin's ) 
203 tae wiper, Sone toeh | 
4 2: ve set by 
verre orway, im 1948 at St. 

8. osetic Neviere. Franee. 1:54.85 

: 18. 
7. tk t saga 31: 

. Bugenivs & 

, fine Frandl, Austria, 1:57.9. 
‘ fae Astrid Sandy oan 158, 
. (The Bic 

. . 1.56.7. 
feuses " ; Tiss. 

) Inger rr » Norway, 





second round of the 
‘Golden Gloves Tournament is 

. .* ischeduled tonight at Capitol! 
Australian 1 itle | Arena with the first of 14 fights’ 

Australia. Jan. listed to begin at 8:30 p. m. 

In those bouts Terry 44y's feature high school game.|jand coach Tommy Mont is sold on the logic of the Browns’ 

1? -poupé Class 
Jerry Ball (Merrick Club) ve. Lerey 
Robe } 

(Ne. 13 Police | A 
.| Bladensburg, collide today atinine years under Coach Jim 


Cc.) ws. 

(Ne. 13 Peliee Club). 

ve. James Raim- 

vs. Mange! 

te As rance. 
riede Danger. Swit :58.9. 

ter... ‘ 
Park, N. Y..| 


Alston Signs 
Contract for 


NEW YORK, Jan. 30 \®#—Wal- 

new one-year contract, calling 

manage Brooklyn again in 1956. 

As Walter O'Malley, Dodger 
president, had indicataed both 
before and after the World 
Series triumph that Alston 
would be back, the announce- 
ment was a foregone conclu- 

statements, Alston cautiously 
told newsmen, “We've got as 
good a chance as anybody.” He 
had just been honored as “man 
of the year in sports” for 1955 
by a marazine and still was 
basking in the warm glow of 
kindly words from O'Malley. 

Alston’s return was an- 
nounced at a press conference, 
following the luncheon. 
ferred all inquiries about salary 
to E. J. (Buzz) Bavasi, the Dodg- 
ers’ vice president. 

“He got more than New- 
combe (pitcher Don Newcombe) 
asked for,” said Bavasi. Newk 

tled for less. 
on hand to shake Alston's hand. 

tenth in the rankings, while - 
DeMatha climbed from tenth 50 were Roy Campanella and) 
to eighth. Jackie Robinson, other im-| 
| portant members of the 

1. Spingarn (9-0). Dodgers 

2. Gonzaga (6-0). 

3. St. John’s (11-1). 1 

4. Cardozo (10-1). Viecs 

5. George tee Fog _ , lasillon S Harp 

6. Washington-Lee (10-2), y » £2 

7. Dunbar (7-1). = New Backfield 

8%. DeMatha (11-2). é Sing 

9. Bladensburg (9-2). Associated Press Photo Coach at Army 

10. St. Albans (7-1). ° 

BABE HOME AGAIN—Babe Didrikson Za- 
harias is happy as she returns to her home 
in Tampa, Fla., yesterday after a long stay 

in a Galveston, Tex., hospital for treatment 
of cancer. Her husband, George, is with her 

on arrival. fom Harp, football coach 

‘at Massillon’s Washington High 
School the past two seasons, re- 

Pass Screen and Draw Plays 

Mont Will Pattern Maryland 

ga al 
Northwestern After Excitin g P ro Tea ms 
| . |said Col. Earl (Red) Blaik, Army 

undefeated bas-| By Dave Brady coach, conferred with, him at 
tackles North-! Staf Reporter |\West Point Saturday. 

Like many a fan who has been fascinated by the exciting) The appointment becomes ef- 
maneuvers of Otto Graham and the Cleveland Browns, Mary- fective Wednesday, but Harp 
said he will remain in Ohio for 
15 days interviewing candidates 
for West. Point. Under Harp, 
two Massillon teams have won 

sive backfield coach at 
United States Military Academy 
at West Point. 

His contract at Washington 
High still had a year and a half 

ketball team 
western at Northwestern in to- 

The Eagles, the area’s second-| offensive patterns, too. 

An old pro himself, who coached and played with the Wash- 

in a row, including a big upset|/™8ton Redskins before joining the staff of alma mater Mary- 

lvictory over St. John’s. North- land in 1951, Mont intends to® 

) | i accent the Browns’ style of 

)western, with a 93 record, is play next fall. 

tied with Bladensburg for the! ‘This will be in direct con- 

Bi-County League lead. ‘trast to the often unspectacu- 
The area's eighth and ninth-|jar ball-control tactics College 

ranked teams, DeMatha -and | park fans were used to the past 

Frank Tamburello, John 
Fritsch and Dickie Lewis, and 
we've got ends who are good 
pass receivers.” 

Tamburello, a senior next 
season, is No. 1 quarterback. 
Fritsch will be a junior with 
little experience, and Lewis 

Andrews Loses 
To Fort Eustis 
HAMPTON, Va... Jan. 30— 

Paced by a dazzling shooting 
performance of Irv -Bemoras, 

DeMatha. Bladensburg has won| Tatum, who will be at North 
9 of 11 starts, while DeMatha) Carolina next season. 

has an 11-2 record. | Mont made it clear when he 

_ Cardozo, winner of 10 of 11 hea that who scored 47 points, Ft. Eus- 
games this season and tied|;p. mw ge Ponte = hall was the only freshman taken to|.:. poke a five-game winning 
‘twith Wilson for the Interhigh| 5.6” Tatum and the othes Orange Bowl practices, to stresk of Andrews Ale Peres 

League West Division lead,/varviand coaches knew for familiarize him with the var- 
takes on Phelps, upset victor! vears that Tommy was an ad-| sity. 
over Armstrong two weeks ag0,/.,.ste of a more wideopen| Among the ends, much Is ex- 
at Banneker, and St. John’s! oame jpected of 230-pound Ed Cooke, 
plays at Roosevelt in other top|” naont said there is no con-|6foot 4inch track star, who got 

Base, 102-98, here tonight. 
Playing before a crowd of 
2500, Bemoras, a former All- 
America at Illinois, scored most 
of his 19 field goals on set 

games this afternoon. | ‘nection with his offensive|his first big chance against .po;. 
Two Northern Virginia Group thinking and the fact that all UCLA and showed great 6 v P Ft. Besti Andrews G F PF 
[ contests headline tonight's! four of his new assistants have Promise although he was only| | $ |& W'ikert Teicropouios¢ § 4 30 
schoolboy card. League-leading|}eon either pro players or|4 sophomore. Others with con- y 3 °G Wathinsion.c Ch'nert i ft 
George Washington is at Fair-| .oaches. siderable experience are Jean| 3 313 Besheckc _Hasane } 3 4 
‘fax, and Falls Church at An- However, Mont admitted| Waters and Dick Porter, who) } § |§ Wasnere Zeimba.« & 31 
nandale. yesterday that they certainly|Will be seniors, and Bill — Phillins.« @ © 
will be valuable adjuncts in| (Moose) Turner, who will be a 53 34 ee Totals Bn 
a me score— - . 

helping him to introduce the|/¥™!or. | 
style of offense that has been) Mont says he was greatly im- 
popularized by the Browns, pressed by Bud Wilkinson's 
Los Angeles Rams and Ken Oklahoma team when it out- 
tucky University. ih ustled Maryland in the 
WILLIAMSBURG, Va., Jan.| “We'll operate from a pass|OTange Bowl, 20-6. | 
'30 @—Three new opponents ap-|screen and draw-play pattern, I can see a revolutionary 
on the 10-game 1956 foot-|like Otto Graham, “Mont said.| ‘Tend popularized by the Soon- 
ball schedule released today|“If the opposition lays back|€™s. Were going to run in and 
by the College of William and/for passes, we'll use the draw Ut of the huddle like they did, 
ary. ‘play. too. But we're not going to do 
The newcomers are Army,| “We'll keep the defense|'t same after game like Okla- 
Boston University and Rutgers.;honest by using more trap 

William & Mary he 
olling Veteats 

McGuire, 84-63 

Bolling Air Force Base, paced 
by Bobby 
Warlick, defeated McGuire Air 
Force Base, 84-63, last night at 
Bolling for its eighth victory in 

in 23 games for McGuire. 

George Mason Spanks | 
Gar-Field, 68-49 | 

I ro at Echo Lake George Mason High defeated 
| WESTFIELD, N. J., Jan. 30 G2 Field, 68 to 49, at George 

(®—Al Mengert of Spokane. | 

/Wash., runner-up in the 1903 | Pores y pd [> pene Rewer 
National Amateur golf tourney, is now 5-5, and Garfield is 1-7. 
was named head ec agg at 

Al Mengert Named 




— wR RSs 


Free Parking 
Ang tot ar On 

ter Alston today accepted a) 

for a salary of about $32,500. to| 

Never a man to make rash 

He re-', 

had asked for $30,000 but set-| 
Newcombe ate g 

MASSILLON, Ohio, Jan. 30 

signed today to become offen- 

to go, but he expects no diffi-| 
culty in getting released. Harp! 

17 games, lost two and tied one. 


Joseph and Ernie) 

16 starts. The loss was the 14th’ 

7 —— 

akes Over First Place in Schoolboy Rankings 

| Today’s Events wHen You ORDER A 


Virginia at N.C. ote 

Ga see vs. D, 
ferson Jr. High, 3:86. 

) Fort olabi 

Mechece at Jet- 

. State Fresh. 

MIT at Nevwy, 4 


: A i 3:30 
| Balt. Deegtas at 5 

Boys in at 
Chamberiain at 
pote Church at Aannandale. 

| rederick at W on, 4%: 
Gaithersbere at Arundel, 3.50 

| Gee. Wash. at tlax, & 
at Nerthwesters, 2:30 
wrnm Park at La _& 
meceeen at Lew@eun County. 7 
_ Poing at Rich. Mentsomery. 2:20 
fman- ton at Fairmont Heischts, 

| Kem@eall at Sherweed. 3:96 

*7 at Oxen Hill, #:30. 
erel at Suliland, * . 
| Mackin at NTS. 3: 
| ot Noekesville. 7. 
elps 52. Costene at Rqnnoher 4. 
ppah . Mason, 7 
St. John’s at ¥ 

en's bt Ch feti ‘nett : 
‘ s 4 arlette i. 2. 
rraticoville at Seuthern. 7 ¥ 

Western st Eastern, 3 
ree Prep at 

Quanticen Bich 

it’s smart to specify 



it leaves you breathless! 


Mengemery Blair ot 
Landen at Episcopal. 4:20. 

Sidwell Friends 

Sports on TV, Radio 


WRESTLING—Wrestliing live from 
Ww wante WMAL-TY (Channel 7), 16:30 @0 Proof. Made from grain Ste Pierre Smirnoff 

RADIO Fis.(Division of Heublein), Martford,Conn. U.S.A, 

| HORSE RACING—Fifth ' . 

races from Charles Town weer (lice Call RE. 7-1234, ask for Circu- 
©.) y e ‘ ’ ; ; ; 

zt 24. ond bak a } me). be jation, and order The Washing- 

ton Post and Times Herald 

33rd and 
M Sits. N.W. 


7th & K Streets, $.W. 
Serving Washington's 

Carriage Trade... 
Since 1885 

Peet tet; Specializing in 
. a0 oS == 5 Have Your Lencheons and Dinners 
, — © fm Hall's Historie Gas-Licht Atmosphere 
atl - 


' a 

Upstairs Dining Room fer Private Parties 

Opem Dally. Execeot Sundar, i! te I! 
Mre. Frank C. Mall. Pres. MF. &-8158 ME. &-8580 



y /\ dig 

ESA th 

Eversharp-Schick's exclusive 
cutting angie is designed te 
give you closer, safer shaves! 

a nn 

The secret of smooth, safe shaving is in the angle of the blade, 
The modern Eversharp-Schick locks the blade at the one cor- 
rect angle . . . shaves scientifically close without scraping off 
tender face skin. Yes, shave your whiskers—not your face with 
an Eversharp-Schick Injector Razor! Try one soon and see! 


McCreary Injured CF —" 
one TE ll ol. 
will be out of the saddle 
for six weeks with a shoulder 
. Examination showed 
that he fractured a bone in his 
shoulder when he fell from 
his mount after the‘ ninth race 




Around The Track 

Horses and People With 

a, or Whirlaway 
or Native Dancer However. they have 
taken a quiet step forward 

sinew has been nominated for the 
1956 Kentucky Derby 

it's a “just in case” move by the 
stable owned by Mrs 

~~ | Opposition. 
Haight [PP 

rirtTu RACE— 1209. 1-7ear-olds ana SP: claiming: 
« 7 Roll Equal Krate) Should click here 117 2.1 town eouras ‘11 Nines fie AT CHARLES tToww Navy 
4 a “ " ’ ; ; : ; . => es a utshaw) May right one i111 4-1 °. ’ 
an “if between nominating and Starting in the Rlue Grass yas er the camera verdict 3 Dares oie. (Pahimbo) me tite Ra 4 7" ; naPport (Prench ) +» Dangerous with these 14 0G . OD vx Mowlee 27, Darey 1 ee 7 Duke 
classic. However should Sinew show enough to warrant partic. | {fom Y. H. Cook’s Day Dream. . Stakepoint (Mitchel), mitt be right there 114 474 , Golden depzgery ‘nto leparin december is ga ee 4. 
; ¥ iden Db Reported on edges 15% 6-1 -——Biwe Bar 16. Mimads 16. Sumpin 14 Clems 
ipation in the nost parade he will be there ing None of the others in the | oe mM YT. Aree ies oie kers y ommmer 3 tt e-] 7 Bir Birke M he Wil ” rie! there 2 4.1 . s on 
° t : : ' ‘a : -. ove cam (Contrada on here in Semper ij 10-1 7 Abolish Gore Can © OV@rinnked i? Rg “kira 
While no Charles Town ?-———— ———/ field of eight was closer than ‘ Noble cet” Stidhem) te y ne pote + 63 is} | © Titiey Match | te no. Piashed speed Saturday i14 16 ~—Dustalort 15 Handsome Time 11. 25 George. 
horse has won the Kentucky fourth at any stage of the SC-! 6 Airdale aNo Hos Praag Working well Gia $3 Fialiam Siend the” mane | ‘deser iis 19.1 Capitalist 10 . town 
: ' a Att ti F N ; hance i+ hud ij ’ ’ } ~~ ' " ¥ noe — ey ta — ; . 
Derby, Sinew would not be | led the trainers with 10 wie. “7 7 . ' 1] Pate ie Lomek ‘Veane? snane the one ihe hae, 3 Canricnct, ‘No , *** pe Hoeer it sta 1i2 45.j Po Hom “ EST 34. Parnet! Breese 9 
’ -| ; ’ r’ . 0 \ 5 0. winne 0 oO , x ; on ; ~ poe , ae R y we . . rf + 3 j re ‘ : 
the first Det oy winner f; om tories nine st ts } , . f ur of SECOND RACE—Purse si 700 §-vear-alds end ap: claiming : passer 4 Per — fsa a8 3 Bie Dee 16, Sir Stake 12. Gelden 
in 1941. Hle Rolls. who had the races last year because l mons y only once. Operated : MinDip Futre (French) , Given the idee t $-] SIXTH Racy —£1°On ‘ d-vear-olds 2nd wD) claiming [havior : Steel Tewn 25 Seetch Cravat 12 
been almost unbeatable as a | he was overgrown for his in the interests of the favorite 3} Sue Bar Gray, + Reported very +i) san Desos fy Rep s field tte «+ pa aN Slam 16; Ide K 11. Weas 
" “a+ aia | tts las Kee ) : e 7 ‘ °. : a . 
2-yearold, won the Arkansas | age Whitely, a mild-man. etme na crowd of 3434. He 3 mv Biend (Clack Can't be ovetlockes | | 1g Rose Pearl Stitheony Reads Drow in dent i402 4-1 Ge Ve nsen 4 Timesthemoon > 
' "etur i . S} ray) 7 r . : (Sm a) Dri cls 106 = fe} en 4 ; ve 
Derby while ‘rained by the | nere d individual is the |** -: ned a $3.40 mMutue] > Govirte, Ne ra? aan well h “ee meet a aac} } RELI Cravat Snyders 1 kes the mud: go « 139 | Peraidahyde 7 
late Victor Noyes, one-time methodical type of trainer Me te _ chestnut geMing was ; oh! a Fe cetahes ye cod thn «(fth ted Royal ey: ra fae ant ee ma ooked 2) 10.1 AT HIALEAH 
» by g , ' AUSuatinea,; «+ May te > the 774 ; ’ ‘ - . . ot vi 
Navy foothbal] star. who believes time is essentia] Clocked in 1:51 3-5 for the about § Kissme (No Ray) ... Working well 33 3 ee pe ®t see, eane De) i= Ribbons 15. Big Billie 12 
wabeionl in the horse busines« four and a half furlongs. The 1° Sun Brandy «no Roy) Bhow ~ 12 Roush “Buns 8e 00d aces 116 i Sere Girl 5. Bon 12. Rive Domine 1« 
, ; | we ‘oo | Tack was sloppy The rain 4g Midian Pine (Ge tees po last year 126 15°] Bella A 
SINEW HAS a good He was born within two stor 1 bef PP: Longshot Daily Double ‘ s'raline wo Be! _ Hair at tin 15+} o—Tiswar 7°. Myis « Rristling « 
feacher. The son of Sir blocks of the Churchil} | Stonpe 1 the balan’ @ cold JOE CRE , H Mr Barb ‘No Bap oe naan Bek Hd det) | Eoeang*egs, nt on 
, 4 : , ; Al iPS : 43 =. fee me eis OPisk 1} ‘O-l Ruthred 5 
Damion. out of the mare New Dow nS Trace track at Louis- “rae chased the balmy atmos- AM and L PSTROKE i+ Pace Nu Boy Hardly the or 117 1 -—Damaris 29. Main Point &. Gay 
—_ ° ~ » —_—_— TR - - . ™ 
Look by Easy Mon, is being ville, Ky : lere It was button-up-your. THIRD RACE—Pas.e $1200: 4-vear-elds ama SD: claimine eeperen tart ACE—Purse $1200; 4-vear-elds. claiming; aboyi my oP . Tee Best te 
carefully brought along by Hic t outh Was spent hang- OVE rcoat time again before the om — ‘time (mre ee , Z Or: ns ele Creat Pret, eed 4 here i4 4.4 Prin _ ¥4 7 ‘ Ee p . " 
. , . ‘Nor andsome Time ratz reterred oy these il9 3.1 Ip Slim ‘ rh ' . : Pe lh 4 : i—mDaor vier ? a's ay . ar 
Whitely who first in aded ng oy er the rail and his program ended ¢ Dustalort u hires AlWays right. there 123 2 & Nee Gus Ne oy . * ph . n mud 4.) Tune 3 
Charles Town last fall and thoroughbred e duca'tion Kratz, who rode both ends of ; FA eer ‘guighaw) adie mud of Wate suits 18 4 1) 3 Softy Do. er Pigures vee . - i-l ics Bee, Maoman 14, Sherps 2, Bf ow BO RN BRAS so ogseccp e aes wom 
, . wees “i yGer nce of! races i195 . a( wo 'o Roy) Ten # now ino a.4 la m ; ; ; 
came early. the daily double on Saturday. ; Vinee mt . Can t be overlooked 14 10.4 : Ia K (Dosher * Pais m now 1 .Z o—Picader + Bive Square «. Activate oe re renee Orie 
' , e. faliant CZi (No Ro: *S8cy: watch out 112 6.1 $ Royal Giove No Boy) : © iu ready 33 12.3 4 Ox 295 Dile r 
Prior to sery ‘ing nearly five piloted two winners, addin 2 Yankee Vids Bulsson ) Pair race in Gebut 117 33.3) j Defenseless ‘Cut an on ph a tas TT : VArfield 7.90 7 7 3800 ¢ . ss 
years in the Army Whitely J: I Simpson's c onnatation to re: uminow ye orden May gag ad 146 team | eree hat ‘pe 4. thing Mere 314 35.4 Soe NTA ANITA ™ apie: &4 p 
, , a ae : =”... a on | . : 4 12-] 6 ras oH (Pappas Workine «w- ; ' ais = i or 5 
Stant. MeMahon Lead worked and learned with his list in (he seventh €vent.|_) Tarry tot (Mo Bos) Mot here 114 26-i PIGHTH RACE— Puree S008. 4 = MR ay ne » me me Armed on | oat: dlr Recher, Fairway Sportin 
Such as Ren Jones, when the |The 4 year-old led home 0 F. rourrn RACE—Purse. si 000. *-70ar-olds and ap. claiming “Penene Porteenth miles (3) ; ate Princess Patch 2 ‘ Meese Messe 12 1328 ¢G a. NV YE 8.4132 
. ra . ’ non 4? e . . , : 9) ‘ Penson “utehaw ard ti . 7 ees: .” a vy ore vv v) 
Mackin Over NTS now Calumet Farm trainer Ker (Ss King Cameron and Mrs + oe ge As ays Day's best bet 116 gig 2 Qubeas (No De Needat ce i i—ente pk Te vetia i eeey, Also avaiteble 
. : ‘ } 4 Olyquest rat , ° : i! : . . : ; " ; 7 . _ — i 2 ’ . ; ; : ” 
saddled his first Kentue wy ’ a Johnson . Regal Pase to & Parne Breeze Shirey Good new. ‘eoptendee lia 5 } Timeaanzde (N “e Sa F "Clase if ne n 4 ia Sette um Sling at American Ae omobile Association 
: ¥ 7 F ae rer ™ se . : r ée . : 2% : ; : e iD ia \ : dd 
Mackin High paced by Jim Derby winner the Woolford |Teturn a $¢ 80 mutue} $ Errush saeren Capt ane sates 1] aoe i Sane” {No B Cant be overionked i723 4+] Edin yaa! Dark 14. Rest Néve 12 Speedy “Sm — 
“ . , mt : " . . "Fs PSD) : mMmitheon Chan . : ’ ” ’ ' ~~ - ~~ 
Stant and fom MeMahon Farms’ Lawrinp He also was Veteran Gus Pappas also had! ? Guard tee ‘k h mepgrtad sirprise ith 8-1) 4 Blue Bickle (Grant  Chamee i 10-1 | Govarne’'g BUNS? Golden Land 13, 

; fatinnal , noe " , , ovuar 7 Utena) puiG s@rprise 116 15 og. | _j, = ame & LE. 7-12 - 
trounced ; Nationa L : ain: 1g c mi loved hv such nationally > saddle double for the porn. i iJFrive tf No Rov) ae Mar Steet +h 11] 15.1 Best Bet—POLYQL EST (ith race) Majer fon’ ilberty “nA Gree Tewer 3. Call R EF. ‘ 1234, ask for Circy 
School. ‘6-43, at Mackin yes- known trainers as Bert |afam He LOOk the first | a Gila ee +e MES —Count Me Ous 14. Wind Wines 12. lation, and order The Wash. 

“% tant cans 9 ninte . . » 2 ; i — Ne re ————- | Postiffien 5 
eS her cored <1 points. Michel, Rosene Goose and |¥ aa Nicodemus Our Ace. Like Rush 20, Lena Mae x 6 ington Post and Times Herald 
an vic anon i Harold Hoffman to name but an aU « iran to Sef the ets > " » . Ganais : “ 
, ' Pw ty , age SAN 4 2% arante y 
G F P Mackin STS. @ F Pi » few, for a $54.40 daily double Pay-off LS aA ANITA LE TES HIALEAH ENTRIES ——_ Jere bmn mony = now 
7 “ sf " 4 f ; ') 000 )-Vear. a Maiden. : n 
. 4% Winters.t "Wiknt 3 3% tienen On the 1-4 tickat« He won the sive: bus 118 Lucky salnt4*" 118) Regal Favor”; A 7ear-Olds up: cims As Veen AVear-olds; atlowances "© 
> 1 9) Guinn s Marchf4 3 «4 “peta r- : +. | SMooth Wave 118 } t Sunse ne etric tr a) Was ‘30 Tiswa 115 
ory; Dillion. res i @-. BETYW EEN RACE 5 — -*" With R oCner’s | pe Armed lon iia Rome D k r De - kn Tred -Ola: Traf 120 pa ¢ De 138 
eS 8 3 Marshail.« Nelson.c * @ ‘ Raat me . mane . , ‘ Janet I. nn. nay p Sati Music » 118 r Cover tp 18 *Bed, es Oe ia, C3 \s< BT ine sovl . 
i ; ‘© MeMahon.e Erayern 3 : or mas sanuer ¢ Sew. wae ! ee Anpiri +18 aicodor .. prave Waving 114 by leza A a we Harve ui 7 
2 2 K ripites.¢ Biackicns = o a SUSpended for 10 days for re lace! Lia Paithfui Lad ik iB Sarita _ 7 Ne 5 = , / Were &-vear-ol - * ‘. hi \, \ 
. © 2 Stevens; Willlamse 1 @ > “shout ng instructions to I] 4 iumdred Grand 118 Buzzsa » :1B *Gold Pac 108 Gay nike , © low ' o!a é 18 Hit \ i 
. © 2 O'Brien > oe ' *? » Wy A Rien’ T 118 Brawley Blu. j S240. * did, : “ar 1.9 Warn Over lis HH 
St { Baek. other jockeys during the OTS8e8 lo ate 2—"s: $4000; 4-year cid. UP; clme pie elie A Miming * 113 York 7 oes I i 6 HH 
‘ anee 4 running of a race last Satur- AT CHARLES T [Ghameion’ Nose ie ee Re r et eo . ? 10 Sun r Break tii : ‘ . t age ~y a FY ‘+e Ll Hit SILVER SPRING (Pa 
sve pe é “ : : 4 On » aftriet F A, ue Mine Li?) eG ’ *~, . - ‘ 
° ! 1 Nichols. day. The Stewards failed to OWN och Lynnis |. i9° Blue Chip Bong i158, ! soe Cn Pun 111 Carol Ane iti | Marine Grow eiSe Or1 < 
Tr ’ . al nes . ; Fiash Pinish Ill Sonoma Pall. 118 ‘Boon Maid 106 Little Midee ii} tte 118 © “\ 
27 s 376 Totals 1% 5 43 reve ai any ( utshaw quota- HIGH DIVIDEND—Thig one Gao lil Pashion Hill ili Miss ral Gem lil Knob Cw Gal 133 . $5000 : , a3 —_ iif L S b . 20 ‘ Ex j c 
tions, but it is assumed the looks good will win hone pias effe 114 . jar ah She ry i 8 s n "sth i Raarite Prog ll4 D . 115 Fist 4 mir ow Su a" Oo 4 z ‘onan ] 
7s » aw «, . wr : ’ - ; ™ >. a4 eri vaere "444 SSToedonns 116 Ya © Buckle iis pay pe iis at 'v LUE 
Giese Presented Boy, SPoke out of turn, , 's lGetCH RATION—This one ise Baish. Tyearcolds eet. cid Rosemnese lee: 108 “Gladdies’ git i23 raining “2 
Sorry to hear of \ enezuela’s worth following u Reeatus «+107 polksy 118 RC i eee tian point eet iis Bat ve Ww os ti 
rs “3 : ren . , . , rarer esulus 138 Toubo Doll ©’ 107 Somannn ke: +) ek sh il 
With First Son | Prendase breaking his leg in| RUSTY PENNY — Toss Out | Marian Belle’ ° "113 ta Debee °° :->191 Ppa Ming ' 115 \ 
training. We looked forward recent effort Can do better ‘mars Cup .. 12 mee 138 HIALEAH RESULTS Sheenstast eo? 2. year-olds: allowances 5 
. _ ° . ’ Ja 86 112 Giver ime 1} Aas : oe 6.4 eice +e bi 
A son was born in Prince| to seeing him tackle Nashua [Take Leave 118 “Hillside Romip’ “34% Se nai “<i rt 9 it , ‘ Tus Boat °° 118 Royal 3 ik “ ites 
' ges C Spital } her ; evin 8 112 Fleet Sonn 1 endia ( Hartack) oy 8.00 6.10/28 Boat. . 118 Re Lark 11s Sa ee 
forges County Ho pital yes and the others in Hialeah’s . ; pe Rock 116 Commoane”” 11h} Bxbrapetes (Combest) 18 90 12.40 Giamou o irt* 12. Our Marge is f 
rday to Mr« Warren Giese Widener. Hic battle in which | Al Selections ‘Catme? #5000 fie seond Allies wir Eucla hafcentteras) Mia’ Gone c Ac clade 115 Comntess Pe ee Home of the PACKAGE DEAL 
hose husband recently was El 4 hama beat him a head. | AP AT MIALEAn ‘Bossy Baby .. 108 b@hes vick fe perme : Pr Hhcetoniar Amulet a+ 3: #5000 ‘ toe aiwe ‘ — ——.——————————— nn —. neta 
| * Alri rr lig | Overpriced ; . 18 Ry gain 1 
mamed head foothal] coach at) is a» never-to-be-forgotten tei. Brarely Waring. Reterits, Reich's |. eekita "ibe 7, -. 113) & torlomee ania aT s] Anley }09 Eds Day 112 
juree ; > . ; r " o— o—§ furl ‘ " i silien! 15 
the University of South Caro. chapter in the history of o—SE SI Bow. Sumset Break. Carel aeey her vans 116 Ses Pallense (Nichols) 190 S50 4.00 War Tune 115 Onions, ; ts 
lina Laurel's Washington (D. C.) |An= ¢ DPhreewilt cxire pee £730 Leenene) S30 7.30 Leap Tide °°: : tae Wark Ruler $21 
The haby ‘ighed & d I +i . +—Bristling Satire De, Total Traftic | §—a, : #-rear-clds up: opt. cig | Reiahbout (Leblane) sar Gran on 29 Ma Petite 110 . , 
© DADDY Weigh pounds nternational » «+ Willie Har. [Keck Tom, Rethred Dr Ben Rt Leona Weic> 114 *Acauisities 106 |, xation R ase: Orange. Maid ay re ~ . heste 115 One of the World's Largest Tire Dealers tar Over 34 Years 
14 ounces and is the first son | tack will make 4 fast round- Geeas Samaria, Main Point Rosemere Breen Warkic: He conte Brownie 198 os * Sai —_ , i ve ae Acs a b 109 
of the former | Miversity of! trip flight to California for Bost *™Ur, Princess Terie, Teg Near Dern” 116 Real Hope -++eed20) Rad Marine's Rose’) 2770" ;  @etming 3446 14th St. NW, TUckerman 2-5100 
Maryland assistant coach. The! the Jockey Guild dinner on 4 Dore Ruler, G-Teo. Momus ‘Jet Queen 100 Seedy aan recetat DAILY DOUBLE Pam sao %o Halt Mi: ) Massai- 108 Our Only Store Open Friday Night ‘ty 9 p.m. 
Gieses haye two young daugh- February 13... See you on | «! rrrved Stymie, Martine's ‘Bey. Grat- | Miss Glen-Risss ‘114 Noe ne Jan ° 109 Roman Brine *’; “5 bb 5e° hoe 0? ymie iSherpe °°? : er 
. . oweet Susie 1ll Now Hear 1] ‘Cee ” 33 Fr : my oh, 
ters. ' the ¢ harles Th il rail. Seuan rman Claw, Junaluska. Biwe 4 ~ £6000 4-¥ear-olds 2 iD: alee . Fast Brook Martin) 10.00 6 oa . ren vy eG : me Breed ; os 
. Crystal Slue 117 Mighty Kin 119, White Orchia (Westrope h a0 > pel ‘ — 7: 77 ‘a: 
— iden Land 122 Biar of the Fee: fi3) . Geiitie Song Miiday Ras. Lady v Me ays Man T, 9 of Our Factory-Reconditioned 
aBright Night ile Pauit Pr 519\ shen. Little Dillard Reis : Mie , tenn a | . 
Became ent Hig Pogae 2° 115 Sea. dite Ria sel cee cmmeemt) Me BLUE RIBEON Tikes TUBES 
° Y . Suber U3 aFraser Waites ii fest sed Por twestttiel io +10 a0) disse | 1 Bersieni Clay’: *ii4 ~ 
I | (YY gv TR i Up: alee | Deabdle Beosey (Martin) c 16.50 9.30 “A ticate seul Mr. Jamiesar rt an ee All Prices Include Tax ——— 
: | Ss q } ue j ' aTravertine 112 aGrey Tower lie Melzar (Blum) 5.50 for } ‘ 1} ‘Dr. Jeks > nee 2 e - 
‘ ) Ola Blarney . 113 Biue it ++0318|.. Lone Strider Penny Fortune Prince. Bi 1108 2.00%K15 6.00x15 6.50.16 
| Brent Liberty 38 rdained 115 Piving Chung” gents. Bi - 4 par md Bweer bi! . 09 + Picea el : 5.50x16 - 00x15 
. “Major Speed ij sy azic I vi Wee), OM ids A ASS > on te ea - o » i. ‘ 
voorright 1956. b; Triangle Publications Inc.) ‘at the head of the ‘retch end drew clear’ Moetisee chal. | Fir Wheel | me x » “ar furlongs: $4500: 1-111, . "3 1? pounds "ee elaimed Chen - 6.50x15 7.00 16 
ond Er CLOUDY TRACK SLOPPY : Kolanenn ‘tlenes rane uteln etch ‘ura put had Hothine left = Del $5000 ¢-7ear-olds up: opt. cig | Otlireck |DeSvirite) ©-70 3.80 3.20 ; . O40x15 = > 
FIRST Rac E—Charies 7 Wn course. Pures $1200. ne ‘ely on the Outside Im the ‘Ate stretch v . [* Seur Note (Martin) 5.00 4.00 Railbird Lon shot od 60) 16 
@-vear-clde and up. nist, Of! at 1:02" @tart we Won , FIFTH RACE—charic, Town course Purse $1200. Por | Lever Boy ii¢ pt Perdner . ,, ii: Coburn’s Wish (Carstens) 1! Oo sOMeg 6.70x15 6.70x16 Ue 
wis 5 Ce same Winner §& A. Nicodemus’ b “en . y | #-Year-old. a: a up: ele ming Off a+ 2 54 Start dw Michaeis Ange! Ii ree Hand . shad Ashenden. Clamor. B ue Pene On Cc “yy ; > 8 OO 15 
Case‘Ace Cha saithe Pon ini w WS Ren ieee Ot. driving J lace same Winner w Parks’ ch — \ by | Sonor Feats its yadesns Ai4 mum. Lady ED iot: aPea. Pep, Geometr- APITALIS r > lOx] - = 0 15 . Xio 
Horse to a oe 1gh—War Time ‘Baily stained by W. P, “Barks. ‘Via |Postiition’. C8 118 Fox tr oe 118) Mr. Anchor. Royal “Viole Third Race, Charie< Town gs m uta 8.20x15 
Our Ace Pappas) 129°; of 3 las $4 40 9 ‘ es 9", 4000: 3-vear-olds opt. elme 6—4@ furlongs: $10,000; the Sunshine ; 
Pesta Donna Small: 119 @ Fe p7% Qe 1 50 Horse Jockey Wet pp * Str. vy s | Jaycee 107 Black Paris 138) State 1-io: — 
March Deb (Spyder) 118 3 js » 3% 20 Casia st nebkenes, (Conion) 114 crs & O| Palak Le Afiak 118 Ganaia +112) Bilarlous (Atkinson) 18.80 7.50 3.40 NP 3s ana 
fOKsg00d pane) 116 2 diy 4 ‘ 9.40 pv yteth Meadiey) 119 3 g. 2° . trusted +2 °Cosmo Lea || 113 Find (Weed eouse).... 4.70 260 
jer e Folly ~( Rrat 120 5 : . 7.50 4m wim (Snyder 5 } hd yr . tars Return 118 *Higher Op re 107 5 Appeal (Church) Me 2.a0 
giegt? Me joaher! iid g ge Bi Bite 1640) Ace Pik aamacker: Hef g* fi) ohn) init, ick oo Hfh Bermnd™™ 0-16)" Behe severe SB Bg 
} Tee = 42) 5 7 43 3h Mise Soto (D’ Aue neeker H , § R | ‘ j sone Hise is pereranc s iid Cavort, Due De Fer, Hangover a MORE . e 
Roz s Joy Fo: e' i113 64 64 ) 9 97.20 arak i Believe ‘\ a 1130 Cg hee be > & 60 Oliver lia Pelicitation ile Commodore M (Hartack) 3.40 3.00 2.90 16 Jeep Tires 6-Ply ° $7.95 
OUR ACE. $1130. e46n az 0 - 3.20. | Mare x29! ‘Bracciale) 114 SB 9M ¢ gr! ; 79) 5 pounds allowance claimed Full Flight (Atkinson 6.10 5.10 6.00x16 H. Duty Cony. « 6-Ply © $7.95 
, MARCH Dk i _< $2.8 PRESTA VONNA $3 20 wi a roc frey (Rivera 117 2't® One a6 410 | Mabe ky (Ceek) r 50 | e ° Other Sizes art 
Gas hee siwave a forward facte Wore-down Mar Deb canny Amos’ 117 16 10 1d 10 72.40 aPreedom gatiey, Bryn ies Im por. 6. xlé H. Duty Conv. 6-Ply $8.95 Similarly 
r vali , tretc na ad <f 1 ~ ry ie the CASIA $15 £0 $7.00 80 wy ty : ’ 4 | bante War and eace a “een Lane , 
he al n ee Soon gt he eld costs, - nna pate in the Ny HESWIM. sho “< GWYNETH. 63 20 $3.00 AP Selections | Africance a Roes-North Downs Pans en. Idea! for Jeeps, pickups, farm Wag- Low Prices 
Sncd Was Catching the winne at he nd Mar. Deb na) S558 took lead *OON altar ie a , ; 1! the | ;* - » , 
command at on-. held on « eft ay streten and : red aradus) ~y Abe but ¥ “noe Pressure to Keen Gwy oth 4 m4 the AP AT SANTA ANITA | Boal & Miles: £3500: 2 00 au en nee sp — trailers, These Prices with your 
SECOND RACE—About 7 % riong n _ . . ape ya tte if railled to reach contention itn 1—Re Arm Jon, 1 3 molina (Atkinsen } 13.10 5.50 gaa uaranteed months. 
ar-olds an iD: claiming or my : i Btarte oe r. tL = he poe | “P. Et . : eS * OnG was cats mine the Winner at dreq Seanad <= necks mel Hen oueges raeanke | ; 5.820 3.16 IN TRADE AT a. if mounting - 
Griving: place « Winne rik @ i@\ be t ~ sees Wi Sed mildly in the drive ° Pri teh, , Sy Story (Hartack } 4.70 ee 
va Sa rest enne. "tr i *' NNR °% me, 1-322." SIXTH RACE—Ahou: $"> furlone. Purse $1500 Por Rese ~ oe  Putet aoe Champtes ortage Boy Loyalist Blue Boy Mae. WHITE WALL TIRE & TUBE needed if mounting is 
Na = s-¥ear-olds cAiminge off at 3-39 Start good Won easily %—Reculus. Pat's Rock. Wise Jax. bliss Ergo Mock Battle Prince Pogo MAN met required, 4) prices 
Ri gockey Wat v4 te Str. Pin Odds hogy it ¥ ae. winner. EN. Dickinson 3 8 Gh « (a) he ‘—CANDY Dice’ Vite, Tambline Vain Vixer err tg oe 6.40x15 . 6.95 7.60x15 7.95 iInclede tax. 
Bea in Mefvers 112 ¢ I .*.. 3% $3 30 ay ONY JO. Trained bs 4. P Simpson. Time 0:514, 5—Real Hope wshan. Near Dark *—1.% miles: $3500 1:59% 6.70x15 6.95 7 
‘ worl iis tm fy 70| 6—Dr _ Affrightes 7 Ox . 6 ‘00x15 .. 8.95 
Oinogretts ‘McKee 112 9 4 1 80 | ,, Horse Lockey Wat PP yp: Fin. Odds many, Alfrighted. “Geiden Buff (Brooks) 22.00 9.69 6 Ge 
cKO" r+... (Parties 40a Th g>¢” 11850 Polly's ee ‘Aratzi lig; 44 1?ih ‘ys 54 Land Marston Moor (Useery) 5.60 4.40 7.10x15 7.95 8.20x15 8.95 
! lid ’ . : I $70 
P Vendor Snyder) i 10 3:3" iP : ‘ "3 80 Valiant Son (Rivera; 117 4 4, 1 tes 16.80 —~ Vout, Pty Wheel, Bright Lib. Fall Creek (¢ ulmone ) 70 
R Count adie. Qn » | ¢ + A Day rPamin (Ti _ 1] 3 ; as . F Shower End Rough Coneaues: Let . 6 MONTHS 
Choice i (rate: 2 : 4 3; - f 4 tutterb : P ce fit : as” fe :- 28 Sema Mace” pitiition fount Me Out down, Baby's Pal, oe nies Pal, Shivers Mail Orders Promptly Filled! 
pens Sandy ‘anal! 112 & > ae +) 51-90!) isa Dhesat = Sma He: Sie fs 26.60; ° ‘ manar®, Court Bish, ana Romanium Send check o- money erder Ne ©.0.Dp FREE PARKING 
Smiling Harp D’ Augustine, lia : . . 1 ; “A +4 Anant iz le treera 469 & * §,. 3." 3 70 a. ee ee ——— 
— ——- . Ane-O-Ram Headley) j 77 Py kK R336 
NETHERBY. $8.40 +60, 1.00 in > ° d 
GINOGRETT« $2.60 . $5.00; SEA BED $10.20, $4.40 POLLY'’s no $340. so” ) ' 
Netherby disnose f Paut Vendor after « half mile drew &4 YS DAY DREAMING - 1” 82.40 VALIANT SON, 68 20 
ee! Ren ‘\ . mn naa tan’ winced to @ reme Pressure Polly's Bo took command at the ‘art. Outran his enna. 
’ ’ ‘ar D > Stretch lOBe% ,Oon w et ’ 
re v ’ e and war wea @ own the winner mid! , wit 
] 2 2 Gir etta Pached stra 
a ’ aire n 

last six. g-cVENTH RACE—Abou: > 

fur) P r 000 , 
na eh 2nd OD: elain it. Off at 4°53 ‘Start wend Won 
] 0 . hand: Diace driving Winner, J P. Simpson's b ®. (4) by 
Double (i) ur Ace S35 f 60) Warcratt—Connamists Trained by 3 P Sin pson Time 
’ ' ee . ae a ‘ta ; 
(4) Netherby poltorse lockes Wei Pp 4 Br Pin oars | 
\. OF a ation : ratri lls y] | 94 st 4 

_ THIRD RAC ’ —About 7 furlongs Purse $1000 For 4-vYear. King Cameron (Brace: ale 113 9 1* 11 i* 8 82 38 
rp sac Bs © @imine OFF a: 1:59 Start £00d Won easily Resa! Pass ‘Thacke li] : 4:t% 4 Seu 14 . 
ace er “ng. Winne M R Hill's ch m7) by Sir Damion—_ Rig Oa ‘ (Cut haw 115 . ar &e 4't, 46> 
at's “ary. Trained by A. A. Banks Time, 1:73% Brent’, lee (Stidham ) 133 9 23% 4° 5? 8 60 

1. " Tromp ov i} ci ’ * + , 
Mprse che ockeyv Wat i Str. Fin Odds Dutch Kine | ‘ier iia ; 4 Rie ie ee 

acs aie ,i4 ’ 7 i 1* $7 40 Rab?) tt (Servis 115 . Re a as ' 
anaman ‘ordon) 114 & 1* 2't) Ona 70 Musty 1 ; $-20) 
ir Dal rant) 113 3 4 qua 5 13:30) — an —‘Austin) 114 4 gna 9 5 45.50 
raphy eeme™) 118 2 dau $09 gus? 19:50! - CONNATATION 6a a0 $3.20. $2.80: KING CAMERON , 
nd Tunne! (ener! Ws 4 7, O' § > fete $3.60. $3.00° REGAL PAgs $4 40 : 
eep Clean. ‘ip Auesonini) 3 4 4 an Lo 2, Connatation. always forward factor. wore down King 
hey Dan Fy mek pe 235 8 Gt ~~. 4 6.70' Cameron e adually approachine the stretch. 

: Onion) 114 “Bs a a 9.60 | midstretch and Grew clear under hand urging 

, ’ : 0. 836 : : rushed to command soon after the start held on we 
“mah here P 80, $5.60, $3.60 AGANAMAN $2.80, $2.40 stretch but could not resist the winner. Re 
ai Porst. siways « forward factor saved ground o he | "0t seriously menace 
RS. closed boldly on the 

n ft eye. . 
inside *PProaching the stretch FIGHTH RACE—one and one 
« command ®na drew clear easily 0 
| to 

~sixteenth miles. Purse $1200. | 
Aganaman took the For 4-yvear-oid« ®nc up: claiming Otf at 4:ia Start good 
} Bt once. held on wei the stretch *nG tired. Bar Da] Won easily: place Griving. Winner p H. Ambrose’s br m 
| well on the outside by Omission——Biue Lady Trained by 0. 1. Pollin. Time j-s> 
OURTH RACE—Charies Town “Bart gaat? $1200. Por! ~itorse Jockey Wet PP +, gtr Fin 
mar~-Olds: claiming i at 2:26 Start gold Won driving Blumission ‘Gordon: 114 7 4™4 ji 14} 
a Ame Winner B& N Boerner’s ) [ #3) be Nirgal— | Pri ate (MeKee} 117 5 it 36 27% 12 
bY emozel Trained by W S. Berry. Time. 1°22 ady Amo (Florio) 114 3 & jy at ig 12 
de ; , Whitsuntide ‘Headiey) 123 5 7 ‘ 17 
Flee (Papoass iy PM str 7A, ote Port Dancer Small) 119 4 Fim bs 
Sse (Small) 113 } 4) $i? a, * 39 6 Berk Warrior ‘Josephick) 117 ¢ &s p* 5° 24 
neka (Servis) iis 6° gis jen * 30 #}-Bu oe ts , %, om ? 
r Moll a ‘Palumbo) lls ; : ? ly dnt i% mus (Cuts aw 2 | 3b a } 
TY Queen Snyder) ii, # ; t, 7 & 12 
aeye French) 436 2 a's 4% G16 10 
ming Day ; (Plorio) i4@ 6 4 9 9 “4 ry Peaok allowed to esttle “ate Stride and no hurried 
N YNN. $15.60 @0 0 @2h early. respon wilingly when place 
AN iach aa ‘oa 419. 83.60 METISSE. 63 a0 83.00 h 

to drive q'ep 
speed to spare rigate raced W 
ts : 
art sta, ed off Met jase Peee inta defen *P apsume 00d le 

eine displaced | ¥ Amo could not threaten Serious! 
ee Sti —— ¢ Be of 8 

et Lynn ‘took command at the a 

a a =~—CV_,9,.. 

_ Polly’s Bo Makes Slick 3 

i Equa! kepoint Milady Mowlee oll Baus! Joe Cream : Roll Baual Miledy Mowles ~~ 
ady Mowlee Bares takepoint lady Mowlee Miled; Mowlee Nlady Mowlee oft be al ” 
_ | |— rey lady Mowlee Ratt ual Patricia Lynch Ro!) Eovual B, cy Srakesah 
CHANCES ARE a 3-year-old colt with the muscular name of | (| & | Sumpin Beis, Extra Bieng A i oma "I Biss ma ft Sun Branay | Mimads bl 
Sinew will not see action in Kentucky this year, much Jess | n S _ ent gs tty oe Greve Shed me gee Knotty Jack Spinning Jenny Brey, Jack 
win the Kentucky Derby However. he’s living Proof that not | | % ‘tie ert _ — te tccomg — 4) ileal ee 
“ , : fandsome Time Maabroo, Valiant Vick! Maabrook Yankee Midas Dustalort Dustalort 
all the hopefuls for the famous race are making their prep | sratert Loch win Maa bronx Tornabveni Capitalist Lochwin Maabrook 
aration in the Blue Grass, Carolinas, By Walter Haight —-- oat Seunat ieniities Sop ; ps os ——.| Laminows — ES ustalor ¢... | Handsome Time | Handsome Time 
. . ; . »% ve fn rush : nee rne!! ' iret ; 
orida, California, ete, Sal Reporter 4 Parnell Breeze Mrsed Breeze esly s Pr it Lien Larpetl stan & ay dy! mreese 
nm. At this date he has little to CHARI ES TOWN Ww Va ei a Lasiy 8 ia Lesiy & to arne!) Breeze ume | GGard Duty ial Love To Go ee, | POrhell Breese Polyquest ane 
Sinew is getting in shape at Charles ARLES “, W. "’ Lanal SIR STAKE boli sh Jimmy Gibbons SIR STAKE SIR STAKE Sir Stake 
; : Jan. 30—Polly’s Bo, making his BAP gor: i¢ Doe seer Bseer' Becert gree ie Doe 
recommend him except fair breeding, + ona ; ; yy Bit Doc Golden Object ie Rapport Wl Sir Staké Bie Dor ig Doc Eggert 
800d looks and some promising work. first start as a 3-year-old, turned | Pate Deposit vente Digtes at rel. PN shade STEEL TOWN Safe Deposit me ay Borel, Admiral Steel Town 
‘ ; : ; } vat oY amiral Scotch Cr tee] Tr Depos 
Outs. In fact, Sinew never has com. in a slick performance today in ————. | Rose Peart ~~. | Steel Town Fuente “te Bter" town Rypetri"” went n 
ted in a horse race. : : Orion's Belt Cu Culo Neat Guy ‘ Or ® Rett a << ns : 
“" he owner of the Celina Stabi * featured sprint tagged the Apple Siam Softly Softly Appie Bias, Aople Siam ara's Halt Orion's Sete 
u © owner o e nha Stable Oil Capito} for the one-time pleat Neat Guy <<. | APPle Slam Apple Slam Daa Tara's Hall ‘ Apple Siam Neat Guy 
and Trainer Jesse Whitely have high ‘thoroughbred great 8 Penson Blue Fickle Timeothemoon Timeothemoon You Say Penson Penson 
hopes for the Strapping chestnut. ' Peraldahede oun prpaicahyde Benson on pilates Deiaidshyae 
Believing action speaks louder than he chestnut son of Bow —- — — ees ere — 
, gern: . Wave and Polly Jo dominated 
Words, they are not predicting Sinew . : 
Will be another Nashu 

jevery stage of the contest, 

in front of the closest 

grip by ‘Freddie “naer.® St Paddock Picks Em at Charles Town 

In a tight fit for the place. FIRST rn a 1200; {year-olds ond ep: claiming; 
¥ “{ / ‘ ; Ur and «one. r ; 
aul Recker, of Celina, 0. there's many | White Fence Stable Valiant jul Ge 

ee 99 . 
ef bad tbe winced ‘tote! ire | Boliy’s: dat the start. ou ton en m regulars rOD in 
: a tive . ; A ; ack ’ he P 1 OE Ay - " ry as ary ; in in re@sery allan Bon rallied 

art ky nish) Girne i riz Oy in the drive bus Was nO maich for winner. Day Dream. 

‘aries etch \h reached NE contention in the  'M€ tired in the lat tages . 

‘ ‘ 7+ Mad nothins Mm Téserve for the 

ene ’ 

el Pass could 

: - a ~~ 
50 BLUMISSION $6.40, $3.40. $3.40; FRIGATE $8.80) t8.00., When the man behind the bar 
50 | LADY AMO. 86.00 

: peed of S@rves Gallagher & Burton, 
ts 4 

and tired fradually after 

Year Old Debut at Charles Town |=" 

ee we 

Colt Dy |=) = re —— 

Post Time—1 P.M. 



, ites Lien (Gordon) Needed last race 1: 
4 Turbine N Working we 1] 

e vw ' 
U to the 


i | 

: you can be certain he’s 


ke City Wins 

“OKE. England, Jan 30 A af @) | y 

e City defeated Leicester S ALES MANAGER 
21, in a fourth round . : r 

MT in the English Soccer 

competition. They tied 3-3 President of nati 

on-wide consultant corpora- 

tion has well-known and reputable client who 

wants to hire a Sales Manager to direct Sales- 
men in field. 

Must have best of references. Business is dig- 
nified, necessary and in demand 12 months 
each year. Experience in our line not essentia| 
as you will be thoroughly trained by me. Posi- 
tion should Pay over twelve thousand first 

year. Liberal drawing account. Lifetime secu- 
rity assured. 7 

If vou feel you can qualify, Phone Mr. Sparks 

yn te the so at OL, 9.8303 between 9 A.M.and § P.M. for 
e, eek ose appointment for personal interview, 


mam ‘king good care of 

a steady customer. He knows 
that this whiskey has quality 

that keeps them coming back. 
Next time, why don’t yow ask for Ree tie 
Gallagher & Burton? Then see how a 

it becomes your regular brand. 


- PPO AOI rte OF oom Noe 



make it CERTAIN 




—— | a ; 
4 y > 


| ; A 


raeer. 7244 % - GRAIN NEUTRAL sie SINCE 

, /-= * = ted 

tae ee ae se Auto Old Timers Plan Luncheon x and Russell E. Singer, 
, o T » January 31, executive president ° 
soma —— mr Twenty-six states and the| The event is in honor of the american Automobile Associa- 
District of Columbia will be|10 regional vice presidents of tion. | 

H-for-P R Pe AE pl ge er 
: utomobile 
AEC we or- e€ace esear - Timece today at the Mayflower Reena General appreciation for his leadership 

fro Arthur E. Summerfield, Secre-'in the good roads movement. 

Much Expanded, Report Says mam for Quality 

By Elton C. Fay tmon atomic fission reactor. It;aircraft engine program Was on - 
Asscsinigs Frees _ lsaid the program for develop-'celerated during the last six) for Price 

The Atomic Energy Commis-|'., industrial, naval and air-/months, Construction of test fa- 
new (ABC) reported yesterday | craft plants made “significant cilities at the national reactor 
a big expansion of its research progress” during the last six testing station in Idaho have rtm, We te ices ty with 

program aimed at eventually ths of last year, during! been completed and “some test | 
harnessing the Peg whieh a total of $62,300,000 was work commenced,” the commis, dollar marks. And we all want 

deadly gy be spent on the several reactor _ Mie arg ee i detailing| ‘ ; a security. If you start with 
gen bomb for eg rojects. this latter work. - | ; or 
peaceful devel- a |” This compared with 32 mil-| The 1955 spring series of e regular a 

opment of pow- ¥ ~~ lion dollars spent during the/ atomic tests at the Nevada prov-| : large—to build a are sav~ 

year which ended last June 30\ing ground, the report said, ings account for future use, 

: EF ili wer reactors and|“opened several new and prom- (eden | | vid 
s” will be Rie 9an 600,008 oe ship and air-ising avenues for weapons re- ne We add Leasconiete a nee 
» & oe. craft reactor development. search and development. ines semi-annually. In this way we help you in- 
fore the prob- - AEC-developed reactors al Reporting on its expense for . == 

lem can  0be ready are operating or being the year, the commission said) ° as | crease your security and make your saving 
solved, it added a readied for operation of a be-'“the cost of manufacturing) , ‘ easier. 
n its semian- Strauss ginning fleet of nuclear pow-|atomic weapons, the develop-| 
ual report. ’ ered. submarines. Programs are! ment, design and testing of new 
AEC Chairman Lewis L.\ynder way for atomic plants weapon types, and the mainte-| 
trauss announced the long-\for a cruiser. and, eventually, nance of stockpiled products in 

& ' 
ange research program, named for an aircraft carrier. a state of constant readiness in- , is a GEM of a buy! Y/ an QO nena Bune Association 

“Project Sherwood,” se the| The naval propulsion pro-|creased to 260 million dollars in Washington's Oldest Savings and Loan Association 
Geneva International atomic'gram for the year ended last 1955 from 251 millions in 1954. 600 F St: N.W. © Established 1861 © NA. 8-7300 
conference last year. But, said|june involved costs totaling These amounts exclude the cost \ as, 

the report, the project “is con-|$26,800,000. The aircraft reac- of source and special nuclear 

i . eapons ° - : : 
ge Mees Cran ctice Sl $22 600.000. steel ec apogee reecrnemerctaggpemmggyerte star 4 in Call RE. 7-1234, ask for Circulation, and order The Wash- 
ort. : 

The research is being con-| The ‘report said the atomic weapons research and tests.” CANADIAN WHISKY, A BLEND, 86.8 PROOF. SCHENLEY IMPORT CORPORATION, NEW YORE,N.Y. | ington Post and Times Herald guaranteed home delivery. 
e Ss bh = . | ' : . 

ducted at AEC laboratories| 

operated by the University of 
California at Los Alamos, N. 
M., and Livermore, Calif., and 

at Princeton University. Small- 5 
er projects also are carried on 2 «© © 
at the AEC’s Oak Ridge, Tenn., 
plant and at New York Univer- | 
sity. =a 

The Los Alamos and Prince P 
ton programs, said the com- 


_ -_—— 

mission, began in 1951 as ex- 
periments to try out ideas for 
controlling thermonuclear re 
actions at Leong eg wf 
parable to those existing In the Satie ae 
sun. Such temperaturees had Teo a. iat ' 
been produced on earth only in i La Bi: wh a hee as 

the flashing instant of an atom- A ae ee oa em 

ic bomb burst. ek as a5 : | 

“The possibility of tapping 
this source of energy,” the re 
port said, “has long been in- 
triguing to scientists. Some of 
the problems to be overcome, 
however, are extremely diffi- 

“One problem is that of heat- 
ing an appropriate nuclear 
material (such as deuterium) to 
temperatures of several hun- 
dred million degrees and of 
confining it at that temperature 
for a sufficiently long period of 
time to allow an appreciable 
portion of the nuclei to fuse to- 
gether, with the consequent re- 
lease of energy in the form of 
energetic neutrons, charged 
particles and gamma radiation. 

“Once this temperature has 
been achieved the main prob- 
lem would be that of getting 
thermonuclear energy back 
from the material to relay the 
power used to achieve and 
maintain the high temperature. 

“Although the level of. re 
search has been greatly ex- 
pantied since 1951, the program 
is still in the research stage. 
Many years of intensive the- 
oretical and experimental effort 
will be required before the first 
prototype of an operating 
thermonuclear machine is 

The AEC, however, had en- 
couraging news about the com- 

Hospital Guild Plans 
Membership Drive 

The annual membership drive 
of the Prince Georges General 
Hospital Guild will begin 
Wednesday, Mrs. George H. 
Martin, chairman ofthe drive, 
announced yesterday. 

Letters of appeal will be 
mailed to county residents this 
week, she said. Contributions 
may be mailed to the Guild, 
Box 319, College Park. Dona- 
tions will be used to buy hos- 
pital equipment..— 

5 ae 

You'll understand why, when you discover that Ford 


Highland Fiing 

+e for the 
“canny” traveler 

offers the look and “GO” of cars costing twice as much... plus the added safety 

of Ford’s exclusive Lifeguard Design! “~ 


Can't you hear the skirl of | : : . . 
pipes? Then taka the “high oad Thunderbird Styling New Thunderbird V-8 “GO” New Lifeguard Design 
= come to "as aa te 

when every do , 

long way. One glance tells you why you belong in a Ford! And you'll really fall for the 56 Ford when you Ford’s exclusive Lifeguard Design is a whole 
es ee Its sleek, sculptured lines sing out “Thunderbird” — sample its Thunderbird “GO.” For the Thunder- _— new family of safety features designed for your 
Scotland, an O.A.C.’s fares 3 as . . 

are lower in the “thrift season.” to a tune that murmurs “good taste.”” And only bird not only gave Ford its beauty, but gave it its safety. You get extra protection against the 

searies-clens Oba Shanaaees Ford has this years-ahead Thunderbird styling wings as well. You enjoy jetlike getaways we sure causes of most serious accident injuries va with 
Majestic servioes offering doable. which more than holds its own with far costlier § passing and climbing—all this “high-priced a Lifeguard deep-center steering wheel, Lifeguard 
delicious meals and courteous cars—wherever, whenever you drive. In fact, power with a low price tag. You see, the Thunder- double-grip door latches, Lifeguard rear-view 
~wigan csi ae dane oo there’s a look of eagerness in every inch of all 19 _ bird V-8 is the standard eight for all Fairlane and =—=— murror, optional Ford seat belts and Lifeguard 
ayy erg kos oo new models of the ’56 Fords. - Station Wagon models, at no extra cost. padding on instrument panel and sun visors. 
Only 10% down—the balance over 
20 months on the B.O.A.C. 10-20 
Budget Plan. 

Ferrera meyer | ES Sn ee , 9 li 
PR est. Algo see your Ford Dealer for <4 Used Cars and Trucks : 6 | O rd 



ete A eye 

| . trun into the sides of trains,’ 
Reflectors on Sides Of Rail Cars Opposed ‘Ford added that “of these 71 
For safety's sake, Rep. Ford cars. per cent ha agen. at night.” 
(R-Mich.), proposed yesterday Stating that 29 per cent of | He said the Interstate Com- 
Ptr railroads be required to railroad crossing accidents oc-'merce Commission favors the 


» Tuesd ; J 3!, 956 +) 
For Appt -als Court uesday, January ] 2 Te 
Saher bes n. Homer Ferguson, : aiieiataies 

(R-Mich.) was nominated by the ; ' ———. 
President yesterday for a $25.- A-Conference Scheduled Helps You Overcome 

Morano Advises 

pyit reflectors on the sides of all cur when automobiles or trucks proposal. 

- ~- 

ee a ne ee ee + 







Famous author-playwright praises performance 
of Zenith's five great new models 
engineered to meet every type and degree of 
correctable hearing loss, for as low as *50 

All of the five outstanding new all-transistor 
Zenith models except the super-powered 
“Regent” are so small and light they can be 
worn in a woman's hair or under a man’s 
necktie ...and operate for about 10¢ a weck! 

Year after year, the great Zenith crusade 
grows . . . bringing ever greater benefits to 
the hard-of-hearing! Much more than just 
lower prices . .. more than just new operating 
economies! Zenith also brings the most 
advanced, proven technical developments in 
the industry . . . finer quality, greater power 
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tures, smaller size, lighter weight! 

Hear Better or Pay Nothing! 
To insure your complete satisfaction in this 
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Remember, any hearing loss that can be 
corrected electronically, can be corrected 
with a Zenith. The complete Zenith line of 
five new air-conduction models offers a total 
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Rupert Hughes is bul one of the many distin- 
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You can pay far more, but you can't buy a 
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See your Zenith Hearing Aid Dealer. His 
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rectory. Or write to Zenith Radio Corpora- 
tion, Hearing Aid Division, Dept. E7AE, 
S801 Dickens Avenue, Chicago 39, Illinois, 
for free literature and local dealer list. 



1. New “5S O-X"" —Tiny, finest- 
quality, 4transistor Zenith, at less 
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est. lightest in Zenith history! 
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size, remarkably clear earphone, 
4-way finger-tip tone control. 

3. New ROVAL-M®-Finer 
then ever, with new Zenith Phone 

hearing fess...“ 


average hearing aid. 


Magnet. for ease in telephoning. 
First time in an aid this smell! 

A. Mew “75-X""'S—Now with 
handy 2-way Sensitivity Control 
Switch, Weal fer those with mild 
softens” response. 

5. The REGENTS For ex- 
tremely severe hearing impair- 
ment. Five transistors, 
Smaller than many, but 
actually provides 30 te 40 times 
the electrical power output of the 

two trans- 



By the Makers of Worid-Famous 
Zenith TV and Radio Sete 

Only a physician is qualified to diag- 
nose your hearing problem. Don't risk 
your delicate hearing mechanism in 
“examinations” or “testing” by any 
hearing aid salesman or dealer. 



The Hecht Co. 
Hearing Aid Dept 
F at 7th Street 

Audiphone Washington Co., Inc. 
314 Wyott Building 

777 \4th Street N.W. 

complete line of Genuine 
Zenith batteries, cords and 
accessories for most makes 

Main Floor of hearing aids. 

On Jet 


If your home is shattered 
from the shock wave of a jet 
| plane whizzing by, the first 

thing to do is “make sure of the 
‘identity of the 

| plane.” 
' Rep. 
|B. Morano 
Conn), gave 
| this advice 
yesterday, say- 
| ing ‘the prob- 
| lem of house 
\damage from 
‘sound or fast- 
er military air- 
craft is. “rap- 
| idly becoming a Nationwide 

| Morano said the House 
Armed Services Committee 
|has received complaints from 
many parts of the country that 
Shock waves from jet planes 
‘are causing such damage as 
cracked ceilings and walls 

Persons suffering such dam- 
age, he said. should “make 
sure of the identity of the 
planes, establish ‘the amount 
\of damage, and be able to es- 
‘tablish that the damage was 
caused by excessive vibrations 
of jet aircraft.” 

They then can get blanks for 
filing claims at the Air Force 
installation nearest them. or 
can sue in the court 

Morano didn’t savy just how 
fast you'll have to be to note 
house damage and spot an of 
fending 600 mph-plus craft as 
it zips by. 

Bill Seeks to Restrict 

Landings of Jets 




Tnited Press 
Albert H. Bosch (R. 
Y.), introduced legislation 

yesterday to prevent jet Planes 

Carrico Gets 

| Harry L. Carrico was unani- 
| mously indorsed yesterday by 
ithe Alexandria Bar to All one 
of two proposed new Northern 
we Virginia Cir- 
» curt Court 
judgeships. | 
The 39-year- 
old former 
Fairfax trial 
magistrate has 
already been 
backed by the! 
F airfax Coun-| 
ty Bar Associa 
tion and “in- 
formally” in-| 
Carric@”  Gorsed by “ the? 
Prince William County Bar As- 

The bill creating new judge- 
ships was passed yesterday 

| morning by the Virginia House 
'of Delegates and sent to Gov.' 

| Thomas 
i ture 

B. Stanley for signa- 
Carrico would be the 
third Circuit Court judge for 
the district embracing Alexan- 
dria, Fairfax and 
liam counties. The 

bill also 

|provides a third judge for the 
Arlington circuit. | 


Alexandria Delegate 
M. Thomson said after 
Alexandria meeting that “this 
strong support probably will 
| Insure Carrico’s appointment’ 
to the $14,000-a-year post. 




America’s Leading Airline has slashed its coast-to-coast Aircoach fares to bring you the 

most convenient scheduled aircoach service to Los Angeles—at the lowest cost in history! No other airline can 
match American in number of passengers carried, in quality of service—and American operates the 

only all-DC*6 Aircoach fleet for speed and comfort at no extra cost! Use American's 

“Go Now—Pay Later” Plan fo@ your Aircoach trip! 
For immediate reservations see your travel agent or eall Americas at EXecutive 3-2345. 


RAprerican’s Excursion Fares apply on Aircoach flights Mondays through Pncadypes vend nips thigh wie He dia; Sh iin es et, 




'500-a-year judgeship on the 
Court of Military Appeals. 
Ferguson, 66, would fill the 
/vacancy caused by the death of 
; ’ Judge Paul W. Brosman in De- 
from landing at airports cember. He was named to serve 
densely populated areas. out Judge Brosman’s term.and 
Bosch said his bill “will do tg serve a full 15-year term 
much to aid in the greatest of .tarting May 1. Since last 

all stakes—the safety of air March, Ferguson has been U.S 
travelers and the safety of | a mbassddor 


_men, women and children who 

make their homes near air- 

CHICAGO, Jan, -30 —Five 
European nations and Canada 
will be represented at an 
atomie energy conference here 
Feb. 9-10. it was announced 
today. Maj. Lenox R. Lohr, 
president of tie Museum of 
Science and Industry, said the 
theme of the conference is 

“National Surv ival in ane 

to the Philippines.; Nuclear Age.” 


Looseness and Worry 

No longer be annoyed or fee ill-at- 
ease because of loose, wobbly false 
teeth. PAS an improved alka- 
line (non-ecid) powder, sprinkied on 
your plates holds them 

ees caused by loose 


He cited airplane crashes in| 
recent years at LaGuardia and | 
Idlewild Airports in New York 
as among those that could have 
been avoided with stricter air 

The bill would prohibit land- 
ings by four-motored planes 
when visibility is less than 600) 
feet. The present minimum is 
200 feet. It would raise from 
400 to 1200 feet the visibility 
minimum, for one- and two- 
motored planes. 


LO Killed in Crash 

LIMA, Peru, Jan. 30 (INS) 
10 persons were killed and 18 
injured last night in a bus-truck 
collision on the outskirts of 

SEE and TRY the new All Transis- 
in our offices. Private Demonstra- 
tion Rooms .. . Custom Ear Molds 

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a \ 


Prince Wil-}: 


Fastin. pain. mobic, from 


cold miseries, headache, muscular pain 


acts twice as fast as aspirin! 


Most people take two tablets as the usual dose 
¥ | 


Ask your own doctor about Bufierin’s remarkable 
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8 years of medical research in hospitals and clinics 
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the rigid tests a doctor de- 

mands of medicines in his own practice. 

A PeoOOoucT oF BF: #T 44% 


NOTE: BUFFERIN was first made available to the 
medical and dental professions in October, 1948. 
OF PEOPLE have switched from aspirin to BUFFERIN 
for faster relief of pain without stomach upset. 





Tuesday, January $1, 1956 

8 Industrialists From Europe 
To Plan New Plants in Brazil 

Joseph Newman 
NYHT News Service 

Eight industrialists of different 
European countries will come 
here next month to negotiate 
the creation of subsidiary plants 

in Brazil. 

President-eléct Juscelino Ku- 
bitschek, who will be formally 
inaugurated Tuesday, 
pleted arrangements for their 
visit during his recent tour of 
Great Britain, France, Italy, 
West Germany and other Euro- 
pean countries 

[Vice President Richard 
Nixon heads a 14-member 
United States delegation among 
the scores of foreign digni- 
taries arriving for the inaugu- 
ration ceremony, the Asso- 
ciated Press reported.—Editor’s 


identity of the 
but he has said the “Krupp 
industries desire to establish 
themselves in Brazil, having re- 
ceived approval of their presi- 
dent for transfer here.” 

West Germany has already 

recaptured a large slice of the | blocked by a 

steel and 

Brazilian market. 
ment of Krupp iron, 
other heavy industrial 



Kubitschek did not disclose 
industrialists,| _ 


| were 
plants! Kubitschek’s intentions. 

. «+ to be inaugurated 

will extend Germany's position 
in Brazil still more. 

American oil 
which are anxious to exploit 
Brazilian resources but are 
Brazilian oil 
as to 


‘monopoly called 
left uncertain 

The Gallup Poll 

Majority of Voters 
Think Ike Will Run 

By George Gallup 

Dire ar 

Ameri an Institute of Publie Opinion 
Jan. 30!recorded in surveys both before 

There is a growing conviction'and after the President's heart 

among United States 
that President Eisenhower will 
seek re-election. 

As speculation over “The 
Question” fills the political air, 
the Institute finds that. for the 
first time since the President's 
heart attack in September, a 
clear majority of voters feel 
Eisenhower will be the GOP 
nominee a second time. 

The first survey completed 
after the attack, however, re- 
vealed that 6 out of 10 persons 
felt the President would not 
seek his party's nomination 
again. Since that time, the num- 
ber who believe that he will run 
has grown steadily larger. 

The question that experi- 
enced Institute reporters put 
to a scientifically drawn cross- 
section of United States voters: 

“What's your best guess st Will be the 

this time—will President Eisen- 
hower run again in 
or not?” 

The resulis today. among ell) 

United States voters: 
Will run 
Will not run 
Don't know 1 
Here is the trend of the pub- 

lic’s thinking on the subject #5 amorican 

voters attack: 

Yes, will ran 

Heart Attack, 
Sept. 24, "55 
Early Oct. '55 ... 
Late Oct. 55 .... 
Dec. ‘55 

Close to 7 out of 10 in the 
GOP's rank-and-file now ‘e 
lieve that 
seek re-election this year. 

On the other hand, slightly 
less than half of all Democratic 
voters interviewed in the sur- 
vey feel that Ike will run again, 
although the weight of senti- 
ment in this group is that he 
next GOP nominee. 

Here are the results by po- 

1956. litical affiliation: 


Will Will Don’t 

Run Not Know 
Democrats 47 
Independents 51 34 

Cc ight. 1954 
Institute of Pubile 




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the President will { 

69% 20% 11% 

Within six months, Ku- 
bitschek said, Col. Janari 
Nunes, who is to become the 
new president of 
should be able to see Whether it 
can handle the exploration of 
Brazilian oil. 
| There is little doubt that 
Petrobras will be unable to 
make any significant progress 
without the participation of 
American or other establis 
foreign companies. But for’ na- 
tionalistic reasons. 
have been excluded from this 
ivital field of the Brazilian 

etrobras, | 

Car Down at Stern — 

Trips Theft Suspects 

The curiosity of Ninth 
Precinct Police Pvt. Melvin 
J. Washington was aroused 
Saturday when he saw an* 
automobile driving slowly 
down the street, its rear 
bumper barely clearing the 

He stopped the car and 
looked in the trunk. It was 
loaded, police said, with 
$150 worth of miscellaneous 
plumbing equipment. 

The occupants of the car, 
Paul Bullock, 34, and Ches- 
ter Ramseur, 32, both listed 
at 707 10th st. ne. were 

with stealing the 
equipment from a Prince 
Georges County construc- 
tion project. 

They were jailed in de- 
fault of $500 bond for a 
hearing in Hyattsville Po- 
lice Court today. 


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: cee Tuesday, January 31, 1956 95 


Pre-Jesus Idea Hit | 

Postlude | 
A leading American author- upset many previously held 

Hume Gives Waring Nod Over TV Show ic nc som syn om poms, 

‘Showcase, which was called touch with his script—Show- the possibility of a great effect Tidiculed last night thé idea light on Hebrew writings. The Aramaic Bible Foundation 
| case presented 57 minutes and being produced by these musi-\‘hat the Dead .Sea_ Scrolls; They have underlined the/the idea that the Old Testament js now trying to raise $3 mil- 
40 seconds of music on a 90- cians being seen and heard, Proved the existence of a man Jewish origins of Christianity,|\was originally written in jion to buy it and give it to the 
minute program. One could see though briefly, on the television like Jesus before Jesus. he said, and. heightened the Aramaic. “Some things aré not Library of Congress. 
and hear Leonard Warren insets of the country. But I don't believe for a moment conviction “that Christians and worth confuting,* he said in “The codex is by no means 

' . 
darity or they will perish to- wa oo ap ayy og a to 
gether in a pagan world.” Claims made for the onan 

Albright made short shrift of COdex" of the New Testament. 

; > 


“By Paul Hume 

Last night turned out to be “Festival of Song.” 
very interesting. On NBC tele-- With Charles’ Laughton as’ 
vision, | watched the Producer's narrator — and quite out of 

ithé “Pagliacci” Prologue, 


from the same operg; 

‘through the finale of the Men- 
idelssohn Violin Concerto, and 
Zinka Milanov in Tosca’s “Vissi 

| We beheld Roberta Peters in 
‘the Do? Song and a short fol- 

: wing scene from “Tales of 
fioffmann,” and Gregor Piati- 
orsky played 4 minutes and 

seconds of rather dull cello 
music Marian Anderson sang 
three. spirituals followed by 
‘Blanche Thebom and Mil- 
dred Miller in the Barcarolle, 
again from “Tales of Hoff- 
mann.” Rise Stevens delivered 
the Carmen Card Scene, and 
in the one extended moment 
of the program, Renata Tebal- 

ni thought it was a poor show, at- 
‘Peerce in “Vesti la giubba,” | tempting too much to do justice 
Isaac to any one artist, badly stum- 
‘Stern being raced headlong bled through by Laughton, and 


di and Jussi Bjoerling gave the) 

twin arias and duet from the 
end of act one of Puccini's 
“Boheme.” With the big A Flat 
Polonaise by Chopin, played 
by Arthur Rubinstein, the “fes- 
tival” was over. 

Then I went down to Consti- 

tution Hall to cateh the second 2732 Ordway st. nw., was found 
half of Fred Waring’s current dead on her bed by her maid 

show, “Hear! Hear!” ‘I. wou 
guess that Waring has been put- 

ting on shows just about the|STUder issued a certificate of 
same number of years as Sol suicide. 

Hurok, who produced Show- 
case last night. 
And no one would contend 


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10% Fed. Tax 

36.95 Wardrobe $23.95 

show are the vocal equals 
Warren, Milanov, Tebaldi. 
Bjoerling. But I'll take the live 
Waring show over the TV fes 

val any time. For these reasons: 
television, in allotting an aver- 

per great artist, and in its 
limitations of sound and sight— 
granting all the wonderful 
things it can do in these re- 
spects also—still fails to give 
you the feeling of the artist's 
real personality. 

I would not dream of denying 



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that the singers in Waring’s) 


|her maid, Ruth Matthews, and 

age of just under five minutes| “ 


in the modern legend of a pre-| Jews 
Christian Jesus,” Prof, William |— 
F. Albright of Johns Hopkins | 
University declared in a lec-| 
ture at Adas Israel Synagogue. 

Without elaborating on this 
opinion, he stated briefly what 
he thought the Scrolls had con- 
tributed to Biblical knowledge: 

®That Christianity “was 
much more cidtely related to 
‘the Essenes (a Jewish sect) 
than heretofore believed.” 

® That the Hebrew Bible was 
written “generally earlier than 
heretofore supposed.” 

® That the Book of Daniel 
and Ecclesiastes, for example, | 
were written in the second cen- 
tury before Christ. 

© That the language used at 

often mixing inappropriate me- 
diums, as in the ballet routines 
during the Prologue. 

On the other hand, the War- 
ing show went with wonderful 
timing, and a style was present 
in every number, no matter how 
great the change from one to 
the next might be. Waring is a 
master M. C., and his gang, 
old and new, work like assured 
theater personalities to give fhe 
audience a packed evening of 
first class entertainment. If 
they have done a better show 
I have missed it, and I haven't 
weve ogy egg Waring since the the time of the Second Temple 

It was an interesting evening ae wind oe 

Discovered by 

“1: shepherd in a cave on the shore 
Ailing Woman, 70,'of"the ‘Dead Sea in 1947. the 
: Scrolis, Albright said, “have 


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NAtional 68-9899 

Morgan, Brooklyn, N. Y., to 
o the ®mily physician, were oon Se 
on a bedside table. Pree Parking 

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PAGE 26 


er eee 

— of Peace 

Most Western leaders seem to be in agreement 
with President Eisenhower's prompt but polite 
rejection of the Soviet treaty of friendship. This 
is encouraging,‘for it shows an awareness of the 
danger that would arise in spreading the illusion 
of peace without tpe political and military accords 
necessary to create the substance. If the Russians 
hoped to create a rift between Britain and the 
United States and overshadow the Eden visit, they 
must have been disappointed by Prime Minister 
Eden's praise of the Eisenhower reply as “admir- 
able.” It was wise to dispose of the Soviet distrac- 
tion before the British-American talks started. 

But surely it must have been obvious to the 
Kremlin that a toothless bilateral treaty woulq 

_ have no more appeal! to Britain than to this country. 
The maneuverings at the Warsaw pact meeting in 
Prague conceivably were intended to interest Sir 
Anthony Eden, in that the suggestion for a vague 
buffer belt in Germany bears some remote resem- 
blance to his concept of a demilitarized zone. But 
the bilateral treaty has no takers. Why, then, was 
it proposed? Was it designed to stress again to West* 
ern Europeans the Soviet capacity to atomize their 
cities? Did the Russians misread Mr. Eisenhower's 
views and think that by their extreme deference 
they could bamboozle him? Was the note connected 
with the tension between the United States and 
Communist China? Or was it intended, as seems 
most likely, to enable the Soviet Union to make 
propaganda, particularly in Asia, to the effect that 
this country has rejected a move for peace? 

Whatever the precise purpose, Mr. Eisenhower's 
reply, citing the specific acts that would make for 
real peace, was a skillful piece of work. Perhaps 
the tone might have been a little less stiff; and the 
veiled reference to freeing the satellites no doubt 
was a concession to domestic politics from which 
little practical result was expected. But the 
emphasis on deeds rather than words was well 
placed. The United Nations Charter, as Mr. Eisen- 
hower noted, binds both countries on all points 
that would have been included in the treaty. The 
Russians have shown that they fully understand 
and are exploiting the nuclear standoff; they need 
no treaty for their own reassurance. 

Adroit as it was, however, Mr. Eisenhower's 
answer still will be regarded as essentially negative. 
It would be desirable if the West could devise a 
proposal of its own that would both place positive 
emphasis on peace and advance the possibility of 
East-West agreement, however small. What could 
such a proposal encompass? The chance of agree- 
ment on German unification is remote, despite the 
Communist talk about it, so long as the eastern 
frontiers remain an issue. Is there an opportunity 
to do anything on disarmament? Ifis at least note- 
worthy that the Bulganin letter, far from repeating 
the Molotov line that nuclear war is nothing to 
worry about, seems to take a sober view. 

Unhappily, the United States has seemed largely 
sterile and barren of ideas on disarmament since 
President Eisenhower put forth his aerial inspec- 
tion plan. The drift, and the unconvincing expla- 
nations, respecting nuclear weapon tests are a case 
in point. Would it not now be possible to combine 
a restatement of the inspection proposal with a 
plan to control large nuclear tests through an inter- 
national monitoring system that would detect and 
advertise violations? Would it not be possible, 
indeed, to broaden such a plan to include tests of 
the intercontinental ballistic missile, about which 
eo much‘is now heard? There are feasible means 
of monitoring large missile tests. Is it not worth 
an effort to control the ICBM, as the interconti- 
mental missile is called, before one side or the 
other achieves one? Let us hope that Messrs. 

Eisenhower and Eden, if they can first agree on a~ 

common policy in the Middle East, will be able to 
devote some attention to positive joint steps on 
arms control. 

H. L. Mencken 

Well, Henry Louis Mencken is dead now; and the 
paradox is that there should be well-nigh universal 
regret at the passing of one who excelled ail his con- 
temporaries in the gentle art of making enemies. 
Probably no other American ever surpassed him 
in the giving and takirig of abuse. He was able to 
fill two anthologies with the vituperations and 
animadversions evoked by his name and his writ- 
ings, and doubtless continued until his death to 
draw royalties from them. And as for Mencken 
himself, apart from a brief period of mellowness, 
"he continued, until illness laid him low, his self- 

appointed role of public scourge of boobs, wowsers, 
Bible thumpers, uplifters, utopians. From time to 
time, however, the targets of his indignatioi#t were 
changed and he lived long enough to emerge as 
the champion of the bourgeois respectability he 
had done so much to discredit and destroy. 

Mencken was an example of the split personality, 
whic be characteristic of modern man- 
kind. If as a journalist Mencken was rarely 
restrained by either charity or scrupulosity, he 
was nevertheless in his private person a man of 
the greatest amiability, tact and kindliness. It is 
probably correct to say that those who were most 
afraid of, or most indignant at, the merciless 
Mencken of the printed page were the most readily 
charmed by Mencken the convivial soul. No doubt 
they found it something like the charm of an 
affable ogre. To his fellow-townsmen in Baltimore 
he was, during his productive years, a source of 
both embarrassment and gratification. They were 
hardly more aghast at his sacrilegious treatment 
of local idols than they were proud of him as a 
famous local institution. Outlanders might be 
apathetic to the Shot Tower, the Battle Monument 
and the Flag House, but they were always and 

‘intensely curious about Mr. Mencken. 

Mencken was oné of those rather rare, and per- 
haps not wholly fortunate, writers who have never 
known the disciplines of obscurity and neglect. 
From a very early stage of his career he was never 
without a public platform of some kind, whether 

the Free Lance column of the Baltimore Evening 
Sun, or the pages of the Smart Set or the American 

‘keenly felt. 

arriviste, dogged him even into his days of maturity 
and wisdom and membership in the Maryland Club. 
Yet those, of course, were the qualities that had 
made him the darling of that noisy cocksure gener- 
ation (slightly younger than himself) which has 
now, alas, grown elderly, fearful and confused. 
But 30 years ago there was neither fear nor 
confusion among them as they rallied lustily be- 
hind Mencken in his great quarrels with the Neo- 
Humanists and in his battles with prohibitionists, 
book censors and fundamentalists. The more articu- 
late among them tried desperately to imitate his 
manner of writing—that artfully contrived prose, 
with its sudden shifts from pedantry to slang and 
from atrabiliousness to humor, which strove for a 
deceitful effect of offhand spontaneity. 

But the most interesting, if not the most popular, 
phase of Mencken’s career as a journalist came 
toward the end. It was when the enfants terribles 
of the 1920s had grown tame and a new generation 
had arisen which gave Mencken and the other 
idols of the Coolidge era as scant respect as he and 
his followers had shown to the idols of the Genteel 
Tradition. Without any radical alteration of his 
views, the shameless iconoclast of the 1920s became 
the intransigent Tory of the 1930s and °40s, the 

last-ditch defender of ancient and decaying pieties. . 

It is precisely here that his loss should be most 
The American Right, for some reason, 
seems able to command few intelligent and vigorous 
voices. And this is a sore pity; for though progress 
is all well enough, there is need of a conservative 


Panic in Maryland 

Descriptions of the horrible fire Sunday afternoon 
at Brooklyn, Md., just outside Baltimore, in which 
from 10 to a dozen persons, all of them women, 
were burned, suffocated or trampled to death, 
suggest that the hall in which they were gathered 
for festive purposes had been overcrowded far 
beyond the requirements of safety. If this was 
the case, the proprietors of the hall, the parochial 
organization which sponsored the festivities and 
the local fire officials must all bear some share of 
responsibility for the tragedy. It is clear, never- 
theless, that panic and hysteria on the part of 
the participants were mostly to blame. \ 

According to the stories of survivors, there was 
a general stampede toward the doors and the 
windows. Many of the men in the gathéring, as 
one witness said, behaved like frightened beasts, 
clawing, pushing, beating those, including women 
and children, who impeded the way to escape. As 
is usual in such episodes, some kept their courage 
and a few seem to have kept their heads: though 
it is probable that the shouted appeals in the dark- 
ness for calmness and orderly evacuation simply 
increased the general panic. 

This has been the history of a long list of similar 
disasters, beginning with the fearful Iroquois 
Theater fire in Chicago in 1903, and including the 
almost equally terrible holocaust in the Cocoanut 
Grove night club in Boston in 1942. All these 
unhappy incidents seem to testify that no amount 
of popular education can obviate the tendency to 
panic, and that adult males are curiously more 
susceptible to this tendency than either women 
or children. What is worse, these examples seem not 
to have made fire marshals as alert as they should 
be to the dangers that can result when an atmos- 
phere of general gaiety is suddenly and without 
warning transformed into one of general terror. 

Freedom in Colombia 

Some hope has been aroused that the new press 
law being drafted in Colombia will wetoken more 
freedom for that oppressed country. Work on the 
proposed statute is .under the direction of Dr. 
Eduardo Zuleta Angel, the able former Ambassador 
in Washington who returned to Colombia last fall. 

Dr. Zuleta’s devotion to free instifutions, includ- 
ing a free press, has been repeatedly demonstrated, 
and perhaps he is the man to persuade Gen. Rojas 
Pinilla to liberalize the course of his government, 
The draft law as described would forbid govern- 
mental censorship and suppression of newspapers, 
focusing responsibility on the press to respect libel 
and slander niceties. 

Unhappily, there is a long record of disappoint- 
ments with the Rojas Pinilla government. When it 
came to power there were high expectations that 
it would restore freedoms in Colombia; but instead 
it has degenerated into a tight-fisted military dic- 
tatorship. The proof of the regime's intentions 
will be not in what it says but in what it does. 
Last summer Gen. Rojas Pjnilla closed the much 
respected El Tiempo of Bogota, which had criticized 
the government, on a flimsy pretext. This has 
given Colombia a black eye through the hemisphere. 
Now a successor newspaper reportedly is being 
organized with many members of the old staff. 
But there will not be press freedom in Colombia 
until El Tiempo is permitted to resume unhindered 
publication under its own name. 

Good Will Ambassadors 

The triumph scored by the Porgy and Bess the- 
atrical company in Leningrad and Moscow is a 
triumph not only for American art but equally 
for American diplomacy. It appear§ to have 
evoked among ordinary Russians a warmth and 
sympathy for America which no amount of propa- 
ganda could possibly have engendered. First 
encouraged and then abandoned by the State 
Department in their plans for a trip to the Soviet 
Union, the producers of the Gershwin opera at last 
accepted an invitation from the Soviet govern- 
ment to pay all the salaries and expenses of the 
company during a four-week visit to Leningrad 

The appearance of a talented Negro cast| has 
done a great deal, undoubtedly, to dispel some 



his work has been suffered to lapse into oblivion. of America. ee eee ee ee 
Thus the reputation he had earned in his earlier of this kind of cultural re visits 
days as a brash and sophomoric disturber of the by Soviet artists such as Gilels and Oistrach and 
qpreate, and as a kind of intellectual and literary«- return visits by comparable American performers. 

q ; 
te ely 


++ BR Loc k. 
Drees Tee WAMINCTOX Perr co 

- Letters to the Editor 

Korea's Plight 

The eyes of the World turn 
once again to Washington as 
two great Western statesmen 
—President Eisenhower . and 
Prime Minister Eden—meet to 
discuss many problems which 
plague international peace and 
security. These <iwo leaders 
have always expressed sympa- 
thy for the plight of the Kore- 
an people; and it is hoped 
they will seize this opportunity 
to consider ways and means 
of achieving the reunification 
and independence of that vic- 
timized nation. 

What has happened to Korea, 
Indochina and Germany, and 
what is happening in the Mid- 
die East? These nations are all 
victims of power politics—the 
cold war—and each problem 
erles for the earliest possible 

Among these victims, how- 
ever, Korea has a unique case. 
She is not a former enemy na- 
tion but a friendly, liberated 
country whose freedom and in- 
dependence were promised by 
all the Great: Powers. Yet she 
was arbitrarily divided and has 
since suffered at the hands of 
friends and foe alike. 

The war of 1950 uprooted 
the entire nation of 30,000,000 
Koreans. The destruction of 
millions in lives and property 
submerged this little nation in 
unbearable misery, Today her 
people are still cold and hun- 
gry and suicide is not uncom- 
mon under the pressre of ab- 
ject poverty and despair. A na- 
tion with 43 centuries of his- 
tory cannot endure such humil- 
iation too long. 

It is hoped that President 
Eisenhower and Prime Minis- 
ter Eden will consider the pos- 
sibility of initiating a confer- 
ence of all parties to the Ko- 
rean conflict to reach a final 
settlement enabling the long- 
suffering people to exercise 
their right of self-determina- 
tion. Such a step on their part 
would not only gain Korean 
good will but also go a long 
way toward assuaging doubtful 
Asian minds. 

Not only the Korean people 
but all other Asians deplore 
the injustice imposed upon this 
small, helpless nation. Korea 
is a glaring eyesore in the Far 
Bast. Not until her grievances 
are redressed will the down- 
trodden peoples of Asia have 
faith and confidence in the 
Great Powers. Settlement of 
the Korean prohlem, theréfore, 
should be given priority over 
all other East-West disputes. 


Korean Affairs Institute 


Birth Control Attitudes 

It took courage for Agnes E. 
Meyer to come out so candidly 
for birth control in her recent 
address in New York City to 
the Planned Parenthood Com- 
mittée of Mothers’ Health Cen- 

In Cleveland, where I was 

minister of a large Unitarian 
chureh for 23 years, I always 
counseled with brides and 
grooms-to-be about family 
problems including sex, and 
then sent them to the Cleve- 
land Maternal Health. Clinic, 
where they obtained instruc- 
tion from specially trained doc- 
tors concerning contraceptive 
methods. | 

Later, when I moved to a 

pulpit in Massachusetts, I 
found myself immediately 
blocked by an ancient state 

law (1879) ..which forbids any 
physician from giving such in- 
formation. Connecticut has a 
similar statute. Im all other 46 
i contraceptive care is 
The result: about 600 
spacing centers” in 

», the sun was shining and 

was that Mrs. Meyer seems to 
exempt the Catholic hierarchy 
from any responsibility for this 
cowardice. In this connection 
she says, “The Catholic church 
has a right to defend its ideas 
on birth control as much as any 
other group.” 

That is quite true. But it is 
also wohappily true that the 
hierarchy frequently backs up 
the promulgating of its anti- 
birth control ideas with in- 
timidation. Instance after in- 
stance could be cited, boycott 
being the chief weapon 

During recent campaigns to 

amend the archaic law in 
Massachusetts so as to “pro- 
vide contraceptive care for 
married women for the pro- 
tection of life and health.” 
prominent Protestant doctors 

were droped from the staffs 
of Catholic hospitals for using 
their right as private citizens 
to back the proposed change, 
and three big newspapers in 
Boston refused to accept ad- 
vertising which favored the 

* amendment. 

In 20 cities, during the past 
few years, the hierarchy has 
forced maternal health centers 
out of community chests by 
threatening to withdraw their 
support from the chesis. Your 
readers can find these and 
many other instances of intimi- 
dation in Pau! Blanshard’s 
book. American Freedom and 
Catholic Power. 

Churches have not only the 

right, they have the duty to 
exert pressure against laws 
they consider anti-social and 

pressure for laws they believe 
aids to human welfare. It is 
when churches back up their 
political pressures with intimi- 
dation, as Protestants did in the 
notorious Prohibition days, or 
as Catholics do today in the 
field of birth control, that they 
deserve censure 




Schools and Snow 

As a father of three school 
children, permit me to express 
my indignation against the top 
brass of the D. C. Board of 
Education, especially the per- 
son who ordered the public 
schools to be closed on Thurs- 
day, Jan. 26. 

During the night, one third 
of an inch of snow fell. By 
8:30 a. m. the skies were bright, 
faces of some of the board 
members, no doubt turned 
scariet. Hardly any excuse can 
be found to justify this negative 
unreasonable order. 

How can you expect to de. 
velop a future fearless, tough 
soldier, when in his childhood, 
the same boy is trained to face 
life with apprehension and 
cowardice towards one-third of 
an inch of snow’ 

To top it off, the snow on the’ 

ground was not even sufficient 
to indulge in the vicarious 
pleasure of sledding. This con- 
dition caused my boy to take 
a ride in an ambulance to Chil- 
dren's Hospital with a deep gash 
in his thigh which required 3 
stitches by a surgeon. This par- 
ticular. boy would have pre- 
ferred to go to school. 

It. would be highly appre- 
ciated if a real good basic and 
logical reason could be fur- 
nished for letting thousands of 
teen-agers out in the streets 
just because of a little snow or 
a little ice. 

The majority of parents work. 
Those who do not work haye a 
trying time keeping their 
youngsters in all day. I think 
this is adding our juvenile 
delinquencies. Most parents 

usually plan on their children 

ing in school at least until 3 - 


o’clock,.which gives the chil- 
dren a very short time to dream 
up too many fantastic ideas for 
entertaining themselves before 
the parents are home from their 


Civil Service Tenure 

Recently there were several 
editorials in your paper about 
the case of Mr. Lee of the Civil 
Aeronautics Administration. |! 
think you missed a real oppor- 
tunity to point out one of the 
major deficiencies in the Fed- 
eral personnel system which 
was brought again to the sur- 
face by this case. 

Mr. Lee was a career civil 
servant. He was, however. oc 
cupying a position outside of 
the civil service and, therefore, 
was not entitled to the protec- 
tion accorded by civil service 
status. However, he was out- 
side of civil service because of 
commendable abilities and tal- 
ents which resulted in his suc- 
cessive promotions 

Why should not a man of 

such background status and at- 
tainment in whose training the 
Government has invested sub- 
stantial sums of money be auto- 
matically offered placement in 
a civil service position where 
his abilities could be utilized 
perhaps in some other Govern- 
mental agency” 
' What I am driving at is the 
long-felt need for the estab- 
lishment in the civil service 
of career tenure which Would 
entitle one to continuous em- 
ployment in the civil service 
as long as he was capable of 
performing efficiently 

The Hoover Commission has 
recommended this. Other in- 
dependent appraisals have come 
up with the same recommenda- 
tions. Isn't it high time that 
the Federal Government took 
better care of its investments 
in trained personne!? 



Publie Morality 

One morning recently as T 
passed through a Pentagon cor- 
ridor I observed a commotion 
around a candy vending ma- 
chine. There were men and 
women, colored and white, mil- 
itary and civilian, scrambling 
to insert coins and receive 
candy. Some were gathering 
candy and coins from the floor 

with little show of dignity 
Others were departing arms 
laden with candy, gum and 

I asked what caused the dis- 
turbance and was told that the 
machine was broken and was 
returning coins as well as 
candy. In answer to my fur- 
ther question if anyone had 
called .the telephone number 
conspicuously posted, I was in- 
formed that a call had been 
made and the party called had 
responded, “Take all you can 

Obviously the patty who an- 
swered the call either did not 
own the property or was run- 
ning a unique giveaway pro- 
gram. I assume it was not th 
owner and there was no right 
to give away the items. I un- 
derstand that the Pentagon 
phone number to be called is 
not even that of an agent of 
the vending machine owners, 
but a third party whose re- 
sponsibilities in such a case 
would make an interesting 
legal case. 

But of far greater concern 
to me is the moral standard of 
the masses to be expected in 
disasters such as would follow 
enemy bombing of our cities. 
Must we expect serious degra- 
dation of mass morals? Will 
there be general molestation 
of valuables of the dead and 
injured? Will the stock of mer- 
chants vanish in mass looting? 
Will evacuees return to their 
homesites to find themselves 
stripped of their remaining 
possessions? Is the sanctity of 
ownership abrogated by indi- 
vidual mishap or general dis- 


> = G. RUSSELL, 

ie aie 

Primaries Involve 

A Calculated Risk 

By Carroll dbssazisestivre 


em et ee ee 

ALTHOUGH former President ‘Tremen 
once dismissed the presidential preference 
primary as “eyewash,” Wendell Willkie and 
Harold Stassen knew better. They both 
tasted bitter defeat as a 
result of primary cam- 
paigns. Today among the 
Stevenson supporters 
there is a fair amount of 
concern over the pri- 
maries. Mr. - Stevenson 
certainly does not regard 
them as eyewash. He ap- 
parently looks wpon 
them as unmitigated nui- 

Former Gov. Thomas Kilpatrick 
FE. Dewey would agree, although he “was 
twice the beneficiary of the primary sy>5- 
tem. In 1944, Wendell Willkie was a strong 
contender for the Republican nomination. 
Many persons thought that he was the lead- 
ing contender, for he was the titular leader 
of his party and had much vocal support, 
He based his pre-nomination campaign on 
his popular appeal, and entered several 

But the vote in Wisconsin early in April 
put an end to his candidacy. He was de- 
cisively defeated in Wisconsin and with- 
drew from the campaign. That one defeat 
was all it took to seal his doom because 
the voting was so overwhelmingly against 


him and because he had campaigned 
throughout the state while Gov. Dewey 
had not 

The New York Governor, in fact, had 

stayed in his ivory tower in Albany saying 
nothing while Willkie campaigned with his 
usual vigor. Gov. Dewey had even asked 
that his name not be’ entered. But when 
the votes were counted, he was far in the 
lead, with Gen. MacArthur and Harold Stas- 
sen in second and third places. Willkie 
was at the bottom of the list with not a 
single delegate pledged to him. From then 
on it was Dewey in a walk. 

FOUR years later the’story was some- 
what different. The 1948 campaign started 
out in much the same way‘with Gov. Dewey 
remaining aloof. His name was entered in 
the Wisconsin, Nebraska and Oregon pri- 
maries, but he continued, for a while, to 
look upon the primaries either as eyewash 
or beneath his dignity. 

But in the first two—Wisconsin and Ne- 
braska—he lost to Harold Stassen, whose 
only chance of winning against R@publican 
organization opposition was, like Sen. 
Kefauver’s today, through the primary 
route. If Stassen could win another primary 
he would be a serious contender ‘even 
though the total number of convention 
votes he had won in the primary contests 
was relatively small 

The two defeats forced Gov. Dewey to 

revise his strategy. Word reached him that 
he faced possible defeat in Oregon also. “I 
am tired of secing primaries go by Aefautt c 
he said. He thereupon abandoned his lofty 
position and campaigned through Oregon 
like a candidate for local office. He didn't 

miss a cross-roads. He debated the issues 
with Mr. Stassen, set in motion a powerful 
organization and spent substantial sums of 
money. It was an exhausting experience 
which he never tired of telling about 

But Dewey won in Oregon—and that fin- 
ished Mr. Stassen. After the Oregon defeat, 
although he continued in the race, the 
Minnesotan knew that he had very little 
chance of victory. 


PROF. V. O. Key of Harvard, who has 
made a special study of primaries, says “it 
may well be that the principal effect of 
the primaries is in killing off candidates 
rather than in determining the choice of 
the two or three aspirants who reach the 

convention with considerable blocks of 
ov. Stevenson could lose a primary 

battle or two this year and, with the strong 

organization support he has, still win the 
Democratic nomination. But he’ could 
not lose both Florida and California with 
out serious damage to his candidacy. Sen. 
Kefauver is challenging him in both states, 

Early reports from Florida indicate that 
the race may be close. There have been 
some reports that the Senator may be gain- 
ing. In 1952, Sen. Kefauver was a factor in 

the Democratic National Canvention be- 
cause he had made a good showing in the 
primaries. He won that year in California 

but lost in Florida. If he could overcome 
the Florida defeat in this year’s May 29 
primary he would do real damage to Stev- 
enson’s prestige. If he could likewise win 

the June 5 California primary, where the 
1952 standard bearer is said to be ahead, 
the Senator might eliminate Stevenson 

from the race. 

But would it do Sen. Kefauver any good, 
given the present divisions in the Demo 
cratic Party? His primary victories might, 
just might, win him the nomination, They 
helped Al Smith in 1928 and Franklin D, 
Roosevelt in 1932. But the béneficiary of a 
Kefauver victory over Gov. Stevenson 
could be Averell Harriman, whose name is 

not entered in a single primary. 

The Washington Host 

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4 “ 


Tuesday, January 31, 1956 : 27 


Senate Votes 


Today and Tomorrow - e « By Walter Lippmann 

, | 

The Bulganin-Eisenhower Letters 


ons and has been, we 

THE LETTERS i Bulganin agreed to in the United Na- 

Geneva last 
July. The 
were : 
then that with 
nuclear weap- 

erable but 
they were 
agreed on 
nothing e! se. 
The substan- 
tive agree- - 
ment about Lippmann 
war remains, and both letters 
adhere to it. But what is 
called the Geneva Spirit meant 
in July, as it means today, 
that each side hopes, believes, 
or insists, that the other side 
ought to be agreeing with. it. 
There has been nowhere on 
any concrete issue a serious 
offer to negotiate. The So 
viets have not budged an inch 
from their pre-<Geneva posi- 
tion. In fact they have be- 
come stiffer about unification 
and the two Germanies. And 
we have not moved from our 
pre-Geneva position. 

It is usually assumed that 
this political deadlock since 
Geneva is contrary to the ac- 
cord reached at Geneva. In 
fact, it must be said, I believe, 
that it is the consequence of 
that accord. Reduced to its 
elements, we have a political 
stalemate founded upon the 
Fisenhower-Bulganin accord 
at Geneva that there is a mili- 
tary stalemate. Neither side 
feels itself under serious pres- 
sure and neither side is con- 
ceding anything: for the time 
being the situation in Europe 
remains in statu quo. 

AS THE President says in 
his reply to Bulganin, there is 

no point making a treaty which 
reaffirms what is already 

 ameig oe 
s a 
Porn ayy Pane meg ok 
a solemh ubradt. it will not 
reduce the tension between 
them to propose that they 
write the same contract all 
over again. It is much more 
en to arouse suspicion. The 
dent's rejection of the 
proposed bi-lateral treaty rests 
on a sound decision, and the 
manner of his doing it is in ex- 
cellent temper. 

But for myself, I could wish 
that he had not implied that 
the spirit of Geneva requires 
the Soviet Union to agree to 
our proposals, particularly 
those about Germany. That is 
not and Was never in the cards, 
and the hope that it might be 
has always been wishful think- 
ing. What might have been ex- 
pected after the July meeting 
was that there would take 
place a continuing exchange of 
serious and concrete views on 
all the areas of conflict. 
Geneva did not promise agree- 
ment on any concrete issue. 
It did promise a much better 
diplomatie contact. This 
promise has not been ful- 
filled, and this is the real dis- 
appointment about Geneva. 

have not been in good diplo- 
matic contact with the Soviet 

Union over’ the situation in 
the Far East and in the Mid- 
die East. They ought to be. 
We should not find ourselves, 
as apparently we do, in a posi- 
tion where we do not talk with 
Moscow about the issues in 
those parts of the world. 

In the Far East, for example, 
the Soviet Union can say 
things in Peiping that ndbody 
else can say, just as the Brit- 
ish can say things in Wash- 
ington. And in the Middle 

East, where the radically new 
factor is the presence of the 
Soviet Union, inability to talk 
may well be the fatal handicap | 
to any solution. For while it | 

may be a sound policy not to | 
invite the Soviet Union to en- | 

ter into formal engagements— 
beyond her obligations under | 
the United Nations Charter— 
it cannot be sound policy not | 

to be talking’to the Soviet | 
Union about the Middle East. | 

That would be like deciding | 
not to notice the elephant that 

has strolled into the dining 


to the Middie East when it 
criticizes the Soviet Union for 
embarking on a course which 
increases tensions in historic 
international disputes. The 
President might well have 
asked Btlganin whether he 
is prepared to discuss the 
Middle East from the point of 
view of the increase of ten- 
sions. To be sure this would 
probably mean discussing not | 

only the Soviet arms deal with | 

Egypt but also the Baghdad 
Pact to which the Egyptian 
arms deal seems to have been 
the Soviet reply. Provided | 
that the discussion were con- 
fidential, more good than harm 
would be likely to come of 
such a discussion. 

For the basic trouble in the 
Middle. East is that the re 
gion has become an arena of 
the conflict of the great 
powers. The basic trouble is 
not the Arab-Israeli conflict, 
ugly and obdurate though it 
is. For that conflict is by no | 
means insoluble by mediation | 
and compromise — provided | 
that the great powers, which | 
on the Soviet Union, will | 

rt, will not disrupt, the 
we iation. 

(Coppriaa’ tihsone Hew — 


Washington Scene . . 

Best Foot Backward 

I FOUND Postmaster Gen- 
eral Arthur EF. Summerfield 
wandering through the Capitol 
the other day and asked him 
what was hap- gene 
pening in his = 
life. He went = 
through pain- | 
ful motions of 
giving the = 
answer deep — 
thought, then | 
replied sol 

“T am slow- 
ly yielding to 
# demands 
of Congress 
for a postal rate increase.” 

I took this down in long- 
hend, thanked him for the 
item, and walked away. I 
traveled about 40 paces, then 
stopped ‘dead. I ran back and 
asked the Postmaster General: 

“Would you mind repeating 
that statemeni?” 

“Well,” he grinned,” I may 
have gotten it wrong end to, 
but either way its a sound 

A COUPLE of days after 
Secretary of Agriculture Ezra 
Taft Benson stirred up more 
anguish for himself over his 
unwitting endorsement of a 
magazine article which re- 
ferred to the American farm- 
er as a “pampered tyrant,” 
one of my sidekicks happened 
to be in Benson's home town, 
Salt Lake City. 

My. pal, who covers the De- 


By George Dixon 

partment of Agriculture, got 
to talking to an old farmer at 
a farm meeting. The latter 
wanted to know everything 
about everything that was 
going on in Washington. My 
friend, whose own knowledge 
ie circumscribed, strove to 

“You ever see Ez Benson?” 
asked the ancient rustic. 

“Now and then,” admitted 
my friend cautiously, “Why?” 

“When you see him,” said 
the old fellow, “tell him we 
love him back here. Tell him 
to come home, or them Philis- 
tines will ruin him.” 

THE SENATE Republican 
Policy Committee has adopted 
a new policy. Instead of hold- 
ing small meeting: attended 
by only a handful of GOP 
leaders, it now has weekly 
lunches to which all Republi- 
can Senators are invited. 

The solons, however, are un- 
der solemn vows never to re- 
veal anything that takes place 
at these luncheons but to let 
the chairman, Sen. Styles 
Bridges of New Hampshire, do 
all the talking for publication, 
if any. This means that we 
have to wait out in the corri- 
dor until the GOPoliticians 
have finished browsing, sluic- 
ing and conferring, then— 
when the dirty dishes and 
other Senators have been 
cleared away—Sen. Bridges 
admits us for a “fill in.” 

»Bay's clai 

| A 

I think it is safe to say that | 
he blabs no secrets. He weighs | 
his words like ye olde apothe- 


The other day we asked him 
how the cost of the luncheon | 
was defrayed. He replied that | 
each Senator paid $1. 

He thought that over, ob 
viotisly weighing whether to 
say more. Finally he came to | 
a decision. 

“The Committee,” he added, 
“picks up the tip.” 

HOWLAND and Baker Is- 
lands lie about 20 degrees 
south of Midway Island in the 
South Pacific and are impor- 
tant links in our alr-hopping 
chain. They have been United 
States possessions since 1928. 

Do you know how we got 
them? A fellow employed by 
a private firm claimed them!. | 

Helmuth Bay, who ran the 
Washington office for Rand 
MecNally—and still does—ad- 
vised his company to mark 
“U. S.” on Howland and Bak- 
er in a new map it was issu- 
ing. When the map appeared, 
Bay received a call from Sam- 
uel Boggs, then the State De- 


partment’s chief cartographer. |« 
“When did the United States | 

claim possession to Howland | 
and Baker?” demanded Boggs. | Put 
“I just claimed them for | 
us,” replied Bay. 
That was 28 years ago—and 
has never been, 

These Days ° . ° ee . 

Stick to the Record 

WHEN President Eisenhow- 
er feels that he has to make 
a decision concerning him- 
self or the elgg an to hold 
for five years, . are 
he takes in& 
too much ter- * 
ritory. No man 
can know 
what might 
happen to him — 
physically or © 
mentally for 
so long a pe- 
riod. Eisen- 
hower is beset 
by the prob- 
lem that he 
has had a coronary occlusion 
which may or may not be 
fully healed; hig heart has 
been strained but it may also 
have been strengthened by 
the enforced rest of his ill 
ness and convalescence. 

Suppose we elect Joe 
Doakes, Republican or Demo- 
erat. And let us say that dur- 
ing the presidency Joe Doakes 
develops a tumor on the 
brain; or let us say that he 
suffers from diabetic comas; 
or let us say, he gets one 
of the numerous degenera- 
tive illnesses that come to 
men in their sixties. The 
United States has had plenty 

of Presidents, has suffered | 
from their illnesses and even 
their demises and the United | 

’ States has survived. 

THE POINT of the matter | 

ia that we are paying too 

The President’s 

Appointment List 

President Eisenhower's ap- 
pointments for Tuesday: 



e By George Sokolsky|_* 

much attention to the physi- 
cal man. The United States 
did not suffer when Coolidge 
succeeded Harding, nor, I am 
sure, when Truman succeeded 
Roosevelt. Eisenhower man- 
aged to live through his 
coronary, but had it been 
otherwise, nothing of the 
calibre of a historic disaster 
would have occurred had 
Richard Nixon succeeded him 
by constitutional processes 
because the same people who 
actually govern us now would 
have governed us then.. As 
it is, Eisenhower and Nixon 
will run in 1956 and we shall 
face the same. physical facts 
as we do now. 

Too much emphasis is: being 
paid to Ike’s coronary and too 
little to his mind and spirit. 
I. know all that he went 
through with his coronary; 
mine is much the same type. 
And I am sure that he had to 
listen to the same propaganda 
that I listen to about avoiding 
pressures, etc., etc. but the 
question is not whether a man 
lives an extra year or two, a 
cabbage, but whether in his 
last years, before he joins his 
ancestors and accounts to his 

ees eee ——— 

Believe It or Nat - 

maker, he devotes himself in X 

mind and spirit, selflessly to 

the high opportunities for |™* 

good that have been graciously | 
put in his hands to do. 

SURE, the doctors these days | 
know much about keeping one | 
alive, but for what? 
dates on the calendar, to cele- 
brate birthdays, to 

to children and grandchildren 
on one’s past greatness, or to 
grouse over other men’s con- 
duct and to say or even think 

refers obliquely and indirectly 

'far makes 
| politicians in the organization 

To count | 

reminisce |p, 

“My policy i 

is to look te to the 

am against some t 

ola gentlemen! ‘ 
ings that haven't been 

even thought of yet! ...” 

| Philidelphia, 

Martin New 
FRB Term 

Tniied Press 
' The Senate yesterday unani- 

‘mously confirmed William Mce-/ . 

Chesney Martin Jr., for a 14 
year term on the Federal Re- 
serve Board of Governors. He 
was expected to continue = as 

Martin originally was named 
to the Reserve Board by former 
President Truman on April 2, 
1951, to fill an unexpired term. 

The Senate also unanimously 


Herold C. Hunt of Massachu- 

setts to be Undersecretary of 
‘Health, Education and Welfare; 

John E. Mulroney of lowa to be 
a judge on the U.S. Tax Court; 
S. Power Warren of Colorado 
to be Mint assayer at Denver, 
Colo; Frederick C. Peters of 

‘Pennsylvania to be customs 

collector, District No. 11, 
and Wilbert H. 
Beachy of Pennsylvania to be 
customs collector, District No. 
12, Pittsburgh. 

CHICAGO—Now and then 
dedicated Stevensonites work- 
ing in two headquarters here 
have to pinch patie to 
make sure it 
really is true. 

With a flour- 
ishing organi- 
zation hard at 
work they are 
as of the pres- 
ent moment j; 
that their 
man will win’ 
the Demo 
cratic nomina- 
|tion on the 
first or second ballot at the 
ye nega in Chicago next 

The ‘Tiet that the Stevenson 
candidacy has advanced s0 
the professional 

a little nervous. They dis- 
claim any responsibility for 
inspiring a recent news story 
-which put the claim of pledged 
Stevenson delegates at 756, 
more than enough to nominate. 

BUT THE atmosphere of 

| confidence is nonetheless per- 

_vasive at both headquarters. 
The impressive list of Demo- 
-eratie governors who have 
|either come out openly for 
Stevenson or who have clearly 
shown their preference is 
cited. The latest addition te 
this list is Gov. Abe Ribicoff 
of Connecticut, an able poli- 
ticlan who was elected last . 

Washington Calling 

Confidence in the Camp 

e By Marquis Childs 

year\in normally Republican Mitchell, 
Conrtecticut. The list includes “uring 

Govs. Dennig Roberts of 

another Chicagoan, 
Mitchell's chairman- 
ship of the Democratic Na- 
tional Committee. Like Finne- 

“yw Island, George Leader gan Raskin has both a human 

of Pennsylvania, John Simms 
of New Mexico and Orville 
Freeman of Minnesota. 

Among governors who have 
indicated their preference are 

and a card index view of the 
Democratic Party throughout 
the country. He worked with 
Mitchell and with Stevenson 
in helping to pull the party 

Frank Clement of Tennessee out of the red after the °52 

and Edmund Muskie of Maine. 
As professional organizers 
know full well, gevernors are 
important because normally 
they have a strong grip on the 


The professional headquar- 
ters has a research, a corre- 
spondence and a press section, 
sometbing undreamed of in "52 

political organizations in their When one University of Chi- 
States. It is significant, too, ©4g0 professor, Walter John- 

that after the series of elec- 

tion victories of last Novem- mone 

ber there are Democratic gov- 
in 27 of the 48 states. 
is a ratio that has 

son, was trying to raise a little 
to put out a few mimeo- 
grap statements extolling 
the virtues of Stevenson as the 
Democratic candidate. Roger 

changed sharply since the Eis. Tubby, former press secretary 

enhower landslide of four 
years ago. 

of President Truman, in charge 
of personal public relations 

In charge of what might be for the candidate, is on the 

called the professional head- 
quarters are two pros. One is 
James A. Finnegan, who was 
Democratic chairman in Phila- 
delphia from 1948 to '52 when 
—under the leadership of 

“road with the Stevenson party 
at the start of the primary 
campaign in California. Harry 
Ashmore, former editor of the 
Arkansas Democrat in Little 
Rock, is coordinating the cam- 

former Mayor, Joseph Clark 4ign approach to press, radio 

and the present mayor, Rich- 
ardson Dilworth—the Demo- 
crats were busily demolishing 

what was left of the decaying years old, 

Republican machine that had 
so long saddied Philadelphia 
with corrupt government. 

THE OTHER pro is Hyman 
B. Raskin of Chicago, who was 
executive assistant to Stephen 


Meets the on em 
Commit Ra wy Committee, 10.30 

ee rin on 7225, &o- 
Siaf becurity Room 2 

Public "Works rf aes 
Open. Hearings on 
a matter. "eon 31 

Jeint Economie Comentiee. 1 
. Teo hear Robert R. 
the general 

upreme Court Chamber ne 5\ar 

Agriculture ang Wogestey, 20. m. Exes. 
Room 324. SOB 

Parm bill. 

Armed PG. 00 Real Estate Subcom- 
mittee. 10:30 a. m. Exec. To consider 
Army and Air Force ciassified 
Civil i’ Defense real estate pro 

nking and Carrenery. 10 4 

Foreign Relations. os 
To hear John oo peper. aa 
sador to India. Room F-53. Capitol 

Atemic Enersy iS eenws 2 Lng 

Fr-41, Cap 


Meets at no 
Committees: "Keascoeiations, 10 «6 

Subcommittees Defense 

dependent Offices. Interior. 
isupplemental, States, oe a 
| clary: Aerienmare HE 
2° ittee Room. apitol. 
ng 10 a. m ease. Kilday 
H.R. 7994 

r mem 
med Rie oo -A dla bs wn 

hg civil de- 

how much better I could have |fense. 

done it? 
sufficient when useful and 
even high living is possible. 
And surely that is always pos- 
sible, whether one is Presi- 
dent of the United States or 
just a fellow doing his best 

Mere living is not | 

en op ost p., s 
Open Moss "otieone mittee on Govern 
ment information Rocurition and Ex- 
change Commission representatives to be 
heard ra Reom, Old Bide 

Exec. ——_ (Tex 

terior and Insulat Affairs. 10 a. m. 

u ' 10 a. 
Al Sarens oom | 
6. Caucus Room. | 

i 5 - ech 

of Pm & 

a ba, "Capito! aedes 
gy Policy Comes 12:30 D. m | Atomic 


o. Eisenhower 

Public works of “Snteri rior 

W \eontributions by 

to provide | + 


re ’ 
ial Government festivities we ed seauseeled 

The Day in Congress 

Open. Pull 2 committee on pending Dills 

and television. 

In charge of the research sec- 
tion is John Brademas, 28 
and a long-time 
Stevenson enthusiast. In addi- 
tion to his work in the head- 
quarters Brademas is going to 
run for Congress in the Third 
District of Indiana. 

THE SECOND headquarters 
is the National Stevenson for 
President Committee, intended 
to attract the independent 
voter. In command are three- 
long-tim® Stevenson friends: 
Archibald Alexander, who re- 
signed as treasurer of the 
state of New Jersey to give 

ee, 10 full time to the assignment; 

Fereign Commer 
iest Subcommittee on wis | iB arry 

fo dr ine tivities. 1334 Sie | 

BRE iS Foreien Com ce—1 

m. Open. A vel. on m bills 

pmend the Communications Act of 

4. 1302 New Bits 

udiciary. 10 

ttee on cendiog jecislation. 

er 2 f-. Msy tine on a 

tion and peeetion 
— ty wee and 
messes to 

preceoues Act, 

_ yensele. a #710. 
ocurement Act: 
joint committee 
intelligence and security 


rige con 

ae) River reclamation 

wh eee tae, Oa 


debate on naturel fas bill 
greed ° — debate sfter this week 

oting on satural A.. bill on | 

ndon Fy eu ~ a former 
anklin evelt 

n. Neuberger oe esiden 
to withdraw nomination a 
esivy Ewa 

ead Curtis ill to ban political 
abor wnions 

eceived Purtell and Bush bill previd- 
ing Pederal aid for state or local recrea- 
s reas and parks damaged in major 

ens William McChesney Martin 
r. for reappointment to the Fede ral 
eserve Board. Herold Hunt 
ta ealth. Education oe we - 


ved nomination ef Homer VFer- | 
© be judge on Court of Military | 

Mulreney as 

et 6:21 until 11 «. m. today. 

or ae 

a ose 

veers son 

pevroved A ae. exempt. 


neressiona! 8. on bill | 

saadditte al $100 mill'on 
floods and other 

ived — a. to roorte in densely | 

rm ac amp Heme 

ath whatever mold life has cast 

And s0, why not stop worry- | 
about Ike’s coronary and | 

ask the simple question we. 
ask every four years—is this | 
man entitled to reelection on | 
his record? Then a campaign 
can be fought out on the sub-‘ ¢ 
yet, the ceed by hi and cons being 

his coronary. 


This Pair of Glasses Is | 



Nothing on your chest or in your hair. 

Just a pair of horn - rimmed 
glasses with a complete hearing 

aid‘ CONCEALED in the 
and fitted with your 

lenses. STYLES FOR MEN , 

No wires—no cord—no button in your ear. | 


ND oer 

Phone or write for appointment or literature 



1410 New York Ave. NW. 

Our Fiscal Year 
Closes Tomorrow 

and today we close out at 
drastic reductions 

Coats, Suits, Dresses, 
Sportswear, Accessories 

Here, for example, 
clearance in the 
‘S French Room 

$29.99 to $49.99 Dresses 
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$59.99 to $110. Dresses . 

noses «Oe 

$110. to $335. Fashions . $75. to $165. 
Second Floor F Street, selections at all branch stores 


Bingham, publisher of 
the Louisville Courier-Journal: 
and Mrs. Edison Dick, who was 

_cochairman of the Volunteers 


State; heads. 
heard. 219' of this following, the commit- 

j= | 

sal Committee | his defeat. 

oer Camm Selon noting tt? both these headquarters. 

une Old | for Stevenson in ‘52 

This is the same group that 
mobilized the so-called egg- 
As proof of the loyalty 

tee cites the results of an 
appeal sent recently to 72,000 
| persons who had _ written 
directly to Stevenson, most of 
them writing in the wake of 
They received 17,- 
000 replies, or 22 per cent of 
the total, and half of these, 
8280, sent contributions to a 
total of $82,113. 

So there is an understand- 
able glow of optimism around 
the same time, however, fin- 
gers are kept crossed. Most of 

them having been in the game 

as Assistant Secretary a long time. 

as Under- | 

both the profes- 
they realize the course is full 
of obstacles. 

(Copyright. 1956 a patted Features 

Ae er ee 

and the volunteers. | 

Lewis & Thos Saltz... 1409 G 

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EXecutive 34343 

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ington Post and Times Herald guaranteed home delivery. 

STA remarkable book... 
he writes brilliantly 
about ahandful of Amer- 
ican statesmen who, at 
crucial times in history, 
have displayed a rare 
kind of greatness.” 

—Chicago Tribune 

“Absorbing and valu- 
able.” —Providence Journal 

*7Easy to read, hard to 
forget and as non-politi- 
cal as the chaplain’s 
opening prayer.” 

— Washington Post & 

the St. Louis Post-Dis 


/s cheering | 

—Vhilodelphia Inquirer 

##Stirring, packed with 
drama, suspense, high 
purpose, reward and re 
tribution.”—N. Y. Times 
Book Review 


— John F. 

iecowerd tay 


“Wholly engrossing.” 
—Houston Chrenich 

#71t catches the mood of 
the U. 8. Senate at some 
of its most dramatic mo- 
ments in the last 160 

—I/ndianapolis Times 

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 « milevetand Plain Oealer 


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Final Report in 90 Days 

Civic Center Plans Shown 

These four “schematic” 
sketches show the current 
thinking of the District Au- 
ditorium Commission's con- 
sultants on how the various 
features of the proposed na- 
tional civic and cultural cen- 
ter in Washington might be 
_ arranged. None are drawn to 
geale. The “suburban” 
sketches are designed for 
larger tracts than the “ur- 
_ ban” sketches. (The word 
“suburban” was used te refer 
to possible sites on the edges 
of the District, such as Theo- 
dore Roosevelt Island or the 

D. CSchools 


To Ask for. 
Upshur St. 

Building Sought 
As Office Space 

In Exchange for 
3 Old Annexes 

By Jeanne Rogers 
Staff Reporter 

District Board of Educa- 



mma ity 

a Mit “weet “un ‘ton Site éot natenan 
SIT KE af ‘ LA AZ 


_C. Tax Bill Gets 

Subcommittee Nod 

Supreme Court 
Upholds Firing 
Without Warning 

ruled yesterday that it wasn't) 
necessary to give an undesired | 
Fedéral employe a 90-day warn-| 
ing before he could be fired 
even though he has a satisfac. 
tory job rating. 

The decision merely upholds 
the legality of the present prac: 
tice by Federal agencies. There- 
fore, no change will have to be 
madé in the rules governing 

employe dismissals for cause. | 

The case involved ‘William F. 
Ward, 49, who was fired in 1951 

s a civilian personnel officer 

y the Marine's Cherry Point, 
N. C. air base on unsatisfac- 
tory job charges. Earlier, Ward 
had been given a satisfactory 
job rating. | 

Ward took his case to court 
te test a provision in the 1950 
- performance rating law which 
Says that an employe must be 
given a 90-day warning and a 
reasonable opportunity to dem. 
enstrate satisfactory perform. 
ance before he can be rated 
unsatisfactory and fired. | 

The Court of Appeals here 

versed a decisions by a lower 

edéeral Court and it agreed 
with the Government that the 
1950 act didn’t prevent an em- 
loye from being fired under 

@ Lioyd-LaFolilette Act of 
1912. The firing procedure 
under the 1912 act can be com- 
pleted in about two weeks, It’s 
used because it offers a speed. 
ler, method of getting rid of 
unwanted employes. 

“Though an employe’s or- 
din over-all performance of 
duties throughout the rating 
periéd may be rated as satis- 
factory.” the Court of Appeals 
said, “he may still be guilty of 
conduct in connection with the 
execution of his official duties, 
eithér in particular instances 
or if a particular aspect of his 
tasks, which would justify dis- 
missal @inder the 1912 act) in 
the interest of promoting the 
efficiency of the service.” 

The Supreme Court upheld 
that View when it refused a re- 
quest by Ward to review the de- 
cision of the Court of Appeals. 
In his petition, Ward told the 
eourt that his dismissal “re- 
sulted from personal antag- 
onism” of a superior. 

Philip Young of the Civil Ser- 
vice Commission, will be the 
leadoff witness at the retire- 
ment hearings to open Wed- 
nesday before the Senate Post 
Office A Civil Service Com- 
mittee. | 

Hé will support the Adminis-' 
tration’s plan to coordinate CS 
retirement with Social Security. 

Employe leaders will testify 
Thursday. They will oppose 
the Administration plan and 
indorse S. 2875, the bill by 
fen. Johnston (D-S. C.) te 
provide sizable aew benefits 
within the CS retirement sys- 
tem. Individual employes will 
be heard Friday. 

VA RETIREES: Louise Camp- 
héll. Gale Feaster, Marguerite 
Bugden, Newton Hathaway, 
Wallace Gant and Lewis Moul- 
ton... At DHEW, Richard Seg- 
gel has been promoted to be 
director of management policy 
_. . NAVY’s office of material! 
has given letters of commenda- 
tion to H. B. Christenat, A. I 
Karau and L. B. Calvert... 
ARMY’s Surgeon General has 

iven awards to Warren Mc- 
wot Marjory Bianchi and 
Gladys Zanders . . At the 
Armed Forces Medical Library, 
suggestion awards have been 
iven to Bela Balassa, David 
ferrell and Edwin Herndon... 
At Walter Reed, Reginald Mor- 
gan, a landscape architect, has 
retired ... NAVY’s Supplies & 
Accounts has promoted Bernard 
Greenberg, Irvin Klavan, Emil 
Lowenthal. J. E. McCormick, 
Cc. J. O'Conner, George Sjogren, 
L. E. Wharton, John Windsor 
and Natalie DeCouto, | 

JOBS: Civil Service has 
exams open for chemists, phys 
icists. mathematicians, metal 
lurgists and electronic scien 
tists, $4345 to $11,610 to start, 
tobacco inspectors, $3175 to 
$4525. and district supervisors 
(for 1CZ openings) $6390 .. 
Navy has openings for account- 
ing clerks, $3415 to start. Call 
Liberty 5-6700, branch 42823 .. . 
Army here has openings for 
Grade 4 code clerks, Grade 7 
and 9 job classifiers, Grade 3 
typists and Grade 5 and 6 en- 
gineering drafismen. Apply at 
its employment office, Room 10, | 
old Post Office Building, 12th 
st. and Pennsylvania ave: nw. 


tion members agreed yester- 
day to ask the Commissioners 
to trade the Upshur St. Tu- 
berculosis Hospital for three 
‘old school buildings, now 
housing offices. 

“It's a horse trade the city 
can't afford to turn down,” 
Board President C. Melvin 
Sharpe predicted. 

The School Board Buildings 

‘and Grounds Committee said 

it would like to house about 

200 school officers next fall in 
the vacated hospital, 13th and 

Upshur sts. nw. 

In return, the committee said, 
board members could turn 
over to the city three school 
administration annexes: Ma- 
gruder School, 1619 M at. nw.; 
Wormley School, Prospect ave. 
between 33d and 34th sts. nw.,: 
and Berret School, 14th and Q 
sts. nw. They also could close 
out offices in 14 schools, using 
the space for needed class- 

Assistant Schoo! Superintend.- 
ent John Riecks said the cost 
of maintaining the hospital for 
offices would be about $27,000 
while the annual upkeep of the 
three annexes is more than 
$33,000. He figured the District 
would save about $6000 a year 
in the switch. : ! 

Riecks added that the hospi- 
tal building could be occupied 
permanently by the schools. As 
funds become available, he 
said, a new school administra- 
tion building could be con- 
structed on another portion of 
the hospital site. | 

The “*latter building, which 
school officials have sought for'| 


years, would house the Board 

of Education and the Superin-| 
tendent 6f Schools and his 
staff. | 

School Superintendent Ho-| 
bart M. Corning reported use 
of the hospital building would 
“strengthen the educational | 
program very greatly” by co- 
ordinating the work of far- 
flung officers. 

James McAllister, 
Administrative Services Offi- 
cer, told Board members he 
was preparing a report on pro- 
posed use of the hospital for 
the Commissioners. | 

He said the Health Depart- 
ment had presented plans to. 
set up a center for Civil De-| 
fense medical training in the 
hospital. In addition, the Rec- 
reation Department has asked 
for use of a garage, chapel and 
nurses’ home on the property 
to be turned into a youth cen- 
ter. Other community agencies 
and organizations also are eye- 
ing the land, McAllister said. 

“Well,” said Sharpe, “they're 
asking for something and not 
offering anything in return.” | 


To Association 


At School 


“Terrorism” has resulted 
from the presence of a special 

class of mentally retarded chil- 

dren at a junior high echool,' 
the Georgetown Citizens Asso-| 
ciation was told last night. | 

John H. Donoghue, of the 
group's school committee, said 
a 15-vearold “emotionally dis-| 
turbed” boy taken to Juvenile 
Court Dee. 3 for making in- 
decent proposals to a 13-year-| 
old girl, “terrorized” students. 

who testified against him when 
he returned to school Dec. 12.' 
The ¥ was picked up by 
police Jan. 3 for carrying a 6 
inch stiletto. | 
Donoghue said the mentally | 

iretarded children, few of whom 
problems, had special classes, 
but were encouraged to mingle 
‘with normal students. 

“emotional or anti-social” 

The boy kept pupils in a 

'“state of complete worry” dur- 

ing the time from his return to) 

school and his arrest, Donoghue) 
itold the group. “Nobody has'| 

done any work since Nov. 29,") 
the date of the incident. 

Donaghue explained that a 
class for “emotionally dis- 
turbed” children also meets at) 

‘ithe school, but the members of 

the class did not have any con-| 
tact with normal students. 


A typographical error dis- 
torted the meaning of a ‘story 
(on a proposed $9.4 million Ar- 
lington bond issue in Monday 
editions of The Washington 
Post and Times Herald. 

story, as it appeared, re- 
to a “test” vote on the 

| eral 

District | 

‘\showed th 

site opposite the Armory.) 
Each scheme allows for an 
auditerium that could be any- 
where from 6000 to 20,006 
capacity; exact recommended 
size will be determined later. 
None of the ideas has Com- 
mission blessing yet. How- 
ever, they represent the gen- 
design approach the 
consultants are taking. 



. “3 kee 
Rin ie Seis 4B 

| ®. Ampang pg 


i eed ee ee 

‘ . 
We Oo e Oe Oe 8 Oe - 




vas ae 

Pinna ie “e * =." - 
gee py tet rs 

stedadedatedettndatetatgt pital | 
sleldabaladaletolstelalateletnt f3 

CT hast SES: MES 




cme ey uth 

Se ee ah ns 

: —_ 

By Robert C. Albrook 
Staff Reporter 

The Senate District Commit-' 
tee yesterday voted to recom- 
mend that Congress allow 980 
additional days for the District 
Auditorium Commission to sub- 
mit a final report on the site 
and design of a civic-cultural 
center here. 

At the same time, meeting 
jointly with the House District 
Committee, the group heard a 
preliminary report from the 
Commission's chairman, Agnes 
E. Meyer, and the “coordi- 
nator” of its Planning Board, 
the architectural firm of Perei- 
ra and Luckmian of Los An- 
geles and New York. 

Truman's “food czar” during 
e Committees four 
plans showing 

Charles Luckman, President | the 

= -— 

other features under study for/funds have been voted. Mem. 
inclusion in the center. bers of the commission have 
Luckman said. the Planning advanced funds to carry on the 
Board hopes to narrow the work. 
choice of a site to about four) A public presentation of the 
possibilities within the next Planning Poard’s preliminary 
few weeks. But he said the work is scheduled for 8 p. m. 
first job is to crystallize think- tonight in Coolidge Auditorium 
ing on the size and arrange- at the Library_of Congress, 
ment of the buildings, this plan} Chairman Matthew M. Neely 
then to be modified as may be (D-W. Va.), of the Senate Dis 
required to suit available sites. trict Committee, said, following 

Mrs. Meyer told the commit-| yesterday’s closed joint meet-| 

tees that yesterday's presenta-|ing, that the commisison’s pre- 
tion “is tentative and explora- sentation “was the most mar- 
tory.” She added: “The mem- velous thing of its kind I've 
bers of the commission itself seen.” He predicted “no 
have difficulty” in securing funds 
and more time for the commis- 

main objectives.” 
She asked that 

On Several Points | 

Income, Liquor 
Levies Approved; 


| By John J. Lindsay 

Stall Reporter 

Capital Transit Co. claimed) 
‘off plan 

yesterday that it suffered a net 
loss of $1,215,352 in 1955, ac- 
leording to the company's De- 
leember financial statement filed 
‘with the Public Utilities Com- 
| Actually, the company would 
have shown a net income of 
$524,518 before income taxes, 
had it not instituted a new 
bookkeeping system, PUC of- 
‘ficials said. The system reflects 
a plan to write off against in- 
‘come some $4.6 million in un- 
‘depreciated property value be- 
\fore the company franchise ex- 
ipires Aug. 14. 
| The accelerated depreciation 
plan was revealed in a Novem- 
‘ber CTC report, which was re- 
jected by the PUC because of 
‘its possible effect on the transit 
‘rate structure. 
| Subsequently, the company 
‘resubmitted its November re- 
port, taking care to show that 
ino rate structure change would 
lresult from its depreciation 
| PUC Chairman George E. C. 
'Hayes, in a letter to the CTC, 
said the report, which showed 
a $1,350,000 depreciation charge 
against income in November, 
i'was “apparently” a move to 
lclaim income tax credits 
against company lesses. 

He said the PUC accepted 
the revised report for “filing” 
but without explicit approval by | 

PUC Only ‘Files’ Report 

$1.2 Million Loss 


U. S. Payment 
To Be Hiked 

Major parts of the District 
Commissioners’ $10.2 million 
revenue program, including 
a $2 million boost in the 
Federal payment, won tenta- 
tive approval from House and 
Senate subcommittees yester- 

According to CTC’s Decem- After a daylong closed dis 
ber report, the company wrote cussion, the two District sub 
off against income between committeés which held joint 
Aug. 15 and Dec. 31, 1955, a 
total of $1,739,891 of the $4.6 ae on the Dil) enneunees 
million. This had the effect of OY that they “made progress 
converting a real $524,518 net and would try to finish work on 
income into a $1,215,352 paper the bill at a second session next 
gn Bay g Fg ee Monday 

al net income re , 

Nie Big re compares with a|. It WS learned that they they 
net income of $754,897 after all tentatively had agreed on these 
taxes in 1954. A PUC spokes- points: 

man said yesterday that com- + 

pany income taxes in 1955 * Increasing the ceiling of 
would be “negligible” because the annual Federal payment to 
of strike losses incurred last the city by $2 million to $22 
summer. million, One member said this 

(Louis E, Wolfson, CTC board was the one definite decision 
chairman, added 12,000 shares made 
of company stock to his family «¢ The 
holdings in December, accord- biggest 
ing to a report in this paper 
Jan. 14, confirmed by the Se- 
curities and Exchange Commis- 
sion yesterday. Editor's note.) 

The company’s December re- 
port showed a net income loss 
of $79,291, representing the dif- 
ference between the company’s 
real gross.income of $310,580 
for the month less $389,871 
charged off under the com- 
pany’s plan. ° Tax increases proposed by 

The year-end report of com- the Commissioners on liquor 
pany operations revealed it car- ‘UP from $1 to $1.23 a gallon) 
ried 49 million fewer passen- and restaurant meals (drop ex- 
gers than in 1954, chiefly the “™Ption from 50 to 13 cents) 
result of strike. : also won tentative approval. 

| ©The requested beer tax 

by CTC 

the Commission of the write- 

income tax change, 
moneymaker in the 
proposed tax package, -was ten- 
tatively approved as submitted 
hy the Commissioners. It would 
drop the $4000 personal exemp- 
tion to $1000 for single persons 
and $2000 for married workers, 
The tax would be withheld by 
employers. Language will be in+ 
serted to make sure legislative 
employes remain exempt. 


Moves Toward 

‘United Fund 

Red Feather Unit 
To Begin Talks 
With New UGF 

The Community Chest Fed- 
eration of the National Capital 
Area yesterday took the first 
step toward joining the newly 
formed United Givers Fund. 

John S. Hayes, Federation 
‘president, appointed a commit- 
'tee to begin negotiations “as 
'soon as possible” with UGF 
He acted on a motion adopted 
‘unanimously by the Chest exec- 
utive committee. 
| The six area Chests want to 
|participate in the first UGF ap- 
'peal which is slated for next 
October. Funds raised for vol- 
untary agencies would be spent 
in 1957. 

“For many years, the Com 
munity Chest Federation has 
advocated the broadest base 
for community giving and the 
@limination of multiple ap- 
peals,” the Chest executive 
committee noted in welcoming 
last Friday’s incorporation of 
the United Givers Fund. 

Purpose of UGF is to raise 
funds by means of a united 
campaign thereby reducing du- 
plication of effort and expense 
caused by the multiple appeals 
in behalf of health, welfare 
and recreation agencies. 

Chairman of the Chest com- 
mittee, which will negotiate | 
for membership in UGF, is 
Charlies C. Glover III, a part- 
ner in the law firm of Cox, 
Langford and Cutler. 

Other members are Howard 
W. Bain, manager, Sears Roe- 
buck and Co., Silver Spring: 
John H. Kauffmann, assistant 
business manager, Evening 
Star Newspaper Co.; Hugh J. 
McGrath, consulting attorney, 
Officer of the Judge Advocate | 
General, Department of the 
Navy, and Mrs. R. Martin 
Stevenson, secretary of the 
Chest Federation. 



Chest Group 

|House colleagues which, if 

boost of $1.75 a barrel tenta- 
tively was sliced by 25 cents, 
raising it to $1.50. Proposed 
tax increases on wine and rent- 
al of personal property report- 
edly were modified slightly. 

* Tentatively knocked out 
entirely were District proposals 
to impose a two per cenf tax 
on admissions and a two per 
cent tax on local telephone 

By Committee 

Home Rule 


Is Rejected 
tes J Bm * The real estaie tax rate 

The Washington Home Rule mt tb a ee since the Com- 
ssioners have promised te 

Committee said last night it) raice it 19 cent« to $2.30 per 
would accept no “compromise”|$100 assessed value. 
in efforts to obtain full-fedged| These tentative chan ges 
local suffrage. | wey~y out of the bill more 
ea |than $1.7 million in annual tax 

Director Lane revenue. T 
ive he subcommi 
Rehm said “no lith hour sug- will substitute ot her "aan 

gestion” such as that made by changes to make up the los 
Rep. Oren Harris (D-Ark.) will) Possible substitutes peed 
deter committee efforts. | yesterday included a two per 
On Sunday, Harris suggested| cent sales tax on patent medi- 
that the District Commissioners) cines (but not on prescriptions) 
and Board of Education be/and a flat license fee for ro 
elected, but that legislative! fessional men practicing 1 thee 
power by retained by Congress.) District. This latter ix a varia- 
Congress under the Constitu-|tion on a proposal made by 
tion cannot delegate complete | several witnesses to tax receipts 
authority to Washington, Har-| of professional men in the same 
ris said. | way that unincorporated busi- 
A Senate-passed home rule,| nesses are taxed for the right 
now pigeon-holed in the House/of doing business here 
District Committee, provides; Also discussed again vester. 
for an elected, legislating city'day was the possibility of 
council, and an elected mayor doubling the one per cent tax 
and school board. | on groceries and a further in. 
“T o elect the Commissioners crease on liquor. The District 
and a school board alone, as|Commissioners are strongly op- 
Rep. Harris suggests, in no way | posed to raising the grocery ta 
releases the National Congress/and it seemed unlike! to be 
from its municipal chores,” | voted , 
said Rehm. “Nor does it*re-| Only offic: 
lieve the District from ‘taxa-| meeting rpg ome gy 
tion without representation..”|Howard w. Smith (D-Va.) ros 
. —— —— Rules Committee | presided: srs: 
as been called up to force the! «w ee Se , 
home-rule bill from the Dis-lnsted me go yee Fo sere 
trict ¢ ommittee. ‘and compromised some. | think 
Failing this, Rep. Harley O.' that with one more meeti 
Staggers (D-Va.) will set outican get a bill. All w k a 
to solicit 218 signatures of his sure is we've got te roe i ~~ 
SUC- | milli : 
Sunnie ontoaeh thts eas, oo onggadle magi R ng question is 
ure to be brought to the floor.| pi. on” seine “oO put the 
ppo conndent Of top fiscal and legal assistants 
ees gl _ RB Sw nage ote sat in on yesterday’s session 
ge pet Their money problems stem 

won. largely from $8.2 million in an- 
nual pay raises for city officials 

Todav’s Chuckle voted by Congress last year. 

Alarm clocks are O.K., if you 

like that sort of ting. 

With $2.6 Million 


Washington National Airport 
will draw shortly on a $2.6-mil- 
lion appropriation aimed at in- 
creasing its capacity by 10 to 15. 
per cent. 

General Services Adminis- 
tration said yesterday engi- 
neering surveys by the Ralph 
M. Parsons Co. of Los Angeles, 
consulting engineers, were ex-| 
pected to be completed within 
30 days. The suryeys will cost 
$115,000, GSA said. 

This involves a study of ex- 
isting facilities such as run- 

The a tion, : 
nett H. Griffin, airport director, 
explained, gras approved last 

Airport Soon to Start 
Work on Expansion 

iways and aprons of The 

Col. Ben-|s 


year. It would cover such facil- 

itf@s as new turnoffs, a new 

gasoline storage tank, a new pablionin 
“finger” for loading and un-| Salve ese » ewieh 
loading at the north end of ®@ Johns Manville insulation 
the terminal, new cargo build-| © Storm Windows and Doors 
ing and additional baggage| @ Electric Convection Heat 

Te recover wasted chimney heat 
om cee a ce 

“It's an effort to get the 
For FREE Estimate 

most out of our airport,” he 
said. He pointed out the airport 
Call HU. 3-6400 
. 9-9130 

would handle about 230,000 
ee em 

scheduled commercial aircraft 

movements this year, aside from 
military and itinerant flights. 
airport is considered the 
Nation’s third busiest, ranking 
behind Chicago and New York. 

The im here 

1834 Wisconsin Ave. NW, — 

Over 25,000 Satisfied Customers 


much-discussed second major 
civil aingpome for Washington. 



Tuesday, January 31, 1956 


Mencken Rites 


Because no one has ever pro- 
duced a “suitable burial service 
for the admittedly danined” as 
H. L. Mencken once suggested, 
the atithor’s ashes will be laid 
to rest simply Tuesday. 

“Such a libretto for the in- 
escapable jast act would be 
humane and valuable. I renew 
my suggestion that the poets 
spit upon their hands and con- 
fect it at once.” he wrote. 

Mr. Mencken's brother Aw. 
gust said tonight just a few old 
friends and the immediate 
family will gather at a “mor. 
tician’s place” at 1 p. m. 

The surviving brothers, Au- 
gust, and Charlies Mencken of 
Pittsburgh, and a sister, Anna 
Gertrude, make up the family 

The old friends include Ham- 
ilton Owens, @ditor-in-chief of 
the Sunpapers: Frank Kent, po- 
litical columnist for the Sun; 
James M. Cain, author, of Hy- 
attsville, Md.: 
and W. Edwin Moffett, sur- 
viving members of the old Sat- 
urday Night Club over which 
Mr. Mencken used to preside, 
and Siegfried Weisberger, for 
mer proprietor of the Peabody 
Book Shop in Baltimore 

August said either he 
Owens would address 

“We'll simply tell them Harry 
(the family nickname) left in- 
structions there was to be no 
religious service. But he did 
want a few old friends around 
to speed him on his way.” 

The casket will be closed 
Only August and Charles 
Mencken will accompany it to 
the crematorium The ashes 
will be laid to rest beside the 
ashes of Mr. Mencken's wife, 
who died in 1935 

Mr. Méncken'’s brain has 
heen removed as he suggested 
and is available to Johns Hop- 
kina University here 

A spokesman for 
papers said tonight 
Mencken had left a box in 
office with instructions that 
remain closed until after his 
death. Managing editors of the 
Sunpapers had keys 

They found a note requesting 
that news of the writer's death 
be given as scanty coverage as 
possible. Both newspapers, like 
many others, played it heavily. 


the Sun- 


Louis Cheslock 


Mencken Death Ends 

Ale-for-Life Deal 
TORONTO, Jan 30 \?—The 

death of Henry L. Mencken 
in Baltimore ends an ale-for- 
life contract with a Canadian 

Mencken Was guaranteed 
12 quarts of ale each month 
for life in return for motion 
pitture rights on a Mencken 
work, “History of the Bath. 

The agreement was nego- | 
tiated by Cinema (Canada) 
Pictures Lid. of Toronte and 
the brewery, John Labatt 
Lid., of London, Ont. De- 
livery of the ale began in 
March, 1947. 


Helen R 

Helen Able 

M. Pinkney Able, of 
1926 9th st. nw., formerly of 
Crooms, Md., died Sunday at 
Freedmens Hospital after a 
short illness: 

Active in 
Simpson Meth- 
odist Church, 
Mrs. Able also 
was an execu- 
tive member 
of the Wom- 
en's Society of 
Christian Serv- 
ice, the Wash- 
ington rere 
ence of the 

Mrs. Able Golden Cross 
Society, and chairman of the 
Washington District Methodist 
Church Ways and Means 
Committee, and an affiliate of 
the National Council of Negro 

She is survived by her hus- 
band, Kermit; two daughtes, 
Doris Haggins, 349 Kentucky 
ave. se.. and June Thompson, 
1919% 8th st. nw., and eight 

Services will be held at noon 
Wednesday at Simpson Method- 
ist Church, 13th and Monroe 
sts. nw., with burial in Lincoln 
Memorial Cemetery. 





Albert Walter 

Albert Walter, 67, retired 
chemical company executive 
‘and former resident of Chevy 
Chase, died Saturday in Miami, 

Germany in 
1906 and joined 
the Stauffer 
Chemical Com- 
pany, of New 
York, as a min- 
ing engineer in 

Mr. Walter 

come general manager, 
dent, and chairman of 

After his retirement in the 
early 1940s, Mr. Walter came 
to Chevy Chase and lived at 
3320 Shepherd st. 

He ig survived by his wife, 
Mina, of Miami, a daughter, 
Mrs. Henry F. Lerch of 3609 
Taylor st., Chevy Chase, and 
two brothers in Germany. 

Services will be held at 10 
a. m.. Wednesday at the Hines 
Funeral Home, 2901 14th st. 
nw. Interment will be in Glen- 
wood Cemetery. 

Ernest F, Freeman 

Ernest F. Freeman, 68, a 
cashier for PEPCO for 32 
years. died yesterday at his 
home, 4613 Chesapeake st. nw. 

Born in England, Mr. Free- 
man came to America in 1920 
and began work for PEPCO. 
He retired in 1952. He was a 
member of the Friendship 
Lions Club and the George- 

'town Presbyterian Church. 




$1 .00 


Plant or Table TROUGH 


- Dosen Fine Americon ‘Chine 

TEA CUPS Only 29° 

Second aclections 
of sete made te 
sell for 6.75 es 

China Serving Pieces 

‘boxe: g ~ 

a ms. ae 

ee | 


ONLY $439 


18" APOTHECARY JARS -— 4.50 omy *3'” us 

li lid 

Finest Melmac Plastie 
Bouillon Cups 

cluck-cluck DECANTERS 
Reg.$5 Only $27? 

Reg. $1 Only 196 t-. 

until her retirement in 1955. 

Mr. Freeman is survived by 
his wife, Gladys B. Freeman. 
Services will be held at 2 
p. m. Wednesday at the Hines 
Funeral Home, 2901 14th st. 
nw., with interment in Co- 

lumbia Gardens Cemetery. 

William Hickingbottom 

Funeral services for William 

‘Hickingbottom, 70, of 2i1 S. 
‘Irving St., 

Arlington, will be 
held at 2 p. m. today at the 

Ives Funeral Home, 2847 Wil- 

son bivd., Arlington. Burial will 
be in Columbia Gardens Ceme- 

The 70-year old retired press- 
man died Sunday. 

He came here 27 years ago 
from Toronto, and worked in 
the Government Printing Of- 
fice for a long period until his 
retirement in 1947. 

He was a member of the 
Printing Pressmen’s Union 1 
and the Masons. 

Surviving are his wife, Anne 
Jane, a daughter Anne, both 
of the home address: a son, 
Earl, of Chicago, and a sister. 

Nancy Alderson 

Nancy J. V. Alderson, 64, art 
teacher: died yesterday at 1514 
44th st. nw., after a long illness. 

Miss Alderson, who begah 
teachisg at Park View Ele- 
mentary School in 1922, was 
born in Tennessee. 

She went to Deal Junior High 
School in 1931 and remained 


disappears = 

like magic 


inse Away 

the after-shampoo rinse 


Guaranteed the best way 

to control dandruff ! 

Here's the pleasant, 

easy way to control dandruff! 

An after-shampoo rinse, Rinse-Away requires no 
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control even the most stubborn eases of dandruff. 

Delightfully fragranr, Rinse Away leaves the hair 

soft, manageable, Spring-time fresh and clean... 

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Once you try Rinse Away, you ll never again bother with 
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economical to use. End dandruff today the magic way! 
Rinse Away leaves your hair glowingly beautiful. 

6 OF berms... suet 

Pie Peeere: You! 

On Sale At All 

Police Insp. Irvin Umbaugh will retire 

March 1 and his position will be filled by : 
Capt. Thomas Rasmusen, head of No. 1 
Precinct, Lt. Joseph L. Proctor will Ail 
Rasmusen's position as captain and Capt. 


R. L. Totten. 

Engineer, Dies 

Services will be held at 3 p. 
m. today at St. Alban’s Episco- 
pal Church, for Robert L. Tot- 
ten, 71, who died Sunday at 
Em e rgency 
Hospital. He 
lived at 3417 
Porter st. nw. 

Mr. Totten, 
a Government 
civil engineer, 
was born in 
Lexington, Ky. 
He came here 
in 1940. 

His Govern- 
ment service 
included work Mr. Totten 
with the Defense Department 

and the General Services Ad- . 
At the time of | tree lot in District Heights for 

his death he was a project 
engineer for the International 
Cooperation Administration. 

He is survived by his wife, 

and six 
Pa.; Mrs. 

Muriel Angus Totten: 
daughters, Mrs. E. 
Chatman, Beaver, 
Alfred Barnard, Palo 
Calif.; Mrs. Marshal! 
Florence, Ala.; Mrs. 
Jenkins, Washington. 
Mrs. Henri deMarne. 
da, and’ Mrs. 
Jr., Nashville. 

om tas 

Thomas F. Costello 
LOWELL, Mass., Jan. 30 # 
Thomas F. Costello, 43, editor 
of the Lowell Sun and president 
a the Lowell Sun Publishing 

, died unexpectedly shortly. 

rari noon today in St. Vim 
cent's Hospital, New York City. 
In New York on a business trip 
he was taken ill Saturday. 

Mr. Costello has been editor 
of the paper since the death of 
his grandfather, John H. Har- 
rington, founder. He received 
the first layman's award from 

the Massachusetts Medical So- a member of Delta Tau Delta! 

ciety in 1954 for his journalistic 
contributions to programs de- 

signed to improve health condi-| Continental Oil Co. 

| promotion, 
‘similar position with American 

tions and living standards. 

Deaths Elsewhere 
Lewis John Tableporter, 63. 

‘Board of Trade 
of the Commission on Finance | 
Meth- | 
he | 



Changes in the Police Department 

John B. Layton will be put im charge of 
No. 1 Precinct, it is believed. 
lieved that Acting Capt. Tedd 0. Thoman 
will fill Layton’s position as head of the 
gambling squad. Capt. Otha R. Sanders, a 
veteran of 38 years’ service, will seek retire- 
ment. (Story on Page 1.) 

It also is be- 

W. W. Hutton, 

Dead at 4l 

Woodrow W. Hutton, 41, who 
operated a brick contracting 
business from his home at 
2 Kentucky-ave., Parkland, Md., 
died there yesterday after an 
illness of several months. 

Mr. Hutton was a member of 

Petworth Masonic Lodge Now 

47, and a director of the South- 
ern Prince Georges County 

of the Forest Memorial 
odist Church in Forestville, 
helped raise money for the 
building fund. 

He was a director of the 
Southgate Lions Club and took 
charge of the Lions Christmas 

several years. 

Survivors include his wife 
Pauline Lewis Hutton; a son, 
Woodrow Walter Hutton. 7: 
four brothers, Olin D., of 4515 
Branch aye. se.; 
Burtonsville, Md.; Cletis C. of 
5410 U st. se., and Theodore H.., 
Bradbury Park; two sisters, 
Thelma Phelps, Hagerstown, 
and Gladise Cannon of Green- 

Bethes- ville, S. C., and his mother and 
John M. Carney father, Mr. and Mrs. O. R. Hut- BREAST. KATE I 

ton of 5613 Belt ave., Bradbury 

Funeral services will be held 
at 2 p. m. Wednesday at the 
Forest Memorial Methodist 
Church. Burial will be in Cedar 
Hill Cemetery. 

Claude E. Perry 

Funeral services will be held 
Thursday in Dallas, Texas, for 
Claude Edmond Perry, 54,‘ of 
1121 New’ Hampshire ave. nw.., 
who died of cancer yesterday 
in Georgetown University 

A native of Dallas, Mr. Perry 
was graduated from University 
of Texas Law School, and was! 

fraternity. He came to Wasghing- 
ton in 1936 to represent the 
in sales 
and later took a 
Oil Co. here. 

Entering government service 

As chairman | 

William P. of! 

in Memoriam 

B. is 
ory “my who 
way «si genre Ses danuary 31. 

oe Seer coax 

| Bird 

GAT. a 6. 

; ug A and 

| aie’ cir * BOWE Uoberra. 
tp guine & er MErts | 

away One Year aco 

‘bruar To 1 “a me t 
ary ~ 44 
ashington agony Demeter 7 ermen 
Sund Oe y aE. 
pach nyt rt 
1. y Sile “a Cores ave 

pee ard Greet 

=. dear mother. 

| ganuary ji. 
Dearest mother. you ere not forget 

athe of Za 
is ing day to! 7 
nk of you are) 

very hard to ° 

Your loving. ~~ Idren 

WIL thet Ce SB ae 
Bird ' 

. Me 
. 4 
BANAGAN. batt On Yn: 3 


k Cree 

Bervices at 
Home. 2901 14 

facilities! interment 


| Gay. Pebruary |. at 

of Ariine- 

Sunday ino 

AGA! Puneral yon 7 Rh » Beiana ave 
at Bastern ave 

a - 

invit ed. Interment Cedar Hill ‘Cen me- | 


Fe. South Irving st 
le usband of 
father of 

servi es =m on Arlington. Va oN 
Wednesday _Inierment Annie Jane Hickingbottom. 
Arlineten National ‘Cometer a Hickingbottom of 

aturday, January 3, 1956. at "nee 

residence, 5018 26th nine Hyattsville, 

Mra. Elaine “Rentiesten of 
lil. Priends may call at the 
. Ives Puneral Home. 
Bar eopanme. 
inald! Punera!l 
i ia “Columbia 

rch d A 
holy sacr ifhes of the mass . 
' m. for the ws 
: Interment M 
Sliver “Cemetery. Relatives and fri 

1803 Conn ave. of 4 
January 30. 1956. Sister 4 Otta is 
Bigger Services 
neral Home. Ch 

riends | 
may A noe ee Funeral Home. 4th 
at. an Sssachruse ts ave. nthe. a © 
eid Wednesday 

. On Monda y. 

Interment Kansas City 
BENEMAN, ae | ee, 

5. Secs 
late By 



oe au . é . a . ; ™ : : . . 
Milt s Pebruary | 
' t Porrest 
odist Church. Forestville. 
Dp. m 



Also relatives 
i. Baltimore and Cumberland, M4, 
| Puneral services at the Bernard Dan- 

Zansky & Son Punheral Home 3501 

woonrRo ww A espectal 
communtcation ef Petworth 
Ledee is called for Wednes- 

ton Hebrew Consregation Cemetery 

BERRY. GEORGE. On wiser os opmwery 
29. 1956. GEORGE ERR oved | 
brother of Emily Johnson, me. = 

miel Berry Friends 




pebruary On, Saiurday 

friemis inv 
Chapel Gomelec? 

Monday, January : 956. at Creat 

1610 North 
on, Va. wite of) 
Charles “Morris Birkist 6Gr..' 
of Charlie 

eiatives an : 

shevment Addiso TENSE. ng JANET. 

rihur © 
THERESA Alexandria, Preston Carte 
Cleveland st. 
the late 
lees will be be nei i Wednesda 
Port Lincain Tonet + he : 
KRAUSS CFaae ee. On Saturday. Jan- 
y . at Ariingten Hospital. 
1814 North 
Va. He te sur- 


mass will be offered at 
¥ the repose of her 
interment National Memoria) 
On Sunday, Janus 
KATE I BREA T of 42] 
Mount semis 4... wife o 
the late Ja s ©. Breast. mother of 
Mrs. Helen ra Deirvmaie of Washing- 
> oe RB 

29. 1966 
29th st , at lL, at 2 
Interment Fort Lincoin Ceme- 
January 2 

IDA L wile 

On Sunday 
ERNER. be 

Priends may call at 
ome. 4th ne M 

ave. ne. where services will 

on Tuesday. January 31, at 2:30 » 

Interment Coneressiona! Cemetery 

| BRISCOE, EDWARD. On Soturdey. Jan 
uary 28 956, at Sidley 

lanta G 
the Lee Punera! 

vived by « sister Mes 
Banta Monica. Call and 
Services at ‘the Cc 
& Bon Funeral Home 
on Tuesdays January 
Interment ke 
cont ributt ons be mace! 
Workmen's Circle Old Age 

Sanday. January. 
RM in 

Maley’ al 



Interment Cedar Hill Cemetery. | 

>- | 


e J 

Budden!y. on Sen-| 

a! , at 2 DP. mm 
(Parking facilities.) interment Pros- 
pect Hil Cemetery 

CANTER. Le LAN MAK. On Saturday. | 
: January 1956, at her ae 

T Scie 

ill Canter’ oa 
ray of Washington. ao 
=? and Lone of Hushesville. | 

4 e alse ree. | be held o January 3! 
srandchildren, Betty ae t 3 

] . Prairie City 
Leonard Lone. and ope ukee, Wis. papers 
wborah Lynn copy.) 

. uptt Funera! + met > 
| ald n . ary) her 

. ioe Mrs 
Mitchellv) Ile. tows. and 
ad of Pra 

ia survived by 

. m 
. Bughesvi 
nterment churoh ceme 

; 4. 

known professionally as Lew #>out 11 years ago, Mr. Perry compeear. WILLIAM YREDERICK. 

Porter, composer of “Beautiful 

worked with the Immigration 

Ohio,” “By the Sea” and other and Naturalization Department 

Sea” and other songs, 
heart attack at North Holly- 
wood, Calif. 

Arthur A. Smallman, 73, for 
52 years a reporter and assist- 
ant editor on the Boston Globe, 
at Boston. 

Sir Frederic Howard Hamil. 
ton, 90, who in 1895, as editor 
of the Johannesburg Star, tried 
vainly to persuade Cecil Rhodes 
to stop a raid that preceded the 
South African Boer War, in 
Tadworth, England. 

Guindi Abdel Malek. 87, 
Egyptian minister of supply, in 
the cabinet of Prime Minister 
Gamal Abdel Nassar, in Cairo. 

of a Of the Department of Justice. 

Later he was with the Appoint- 
ments Division of Nation al) 
Selective Service. 

He is survived by his wife, the 
former Leah Peebles, of 1121 
New Hampshire ave. nw., and 
his mother, Mrs Jessie Cc 

Perry, of Dallas. Burial will be 
in Dallas. 

Democrats to Meet 

The Montgomery County’ 

Young Democratic Club will 
hold its first 1956 meeting to- 
day at 8:30 p. m. in the hearing 
room on the second floor of the 
Silver Spring Liquor Dispen- 
sary building, 8500 Colesville 
ird., Silver Spring. 

National Weather Summary 

Washington and Today-—-Pair 

' Area 
Tada ana cauite cold with hich about 


rees. Wednesdar—Pair and 
onday's relative humidity 
100 per cent at 
| mum. 47 per cent at 4:24 bp 
Marviand and Ln pl Today-—Gen- 
eraily fair b : quite cold 

her cold 
inds: Northwest at 20 te 30 miles an 

Visibifity: Excellent 

Temperatures and rain for 24 hours Mere 7 p.m. EST. Tuesday 

Sit I We 
SP-1i8 WwW 

ai Rte ss 



lbany 32 

= ~s Nb 
IPRWw we 


| Houston 

wu ww 

—SF gre 
~~ +e 

999099930 z 

eve and 

twe2N~— ! AAS 2H 
PP Bre Std - 1 IS FRO OODD -1 


Grand Rea pide io 


Departures from normal vesterday— 
Acc wmuist ; “er ah 
piace Jan. 

ated of 
Jan iose i 1s wakes 
Temperature ene year  ¢s0—High 33 
Geerees: low. 13 degre 
Sun, Moon and Tides—Sun rises 
: mn ri 

m nd 5.44 The Potomac 
River a ,frest Pacis ts clear (Corpse of 



L.. Pree. 




—- ow 
od Lm CR LT ah Pit 

108 Po - lw & — -18@ Ot Onwe- 
cP rs BF 
Pw OPW -1F -~)- 

-— Fees WI ewe 




tees 5 
s381 = 
BMS 34538 



Jean Shor Has 
Something Important to Say 

at The Washington Post 

and Times Herald 

book and author luncheon 

Make it a point to hear Mrs, 

Marco Polo,” 

discuss “After 

a record of one 

of the most unique honey- 

moon nth of all time—dur- J4 
ing which she and her hus- 

your f 
lobby of The Washington Post and Times 
115. L St. NW. Yor, your Sais wi be 


rec: pitation since 

CBRE m Sunday. January 29 1956 
; Y Ic NNO 

les FEF. Robey 
Services will Mr 
Pauls Rock Creek Parish Church in| 
Roc Creek Cemetery on weeday. | 
dganuary 3i, 12 noon Interment | 
ock Creek Cemetery ) 

CONNOR. qeneies J. On Sunday. 
uary 29 at his resicence 
ooh Alaska Lg ow. J MIAH 
ONNO beloved husband of 
. Mrs oqgeaens | 
. Antoinette Hu 
Catherine Scanion, Mrs 7. | 
Mrs. Eliabeth Holloran, | 
Connor. Funera) | 

ere services 
Marks Epis- 
sonal Church Ceme 
MABSMALL, JOUN amneereap. Gud- 
| ly. on Saturday. January 28. 1966 
oki MARSHALL. %4 

an. Va v 

- conducted Wednesday, Febru 

_ he ey at > m Interment Marshall 

4 rm , A th. Cemetery Lorton 
elatiy . 

at! es and friends invit MD ANTEL. 


30, 56. at is resi- 


m =st.. Ariine- 

of Brother | 

J.. Wo 

Laat rz. 
1956. PRANK 
’ New Orleans 
belove of au f 
Dane! wasthes of Mrs Bijeabeth —- n 
on 5. and of of 
haries Reeve ° ton 
; at ij 
Ariington; ' 2 m Interment Arlington Nationa! 
Mare A. Yeabower. Sliver Spring. Md emetery 
January ri } 
where there will it ET 
Rosary. Wednesday 

grandchi ldren 
Gawier's Chapel. 
ave nw. (courtesy parking opposite 
ll be held on Wednes- 
2:15 m 

reek Cemetery 

Washington, D 
DAVIS, ADsELtA wt ter On — 
dav. Ja Q 

nua 2 
dence. 1862 Columbia 

late Herbert 

where services Wii 
Gay. Pebruary i. at Int et- 
i A ment Ari inet on National Cemetery 
bel oved “wife of the MILSTEAD. CATHERINE 
is. Survived by 19 
nt s 

10:31 | 

. La- 
Wednesday. Pebruary 
ee p Services t the 
v-| A, Indian Head. Md 
interment Mount Int terment Nazarene Ceme- 
of 903 Mis 

, vary 28 

W. nw. on Jan 




ter “, are 

ie Ime and. 
Sane Punera! Home. 

100 Cha 
ck Creek 
piese, Oaise. ane Pe ¥ . 
be arino. all e alse if survive . 
oy of sister Mire, ds Whitemore + , On Mendag, Jane 
o ako i 
children. Friends m ae all at aia E at of i121 
Funeral Home. 2847 Wilson’ bivd.. Ar- 
— . m. Mon mer. 

#ioved husband 
try. son of Mre | 
Services and 

where funeral services Will be ‘PHILLIPS, IDA M. On Sunday. Janu 

” interment Arlington | 

held. 2 
ations) Comet 

I MARZO. PAUL F.. of 4204 Newton 

ci ~| Pert Lincoln aie 

: rasveqs. kK Jan 

' ter- | 

Cag. Peers 5M SD ci : brovidence. Beast 

ot oe janeee T , January 

nies“ beloved | 
are rdette Dyer. | 
v “S of Is 
-& ' 

t ’ 
Tssue d 106 
ent Holy Chess Senthers PREVOST. on 4. Cymra der of Gen 

m. Interm 
Gites ana | tneeds . Une Y pb asembie at 
‘ e 

On Sundey. we | S Bros. F vweral! 

29, 1956. a Gnfaren's Hospita 661 nae ¢ 

VAN of -4 pm. January + 

, beloved son of Cari F and | services for our jate! 

E Fitter brother a Pred - comrade "a 

4 nia R N . Commander. * 
. adiuta 4g 

IRWIN. Bunda ¥.| 

int at Aslington eset 


eda Riffey | 

Sundar. | 

inter- | 

M.} . 

of 15 Todd pl. . ms 
Totti aie meee 

TLLIAN - ae 

° b . = 
er mother. . a 
Friends may call at * 

am 9° 

On paaye 
: husband 

t - 

friends invited 
lington National Cemeter 
sc moeees, mene? 

of Washington. 
at the & H pe Co 
1 14th pr. — 

ruary 1 ] ‘ i fa- 
- ities.) re Ae Cedar "an ‘Ceme- 
ary 1954 at . 
CORW x a SaIrs, aotother 

itz of 
atherine Bean 9 of W > oka 
may cal) oe uneral 
at. and ie ave. ne. 

services wil Pei on Wednesda. 
Pebruary i . m. Interment 




AYLOR. RUTH. On Monday. Janware 

30. 1956. at her residence near Spring- 
Held. Pairfax. ya.. RU stb ar 


. Harvey 
Bverett Tavgior 

— “aerdieal 
re. FR 

Efe Taylor 
liam r 


; Dp ne 

nydensiricker M Met! hodiet Churen ¥ 
0 ax count erme 

Serdenstere. Cem +3 .. a - 

“ TORRE. FRANCES . “ot 14 

niterment Cedar Hill 

January 9 * 7  . Gun 
he sgporter st 
° Uriel 


2 * 
é 7 its i ing Bo 

yer Life fo 


ide W. 

; survived wh 
brothers in Germany Puneral ~ ee 
from Hines Co Puneral 
Hom ne D 
a4 10 «a 
ment Glenwood Cemetery 

+. lary 29 1956. at . Suny. 

etcher P.. Veb D ° 
is ' , p Le WwW 
"4 inter mt at Knox 
Arrangements oy Takoma ~ 
wn. wry aney MARY IDA. of 211 
rmerly a Predericks 

: te x 

_nterment ‘Congressional Cemetery. 


Announcement of 
Services ty Chambers 
Salvia, Joseph J. Chambers Co. 
Mame. Chambers Ca 
Chambers Co. 

Mask. Dodie, I. 
Witleaghby. Mary 
Terre, Prances M. 
Rubb. Samuel KR. 
_ Beard. Carelya 

| Cometery ite iy 

Cemetery Lots Wanted 

Funeral Designs 
~ George coe Shaffer, 

pr ~~ 

ja a4 
|| Saaeeetaaa4 <9 

hambers Co. 

—$—S eee | 


’ | 
te 9D 900 i4th st nw 


Ja 956 
9! am 

com -& 7 ry the 
herewith. has waco opp ication 
the Commissioners 
Columbia ior 
in the business 
ey tor the | 
1 1.956 
f C qneres: s approved 

the C ym mi ssioner s of the District 
= Columbia in tne 
ribed by said = 

General Credit. 

u ings 

1423 H merectl 



Jan 16.17.23 

~ Wrederich iN wusee 
3 fF Street. N 


init! . 

he District, 0 

“our ; 

. ¢ 

uriz alter 
ret publication 

vy + 
ity ‘Clerk an 
panier PARTRIDGE ul 
Vechineton D.-C 


. revere 

| four of Marviand 
istrict of Co 

he District of Columbia 
® Probate Court 



assigns, oF both, of Earnest 
war Jackso deceased. record 
owner of the. tollowine promises in 
nage 512. sneown as Rear of 1332 
t NW. Got 67) in _—_ 
ar Cc. Pursuant to the pre- 
of the a a Conaress "ae 

m ' 
vestigated into the san 
tion of butidings at 
lees mention *above is - 
ing has ound Go Spent of 
such investigation. to be 
nagnitary condition as to ondanner 
he a or lives of t 
reo r 

ve ding or parte thereof. it shall 
unlawful f 

The Wash 



ran about WOMEN | 

| tee Beralad a 




$1, 1956 


Israeli Ambassador Sethe 

Attacks British Middle-East Offer 

By Lileen Summers 

ISRAEL'S Ambassador in 
Washington yesterday served 
prompt notice on newly-ar- 
rived British Prime Minister 

Eden, that the recent British 
offer to mediate the Arab- 
Israel dispute through fron- 
tier adjustment is still un- 
acceptable to Israel, 

(The Arab-Israel dispute is 
expected to loom prominently 
among the foreign policy 
questions to be taken up dur- 
ing Sir Anthony's stay.) 

Israeli Ambassador Abba 
S. Eban in a talk before the 
Woman's National Democratic 
Club described as “eccentric” 
the suggestion that “little 
Israel should become even 
smaller in order that the 
vast Arab empire should still 
further expand.” 

(The British mediation pro- 
posal apparently followed the 
general lines of a United 
Nations plan for partition of 
Israel formulated in 1947.) 

YESTERDAY, Ambassador 
Eban declared: 

“Peace isn’t a surgical op- 
eration. You don’t get it by 
going around chopping off 
pieces from a sovereign na- 
tion with scissors made in 
England or anywhere else.” 
The Ambassador continued: 

“Those across the Atlantic 
who have given this public 
expression of their policy 
have seriously compromised 
the mediation prospects.” 

Ambassador Eban added 
that Israel’s “right to sov- 
ereignty and peace” is sanc- 
tioned by the United Nations 

charter and by agreements to 
which the Arab governments 
“pledged their signatures and 
honor in 1949.” 

HE CALLED on the United 
States for arms aid and firm 
treaty guarantees by the 
Western major powers of his 
country’s borders. Both are 
needed, he asserted, to offset 
Soviet military aid to Egypt 
and to deter Israel's Arab 
neighbors from a “miscalcula- 
tion” that could lead to all- 
out war in the Middle East. 

The Ambassador said the 
“intrusion” of the Soviet 
Union in Middle East politics 
is aimed at “exploition of old 
conflicts and the creation of 
new ones.” 

He added that Russian and 
British supplies of “heavy of- 
sensive weapons” to Egypt 
have caused a collapse of the 

balance of military power in 
the Middle East, and asked: 

“Why should heavy weap- 
ons flow into a hostile and 
belligerent Egypt, while they 
are held back from a threat- 
ened and embattled Israel?” 

IT IS of “paramount ur- 
gency” the Ambassador con- 
tinued, to restore military 
equilibrium in the Middle 
East. “This is a question of 
practical statesmanship; but 
in the deeper sense, it is an 
issue of conscience.” 

Ambassador Eban con- 
tended that the pledge made 
the United States, Britain 
and France in 1950 to pre- 
serve peace and the military 
balance in the Middle East 
was without “a deterrent ef- 
fect” since it involves no com- 
mitment of any of the signa- 

~~ - 

LOTS TO TALK ABOUT kept District DAR Regent Faus 
tine Dennis, center, busy last night: She was being hon- 
ored as a candidate for national treasurer general on the 

Faustine Dennis in Spotlight: 

Reception Honors 

A TEMPORARY truce in 
DAR “politicking” was called 
here last night as top-ranking 

officials from all over the 
country attended a reception 
for District Regent Faustine 
Dennis, who is a candidate 
for national treasurer gen- 

Members of both opposi- 
tidn tickets were among the 

guests as Miss Dennis was 
honored by members of Mary 
Bartlett Chapter here, of 
which she has ¢én s-merm- 
ber since 1931 and has twice 
served as regent. 

With the national conven- 
tion and elections little more 
than two months away, the 
party coincided with a meet- 
ing of national board mem- 

First Lady Sends 
Portrait to DAR 

MAMIE Eisenhower an- 
swered a long-standing re- 
Guest. a few days ago When 
she sent a framed color pho- 
tograph of herself to the 
Daughters of the American 
Revolution of which she is a 

The portrait, made by a 
Paim Beach photographer 
back in 1952, was received 
several days ago at DAR 
headquarters but kept a sur- 
prise for the executive com- 
mittee which met-yesterday 
in the President General's 
office where it was hung. 

Request for the photograph 
was made “a long time ago,” 
the White House said, and 
‘only recently was it decided 
to send this one made be- 
fore President Eisenhower 
was elected to office. 

It was recalled by some 
DAR thembers yesterday 
that the Colorado State 50o- 
ciety, DAR, discussed plans 
several years ago to raise 
money and commission a 
portrait of the First Lady for 
hanging in the national head- 
quarters but the project has 
not reached fruition. 

DAR officials will get an 
opportunity to thank Mrs. 

Eisenhower personally for 
the gift tomorrow when she 
receives the 80-member na 

tional board at the White 

AT ITS business meeting 
yesterday the DAR executive 
committee authorized 

courtesy cards which are 
given out by Congressmen to 
their constituents visiting in 

It also authorized publica- 
tion of 5000 more manuals 
on “citizenship” in German 
to meet the increasing de- 
mand of this language trans- 
lation by new citizens. 

The committee heard a re- 
port that a total of 71,810 
“citizenship” manuals were 
distributed by the DAR last 
year, ~ 

The National Board’ meet- 
ing gets under way today 
with a luncheon at the Pen- 
tagon to hear speeches by 
top-ranking defense officials, 
including Adm. Arleigh 
Burke and Deputy Secretary 
of Defense Reuben Robert- 

A banquet will be held at 
7 p. m. in the Mayflower 

issu- | 
ance of 10.000 more museum | 

Peace and Freedom League Meets 

DELEGATES from more 
than 25 branches of the Wom- 
en’s International League for 
Peace and Freedom today 
open a legislative seminar at 
144 Constitution ave. fe. An- 
nalee Stewart, national legis- 
lative secretary, will lead the 
three-day meeting. 

Today, Bertha MeNeill, 
PD. C. area branch president, 
will welcome the delegates. 


Mrs. Alexander Stewart will 
present “Current Legislation 
on the Congressional 
Agenda,” after the opening 

Dr; William Munley, United 
nes ae in the Porn 
of European Regional 
Dogarteness of State, will talk 
to grou 
Policy is 
noon in the State Department 


ticket of Mrs. 

By Arthur Ellis. Staff Photographer 

Frederic A. Groves. left. With them here is 

Helen Marie Hawkins, regent of Mary Bartlett Chapter, 

which”gave the party. 

bers here this week. Guests , 

included DAR leaders from 
every state, along with hun- 
dreds of long-time local 
friends of Miss Dennis. 

at the District chapter house, 
1732 Massachusetts ave. nw. 
With Miss Dennis in line 
were z of her running 
mates, Including Mrs. Fred- 
erie A. Groves, of Cape Grr- 
ardeau, Mo., who heads the 
ticket as a candidate for 
national president general. 

The women, wearing pastel 
gowns and the traditional 
DAR ribbons, insignias and 
orchid corsages, met guests in 
the second-floor reception 

OTHER members of the 
Groves’ ticket being present- 
ed included Mrs. Robert Mil- 
ton Beak, .Wheaton, Il, a 
candidate for first vice presi- 
dent general; Mrs. Harold E. 

DAR Candidate 

Erb, Garden City, N. Y., a can- 
didate for recording secretary 
general; Mrs. Herbert Patter- 
son, Wilkinsburg, Pa., a can- 
didate for corresponding sec- 
retary general; Mrs. Frank 
Garland Trau, Sherman, Tex., 
a candidate for organizing 
secretary general; Mrs. Leroy 

Fogg Hussey, Augusta, Me., a | 
gen- | 
Ralph Williams | 

candidate for librarian 
eral: Mrs. 
Newland, St- Joseph, Mich., 
a candidate for curator gen- 

Helen Marie Hawkins, cur- 
rent regent of Mary Bartlett 
Chapter, introduced the can- 

Early arrivals included 
both Mrs. Charles Carroll 
Haig and Mrs. Thomas Henry 
Lee, leaders of the other two 

slates currently campaigning | 

for the national posts. Gert- 
rude ‘Carraway, the present 
national president general, 
was also a guest. * 

Op ry Today 

10 A.M. to 

6 PLM 

End of the month 



s h . = 

$49.95 Alpaca Coats 




C ompare 

$5 g.00 
$7 8-00 

IS MY TIE STRAIGHT? Britisif Prime Minister Anthony 
Eden (right) seems to be asking that question of Secretary 

of State and Mrs. 

Town Topics 

John Foster Dulles at the dinner they 

United Press 

gave in his honor at the Pan American Union last night, 
Eden arrived in, town yesterday and will leave on Friday 

for Ottawa. 

Dulles Gives Dinner in Eden’s Honor 

By Marie McNair 

“HANDSOME, dapper” 
were words to describe Brit- 
ish Prime Minister Sir An- 
thony Eden when he used to 
visit Wash- 
ington as For- = 
eign Secre- | 

he is yet, 
even if he 
didn't look 
quite as dap- 
per as he 
stepped off 
the Colum- cahae 
bine, Presi- sues McNair 
dent Eisen- 
hower’s personal plane, yes- 
terday morning. 

Here for conversations with 
the President and Adminis- 
tration leaders. Sir Anthony 
and his Foreign Secretary, 
the Rt. Hon. Selwyn Lioyd, 
entered into a fast-moving 
program which began with 
lunch with President Eisen- 
hower at the White House. 

LAST NIGHT Secretary of 
State and Mrs. Dulles enter- 
tained almost 100 guests at 
an official dinner in honor of 
the Prime Minister. 

Red roses, white roses, 
white stock, white snap- 
dragons and blue iris, colors 
for both Britain and the 
United States, decorated the 
U-shaped table set up in the 
spacious Hall of the Americas 
at the Pan American Union 
The table's “well” was filled 
with fern and potted red 

The Prime Minister's party 
which numbers nine includes, 
in addition to Mr. Lloyd, the 
Parliamentary Private Sec- 
retary to Sir Anthony, R. A. 
Allan, M.P.; Sir Leslie Ro- 
wan of the British Treasury; 
Sir Harold Caccia, Deputy 
Undersecretary of State for 
Foreign Affairs; C. A. E. 
Shuckburgh, Assistant Under- 
secretary of State for For- 
eign Affairs: the Prime Min- 
ister’s Private Secretary, FE. 
E. Bishop; the Private Secre- 
tary to the Foreign Secretary, 

P. F. Hancock: G. FE. Millard 
Assistant Private Secretary, 
and J. A. N. Graham, Assist- 
ant Private Secretary. 

All were dinner guests last 

The British Ambassador 
and Lady Makins were in the 
group and from the embassy 
staff also came the Minister 
and Mrs. J. E. Coulson. 

tice and Mrs. Earl Warren, 
Secretary of the Treasury 
and Mrs. George Humphrey, 
Secretary of Defense Charles 
Wilson, without Mrs. Wilson 
who is wintering in the South; 
Mrs. Sinclair Weeks whose 
husband, the Secretary of 
Commerce is in New York 

for a speech and will return 


Mrs. Alexander Wiley also 
was a lone lady last night as 
the Senator is on a short trip 
to Wisconsin, and Senator 
Earle Clements was a bache- 
lor for the evening as Mrs. 
Clements is at their home in 

Senator and Mrs. William 
F. Knowland, Senator and 
Mrs. John J, Sparkman, Rep- 
resentative Joseph W. Martin 
Jr.. and Representatives 
Francis Bolton and Edna 
Kelly, rounded out the group 
from Capitol Hill. 

Assistant, Harold Stassen, 
and Mrs. Stassen, and Presi- 
dential Assistant Sherman 
Adams and Mrs. Adams were 

And, for more. Admiral 
Arthur Radford, Chairman, 
Joint Chiefs of Staff. and 
Mrs. Radford: Central Intelli- 
gena Director Allen Dulles 
and Mrs. Dulles: 
Secretary of Defense, Gor- 
don Gray; Admiral Jerauld 
Wright, Supreme Allied Com- 
mand, Atlantic Fleet, and 
Mrs. Wright, up from Norfolk 
for the party. 

United States Information 
Agency Director Theodore 
Streibert and Mrs. Streibert, 
William V. Griffin, president 
of the  EnglishSpeaking 

You can buy this 


Featherweight Portable 


oo this handy Singer* 



¢ After minimum 
down paymert 

Electric Port- 

‘ able weighs only 11 Ibs., it offers you all the 
mechanical features and does the work of a 
full sized machine. The Featherweight* can 
do automatic stitching with Singer’s exclu- 
sive automatic zig-zagger, and comes in a 
smart, convenient carrying case. 


°A Trade Mark of The Singer Mfg. Co 


Union, and universities heads 
Alvin D. Chandler of the 
College of William and Mary, 
and Mrs. Chandler; Dr. 
Harold W. Dodds, Princeton 
University, and Mrs. Dodds; 
Ford Foundation’s president, 
H. Rowan Gaither and Mrs. 
Gaither were still others 
among the guests. Also pres 
ent were Dean Rusk of the 
Rockefeller Foundation, and 
Mrs. Rusk; Arthur H. Dean, 
Council for Foreign Rela- 
tions, and Mrs. Dean: Wash- 
ington’s Mr. and Mrs. Clif- 
ford Folger, and Mr. and Mrs. 
Eugene Meyer. 

AND, FROM Secretary Du! 
les’ official “family.” were 
Under Secretary of State and 
Mrs. Herbert Hoover Jr.. As- 
sistant Secretary and Mrs 
Livingston Merchant, Coun- 
selor of the State Department 
and Mrs. Douglas MacArthur 
2d, Mr. and Mrs. Outerbridge 
Horsey, Mrs. John S. Sim- 
mons, wife of the Chief of 
Protocol who is in Brazil for 
President Kubichek’s inaugu- 
ration; Acting Chief of Pro- 
tocol and Mrs. Victor Purse, 
Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Lister 
and Assistant Chief of Pro- 
tocol and Mrs. Clement Con- 

Also here for the Prime 
Minister's visit and guests at 
the dinner were United States 

Ambassador to Britain. Win 
throp Aldrich, and Mrs. Ald- 

Eden Forgets 

The Toast 

United Press 
British Prime Minister Sir 
Anthony Eden said last hight 
that President Eisenhower, 

despite his recent illness, ‘s 

“very much on the ball.” Then 
Eden himself absent-minded- 

ly forgot to raise his glass for 
a traditional toast to the 

The Eden oversight occurred 
at a dinner given by Secretary 
of State John Foster Dulles for 
the dapper British leader and 
his diplomatic party. The warm 
words Eden had said previously 
about the President made it 
certain there would be no “in- 
ternational incident” because 
he forgot the toast. 

Dulles, at the end of his own 
long toast to Eden, raised his 
champagne-filled glass  be- 
fore nearly 100 rsons to 
salute Queen Elizabeth of 

There was a long pause as 
Eden sat down. British Am- 
bassador Sir Roger Makins 
tried to catch his eye. Others 
at the horseshoe-shaped ban- 
quet table reached for their 
glasses. No toast. 

—_—~—— ' 

Assistant - 

the hecht Co. 

Washington, Silver Spring, PARKington 

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New Lining! 

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lead a long. 

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rf Expert Furriers also repair fur coats .. 

. make 

collars, cuff* and frontea look like new ..~° 

replace fasteners . 
Prisingly low prices. 

. glaze and reblend st sur- 

_ Fur Repair—ind FLOOR, Washington, Silver 
Spring ond PARKington 




B82 Tuesday, January 31, 1956 


- - yr - 
5 x % b' % 
ear 9 
7 & 2 
. ae Foal . 
4 . 

SMOOTH ON ICE—Kirsten Beck (right) 

shares some skating tips with Kay 
Joanne Bodner. 
Joanne are members of Gir! 
Last week Joanne 
was named as one of our finalists for her 

geb (left) and 
Troop 163 of Arlington 

—— — —- 

Roth- ice-skating badge 
Both Kay 
Scout ures and 

double gold medalist in the United States 
Figure Skating Association 

Douglas Phote 
Kirsten's ideas should 

be good ones. She's testing for the nine fig- 

dance requirements of a 

Old edn Beal Path to Door 

FOR $1 AN HOUR, Patri- 
cia Schiller mends broken 

Listening to other people's 
problems is her job. Listen- 
ing, and looking for a solu- 
tion. By the time a Man or 
woman walks into her office 
in’ the Legal Aid Society at 
805 G st.. nw, they are usu- 
ally only one step away from 

Mrs. Schiller, happily mar- 
ried herself, is Washington's 
first public marriage’ coun- 
selor. Her job began ap- 
propriately enough, last 
June. So far, she has han- 
died some 70 cases 

What causes domestic diffi- 

Personality problems, says 
Mrs. Schiller. One partner 
may be to blame, or both 

What is the biggest prob- 
lem involved in handling 
other people’s problems” 

“Detachment,” she says 
“IT used to come home every 
night with a headache. But 
gradually, as the marital pat- 
terns are becoming more 
clearly defined to me, I have 
been able to get less in- 

The mother of two chil- 
dren, Mrs. Schiller was led 
into marrgige counseling 
through an instinctive con- 
cern for youngsters. A New 
Yorker, she intended to be- 
come a teacher. Later she 
switched to law. When World 
War I! broke out, she came 
to Washington to work for 

the OPA. Here she met and 3 

married a fellow attorney, 

Irving Schiller. 
Today the Schillers live 
at 4224 38th st, nw. He is 

now with the Securities and 
Exchange Commission. For 
a while, she returned to 

teaching before going on with 



more law 

we nres aa 

with courses in marriage 

counseling at Catholic 
Then, eight months ago, 

came a chance to use all she 
had learned as a wife, a moth- 

er, a teacher, a lawyer. She 
became a counselor. 

«++ mends broken dreams 

bei Mrs. Haig Speaks: 

Is Urged 

By Marie Smith 

Haig, a candidate for presi- 

, dent general of the Daughters 

of the American Revolution, 
yesterday called for closer re- 
lations between that organiza- 
tion and the National Society 
of Children of the American 
Revolution. which she headed 
for four years. 

In a talk before the Dis 
trict’'s DAR committee on 
CAR work, Mrs. Haig said the 
DAR in the past “has not 
helped us as much as they 
should have.” 

She noted ~~ =e = 
two ago that the Na- 
tional “soflety of DAR estab- 
lished a committee on CAR to 
give the children’s organiza- 
tion “needed leaders and co- 

However, she added, 
CAR was created in 1895. 

Speaking as a DAR mem- 
ber she said “CAR is a part 
of us and belongs to us. It 
should be closer to us than 
any other organization.” 

MRS. HAIG. who served 
as president of ber CAR 
chapter in South Carolina 
when she was 6 years old, 
has held virtually every 
office in the organization 
before her term as president 
expired last April 

“This society,” she said, ‘ 
one of the few youth pa ir 
on which we can pin our 
hopes for our country tomor- 
row,” adding we want to see 
to it that we do our share” 
for it. 

IN HER talk, Mrs. Haig 
called on the adult leaders 
of CAR to request removal 
of “un-American textbooks 
and teaching methods” from 
the public schools in this 
country. She asked them also 
to give greater service to 
see that “our young people 
are taught the real values 
of American principles and 


“love and rev- 
erence” for the American 
Flag and a knowledge of 
American history, she said, 
is “the best deterrent to a 
spread pf the isms getting 
a footheld in our country.” 

DAR President General 
Gertrude S. Carraway sent 
a letter of commendation to 
the committee for its work 
and expressed regret at not 
being able to attend the 
meeting because of a conflict- 
ing meeting of her executive 


Frozen Foods Get Calm, Cool Tests 

NEW YORK, Jan. 30 (INS) 
Get asparagus, broccoli or 
collard greens when you 
choose frozen vegetables for 
the most in vitamins and 
minerals and the least in 

These three green vegeta- 
bles rate highest in a nu- 
tritional. study of frozen 
foods made public today at 
the National Frozen Food 
Convention in New York. 

The results of the three- 
year study, first of its kind 
in the frozen food industry, 
drew no comparisons’ of the 

value of frozen 
with fresh or canned 
foods, frozen food experts 
flatly refused to make the 
comparison, indicating that 
the study was intended only 
to prove scientifically the 
fact that freezing does not 
destroy food nutrients. 

ACCORDING to the find- 
ings of the jVisconsin Alum- 
ni Research Foundation, 
which was comnfissioned by 
the frozen foods industry to 
make the study beginning in 
1952, the frozen foods- with 


Active Young Man Thrives on Veal 


Meats—doubly good because they're 
backed by fwo reliable names — 
Sarber ant Daeow 




the most vitamins and min- 
erals are: 

Asparagus, broccoli, col- 
lard greens, orange juice, 

peas, spinach and strawber- 

Rated ‘‘excellent’’ as 
sources of vitamin C were 

broccoli, eollard greens, 

grapefruit juice, orange juice . 

and strawberries. 
“Excellent” sources of vita- 
min A were collard greens; 
mixed vegetable and spinach. 
The frozen foods rated 
“lowest” in calories were as- 
paragus, broccoli, green 
beans, collard greens and 
spinach. ; 


You've oe the 




Announcement is made of 
the marriage of Mrs. Hilde- 
daughter of the late Mr. and 
Mrs. Clarence Halstead, to 
Harold Reeve Sleeper, of 
New York City. Mrs. Sleeper 
attended the National Cathe- 
dral School for girls and Miss 
Porter’s School in Farming- 
ton, Conn. Mr. Sleeper was 
graduated from the Cornell 
School of Architecture and is 
now a practicing architect 
and Adjunct Professor at 
Columbia University. After 
a wedding trip to Puerto 
Rico the couple plan to reside 
in New York City. 


Mr. and Mrs. Walker Gore 
of Charleston, West Virginia, 
announce the marriage of 
their daughter, Karen, to Air- 
man First Class Robert W. 
Barnes, son of Mr. Louis J. 
Barnes and Mrs. Emma M. 
Barnes, on Jan. 28 at Bolling 
Air Force Base Chapel. The 
couple will reside in West- 
over, Massachusetts. 

Board Luncheon 

Entertaining the Women’s 
Board of Hahnemann Hospi- 
tal at luncheon recently was 
Mrs. Tomas Cagigas. Among 
those present was Mrs. War- 
ren Faircloth, Board presi- 
Two new members 
elected at the luncheon are 
Mrs. Alva Brewer and Mrs. 
William Zeigler. 

At Home in Leesburg 
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Pur- 
cell Smoot Jr. are now resid- 
ing in Leesburg, Va., follow- 
ing their August marriage. 
Mrs. Smoot, daughter of Mr. 
and Mrs. Daniel Shreve 

- Chamblin of Leesburg, Va., 

attended Penn Hall College. 
Smoot, son of Dr. and Mrs. 
Frank Purcell Smoot, attends 
the University of Virginia. 

. Now try the BEST! 
We ps fer the first time the best obtainable 

, i PERMANENT WAVES ANYWHERE ! | Lat any price 
Formerly sold at owe old Beauty Salon for 7 
and $20.00. Now featured in our new Beauty 
exclusively, this fabulous deal package! 

All complete For One Price Only! 

. Creme Shampoo 

. Cuts designed for individual 

. Test curls 

. Professional on) Waves 

for every type of ha 
. Styled finger waves ‘ 
expert beauticians 


Open from 9 A.M. te 7 P.M. 

Tinting and es - a conchae with us. Consult 
at for problem 

Pal—Your Releivisier 

New Location 937 F Street N.W. 
ME. 8-4837 

Halstead Bathurst, 

| of 810 Easley st, 

My Sniffling, Sneezing? 

Mistol Mist contains Nee-Synephriae’. One 
ae oe cold-clogged nose, 
checks sniffies, sneezes. Gentle for children, 
too. Carry in pocket or purse, use anytime, 
snywbere, 481.981 you prefer dropper 
relief demand Aqueous 


guests at the Norwegian Embassy yester- 
day stick mostly to one conversational sub- 
ject—music. The party, given by the Nor- 
wegian Ambassador and Mme. 
stierne, honored the hundreds of volunteers 
working for the National Symphony Or- 

Note Worthy Event 

Orchestra Groups Honored 

HUNDREDS of volunteers 
for the National Symphony 
Sustaining Fund Drive 
flocked to the Norwegian Em- 
bassy yesterday to be guests 
at tea of the Dean of the Dip 
lomatic Corps, the Norwegian 
Ambassador and Mme. Mor- 

Mme. Morgenatierne and 
her daughter, Marjorie Cole- 
man, received in the drawing 

room while the host mingled 
with guests in the dining 
room. Ambassador Morgen- 
stierne who was struck with 
an acute attack of indigestion 

recently says he feels just’ 

fine after several days in bed. 
Yesterday he was waiting for 
the arrival of the new Iranian 
Ambassador, Dr. Ali Amini 
who. was on his way to make 
an official call at the em- 


DR. HOWARD Mitchell, 
Orchestra conductor arrived 
and received a kiss on the 
cheek from Mrs. Charles Car- 

roll Glover Jr. Pouring tea 
with Mrs. Glover was Mrs. 
John Marshall Harlan, wife 
of the Associate Justice of 
the Supreme Court, who was 
getting compliments on her 
wide picture hat of brown 
maribou on blue felt. 

In the drawing room, Mrs. 
Sherman Adams, wife of the 
Assistant to the President, 
was waiting for her turn to 
pour. Talking together were 
Mrs. John H. Joss and Mrs. 
Francis Hill both of whose 
daughters, Natalie Joss and 
Snowden Hill, will be debu- 
tantes next season. Former 
Ambassador Joseph Grew 
was there as was former Am- 
bassador Orme Wilson chat- 
ting with Mrs. Herman Em- 

By Jim McNamars. Staff Photographer 

chestra Sustaining Fund Drive. In a con- 
versational trio are (left to right) former 
Ambassador Joseph Grew, Ambasador Mor- 
genstierne, who is the dean of the diplo- 
matic corps; and Mrs. John Harlan, wife.of 
the Supreme Court Associate Justice. 

‘Slender’ Pickings 

Slim Silhouettes 
krom Patou, Heim 

Y. Herald Tribune News Service 

PARIS, Jan 30. —The cur- 
tain rose this morning on the 
Paris spring showings with 
Jean Patou leading the pa- 
rade followed by Claude Ri- 
viere, young Parisian design- 
er. Jacques Heim's important 
collection and Manguin later 

So far and particularly at 
the first two big name houses 
—Patou and Heim—the stat- 
us quo in feminine charm 
and figure is respected. News 
is concentrated at the neck- 
line, the lifted waistline and 
a lifted hemline sometimes 
reaching to a good 16 inches 
from the floor. 

[Clothes are designed for 
the slim Grace Kelly-Audrey 
Hepburn type, International 
News Service said.] 

The daytime silhouette is 
generally #tripped down, but 
never stark. Current silhou- 
-ettes now come in for greater 
detailing. Buttons call the 
tune making up for the gen- 
eral absence of frills. 

Skirts flare for day time in 
a fan line achieved through 
pleating or several inverted 
unpressed pleats, and are 
shown over petticoats. 

Tailored suits all have 
short jackets, some just 
reaching the hipbone. Their 
dresses stand on their. own 

and are never separates. 

French fabrie manufactur- 
ers have done a top. job in 
providing beautiful fabrics 
some made with celanese or 
orlon fibers, lending a new 
luxury look to smootHest sur- 
faces. All over prints cover- 
ing the entire ground are 
seen from noon on for sum- 
mer wear. 

PATOU'S newest idea Is 
the bloused back used with 
restraint but definite and cul- 
minated -by an all round 
bloused ballooned jacket. 

Several good shirtwaist 
dresses in unusual shades 
shown under light coats 
aroused interest. A gray twill 
pleated*shirtwaist has a 
burned toast swathed cum- 
merband and goes under a 
white pique flared coat. 

Prints tell a lovely summer 
story. Greek ruins or florals 
appear on summer sheers. 
Organza, pongee, chiffon lead. 

JACQUES Heim’s new Pa- 
risian fght line captures us 
coming and going. . Neckline 
treatments take care of the 
front view while-skirt inter- 
est, flying panels and a back- 
ward drift to skirts often 
achieving a new profiled line 
are found in infinite varia- 


Md. Student Wins 

ROSEMARIE Phyllis Grace, 
junior student at the Univer- 
sity of Maryland, has been 
awarded the annual scholar- 
ship presented by the Wom- 
en’s Advertising Club of 

Miss Grace, 19year-old 
daughter of Roslyn C. Grace 

Ad Club Honor 

Spring, Md., is enrolled in 
the College of Arts and 
Sciences at Maryland and is 
majoring in commercial art. 

She was awarded the $200 
scholarship on the basis of 
scholarship, interest and ac- 
tivities in advertising or its 
related fields. 

MRS. NEIL Phillips was 
taking time out from her 
pouring duties to talk with 
Mrs. Arthur Lyon. Mrs. Phil- 
lips is chairman of Advance 
Gifts for the campaign and 
Mrs. Lyon is vice chairman 
of the drive. Another two- 
some active on the drive 
there were Mr. and Mrs. Car- 
son Frailey—he’s president of 
the Symphony Association. 

Chatting with ‘Norwegian 
First Secretary, Elovius Man- 
gor, was Mrs. Paul Magnuson 
who was in charge of pourers. 

Among campaign captains | 
there was Mrs. Edward 



on her errand 

of mercy 



Tonight, January 31 
7:00 to 8:00 p.m. 

ai Engagements | 

Mr. and Mrs. Theodore B. 
Siehler of Laurel, Md., 
announce the engagement 
of their daughter, Joanne, to 
Richard Lee Durst, son of Mr. 
and Mrs. Vernon R. Durst, of 
Romney, West Virginia. Miss 
Siehler is a graduate of 
Laure] High School and is at 
the present time attending 
Western Maryland. Mr. 
Durst is a graduate of McKin- 
ley High School and was 
graduated from Western 
Maryland in 1955. At the 
present time he is employed 
at the Johns Hopkins Applied 
Physics Laboratory in Silver 
Spring, Md 

Mr. Una H. Morris of Shenan- 
doah, Va. announces the en- 
@agement of his daughter, 
Raenita, to N. Ray Carter. 

Miss Morris is employed as a 

telephone operator at the 
Pittsburgh Plate Glass Co. 
Mr. Carter is « attending 

George Washington Univer- 
sity, majoring in Foreign Af- 
fairs: The wedding will take 
place in early September. 

Mr. and Mrs Carroll Ogden 
of Winthrop, Mass., announce 
the engagement of their 
daughter, Martha Ann, to 
Frank L. Hadden Jr., son of 
Mr. and Mrs. L. Hadden of 
Brookline, Mass. 


Mr. and Mrs. John Ear! 
Becker of Alexandria, Va 
announce the engagement of 
their daughter, Betty Lucille, 
to Gene Petersen, son of Mr. 
and Mrs. Levi Petersen of 
Stanton, Mich. 

i Today s 

THE scholarship fund af 
Dumbarton College of Holy 
Cross is the beneficiary of a 
card party tonight. The 
event is being sponsored by 
the Parents’ Guild .. . Good 
grooming for the teenager is 
to be the topic for Beta Chi 
Tri-Hi-¥Y of Wakefield High 
School, Arlington, 7:30 p. m. 
in the school auditorium. 

At the. District of Columbia 
chapter house of the DAR 
tonight Mrs. Louis E. Callis 
will show her film, “Potomac, 
-Aristocrat of Rivers.” Time: 

8 p. m. ... Livingston Manor 
chapter, DAR, meets at 
12:30 p. m. at the District 

chapter house. 

bers will hear at their 11 
&. m. meeting a talk on “The 
Life of an American Family 
in India” by Mrs. C. A. At- 
kins. She'll show films, fab- 
rics and costumes... It's 
bridge, canasta and television 

Our new epertment ‘se 

lovely for 
=a! . 

this sea of 


Why not hang one wall 



tones In siip-covers or 
toss pillows for a truly 
striking effect. Try. for 
instance. the new Riv- 
erdale “Color Forecast” 
group of sheer drapery 
fabrics and heavier cot- 

ditional or provincial 
rintse and solid — 

range from 

iden tical modern tra- 

bring color swatches to 


for the Women's City Clab 
— members meet at the club- 
house, 1733 Eye st. nw., at 7 

Dp. m. 

The Diocesan Women’s 
Auxiliary meets at 8 p. m. at 
St. Columbia’s Church, 42d 
and Albemarle sts.. nw. . “ 
There's a busy schedule for 
the Woman's Club of Chevy 
Chase, Md. At 9:30 a. m. 
there's the craft class, 9 a. m. 
to 12 noon, Spanish classes: 
io:45)6 6a. =OCOom., )=imtermediate 

Hadassah Groups 
To Review Work 

A series of luncheons are ° 
scheduled here in the next 
two weeks to review activities 
of several Washington Hadas- 
sah groups which, as mem- 
bers of the Women’s Zionist 
Organization of America, are 
contributing to a program of 
health for people of Israel 

At noon today, the Midtown 
group will have a luncheon at 
the Hotel 2400 with Mrs. Jo- 
seph Freedman, a past presi- 
dent of the Washington Chap- 
ter, as speaker. At the same 
time Mrs. Philip Kroskin, act- 
ing president of the, region, 
will speak at the Upper 
Northwest Group's meeting 
at the Madison Arms, 

The Connecticut Avenue 
ey: will discuss ifs work 

or the Hadassah Medical Or- 
ganization at a luncheon at 
the ——s Hotel on Feb. 

In San Francisco .. .... 

Mr, and Mrs. Richard L. 
Frank are now living in San 
Francisco following (their 
December marriage. Mrs. 
Frank, formerly Nancy Bick- 
elhaupt D’Autremont, is the 
daughter of long-time Wash- 
ington residents, Captain and 
Mrs. Ivan A. Bickelhaupt. 

“ily troubles. 

Mary Haworthts Mail 




Tuesday, January 31, 1956 

Small Town Environment Puts Damper on Her Dreams’ 

I am a girl 18, fairly good- 
looking and rather smart. 
I am not an only child, and 
have no fam- 

My parents | 
are very } 
good to me | 
and I know | 
they love me “a, 
very much. && 
F am. shvV¥ Sa 
around g, 
and don’t 

seem able to” Mary Haworth 
make friends. 

I have only one real friend 
—and can't discuss things 
with fer. 

Now for my problem: I am 
afraid of the future. My 
mother wants me to go to 
college, but I hate school, 
though I make good grades. 

"Il can't face any more of it, 

yet I don’t want to hurt her 

Ever since [ have been 
able to think for myself I 
have wanted to be an actress. 
But mother doesn’t under- 
stand me. Her ambitions for 
me are of a more practical 

nature, and this is about to 
drive me crazy. I am afraid 
that I will be stuck in an 
office all my life. And I hate 
office work. 

Some girls want to be 
nurses: some want to be 
dancers. I want to be an 
actress. and there is nothing 
I can do about it. I have 
tried to renounce the idea of 
being an actress, but it’s no 

When I am reading or at 
the movies, or at the theater, 
I seem to forget my troubles. 
But when it is over, my 
troubles are back again. I 
scknow I can't get away from 
them.—so I would like to 
know how to handle them. I 
have spells (as my mother 
calls them) when I treat 
everyone like dirt; and these 
spells usually develop after 
I have read a good book or 
seen a good movie. 

I pray for help but God 
doesn’t send me any. I know 
that being @m actress is just 
a job like any other; and that 
it is hard, hard work. But I 
will work my head off at 
work I like. How can I tell 
my mother what my true 
feelings’ are? And what 

should I do about my desire 
to be an actress? Don’t say 
“forget it;” I can’t. P. G. 

DEAR P. G. You write 
from a Midwestern small 
city, from a section of the 
country. where the native 
populace tends to conform to 
a modest routine way of 
life — seemingly ordained by 
“practical” considerations— 
as being inevitable in that 
particular environment. Of 
those born to the pattern, 
few ever quit it to write their 
own ticket. And those who do 
leave are catapulted out, 

mostly, by the explosive force | 

of their pent-up discontent 

with the traditional status 
Someone has said ‘ Genius 

is skyborn and will arise,’—a 
truth about the artistic tem- 
perament to keep in mind 
If you have a vital spark of 
authentic urgency to be an 
actress, plus the courage, 
strength and faith to follow 
this lead, you will find the 
road to your goal somehow. 

But the $64 question in 
your case is, do you really 
want to be an actress? Or is 
this just an escapist idea, 
just an excuse for rejecting 


Annes Trading 

“MY HUSBAND” is practi- 
cally driving me crazy with 
all the plans he has for using 
his new bench saw,” confesses 
Hobbyist’s Wife of Bethesda, 
Md. “Now he's decided he'd 
like to make some blocks for 
our small niece, but he 
doesn't know quite how to 
start. Could someone advise 
on the kind of wood to use, 
the best sizes and shapes, 
and also ideas for decorat- 


TO MRS. D. W. T., con- 
cerning shipment of dogs to 
Germany: Check the regula- 
tions, and I believe you will 
find you are permitted to ship 
only one pet to your overseas 
post. Perhaps you can ship 
another if you pay extra, or 
can find someone whose or- 
ders coincide with yours who 
will take ‘the other pooch for 

But the trip itself is not at 
all difficult for the dogs if 
you accompany them on the 
same ship. If you do not ac- 
company your dog. on the 
ship, I don’t recommend that 
you send hint on a cgrgo ves- 
sel under the existing regu- 
lations, as I have heard of 
tragedies resulting from 
these trips. 

Now, if you think you must 
choose between the dogs be- 
cause the Army will only ship 
one, consider the idea of hav- 
ing the other flown over by a 

1 veal shank, about 
2 pounds 
4 cups water 
1 medium onion 
10 peppercorns 
2 tsps. salt 

broth to saucepan; 

Elinor Lee's Recipe Box 

Veal Stew VW ith Vegetables 

Have meat dealer crack bone of veal shank. Place in 
large saucepan or Dutch oven and add water, onion, 
peppercorns, salt and celery salt. Bring to boil and 
let simmer, covered, until meat is tender, about 1% 
hours. Remove from heat. 
about % hour. Strain broth. Pour off any fat. Return 
there should be about 3 cups. 

Add potato, carrots and tomato and let cook until 
vegetables are barely tender, about 20 minutes. Cut 
meat in small pieces and add to stew when vege- 
tables are nearly done. Just before serving add ‘ 
shredded spinach. Serves 4. 

tsp. celery salt 

cup sliced raw carrot 
cups diced raw toma- 

@up shredded young 

Wwe We 


Let meat cool in broth 

cups diced raw potato ; 

the tinest 

Regularly $10-$15-$20 

Vivien Blaine appear- 
ing in “Guys and 
Dolls” now 

at RKO Keith's 


” » an = 

Or eat | 

NOW-One Price Only! 

® Your choice: CREME-OIL or LANO- 

No extra 
charge for 
Test Curls 

. + Includes 
Italian Boy 
Cuts, Too! 



if you paid $50 you could not get a better wave. 
Through LOUIS efficiency and know-how you get. the 

loveliest of all nationa 

permanents which are 

guarariteed to regularly sell at $10 —$15— $20 for 

only $5. 


1710 EYE ST. N.W. 

“ST. 3-2044 

commercial airline. The cost 
of one small dog probably 
wouldn't be over $50. 

By all means, take a dog 
with -you, fly the other pooch 
if you must—but don’t break 
tteir hearts and leave them 

Mary Ann Stacy, 
Arlington, Va. 

I cannot imagine where 
your friend obtained the in- 
formation about half the dogs 
dying on a trip to Hawaii, as 
we know many people who 
brought their pets with them 
and never heard of one fa- 
tality in the two years we 
were stationed in Hawaii. 

Mrs. Mildred Cramer. 
Patuxent River, Md. 


IF MRS. D. W. T. would 
care to contact me I could 
tell her of my experience in 
shipping our pet dog from 
Japan to San Francisco, then 
on here to Washington by 
cross-country auto trip. The 
ocean trip was 12 days. We, 
too, are Army people. One 
dog became very sick and so 
did most of the others, 28 in 
all, but all recovered. 

Mrs. A. R. Pearson, 
West Vienna Woods, 
Vienna, V4. 

PLEASE tell me where ap- 
titude tests are available for 
my i8year-old son in the 
Washington area. Mrs. L.M 

the tough grind of getting 
down to work, at the job at 
hand, whatever it may be. 

Whether college study or 
stenographic wage earning 
or helping in the kitchen at - 

The weakest siatement in 
your letter is (paragraph 4): 
“I want to be an actress: and 
there is nothing I can do 
about it—.” What does this 
mean?—that if your parents 
won't go your way, you feel 
you cant go either, because 

as art.—as the kindred 

you can't go it alone? That's 
infantile psychology. Do you 
think of success as stepping 
out on a red carpet unfurled 
for you by somebody else? 
Your snarling reaction to 
everyday life, after being ab- 
sorbed in a book or a play, 
has the earmarks of escapist 
day dreaming. A. person 
soberly dedicated to the thea- 
ter would embrace life as wel! 
from which great plays and 
great acting are formed. An 

actor hoards real life experi-. 
ences and impressions for 
future reference, to use when 
‘creating believable roles on 

My advice, to get your feet 

on the ground, is to go on to 
college, and ‘test your theatri- 
cal aspirations in its drama 
courses. You may learn some- 
thing of value there, and 
meantime you'll be growing a 
bit more adult, I hope—better 
able to live self _— 


1224 F STREET N.W, 


Val Mode’s 

Whirling Taffeta Slip; / & 
Seven Spring Colors! 


Full-skirted slip for full. 

skirted dresses; zippered 
shadow-proot acetate 
tatteta, at eur Silver 
Spring and F Street 
Stores. White, navy. 
black, peacock, pink 
blue and beige. Sizes 
32 to 44. 

Allow ten dares for mail of phone 
orders. Pitase include sales tax and 
250 postage. end atate second soler 
choice. Sorry no C.0 D's 


She thee 

447) Consectiowt Ave. 
$4 Sagtoe 

as F street. 

sent C.0.D. 

Misses’ and Women’s 

colors — $18. 

plaids — $15. 


luniors’ $17.99 te $25. 
failles — $12. 


20 —— Juhiors’ 
sizes 5S to 15 — $44. 

checks — $3 

nigh shades — $10 

taffetas —— $15. 


Juniors’ $25. and $29.99 Raincoats — corduroys, 

Dresses —— woo! jerseys, 

$75. Wool Chinchilla Coats: 
Misses’.$135. Cashmer$ Coats — brown, 
Misses’ $55. Black Wool Cardigan Coats — sizes 10 to 14 — $25. 

Women's $22.99 to $39.99 Dresses — rayon tatfetas, 
velvet; sizes 122 to 224% — $15. 

$8.99 to $17.99 Maternity Dresses —— rayons, paisley prints, rayon crepes; 
a few separate jackets in the group — $5 to $10. 

Below, just a partial listing of items. 

DRESSES—Fifth Floor 

$10.99 to $14.99 Dresses — rayon crepes, rayon taffetas 
in black, blue, green—$6. 

red or beige, 

sizes | 2, 

13 — $89, 
Women's $110 to $125 Fur Trim Coats — in black, red, 
with beaver, Persian lamb, mink. Sizes 34 to 40 —— $89 

Juniors’ $35. and $39.99 Knit Wool Chenille Dresses — broken sizes and 

rayon gabardines, checks, 

juniors’ $25. to $39.99 Dresses —— lece, rayon brocade, rayon faille — $1 8. 

rayon satins, rayon moire 


6 to 12 — $44, 
16 — $75 

Misses’ $55. Navy Wool Short Coats — sizes’ 10 to 14 — $25. 
$59.99 to $69.99 Casual Coats —— nude, aqua, 

Juniors’ $125. Worumbe Coats —— Oxford grey with velvet collar; 
rosewood, green 

Women's $89.99 to $98 99 Dress and Casual Coats — black, 
beige, green and tweeds; many hand detailed, proportioned and regular sizes— 

$55. to $79.99 Wool Suits, Costumes — coral, green, amber and checks——$30. 

$59.99 to $85. Wool Suits — one of a kind for misses and women — $40. 
$192.50 and $203.50 Dyed Musirat Jackets — $137.50 including Fed. tax. 
$10.99 Cotton Blouses — blue or white — $6. 

$7.99 Satin Shirts ——- acetate and rayon with push-up sleeves —— white, pink, 
coffee, in sizes 10 to 16 —— $4. 

$10.99 to $29.99 Cocktail Skirts — rayon satins, 
‘ knitted wools —- $5. to $15. 

$49.99 Duchess Royal Ensembles — charcoal grey wool — $35. 

$7.99 to $11.95 Blouses—+silks, cottons, 


Misses’ $17.99 and $19.99 Dresses —— rayon crepes, rayon teffetas; dark and 

rayon taffetas, wool felt, 

sizes 32 to 38 —— $5. 

Misses’ $22.99 and $25. Dresses —— wools, rayon brocades, rayon crepes, rayon 

rayon crepes, 


We are really cleaning house now—down to ones and twos in many instances! Wonderful opportunities at branch stores as well 

winds up 
our fiscal year! 

Please no exchanges, no refunds, no telephone or mai! orders and none can be 


$5.99 Silk Blouses —— white or pink, 32 to 34 — $3. 

$2. and $5. Wool Turtle Neck Dickies — $!. and $3 

$5.99 Corduroy Jeckets — brown, avocado, beice — 

$3.99 to $5.99 Blousettes — cottons, nylons; white and color 

$5.99 Wool Jersey Overblouses in white, pink, blue, mint — $4 

Juniors’ $10.99 to $14.99 Dresses —— silks, wools, rayons — $5. . 
$29.99 Knitted Wool Dresses — black, white, pink, blue, in sizes 10 te $3.99 end $5.99 Rayon satin blouses — white, pink, blue, black — $2. and $3. 
18 — $15. $7.99 and $8.99 Wool Flannel! Skirts — pleated and slim, pastels, darks — $4. 
$12.95 Nylon Jersey Prints — rose or blue predominating; sizes 18 and 20, 
16% to 22% — $7.95. 
TEENS, JUNIORS—Fourth Floor MILLINERY—Street Floor 
Teens’ $39.99 and $45 Costs — wool tweeds, flannels, fleeces, in tan, navy, $32.50 to $45. Hats — $15. $12.50 to $15. Hats — $7.50. 

t ~— $29. 
ee $16.50 to $30. Hats — $10. $10. and $10.50 Hats — $5 
Teens’ $17.99 to $22.99 Dresses — woo! crepe, rayon crystalette, rayon bro- etintinh ae " , ‘ | furs. Ch - 
todo, rayon Vedra; both demu ond tailored syice seme 7 to'1S'=— $10, mperted veloun, falta, vahete, seta 9 few ves! fore Chooee from « 
Teens’ $12.99 Wool Skirts — slim, gored, light and dark — $8.99. 
Juniors’ $14.99 to $25. Skirts — wool felts, flannels, printed rayon sating, 
sotton quilts — $10. 

~ ACCESSORIES—Street Floor 

Juniors’ $4.99 end $5.99 Blouses — Pima cottons, broadcloths, piques; white, < 
pastels, dark colers ~~ $ . $1 Necklaces, bracelets, earrings — 2 for $! plus Fed. tex.” 


s-— $!. to $3. 

$2 te $3. Nylon, Cotton Gloves — white, pastels — $1. 

’$4.99 and $8.99 Orion Sweaters — white and pastel colors — $4. 

pumps, sling pumps, high and medium heels. 
styles. Fourth Floor and at Silver Spring 

165 Pairs—$12.95 to $16.95 Shoes—$8. 

Black patent leather, blue calf, black suede, a few reds and browns, 
Most of them $16.95 

$5. to $22.50 Handbags — velours, broadcloth, velvet, many one of a kind; 
boxes, pouches, tailored styles —- $!.50 to $10.95 plus Fed. tax 

$10.95 Leather Handbags —— Box bags, some with mirror in lid; single handle, 

Navy or red — 

red, browns 

$4.99 to $4.99 

sizes 9 te lis — $3.99. 

$7.85 plus Fed. tax. 


Psiamas — cotton flannel, 



balbriggan, rayon chal- 

$4.95 to $8.95 White Nylon Tricot Slips — $3.85. 

$3.95 White Nylon Tricot Slips, 

Petticoats —— $2.85. 

. $10.95 to 612.95 Nylon Tricot Gowns — white, pink, blue — $6.85. 

navy, teupe, 

sizes 34 


$2.99 Cotton Plisse Gowns — floral prints —-_2 for $4.25. 

$12.50 to $25. Foundations —— boned styles for fuller figures, « few straplecay 
to 46 in the group — $8.95 to 18.95. 

$1.50 to $5.95 Brassieres — cotton broadcloth, cotton eyelet and nylons — 

$1.95 to $2.95. 

$14.99 Black Rayon Crepe Pajamas with pink or blue nylon jersey tops — $8.99. 

CHILDREN’S WEAR—Shirlington, Silver Spring, Conn. Ave. 

$15.95 to $19.95 Snowsuits — sizes 2, 3, 3x — $8.95 to $12.95. 

$12.95 and $16.95 Pastel Nylon Prams — $7.95 and $10.95. 

$3.95 and $5.95 Cotton Dresses — sizes |, 
$16.95 to $29.95 Winter Coat Sets — sizes for toddler boys and girl — 


sizes 3 to 6x — $14.95 to $16.95. 

2 and 3 — $1.95 and $2.95. 

$10.95 to $146.95. 

$4.95 to $10.95 Robes. Paiamas — $2.95 to $7.95. : 
Boys’ $! 95 Plaid Cotton Flannel Shirts — 3 to 62 — $1. 
Girls’ $5.95 te $10.95 Cotton Dresses — sizes 3 te 6x, 7 to 

298 to koe: 

Girls’ $32.50 to $39.95 Wool Winter Coats ~— sizes 3 to 6x, 7 

$19. s . “ne. 95. 

Boys’ and Girls’ $19.95 to $25. Snowsuits — nylons and cotton poplina, in 

Fur pramaty labeled te show country of origin of imported furs. 

Hello, Silver Spring! Jelleff’s Anniversary starts tomorrow! 

Misses’ & Juniors’ 
Women’s, Misses’, 

49.99 to 69.99 Spri 

so many more, equally exciting specials! 

Juniors’ 77.99 to 89. 
Dresses, sportswear, furs, children’s wear. 

Our Silver Spring store’s Seventh anniversary is marked by storewide selling event, packed with value-news! For example: 

Misses’ & Women’s 49.99 to, 98.99 Spring. Suit Samples—$39 to $59 

Coat Samples—39 
Winter Coats—$59 

Do come! 

Hats, shoes, 


Hot Shoppes Sales |“ =*""Pusiness Management Upheld) Your Dog | 

ee : | 
Show 91% Climb $4 TUESDAY, JANUARY 31, 1956 eee In Byers Proxy Vote Eats Better | 
“ee | |Than You 

By S. Oliver Goodman PITTSBURGH, Jan. 30 (INS)—The A. M. Byers Co. manage- 
Pinanctal Editor IBM Ineome N., Z; S tandard P uts Net ment today claimed a decisive victory in a fight to retain ceeds: | 
we an insargent group of stockholders. NEW YORK, Jan. 30 #—A 

Reflecting a record expansion program, sales of Hot Shoppes 
Byers, the Nation's oldest manufacturer of wrought iron pipe, frozen food specialist said today 

ee 21 per — in the 24 re ended Jan. 15. | Poe on : - 
sident J. Willard Marriott reportece yesterday that the pe- I A R d $71 Zz. Mi li claimed victory by a margin of* ‘that “the avera 
reases ares hare ge American 
eciertay cna fiscal youre i ie Cc to ecor t wistahe voted | a by the spptadtion. w \élared the usual inenly divi- foot ae te yore en = 
feeds himself. Addressing the 
h 12,348,100. | un er, th . dend of 37% cents a share o 
Suis sosipared me ith $16 199,124 |prefetred was either slices! NEWARK, N. J,, Jan. 30 @/in. par value would be accom- ‘ment group hae challenged S0, common stock, payable March. { hee pres an ogee A he me 
in the same period of the pre- or redéemed. “In view of the Hi ion M. J. Rathbone, president of|Panied by transferring all sur-'19q shares owned by the Ger to holders of record Feb. 14.¢ 4 industrialist Edwin T. 


Warten: a, malate abet bile Ghin te eee! Standard Oil Co. (NJ.) told Plus comes to the capitalleral Tire ‘and Rubber Co, of No stock dividend was paid last Gibson declared: 

t a e a 0 0 c e pre- “ 

Shoppes operated 61 restau-ferred stock is convertible,” | NEW YORK, Jan. 30 jsteckholdere today that on As approved by the stock-| Balloting ie scheduled on the : | ’ care wees a a 
rants as of Jan. 15 this year, an. Dunn said, “further conver- n¢ tional , company’s net income for 1955. holders at a special meeting! ejection of three directors. The Canada Cautioned | of America’s families are eating 
increase of 16 since the same|Sions may be expected. This nternational Business Ma-|now is estimated at $717 million|today, the new figure of 2 company said if the same voting 1 ypc needle. an Pana aie 
1955 date. This was the largest; Wil improve the investment chines Corp. reported today its or $10.96 a share. million shares would be boosted strength is maintained, anti- TORONTO, Jan. 30 M—James © ONC grt l " Souk - io 
number of locations opened by|Position of thescommon stock,|net income for 1955 frose to| Pointing to 1955 as the best/to 250 million. \management forces could only| 5; -UoGm. President of Massey: shed. Only about “one fourth 
the chain in a 12-month period.|{urther simplify the capital| $55,872,633 equal to $13.63 a °S! in the company’s history,) At present, there are 65,435, hone to elect one director "| Harrie Perguson, Ltd. warned) t suffi ient . rgy food 

ihe chain in a 12month period ‘structure and add Aexibility share trom $46,586625 or $11.35|Rtnbone said the 1955 income|474 outstanding shares of! “The voting was said to be the ‘O42 that high labor costs may ta °n » 4 rly half fail to get 
to open Feb. 15 in Fredericks- {or future financing.” Net sales’ : my me “ed estimate compared with the/capital stock — or 196,306,422) neaviest in the company’s his-/Price Canada out a > adequate aaounte 66 rotein.” 
bare, Va. ‘and earnings of Garfinckel’s for|* Share the previous year. 1954 consolidated net) income|when tripled. A total of $392 kets. Duncan told the Gordon 

Gross income from sales, ser-| of $585 million, or $9.56: share.|612,844 would be transferred| °°), With 93 per cent of the| peonomic Commission that high said Dae gy tebe lbson 

Since Aug. 1, 1955, the Wash-/*%e first five months of the cur-| 0 sn4 rentals in thi outstanding shares voted. read up on the 
ington firm has opened 11 res- se te ae gf ge FP lamounted to $563,548,792, gp I Bw age oe itself, the) wipe Bacon ay Rage rahe gg ed So Dastrup, Byers’ presi- frend oan oy on balanced nutritional com po- 
taurants, according to Marriott,|™@Mted, “reflect very satisfac-| | tase of $102,198,514 over|ingly in fa of-trintina thelt tripii ‘ resulting | dent, as he would immediate. | osiah om} b sition of a can or pacKage of 

The 370-room Marriott Motor |‘°'Y increases over the corre- 1954. eng fhe yap pans the\frem, tripeng Sees | preventy’ ‘ly open negotiations with Gen-| come ties, to Wee business in prepared dog food and compare 

number of company shares, outstanding, and would be add- ‘some world markets. 

Hotel, the company’s first ven- sponding period a year previ- eral Tire and Rubber concern- it pound-for-pound with what 
ous. | Unfilled orders at the end|with each to have a par valueied te the any’s prese aoe Coneee rs | 
ae ny hong | —~ +A ponte Bes . lof 1955 were higher than at any’ ot $7 instead of the current $15. capital of $961,532, 110. y | ing a possible merger. Three-Way Merger your family is eating.” 
; oodwin in New Past period in IBM history, accord-| In addition, the stockholders e board of directors is to 
On the Virginia side of the 14th ing to 54th annual report. ‘approved a proposal to increase|meet Feb. 2 to consider diy.,Steel Output Record ob Pou fae et 30—Direetors Randolph to Speak 

st. bridge, near the Pentagon, A. Jackson Goodwin Jr., who p 
the Hot Shoppes project will be resigned Jan. 1 as a commis- Kennecott Copper Corp. re- BR) —— een ee on Elgg BS lester NEW YORK, Jan. 30 ‘ A the Musterole Co. and the E. W. Je y Randolph, assistant 
the largest of its kind in the|Sioner of the Securities and ported record net income of * approved) record for steel production was Rose Co. of Cleveland have to pose weer of Capital Air- 

| : shares. teday by the stockholder 
, , $125,615.418 or $11.61 a sha ay by tie s. tf 
world. It will have a drive-in| Exchange Commission, has’ > L| The first proposal called for| A statement from Eugene with 7 cal oniput of 8472000 signed an agreement of merger jines, will address the Greater 

registration desk. bicycle at-\Joined the investment banking for 1955. This compared with) of Musterole and Rose with 
tendants to guide guests to firm of Lee Higginson Corp. as) $77,906,288 or $7.20 a sliare in nithorized "80 ‘million shares _ poner Poe pay Pies women - net tons of ingots and steel for and into Plough. The agree- egy ee Pe yge m yy 
rooms and every room will be 2 Vice president and director, | 1954. Sales last year also set a - e reason for! castings last week, the Ameri-|ment will be submitted to the Occidental f “ 

a "| capital stock to be tripled with tripling ‘the company’s shares © Me Occidental Restaurant. His 

equipped with television. ego pos ene ype Ba og all- tom ee pag “Ag a change in par value from|was to broaden Standard Oil’ “banat wy b> cm snille ore Ne age nn of the topic will be “What's Ahead in 
SRC Counsel Named vestment banking fields and| Johns-Manville Cérp., pro-| $15 a share to $7. The change base of, ownership. ‘duced at 100.4 per cent of their P 1956.” 
has been active in a number ducer of building materials, re-| * [rated - a oe prt ag Ship Rates to Rise | —~ 
stry scheduled to | a 

Thomas G. Meeker has been! of Government de 
partments,; ported 1955 earnings of $23,-/ 
named general counsel of the|In 1943, he was assistant and S11. 183 or $7.37 a Bol see-| operate at 91.7 per cent of LIVERROOL, England, Jan. 

Securities and Exchange Com-\aide to the then Under S rated capaci d prody 
mission, chairman J. Sinclai nder »ecre-iond highest in the company’s) { copeciy ane p ced 30—Shipping freight rates on 
fs nelair tary of War Robert P. Patter- history. Profits for 1954 were mer ican Oc ~ | 2,408,000 tons. | west: ote ‘olranes from Brit- 

. Armstrong an-| son. 
nounced yes |$16,655,658, or $5.24 a share. Sinclai Deal ‘ain to the United States and’ Ph ia’ 
‘Sales | h inclair in Dea 5 
terday. Meek-| Del , ales last year set a new high) A Canada will be increased by 10 
JB Le egates to Be Named of $284.741.498 vs. $253,151 584! Associated Prese ° ; MOST CONVENIENT LOCATION, 
er, 35, succeeds. Total sales, 740,000 sh (100) Wigh Lew Close e Coe | NEW YORK, Jan. 30 #—Sin- per cent from next April, it was COMPLETELY MODERNIZED 
'Wiliiam H.|. [he next meeting of the 4 year earlier. ares; sccie Sti ia 1 ie #4 wa—% clair Oil Corp. announced to- announced here today. 
Timbers who Southeastern Group of the U. S./ 5.2" Sf Ester fst Ak Panepy, meet | Tear ase, 1,549,000. Seana Aint her 7 1 618 = */ day it has negotiated a contract AND AIR-CONDITIONED 
" Savings and Loan League will : ve | Servemesa 48 : a New Stretford Gorden 
resigned to go g “Batiimere Gas & Aght Co | (106) Wigh Lew Giese Chg. | Shat a ye * to sell its entire holdings (384, New Virginia Plant | 
back to private be eh. — interest here.' wet income $14. '8.000 Pm rs 141,099 som et ” —— a as ts al . -4 . - oe Bi, rite 861 shares) of Westpan Hydro-| NEW YORK. J | Restourent ond 
law  practice.| William H. Dyer, executive vice ge here $ 7 He Pe Te... | Silex Ce 5 ee “ag “\carbon Co. common stock to! atetam  Staalet an. 30—Ap-) 
Meeker came|President of Perpetual Building ,,Atnte 7 Stestes Is om $3,248.00 | Antwort dB 8% «Be— 44 Simes I. 1 2% 2% tut 4 Jalco Inc. of Dallas. Sinclair, P#!achian Electric Power Co. 
to SEC as as- A8sociation is slated to move 4 share 1.54 8 A ce We Te Tie 90) Sip Pat ‘} ie ti i+ will receive more than $4,800, will build a 450,000-kilowatt | Etim as. Ile vue- 
up to president of the grou Louisville & Nashville Re | Airfleets 1 1 23% 2% 23%.....| ‘om « -% , Steam-electric generating plant ' 
sistant general BTOUP, wet income 624.637 8 Aa th 926 f4s — Pet 3. &% 19-96 11-16..... | Shiatres 5 ™% ™% yg 000 for its holdings, figured at ) 
counsel in 1954|/Which serves 11 southeastern 4 share Ye Ala Gas 1.28 $ 95% 8% 35%...../ ms 7 3 oy oh % $12.70 a share. in southwest Virginia at a cost) Ss 4 a f d 
Meeker and was ap-|Sstates and the District of Co-./°me” rent $26.551,696 alee Aint as rh rn "She bred die ee 2 nie jot $55 million, Philip Sporn, | r@ or 
pointed associate general coun-|!umbia. Three local delegates |4 share Air Line 1 vee 295|Aleg Cp mt =] Oi Sp... | 8 Pact ita as &e Beaunit Stock Melon [reese ag Re ore _ ard on 
néust ‘ ‘ i , , : 
zai Tase'h rasune ef to tbeconterence Feb SoStureh ea ay « wang Ma ™ od HL RES EE S| "Yat a" ath” New YORK. Jan 20 DeuslBecttc Co, ennotned toy [ 
ésleyan University an 73 Am Gan : 3 1 mM MM 8% 
Law School he was with a New appointed at a luncheon meet-!, Dome Mines Lia Am Maree a S$ 8% &% 8— & Std Pwdit . 1? 16% 16% 1904 % Dit Mills, Inc., today declared a, The power station, to be known | SPECIAL PURCHASE 
g with a: Net income “ny 814.214 $1,790,724 Am Meter 18 40% 39% 35%— 4 Std Pred 1 2 Ws & wes ws special stock dividend of 20 per he Clinch R 
Haven. Conn. law firm for five ing today of the D. C. Savings|A share 92 Am Seal , 106 2950 15% 15. 15 —T (Std Thomeos 4 iM Seb Me P ble M h Yon as tne we iver Plant, will] 109 Globe -Wernicke 4- Drawer 
years before joining the Com- and Loan League in the May-|,,~asle-Picher Cs. for Bh enéet Mov,|tn Veaster 18% 15 15 — %| Starrett Cp .25¢ 1 i Mm Manu cent payable arch 25 to holders consist of two 225,000-kilowatt “Grade A” Legal and Letter Steel 
miesion. flower. iit enone 9.006.002 0b 668: erex Oi 5m Ster! Prec 2m % % of record March.2 and also de- generating units. I Files. in Office Green. Complete 
ye Me oe hascen Lf i 223 4982 18-10 2 18:10 fo Stianes taney Hage 1 1% 1% 18%4+ Il with Follow Blocks. Orig. Cost 
| 3 is i wi 
. oF : Hommermili Paper Co. | ark F Oil 1 8 32% 32% 32%— % or th ote | iti 
Capital Funds Up 10 %o Insurance Sales Up a $2,711,214 $1.697.379 Ark La Gas S08 1 4 i ‘a felon A 286 ae ans 4 | | nacre ge po be 
Combined capital funds of, Sales of ordinary life insur-|  Mtineis Central } ay Og . so oe ot Temps Ei 1 5 Mh 2% | 
Washington's 17 banks totaled ance in the District of Columbia A bha —.: With emcee, 5’ ne dest " ‘*" . 2 2 3 ‘e| Yonien On * ime ‘™ fs : Cw 0 On rices ae. fy $97-5° 
$101.594.000 at the end of 1955, totaled $154,699,000 in 1955, a Lehn & Fink Ee, po & he 8 We 1% 184+ "Tie het " ae 1% on oo 
an increase of }0 per cont oon gain of 2 per oon over the} * Sit - ni 9 00S | a Aue Stiaace ; is A | tae ‘ou ms 7 ied * Associated Press ais Gis tae dan Wa 500 GF. 1-Drawer, Legal and 
$91,974,000 at the end o previous year. December sales 2 oe ; * 1 raas Emp 141.2 1-18 > 8 + te T 650,000; ———-——= |f Letter File Cabinets with Roller 
As reported by the office of the of $14,891,000 were 9 per cent i share —y 13 ‘$16-199,798 | Bald, See. 15 ee cat amisibltceen o os & = a ed ee Bearings. Will Stack 4 High. Orig. 
P ) snare a wustne Raltread Banff Oil C1118 1 S18 11-18 Unexcell Chem 18 Si 8% a4 bod ago, $4,038,000. 
Comptroller of Currency, here higher than a year ago. Nation-' Net “income ae $9-280.264 87.239 522 Sariem S nM Me Me HR Oe Ph me tl 8S |RiR este a ie CES Cant it Cost 99.50. Oftored a $9.95 
sre the comparative figures ally, life insurance sales of|4 phate és 2 Bell a Can 2 3 4% sw We Ss % Poa rieceie lA ow Close Che. ) Chg. WYC Ss2013 1s @% & 8 —% I the Sacrifice Price of 9: 
(in $1000s) $30.7 billion were 20 per cent/|xer income weMlossi oat 8 $9 360 943 bret ‘6 6 mh me Metals Me ee ‘+ ia ita? os niuwe on is We ur 
- a Tr s ™% yin 2 . , e 
Dec.31, Bec.31,; ahead of the previous year,'* filivercs ® Lake Erie. 428 Brit Am Ol 29-37 37% S7ick % US Foil © 258 4) 26% -B5ka Dee ty | AMIAT S.87SeG7 1202 135% 133% t9teb the NYNN 4.5e7072 48 GS GAME Gate Vise Parting ane Sey 
Cie ‘test ate sosase, While December sales of $3/¥¢\ income .... $11 wid “e. PSi.6es | srewe we se 8 te ten 8. | Utah te “1 ; "7 = ate cat tae tO oe 2 WYoew fae owe ate ee a * | Manhatten Office Equipment Co. 
$1,318 «7.75 billion showed a-24 per cent yetvincome Public Serv jee Co, srone a : 1% i, seret ‘2 ves Moe ? 7H NH SH + us| Arnon r eat " #334 eave sie— % oon ; ; a % a Ye 639 New York Ave. '.W. 
971 4,733 ° neome .. 6,742.76 9 Browa enez 1 _—« satis 
_ ry i579 22in. The-figures were reported 4 ghare 1.50 1.55 | OSF Co 1% 1 1% 17% ified iva WORE See 1100 SM ng Bier. Beth Sti 3.25588 220 120%. 120 1202+ % Northrop 4c79 10) 1 «6 44 ee 
yesterday -by the Life Insur- waeihertand Powers 512,206 93,876,813 \Semye rt 3 ae 1% Tt Cigke at sh son” seid 4 aa iayve 15534 187 fe Poamh 6.8088 13 ieee tee tee 
: -- . ance Management Association A share ~~ 3.30 3.8) | Seener ’ s | We $74 MN 2+ % EM s perp . | 
Riggs Is 57th in U.S Tolede Edison Co. Bise 1 8% 6% 64— Ws Welthee © 157 2% 24 Pied We CRAND 3.25087 «=O SEY ES¥e 8514... | REA 3.5008 134 111% 118% 110%— % 
Net income $6 991.54 795.147 | CAC Super “ om «1% Went & CAE! inc 97 75102 «(101% 182 |...) SULSF 4597 Sie ms we " : 
Riggs National Bank with Who’ « News A share ii = i $2 Calg & fé 4 ris pi a % White AS. "7 tn tre 12+ % CMSPP 7? G8% 68% G8%e— %% Shell Un 2.5571 ‘s“‘aéM Oe = IN VESTING FOR 
deposits of $407.5 million at the Né income Bee. 227,343 5 0400 iCal East Ay 28f = 8 i” i ie ty Wichita & Of 1 4 r 4 ...,,, CONW 4.5908 49 68% 67% Geet % Sinclair 3.25583 71128 =6(127% 127% —Ne ' 
end of 1955 ranked 57th among) ©. F. MeErlean, at one time! shave on £3 Catv C088 1 Ses 18s 118-148 weetiey P * umes | Set isn te baie G58 Se8e— fe eel Tr 7?) 8 Site Siieod INCOME? 
eth Nat 2 Jade : - ve > 
the nation’s commercial banks, with the National Labor Rela- Net stienal, Stee Cilhen as $30,334.871 | Cam See Pet 18 1 11-16 1% 1 11-408 Wright Har .12 7m 2 18 2 *""| ColumGas 3 Ss64 5 119% 119%4 118¥e— %y/| SoCalEd 3.25570 7 115 «(116% 195 ?- ; 
secording to the American ‘ons Board here, has been|i guaie i yc, SS See ae oth ae See atlas Lite sty fete MEP thas Sly tat Sane Hl | Nettone! Dividend Series be 
: ' , ; 7 ¥ arcen: . ’ - ee 
Banker. trade publication. — Pig = apres and as os nome $46 aa x | $41, 700.000 Cen Petret pf ; n% a 23%— V%! Chi ae G | Cont Con 3.250% «625 162% 19200 terse =* Seaty St a 1a ‘1. «18 "; Ms balanced mutual investment 
pet hai ~\$ we “8 \ Conse Nat Gas + i136 n ‘ Det E¢ 2.75382 1 8% Sie 8G+7% 116% 116% 116%+ ' ; ecti 
National Bank of Washington) |». s¢dent of yttmee Steel Corp. - .. coo 942.100.266| Cane OH Pred «923-16 2% 1% Icazo rain Dew Ch 3582 on sets 1as%e 12sie+ te ODN) 237M $4 Sate Gtte Brtet t4, | UDG: the primary objective of 
with $242.7 million deposits f.”’, A share . 6 0S $93 Cap Trans 5 12% 12% R > Ve Erie 4.502015 16 78% 78% %G— % Texas Cp 3065 17 167% 167% 187%+ ‘5 which is to provide an invest- 
ranked 106th. while American United Air Warern Petrelen Sot Catalin eo % % % CHICAGO, jan. 38 W—A strong tone pre- FiakC 5574 5 128% 129% 128%+1% Third Ave S@ 828653 270 oe OT + ti diver-‘fied of 
Security & Trust Co.. with $236 Lines ... Mal- pus Seecmne 4.446 65,203,736) Con Explor 4 Sm 5 = § —t-99) tailed @ sraias on the bere of Trad Trade te-| Firestone 2.825072 $5 & ee oS ra arg MD a at 197% 187% 7%— | | MEDS ID 8 Give group 
s 9690 | on) yond °6 | Cessna Aire 1 1 ae in sew crop ontracts. Ges 3.5675 «ss: 106% 105% 1057+ s 4 107% 107% 107%e+ * ‘ 
million ranked 109th. Subur-/\Co!™ M. Sem | qeoenge, @ Reynolds Ce, for year ended | chotetreugh 20 ing TS FT Wee closed 1 te 3%, igher core Se tel GenMethe tS 12 182% 102, Tez — %  Wisten Ast¥0e ims aoe ee ee = 6 oe 
ban Trust Co. of nearby Mary- pie has been | Net income .... $2.175.684 $1,334,109) City Aute S 2 3s 63% 1 cent Bigher, cats Ye lower te ‘s higher, GMethc 3.875561 2 102% 102% 1627%4+ \s FOREIGN BONDS stocks selecte. ecause of rela- 
land ranked 235th with $101.4) "amed_ editor ik =... 4.01 2°45) Clinch Cea! I, Tb a a ong nad fe «Be 100% 180 Oe ee ah te ate ate aint | tively high current yield possi- 
of the National eee cline Coat 2a 2 51% SI% Sv cents a ed poends GraceiCe ae ; a] ” > “i - 
million. ‘Telenne Tram Coast : Gite 2 % 2 M+ higher sas alae “liad 5 tcp 9.24679 n eat 12% eater Me Gorman ae a is 4 18 oi bilities in relation to the risk 
' ‘ _ Colonial Air 8 2% 2i% 21%— turned . aroun s ' . 
, , portation Jour- ‘4 V | d Fi Cont Electre 9 868 23% 29% 27— sy traders felt, was 2 growing realization gov-| intGW aj 382 148133 «6191 «(13145 «Germany 5.5008 =e involved. 
Conversions Rapid di i ary ari rms. Con Gas Ut .75 8 1% Wy 2— “ erament prece supports at 38 per cont ef. LeckhAir 3.75980 40 108\— 107% 107% Germany 580 1 82% 82% 82%+ SeeseeooessooooooosrasTeges 
Cc ¢ 4 nas — pe ing | | Gone MaghS "S00 8 244) 24% D6th— Th| purity mgt be restored te Basie ereps./ Moraes (4070 * 18 ste Gove tate io) Grech, Tete, J B12 i) 20's - | 5 Send Information folder ond premecius, § 
onversions 0 2 per cen aliace Vavies rane 2 aste tere Committee reportedly M-K- - . 
referred stock of Julius Gar- who is now in Get Contracts } Ai OS a Ly ae of 3 Mo? 5.3349 ot ae aD Gua lg ER BB a * Nome @3 © 
nckel & Co. into commonithe publica e425, | . Crewe C Pet Sg 14 20% 19% 20%+1% wear oe eS ee Oe oe wr 88 88%, 87% Mie+ Me Urey a] 4.125879 = =— SNe BENG Be Dp : 
stock are progressing ata rapid tions depart © From Air Force betes C8 tee 1 1Ti Mie tied. ta uae eee 2 20 108% ~~ 7 ee" ie ieee | : 
Shed carne pega eee oy — a. Na United States = Ar 1100 i moe = May asaeee — 1 Nts yoo got week 2. vdehahens Ha Rove State. . 
unn no n a letter to sto | on : 118 1% 1 11-164 1 pe geens ieee eenegeeanerens ese 
Soiters As of. Jan. 28, be said.\Ernest © ommeérce . . .| PHILADELPHIA, Jan. 30 ieee tet = e781 Weise th sep. 157% 200% 197 2.00% Sr A. ok. ccsclinescess eee |. pemene: Soourtmes S 7 
. ers. As of Jan. 28, he said, Ernest Dwinger, widely recog- Tl + Philadelphia Air Procure- Draper te : 2% s+ 3 on esse, 2M 100% 200% 2.005 Two Yours ge ............. ‘ese Research Corporation ; 
there were 93,052 such pre nized in the brewing indust Rixp 12% 8064 12% 1 M ] Fk d St gf  eabpetprqeaters $08,9 . Esteb/ished 1930 . 
ferred shares catstandian as has been appointed crehvanastant Oe eee De Mes , ta " Li in ‘p- “e _ RS 6." ane a go pt utua un - 1 te pote beasebal yng | 120 Breedwey, New York 5, New York : 

ol Se ~— t% ae Mss) stg eM T OO ae” SO ee A ne on See Cogs enenes nee . , 

; ‘ jy. a i 1.357 137 1.35" 1.36% Seeee eee eeF#a eee eaeeeeeeeeee | 
compared w th 130,464 shares of the National Brew ing Co.’ $ placed with the followin Mary- | | Dynam Am 40 73 ™ 7% Th%— “% Ses. 38 136% 135% 1 36% . (Matt . Ao OO ERS POET TD BIG ati wast 
on July 31, 1955. By the end newly acquired brewery in Or-|), 04 gems: 8 1, Mg MI We 1 — 5 ee 159 139% 132% 1.2990) gone ties  eenlers, toc.) art Assn. | 

( S Sp. )| pec ’ | 
OE 9008, all of the 5¥e per cont’ lande, Fie. Erco Division, ACF Indus tity & 1% 8616 a We, det. yt u% 6 i 8 | prnistes Fé on be 
| fureka Cp 13 801 5-181 $-18-—1-18 staat seneaevescossenenne : , 
tries, Inc., Hyattsville, Md., $1,-| Farce Com 1 1 i» 2% 2 May ccccceeee AM AM MM Mam Bes SB ooo cenes seo 430 Preferred _— T 
030,343, for flight simulators. |! h J ’ | 2 21.1 ee Sones Pee A iceieee co 8 Common and Dividend Notice 
. Pp . Glenn L. Martin Co., Balti-|f + de 8. oe oO OM Sy vddicermn ccc 13.64 18.18 9 
Flying Tiger ‘we % 8 + %) Dey MEE cee sceeneeens January 25, 1956 
more, Md., $2,714,268 for mis-| Ferd M Gok 412% 1 — ave , AM Woughton An... eeeeeeees So 65) 
D. C. Security rices cellaneous changes in existing! [er tt #8 MS 41518 3 — er eee i alg Pda erg PE ah, Stevensnneeses 7s in The Board of Directors of the Company has declared 
wf contracts. cee P , r rs a rd “ «oe ye A ae aR 121% | Bive nige _ Ygeveaszatenpen the following quarterly dividends, all payable on 

Yesterday's prices on Washingten Steck Ex- Wasbington (1 “ Bendix Radio Division, Ben-| shee Stwes | | tis Tet Ve ee verans ies | Bee aa. *tesepeorsnsaheves a Marth 1. 1956, to stockholders of record at close of 
a — of the Philadeiphia-Baltimore ae ne hat peed ——, ‘dix Aviation Corp., Baltimore, | cv enee a ' vi-18 Sis ‘i i ie ae <2 —" ao Bulloch FUME ......ccccseceeee tt 13.04 business February 6, 1956: 

Pet Elec Pow com, 25 at 21%, 30 at 21%. “Nat! Sav Tr (11.60) ” 'Md., $116,658 additional facili- 2. % «a a on: me TTS Geen 9808s 250M 259%] beeen bg eet i oe Amount 
an — — — = oo om “= —- ay. aa re ‘ties for aiferaft control and’ prey Mite 1 15% = + a ri Seeeee 241%4 243% Te 2.40% Cap Venture S38 8.87 | Security per Share 
ai%s, 100 at 21% — at *| warnin systum ‘GtAtinPec §4exd er 5 (14 +2 ae ee mpegs Lm I Contery SRS TE nw. see eeennes 24.53 20.52) |) farce Grace . 5.50%, First Preferred Se $1374, 

Wad Gas Lt com, 20 at a, 15 at, 40, 20 a Cea Faire ‘ld Aircraft Division,| & ts 98¢ 1% 1% Man, 11.07 1202 11.85 12.00 | coemicel ts nevcevevoe Ae Saal i Preferred Stoc =e Sears ries “ae 
“@, 01 at 6 at 39%, 5 ot Genk of Gotnocde (71 Se ° . ' | St Sweet Gr He 4 7184 8-184 F- STt-Min, “"*** 1? ap 1295 «nar pouemal Fe sesenececseree TOMS UT Preferred Stock, 5.00°/ Series $1.25 

Seales sruity eaees Gost of Commerce (116) 108 | Fairchild Engineering and Air-\Het ¢ Gee % 60% 0% 2% Bu- “6 nett ee OTT 1282 1275 [ERMMUM lavest .n.-neereneees $.02- 9.80 seenes anes ee 
Bi Asked rm INSURANCE STOCKS iplane Corp., Hagerstown, Md., a aay S ume B- BR ; + eee y mee) a) ee ong BEY A seadse op a Pa Preferred Stock, 4.75°% Convertible Series. sone SLIBY 
Welec ter tus, 7h. National" Uoien | (1.0 St stig, $756,310 for miscellaneous air-|imp th int “leg MOOT WEL... | case nln Divers tmest fe. a Preferred Stock, 4.50% Convertible Series..... $1.12 
oe pe +) TITLE INSURANCE STOCKS craft test-programs. Limpert ott Sef Hh] CMENOD, WOO Dextre: Med L21iy | Sree BME -nrensseereesrees i io Cee MRE... cnnncscdes vcovies edtscceie $0.35 
= y By on ho - 108 faa! Estate 28) ; ie a4 iat Petal 1 n ‘ws be Oe po M ; sgn cnet. 9 hei Eathlow Bat ones scence snen x oe J 
.., Soomengien ‘iat Pred | We he  Tedeay Catt: Me : SE “MN: ies coonibuben 1 20.21 Orta 
aoe t iseiantous BONDS bestincnas eee weg on Government Bonds int Resist 20 4 Te «(6% Tle ay ORY x] 60%; Me F extra BONY Ficctren ine io 48 7 Secsennen 
PUBLIC UTILITY STOCKS Gart 42% cw ev pte (1.128). 8 MR ‘ , nyt Re ee Ee Be oie | COR. Cee cote, sevbene eal: 00.08. | CON PORE. crnesenenevesene ABE TEMS 
cel & tel a7? Goldenberg oe a hs +. +) NEW YORK, Jan. “38 (AP)—Cles over ; 0° 3 i % t%...... Seem @ ies; matting oheicn | 1.30-40; Finan tnd fe ie shana nentanl 178 64.15 S EASTERN , 
I at ¥ mm coat s ‘\the counter U. §$. Government asery jupiter Oils eo % m236... | Corley wee OM; Founders Mut FO .....cccccecee Dt 2 TEXA Jaansmission, (Coyporinlaine 
oom p. an ant ot a 88) an 1 net c¢ yielt. waicer Met mn %&% 4 4 feed .87-1.03. |Pundamental WG... .cccceenes 5.62 16.46) ~~. wheetane 
epee 3 we a (i 86) ‘ta "| *Heckt 344% com pid- (3.95) s.& ites ee $8.17 | Sips 185 ~ gy 4 oe on * Abs ig cap  piraenaes He ia Sg eee te 
. » jh aden ° d Ki e f ‘ . ihn teases ‘ 
1 43' Lanston M ieee Me . 
Cwesh Gas tt com i878 sa | Merpoattoler Line (72.88) ...... 46% 8a| time 9057 eee RD ot ee ss oP Se oe Baltimore Markets orem Gee Coe Oe Seoeeeee tM MS | 
"Wash Gas Li cum (4 i. er io. - eer ore 9.14 8.8 4... 25 ' 6 Sec Men 3.3 45, —— — ~— a _ 
*Wash Gas Lt cum conv pfé ‘de 18 Mat! Mtge & inv pid (p94) ...... Or FO ako me: ws 1.00| Laney fey =. % Hn Hg i 2 i BaL Jan. 30, (0 USDA) 2 | Groep con | Pores wees 11 : 
WATIONAL BANK STOCKS Peoples Drug St com (2.00) ..... 39% . T-2%s 58 Dec. .... 9. 9.2 4. 7B is 1 0 3% 21% 31%— we fh Cattle el preane = adc 1-1 Group See PR Equip .:....... ay 7. 
fone |) ea p. ins Secon eye res . Ly tn 62-58 = , at pe eee yo} " as 4 % 1 to tres, receipts. ssiable  supety = — denvenbebdeseos “ vy! 
sa te bathe ) biwege , 62-59 . : ow 298 ‘ 4 hter Hebepecebocesotes 4.75) 
PEGE) nn cceweceeseees ie Wews & Lothrop com (2.08) ...... Sites @ ........ 97 9). ~~ 288 : “ os . rs “" " oad incl wis on 3 "io loads stock cattle, eke 4.62 14.44) This announcement is neither on offer to sell 
DED «.condocessetecese . | Wewd & Lothrop pid (5) ......... “a 68 ties 65-09 ...... 03.24 103.28... 1.51 | depen we 508 a 2%— round 15-20 per cent of total COWS./ tees feed .......... Prt ser © selicitation te buy eny of these 
tis 6 04 087) =... 271 radia raiber slow with broadest i>" |imeerp income 695 (8.78 d 
oe . fie ney ‘ae Enka Ob ie dw aw qutry. for fate oe under 1080 Tp |More tacome ooonsnsn seen A OM) NEW ISSUE securities. The offering is mode only 
T-20es 67-82 .....:. S78 87.11 +.1 2.77 | menasce ihe 2 ty ge ® tn ast Pouredey but ovr | tavestment Co AM... .cccceeene Sos 69.82 OFFERED AS A by the Offering Circulor. 
e Tes GF... csee OO 2.79! merrill Pet “6 1% 4% edb i pee ts narrow Gemanc.|tevest Tr Best... ....ccesenees 79 10.78 , , 
T-2%9s 66-63 +, 26 MIT +2 279 Mesadi tree 3 474 4% wet Me ferere: loads at 1 p.m. without Bids, | Keystone Cost BY ......00s0+0 068 71.85 SPECULATION 
ric T-2tes 69-64 lune. 96.8 96.1) +.2 2.82) ice ” ™% 1 rally | seats: Oe so conte | Keystone Cast BZ ..... 001+. 3.92 7.27 
. . r u e es Tiles 69-64 Dec, 068 8S +2 282) mig st Pet fi 11% 11% 1 % i Steady 8 utility and commercial | Keysteme Cust BD ........c005- 19.06 28.77 
1-836 ves oe oY T3 on Me Cp Can ts , er une ense te w or Keystone ros ; : A Re ae: i ES ae 120 000 
. " . . ' . Molytden S Keystone seeeeeeeeoee- . . 
*Wedhineton™ tor is produ ase prices 2.00 9 3.00 (Limas): No supplies om the | t.pies 7 lune . 0.3) 2 +2 280 Mois _ , oe a" | epe e ¢ ris rile slaughter Hg Reysteme Cast KP on cccccecenes 1145 12.08 ’ 
jess arioad marke ‘T-ltgs 72-67 Sept. 95.27 85.38 +.2 2.80 a oT 1% | 1%— %| 1850-20 4, AB Meystome Cust SF oc ccccccnwees 6.6 12.38 r m an 
by the United States, CABB aMuntz re and , 136 Sg steers Common . 
ee reponse’ oy culture. i wiSade “4 re ‘Crate o:| Tavs Dec. 95.30 86.1 +.1 2.78 toe p 7 1) (eM + Me ie 00-18 Bd goog 171 ce 045-046 | Keystone Cust $2 ......ccecne: 11.73 12.80 
it most ¥, 4.00; EE Ties 0. 8 WR F228 Muter Co . 1 s%+ VW ib. heifer i $'00-20 $0 peli “and com- | Keystone Cust $3 .....-.....-- 12.78 13.86. 
+ cally, 200d2 35, North “Garcime sg | 38 bod - W022 100.06 +1 287) nat Bell & 42 3% «9%.....| mercial ers $14 i Keystone Cust $ 4 ,.....:s00e. 812 $98 Shares 
bushel crates, small, quality, } Prices quoted in dollers amd thirty wot Petrol wa4a6 4 .4e+ % "anv 73: very few high choice and | Keystone FO Cam qn... ccveeeees 6.24 MO 
00 sro ype righ. 1*4- mtd seconds. T—Subjectt te feders! taxes But wot preste 06 2 10% W% 18%+ ww Orime yealers in Tostints. trading om L . Reepreeeor 1.78 12.85. 
I. crate, 2.50 0300 & Red toe: Texas, 4 te state income taxes. ‘Nat Ue Elec 6 i Tu Ve Bene ely stepéy Low — conte '3- Loomis Say Mat... ..ccvseees 43.17 43.17) 
: CARROTS—Cra topped. | Mat us Rad . 2 1% 12% 12%+ ‘se 3 80. few hea prim ehas 00. good and Manag Fd: a, ind eee eeeeeeeee 4.03 “4 
film bags “Arizona. p00 5 50 ‘catttersia a. \N Brit D OW ao 2 2 $24 00. * ome commerc! rial Manhat Wl * euéccdocetensod $22 681) 
3-10 ak. Tex 5.00. Teo 50-)1 ”. ° Nas Oo Livestock | \" Eng TST 8 1218 136% 135% 1364+ Ve “dows te 616.00. utility Gown to aie tay Trak inbabeotsenae 4 MM 
oximately ork Fancy, ; bes and AE 3 189 — exas, 7 “eo M iérie Min 33 a , ‘ ‘com or fal 383 9 Ie ots uluity nd | Mass Mass tie a ee ae an 10.11 
Pa ine Pee Kew en cartons. |tenn as Spitorpia. § type,  , a CHICAGO, Jan. 30 (A (USDA)~ SAL- N ) Zine 30 30 mm We % * ‘0 ged ns tT) - se. shane enenonsdese nig aa 
sane- eg boo” Yors Pancy, aot! ty 1. 13¢ ie go n type: Floride, ABLE HOGS, receipts. 11 60: active and | Mex & Ar ; 174 " 7 +2 ) $18.50. nae BE sis cdanenewnnnees 20.78 
ys . ortiend, boxes. U 1) Bast states. “iS heat, 3.2 <o- uneven, mostiy 25 higher. instances $0\% Park Min 2 3 iwte include 2 _fouble ee Per rer. 741 18.82) 
fair condition. stg. 2.50 ary 8 noe bial [bishers, on - sy "Sa ereuns i> las s _ & le = so $9 38 + legit? rail $ shipped parte s t oe = DS. “. cnencesooes 4 2 
nes, oxes, ~~: a. 1 gilt te activ me a errr he f " 

ode ‘telandye teenie and Rg Siang es ib : 18.041 00: aS: most “a N Be pd 28 | Nerd 7 13% 135 13+ % very b « “start. Br os aati i | et aibeapegetrs “4 «62 
= 50. Pennsylvania, Delicious. bushe ally « lity (unie py en 28 be ‘ 2, 2 oe Ner Can Oils 16 4% 413-16 4 13-16 cents. be tnstanens an 30 ¢ MW Sec Ser-Grewth .........00++ 5 66% 

ts. & No A, 3 incase a, > | stated ); c lorado, Spani he 3 ine hes eg and | = ee cr oh ee ‘Mar’east Air 4 10% 18%— % | vg - » Nes Leo ih averages, te "te TE. ‘dcandguhusiiveaniee unavailable 

sek? Rev mete ‘ wire-bound|inches and oe 00. idaho: Pins on. Ago. an b. 330 10.25G@11.75; early | Oc0eanic Oi 1’ he & Mm % gents pis fer. ‘ioe 4 ma YB No. i at rsaneeneeenneees 21.93 22.37 

ae. ‘res-pack. _ 8. Pancy. 72 2-1 | ellows, medium. 1.73@2.15: Reds, 7.00 rance. -— | OS ee) ee ee ee — Wid02 Vacrows “Pioneer Ve ccnwbesasoebeenet 13.33 14.48) 

2543.50: 134s, 2\2 inches up f 3 80; White. Boilers. $s.ib sacks, 3.004 | 84 CATTLE. recepite, 19.000; | p'ehinn 2700 = tS THIS THY) > Ya gilts sth mized lgts, ¥3| Pr RTE scsonnissn ue 2.3 
Guality and condition, 25003 vir 325 New York, Yellows. fair quality and — re. Te > Pac Petrol Be 0 WL... 1f Ibs, 15,50-16 ony dénecansengensit in 

ia, Lowrys, boxes. U. B. Mend. crate.| Bars tOe “Old a I ae Ge ae ; Pan israel “4 1h— Ye iy tet “Tos = SPUD: 41. nGscednacnhass és 1244 1245 
00-11 3.00@3.25; wire nd crate POTA others siow; heifers fairly active bs. $§ 
ay air auelity, approximately. ee ante heifers steady to f | Panceast Pet 4 «1% «61% «6 W hea Si, io 20-140 | Scudder St BOR oo... cceeeeees 5.49 35.45 : 
vs —— = Bg: a gone, eats ar | See steady tp 38 highe ; r| Pantep Of! .37f ~ os : a a i 27 at el fa | gon. Srconehnbeantet Ay By § Barrett Herrick & Co. 
ses sade Pate g Paocs.|% tate =r tee | feast Wigs prime 1.380 1p ‘Steers: |pepptrel 3053, 9A OH ne 5498 sen moet 7 Bit 80 Mh Beat . CE as Inc. 
lictous, boxes, \- , ‘ i Peru Oils & M 32 RR . Ss eS. nl | i” aneinneeRape 92 11 
, % . ice =and . 
4.00) Wa bids, 4.30 ort Tos : Paper, ita eh. good to choice + ag ai et. B... im er hd ultry: Market quiet Tg BE ht rer | ane TE vast vanhqubpupbenbhans on i" 1346C : hve NW 
. J 4 ; Accom eee eee eeeeeeee ~ 7. : ; 
isk 6.00. 00; Toad .| Polaris +] “4 Mm % ..,.) offerings, ery ow 7 enlee reported. Pew) OT. ui acnchsbinebeans 1 68 , 
h—Ploride, Duncans - ne rand 12g: wilt? to Prestiteme 8 a be oh 81S ts te a, fh Pre i sévenceadbossnes I ae Washington 6, D.C. HUdson 3.6645 
$7 4 *: cow large Bars.oe eae progress "Mf_7oe | 15% tae t= pest la ner % ricee erreerttreres {ey | 
Presper 8 708 ’ medium whites and browns | VSS? L0 Isceme ......00++++. "Oe 
P By Pat 14 m T8%e Met be and 1% cents go gy lanes on gen t2@ 13.87) anne ae ew enw ee ewe ee we 
Foreign Excha Fost ‘e 1% 1'— Wiegss. Pair to good demas ghee Oe BR MOD. oe sennsenentes 14 C4} bie 
oreign nge Rem wes ae 10% 8% 10% .... quate offerings. get, = RRR Ree 5.6 mae 
Richmond 8 Me Oe e+ % Pa rece} delivered | WhiteRall FO... 6. i wrvssey. ns ~ 
Sapte | e ’ wit. © furnished by Nationa! 
fone ‘cin ile nh at = ea Sige it Sern scouts = 
“pone Pet ira ine 1- 4 : “_m « : . ; 
a's eon . ch ine te % we etal : Roos sy ke ) =F 
‘ this ee ad ; ’ > 4s 5 x 
ae, 4 ' , 4 - Pas 
' / : ; 

* 4 

006 Tuesday, January 31, 1956 a 


“CLT. in $100 Million - 
‘Vote of Confidence’ 

Arthur O. Dietz, president of C.LT. Financial Corp., an- 
nounced yesterday his firm has borrowed $100 million to 
increase its own lending. He called the action a vote of con 
fidence in the economic outlook. 

Ae ed Lundell, cee i 
0 niversal C.LT., which fi- ; 
‘nances automobile loans, made "orter obligations, for 20 
‘the announcement for Dietz year. 

‘at a news conference here. He In 1955, the announcement 
porate Ngee en expecting about | said, C.LT. expanded its lend- 
‘seven million passenger cars 
'to be produced in 1956, some *%!¢ funds by borrowings 
900,000 less than in 1955. Lun- Which amounted to $192 million. 
-j| dell said this still would make It added that C.LT. currently 
| 1956 the second best year in Owes approximately $1,600,000, 
--«-| automobile history. 000 and is handling about $5 

i) he - 
Lundell said CLT. also an-| Dillion of financing a year. 

\ ticipates a “very good and| Lundell declined to say 

- hether C.LT. would oppose 
M%— % most active” year in the con * 
m+ struction and textile indus re —— any we ey renewed 
‘tries where C.LT. is also a) °@eTal control of consumer 
4 + %) lender. credit. a « 
us =~ | Lundell said, “Our observa- 
| The announcement said the tion is that in peacetime in- 

-big lending concern had fla 
2%—e— Ve) . ustry has done a good job of 
2 .....\rowed $100 million from &)administering consumer ered- 

+ Th it.” ; 
Si%+ ve funds oun besten ‘a 4 per STOCK 

‘cent notes, subordinate to 
[f""" DIGES 

New York Cotton BA MUST for investors 

WEW YORK, ion. @—New York . " . 
fwtores closed oe coats # baie lower .. — indicating market 

+8) cents higher then the previews close. i A . 
+ opinion, rating, earnings, 

4% 14%. Lew Close Che ay ; i 
sty4— % Mareh MS dividends. Préce range 

1937-1955. and other in- 
formation on listed and 


. . ** 

Stocks Edge: Higher in Irregular 

Associated Press \* . . > 


> 7 * . . . > . 7 . o . . > . 
‘Total sales 1,830,000 shares; os 
wz wee Price Changes Are Narrow 
; 1955 to 
1954 to date 35,120,043. NEW YORK Jan. 30 ‘®—In an irregular and oy B peo Fh — railroads wun- 
. high! lective session, the stock market | © and utilities up 30 cents. 
7 ‘apie Galea its way slightly higher Volume amounted to 1,830,000 shares com- 
Dow-Jones Stocks . ' pared with 1,950,000 shares traded Friday 
. There was little to distinguish the market | when the market was down a shade. 
EW YORK, Jen. 0~ wet | today so far as group movements were con- Jersey Standard stockholders approved the 
Open «=—igh «=—llow Closet cerned. Individual stocks held the trading | previously proposed three-for-one split, and 
wer ae en as +)h| spotlight. Most: price changes were small, | the company reported the past year was the 
47 6388 63.38 63.% +032) and going either way they ran into a 2-point | best in its history. 
ne ee ss My limit in most cases, Missouri Pacific preferred was up 3 at 110% 
gar tedartriats, 198.00, ust ect chines The best acting groups were the oils, | after, hitting a high of 114. The Supreme 
33,000; 85 stocks, 298,000. , steels, aircrafts, coppers, and the utilities, Court cleared the way for operation of the 
Fo a _ | s while the railroads were mixed and the mo- | railrdad by its owners after 22 years of 
(100) High Low Clese Chg. tors were mostly lower. _ bankruptcy. 
Ee Ce The steels had a leading role today in the Beaunit Mills was up 1% at 36% on a 20 per 
a a tet rise but at the close they didn’t present too | cent stock dividend. AVCO Mfg.. seventh 
: 4. Wm 4 + tw «good a picture. This is the third week that | most active issue, lost % at 6%. The ‘com- 
15%) 15% 154+ % steel production has been at record high | pany reported fiscal year profits of 5 cents a 
HM 6% Set! |) 6rates. and there was a renewal of talk in | share as against 37 cents a year ago. 
Wall Street of higher prices for steel prod- A. M. Byers was off 1% at 26% as a manage- 
ucts. ment group of stockholders beat off an at- 
The Associated Press average of 60 stocks | tempt by another group to gain control of 
was up 40 cents at $173.60 with the industrial | the company in a proxy battle. 



S52 # 

so ssessie 

pbababababatel {| | 



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sgeuzedexsgs3o= 2 













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#8 e8ess: : eceestese 2 sere seeee e sere 



es Bygzeseysssseysses 



~ ;* ste 

— Ne 





= _— ss ee ~ 
(100) High Lew Close Chg. (10a) High Lew Ci 
uy « —% | MORE SECURITIES | | 2 117s Ties 1 
: 1% T+ % | New issues top $10 billion | | i 
Childs ev pf 22 M% M+ % | ‘ 72 
Chile Cop 4 53 $3 : 
Cirysier is 7a 1 % 
- % Cin GRE 1.28 7 7 +%! 
Cie Gat pf 4 101% 161%— “% 

Cte Mi OM “6 40 “a ~—~% 

42% 4314+ 
















SS eeesers: tFFSSF 







> ee 




Ford Stock’ Firm 

NEW YORK, Jan. 30 
Ford Motor over the counter 
was quoted at 64% bid and 
64% asked. It has been bid 
at its issue price of 64% for 
the past three days. 


z3z**8"32 9°9995%s%9°9 




gf 3 

+ $b $F) 4 








= = 





unlisted stocks. 

suses ture 

“22se2 =e8 



71 WMH 1 + 
32 m% 2+ 



Call or Write for Free Copy 


$e: SF. SESE Fe 


tele FRlr 2 
tele FRI gf 2.75 



MM 2% 
ua wai, Commodity Index 
1 1) + % 
1S 53 82 Stee a EW YORK, Jon. 30-—The Associsted Press J K } . 
| weighted wholesale price index of 35 com- & Tewitt 
ae ye ‘es sedition today rese te 178 ones, P\reeger 
1s & 

Previews 174.75; week 
1 ° 



rie 101% 101% 101441 
18 53% 83 S3%— % Liens! 

Ses sesesesssse# 


Seay ct 



Members N. ¥. Steck Euchange 
nn one 1625 Eye St. N.W. DI. 7-5700 
170.55 175.59 Established 1930 


+b Fer 

2 BuuSBS-cucetot~ 



- 7 










- 2 

—_ are : me 

ts Mackall & Coe 

5 33% 3% 37%+ % 
1 108% 108% 188%—T | 
2? i 

New York Stock Exchange 
“ Wu-~- 

1% 17%... i Avatiable upon Request 
A Het of eommon stocks suggested for current purchase 

626 Woodward Building REpublic 7-1133 d 

%) . 



15 Most Active Stocks 

NEW YORK. lon. WW W—Seles, cles 
changes of the 15 mes 


-_ -_ a 3 
wenwwn 4w ewe -Oonnwe~ 

2? 39% 32% 32%— Ww! 
mo 3% ST B+ & 


oT] = 
moe 114% 114% 1164+ 
oe @#% @4-%) 





w% 4% 

te) 12.800 Am Radister 
12,908 Burling ind 





* FF 

. SEZ 
3 ge 






: SRS: Settee 

~ # 

°S "3223 


+ , 












sé ff 



esrk # seteesesssse 


t Het 
: Seese FS seers seeese 


ee seats : 

923537389 259"3 73s 

Sau7. 0 


f Py 
eee ea ae eee ~~ 


335353233" 253°33 

533 2893535,5° 925 



z* 3°285* 











S27 = 

Baccub ania 


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3; - 


gh #8 : 
. 8 Bogak pee 
a ee ea 








Tititti we 

—s. e 











= Ss 
Bw «Bd 
- nm A 

ery TT a, a? en? eee 

5 ee: 








~3%; . 

Ser. seresses #  s 


The experience and facilities of Francis I. duPont 
& Co. are offered to large and small investors. If 
you would like to discuss your investment hold- 
ings and plans in light of today's conditions, write, 
telephone, or visit our office. s 


s#sitte: Ff 


g* *33 
++ + L 
Sse <seeerese 

sa383 tss83 





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ot tu tcebes~ Bu ud 





| = salle. 

(eee 4 4 

Psi 33982 2*25*s 





Ss #6 £28 ¢::2¢:.8 

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Member New Y ork Stockh Exchange 
Prencipal Serwrity & Conrmodity Exchanges 








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Z°SESI~9S% FY z9-999F7*S 209 E*S3E4E**3° 
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Ssese: : #558 




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62 Offices from Coast to Coast 


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Be eseeeeis ee 


| 20 years from now... 
-+. Our guess is that most of the 1,000 or so stocks you'll 
find in our brand new 1956 edition of “Divivenps”—will 
still be paying them. 


Because every one of these stocks has paid dividends 
for the past 20 years... hundreds of them for closer to 
50—and a few for more than a century! 

Does that mean that we endorse all these stocks for 
investment, or think you should buy just any one 
of them? 

Definitely not. 

Not when those dividends vary 
from less than 1% on your money 
all the way up to 10%... 

Not when dividends alone can 
never make any stock a sound 
investment ... 

‘ot when your own particular 
circumstances— your own in- yan 
vestment ob jectives—should al- ig 
ways dictate the kind of securities you #hould bay. 

Nevertheless, this booklet is a pretty fair cross-section 
of investment opportunity . .. and does speak well for 
the basic stability of American business through good 
times and bad. 

If you'd like a copy of “Divipenns”, we'll be happy to 
mail one—without charge, of course. 

Simply call, or write— 





Ses FE 


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-——ewreem ms 






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Department DM-5 

Merrill Lynch, Pierce, Fenner & Beane 

Telephone: EXecutive 3-2121 

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THE WASHINGTON POST’ aad TIMES HERALD | Dorothy Kilgallen lenn 
: planning to enter a monastery. JOE PASTERNAK’S la 
36 Tuesday, Jonuary 31, 1956 ) ) : English star Christine Norden, flicker, “Meet Me in Las Vegas, as 

making her American debut at ‘*_ 80d news for the exhibit 

Glamorous Model. Rejoins Her Hers ‘the Red Carpet, does the she family. Fine fase fot Un ag 

‘to énd all Fire Island ditties: . 

et One On the Aisle 
| a parody on the top tune “An 

5 ¢ 9% a ae sy NEW YORK, Jan. $1—Dorian The Jack Carter-Will Jor-|free room and board ... The |Qecasional Man”... The chap : . 
am ef If * ae Leigh, the much - publicized|dan feud is reaching the duel-|big row backstage at “Pajama. ‘with Sherman Douglas at the NATIONAL® Beg. ie 8:30! 

; ” fashion model, has flown back |#t-dawn stage (Will thinks-Jack|Game” features Thelma Pell- Versailles the other night was ieee oats 
‘to Italy to rejoin her hero, the: is “Berle-ing his material)... ish, a player, and John Raitt's' Capt. Montgomery-Charrington ves. $30; Me Mats, Wed. tet 3:30 
Several publishers are trying | dresser. Most of the cast seems of the Queen's Guard. DIRECT FROM staat 

. * _ 4 Marquis De 
t . q ss 
| n a i ‘Portago. The @ to persuade the Dionne quin-|to be rooting for the valet. | 4 
a 1 a ] ; ae ‘Marquis is cap | PY tuplets to write a book about! Interesting report from, aaieahiaalianiensiaenaieee HUROK presents 
ike tein of theRimmaamm | cel lives, aided by # com-|France hes Gen. De Gaulle] PApneE WEN ate” THE AZUMA 
¥ Spanish bob- atest a peiahan a dln Eo _ “ e 
By Richard L. Coe fled” toda’ ins =. Mm appear interested in the proj. yp This Sat.—8:30 P.M. 
tered in the . , ‘ect, but will make Papa TRANS-LUX non 

cece - 1) Renata Tebaldi 

HE MIRACLE OF “Hamlet” is on view in Catholic Uni- Winter Olym- a J ‘Dionne’s opinion the deciding’ 
“You'll Hang By Your Teeth ne Seprane 

versity’s campus theater these next two weeks. It is 10 years | » pics being held * factor. 

since Maurice Evans’ GI version was here and though Sir at Cortina gi. | Metropelitan Opera Company 
: ~ * § ~—Tremendous Excitement.” Presen 

: LILLI DAMITA and Errol tacltoment.” on beers VSICIANG 

EO0Od Boz Office Open 10 A.M. to 8:30 P.M. 

Lawrence Olivier’s film has intervened, a decade is far too long id’Ampezzo, ee 
Italy. Friends ee Flynn are avoiding fireworks by 
This Sun.—3:00 P.M. 4 WKS. BEG. MONDAY 
Lt E | r F T 7 Eves.. 8:30; Mate.,, Wed. & Sat. 2:30 

for a city to be without this remarkable work “0 : : 
ing Tonight 
For no matter how often one has seen it, the impact of ‘ ‘Ham- _ s “hi msec if "hae Miss Kilgallen talking. wr uervs feat’ alta 
let” is ever fresh, ever stimulating, ever marvelous. James D.’ Masaya Fujima is the leading been the Marquesa by now ex-) straightened out their problems 
Waring's production is a must, particularly for those who've male dancer of Japan's Azu- cept for the violent opposition about the large sum of money 
never had the opportunity to see the drama performed. ma Kabuki Dancers and Mu- of Portago’s wealthy mama, Errol owes for the support of 
) ; Only Washington Appearance 
This Season and Final Concert Here 
Before @ Sabbatical Year 
$1.20, 51.80, $2.40, 83.00, 

The miracle of the“play is that it permits any number of sicians, who open their Who is very much in control|son Sean... Some of the Las 
readings, adaptations, variations, styles. One may have one’s week’s stay tonight on the 0f the situation . . . Hollywood Vegas hotels will try to lure 
bookmakers report that the| gamblers and their dollars with 

own personal viewpoint, but so many are valid that to sit be- National stage. In private life Academy Award betting season 

fore it is to wonder over its simplicity and complexity. Mr. Fujima is the husband of ,, under way, with “Marty” Rey 
Wisely, I think, Waring’s production—which he designed, Mme. Azuma, whose mother ihe odds-on favorite so far. 

lighted, adapted and directed—drives boldly on simplicity. He| Was named Masaya Fuijima. The rest of the Nation prob 

takes a straight line that this is a story of indecision. This is ~ — ably doesn't realize it, but the 
movie colony bets more cash 

a wholly valid view and an interesting result is that this line ) 
' yf | duction acted by experienced on the Oscars than on any 
is also what one felt during Evans’ thrilling full-length version ; 
professionals. Of these 1 found: other event of the year, 
which preceeded his GI arrangement. K Py . hy 7 
Once again the strong story line is accented, once again one onrad Matthaei, as the noble 
feels the irony when Hamilet* _ Horatio, curiously interesting , > 
fails to kill his praying uncle. through his—and the roles’s— | ‘2-2 re aioe aie wns mel uunceuGuaecuaadn 
There is real effect here when HAMLET.” Catholic University’ |anartness. James Bateman’s . he 3 ; 
speech a4 rT ' ' Ore oY Bet 6 OF * Wationst 6 ome ‘ 
Claudius rises from prayer: the nd venakedgtarat asedy.. Set- grave-digger is a grand job. ) he / EXTRA! THURSDAY ‘ON LY! cians Shan 
My words fly up, my thoughts , # - Waring. Perform (Christopher Katsching, dovu- LAST 7 PERF.’S | | 7) ! eppeerence = this | 
remain below. Words without ow : = : 
| Callat ves by Joseph wis bling as the Ghost and Osric yeor. Here is on Om 
thoughts never tb heaven Zo s . — 7 . cast ze continue verforms his dual assignment Eves. 8:30; Mats.: Wed., Sat., 2:30 i terteinment even? 
The drama of indecision is, “» Tus cast precisely CLOWNS, SINGING, BANGING ON CUR STAGE AY you connet offerd te ) 
i. . -* ’ 
underlined by Philip Bishop's) »-..cicco ment Mecanus | 1 don't know how “Hamlet” NOT A MOVIE? | LOEW'S PALACE—3:00 7:15 9-30 P.M. mies! 
Hamiet. The man is presented) Bernardo Thomas Kelly | wae performed in the days Orion AL | 7 OE a Ok I 8 OO RR NN a 

as a worldly fellow, deft with Marcelus ‘Willem B. Cain when there were no records to n. Y. PRODUCTION | , 

oe ag Te Rg angen ag inon pa Ea Christopher Kotechnis be played over loudspeakers, | 
‘ canno ce) a a but I should imagine it would | 

ee ae — 2 mon: Boion iy va ‘te a have been absolute heaven, I | | a THE KING- SIZED COMEDY OF THIS OR ANY YEAR! | 
an INK it @ real aciheVve-| Gertrud eo R think I ld t: f 
ment to bring out so much hu-; ponerse Mary Mai a peo ie ie . Har ydies 
er Sn pe to oe nemertee Player King Warren C. Sperlock | pets, but I cringe with decibelli- | 

y in the lines Shakes- Player Queen | tude " — a 
Bie ait fo henge, base] Geli a |, Now. that, is taken, Father) FIRST WASH. acu a 
what Hamlet thinks of his dim- Priest *** Onsisvegh ul sgh os ce gg hve wo sven Wu w BLOCKBUSTER | 
sric ) tistopher Kotschnis | to risk their first “Hamlet, AN 

mer associates. IE EE LR you had better find time these pF ze , 
All of which is, of course, a next two weeks to see the re- RANSOM! 

miracie of the play. A valid’; think Waring did well to ig. SUlt. Phone reservations at sarong 
triumph can be scored by neg- nore such cielileteie pon ADams 2-6000, ext. 351. GLEWN DONNA 
lecting the humor. Triumphs, tone< ' rc FORD . 
too, have been achieved by z — 
musing on the relationship be- Mary Harrigan’s Ophelia DONT REVEAL THE ENDING: 
tween mother and son. Again, His cuts to achieve a running “Year's BES! ha Pa Cries 

3 wr, 
SC time of about 2 hours and 45 | @BURLE ; 
CONSTITUTION minutes are here and there. 
HALL Such lesser folk as Cornelius, "HOME TOWN GIRL’ 
— —— Voltemand, Fortinbras, the sec- “! 

ond grave-digger are cut; some [/MPORTANT — Ne one will be seated afte "eae oh 
THUR., FEB. 9th a TONIGHT at 8:30 
°7 ° expositions shortened. But the! Ipcar._ss.s6, 1:90. 9-30. 3-30. 7.95. 9-40 
One Show Only! 8:30 PM. critical scenes drive on in usu booons join cinn st NO MATINEE TODAY 

succession before a permanent 
The NEW. s* The aud 

FIRST TIME IN AMERICA es allows swift change! * 

/ Such an adaptation, to he 
GOSLAV sure, can cut corners. Claud-| 
ius is not so full-rounded al 

figure as Shakespeare created, 
NATIONAL FOLK although William Callahan, of 

BALLET the department's teaching staff, ) 
plays him forcefully, often ef- p 

ANEC ; : reminger s 

(T Wl fectively. The Queen suffers) : TE MAN 

a bit less and Wilma Burke 

DANCERS + SINGERS * MUSICIANS || rises to this opportunity. I) = GoOPEN 

‘ _soo.cse.4 thought Mary Harrigan extra-| 
aimee Tt) ae rar Incl pes: ordinarily appealing as Ophelia, | PHONE RESERVATIONS 

T ow n Sale ' a ; , 
lekete Now On Sale A achieving telling contrasts for! ACCEPTED ME. 8-4429 5 : Coon BY TECHNICOLOR, 

that taxing shadow of a girl. | . ), | “e 
CITY BSOXOFFICE In the lesser roles one is re lac (2 thru ag 

Sun., Feb, 12—3 P.M. 

Roberta Peters 
_ useless Same |! SHERRY O°NEIL 
ee CONCERT ase : —SFAT SAI E yvow— 

N Ational "5.7181 

OPEN T1h4S Am,  TemacoOR 

eka se ee Se oe |. 


. : 
ves oe aN 


SONGS: Sate > EE Te 
od Y KAYE aan DS 

Take Vou Dream re 

Life Covid Net - 

Borer me THE 
Ovutfe« The Foe 

[Eo CSeS er acer pee, * 

1350 F ST. N.W. ST. 43-3916 a . — : ' 
. ORDERS FILLED close 4 minded that this is not a pro-) A MocARTHUR SLYD. of 48% ST. | 

teucther wits chock or Moses Order 3 MICHAEL REDGRAVE -—-—— {URSD. ud aEW'S > PAL 

' ther With check o oney Orcer. = = 4 : _— 

Gonnen a2 in = " Carter Barron ; > ‘ THURSDAY desc St. at 13m 

Amphitheater Velue Book may & | | = bin THE NIGHT | The Story that has belonged to 1? oo . eine fain 

110 Se Sanwe Ger | the world for Thirty Centuries : mee . | 

| attraction aa we - = MY NUMBER " 
Li | | LE Oren TP r Fogneh Bim . ‘Ss § - Warner Bros. 

STARTS TODAY 4 | | | : z Qt Arthur Cork Orgemregtan Pre ientenee eRe 


‘BEST PICTURE ae oe | => we. >. $822. Jeanne Crain For Programs of MacArthur and 

BEST YEARS | . | AMBASSADOR 1811 th & Col. | ALLEN 2 ree anne rae ||| | Colony Theaters see display ad 

| rec 'ED BORGIA: “HELEN OP TROY.” odaaias SECOND GREATS: ST sEx. Cinema | | 

OF OUR | tw BEST ACTOR : Jack Sernas. — 3 are = “3 = == | Plus Richard Conte, Victor MeLaglen. APEX 4813 Mass. Ave. WO. 64600 boas lex. go. Zid eutitier police: 

; ~~, OF THE YEAR! AVALON KNIFE.” Jack Paiance, ica | one —_o S:38 “One of the Your's Zen Bes 7a. ove .. Sat. bo 
‘ Lorene: J -.¥. Film Carnes Lupino, 6.55. _ 9:20. ‘ Fb BETHESDA Crain. *Becrge e- towel’ Bow post . LL ye aa we Ne- a 
‘ : ; - . . lah “THE COND tions r o ey —. CHAPEL ¥ ni 200 

, > 0 
£%. - ——— AT BLACK ROCK” boa ’. BS as 

9: 30 
RIVER.” *Ruaie Murphy. 8.1 Ly : UN 4.0100. How. 4 7 
zk) wo. ard Kee! Ann ith poenest fee emaScope). 
whe t-te THs «| Bye. “KISMET.” cwemsseone— at 1:35. 3 4.38. % & 9409 mm 

PATRICK HAYES PRESENTS | , | | Boward Keel. Ana Biyth. 8:45, 7:45, oo oO | LANGLEY N. M. Ave, & Univ. Lane 
IN CONSTITUTION HALL ~~ -— ——- - 4. | SRR HYATTSVILLE | 70552 HE. 4-5700 ar ARLINGTON 
ar Park ae wae Dismey's “One me. Yoor’s Ten Best!’—Na- | | DRIVE-IN oT. 4.4100 

om theater page 


= ‘homer “4-y mos : 7 Freok Witt TH Misia? ‘Robert tae | | H.. aye B10. 9:50. Phat ats ) = Post & Times Herald. “BILLY aa (Goler) 
my |e SR ae a | Bape ade sss echiRSR A ‘BAD DAY eat Taaaoats nee 
ity Others 3 m, Lancasten. Fo. —_ Ber’ Lape ies SBoonb 4:20. 6.05, 7:45 and 9:30 weit 
Siesbits Bis, Seve’ ||| FLOWER ,.22!o"",°r ||| LEE BWY-ARL, BLVD. 
in PERSON tewart Ore 1:00, 4:25 : : yk 
’ ; : . Pi E. 3.9500. : t 
“COMEDY IN MUSIC’ | SAVOY. witix, 5 era ie oe ae eal Anim «aaa 
FOR ALL THE Nt Tom OLP” and * ‘EMPEROR PENGUIN and Pairfex Circle via either Ar 
8:30 P.M | ' <LPaIbAD “aes “KISMET.” - Falls Charch || |E2Sin 42" tab" ssGenea its" 
. ge : ward Arlington a= “COURT MARTIAL OF — 
ats Now, Mail orders accepted. |/fA/ fp MONS [. YOUNG IN HEART! Bibi’ Josn ‘Collins, 6:00. | | —— <_< SP Sorby "hone BILLY MITCHELL” 
$1 BO. 60. $4.20 ¥ ae ~~ “THE BIG KNIFE” es tT LAL | 
1108 G St NW (Campbell's) ’, f This is the exciting story, Jack: Palance. 1. 3:05, 5:15, 7:28. 9:35.| | “{iPré SHELL.” ‘Cine MARTIAL hegpe cot * PP 
Open 6:30. Show 7. Kiddies Free 

VICTOR A LIVING = ee =|||_ AT BLACK ROCK” | /t8 quien, Tested 
Pree Parking 
Tues., Feb. 21, | M R . veky cn ier, igetiiyn Baons NAYLOR =" 28th and Ala. Ave. $8. || |SSu diva tusning of Gelloge Marae 
close self-addressed. stamped en- | IM ! : = FREE PARKING STATE falls ‘Church, | Va 
Ff the challenging drama, that neat et cht EE | Wison ye ABC Drive-In 7 aos va. ny. | || ?>or- “Hay Yyparew am 

Review. Bvening 
BORGE ze he WA. 7-899. coapae With Spencer Tracy. at 1:00. 2:40, Bridge. Kids Free 
: o~ “y D 
~~ Bee 2 9:35 UpOREL RA” 4 | 9 WH. 6-7800. Walt! | o ! 
© pees pert" | | VIERS WILL, Besse Tal | | | Mapeesi aes? coon DRIVE-IN THEATRE 
Lee Hwy —World's Largest Screen. 
Gary Cooper 
velape Be jerepBone ame in TURN O and Color. aN a 
0. 7-2555 

“WR po oF BILLY __ OPEN FRI. GAT. AND ‘ox. 

young people are telling TIVOLI » aut 5 oie | 
Sei Outro thi World, | l. . their elders about! | | (BLAGK LA LAGOON rons ar BUCKINGHAM x22 sane | we 17 ROTH THEATRES _ 
Sot ar IA. 70444 SEEM ASCOSE ward Keel, cE ve 
: yer. Peg MEL, Teeoniealer ||| ROTH'S THEATRE 
OPENS DAY AFTER TOMORROW ” This iS the rare rapture, . —Do t RELLY i eh reR EAP Matines 2 1 - 2 oe PrP. i is ge me . || eae Gooee Ave. E 
0 . ——— Pree « at Rear 

ONLY 14 NIGHTS—4 MATINEES « . Millend, 2533 Pa. Ave. SE 

| the furious ecstasy, that sets > TIMES.” Jack ‘ (ERA HIGHLAND ay" | ea 
e6. 7:45. | ; rs Julie Marrs = Wiglers. in * aiRe. oer i? fee Served 

a motion picture be . | 30, Algo, Dale Robertson in| || BAB ir Savannah of 14th 

p > . tvbid will 254. oo PARK S50 ot an & SE 

cherished, to be seen again Pee T Geaditionss | ule errs | | AP ATIC Nichols Ave. re. & Atlantic | aid Beane a Wireiers 
. ) . Pree FRO 
and be remembered OEE oe oe tines oa Kool Rabat itn Bear ee 
5 Stage: DINAN WASHING ot] Cc at 6:1 . 
a long, long, time. Ri pi tit, Sake | sap Se of ihe * i ee wees | GEORGETOWN 19 Woon new 

* OK 

See GET ‘a ETO! 
CHOICE SEATS LINCOL y 12 oe w. “ULYSens”’ Techmnico CONG’ 2931 Nichols Ave, $8 “iorth’ Tose. ~ AA 7 
“Peter Pan’ NOW! TTI a Dears > ea | | CIN or Janne crea, tn pa ‘Hugo's. =a rtal ae ot 
wicn Fred geone AT Deo for MicLagien r, at 6 36,8, Azt at | THE HUNCHBACK 

Tick sale ? 
rae than @ Oe WW, ond CUnworsal Inlornaltonal prasonda oes OF NOTRE DAME” 

the Arena. Arena Box Office REPUBLIC... "°“"° 2". | CORAL FAA Maxthore Pika, thd. | Starring 
em ee mtereseas | - arpa ye Sis oe De ewe ma , hiveest||_ CHARLES LAUGHTON 
Vv ; n VILLAGE v. int Has ) baie in oat MISBEHAVIN,” | | * Pea jhe F . oo. B er 
RESER E SEATS: ‘4 icelor, et 8: Pree Parking at Wilke 
the Arena \ $2, $2.50, $3.00, $3.75, BOOKER T Doors Open doped THE BLACKBORE LAUREL Sol aid ide Wis consin Naty 

PA. 35-2113 

Eh zim Rock HUDSON oS a ite || 3 | AVENUE GRAND “(= 5.8% 
tT AWCCTNN : ' “ . Aree | | 6:38, 9: <| john Payne in “Tenneesses’s 
LANGSTON,” THE WILD ONE” ||| Sone soe dares a Tapa ere 

Open 2°45 o.m ) CAPITOL — Heights, 4 q08, ° , anwe Be Baxter “One 

TWE GRSATEST = Pey's. 6 HRA —_ with Richard ian ) NEWTON +3 kl te Ot | a ea pene i, Palance, oti ide 
] MERON 23 ||| aS 
THE GUN.” 6: 

d | Hh, tae So Se a" — vA. | JESSE Om Fei -set ue. FAIRFAX FAIRFAX, VA. 

rs oe | Walt Disney's “THE AFRICAN LION” 
HISER-BETHESDA 7414 Wis. Ave. 
ar =| feeoen ‘Aloe Gs: aie WALT DISNEY’S 

IGE GAPADES <3 [eto coco: Secttn| TR emer | Tan tea 
t a | eo gut! beamcntieeme oupsmeriscg’. || “THE AFRICANLION® | «suimeRTiME” 

) | ut ES MOOREMEAD - COMBED TOGEL ~ VIRGINIA GREY Kenneth Mor ; 2:28 9:18, 5:00 6:40, 6:20 10:00 |naireripe epburn, 1:38, 3:08, 6:36. 
: : gt CENTRE ol PS pet ee] | mca 
._ULINE ARENA : aoa _ STARTS TOMORROW S| [Resales | 
Po eereeeesocaseeessesooees rt PLAYHOUSE . ausee | CARVER-ALEXANDRIA “3 a 
= joie : Sern — | Abe AND, TEs es cineme: a A 


Hollywood Gets Thriller From London = 


HOLLYWOOD, Jan. 30 praised + rl . re oe hag cee ra nag gy A a wee MAKE RE 
‘Henry Mille eater in New movie version 0 s s 
ae ated Pages did. Agatha |¥°P* in its second year. “Bachelor Party” for Harol 

Hecht and Burt Lancaster. 
Christie’s “Witness For The FEW WRITERS are in a ; 
P r o secution,” \position to’call their shots in| A FREAK accident almost 
which I saw in all fie’, TV, the stage, and|cost "Peggy Lee her eyesight. 

Common Rheumatic and Arthritic-like Pains 


Now! More Complete Overnight 
Freedom From These Pains 
...or your money back! 

An important new advance has been made in 
the relief of common rheumatic and arthritic- 
like pains, due to stiff, aching joints. It’s 

|Leuella Parsons: 1A aia THE WASHINGTON POST and TIMES HERALD 
peng othe ‘movies, as is Paddy Chayefsky,'| She was making up for her last 
|the author of “Marty.” The deal | Show at the Sands Hotel in Las 
c & Bod * jiLewis. All 
three of us Middle of The Night,”* which She was disturbed by a noise, 
voted it as opened in. Wilmington, Del, @™med quickly, and the pencil 
gooé a thriller 
as wed ever , cornea. 
" paradise. Even though Josh : 
7 ie ee) | seen. Logan is the director, Chayefsky| , Dt. John Kirkeeney, eye spe- 
Small has ‘production that he has the com-| Det not to go on, but the room 
bought the — plete say as to where it will be Was crowded, so wearing a 
ler for a sum said to be in the), t. last show. The pain, she said, ean 
six figures bracket. And inter- eee oak ae meer was terrific, and her eye will Beginning Feb. 15th 
Arth"r Hornblow Jr. has been) ' (Copyrieht, 1956. 
set as the producer and the pic- | Hollywood to write and. act as tnternational News Bervice) 
Lane os Ao” ~? DALLAS 
8 starstidded cast recruie: C ANS eS aa 

Tusedar, January 31, 1956 37 
--For Rel ef From Pain 
and David 
he has on his new play “In The Vegas, using an eyebrow pencil. 
this week, is a writer's dream of /"@" into her eye hitting the 
Now Edward | owns such a large slice of the (© cialist, was called. He advised 
screen rights from Gilbert Mil-| <oiq as a movie, who will write| Patch over her eye she did her . , = 
esting, indeed, is the news that| Very soon Paddy comes to %¢ inflamed for some ae 
ture will be made in 8 | Fly BRA NIFF fo 
his coming summer for U- \ MMECT NIT IN SAE 


“Witness For The Prosecu 

Show Times 

ZARUMIN—a remarkable new pill-within-a-pill 
that is guarant eed to give more complete over- 
night freedom from these pains —or your For Tuesday > NASHVILLE 
money ba 
And here 's the reason why: Z ABU MIN is ac- STAGE BEETHOVEN: Concerto #1 

CATHOLIC UNIVERSITY—'Hamiet.” Sea@T: Concerte ) 
STRAVINSKY hg rool Suite | 
HOWE: 3 Pieces: “Sta nd.” “Reck’ 
SCREEN Wed., Feb. 3 at 8:30 Thurs., Feb. 9 at 2:30 
- " , . . ; 
AMBASSADOR—"‘Helen_ of Trov” at Constitution Hall Lisner Auditorium | terminal serving New York end closest te midtown New 
~The &he Wol! at York. Only 2) minutes by limousine to new West Side 
8:10 p.m. Liscremia Terminal @ 42nd Street and 10th Avenue (lust @ few blocks 
CAPITOL — ‘Rottom of the Bottle.” st 
at 1)°45 

from the hotel district) 
11:45 m. 3: 3:45. 5:45. 7:45 
COLONY Marty at 4°30. 8:10 and 
bh pM 7.48 and TCHAIKOVSKY: Vielin Concerte 

: ‘.. m s 
50 Dm. % 
. 1:45. 3:45, 5:45. 7.4! 
DUPONT. ny » oo” ob 20-30 & MOZART: Adecte end Ronde for rictin and erch. 
: abho Yy i's 
5 36. 5 "30 9 4 and 9 40 MOZART: pte meas from Serastic : 
SB! ‘ er 
sinths_-o a 40 ah peu Y . “ = Reservations for pre-concert luncheon on Thursday, Feb. 9 of 12:30 im 
at Phan . at e Rest es »f{ " Our Madison Arms. featuring Paul Hume. Call HUdson 3-404 
LJ 15. 5°30 and 8:45 D. nn ' 
MachRTHU n- “et ne. Ni isp My Number 
55 and 9°50 SAT., FEB. T ] AT 8:15 
METROPOLITAN—“Helen of Trov Pops Concert | 
at 11:30 a. m.. 2°05. 4:35. 7:10 end 
545 5. mm 
| ONTARIO — “The Man With the 
Gelden Arm at 1. 3:16. 5:25. 7:40 
anc 9:50 PD. a 
PALACE.—"“Ransom.” at 11 6. m.. 1°05. 
3 8,028 7:35 and 9:45 >. m 
| Pix. ock-N-Ro at 12 2:30 
5.05. 7°35 ane Ion > nm Home ' 
own Oir' at i | 50. 625 end ° 

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wATORAL—Rabuks Dancers and 
ptusich clans. at 8:30 Dp. m@m 
SHUBERT—‘‘Kismet.'' at 3:39 3. m 


You will lend@at Newark Airport . . . most modern of 

3:25. 6:40 and 10:05 


. 2° 


’ * g mayr mes SS Sale Featuring Braniff's “Silver Service” Flights 
4 H . A We STORES Rael "4 &, . =, " 0% + is Tickets: $1.20, 81.80, 82.40, #.00, $3.60 iy Weied’ ih tes Thkeckeies 
. ty: © Ppappeticen sade, National Symphony Box Office Kitts, 1330 G. St. N.W. NA. 8-7332 he ee 

‘ > ik 

-—_y- — - ae _ a 

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BETHESDA—-DIVVER MOTOR CO., 7730 Old Georgetown Rd. _ 

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INC., 600 East 

Pershing Drive. | ; 

New 56 





1704 Mt. Vernon Ave. 


3237 Wilson Bivd. 


954 N. Washington St. 




a . 


: : | | . MEN ! 
| HELP, MEN 15) HELP, 
‘ ___15) wep, en 35) wate, an 15) OP, Mot os ohare... mae: Ni 
LD | MISCELLANEOUS Wanted 13/ HELP, MEN ston Siats| bide. Gi heats Bk dase. Woones WANTED—Experjenced young 
: THE WASHINGTON POST and TIMES HERA ‘GEDROOM. dining cultes. ofhce, a ce| ACCOUNTA to § - pressure reused *, Salary der as bide. = dependable. Salary and hes experience. desir fot our men's ety ee ge . 
31, 1956 furnit na —. rators MBIA UPOD exp. en | Anariment. 2M. 3-6700. 00 ion > ones profession. we ment. oe > 910 7th st, Re, 
8 Tuesday, toa 4 pu 74 0513 A. 6- 2977 ‘COLU e- ie 7 ai 7 > are during this busy $12,000 train, ‘vou thorough r. y > Bags ay paz. Geo ay 
} ates eae olor . NG = rove SRI@s . 
“SALE MISCELLANEOUS ati i Coons, bovant Any eh Ba. re. Gs te: ze ngulte 2 aa" a) isnwashers Ber. 519 ee ga Re B. “om the a4 :  Wiiedien "mo Juniors hg Drodyct which tas oi 
| a tington competition. all le ‘ MEP | 
Additional Classified | ED — Rollaway. ai, ba is = a hee] ’ | Bat gs Les ae An hae 3 = CREDIT TRAINEE 826 lee Hi Highwar wr Ain WAN. B.C. 080 canvassing required Cah for tA | SAL 
ean Good co ania ave. ; LEBMAN. exp se n't 21 to 20, eood ROD _AND CH . terview, Mr atty, © ve, | 
On Page 30 icici | movie eq gosh ot ro ph. Sau ALBSMAN ig: Sea] peer’, youne man 23 te 38, sood DRIVERS LLOYDS EMPL. SERV. weepin Time) —1 need 5 men to paeee Pe 
: ; ' ve = : 
nt ae chest, loveseat, bookcase, Horn. 926 D st ne. RE. 7-2496,_ GALES CORRESFONDEN TS ty A pen | Agee alte. OU 7-1abe FUEL OIL TRUCKS 1420_H. Y._ave_nv.__OT,_3-3207| Qyiy me eves. $d weshonds. $49.00 | Direct selling experience pre- 
' J] : _ on 7 : x i ‘ 
SIDS AND Mh an Ad | sctiai ie Lennard CAN ASM Tiooteee far | Punc r PRAINERS, youre sto Year-around employm excel | PART Tie | ferred, but will consider neat 
u A OMT NEES . 0 LA ' 
 & Grounds, Jan. 25, 19 {4 MOE ‘bbibe eve f dig. pee ha =e a ti NP rICK GENERAL = REDIT AND nid ye oligars. “ind 3 F Dp P N fteik dalle and can’ wae ta extra | appearing men with desire for 
il be ‘Teed. nsieta $30, HE, 4-8499, eves. . 7 : , stoves, } CLERKS. HS . $2750 C ust be 2 oF Sider af to $10 daily serving regular | | nee 
“o Pa ave. n Wash. ae RAME and ae oa Steam. a rare pt A a code | gh ACE LS R. youns . 33 J ares Paowiedee tru dan. and tan SALESMEN Watkins w'siw nen 305 ‘Be. sales work. Qualified appoint 
, roe G ) | admin... . iW. Bt : - 
nd ect Bata pechteed | MUOING Matec — | ORE Ponts “acc-wobanwors | RPh MbeePnaer ws tatt) §~COLLECTION | ds tase tage tat 8. i t salts potiton now open | MICEHAND—Perm. sallloa Shes! ment selling in the home. Pos 
Bal Segara: jacrater tinh, Ave NE ti Ft rite, it Bought | ONY MER. tech "Maint work ork MANAGER ENGINEERS 46 000-810.000;-sleciz.| fs our BE. branch ccsaaty“aualty| terested in learnin anh aS i itively no canvassing. Should 
6 3 Olive lade ; Kitchen Wald.” ni ure uU OR tne an . ; ’ | good references necessary *| pot necessary. N shift ‘oe f $200 
C. Pro- CABINE value. ur mm. DC Rie req and ae hot en . leads furnished. Gaies train- an- verage in excess oO 
al forms. plans an nd specris o- hay bent a ber 640. | ABBOTT & LANDON. EM. 2- de ) Rie INES. Statio Agent <4 GENERAL EMPLOYMENT fof ite. vacation with pay. sa alary plus ning pl — ne the ce 3 and’ ‘¥ . yest 
inable from Bypervisor. Cont toe F S—Double. seats 5. size 60x48. FURN. WANTED—Cach for sincie Cargo Agents Plight itd. __6368 Youne man for position os mane- Ds liberal commission hospitalization NIGHT AUDIT CLERK oh weekly. Guaranteed income 
nd . ~~.” *ipenrem ave nw sk: excellent conir ti be leces or household qu 5-03} ACCTS.. gR ro ers $6000 cer of credit and collectio es | and life insurance leasant arecnd, fonditions is | while training, Apply in per 
(Tel. NA 8- 6000. Be oe a 0 ex iho” am lhonsc | also need tain? ; canes Clerk-typist .. .... te 9 = —s Coen “-: educa. ENGRAVI NG AMANA METROPOLITAN benefits. including ne. » aieiiee | Mr. Rice. 501 Rhode 
Pi MET 2 ay . ees eka. ; - ellen@ op- and hospitaiise io “| son , 
Spd piano. Mr. Gray. NA. 8-26 ecretarics 4 fon and Yor Tuburs ~ ate ee emsnt FOOD PLAN mont odie | ’ 
| tap Nga aged GOLD Beles tor ta iwc St B60) Hevigentnting gent MOREE | Aq op Operator ee | TAME OTE | Island Ave. NE., 2d floor, oF 
7 OMT est Nw on inom "wih ‘Capatlle ao ‘coab | Bring vour dental e9i4. platinum "Annette a) atelmen ing condit Rica" and * any | | Call #0. €-€709 for interview ‘cies Tek TATION OP-| calt AD. 2-6838, 9-5 p. m. 
ne istarded jew Pp | | employe ERATOR. white: apply in person: 
ide Bide Sth & w NW : to be bonded. Bud's) Late model car essential. 
OF. bY - A N "INC. 235 Woodwar ' can stand 
TRUEST ORY wk BRIC baa | Absolutely Flawless A. K oo eorae ST. NW. ; te 414 IMMEDIATE OPENING Experienced on Gorton ie Esso Bervice 8230 nt mates aw 
a By virty ge a ett ae peerifioe tel see we ene, | "OR JUNK WANTED ~ | ACCTS. FOR CPA’s FOR APPOINTMENT CALL | machine des —— Many Pesto F CLERK powratiat ft’ SALESMAN” — Youre naa wifh 
. trust aly recorded. ni .  $8000-66000 up company its. RPOYD'S. cor ' e lity department See Mr. Sycile, 
tise, Ting’ tecorge of the Dsthiel| CARP JEWELERS Berap | m wphiging. el pitts,| SENIORS. ie 4 L. J, seanengee n neers | Adeae — 3 | Kitt "Muse Co. out ai a 
: Re, and and at the poreae: 06 F St NW service Junk Co. LU 2 today dy! ACCTS -BEKPRS. ¥Y IN PERSON gi OFounc PL. 911 ing | SALE MEN 
of Fas Barty secered Sareet, Mat | : _| NORELEO a hate v | gene ane ca oe $90 G. S pe & c APPL SL Alex. RL 9-1 | ia 
Sublic auction within’ the office HICTAPHONE—Tine-Master mod-| be in good ibs sccmeh ane aw. 2 8 up Chas to O.| wonDay THROVON, FRIDAY On sir-borne  elgctro-mechanica | Established ae. Hos discuss 
t Thos Puen & Son. Se nw = ff Ee ing E 70 + liting waNreN=cian Jor a eed ‘upper Conn ave. $73 1310 N. Y. Ave. NW, $a & TOCP. wt | control contempt. 5.2. caree cin PACKAGING particulars of prev preven opportunity 
tua ; Bs . , ; y in ‘ “~ = ® : ical oO r 7 : . . 
TO WEDNESDAY. THE 56. | 5-9399 leave message. | piano. Mr Seiteer 10. 9 AS29 Sie aicht noite ie £5-478, ; | ing. Physics  (iiectronics) or] ENGINEER he right men to earn & zene 
Y_OF EBRUARY A oe > 8 DITTO MACHINE. ELECTRIC— ay CL ro Br Sites tht wie $65-%95 NA. 8-418] | equivalent technical experience: Hg Bo e telephone tee 
Bg Bin’ oy land and Y Co. gn A ed or $200 907 | PIANOS 30. "53030" tay a Asst bkkpr tries, oy jek Ree: ~4 R, INC. tae ay Pa os Mm in ASSISTANT Randy 
s. situate in the District o ' wed Building FX. 3.12394 styles 7U. § a a ast BEDTS. (9! , $70-$75 | ‘ / \ the field Must be willine to re-| 
ing tat, Si Greet, Sete ELRCTRIC | OVEN ~orianle Tike doom deat with reiabis compen |“ "Srhien ‘fORttions "| | ee re | Salk send ee on 
b Bouth-| new. reasonable. . store Ge ; en's wear. high salary ceptional opportunity 
the subdivision made py the : hais link: 1 68 mith : Mer won 96.41 . positions offer a challence tionally known ~SALESMEN © 
plat Fa Ad = Mig’ TR ‘ot the "Toot foatated” Perm c NETS” -4444 INSTRUCTIONS 14 Baars » 1 ® seed en p to" 814.008 DRAFTSMEN sepals COnCH. tonne re Oy toon manufacturer 
ervevor for the District ¢ ty FILE CABI wae «Purchasing asst $308 (Take Arnold 2-¥ bus from 21th | and. offer and 
4 at Folio 29 . . 8275-8300 Bae AT , | in all phases of engineering assignment requires a 
pple De a te 75 wood 4-drawer legal sae eee AIRLINES - Se ith ni 065-3138! MECHANICAL and sts. nw. to Diant entrance.) | manufacturing. Tes tate backsroun 4 in | HEAR You ARE STILL 
os . Pyro s ste te] : ; agin 
$3529 f ey particulars, of | —, wae ‘tise GP Shan Walker, AIR TRAVEL AGENCIES | sa leemen "Oy inside young «£3800 Juniors, detailers. lagout a Contact Our Mr a. with the’ solytion Md LOOKING FOR THE 
ii be announc . be-W icke makes Pi | lerk ered exempt tions open for men in- . complex p 5. mals 
Satin ond oh | Sue ie is 19g Falier-bear. og RC kes, RET. 767| telilenute ttt seer | omens John McPhail Sige of technics! and pro- | RIGHT PROPOSITION 
said trust to b wired Cone} oe yar “condition : nd women. Many interest> ATLAC Anes Cc and scientists on electro-mechan ee ed 
Gece 98 See Fount ~) ing i oo. ee es ee dvancement. qcy., ical mechanism in design—deyel-| duction equipm “ 
chase?'s cost, Adlasynerits made) F FREE DELIVERY AND, BARKING | ing’ well-paid. flisnt ‘opportunt:te | 1420.8. Y. Ave. NW. Room vn 3a| coment “Opportunities for ad. Mon. Jan. 30 or Tues. Slee sdbutee ‘eidoe CALL AD. 4-3648 
} ; erms to be here, coast to coast & SST.—$500. Unde meperits : : glass and tin. ‘ 
oe ued eh rithin +B cave; 639 N. Y. AE. NW. oversean. After short. low cot As ae 7 * tf joan and or pagkin | vancement mple required for Recent Jan. 31, ] 5 Pp M. or- J w Tavestinations ond ) ss 
forfeite +. tr i s ¢ : : rt ioe a | ' repor saints i — _ 
thes Sree i eae be advertised FIREPLACE + had ae — ACE with present omproy ment you Mt rior ins oni DOM) 7- 9 Pp M. _ NA, 8- 4420 ite Bet PWR OUARA 
yt bd t the discretion o screens an +h he” TA sa083- he flo sliywood. Calif NEER to CALL ST 3-0986 jtien reoulres « $150 PER ’ if vou 
and resold a OVE. 1011 7th ®w. NA. transpor' tatio 4 att for final Phas*® AIR-CONDITIONING ENGI ‘ The poe : emistry After ! mo. in our emp 7, ¥ 
truste Es. AM HUB poe cul euy : ration. For detas,| instruct becinner class 2 eves backgroun Ls) are @ top-notch man and joo 
PETER STATH F ee 3 of job preps hinjea! , OR WRF en Physics. Preferably a , dome 
THOMAS STATHES trapest. ee ong oe Ae pe -_ = + sending name dress. age snd raat ye. good pay. Write x Engineers MR. JOHN HEFFIN OF Ep he Ch R deeree: vel ae vous cai is are defin- 
UR COA Son Bee phone numbe + eee 6 UPERY ISOR OF BALA ersed im the field of f ‘we hay 
excel cond.; reas. NO. 77-1466, | AVIATION ay MAING. AO Post TR ) ; RSON AC SPARK PLUG 4 Ate about 20 ite saleg, we 
SUSINESS —— 9 FURNITURE ~16 rms. Biso 5 re-| oor 167 BT NW D. ©. | teen MEC HANIC —Must be expe- | NEL technology. Ae *e oy ee 
fri¢s. and 4 gas stoves. Gee Pe Inexp gl cs ng in| “rienced i Br geen aw's Texaco a SO he Electronics The position is located in Men applying must be able to 
cere MB ETT" eee) Divisi sate Se 
“Os ioria DS = house. | ME wit rn bondable is position ts oorme- 
foo and porches, club rooms. FURY ae Some P ree ees: | DR. 4 ASST. 0. C EMPL. EXCHANGE | . IVISIO Please forward a complete nent. We are at earning {rom 
dormers attics i types home FCEN. s se giman kes 2 agi.) for prof. career. WHITE AND CROESe nior | M tors resume including salary mén accustome ee = 
improvement work ren com bed ; tables Siempe. desk, mod. | San” Cian call Wash. SCH Short order cook . $i5 + 4 d Genera O ips | requiremens, -35 Tassanal interviews bet i 
gereet ae boar ae  ? ee nd i’ OV. 3-2994.' prys Alpes Di, 7-7123. 1028) inter, ¢xDT. ...... és a3 an . Corp. ; 341. Post TH a” "Bee') Mr. White. 610 9th st. pw. 
AX PIPELINE gy > oft rORNERCRE, Net Baten — "0; | 22th TEARS Chorthar Se | Borters. peeerrseeser 35" T I ) if } r Box M- , SALESMEN (2) 
clogged sewers, sinks rd 50 . ' 45 innerspring hoys. expr o+* ** MA N g Wi ans | “ residents of NW. Wash. 
equipment: ce et, 4.0083 | on I oe Rm. 3 couch, 3: ABC Shorthand ri R. ech w, "Ettenaant ** - IN eats wit ” 5 baad “PERSONNEL TRAINEE i Montecinery weeny Ste. Specialty 
“pour ser —atiues, fremoatiis.| dining foom set. 850- bed : WEEKS AT HOME Fvice etet  ‘e *.. $80 ? ‘ Oil truck drivers must know | be veteran in 20's with col-| selling field: no om try. ne 
a dogged 70 oms Act JR C. ‘ety ae set, Sa0" coll Springs. $0: Complete Course. $] 5 | | ‘aaciianes tn mech cae * . Washington and molsepeuee ‘sad lege, background: ae one] a uvwel ddan above average 
Nathan Chinitz. we ' ‘ a4 o| ric pprentice " t opportu . s and bonus 
DDITIONS.  siterations concrete, | ae ee tog tee Oe. Bua See. | sesthpats, Gesenety. long plavias Parking lot aviend’ spares) 53 ENGINEERS * Challen ing y e lenve, Gnifers ond tountry ment office | Drawing secount if prcessary 4 
rms. comand Nalls General %4 m ahoe. $15: mar-| records. Gistation Pamphiets Ovst shucker ‘exp.) an J 9g r si eave, un eferences ¥e- SHERATON OODLE B97 ¥ ow ualified salesmen. Car nec. For 
a tractor, TE. 6-0003 after 6 $20 nian’ a of drewers. $20. We) shorthand key) Baiesmen no couvees n ' | 7 , supplied seed te 4p. m. Mr.| CONN. AVE. & WOODLE personal interview. call bet 9 a.m. 
+4 tie ms. carports | Dle-top chest | finishing. eab-| Schoo] Course, $67.50 1512 9th NW portunities in ired._ Call 9 a. m UMBER—j«t class, top wages for 5 om. Mr. Chester, Ol. 
DITIONS. a:tic roo a) Go reupbolstering. re | 00 HO. 2-5514. Price TA. 2°8600. ——-—— | PL ‘ d new work. No 130 ; 
wd, a PHA fi raneing' ry ee F ene separa: baw Terms, oi5 down with small sony eer MO 2-5512 é ESMEN a —— ee 1050 St 3. 
PHA fnanc draperies. cornic es in weeks day l2 wees T AL » elpers “ —— = local 
N co " 80. $-8249._ holsterers, 2447 18th | ents. 6 ing AU O ; EMEN exp. Jobbing, loc 
slahicn, DP anerkicedeY ate ig the Hoftmen rs a SC nig E Bapert teachers {ree 17D | USED CARS Here is hn any By : MOUS $43 an ae aber ined SALESMEN-COLORED” 
to repair that house, a ‘. for “3 rms. Very | aia : k on an - v ‘ TT PHONE -day 4 “oe 
feo a build that cluoroom - yy 4th ot nw. Apt. 4 ayy ‘aay EMPLE SCHOOL Exp. nec. $100 Suasemiesd astery, promt apie op th the Coes te Be PL. SERV | B! b_ RA 3 —_— VETERANS 
“usual ideas, Pree estimates pun. c8es_ after 5:30 = | aa Pak Female Poactioa)| Wut Raye, 1000 prospects for used! crpimeN wi LLOYDS EMPL. : Bra 
- ° " ; SA. ~OI « 
CARPENTRY a basements. pee Be we. ie 5-31 — 3 RADIO“ > bay By SS pairs and 8200 © Won erful ape SATELLITE. reee ie sang ree a ARAN auf POR 1 ERS eee ne nit not ecessar : 
i, 7.4876 rer wk . . Reiptul R not neces: s 
| jobs a speciality. WA. 7-4876 abt ” Temple School, 1338 GO st.) men Heals for go-getter to av- the EARTH , Fev E OPERATOR porsenes eae Joan oe 
paven VENTS insta led | Apecial fo A- 8-3258 : rian $10 000-812 year. Ideal olutionary new ROCKET . IBM MACHIN are nteed Apply 9 8.m. to 7D. 2. 
s RNI URE | eee TRAINING: in beauty wed wor ine cond Ronus. vac. with ; ASTER | eltabie research organ asasien | be ee we & 
wxreet tt ING don : FU ture’ all subjects taught: aporov , ADply im person. Merson s MISSILES. the SEAMAS ner la osition available for 
exis, books. ¢1 4-123: inin Ve. ciasse 74 0 NG . tor fomt ia for ‘ 
GORS CLEANED: cf 4-308. ) Wand Yate ests ® COLLEGE. Auto Me sce aeons =| Jot seaprene pecs mae the collater and offers fim 402, FALLS CHURCH LABORATORY 
e. $2 M t~176 have q ude } osition . 
SMe IMPROVEMENTS “Porch e5- 3 R S NUI RSES” NEEDED The Ee Fa ER tee tee Syste S workine oon sem emoyore.” be ps penetis | 
a = D Pate er ms |é SALES 
porch and iron railing, audition “BRAND NEW 100 women wanted. 17-65. to learn) & woe { BS. Capitol st. bridge. _ tere contest Os | Bale c Church a. preterred. 
ETURNS nursing: white or colored: for ori | Raanaitio Salesmen — | Unusually attractive open- pe erry ces required. 
(INCOME TAX R \ FOR ONLY page Mh ag Wag + Day ey hoo | If you can sel] and have the Gee | ings now available in: mat SURANCE detector, ‘rel treines a anv cnpleve benef R 
AL-—8STATE—LOCAL -—Sat. classes. No hich soho sire and asbility tea contact = | 24. & Me E 
Prevared by we Bony 2 reliab e $ 245 nec’ Erte employment service. poopie. > or yo Rs > iT rs fantrom ‘Aen Wa. Ki. aa ie. y N 
° bad . : « - ni : . : _ 
serv: reas. rates; pverase rere “ALSO. INFANT Ae ke | dente “ammission tate of t| TELEMETERING Oompu e | fe, caildren. living ates. must) _ vi TO d Be Me 
A." B-olis tA. 912009 to 8! NO MONEY DOWN Roecial Attention given | ‘nignest, commission, tee ot ELECTRONIC INSTRUMENTS. cont te a Mt Sownera| — MONDA The fastest growing 
A 36114 . The - pecial St tad ' DS eee-y ocessories . . s0n . 
-_—Te SERVIGF POREIGN STUDENTS | Cars. plu inom om ace *. se. tpesintens 
Rptujne orsparey Ry acimaurants. Terms Arranged, Free Delivery! 5 108 gin, iit, write phooe| Sanleer Aue SaRG Oste"| COMPONENTS IQita Pera eecret? Sarnpany i 
etc. Reas. 3115 14th st. ! Por tree as | ' ite, / emo “er ddison Chevro- | JANITOR — PAR IN ind t has an 
-1 6-3145 for appt. National In son to Day vis, Add iso TO-PILOTS . the indus ry 
FAlntIne "i exter. roofing. SWANK FURN. Vietor Bis. 909 G pL nw. ST. 3-387 | I dales. Ine. Lath & Piorids ave.| AUTO « tiv rtun- 
gutter, spout work. LI. 7-2 ‘ed aa 1115 H ST. NE RADIO ANNOU NCING UE b-shss. nth INERTIAL NAVIGATION and Retired, colored _ sentloman 10 attractive rig nl 
Fu we « eee - ° “ classes. —_ S- offices: : . - 
"oe comeed sinter pa B.C. LI. 3-8700 ONIT-PBX Course | AUTO SALESMAN SYSTEMS | = | 1908 Artingion Bird. ity for a Sales Engi 
AINFING = Honest and reliable | Hons. inauire NA’ 6-2540, BOYD NUCLEAR CONTROLS } Shoat ana Ave. NE | neer with a technical 
PRINTING — Mopert LU. 2.8541, ) SCHOOL." test. 42 yrs.), Cor. 12th) w, nove on ° ing for & new car) = r d noon for details | background either in 
Farini: Gor Painting $30 per yr. old $50. JA. 17-9400, Ext. 108.) and nat stom ba "tt Eynot sr. “the | Na O RNOTRE DPI OPERATOR OR _— (Take Arnold 7.7 _pae trem 33th A a Electronic 
= PM 30% or | . f t j and E sts. nw. to p ircra tor ecTtroni 
Carpentry and tile et og rie 5 o rab kers because Pp . AD. 2-1846 | Join the astest grow ng = = 
* New. used: gu an most office wor rs ; TWO. THAROER— NA , , 
bu 71-7086. Eyes. and weekends, ‘RANG s— . “ove x hig peed Giete Wee Mo 3 oe * commission ’ : , TE a ork in new E n 
a » teed: lowest prices. Acme they take A i: ' ; : RADIO AMATEUR—to w naineeri g. 
: : 92 pareeee carpentry:) 1031 7th si Ay. ‘ 489398 — & ig a Sta k.. aay Heatran tp col mf major aircraft Ke enemted Meiddie ase. free Bex beset iy r gneriers ee ae eat hove ao 9 
free estimates ney down: @EATERS. RANGES i rend pow. Te emple School. 1338 G st. ow in the indust : a ae ee eppovementere. Hiues ana Giese 
1A dealer. NO 7-379. gas. oe yood. Nes aa e-bose Bikeve wee um have, ‘7 ys 2 Park 14. ny rr. untae Pinaee Mr Jordan. JA. | t $12,000 
PERHANGING—$12 and up this’ Co Hae NAS NCCAL eS | BAR andria license. TE. 6-9474.__| iSS!I e MANAGER t o-| San _...|_ Salary up to ; 
Shi Sage” 10 Aette at's |ALOUawe Gea ea ETAL AGES "heen tone ae Heli" VALUE Sof Gut R=) wat weraeeacenuey—os-| >°/9°Y 
able pager — . Imm. del SECO SALES, 617 Siigo a Detter 10336 New Hamp. ave.. - mlimited future for high-| portunity for er Sales 
STERER—Repair work liver S&pri JY. 8-30 ONE | G O . shot Unlimi Ri. , ae over.| good working conditions. § 
sige 1 Cen "Pra. 00") or A ae BP e eri | SH HENS TYPING) ““"sisce-saces | WASHINGTON UIGANCE | Hskee a sce! etree cl peice win be tress 
7 i . 4 "eg l@s mit - 
PLASTERING, G, painting. carpentry. tool J $17.50 iL a-tiee SPEEDWRITING $100 vk. w et > « m. 990 RVIEWS liz car. Por get Sonaahebed el GEORGES peat TY co _ ep ah pers 
‘ - : Room ; J ey. . ; a asin dence. 
ro Bree e stimaté, LI. 6-2478. ICE FURNI URE In 6 Weeks SKKPR Know Ly ping TTS aS INTE 4-0700, 10 & im to 7 >. m. Mon ROUTE SALES. — Sth te| ed with ¢ 
NG, co ee sed ice UN 1 , . - n ’ } 
PLASTER mpt service. UN. 4-078. $25.900 stock, new and used of Ouher 6-Wesk .Couees: ne Stee» 3] : . dix “reputable Gah Wigh, Gehopl| PLoxMeNT ‘307 Hom. spams.) 
AS iG. paich: white mech sks. 815 D: 4-Grawer lexal and ECEPTIO TELACK. with barber shop: JAN. 0- ith the educa to 6cjearn — wholesale | SALES § -  -K.B, 4 Me Contact 
res; Dyompt service uN. co $9 ties. ‘$10 up” 100 > aD. abcert Tow ist 1: pipier exper 24 106, Bre at aS Ww _ | sheet metal, peotine ree a Pord wre ee i, cor 12th G 
FLUMEIN ind heat remode}-| ; e . ; nH & : ent. 5- S. 
ye 8 2e job too s Ate files. core files Refinished ARD rea. ‘OPERAT. CK] d. and Lawrence 4. othe ‘advantages Rapid advance- | ~2340._ 
ing or new work; dition CHBO ist New River r .. other Rie peren No 5. now actives “gelling at » L 
A. 3-0885 ; he Dew oF hi AND we Re TEC . oP Paton Cheve Md 5% day For persona! interview, phone ment Jer ne ow Apply in! "service stas Earn ilarce dl PROFESSIONA 
; “including Sund and gar an hoi cae S TaN N OPPICE BGC bs Waiting — Free riegement AUTCHER Exp C45 : s Bu. | Mr. Robert Brown, at EX. | ec ronics person at Til Edgewood recent | SOnm Excel tert Trip-C EMPLOYMENT 
a6. 639 S M te 9 2233 N. Pershine dr ween 9 and i) 4. @ ye. 
yw 4-967 be ee ENV. Nee auire 3 per Market _ 3-5888, on Mon., Jan, 30th, day and Sunday 
rien . TAN ew—it's cise Phone: ST. 3-2086 Arlin aa ’ ’ Lafday and a ae AL M 
RS to root, Specia! winter! be new ne Wuriiaer electronic piano Secretarial School BUTCHERS ‘White); muss be ex) and Tues., Jan. 31st, from , ici aes mn © eh [ es od 
escounts PP cies “3 —~*hirrs. 1390 6 8. Rw | SPeedwriting q se “ent top ich. for rise 9A. M. to 9 P. M., or write IVISIOl ) coe 687 week! y income: ase 11°) World's largest manufacturer | of 
mea . " ‘ 
AAS J - ad. Por interview phone business forms and equipmen 
29 i yodeling work done ae Hh SUT nas = oa” ome wo sliver : 38 re RE S-bied, Tuesday ted territory open in Wash. 
able; free est. | v1 . buy later if you! ] Colesville r. Beli protecte 2 to 26 
Se ena elie | NOK Te Hast ely SSeS | men women 22 ae waoscune: Bnd of AN-Wrtt CK swag aa | SiR cat. "BE, Thorton | 
' rice, weesly > “at Ri. r j lus d Sield training pe 
~ .§9@| from ork lessons. KITTS, | $F5. Closed circuit telecasts rvisor, $125 weekly salery. plus! office an leant wil : 
LOST free adult piano REI of Short courses Plecem men: “= CAB DRIVERS PROFESSIONAL nus. Under 38. Write Box 665. at S300 per month appicens wil Baltimore 3, Md. 
BrAGLE—Male 3 years old; black pa PE, claimed $55 | orthwest Racio & B< | do not have an identifi- —bBhe at year based on salary and 
OL. 7-930 ae cones zeas Pea ees st ps pace | . Recker’s test Tha exp. pa! YMENT ral Motors MAN WITH CAR commission. plus expenses Col- 
y : sone pow Se Gulorenees. | A 23 * oan ts iyin wih help any EMPLO ne ttractive income: good references.| lege preferr = oe a 
, erms if you Wis i. i he cab cr . . Accounting or 
sis, tet, Biot Nauta!) BRL Talc! do" Ti rares| Eewushe nsoellne octyl werice | eer mata C ration arian Type, Goi] ferience, betotul. Call XA. 8-877 
. collar, m = a Wilsan aE NW. DIL 7 . } glis ; Thur. Eve. BOYD SCHOOL Orpo alert. firm, experienced man.| [or appointment _ canals aaatertal TRAINEE 
ee : | prER 3 of | veai yrs.) Cor. pain 20-88) 131 Las NE. LI. 3-5102 ‘ under palers ood salary. top g-wert- ee mo. Selesman janitor > 
Bik. and SY . “tp et ) , Waite — es typing " M k ? ers erences in f : xp. $8 Bales auto- | are between 23-30, 
a green collar: vic SBel-| rental and floor idisplas on late col OurD. + as ee English | wau ee ; poe: gh to_ travel 00 i FE ye} college background, Soy 
voir Naval Housing Rew : pane. in superb condition. course wit typ ABC, ma) h WAGER. indies 1 spec aly ¢ pore. | = Morgar at agit NEL. 1 | will be interested in a an zecttan' 
ild’s pet. JO. A=) ao "en: KITTS. 1330 G st. FW. or machine oryn “3259 Wi ; percentag G NW a les Training or ' Ore 
; a 1 cs a Pk | | RANGENGas. | wear old Kenijore: — ~ — CLAIMS ISCONSIN fonnit at et rapidly see ty BY oy ae fered br No" pren Ng tion 
nie, ’..Sun.. ¥ ; as y ; , ny. Good salary 4 85 weekly: good fu { neces#ary and comopletio 
as 2-530" Bet | A ee eg TNT at as EXAMINER Baltimore 3, Maryland po gee ey ‘Tecessary. Per-| tare. Bope 3 id promotion. Cail) of this proaram can lead to Bales 
-mo.-0 pedis igree i TORS—Used. all makes, A m CPA. . 3 : ition with excellent fu- i) 210 or. confidential @P-| Venacement High starting sal- 
ter speyed female; brass par A-l cond. %4 how | NAL — Timely Loan ® 3211 Rhode| DI om i | ary. plus excellent incentive plen, 
leather collar. Bireyed “from fom Auto Supply. 1320 Good NAT AGE 25.35 E t arnin s in pare. Ave. Mi Reinier, M4 HU | | -Rotpument —SUCCESS WINDED” This is an exceptional cesertuc 
Ls. 7 weoblhmealbemttlies 4 up: all makes! §=Employment Service — njoy top e 9 fae EEeTNORTO- TECH $85 WK. PLUS BONUS Re “hts future, Call Mr. 
7-5712 after 6 GSs.. an : 7 . ra Ng in hts futu : 
LEMUTE — Resem me pe ond sizes seamen te, 5fP* _ ean Lareest Acency With at least 2 years expe- e ; the most aggressive, want up to 8150 wk A real opportunity has been ore-| Lg RE E 
License and. gables (ass on "fe | NCopditioned "Puls “guar op, Re SALES rience in automobile claims fastest growing mid- COLORED Sietral® men’ wh are’ “wiline to | SALES REPRESENTATIV 
ecliay, - evrenllben tends (PPRIGERATORS. aN 2 sales expenses. comm. 85000! work for local office of in- fo ILM tern town—Mil-! sizpcover currens . 05 wk.| par — Ee 6 work and | Age 25-50 for 
oa ‘ 7 ubes » One : . ‘ 
hg? Smal us. NA. ~h r = ahha - used U_8-$8 2 presentalive. mfr bulbs. Senos | su. grce Company. Salary arg wes e Wi UPHOLSTERERS | «0 BRS we. earnings and Mo Be Maryland and 
° t. ——— —? cu in “exee c ' xpenses- ere back- ’ . RESSERS. sees . ust tut : 
iid TRIER Broz cog wuts Pith Podic Monde ations! feed St. Weelgers., | UPON experience and back-| stants Sebo din Gr Enciines “8 "S| terial, ee 24-407 prod sapere) ~~ Washington, D. C. 
} Te a ' atio iv t ’ | on 
bese ues fine oe | ene ee ee ces | en ‘ut. mags. #380-4909| found: Please give complete CRIP] SLAiee Sie Se | EO AT ERMAN | Seaeeeneine,sppeentz fer 
ward. WA, 7-113) 101) 7th pw. NA. 8-89 Ss. meen. $325, Particula : : JANITORS (2) $160 m iy known 
. " afiver (with 5 pearls. Reward. | eed ott -8k, = | oolnees ene. _ $400 -_ > ber to Box 642, Post TH. The: men ec vith NATIONAL EMPLY. SERVICE, Fo ean service are: ex- manufacturer's sti oreanis ° 
{. 2- - Shih | sizes: rebuilt; some eu | At ditioning odeeo- ' ; i riunity for advance- tion in the advertising 
; ck Teather: 26th 2 Admira] Sales | Air con mo. | rkin wit ‘ith st ellent © > . ‘future.” permanent 
d Elliott sts.. Hillcrest. Hts . Mo-! Upshur = ."o 53-0828, PMOFFICE PROFESSIONAL : enjoy wo 9g 719 ith 5 ee juent. Apply 621 Est. nw. office. We offer s Bota, hon wv. 
5 reward if everything return IGERATORS—65 DOWN: like’ OF pon so00 CIVIL ENGINEER. gradiate” Sipr. ; me of the top men. MEAT CUT | will provide: the best line in 
cx pocket need “and seman tie) "Bee all ye - -- . 3. Acctat., at = a Gort mB) in constryction = -~¥ — an some h permenant. full-time position with | SALESMAN our industry = competitive 
; og white, me 2- _ mis. oO. © : Idings wor 4 ull- a mplete ra ° 
-y ot 5. * y vith guar. “t NIVERSAL go. wad wand —_—, 88 56-610 000 eral contractor Reply, Box 598. in the field and wit aay tog’ first —_— — ad NO NIGHT CALLS AEE SS BR we 4 — 
| st ; 2-8 rman we F “4 = terri In) 
| eneee . , ur et pe TU. 2-s0h 113 Accountant clerk trainee shd0-244d , . the finest test, re- | oe sore Ase. xw : peurnen thade on business onices | —_ © on aan Siline te war 
006 State of West 4 Sat) Furn- cu ft. 2% yrs old; exc cond Accountan' wey somn)-ar to $350 LOTHING MAN d fi bic ANIC— Comm i in loca! protectes, Srofiteble and | hard with cot amplete resume 
a pergaee pend. Sere Bre! 3100. Bayne house with mew! Accountant ts +t to $80 wk C search and eve Op-| it 540 m3 At, Gare, 2334 | is clean. congenial. profite Sue | apply spend complete 
12747. Liberal reward Commu. refr Lt. 6-2385, etter 6. _ a ear inside exper .to shoo oa, bivd.. Ari. JA. 5-2000 | permanent ae alan om. M 28 Post- rive 
nicate w ha Serker we REF RIG —Westinghnouse 8 other | > A ER. able to dic - Interested in Sovctenes soreens! é ment facilities. ~ |SGRN—Bixeetlent openings for ()i i. oorits Opportunity ser e- tee REPRESENTATIV 
eS OW , ne A. 8-4522 misc| eet gna inna blue | wutre representa! ve’ wabnes.’ nat papinsse pad seth cumeame ‘will co Desi r and Developer men ul See: oe th el ome. vancement Be nt Rt re aay HH $7436 (Up) 
— 10A BUGS. PERS PL. 48748 9 ing. Car plu S500 me. operate @ erieae you established igne ‘ : | ph over $100 per week, ee below 40 ‘with cat America a1 “research, requires: firm 
- Uh eet - . r¢ ; n : , " ; | oo : Ate . - ; esearch o 
SETS TESS Wet oem HWS — Web —waonat.| cht Sader ian 3) So of, the G. M.'s long standing} Fy Tesablabed, rents he cat| Btani"ais "Seen “ir tooo eats saesenatie Sed ‘recap 
ale. ; ioned. : ; : , - . | gin : m , "COVER rie 4 : nt 
“th cat. | oth Paw 7s SINGER avwint pit a 702 Mork tselete wr ee ses ' . Box No. 651, Post-TH | VANGUARD policy of decentrali-| ens nag gee nay experience nee: “tales pot ton 2 oo Seeciiee Wash. A pty it a ae 
S—3) at Oh £ NGE tor $70" w y : : ; yg Fy . furnish | ssles p« ral and North- ~~ 
eb ae aaa; | Biel whens Ree eae espa tera. wv wf RENT, EARTH SATELLITE | zation: creates indi-. aera EE ae coe tit] we Wirt” Weel eiberiits| cu ce auacen 
; e L SF mis o o-- —— — > : pane - ’ a4 . eri ra) ik r “4 
a tail near ag whattan “ine round P msgg 7H wt te TiS. wun NATIONAL sur OrMent sEnY ~DRAFTSM EN vidual opportunity . sana! my ae ae a F in Seer, ces wring aE ae ee. SILVER SPRING-TAKOMA PARE 
abt lane. erse ay gem 1108 16th & ; nw.°or phone DI. 17-4477 or, *! rtunity with leading company ARS tor * 
1} SODA FOU NTAIN—Gom plete yaa, 51.35 Tap - ~ = Lee ; ; 7.240 Opper=un? le industry. Galatry. ate 25-50 with car to train 
ondition: must sell; $17 €125 | bi -3498 in resiliant ti ‘ indirect te 
alas Tarance’ "310; NA 8-087, OL. 1-2508 eves sh oF gpk Bilbu “2334 Wilson! IMMEDIATE OPENINGS! Has openings for ome and recognition, [ 18 te 22 commicnee. _ ‘reveling expenses.| manceomen held It ve like to sel 
“ . ' ; —_ iri e & vi - — ’ J e 
td it in fore e: 6-mo eropiums erences 4 B. Litt, ‘TEMPLE bivd a bene. FOR WORK IN D. a writers with @ concise § ME O experience and persons! Geta, ie to and can ave oa Youna. NA 
as we ag, Sn 4- 3109 anytime SCHOOL. i686 G &. N ie —<—se STANTS xp wiles Morcan AREA adapted to Bret Five satin ieltabe openings jp new tT gawk 7 ny Pee ade. phia 8.7356 Salary “sa commission 
15 n &- 3258 =<, SNEL. 21311 G WA in collaborat: ° ‘ { new company au 3 discussed at interview 
ee Lots Wanted a et tr tae | ue grams) TOP SALARY SCALE | ipl ins | Washington, eo oO A mame — 
‘ ME 58-0076 | Reasonable: ‘we : . Semi SF ) , ond ues “See John Peters. Rm ‘Page 
FOR RESALE CALI sig ORM WINDOWS — Aluminium | White } : 
where on plecoment LAT on® combnation er, serdene 8) POSITIONS, re, MECHANICAL RC D ‘To do tenia OEE ia, procery| ee | oh PUB BINS. Gy 
FRENCH Pee ENG. eek trans exp ‘och UD to, sim sae Haase romans! Immedinigrepett s for saleamen. DETAILERS Indiv 1 selec Arsene have . . . , Te. o Ss, S ead honesty, SALESMAN | aot? mer. re EY Facer 
Also Eng. Fr. Gree | SsURVE | b&kors.. aiaie” taedineaiian ability to coordinate pro- tact, appearance important. ter Poco eae 
3-152 Sand Gn: | | Sators. office cipri mechanic ELEC TRO-MECHANICAL th n erview quires 3 week bdavs every mo | : 0,000 8 
jampoo and : lane BY other open- tion of films with pro- ‘ period. $1.25 Eernin s $10,000 to & 
Meier meer) INSTRUMENTS | fi is various fi ne 4. Sree See see oe ey BY “i a, ve, & | SHEET METAL 
ger LEGE 1210 G - nw ensits. Le ve)as, Theodolites. CALL Di 5. 9217 essi a -_ a -TH tod =o to wo &. 72 call | 
anal? ROFERS ONAL TEIN aL? | Bincculs Lab. Optical Instru- cers a. or MINT : dio technicians. MEN 0 ee TRAINEES 
ae ire ' . - YPARS 
SS Mis A mead aicnuc coated. Bee) See ABBEY First EXPERIEN | Phone Collect SALES MOR TRAINEE 
taint MEBBAGE we ‘SINCE 19 | 1338 Eye St. NW ST. 53-0190 _ | ATCH POR AD orvisg An opportunity for growth, J n McPhail Youn, aggressive married man to! 
BAVE DONE on elec. | MD. PRECISION INSTRUMENT Accountant. sf.: semi-sr to 66000. tat S INTERVIEW DA Mr. onn enter a training program which | ; to of 
TYPING ter. Cal RMA. JO 28282 AND OPTICAL CO Md | Bookkeepers .. #. 875 30 ; To with initial salary about E : . | will qualify him for in 10> as a An excellent opportuni y vor 
: <3 > . , ap! an 
none ker coon |" ith gms * | SEG Teee mise, "8 sexe row feraneinw 10 | pth ital salary” sou presentative | Saiievann ‘acer"sshi* "Mt Gat! Reatie Prenct wetian orl An excellent apport, fo 
IN ATIONS: 24-hour Ce enna usters ¢ fu st $3300 rence : i Sefars| imediate earnings will be bas 
display Adams Print jing ¢ "505 | TIRE SALE | Advustors cart i ‘a 3375 VECTOR DESIGN: | training and exper Representative pared to start at once tn wi Immediate eoilty. Your frst rear metal trade 
4 1A ">. 8245 ) sie Sites | Pull recaps ets we “# lige ats. Acministrati . * $3000) Tues Jan 31 oiaee to earn and pore more should bring ne Sealeinn aoe Night Shift Openings 
nings, : On " 15. 86.7 71 : eller trainee. type ) ' ' oortant than educational bac Upen completic - 
: { in | 6 00x 16. > Kid ’ e importan ; 7 a | d im a& posi- 
CoOL SED. ain okie learn typing in | 7,.60x15. $7.75 had? $2 tor. *new) Route sales. food etc an oa | ORP. Resume and script samples 1-5 PM or 7-9 Pp. M. round. Will be peld varied start) sram you will 2 pees oresentiy 
16 weeks, Rs ABC. Gresa! treads. ALt, SER - crete 6 $250 TREET ed ) : : ne salary of $6 tes : a | 55.000-850.000 Annually For Full Information, 
course with short and TEMPLE | 3234 Georcia ave nw. RA. 6-9850 | Bank trainees (career: te to 311 MARKE required. pending upon ability. Rapid ad- | cerning 620.000-8 ae AB ogg ve F or Fu 
or Dae Ee: G NA 8-3259 | TV SETS arivers wines ° NEWARK. N J. a ; ¥ maaaaamant bale Wed in- : Visit Our Plant 
‘WOoToR TRAV "TTA Feat it ww ph |. WASHINGTON. ie Gavuonret Poa| tee eeesiepe ag ten 
tock clerks, oe 8 | ' : : 
, $100 and 2:30 p. m "t m ¢ D> m. Mon, Tues 
Bane TAT Marae tere) §=©— $30- $40. $5060. Aulo mechantes':."*" "0138'S Claims Adjuster ‘Trainee | NA. 8-4420 | ai por, a MONDAY THRU FRIDAY 
od. ‘ ex . . . h ; $80 up ° ; 
Be, so ABE AST wx | HP asiate gon oa ruy-time position in, astemonne) INTERVIEWS | ‘SALESMEN eens et ate 
| SALE MISCELLANEOUS 12 ” . cenit $1456 cond Sock ra wh (860! ¢ laims +t MM. og 4 , JAN 30 3 ] O rite Mr John F New Car “ona . 
5 switches. sais, dest offer LESMEN known insuranc essen- - rw ; ' . 
ACCORDION} 2 oa Py SHER Wringer x3 must sell } students preferred Dut nol eo : , A M RE 
¥ $125. JO. &-6653 .7017 219 , ne ecessary. Apply to. ; EASY MA 
6) Wapiky. STRATAVERI, white. hous 7013 a. woe : 06 -812.0090) te! aor. , a, 624 Mills Bids. | Heffinger Bs anh S10n Pay, S PLA. EA N O ’ » 
‘ac nel case and music. WASHERS AND DRYERS, NEW usiness forms .. "5-310 7th st. and Penna. eve. nw. ef | OR f 100 A 
ie aan 4275 pr best offer. OL you have cash sand want » \errific lursery | stock st tare ee 17a ot ond Tee Sis enteanal intarcinn, ahene SUPERVIS O | THAN 
. ter 6730 5 m. a! h Wte $250 up “a - 
AbDvING 1s HINE sed jon oat WASHERS FOR RENT ER tins oad hines ; sod up TREK Oeics Asis Excellent =. Mr A py B csonage Mag oy Cae “§ want clam, a ee A “S| WEEK WHILE nai wk Fo co. 
elec mazing allowance Ly a5¢ a Say, eer a Janitor supplies rtumities for young 3-5 on Mon., : ’ N ho are interested = * mak ~ t WEST! 
e: terms. JU. 9- 0859 - 7 eh | 18-30. Some with good typing ’ PBR v a Sess G 
| ai CONDITIONERS —<) 44539 WASHING acl vo =Westinehos | COLORED “2 ability a Rartin 6 salaries from me Tut. oP Fa ae rinkers Pull” cooperation 4. a the LEARNIN oH South Fern ) 
sed 1 yr. Servel., auto matic, best offer. xk NW .o- res. fee. MANAGE- 9 A .M. to : "9 w management at & mo lenal ‘ e vis ad 
: righ “Toh shale 8695: pias atauke 5-1 tied ex ; sat ray kg gar 00s 0.eny aa tint Nadi Fit C. Suite 4 AC Spark Plu er oxers. car vacation. , B.. Now here is the amazing part. initia 
> .22: . : . N an oO ‘ 
byte 8 op TTR ARAWT “ED ene ate {eth st He flay ping ais haw | on.6'é 9h 80 cL ms - a« oe Kn vol x PROFESSIONAL The Electronics K., mivileses. end | many other - No experience pecmeery mm Lor 
ae a E ; Aroma: ay 0 a8 ore - ; e it 
ABOCLUTELY own WE HAVE| new: $300 cash ganitor (garden “eat, atres. 35 ig $50 © Be Dan Witesn | train — tale * or SHOE SALESMAN 
| REAL VALUES! JUVENILE Be WASHERS - = ae or ringer 1798. Janitor, ist . ite. $150 + gtrs. | cRe ort odie cooks. $4 = EMPLOYMENT | See : nish — I 3 eg 
ARBHOUSE. : $3 ric Asst. jan | Drivers. porters 35 up , | ment. raining given experi- 
A. 9-0879. Frege parking. | ‘(ue apply, 43 | | NTS | Dishwashers, porters up ‘Ge MA t Y, C Immediate positions for experis 
BABY CRlss. | ee carriages. | eit — hy WS “ee tasee new. ACCOUNTA wee cere aa up nera @) ors Divver otor 0. | perts. enced shoe igh earnines, Sane oan cae 
. » “ - , . oe ene ’ $40 upd . 
$6.88; all new: . emen, jan ok, e-¥ in lovee Rn 
$6 93 RF - ~ our prices are) HI. > Light miound Phahe Westers: Interesting epoerteahty Lye aces rill and countermen $50 up or ration yf pewendoeltnongy > gag See 2 
best i “Hig te—aiin 8 a age , ne compeay benefits 7 Pine! year ape Ser ae, 028 ro we | 79730 Old Georgetown Rd. MR COSMO Hoe STORES | ? 
p _ 7. 3 2) | See : ‘ b} Su ruc . ~ . 
xiny 3 N.—Mapie ari “an MISCELLANEOUS Wanted 13; ~ tom ‘reommas stating expert- | Couple. live is om $250 = Bethesda, Md. 10 to 4 Dail HAHN St Bivd. Ari. Va 
matohing ches Oso TE 30a M INTERESTED in buy ence, age and salary expect oe eee , $40 up : Wi S E ae 
ondition: $30, JE, 3-0473, | A : ig-| Marked attention: Mr. Donald A.| Pantry . M ee 2 is. NO PHONE CALIA. 3508 18th St. ! AE EE Re 
te ED —Foid- Away inner bald bah mat. a tres e Any cond; iewely: rie. ure Xo interviews granted with- METROPOLITA AN Baltimore 3, at ilwauk ’ i a cllowing Pane 
spe 39-in Th Saw Mile i Wis if ; | 
Peg 0. eth : ‘SHANNON %& LUCHS CO. ECT, ING. NA. 8-1398 
ei. dented ob | Rte Pie. 3S. ve. 
fast 5 | ver yer jewelry. Oriente! beets Arh = 4TH ST. NW. : 
oA ee re 1210 Murrey. : 

; | | , 


Teun wees Tuesday, January 31, 1956 

ow: af + usi m | - : . | i > ON THE NORTH SIDE r y I 
TAILORING MAN rogram Pe gt im 4 : + OF A HOUSE g Abell NAL 8 0. TY 
ett ctebitehed: ofits c, ser te oP Te eh e. i 7 ae <= (Wort of the Equator’) _ - EMPL. CLERK-TYPIST 

established office on per- 

m es | For m mervenes 6 department Over 21 21 
tion. Ay wart cone ——- YOUNG MEN 5 PR vas earned over ee-heur oon week. Call ie ae et oad 
me pays ai! expense plus j Youne men (3) white, te open hts | year while stil 

, a SUEDE. , ds oops waaaue « a EP hee, 
for i t college . 660 Rikede ses 
in copfidenc © tor jocal interview pew Sccounts fe Ma. Va ,uburbs. | Another ed our ~ ; 5 oomemereeee: | CLERK. TYPIST. HOUSEWIVES 
tious. Hours 9 to 4 Bee Mr. Peters | busmess for over years .' wi Freiburg rmany Lt i re | ak wth bt » el 
Bo Post-TH Rm. <0, 726 oe st. nW. 8:30 age Germa v ‘press opr.  ....... te | national associati tat Sedey © eek. 
x No. 652, a. m to 9:30 «. m. Mon. Tues 4, $ per week w J} TO A GANDER THAT a : : . : a vacetion 6 and tothe : emploves Why Not Become Inter- 

sutnnianstenasiemrannns A. —ecieee iiiinempeatataa you are im ; , efits; min 45 4 ~ : 
-MUNTZ TV | ed i a tarutt i GAVE WARNING OF {Ff : ee I HO. 2-5514| Call, Mz. Smith i 7-3418 a ested in Survey Work? 
TAX ATTORNEY | Munte salesmen for would diceuss ¥ AN ALLIED AIR ATTACK CLERK-TYPIStT — haa eines of liable 
eral income tax reporting serv- 2) 4 ae. My ith rou. “a AS ORTERS part-time. general ‘ae work | ar and nd Virein a. Hite 
e has openings for two editorial person toda tween 9 4 rt ° ; with the Diner's Cig Inc. Lead-| ored. Must 
sasistants one itn. Was! DD ¢€ > fp 112 Ovorgia Py rv lan. Py y : . APPROACHING PLANES ne to rmane : e e versationalists. 
one in NYC Unusual oppty Wheaton Mad ™ late a- - , Experienced Sater oie for’ 

With reputabie publisher of nation- > Ss ; invisible markine How m | Pleesant atmosp n 
al seaee Write V > pe fer t Average $15 50 Per Eve. 1 9-9085. §$ « m. to re “oe fin > te 4 m ft re - yy ants in an, aqest Bapens Cire Pies. rm pouse. t be able , 
confidence iss Kyle, aily ame. a, ms Y reon. s n , 4 O22 o 6 hours daily. 
Forgmeter 444 Madison Ave. : Part Time—Eves. & Sat. pm phone I med = fore 10:30 &. m. ' eek. Good starting salary Ax": 
MUrray Hill) 8-2170 i to te white car: servicemen % &@rranae for an intervie ‘ ’ : CLERK-TYPISTS, Beth.. “6s Ss and Mr. 7" H. Kime, 3508 18th st. ne. 
exe students considered | PERSONNEL OFFICE Langley Pa $210- $240 _AO 30.4 BD. Mm. Gaily 
‘inmeceanary. Cal) qv, —_ SILVER SPRING- Revie. : 

: p 

ot seek he 2 to, Some =n o> ae : ARCADE-SUNSHINE . | —*##8-98.—des gare per 

Technicians |THE, Mie aniee shalnesrs in’ehe | [OR A" ROUCATIONAL. SALBe- "sae OO Sets mw \% oe a tae eee CLERK-TYPISTS  |S@y Punch Operators 

Flectronic c +P ABPly ; Holland Pure ce educational ge ah + re " ~ <p ~ 4 ' 4 ? -. cost t SECRE | ARIES | HIGH SCHOOL GRADUATES 
qos "ae be ear “a, a 7! Hi a a RG et ee Many Openines Por Beginners | 

bbe npgins melssa 2 9s have specialized in Home i * fa | bade Bae Tie BAKERY SALES CLERK} NATIONAL | pittevcnd® Fern munch operaiare 

ness and to take over added re-| Qur Representatives ; As : —" PLOYMENT VICE ortu wwith reliabh 
Assembly to experimental elec- sponsibilities in a short time. Must a A to $15,000 , 4 . yeh F © 19h Ming Fees Sendeode Ue ules eevee Fermanent oop or at assietaNt D> N. ae “beura, . 5 
be interested col turke it j ' owntown typist. to 
tronic equipment. Previous in- in an 008 0 con turkey selli On , a. or under S ft. 3-in at 6, C. Bicxpr a increases sickness see 

irement bdenefite. Ages 
dustrial or military service ex- | AM wae in azines . iShed —_— — 

pn nema." | MERRIE WORK | Sec Sete KING JAMES I’ | | nor swonnes | meee eeceiore, Pa CANA 49900, x 206 
' . Cal 1} ith th 1” . to $> 

For A pdintment 
ins ly a ue. nan our organi ration 7 (1566 - 1625) ' hed EMPLOYMENT OPFIC PHONE ool P 
APPLY IN PERSON ai on 5 9. 5. Sa enopme vn ted ber ae agntreet ai of England SSS agg 41 GB. NW. TELLER, oxper $2600) ee — 
RAM TO4PM aces tell ws about ——— r. Smith 4 : 2 we , 7: ray. ; aa ser = Py ists. ne LADIES 
MONDAY THRU FRIDAY | Life insurance Company .. Min: seapolls is, Min WAS BRAVE AT ALL | > = 1 | BANK BOOKKEEPER CHER: Fru Stat, to. 8 a: earn. $10-800 evening. 
| has gn interesting clerical posi<|— ——| OTHER TIMES - YET = = 3 Burroughs bookkeeping inachine | ipa “Sepa : 13. 3-80 : 

| emperienced preferred 
ne man TYPA ~ ii ae H } 
ace: of, \9 and ™ ; r HE ALWAYS COWERED ; —_—,, »/ 7 TYPS. — Neninners. to $60 MAIN, S-c. wk; chi ia care Moore's 
MELPAR, INC. ident. Apply nternationat IN F feet Eh ‘nn ment plan. Munsey Trust Co. oF I See | rneney tate Sot 
permanen' resident Apply neers N EAR ath S=2n3 P. . ¥ ROUTE AIDES. ynoe.. HB crac. $45 MATHEMETICIAN— $: 5ee8 jus #08 
(sim ot ae ’ REAUTICIAN—Ari. Hien salary and PARTIAL LIST—MANY OPENINGS | day exvens are ma . 
B AT THE MERE SIGHT Til min 1 2. e | me) for Fe alls sieitliine — ‘ an: eae] GENERAL eurrovunmer 1307 
au pee on | COLLEGE GRADUATES | — Business | OF A DAGGER eae Mtgemete) |sookuberiG macmive opeeta:| “EIEIO IMRORT AN” | iE eg 5— 
‘ort Jett avis Mwy — : $35 -: ’ a4 i . mth» — : 4 LN “ OY 5 Analytical . 
000 ARLINOTON Bi ‘ACCOU INTING DEPARTMENT | A MAN HAD BEEN : ’ t agit Ls Pw; a z rel = oral office Suties jes, West Bros ead Det. UP al ci 

and Bats ne teplaet entrance ® BALTIMORE .SUBUR.- MOTHERS PRESENCE —e ee MACHINE OPERATOR | 1108 16th St. N.W. at L| Pax’ 

¥ | BAN PLANT HAS IM. HAS IMMEDIATE AND SLAIN WITH THe SHIPWRECK HOUSE - Bramber. England Purroughs | experience prefr'd. Per. | EX 3.7270 

| OPPORT T r. Wee unity for 

@xperienced with D! sentins WITH DEGREES 88 AG. Sones ¢ WAS BORN oe = wabaeucen festa BOOKKEEPING CLERK caren thet lense oe ¥: ie. Pe ey 
achine. P.8.» : . prep : ith sures; yPing one 

| for special work to learn our busi- Study Commercial Art Education 


COUNTING OR BUSI- Customer Engineers . Satis aaa + aimpte! Bepenee,, necessary ry open. 
” ler’ NESS ADMINISTRA. a | HELP, MEN 15 HELP, MEN 15 HELP, MEN 15 ai AN al nna oe of ai maple 4 _gpection. ot _insere ted call 7 
piy in person or call | TION FROM ACCRED.- SICA | TRED MILITARY PERSONNEL PART. TIME—$45 68 wk ist. g00d position for ambitious)” — . Ky eo Oo train for inspection 
| ITED COLLEGES OR POR SERVICING Wah light maintenance! moré hrs per wk Neat, must Like 5S COL. MEN with CARS young gir! who desires to advance. Pp 0 
Corvev Engineering Co ; . | ee Pi dae 62 yrs. of age. Inci.| people, white, car nec. WO. 6-6921.' Full or part time: $50 per week as Apply personnel office | electronic ssemblies. 
KT 9.9160 

phone no, and add. Box 664, IST CLASS sales opportunity with| training cer apemes salary Gnd Factory experience de 
= . ~~ > 

ELECTED WILL. BE ELECTRICAL =| Fest | ores eae ee te | Gl co bee | )©6CMOTEL STATLER 

slip cover installer, Car 7 » YOU ‘RE “tntereste in Making! sive scales experience not absolutely 9 = Ae oe - 16th & K Bt. NW sirable but not neces- 
os 40, Bt. $90. ABBEY TRAINED IN ALL ACCOU NTING = | moneziz. tilins see the hundreds! necessary. Protected terri ‘ory. | HELP, WOMEN 16 | Must b d 
é, +o Eve NW BRANCHES or THE 0 eptional opportunities in nc Virein , - . — ust De accurate, experiencec, sary. 


TV SERVICEMEN | ACCOUNTING DE- MACHINES AZINE. Bend name for 7o¥r G0Dy.| Rausch at NA. 8.4450, hi Mr. Georee | accouUNTING CLERKS a3 | under 35. Excellent working 
Tr ualified outside servicemen oso nt y free, Tell See ABBEY First conditions 
: reliable and wiil ing wort- 8B ine © PPC RT ul ry, | 238 s NW Apply ir Person 
= . ~ : IN MODERN PLANT; | anon - “iiinoke” a oh OPPORTUNITY ake anepe 5 days du. ae Monday Th h Frid 
S-DAY,  40-HOUR | REQUIREMENTS pence re guts tans de out sees oo: | SE tie MACHINE NATIONAL | 8A Mt04eM. 
Eg WEEK. SALARY AT Electro-mechanical Training WATCH FOR OPENING pariment. Servicemen, college men | PERDS, mach opts ..t0 R 200 OPERATOR 8A. M.to4 P.M. 
ag os ites an END OF FIRST YEAR | Wednesday, Feb 1, 1956 - eames wereers a me ist, some knowl. bkkps. SAV] NGS & 

Us a 
POTOMAC EMPL 911 Kine WILL AVERAGE or | sing. Average $125 weekly full time.| Keypunch. alpha he : 
: — age | ~ $75 rt time. Call OT. 4- it interviewer, 5 dys. ‘4 0 

typ Cer $4650 WRITE. GIV- Armed Forces Technical WORLD WIDE appointment 10 a. m. to il m Rec , hotel NCH. oer s Experienced, under 35, typing TRUST CO. 

ct Ex 
} . TOMAC baits aA | 1 7-9 ; 5 
3354, ray oid. Ari JA. 5-206 ING COMPLETE  IN- Experience | PERSONNEL BUREAU | ** sh 
tior AD- 


Waitresse ‘ tips| essential. Excellent working MELPAR INC 
FORMATION: EDUCA. imi ONW oa orado Bids WHITE & COLORED | Reepnene optics rt 260 rr : ° 

Cler th figures” | K-TYPISTS 8-35 
ON EXPERIENCE, FOR AN APPOINTMENT N $55 Som 360 up| tonal eoportunities im lates 1311 South Fern St 

PERSONAL §=DATA, REPUBLIC 7-3705 scopurrrs PORTER & BUS BOY He up "COLORED "BRANCH ~| NATIONAL downtown business 

’ 96 cf , Po DP 7 r? 

" start - . nf , r lay 
wousres room 402 ] POST-TH Customer Engineering Deot OEKERAL PERSONNEL - ick ing Att. | Ses : jecretaries $6: SAVINGS AND - | 1 .u iifications Nin re tee Arlington, Va. 

Room 205 ; live im or out $25- aH 
3 THhist : : i : 
ew, By, rRUCK D «shag ii | TRUST CO LING. Suite 600, 1406 G nw ee Sw ee 
| NOME Sa Meal = Due Saas iets ee COMPANION - TUTOR for emo-| 
WIREMEN International Business REC EPTIONISTS 2 Pact (s aR . . Open G, CLES “NC | eS Gist urbed rox Gut ah MAIL ROOM 

Various oth on : hs EN Vid . 
Machines Corporation | ¥* ror MER AND WoMrN lable | FLOOR FINISHER. Exp... 880 POSITIONS, os nanan TH 
1220 19th St. NW b St. NW. AD 

| Wa sa10 oF ; a aan | 
Exceptional Opportunity , , OUT OF TOWN PLACEMENTS | tbh St. NW. 2-3) + ; : cae ‘wes 430i BOOKKEEPER: 2 iad COLOR STYLIST 


Cc - ° rig... $6! . ' 2) ; 5 ; id oly coos are : ’ ith i 
eS 3 $208) must be eood typist: juivemenis. S-day HO. 2-2476 
Sea rs Roebuck And Com an ENGINEERING CO. - ‘ ws Py! AS gra . 00 — + for advancement 77! | = j y. ; ni iy. apeny 
Interested in those capable of assuming responsibility Dp y | . 4 ) P - mie be : k in pleasant, air- “con- | BECHINOEN "50 TY " OFFICE CLERK oor 
oo qroup leoden Has openings for info. clk. ‘day “nisi safeo| Siskind “tree and wat fete) 0 knowl. of nd ab 
e ELECTRONIC Be Ye, hewn... 8800 ene ar oriifin, MA. weeita. | UNTER W MAN 
IMMEDIATE OPENINGS Desires 3 High-Caliber Men | ENGINEERS Addressograph opr. exp.” __B. F. SAUL CO 

Hostess, hit” $60 BOOKKE . to 985 wk.. cash- ing. itions ppiy_ Mrs 
ry 17th 

atemen | , Oi. 7. BALL | 50-860 iwful.| Dee, 72 ot nwafter 10 wees and 
to Call on Customers in This Area PHYSICISTS Train iy). DESK CLERK nee Mane EMrE CLK x 

ACCOUNTIN $250 | a, BOYD 12th i Ra ew 5-2 000 
; in naw artmen - 
ASSURED FUTURE wide ouace cal See Minti Neeser rosea | See, Ne perenne teak: Ae Poca cone 
7 NO TYPING, 5-Day 15) Seel. eon jath at Nw ired. hours 11 > 7 pm. 6 
, THIS 1S NOT CANVASSING ee ee ht), Baha TY | CASHIER checkers Toe Soe it “Good galary. compan PERSONNEL ‘CLERK 
Apply Daily—9 til 3 j SENIOR MECHANICAL BANK TRAINEES. pypa Y to read seals; ‘goed as and hears, | garni CO. 1424 K st a Youn lady. ig) school graduate, 

DESIGN ENGINEER | LEEDS EMPL. SERV. | Renis"“Seminion “Pood store. ‘Let|~ Dictaphone Operator 

Customers are expecting a representative of Sears to visit j 

MARYLAND ELECTRONIC them and acquaint them with a new service. These are | For military packaging field —tETG CLKS. $65 ha — tarsal eA wate. = a 7 a. i. 

‘ vacation and other em lov a hene- 
permanent positions with many company benefits includ- 3.5 years design experience Bkkoprs retail (2) sa0 ABBE PERSONNEL. 1338 it : Cell tr Smith ry e Mis 

Sep is 

ing paid vacations, insurance, hospitalization - rofit necessary. . arail - + 2 as : $70 for appointment Ee POTOMA 
MANUFACTURING CORP, | 2 paid vacations, insur ation and prof ee i SO fost ee ite CASHIERS Pht” 

REGULAR REVIEWS | t.¢ : ie -typist $6 SHIRLINGTON-DAY Capit # ' 
5009 Calvert Road, College Park, Md Qualified men who have a car can expect earnings of ADVANCEMENT ' AA. “Vs em ons | OPERATOR prens at pe 

WA 7.9200 $150 and up weekly with salary while trainina. OPPORTUNITIES gg Poe on | 375-8 D. C. AREA PUB. REI ATIONS— Es 
at : Loss 

Experienced wiremen—for Assembly Department 

White. exprrienced reliable for 
eaning oe Excellent 

Excellent. rates for those qualifying 

= -. uth at least 6 monthe’ ex- 
secy., cnem corp . lence in Dk taphone n 
. interviews daily, ¢ a. m to . U isin ** ‘* ip | DAY AND NIGHT sim lar tranec rT ipt ion . 
Personal interviews are being held by Mr. Mather at the 4:45 Dp. mM. Becy — 8 ; er tine wor rik in 
Manger-Hamilton Hotel, 14th & K Sts. N.\W Monday, -tvo.. leat eypch.. Meals and uniforms furnished. yocat 

a j a worki 

sts : ; “expanding an! 
January 30th, or Tuesday, January 31st, between 11 a.m. ORVEY ik.-typist. prof. ors $3120; tions. icant 45 5-day week. B to 4:30 
and | p.m. C X opr te typing $55~- “468 Wk.| Ho es Emp! loyment Ottice. | 

Purchasin a G Street !} 
ENGINEERING CO. Dictaphone a — “pee rt | Government Employees 

Ba Lk te seTf _ 
° NGHOUSE | ; CLERICAL WORK—Wiust be sccu- 
New Openings at No phone calls, please | SUBSIDIARY. Shake CO | Aadressosraph opt. \........ $60| rate. with Beures and use adding Insurance Company Neue App! 
‘ 2610 JEFF. DAVIS HWY. ALEX. ik.-typs ine ; 5 ine; | 9-de = Dept CAFR: Te CO.. 1435 
. KI. 9-9190 pra Appiy 1121 Sth» 14th and L Sts. NW 

ATLAS ‘Agcy. RE. 7-57 67 CLERK FRONT OFFICE Please Apply at L St. Entrance RC EPrIONIsT 4S et 

MELPAR, INC. | botind eli eal Bee Saar Hee ae ee gee 
ENGINEERS Enter the | COLUMBIA | Serccaaacseaicn Maur ot “Diet” HMM = 

Attractive position open for neat 

CREATED BY THE CONTINUED Promising | S:-sehue x90 Retaet ve toe ive position op 
eno... 1-sir! | ‘CLERK—(18-35) ecnanica SB yrs; accurate typina . ontiey® 
EXPANSION OF OUR ENGINEERING —COMMERCIAL— New Field Of— min. sec, 600 Te aa 7 | and "shorthand desired. ABBY @ 
ter good * 

Interesting end varied work.| Juniors. detailers, layout 4raftes- 

Position f 
, Mh ne intesesiod im @ething wih eani- HOTEL STATLER 







ANCE CO., 816 i4th Opportunities fer 
White to inspect installment ee- ELEVATOR . OPERATOR POTOMAC er" AGCY. 
8 —- : ‘ : KKpr.. 
MACHINISTS . .. join General Electric’s. Atomic Power Equipment Department, Reservarion agts. arilines. |. $24 Ey rmanent| with just Be attrac RECEPTIONIST 
devoted solely to the development of commercial applications of letype ‘Oprs.. iin roar $7 Lo Air. ~conditioned building. 5-| Appiy Personnel Dept. rrr Excellent ops be trained, a 
is in progress here. Activities are 

' 300 | t s ot im 
AND PRODUCTION DIVISIONS ° stat. Research, Romeeny bencfite. Bae reon-| neers and scientists on electro- | isth & K St. NW 
ATOMIC * fast , . re tiice. floor PrABLE mechanical mechanism in design- 
— —— ' “airlines. 2% LIFE IN Gevelgpment stages. Many employe 7h ae oy Se 
DESIGNER-DRAFTSMEN ‘ ee 4 5 gift pret” aa , | ta cme Sample required oad 
, t ’ 
| _ _ ‘P : CLERK ' CALL ST. 3-0986 
pases and send out notices 
yping. but meat handwriting an Fo? larse downtown office bide 2334 Wi ivd.. Arl. JA 
position in well-k Ag pe ~~ PERSONNEL tobe trair 
nuclear energy. A large, diversified research, design and Recer “typist at ractive $55 oick ey stert ae 4) SQ. 1428 - ~e : ate ee Ma, ‘ypine a. ; 
MACHINE SHOP INSPECTORS development program is | as “lerk care ae 6 an ee | a oy Me ye ap 
: urgical »beneti 5-day, 3 
expanding—new positions for engineers and scientists are now Admin. Secys te See HO. 2-2476 OPPORTUNITY Carnit2 Apes forseenee : 
ELECTRO MECHANICAL TIONS, CAPITOL GILL: LAW ——— ~——«2«, \ Established insurance brokerage } mstinn 
open. EDUCATION MBA | firm offers career, training and RECEPTIONIST. Wheaton 
! Aeree COMMERCIAL OFFICES CLERK. TYPIST | advancement to intelligent,  s¢- CaaS Ri. heat 
INSPECTORS ) Clerk-Typists, Many to $70 | | gurete izplate: Permanent pociuons| SILER Wa 
CAREER OPPORTUNITIES IN PEACETIME ATOMICS Becy eae: . $100) wor mortgage department. Over 21.| *¢, 35: experience and shorthand 

Capito] Hill s to 84800 no experie necesss 5-day. mot mecesiary: 5- des a iona corp 

Secys. (no shorthand) | 75 ~ 2 vacations. attracti ’ : ~ te : 
Ht is impossible to overestimate the growth potential of atomic power (adm .. start 9380) *-hour week Call x. 3. “480 Cal) Mr Oxenham. ‘at RE. 17-1929 downtows — 

SHEET METAL INSPECTORS equipment for peacetime uses . . . or set limits to tha, professional careers § eY international oo oases CLERK-TYPIST — Youns woman -- - sa] oe me. 

sal. + maint with typine and «en. clerical exp 

7 ee , , ‘ ; | Cc | 600 
of engineers “in at the beginning” of this mew industry. Becy. (ex oe ait to om ational sales greanization, F. O. CASHIER . | RESIDENT GANACER 

PRODUCTION PLANNERS Restos aco inatt| SH SoH iy pee | POSTING CLERKS | so res arte-teesanh, era 
MANY ENGINEERING SPECIALTIES READILY ' " d, © . ~ $300 CL RK YPIST nom rho pre efe err com niste eomen be. aes. be om ao sslat? 
j ee ee ; 4 bre +4 Intelligent high school «raduate company benefits , Employ- pius 2- Oply pa quai- 

‘ Receptionists e+ 8 lL rj - : ff 

STOCK CLER KS ADAPTED TO NUCLEAR PROJECTS BY GE Clerks Be tunity for advancement. “Bxpe- "SHERATON PARK HOTEL Apply | Fes 
1 rience 0 e ry 

Only a small percentage of the engineers needed at this GE Department MANY OTHERS Becker, Ex. 5°5636. 9:20 to 5. | GENERAL —OPFICE WORKER — RESIDENT 

Annette D Tatelman xn nite. with knowledge of sa os ig. type unite 

require nuclear experience. Whatever your training has been, find out if Bi Mig age learn Remington-Rand book.| experienced. 
TECHNICIANS, ELECTRONIC cuir ‘you taining areata C1 EDK-TVPIETS 

keep es & chine operation 36-hour 40 tr. and salary ive "e_reter= 
it fits into this program. Where specialized knowledge is needed, GE will 5 ae » Saturdays Call ice, | ) 

provide it, through company-sponsored courses and liberal assistance for Admin. Secy., No Shhd.| “Tae aeneral “at fiee A 


| ¥ 
| | ite. : 
WELDER (H ELIARC) graduate study (leading to advanced degrees). ea vee Dome eee ington | 3-DAY, 35-HR. WK. ‘= Lao 1o0 ee oe ae One. piss = 

: oe tree menaae- 

a: ice. Some public contect GIRLS | ea sma. bid he 
Prick. PER pias IN 18 TO 30 | Personne. . mp, Ee ABB 
ADDITIONAL COMPENSATION FOR | a cy ~cotcnerig ReieRetr asst’. $4500) eee a Deh ionce onimecessary| es “sssistant Mgr. 
EXTENDED WORK WEEK cheaghtess ~ gist enh Acodemic biked. im econ. and sta-| Wight noms ore plent. olletent ans ot-\ aed” earn ee ee 

Metallurgical. . .Chemical... ee Sh. Me Bd fe | tractive, COPPER SKILLET will) bull containing 445 un 
EXCELLENT EMPLOYEE BENFITS WITH 1 TO 10 YEARS EXPERIENCE nowl. of business tren vende Must be hag eas vt tin “2. pay you « Sour t lary while igarn-| Unis and © hotel rooms 
° IN ONE OR MORE OF THE FOLLOWING AREAS: MeL K -TYP,, .$280 | f ’ ne will each ou 
fill use dicta , ttrac ‘eg | le Spartonng permanent . 5 i a . & 
APPLY IN PERSON Power Plant Design Heat er’ - rn fase + ig aM Be wi é ERK piso kee e! so ee position the eas sround ial eee = 
Pressure Vessels, Structures 711 14th uw | ates alae. | See Mr. Dasher 
8 AM. TO ‘4 P.M. Electronic Control Systems Applied Mechanics Y. to real est exec. ent office NE. | section. & Par | COPPER SKILLET ; 
MONDAY THRU FRIDAY & instrumentation Coolant Chemistry View s+ ead fits: WaMt be goad typist ang’ have |g ogeke  mectieal Are MB 
} Metallurgy tate Povienes AIRLINES | iss eat witee See ¢ intac sre | be sede 
1211 SOUTH FERN STREET ee Bs Sear at ap Sg ge | Seemena "aes anie” gabe | WAVERLY TAYLOR, Ine, 
. Avia . Nw. : s ’ 
I iy 227 15th st in ) } Ins ers | to fase hotel. din ARILLON 
ee ee -~WASHINGTON INTERVIEWS— “ASST. HOUSEKEEPER | Bleusil ae ea ‘ HE SASS tse AbboRARE | 2500 Wisconcin “Ave. NW, 
ARLINGTON, VIRGINIA ' ‘ee MPN nae a Immediate opening im large hotel.| person jf or 
| anuary 3!—February |—luesday, Wednesday. | ues.— many employe benefits. Apis Per pile, exp. for local ~~ SALESLADIES (2) 
3000 ARLINGTON BLVD 9 a.m. to 9 p.m.—Wed.—9 a.m. to 12 noon ane Pet | CLERK-TYPIST io eae ‘ 
Call Mr. Fred Snell for appointment at MEtropolitan 8-593] institutional home, must have ex: | oe dates Sai 
FALLS CHURCH, VA. De a : etuil particulsts in| tecty'aceurete typist who hanes, HOTEL MAIDS | _Ariington. “va anal 
Take Arnold 2-V Bus From 11th and E S N. w ATOMIC POWER EQUIPMENT DEPARTMENT ia i 3 , Rises seems eax no Mowey To fay UNrm, we AP ESCADY 
ake us From an treets oe | | | | F hom su. 998 WANTED 
to Plant Entrance ; : : vicnpays aet ue | P| LLOYDS. EMPLY, SERV. | | tnterested | ieee Eee he 
ee GENERAL ELECTRIC COMPANY an aioe cae orn ae a | Borat *epentngn fe 
2900 Campbell Ave., Schenectady, N. Y. a8” trom 9:3 = Aapaebls | are eee ak Ss Ave 
4 wv | | | BG a : 


- THE Ww 



¥, Ja 
wary 31, 1950 
_ 35, steno. 
FeBie ang cons: wane. high ¢ | 16 io ee “4 wer 
Pun e iaftoe ton We | for aD- Secor 12k branch me tse 
‘ 4 fetsing, chores , Large law : “dtm ENGGI &«G woo ( < ae tional ef for ers and wr 
Jewish ore ; ore. L : obi al Pleasant oy tw san 
N Pers 5 an rk- " 
onnel mo.| & e001 han ae, ane te | 
Sery. | { personality d necessary. Ramin Be fase. Ave. workin : 3 y 
i720) Hous visitors, Ne capable of ban ub. el Beth. 7 Weoami No exd. 2 TpacmEne | FN. 
i ston an: 7. 7 pu ‘rel. ' under 20 Colesy Ta. Pos op salery a 3 : + or a2 rms 
ou 7 A an . le rd, Four Come! nd working part) NEWTON s als 
ir Sih -. your glamour GoM SPAR: | a Ss 
ctap lay. some pe e — hb mar yeas "AVON age "Ss st. Dw. a XW. 113-—Prt orth gin _ 3. 
eed. DS mal. your spare mome ais No - oak ame $3950. 134 fcarm | BEDRM. 
S E upper W st. $3 moments U Wo a. et is APT 
R ecept isc | EXTRA DIL NUS woma ANA ne HOU S. 
WASH T typist 3 AVON WONEY® UAL a ‘wn * vt T., a26i¢ ) SE TYP 
YDS EMPL SEE U RY Bist ing. « aes? Wise $33 of employment. Bat ot pour pine a | FIELD CAREER Shi, oct Countr oP ae idren accented: kit. Completely #u : CONCORD G 
SB! | bh exo , Ta fac t Barn your pl i. uw 7 ~y — — ted. e m ish 1 be A 
. Ave. N S RV faa Ypois € . ty fee paid « jot _ ap month ac OR y —A ay nA. ' ed farm.. ii R 
Ww. mediat iil t. ecien ype 30 pointm Gail, ™ A OUN Comp. . tr x it ra JEFF th: ¢ ¥ em. af 
sition f _ ST. 3-2: e posit llin entific or $2 ent X res ND W G ME rm ulet. r. Cap ERSO tran orner « ; 
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vert Road ACHERS— Whi Arl. JA fenmediately, tare Al Nurses © oh? | 3-613} counselor “work. Call 1A RD. nes bus. JA close-in Bis Fq- B-y~y } rms. beib:| . a; all cit here in co $02.50 per . pel 
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— Be <8 Teache | nin “9847_| peopl ‘ne CO. 5-: i , ja— 7, 35-3940. re ar “i ~ ey X APART 
Teachers Ag Grades. WA = [= nO" 3-304 i. | pe A dist ioe 5-249 ate —Fum.. 2 | $0 atu R ARTMENT 
ee TCH FO sre TEX 33974. before onla: alev tO. re 09 “Fist st. 4 FA. bath, cony. to cariine 1-BE GA 
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Exper ICITORS |W ‘ Miss KELLY. EB 4-1019 er NW. i arse Fan, Bvt! 946m COL, RD Lf thaan, | S-BED PT. $95- "and ves Ra “HOMES 
renced or , R LD : ; 58311 . KELLY : elementa sms 410 N S48 mm } kit Pific. RM $99 | “ ch an re Ls 
it panein | eat next ewly dec.) ! nO. Mei. | enen, bet » comb. | ALY APT. noice ae oe ” vent: an 
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dj, | | p. DU. 7 fr T. WO. 6-02 | ad he 50) well ¢; rating 
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rical Po ea? lw D.C. AND M ‘yiebente L BUREAU Trustee. ad, NO aaa | Biccest aN ~ouns deople: aK. | Also b $50 ang 2 cons | Rental oft: S ALSO AVAIL ae maintained—ideal e drving 
| ork from D. Buite ‘olorado Bi rearee Gere T ANI 16TH “ 060. ir home, $ lid ‘Open iS e 601 Bedr 1d shoppin ren 
oth T NS ) Uni Home. Good 5 | ™ ae. | “full time sTic 21 hat’s HARN BE 12a STH ST, NW.. 25i¢ 55 mo. | °8 le gh - . Selevtow Be 26 sotalig 2 $ 
. irrited Pp alar SBCRETA Ho « cla - eTT ii; drm id. Api . PHONE ~5 Sur : en Pri. , vd edrms “ae we ee a 7 
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Ne e LERK PHER $2 H Beh | good goo . ST E06. Y inc! AN AN ; ed 
H | on-Typi sihist irs RECEPT YPIBTS WEKPRS 0. 3-0880 DE. service ¢ food . Shetrm, apt. 83 OE Ty in oes 8-890) rms 89 
IGH SCHOOL G YPING CALL MR. WILL | jones BER ok engage = ag ye rea and | pleasant a T. “a im jag ot and $838 2-bedrm apts PORNIS iT OUR MODEL A $105 
] | ‘ RE . Nu inmen Ots of i TH 9-6464. pide; ft crm near ° pis.. $72! 6 Ad RB TS 
RAD 0 A M T IAMS ACCOUNT | Alex “ Hine pe, S55 a t and enter- SF. ar : fanitor oe Good 1 in 72.50 . “ “oad 8! VATLA 
UA 7 AS ‘ = 2 r | com : , 1401— _— A R ~ a4 ope cony Dail V s¢" ‘ ph: - BL 
A : 1PM aot ANTS Kelly. are LV Oe ow w panic “ & [sata na 1) inc i-~312 rd. LA ly Sa ; : 
E _. CRED EPERS ke _SUEDNS OUT. on! prefer ceKty F nship aut 0. $65, 78 .. new or iTON 73 . ; 5-20 to 5 8 “ie Sai <e 
17 TO 23 AD. 4-0800 | vari GENERAL PERSONNEL Yor MEED willbe sao | 149 RINETT HAL ice ail gins bt wits Sage ag ee a WARM acon 12 
Nn Pmt ee J rs FOR W <8 worker olore nd Nicienc DG. = = odf. ; 3 8 rs, mod bl. closet e 
| —e BAS : _ oavy .  €© ad gen- 6 2] L ; mw becrn apt ; Nice) min ) line ad. dric sets 
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a ’ EN ce ww. WN MOOr ait- ; ¥ “ ath and liv : gon, atl “ar . 
both ah work in plea Young Waa : — OF TOWN PLACEMEN ear iat, ty “658 s Empl. | COC —W HU. 3 FR pad sah ed porch. 87 Ant ING 138 aguiis. th 8.40 : WI! NTER 
; ; ,  —_ 7 t wee - —Will | © —_ cal . eves ee 2d | 
h beginners and sant surroundi ‘eek Enens tn services dept. | POUNTAIN Gif me |"by’ ¢ OMENS Ww 8 leis middie- give tm and Boni | epreek Park. Bris Sap ak| HON—Lae attr eas CO 
tunity and pe experienced ndings, for for call company benefits og $3 | 80 GIRL Fh ceperad pele dite 9 tor work xchange ior care o x “Kaard To] stop. 10 NTH ST agg Hea bath ee, Sa see AN 
rma . iris: IGAN, en' efits, chanc 0. COO Nigh, 635 v ef. Ru abte ) re of & 5 —y in ath "nash S ae ms —_ Ai fant ng floors 4 res wa 
Ing c nency in 9 Is; op " Conn Ts — eens oe | TRAY < K match $35 “er child car Ge Ho Saat r old | ee eee furn: pat vit ad r 5 min Pe: bik pas re SU M 
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pany. a progressive TrP aT <~ | Corp., 1210) ore MAID “A $45 UP COL. W OMAN OD wor ‘ROOMS, BOARD sande mt i . re a et fle a oo ya 8 as ee Sen bed? 
grow- bel So -eirl off! oe. LA PI . 82 care. 5-d — Desires MA Coe ern «a . NISHED. fat —Re venings ..2634. dave ail ort 
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on 104 ana | Cc WORKER . S ROOMS as } as child want | dera! em A) Cail. ath. $37 Too ‘ be ; eb ‘ iv and aa e 
- ° e* : ' —e © ME ee 1.50 se ms kit . stores, » bedroon , or 3 garvace lance 
, areas st -| PANTR TYPIST . oss _ F an | fpetined ms ploye and so 8-697 mi; $75 ; ine hud excel. trans ans Gay Oe pecs “Si 
REGU TY 7272 alls | CHAR a acon aks ’ aaa | ALEX — To — NenED | h N family, in ence! ~ t'. 2. “BEDRM. mo Ng eM ‘iat . bis. al ; — 3 eres » “Tat ~ 
Fri LAR HOURS ___TYPIST-CLERK SF Stston:. geet gents, Dri ae ILDREN BO sient” busty, Slonss," APT ——| falta octet fdtiiase| for beaguta Scarce cee, 
rien anted immedi | _ MANN ae 2378 duit ‘homme: at —s ARDE — se. SLI ores. ant. bid i now. bee i. Wramert t ex; beaut f Dlagon he 4 
sition at NING’ : OPE? ho ; © tran-! 29" b ide. WN livin bea rederic} a., = oF iful id ts) 
dly Associates ict ‘BI pha “eee See Lik aes ait S| aoe 2 ie et hail | adnan cai aa iia lad 
. x young D Want AD 2.2 trans. Pe bath: ph a ‘ - Det. b CHILD No * A ze bites ne gy in kit mast lon. i 200 hingte _ & Le 
onvenient L Paid Vacati ane lady fo sing. plat ‘inele pe Bc gent, OV goad 2 —— ee | Atte 1; AND 2-BEDRM. APT $2.80, For core. Wenetian “SH iPLE oo 
ocatio ions T i, 7 20 play vlane. | +t bus ac. rm. — 6422! ttractivel wniown W 8 RL.—Iis r info s, pte gtian LF 
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) hom e-} hi Fitts zi ull-time ¢ gow MB) and re hom with fi piex, 3 70“ DESIR 
5 DA Paid Sick Leave! alent,” OLORED Be de ese fret; Stone, “co sie wai | Ps Netti  eieal tems] 2. edrm., fr ‘ik 
| Bool alitiMtitia Tektite Samy DOMES if iB. Bust | Cn es | Se pronase 66h" * sak | cael Sala i Ps! 8 rom $6 
Y WEEK |: OR nay be many |W POUNT ALA see hivd. bu | Houry "arte 2 to 6 Atos | ses, 2000 p, center Offie Kitchen and be ivitig rm. | edrms., fr 8.50 
n to 4 30 B i nger Co., nguire Mrs NAT A Ne A GI : 638 bloc L HILL. a é , urs arren cot , 4, cachet | rp JO. 2-01 + & e -10 ges pe Ss) 4 N udes oma ca a ITIES a $80. 00 
pon RLS. : . . i<, ° : cher. | b S 7.99) . 18t) i- rooms NC 
‘ White $ (25% es H IONAL $22 50. UB w g'.. ong.; ls oO suit par : edi m urn a a AAR, 2211 h et rs ne p n DED) 
Tl c . e. itt c.! NCE ents round floor kit ‘ ot of =| AR JA Log ows. : astel de 
We emplo gers oe wa ety rs and exp. 19 in SERVICE. eh cH a 3- if a.;) SA - NCED “mother Will: | brick neg of semi a bet Ww. W LIN TON, \ —— pam laun Yaciis. closets. picture 
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of people you'll li a st. z WOM | os room: =| a ieinity Glass Sr| Weoster st Ber ar otis. i‘) 2919 13 eed Garde 34 ocr 
ke 340 rt. | - oF smanor, ear Park ne, off th ns Vlas oe 
sep | EDUCA TIONA Faia oe fare, plein ne ame 0 Seite. Kk Sutter #6) BED RD., SOUTH 0 25tH eT Se 
7 ‘girls; si ioe | Cc , : ty lt _s *) 2.0138 
° S a ingie. | _> ae 4- WOODN O ee 8 
overnmen Varity ree eed " cku y care: nTanl ‘| (fone ante . ER—Beaut $79. XON PARK 
mpl perators | _S OR fe | APTS. ier| Sai Gene a BEDR OXON TER 
dn oyee (iD. § rs AL =e URN. 212. | Sait le at § vy furni r-co onea | MS.. ONE B RAC 
surance C . “ WOMA : or UNFURN. 33 anit pt (4108 goo ngs utils INCLUDING A $95 § Two BEDRG. | E 
(NOT ompany ermanent Alexandria TO FARN N — ome, Gane 06 ‘Effic,—Sub Bae | Tee. Becks Lt UTEITIES 4 | . fiities ai 3-873 08 
A GOVERNMENT AG ary: bday Week. Erceilent sal A MONTH BY $1000 fs 85 : ie BS ae aoe | 7028. 16th 2 blease—3 Mos. | shopping center, ¢ Columbia A i AGES vs. Bolt cony . trar " 
: | ; SUrB: 9190 | eat , be ~ ty > } =n t, ¥ ' ~ ing pet : a 2p 
14TH AND L ENCY) Corvey En RAT i? , RES ry! 5 IN : t oe a ome, "CO 5.498) new ant ! enema J ad Sean CR ys downtown , My Ar oe B N 
: : Dw. u : ia sto plenty CON <- tay (li< ; , ’ 4, s an 
PLEASE APPLY A ysl NW 2610 sore payin WTS Ales Co. se eee NA ia ie fie | | r Se oo AIR-CONDIT 3. | NEW 9-C ~~ cae Qctice hrs, ige, 2007 Southers cal 
Vs NI w —) rm. . os rkdye: Gat. 9-4 
Fr STREET ENTRANCE VaRIEETE . Nae § te bavusle! She Met oe 2s, ——) CARILLON HOUSE pea aaa — «Hons esac 
A, 2 anito es end nstal athe NEAR Nr vate 
INSURA E sale oz female $70- eT ENC utlle § AM s.: downtown location: 2500 Wi USE Less the led ora 
NCE is esse ; rt or female ne oR? peusemn 10's 683.50 Ca tion i SCONSIN A ryess a , min to N nA 0 
of life. Start i ntial to the A 6 Pan eo. liv. fim. ear. Pane 0| EFFICIENC VE. NW soarment Navy Annes | tn s@., toca RDENS 
pall . n . — ' » ve b a be 
gular hours ste t at is import rican way 2 at o- furs: a3 Bo . Tpoet ‘ ¥ APARTMENTS \? to 5 Weekday Sat. wae | ua Pm oe | n-type 7. dpcore ted 
“ ’ ; oe ¢ fat nits evelopme 
a ind ull ntly s; Sat., 9 onsists of 1 | availabie. I nt 
a real opportunity a tig: ana a ea leted | Areproot| BETHES Pil oman r 2 rear Pare Wha = ae 
ie rothy D and HESD tepnoon > oe large 
Taper A. J ono 2 ye se 
‘ oa re ainine i and aS oo| OHS 2 ny yene oe A Renial ) 
OR MO T ¢ pO CER ey 880 rea eopeened ace, Kit hath | SHING) ON Cine erra a i 
| } MUEI porch, . bath 124 C 
; é ‘ SB af yee HOU aes P73 . m EZ BOG ben” le FIC PENN TROL APTS. 
7h priv: shail i, seanpo ner tia _N 
: - . . ’ ND ith ed, l- ARY i ie Vn 2 $7 : 
. AVE. NW. Tis — & retarial terice MA - neat silo ow ka gs rg: pochdy “4 at 50 
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a dist. . : : “ _ te system. and bm: conve > er 
enioun’ 8-88 wk eee hes BEDROOM—$ REA pl aii Fe 
i a a: ~ ined. hey Weccinnen nes! IM—$69 UP 80. INCL. UT T 
CAI und a ° 
f L EM. 2 WAYNE. tare, S-tpsroem, 
. 2-8800 e ad ° ate be ‘bs Ie beta - oe) 
A wy gh gs ifs: n> Gus se treat ap: 
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: JO e.sese” DAYS MARLBOR ts soins A, fa- 
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HA, 2-3614ph Ca 0 GARD 
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| APTS. une 


Sar sues sae and Ring trust: will} Pay cash: no commis. pS ee _ Tuesday, January 31, 1956 41 

| PARKLANDS |! Gaste Sol" Sope Test MMR ARES ies | il ee 
Your Sunday 

) ifie Lae = 4 , NEWLY Sete eS 
WATER VIEWS . 2-BDRM. APTO ote —-$8} 50, NEW SAPRITE Daverorer | “Tm “prick. | mo. ear BLDG. Vint a fis °D TRUST WANTED. We pay cach | 
SWIMMING POOL | ren URR ML TTS | “Beat Rent Buy in Town | SRT MRGE AE met BE ee Eee ie weet ee 
3001 CONN.-AvE. | ™ ahaa Stir BP a own |i ae >, CONTINENTAL | frie Wediotittat | aPVAN BUREN Y%,| © WANT AD 

4 Tt. ST .* 
:. a Voikman Eh rs ipette 

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Sisk G's Seu 

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BEAUTIFUL GROUNDS orman £2320, | LUXURY APTS min. to downtown Wash or Fesia| Brand-New A; SE VET TORT fe! 7 lish-style 
cates fon: 2 bed full Demi. “i toy ew if- ay d. SALE IN PROPERTY See ROPERTY 62 home with’ very on Pe rpactous in this newspaper 

* prseennact efficiency epart. V air heat; tr lael ard: det iv : 
ment vi to ee ietener dressing | Th G - 3 va RMS. aise $68 AND $70 immed si Ow a . BU ! LDi NG — ay inn ans my ee n a 
5" and bath.| e reenvDriar 4% RMS.——$81.75 & 58s. 50 | 1012 14th S F bg NW. $21.950. it: 36 4: e belts 2 Daths, 
$89 ALL UTILITIES INCLUD rooms, bath. ga- th St. NW, at K ‘pear. | Dis. ine, Soeeb finished stairway to stile: det 
| BE ee | Washi ; | MALORA ’ . pupe ‘> witices with de luxe fee REBBent fu. aoe? om arage late possession. reach 
WE S / an viii includeé—euto. isun-| asnington’s Most | o' btF ATE PLAYOROUNDS | 4 ALO wi A in gnc. = renal Dartition to meet ten- "apt bella OT. N.W.. 1446—3-unis | OGERS. REALTY Co. acnes . 
sum deck. Cal) resident mer | Exclusi | m NG Woe) , ullding, Income pis) mo. 2) NA, 8-0904. cw" = 
( ) R Pree: "BM. 3-3806 xclusive | NURSERY bedrms conv. Nil kit. and bath, each, Off heat. | oo 412.000. 
| | SHOPPIN 1 Pest 12.900 Will accept trade | COLORED TRINIDAD . ’ 
ON MT, Venn | CONN. AVE, APT | Apartment Address | punifé 8CH ECT | ition AR. CHRISTMAN, Inc SAFRITZ —DI. ic -9080 | Beith: £, BRUNO. INC. 3H} $495 DN. -—2 APTS. 
M N BLVD Remodeled and redecorated. | | Wie WO. 6-2923 925 | ae ie ot ST._2:3 ; famili 
| i WO. 6-393 | : amili 
AT HUNTING CREEK tcben bal 'bat ¥, mites over, 4301 MASS. AVE. N.W.| SENTAL OFFICE Jo. s.2e00 | BR omer. rick eas heat, fonts 1 onn. Ave. ComMEnCtal, Cae me invest-| 3" complete apta il bomty sear ~ 
; u ; 4 tii ’ y ° 
srltent ard plectric ity , lured Open ‘Mon to Sat. 9 rw 06 PM | $87 50 per mo without utils "ali o ~F mye halt Private bath, over $ ‘month plus pay of on| $2, One. rent the oth 
Efficie $80-$95 | Now Availab! se mserinthey, SROORVILLE. ALEX 008 Potham apie WALSH NA Beas “| Pile... including ail *ceoensen | ST. 33626” ves Tu. 2.500) 130,000 
eocies 5, $00-895 | ARCHMONT alae ite ernest Salis ee a , 
“ ; sf ; ' aT " . x é : ° of} - in ry ani ) N x 7 2 ; ° 
1-Bedroom $110 $130) MONT 2 BEDRMS. —2 BATHS | “Ot:—-44.# St, NE. 3 bedrms., sit.,| fining area” Pitnin ijving Fm. #70 mo ale 8-3700, AP Ry CHANTRER Broker £209 | c VACANT—NE. 
: utils. £70 ve. 8-6668 | 1% baths. tec. rm. with ¢ bath, SE LOCATT aK aaa > Bo an ae S fe | Gl- 56 MO | more than read 
IMMEDIATE | G A RDENS EFFICIENCY Sg nth Be. ist | wesher and = dryer AY piladie bigs IR 4, CONSTRUC CTION oR Suites! yeas. "nee ws Bouse r . | 
: . *% Dat rcoi imm 5 7 e a , - . 10.600—$5 
ee STORY puna} | | FOR BED OCCUPANC | Call wit 7 Pays. me tak EEN So 6 4 tee AsO Ro <GONDITIONED > BP sCe radio station. ete, PO. 2-3837 | 5508 C ST. oe any other 
ATE ' - | ' BE r . cur in ss ~~ 7 . o 51 SILVER SPRING—Very aesirabie| OPEN SUNDAY. 27TO 6 P. M. 
: ‘ TOM c mig sh. ONecr Ee 8° Prederice st st Columbia Pike DROOM * NA, dec ar 4125 ae pease. és = AF Pr J-unit ar bidg. next to park 5 MS A ae 
prOMAC, UTILITIES INCLUD . CO teat Ts * SS —Nw- CO. 5-9858 Only 3 3 avon unday paper 
iD 20x13 Liv AMA wt CALI 3 tims, CLEVELAND PARK. 3-BDRM $185 BUSINESS PROP. RENT 47 Om ! old, with two 2-bed-| OM STORM Wi 
PARKING LOTS. SHOPPING CEN-| 35,2, 88d 3-bedroom unite of iarge Resident ‘Mor EM'3.1741 |e BA gthl Mose Sira.| TARE TEEDA. +-BORM. si70 room and ene I-bedroom ‘unit. ‘Bs 
TER. DINING ROOM Seeks. | ton. plavatomene’® cross ventils- . ; Wr rm” sen he APY. B— Badr... AKOMA. D 5-BEDRM., 3150 OTM AND F STS. N.W.—23% x6¢ Builder titles ye Sesumes.| EMIDETACHED BRICK 
Faria eRvice BOsks Ditater| [ior ,, Parvtounds. pcale “Seas H. G SMITHY Co. _| isi a sae a SRE SAGE, P Peo sus BO windone Nt pattne? for ynimprov eg eroundg of acreage | Foe. oe ee 
, 4 . : wv — e . “ . > , lan / 
AIRPORT & DOWNTOWN ‘Wasi. | extras.” Imi - so” School. buses ¢:, st 3. 1314 Ve COLORED BE? 17 :.->' eee ine. a EI ve fo.| BF Blanchard, Rea 101 424 St. NE LU 2-4980._ Phone 
a J ‘ . ~ i aad 3300 ; mon’! ne rm Kit. DI 7. 2271 . 7 , business Call MP LOT an t -RH C : | 
wer tik. furn. Ad sit ] S 2 U. 8-4363 ‘ : . “9528 week. LL * ored—Attenti MY : 
amr aon ee Efficiency, 2 and 3:-Beden 1868 | ults only. 86! COLLEGI PARR—3- bedrm mason. ays through @unday . | SALE. BD. C., HOUSES 64 13TH & FLORIDA ae be | RE. 77-1234 
J | JIU KR . a z r Vai) e} ° 
: | Units $65 Us COLUMBIA RD. NW.-| fs st william: Rosier SR:| Bethea CA FAH, PERRY pte ne bie ntge pia, wt aon @| ONLY $150 DN tritiated 
ALL UTILITIES INCLI | ‘Desir bie wih $ 
OP BN IDED COUNTRY CLUB AILLS «Pel es). IN ‘ e site brick with den « : 
9TO 8 DAILY | ALSO SOME FURN. APTs, | MOST CoNVENtENT Location | iSif %h st. nw bath. | dorner lot: wie hgrambler. din near Metre ere on and ft sttiachive iene, Shh | FRONT PORCH SALE, D. C., HOUSES 34 
: ’ mod. heat ‘ " a , ? “ear ita ~ 
KI 8-8486 | a cols. "90g, NOt Sater firm. ‘Adus| Seuryer wisheehe, rane tt GF oSaphmaon:| Sojte Secorating netted, nssigtt:| 6 LARGE ROOMS | see 
e .s5Posai ‘OTmica, ete aut An any ti ' re ric of" « ; 
¥ AY NE Apts —Si1 VER SPRING | Resident Mor _ JA 7-0300 ' 4209 Dix «st ne > rms it , bath. Living rm. 14x29. fireplace| @nt firms Con pletely medernined MIT '38 x fa yew _ ane! 2-744. FULL BASEMENT 9i> JEFFERSON N ST NW, 
ha and 2 i Completely A new apt ‘bide Tenant fers ey) Lom raised hearth Carport Brand, %'f-conditioned one story and mes. THOMAS L PHILLIPS wo | ONLY 
bei: om apts In ga type apt.| LARCHMONT REALTY. INC ompletely Air-Conditioned $70 an vAVRYAe oa Re. CR. 3- e710. $300 eh wii taining approx pol . | Hot-Water Heater, Oil is “ $495 DOWN 
eve opment on anc che: ter Place — : . ' ‘ iy m | a “S. 3 table for offices, wee on a Bb. C. CHOICE LD- uy is jovely semidet. bh 
These apts . , LOVETY™ On APT. — All alive. | LARGE . central heat, ser. pre display or reta ra | Excellen rooms newly ome. 
2 50 ng utilitie re Bes- rte, . 1S SFPICIENCIES FROM $90 mH See. BY. No children Mar “au - er | We nb & Bush. CATION. 2 biks. off Conn. Ave cellent Condition cellent Eon lates ot, 
ident Mar. 134 w bide. with roi ®.” ind? tds ial ‘con (SPACIOUS DRESSING ROOM eo furn. aduh 4 only FALLS € URCH AREA—i715 Ht inberg US Inc. Sy center hal nL tas Act Fast, Call Owner. tas he . fee 
R&D I oP INC OC saga. at Meridian “p rh Tent of city _ 1608 17th st. ow.—1 rm. xt - bath. | | b ‘i arming 3-bedroom a LOT A St. NW NA. 8.3500! 2nd floor. siair to a fini shed 3rd EX. 3- 8440 TU 2- 1820 On, alt: Mos wey 
lL ee- Albe aria _Buclia w= n as. 14675 Oe Bedr room Apts. from $) 1s heat furn 860 | Bier. Tui ull davitent Das sement near bow ah a Lo ATION — 3 ise floor, bemt rev om fireplace or fits eves A. 
mM | SSSOUk BROD) we COMer and transp ™?*. an av Heat furn ccel | Seth, att. garage, level lot Inspect a 
LE SALLE APT HOTEL SOUNDPROOF. FIREPROOF Jolissaint Real Estate Service $135, JA. 71-7986 or JA 2-241. | for offices or workrms« z Call hie | and make offer. Call KE. 7-0800 — ROO VIEW Fits Diener Co., AD. 4- 6652 
Apartments CONNECTICUT AVE. ATL GT.N.W| Beautifully " COLORED — 252 taun 8¢ “euRe ed Ritthen seni ett: | liste e ene gi 9D m- Realty Brokers Inc COLORED — 8395 Down 
LU equippe home- —252 th st. NW. Bie- Py $195 DN.—$95 PER MO Fs 
Vic. GLEBE RD AND | , sized kitchens dining are: Vator apt. bide rms.. kit 5 ec 34 - ROWLAND co. BUSINESS PROP. SALE 48 ‘ s Osi ONY 
Bi, droom Apt. ——* WALK TO "WORK spacious Tooms anc ¢ ets, bath. heat and bot water’ fer $35 JB. _3-33 _——— yA x ‘CHA chook: detach = Lovely S-rm. brick: semidet.; full = MODE ISLAND. Avs B42 Ss 
ne yen irm. p Pastel tile baths; laundry fs- per mo. Key in Apt. 14. Call we. FALLS in te a3 bedroom house, | RESTAURANT-Pilling station—Res s00d condi: 2d } Dedrms.,; SS@t.. sas Bc. heat; nice yards;| ¢: rick; 
ullman kit. and - -R ry brick ed 
aah +> = _ laundry tee ities } irm ky 3 and beat » ane MC) ore Giiiies, self-service elevators: to wnt RA. 500 H st. aw enced vard. $125 ®. School and; *@Ulp. with Hot Point equip ea “es Deaths, ful basen nen partial! ew! | ciean Cell BB. 7. ir sarge ‘a ta ng full deme = _! rm oa re ft: 
ck hopping and busline: 1 dinette | : NA, 8-3556_ hopping. J. Puller Groom, JA rame house. bath. Approx. %-acre| finished  « tory, Bil-|; S32 ins ai | stove nel 
meet % to 5° ©. 20d Pentagon 845 es MANAGER Cot — — ¢ ‘ Ans , bath. 2-acre shed L : stove inely ed 
ALL Ti iT iE NCL awe, Eye. St. NE. 2 ma. kit <a aati IES WA Mae con mercial jot. Loc. 80 mij trom LIN ‘SLEY REALTY co EM TO SELI 
T R ovhill 2 Sons ae: ¥ 4 s Ps ‘CLUDED ea i is ent on. $65 EB 8-6668 vALLS CHURCH The Sewell ave y =. = Pe Ha Vs Will conside eve OL. 4-3975 coLpasD 7-1655, i Cai eet 
. — ~1916 t WN , rick rambler Livir m.. dinin teen “pne im trade. Total pri -e evY “CHASE, D af —Attr Ol ~ - - 
hee Hwy. JA. 4-1300. EFFICIENCY _NW 2828 se Ss. ne. ~_ in new rm., completely eauin ‘. Lo $15.900. John M. Anderson fe: a | UPPER NW | Rete ee and Shevherd nw. 
9 ' din. beth, -® vt itr £iassed-in porch. 3 hed B., Wath, | eemiteten fivine ry the iarger mily. Cén- , . cant arge roo 
Rone ] la ry Apts is . RAR WAL th nee . $65 32-6060. eves pk 2-3238 Washine machine Cc aeneet $140 STORES RENT — ter hall: 38 fi Tan iis uly. Cen A. : apt... om each ficor. ed 
oe d 3-B New? decorate 4 eft ie |COL.—726 Sth &t. SE. 2 rms. kh as 9 MAGON GREEN CO. JA ’ 4 cin. rm: kit.: breakfast area: | : Somhene comaition Side-hall en- 
an edrm. Apts ern levator bide Large dress” CONN AVE | a S60) ME. 85-6668 cana, fms. 135 bathe beds, Teed) te hiv. ra neree, UCR, lat | Siena tg! Basement. gas b.-w. b. 
: thom Apts Also Avail. e- £, iat, fully eaulnpeg kitchen BRAND.N ‘| COLORED. NW—1 room. itchen | FALLS. Saree hy VIC —3 nice bed- | FAILS CHURCH—Store or off. 20:-| Hoos; tea, DAME. 2 pedrens, Third | dining rm well eoulp, kit: | Spd shops. R A HUMpA 2 
ne » Ore os res, mgt in No 203 open AIR CONDITION bath: both p te fu Rae 3.9210 ook: Hind re rel Wash sts "0. - foway Azar. 30 & Demt Gerace 1.000. eves Jes A ay mo i ae | -aas_Are., Resiiors NA - 
% i929 2 We U. BMITHY CoO ST. %.2700 ik- | NED : : : “8210 + a -m " — real uy at 3 . oo inanc- in} ' tie i ED— WOODRIDGE 
a*< | | Lil in oO - oun with powder rm deep yard ; 
; CALL ju. 7 j 1y¢" LUX! RY APTS a - ; 104 H ST NW ‘birt. LINGSLEY | REA‘ LTY Oo garage Owner must sell i $995 5 DOWN 
: WR OR NE Buckingham Ownership = . Tt ee ae ome = a4, “tooo on Se ane ot, delice. | Eat Eves. BM. 2-3620 ‘ | Detached brick home with real 
__ POR vp EF BROG it Ra PRaTURine LIVING nn fat, aan fon Or te 3-108 See ant pr ne CHEVY ‘CHASE, dD. ¢ —$2 22 360 Den CIRTIE MA. TURNER ats ep ace, in large living rm. din. 
CL REM : HILLSIDE. MD.—.2301 Si7th AVE rox "HOU SING CORP 931 H at..| iee. Kit. on ist ‘|. * ~ a. 3 "aaa ; bedi —" med bath 4 ar inges 
Chillum Terrace A N Tr a \¢ ia Room c att is On 2 Luxurious Scale a em oil Dent On bus <PRINGPIELD. — a very nec arated on 24 fi j_pesuti- 3908 GEORGIA AVE. TU 23-8312 finiahed em, < h.-w. heat: 
. Aut Dishwashers ana Do . KE NSINGTON — 2-b rambler in shoppi: on te rapid! ache ae ompact home with lots of | -~" ; ~ : a N - , Jarage : 
Large modern 1 bedroo 9, he >. Walter Reed Dr, Ari.'i2"2n F e with Preesee'ts,| Minimum of Expense m., din. tm. deme BOGLEYS. | €rowing arom. excolinny* CRBidls : ' 0 7 795 OWN SINDLER REALM 7 “ad 
ine des utilities nw me. £109 | Wr King St ~—JA. 2 5003 Eve-Level Oven and Built in Range Pe 53434 * BNEW... re ae display suggested se in iude TOWN SURURBAN. eM 272-9400 $ 5 DOWN COLORED—DETACHED Nw 
f in rm de me kiteh en j Master Ty Antenna Prior modern and gracious ROCKVILLE Fr. Mp 3-bed room nardware, children’s and « yr « 4 nEVY * if SKF. bD ~ » Cale. Immac late detached 3-bedrin 4 BEDRMS $094 DOWN 
7 ter rt antenna mple Richly Carpeted Corr lors living in @ cooperat | fambiler is Ro beret S100 mo Wear and shoes. Cail MR DODGE . large rooms thie aon t. side brick -tex ome Laree living rm Detached Colo 
storace: air conditionine oo. Best VY Secretarial Switchboard br , are Dr root aPar tment | Lmed. occ up GA. 4.9348 JR hal, pla: owder room on Ist) sith fireplace dining rm. med.) rooms. den ‘onial, . natural bed- 
sons aiue de harry e Oy er WEAVER BROS na aa. atm. and 2 baths on] kitchen # bath, Spacious closets, | 22. behets replace. full bem 
=] N H . ‘ = — P ° ht ’ ue | BoC Mere -B t firp! lige » A O%s Sinn he 4 ome ian . kitchen & >a t Spacious close a‘ hal ie a car carage supers 
BS — nt_on Sheridan 2 br apts $89 50 Ce ae have only two left ™ close V5. rahr. $100 PO. 2-4374 REALTORS | om ard fleet, res ee fone. te 2 —— die ed yard. Just) condition. easy pay: . 
a wn ( Sner) an = ‘ . 1 niet tion cose ls ’ = ee 4 N T¢ RI : i enitiecenee tl . a. we oe - 7 e ran 
‘in $-> 23 Sher a : , Few Ch ice } Re a Ay ‘ to bus and snopping Pr ne : kits 5 ‘ ho ath 6 bd . _- me pr- ec G a > 2408 A ~ wares OS oo alr an $0 SINT, FR REA! LTY co. HO DORFMAN & "CO. 
— Weekdays 9-8. Gat. 9-5. gon 1: Available Far ter one ja 087) or SA base | Heal, hot-water ’ furn $115 mo. STORE—<cséa 1 = Highway. Sieeo-| 2300 ‘t] 9. EDW HM JONES «| COLORED—UPPER NORTHWEST + CO 5-4056 ‘TILO PM 
st: BEDROOM = wun. 11-5 “ e imm. © SIEVE SPV eo st nia : ng ouerters availebie CO.. INC , Chevy Chase Dd. Cc $395 Down—$90 Mo D2, COLORED — pr 7 UNE WO . 
a a! 2305 : cho! : — : , p —- - 2 or st 5 ’ for iPase ; 14 Lee Hw CHEVY { TASE $23 500 i rge sen : br - : 
ave. ve Htaining «@ neertul " : SEE RES. MOR. AT BL G O ra -bedrm Bd i L. ©. Mas caer a. 2 Bi older home iD ex ellent condition Pans fay hay ‘ain. rn Dama cy NR. 3RD & GALLATIN NW, 
ing On Sere i. finette and B wn a Co-Op Ant Home i bal the full Desemen: ca ot Yr it ore _ d locatio 4 Center hall p 4 ft. living rm eat. yard . +r MANY ADS SAY iT 
Been “ke LDC 5 eee ee UC ing al CAFRITZ in Roe EN Sol "Sol te 1 DISMER < pret tily equipped Bitchen: pew- ju RA 6912. DE. 23-8603. al WE HAVE IT! 
iNO! 18, 724 14th af | At st. nw. NA er rm. om ist floor 4 bedrms 
BE. NA. 8-2345, > N. Glebe Rd Aci oton MANAGEMENT POTOMAC PLAZA CENTER | SHOPPING CENTER" 1% baths on 2d floor. 2 finished 4 large private bedrooms 2 
—— >. A 2.5004 Lath K N mrengw PL. NW.—Vacant. tims ON Od tetas waded to es-| and pe. Mot-wa' Tee COLORED—BRIGHTWOOD. NW nook Couns tem & break ast 
“ awa VV : and "TT #=_on . , ; 2 ns gas heat n 1} chool : hed highty he ssful shop- rarar ‘m-Warer heat ln he Vit ~ u . 5 noo a " » 
G : | *° ihe ~—e. ae Bron ue M. 2.8383 ~ oS.s = ping center. Ready fo ccupagcy| Wilson & sh Se ; ® ana clote nook a th neta ‘apt “ben a wil 
C ; weured at , 7 ‘his Sor y , tay he bers Aeti in io ‘onn ” ner a - . " 
rac iOusS bing Ava lable THE WAGHMI STON HO cE  & 9 or 10 time Me ane rote if NF... «4308. ~Large ay bm! cate eee Ae abe be ery det. . : ave. “On a leay! £ Gl st eit cen “a had pa sain Priced 
= 2120 léeh CT Nw nual rei bulit-f ga ‘age B Is fron New| ce re a es, record shop. Shevy a _ JONES, & CO INC S RALPH > COUN 
: - ~ *¥ vidence Hospite! ; rling 1, similar opera-| .<it! s a 
IN AN ATMOSPHERE |-br. apts., $75 up) ,.. . Frou Rave” Sid fost; thet | Te vmspect call Mr. Means’ Ha | very tn ELUM ARG TU. 2.9200 
" DD | S& - nis tw ° ; or Qn ; ron , ‘* 7 Tam fare * ne bedrn - , “mm Ries v ¥ oe 
FOUND ONLY AT OF Dis ‘CTION 10 years of rent. you have CLOSE IN SILVER SPRING Weinberg &, Bush, Inc : bat q em mn tbr — PROMI! YENT CORNER COLORED AS LOW a5 
Weekdays 9-8. Sat. 9-5. Sun 11-5 1-~BEDROOM APT $ii2 | ose - 2 ~ A mete = We Attractive 2 2-bedrm. de om ‘fal 107 H St. NW 8-5500/ er. deep freeze, heated -- BATHS —DEN 
- al — 4 . . og i . m ned Possessior : ‘$20 mo mat ’ Ly! » BOM - ae ¢ a. 7 a | “i Dow : 
he Woodner | iLLWooD MANOR hint ini i ’ satan.| Wouters 0 Oh eler to om LEO A BRYER | & CO. IN ic, JU INDUSTRIAL PROPERTY 52 CLEVELAND. is Be el, RECREATION ROOM | Own 
Rving country stmos-| 9..°°S. Within walks lista: you be pur eney,§°, work jor i NEAR SYM and Wittenioute air | LXCELLENT INDUSTRIAL PLAN Colo nodern kit- 5] This attractive home is at Vac. 7 rm 
a } nd ne ogant . am tes Avaiiat ty im 4 tie ii i od. : B - ~— he S 6o-Ope , | NW.—Good é rim " -m -det bryck about 500.000 sa! “\ lo ca od bed: sr ns.. < bat iS. Bes ned ard floor ae, Corner OF Kansaq — | 2 COMPLETE rs 
EFFICIENCIES immediate - occupancy: short-term arr tere ' most romising location | Bemt. gas } n New England community wit! e Drown sop, trans. lower Sod Emerson st. nw. it has 
eases Pully equipped kit redian ‘ IJUT, Res. Mer A aad - o Keys to insp ‘DIXIE ‘Real: TY | in 335 miles Boston Worcester F wt LEGUM & GERBER & 1s bats and rec- | Demet, 
eal > rac sels . ‘sa “ dus : , +9 ; > . ”~ So { +) ti) ’ r - re r 
I. & 2-BEDRM APTS. closets at anena * ee erase. 2 bm © VALE RE D fe) ne ‘tn ~ ‘4 of ry CONN r AVE AREA Ne r embas tur ty for ° satoran Gall * CITIZEN 5 "REAL TY CO 
Gry tae titties ; Va k to choo _ VI R il ot | gg ; U NL A ee B k and concrete »} aon te gies i-story wr b . hos in Mr Mott. EX. 3-24860 or | Days. ME . aoe ME e tt 
: " . a = 100 : , Ceve' coment : ’ ‘ 9 : ‘ : =" ~. . : . ita . £ : -4§2°9 Eves TA R 
AIR NDITION churches and shopping: trancp at mudi 3¢ he velopmen food condition, mostiy 4 stories.| low 30 Make offer. OL. 6.8606 OL. 32-5621 > A. 53-9454 
CONDITIONED | eur, do bn Office. 6611 GLEN VICINITY OP ite in tans 6 | hU $903 67th Ave EAST PINES. MD.| 5.¥. & NH. spur track Uniim- FAIRFAX BEAL ry om COLORED-— STRIKE iT RICH 
ARLYN I I t hed fr .| ited water f ities and powe I GE— uriou , 
NOW AVAILABLE | OPEN ei SVES. BY APPT Melpar. Pentago ar, 2 5 | A chen ry m.. oo ‘ rt Aion t .¢ Several hundred acres of ar Er brick oe my - Or FRED A. oMITH a ra 295 DO WN’ , 
Jk..2-770) JA. 73-7903, 24! Virginia Ave. NW. full bemt. and garage. 883 Avail| J0¥s €00d labor pool. Stable com $650 down. $77 mo ociuding $ O 
Arline fon Hal! Feb. ist | ny with tax advantages. Con ‘axes. and insurance. 3-bedroom 
sil le - ' ct -* Tl Ny M ; te] i - ; itiiu ey on rt re, - ; —— eee Di tify rie 7 
shops. dintpe room. cock iad (CONGRESSIONAL THOSE = IN zo -F Ls os OS ee © Oe. oe $2 ‘5 Hildreth st. oF fayetio. Peb * 2 ora "4 v rite 2 ma te erat en . "t ts . “ae poe oo, oo " \ ’ - Tedecene 
ounge, coffee sho r NO THE UTMOST Ix s : ‘ : Northbrid Mass Chambe: f estr UD ~ , hed ni rawc flanre : 
Sun ath on Roof’ Deak: | SHOPPING. Ooee “ OPEN: 10 to 6 W eekdays Se al n en ft inetie wi ~ mS Commer bow ay Mr Nydam "Presiden: ir en, Sep “an. tm wy 2. a £5330 mo ~ roe ines pene oe _ TS ery ‘automata 
obbies entering onto Rock ts TRANS.- Wt Tye 7 SENOSte. < rms with birch cabinet full bemt. + pre . oe A sl heat Vacant , : : 
Creek Pare where You mag SERVICE ORTATION. Bex | to 6 Weekends oo me eee | HEAD na F aland Hie heck: | Seats Bore Base ile we | OWNER ATT" 35307 
Nenic, sun bathe or jus S 2 Mass. Ave. Real-| f acse es, Geom — : 
tndoy Sock nwt f22 you PERSON N R H 7 c 'YNN ¢ £9,,,5-0222 RIVERDALE — 12.000 ft. eom-| Jor 5020 | 54653. eves. OL. 2-0135 — 
énjo ch fc A EDMUND J. FLYND O Gat a | * _—___- LTON BR. GORDON JR ; i 
gen front yar  nédqpes NEL Co-Op Apt_ authorities mee 1908 STATE DEPT GWU Bivd J Harris’ Rogers, WA’ ?- es2s “FOREST HILLS © | Ee COLORED — VACANT | COLORED—$495 DOWN 
‘x fast elevators. laundry ’ . WILLS ni . Well .remodeled 3-bedrm. house - Hatidsome “pic ors. Colonial.| WEBSTER ST. NW. $49 N 
Carial eerie ee, secre: §=— | CRAB ROL WALL De Boe AON OF MN. T4852 with sep. Eng. baht set toes’ | BUSINESS OPFORTUNITIES SS| 3-redrms. 2 bathe, cen and sues) WEBSTER ST. $495 DN. | TWINS 
arial service, master TY US OR CAR occupancy. Rent $185 for both | ques cer rm. Moder tehen. full bamt.,| Geermeous tap. drk 6 rms. Sulli 2 lovel 7 _Sdioining brick homes 
antennas ; AT SEVEN CORNERS ROVELL REALTY DI. 17-7900, | BEA! TY PARLOR for t: colered:| ©u o sgerege. The < m / Dsmt.. auio heat. enclosed porches./ idea) sisters or brothers 
Gerage exit onto the Dark / Lovely Lawn, Trees and Flowers R | OF APARTMENTS WANTED 38 6-0728 6 boot sully eauip.: utils. fur: dining rm { sereened-jiving| Sen DOREMAN sto °™" These beautiful homes are ui. 
: ; De may Grive enta fic BRICK HONES— hed 3. 8 05 aft. 5:30 » m. wkdays.| Porch look out on the park-like | ern spotiessiy clean. 
© the beart of city by way | i NE ew full 3 yeGTrooms | ea — grounds of th Pr: ian = ~_— Have fenced rd IN 
of the perk within § min- | ne 4 a Sevelopment tm 6601 Ar! Maton ni d FURN. APT, WANTED in — fe) basement $105 yt ge ES = Soho oa, Bees’! Por details all Be are : > co 5-4056 ‘TIL 9 P M. | LUB RMS "IN Bait a . 
“ | hope. schools ene chon eenieaty ie) 5 BLKS Pp _ Frofessional man ead wif Pkwy E Riverdale Ma ‘h yee retiring. Closed Sund $4000 AMES L. DIXON & CO COl VACANT | REEL tele oee free? Rese 
To Li t “The W ” furnii shed or tashionabls , "tyrpished 5 ; te BRON 5 CENTER) a ta i te ¢ eo ‘ oc nedre om lord AP. 7-2345 AP BESO 4 tie "BOB. i : AND gore bas S12. 3-7200 OL. 2-3492 LORED— ACAN r ce ond te me line Kes 2 
Te 00 Enjoy Lie” | San ny stones ante) Bre dau ine Je Gesrabie eal | gC QUORED RIVER TERRACE AO alma aie 2 BROTHERS =— | tl over. DL. 18080 np 
ro 08 partmen ts LAT? e): ; © Wf oe fia 1G ’ v7 - me 
S 10 Enjoy Life Quiet gisisn guished surroundings ] AND y) BEDRAAC FOR y ic <NCTES 2 rece | hea reas, ‘Tent tneuire O01 34a en KEN CONC ESS10N—Lor eos }EORGETOWN 2 SISTERS 
h ame ur a £348 : nw X. 3-5367 Bi’. 32-0900 , ' 
de scant se - e For renta ' COL —S5i4 ith a aw CORNER GRoceny” Cle. quart R ule Beautiful new OR 2 FRIENDS COLORED—NR_ COOLIBGE Bi 

RENTAL OFF! os 875 per month , : — 

’ MAN! AD. 4- 3400 : — . ’ Golden o . n ctior 2 ed- 
get” id Be a Pa M i. Barty $73. 30 AND $88 COLORED —Land ords A? rent your $70 M . e JUSTINE Real? r 433 f r¢ — tg Lo “hes dee pr ‘ ~~ ma baths Dius gue 3013- 301 | 7th St NE $i 950 pd hl dn .. “-— brick, 
PRESIDENTIAL UTILITIES INCLUD and houses. Call ME 8-0258 _ St NW DI va: 95. o ei ; on small invest. 1039 7th ne ~ ~# — —- ; love a brigk home mS tires LEO M. BERNSTEIN CO. 
“ . 4 Cal 4 e% rms : r 

he Woodner GARDENS 8 H GC SMIT THY "CO = on ; it bet oe ae COLORED i 19 scond. 3 a; UN W CORNER— iath? & Given 3 . - : par ozers possible | place: of] h.-wh yard 2 
A; St. NW = }.33900 | -457) mo LUs.| wi bulld to suit tenant. 6 CHATE! REAL T re | cation = ha _— new cond! ftion. . 
o. LUB.| pe Fe < ~ L REALTORS 
Mt Vernon Ave. & Russell R4. cor =e we tri le man MO ¥ & ANDO STOPPAGE 39 ad RE Al oY ‘2 ou st. nw ast ~—y factii es and oe - DE. 32-1137 Must PRED "EHRLICH ‘COLORED 
3636 16TH ST. A W . Alexandria. Va > up Call if 6-0108 = : - storage space ava Suitable any 3 STH AND E STs. NE 
RO 4 . aD ee9 \ Cal TE b -4400 for aiivections Cot =z ; eS 5 i wa +) oe -_ | be rm... $20 2 — —Oe ’ ith = aF c nt 2? apts _ pe business CALI wM 7 At \ '2012 147 H ST NW ST 3-0450 AND ONT y $Aa9 PER MO buys 
; vOww AU. 4-5557. HU. 53-4400 ond. . outa tine SLonen— Ses rnaBt l-2 roon pecrins Li. 4-0212 who mit. & bath ea mated a IS INC. 800 H nw. NA #.<55 ae ones: ~|APTER 6.30 P. M DU. 7-7506 automatic how. b brick home: 
a tee fice Nw 8\ Dor lige. j h “< OF S88 SOD. apts. Oil heat sated tenes eee -_ utomatic gh -w in ne 
——— | rom #308 m to idnient | Sas wee eee Hi SB | FA. Mere gu. camer has Us| GLOVER PARK | abate | Fenieat loctison.” goo tastoerte: 
a ASHINGOTON ARSA 8 eR GOS a Me ae COLOR: oN t pw. NA 8-4618 Bor E'S Tk 4-VE" Sone “COLORED” BATHS | Pw RA }-2943 | - Oven 3 to 8p. m. 3313 Oth st ne) c 
CONDITIONED  sace TYPE AIR DONNA [EE te en abd Sth St SE | an reas. DE 2-3910. | MOBILE “RIC REN fully equipped. <441 39TH ST. NW. | rm¢ on 2 firs., 3 baths, garage RED EHRLICH 
VELOPMENT OVER ite altar . her a: , he a CALL i Face > a mor. & oe { 3EORG IA AV. 1m busines Call Ki + Base OE a tiep ‘arti — 1033 4th &t. Nw ST. 3-0450 
4 d se on 35. i] O -- ha 5 + d ™ at i-U0o;. | ¥e . a : ar >. «2s ; ler «4:9 P M > , 
OR Ky BRIDGES ON ARLIN x ] and 2 Bedrooms rt pyor $ is m DE. 2-8108 TT & AT? NOVING—1 ght haul. pe a ‘ . AT PoC /LROOM FOR SALE. 5 tables UNDER $20.000 Cc LOR ED—VACANT COL OREDE 3th “E KENNERY 
ek te - ‘) ; - - + ‘ -85 17 Ag i aN : eau er . vA VT =! 
JIMA MONUMENT Tops in Lonvernence ' - tons « 7, bans Tm. apt bs SF SF MOTE in tov ~~ fee or HES: HOUSE . oriece to" : a acrifice fee ot ‘READY © MOVE IN LIVE FREE 
: RII Children and Pets Welce me COL—iigs Tt. ste RA 080 Treneter AP aSoene |. “IST vii REALTY es TAU RANT wed porches. walt, 9TH & KENNEDY STS NW ye B p Wide 
Jt " -BS ‘ é0 ‘ a “ook orm aus ; ‘ “PQVO : we > ; a 6 ‘ . “¢ to-wall « rpeting . 
INGTON cor - r > 2 BOX . . MOVERS —6 rooms. $30 es Tere ISN . Upt Grorgia ave i8T COMMERCIAL 
4 he ‘front’ ane: | . AD. B22 COLORED: 110 ist St. SW : ol ¢ loses 830 | Closed F 2 apis—J kitchens—2 baths. side 4 NATURAL BEDROOM 
WER 207 Arkansas Ave NW. a "a , aes aa tres sce HAYES. MOVERS “To pee over i +, ’ TIN a . a br oe ha ‘%.. >- Lo vernead Doe $0 ex ; 245] 39TH Pl NIVW peu. y eD whe oy Ye) heated eporches ? FULL’ BATH S 
. Ra be 6 ie — . r on ae us + “ae v9 ate 4-hour; exper heip yr “—. — 7. eft, ain =i = ~~ wpe J nGi Ps " eae one Ses. Os — ¢, other S 
Fi a h $9 50. in " Seat andl col i] : ‘ _ ‘4 JA. aS. reer ‘ aD RENT IND BOY pi ; tt; ” > 74: aces re 3 OG TOO MSs “se 86at) with medintels mn i wrt = & OG upper 13th ot. is this beautiful 
a water, Key in Apt. 1, 4209, one * an o47. Sem 00. 3 h-w hb K - MOVING es ~’ ze 6.2962, Brich Food, 6-rm. bri ‘1 %/ baths SERVICE aT TION. or i > s a Bo! MURRAY LEVINE, "AD 4-3737 | mneett brick home con: sining ‘4 
foe ——_ RSS , ; -<<2 orche sm gas wt ie- 0 iern fa ' Gutahed eneranain ee — natural bedrooms. 2 f; : De 
We sai ie se MIS Ul ote ‘CAFRITZ- —D!. 7-9 COL NE SECTION ~tobedesax, | MOVING — UNION STORAGE CO. tached garage. ST. 3-4415. TU. 2-| good ‘highwae and neiehhonines n garage, NOR oom, | ~ COLDRED—PETWORT | stairs: puto. beat. full bent” io 
i? 4 4 ON ‘ viene att. Meo fh. eps. Call BOSS & PHEI Pe room By careful $2 mo potential! Gal lonage rental Ca _ + Sarage a ' ront. Side Hal) | Comer. frt. pch. Ne cash needed’ if 
4 Wout ‘Bus —— AIR CO T gent 8-9300 : 705 Plorida ave XO -0104 COLORED 4912 Dean ave ne 4 TA 99-8500 | $9.70 GI neh DAMS PLUS | | zou are Ruying & home now or ‘ 
) NDI IONED COL.—7 rms th ROVALL TRANS -— 6 TMS. as Ss. kit. bath Exeel cond 2, ‘ . TON Fully ea GEORGETOWN CLOSED PORCH _W oNe.! cash So burr 
Gracious suburban living air eon- : sme. Kit. ‘bath “Tig Rock | Soe 0: 630 of be AD. 2-624 nite eal, CON | SERVI va se SW sect a SE | SOUL BE Your YIPTH B call new as on 
Sones ne eren's play bark CARILLON HOUSE 3340 : a se 298 HOUSES FURNISHED 40, Fe ° ist ot 50 Vacant @| RA 6-o8 nts led 85 3210 N ST. NW heating a A. _ 3 new IST NATL "REALTY 
' ~ i “in OOKCaS . * fi =: ; ; ’ . ee . on > A ~ * 7} rms » b ths and ee « . ; : sa , SERVI x FA oN Mi > ws ‘ te ~ : . : ¢ 
lecture windows. a))-stee! ipped 2500 WISCONSIN AVE. NW. #& oS5u.DCar rap Se. N i~515¢ . ee a ae SUlOmatic 5 . s TION— OGern <-Da ~ . ee fs yard with Oowers 
sitchen roof top “sun patios w Cor — 1012 8th av. wer ALEX.—2-bedrm. brk.. very nicely | Beat, Dam LI )-9648 =e. Can th.) eee , Fe "of Palle IST COMMERCIAL | Gown, $92 mo. incl. taxes and in- RE. 7-3531 UN. 4-3422 
SOppinge center. sec r . Bienen are 2. urn... bemt — : — pnt ssOn age ne food euran ee 
dee sex P ress eleva ators. ini sundry fa- EFFICIENCY & 1-BEDRM COLoee <SS | 9-6652. gree. TR sfo° se COLORED. gas heat ghd pee ee: | B-N00 far farthee leicmetin | ‘Yeni location for swank shop | R.A HUMPHRIES | 
° > Se : -—— a ea 70 per mo ,0} eeEE Anis 101 and apartment \ ry fo 
es os tiful landscape ent. | APARTMENTS BETHESDA Inspect from: Outside then apply | W See gener mal Sales Fi. private ~fediemes olin oa oree \i—— 2 Mass. Ave Realtor NA. $50 COLORED 
FOR IMMED ¥ Cc Brick. 3 bedrms.. bath. full base- Sa a | een eeciiee soenees, Fetal Dy ain end,, $28,500. Shown COLORED—VACANT 
EFFICIENCIES $80-$92.5U Luxury living with every mod - oe SAPANCY ment. Knotty pine fee. rm. Very |S rms auto Can “heat; exe. cond | Moai? Poet ee Reet cals. Call Mire c CANT See These Homes Today 
IMMED. OCCUP. AT $85 Veet: eee, 2° S Apis ¥! 1-2-3 BEDRM. APTS. & FLATS Call “ROBERT K at ae onth $72 50 mo Lv Stine REALTY 412 COLON THERAPY busines Trained | eas; nn = (1) $495 DOWN | 429 20 ST NE 
1-BEDRM.— age and receivin ; “ry A gee ~ , “eee | snsteuctien MOP PICE en tk 8-8369 I 1419 HARVARD 8T. NW | 
Mpa aaoree + yA deck, “master ‘antenna’ euane NE.-NW..SE.-SOUTH CLEVEO AND F PARK: Or Coun ave co —aii4 22d 8 st “NE. ‘Det. trams. | aysil. ‘incls. apt, and 2 rms OFPICE. DU. 7-0300 Pully furnished ome. © ties. 2/ Reduced: $295 Down 
‘SCU0106 2d garage 2-bedrm a. bier com piete ¥! $1064 mo (LUSTING 'R T s uyteenererenee Cc arose. ve! mt ol B.-w. heat . 
| 1 BEDROOM FROM $57.50 Moma nel TY: $200. ere th St. NW. DI REAL x 4 BUS. OPP. OUT-OF. Lh a. 56 JOS M. , WISE REALTOR . ~ quscllent pe. ee = 
DAY AND EVENING | Your Inspection Invited | ; BEDROOMS FROM $2. 50 ptcon atte Te a dup ex.| Marry ATTENTION: lath and BEAUTY SALON, Charionten ie 2) $495 DOWN e 
nt 7 ' . Z , aa he large rims \ — ’ ives ry ; 68 - N ow fw da hed Ww 
INSPECTION Mr ~ niet h ce a iteas “. - re 3. soe pem 5. SF condition tile bath Wri ame Pa = good pusiness MILLCREST neer Branch ana Ala-| 20-ft. brick the. fol) 338 ISTH ST SE. 
Cc al m= ” gives Spring. $-8386} In - = 32 Post-TH i Au sa@es 
JAckson 5 5500 CALL EM 2-8800 Even Kale KE RE, 982 a 658 er 6D ers aaah 249 Mass ave nw . bama Ave Detached house of 4 bam oll h.- A, so Ru... “8 pl ipte ’ edec J d 
- Migs a —————— , peGrooms and den. 2 baths full ' cows Sym ® 
GEORGETOWN — — Avaliable tow COLORED 3 houses for rent herr | rs ~ > 7 ge By , ke rent 
oh Acie eee tetas . a Colonial Investment Co. LJ din. rm.. kit _ saree bed- section Apply Mar “ "Ottios BAe WAN rED heat . ma a ga - necer (3) $395 ON.— $73,950 | <oe' AST SE. 
7) ISTH ST -nw ; ingle bedrm.. bath. garden Dunbar Hotel, 5015 13th «i nw WESTERN ALTO Dr Al ER POR wit aad tat Cc iy $17.950 411 DELAPIELD PL. nw , , 
PRIVATE HOUSES COLonED—; “ 12th st. BE ipnew 4120. NO. 77-6950 _ stent | td. F=8970 bitch "oie YORK, PENN r D. Burnes” 2 = 8-3308.) colonial brick, 6 f més. 2 enclosed — ouse cond. low dows 
pide. at Pe ave 6.8.°2 lee. rms GEORGETOWN CRYORED. 3035 Vista athe FOTOMAC AVE SE—T700~ bloc | POTeBes. 2 baths: ens heag "345 ISTH ST. SE. 
et he ’ r : entr : P ; oocr’n rms and ath ful) Thi ra oad A - k -* ole: ; 
$ ~r } 205 ‘ acti 2. . ho " ‘t) has ment one > _ ; . js ; . , ; t ss rin nome 10 AS | _ " rie 
OR ot Ady? soe Same DE GA SEAE. | tracts i GB, SE seas] ae Fest ate Mee cate] ESQJeT ON Dose western auto] setged'as ner” pedis. "ex (4) $395 DOWN =| B.zanm anata prishi rae? 
DUPLEX APARTMENT ' he 2rm er Pi.e Us $ 6 ‘i : ai exe a a Gr i a SON bE 2-5000 NAA Japav is INC 800 H s nw mie rm’ han 3300 We tert AY a MVveiy cen «£ + firs) ry “- ‘ey Row brick 4g Rs : N Ww bathe bo rhooed 2 apt . ' lee  40"8 
S 41? kes WUS TINE REALTY = oe eee ate Stores. wa an ambitious rm. & din. rm Oll b-w h This | oo ae * ecrooms, 1‘, tna, payment 
Sif Sth « n Di 7.5905 SiLVER SPRING Lae, 6-rm. bung COLORED. i211 © st . 5 rms! forward-looking dealer ywouse has te be oy ae © . 3 ol] h-w. h, excelien condition 1264 Ib k 7 N 
‘ ot ele Pons De rm and Da! ce, | bedrme nr 4 : Arcola heat $* per mo Bienes : ing 13 : dar ; ; Cs = pn ore & o1oroo errace E. 
res? fe" ubrs schools. —_ . ae family Ww. ' En DAVIS i , = ait wat aes \ os 8 eae “Eee: I « Large lot.. det.. verr clean. 
First Floor: Large Living Room, Dining Room & Kitchen . 0. 3 quire 1640 i6th at a, Shope. Coles 2 famuiy BAe INC. 800 H st He will retail national y advertise MR SHEEHY, oe ‘9377. Bves (5) $195 DN.—$89.50 MO | ‘ow down” wymi to reliable 
Second Floor: com COLORED <a | aT VAN NESS GP Nw COLOWED. baa; Carolina A cles. applianess, ete ie cone. (| GAGA Mi REALTORS. | $303 BST SE | art 
or 2 or 3 Bedr $s and Bath | ~ 306 a din +4 ee pa AMERICAN UNIVERSITY PARK he 9 rooms and bath se 4 w on o reanired , a —_ n we ‘ ini. “Rp iG 3x65 DAG K war 5 $295 6 DN ree ‘ 2. oso ; 33 indesendence Ave. SE. 
veo — Has Front and Back Yards Lawn Care Gar- TINE WADE oo ‘ 2 ant ot .—s beautiful furniture ! - Ms 5.8 - Co. “DE ne § ce. erite oF ‘ph a of $25.0¢ 0 nee a On'iv % $730 OWN “" & 4g a” en eae beak lon down 
bage afid Tiash Removal, Gas, Water, Heat, Laundry chine nee $175 bas penth cea gittonal COLORED Very wnusual stone picte inlormat ; conditior “Ti 3 \-bedrm home has! ms ENTE RPRISE REA! a ‘co™ pymt. Mo. pymts. $70 
: 0S Sth SC WES | on erm o ease al 5. 2 ths i tll hath pias o bE 
Facilities and Repairs Provided Free. | bedrms. liv. rm » * . kit. and| McCoillam , wert en. Fee om 2 patios ‘ish WESTERN AUTO SUPPLY CO teil’ hemt h tiléd tlos y a s224 EYE ST. NW wey AN 
SCHOOLS | 412 bth bt Ww Bf egREALTY | “57200. ae i e104, Dixt® REAL. TY ¢ Ss er Pitt . aes *| inked fence inclos. ne & level tot | EX. 3-3400 RA. 3.5711) aphn tae VAILA 
AND SHOPPING CENTER N SIT €6 ) “WW 8 rms Ty Sti Dixie REALTY CO NA 8.8860. : Convenient to shop's. schools and 
| _— D at A ; eet ; L ICE WOUSE—Ver 400) Leeds Ave, Arbutus 1695 spor Ww fe eeseal 
0 S Ec and bath: ea : ’ Rin Tms.. i‘ boys. arenas the SUBURBAN RENT — Baltimore 29 Mary iand S-84ab- Sesy terms. Call Ka COLORED— ameunen REALTY MORTGAGE 
7 | Biee rm ree ‘enced yard | 
2 Bedrms., $93—3 Bedrms., from $109.50 ig $0 Be PUBTING ReALTY. aid ye Bie Ys $250 “Califum | 7WO- et rake ae pevwid MEPs ete St tionck: t | lea ere Rg PR ad 
; me ss, ; 4 2 — : 3 : ToD . y 
~ = + Sir, Spt rms, | - 0 WA. 8-| Dominion ar. mil et OF) RIYADH-MEDINA SHEPHERD. PARKDET BRICK | hall. 6 rooms mod. equip. bi £/ 1004 Vermont Ave. NW. WA. 8-3459 
also few furnished apts. ) ria oa nea © all HOUSES UNFURNISHED ry va. Rt 6 579 MS BATHS, REC Ru'| b ar 
s ~=+ 
. en D> WANTE 

=a -187 “| Lov 18 Rt ‘oben TU 2-3060_ nin petee ena ‘erme. “Sei t 4 

cement apt: wr.| 

3- o! : 
: ale : ath 7 at. ne.) Trick home, new! yes | , Fate hous can ode f 
bbe oan RVD. FALLS CHURCH, vA. NNESOTA AVE AVE NE. ee sere on Micon \To RENT BUY.—PFrom owner | ' iT! $14,500 our. or down: trade your gte, fot 
ween} @bOut Apr. 15. 2-bedrm. house in| ANNOUNCES THAT THE DATE PENTIST Figg service. 8 RMS. senna BATHS home; choice upper N.W tion. 
at 7 REMAN co. 

| Nr “Eeanies rd 
% : . ; : } Va lar nad . or. us St Li I in ; 
JE. 2-5500 Daily, 9 to 5; Sat. 9 to 1; Sun, 12 to 4 | OP cat Pe ney at ae Noa = eideniek wihin tae ra Rice rarasa ‘Ky| FOR SUBMITTING BIDS FOR Property neat att J6 bus ro | APPROVE ED EAR VETS ‘CO yt 
COU... NW 3 rams prt. bath a % | ALEX — Ful HOUSES NERDED— & Gifiee 4m ee nome a1 dentai | a ‘Ti 
: . 16468. after a.) !mmediate Occupancy | CNPURNISHED. #75 To. $3 $175, | THE CONSTRUCTION OP THE! Pilemen, "CSTs. 8 rooms é- _. OL.| This rervthing eee tew prick | ~ COLORED. VACA N r 
ES 22 4-459) JOHN R HORE Bas everything! Concrete front — 


BEAUTIFUL : COLORED 3 BEDROOMS—$120 | FROPERTY MANAGE a4) MIYADE-MEDIXAJEDDAN RarL- “HBS GaN y RW | Perch 1atd Alas itinn ROSE | 476 Nicholson St. NW. 




pe. ana’ ieft to eit fice: gr out S Seat Wet a left ie Rs 

Eig & McKeever — 

: ‘ 
. cond: lion Pull Sasement — h and finished recreation v4 
R K REEK H ) fenced yards. convenient) loc ted increase Your Incom , room: garage. sluminy tol or det. brick. 6 poet rooms, 
oC C GARDENS re hd e! slvoir, Pent asene te center. Fi List your rental property ne TENDED TO SEPTEMBER 12. 1956 6 BRIGHT ROOMS 19 Indes wnt Tised at 618.690" with rage. yards. A = ines _ = 
in Montgomery County, Md., on the District Line 'De - minutes ‘to OFFICE DESK SPACE Rent 21 RA. 56-5505 iatiaianeiiiaieiinaatitae COLORED TILED BATH!) penne itn Call Mi Mein. FRED EHRLICH 
tr ue 1 A e evening: and : ’ 
ScHOoLs TRANSPORTATION” suoppnng | SESRRIRS'BNOPA™ HAS) O 00,2409 waar vs « SPREE DER SOT REAR MORE or poco raoer| yl, Bsmt—Gas Heat | Siepin tiie ae a a aE ge 

HOPPIN &CHOOL. ICUT NEAR K eo T ovely Lot—Garage COLORED— $69 pe er month tw quall- 
New modern elemen- Service to all down. Complet sh . MONRO QD N Handsomely San ee ate -cendl- We yi buy 2d ust potes "Dc | fed Gd fis modern tries 
tary school in the = town areas by Capita) center | in “he develops ] BEDRM $71 00 134 XN, eine. oem fgg onec. law or business suite a fem $795 DOWN Same ay... wine-paneled ent 
velopment. Fine high Transit buses. Also ment. minutes awas ” pn . ception, Secretarial service op- INVESTMENT ‘CORP elie KOSSOW REALTOR |  GOLORED—WONTHEART | Geluxe kitchen. all til "ars are 
schools in the | immedi. fast local bus service. from major ‘snerping INCLUDING UTILITIES | 3 - EX 3.108) ey Ow We-Bay—a tie 3405 TA 8-8@ MICHIGAN PARK AREA bi’ 7-6000 Ra, Sue 

I nae ~~ denominations” nearby. NO 7.9157 LU. 11-1557 smt. with a — ei ser a DUPONT 7 AREA i WI block 1 3B DT a EX Sosebee ” 1728 aa ST. NW. ) Werely toms Hot ae ey oo ‘| | , 

enced yard. conv. to Belvoir oF or ao ae a ms oa ibe 1ST, Tat ~ DANS cover- ahs a ae aaa. vacant, NA. wder room on ist fost. ¢ as COL.—MICHIGAN PARK—3LE 
]- BEDROOM APTS. ‘ee eeeeeee eters $87 50 REREE =a s. Bre | & are. 150 inc RA a ME. 7 remodel- |” 2- 7622 Sinisa —~ too mecyn Kitchen. Full! 
2-BEDROOM APTS. 107.50 FSM abd path. aad 50, | “iCK VIL | Pa fs, Shue xt Ba-| oe REE" tee PD aR ALL CASH cis ery lates Yard. with} VETERANS 
ee © «© @ *e-e . / uy icant ities Sen oo - ° PINA 
RENTS CLUE ons. Ca Hi eat dreatton se =i Bass WARWICK ILLAGE sti Spe law nies Ta ~ WaT. itis VE. NW QUICK SETTLEMENT cal Mr Gre Aus si NC 
Rooms t ~y ~X. AND UNFURNISHED APAR TS Cot ne Toth ow, 2a: mdividust 5 = aii. Conditioned “Office bide FOUR PER CENT morteare Youn 7 os a $69 60 
a 2 smple closet space; playground for ms, kit. and bath sos peat. | shouse washer. drver. refvig gar. Bed. facilities need fina’ cing and refinancing bome: -13i¢ . 
; wi “a areas for sale play. newly decorated $59 50 a al: ai ed Prive 1-348 Post. conventional, t; pian MR.) we have taveste : MONTHLY ~*~ 
be * sine — | se tite of 2 ese investors intereste 
CALL JU. 5-4030 COL.-1908 Téth st aw. 3 | shopping. ae ‘se Bus. and private isyatery” Aish tae @, Monsen LOANS —Pinanc-| fi). °7P** Of property. No obli - | VETERAN APPROVED ; ROOM 
Rental Office on P Kitch. oath; all util, $is- ne | te n yh aR office bidg. near White House : rms of insurance. “3? RECREATION 
remises | RA. 3.8754 | deltas Bena "| Roser @eith Hotel aie eoeet. | JOHN ¥. DONOHOE & sons | 3811 New Hamp’ Ave 
auep 754 Pa. Ave. SE Li 3-0084 ONLY 4] ooo if pom. re hast 
| $300 DN. Pris modern, » oa 


3-story brick LAL: house. An- 
pow 9} oot hy ay Excel. 


You simply have to ect fast on! 

brick home. of 
eo beast itu orm, be wick home. | lg ME oy a 
% oil, full bemt. Py are | kitenen. 2 reo. 
CORATED. A past 
1g — = 

ia oh ad tin, ‘iin ines SENS . Wilbinens & uss: INC 
0 ATR 1707 N 

fnanciee i 
O-yr. pis | 

13th Avenue, be Lathe and 

 pecun & ts sae ones 
on | ove le 

aw Pazornick Real Estate 
‘oa. 3-1147 RA. 6-1516 


Tuesday, January 31 31, 1956 

Your daily 

In this newspaper 

reaches — 


more than read 
any other 
daily paper 

RE. 7-1234 


ree ms 
tile bath fini 
4 fe ; _ 

Shaky LEVINE, "AD 4.3737 


Ol OR NON-dI! 

Modern h 

rent. Cail 


as) beat 


3. 940. 


9 RMS.—2 BATHS = 

Only $950 Down 

room ¥ row hrick 

BS * a ae, eA ae 


n <@e ls ry" « “ ’ 
and down 
0 Eves IR A 

col ges 



ricea ix 


D. C.. AND MD. 
$15,000 TO $50,000 - 

ae representatives have cilien 



60: : aucom. 4 
pincer’ FROM OWNER 
Bishest cas for ; property 

Cc oo Prince mente es Co Md 
» oar. ® night. Mr j 

| bedrm. home 
a. Co 

We ‘ 
ANY. BOU  . ; 


. ' H. M. Greenfile 
All cash 2 ence 9-778 

ATGHEsT " “Ash ofler-< n propert — 
io ears Delle, 
T. 3- 352 * 

SR DICREY a: Nor Tone 
ic > i- = 
will ee 

Spot Cash for Your Home 

cox & CO ~1633 | 
ALEXANDEIA, nue wd ike «i 
commercial bid ul 4 equip. 

barber chen. "99256 
five yrs. SO. 5-69 


col. #100 

67 MD. 

oreias brick rambler inciuces| 
cish wasnt lisposal. stone 
Rs ay ot ims. 





tap VILL. Ae 
BETHESDA L 3-b m. 
brick rambler 

coded jot 
PERRY INC... OF . 4 

<pA- Spotl i 8s hite bric 

BETHE ent “all echoo)s. | 


A ae fenced 78 yard Will 

ye “clean | Ca 
Brrites NIH and Naval H 
with “fireplace 
> spacious bedrms. 
to expansion 
fenced lot; prk 
woop CO... 11158 Georgia 
Georgia ave. LO $1200 till 9:30 
: pe Cod. 82 i} 
Gien brook Golf 

> ali 

r , 
Roomy. basement. 




SDA—3- bedrm. brick 
RETHESD wde famuUy-siz 
en gens “ond street: 
itch D bus 

raised EN 2-2 


ESD A415 Sg 

mins. to Ne 
brick on extra large A 
; ; Ww 

216 MERRY- | 

Parkwood. _ 3) 
parkiing | 
Teatur! ne} 
din. rm 
edrooms and 

by th u ie daylight bsm!' Cail 
* -= > M. 2-7800. PF. W 


Open Today 

Reautiful wooded let with attrac- 

tive circular drive. generous 8) red 

with raised firepiace, 

dining rm spacious 

with breakfast space, and 

3 fime bedrms., 

and iots 

f extras luxury 

living. at a modest price, $31,500 

Antique brick split-level construc- 

tion by William Robey. Drive out 
Bradiey bivd. to Wilson lane, 
on Wiilsen lane to Radnor ra. 
te our open si¢cn 1 "sil dark. 

Shannon & Luchs Co. | 

_§000 Conn. Ave. KE. 17-1800) 

| jot in 
a schoo. 

and bat 
with finished 
extra bath. Price 
2 connect oft ta 


3-vear-old brick 

“a ition. 3 

wooded. i new R . 
ambler in Vos em with 

©. stairs to phn e attic. 

ace wvp20780. o 
Brick and aS = 


conv yeast. 14 

ey eee 
fs, Balad. 

fu Paget + ~ a nr 
brick home 

enter entrance, 
with Sielure window. sep 
mod ALL 
stairs. out of 

AN ’ 

ound bemt 

TAIPS, OL. 2- 

to } ; eek 
Contains bie ity 

electric dream kitchen 

nial in excellent cond 
15.9 K 

close Nava 
Hospita 7.) ORZENDOR 

, financing 
EM. 23-7840 

RROOKDAL FE AREA—Colonial brick 
ls powder 
jalousied windowed 

“Wood! oor 

Cp m : 
osemary Behoo 
arming older home with 
mene rn kit paneled re« 

Gi appr 

chevy CHASE 
rea. Cha 
bedr ms ; 
p $ié 

* your o der home with that 

that you have heen 


The 0 


mes _ 
Charming brik x me rambler 
Spacious ' 

bination wit 


LO Tl 

Chevy Chase 
Found! Found! Found! 
picturesque BIG 
one- fir 



amid tall 
ont ‘Conn ave. bus 

large dinine room 
den exce ent k tonen. 2 bedr 
b al 

Perfect for Déctor’s Office 

Conn. Ave. Between the Clubs 
Authent a terranean 
©. ia? ; Z 

tn on 2a 
$34.950 Cai 
pu » 5800 
or OL 14 

Pvenir os &7 

cr pene Fi 


MPD .—Center 
on deadend 

arce and : 
“ 6fle 

‘siLver SPEnNG. Sack 

ciose to A’ ‘. ri 
Call W +, 
JONES as co 
Chase, D.C 
CHEVY Fe ve est —3- bedroom 
at choo 
' * 

l?. EDW 





CHASE Bo. you own this 

n e Le guickly by call ing 
~ Ca hae Rambler — custom 

for orevious owner 

old and in new condition: 
Attractive step-down living 
separate dining : 
2 baths: full bem : 
and 2-car garage. Generous fenced 
garden. Entire house immeculate 
and quick poss an had Cal 

bedrm. sem 
iv. P . . sep. @in 
utexie entr. Anchor 
w heaton High and Bt 
Bchoo! or non GI 
POGARTY,. 10. 5-! 
CONY. a. lL. ii. ear AV Ay HOSP. 
2-bedr homes $f5 
3- bedrm homes: $100 t 
rms.: $130 to $16 

CONN. AVE. ESTATES 569800 | ah. 
a" — 

i nr 





: located 

drivewal and Be A.B 

= Realtors, 

eens. rec baths 

ne AT lot 
fein ice ‘s1 “500, $760 down and $103 
nth eoietenn taxes and. ineur- 
aan Assume balance of I an 
J em Lawrence V. Lates Co 

AREA. Boringtield—. At- 
tractive brick rambier. 3 ms 
and den. 2 baths Been 
areas to sorase attic 
" © 7400 ti 


| Pyend-vew and beautiful 4-bedrm 
bath brick rambler with fin- 

ished recreation 

lot All-electric 

‘EB. F. BLANC! HARD Realtor 
JU. 68-8600 

FAINT BRANCH Tanus Beautiful 
1b) on acr ’ 

a & 
. 9 "ti . Pea 
ROCK VILLE—Roomy 4-bedrm. 4- 
yr. old, home. cozy firepl. in lee 
liv. rm. ige. eating space in kit.. 
fenced wd. walk to everything. As- 
sume present GI loan. $69.62 pe 
pays all Asking %12,.500 
pee. PO. 2-6843 ox & Co 
nted' 3 ——— and « 
arate din newly 
a corner 

TORS, PO 9-474 

oi. VER SPRING... 



what you 
real sep- 

Sun... PO 

Owner must sell 

separate din- 

kitchen. lee. liv 

fireplace well 

hb ’ 

* esses EAL 

SILVER SPRING—$ 14.600 GI. $300 

693.5 mo., incls. every- 

brick Colonial on 

' Siigo Pkwy : 

neighborhood. BONA 

SPRING. -bedroom ram- 
500 22,950 D.- 

: excel 



yams sone 

SHIN new 




r NG—-Woodm 
tion. New England brick Cape Cod 
in lovely tree-shaded gar 
oR m. 

outside bar-b- -q 
$15,960. Call 
22-7800, Ww. B 


mice liv. rm. 
SS 4 

New brick rambler 

sell this © 


33 Coenn ave 

3-bath Colo ; 





little home al! 
trees on ni ce 



2 $300 


Spacio is . 

$35.¢ LO 


5 a ee ‘T-year-olf rambler: 

. Dp 


ayer. Compac 

F- Par PARK 

ain ee _— St and! aoare 
BCC High 

. Neat tranep Call HE 

eS et ong 300 GI 

fl 500 down. 

$900 — 

, includes everythin 



6 and 

New Colonial homes: 
27% baths attached @ar., 

porch GI 

Wood Acres Constr. 



OL 4-3240 Eves 

. gs 


— up 

approv a 

awrence V. Lutes 

NEARBY = tt oe ae 
n r ‘ 

Western and 
oO shopping. trans 
rick Colonial in truly | 
cond nda 
modern kit 2 pore. 
ir attic De 
5 J4 930. Call 

beautifully land scaped 
biocks oft Coors ave 
Eves... JU 
OR we 





690 mo bedr 

storm windows, Tee 


or mio... ¢ 

financing avai lable 

OOR—New 3-bedroom. 
0. par 



7 rms 





6-401 : Open 




“PRE rry—2: sedroony 
wiy am 

9- $444 

berm ' 


all RE 

CLOSE- IN eS eee. 3-bed- 

rm rick split jeve! 
2 full ba rec 

it”. modern kit 

the rm 


3-hedroom ameter 
*s-inei - 

50x150: GI approved 


-... : 

acres of 
din.-L. lige 

ne wut i>. 


view Nice 

eiec. kit., 
- A we 

com ma 

PRANK ; “PrnLibs. 
untii so P. M 



‘ APE cob Extre | as ree. comb. 
: dini 3. bedr 




; large 

sorerets dining 

ivy equipped 

6550 9 


$i2 VA ter 
riatr's G FORGES, REAL ry ¢ 



$16, 550 

; ap- 



3 bed rox ms 

71-6655 | 

Ares. Brand new 

Bal. $85 per mo 


9900 DONALD 



6 eee 

with table space, full bemt 





ramb! er for oniy $11.500 contain- 


.: 0.82 

ground rent 


fen ced 





9525 Ga. Ave. JU. 9-41 

4 “TIL 



xD 2 ist the locat! on if you want 

It s GI “appro ed 

eaan m 

yours Call us to see it 


axes it 



quick sale 

See and judee KM yoursel! 

Visit ROBERT F. LOHR Homes 

HE 4.4000 TIL 9 PM RA 


Prince Georges County 



oe. wt a re lot 





terms. | 


in @ 5-rm. | 
Gaviight | 
can : 

gle, Make 

&, > ae oF, 
oat hw. lar pe 
Hartman Reel! 
LU 59 


sq. ft , 
j.. VICTOR. 
col -LEGE 




for home 

storm win- 
cane over 

McG) nnis. 

TT (T tat 
brick rambler is sel 
GI appraisal 


7-4500 ‘ti 

ling $900 be low 

ny PATTSVIL LE—Modern brick bun- 

+ baths 

ppusest , buy $15 





$750 DN.—GI OR CONV. 


full basement 

HA ¢ 

sepa> | 



this wonderful buy at on! y $1 .. 950 

* storm windows and 
fenced yd revesnss low 
ones nd inslirance. 

"PARE — 613-980 sg 



rambler. 2 bedr 

we 7-480 | Arfax 

rage | 

or den. Nr. Bost, nt 

NOM 3 hedrm 

ea lace, full reereation PICTURESQUE S 

are . 

extra large 

entr.. excellent ori 
# on GI o 



~| boo 

: ee 



4-5757 or BP. 3-7929 

($62.50 PER MONTH and only 
down to My be 
nian bungalow 

ene outside entr ; : 1 


will buy it 
AP. 17-1400 m 5 P 

$11.500.Rambler. Yes it's true 

Riverdale sachool 
with low. low. payment 
«3 RO 

5 p.m. WA 

f b 

,jocated Priced oniy 
mthiy pymt. $50.13 
prey ©. Conley & Co... AP 



> bedrooms 
1a ft 

$300 | 
3- Pg bon Calitor- | 

in tip- top cong)tten $55 per menth 

epene On EASY — puys this 
bed R 


fu J esmment caeepee poms 
er $2! do 



i re 
Harry A. "Boswell Co., 

AP. 7-111) 
Steady New Expressway 
to 8705 

‘Inc. | 

ride wn AND 
Charming brick ~and- frame 
lonial vane 
tached arag 
J appeeined. 


r SP 792 
FOR RETTER Lag & on houses. 
+o JO, a 


ne California “bungalows 
desirable me veréate Pr 
’ le own vaym 
HUGHES. AP. 7-1400 

raat TERMS 

1.> ent 

Non-vet or GI 

BIFR Brand néw 

ouality brick homé on almost 

James C. Conler a Bs 
10 MIN. D.C 
Beacon Hohts., 


VETS “30- YR. LOANS | 
$12,750, $79 Mo. Approx 


” Riverdale, Md. 

a ste 
66th ave. 

o homes 
HERB BEDFORD. AP. 717-2945 


Green paes Road. Chever- 



& 5! ee win- 

TO FT eae 






Brick, Colonial t 

| spacious 
piac ace 
, kit 

. bedrms 
ith lavatory 
room “opening eate forma! 

KI. 9-7799 KI 


ALEXANDRIA- iS minutes out. 
drm r ler, 2 Daths. 

sii wi r $2 an 
~ VD. $13.950: 3- 
oa ilv rm 

. good. 
MoTos : REALTY Inc 

in bedr: 

in waking distance 

se ns.. shopp 

x EXANDRIA Woodley 

ne. Call 

resi. , 


bra: Shirley 
ram r on 
edrms . 

pine paneled rec. rm —— 

$14.956|1403 N. Courthouse Ra 

mn lige fenced t This 
rampier is in A-l cond.; 

and 884.50 per =, 
$11.950 Exclusive 


pay $1000 

ful D 



‘Only $299 Down—Gl | 

~ —~_-? Na =e 

| rm fire 

ttle bath. ‘Bnetieh 2212 Wilson Bivd. JA. 73-9300 "Til 9) *¥ 
and din 


_ Hills —Cus- Bae ar REALTY CO 


ice | 

4 Bedrms., 2 Baths! 
$14,850, VA APPROVED) + 

$87 PER MO. 

Includes taxes and insurance 
this sparkiing 45-year-old 


Call now 


Convenient to Fort Belvoir 

omen With washer 

Veterans! Call ws on several 

These bentt 
24-Hour Phone 




3-bedroom brick and 
walking distance to Geo 

& express transp. 

newly decorated 

; Show by ap- 


$1000 DOWN 

First low offering of baw! 
on beautiful w 


pe Palonial” 

frame mod- | 



brick | 


Just a short walk from this immac. | 
lis Ch 

home in spacious liv 

only v tt 50 eucell 


® Artist’s Del 


Have you seen cages “ELS | 
hy -acre with an 
rr shade. @ real picture- 
setting: 13 

Baty ~ - room 
A, window. seperate dining 
tb picture window, ee luxe 

: a, £ 
ntrance : 
: defies ; 

™. ee th 
and \% bath 

Realtors-Developers. = (JA. 

BS oe corel 

ealty, ee 4-4 a 18 


| dhe 1-223 2386, 
PAT Ni Aurie 
patauehte ene eset 


: ‘A 

ti : 
Erommee. es, 


any more solidiy 

uld not 
bedroom b 

2212 Wilson Bivd. JA. 7-9300 "Til 9 

Gr aA OVED' Convenient 
Servintns offers 2 « 

and mmoth 

roo is spacious: 

Seneed only $12.950. Come on out, | 


2212 Wilson Bivd. JA. 7-9300_ "Til 9 

Constructed by & master builder. | 
ized features 

bill never exceeds $70 
a ROO! TR 
! LOT 
—, H. Rucker Co. 

1403 N. Courthouse Rd. JA. 5-8585 

Ramb -Foyer into 21-ft. liv. rm 
with ak extra large kitchen 
twin-sized drms gas 
Close-in. sanventans 
everything Total price. $10.950 
an be purchased with low down 

2533 Wilson Bivd. Arlington a 
JA. 7-4448. Eves.. JE. 4-4015 

AnaINGTON, wO.—4 bedrma.: $13.- 
| 7 gre. old ond just 


212 Wilson Bird. JA. 7-9300 "Til 9 
RENEING! ON—4611,500 GI appr.: 

expand. 24 bsmt 
Booty = OL 7 

LO 5-340, 
nN ARLYNG sTOR— Builder s “sacrifice 
eee brick. 

Glebe ra P 5-0707 

brick Colonia) featur 
Ds - papas den 
pat xiv | 


format din 
see born 
bloc i . ; 
Realistical ly a ced at 817 
auick sale 

FE. Malcolm, JA. 7- 3024 


exceptional buy 

comfortable Cape Cod 


room fireplace 
t.-in bookshelves: separate 
arge bedrooms, 



4-Bedrm., 3-Bath Rambler 
Garage—Basement— $25,500 
With Wonderful Side Porch 
And Not the Mortgage 

Price $16,850 

yes - 

Career Service 


Rig t here NWN. Ariineton. jost 
ry ms nut oe ‘rom the Pentagon and 

gbection ivited te 

Realtors-Developers JA 8.4200 
opped oaneet 

spacious vbedrme 

with fireplace 



Ground | 
3, Hugging Lines 


‘til 9} 


Wilson B 
To Puy . 
_Colonial Big 
TE £-4038 



el GeaLty® My 
etal, O-1668 _ | 


poed- sised bedrooms and itied 
bath: GL. $16,500 

George H. Rucker Co 

403 N Courthouse JA. $-8885 

ae Club View 

A beautifu vieen of: the surround- 



REALTY. ° Ki. 8-3106_ 


vy fT RCL ‘A cy 

» KI. #-8600 
st ‘ST RE DEC OR AT? dD 
ame -be 

Drick and 
flagstone patio to 
ori ced well 
501 8. Giebe Ra 

Crestwood Rambler 
Here is one of those famous 44-f 

homes that is vaca nd 
occ? ipency 

4- wedroom 
in Fa urc? area 
J-W co 
5. “6 DRO, 2 



Balance, #862 
end insurance 
ys and 

| Mannas. Rity., JE. 2-3110 

Med a BUILD 
%-bedr oom 


ft ving 


“CORP. ork §-1717 


per mo., 

very ciote 



ramp! er 

The Hottest | w. xm tas 
Trend WiLL By Fixtick % ‘ee ARD 
Ultra Modern | | 

With Boat Builder's Finish 

amily Growing? 

sized bed: ms n 
c ym-finished rex 
pine on 

a rth. . 
t. rice 427-400, balance | Yeonas Realty, Inc, 


F #-2100 

Almost | 

eur vt E 

Realtors-Developers JA. §-6200 



opportunity awaits the 

ook i ine for «a 2-stery brick AJ fc 
lon in miaculate condi- A HOME IN LEE ‘a aS. 
located in desirabie FOR $12,450 | 
- dD ’ 
: _e > GI AP ROV ED. a neat and tri y. 2-hbedrm bungs- 
OW With full basement, 273 
ing .. with Sreplace and book. 
sheives large dinine mm 
kitchen with breakfast : 
ing dist Spce a {smeppine bus line 
Johr Ma nd Stratford 
~~ nots. Pinst TIME OFFERED 


Lee Hwy. at Glebe Rd JA. &-8402 


The Field 



finished | 

to ach 


recreation room 
ool and transp. Im- 

George H Rucker Co 

JA. 53-8565 



all brick with 3 ms.. Dig. Wide 
din rm.. dreamy 

complete daylight 
large | wooded jot; « 

every angle 

4 beautiful BNOW 
WHITE brick rancher in a handy 
and attractive neighborhood j- 

bamt very 
yen manger ~ -average bedrms 
. . ’ 

giveaway at 


eplidly built 
ose to* everything: 

abie liv. rm.: nice sized dinin 

fully equip. kit lovely woode 

bargain Hunters’ dream at $9600 

, sostang this S-room 
e : } ith upholstered 
breakf ast booth. 819.500. vou name 
the term 

Arthur L. Walters, Inc. 
N. Randolph at Glebe JA 7-8200 | 
| Better-than-new | 

, bermt 
extras and 
hed in a con 

ERICAN Fe: eB large 


: near $270.000 mar be 
ce 82 4950. Don’t 

cash and 
e Early ' 

gets this one 

solid brick ~ 
= ¢* lot 
St orms.. i's 
Unusual | o4xi2 rt living = 
ep. din. rm.. die modern kil . 
bemt Ue parcen entrance “17 




be Pir: 

~ HERE'S — 


brick. Just yea 
for a & 

A bedrm., 



ture Leena Onis y 

of te 

To inspect more 

call JA 

Real Estate Service, 
2222 No. Glebe Rd. 

“ HILLS—3 bedrms.. 

gpeee and many 

$24 950 with exce) 
immed. oe upancy 
add) ete information 
te inape 


Glebe Ra _ SA 5.8068 
have pad 


‘7 -, largest rambler we | 
or sale for a long time for $15.90 

Speswmnaesy well-Duilt; fireplace I 
ning room, 3 bedrms.. full Damt 

outs entrance 

OV Mannas Rity., JE 2-3110 
| 4 BEDRMS.—-$800 CASH 
Balance $118 per mo.: spotless con- 

dition: fenced yar convenient jo- 
oon. Move in wit nh cown pay- 

BB+ Mannas Rity., JE. 2-3110 
= DOWDEN TERRACE Assume huge 
separate dining 8.500 
kitchen with bright 
pecextest Cook 3 bedrme 3'2 
b jus recreation rm. and ga 

Loaded with 


a ESTATE ta 
1713 King St 
OUI CREST tis. Sse 3 bed- 
rick full basement. 

OE “aitchen. nes Corner iot 
PHA inancitng LYNN 


‘and appt 

separate dining 
ch ull basement 

Peatures many ex- 
for appointment te see cal! 


Situated on corner level 
towering trees, of best 
struction. entrance foyer 



tT conv 

Ghiciey Hwy. 816. 



7 r 
ment. or appt. or call pa 

New T-room + Hit. 1 m- 
fe ge Sel og 
sy lk: wooded lot. 100x200 ht. 


JA. 4-1155 

. 5-€200 

JA. 17-6161 


2212 Wilson Bivd. JA. 71-9300 "Til 9 



"ARLINGTON F bo ry | 

.- 8 DELIGHT—3-becrm. ram- 


OPEN 9 a 

4 Bedrooms 32 fit 




Vv WH convenie 




Virginia Realty Leaders Exchange 


Long-Established, Responsible Realtors: 


Listing With One AUTOMATICALLY Lists With All 

ee a 

MOVE RIGHT iN D| S12. 190 — Brick rancher” with ful 
re) |S Bedem rn - st b 
Appl ROeschicw REALTY JB 2-37 


room, 2-bath. custom brick rancher 

in chotce N. Ari. ioe.; center bal. 

2 fireplaces i luxe kit. patie, rm 
in full 




; te » down for vet- ie 
has | prea, couistanding “terms for eivil- 

| Parker, Smith & Donnell 
OPEN 9-9 REALTORS JA. 7-616} 
An ideal a oe an avers 

4-BEDRM, SPLIT-LEVEL American fam A 
in the Lorcom Lahe area of North) 8 3-bedrm. "brick 
Arlington, ew minutes from “ 
downtown Washineton and the 
Pentagon. Just being completed 
Purchaser may select colors. . brick 
constr... wide center hall, x13 
liv. rm. with fireplace. 13x11 din 
rm. 23-ft. electrical equipped 
ki we with birch cabinets, 4 bed- 
rme x13). 2 bathe. rec. rm 
30x14 ‘with fireplace ijaree carport. 
gas heat. Price. $34.960. THOS. G. 
MAGRUDER ©O.. JA. 5-3700 _ 

FOR AS LITTLE an 82500 cash plus 
low settiement cost you can own 

old brick rambler. 
Arlington location, near Lee hwy 
spacious liv. rm. ht« vestidule en- 
trance and fireplace 
crete screened porch 


Yeonas Realty, Inc. 

2313 Wilson Bivd 2100 | BON Real Fetaic. 

WaT Lina Ratio ST ATELY 

And Spacious 

The perfect balance of 

| Deep. in the Heart 

of Affimeton lives this 
heart of a brick 



-| Yeonas Realty, Inc. 

2313 Wilson Bivd JA. 8-2) 

storm - 
fenced vard 

24 ‘ 
separate hn age 
tells the Das 

re cation 

able for recreation room 
tiona bedrooms Equipment 
cludes G. FEF. dishwas 
exhaust fan. clothes ad 
ryer. Assume existing GI 30-vear 
»% loan wi a total sales price 


a E Walters, 

N Randolph at © 

newgpporpoes GI Need 4 Pe ag 

Woodland | p=" ja" 


No Af 
Distinctive and charming 



2 be ths Inc. 

_pinished a 
en Screen one 

Btate Route No 
eg = 45 9 ' 
ood ar 

dr on 
_ ER. 53-0015 OR CR. 3-234) 
81 17.500 .~— 3-bed 1%-bath brick 
your somatete home with 
firepiace, dining 

yo Fe ap. 
= ~ to Broo 
~ "304 


other extras 

Re AMED CEIL ING, paneled 
rm. with stone fireplace. ts 
main a of this 6-rm 
bath New Eng) me Colonial; 
just a ate rom 
loads of charm 0 
>... INC.. 

ul 5 Wesley Buchanan, 



rambler on Re- 

livipe | 

nd porch 
years old. westectie piaced 

an a ‘> acre o 

in an exclusive comm un 

om omer An outstanding op- 
portunity at the GI approved price 
of $30.000. GUICK ACTION W 
Arthur L. Walters, Inc 
x. Randolph at Giebe 1A. 7-5200 


FOR NEW 2 Poe y Dw ri i 

Ne all-brick: 5 rme ay A, -F e. 
de Tene kitchens color 

: ut 
biock to a 
peer oe we 

OT, 4-9410 gPEALTOR OT. 4.9410) 


ut r ; 

23160 N 

Sat akiiauaaaie 

In very destrable section A ao large 

finished rec 

on "wer 

seabeare hot-water "heat 

Mannas Rity., JE 2. 311 









xposed beamed nes 
piaces pictu re ws, 


3048 W Bivd JA 


$300 DOWN—GI 

$85.20 PER MONTH 

3~hbedrm Connie _* close- 

epliace in 

000 2 fire- 



jus taxes and 




J. Fuller Groom Co 
467. Open 9 ‘til 7:30 
wUsT- SELL — Mo. ing to Ohio Sat 
of hwr . 

: riley 

TY " 


‘Richardson & Hall, Inc 

Rafio Bids JA. 71-8108. 
Sound ome nec er 

DUPLEX lees eH ia 

A eolid and better ae it brand new 

7 ac cept 

v : : ait 7 ¥,) git nen. 
MENT. 814.550 


La ms 

® Get @ Fresh Start by con- 
solidating bills end reducing 
monthly payments with « 
“Bill Consolidation Loan 
Phone first... give « few 
facts .. . and, quick as your 
Joan is approved, get cash in 
l-trip. All emploved men and 

1713 King St 
—— en Foilowin 



esley Buchanan, Inc. 
Radio Bide. Ari. JA. 4-1185 “til 9 
discrimi entinued in Nex olgmn 

Licensed under Small Loan Lews 
¢ Quick-Confidential 


Taen Georate Ave. JT. @-?850 
3337 R Ave UN. 4-5172 

Licensed under Loan 


Diease the most 
4 ome 
ciousn Pas 
Si - 

Parker, Smith z Donnell! 


indivi 1a juality S eves we, 

compartmented bath 


BALTY. S500" | Nee hwy. 


ceeteee ee 



$On Your Signature Only} 
: $ Satan Finance Co. ; 

5-4242 ¢ 
-9500 @ 
44-7208 ¢ 
erent dt ore ti altirin me 

milhon people last year P; >of 
we hke to say “Yes” 


teens $25 te $300 Risaheial 


"Smith & Donnell 
REALTORS JA. 7-616) 


We specialize in 
loans to women 

S2tS Rhede Island age, 
Mt. Rainier Md AP. 


Our Specialty! 

y J bi rs Phone 

Suburban Finance Co. 
3359 KR. ©. Ave 
7900 Georgia Ave. 
4608 East-West mied * 

| > rad Down 

lean and 
wilt include 
kiine bunss- 
ith Or WATER . 

ivin room spacious 
eau! ped kitchen. loaded 
tras: and on an enormous 
grounc”’ jot in a pleasant and handy 
neighborhood convenient to every 
thine price 00 
medciate possession 

Open ever not — phone for hours 
Leer: mode te residents of @!! surrounding towne 

List long... 
y— “TH | = budget 


gracious %3.bedroom brick 

won't budge 
to elean up all of. those 
extra expenses, why not 
phone or visit HFC! Bor- 
row up to $1000 with little 
Or no fuss. 
Life insurance on al! HFC loons 

without extra cost te yew. 


CoysctaLo 964 “T= 
Opes Seturdeys watil 1:00 P.M 
SILVER ag oy 
8641 Cok g Kidg 
PHONE jUclen ;. 4206 
7014 Georvia Ave. Ground Fieor 
PHONE [: JUniper 6-4400 

type fence 
race. detached or 

"$15, 150 

_JA. 71-6660 


222 Wilson Biva 

$1850 DOWN 

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S827 Rhede Isl. Ave. UN. 4-517 
7ROR Georgia Ave. JU. 9-2ah2 

Wheaton Finance Co. 

11031 Viers Mill Rd. 
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PHONE OLivwer 6-7400 

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Resident's Finance Corp. 
3775 KR. I. Ave. AP. 7-2228 

M. T. Broyhill & Sons 

4610 Lee Hee Ariineton. Va 

$17,950 | 
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Buchanan, Inc. | 

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3510 Bhode tslend Avenue’. ..... Tel. APpleton 7.2800 
3317 Rhede llond Avenve** Tel. HObort 2.5028 
$303 Beltimore Avenve’. Tel UNion 4.8200 
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7912 Georgie Avenve’ 
$513 Georgia Avenve’*. 


Tel. JUnper 7.6900 

JA. 17-6660 Tel. JUmper 9-356¢ 

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4503 Knox Rood*... 
Access trom The Met Sheneed 
:1$0 N. 3 Notched Rood’ _. Tel. Great Mills 3671 
128 West Brood $. (Up te $300.}. Tel. JEferson 2.4643 
*lormerty Generel beseprone Cove, **berwerly Comswmers Crod:' Service, tat 

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.| SSNFIAC — a9 2-door Chieftain 

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vache, heats , -§ Porde i} , : ditioned:; oniv! 
power brakes: original blue finish: “51 Viet . y-6. Tansmission; recon 
clean; 1 owner. Sale p res, $590; $297.. EMERSON & 
; 8490. ‘53 — gon. | ‘ CK) 1539 Pa. ave. se : 
+ Smack, dab in an exclave | BO SO ene se WHEELER, INC. | aa ed 3-400, Indoor diepiar. 
come gabarban Viense. from | : era. r . ave. ne. at 6th. Li.) TIAC — ff ation wagon 
roposed ‘CTA headquarter sot aypgee ts ; CARC BEE WASHINCI™) DEALER | light ive immecuinte ¢ . a 
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with radiant fireplace. 3 e@e@n- n tone wer steering and brakes, CHR YSLER—'52 Windsor tenn 
Prous sized bedrms 1% baths gE 3 OR DOWN . a * a n -. ° "5S | S, pad ; > ahift | eon jon w pass any nepec- ARCADE PONTIAC 
arage All setting a wes i Roadmaster Siviera hardtop, { Thy | «1 it er inter wag eps tires tion: sacrifi : erms. $7 down 1497 Irving oo ww AD. 4.8500 | 
audecaped 4-acre. Reasonabiv equipped $2799 HORNER'S xcelient condition Ca R ROPER. LA. 6-2 . be~ : 

Drieéd at $22.150. GI and PHA NER. Buick Dealer, Fie. ave. ne. McKEE PONTIAC |_tween 10 @. mand 6 p.m. PONTIAC — ‘50 Chieftain de luxe 
contracts accented ti 6-6464 ap 

—— ash. 5 
- . : ‘6 sedan: Hydra- anette equip 
Forge A i hee & _WNg. | at _6th._bi, $-6 a PONTIAC MEANS McKEr” BS 2-dr. VS; ike. pee Scan Grons, INC. 6312 Ga.| Feotient’ conditi 
Yeonas Realty Inc. paid for all makés of cars. | CADILLAC-—-1954 Fleetwood Sedan 15335 Ws Ave “At. 5107) a * 8 at | DOLLARS Pare |i xe Me KEE PONTIAC 
feore i ty soson | 49-58. Jef ec, rier 2201) Many extras. all paver eoulpmeat. | CERYSLER— 1%) Imperial sedan. WIC EMEN “PIRANCED, OLDS "88" a 

; N LTOR . “ like new * eo | reve 54 Custom 8&8 ade. Tully | “PONTIAC MEANS McKEE 
*MOLTIPLE Ist! G REALT EM welcome 9 ad ws gash | ubUrben adillac- Olds + tached drive, radio. heater,” Solty equip ‘) 275. Call Fis’ 4-9607 aft. | REP SSESSED 5335 Wis. Ave Ss). J Aa 

O PONTIAC —. 5; Station Waeo: 

DL SHOPPING CENTER lass. w.-w. tires; beautif 
SALE, OUT-OF-TOWN 68 sili Fok CARS Bethesda oa F OL. 8-7700 | sreen nee rege ie cnet condition TE . FC | $299. 50 TOTAL yf eae | all 0 ay gg ses 
i e Worthwhile ' ver rine t ity. 7 
osatnrh ditt | and app 8 ye iP ee As ° 

zener, . 
nd @ ‘ ¥ MARE OR MO ) Se sedan. Beautiful black fir- pont Tic ~- 1956 Chieftain “8” 
"eres, aq Bi ty Balish ry rite BENNY MOTORS | N E ED HEELER, INC fully qampped $4.50 down and) Reautiful light cray bods with 
Box 947. Salisbury. Mad Phone xmrauae. PLYMOUTH- IMPERIAL V8’ Ss take A balan at only $2016 blue top BF A&h. Hedra. trans 
Bis. ARGEST Por credit approval, w.w. tires Vere cleat New-car 

4331 of 379 1620 RL Ave NE LA. 6-2200. | , p WASHINGTON DFALER nth an, 
| arties | 4809 Wiscogsi w. EM. 3-4800 FR M a ce ly @108 EMER - 

RtAL ESTATE WANTED Cars Needed for | 0 C. dillac | fe ers eames k ig ne SECURITY MOTORS SE Bort pote. wt 
a | ac — covers ehiy” tecon- LOW AS Ath &, ND y Ave. NW. bsg lac — 1886 ‘Star Caiet Custom, | 

WILL BUY PROPERTY: EX PORT | | franamtign “Thorounin™ trem : ) 
Rr frame. whit ) | «9 ditione fery ciean y 147 : white - mist matchings genuine 
ee Seme a un Mit . ‘in ules . 62 4-DOOR SEDAN | EMERSON «& as ie +. (BUICK. | of 5 Down a ._ en Totay mm leather intertor set off b x. w. 
><> TA f WE ' $ | 1539 Pa Ave. &E ‘ n- | tires radio heater and vdra<-! 
EE Poput ' | Matic drive power sterrine and) 
FARMS, LAND, SALE 70 BONA FIDE OFFER ce OpubAR 45 DOWN | Aare ee 53 New Yorker sedan. Por Credit Approval Cell | Brakes electr window tte 
WILL COME To YOUR HOME| Cheuffeur-driven one-owner driven | “Ti,” neater. auto. transmission Donald Motors | | Sane “caner me gbereer ‘tone 

VIRGINIA AY OR NIG embassy automobile: fully equipped) oer brakes. seat covers original : : | by one 0 ner, im pew-car con-| When vou do business with Lee D. Butler, vou get 
5100 DN t a - 4! en “house re i hac Teke” up Rt ae naa. natura! blue finish very clean ] 45 FLORIDA VE NJ E | Rel iable Parties oat ey ms sepout Pew-cai vanes ; . VA UE d SERVICE 
etricits el. - of , | ments. Attention military personnel low mileage, “ — Worthwhile ARCADE PONTIAC OU ALITY : L 4 @na OL soe 

: r ' 
— af _ = eek ad Government employes officers guarantee A 336 : 55 é DS —_— << ee ee ee ee ee ee re ee ee ee ee ee ee ee ee 
+ ge - ca : Ww am ue Cooke. at 7: 900: oa aret 7 grades as low as 695 WH EELER. INC ME. = | 1477 Irving Bt yw AT 4.8500 -—-—_— es er er or 
' RR ee nao } | 

= 4 

: ~ - own aed poo) our 100% guar- ' : er PONTIAC ~ B46 Ss. 2e-OTs 4-drs 
Be TRAE fd cit appr oval ho CHRYSLER -P! yMOUTH- IMPERIAL : — use dr 4-DOOR HARD TOP Station Warons brand nee ow : 
L LARGEST WASHINGTON DEALZTR & h. Other extras. Ideal second os a ns. . ‘ 
LOTS FOR SA RES. “MILLER “MOTOR CO 4800 Wisconsin ne EM. 3-4800. car Inspection guaranteed, $245.) 295 DOWN em .. hi a. .t age . + WEIL ° 
TUF arid e Li. 4.2306 CHRYSLER. 1955.—Newport delaxe| Need no cash with good cred | ON . "400, Wi a 
VIRGINIA 316 Piorida Ave. NE 2 : ; ed Ir | ° 1, Cc | 
level 1 CADTLLAC, 1949— GO" series 4-| Pere Tov y py ees Be ty OR CO. 4000 Oa ive Ss w | “98.” gleaming black finish. power In The Heart Ot Be hesda 
FALLS CHI ne we J seg =” aeden.  emabmmedll Hyd tone biack #& gray finish. fully ae steering and rakes Premium PONTIAC Si 4-cr. Chieftain de 
prox ae nd wa ter 4 doo! qguipp ip eauloped including power steering TA. 95-4800. : 
in: $3 ‘ rH oS ang MA- a. ve. trans. Radio & heater This cer a power brakes £305 CCC guar- Ht DSON— 195 Horpet Hydra ba ST ne Car will mutt = pe luxe r B givers w-w. tires 
GR eumenenegyge: sn wa ormeriy wse by a ret n ER : a : , . very ¢i oom : 
Naval officer. G - a prestine ho monthly payments. Attention mii 
x BU iL DERS: “ATTENTION ~~ CARS ane transporiation. Mu seen Capitol Cadillac- Olds Co Bri este va Ove, BS. OF Se sas? Deresnaes une Governmen| MckKEE "PONTIAC 
& ~ . ~ ee : +2800 s. 2% ° ; - jor officers an first PONTIAC MEANS MEET 
LAKE BARCRO 100% 1m- to be appreciated. & lees and St. } ST, 3-2600 JAGUAR — “SS roadster: executive re os 4 sk 
proved ts Singles ot groups WANTED aim a ae ‘  SOTO—"S2 “Custom 4-dr. Beaut.| car; save $500. Jack Prv. iéth Shout” our 1ooe guarantee a 5335 Wis. Ave ST 3-7 107 
Ste id ne ately. Excel Our steck lew and our southern Chevy Chase Chevrolet royal say 1 pauipoed one ai f Est 1 3 man s3 down AT approval ca)! PONTIAC ‘56 SEDAN I QO ( ae V EK y Ol | | H 
f ' iz ‘- $00: deal ers ‘from Cac sa nis a “un words 9401 Conn. Ave, ____Ob. 4-967% $098. T J-owner, | low qitilease excellent transportation at reason- MILLER MOTOR CO $1899, | 
f RA . ollar > iow tinea $69: rade an an PANNE, able price. RELIABLE MOTORS 316 Plorida Ave NE LI. 4-2396 
BUILDERS ATTENTION HOYLE MOTOR SALES | balance, RIRE MOTOR Co 4000) 101 NY ave. ne NA_8-5 OLDSMOBILE—'S) Super "HN" con-| New. Never Used, Never Sold ® 
tae Se : L ‘SA CAD! 1 LAC Ga i TA. 2-38 —« KAISER——%4 Manhattan =F “y.| wertible. radia, heater. Hydramatic Choa ane 4 - 
LAK ARCROF 17i17_R. 1 Ave. NE. DU. 7-8300 DE sor i vom $-dr. fr and “saad h Hydra outstanding condi. drive. w.-w. tires. beautiful light FLOOD ‘PONTIAC. . 
Pp G OM. Sine 68 OF groups Star or ho kt pee eee gy p D VILLE h. t $599 HORNER 5! tion NAD. book price. $1395 maroon fin.; “wri. Worth- 
a ie dis ely. Excelient fi- Cadillacs Wanted COUPE De | CORNER, Buick Dealer. Pia. ave OUR PRICE ONLY $895. No. 4218. while Wir a9 422) Conn. Ave 
j ible Party, 15. 4-5008: even, RA. | A495 DOWN DE soro— HI Be or Wardtop:| 20-¢ay, Warranty. trade and terms HEEL ER. INC —-—— 
31-6796 or JE. 2-648 PENNY MOTORS | $ h. aujomatic shift powgr MONROE FORD eve. ., PLY MOM amunes 1955 FORD 
406 LOTS ewe Water and gas 1690 R 1 Ave NE LA. 6-2200. | steering. all leather interior oY East-West Hwy. Sil. Soe LARGEST WASHINGTON DEALER AND I H bk 
: + pate ty > as 2 ae ED WANT TO BUY iate mode! car O-| Take 1D, payinen ts. gorgeous 2-tone | cellent condition $895 ). 5-7804 Open "ti, 9 PM 4800 Wisconsin NW EM. 73-4708 F400 STAKE 
; yee + , a ‘fe aA : n a us finish deville 4 erg McKEE PONTIAC onic OLN— 1963 ‘Capri; power | steer- OLDS MOBILE 50 0s Recket ‘o3" 67 wh. beieht red fniek 
25 w ‘ Tees ‘ sere - palace on wheel is, also ave | ve “PONTIAC MEANS McKEE ime and oree es Son wkn'e 4 "COR. de luxe 4-door sedan Hydra Ma- heavy-dety tires. 2-apeed axte j 
“vy mere Tern AUTOMOBILE SALE 97 —y and yf on te % servic: ner 5335 Wi Ave ST. 3-7107 BU fick "DEALE R, Pia ave. ne sont ¢ ear’ g Ay ~— etient cure Fe me —" wy ester 
is { M: ee al.tawners. . ~ x! dition or wil tre for and Gelrester wes han see 
larris. CR. 3-184 , ‘ ANGLIA 51 2-cr. @287; 55 Anglia, *20 ss eueere, ie cal PAD. DONDGE— Si Coronet biack sedan. 5m ee “S404 r. Tih} ree _- as ror.aitio “I - miles. Can't he — from nee 
“aT > ar $98” "59 iliman. conv qutes. cred ch ' Pully eauipped: very clan ther. ERC Oe: hen To Sy --~ ph it, sped _¢ lon ew wreck eperae 
° $487 ; $7 : n. i e ditioned 59 . cou i . e<Vr 7? 
id > WANTED 74 he Kf ae Tht +1 — BLASS &, CLARK EHSON rs t & ORME (AUICR 1579 equipped including power steering HILL & SANDERS : 
MARYLAND road £1 6A7 52 Morris conv. , * se. Li 400. Indoor ee bra $1695 cce Wash ‘s Oldest Ford Dealer 
"w NER . , 4 $547 °S5 Triump road $) 7 N. Capitol and Fila. Ave. NE ay. Be Fan MON i Se , / ‘7 ‘a rs 
fare te Bee ne eens ee! cna = PRY. LTD. |~* . DODGE—SF Cornet 4dr <r. snd a Cadillac- Olds Co 6 D 98 1115 Vermont Ave. W.W. ; 
[Ty CoO 1 6.99 14th and ats 2 h.: ne ings anc ston oa i 
Bato I Ah Cat CeBIT, | reer ie —rans acres —"EE—Fe.| pisranteed: Figs MORNEN'S COR | 1222 224 St. NW w3-4—\ CONVERTIBLE AD. 4-4300 H — 
ACREAGE, SALE 73 Zodia VOLK8W PAGEN — TRI-| CA dom — ‘eauiaped. . ineledine re aw Desier. ‘Pia. ave. ne. at 6th 9 DOWN 
ee UMPHS TR ; , , af , fi a ) $3 ae O : . 
MARYLAND JOHN "GIFPORD MOTORS, INC. | pewer ne “oo. ie odd bar oI Coronet 4-dr° tr and ed Our prices on new Packards and Stude- 
ish “i th a : p 
FAR FROM © to he » tracts 250) nA. 8-9223 Ariingto ' trade 7 h., automatic shift. Exceflent con- | Take UP payments on this gorgeous | " " - L — Th F , 
in on "ines Claared’s and . on ‘ . Pull power. Slus 6 : ar actor 
Charies Countie ave One | AUSTIN HEALY 100" —New 1056 AKERS OLDS- CADILLAC CO McKEE PONTIAC Reliable Parties sats, Orion tod. ee. Gave over | akers ave Se 1 wit y 
Aderhold * incl. Le Man's models: many im- Pair "reg Sheopine Center $1600 100% «cuaraniee. immed). prices plus freight. Our Sale Specials are 
voldt Realty Co provements: new color comb. Most FR nek V OV. 3-0350 “PONTIAC MEANS McKEF / ate delivery and ftinancine for re 
Rea LO 4515 wanted sports car eta, tt at ee ‘Cl asad Sunday _.. | 5335 Wis. Ave ST. 3-7 107 54 | | LN Bee -of- erners Por | | even lower- -by hundreds of dollars. W ith 
VIRGINIA AUTO INC. (Est. 8 | FADILLAC—i9S6 Coupe. deattiful | ——————_.... * ' . ; 4 : 
8: ACRES wrt ‘-FT FRONT it sts. nw, NO. 77-2700. —, } 2-tone cray finish. very low mile- ee bs Customiline V- -8. R and CAPRI HARDTOP BLASS &, CLARK) low ov erhead and high volume we can give 
+= S| M 2: OSS BUICK—i952 4-dr, sedan. 2-tome.| ase: power equipped. Only $3995 7 4 A ey, oo. | deal - Packard or 
ow Oy * ; tse White ton and blue body Pully <¢ by by Cc di T Old: jcaully of $1000 cash. JO 399 | Cor. N. Cavite! and Fie. Ave NE you the hest eal on a new acka 
‘ ‘ a = C , eauipped. R a_i praetiow + uDurDan adi ac- Ss FORD 1955 air! fane club sedan 295 Db WN ) St deb ker or a Butler Bonded used car 
| © NA) covers ete oroughly recondi- DI PPING CENTER Fordomatic, r. an seat covers. | " . Oru a * ’ 
utes in | property * thoned. Only 864% EMERSON & OD ne tg F SHO ’ OL. 7700 | 2-tone green ws i+ a “~ jes 0-| Pully equipped with r and ha . ae 
Pasay coca feniin “Bent” | Seb MENTS” filtor daolar | CADMCLAC, MEER yeaen, Cab; SAY Toeseie Ae ate ne TR he oe Se | ’ 
oe ae rsh sk trees:| “ BUI | OF gray with new black ‘op: ‘all Fed MONROE E FORD | seats. power windows. tinted glass cuuleped ine] uding a. steering 
are Ber See ccet Se Beus. STANLEY _H ORNER INC ing power sieering. power brakes| 1237_East-West Hwy. Sil Spe. | Take uo small monthiy vayments.| & power brakes. $1395. CCC guar- ! e 
$50 De en issme HORNER’S CORNER & Vorue Premium = site sidewall JU. 5-7804 Open ‘ti 9 P.M apsentien employes. officer — fen : 
KA A! ON HIRST Fr A NE s 6th " 6- 6464 3595 tee FORD 3 astomnre ans Lee od fire Varades— 9: low s 805 ao own apitol Cadillac- Olds Co Fy r One of These (ars Is a Sale Special 
iv \ > ve t ebon i e ' stin . - »/ , ‘ ‘ 
ANNANDAT cams. 2 " tit t4th (Downtow _ Br $993 Capitol Cadillac: Olds Co seat covers: radio, heater, turn a Ask about Rig? ] suaraniee Por oeia* oS. WW. 81. 35-2600 © b . . T , 
. | BUICK. — 1954 Special “bardtep 2800 file we rranty eo": 08. oF M Nise? OTOR CO. cou All LB le née Ben, —Note othe Prices. Generous rade-in 
Beautiful 2-tone ereen. Castom CADILLAC 7 e Ee ible r. and =. = and ran . © : . ~ Pd ? , : mei 
DOGS, PETS. KENNELS 76 trim. r. and ? | + gg a ‘ind w.-w. tires. Very clean FRANK & CMALL IR. "INC. 6 we orida Ave. NE LI. 4-23096 MACAL "YS rome borgne nn Sone Allow ance —Fasy Financing Low Down 
oughiy reconcition x .' + SALE—Always @ large. new se- 701 seats 
~ its \ ’ ¢ , io nearance : ° ' tee : Sk, ] t. 
. ey ; 560. WA | Onis tv EMERSON & ORME McKEE PONTIAC 3200 Penna. Ave. SE LU. 2-9827 "lection. of, fresh rr 1800 choice oLbEMOBILE oe 3a: hy- Paymer 
44 (‘BUICK 1539 Pa. ave. a¢ LI “PONTIAC MEANS McKEE” FORD—'S4 Victor. KR and H. as low as 8795 aloaes the = and = $669; ‘53 “SS” GS SL ST ST ST sr - 
> Thi . ; . 2400 Indoor di Pordo ti ] body with cream Be. > Sotiaes coupe Wer steert and : TERRIFIC 
PNc, Bri PUPS Ake me }- 240 indo< splay 2 5335 Wis. Ave ST. 3-7107 ordomatic. biack selection at sale prices. We finance po . | . 
: ; a avi K— Tos dr secant ex- > a . top and matching leather interior, at bank rates. Other pular im- power brakes. fr and ? hydra 
nbs a! cellent b h.. seat CADILLAC ‘SS Gardtop coupe, r.| w-w tires. $1545 ye. 127KB. 30-) ported cars. MANHATTAN AUTO,| $5399: ‘SS Se" Holiday coupe SAVINGS! ) ac ar nite 
REESHONE PUPS-—Males. true woul covers and Dynafow, recone dilioned| & h.. hydramatic. power brakes &| day warranty, trad@ and terms INC (Pet 1014). Tth at Rete nw | {all-power hydra. r. and bh. 2- . 
a Vamp, HNC.) and ready roll for oply $297 Rearing electric windows. 4-way MONROE FORD NO. 7.2700 Branch sales. 1610 King| lope. Ww. tires, $2497 HOR 
: » ae PMERSON & ‘ORME | ie K!. 1539 seats. automatic eye. tinted class P st. Alex. Ve rs a-5825 NERS OCOR.. Buick Dealer. Pia De luxe Sedan. Brand new. Turn 
PAR AK Ets, ‘'. mirror, furn Pa ave LI 2400. Indoor; Premium tubeless ¥.-9 tires 1237 East-West Hwy. Sil. Spe, —= PP ave. ne et 6th o) 6 -6464 $ ls. Windshield Wash Oil Bath 
efrie Li. 66-7534 display Beautiful 2-tone finish..This same JU. 5-7804. Open ‘til.9 PMP - PACKARD —"*> sedan. Ulira. ) sgnrais, i” te asner, 
POOLE ; Standard. male, 6 srick— we conv; 10m mileage. new cor jooks 91 d periorms ike nee, FORD— 54 eudor 2-tone black | metic, drive. new tires. $600 AD | @ | Cleaner, Ol} Filter, full tank of —" 
Kt ke é Zz Excep «| engine. $635. | PO e or ' ‘4?) White top ully equip. fT. an . ; ; 
LA. 6-1748 TO 6-533 — . | RL. ave. ne DU. 7-8300_ seat covers and W.-W. tires, $1097 ‘53 MERCURY PACKARDA1580 4-42 wedan > 4: im cuevaouer J ) Full price Complete—Ready to 
oni TI AND Sheep Dog puppies (min. BROCK 1954 4-dr. sedan. Deautiful CADFLLAC, 1955-—"67" sedan. Inte-| EMERSON & ORME (BUICK). 17th end bh. ultramatic. like new. $299 £1 ff 
( 0 AKC: beaut marked. JA. light blue Polly equipped. R&H.: rior styling by Fleetwood. Con-/| and M st. nw. Di. 7-8196 Monterer ert coupe and S51 4-door eitremetic heater. | eS | re 
2210 Dynaflow Beat covers Power ser ative Diack: fully equipped in- FORD ‘55 Sunline convertible. M at " ’D o “ _ 2 . ei 549 HORNER'S COR Byick SS - 1 tu e a e tr 
FREE to 2 od home. 2 beau. 7 wk steering. w.-w__tire Immaculate| cluding power steering & power, beautiful 2-tone black and yellow _ srocmne’ b> _ pried ares Pia. ave. ne. at 6th. Li 710 e 
kittens. Also yr. old mother, inside and out Thorouah!y serviced brake: electric windo wee seat wi th matching inter! oF oe. tires. a7 Gaywusry ei 5 1. 
9? oramar . u steed. A real buy for! General otor [i “eo ioning ordometic. fr. and than 585 ~~ ‘ Sedan. ; ; 
an a si847. EMERSON & ORME $4295 ‘ccc guer 8000 miles Sago as i644A. Writ- rac ‘ge my My, esiuesl:} Boltimore Ave. » ee apy oe yr pepe pe 
COAL, FUEL OIL, WOOD 80 {euice Indoor «Rg ee, Lt Capitol Cadillac. ‘Olds Co.| 2 MONRO! E “FORD No cash needed on credit approval $1045 “CCC guarantee ) | Hyottsville | eater and Detroster, Ay SAK oF 958. 
FIREP!I v 00! a aod , Bric om 54 4-door Roadmaster | 22 22nd St. NW ST. 3-2600 O Por credit approval y Capitol Cadillac- Olds Co a» & : Full price Comple eady to ge. 
* cord. de-)/ "Riviera sedan; W.-W. tires. expen- gy Coupe ge Vile.| tt shea Quen illo PM | LI. 7-4904 224 St. NW. ST. 3-2600 met Rewte =! | FR a eet 
Bina vhAts WOOD cad oF hal?| Sive seat covers, 8) other Aa = Pull power —— nt. immacu-| —. 2s -- ~~ —— FLY $2 Cranbrook 2-dr —— | 
. . . except power seats and pow w n- late. Only $4 FORD—195 2 Custom “8” Tudor 8 : , 
ee aos dows ne owner. Top cond, Car) S b b C di i] Old Fordomatic. $695 Thacker CARR MOTORS poses Pully wa including | 9 9 
FARM AND GARDEN 82 lize new. 12.200 miles only. $2150 | vuour an aciiiac- S | fi Mot * lath & R. 1. ave. ne. LA | isis Pa. Ave. SE + gg, FL. onan, Tate kh CW S u . 
Se a nes OL. - 7909 BRADLEY SHOPPING CENTER | .6-6>. 30. 7 —— | terms. PINEY BRANCH MOTORS 
& INQUAPINS—Ma! children BUICKS— 50 sedans and sedanettes POT Mad _ OL. 67700 | FO RD — "Ss ctoria Fordomatic. | | se ¢ as 
: e ¢ wauaDpins in. Selection of colors: fully _eauip CA at... 35 “S23 DeVile-type 1 owner. g1995 HE. 4-9189 —, om Peer er OP Pa SAVE T 400 Below are the last of our new late-production 1955 
‘ . Sma! hrub-ti} very ciean: on'vy 8497 ' . $179 WN COUNTRY ORD SI | Peasant ¢ ee em t.—53 Reposs. taxi, Stude 5} 7 “ 
Seon Gitan beatin fuel cane atte & Coe (BUICK) ./ 1839 Pa. ave.| sar pe $336 wis A aw. WO F — SI Count 4g pculre Station MERCUR 45 club coupe. rege priv owned; both good cond _piyet OLDS. SUPER “88” Packards and Studebakers. Shown are current “ne 
, ; rm Gh a s and M/| 5 A. ' eater erdrive origina! ue, sell at reas. price we - ’ . . , 
: gust Be.| Mts Sh Bt Bl Mtape “ate | 6:9400 - EBra,rer ton (9028 Mek") finlh..unumualy cgtn. lpw males| PEYMOUER82 S-dopr, Fang gl 35, 4-4 sedan: 2-tgne nin re en ee 
. . 25 Det A Act _ i es : age car Outstanding or omy £6549 54 Gavoy 4-dr 17,000 back lichtse. turn signal. rea 
for I . “bé-page Planting BUICK—S4 Super Riviera hardtop. | M ORD $289 miles: gouinped. $1099 HORNER'S | dic. heater. | Mydramatic. full With Famed Torsion-Level 
Ca ¢ in color. offered by yo aflow, r_& , 4 w.-w. tires / ] LA 5100 Wisc. Ave. NW WHEELER INC oe vick by Pia. ave. ne power, ete. Owned by executive Pp am orsien- 
Vireini . growers of fruit’ possessed: $1085 full price 5 5 ADIL = - M00 Sipen “iti P.M Ps! ann \ OU lal. == 1 B manufacturer; 4-month written |) Ride — The Greatest New 
tre pe eorry plea nt« on , . —— ~~ 5 Yr . c~ = - . ; “it j — de ra 
prapé vines, and lahdscape. Plant| jeemen finameed. Por credit check | REPOSSESSED | FOMB"'#,etawiom "Yh 7dr™ | PRRARLE LMOS RIGOR | AEMQUEME. oe Rees Rs: | Pays (ees Saku es 
material _Salespeopie, wanted call AD. 4-9682 | fires. deat covers. Reduced to fee ge —EM_ 3-408 new-car condition sii ‘198. No a as oe 25,000-mile guarantee. 
WAY SPORO NURSERIES BLASS & CLARK | $45 DOWN | $1295. No 409A 30-day warranty MERC Y 53 hardtop. dar 430A. 30-day warranty trade enc “ dest Ford De 
Opera Ma ; Cor_N. Capitol & Pis. Ave. NE. __| hf R- creeh body with ¢ream top and “MONROE FORD 1114 Vermont Ave. N.W. At Conn. and Fla. Aves. N.W 
BUICK 1985 Spect a| 2-dr. hardtoo matching interior = tir . : w. 
MOTORCYCLES, ETC. 86 te top. and ak MONROE FORD and h. Mercomatic, $1295. No 
o_ = <> oe My F ally Be 5 ey Take UD payments 2 -tone % 237 East-West Hwr 8) lver Spr ne 494A 30- Gay warran race and >! Wi Ave » Ww - AD. 4-4300 1945 Packard Hardteo 260 h P a+ § hite Jade om fal eens 
MATCHLESS— 48 500 ¢.¢ $200 or! f'“nooctiow. “ete New car War- Bey yaile tires, Bor credit Chieti. “eal | Ju mS 904 Open re P. ¥. term so sc Qven ‘a r » Twin Ultramatic trans power steering, brakes 
CT CMM, SEE Baty got? BenBON kone 2 Tider th iow mle} MONROE FORD | PLYMOUTE—1549 ‘Special de luxe seat: Golex siges, white walle. radio. Dealer $3. 
TRAILERS, SALE 87 bce 1539 Pa ave oe LARK): at dae rk green finish: excellent 1237 Bast-West Hwy... Sil. Soe covers ‘omen : ooks and drives Foreign jprel Nise. indere > =~ om — 
TTT 34809 indat. diebiey BLASS & we ae PONTIAC ROUT Se Canton vedas, MS dn "wit nope. La. 370 1965. Pack see se White Jade and Tovat. Twin 
SYSTEM ‘47, 4 Trailer, best #iae ‘ —T , 7 8 mee uate $25 dn MR. ROPER. LA. 6-2700 ackar an, p i c n Topaz t 
Ht bie 749 Conv. fully equipped wc l an la. Ave. N MERCURY 52 Custom sedan : = — BL. ow, bs 
user. S7' e399 ae cond cond: reas. RA. 3-8548 _ Se, ane S ’ ~- we Wy ' Beautiful two-tone blue, + and PLYMOUTH'55 Savoy clup sedar Ultramatic transmission power siecring and Drakes, Taco, 
Spartan —Royvcraft—Stewart BUICK. _1643 sedan. Beautiful 2 . Ba TIAC MEA! a {cK EF hh seat covers. w.-W. tires. Merco- Beaut. turquoise finish. w.-w. tires heater, white walls, Solex glass. Torsion Level $ 
19 Na )- Complete. $3195 tone ‘White tep_ and green body. a 2 5335 Wis. Ave i 3-7107 matic transmission $84 Indoor Hi-Pire V-8 finger-touch power Ride undercoatin et< Current No-Pack 
BLAIR Mi Bil ce MES CO Pully eauipped oroughly recon- | CADILLAC, ~ 198S—Model ck apt il FORD—'55 V-8. 3-dr “and h A| @Mpiay EMERSON & ORME flite. R. & H. Other extras Like price, $65105—GSale jal Price i 
Open 9-9 tive 4 ~ Ag aatig uA ditioned 30- day euaran tee. Very equipved 4 gedar bens y real buy at $1595 ‘io’ 1655A. 30.| ‘BUICK), 1539 Pa. ave. se. Li) new. l-owner. Hundreds off. $1695. 1955 Packard Clipper Custem 4-ér. Sedan. 245 hod Ona 
pia” Mo noa ' ‘7 E a | uipve cludi ouien i ing. ' 3.2400 Bank financing 30 months KIRK - ’ in *) ‘ tssto radio, heater 
¥ te P Md Ph Plata 5692 On $2895. CCC gcuarantee | day warranty. trade and terms = yw and White Jade: twin Ultramatic transm r + 
' i ne orth « aPiat r Rts. 301 ORME (BUICK), 17th cP - D 7 ¢ a MON ROE FORD MERCURY— ios4 Monterey sedan:| MOTOR CO.. 4000 Ga. Ave. 1 power steering. brakes. windows and seat: white walls. dual 
Bi I , ON “Tr MLE a6 LO aes DI <e -8196,_Inde jsple pitol Cadillac- Olds Co. coba! % =. _—* =a equipped I 4800 | exhausts + es Level Ride undercoatin $ 
LACK “~ ‘ floor ar Ar ane ar 1K. 1554 Super niviers sedan. | 1999 99nd Bt yw ST -2600 12 237 F East-West Hwy.. Pi Spe | $1305 gu N Hodra a i “ad yom etc Curre No-Pack” price, $4344 Sale 3 281 
Beautiful light gray with blue top.| e<piTLAC— 1955 gy 5: 1004 Open til 9 FM bCapitol ‘Cadillac- ‘Olds Co.| Scadition gi95 Boecial Price tone : ’ 

Po les ville “convertible lue 
pale blue interior; w.-W s fF. FORD. 95 aor usLom 
fon. -NATHONALEY cnpwn - Mobile and h. D E e class. | matching interior. fully equipped ; be : 

and h.: Dynafiow: vhiy cecomit.| including continental spare, power Well kent i-ogner ST: equipped MERC E 22 1 SPT. SEDAN McKEE PONTIAC ‘55 CHEV The All Time 
ve A 5. AWS 4 miles nort h tioned: full 30-day guarantee: only| Steering: ¢ $43 ser is in show-room ry-blue finish set off with new DA “PONTIAC MEANS McKEE . 
s. 15,000 

. | eky-blue American Economy 
of Lav Md. Phone PA. 5-1922.' 1947 EMERSON & ORME condition pe tir actual miles 5 W A ST. 3-7107 , 
VENTOUK 4 53. 35 Th, 1 bedrm.. (BUICK). 1539 Pa. ave. se. “LL | AKERS OLDS. CADILLAC co Examele “al — tinest quality 7a A gg clean. Finest “Condition pet Bd a company Leather (nterjer, Geems eat Champ—Style ‘Leader of the Low-Priced Field. Each 
ot H00 fan ay en Rosh a Biock ee band - . ggg Shesping seater ae country a a og car ai. $1195 ee CO a 5 $10 coor a PSs; efhcial car: ¢ uipped new cat seed buy Car Carries « 25,000-mile guarantee. 
Parm 5700 Oxon Hill rd EVEOLET— 1 notes ‘| Ch ‘Ch Ch let | Wisc. ave nw. BM. 3-014], __| title: 2-year, 30.000-mile sueren- FULL PRICE 
cu 1939 eater new nae ase evrore Nas "a Metropollt 7 tee; $2295. low as 8395 down At 1121 21st S$ N WwW 
TRAILERS, WANTED a5 carburetor, fue! pump. Best offer. gi - sana |" — "55 Metropolitan; S-tone| {$i , 8759 om ke Wata0 “Wie +. N.W. 
ae 8103 Hampden rd. Bethesda -2401 Conn. Ave, OL. _4-4674 reen. hardtop r. and po $995. ate OL 4-8000. “Im the Heart of $895 os5 
be a ~25-35 fi a ware, ees al CHEN —'85- 4-4: Bel rf aes. "3 Re nen 6 a "Ve ““ > t ae ‘ <Y i T y aon ~ all Cypapnces 7° Sane 6-Ge. & eden. Red ané 
BR. to trave EN 4257 owerglide. etc ess than 6 ' ; “wie” ote ine » 
j miles. like new. 81980. Owner.| NAR SERVIC EMEN "PIMA n. ora * Ss. a! canals si 4 mi rer. ant!- frease wndercoe ing $] 795 
PERSONAL LOANS 9OA cuey nates ga eenvertib =| | — tation Wagon oi. ateen , aint: low milease: aew-car Oe: ee No-Pack price ale 
iin .7 Aa mall n ‘s ” j 0 — 47 Converti ie; € ' . ; ition 
Licensed under Smaul Loan Leu $75 ac 5 9425 | S : W ' & thet One © ¢ 11.000 miles McKEE PONTIAC ” 1955 Studebaker Champion De Laxe Spéric Coupe Cream. 
; LOANS Si CHE VROLET— ‘53 6-pass. station | tation agons “FL. 46780, Overdrive. white tires, heater end defrost ler, turn signals, 
On just your own signature Amer- heate 9.tone creen. in| | “PONTIAC MEANS McKEE™ side mirror bumper geuards radio ut 
nan 13 J) op AD 2 39 | OTa excellent cond. $1098 No. 414-A. | 56 RANCH WAGON | 5335 Wis. Ave ST. 3-7107 , conti ‘. ote Current “No-Pack” price, 2568 $] 795 
“AANDOAE EORD ‘56 COUNTRY SEDAN PONTIAC —"S2 "8" conv, ehi — Se cae 
7 «<_"e | “ Ant , Ls 1955 Stedebak oh le 5 w . 
~-Call Kraft Loatis, JU. S- oo8 No Cash Needed MONROE FORD ‘S55 RANCH WAGON | & + bo! A. ¥ ie eer : Conv. Fordematic BR. & H.. vow- blue Automatic et _ = — at ; 
cy FAMILY. SPINANCE COB ORP ie 5 ison i. on THE M. | *55 COUNTRY SEDAN ! ‘oS OLDS | ona e wner leaving country er steering defroster, turn signals. radio ide mirror, wundercoating. 
csta:d Vetiw pita wosim tose | With Good Credit icr ' | 

$690 Call ME 8-0386. 5:30 to 6.30 etc Company official car. Low thileage. Current $] 995 

54 COUNTRY SEDAN : DOWN o- Pack” ; 2 d A 
TRUCKS SAL 93 | Mote, good, body poor, Gray supe '51_CHEVROL TY) 3 SCUNTRY sepan | Sup. “88” Holiday | fostime—a5—cxercain—ae—Tox $95 se en ee 
famosa tar) TU D-A200 | REPOSSESSED =| | “51 country squire REPOSSESSED | Sitios ete PONTIAC pe 3ORS Mean, Ave, 6.6. 
anles ' —- © S . oS ’ | All abhov Cc re im excell : =) . i ; y ae 
cad See BILL ROSS | $312.50 TOTAL | Snitch sates $195 DOWN _ |, ,sroxrsc wsane, worse pray. ‘Overdrive, Nester and “dethonr arm sesais. elit 


owner cars Down payments —: 

I . 4107 windshield wipers. sid j die er. 
* -door sedan. Beautiful black fin- bank financing arranced t& 5335 Wis. Ave ST. 3 * : ~ ore, . re Unde: 
200 OO G ful sy equipped with r and he our individual needs Por fur Pee nd take over payments. R. and , coating. ete. Current “No-Pack” price. $2551 $ 
' ,-ton panel 4 | power eaulpment. Like PONTIAC 53 Custom Catalina: r 
CHEVROL “Ai ryiré Ve ry clean 74 d. Ave. NW.. vowergiiae ny at eos nfor ex “er. moe * Servicem en and gp tened yy - vera-atte. G0, tres oa ieee wy id State & | 7 
yn : ‘INEY fit voles For credit approval be til leatmer imterior: two- £ wdebaker sident * Speert Coupe ‘wo-tone green 
ey eat uotons: eee | / $20 3 Per feo, Por credit approval H LL & CR itp ery) beau fut and SALL CARL RY ‘55 Victoria ~*~ pa ge ge power gererme ous giass, heater 
CHEVROL ) th-ton pickup: | Washington's Oldest Ford Dealer -3 mileage _ $129 CA CARL an ¥ efroster., turn signals. an freeze. under- 
low mileage: gone condition: ree- SECURITY ee. POO" fath"Se "NW | RE. 7-3890 | Font wai oe ea Soaps fee micree, Gurreat “Me-Peck” prio, 92, 
_sonab e x }~f) 2 a 7 : . O SO : . 2 _— 2 le " , ‘ 
' he VW | arora = PONTIAC ~—ss 2- jeftain de 1955 Studebaker President De Lexe 4-dr. Sedan, 2-tone 
CHEVROLE PTI 955 _ »=ton, Pick-ap.| BUICK—* 33 (Baper Riviera hardtop | Ath & N. . Ave. N FORD "52 $595 —— | B B WI L N ose e : - Hy 9 -ton FORD bine Rekemaiia teomeatiaaien Santer ond’ Geivesier. Galen 
imme. ujate Dm) on, io ait coupe,. . Dyn _ tWO- | n Today, 9 ‘til 9 3D & K STS. NW. finish EE pO oith y aol class. turn signals, chrome 2 side mirror 
406 ) mi $1100. Lt 3 23 af er tone oun” Ro nice “condition, | CHEVRO! ht ‘$5 sedan: equipped:| Club coupe Original fin- M KEE PO anti-freeze, undercoatin Current “No- $9 065 
6 wkdays.. anytim Gat x Sun cash, trade or terms: | repossessed, $885 full price. $45! ish clean. finest ‘condition t. - Pack’ price 62819-—Gale Special 
b ar ; 6312 Ga Ou pownN P jal Pri , 
ODGE— 45 one-ton Dual! MACAL MOTORS. INC.. 12 78.) Gown and take up payments. Serv-| standing value & 10 Bow TIAC dan jd 
wheels - 345 ay cHEVROLE ET oe r om ie 7 empen Snagced for credit check 1991 Wise, ave. wots 11 ore. | 5335, Wis. _ Ave. _ ST, x F107 $ 
pper Marlboro ne ode a 8 ) 
430, Clinton. Md. CY. 27-9649 all ready to 4 “aol lols $697 “s BLASS & CLARK Me. - ———— ~— - ee 95 Butler-Bonded USED CARS 
FORDE— Fe 2-ton Sats. Ready 49) to 884 great calection “of the or. N. Capitol & Pia. Ave. N ORR! > 

$600 Bu S77 
e rs, or ext ofte 


52. | Unest 19st Buleks in town. EMER- CHEVROLET. -1954 Bel Air 
ON & ORME (BU! , a7! 2 nd; "(2 to choose from}, one daf 
M nw DI. 7-8196. ndoo reen. the other dark green 

The Pick of the City's Used Car Market Backed by 
Famous Butler-Bonded Warranty—3-Day Trial Driv- 
* ing Period, 30-Day Warranty. 

COAST-IN-PONTIAC ||| |;- BUICK re gee > ey adgerag 

pr | jow mileage cars. many accessories 
(ic 954 Buper hardtop: beau- | In absolutely A-1 condition. Your 
tiful colorful yellow with white up choice 


! 245. ) 

| Rensnd a Drgadon. Bowe oa ARCADE "PONTIAC 

ForD—F including automatic. transmission, 
Eee 8 actor | and trailer. | beautit 2-tone finish only $695. 

new-ca , mappearane <7 tall ' 30-da 1s3 + Wa 
| - ee ee. 1955 Peckeard Clipper De Lease 4-Dr. Sedan 
5 0 ' 1495 t al , 
aden ers ass ° | & ORME istic? Vath EMERSON | gg Pg wt FIVE (ss) | Riviera no. a, Te Se CR omens $2,195 
/ 1. 7- 196 ~ 7 3% > - 
‘S? DODGE %-Ton | | bal. JA 56-0197, BiaVI CBMEN Pi. POWN 1968 Chrysler Imperial 4-Dr. Sedan. Auto 
Pick Up ee $695 FF , trans. power steering. radio. heater. elec. win- 
a a hit Lis 
) / CHEVROLET — “60 Station Wagon. | ows end seats. white-walls, turn signals 
‘M0 CHEV. Sed. Del, .... 8225 @) 55 BUICK all-metal body Dente or real clean. | 510 aa ae we . 
CENTUR —e vo terms. J es feather ge gg Tg $ 
‘50 FORD Panel ..,... $445 | $185 ‘DOWN MONROE FORD ) trans. radio, heater, pewer sisering and ] 845 
5100. Wisconsin ere nw ) — 
‘Sl DODGE Pick Up $445 B) Take up peyments. Gorgeous 2-| WO odter a en "tl 9 p.m _- || ae ° ° At 1121 21st Street N.W. 
| tone finish. Dynaflow. power steer. CHEVROLET—'5s '4-door, , tone, | = 
| ing, brakes So h.. tires. | comy. drive; 6-¢yi.: beau ue- | : 1962 Stedebaker Bessel Wardies. 2-tone blue $695 
‘S38 FORD F-1 Pick Up $795 Bi) ete: Like brand new Tmmediate | reen finish Like now, 91405. | i MERC overdrive."radio. heater and defroster 
)  Sellvet gnc! Heapeine tor senyge- | FIVE <g8) bontans Down, 3 
ae peme Pane Eusrantee, er credit, cnecks. eat | VI IN FINANCED. ! ‘49 from 150 1968 Rulck Super Hardtop. Red and white, auto $] 395 
VP Express i545 @) cH £ n sium gray. finish Pal $ Ne Cash Needed trans. redic, heater, white-walls 
me m¢ 
ue. sens ' BLA S & CLARK ly ""s : i pped. roo —, one | CASH, ‘50s from $199 CASH, FULL PRICE 1982 Chevrolet 2-Dr. De Laze Sedan. Grey. Auto $645 
S83 CHEV. Bedan Deliv. ' | Cor. N. Capitol and Fle. Ave. NE. Clean “inalde _— = he F Boy $497. | : t frans.. redio. heater : 
. RESON & ORME Poem). i | $275 TRADE 385 At 1534 Penn. Ave. 5S.E. 
MONROE BUICK—T955 Bp Special 4-4 sed h, TRADE 5ls 1958 Studebaker Commandtr fperts Coure 
| beautiful tient bi ~% ‘with White top: ev. , ‘ Coral, Overdrive. readie, heater and defroster 
287 East-West Hwy. Sil. § ; * : “ of alt” 52 from 75 7 . 
HU. 5-804 Oven Mit 9 PM. i ite, inside and oat arenes; oniy| 8. Get be Ha vand Columbia Pike $ _ “OR * 1908 Studebaker Commenter Srerts Cour. SEOE 
| as! Re ORME| ~Azlingto 78) OR Blue. Overdrive, radio.“ heater and defroster 9 
bier (86K). 159 fa. ate, of Li) OHEVROCER Se ze 210 ‘53s from $575 ’ 198? Ponting De Luxe "6" 4-Dr. Sedan. G 
oor | 2- 4 . & en se “O" 4-Dr an. Oreen 
AUTO, CABS, TRUCKS Hire 95 ay fick ‘$1 Super 4-dr. fully equip. | nice condition: cash. trade. or 55 PLYM. rr at $695 

. 6 

$1095. MACAL 

TERMS ‘S4s from $950 TERMS | tar, Sedan 

Also 3 flat trucks for hire. EV.) $19 ‘down. $39.44 per month. L We invite You to Take Our Price, Make 

lo ——————————— ines Motor Co. 1840 Wilson v. FULL PRICE ria lke tet tides yo Youreall 

AUTOMOBILES WANTED 96 -Sivd. Ari. Va. Cee bin byt ei at, Ne ' . ie $] ; 5 ) parisons, ol}. 
CASH FOR CARS N FED ff one. 991 Wise. ave. nw. 

Wagons. Pickups. any core ote tion 

wl pin of elt Reliable Parties 

ye he an sad en 7 4. BUICK 

ars Needed for | riviera TYPE COUPE 

a EXPORT nia saan 

STU. 2-5415 

. | Lee D. Butler : 

Serving Washington Motorists for Twenty-Six Years 
3720 Ga. Ave. N.W. 

TH 6°?P.M. 
TU. 2-5415 


407-320 Fla. Ave. NAE. LL 6-7200 
Sale Through Tuesday 

Open Evenings ‘Til 9 P.M... 

hk. + Jb de luxe, am 
pide equipped te 
Sake pa. rf. bes g Bie 

2 F. 
like new 


: AD. 40200 
District 7-0111 

Conn. & Fle, N.W. New: AD. 
1121 21st St. N.W. 

rit a 1534 Pennsylvania Ave.$.§. Lincoln 3-7717_ 
3720 Ga. Ave. N.W. $s Plorida Ave. ME. LI. 4-2306 nee — . ~Geniinwed_ en Following Pass  Lontinued. on Following Pace 
‘ ‘  E ’ i : ; A 


Tuesday, January 31, 1956 ei 





tires: won- 

1 muta __3-2206 Svan a m. Hee eet Dew tires. 
Speenay are -* Gommanter,¢ & 
5 fe al rens.; Mie fae NitlAc + ca in an Pte “Fee pee Prancis and farpons used. os in aoe 

ich « 

5335 Wis. gta ape ay 3-7107 | ) 
5335 Wie A aE o7| Chevy Chase Chevrolet | cost ae o of (Satur. 

“FON TIAC— 1080 club coupe: radio. | 43 BU ik i 
| heater, w-8 pe ar « Extra clean: r. & h.. Hydramatit ‘40 j Bom ntry Club peed  acaaall of the 1951 Plymouth was, } oe 
rage fo Rept: | . ternifte Duy As enadariel eee $3 Ol. Bi Sethe $26 eal “tng he fl4e 33 Comer . nis Wa Mngt | i Teh correct price should 
4- ad 

» Besua: "looks and runs ike pew | For auick credit ap- and bh. $999 HORNER'S CORNER - 

| Bi sates a aie ‘AUTO: CENTER CHAN Nical. sitai oe ek Aid Li 6-64 a Pia, ave. ne. at 6th 

LACe—'90, Chiet “8 th & K ste NW A. INSPECTION GUARANTEED. (AAA AA AAA - 

io: "32 Catalina “fail STUDEBARI — — a Champion on 5 L ST MOTORS ° Free! Free! * ’ 

ist Ba al a. “ Bs age Excelle lent. ait y ta D N.W 7 T 
om 7 2 N N - : 
— . wt take your esr thru 

“ C. Inspection. For appeint- 
P. meak eal 

LOGAN (Ford) 

NTIAC hata ye 8 

me EED 5335 Wis Ave. ST._3-7107 an 
door heater, r+ Bg ——- IF YOUR *A75 

| “+ covers. beautifu ac in. Pa r ' 
Reliable Parties | i: ‘ery tenn: “Towner: sale eens Rn | 'SS Buick .. $1195 )°52 Buick .. $1095 ay . 
‘5A PONT. |... WHEELER, INC - ee es a ee tee se dean We’re adding another day 
Mae ard Bel ae er 'S1 OLDS. Le RR et oe Bn : 
$683.90 TOTAL v ‘ 56 P| ymouth 4-deor: folly equipped. | ‘se Dalek se 53, Ponting Fa. to the month to continue 
FULL r. & h.. Hydra, “ > 
BY Take up sma monly § 94 PLYMOUTH poe om *54 a S\"iirdres Stone paint." | °S2 Chev. .. .. 8595 our fantastic reductions 
paymenis._ Altention military per- STATION WAGON (PER MO.) No money down. take over ‘SS Ferd S1795 t-deor, beater, excel. cond 
Sieote “a and ‘rst 3 erades~as low Full Price $1445 71 Meter ge as a even Ferdor Folrtane, ‘.. a aA. "St Olds 8695 that m a d e January our 
= — ou As = ness our jee 4 ONLY 8175 DOWN BETHESDA MOTORS For Credit Approval Cell a) mes : aM a r. and hh ~~ 
’ wtinn. =o i « ee AN g _ a - " — s ’ ., 8 9: 
e . MILLE K MOTOR' CO A 1- BR 1s suberban Wasen in a eee. ke ge — Fw Rigi i 3 ~p -doer: ~ =, h.. — fever erties: i.” ay hh. BIGGEST MONTH E V ER J 
heck Th a me ed be et aK st NW oe Seckard . 008 1547 Madson ...995 Ti 
C eck These: ™ “eran avexnos oo ‘54 Buick . CRC ft eee, B. & os. Fords, Plymouths, Chevrolets . Your 
. Addison Chevrolet || 1956 PONTIAC | #*** SE: brea Toe. Tier [$4 Batek . - 81495 Choice of 12—ALL DELUXE MODELS 
$éth and Fle. Ave. ¥.9 Fautpped with R.. H.. directional : 3 "S51 Pentiae .. 8695 Sone fink, 
‘50 Plymouth HO. 2-2500 visors. isi arm fest ‘and ash . PUBLIC 4 Chieftete “8” @e luxe 2-dr. ws Cagymer : S695 
CADILLAC — cil bath air cleaner. i, : - on Balck a $295 's? Ford . $295 
mirror pecta rice. x oor & H.. Drnaflew. ¥-8& Forder, heater 
$ THUNDERBIRD $1995 * TAKE NOTICE : 46 Buick ....8245 |°49 Lincoln . $295 
COUPE DE VILLE a oe ee pi COAST-IN PONTIAC * ; ‘ £-door sedan, extra clean, BR. s-deor, aftize share. Rk. & B. 
2 Dr. RAH $45 DN. ed slass, power sicerins. peer ppg ge : 55 CHEV.: Trades Aecepted—Terms Arranged pow "PAY MENTS 
rakes. ¥.-* tires. ender ° 
b. Secu: ae ae : 4-DOOR. STOCK #3201, ¥ 
Hydra-Matic; R. & Ho wow, kit. wheel cevers. Personally » + 
by W. G. BO * = 

driven by ;. im Sr. Save 
ever &1.700 

Wash.'s Oldest Ford Dealer 

1114 Vermont Ave., N.W. 

AD. 4-4300 

tires; Selectomatic radio. 
For Credit Appreval Call 

The Auto Center 
12th and K Sts. N.W. 
ST. 3-6624 

‘52 Chevrolet 


4Dr., RAH. #177 

a ones == Be echeng BE we 

Open Monday through Friday, 9 ‘til 9; Saturday ‘til 6 
Clesed Sunday 

34 in Stock—Drastically Reduced for Quick 
Sale—Chevrolets, Plymouths, Fords and 
Other Makes—All Models! 

De Ville 
$795 mt. 

ma "Don 

Stent a ear with letter- 
ine on sid 

No 7 a Down 

"53 FORD 

icteria t-tene screen & Diack 
Redie and heater. low mileage 


fe itii iii th iii 

‘5 ] Chevrolet 4 ete = yg, A From gaye Pa : Ponca 
t % ARCADE PONTIAC i. WrdraMatic. Beautifully SPOT DELIVERY = a 
$ EO "Pontiac Dealer Cam be bought. ter Si 65-CAR CHOICE ae 
AD. 4-8500 ee down with good credit SPECIAL FINANCING FOR ie: y 
460 1th St. NW For Credit Approval, Call 
2Dr., RE. #3894 These Must Gol | —et i The Auto Cente 

BOB woobps: Washington's Largest 

‘51 Packard $4721) CLEARANCE | §!2t and K Sts. N.w. 


P seed 11 ST. 3-6624 Ulta Rodensbera Re. 0. : Downtown Used Car Dealer 
54 Chevrolet |i oso Packard $6184) rae sks to pee reek rnc $33.30 PER MONTH 

fo ME! ac 

41 in Stock—Drastically Reduced for Quick 
Sales—Chevrolets, Plymouths, Fords and 
Other Makes—All Modeis! 

*T 11 s 159 Buick $987 _ Mercury — - $195 YOU GET A ‘53 Plym. *375 
Riviers match, Goeed tires, Encehemt BETTER USED CAR Ddsor sedan: needs minor metal 

151 Chrysler $715 transportation fer the $595 a-deer 8 

2 Dr., REH. #458 $-Deor Sedan. ae ronan maroen fin- at FULL PRIS 
52 Chev. $6209] 2. Seite aa STEWART ‘54 Chev. °575 
4-Deor Sedan tien threuchest. 
5] Dodge The Easiest Terms § | ‘53 Ford $695 BUICK : 
. Teder: bieck finish: heater; S-deer sedan. 895 down. 
Possible leather interior te mote a FULL PRICE 
> Many Others te a, mana a J 
Choose From '54 Stude. $1095 . 5 5 Ford $ 
sia, || ez] BARGAINS GALORE 
4Dr., R&H. #466A 55 Packards Left =e ibe ‘Seer olen ssires Stile cutee Cihieest. 08 Gove 
. One grote cwser, Low mils- ‘ ‘ FULL PRICE 
r Covington Mtrs. ‘49 ‘Buick Be $395 Pa eaten Ryd sony ‘59 Rambler 4 $26.80 PER MONTH 
53 Chevrolet Ine. = Re | Bad | Pe ee) } 

7301 Wis. Ave. ase. One ewner. Good tires. bite fin aD 
vee ae Conte Ce: Coes. Ce 53 in Stock—Drastically Reduced for Quick 

Very clean. Shewreeom condition. a ap 

Bethesds, Md. ; . oe hs, Fords and 
‘9 2 5 sang ote 29200 LOGAN | ( IF ‘ord ) ‘55 Pontiac V-8 ‘53 Pontiac ‘ FULL PRICE Lie hee 
rea’s Largest Packar ealer ; wit -° r an 
TU. 2-4100 tires eee 91 9Q5 seat covers *w $995 59 Henry J $ | 
pica R&H. #580 ae ; —s — -aromsosenty  Aetie eeek) bling green: extra “on an 

Cocsapes saninees: continental spare. 
Sen de 

"52 Plymouth ‘50 Buick 

‘S| Pi mouth 3-Dr.:-r. and $ $ Attention: Washingtonians, government employees 
. tires. se ‘i 
y If your present car is worth ‘500 covers. stat i 695 aay tani “ vent ‘$345 sieih beciiiculed allt mines Mecetedl 

sia epecte 
*B45 Immediate Delivery on Approved Credit. 

2 Dr., Heater & Defroster 



YOU CAN OWN A NEW .. rere ‘51 Oldsmobile 

includes Dynaflow, heater and other accessories 

; - se BARGAIN BASEMENT 12th & K Sts. N.W. 
‘S) Ford low as 69: per meath $1 Hudson... $998 | ‘49 Ford Tudor V-8 $295 

5] or wick 4-dr. 48 Buick 4-dr. .. $195 
$ 5 ° 5 “Your Bethesda-Chevy Chase Buick Dealer” 

‘46 Cadillac 4-dr.. $145 | . j 
‘37 Chevrolet $95 os > vomaheng aa 

“8” Cyl. 2 Dr. #1031A BUICK, Inc. 

; ye 7700 Wisconsin Ave. Phone OL. 6-5000 

51 Oldsm’bile 

0 Others Equally As Clean and Priced Correspondingly to 

4 Dr., Hydra., RAH. #1104 

‘49 Mercury 

| JA. 53-7350 © Closed Sundays JA. 5-735! 

38 in Stock—Drastically Reduced for Quick 
Sale—Chevrolets, Plymouths, Fords and 
Other Makes—All Modeis! 

PARKING NA. $-4455 Mik 




Bring No Cash 
Financing Arranged On 

Approved Credit 


ety $675 


Open Weekdays 9 AM.9 PM. Open Saturdays 9 A.M.5 PM 



OPEN 9 A.M. to 10 P.M. 

Lucky buyers “ 

will save 


CeRee TE TNETE Cree tinteneeenee er 

Clb. Cpe., R&H. #ITIOA r | a 
|] (25.CHEV. = *BQ7 I ‘SSFORD © S7QH i] “oe | ory, sm 
5] Nash ; FULL Paice Pee re te Sedan. No, 1727. '49 CHEV. ... $295 - 49 FORD . $135 
4 $ i ae i ae ae a ae ee . . : se oge Se ee , ireageo. & | | 
$s 55 5 FORD 869 as low as $365 down .. . 365 per mo. sister gggiees 51 STUDE, $345 47 DODGE $85 
4. y J 5 | tae cs FULL PRICE cleaner, oil filter, nas-stare tear view’ Mirren, neti ‘a9 BUICK $ ee ae 
oe, Hyde, rem erin “SS PLYM. ‘99 5 [ eS Saas oot a | mets 52 WASH ... $395 41 CHEV... $80 
 uT., yqr., ° - ag A one y poor, ‘grey super. i.Dr. Ne. ta i-Dr. Ne, 3644 
| 2-door; equipped. ee a roy ous wel and | ho FULL PRICE FORD $395 50 CHEVY. % $295 
4 . ‘aed FULL PRICE _ Seen NO. ccessories rice r, Ne. 49 De Lete 4-Dr. No. 72 
| -Ur. arregen freen s ander- / $ ' ' 
32 Pontiac 1H SA MONT. *1()Q4 fll ee as es 2202" | 4 ‘53 MERC OH BH x] erm sme | woos. 
°7 65 ee ae Te BEES gst ras rece i] 07 RUT... S008 | 00 BUICK oe 
4 Dr, Hydra., RH. #1124] ‘52 STUDE. $ 52 na ow _|tals ad scans, pred ‘54 CHEV. $ 4 o 5 '50 FORD $295 | ‘49 CHRYS. $199 
- a., . $: contained. —_— - = Convert. No. 3283 4-Dr. Ne. 3585 . 
——] nt sate rou. race HU] #70 Catan |i crane Ta 47 BUICK” $165 | “49 BUICK $195 
| froster, de luxe radie and an- . FULL PRICE Convert. No. 3655 Special 4-Dr. No. 2? 
Be Sure To | 48 PONT. ‘Ag : oa ee. a Nd ci ro Pus 2604 | ‘56 FORD $ ‘40 PLYM. - $55 49 OLDS | $80 
HECK With x 870 Catalina | Tetone Nimbus crey and Tarra- roe eer ee. Seay 
c ped rRom Coupe —|iirestert de tone radio and zi $9A D605 |i xp tee cone. mo. 1006 , ‘417 PLYM, .... $80 ‘46 FORD. _. $78 
| ’52.’55 *695 __Ne 208 ae he foam cushions and | : wuss, peice 2-Dr. Ne. 110 $-De. Ne. 1589 
: Nim- ] J . 
KENYON Ji] | Station Wagons Str Chiat [Rs Sean * ‘SS CHEV. + Sea | eee 
PE ‘¢ K ie DISCOUNT TO CASH BUYERS — etvoater, @ de inne Pa cuaeeet be cae $294 43 y Sedan. No. 1728. Washington's Most Liberal Dealer 
| 0. 414 sone meat NE nosy Z ’ _ 
i, ~ ATTENTION te i jt Call Now for Credit Approval 

2636 Wilson Bivd. | nerieaine SER ATIC ra ‘ TU. 2-4200 
3140 Lee Hwy. Bank financing svailable 3-DAY TRIAL AND Ss AWN D)AV32 0). 

14, 29001 {ff AUTO DISCOUNT HOUSE Il” sa¥q NAC] 3 @ - } BILL ROSS: 

JA. 2-0004 : 1510 RHODE ISLAND AVE. N.E. 7400 GA. AVE. 

Arlington, Va. _ co. 5-8214 — 


Wh 6 

Open Mon. thru Fri. ‘til 9 P.M, Sat. ‘til 6; closed Sun. 

2241 Nichols Ave. S.E. LU. 3-1051. 

“4 Ne Cars te Desiers El Main Stiowroom— 1800 NICHOLS AVE. S.£, LU. 4-4400 


Radio and Television 

Gunnar’s Gone but He. 
Won't Be Soon Forgot 

ty Lawrence Laurent ————_—___— 

OUR TOWN lost one of its 
top newsmen last week when 
Gunnar Back left to become 
director of news and special 
events at 
WFIL, radio 
and TV, in 

Gun nar’s 
been around § 
for a iong . 
time and has * 

a «distin 
guished iist 
of achieve- 
ments to his 
credit. His 
oO mthes pot Laurent 
coverage of the long Army- 
McCarthy hearings in the 
spring of 1954, for example, 
could be used as a model of 
unbiased reporting. 

shows on radio showed Back's 
deep understanding of the 
ways our Government oper- 

Gunnar is at bis best when 
he is working without .a 
script. Words come easily 
and: his material is well 
organized, even when he goes 
on the air in a hurry. 

Once, however, Gunnar 
was at a loss for words. it 
happened recently when 
Gunnar was working for ABC 
Radio’s “New Sounds” pro- 
gram He was interviewing 
tourists at the Washington 

He asked a woman ‘tourist 
what she thought about thé 
imposing monument. 

“T like it fine,” the woman 
answered. She looked upward 
to the top of the pointed 
structure and added: 

“Yes, I like it fine. Except, 
I think they stuck the wrong 
end in the ground.” 

WHEELS: Bill Malone is 
getting ready for a Florida 
vacation. He plans to enter 
his sports car, a Jaguar, in 
racing competition. He'll do 
the driving, brave fellow. »% 

Another auto enthusiast is 
Mike Hunnicutt, the madcap 
disk jockey who now works 

“Congress Today”/ 

Austin Healy and a “friend” 
has promised he'll take Mike 
out to the Mariboro raceway 
and show him “a few tricks.” 

“TOMORROW'S . Careers,” 
a fine program produced by 
the Johns Hopkins Univer- 
sity, starts tonight on WMAL- 

TV (10 p. m.). This program 
has been on ABC-TV for sev- 

eral months. Its purpose is to . 

help young persons choose 
their careers. 

Guest on tonight's program 
is Rep. Joseph E. Martin (R- 
Mass.), minority leader in 
the House. Topic for the pro- 
gram is “Public Servant in 

Dorothy Looker are offering 
a Television Workshop. They 
teach television a®ting, danc- 

ing, selling and writing along | 

with personal grooming and 
speaking. For details, call 
Adams 25548 or write to 
Television Workshop, 1742 
Church st. nw. 

SUNDAY’'S spectacular “Tn- 
side Beverly Hills” (NBC, 
WRC-TV) should have been 
called “Person to Persons.” 

It had several interesting 
moments, a lot of dull mo- 
ments. The best scene, I 
thought, was the visit to the 
family of actor James Stew- 
art. His two little girls just 
refused to look at the camera, 

even as your children or | 


I think the show was sup- 
posed to prove that Holly- 
wood is filled with rather 
ordinary folks who make an 
extraordinary amount of 
money—a few hundred thou- 
sand dollars a year, accord- 
ing to Art Linklettér. 

The show was in color and 
the folks who visited with 
us on Sunday (extraordinary 
folks, who don’t make sev- 
eral hundred thousand dol- 

lars a year), agreed that color | 

adds a great deal to tele- | 
vision. Color, I suspect, kept | 
my guests from) being disap- 

1 p. m—WTOP-TV. Jack 
Paar Show: Elsa Maxwell 
drops by to give the precious 
details from life in the ¢ social 

1 p. m—WTTG. Two in a 
Row: Ann Savage and a oni 
rot betray a killer in “Polly,” 
Bonita Granville attempts 
to poison herself and has a 
strange dream in .*“The 
Woman Who Left Herself.” 

3 p. m—WRO-TV. Matinee 
Theater: Dick Elliott por- 
trays a doctor who has been 
dodging matrimony for 
nearly half a century in “O 
Promise Me.” i 

730 06Uwp,lC am ~WMAL-TY. 
Warner Bros. Presents: An 
episode of “Casablanca” 
features European glamor 
girl Rosanna Rory as an 
international adventuress 
who carries a snake-handled 
dagger. . 

8 p. m—WTOP-TV. Phil 
Silvers Show: Sgt. Bilko is 
having trouble with the col- 
onel. He gets “The Trans- 
fer” for himself and his men, 
only to discover that he’s in 
hot water at the mew post. 
8 p m—WTTG. Evening 
Movie: James Mason stars in 
an adventure story, “The Re- 
turn of the Scarlet Pimper- 

& p. m—WRC. TV. Milton 
Berle Show (COLOR): A 
musical variety show with 
guests Betty Hutton 
actor Sir Cedric Hardwicke. 

8:30 p.. m—WMALTV 

| Wyatt Earp: A deputy who 

accepts a gambler’s gold al- 
most succeeds in killing 
Wyatt Earp in “The Bribe.” 

8:30 p. m.—WTOP.TV. Navy 
Log: “Demos the Grik” is an 
incredible but true story of 
how the United States Navy 
came to the rescue of a 
Greek town stricken by an 
earthquake and the personal 
tragedy of a young Sailor 
whose family is listed as 
missing in the catastrophe. 

9 p. m.—WRC-TV. Fireside 
Theater: A released convict 
and a girl he mef in a dance 
hall hide from reprisal for a 
murder frameup he engi- 

S p. m—WTOP-TV. Meet | 
Millie: Mother and Millie re- 
serve a small room at a 
winter resort lodge. Quarters 
become cramped when 
they're visited by Mr. Boone, 
Alfred, Gladys and others. 

and | 

Television Highlights 

m—WTTG. Master- 
sia eater: Merle Oberon 
plays a scheming debutante 
and Laurence Olivier plays a 
popular lawyer in a comedy, 
“Divorce of Lady X.” 

9:30 p. m.—WMAL-TV., Cav- 
aleade Theater: Ward Bond 
stars as Lou Diamond, “The 
Marine Who Was 200 Years 

m—WTOP-TV. Red 

9:30 p. 
Skelton Show (COLOR): Red 

is transformed from a caged | 

lamb into a roaring lion, 

‘through ~ hypnosis. 

9:30 p. m—WRC-TV. Play- 
wrights 56: “This Business 
of Murder,” a drama of big 
business executives. in con- 
flict, features an all-male 
cast. James Whitmore stars 
with Thomas Gomez, E. G. 
Marshall, Warren Stevens, 
David White’ and, Henry 
Jones. The play is afi orig- 
inal by David Swift. 

10 p. m—WMAL-TV. To- 
morrow Careers (New): Pro- 
gram focuses on the “public 
servant in Government” with 
Rep. Joseph FE. Martin (R- 
Mass.), “minority leader in 
the House. 

16:30 p. m—WMAL-TV. 
Wrestling: Big Bill 
vs. Rocky High Lee 

11:30 p. m.—WRC-FV. To- 
night: Vocalists Margaret 
and Barbara Whiting are 

Minister Will Visit 
Overseas Churches 


More than 600,000 American| 
‘civilians are living and working | 
overseas and many ofithem are. 
in urgent need of 
which to worship, a leading! 
‘Protestant churchman = 

The Rev. Dr. 

Robb r ns w, 
| Barstow, director of the Nation- 
jal Council of Churches’ over- 
| seas church-program, said these| 

Miller | 

ll a. m—WRC, Weekday: 
Gwen Verdon, dancing star 
of the musical comedy 
“Damn Yankees,” is guest, 

11:30 a. m-—-WTOP. Make 
Up - Your Mind: Marga 
and Barbara Whiting vocalist- 
daughters of composer Rich- 
ard Whiting, are guests. 

12:15 p. m—WRC. Patty 
Cavin Show: John E. Merkel 
Jr. reports on the organiza- 
tion of “Unofficial Ambas- 


1:15 p. m—WWDC:; Club 
1260: ed Fiske features 
singer Manning's album 
“Lonely Spell.” 

3 p. m—WTOP. House 
Party: Art Linkletter inter- 
views persons in the news 
and lets the audience partici- 
pate in games. 

7:05 p. m——-WGMS. Howard 
Mitchell: Schubert, Sym- 
phony No, 8 in 8 minor “Un- 
finished;” Tcehaikowsky, 
“Francesca da Rimini.” 

8 p. m.—WMAL. World and 

You: The arrival of British | 

appears in The Washington 
Post and Times Herald on 
Monday, Wednesday, Thurs- 
day, Saturday and Sunday. 

17°—812 monthly 


30 | 


LAD. 4-7414] 


arches tn| 5 i ED IN Pe 


PENN TV co. 


Americans do not includé any| 

| by 




‘to leave Tuesday on a around. 

servicemen’ s| 
‘families. who are ministered to 
Barstow plans’ 

LU. 4-6600 

® 1-Hour Service 
* Sets fixed in your home 
* All Werk Guaranteed 

* Servicing D. C. and Md. 

Li. 40047 

Highlights on Radio. 

Prime ‘Min Anthony 
Eden in New York; and a 
chat with Ivan Wilde, gef- 
eral manager of the Buick 
Division of General Motors. 

8:30 p. m—WTOP. Sus- 
pense: A volunteer crew of 

two rescue ships is blocked — 
| Woras—-870 he. ~8 «. 

by a massive ice flow as they 

search for two missing ships | 

in “Aretic Rescue.” 

9:30 p. m—WMAL. Off- 
beat: A discussion of Heart 
Disease with Dr. Paul Dudley 
White, who is prescribing for 
President Eisenhower. 

10:15 p. m—WWDC. Music 
for America: Featured are 
the voices of Rise Stevens 
and Robert Merrill and the 
music of the Pittsburgh 


nizetta, excerpts | 

from The Elixir or Love and | 

so int of the Regiment. 

a _ 




| Picture Frame Style 

cnn h bobed Ghateas THO 
1 1/16 tech Thick Storm & Sereen 

Seasue e" 

Phore for Home er Office 

CY At 
Mey canreRN 

X™ winhtDV* 

TUESDAY 11:15 P.M. 
WTOP.-TV o— 9 

Sports Time 

m.—WGMS. Opera “ 


: Tuesday, January 31 31, 1956 45 

WRC-FM (93.9 me.)-5:30 «. m te 1, WWDO-FPM (101.1 me.)—7 «. mm te 8 

ot 5 napintas dhesig (108.5 me.)—6:00 0. me. te 
whU?-rM (98.5 ty yes Fo > oe "” ‘(105.1 me. )—<080 6. m. te 9 
06% datut ce @ ot 1ST-FM (106.8 me.)—T:90 «. m. te > 

. [AL-FM (107.8 me.)—6 &. 
WFAN (100.5 me.)—5 a. m@: te 8 ». a) >. &. 8 =. te 12 Se 

te midnight. Ww me 4 tee s. =. te i a. 



, 2). mw see he — praens. 

2 —15ao bes" 5 es sa 

——i 220 ke—T a. m. to 

6: 45 
es om. 
6: ° 
Programs printed here conform to information 

WA 45 m.! 

furnished by stations at time of publication 

Do you work over 14 hours a day? 

Are you an 

at WARL. Mike has an _. ~»pointed in the program. 

Tuesday Television Programs 
a aoe ae 

' ’ 

the-world trip during which he, | 
|will visit American overseas’ : 
‘churches and help organize’ | (VE RWO) RKE ) 
inew ones. | Sa ) 
Tuesday Radio Programs | Pedy Ah] VNS\\ es Se 
' °. A ’ ‘ ,, 

Ladies’ Home Journal 
tells what can be done 

Are you up to your ears In work every minute of the 
day? Have you no time to relax? Are you exhausted when 
your husband gets home? Are you lonesome for talk 
with other adults? If so, you’re not alone! 

In spite of labor-saving devices, young mothers today 
put in as much as 115 hours a week when few workers in 
business and industry are expected to work more than forty. 

Because Journal editors recognize the importance of this 
problem, they called together four young mothers, whose 
problems are typical, to meet with experts in child care and 
family relations and discuss what can be done to help 
today’s overworked young mothers. 

In this revealing discustion, you'll read how these young 
mothers spend their busiest hours, their favorite hours; 
you'll learn how they shop and keep house. You'll sym- 
pathize with them as they tell about their most acute crises, 
reveal what in their lives they most want to see changed, 

You'll read how husbands help around the house. . . 
what part they play in taking care of the children: But still 
more help is needed! Where will it come from? What part 
can your community play? 

With millions of young marrieds having millions of 
babies, be sure you read “The Plight of the Young Mother.” 
Show it to your husband, discuss it with your friends. 

WTOP (cBs) | 

WMAL-TV FM 107.3|AM 980 FM 93.9) AM 1260 _ |AM.1500 FM 96.3 


7 WTOP.TV 9 AM 630 
at » Bs 
oe Pods 570 Es Brown. 6-10; is ti 
*t, Fd \ edd with a en if ome 
_ at ae a P30 30 

f apo 30, 7 "30 in 
. 00 ittle Rasc Siena On? Beeler M Rowe sath Rober Hurleigh Re of America | 

7:2! . ots. 
. . “ t . a “ 
per ee Looney ts vens. Show 4 Zs in W ‘ton | va ‘s: Brown! Billy “John 
r Room Looney 7) le s A Art Brown G. Drake 
7 . Blocx te” aiid t ; e wen kd ’ be fee | P ° 
: - : > i a 
oF u ing Orrs 
9 cade > | rt 
sit pa ‘ eS ed 
a 20! sw t>. 

tory ~ Time 
' Store Thor 

“What I need is a vintage chart,” said the man 
with the Tattersall vest. “What's the matter?” Noth- 
ing much, we answered. We have a fine vintage 
chart and you're welcome to it. “Thanks,” said the 
man; sticking his thumbs in the armholes of his vest. 
“You're sure you feel all right, or ig it... 

__ JAcademy re 
rie Looney Tune 
Looney Tune Bee 
. } ea’ 
£ ess Serial to a pa 
hs Two in « Row | . 
ne wr" ea . > re 0 ke iy 
" Pixbs) . ) % 4 : oe vans Reet Piske| 
i ¥n se Lad eetes, . ; 
Susie p { bs eater 
an lane ford 
: t Ings ey adi neeg La ated Kofton” Q Fors, 
00 Matinee Thter Ladies Be at fed | Afternoon 
15 Matinee Thter'Ladies Be Seated wilm 
30 Matinee Thter ‘Tea Ti me Treater| “One 
Agung agi Tee, Tine hee | fae 
ale ii@ ‘ : . “] : : |Mark an 
Mod om ‘ees Bester Btor pee “y cl s Carson imma rown Jack "7 a ‘how 
or On Your Kecount ' : | f : . 0 | Ne Billy 
Day is lames. _Re wale 
) PR 0 : 7 Club | ik m dia tinee 

Se Rd News 

IPred ‘ea 

ans News: Piske’| rent 
“ease Aum spay. 
wer Part 
AS} inkletter 

No, no, we answered hastily. The vest is fine. Just 
fine. It's the vintage charts. “What's wrong with 
vintage charts,” said our man. Just about everything, 
we answered. Hail, for instance. And frost. They 
can ruin one Vineyard, and not touch another just 
across the road. And yet, on a vintage chart, all the 
one man is a good wine maker, and another isn't. 
You can’t find that out on a chart. “Charts are gener- 
alities,” you mean, said the man twiddling his thumbs 
at us. 

- | ! own | _G r ; ' 
: 5S gen . ned Men Oree ds wines of the region will be rated the same. 
ert = ndstand 
axnapeens panded 

hanch lor. . Whe | 
res day's Newsreel| 
Name at 

George DeWitt 

rile The 8 ening Movie | ‘Warner Bre 
ioc rT etorn 
mw }- Pimperna! iwWratt 
e fason |W 

a a 

- Cavalcade 

ack Rowzie is 

‘Wowrgpby apby Nes: Apoune | a ve 

News: Bicerashr, lweeres Avoung ws j 

Sound rays Rowsie | M 
Fibber ets 

“Mchiee Musle for America 

eater . 
S Ze eater 45 _ OF 
Ei ; eens Seats: a2. 
: ‘ter Wrestling s ront 39) e cGerry ‘Treasury Agent in M 
Masterp) . ; : frongd Town 
—e ma evs. r . ' OC : in” ae Ar a 
rama 118 r rke ’ Sports 
dah fi “A rela 730) in” me : 
. ad e 7 rf > a 7 { 
Mrs 09 ‘ Rowe 


They are, we said: Good vintners don't boule bad 
wines, we said. If it's in a bottle, that means it was 
a good enough vintage to bottle. Price is a better 
indication of wine quality than the vintage, and so 
is the name of the vineyard or the wine er. Take 
1947, for instance. Many great wines were made, and 
many awful ones were made, too. The wines were 

' high in price. And today, they're almost all drunk up, 
because they matured fast. So what good does it do 
to know that 1947 was a gréht year, now that the 
wines are unobtainable? “Do you have any?” said 
our man. A few, but they’re high in price. The 1945 
vintage was magnificent, but many of them are still 
not ready to drink, and they're also very expensive. 
The 1949 vintage was pretty magnificent, as were 
1952 and 1953, and these are the wines you'll find on 
our shelves. You just don’t find bad vintages of the 
good and great wines. What we'd like to do is to 
buy theqgead wines of poor years, because we could 
then offer them at very low prices; but if the rating 
for the wine district is perhaps only 12 out of a 
possible twenty, nobody will buy the few wines that 
might rate a 16 or 17. “You have a point,” said 

1h our man. 

‘ign Og 

‘anu! 5: 

30 Tonigh rae “Ratt 
13 7 onige ewe "7 

At the Edge of 
the Shadow 

The pitilessly real story of one wife's 
struggle against alcoholism and her 
\ fight to redeem herself and save her 
~ family and her home. 

‘Top Court Dismisses Va. Road Tax Case 

The Supreme Court declined)on whether Virginia can levy 
yesterday to hear arguments \its. 2 per cent gross receipts 
‘road tax against contract mail 

| haulers. 

The™appeal was brought by 
|Charles T. Crowder and 
|George H. Ellis, who haul mai! 
from Suffolk and Norfolk to 
other cities in Virginia and 
‘North Carolina. They | were 
fined $250 each for not paying 
the tax and Virginia courts up- 
held the penalty. 



STORE NO. 73111 

JA. 5-3900 

3611 LEE 


10 inch 
12 inch 


DI. 7-5941 


17 inch 

21 inch 
Not only that, nobody ever puts on a vintage chart 

the value of the wines according to present-day drink- 
ing. The '45’s, for instatice, carry ratings of 19 or 20, 
but most of the reds aren't ready to drink yet, and 
most of the whites are all gone and past their prime. 
On a chart, they have high ratings. On your table, 
they'd rate zero. Also, price ought to count in a 
vintage chart; the wines of "47 were high in price, 
and that ought to knock a couple of points off the 
score, while the ‘48's were low in price, which ought 
to raise that vintage up a bit. What's more. , 
“Aren't they any good at all?” asked our man. Well, 
they're interesting, and they'll lh you an idea, and 
it’s interesting to compare one chart against another. 
“I'll take one, just for kicks,” said our mah. “Can 
you show me some good wines of off years?” We 
looked sadder than ever. We don’ t dare buy them, 
because people go by the charts. “You get some in, 
and I'll buy them,” said our man. That's a very hand- 
some vest, we answered. 


sans . Guarantee ~~~ ~~ 

DR. SPOCK ... the journal's au- 

thority on child Care. . . gives practical 
pointers to help your child learn good 


| ww 4. 

Ce ee ea eee 




on the 


; ® madcap revue with 


“My husband wanted me... 
and the other woman, too.’’ 

Florence was everything his wife was not... pretty, vivacious, and 
lots of fun. Learn how the marriage counselor helped his wife win 
him back . . . helped them both find a new and happier life together. 

all-time great recipes 

In this Valentine tribute to the Journal's beloved food editor, 
you'll find some of her most asked-for dishes, recipe tips and the 
best of her “Line a Day” sayings. 

IN ALL, 34 articles, stories and features 


We've been thinking of getting in some good wines 
that are unknown in this country, because our custom- 
ers seem to like the ones we have brought in. If 
such wines would interest you, would you say so, the 
next time you're i the store, so that we can order 
more than sample lots? That way, we can offer you 

still better prices. 
Fine Wines 

Fred Bota'ies OMAR 

3300 Wisconsin Ave. at Macomb—WO. 6-7676 A CURTIS “MAG 

46 Tuesday, January 31, 1956 




: Roast Beef is always 


Falladianw Koouw 

on the menu... 

of our delicious and 
amazingly low-priced / 

with your choice of 1! 
varieties of hors d'oeuvres, 
2 soups; 6 entrees 

and vegetables, salad, 
dessert and cottee. 

nly $3.50 

eztra portions without charge 
6 to 10 every night 
including Sunday 


Reservations: ADams 4-0700 




a ts 




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New time-saving route, vie turnpike-Camden 


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(plus tax) 



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ington’ Post and Times Herald guaranteed home delivery. 


Ae | 

. ~— 

gs aprertiy ee: 






Fine nursing care 


Brochure Lutherville, Md. 

6 wks day, "ilawk » / the simple 
lowks nite, 6 @ wk “~———" a system 


aoe —_ = ne 

1338 G ST. MW WA. 8-3296 
FT OA ST «a 


Up to $100.00 Allowance on 

iB your old FLOOR WAXER when 

you trade if on a new 


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you’D CALL ME, 








~, ss . 

SA“ » aes SA SAY el one Peptapas a. 
Ss SS os LA SAL. Fe Mas TRS ; 
a SSS SOSA —— 22d aL WHY 








‘a ’ 


By Al Capp and Bob Lubbers 






Fairchild Buys Land 

MARTINSBURG, W. Va., Jan. | 

30 w—The 

more than 

town, Md.., 
purchase of 

Fairchild Engine 
and Airplane Corp. of Hagers- 
today | 

250 | 


acres of land adjacant to Mar-| 
tinsburg Municipal Airport for | 

future development. 

Kodachrome * Anscochrome 
Ektechrome * Ansee Coler 
4x5 5x7 8x19 
$0c $1 $2 
Color Film Processed ‘1 
Anscochrome, Ex tachrome 
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® money back guarantee 




for « pestace-free mailer 

order fogm end complete pr lis: 

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h. De Silver Spring 
T. 3-7361 JU. 55-9614 






. eae 

| al. 
Crest Toothpaste with Fluoristan“™ 
strengthens tooth enamel to lock out decay 

Frcemema m mvcmes m me noet errecwnt roms 


ie Fa 

economy. 69¢ 
meoium... 31¢ 

Big Downtown Store 
F.& G Between 
12th and 13th N.W. 

By Zack Mosley _ 

Md. : 


Home ! 





“ TOY \3 



By McEvoy and Striebel 



By Fred Lasswell 



jo 9, © é 

reach yy 




How to ORPHAN ANNIE 2 : — — = a Harold Gray 
Keep Well ; 

By Dr. Theodore R. Van Dellen 
To the limit of space, queés-! 

tions pertaining to the preven-| 
tion of disease will be answered.| 

Personal replies will be made’ 
when return stamped envelope 
is inclosed. Telephone inquiries 

\ inot accepted. Dr. Van Dellen 

\will not make diagnoses or 

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday—9 A.M. to 6 P.M. | prescribe for individual diseases. 
Thursday, Friday—9 A.M. te 9 P.M. | FROSTBITE DAMAGE | 
Saturday—8 A.M. to 6 P.M. | THE INSULATED rubber! 

‘combat boot proved effective 
A BROYHILL 10 ee SPECIAL in preventing frostbite in Ko-| 
COMPLETE rea. But, to give adequate pro- 

‘tection, it had to be used in 

combination with good foot hy- 
igiene. This included personal 
‘cleanliness, frequent changing 

TOP QUALITY of socks, and keeping the feet 

GUARANTEED 14 | Frostbite is easier to prevent 
| ‘than to treat. It requires pro-| 
= INCLUDES: | itective clothing, good sense.) 
= © LARGE CAST IRON ‘and mature judgment. Zero| 
LAVATORY ~~ eae | temperatures are not always a' 
© S RECESSED CAST | prerequisite, as higher read-| 
RON TUS ings plus prolonged exposure | 

jand dampness are almost as| 



Fr") = : a. > 4 | 
* When the tissues are frozen, | ; ‘tee gfe. aa al 
. ice crystals form in the spaces = Zim a Pom, 
. between the cells, leading to = ‘ee | — ; 
ONLY dehydration, tissue injury, and 5 he , rfy Sl ~~ 2 . ~~ ——~ 
INSTALLATION circulatory impairment. In or- | id a 24 SF | ©. Ring Pere atone Pot Ae mem 

ARRANGED pager frostbite, the damage; 

is less severe and usually stems 1A, 
A BROVHILE 10 SPECIAL from circulatory embarrass- LI'L ABNER By Al Capp 
FAMOUS NAME BRAND, DO-IT-YOURSELF ce aad alee’ iar tee 

‘gish and clots are 

COMBINATION STORM & SCREEN DOOR f@ !o-=. “tS sla coi et. ree SECH 

Frostbite is graded like 
© Three Self-Aligning, Self-Lu- poe ‘ured after the exposed parts LUCKY ‘NUFF TBE . HONORS? 
bricating Aluminum Hinges — are rewarmed. A first degree, | HIT BY TH’ CAR OF BE => 
with Stainless Steel Pins. ‘frostbite consists of redness A GENOOWINE + 
Aluminum Sill Expander. gi and puffiness of the skin. In! | MOVIE STAR /7- ]//¥ 
tetied Minitendt Callin second degree frostbite, blis- . 
Quinte — are present and in — 
degree, gangrene exists. Com- 
Glass in Panels Set in Neo- plete freezing (fourth degree) 
—— /usually destroys all the tissues 
Easily Reglazed. . tw |in the area, including the bone. | 
Rattle-Proof Kick Panel Set in ——=— [| The parts are numbed until! 
Neoprene. thawing begins. This is fol- 
Rustproof, Stainproof Screen- jlowed by tingling, aching, 
ing. cramping, redness, swelling and 
Alton Geer Mendie. | Spocmeeeien. During the past 
ecade, treatment has been 
ey eng Beng Fa Sha revolutionized. Rubbing the af-) 

. : ‘ INCLUDES fected region with snow is 
Simplicity of Design Assures ALL HARDWARE Iitaboo, and rapid. instead of 

Years of Trowble-Free Service. adedh Gowerming. ten aoa By Gus Edson and Irwin Hasen 

y t 4 

p ny a ae Saeed me | 95 - 105 degrees F.. which is! BE A GOOD BOY ALL THE NOURISH- WONDERFUL TO ALL THIS FOR \ FOR DONDI ‘ “a IM BEGINNING 
eautiful for any Kitchen o as hot as most people can AND MONIQUE WILL : MENS? SEE THE COLOR THE KID 2 a ——_ TO CARE FOR 

Bathroom. Easily installed— remedy stems from animal ex-|-| READ TO YOU AGAIN N() \ |] | COMING BACK TO } ~pae 

basil le. lab! 
pro Beste wate) gosracai ye mm perimentation but freezing is TOMORROW, DEAR ! HIS CHEEKS 

: = no different in man than in 

m ors. A regular animals except that in the lab-| j'—! ae Feast 
m JOC per sq. ft. THIS oratory the animal is treated | HAN TT! PARK 
3 Value WEEK Cc Per immediately. | \ : =i 

= ma; On the other hand, most! [> 

ONLY Sq. Ft. m frostbitten individuals have’  neiienll 

ma thawed out by the time the — 
physician arrives. Any warmth 
A BROYHILL 10 * SPECIAL is welcome in an emergency. } j ‘Ly 

Chwage Tritvune \ 

@ eee w The 

IDEAL FOR HOME MODERNIZATION Mi\Modern treatment. also in- oo Ss 7 

c cludes the use of heparin or / wan d 4 
CELOTEX PLANK 173 sq. ft. = \discoumarol, which prevents! | Fr l7 is 4 
mm\ithe blood in the affected parts| —-— - a v< * 7 an 

. 5 - 

from clotting. In addition,| ysyally lasts one to six months. | THE PHANTOM 
drugs and other procedures to|/,4 good treatment is soaking SDEAT GUL AAD Te " 
improve circulation are started sn6 hands in ‘hot water and : : upey? Ve ALM 

” 94° at once. women who do their own dishes’ a as 
Sizes: Widths 8”-12"-16" | Anyone who has sustained|.-6 thus provided with an ; | é = DAWN. THEY RE 

Lengths g’.10’ more than an -average frostbite easy form of therapy. | 


In a choice of beautiful colors. Per- 

fect paneling for attic, basement 

rumous room ombines beauty, 
a comfort and economy 

should remain in bed in a 

r L room with a temperature be- TOUGH LUCK 
A BROYRILL EXTRA SPECiM tween 70 and 72 degrees F.| H. L. writes: I moved to Arb! 

KNOTTY PINE PANELING Skilled care is required to save zona and find I am allergic to| 

as much tissue as possible cactus plants. Is there any-) 
Choice of Washington or Pickwick TOMORROW: Irritable thing I can do other than to 
Patterns in random lengths and Mp ‘bowel? Change your personal. move again? 
widths. An opportunity to add beauty ; ity. REPLY | 

wre or ~ es. : | : : 
we? you rooms af economical pric ; | FINGER NODES This is a question for your 

No. 2 Better Grade. per bd. ft. 20¢c : local physician to answer. If| / ' ~ ‘ oe 
2 Grade, p MRS. S. writes: Our family | ou cannot avoid the plants or| — 

AE is addicted to bumps on the on, Poors sloSiitead 
Popular No. 3 Grade, per bd. ft. 15¢ as be desensitized against them, | PIs ob ' Win aerials ter alte 
Bi fingers. There is no pain. Is| ond if your symptoms are un- Gut ay . 

HOLLOW CORE FLUSH ee related to art bearable, you have no alterna- 
PAINT AND STAIN GRADE . REPLY peat dvwedbe Boe wand apy wor g Peo 

experience shows 

ae Yes, This disorder, callea people jump from the frying! what are 
=| Hebérden’s nodes, is a form of pan into the fire. 7 ph Pa 
§| hypertrophic arthrifis. Soreness! (copyrient’ 1954, Chicage Tribune) ug | Uncle Fert? | 

Factory Rejects... SUPER SPECIAL 

Use as coffee table, work bench, . 
desk, sewing table, bar and mul $ 3 95 | Daily Crossword Puzzle 

titude of other ways limited ently 
by your imagination. 

ACROSS Solution to Yesterday's Puzzle 

1 Plucked in- 37 Defeated in f : 
A BROYHILL 1@ % SPECIAL comme bridee feqetete toys Bas 




BUILD & DECORATE WITH 3 STask |= 38 Blackboand 5 o 
10 Incarnation 39 Feed the E 

TILE WALLBOARD ef"Vainu, A at 

14 Debtor: rare 40 Monograph ; 

Easily and quickly applied on brand-new walls or over 15 Asylum 42 Shone ‘ 

existing walls. Choice of Colors. 16 Turkish title 43 Iniquity 

: || 17 Disparaging 44 Grosso 
Sizes 4x4, 4x5 and 4x8 2 Per 19 The Great “ 45 Classes: 


=) ) Gad Ge) fee 

Gad Ed Gee Ge Ge 



ae : Sq. Ft. Commoner kinds 
Limited Quantity 20 Lettered 48 Sends an- 
21—— scholar other way c 
COME AND SEE THIS SPECIAL 23 Clothes 51 Eng. river ; 
Reg. 89.95 24 Asseverate 52 Novel by cr 

SHOWER STALLS 27 Surprised | pri 

Now you can have that extra shower—no Sh eRvensen 12 Pittance 38 Ado | 
more waiting! Beautiful Tiled Bases in 56 Frenzied cry 13 College of a 39 Surgical There is no way to live 
an assortment of colors. > .50 57 Swiss artist university thread ! again... The time that 
NOW ONLY p 58 Stainers 18 Grating 41 Retaliate | we have lost .. . And all 
! 36 Edinburgher 59 Stitched 22 Hither 42 Noblemen | our noe on this — 

‘hi | 24 Expiate 44 Gauge .,. . Could never pay the 

wget as Pack tae Bis wm DOWN 25 Trunk 45 Shine: dellee cost ... Each hour and 
Pe 1 Good 6 Detests 26Scarcer §§ 46 Malevolent each second is ... Beyond 

CELOTE rforated promise 7Rom. poet 27 Struck 47“And then || the last recall . . . With 
Insulating 2Filled with g@Gun an en. 28Pert. to there were every movement of the 

aid ACOUSTI reverence gine travel —" || clock... That hangs upon 
Ceiling Tile 3 Reinvig pEnfeeble 29.Call forth 48Network || the wall . . . We cannot 
‘ ora 0 Passe 49 Enough: '| turn the minutes back... 
os h, wosily  tmtaled ond ened on 4 Money from 10Loud noise 39 Eypunge poet | To stay the hands of time 
Glamoreve and a sale 11 Surrounded 35 Plaited 50 Sighted ‘|... Or melt away the 
enone Cee. View See Sq ] y a , 5 Talkative 36 Laws 53 Fodder | mountain that... We did 
Ft. . not try to climb... Each’ 

DO IT YOURSELF SPECIAL . oto Itt Via tia moment is a particle... 

em | That quickly disappears 

GOOD QUALITY : ... And every moment 
“age, and months and years... 

WHITE AND COLORS So let us make each 

$ 95 | . ‘eee second count ... And let 
3 Up us concentrate ... On 

: || doing all the good we can 

By James J. Metcalfe 

Rill GB be Ge ie 


Each Moment 

.. . Before it is too late. 

i p : : | Seprriene RRS Pile Roser: 
| Suoyhile TE Horoscope 

/cam then gain more than many. RE do derstand others’ foibles and conquests 

> ° ideas, creative genius honorfes. : OUT. 22 ne over triels. 
— Look im the section ie which your, 
LY sy INC. x birthday comes and find what your out- 

22 JULY 23 :Cancer)— | i 
advice to Bsa your eet lations | , we. TR} Rs . 8 
creaavels, cheertalls” Hy — a’ delermination. having, wise Dian 

4600 Lee Highway, Arlington, Va Sbout ‘possible. obstacles Fresh eavan-|Prazer: Determine Ne de yous pest. i pagpegeti bute. Dow sith 

} . ar 
“ a your aed aiven talents TO ACH ' 

Vv 2 
Ack 5-46 : ) : worry rita Sr* | petit rasentines\s pieye. of "Year ans | Arely baialable naw Proper | YOU BORN TODAY are «promising 
JAckson 00 . a oe Ss Spee Bi ad hal a Rom, TONE te 2.2 aaate 

1 Tot cm Binh ae, Heda 

i | or eee 

“* es. 


By Paul Nichols 


Tuesday, January 31, 1956 rs r 


One Close Shave Is 

Quite Enough 

A FELLOW who writes a 
daily column like this one is 
supposed to become an expert 
in Judging which subjects 
: his readers 
will find in- 

In his own 
little corner 
of the paper, 
a columnist 
functions as 
a small scale 
managing ed- 
itor. The size 
of his audi- 
ence is de- 

Gold termined to 
a large extent by his ability 
to guess which topics are in- 
teresting and newsworthy. 

When I wrote my recent 
piece about the barber who 
shaved me, my choice was 
based on the belief that the 
barber's non-sequiturs were 
humorous; and of course 
everybody enjoys humor. 

But I still have a lot to 
learn about this. assign- 
ment. I got a.lot of reac- 
en to the item—but all 
of it was from men who 


Yet never rich 
or filling 

' Satisfies 

| wrote, 

are seriously concerned 
with matters pertaining to 

One chap puts it this way: 
“You're either very brave or 
very foolish to argue with a 
barber who is shaving you. 
If you must get into anything 
more controversial than ‘Nice 
day, isn't it?’ I suggest you 
do it while he’s cutting your 
hair. Or better yet, during 
those dramatic moments 
when he has finished his 
chores and is waiting to find 
out how big his tip will be. If 
you've simply ‘got to argue 
with a‘ barber, that's the 
time to do it.” 

Another man _ inquires: 
“Why do you get shaved in a 
barber shop? Does-columning 
pay that well? My barber 
charges $1.50 for a shave, 
plus tip to the barber, plus 
another tip to the hat-check- 

whisk-broom man. The finest” 

safety razor blade costs less 
than a nickel.” 

Some barbers do charge 
$1.50 for a shave, and justify 
the fee by pointing out that 
it takes as long to shave a 
man as to cut his hair. The 
charge in my shop is $1, 
which is still too high to en- 
courage my regular patron- 

However, if you must be 
nosy, [| had shaved at 7 
o'clock on the evening be- 
fore, and the next morning 
thought I could enjoy the 
luxury of skipping one day. 
But when I got to the office 
I discovered that I was 
booked to attend a fancy 
luncheon, so I was stuck 
for the dollar. 

One reader wants to know 

| why I didn’t ask the barber 

about electric razors as well 
as safety razors. “I was de- 
lighted when I got an elec- 
tric mower for Christmas,” he 
“because I hate to 

shave. But I simply cannot 
get a clean shave with it. 

I dunno. I've tried them all, 
and found that some shave me 
better than others but none 
get down close enough to pass 
a really close _ inspection. 
When I'm on PY for example, 
I must use an English-made 
stropped blade and lather up 
three separate times. 

On the other hand my 
father (and many other men I 
with electric razors and 
wouldn't use any other. 

But please don’t suggest 
that I ask a barber about 
them. I'm afraid he'd re- 
member me the? next time 
he got that blade of hi¢ 
next to my adam's apple. 


Greetings to Police Capt. 
Dan B. Kennedy, Eddie Can- 
tor, Adm. Lewis L. Strauss, 
Maj. Gen. Paul R. Hawley, 
Tallulah Bankhead, Mario 
Lanza, Rep. Hugh J. Addo- 
niziog and Gov. Dan Thorn- 


Mrs. William McDermott, 

2517 Southern ave. se.: 

Thanks for those kind words | 

—and most especially for not 

following them with a request | 

for a favor of some kind. I 
don't get that kind of letter 
yery often. 

M. L. reports that in the 
U. S. Geological Survey 
Library reading room there 

get excellent results | 

: ign 




er ee ~ 
ema ete + 



: 4 



z xi 


“is a cardboard box which | 

bears the legend: “Scratch 

Below it, a bemused 
reader penciled the query: 
“Why?” Below, in a differ- 
ent handwriting, there soon 
appeared the additional 

Enjoy Daily... Millions Do 

——= _— — —- eee eS 

Special Offer! 

Pre-Season Rug Cleaning 

The busy season for our plant starts in March. This 

is our “slack” time. 

To keep our plant busy, we 

will clean 2 of your rugs for the price of one. 


lf you have 4 rugs to clean, we match 

the 2 larger ones and charge you only for the larger 


Then we match the 2 smaller ones, and 

@¢harge you only for the larger of those. You can 
get as many rugs cleaned as you wish at these 

"2-for-|"’ prices. 

So it is really quite a saving. 

Please have your rugs rolled up and ready when 

we call. For special 
Payne at... 

fast service, phone Miss 

TU. 2-8000 



6207 Blair Road N.W. 

ae te ee 

words: “To relieve itching.” 
Finally, on the bottom, 
somebody added: “Oh.” 
That seems to have settled 
=the matter. 
Fred Blumenthal, who 
writes those articles for 

Paradé magazine, wonders 




whether you've heard about 

the Texas flea who struck it 

rich and bought his own dog. | 


+, 4] 

East-West vulnerable. West 


¥ K 

@ 5: 

e5 ~ 

| heart 
t hearts 
4 hearts 

Pass Pass Pass 

Opening lead: King of clubs. 

On our barnstorming jaunt 
through the European capitals, 
time never seemed to hang 
heavily on our hands. Whenever 
such a condition 
however, Lee Hazen could be 
depended upon to lighten the 
atmosphere with an anecdote 
worth repeating. ‘ 

The hand shown today he 
attributed to some unnamed 
player, although I happen to 
recall that it was he, himself, 
who was actually the central 
character in the little show in 
which he resorted to a precau- 
tionary measure of rare delli- 
cacy. Hazen, sitting South, 
found himself in a contract of 
four hearts on a hand that had 

been bid right up to the hilt. | (@ 1956, By The Chicase Tribune) 

“The World Corner” 

e 1Sth St. and New York Ave., N.W., 

@ 3430 Wisconsin: Avenue., N.W. 
“Friendship Shopping Center 

Good ’ rovider. @ @ You're a good provider, today. 

Will you be one through all! 
the coming years? You want 
to be, of course—and there's 
an easy way to guarantee it. 
Open a savings account at 
Interstate, save reguiarly— 
any sum you like! Your 
savings will grow, and, at 
Interstate, extra libera! 
dividends are compounded 
semi-annually. All savings 
received prior to the tenth 

of the month earn dividends 
from the first of that month. 
Your savings are insured at 
Interstate up to $10,000. And 
your savings will automatically 
make you a good provider, 




ena Federal Savings and Loan Insurance Corporation, Federal Home Loan Bank System 

Edward K. 


Jones, President 


| West started off by cashing 
the ace, king of clubs and the) 
‘ace of spades. He then played| 

tape Ts by oe 

— > 
fee eee 

the deuce of spades and though 

| the 10 in dummy held the trick, | ~ DONALD DUCK 

|Hazen ruffed with the deuce of | 
hearts, a precautionary step! ) 
without which the 
could not have been fulfilled.) | 
| Obviously declarer had nothing) | 
ito discard, for his hand was 

solid with the exception of the | 
| queen of trumps. | 
| South had not yet decided 
| whether he would play for the 
‘drop with nine trumps or fi- 

wnesse. But of one thing he was | 
certain: If East had all four 
trumps, a campaign must be 
started at once to reduce | 



South's the same 
number held by East. 
Deciarer led to the ace of ' 
hearts and when West showed) —.— 
out, he realized that his super-| 
caution had not been an empty| 
gesture. He trumped another | 
spade in his hand and then put! 
dummy in with.a diamond to! 
ruff away the king of spades. | 
Another diamond was led to! 
dummy and the jack of hearts 
played. East covered and South 
won with the king, Dummy was 
now entered with the last high | 
diamond and a club was led at 
the 12th trick. East had left the 
9-4 of hearts while South held 
the 10-8 waiting to cover what- 
‘ever card East played and ful- 
fill the contract. 


contract | \ 




—_—_—_—_—_—_—_—_—_————_— ” 

7* ; 
’ > 
—e ee 



—_— _ 










cay 924.95 

restores your favorite 
club chair to like-new 

comfort and beauty. 


* Dustproof linings 

*® Springs re-tied 

* Coil and padding 

* Choice of tive colors in 



© AT TV. 

Frames polished 

All labor costs 
* Pick-up and delivery 
larger Pieces Re-Upholstered 

at Equally Low Prices 
An expert will visit your home 
et ne cost or ehligction te give 
you en estimate— , 
CALL LA. 6-2616 NOW 
calls taken until 8 P.M. 

MARK TRAIL | aia TF ws The Washington Merry-Go-Round . Saiaihin: tuntaed ohsbhee 19 
Yi Lif , VU fi . Af: 

New Problems Confront Benson 

. By Drew Pearson quickie plan by which farmers|easy to get him to agree to) back at his own post, but he is 

a __ |would get some money this| the recent tape recording. Now 1g. years younger than the 
Ezra Taft Benson, harried, he wishes he hadn't. President. The Gitferénes . be. 

year from setting aside surplus 

harassed Secretary of Agricul- 
, i th t tween them, Johnson says, i: 

ture, has even more worries |? ene It's different from the Under the Dome ys, is 

: soll bank, which is the long- Ike's age. At 65, a heart patient 
Ny . than the public knows about. | Senate Majority Leader Lyn-|;. ; rry 
Wace “eck SLEEPS, A 4 | 3 ; | - After the Ei- | term plan to set aside surplus! aon Johnson (D-Tex.), himself on BO condition te earsy, the 

burden of th eside : 
PORCUPINE SCENTS THE SALT | ll ! i ree LN,  Brrvae... " senhower farm #y land. |a heart victim, is saying pri-' are the Presidency an 
sent to Con- i == was supposed to be financed by|'" to run again. Johnson is (copyright, 1956, Bell Syndicate, Ind.) 
Tse ee B 3 
Ri KIRB ties on the domestic market. 
until 2 a. m. one night studying 

BORK. AND QUIBTY NOWES INT i > 7 message was fo | The quickie acreage reserve|vately that Ike would be fool- Se Tee ee, ee 
gress it was be- 5h Da SOOT el 
| ‘Sa > y 
‘Wa atttaaea ‘ : Bas pay , ee ee i? | But Sen. Hubert H. Hum- a ec h rn r 
\ . : . | ae = | ™ Tucan - =~ That Fase | | phrey (D-Minn.), indefatigable ' ge S 

~ — 

Te TALL wogosy AN’S TENT iprivate opinion 
selling surplus farm commodi-' — 
champion of the farmer, sat up 

in kinks hav , the fine print of Ike's farm 
‘ yin pA enahteg Pearson message, and next day pointed 

ered by those reading the fine out to other Senators that the Or a eS O 
print of the lengthy farm mes-| sale of our surplus crops would 
sage and they now have Sena- depress the entire farm com- 
tors sore and Benson almost’ Motlity market. Such a farm 
tearing his hair. drop would be far worse than 

Kink No, 1 has to do with the | No acreage reserve at all. 
soil bank program by which; -!mmediately a whole row of 
farmers would set aside part of Republican Senators from farm 
their land for a long period and states descended on Benson 
plant it in grass or trees. protested that he could not 

First problem that’s arisen dump these surpluses on the 
is that there won't be enough domestic market. So he re 
grass séed to plant the soi] treated. 
— 14 ft DOnT } UNDERSTAND ENGLISH bank. The Eisenhower plan is 
My woRO! “\ / A THUG THAT I AND | | FOLLOW cHis bas WAS N STIR AND . | to take 25 million aéres out of Dulles-Go-Round A aie Dricocl 
WHEN I CAME OVER TH’ oroduction. However, it’s now | t Low, w rrices 
N, EMMA THREW | OUPL GRABS HIS GAT AND TAKES A discovered that there is only|,, /"@ Senate Foreign Rela 
| | A RUNOUT POWDER SSUM * J/y| |enough grass seed in the tions Committee would prob 


AWAY FROM TH’ CONVICT? United States to plant 15 mil-|2>!¥ subpena the tape-record. = 20-F oot A luminum 

GOT A BARFUL ; , A this seed is|'"8 which Life magazine made 
\ HE'S COMIN’ BACK TO | | ¢C. ) coanie “aneetalie for east of of the famed Dulles interview i ° 
i KNOCK US / | x . ‘3 i the Mississippi, where water is|®™CePt for Sen. Walter F ee E xX t e rn Ss | Oo n 
OFF. vi gm» \ “ie more plentiful. Grass seed George (D-Ga.). He's chairman 
) | needed for arid areas west of of the Committee and won't go ‘_ L 4 d 
the Mississippi is more diffi-|f°T it . . . Though George is as yY e r 
cult. |held in great esteem, he’s some- 

he 1 ity it times called by colleagues “the i ; 
hat ans ot the first things soft underbelly of the. Demo | This Week Only 

Benson did as Secretary of Ag- ¢ratic Party” ... The Life re 

— SSS : 7 . riculture was ‘to remove the Porter who handled the inter- = 
= — “s va _iprice supports on grass seed ee Wuchiautan tet tae Cate . i 
| ' ve So, many farmers stopped pro- shi yh . 



ducing. ‘ and sent to France until the ‘ 
———— . , 50 THE QUESTION /9. D0 Senate shooting dies down .. . fl 
of MEORONG TO THE NEWSPAPER LOC EC THESE BRAKES FAIL BY ACL/OENT T ~ | INo Trees, Either |Real fact is that Publisher De 
- However, if a farmer decides'the Dulles interview. The 
to plant trees instead of grass,| Washington Life Bureau had 
it will take him two years to nothing to do with it except a Aluminum's+edvantages of strencth with. 
get them. ito see Dulles... What Luce | | out welght and. resistance to weather 
This is because Benson inididn’t know was that Look make this the ideal homeowner's ladder. 
1953 abolished all Agriculture| magazine had printed almost | Comes complete with rones and pulleys. 
Department nurseries, then'the same brink-of-war story! 
part of the. soil conservation last year, only it was attributed | 16-Foot, Select W ood ‘ 
program. He didn’t think the to Mr. Eisenhower, not Dulles) 
Federal Government should be... Life reporters were fearful o 
raising trees, so he turned the that Dulles might deny their) E + 
nurseries over to the states.|interview. They remembered | x n s I 0 n 
Many states didn’t have the he had let them down on a| 
funds and wouldn't accept the | background press meeting two) 
‘trees. Some others accepted years before. But they had! Ladder 
them and let the nurseries used a tape recorder one year| 
grow up in brambles. ago when they interviewed . 
So it will take some time to Dulles for a front-page cover. This Week Only 
get enough young trees to make story in Time appointing Dulles | 
any dent on the soil bank “Man of the Year” and hav-| goes SPECIAL! 
Kink No. 2 pertains to the ing broken Dulles in on tape) 
acreage reserve. This is the with this earlier flattery, it was'| 



woopdD Complete with Ropes 

and Pullers 

Sfost :..:. $18.95 
6-foot | .. $23.95 
2-foot Step Stool . .$6.95 

aueGlued Hickory Ring 


Add 62.50 te above orices for 
Bafety Feet 

“S'pose I'm riding my tricycle, an’ a skinny of 
chair like that should get in the way?” 

These are friends in need 
but expensive indeed! 

Their services cost money— 
and, though it’s worth every 
penny these indispensable gen- 
tlemen charge, sometimes even 
well-budgeted families ‘just 
don't have the money right at 
the time it’s needed. 

When this happens to you — va 
remember, HFC offers prompt EXTENSION 
loan service for just this kind 
of emergency. 

A quick look at this sample 
payment table tells you loan 
amounts, and repayment sched- STAIRWAY 

. Pe “i. : Life insurance vies You may b 
; y borrow any a , ‘i 

TERRY AND THE PIRATES protection on all amount from $20 to $1000. Sensational “‘Masier-All’’ Is 
“Sab HFC loans without For prompt, courteous atten- 

extra cost to you! tion, phone or drop me 5 Different Ladder s in One 
Yeu ny 

5’ size extends to & ... #11.95 

$100 :72 81008 Biaac| 6’ size extends to 1? ... 213.95 
200 3. 20.09 | ; -— . ov - _ 
300 16 | 3014 | 55.38 7’ size extends to 12’ ... $15.95 
1000 | 48.44 | | : 8 size extends to 14 ... 817.95 

re, Se Soe oS ee oe o- Imagine! 5 ladders in 1 to handle all your house- 

ere made under tha Sndusirial Finance hold ladder chores’ quickly, safely. Lightweight, yet 
; compact ... there’s only one ladder to store. Made of 

thoroughly seasoned lumber with rust-resistant hard- 
OUSEHOLD FIN ANCE ware. Converts from a stepladder to an extension lad- 

der, to a stairway ladder, to 2 individual ladders, to a- 
0 } cf scaffold base. 

SUITLAND “SILVER SPRING Free Delivery ® Phone- Lincoln 7-9400 

8641 Colesville Rd., E : 
4612 Suitland Road PHONE: jUniner 8 .4200 Delivery on orders over $3, may include other merchandise 

PHONE: JOrdan’8-9364 ,,,, Ave. Ground Fleer | 1m ged EO we ieee ar eg ey 
ee PHO E: Iniper 5 -4400 at Siodensbars 6. si a rm Pgh, 2 Ra 

| s , cov. ALEXANDRIA. VA. 
7444 Wisconsin Ave. 3235 Rh pov Be hfe r, aiGiliescs ave, Near Seminary BA 
PHONE: OLiver 6-7400 PHONE: UNion 4-5740 

eecoe eo ae 


» t 

BO Tuesday, January 31, 1956 . 

lacr 4 Dk 

The Hecht Co. 3-Store 



Last call to stock-up glamour sheets, in pink, blue, green, 
yellow, 72x108 in. flat or fitted trim. 

2.99 Double, fitted or 81x108 Im. ........ bs is dealin mca 2.69 
Pillow Cases, 42x36 im. .......... ind idbinocdndtetssen 



BY Sed 

. Choose 20x34 in. oblong or 24 In. round. Regal’s handsome 
“Riviera” rugs in a man-made fiber blend that means long 
wear, easy care! Latex-backed to hug the floor. Pink, 
honey beige, green, yellow, white, salt and pepper, aqua, 
grey. Lid Cover 1.99 

Last 3 Days 




How Smart! Carved Scatter Rugs 
Last 8 days for these luxury rug buys! Cotton, 27x48”. 





. ; od 
Lots of colors. = for eD 

4.99 Sanforized Mattress Pads, Twin Size 
39x76”, dowble-box stitch. White cotton...5.99 Doublesize ..4.99 

Save! 4.99 Extra-Soft Dacron* Pillows 
Floral print nylon cover, washable. Non-matting, non-allergenic. 



Luxury sheets in every sense of the word! Satin-smooth, 
woven of fine combed cotton for greater strength, lignter 
weight. Twin size, 72x108 in. or fitted. 

Leet 3 Daye 

3.39 Double, fitted or 81x108 in. ... 6... ee eenee 2.99 
79e Pillow Cases, 42x3814 in. ........++5--- Faia sha 



One of the reigning favorites of all Cannon's “royal 
family!” Absorbent powder-puff finish ... lush colors 
to dress up your bath! Seagreen, yellow, smoke pearl, 
bronze green, white, marine. 

Last 3 Days 

Face Towels $1; Wash Cloths 39e 


_PeRRRRSRRRR eRe ee eee eee ee eee ee o 

Last Call! 14.95 Dacron* Filled Comforts 

Rosebud print nylon cover. Blue, pink, white, yellow. 

3.99 “White Blossom” Mattress Covers 



Two percales: scalloped trim or solid color pastel. Scal- 
loped twin size, 72x108, white with scallops in white, 
green, rose or blue. Paatels, twin size, fitted or 72x108 in. 
in pink, aqua, yellow, green, lilac. 

Double Size, 81x108 oF fitted, were 3.89............3.49 
Paste] Cases......84e 

Last 3 Devs 

Scalloped Cases,...... R9e 


eR RR RRRES Ree Ree ee eee ee eee eee es 



The ultimate in luxury! A huge 27x52 inches of thick 
soft beauty, the choice of all who seek the best! Pink, 
green mist, firefly yellow, pink beige, cloud grey, white. 

Last 3 Days 

1.69 Face Towel ......2...cee- al et 1.49 
59e¢ Wash Cloth 




Sale! Kenwood all Wool Blankets ? i2-* 
“Royal” in magnificent color selection. Twin size. Double size. .. 14.95 

Py meas 

a BGT CO. Aan rhe VA Do Na 


Famous 6.95 Playtex “HNeart-Rest” Pillows 
Snoose-easy foam, zip-covered in Sanforized muslin, 10.95 King size, 6.95 

4 -95 

29e Cannon Tea Towels 

Cotton in gay checks or solid colors. Quick-drying, absorbent ! 

10.98 Irish Linen Damask Cloths 
Double Damask! . . . heavier, costlier! Hand-hemmed, 56x76” 

| Sit 

*Dupent Mee 


Twin size, Guaranteed 5 yrs,; zip closed. White cotton. 4.49 Double size, 3.99 

7.99 Down Bed Pillows, Carded Edge 

Don’t miss out! Extra soft. Covered in sturdy down proof ticking. 

Rosebud Print Cotton Blankets 

Blue andi rose printed rosebuds on white. Washable... 72x90 in. 

12.98 Famous Lace Table Cloths 
Extra pretty patterns! Large 70x88” size. Easy-wash, no-iron rayon-cotton. 

*Dupent fiber ae 

The Hecht Co., Sth FL, Washington; Ird Fl. Silver Spring and PARKington 

__ ie Nice 




5 setae 


Ae ee ee ee ee ee ee ee ee a a aa aa 
~~. Tewyeefewerowyweweeweyweewewew?w@7+= 7 wT. ~~ oO SS